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/bootleg/ bunker #3 Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 18:59:11 No. 8141
Beware the red mare edition Old booted bunker >>6721 - current bread https://derpy.me/boot Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws. Everything /bootleg/ >The FULL archive; if you want pictures and many more shorts & stories go here https://ponepaste.org/5786, >The WIP wiki; open to edit by anyone who wants to contribute https://derpy.me/bootlegs >Hangout with us on weekends, watch shit or listen to jams. https://cytu.be/r/BootlegMovies Newly binned or continuing shorts & stories >[OC Ivy] T Shirt Mare (Anon) - https://ponepaste.org/7136 >[Flutters] Buttershy (Anon) - >>7511 >[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 11 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/7059 >[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579 >[Jacky & Co] Losers' Club (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/7149 >[Twilight] Twilit Starsky (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/6750 >[NMM] Midnight Part 4 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6733 On a recent hiatus >[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168 >[Cozy] Demon Filly - https://ponepaste.org/6797 >[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703 >[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304 >[Dim Sum, Cricket, Thun and Co] House of Boots - https://ponepaste.org/5794 >[OC] Tinny the Tinfoil Conspiracy Pony (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979 >[Marble] Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211 >[Flutter] SilentFriend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464 Now finished stories >[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251 >[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144
(216.17 KB 583x387 worriedbootleg.jpg)
Of course the new thread goes up minutes after I post my Dollar General findings on the old one.
>>8142 kek nice. >>8143 repostem. /mlp/ thread is up
Now that the chan thread is back up, I don't remember where I left off or what the last post number was for Rosie.
>>8150 the archives are your friend, just do a search for your name
How did you even create so many accounts.. discord locks me behind layers of verification and constantly bans my accounts.
>>8152 Through hard work and Protonmail. I won't say it was exactly worth it, but I thought it was funny. Reality changes on a fundamental but... eh. Fuck it, at least they can still watch movies. >>8150 I'll have to do the same thing when it comes to how much I've written. Things are gonna lag a tiny bit until Jack on /mlp/ catches up.
Through the popular demand of...nobody, I'm getting five movies set up for tonight and tomorrow on the tube. Presuming they all work well, we will have The 6th Day, The Fly, Alien and Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and 4 available to watch.
(2.86 MB 640x480 big_momma.mp4)
>>8154 Add Nutty Professor 2 and Big Momma's House to the que.
>>8156 If you can find and upload them in mp4 format, I'll add it to the list of things to play.
>>8157 Tempting, but with the state of the sites right now I'd rather not risk giving my computer an STD.
(12.46 KB 321x225 download.jpg)
(243.62 KB 1677x941 Blood and Iron.JPG)
I'm bored and I don't know any other loaderfags so I figured I might as well write another one-off bootleg: >Be Anon >It's the 19th Century. >You have been trained to fight in the Austrian army. >Your assignment is to scout Arcole on horseback. >Supply line issues, casualties, and the like have reduced the selection of horses. >All the horses left are wretched nags. >April.jpg >Your commander approaches you with a solemn look. >"Look private Anon, I don't like sending my men to die, but you understand how hard it is to find a good horse in these trying times" "Sir, I will ride any horse you provide me" >"Anon, you have a family in Antau, right? If you die, I have to tell them. This situation is dire, don't do anything stupid" >You stand silently for a few moments, and another soldier leads a strange looking horse towards you. >It has a red coat and a green mane. >Wait a minute, does it have an apple on it's flank? >You can practically feel how much your commander dreads having to send you off on this horse, even for a scouting mission. >"Heyyo, I'm Biggie Mac" >......... >It talked >The horse just talked >What the actual fuck >Your commander lets out a sigh and mutters "Well, he's yours" and wallows away looking glum. >The soldier leading the... horse... thing? He leaves without a word. >You just stare at it for seconds that feel like minutes. >"Heyyo, I'm Biggie Mac" "I heard you the first time" you mutter, still in shock. >"You did? Good" >ugh >This is going to be painful. "So you can talk?" >"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyup" >What the hell kind of response was that? It dragged on unnecessarily long. "Uh OK, let's get going then" >"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyup" >Tie the nag to a post and go to ready your gun. >Pour a cartridge of powder down the bore followed by a patch and ball rammed down. Prime the hammer and tap some powder into the flash pan, close the frizzen and position hammer in half cock. >"Is that a gun?" the nag exclaims with shock and confusion. "Yes." >"I don't like guns, guns are scary" >for fucks sake >Get some more supplies and mount the nag. >You are riding to Arcole "So uh, biggie mac" >It feels gross referring to that... thing by name. >"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyup" "Forget it" you sigh. >You wanted to feel more sure of the situation, but you can't stand speaking to the nag. >"Do you like apples?" It says in it's stupid voice. >Don't even dignify that with a response. >"Do you like apples?" "NO" you snap. >It's not that you dislike the fruit but this nag is pissing you off. >"That's bad. Your a bad person." >The nag is rearing up trying to throw you off but you stay on. "Wait! I like apples! I misheard your question" >"Oh, my bad" >It does not even need time to cool down, it just goes back to normal like nothing happened. >For the rest of the ride you avoid talking to the nag. >You are at a bridge. >french fries have built a fort on the other side and are hiding in it (fking game delayers) >Dismount nag and cross over fallen log to avoid being seen. >french fries see you anyways. >There are frenchies looking for you in the bushes now. >Before they can fully see you, you put your musket in full cock, aim, and pull the trigger. >The hammer goes down >The flash pan ignites >....... >fuck >The frenchies set their guns to full cock >They aim at you >They pull their triggers >One of their guns doesn't ignite at all and the other explodes. >Suddenly, the nag comes up from behind and kicks them and they are either knocked out or dead. >At this moment you forgot to be safe and your own gun is pointed towards your gut. >There are still embers from the failed ignition, and the propellent charge goes off. >"Hay Anon, did you see me kick those frenchies?" >Bleeding out and losing strength, you don't have the energy to respond. >"Hay Anon, did you see me kick those frenchies?" >........ >"Hay Anon, did you see me kick those frenchies?" >........ >"Hay Anon, did you see me kick those frenchies?" >........ >"Hay Anon, did
(85.18 KB 827x633 image.png)
More boot mare from the aggie.
>>8186 That's cute
>>8186 Where is she sailing to?
>>8188 She's on the hunt for booty.
