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(800.13 KB 2300x1634 1625332797382.jpg)
T:EM/P/O № 65 Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 23:14:29 No. 216
Welcome to Thread: Equestrian/Musicians/Poets/Other, T:EM/P/O, or Tempo. A conglomerate of content creators since we couldn't keep our own threads up alone. If you're working on something, be it musicfagging, writefagging, drawfagging, poetfagging, craftfagging, or game-devfagging come by and post for some feedback or give some of your own. If you want to start content creating why not start today? Resource Bin: https://ponepaste.org/2348 Drawing room: https://aggie.io/tempo Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37100339 Please note that the PPP thread has resources on pony voice generation as well as a MEGA full of clean show audio. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37179703/
>>216 Making a thread on here so we have a place for those having issues to post. And hopefully at some point make this site our new home.
It was captcha, wasn't it?
>>218 Yeah, for some reason I find the captchas easy to solve and my posts go through faster on 4chan than with google's captcha. But I see others are having major issues with it.
>>216 >Drawing room Sounds fun. I should get in on that sometime. Give me an excuse to practice my drawing as well.
>>216 ooh nice! I support this
Let's imitate activity. Writing prompt: Pairing: Anon / Mare Anon: W-why are you looking at me like that? Make any content inspired by this in two or less hours.
>>261 A late night quicky, sorry if it's not the best. >"W-why are you looking at me like that?" "I need you to hold very still Anon." >The pretty mare in front of you slowly raised her hoof up towards your head and then stopped. >The gilded ornaments adorning her hoof reflected brightly in the light of the sun. >You are of course talking about the princess of the sun, Celestia. "These creatures spread across the land leaving nopony untouched. Plenty a time I thought I was safe only to be surprised when I least expected it!" >"What type of creature are we talking about here?" >You say nervously. "Only the most diabolical! But fear not, my dear Anonymous, I will free you from it's clutches!" >As she talks you can feel a slight scurrying on your nose and a hint of red in your sight. >This does nothing to calm your nerves and you feel your self begin to tremble by the time Celestia finishes speaking. >You've heard of many of the horrors this magical realm had to offer. >You only hoped that if it was going to kill you, that it'd do it fast. "Here we go." >Says Celestia, steadying herself. >You feel yourself go crosseyed as you watch her hoof approach your nose. >Her hoof brushes against your face as she delicately picks up whatever monster had decided to make you it's host. >You closed your eyes, afraid of what they might show you. "I've got him! No more shall you terrorize dear Anonymous!" >You crack open an eye. >What you see surprises you. >On her hoof is not some sort of mini-devil, but rather a ladybug. >A simple insect. >"Are you sure that's not just a ladybug?" "Of course it's a ladybug! They always land on me when I try to take a nap outside. Pure evil!" >You approach Celestia's still upheld hoof which still carries the ladybug. >You blow a puff of air at it sending it flying away. "Why'd you do that? We nearly had it!" >"The ladybug wasn't going to do any harm." "How do you know that? He could have swallowed you whole!" >"Warn me next time you plan on being a silly pony." "Anonymous, I am not a silly pony. I am ruler of Equestria!" >She closes her eyes and gestures with her hooves. >Practically leaving her snoot right open for you. >Not leaving the opportunity to go to waste, you go in for the boop the silly pony so desperatly needed. >"Boop." >A look of suprise crosses her face as she looks at you. You might be spending the next week in the dungeon, but the boop was worth it.
>>264 OOC Celestia aside, very nice. Thanks, anon!
>>266 >OOC Celestia aside, very nice. Yeah, it's late. I kind of gave up on that out of the gates ^:)
>>261 >Let's imitate activity. I'll be sure to crosspost any content I make for Tempo on /mlp/.
(1.20 MB 1411x1500 1625115639968.png)
>>261 First piece of fiction my ESL managed to write/publish on the internet, critique is welcome (although I understand that with short texts like this it's quite difficult). Pic very related. >"W-why are you looking at me like that?" >You are Anon. >A man who due to unforeseen circumstances found himself in a magical world full of pastel colored ponies. >You didn't complain though. On the contrary, it was a immense blessing. >The world itself was a vast place filled with many secrets and reasons to explore. >Its inhabitants were completely different from the people you knew before, so pure and full of kindness. >You thought that your "impure" thoughts could pollute this world, so you tried to hold yourself back. >But now... "Care to join me, Anonymous?" >You were awoken moments ago, and the first thing you saw was your marefriend, Octavia Melody. >You met her two weeks ago at the local orchestra, during her rehearsal. >Despite the fact that you were by no means a professional, your prior musical skills still managed to impress her, giving you both a talking point. >Yesterday, after a rather exciting date she offered you a place at her apartment to stay for the night, which you accepted. "Anon, is something wrong?" >The mare said, smirking. >Her black mane and tail already brushed, meaning she woke a bit earlier than you. >What bringed your attention was an object she was holding in her mouth. >You couldn't really see it clearly without your glasses, but it looked suspiciously like... a condom? >That, combined with her question and the bedroom eyes she was giving you, made a very l-lewd sight. >"Are you sure, Tavi? I-isn't this a bit too rash?" >Being an outsider you had no idea how the relationships actually worked here, and you obviously didn't want to pressure her into doing "things" too quickly. "Too fast?" >The gray cellist simply tilted her head in confusion, as if her actions were nothing out of the ordinary. "It's nothing special, Anon. To be quite honest, I'm surprised we didn't do it before - I don't know how it worked in your world, but here it's just a friendly interaction" >Wait, what? >"So you are saying that... the "thing" you asked me... it's actually common to do between friends?" "Absolutely! Acquaintances, friends, family-" >Wait, WHAT? "-it's only natural to show your good will. I have to say though, perhaps I like it more than most ponies. >Octavia explains it with a tad of blush on her cheeks. >"So you are saying that incest is permitted by law here? And what do you mean by "like it more"?" "In.. cest? I don't know what it means, but honestly, who doesn't like a good tea? I got my favourite blend, just for you!" >She says it and throws the small package near you. Even without your glasses, you can still read the words "Twinings Earl Grey" on it. "So, my dear Anonymous - do you want to join me in my daily tea ritual?" >Tea, huh? >It looks like your mind really is too dirty for this world. >"Yeah, just-, just give me a moment." "No problem, I'll be waiting in the kitchen." >Octavia says, as she leaves the room with a bit of a hip swing in her walk. >... >These ponies are going to give you a heart attack one day. I would include a Ponepaste but currently it's offline due to database breach.
>>307 Glad this site took your writefagging cherry.
>>307 Not bad at all. A good laugh, nicely done.
>>307 >What bringed your attention was an object she was holding in her mouth. Might want to rewrite this sentence to: >Your attention was called to something she was holding in her mouth. or >Your attention was brought to something held in her mouth. Also for the formatting, you'll want to write Anon's lines like this: "So you are saying that... the "thing" you asked me... it's actually common to do between friends?" And Octavia's like this: >"Absolutely! Acquaintances, friends, family-" That gives the impression that the viewer is seeing the story through the eyes of Anon. Anyway, very nice and cute story. Very good for your first.
>>326 >Also for the formatting [...] yeah I kinda messed that up, won't happen with next greens >Very good for your first. thanks!
Hello NHNB TEMPO thread. I have spent the past few weeks looking at the life size and non-life size pony plushes of the best plush makers and through my studying and experimentation with cheap fabric I am coming to a final result on a pattern for a laying pony plushie. It should be usable for however big/small you want, scalability was a critical factor in it's creation. It is also compatible with horse pussy toys if you want to do that. Tomorrow I'm doing what I expect to be my final (if not, second-to-last) test on the pattern, and once it's done, I will make it look presentable and release it in this thread with a guide on how to make a pony with it included. Stay tuned.
>>452 Excellent. I probably won't use it, but that's quite the based endeavor.
>>452 Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the process. I always find the build process on things interesting to look through. I would also like to hear a cuddle review when you're done with it. Looking forward to it Anon.
Hello again NHNB TEMPO. I have encountered some unexpected delays but I assure you all I am making progress and taking pictures at the request of >>454.
