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(2.61 MB 2395x2384 Drawing on Celestia's Flank.png)
/fim/ Drawing Thread Anonymous 03/19/2022 (Sat) 00:22:55 No. 7791
Come draw in a communal aggie! https://aggie.io/vj1y5bh_pd Skill not required
I tried to give it a shot but the canvas got rid of a big chunk of my stuff because it wasn't in view. I'm no good at visual representation.
>>7794 >the canvas got rid of a big chunk of my stuff because it wasn't in view. I'm no good at visual representation. Do you mean you moved it off screen and it disappeared?
>>7795 Yeah. At least it wasn't anything to write home about.
Can always put suggestions either here or in the aggie.
(79.46 KB 267x277 tfw.png)
nice but I have no idea how to use this. I see wild range of what's capable but I feel like I need a tutorial
(1.69 MB 3508x2480 2081795.png)
>>7831 If you have ever used drawing software just treat it like that. If not think of it as multiplayer ms paint and have fun. Some tips: Double click a layer to gain ownership of it (helpful if you change session) If you are lagging go into application settings and check "disable graphics acceleration" You may need a browser plugin for pen pressure sensing to work on windows if you have a drawing tablet and you also have to check the box next to brush icon and brush size to enable it. Have fun /)
Shill me on Aggie, why is this any different than Flockmod or Drawpile that its trendy with artfags when it doesnt seem like anything new
>>7848 Not really familiar with the alternatives, but aggie uses a pretty standard layout and it works pretty well. Of course with any of these draw together things it can be fun to watch people draw and to potentially collaborate together.
>>7848 Its simple enough, its browser based, others are using it.
(197.79 KB 710x869 image.png)
>>7864 >Do you want some coke anon?
>>7871 That's a pretty good Glimmer.
>>7886 thank, but looks like aggie's are out for me since it runs my toasters memory out eventually. so its back to my home for the glimjuice. who would have thought this would be a bigger ramhog than photoshop
>>7897 I have used it on 4g ddr2 so memory should not be an issue, try disabling gpu acceleration in the settings that can help.
Remembered there was an older aggie on this board: >>216
I'm intimidated by what's already on here
>>7945 Every time i load it i get a facefull of ponk ass.. not complaining
>>7945 Just draw what makes you happy anon. You'll never stop being intimidated if you don't go ahead and do it.
And.. one more ponk! She taking over this aggie ;)
>>7966 I feel sort of responsible for making one of the first big ponks. Now it's Season 3 Episode 3 all over again.
You guys are great.
>>7945 If you're put off by starbutt just know it took a lot longer than usual drawfagging. you dont need to do lots of detail and attempts of shading i was just trying to get a feel for what I can do with it
>>7935 That's /mlp/ tempo's aggie. Still good to join, but it's nice having one that's just for NHNB.
>>7989 Ah, I agree. Our aggie is getting pretty good.
ponkbros.. the ebil lyrafags are taking over our canvas.
>>7992 It's OK, Fluttershy is drawing a line that the lyrafags can't cross.
>>7993 Kek.
>>7993 Based flutters
Boot mare a cute
(2.15 MB 1020x792 full.png)
Starlight still unfinished
>>8155 Sorry anon, I did try to work on her more but my PC is not having it right now, just shuts off the screen. It's Either hardware failure, a cable problem or some corruption, not sure which and have a long list of things to test before I just give up and get a new pc.
(39.40 KB 424x330 image.png)
To whoever drew the long tongue ponks, thank you. Brought a smile to my face to come back and see these.
(45.44 KB 698x407 tongue love.png)
I'm imagining if the long tongue Ponks took over and the entire canvas just became an MC Escher like picture; Ponks packed in so close they have to define each others contours to differentiate because there is no empty space left. Do it.
(861.61 KB 517x619 423.gif)
>>8155 Finished!
>>8408 Should link it: >>8398
A bit more and we'll pretty much have a full canvas.
me and an anons contribution I did midnight
Canvas is looking decently full, thinking about maybe starting anew tonight. A few smaller spaces if anyone wants to add in some stuff today.