(389.96 KB 629x613 daaaaash.PNG)
>>8095 >Twenty questions >That is what today is >You've completely forgotten what Element of Harmony you're trying to recreate with this but you know the name of the game >Jack has been all over that, so you lave it to her >You will admit, this is the most effort you've put in for a while with the three >Physically obtaining them? >Not a problem >Getting wiped out of what meager life savings you had? >As if that's the first time >Dealing with their goofy ways? >Apparently you can even do that in your sleep now >But setting up six events that can mimic the themes of six gemstones from a cartoon that all represent friendship? >You don't even know what to call it, but it sure wouldn't be considered "smooth" >All the same, you spent a good chunk of the morning trying to figure things out >At least in the group D&D campaign it's gone off the rails and the plot has more or less devolved into them just wandering around >Easy to do since none of them really cared about their hometown getting raided by skeletons >Who are you to say what is important to them? >Every half hour or so, Jackinator pokes her head in to see if you're awake >She's eager to play, of course >And she has not-too-subtly mentioned that she has high hopes for you to come up with some goofy speech or meta-plot >Closing out of the wiki entries and referential sites... >You don't feel a single lick more confident about spearheading this >But screw it, better now than later >And better sober before anyone gets any funny ideas "Alrighty then! The quest... begins!" >You deepen your voice until it rumbles in your chest and belches up and out in a dull aural miasma >You hear at least excited, distant "yay!" so that can only be a good sign >Every pony is in the living room, already set up on their own color co- >What used to be their color coordinated patches of pillows and blankets >It seems like they're starting to blend a little more >Just a little "So, I take it everyone has just been waiting on me?" >"Well we saw how last week went so... I'm excited." >Glad to see that Shine is as excited as a pony can be >A pony that slept in and told everyone breakfast was a hot, steaming bowl of "fix it yourself" >A compromise was reached where the big meal would be dubbed a feast after, so naps and other things can follow after doing the hard part of asking increasingly invasive questions toward what is supposed to be the most deeply hidden secret >What could go wrong?
>>8194 >"Who do you want to have st-" >A yellow hoof nearly slaps Prism silly but does succeed in silencing her >"No, sit down first and then lore dump! This is the second element! We're gonna be a third of the way there!" >She really is into this >Oh well >You plop down on the fourth pile of fabrics >You didn't even know you had these many blankets before >Or the pillows >Or the... >You squint at the trio "...have you dorks been shopping online?" >You get a trio of faces that all have some varying level of guilt >"We've had these for a few months now and you're just now asking yourself that." "Silence, diminutive red one." >"Pump my horn, Anon." "Whatever. I just didn't know we were that hard into the themes. Or I didn't realize it." >"If you lived here, you would know." >The quips from Shine just keep rolling >Like a stone statue your spine grates and crunches until your 100% done expression faces her smugness "I'm going to borrow a few feathers from Prism, stick them to you, and hurl you out the window like a lawn dart." >"You sure you need an excuse that intricate to manhandle me?" "That's it, you're the one going first." >You point at her with your hand, pinkie and index finger extended toward the unicorn >"That's fine but we need fluff!" >Jack wants to be fluffed? >You will fluff her until you can wear her like an afro >You clap your hands together "Right then! So, we found the Element of Honesty. And honestly? That wasn't so bad." >Your eyes narrow >Prism is stone faced and presumably concentrating >Shine has her little smirk >Jack leans in, obviously into it "But... that was only one of six. Each one is going to test us. It's going to try to pull us apart, to see if we're genuinely made of stern enough stuff to be able to claim them. It's important to remember that these tests aren't for each of us. It's for all of us, as a unit. As a single machine, a blob of nanomachines that can shape and reform after every blow and mold into the perfect solution." >"Like that liquid metal cop from that movie!" >Jack bursts out, entire on board "That..." >Well she's not wrong "Yeah. Kinda, actually. Yeah. Just... less stabbing people. Or crashing vehicles. And melting." >Your eyes shift to Shine "No melting." >Back to Jack "But yeah. Either way, we're going after Loyalty today. And the way we're going to test ourselves is..." >... >... >... >Ah shit >What does Twenty Questions have to do with loyalty? >You were so caught up in making sure that would work, you can't even >Wait >No >You got this, Anon "Is... partially by being honest. Question mark?" >That catches everymare's attention "When it comes to finding a new element, we can't forget what we've already learned. So to obtain the Element of Loyalty, we need to remember that we have the Element of Honesty. That is why that was first. Honesty is our lantern in the dark, for without it, we would never truly, honestly know that we all stand..." >You look down at yourself "...sit. Together!"
>>8195 >The intrigue is increasing >Nice BSing always wins "So, with that in mind, our challenge tonight." >It's bright as hell for it being "night" "Today. Whatever, it'll probably last until the sun going down." >Don't lose this momentum now "OUR CHALLENGE! IS!" >You bring up your hands, extending your fingers with your palms upturned >You were completely prepared to erupt into a maniac cackle >But there's truly no bad ass way to say it's a game of Twenty Questions >You clear your throat "Uh... Twenty Questions. We all have our secrets so each one of us will have one of the most closely-guarded secrets on the line. One will answer questions while the other three will keep asking until they find out." >Jack raises her hoof >She really doesn't need to, you're kinda pulling all of this out of your ass by the second despite having so long to prepare >In proper dungeon master fashion, obviously >"Do we get only twenty questions?" "We don't!" >You point to her and do your best to conceal a cough "But, if you want to win... it has to be within twenty questions." >She doesn't ask why it has to be twenty, which is a godsend "Plus, unofficially... it's one secret and given it's all us, I think we can zero in on something really well without going over the line. I would like a good split of everyone to ask their own questions but as of now it's a loose recommendation. You can't just have someone probe all on their own." >Your lack of in-character tone leads to a trio of affirmations "Groovy. Alright tugboat, you're first." >Six eyes land on Shine >"Me? Well... alright." >Silence >"...so how do we start, again?" >Prism is the first to speak up "Just ask whatever, whenever you think of something. No hard time limit and we have all day." >"Oh joy." >Shine rolls her eyes at the notion of spending all day thinking of questions >You feel her pain on that "It's fine, it probably won't take that much. I'll start. Is this secret about yourself?" >Shine gives you this... look >Like she watched a puppy pee on the carpet >"I... it's a secret I hold. Of course it would be about myself. Why wouldn't it be?" "Because it could be a secret about what you hold toward someone else." >"Yeah b... whatever." >You flash a picture perfect cartoonish smile that lasts for only a second "Get rekt, valid question." >"Is it..." >Prismatic speaks up >"About how things were then, or now?" "Ah, questions have to be binary but they don't have to be "yes-or-no" questions either. So, you know." >That should help things trail along >"About how things are now." >"Is it about Anon?" >Shine shrugs >"I already said it was about me." >"Oh... crap. Can we write these down?" >"No." >"Double crap." "For the record, that wasn't a question." >It probably will be difficult to keep track of things all the way, wouldn't it... "So. It's about you, and how things are now. Is it about your magic?" >Another layer of this red onion is peeled back >"No." >But not peeled enough
