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(312.72 KB 1366x768 happytuesday.png)
Princess Celestia wishes you a happyTuesday Anonymous 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:06:01 No. 2671
One day, some random Facebook page made a meme of Asuka from Evangelion saying "I come to be the first people to wish a happy Thursday", and this made became very popular among Latin American fans of Evangelion. Some weeks ago, I was watching It's About Time (S2E20), and in minute 18:17, Princess Celestia said "Good morning Twilight, love the new hairstyle. Well, happy Tuesday".And I decided to make this "meme". In Latinamerica, some ladies send pictures saying "happy day" or blessings to their families and friends, social networks called it as a joke "images that your aunts send". Well, just take it as a funny image that you could send to your friends or post every Tuesday! - Greetings from Schizo: Ponkis memes
>>2671 Thanks, Cel. You indeed are the first pony to wish me a happy tuesday today
(365.36 KB 800x1038 1624216742544.png)
>>2671 Thank you OP. Happy Tuesday to you too.
>>2671 Happy Tuesday Anon.
Praise the sun every Tuesday
>>8569 May She reign forever!
(94.27 KB 800x695 1042.jpg)
Happy Thursday anon!
>>14114 Thanks, Luna!
(903.47 KB 500x313 130861.gif)
Happy Tuesday
(623.32 KB 800x970 bend_over.png)
Happy Tuesday Anon, I made you a cake!
>>14215 Thanks, Princess Molly!
(358.84 KB 1366x768 887297.png)
Happy Tuesday!
>>14274 Happy Tuesday to you too!
>>14274 Celestia is just the best.
(408.74 KB 1280x720 [navy seal copypasta].png)
happy friday ate a ban on /mlp/ for running afoul of their pet eqgniggers again what else is new
>>14288 based
(1.76 MB 5510x5880 717106.png)
My faithful subjects, I require you to color me. Please understand that if noanon colors me I shall be required to wish you all a dismal Tuesday. Nothing personnel kiddos. ♥Celestia >>14338
(207.86 KB 1200x1600 R.jpg)
>>14339 Praise the Sun!
(1.57 MB 4840x5280 678735.png)
>>14341 Happy Tuesday!
(55.98 KB 1154x693 1131889.jpg)
Happy Tuesday.
(888.58 KB 250x188 rain.gif)
Princess Celestia is sad because she forgot to wish (you) a happy Tuesday. She hopes that (you) will accept a happy Wednesday instead.
>>14459 Thanks Celestia!
>>14459 Always happy for a happy day. Also, is Tuesday Celestia's second Sunday?
(86.67 KB 800x450 medium.jpg)
Happy Tuesday Anon! Celestia will always love (you), even if (you) lose all (you)r feathers, because she knows something great will come by later.
>>14496 Celestia is just the best.
>>14497 Pray to her every day, and pray to her sister every night. She is a loving deity that will enrich your life if you give her your power.
(146.69 KB 1024x1024 large.png)
Happy Thursday anon!
>>14509 Thanks, Woon!
(173.90 KB 870x1024 large.png)
(36.35 KB 512x480 emergency.png)
>>14601 I'll kill TWO dragon ninjas
(187.28 KB 1069x1000 tia.jpg)
(3.07 MB 5255x3026 739465.jpg)
I want to be the first pony to wish you a Happy Tuesday!
>>14678 Thanks, Princess!
>>14678 I had a great Tuesday! But now it's Friday, and that's great too!
(1.27 MB 832x1412 959912.png)
"My steed wishes you a happy Tuesday" >"Indeed faithful warrior, now let us 'kick alien flank'!" "Rockin'"
>>14729 Thanks Celestia! There were Duke Nukem action figures? Also, that's Celestia should ride Duke.
(151.78 KB 1200x900 2744937.jpg)
My apologies that I missed Tuesday; royal duty calls. Happy Wednesday!
(69.40 KB 456x602 3031948.jpg)
Happy Tuesday CHUMP!
Is Celestia slowly taking over the different days of the week?
(207.42 KB 850x840 1655113443316.png)
>>14979 Yes.
>>14976 Thank you too bad it's Thursday now...
(263.68 KB 760x728 17884.png)
Happy Tuesday! Do (you) have traveling on your mind? I can't go on believing this way.
(210.77 KB 826x1000 12270.jpg)
Happy Tuesday!
(1.08 MB 6000x6000 667203.png)
(210.15 KB 616x1024 large.jpg)
The Coka-Cola company wishes you a happy Tuesday on the behalf of Princess Celestia.
(179.90 KB 500x500 821.png)
>>15963 beautiful!
(1.43 MB 886x1330 1338272.jpg)
Happy Twos Day!
(424.62 KB 1166x684 1077.png)
Happy Tuesday Anon; I didn't forget this time!
(64.03 KB 835x518 1248228.jpg)
"Happy Tuesday!" -Swan
(633.22 KB 650x650 1541961813765.png)
Happy Tuesday!
>>16494 Thanks, swan! Tell Celestia we love her!
>>16496 Eating delicious pancake confections is the official, Celestia approved method of celebrating Tuesday. This is a little known, but absolutely true fact. You'll find it in the civil code of Equestria.
>>16496 Thanks sunny buns.
(550.41 KB 2338x1700 873.png)
PC wishes you a happy Tuesday.
(681.15 KB 1024x512 3211249.png)
Celly's at the door to wish you a happy Tuesday!
(349.27 KB 960x720 1465273639981.jpg)
>>16559 I said come in! Don't stand there!
(484.47 KB 1013x660 309.png)
Happy Tuesday, shhhh it's late.
>>16600 Sleep tight Celly.
(347.82 KB 1061x1024 1651330678944.png)
I wish you all a very merry un-Tuesday, in anticipation of the arrival of next Tuesday!
(171.52 KB 1079x1210 3223306.png)
>>16644 Nice digits! This Tuesday will now surely be great!
(1.22 MB 2305x1918 229834.png)
Happy Tuesday my disciples
>>16773 Looking a little horse there celly.
(333.88 KB 1500x1500 1336961050442.jpg)
Happy Wednesday?
>>16808 boop
(354.90 KB 901x1300 1397986061134.jpg)
It is wednesday again, happy yesterday.
>>16838 Thanks Your Majesty!
>>16838 Is Celestia a time traveler?
>>16840 No Luna is. She is pulling a prank on Celestia moving her back a day.
(712.43 KB 2000x2000 1576066809004.png)
Happy Tuesday!
>>16896 My Tuesday has been very happy, thank you Princess Celestia!