>>477 What pony are you gonna make first?
>>481 Rarity. My last project left me with a huge surplus of white fabric, so I'm going to make multiple Raritys.
>>482 That's gonna be a lot of fabulous for one man to handle.
>>477 >taking pictures at the request of >>454 I eagerly await seeing them. Thank you.
Hi again NHNB TEMPO. Seeing that I am the only one in this thread really doing anything, I feel obliged to give updates. In the process of trying to construct a plush mare I have come across some issues (with the belly piece in particular) that have delayed my progress. I was intending to spend the rest of my free time this evening and tomorrow morning grinding to get the experiment done so I could release the pattern tomorrow, but it is evidently still in need of some fixing and it will have to wait. I'm going to be away for the weekend + friday so there will be no updates until monday at soonest. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. >>528 Thank you. Rarity is not my favorite pony but I don't really see any better way to use the fabric. >>488 Of course, pictures are going to be included in the guide. Where would you all like me to post that guide, by the way? Post-by-post in this thread, imgur, or what? >>483 If anyone can handle all that fabulous, it is most certainly me.
>>536 >Of course, pictures are going to be included in the guide. Where would you all like me to post that guide, by the way? Post-by-post in this thread, imgur, or what? I do enjoy seeing the posts in thread as they get made, but for longer term availability I'd say stick it into a Google Doc (and then you can also it export as PDF and distribute it that way as well).
>>538 I see. I have been taking pictures as I progress for the guide but due to the nature of the project and how I'm still changing things I would rather not post too many pictures stuff until it's all done. For future projects that use the pattern, such as the Rarity army, I will post pictures as I progress.
>>544 Alright then, will still be fun to see when you're finished.
Pattern anon here. I'm back and the sewing will resume!
>>763 Yay!
(1.26 MB 816x612 mare body.png)
>>763 progress update. I connected the body to the back legs and the front legs to the body. I still had some issues with the size of the belly piece but I was able to handle it for now. I'll shorten it in a future revision- everything else is going swimmingly. This is what a mare body looks like when it is unstuffed and not yet flipped inside out.
>>784 Cute protomare.
>>784 Fascinating.
(772.37 KB 816x612 FINISHED_proto_mare.png)
>>784 Alright, the proto-mare is finished! I have good and bad news. Good news: much of the pattern, the legs and face especially, held up well and do not need to be changed. Bad news: much of the pattern, the belly, booty, and back of the head to name a few, still need to be adjusted. -The body does not connect to the back legs smoothly- I intend to adjust this by modifying the inner-leg pattern so that more of the outer-leg piece connects to the main body. -The booty piece is too sharp on the "peak" of each cheek, so instead of being a plump and sexy mare butt, it's a slightly pointy (though still plump and sexy) mare butt. -The belly piece needs to be shorter so the mare doesn't look fat. And most glaringly: -The head is far too long. Instead of being a spherical mare head, it's more like a pumpkin. I know why this happened and intend to fix it. The front of the mare's face looks fine but the length of the head overall really kills everything it has going for it. Some human errors I made you can see in the pictures, I messed up one of the shoulders in a sewing error, and I got lazy and hasty with the horn and ears because at that point I knew what I needed to fix and just wanted to be done. I also used cardboard as the tool to flatten the hooves- big mistake, I should have used plastic instead because the cardboard folded from the stuffing. Proto-Mare V2 will be the top priority once I'm done revising the pattern. Hopefully, she will be the last one I have to make- but I thought that way about Proto-Mare V1, so who knows? Thank you all for your continued interest.
(809.90 KB 816x612 messed up elbow.png)
(307.31 KB 372x498 front.png)
(274.22 KB 379x445 side.png)
>>806 More pics because i couldn't upload all of them at once due to filesize limit
>>808 >protomare still has a smile Could always "intentionally" make a funny one for a bootleg pone. But nice to see the progress. I think you'll have some nice plushy mares once you've figured it all out.
>>808 Very cool, anon! Thanks for posting it!
>>808 Proto-mare has a very nice booty indeed.
(576.12 KB 1077x987 1614328275981.png)
>>808 >>806 Progress update. I've revised the pattern and fixed pretty much everything that was wrong with it. Abdomen is shorter, Front legs aren't super long, overall the pattern is less lanky. I also fixed the problem of the body not connecting to the back legs right. As for the head, I have a fix in mind, but I'm not sure if it will work- we'll see with proto-mare V2. And most importantly, the booty is now more properly curvy and not pointy. I'll start on proto-mare V2 tomorrow!
>>844 >I'll start on proto-mare V2 tomorrow! Looking forward to it!
(2.21 MB 2222x2698 grass.png)
>>844 Progress update. I thought I was done revising the pattern, but then realised there was an issue with the leg angle, so I adjusted it so that the mare should be able to lay down properly. The "shoulders" have also been fixed to pop-out more. Originally, my idea was to have the legs at a diagonal angle pointing away from the body, so that the legs could be bent to either sit in a chair or lay down depending on what you wanted to do with it at that moment. However, due to the shape of mare legs, I was unable to achieve that, and it just came out strange (it's what makes proto-mare V1 look like she's standing on her "toes"). To compensate for this, once the laying down pattern is done, I will work on a pattern for sitting mares, like you'd see in pic related. It's different enough to require it's own pattern but shouldn't take nearly as long as this one did.
>>877 Thank you for your hard work, patternanon!
>>877 Progress update, I'm not dead! I've sewn the whole body together today and started on the head. I will likely finish the head but I doubt I'll be completely done with proto-mare V2 this evening. Everything has been going swimmingly but it's hard to give a verdict on if it needs any further revisions until I stuff it. Stay tuned!
>>929 Before you know it, you'll have an army of proto-mares at your service. Excited to see what you come up with.
>>929 I'm excited to hear it. Do post in the /mlp/ tempo thread as well once you're done, I'm sure they'll love to hear/see this as well.
I'm working on a second video of the gameplay I got from the /mlp/ terraria server a month back and was wondering if anyone here could give me any feedback on the first one a I made so that I can use it to improve on the second. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiPc8Gt42yI Any feedback is appreciated.
>>939 Don't play terraria so I have no idea what's going on ^:)
>>934 That... is exactly what I don't want! I want to finish this pattern so I can stop with the prototype mares and make some REAL mares! But thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. >>938 I was intending to. I'm not really on /mlp/ anymore, only here, but I will make the trip to post it. I'll even mark the pattern as an NHNB original so they might be enticed by our humble image board. >>939 I don't play terraria but to me the video is just kind of slow. It feels like it's waiting from moment to moment for something to happen, sometimes there's a lot of buildup to the "funny part" of each clip or a lot of space inbetween funny or interesting moments that there doesn't need to be. I think if you cut out a lot of that dead air the video would already be better. I'd suggest background music of some kind too (though please don't use that horribly overused mario bros 2 theme) but what song won't get copyrighted on youtube nowadays?
(780.80 KB 816x612 marev2_4.jpg)
(787.21 KB 816x612 marev2_5.jpg)
(821.32 KB 816x612 marev2_3.jpg)
>>929 Progress update, she's finished! This is Proto-Mare V2. Everything I wanted to fix went swimmingly. Now, though, I have to fix a few more issues, which should not require me to sew an entire new mare: -The butt is too long. It's almost like a semi-anthro butt. I think I know how I can fix this and make it more in-line with the shape of the mare's body (and more plump) in the process. -The head dips way too far in and she ends up laying on her nose. It looks quite silly. -The head also is a bit square, I'll see if I can make it rounder from the side view. Other than that, everything looks great! The head looks good from the side and great from the front, it's not lanky and weirdly proportioned (aside from the butt) and I'm once again a little bit closer to that final product. Next is Proto-Mare V3, she will be without arms since the arms are perfect.
(789.89 KB 816x612 marev2_2.jpg)
(778.60 KB 816x612 marev2_1.jpg)
>>971 More pics
>>971 >>972 Very nice, Anon.
>>986 There's something weird going on with that photo there. Some sort of discoloration between the eyes. At first I thought I had bruised my screen somehow before I realized it was in the pic.