>>8196 >"So it's about yourself, now, and not about your magic..." >Mother Hen is catching on, by speaking what has already been asked >"Is it about a new skill you've learned?" >"No." >Shine's remaining stalwart, and not giving any answers >That's good >"Not magic, not skill, yourself now..." >Jack bops her head back and forth, getting those out of the way as soon as she can >"Is it about here, home?" >"No." "Anything about the outside world?" >"No." >"Is it about money?" >"No." >"Games?" >"No." >The round robin rapid fire round did nothing to narrow it down "So it's about yourself... and apparently not about the outside world. So that means it's something internal." >"Y-" "Ah, that's not a question. Just notating." >She grumbles but doesn't have a comeback prepared >Crap >You're really going to have to start to dig "Does it have something to do with how comfortable you are?" >This question breaks her composure >Enough that her lips twitch from a stoic, almost sour line >"Yes." >One step closer >Prism leans down to drink from her cup >Metal straws work well with ponies apparently >"So... it's about yourself and how comfortable you are... doesn't that count as an answer?" >"No. Because that has nothing to do with context." >Shine is quick to fire back on that >Crap >You never really set up some sort of victory condition for this >No one can just guess a secret, even if it's narrowed down "Would you say that we can further hone it down, or are we as close as we can get?" >Her words will determine how the rest of the game goes >She grumbles out something and shrugs >"Ok, fine. My deepest, darkest secret is that I'm proud of myself." >Judging by everyone's reactions, that didn't seem like so much of a secret "How do you mean?" >"Exactly what it means, Anon. I like myself. I like that I'm strong. I like that I'm resilient. I like that I'm not some worthless gutter filly with a defective horn anymore." >You can't say you were expecting hearts and hugs but the razorblade of a tone in her throat is something else >"And you know? I don't even need my horn. I can do a lot without it. I don't need to rely on..." >The way she's going about this >You... for some reason >You know her better than this >This sort of backlash isn't the mark >It's close >But it's not the mark "Hey, Spark?" >"What?" "Be honest." >Her entire tenses up, like she's ready to screech at you >You're prepared >Hopefully >Instead, she goes lax >"I like myself. And the secret is that I never thought I would. But because of all three of you, I do. So yeah. I answered every question right, I didn't lie. It's just..." "That you're a big ol' softie, come here you!" >Her scream is cut off by you lurching over and scooping her up in your arms >You rub your face against hers "Who's our fluffy little nubby horn horse?" >"S-stop, lemme go!" >Jack pops into existence, rubbing her face against Shine's other, vulnerable cheek >"Our sparky light snug bug!" >"I'm going to burn all of you, I swear!"
>>8197 >All activity stops when Prism's head slides into view >Sideways, over Shiner's belly >You will admit, it's unnerving how some of these gals have such practiced poker faces >The expression crumbles into a gleeful smile >Even she starts rubbing her own face against the group's red belly >"Oh you're so strong, you can protect us no matter what!" >Taking that cue, you and Jack erupt with cooing "awww"s and "oooh"s >"C-cut it out! I hate all of you! I'm gonna...!" >As much as a spontaneous cuddle pile as it is, you can tell that it actually is having an effect on her >Her voice is cracking "It's alright, Shiner 49er. You can do more than like yourself. You can love yourself. Because we all love you." >The two mares-turned-minions redouble their doting noises and motions >She keeps struggling >But from how you're holding her up, she really isn't trying that hard >The tears starting to form in her eyes might be from embarrassment >But maybe it's because she might really take this one to heart
>>8198 >Maybe teasing Shine a bit in that way wasn't the... nicest thing to do >It took her a good part of the day to recover >You don't think anyone had anticipated her to be so emotional over it >The group temporarily disbanded for a good chunk of the day with promise of tomorrow being the conclusion >You're hoping that no one else has that sort of reaction >But to be honest... this is all about the darkest secrets >Depending on how honest and vulnerable everyone truly wants to be-depending on how much they believe in the premise-it might not actually be smart to tease >Because you kinda started it, you decided to take watch over your little lawn dart >As far as what you've done with your day, you've decided to just start up a new Dark Souls run >You have no real build in mind, you just want to go through everything >By the time you've reached Blight Town, dinner time had already come and gone >She had woken up earlier, but only long enough for a bathroom trip and a drink >You hope she won't have any spite for how it all went down >It's probably what would naturally happen from you making a game out of something important >Not just important to Jack, but important to Sparking and Prism too >Is it even important to you? >You're happy to do this for Jack, for them >But you never actually considered it as something worth particularly caring about even though you've been right there with them >You aren't better than them >You aren't above them >"You died trying that shortcut again? You suck." "Yeah well I thought I could pull it off like you." >Apparently she's awake >And willing to talk >"I could never do that sort of thing, you know that." "I'm pretty sure I watched you try that skip for at least an hour because you refused to go the normal way." >"And I died for at least an hour." "But you succeeded too." >Her only answer is a grunt and mumble "Sorry for... uh. You know." >Of course she knows >"Yeah. Well maybe I had to be taken down a peg." >You don't necessarily believe that but you won't argue it "I did mean that, though." >"I know." >You don't exactly feel awkward about it >You have no reason to be >"Hey. You." "Eh?" >You get the feeling that she's just staring at the screen with you >She's a good distance away from you but the screen is still easy to see no matter which way you're laying in bed >"I want to go another round with you. I want you to think of a secret that you wouldn't even tell Jacky." "Alright." >You agree to her terms without pause >Regardless of what it could mean >You do owe her that much "Go for it. Speaking of, she and Primo-pris apologized after they saw you trot off. Don't hold it against them too hard." >"That's alright, I don't." >You've given up on the short cut >You can just try to dash your way through everything "So first question?" >"Yup."