(1.63 MB 2500x2500 clean.png)
>>8823 adorable tounge-pinkies
(338.07 KB 1272x858 image.png)
reposting this because I find it useful
(225.36 KB 1259x874 image.png)
My wife has an important message
>>8881 This came out very cute.
That's a cool boat.
(3.37 MB 522x489 bubbles.gif)
>>9107 It's supposed to be a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea, but I'm not sure that's clear when looking at it.
>>9110 That does make a bit more sense with how Sea Swirl is positioned. Still very neat.
(15.07 KB 277x188 image.png)
>>9409 pretty
(14.31 KB 209x278 Cloud Drift 2.jpg)
(13.08 KB 267x253 Cloud Drift 3.jpg)
(8.35 KB 197x208 Cloud Drift.jpg)
I've been drawing pones from >>9307 I really like Drift. grenpone anon you owe me sides.
>>9975 I really like your ponies.
>>9975 thank you so much
Entire picture has been trashed and it is all blank now. >>7791 could you use your admin powers to revert it?
>>10181 That sucks. Does anyone have a saved copy of the canvas previous to this? I'm not sure it's possible for the admin to revert it.
>>10181 Looks some retard did that for shits and giggles
>>10181 I don't think there's anything I can do to revert. >>10194 Yes: https://u.smutty.horse/mhlvejhugzg.png https://u.smutty.horse/mhlveeqlklu.psd I could paste the image into a layer and we could draw on top of it, or would you prefer to start a new canvas?
>>10196 It clearly was vandalism. Can we prevent this in some way?
>>10197 The only way there is would be to require verification on accounts, and I just don't see that as a good or feasible solution. If it happens again, I suppose we'll have to do something. I guess for now I'll just recommend saving a copy of the psd whenever you think about it. I'll do the same.
>>10196 Blessed. I'm glad the pones are safe.
>>10198 >verification on accounts Hell no, that lowers activity significantly and requires a mod to always be present to grant newcomers access. Saving a copy is the best option, and I guess accepting that having your stuff vandalized is an intrinsic risk of drawing in a public drawroom. I'll save copies too.
(53.00 KB 294x320 ss.png)
New canvas, new Sea Swirl.
>>10197 sounds like karma
>>10210 Cute!
(13.52 KB 422x276 image.png)
>>9409 2/?
>>10213 Oh, so it was you, obsessed idiot?
>>10213 I've been enjoying drawing both here and /mlp/'s aggie. Assuming you're the attacker on this aggie, I think I know where you're coming from. You probably claim to do this as an act of justice or revenge in defense of the G5 drawings that got vandalized in /mlp/. But in doing so, you're engaging in destroying fun for others just as much as the G5 griefer is. You're playing his game. You're not fighting him, you're collaborating with him on a fun-destruction project. I'm telling you this hoping that you were ignorant about it, realize what you're actually doing, and stop. But then there's also the possibility that you know exactly what you're doing, and that's exactly what you want. Hell, it might be the same guy doing the griefing on both sides, confronting anons, exploiting their different sentiments about G5. In that case, I have nothing to tell you. I'll just save my drawing and keep having fun for as long as it's possible. Before people like you make it impossible.
>>10229 Probably the same guy who vandalized /mlp/ canvas to blame it on nhnb and now trying to make users of both boards hate each other for personal giggles
>>10229 >>10223 >>10232 Your userbase is comprised of kneejerk retards. I havent been to your site in probably over a month, keep grasping at straws.
Imagine doing this for shits and giggles instead of doing them for giggles and gumdrops (oven mitts and outtakes (doodles and donuts (fairytales and fruit cake)))
>>10181 I thought perms didn't work that way?
>>10247 The few last should have been reversable. But it may have been too much of them to make it work. >>10196 Speaking of temrs why it is no longer possible to reclaim existing pictures as diffrent anon? My drawing is still unfinished.
>>10370 I think you need to leave your layer and then re-own it as a different anon. That's what I do when I switch accounts and the site thinks it's a different person.