>>971 >>972 Looks like a happy mare. But you are definitely right that the ass looks uncanny.
>>971 How long did it take you to get started with this? How hard is it and what tools are required? I'm guessing a sewing machine is a must? Templates?
>>986 Thank you, I appreciate it. >>989 It most certainly does. I'm going to have to do some more mare rear studying to make it look right, this is the last glaring issue before i'm completely finished with this pattern. >>991 >How long did it take you to get started with this? Sewing is a slow process. It takes about 12 hours total to finish a proto-mare. Bear in mind, that's without ears/horn/wings/mane/tail/proper eyes. So a completely finished mare of this size and with this pattern would take about 20 hours total, give or take, depending on the complexity and amount of parts. If you're asking when I started sewing, I did it on and off since childhood, but over the summer when I was bored I decided to revisit it and after a single project I was back into it like I never left. >How hard is it and what tools are required? Sewing is easy it's just time consuming. You thread a needle, tie a knot at the end, and then go back and forth back and forth back and forth across the line until you're done (Ladder stitch), tie another knot so the thread doesn't come out, and then that's pretty much it. The only tooks you need are fabric of your choice, a sewing needle, a thread that matches the color of the fabric, something to mark the fabric with and some scissors to cut it, stuffing, and of course, a pattern of some kind. Almost everything in sewing is fairly cheap and like three of the things I just listed are one-time purchases. >I'm guessing a sewing machine is a must? No. I do everything by hand because I don't know how to use a sewing machine effectively. Even when I make my life sized mare far in the future, I will hand sew her. >Templates? Patterns are a must so that you know how to cut the fabric out. There are many online that are free and many online that are not free. I am making a pattern here so that anons like you can make mares, 4U and 4Free.
>>999 >4U and 4Free. ty brother
>>987 It's a dirty upscale that's easily fixable with Photoshop. Those discolorations tend to happen the higher you upscale with the pony model (especially on large swaths of solid colors like Twi there). 2x scale it's barely noticeable; 4x scale you can start to see it. I haven't found a way to get around it without editing the image after the fact. If you look well enough, you should be able to find it in pic related.
>>999 >I'm going to have to do some more mare rear studying ^:) >>1007 Not as bad in that pic. I think it was just the pattern it made, it just happened to look like what a bruised LCD does.
>>999 Progress update, the pattern has been adjusted and the butt has been fixed (as well as the neck angle). I'm going to do one more test run here to make sure these parts are right, and if it goes well then that will be it! I'll make the pattern look presentable and then post it. >>1030 Isn't it great? I get to look at mare butts and it's actually productive! What a job.
Videos I made from the /mlp/ terraria server. Dashie skyart speedbuild https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG_8XX4UKGg And the boss fight supercut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rK7fQNigwc >>956 I had music disabled for that part of the gameplay, I re enabled it later. I'll be making another "funny moments" video that should be done by next week and am already much more aggressive with my editing.
(762.03 KB 816x612 marev3.png)
(787.76 KB 612x816 marev3_1.png)
>>1038 it is done. this is prototype mare v3. you guys may get a kick out of this one because she looks quite silly. I only have to fix one more thing and then it's done. I'm just going to sew a butt to do that, shouldn't take very long and it in fact should be done tonight. After that I'll clean up the pattern and post it.
(184.08 KB 1700x2200 sex2.png)
(130.31 KB 1700x2200 sex3.png)
(466.73 KB 1700x2200 sex1.png)
>>1050 Here it is, this is the laying mare pattern. Thank you all for following this project. When I start on the Rarity, I will take pictures and make a guide as I go along with her.
>>1050 Like a worm pone. >>1055 Super cool man. While I may not be making any pones any time soon, it will be nice to see your Rarity come together.
(59.87 KB 877x506 fluttershy woah.png)
>>1055 Whoa, that's actually pretty nice, Anon. Good shit.
>>1055 Anon, will you post this in /mlp/ TEMPO as well?
(136.91 KB 700x700 1571589528279.png)
>>1055 I forgot to mention; the reason the pattern is broken into three images is so that when you go to print it out, none of the parts intrude on each other's space and they can be printed on 3 pages without hassle. All the other stuff that might not be immediately clear will be explained when I make a guide, as those of you who aren't actually going to make anything with this pattern don't need to know that. >>1056 Thanks mate. I'm not asking you to make anything with the pattern, but if you ever think about getting a LS mare, consider making your own with this before dishing out $1000+ to a plush seller, okay? >>1058 Ty! >>1059 I will, but not right now. I'd like to make the guide first before I release it to a bigger audience, so that they know what to do with it when presented with this great mare-making power. >>1061 That looks a bit beyond my power, you might need someone with a 3D printer for that! All of that being done, my next goal is to make the guide with Rarity, and after that I'll work on another version of this pattern for sitting mares, which shouldn't take as long as this one did.
>>1066 Progress update since it's been a while, I'm back into the education/work flow and I don't have as much time as I did over the summer. I've almost finished Rarity's mane but with my life's obligations I'm not sewing at quite the pace I have been for the past few weeks. I will get Rarity done, though, be assured!
>>1217 I can definitely understand that. Will be good to see it whenever you do end up getting it done.
(630.85 KB 2448x3264 rainbow dash with fruit cocktail.jpg)
>>1217 The mane and tail are finished, I just started marking out her body pieces and will be cutting them shortly. Since the thread is slow and we have some new visitors I would like to attract to this thread with activity, have this completely unrelated picture of Rainbow Dash with a can of fruit cocktail. I put it down in front of her without realising it and thought it looked funny when I came back to get it.
(114.28 KB 816x612 rarity eyes.jpg)
>>1502 here, have a real update, jokes aside. Her eyes were more annoying to get on than I thought they would be.
>>1581 Nice.
(124.85 KB 816x612 progress_update.jpg)
>>1581 Did the nostrils and smile, horn, cutie mark and ears today.
>>1672 Sorry for no updates in a week anons. I'm still alive, life has been kicking my butt. Will sew and post pic tomorrow.
>>1964 Looking forward to it Anon. I'm sure Rarity will be happy to be complete as well.
(1.13 MB 3264x2448 foto_no_exif (2).jpg)
>>1964 Got a free evening, I'm in the swing of things enough to sew without being exhausted. I got most of her body done; last thing to do before I start assembling the head is to sew on all the hooves (1 out of 4 sewn on atm). Pictures have been taken along the way for the guide. >>1965 Thank you. Encouragement means a lot when I barely have time to sew and I start to question how much priority these projects should have.
(149.45 KB 1200x927 aj thumbs up.jpg)
>>2038 Thank you for persevering! I will probably never use your pattern since I've never sewed in my life and I'd prefer to just buy an existing well-made plush, but I nonethless think you're absolutely based for doing so, and for providing said pattern to the community. Thank you for your work, and please continue!
(25.49 KB 300x300 1462557973841.jpg)
>>2038 I read that as >I'm in the swing of things enough to sex without being exhausted Great stuff, Anon. Just don't fuck your projects.
(124.19 KB 498x236 addicted_to_mares.png)
>>2060 >>2101 Thanks fellas. I do not intend to have sex with any of my projects, even if life sized, though they should be silicone horse pussy compatible if anyone would wish to do that in my absence.
>>2101 Better to fuck than to fuck up.
What do you guys think of text adventures?
>>2119 You mean CYOA's? They are okay, but even a little bit of art is a big improvement for me.
>>2120 >CYOAs Basically that. Was just thinking about how VNs never get done, a simple text CYOA would be a lot easier to do and could be converted to have art later.
>>2119 That sounds like fun. I'm a sewer, not a writer, so I can't promise I'll be of much creative contribution, but I would like to see that happen and may participate if it's multiplayer like a CYOA.
(3.74 MB 3840x2160 92277.png)
>>2124 >I'm a sewer
(855.33 KB 1601x1601 quieres.jpg)
>>2125 I literally walked right into that one, meant to say sew-er as in "one who sews." you got me updates on rarity plush soon
(830.00 KB 1697x2019 dashsketch.jpg)
I sketched a mare.