>>8199 >She drags and scoots herself until she's laying against your leg >Sitting cross-legged on a mattress isn't the most gamer pose but it's what you default to given the bed seems to get so crowded >Once upon a time you could use your chair >Before it wasn't just covered in crap >"Does it have to do with you, or someone else?" "Me." >"Is it a positive or negative secret?" >That is definitely a question to ask "...negative." >"Why the pause? That isn't an official question, by the way." "Because it's a pretty negative one." >"Was it in regards to someone? Like. If someone else caused it." >Sneaky >As expected, she would articulate herself a bit better than the others "Kinda." >"That's not a right answer." "It did. But it wasn't a direct cause. More like... it added to the worry." >"Jacky?" "Yup." >You're counting that as a question >"When was...?" >She blows hard through her mouth >"Right. Question phrasing. Was this... before Prism's time?" "Yes." >"...was it before me?" "...yeah, Shine. It was." >"Not an official question but... what were those days even like?" "Honestly?" >"It is an element of harmony. The first one." "It was lonely." >Those days felt like a lifetime ago >You were a very different man then >"What, you two didn't go at it like monkeys every chance you got?" "Of course not. She... wasn't herself. I think that's the right way to put it." >"Explain." "Well, she wasn't so chipper and happy like she is now. I felt kinda... bad, for having her around." >"You felt bad?" >She doesn't sound like she believes you "Yeah. Because I... I don't know. I didn't have any clue of what I was getting into. I didn't see her as a pet. I certainly didn't see her in any... ah... romantic way." >"How about sexual?" "...well I grew up around animals. Female animals. So I suppose I am... used to seeing things like that." >"Is that why my first attempts fell so flat?" >You purse your lips >You remember when she used to lay near you with your flank centimeters from your face "...sorta." >She hasn't done that in a long while >"Would it work out better if I did that now?" "You're losing track here." >"...sorry." >First time she's apologized that easily >As far as you remember, anyway >"So... tell me more about back then." "Well, it was just us. And we used to just watch a lot of the same movies. Night after night, again and again, snacking on chips and kinda not doing anything else with ourselves. I'd come home, she would be happy to see me, and I would be happy to be wanted. And that... that's kinda what started to... not drain on me. But it kinda bothered me." >"Jacky bothered you?" "No. Of course not. Never once. But I realized just how things were. How lonely she was. I could see it in her eyes. I think a lot worried her. Again, she wasn't herself. I don't know who she was. Didn't. Whichever way you would word it."
>>8200 >Another death >This time due to healing while toxic >You weren't able to find a second sooner to start the process >"So how does the secret come into play?" "Ah.." >You sigh "One day. I kinda came home and just... plopped myself down on the floor, right after closing the door." >It feels so long ago, like it wasn't even you >Maybe that's why you don't really feel embarrassed about it >What a funny feeling >So little time, but you completely believe that wasn't you >The you who is sitting here now "She came up to me and asked if I was ok and I... at that moment." >You blink a few times to not lose your focus >It feels like tunnel vision, almost "At that moment, I felt guilt. I felt like I was some sort of... slave owner. Or a, one of those chumps that buy pets as a status symbol and don't really care about the wellbeing of said pet." >"But she wasn't a pet to you?" "No. I honestly didn't expect her to be how she was. I suppose if she didn't break from her initial character, I never would have known better." >It's coming up >You really can't avoid it now "Anyway. At that time. Even for a second. I wanted to just end myself. I had so little to give, and so little to help out." >... >And now you have to tell her the secret "Element of loyalty. I don't want you to ever say this to her. Not under any circumstance." >You break lock-on from the screen to look at you >She isn't smiling or goofing around >She's looking right back at you "And I mean that." >"Alright." >You rock your head back and forth >Almost a series of smaller nods "I... I sorta worry that I shouldn't have gotten close to her. I worry that it's not organic. Part of me still thinks that if things weren't as restrictive and as isolated as they were, it wouldn't have ever gotten to that point." >"Because she wouldn't be interested in you, or you wouldn't be interested in her?" "I don't know. Maybe both." >You do a quick check around and sure enough, there's no sneaking Jack "But that's... pretty much it. I guess it's a two-parter." >"Well. While normally I would probably drag myself into your lap and start rubbing myself against you... I would never have been able to do that. Not if you and her hadn't gotten closer. Not if you didn't believe her and didn't get me." "Yeah, I know. It's just some... lingering guilt. I don't know if it's guilt." >"Well given this is more or less our apartment now and you just pay for it... I would say that you and her are pretty squared up." >That causes a chuckle "Is that right?" >"I'd sure say so. If it were me, I would probably have to insist on becoming some slave mare for you to exploit. You've done far more than enough by bringing us together. And putting up with us." "Hm... maybe." >What would a slave pony even look like? >"So do you still have those thoughts?" "Eh?" >"You know. The ending thoughts." "Doesn't everyone?" >Lame deflection, Anon >"I don't." "Ha, really?" >You sound more amused than curious >"Really."
>>8201 "So then, what thoughts do you tend to get regarding that, then?" >"I would rather burn down the world than to let it go on without me in it." >The cold, disconnected way she says it tells you that she means it >A lot about her tells you that she means it "Too much good to go to waste or something?" >"No. Just that if I saw no meaning in living, I would just... go full evil villain and kill everyone. Why should I be the only one to truly suffer?" >You look down at her >But only physically "Would you really be ok with doing that?" >She looks up at you >"Yes, Anon. I've had countless mares and stallions, colts and fillies make fun of me. Tell me that everyone would be happier if I died. Told me that I was worthless. And I believed them. Maybe I still do. But I wouldn't let that make me sad. It just reinforces that if I had to. Or if I were given the chance. Or, no, it would have to be chalked up to "had to". But I would. And I know how to, now. I didn't before." >You don't blame her >How could you? "I guess that's fair. You really are a powerful mare, Shiner. In both this world and yours, you have the will and the ability to do a lot of great or terrible things." >You gotta respect that >The only question you have is how well she would work when put against firearms >"Maybe. But if you can't make use of that power, do you really have it?" >That's a good point >You decide to not answer >"Thanks for telling me that secret." "Yeah. And thanks for pretending to not know despite that whole mind thing you did way at the beginning of things." >Shine gives you a dark giggle >"You think I remember everything, huh?" "Don't you?" >"No. To be honest, I tried to purge as much of that information out of my head as I could. A lot of it was like walking into a foreigner's home. Human memories, thoughts, worries, experiences... not to mention you being a guy. A lot of it was just kinda noise. Things I really had no reason or want to hold onto." >That's good to know >It means you actually are somewhat safe on things >"Element of honesty time?" "Go for it." >"I wish I could have remembered more of that. I think I knew I liked you even at the start like that. But the more I wanted a cheat sheet, the more I realized that I had less and less information than I wanted. And it wasn't even a conscious effort. It was like... what you feel when you see an attractive stranger. Or when you see a raccoon in the trash. You don't remember things like that even when you want to. Or if you do, you don't remember most of the real details that matter." "I'm glad you didn't." >"Because you didn't want me to show Jacky up and exploit all of the things you're into all at once?" "Because it meant you got to know me your way. But yeah... big screw up on your part there. You could have just won me over like it was nothing."
