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(1.85 MB 1616x909 help.png)
We need banners mys_elf Board owner 06/28/2021 (Mon) 09:44:31 No. 2
and a spoiler image for that matter. Please suggest some in thread. Banners should be 300x100 and less than 200kb in size (though smaller is ideally better). Spoiler images should be square, and I think 100x100. Feel free to submit in a higher resolution so if thumbnails get bigger in the future, the spoiler can scale with it.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 07/03/2021 (Sat) 22:03:17.
Anybody have any good ideas?
>>2 For a spoiler, how about anonfilly butt with a focus on the ? cutie mark (and the usual "spoiler" text across)? I might try to make a mockup in gimp later but my graphics design skills don't exactly exist.
>>35 That could be cool.
(33.42 KB 300x100 nhnbbanner1.png)
>>2 here's a banner I whipped up real quick
>>136 Hey, we got one! Thank you Anon.
>>137 Thanks for linking it in the hiroshima thread, might have missed it otherwise. I had been seeing your progress in the Alternative Sites thread, but I guess I havent been checking there lately.
(2.64 KB 429x143 nhnbbanner2a.png)
(43.60 KB 300x100 nhnbbanner2aresize.png)
I want to do something with this because I adore Trixie and PPS, but the resize looks like shit when scaled down to 300x100, even with Super Sampling.
(232.86 KB 1449x483 frame_0_delay-0.06s_GREEN.png)
(232.46 KB 1449x483 frame_0_delay-0.06s_PINK.png)
(230.99 KB 1449x483 frame_0_delay-0.06s_DARK.png)
what color? feel like I've almost got something here, but not quite. I think I need to make the letters smaller. I tried doing a >No Hooves, No Business thing at the bottom, but it didn't look quite right. I'd also like to just take advantage of the negative space if possible.
(241.50 KB 1449x483 frame_0_delay-0.06s_bleh.png)
(228.81 KB 1449x483 frame_0_delay-0.06s_corner.png)
>>140 ehhh
>>136 Added ^:) >>140 I think the brown looks best as it matches the color in Fluttershy's mane. I love the >please reply in the mane. >>141 Not bad, kind of like how it looks written out. Just think the writings too small when scaled to 300x100.
(23.67 KB 300x100 frame_0_delay-0.06s_bigger.png)
>>142 How's this? Bit bigger still? I also had one that was sideways along the right side, but it didn't look as good as I thought it would.
>>186 *left side
>>186 Better. I ended up going with the large brown NHNB logo. Already in rotation. Thanks for the submissions though, I think they work real well as banner.
Banners don't show when in catalog mode. Is that intentional?
>>202 No, that's just how Lynxchan/PenumbraLynx is by default. Might change that at some point in the future.
(50.44 KB 300x100 nhnbbannerbig.gif)
(487.17 KB 1000x590 pleasereply.gif)
>>190 Well if you're using the large brown one, let me get you the gif version. Based on this gif.
>>211 That looks great. I'll probably swap it over some time tomorrow. Thank you.
So I don't forget: The mane 6 in front of the treebrary welcoming you home.
(72.57 KB 300x100 ban.png)
(61.72 KB 300x100 ban zoom.png)
>>2 behold my shitty shop
>>425 >Unicorn Twi perfect
>>425 This just brings me a smile. As much as I like the first I ended up going with the second for readability purposes. Thank you.
(68.96 KB 500x459 SpoilerSmall.png)
So it looks like we've got one proposed spoiler from >>>/qa/115. I've gone and edited it to say spoiler instead of scared. Any feedback or other suggestions? Also keep in mind that we can have different spoilers for different boards.
(24.74 KB 300x100 nhnb octavia banner.png)
I had a go, I hope its okay.
(259.42 KB 3426x4398 672.png)
>>1156 lol based
>>1156 Nice. I like it.
(33.62 KB 300x100 768216.gif)
>>1159 Thank you. I hope this one is okay as well.
>>1187 Added, thanks.
(2.23 MB 1544x2058 nohooves.jpg)
Guys, can we use this for something? A Soviet cosmonaut being angry at the lack of hooves?
>>1228 Looks like you have the image and idea anon, go and produce it!
>>1230 But Anon, the image is already produced. It literally depicts a Soviet cosmonaut with an angry expression saying "no hooves!"
(21.57 KB 300x100 no hooves russian.png)
>>1228 >>1266 I had a go at making it for you. I hope that it is good enough.
>>1267 Holy shit, thanks, Anon! That's awesome!
>>1267 Feels like it still needs the rest of the site's name somewhere or the letters to show it's actually a banner for the site. Otherwise it could just go anywhere, needs to signify it's specifcially for NHNB.
>>1344 okay, when I have time later what I might do is tweak it and have the NHNB replace CCCP on his helmet, if I can anyway. And make the helmet a little more prominent.
