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(129.14 KB 548x540 25037.png)
Roseluck! Anonymous 06/29/2021 (Tue) 23:19:17 No. 37
Background mares thread?
>>37 Background mares are pretty cool. They've got a whole story outside the show that we don't know about. When was the first time you started to really notice the mares in the background?
(47.38 KB 357x370 1613186475987.png)
(400.70 KB 639x429 2557055_resized.png)
>>37 roseluck still gets some of the best art drawn of her, even if I don't understand the slav speak
>>153 There's some decent Russian artists around. Pic rel has some good stuff.
>>153 >Rose, that's not a toy! There's like one guy who insists that ponies should be non-sentient pets, and has drawn literally hundreds of images of Roseluck being a pet with about dog-level intelligence.
(493.19 KB 950x846 1613284151617.png)
>considerable lack of derpy
(143.54 KB 1400x1462 616.jpg)
>>175 Is Derpy even a background mare? I mean technically she is, but given her popularity, I never think of her as one. She feels like she's a secondary character. Same with Lyra, kind of, though Lyra is just slightly less popular to the point where in my mind it's borderline between her being her own secondary character, or being a background pony but the most popular background pony. Like the mascot of the background ponies.
>>183 I don't like to get caught up in the philosophy of what makes a background mare a background mare, just want to post cute ponies in the background
>>188 I know they pretty extensively used her as an easter egg. Personally I never really managed to catch any of these instances myself. Maybe one day I should go through and look them up. Have a cute Derp.
(89.69 KB 1491x536 derp mail.jpg)
>>189 According to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMcmHhS5ilA derpy has about 36 mins of screen time throughout the entire shoe.
>>195 *series
>>196 >series to shoe What the fuck is wrong with autocorrect?
>>200 >Not carrying around an emergency copy of the series in your shoe
>>201 I actually carry a horseshoe in my backpack because police doesn't like knuckles for some reason.
(108.99 KB 332x380 Berry tipsy.png)
Why are background mares so good? I find it hard to care about the Mane 6 anymore
(825.08 KB 1280x720 1564321536688.png)
>>39 When I first started watching.
(330.81 KB 1873x2069 2834060.png)
>>306 It's probably because as the series went on the Mane 6 act less and less like friends, and more and more like therapists. To stay on topic, have a Cloudchaser.
(646.11 KB 800x1067 art11476.png)
Roseluck is an adorable poner.
(2.24 MB 1600x1200 1634.png)
>>1436 Truth.
>>162 Hot. >>170 Disgusting.
>>170 petplay I can tolerate if not like but actually thinking ponies are somehow better as non-sentient pets is revolting
>>1367 I always liked Inuhoshi's early work.
(1.47 MB 1883x1022 art10018.png)
>>162 >There's some decent Russian artists around. True. But it seems many rot their brains with furfaggotry. Their pony forms degrade and they start churning out soulless arts as fast as possible. Hard to believe these pics are by same artist.
>>1473 Isn't this guy some kind of ukranian or something?
>>1475 I believe Yakovled-vad is full Russian.
>>1473 Yakovlev sold his soul for a dollar. He isn't a true Russian anymore.
>>1475 Possible. But I thought he was from Saint Petersburg.
>>1476 >>1478 Huh, fair enough
>>1473 It's always strange to see someone get worse over time. >Russian artists Don't really know many, but pic rel are some that were saved from some Russian imageboard. Don't know if the artist is actually Russian though.
(76.42 KB 869x954 2310128.jpg)
Is Fleetfoot considered a background pony? More like a background wonderbolt, but other than that, she has about the same amount of speaking lines as most other background ponies. >>1473 Somewhere inbetween both styles would be the sweet spot, but I like them both personally.
>>1484 R A R E These are allegedly part of a comic with an extremely unique artstyle, but last I checked (a couple of years ago) nobody had managed to assemble the full comic yet.