>>8202 >Your reward is a bitter laugh >As much as you mess with her, you know that you really do trust her enough to get away with it >To an extent, you're pretty sure you trust her more than Jack >Maybe that is the real secret you should have told her >You finally made it to the bottom of Blight Town >It feels nice to talk while not having to watch expressions or deal with any judgmental looks >"You joke but... there's still a chance. If I'm the key to you and Jack starting up a family and all that... well, she isn't the only one. And I don't care what that makes me, in your eyes." "Screw the world, you'll have what's yours, right?" >"Exactly." "...element of loyalty time." >"We're making that element a thing too?" "We already do for honesty." >"That's fair. What is it?" "Would you really, truly ruin your relationship with Jack for... that goal? If push came to shove?" >She breathes in >Her hesitation in answering isn't that great an answer to start >"If I got to be a mom like her... if I got to have a family? A blood-related family? Even I know there's a difference between the two." "Yeah, blood relatives are significant due to chance and circumstance. Unrelated family are people significant by choice." >"And circumstance." "Yeah... either way, circumstance does matter for everything. It's context." >"But to answer my question..." >You thought she already gave an answer >"Yes. If she is still my sister at that point. Still my family. Then she'll let me have it. If she isn't, then I don't care what she thinks, I'm having what I want." >You really do admire her will >You won't argue that she's the smartest with it >There is a lot to question when it comes to things like her tact or personal reasoning >But she's willing to stick to her goal >What little a goal she can honestly have >What goal any of them can have in this world >This is a human world yet you feel like you're almost on par with them >And only "almost" in that you're pretty sure they could get by a lot easier due to them being ponies and having magic and prismatic feathers available "Thanks for the talk." >"Thanks for apologizing for making me blubber like a baby." "Yeah." >What are either of you even doing at this point? >What's truly stopping you or her from the path of destruction, outer or inner? >There are a lot of ways to word it, but you think that it still comes down to Jacky >She probably doesn't even try to but she seems like such a natural tie that keeps everyone bound together "Remember, we're continuing this tomorrow. We only took a break because you had to start bawling like a homesick little filly." >"Keep talking like that and I'm making you my mare tonight." "I always knew those boyish traits were proof." >"Obviously, have you seen how dainty you are at times? You even had a little pity party in front of an amnesiac mare." "I'll show you dainty after I knuckle dust you to oblivion." >"Do it, I dare you." >This is more like it >It's just how you two get along
>>8203 >This morning, you are ready >Yesterday was a little less than ideal >But today will be better >Probably >Hopefully >After a lackluster set of morning routines, everyone is fresh, full, quenched and eager >Mostly >There is still a little bit of an awkward air around Shiner but you don't let that stop you "So, we learned that these quests aren't all that... ah. Harmless." >At least Jack nods "So, I'll go next. Unless anyone else feels like getting probed." >You can tell >Really tell >That the yellow dork is trying her best to not say anything >At least she's in a good mood over this "Alright, have at it." >"Is it about you?" >The quickness Jack had about that question, you couldn't help but feel she had her finger on the trigger for too long >Hoof >Whatever she would activate a trigger with "Yes. Which isn't a silly question because you secret can be about someone else." >Prism, ever so poised, smilesl >"Does it include Jacky too...?" >You nod "Yup. Shocker, ain't it." >"It is given you've lived for so long but your most valued secret involves her." >A small prod at you, but nothing sadistic "Yeah well, let that be an indicator of where my standing is." >Jack gives her bird-brained sister a wink >"See? Toldya." >You don't want them to reveal the secret of just how much they talk about you >Shine speaks up >"Does it include anyone else here, or is it uniquely between you and her?" >The look on her face is neutral >Except >There's 1% difference in her eyes >Like she knows what she's asking >Of course she does "I will answer that and say it's more... general. Again, it is about myself at the core. Jack's a big detail." >"Mm. Of course." >You get the vibe that she is already prepared to make a direct guess >"Is it a good or... er, is it a positive secret? Or negative?" "I don't know." >Jack frowns at your non-answer >"Well that ain't fair, isn't it supposed to be a one-or-the-other thing?" "Not really. I mean, I still don't know how I feel about it so I couldn't tell you. The most honest I can put it is that I don't know if it's a good thing or not." >"In that case..." >Prism pipes in >"Does it involve something... intimate?" >No one is soft balling you with this >You don't wish they would >But maybe they could pull back just a little "It... does." >"Are you hopelessly, madly in love but you don't know how to express yourself?" >An outright tease from Shine "I..." >You pause >If you were, you'd be different >You wouldn't have your secret then, would you? "No. If I were "madly", I don't think I'd have any secrets then. Or shame." >"You have shame?" >The armor piercing question from your very own Jackrabbit "Of course I do!" >The three mares exchange looks among themselves "...I do! What, do I act like I'm shameless?" >Their lack of verbal communication worries you >"...let's get back to us questioning you. Since it involves something intimate, you, Jacky, and you aren't sure if it's positive or not..."