>>10236 No wonder you're defending art destruction as a form of trolling. You're a pathetic, anthro-fapping, shit taste-having, mainstream dick sucking normalfag. Fuck off.
(64.47 KB 989x543 save_anon.png)
>Anon is suffering from a rare disease. >His prognosis is stable, but there is one problem. >He requires mare juice to survive.
>>10730 I'm scared of what happens to the mares in the mare juice factory
>>10735 I suspect it only involves a lot of hydration and a Hitachi Magic Wand.
>>10735 >>10742 Sounds tiring
>>10745 Right? Can you imagine trying to hold something that heavy throughout an entire work day without hands?
>>11697 >>12039 Bumping for the sake of bumping isn't necessary. But if you really want to, delete them afterwards
>>12263 Thanks, anon!
(50.25 KB 379x373 berry socks.png)
Come draw, anon.
>>12411 That's a cute Cherry Berry.
(34.25 KB 255x263 image.png)
(45.93 KB 413x263 image.png)
I see we have the return of long tongue Ponk. Also nice to see more of Eeny Meeny Miney Moe.
(64.12 KB 617x400 prettyyy.png)
Switched tabs, came back, and got absolutely jumpscared by sudden new sea swirl. This made my night.
>>12505 That is some good stuff.
(21.44 KB 162x181 Screenshot_8.png)
>>12910 Almost forgot about this thread. Glad to see some new additions since the last time I've checked.
(17.48 KB 174x232 image.png)
we have a new Berry, neat
(54.81 KB 341x311 image.png)
and Ponk too!
(76.30 KB 867x503 image.png)
>>10376 I have forgotten to do as you said. I did not leave the layer (picrel) I was editing after some time. I am about to create account on aggie for it to never happen again. I wonder how long it takes for the the layer to un-own it self ha.
(18.87 KB 128x128 sad.png)
>>13533 I don't think that'll happen, anon. I'm glad someone still remembers this canvas. It was getting lonely
(14.91 KB 726x376 image.PNG)
(109.15 KB 311x475 1214758.png)
>>13535 I wish this site was more active Stupid captcha fucked me up
(15.60 KB 188x189 image.png)
>>13544 I don't mind board being slow, it spurs creation of more elaborate and genuine content. Or at lest I see it like that. this thread made me come back to drawing after nearly a decade
>The canvas is actually looking pretty full Do you guys think it's time to start a fresh one? Also good job to everyone. A lot of cute ponies on there.
>>13566 >Do you guys think it's time to start a fresh one? yes
>>13566 Post previous canvas as .png in op for more visibility
>First canvas filled in a month >This canvas filled in 7 months Can't wait to finish the next one in 2027
(1.34 MB 2500x2500 Drawing FiM Censored.png)
>>13568 It is done. https://u.smutty.horse/mkrbpliqrev.png https://u.smutty.horse/mkrbpltotdx.psd >>13569 We're still pretty early in the replies for this thread >>13570 Only one way to change that ^:)
(24.88 KB 291x290 jumpscare.png)
(49.75 KB 292x333 unkn.png)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I forgot this was a thing so I bet most other anon did too. Was kind of surprised there was even a new doodle. What character is ponified here? It looks like someone from Final Fantasy or some anime judging by the mane and dress.
>>14657 Cool to see the occasional new thing here still. I don't know the new mare, but she sure has some pointy hair.
>>14657 Akiza Izinski from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's
>>13544 >not active enough It's the nature of most imageboards because imageboards lack user engagement unless users are hostile and then they are motivated to fight anonymously like what happens on 4chan and 8chan.
>>14657 It really does look like a ponification of a Final Fantasy character. Can't put my finger on which though. But, she looks like the rogue/thief type.
>>14782 Akiza Izinski from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's
>>14813 Ah! Now I see it.
>>15319 Simply delightful.
fugg forgot piña colada's second mane color
>>15333 I love this very much, anon!
>>15333 Very comfy. I like how Piña Colada is yawning.
>>15333 So good Anon.
