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/fim/ makes FiM Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 07:20:52 No. 2464
Do you think it is possible?
>>2464 We'd be a little short on manpower yet. I've helped previous /mlp/ makes mlp in the past but honestly right now I think I already have more horse projects than I realistically have time for. Maybe try starting with something small.
>>2464 Technically possible? I guess. Realistic and/or viable? Hell no. We need a lot more people or much better tech, preferably both.
>>2464 We've got neural AI which can generate stories that aren't half bad, and another which can make pony dialogue sound pretty close to the originals; maybe one day the could generate animations too.
>>2464 How about we finish something like >>290 before we look at something as ambitious as an episode.
>>2464 I think it could be possible, if ai assisted animation can happen they are beginning to work on that over in the PPP >>2630 yes just very recently, like once 15.ai went up, some anons in the PPP started to talk about ai and pony flash rigs Plus they also already managed to report a bug in adobe flash and got adobe to fix it with a patch just while fucking around with pony shit They are doing amazing things there, it's fucking MIT funded shit
If /mlp/ couldn't make an episode while it was at its absolute peak with thousands of users then what makes you think it could make one while it's pretty much dead, let alone a tiny offshoot of it with less than 1/10th the population
>>4075 because, PPP is developing tools that circumvent the labor of 1000 users
>>4208 It's been what, 100 threads and the only thing they've achieved between arguing is a TTS program I don't see how this could possibly replace animators, writers, drawfags, etc.
>>4686 It was never meant to be a full replacement for people, just more tools in hopes that it will make it easier for people to create more pony content.