>Prism stretches her wings out, arching her back >You aren't sure if she's really stretching or if this is some sort of power move >"Does this secret perhaps involve other humans too?" >Crap "Yes." >"You like ponies too much, don't you Anon. Have we spoiled you?" >Shiner goes in for the kill >It isn't just her asking >This is payback >It's also hard confirmation >You sigh and shrug with your arms raising up in surrender "Yeah. Congrats, you got me." >As expected, a goofy grin is on Jacky's face >"Well I guess I'm to blame for that one, huh... what can I say?" >She is to blame, yes >Around... 90% to blame >"We'll make fun of you more later but right now, I have to ask... why is that your worst secret? You're happy with us, and I've never seen you go out to spend time with other humans." "Well yeah, because I'd rather goof around with you dorks. As I've said before, there's really nothing up here for me. I have work, and that's honestly it. I don't know what I'd do without you three. Any real focus or aim I have is thanks to you being there for me." >Your answer succeeds in making the conversation more... serious >"I'm gonna take another stab in the dark and say that spending time with three talking ponies has alienated you from humans. Especially since all three of them don't naturally exist in this world, ignoring one being a pegasus and one being a unicorn." >Said unicorn's stab is far too well aimed to be in the dark "Kinda, honestly. It used to be that I had trouble reading Jack's expressions because I just wasn't used to it. Now it's more natural to me than seeing someone of my own kind smiling and joking. I don't think I've... lost empathy for other humans. But I just don't look at them the same way." >Jack nods >"That's good." "Is it?" >Is it really? >She seems to think so >"Absolutely! It means that..." >She rails off >Oh God she's sundowning already "...y-you alright?" >"Shh." >An abrupt shush from her buries your worries thusly >"I'm trying to word it. I mean, for me-us-to affect you that much... it must mean that you just weren't getting things from other humans that you got through us. Right?" >"That does make sense. Wild animals, once domesticated, can't just go back out into the wild." >Alright, that one hurt >You're plucking that turkey horse later "I'm not saying either of you are wrong. But that is kind of a shit way to word it." >"Heel, Anon." >Shine leers at you and raises up part of her chin >"Scratches." >Seriously? "...you're kidding." >"Be a good human and scratches and you'll get cuddles later." >You really do want to say something unsavory >But given yesterday, you've kinda earned this treatment "This is some "tail wagging the dog" shit, I'm telling you..." >With the practice and skill of years of being around pets, you scratch and rub from the side of her shin down to her throat >You can hear her throat tremble with a satisfied "hmm" >"Hey, I asked the most important questions. Me next." "Yeah yeah..."
>>8205 >You end up dual-petting both red and yellow necks >Despite her dignified source of smug, Prism watches your hands work >"My, but aren't you trained." "I'll still pee on your pillows. I ain't house broken all the way." >This >...it isn't so bad, is it? >Even if you sorta have lost your sense of human connection, this really isn't that alien >You still don't know, even after all of this time >They aren't pets >They're friends >Romantic interests >Comrades, if shit were to ever hit the fan >You don't think you could call other humans that >It isn't normal >But you can't find a way to argue that it's not healthy >Maybe it is better this way? >While you contemplate your continued humanity and detachment from your fellow homo ludens, Shine and Jack both lurch into your lap >Big a human as you may be, it certainly isn't big enough for the two of them so they end up laying on their backs, head to head "You know, if I were anyone else, this would be weird." >"Yeah well you're Anon so it's not." >"What she said. But I can make it weird." >The weirdest thing about all of this has to be how Jack has gotten used to Shine's comments "...alright. I'm gonna give this another..." >You glance at Prism >Her smile says it all "...another half hour. But after this, we're getting back to the quest. And you're up next, Jack." >"Half hour it is. Yup. I'll be ready by then for sure." >"Aww, he thinks he's the one in charge..." >Maybe during this time you can try to remember how you got to be so horsewhipped
>>8206 >Just for a half hour, you said >A fancy dinner after the quest finishes, you said >Instead, you ended falling asleep with the blasted little mare-shape minions >Prism at least did you a solid and brought over a few pillows so you weren't completely laying on the bare floor >To put salt in the wound, you were only woken up after everyone else got up >You can't complain, honestly >What else did you have planned for your day? >What else could you want to do with your day, if not nap with your weirdos? >After only nearly seven hours does the group reform >Jack looks satisfied with herself >Prism looks well rested and groomed, with a few more spare feathers stabbed into a blanket for ease of counting >Shine won't stop smiling at you "Don't say it." >"Good boy, Anon." >You aren't happy to be called that >"Yup, I've really trained him well, haven't I." >Alright, these two are going to have at it until you find a roadblock "You say that but you don't want me breaking off my leash." >Jack laughs >... >And stops, clearing her throat after >"...yeah that may kinda be rough. Anyway! It's my turn!" >Finally "That's right. Get ready to be opened up and laid bare for all to see." >Another small hit to her comfort zone >You'll only go blow for blow as long as she does "Anyway, first question. Is this secret relating to the here and now?" >She squints and looks presumably above your head >"Mm... yeah." >Prism gives her left wing a flex >"Does this deep, dark secret revolve around Anon?" >"O-of course not. It's about me." >At least it's easy to start cleaving away at the more vague questions >Maybe that's a sign of how well you all know each other >Would you have ever been able to have something so smooth with your old friends? >Could you have ever played this with even your own relatives? >Before they left, anyway >"So it's a secret about yourself and it's something now... is your secret that you wish you were a gun fighter?" >If that question were aimed at anyone other than Jack, you'd ask Red why she asked that >Jack moves her lips, glancing off to the side >No >That couldn't be it >"...It's a secret. But it's not The Secret." >"Damn." >At least points for effort "Is the secret about what you dream for?" >"Ah... isn't that just a dream?" "It could be a secret dream." >"...nah. That ain't it." >Struck out >"I have a few ideas but..." >Prism clicks her tongue and appraises her sister >"Does it have something to do with what you do?" >Jack shrugs >"I guess it does..." >Judging by her tone, it's a direct hit >And it means her secret actually is one >"Is your secret about how you let me do most things around here because I'm the one with magic?" >A dull-toned ask from Shine >Jack nods >You think you get a clear picture "Jack..." >Her eyes flicker a few times before resting on you "Do you pretend to not know how to do stuff?" >A direct guess >It's a somewhat negative guess
>>8207 >But you get the feeling it might be that, even if you know she's felt bad for not being useful before >"...no. It's not pretending." >"No, that probably isn't it. She's helped me a few times. She doesn't try to mess up or anything." >"So it's about what you do now, not that you fake things." >You can tell that the surgical, yet tactless questions are starting to bear down on the poor girl >"Tell me, Jacky. Is your secret that you feel bad for doing so little?" >"T-that ain't a secret, Dashie!" >The outburst from Jack comes quicker than anyone could react >That was... >That was not the right thing to ask >You aren't one to talk >"Dangit, my secret is that I feel ashamed!" "Ashamed? For what?" >"I feel ashamed because I'm worried that I..." >Like a deer in the headlights of three trucks speeding toward her, she looks over the group >She focuses on Prism and doesn't look away >"I... I'm worried that I might end up like you." >The composure the winged mare had cracks so hard you can actively hear a chunk of it hit the ground >"W...what?" >"I... I think about what Ma would have done. I think about what I would do if I were a mom. And I think about how we were, and how I sometimes saw you as my ma, at the really earliest bit and..." >Jack's voice cracks >A tear drips down the side of her voice >"Y... you did a lot of terrible things. I