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(3.28 MB 1600x1045 _Cover.png)
Winter Unwrap Pack 2023 Release + Next Pack Planning Anonymous 12/05/2023 (Tue) 01:53:40 No. 16944
The Winter Unwrap Pack is complete! In this pack we see the ponies preparing the land for winter. Snow and icicles a plenty! Included are 7 images, 2 stories and a video. Enjoy! The pack is free for all Anons, get it here: https://mega.nz/folder/FjcgjKrT#xbgVea84jIIJULQrXqrseQ
(117.61 KB 1280x720 Oooo!.jpg)
Woo hoo!
>>16944 Sweet!
Just finished reading Unwrapping the Winter, very comfy. I liked it a lot.
(185.15 KB 1961x2046 2540524.jpg)
>>16944 It's so nice!
>>16944 I've read Winter Night. Interesting twist with Princesses, I like it.
>>16949 Thanks! Can you say what in particular did you like?
Oh my gosh its wonderful! I love the colors in Icicles 2 and how they are shaded in Icicles 1. Twilight teaching a bunch of animals how to winter is funny.
The RD picture is so moving.
>>16952 It just felt very in character for everypony. The premise felt like something you might actually see in the show. The moment where RD turns around to get Scoots was very nice, as well as afterwards when she's talking about it to her friends. It gave her a taste of what flying was all about and got to help out the weather team in the process. Maybe Scoots is gonna ask for a cloud scooter for Christmas now.
MARE PICNIC AAAAAAA Why are all the mares alt-color hairstyles?
I really liked the stop-motion! Hope the videoanon will do more.
>>16959 They are all real background ponies from the Winter Wrap Up episode. I wanted to give them some recognition :)
>>16960 I didn't end up doing any stop motion so it's all puppet. I had one scene I was going to maybe use stop motion for but ran out of time and sortened it to that wall of text in the middle. >Hope the videoanon will do more Most likely lol, even though my motivation at the current moment is nill after grinding that project all weekend. And yes, I did all of it except cut the puppets out in two days because I procrastinate that bad :/
>>16964 That is so nice.
I love mare picnic. For some reason it feels extremely endearing. Thank you anon who made it!
>>16976 Yeah me too. Brings a tear to my eye.
>>16944 So many cute ponies! I love the Dashie and Tank picture in particular. Thanks artfrens!
>>16981 The Tank picture is very soulful.
>>16944 I love all of it! Mandu's paints are so pretty and sharp. I especially love Icicles 2. The slightly abstract composition of both icicles paintings is just chefs kiss perfect.
(1.71 MB 3000x1600 gorge.png)
WOAH shit I just noticed my contribution didn't export with the text. So here's a bonus for the thread, thank you all for enjoying it. https://files.catbox.moe/om6ttp.png
So far both of our packs have been seasonal, but it could be fun to have a pack with a different kind of theme. Spitting on my keyboard: >Haunted castle >Everfree forest >Mountain expedition >Apple family when Granny Smith was young >Secret agent mares >A day in Princess Celestia's life >Group of friends trip to Manehattan I feel like we should discusss possible themes more than we did before choosing this time.
>>17006 >A day in Princess Celestia's life I'd probably vote for this just because Celestia, but it would be good to have a discussion to see where there's interest.
>>17006 I second Celesta becuase I'm sunfag, but would love to hear other anons too
>>17006 The trip to Manehattan could be really comfy.
(36.10 KB 150x117 image.png)
boop for interest
>>17213 Yes?
(261.41 KB 642x328 2024-01-31 092834.png)
>>17006 >Apple family when Granny Smith was young I like this idea for a pic or story, don't know if it's enough for a pack. Maybe something broader that would include it like old-times Ponyville?
>>17222 What are some ways that old time Equestria differs from modern?
>>17227 Even more rural? More grazing? Cute family picnics on a medow that don't require neither cloth nor basket?
>>17227 Maybe more superstitions and more "wild" magic?
(37.11 KB 170x192 1700919175878860.png)
Oh my gosh, I just read the two stories. They are both absolutely stunning. The Rainbow Dash story is so unimaginably cute, my eyes got misty. I love it. The magic story is amazingly well written. It's so cool how effortlessly it implies a lot about the world. Fantastic read.
>>17285 Glad you enjoyed, anon. Would you like to take part in the next artpack?
Is anyone interested at all?
>>17534 Well what sort of art pack are you thinking? We could do a ponies and weather art pack. (Or really anything you could think of, that was just the first thing that came to mind)
>>17537 An anon here listed a few possible themes>>17006 personally I'm in favor of >A day in Princess Celestia's life
>>17538 I do love Celestia. I wonder what other lurkers think.
Alright, let's do Celestia pack. Theme will be >A day in Princess Celestia's life Timeframe: at least a month Chime in if you want to participate
>>17602 Autumn is Celestia's favorite season so we can release the pack at September
>>17602 Should we make a new thread?
>>17639 Dunno. On one hoof this one only has a couple of replies. On the other, the new thread will make it to stand out
>>17639 Probably eventually. You'd just want to have the details of the OP figured out first.
>>17642 Every active thread on this baord stands out well enough, on the other hand we could leave this one alone for posterity. I vote a new thread once we decide on a deadline.
>>17657 Welcome, anon!
>>17602 It's Celestia, I'd have to do something.
What kind of things will the pack have in it? I mean, what can be contributed?
>>17706 As with the previous packs. Stories and art are both welcome. Any irl crafts as well, in the first winter pack an anon made a music box.
>>17685 October won. The artpack can be released at the first weekend of October if everyanon agree
>>17710 Well, more time for everyone, I guess. The theme is Celestia, but what mood should we aim for? Peace? Loneliness?
>>17723 How about nostalgia? Or maybe reminiscence? I always feel that way in autumn.
>>17724 How the hell can one depict nostalgia?