(10.08 KB 466x264 flutterhi.png)
im taking draw requests, ask away!
>>15900 draw Wheely Bopper being happy, pretty please
(9.28 KB 374x278 happywheely.png)
>>15901 she is very happy
>>15904 Very cute! >>15900 Ooh fun! How about an animal picnic with Fluttershy?
>>15904 wow, thanks a lot, anon!
>>15900 Can you have a go at our new board mascot? https://nhnb.org/fim/res/15158.html#15417
(439.39 KB 1845x3280 Picture 91.jpg)
>>15908 Sorry for terrible image quality, my computer won't connect to the printer's scanner right now so I had to use a webcam. Got some more practice and managed to make one that doesn't look weird.
(6.38 KB 500x300 flutterpicnic.png)
>>15906 here you go
>>15911 She looks like Bon Bon's relative
>>15912 is that a platypus?
>>15914 yes it is
(170.40 KB 983x1024 gdgbwe.png)
>>15912 Yay!
>>15912 Cute
>>15904 I love this very much!
Which fucking piece of shit erased the doodles in the bottom right corner?
>>16053 Which bottom right corner?
(102.80 KB 698x414 image.png)
>>16054 This bottom-right corner
>>16056 The guy who drew it? Other anon can't erase your layers right?
>>16057 Not necessarily. The canvas been vandalized before
>>16056 Copy paste exits so I put it back on. Too bad it's not to the correct scale anymore.
(1.56 MB 2816x2112 PICT0194.JPG)
More attempts. Sorry for being late, I have been super busy lately. Depressing how dead the board has been this week :(
>>16089 Love to see the effort you're putting in.
(714.92 KB 2111x2816 PICT0195.JPG)
(2.47 MB 2816x2112 PICT0196.JPG)
Drew one. The small pieces of paper are thicker paper; I always carry it in my shirt pockets with a pen and mechanical pencil. All those are ones I drew during breaktime at work. I found a quill in the woods and thought it might be fun to make it into a pen sometime. I'm going to start experementing with more expressions now that I have the form a little better.
>>16061 Silly anon, the layer is there, just hidden. Shift-click the eye icon in the layer named "sketch" to see it. I just don't think they're that important and didn't want them to take space.
>>16132 I'm sorry, anon. I thought somebody tried to vandalize the canvas again
>>16132 We don't have permission to click the icon though. And what could be a better use of the space? It's all empty space LOL. Revert your change and make it visible please only you can.
(465.45 KB 1700x2200 EPSON001.JPG)
(274.26 KB 1700x2200 EPSON002.JPG)
I remembered that you can just plug a USB drive into the printer instead of using their gay ass software that doesn't work. Enjoy the high quality scans of my practice!
(246.25 KB 1263x1649 EPSON004.JPG)
(414.70 KB 2200x1700 EPSON003.JPG)
(149.24 KB 802x589 EPSON006.JPG)
Bonbon ran out of hay and got bored, so she is BOTHERING Fluttershy over the stall divider. What a rude mare!
>>16380 This is so nice. I love the stable feeling. I love the expressions.
(1.96 MB 1920x1080 doodle.png)
>>17034 Those are some nice horses.
(15.64 KB 448x175 farewell.png)
Aggie is shutting down in less than 24 hours, this canvas is going to be the last. Say farewell
>>17411 That's sad. I'm gonna miss it.
I exported canvas in psd. Is there an alternative?
>>17423 Supposedly there's supposed to be a free version of Magma (what Aggie is turning into) but I have no idea how that works or if it'll be the same.
Looks like the date they gave for aggie's shut down wasn't very accurate. You can still draw
Oh, I see what happened now. We can't make new layers, we're stuck with only the ones we already own. This means people that already drew in the canvas can still draw, but newcomers can't. >>17423 There's magma, which is similar with more tools and brushes. Problem is it isn't anonymous friendly, requieres an account. This guy already made a room with several canvases and an overall explanation of how it works https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40910604 There's another anon developing his own site, it's still in progress https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40845893/#40857007 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40845893/#40874059