(297.49 KB 788x734 horsey.png)
>>2248 And I did a horsey sketch. I know I could have uploaded these together but I forgot.
>>2248 >>2249 Nice Anon. Looks like a happy mare. Always good to have more of them.
>>2124 I was thinking more like writing a Python script and it would be kind of like operating a VN. Was going to make it a quicky thing this weekend but it doesn't look like I'll be getting to it now at least. My idea was showing up in a cabin or something out in the Everfree and trying to figure out how to get to Ponyville.
(55.91 KB 600x600 1629835703958.jpg)
>>216 Ok, brainlet question incoming. You know how some PMVs have their vocal chops in time with the original clips from the show? How do editors do that? To give you an example of what I'm talking about, I mean stuff like oodorato's PMVs/songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USX3hgippys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQTgW36hxcw Some SGaP and Tridashie videos are also similar in timing their cuts, plus a bunch of others I don't remember. How do editors do this? Do they just painstakingly sync up clips manually on the timeline, or do they put down an instrumental track and then arrange the video-plus-audio clips over it to get the end result, which is then exported as just audio to get the finished song? I've done a little bit of video editing myself as a hobby but I just can't figure out how you make something like this (and make it look so easy).
>>2669 >Do they just painstakingly sync up clips manually on the timeline, or do they put down an instrumental track and then arrange the video-plus-audio clips over it to get the end result, which is then exported as just audio to get the finished song? I guess both methods are equally valid.
(859.79 KB 1763x1461 berrypunchsketch1.jpg)
(1.08 MB 1700x2338 cheerileesketch1.jpg)
>>2249 More sketches
>>2699 >Cheerilee and Berry Punch Nice. Two pones with those blobby sort of manes.
Not sure quite where to post this, but here's Delta's AI text thing from the PPP threads:
(335.40 KB 433x572 aj_portrait.png)
(318.34 KB 337x606 hungry goat.png)
(452.86 KB 780x397 sitting_aj.png)
Hi anons, pattern anon here. I have been gone for the past month because my internet was knocked out from Hurricane Ida. I haven't had any desire to sew, because so many other things were on my mind, but I did re-take up drawing. Plush Rarity is almost finished, I just need to attach her mane and tail. In the mean time, have some drawings I did while I was waiting for power to return.
(397.50 KB 389x755 various_applejacks.png)
>>3018 Nice Appul!
>>3019 These are real nice Anon.
(830.41 KB 3264x2448 plush_rarity_1.jpg)
Rarity is finished, and I've been trying to upload pictures, but my internet is very weak right now. I'll try to upload one picture at a time. I'm happy with the final product though the pattern needs some more revision; just on minor things. The snout is the most pronounced problem as it looks good from the front but doesn't stick out enough from the sides.
(989.32 KB 2448x3264 plush_rarity_2_front.jpg)
(741.73 KB 2448x3264 plush_rarity_3_butt.jpg)
>>3276 Is it lifesize?
>>3277 Nice work. That front view is adorable.
>>3279 No, she's about 1 foot long, but the pattern was made with life sized plushies in mind. I'm making plushies like this to refine my pattern to make a life-size Applejack. >>3280 Thank you friend
>>3281 Will you use skeleton on your ls?
(755.07 KB 816x612 rarity_4.png)
>>3281 I was pleased to discover that she can sit atop my monitor. ^:) >>3282 If by skeleton you mean aluminum wires for posing, then yes, most likely. I got a good deal on the wires used for Rarity's mane and I have a lot of them to spare.
>>3283 Very cool!
>>3276 >>3277 >>3278 This came out amazing Anon! I think the result was well worth the wait. She looks very fluffy and huggable.
>>3290 This is a first attempt plushie?
>>3290 thank you friend >>3291 no, if you look back in the thread, you will see my experimental mares to make the pattern. (>>1050 >>972 >>971) I've made other plushies before. besides these though, not all of them are ponies so I don't post them here because this is a pony board.
>>3276 >>3277 >>3278 >>3283 Wow, Anon. That's actually pretty damn great. Nice ass as well. You have been giving her plenty of hugs and boops, right?
>>3276 Pretty impresive, anon, making a plushie was one of the several things I put in my to-try-list a decade ago but never did, kek.
>>3308 I did give her a hug while holding her as reference to adjust the pattern. It was very comfy and I think that a life size with this pattern will be even comfier. No on the boops though. I just gave her one now that you've reminded me. >Spoiler Good mare booty is a top priority for this pattern. I have put in a lot of extra work to make sure the butt looks good. Glad to see someone noticed >>3309 Thanks friend. If you ever do decide to do it, it's not that hard and the materials are cheap. When I've finally ironed out all the pattern's problems and publish a guide for how to use it, it will be made with entry-level anons like you in mind.
>>3276 >>3277 >>3278 >>3283 Holy shit that's cute Really spectacular job! God thats cute And she can staty up like that? That is so cute and I would be so distracted
>>3276 >>3277 >>3278 >>3283 I love how she looks like she'd feel like a comfy blanket. Nice work.
(112.41 KB 369x401 1623642517760.png)
>>3310 >When I've finally ironed out all the pattern's problems and publish a guide for how to use it, it will be made with entry-level anons like you in mind. Not him, but that sounds wonderful.
Should the /mlp/ tempo be put on hold?
>>3352 Up to you guys. G5 has completely overrun the board. Established generals are falling off due to the volume of garbageposting.
>>3352 I'd say we should at least try and fight for our home first
>>3354 okay
>>3352 I'm not on /mlp/ anymore, haven't been for months. The garbageposting and arguing over barbies was way too much for me before any G5 movies or episodes or anything even went out. I feel much more relaxed just being here instead.
>>3356 How often do you post here?
>>3364 Not that Anon, but I'm usually posting several times a day on here, unless I'm really busy with real life stuff. I have similar sentiments. It's very comfy here, even if the activity is slower. Although, I've been noticing this place getting a lot more traction lately, which is nice to see.
>>3368 I'm going to try to be more active here I admit I always have some tabs open but I rarely post
>>3356 Yeah, I hope this place become more active but without the retardation that seems to be in /mlp/ since a long time ago.
>>3405 I really hope so too
>>3364 anytime I feel like I have something to say. I don't try to just fill threads with meaningless nothing to simulate activity >>3405 We all do, friend. It seems like "not being on 4chan" is enough to push away a lot of retards.
(60.81 KB 900x723 4.jpg)
Started writing a green, lost motivation to finish it after Celestia narrated a better idea to me while I was taking a nap. I'm not even kidding. >You are Anon, and before you stands a rather anxious pony. >Despite her experience, your marefriend Octavia Melody still has occasional cases of stage fright. >Not that you can blame her. Being chosen as one of the ponies representing the Canterlot Philharmonic Orchestra is a pretty big deal. Not to mention playing before the Princesses themselves. >One look at her state convinces you that this cannot stand. "You practiced diligently until this point, didn't you?" >"This is true, bu-" >Before she can speak any further you bring your finger against her snoot, a blush slightly forming on her face. "Tavi, you are the most talented mare I've had the pleasure of meeting. Do you know how many ponies adore your performances?" >Octavia stays silent, looking directly at you. >Her amethyst eyes and weak smile don't convince you, however. >Time to redouble your efforts. >Bringing the now significantly more flustered mare closer to you, you begin gently scratching her ear. "I'm sure you can do it. Don't be afraid to believe in yourself a little." >The grey pony decides to rest her soft body against your chest, a genuine smile forming on her face. >You can smell a pleasant fragrance of tea, although it's not too overbearing. "And even if you fail, you can always call it an artistic expression. I heard some Manehattan 'artists' using it to conceal their rather... mediocre abilities." >You hear a small giggle, then see a beauty looking at you once again. >"Thanks Anon, I really needed to hear that. I suppose we still have time, shall I brew some tea?" "That would be lovely." >Seeing the smiling mare fills your heart with joy. No matter how long you were together, the flaming desire to make her happy didn't decrease at all. >Mission accomplished. Now you only need to wait for the recital. --- >You find yourself in an orchestra. >Perhaps you didn't get the best possible spot, but you still had a pretty good view at the performers. >After listening to other musicians you notice that Octavia will be performing mere minutes from now. >Standing up during the break, you decide to give her the final push she may need. >You find the grey mare with her cello near the backstage. >Her ears perk up when she sees you, with a light smile across her face. >"Anon? What are you doing here?" >You don't say anything and instead pull her into a deep hug. >Whether it was to calm her, or you down is unknown but it certainly worked. >She embraces you tightly with her hooves. >Soft coat brushes against your chest as she releases a sigh of contentment. >A minute or two pass before you decide to break the silence. "Break a leg, Tavi."