know, they were for me... they were for us. And because you did those things, we're here now and that's always going to be the best but..." >As much as you want to reach out for her, this is not your situation >This is theirs >"...but I knew the things you did. And... I can't stand the thought of having to do that. I want to be better. I don't want to end up filthy. I really don't. I can't. I'll do whatever it takes... but I can't end up doing what you had to do." >"...you think I'm filthy?" >That is the only thing Faint Prism says >There's no defense >No redirection >It isn't treated as an argument or an attack >But a genuine question >It feels like entire minutes pass >No one makes a move >No one says a word >The only thing hanging in the air is stifled sobbing between the two >You glance over at Shine >She's just as flat-footed as you are in this >She purses her lips >You can almost hear her ask "what did that have to do with me?" >You grimace and give your head the slightest of shakes "Y... you know that we're going to make sure that's never a problem. Right?" >You don't think that your words got through to her >For better or worse, they're locked into their own thing >You can't even begin to imagine the weight of their words >You know that they've been together for as long as they've had memories >There's hardly an age gap but there was sure a maturity gap >And with maturity came responsibilities >Responsibilities had costs >Whether or not you agree with Jack, you know that Prism paid that cost for her wellbeing >The stifling silence and building tension is enough to make you want to gnaw your face off
>>8208 >"...my secret." >Prism speaks in a warbling, stern voice >"...is that those things were as important to me as they were to you. It gave us food. It covered us when we failed." >She glances at you >The sudden attention makes your blood run cold >You don't want to imagine what she has to say to you >But you can already hear it >"The reason I did what I did." >She sits up, pushing herself out as if she still had strength inside to lift herself up >"It was no different than what you've done with Anon. It..." >Her lip trembles >"It... I was only barely more filthy than you. You had your way of dealing with life. I had my way. I succeeded in protecting you in ways you could have never imagined. I guarded both of you in ways you will never know." >She sniffles >Even now, she refuses to break >"I enjoyed it. Some of it. It let me feel like it could have led to a normal life. And it almost did. Many times, "almost" it did." >The slight downturn of her lips and the growing malice in her voice shows just how many times it "almost" worked >"That is the only secret I truly cared to hide. Not that I did those things. Not that they were for myself as well as you. But because I was foolish enough to think it was enough. It was scraps, like everything else we had ever eaten or clung to." >She stands up, causing Jack to jolt back >"I'm glad we've finished this game. I'll be on the patio. Please don't talk to me until tomorrow." >With that, Prism calmly >Deliberately >Makes her way to the patio door >She chomps down on the cord you set up on it and slides it open >It slides hard, but not hard enough to actually crack into the wall >She sits herself down, looking off into whatever phantasmal concept is stuck in her head >Jack, far more visibly distraught, looks at you and Shine >Of course, you have no answers to give her >How could you? >She breaks into a gallop and runs into... >By the sound of her kicking the door closed... >Yup >Your room "...should I feel bad for helping her get all of this set up or should I feel bad for not going for something far easier and... not harmful." >You can hardly believe what happened to the point you're surprised you spoke at all >"Element of honesty time?" "...sure." >"Don't feel bad. Everything else is out in the open. Why shouldn't we air all of our dirty laundry for others to make fun of?" >Her borderline deadpan delivery makes you wonder if it was sarcasm "Yeah, well... only we were made fun of." >"Yyyyeah-up. Sure seems like it." "Ah... shit." >You bring your index and middle finger up to your head "What now?" >"You're asking me?" "I'm asking to anyone still listening." >"I don't know. But." >She sighs and circles around, curling up into her spot >"If we're going to continue to pretend that we're on a real mission, elements of harmony, yadda yadda... you sometimes have to let out painful things. That is a test of loyalty there, isn't it? Would you be our friends if you knew only the good about us?"
>>8209 "Well that's how it turned out. I only learned you were a psychotic fire brat when it was too late." >"Thanks." >She gives a half-smirk at the new title >"I mean it though. My secret is about myself. Your secret is about yourself. We're pretty selfish. But Jacky's secret... it wasn't selfish. It wasn't some sort of feel-good thing we could tease." >She breathes deep and watches Prism >"It was a nice, fat reminder of where we came from. And it wasn't pretty." "I think they'll make up." >"Will they, Anon?" "I don't know." >"I guess that's why it's a test of loyalty then." >That is true >How many "friends" would remain so if they openly aired their grievances? "Trust and loyalty..." >"Yup... need one for the other to work." "I'm..." >You stand up, wiping your face with your palm "I'm gonna go to the bathroom. And then go out for a bit. Probably go to the store, see if I can scare up dinner." >Shine chuckles >"You think grabbing a pizza is going to help cheer everyone up?" "No. Because I'll probably grab more than pizza. But yes, because we gotta do something." >"We?" "Yup. You're coming with me." >"Joy." >Mission complete >But at what cost? >You could let them mull over it on their own and then hope for the best >But you won't
>>8210 >You don't often go shopping with just Shiner >Mostly because she would rather do anything than go out >"You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to being gawked at." "Yeah well that's because you're a talking unicorn. And the more you talk, the more apparent it is to anyone around." >She demanded you carry her since there were too many rain puddles out so you just put her in the basket of those stubby personal shopping carts >Despite the hard lip chewing she started doing as soon as you went in, she is displaying pretty high levels of restraint >You stop in the vegan isle >Everything is so overpriced and "organic", especially the pancake mix >What does inorganic pancake mix look like? >"You're actually gonna grab this crap?" "No. I'm kinda stalling." >"You... do know that this has nothing to do with you, right?" "Yeah, I know." >"So why are you making it your problem?" "Because... I don't know. I feel like I caused it." >Shine looks up at you >She fills out the basket well and seems content to lay in it >"Ok, element of honesty time." "Shoot." >"You're acting stupid. Jacky wanted this whole thing to start to begin with. Do you think she really, never once considered that there might be a rough patch?" >Your eyes meet "I want to say she did..." >"But you aren't so sure, huh." "Guilty as charged." >You resign yourself to a downtrodden sigh >You really do have low expectations of her at times, don't you? >"Well... yeah. Ok, fair. It's Jacky we're talking about. But I think she wanted to talk about that sort of thing with her." "What, and she wanted this as the excuse?" >"It worked, didn't it?" "I guess so." >Back to staring at the organic not-syrup-but-not-quite-jelly-either "...fuck it, that looks nice." >You grab a bottle >It's organic, it has to taste like something good "So what do you recommend?" >"Let them hash it out. You were kinda implemented in the whole "filth" thing. I'm surprised you aren't offended too." "Ah, nah. I kinda help guard myself by remembering that I'm the only guy in the equation which means I shouldn't let my emotions rule over me." >Shiner scoffs >"Are you telling me I let my emotions run loose?" >You give her your best pity smile "Yes. Yes I am." >She tries to dispute it but she grunts and sighs >"Whatever. You know you love it." >You let the conversation die there >At least for another dozen isles where you just stand in front of a section and look over everything a few times over >People passing by give Shine queer looks but because she isn't saying anything, they don't ask "So... on the filth thing." >"Mm?" "...have Jack and I really been that bad?" >"Oh God." >She rolls her eyes >"Listen, you and her have your... weird thing going on. But it's hardly what she was referring to." "How's that?" >"Because she's only ever had you. And..." >She clears her throat >"I am sure. She is the first mare you have had."