>>1228 >>1267 Even though I do find this amusing, I don't know that it would be suitable banner material. Mainly because, at least for those of us who don't know Russian, there doesn't appear to be anything pony related about it. The effort is appreciated though.
(118.01 KB 300x100 banner.png)
>>1347 I'm not same anon. But how about this one?
>>1351 kinda defeats the purpose. The Russian text literally says >no hooves! So paired with angry cosmonaut it was delivering a message. With a pony (that's a pony, right?) it's just don't make any sense. NHNB on the cosmonauts helmet actually would've been on point.
>>1353 I can read russian text. I didn't really notice he was supposed to be angry though. It's certainly hard to tell on a 300x100 image. I put Pinkie Pie in space. It is a screenshot from Sparkle's Seven (s9e04).
>>1351 Can you combine those two in a gif? I don't know how to do gifs. like this it will be angry cosmonaut when >no hooves and happy cosmonaut when >hooves are.
>>1355 How long should it hold on each one?
>>1358 5 seconds? Dunno, seems enough to not induce vertigo.
(41.99 KB 300x100 ezgif-3-be6c9039a019.gif)
>>1362 >ezgif lol, that's cheating
>>1362 Spectacular! I hope the owner will add this. This is very nice.
>>1362 I still feel like the meaning of this would be lost on most people on the site on account of it being in Russian. Plus there are no ponies actually inside it. I'll think on it, maybe we'll get some more ideas here for it.
>>1371 What if it will be a green anon instead of Gagarin?
>>1374 As I said, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't know that it would be a good fit as a banner. All the other ones feature ponies. Will probably think it over a bit.
>>1417 That's actually great idea! Only thing is, you used goggle translate. It should say копыта есть! which means in this case "hooves are [here]" Google's variant says "hooves this"
>>1418 Fuck. That is surprising because I used Yandex. Oh well. The gist is there.
>>1419 What software did you use to edit it? Maybe I can try and fix it.
>>1417 Two points. First of all, what you're saying is >Hooves - this! I kind of get what you're going for, but if that sounds awkward then it's the same in Russian. Much more idiomatic would be >Hooves - here! which would be >Копыта - вот! Second, a minor point of typography - I assume you meant to use an em dash, as in >Hooves - here! (I say substituting a hyphen glyph, but note the spacing.) Right now, with how smushed together it is, it comes of as an en dash: >Hooves-here! Which looks like a single compound word. Well, that's assuming you wanted to go with "hooves - here!" (as in presenting some hooves, by showing the pony) instead of just "there are hooves"/"we have hooves" (which would be "копыта есть" like the other anon said).
(26.25 KB 300x100 hooves are.gif)
>>1418 >>1419 >>1421 Is this better?
>>1422 Perfect!
>>1422 Thank you very much, anon!
>>1423 >>1424 No problem. It was fun to do.
>>1422 This is almost perfect. But please, for the love of all that is autistic, please align the text in the first and second frames. I'm not sure if you're using exactly the same font, but it looks extremely similar, so try getting it in all-caps to see if you can get the height of the letters to match. If you do, then it shouldbe easy to align the height of the text. If that doesn't work well, just retype the first frame so the font is the same across both either way. And then center the second frame a bit more, so the text looks like it expands evenly on both sides rather than shooting off to the left. I beg you. The actual content is actually better than I expected even, if not for this one flaw.
>>1426 The autism cannot abide uneven text
(26.41 KB 300x100 hooves are2.gif)
>>1426 Alright. How is this?
>>1428 Um, in the first half, with angry cosmonaut and without pony, it should say копыт not копыта. I'm sorry.
>>1430 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Give me just a bit, I'll fix it.
>>1431 If you happen to be doing this in gimp, could you post the sources by any chance? You're still not centering the text (the ! moves right about half as much as the - moves left) and I'm gonna have an aneurysm, but I feel like nobody else should have to suffer from my autism
(25.60 KB 300x100 blank.gif)
>>1433 I am sorry. Here, have the blank.
>>1434 Nice, thanks, what font were you using? I've only got vaguely similar ones but I can't find one quite like it
>>1435 Impact Condensed was the font I was using. Looking forward to what you do!
(24.21 KB 300x100 excl1.gif)
(24.05 KB 300x100 excl2.gif)
Alright I think these are aligned. Got three versions, one going >no hooves! >got hooves! One going >no hooves :( >got hooves! And one >no hooves! >got hooves :) For different tones/feelings. I think I prefer the second one myself, with the exclamation point only on the second frame.
>>1446 Anon, I... The three are identical?
>>1446 well, what >>1447 said is true, but I like them, good job on the text, I ain't so hot on that side of things.
>>1447 >>1449 Am I having a stroke? I can clearly see two exclamation marks on the first one, no exclamation followed by an exclamation on the second, and an exclamation followed by no exclamation on the third
>>1446 Hey, now we're getting somewhere. I'd probably go for the middle one, just might make the frames hold for a little bit longer.