>>3442 Very cool, Anon! Sweet too.
>>3442 Very sweet, Anon
>>3442 Very cute Anon. >Celestia narrated a better idea to me while I was taking a nap I would like to know more of your encounter.
>>3442 I loved it! I do hope you’ll continue it, it’s good stuff!
>>3446 >I would like to know more of your encounter. I'm afraid there isn't much to say. Took my daily 3PM nap, my brain somehow managed to conjure a voice of Celestia that started narrating a green to me. I was also seeing it all unfold. Sadly, I kinda forgot most of it like 10 seconds after waking up.
>>3468 Regardless it's still pretty nice that Celestia visted your daydream. I wish ponies visited my dreams.
>>3442 HNNNG
>>3442 >>3468 >Started writing a green, lost motivation to finish it after Celestia narrated a better idea to me while I was taking a nap. I'm not even kidding. Well fuck you too Celestia >No don't write content for the board, my loyal subject! Here let me thoroughly discourage you by giving you a better idea that you won't even remember!
>>3442 Also, ponepaste link if someone cares. Starting from line 51: https://ponepaste.org/5494 >>3479 To be fair, it was a pretty good idea. Will start writing it soon (probably).
>>3480 >a collection of shorts You know, I actually really like this idea.
(59.33 KB 615x337 aj_radio.jpg)
Hi anons, I was just driving home from work when I had an idea for a project that anyone of any skill/autism level can help with. If you fellows are interested I will expand on my ideas more, but the main gist is to make a bunch of pony voice clips of various characters (of your choice) and have them sound as radio hosts. So you could have a playlist of music with a few of these audio files sprinkled into it (or at the bottom and just put the playlist on shuffle) and every now and then between songs you could hear a pony greet the "audience" and talk about something for a short moment before the next song. With technology like 15.ai anyone can contribute to this and the music choice is completely your own since it's likely going to be your own playlist. Thoughts?
>>3564 Kind of cool. Main thing would be to just come up with what you'd want them to say + any sound effects or whatever. Then we could pretty much just slowly work our way through them.
>>3568 Alright. My main ideas were to categorise the clips by Character, Date (of the week), Time of Day, Holiday/Significant Yearly Event(season change, etc.), and have some clips that will work at any time, any day, of course. So for example if you drive to work every morning, you could have a set of clips for the morning, with clips for that day of the week, etc. But eventually, I think you'll find that the creation of all these playlists, and the fact that you pick all of the songs every time, might sort of ruin the immersion. So this is where I want to possibly suggest my next idea: Buying a radio station from a hosting service. I've found a suitable service for this, and if there is enough interest from anons, I will foot the bill for a radio station for this project- but before we go this far I'd like to discuss this project a bit more.
>>3595 So as an example I will make a few clips later today to demonstrate what I'm talking about, and if you fellows really like the idea, we can go a bit further with it.
>>3564 I think that sounds really lovely anon Though I've been procrastinating on my PPP submission so I can't jump on just yet
>>3595 >Buying a radio station from a hosting service. I wonder if there's any m3u8 "hosting" services out there for free. m3u8 playlists are used for a lot of online channels and I believe radio stations as well. >>3604 >Though I've been procrastinating on my PPP submission so I can't jump on just yet I'm in the same boat Anon.
(284.74 KB aj_radio_example.mp3)
>>3606 I didn't know about m3u8 files. I will look into this. Attached is an example of what I'm talking about. All any participants would have to do is write and make their own, or just make other anons, or just write their own for other anons to make.
>>3619 You can attach mp3 files here? Neat. Any way, you've gotten me interested. This could be a really cool project.
I think I should start writing down any ideas I have so I don't forget them. >Rainbow Dash doing a Monday, Monday, Monday, monster truck madness! ad >Ponies reading out the weather report, we do enough of them maybe we could realistically have them read the weather to us.
>>3595 >>3606 You could also contact Ponyville Live, they might be open to hosting. I think they host at least a couple of the stations they list. Perhaps providing financial support to them and having them handle the business of hosting while listing your station on their page might end up being a good deal.
>>3619 This sounds great.
>>3639 I had no idea about Ponyville Live. I notice much of the content is geared towards Europeans- is Radio more popular in the EU than the US? As far as hosting goes, we'll see, I would like to see if there's a bit more interest first. I'm liking the current show of interest, though.
>>3625 I like these. I was thinking about having stuff like advertisements, the weather, news, reports on sports, gossip about the princesses, etc. Perhaps we could have a specific character be the one who delivers news. As for a schedule, I was thinking that certain ponies could operate for certain times of the day- so for example Applejack could host in the morning, Rainbow Dash could take over at noon, and Rarity in the evening, etc. etc. And with each pony's time spent hosting, they could play music relative to their character. So AJ could play vintage and country music, RD some rock of all types, so on so forth.
>>3660 >stuff like advertisements, the weather, news, reports on sports, gossip about the princesses, etc. It would be just like a radio station straight out of Ponyville. Would be incredible. I agree with your ideas there. Just need to come up with ideas for skits I suppose.
>>3662 I think skits would tie it all together. That would require a bit more concentrated effort. I think first our priority should be to build two big libraries of audio files: Pony interceptions, and of course, music.
>>3666 That was kind of what I meant by skits ^:) Just short little things.
>>3657 I think PVL just happens to have multiple european channels because they are essentially non-English channels. "US channels" are basically everything that's just themed and English-based (well, those basically make up US, Canada, UK and Australia and some other garbage, but US is the biggest of those). So like the (quite sizeable) Russian fandom still ends up having only 1 channel IIRC.
I asked in the main thread already, but I guess I'll ask here too. Also bump. I have an idea for clopfic, based on https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15433.Night_Mare where instead of delivering nightmares Night Mares are succubus mares, who steal semen from prize studs in order to feed their Lead Mare (because fuck stallions in charge of anything). But I'm not sure where I should go with it? In the present form it's barely pony related, and if I wanted to make it more pony-related how can I do it without just outright making them changelings? Maybe strange waifu thread would've accepted me? What do you think?
>>4487 Haven't read that book, but could maybe have it be like a rogue squadron of Luna's guards or something.
PonePaste is likely gone for good ^:(
(814.10 KB 800x448 1511339101929.gif)
>>4518 Apparently Floorb from Twibooru takes the reins over ponepaste. So the site will continue, probably.
>>4520 This is good news.
>>4520 That's a relief.
>>216 I might have had a bit too much fun in the drawing room.
>>1581 Can you provide any details on the eyes and material you used for the Rarity? Since you said that you don't use a sewing machine, I assume that you also don't use an embroidery machine, so are the eyes pre-fabricated embroidered eyes on separate pieces of fabric and then sewn or ironed on? I just got my own sewing machine and tools so I don't have to use my relatives's anymore, but my experience is only in quilting so I only know how to work with quilting cotton and flannel, but I wanted to try some pony soft toy making.
>>4625 And I forgot to mention, The eyes are at a fixed size, so make sure that when you print the pattern, the eyes will be properly sized. You can always cut pieces that are too big a little shorter; but you can't adjust the eyes.
>>4625 Pony eyes are so beautiful I'm going to cry
We're making plans to aggie.io this weekend
>>4640 Sweet. Although I'll probably only be able to make it later into the night.
>>4641 That seems to be the plan so far so no worries
Any cool projects?