>>1484 >>1486 Interesting. While I don't know who to reference on the hard angles, something about the eyes and muzzle suggest influences from KP_Shadowsquirrel. The watercolors scream The-Wizard-of-Art
>>1486 >nobody had managed to assemble the full comic yet. Fascinating. Got any more info on that or is it genuinely that R A R E? >with an extremely unique artstyle It's kind of neat. I have to wonder if it's done traditionally because it has that sort of look.
>>1488 >if it's done traditionally I'd almost assume that it is, that kind of look would be extremely difficult to replicate digitally I'd believe.
(1.68 MB 1600x1138 art2872.png)
>>1488 checked
>>1486 If a comic has never been assembled, is it really a comic at all?
(346.39 KB 2891x2011 safest.png)
Have a Dorpa Derp I've drawn for the 4cc
>>1559 very nice, anon!
(1.50 MB 1024x946 1100569.png)
(232.47 KB 543x719 0212.png)
>>37 Apple Strudely. I think she's very cute, but there are almost no images of this one. This screencap comes from "Friendship is Magic, part 2".
(1.17 MB 2944x1705 0974.png)
(2.36 MB 12000x10800 0994.png)
(1.76 MB 2000x1435 1269.png)
>>37 Rose
(1.45 MB 6667x5000 1468.png)
(1.86 MB 2200x2063 1592.png)
(554.28 KB 1811x3312 1652.png)
(46.08 KB 528x420 1629135485844.jpg)
>>2100 She's so purdy
>>1559 That's great.
(1.23 MB 2080x1180 1630045786150.png)
(59.76 KB 381x386 Bonbonbon.gif)
(196.21 KB 522x600 Derpy_encouragement.png)
Encouragement mare
>>2222 Derpy is my favorite peagasus and I'd love to befriend her.
>>2222 witnessed!
(808.70 KB 6775x4844 2904338.png)
Sunny Rays and Merry May
(165.90 KB 447x371 Merry mare.png)
>>2472 What a happy mare!
(1.13 MB 1200x1200 1061.png)
(285.73 KB 1900x1800 84638.png)
(674.81 KB 2763x2517 2841391.png)
(240.60 KB 1024x1003 Silverspeed.png)
(1.05 MB 1920x1090 Tanks for the Memories.png)
(494.05 KB 5000x5000 1630864037419.png)
I was pleasantly surprised that my random Silverspeed thread survived for a while on /mlp/ so here she is debuting on NHNB because now I have a bunch of pics of her.
>>2978 Neat. Does she have many appearances?
(45.70 KB 295x218 Silverspeed.png)
(175.22 KB 900x730 1630893215334.png)
(491.80 KB 1280x853 1630950258375.png)
>>2979 Not really, she's seen training with the pegasi in Hurricane Fluttershy and doing weather management in Tanks For the Memories and that's it as far as I know. Her cutie mark's a bow and arrow, it would have been cool to see her competing at the Equestria Games or something.
>>2980 Cool. I was just wondering because of the one screencap of her out of focus. Would have been kind of funny if that had been the only appearance.
(266.61 KB 1800x1676 2119088.png)
>>2978 It's kind of strange that she gets so much less fan attention than the other pegasi from Hurricane Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash even calls her by name in the episode.
(674.55 KB 1274x900 2173725.png)
(2.24 MB 6000x5000 2255055.png)
(2.13 MB 1246x1116 0609.png)
(2.35 MB 1800x2100 1342.png)
(1.24 MB 1920x1080 2869047.png)
(2.57 MB 7126x5876 2102037.png)
>>1473 Sorry to ask, perhaps it's obvious to everyone but me, but what's wrong with the second image, exactly? Just seems like they started going for a more cartoony look using chunks of hair rather than individual strands, in order to be able to make art faster, to make more mares more fastly. What, does the presence of chest floof immediately make someone a terrible artist or something? I'm asking because I have drawn some stuff, and I don't want to make some terrible mistake that I think is just a simplification in art style, and have everyone start calling me a furfaggot for it.