>>1469 >just might make the frames hold for a little bit longer. I'm assuming you can edit a gif, but if you want me to adjust it for you just let me know. Right now they're both set at two seconds. Maybe the timings could even be uneven. Like five seconds on "no hooves", and then ten seconds on "hooves!" to give the banner more time with the pony before looping back.
>>1471 I was just thinking a three second delay on everything. If there are no objections, I'll probably use this.
>>1474 Looks good to me
>>1474 Yeah, looks good.
>>1474 Original maker of the background here, that's perfect!
(185.36 KB 300x100 banner6-anim-100.gif)
How is this?
>>2822 This looks really anthro.
>>2822 looks very gay, ngl
(109.85 KB 300x300 spoilers-300.png)
Made this.
>>2832 Pretty cool. Maybe we can make it a spoiler for /qa/ or /clop/.
(462.18 KB 900x900 spoiler-big.png)
Here's a bigger version with the correct text.
>>2832 >>2837 Added as /qa/'s spoiler.
(705.45 KB 1868x1711 2935782.jpg)
>>2824 >This looks really anthro. This can confirm that they weren't just trying to slip crap past the radar. I'm not thinking this is banner material though. The anatomy does look a bit suspicious when cropped.
>>2896 Yeah, I'm thinking it was just a bad crop as well. It makes it look like the leg is her ass that's sticking up.
>>2898 Especially when there is a tail there. I think this image just doesn't work in a horizontal aspect ratio. I can't see any obvious way to make a better crop.
>>2896 >>2898 When an artist draws ponies with human shoulders, and then the image is cropped to just the shoulders, it should come as no surprise when it comes off as having human anatomy. Because this pony genuinely has human shoulder anatomy.
>>2896 besides the anthro anatomy it looks donutsteel and gay as fuck
(595.44 KB 2250x3000 40616.png)
>>2901 It's supposed to be Swibble.
>>2952 Wow, the artist did a great job at making her ugly and unrecognizable then!
>>2952 Keyword "supposed to". Unlike the other anon I didn't have any issues recognising her. Yet I agree that it looks donutsteel and gay as fuck.
(153.14 KB 300x100 banner_tacobug_scrolling.gif)
(633.14 KB 300x100 banner_tacobug_smooth.gif)
Was playing around and made an attempt at a scrolling banner under 200kb. If someone's able to crunch down the intended version without turning it into a slideshow, have at it.
>>6958 >/bug/ became a historical thread
(186.32 KB 300x100 canidate.gif)
>>6958 This is as small as I could reasonably get it. While neat I fear it may have too much motion for a banner. I'll think about it.
>>6959 I mean... It was the very first non-admin post on here, I think? That's worth something, isn't it? Come to think of it, I don't know where 3 and 4 are. Let's find out. >>1 >>2 >>3 >>4 >>5
(34.44 KB 300x100 banner.png)
>>7898 heh nice one
(36.71 KB 468x60 1644141852996.png)
>>7901 It could use a bit more originality.
>>7898 Alright, that's a pretty good one.
>>7898 >No banners?
>>7918 but we never got this banner, did we? the one on /mlp/ is pretty tepid
(21.20 KB 300x100 nhnb_speaks.png)
It's time to listen.
>>8283 Added.
(34.05 KB 300x100 nhnbbanner.png)
Does this work? It is a quick edit of a banner I made for /pone/ back before it got glassed for breeding school shooters.
(34.14 KB 300x100 nhnbbanner.png)
>>10556 Looking at it again, the text needs to be bigger and more centered. Fix'd
>>10556 >>10557 >pedoshit Even as a joke, I dunno about that one.
>>10558 >>10560 Did that CP spammer not hit 4chan the way that he hit 8chan? It drove the admins crazy for months. Range bans were flying left and right, but they did nothing. I don't know what programming trick Hotwheels had to pull to finally get it to stop.
>>10557 While you certainly got the questionable forum ad look you were going for, I'm kind of leaning towards it not being banner material.
>>10649 That's alright. It only took a few minutes to throw together, and the incident didn't happen here anyway.
>>6962 Please make this a banner, its SO great. Maybe can extend the delay between frames to make it a bit easier on the eyes, but board advertisements on 4ch have even faster gifs and they dont look garish or anything.
(170.88 KB 728x90 1656187748315.gif)
>>10557 This reminds me of pic related, but it'd be a pain in the ass to figure out where and how to crop it.
>>11246 Would be OK if /clop/ had separate banners, but for /fim/ it would make it look too sleazy for my taste.
>>6962 Please, can we use this. It's so adorable!
Kek! Entered this thread for the first time. Amazing to see how creative the Anons are here. I'm not artistic, but maybe I'll try my hand at making a banner. If nothing else, maybe it'll be amusing enough, due mostly to it's amateur quality, to generate a few keks.