(542.10 KB 539x672 rd_portrait.png)
(790.94 KB 658x830 pj_portrait_rl.png)
>>4722 i have been making portraits of various ponies to decorate my room with i draw them, then do the linework digitally, then print the linework very light and color with marker to give it that touch of soul rainbow dash portrait inspired by >>1502
>>4731 this is awesome. I wish you lived locally so I could buy your portraits for 20 bucks at the art market or something.
>>4731 That is super cool. The two you posted look great. Have you thought about doing any fully traditionally (pencil and paper)?
>>4732 thank you but i couldnt sell these. money corrupts and i would end up drawing things i dont like for money >>4733 i start with pencil and paper. the problem is that when i draw things sometimes details will look wrong and i won't catch them until after i've drawn them on paper. doing the linework digitally not only lets me clean up but also remove these mistakes. im working on another portrait right now, it isnt a pony but i think you guys will still like it
>>4743 >doing the linework digitally not only lets me clean up but also remove these mistakes. Of course. I was just curious since you seemed pretty close to doing it traditionally and I can certainly appreciate a well done traditional piece. What you've got going on is pretty cool though.
>>4731 That's actually really cool, Anon! I should try something like for the Secret Santa on /mlp/. Thanks for the inspiration! The portrait on the right is very lovely. How big do you make portraits, by the way? Do you frame them?
>>4731 Very wholesome. Nice work, Anon.
>>4746 i use whatever paper is standard size in the united states for printers. a4 i think it is. and yes i frame them. the rainbow dash one is not framed because i mailed it to a friend as a gift.
>>4751 Thank you. They look awesome, and the thought of printing out the linework and going from there never crossed my mind.
>>4731 >marker Interesting choice, any reason for that over e.g. watercolour or even oil? Of couse oil is more finicky, but watercolour shouldn't be much of a hassle.
>>4775 because i dont know how to use anything else but marker
>>4776 I mean that's fair, you should try out watercolour though because it's really super easy if you just wanna do simple colouring. Like get a brush, a glass of water and a set of watercolours, spend literally five-ten minutes max just experimenting a bit with how much water to use on your brush and how much paint to rub on and how to best lay it down on paper, and you should be good to go to colour in a poster.
>>4731 Really nice job, anon
>>4777 checked but i dont care i like markers. they are a critical part of the visuals which i want to achieve. it wouldnt be the same with watercolor or whatever else. i dont consider myself an artist or anything i am just making portraits because i like mares.
(205.74 KB 842x568 image.png)
Some high quality stuff in the drawroom.
>>4783 good
>>4781 >checked but i dont care i like markers. they are a critical part of the visuals which i want to achieve. Ah ok that's a totally different story then
(722.84 KB 633x820 shanty_portrait.png)
new portrait, shanty tfh. shes in the treasure chest because goat pussy is a treasure
>>4826 Indeed, Lauren Faust approved.
Hello thread! Pattern anon here again. I've been working on a non-pony project which is why I haven't been posting it, but I ran out of materials so I'm just scrapping it. I'll be starting on my next project, Applejack, when all the materials arrive in the mail. Cheers!
(2.77 MB 482x360 opto.gif)
>>4896 Super cool man.
(695.73 KB 818x601 sneed_portrait.png)
new portrait, formerly chuck's not a mare or mare-like creature but i hope you boys dont mind, next one is a mare
>>4996 I really hate the meme, but I can still appreciate this along with your other works. There's something about this marker art that has a certain aesthetic. I like it. Keep up the good work.
>>5009 i appreciate it. like i told that other anon, the markers are a deliberate choice and they really have something that watercolor or whatever doesnt. and sneed isnt for everyone, i dont find the joke as funny as most but i think its just an interesting social thing of how it went from just a clever joke to such a huge thing back on 4chan
I've never written a fanfic before, but I just had a dream that is just begging to be made into a pony story. It wasn't a pony dream itself. But not really a human one either. The characters, including myself, were bipeds without any detail. Like an abstract representation of the space occupied by a human. There was also a type of enemy that I haven't seen before. And I think there are some ponies that would be good replacement for the totally undefined characters. Anyone have any advice before I start?
>>5023 Don't really have any advice, but it'll be interesting to see what your dream evolves into.
>>5023 No advice can supplement experience. Write, and then get feedback on that writing, and then try to keep that in mind when you write next time, and keep writing and doing this. There's no real shortcut to improving. The only real advice that can be given to someone completely new with no work to critique would be total basics, like, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, etc. Otherwise it's a skill you have to hone and practice. That having been said don't fall into the trap of "saving" ideas until you're "better". You'll never get better if you don't write, and you can't write without a good idea to motivate you, and now you have a good idea, so write. You can't learn on shit ideas or something, because it's much harder to write shit ideas. If in the future you really still find that you want to do justice to your dream, you can always "remaster" your story.
>>4896 Hello friends in the thread, I just got the thing I was waiting for (eyes) in the mail. I'll start soon. This project I'll be using some cotton fabric instead of expensive minky to test some more modifications of the pony pattern. Also, >>4625 here I gave etsy links to the pony eyes I use- I have received a note on the postage that the eyes came in that they have moved to selling their products all on their company website and closed their etsy store. So if you need mare eyes, they are now selling the eyes at lilcuddles.net. Cheers!
>>5152 Good luck with your next pony!
>>4731 How do you ship your art? Are they ok to be rolled up, or is bending in any way bad?
>>5214 rolling up is okay but do not let them get folded. if you mail them then get a container thats specifically made for paper which is not supposed to be bent, or a tube. i got the former when i mailed the rainbow dash one to a friend and he received it without damage
(836.86 KB 741x921 shantie_erreur.png)
it has been a while since i last posted. here, this is another shanty portrait i am making, there was a print error so i am restarting
(1.64 MB 2764x3441 shanty_portrait_haitian.jpg)
>>5384 finished this time, here we have shanty having drinks with (You) in a very nice caribbean dress excuse my bias for her i like her a lot
>>5428 i forgot to say, i am open for suggestions for future portraits, the two i have lined up next are applejack and zecora, after that i dont know what to do, please tell me if you have an idea i only draw mares (optionally in pretty dresses)
(517.77 KB 1003x940 1979303.png)
>>5428 That looks pretty great, Anon. I love the way you color everything in. >>5429 Twilight Sparkle!
(2.06 MB 3493x2720 image.png)
>>5429 >i only draw mares (optionally in pretty dresses) I'm partial to Celly, but Twilight can be a cute as well.
>>5429 >only mares Aw. Well, how about a Verity?
>>5437 >>5431 OK, i can make one of twilight sparkle. >>5440 who is Verity? i would rather not do anyone's original character because of the autism that invites
>>5451 >Verity >OC Anon, I...
(230.28 KB 503x995 1595515885812.png)
(65.71 KB 358x416 132837489223.png)
>>5451 >he doesn't know about our daughteru The disappointment this makes me feel is immense.
(122.91 KB 500x795 1496007720336.png)
>>5451 >who is Verity?
>>5452 >>5453 >>5454 >>5455 oh, i see now. i knew of this horse that /mlp/ did save, but i did not know her name. i will think about making a portrait of her, i do not know what she looks like.
(761.06 KB 729x803 6017526.png)
(2.72 MB 2882x3767 Verity1.jpg)
(1.27 MB 1562x1499 Verity2.png)
(2.56 MB 1900x2000 Verity3.png)
>>5457 Some examples for you.
(1.05 MB 960x739 aj_pie.png)
applejack portrait is done now
>>5550 Very nice.
>>5550 That reminds me of my kid books and makes me happy. Thank you, anon!
>>5550 Great work, as always. >>5552 You know, now that you've mentioned it, I think this may be the "certain aesthetic" I was trying to pin down at >>5009 I can absolutely see these used for a children's story book, kind of like the snowpone story book. It's a very wholesome and comforting art aesthetic.
(1.00 MB 1000x588 coloring_pages.png)
>>5551 thanks >>5552 >>5583 i have been told this as well. i was told that my art style is very inviting and friendly. i am just drawing because i like mares (and the goat), i do not want credit or recognition but only to demonstrate their beauty because i like them. also before this i was just coloring in the pony coloring books so this may have an influence, pic related
>>5550 That's truly nice. I could imagine such portrait hanging on wall of a cozy home in Equestria.