>>3486 He's being called a furfag not for that, but for "art" that would be against rules for posting here. But the newer image is clearly inferior to the older one. If he hadn't previously created arts like the one on the left, I doubt anyone would criticise him for the one on the right.
>>3486 Unless you only care about money, there is no reason to prioritise speed to such a degree. And the flatness of the second image goes way beyond the simpler texturing.
>>3486 Yakovlev also draws controversial pony anatomy. Specifically, look at the torso: there is absolutely zero belly. The lower torso and hips have been called dog-like, which is honestly no unjustified given that, as the other anon said, this is in fact a furry artist. To be fair, the image on the right has the same weird anatomy, so this is more of a critique of Yakovlev in general.
(991.37 KB 3916x2215 0100.png)
(377.68 KB 3000x3317 1527.png)
(344.64 KB 2000x3216 2564754.png)
(1.04 MB 500x501 2171483.gif)
(223.00 KB 451x523 1200160.png)
>>306 >I find it hard to care about the Mane 6 anymore Same, maybe the shit wrting through the later seasons made them unlikeable to me.
>>3863 I understand that feeling, but a rewatch of season 1 mostly removes it from me. But after they have been put through years of constant discreditation, it will never feel entirely the same. It's a testament to the immense strength of their original characterisation that I don't simply hate them after the insulting directions the franchise went in.
>>170 I love Roseluck with all my heart, but I can't stand the pet shit. If it was a roleplay fetish thing I wouldn't care, but she's not even a pony at this point. She's a retarded cat in the shape of a horse.
(3.47 MB 2697x1792 0115.png)
(733.05 KB 1356x1356 0217.png)
(392.55 KB 1960x1080 0672.jpeg)
(548.05 KB 1280x720 1776242.png)
(113.73 KB 1280x720 2045404.jpg)
(653.06 KB 2381x2519 0801.png)
>>4275 Always liked Flitter's mane
(1.82 MB 4668x2094 2965575.jpg)
>>4664 That is a really nice image.
(298.03 KB 2286x2842 1828258.png)
(278.97 KB 874x972 image.png)
(373.00 KB 1007x1351 image.png)
(736.92 KB 789x1024 2576824 small.png)
I love Roseluck! I wish her character had been fleshed out more in the series. Maybe more slice of life episodes.
(3.81 MB 1720x2425 2063120.png)
>>1450 Wtf is that watering can.. Anyways, rose a cute!
(982.07 KB 1011x990 rosewut.png)
pony hating euro-cuck mods banned me for not loving eqg over on /mlp/ wish this place was faster
>>13019 I wasn't banned from /mlp/, but I migrated here for similar reasons. /mlp/ is being co-opted by alphabet soup ideologues. Wish this place was faster too, but I think it will eventually pick up as more pony enjoyers realize /mlp/ is a lost cause. After that, the freaks will probably come for nhnb next. Anyway, welcome and have a Rose.
(128.62 KB 887x1024 rosepet.jpg)
>>13020 Happened again. Their un-official janitor is a nigger with an eqg shy flag. They aren't even hiding the bias anymore.
>>13080 look at the pageant thread right now
I wonder if that one Anon with the Roseluck license plate is still around.
>>13096 What state was it from?
>>13102 Ohio.
>>13024 It's super cute. Well done and thanks to all the Anons who made it.
Have you ever managed to get an artfag to make a response to your thread? It is the most lovely feeling in the world. A simple thread for a simple mare, and I got this image for a modicum of effort for just a bit of writefagging a while back. I have this image backed up across many of my media devices. She may not be a pone here, but she is a cute as a gryph too. Come to mention it, there used to be a lot of gryph versions of ponies back in the early days of the fandom, but for one reason or another they have disappeared. Pity, but I'll take what I can get.
>>13180 >Have you ever managed to get an artfag to make a response to your thread? It is the most lovely feeling in the world. Had me thinking for a moment, but yeah. Always an incredible feeling when you've managed to inspire someone else with something you've done. Though more often I'm the one that's getting inspired by someone else.