>>5588 They look cleanly done. >>5589 >I could imagine such portrait hanging on wall of a cozy home in Equestria. Same. Some pics to remind you of times with pony friends.
>>5550 You make the coloring look so good, Anon. I can't stop mine from looking messy
>>5764 it is a technique that improves with time, you will learn tricks from your mistakes
Just a heads up for anyone who might want to participate, there is a PonerPics collaboration event starting up: https://ponerpics.org/forums/dis/topics/ponerpics-community-collaboration-event
(942.40 KB 1920x1080 1641940251755.png)
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 1642132173028.png)
Reposting the Aggie draws.
(989.13 KB 710x859 twilight_poster.png)
>>6677 That came out really clean, well done Anon. I can always appreciate a well done piece of traditional art.
>>6677 Wow! She looks super cute!
(1.30 MB 1920x1080 1-20-2022.png)
New /TEMPO/ draw. Been trying to keep them posted here. There's usually some good stuff within.
(120.49 KB 751x732 amre-1.png)
(47.06 KB 762x843 amre-2.png)
attempting to revive this thread with some badly drawn amres
>>7193 Cute amres.
>>7193 Very cute! Do you mind drawing something for MSPaint clop thread in /clop/?
>>7193 >badly drawn They look pretty nice to me.
>>7193 Reminds me of RDP, your pones are simple but has charm. maybe i'll join you
>>7222 Always good to have more art.
(173.20 KB 1050x1079 derpy.png)
thanks for the kind words anons, have a derpy. >>7195 sorry, only wholesome amres here. >>7222 the more the merrier
>>7236 Cute underp
So anyone here thinking of contributing to that Winter Wrap Up art pack?
(555.85 KB 1827x773 practice ref.png)
>>7248 Don't have any ideas for it atm, you can shoot some at me if you want. Thing with this thread is that there's already a /tempo/ on /mlp/ so it's just kind of redundant when it's still up. But here's some stuff I havent posted anywhere, you might even recognize these from pics you've seen before it's just trying to copy without tracing. kinda like gesture drawing but for ponies
(70.21 KB 1098x1093 sitting-derp.png)
Sitting derpy amre. >>7294 Honestly i would have preferred a /bale/ or drawthread. current drawthread has a shit op If someone wants to start a proper thread i would gladly contribute the occasional amre.
(3.80 MB 1481x1900 Amos Moses.png)
Some wonderful art I forced myself to draw a month or two ago. Here is the song it is based on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbXFHSa4YmQ Now Amos Moses was a cajun...
>>7571 Well that's certainly interesting, like a human ogre.
(66.17 KB 548x584 derpy-amre-03.png)
I bring amre :)
>>7946 Woo hoo! Muffin horse!
Postan my shit here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIV2JekRkvE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2eaiGsFdgc I kinda wanna do a Rarity thing, but the state of the other board at the moment has me genuinely saddened.
>>8017 Other board? 4niggers? It's not advisable to use that. Just make it for NHNB
>>8017 Very nice anon, Aryanne a cute! inb4 channel strike for promoting hate /mlp/ is even more of a shitfest lately i barely browse it, just (cross)post here for a more comfy time. Hope you do a rara, I will lurk in wait.
(34.01 KB 389x416 1571524116261.jpg)
>>8018 >4niggers Right. Now this is truly starting to feel like an altchan.
>>8018 >4niggers Quit that shit, we both know that the main problem is 4chan moderation and their pet shitposters. That has nothing to do with ordinary anons.
>>8017 What nebulous stuff are you talking about
(1.45 MB 2000x2550 postal pone.png)
>>8018 I would but this board is extremely slow and more than 1/2 my internet time (2/3rds of my day) is spent on 4chan. >>8019 Used a throwaway address for the channel. Once they delete my channel I will simply make a new one and will continue to grow back like a weed. >>8023 This >>8037 People getting butthurt in Aryanne threads and shitting them up because of /pol/ bogeyman. I just like my mares genocide flavored. Pic related is something I did for the Postal Mare thread, maybe I should do something for her too.
(550.48 KB 5225x4998 1489102.png)
>>8045 >People getting butthurt in Aryanne threads But I thought 4chan was supposed to be based, why don't they like Aryanne? She's a cutie. Sorry if I was a little insulting to average users. I meant to say I don't like the overall atmosphere which as has been stated is due to the vocal minority that messes it up. Every time I load /mlp/ it's got lots of repulsive equestria girls shit so it taints my feelings of the site. In support of your claims when I posted a burned equestria girls DVD on 4chan most people agreed it should be burned and it was only like, 20% lame people who swore allegiance to barbies.
>>8046 She is cute, politics or not. This also applies to the other compass ponies, and needs to be accepted as fact. Her threads rarely devolve into political discussion more than other threads do. Edge + cute also is a wonderful combination that I will always crave, whether it's political, "adult" or just early 2000s emo nonsense. Too bad that's hard to come by, so I've tasked myself to make my own. That's turned out to be really hard though because besides the one "animation meme" I did, the rest seems to be absolute shit. Barbie shit is just coom brains doing their thing, but worse, since only certain people could actually jack it to horribly proportioned rainbow barf ayylmaos. I am absolutely open to any suggestions for another "meme" animation by the way, doesn't even have to be edgy bullshit, I just wanna make more pone but the rara thing is gonna be huge even if I stick with 4fps.
>>8045 >People getting butthurt in Aryanne threads and shitting them up because of /pol/ bogeyman. Thats been going on for years though, remember the striped faggots. It's only more obnoxious now because there's actual trannies on the board that leaked from the TF2 and FimFic threads.
(966.57 KB 2081x2053 TFcuck.png)
>>8055 >TF2 That's the worst community I have ever been around. It's full of degenerates; furry and anime profiles with "hentai" written on them with big letters. Porn signs, sexual chat messages, what a mess.
(21.34 KB 286x303 mgkzcgosnbx.png)
Lacking motivation, most i can manage is this sleepy amre. At least she looks happy :)
>>8128 >At least she looks happy Can confirm, that is a happy looking mare. Nicely done.
(8.76 KB 190x213 waiting.png)
amre is waiting..
>>8162 What is she waiting for?
>>8128 Nice forelegs, Anon!
(22.47 KB 190x215 table-with-bon.png)
>>8164 Who knows.. perhaps (You)? Meanwhile sweets amre is at a table
(981.63 KB 1200x675 image.png)
Looks like the Winter Wrap Up Pack released.
>>8331 That name is awful, but nice art.
(2.92 MB 1588x2144 Glimjuice.png)
Hopefully not jumping the gun but I may have fixed my PCs problems Dropping fresh glimjuice here because the sketch started on nhnb aggie and because ponkko's sadface was enough of a motivation. >>8155
>>8398 Wow, this came out great. >I may have fixed my PCs problems What did it end up being?
>>8399 Some really bad drivers maybe, nothing concrete yet but havent had the issue that I was avoiding turning on photoshop. I thought it might have been botched RAM sticks and corruption, but there was a number of problems one being when I was working then the screen would drop all signal and never come back till I do a hard reset.
>>8398 Nice! It was worth the wait, thank you.
[spoiler]How do you dig yourself out of a deep hole with content creation? I feel like it's gotten worse and worse, and it got to the point where I tried drawing again today, and I felt physically nauseous. I haven't finished anything quality in over half a year, and time just keeps going by where I've done nothing and only regressed and regressed. I was genuinely improving and hitting short terms goals in my art and it feels like it's all been taken away from me and has come crashing down. I keep trying to bounce back, but I can't start anything complex anymore, much less continue through and finish something. I can make simple drawings once in a blue moon, but they all look low effort and shitty and like I didn't put any real time into them even if my snail's pace took me two weeks for the piece of shit. I feel like everything is against me and I got scammed out of so much of my improvement and momentum. I just want to be able to fucking draw again. I absolutely despise what's happened to me. I feel like a complete failure in that I was once able to learn through making paintings and now I can barely pose two ponies in a scene together without my attitude completely crumbling. I wanted to capture the beauty of Equestria and now I can barely see myself past warming u drawing line and circles. I hate sad blogposting even more but I don't know what to do anymore. I'm completely lost and helpless.[/spoiler]
>>11261 Today in "Anon, the Armchair Psychologist": I don't know you personally, anon, so I may be wrong. From my own perspective on the question, I, as a writefag, can say two things: 1. Art should flow outward too. It sounds like after you got some knowledge and gist of the art and some success in the craft, the joy of creation became less intense compared the joy of perceiving the thing you have created as completed. Like if you would enjoy somebody's else art, for a quick entertainment fix. You want your own art, your own creativity to flow inward, back to you. That's a possible cause of why are you feeling frustrated, because when consuming other's art you skip all the work right to the enjoyment. When you don't feel the usual joy, predictably so, your mind, your habit tells you to abandon the pursue as an ineffective way to feel good. Try to share your stuff, even simple drawings, with others. /mlp/ has /bale/, low stress - low effort drawthread where all anons, who can draw at least somehow, share their art and discuss it. If you're drawing non-pony, try /ic/. By seeing others contemplate on your art, you will get a completely different kind of feeling. Feeling of being the creator again, instead of feeling like a consumer with your own stuff. 2. Entirely technical thing: try to improve your attention span. Lower the daily amount of short, simple and fast to consume pieces of information; twits, short clips, tik tok, messenger posts, etc. Those are like a fucking sugar and junk food, but for the mind. Try to watch longer and more coherent videos about your topics of interest. Try to read actual books; official pony ones at very least, just for the sake of it. This can help you become calmer and you wouldn't feel as much kneejerk aversion to the need of focusing on something that takes time to do.
>>11262 I'm sorry if I come off in some kind of negative way or if it feels like I'm not trying to work or understand what you're saying well. I really do appreciate the reply, honestly. I've calmed down a bit and looked back on stuff. Sorry if I acted like a huge faggot as well. I wasn't trying to be over dramatic I was panicking and felt terrible and I didn't want to bother my friends and dump everything just onto them. >the joy of creation became less intense compared the joy of perceiving the thing you have created as completed. Like if you would enjoy somebody's else art, for a quick entertainment fix. Do you mean that I'm having less fun with the process of finishing the drawing and focusing too much on making it finished? It's really hard for me to shift gears when I think about it. I look at my past art and see how much better it is, and it feels like a different artist made it. I feel really insecure that if I can't match it, then my art doesn't really have worth. It's especially hurtful because I feel like I'm starting over instead of drawing x just to learn and try something new. The amount of finished art I made has always bugged me since I started. I tally it up at the end of the month and noticed that even when I was getting better, I was making half of what I did the last month, and so on. Me finishing something only once a month has made me feel terrible. I've had drawing sessions in the past bit of months end prematurely because I got caught up seeing how I drew 11 images last year in one month, and that I haven't made anything yet and it's already the 10th or 15th. >Try to share your stuff, even simple drawings, with others. >By seeing others contemplate on your art, you will get a completely different kind of feeling. Feeling of being the creator again, instead of feeling like a consumer with your own stuff. I made a soft rule up for myself when I first started, and I don't mean to say this to make me look favorable somehow, but I never really try to shill my art. I don't even share my art with waifu generals (or even my own waifu's save one painting). The only place I really stuck to was Tempo and two close friends. Anything more feels like attention-whoring. I figured that if my art was good enough then it just needed to speak for itself whenever someone went out of their way to share it themselves from the boorus or Tempo. Tempo has started to feel off posting in as well, though, since I don't have any high-effort drawings coming along. >Lower the daily amount of short, simple and fast to consume pieces of information; twits, short clips, tik tok, messenger posts, etc. Those are like a fucking sugar and junk food, but for the mind. Try to watch longer and more coherent videos about your topics of interest. Try to read actual books; official pony ones at very least, just for the sake of it. This can help you become calmer and you wouldn't feel as much kneejerk aversion to the need of focusing on something that takes time to do. I'll try to do that. Time is something I get very anxious about with work and with the limited time after it. I used to be a neet so I could just draw for 8 hours straight and not have to worry that I'm not focusing as consistently as I could be. I have caught myself scrolling past posts on 4chan just in the name of catching up with a thread instead of sitting down and going through everything and actually understanding the posts. The same thing goes with the videos I've been watching while looking back at my video histories. I haven't even finished a lot of them.
>>11265 >I've had drawing sessions in the past bit of months end prematurely because I got caught up seeing how I drew 11 images last year in one month, and that I haven't made anything yet and it's already the 10th or 15th. Sounds like you're trying to emulate a pressure of a professional job environment while doing a thing that is basically your hobby. No need to do that. Hobby is an intimate thing. >but I never really try to shill my art. >Anything more feels like attention-whoring. If a tree fell in the forest, but there weren't anyone around to witness that, did the tree exist at all? Art exists to be admired. Also, you always can just post a picture and refuse to elaborate further. Anonymous imageboard is a perfect place for that.
>>11266 >you can always just post a picture and refuse to elaborate further kek this. I'm always shamelessly posting my own works with great vigor. If you're really self conscious about it, just take the filename and rename it to a 4chan styled one before posting.
>>11261 Stop being such a dramaqueen, I've been in your shoes and lost skill and motivation to draw but the parts of your brain that know how to do it are still there you just need to reconnect the synapses, thats why repetition is the key to any success. The more you draw the stronger your brain will be at making the synapse connections and the easier it will be to shake off the rust. Th only thing you have to worry about is motivation to find a way to keep yourself interested in drawing
I get flashes of drawing sometimes, but I'm still struggling. Maybe I'm lying to myself, but I've always been interested. Keep having trouble starting and for one reason or another I slip a little and it takes forever to get back
>>14693 I feel you, anon. One thing that I understood from experience is that it's pointless to grind, hoping that eventually you'll get the lines to muscle memory. Try to work from the reference. Choose an artist you really like and try to re-draw his pics. That way you'll can determine how he does what he does, maybe even get some ideas for shortcuts. That's called a master study, as I've been told by some youtube guides. Also, there is /bale/ thread on /mlp/. Try to participate in it. They have workshop videos on pony.tube. Try to watch those and read the sources in their OP and in TEMPO's.
>>14696 I could have worded that better. I'm not a new artist, but one that is having a hard time staying consistent
>>14696 >Choose an artist you really like and try to re-draw his pics I've been meaning to try doing this for a while now. Though I've been slacking on art for some time now.
I think something is just plain wrong with me. I wish I could go back to when drawing felt automatic and I was always inspired and making something that felt impactful. I wish I could easily share my love and comfort of ponies through art again. The past two plus years have felt like a waste, and I don't think I'll be anywhere close to where I want to be in the coming years. I wish I had fun drawing again.
>>15991 What happened, anon?
>>15992 I don't know. I think I might have autistically hyper-focused on drawing, and somewhere along the way of trying to keep a hold of it, I lost what I loved about it. I've always been scared of a coming day when I would realize that I don't care as much anymore and drop it just like any old autistic hobby. I still kind of believe I care about drawing ponies and hold it closely to my heart, but for all I know, that could just be some kind of sunk cost feeling. I've tried to internalize as much possible advice on my mindset and motivation with drawing, but none of it matters if I'm deluding myself about still having that itch.
There was a /mare/con panel made about NHNB. Seems a good a place as any to post this. >with chat: https://pony.tube/w/r5WcA7XpK5j4EZrLPNzsRc >without chat: https://pony.tube/w/uVVYMBp3iznKfJxUzYLoUy
(1.13 MB lms remix.mp3)
>>17401 neat! what's it about?
>>17403 It's going to be a remix of ElectroKaplosion's Little Mare Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymkbOKwHJi4
>>17404 very cool!
(2.18 MB 1136x1011 028.png)
>>17439 >Cute bat pony suddenly drops down to suprise you. >You are overcome by adorable. Cute! Would give her a mango, head pats, and ear scritches.
(49.59 KB 577x392 frame_1_delay-1.8s.png)
>>17526 I like this a lot! Thanks for posting, anon!