>>8211 >There is an obvious amount of wiggle room in her wording >You'll accept that "And she is." >"Good." >She huffs and points at a can of chili >"Hey, get some of these." "Sure." >You grab four "So that's the determining factor, huh?" >"I guess so. She hasn't told me a lot about that. I'm guessing she hasn't told you a lot about that either." "Nope." >"Then it isn't our problem. But if you really want to try to cheer her up, we can do that too. Just understand that this really is not your territory. You aren't going to get brownie points for shoving your nose somewhere it doesn't belong." "Never thought I'd hear that from you of all people." >Shine thinks on that for a moment and giggles >"Ah... yeah. Funny how that works out." >Another few isles >A phone check shows you've killed at least a half hour just shelf gazing "Prism said she was proud." >"Yup." "...you think she had to ever make a choice between her happiness and Jacky?" >"Almost certain." "Why do you think that?" >"I know you have Jacky goggles on but Prism is... she's quite a looker, you know. She could have easily blended in if she wanted. Far better than Jacky or I could have ever done. She was the only one who tried to put on airs, and act like she wasn't some gutter filly." "I guess." >More isles to go through "What did she mean by saying her secret had to do with your magic though?" >"Are you asking me what goes on in her airhead?" "Kinda, yeah." >"Oh." >She grumbles something "Eh?" >"I said, it's probably something stupid." >The wistful way she tries to handwave it away doesn't work on you "Humor me." >"Well, if I do normal things with magic, that leaves abnormal things. Right?" "Riiight...?" >"Right. So that means if she ever had to do something abnormal, if if magic can't solve it..." "That's why I'm there. Right?" >Your reward is a frustrated "ugh" >"Will you just think straight for once? She isn't thinking of you always being there for her. You aren't her entire life like she's yours." >Ouch >"She's thinking in terms of us three, and how we've always done things. We're better, sure. But you think a few years of happy living is going to undo everything? I know you better than that, you wouldn't be ok in such a short amount of time. I wouldn't believe you if you said that you were ok even now, about your past." >Double ouch "To be fair, I do have a life outside of her." >She snickers >"Yeah? Tell me about your globetrotting, hobbies and your many human friends." >Triple ouch >You must have made some sort of expression because you can see guilt rise up on her face >"...sorry. I di-" "Nah, you're not wrong. I forgot, if I'm awake I'm crawling up her ass." >Silence for another few isles >And more isles after that >Until the freezer section >In the end, you really didn't grab that much at all >Four cans of chili >A carton of eggs >Some tea >Some lemonade >Hardly an emergency relief package
>>8212 >"...I am sorry." "Yeah." >You don't regret being open >It was an exercise in trust >But >... >The fact that there is a "but" there says enough, doesn't it? >You decide on getting an apple pie >The sort that has a massive bag of crumbly bits for the crust >She would like an apple pie >Hell, no one dislikes apple pie >You stop at another freezer isle >Pizzas >You recall Shine's words >Pizza wouldn't help anyone out >You grumble something to yourself >And grab one >You can't not try >Rather than go to the cashiers, you go back to other isles >This whole thing bothers you >It bothers you that loyalty being tested has to turn out the way it has >It bothers you that it bothers you >It bothers you that you can't do something about it >Most of all, it bothers you that Sparking Shine is correct >This isn't your issue >But you're making it your issue >Isn't that overbearing? >"You look like you want to headbutt someone's face in." "Nope." >You don't particularly want to talk to her anymore either >Maybe your efforts to not look at her make it apparent >"...hey, you should get some of that lemon-lime soda. Prism likes when that is mixed with lemonade. And if you want to booze Jacky up, you can do it more subtly that way." >You don't reply to her >But you do grab a twelve pack >You grab multiple, in fact >They were on sale so may as well stock up now since all three of them are fond of the fizzy >"If I sound like a bitch... just remember that if it comes down to the wire, you know I'm with you no matter what." >It sounds like an awkward apology and explanation for her snipes "Yeah... I know. This just sucks." >You ruffle her mane >She leans into it pretty strong >You keep your hand on her shoulder and pat it a few times "This... is probably going to be rough, huh." >"Probably. But how about this: I work my magic on our sad songbird. You work your magic on Jacky. We meet in the middle and try to keep everyone from jumping off the patio until next weekend until you figure out another element for us to hunt for." "Ah Christ, the next one... I don't even know what would work." >"Sure you do. Just pick one that will let us get all warm and mushy. You know what you're doing." "Do I though?" >Shine gives you the warmest smile >"No. But I believe in you." >The smile drops into her more genuine grin >"So figure it out, dead eye." >"Um...?" >Both of you turn to the source of the voice >It's some girl in a store uniform >"Can I... take a picture of her? Is she really a unicorn?" >You raise an eyebrow at Shine >She returns the gesture >"Well I'm actually his girlfriend's sister bu-" >You gently slap the back of her head to silence her >Mostly gently "And she talks too. Too much." >"Oh wow. Are you supposed to hit her?" >"It's fine, I'll give him his evening spanking after we get back." >"O-oh. Oh my. Ok. Uh..." >A few pictures later, you're finally ready to leave >Maybe it's for the best that you don't often go out with her
>>8014 >The last few days have been comfortable outside - pleasant and warm. >Not today. >For some reason, Mother Nature has cranked up the thermostat, giving no fucks about the heating bill. >It is blisteringly hot out, and no breeze to speak of. >A perfect day for heatstroke if you throw caution to the wind. >You filled three jugs with ice and water for the day to sit in the back of the Trailduster. >After three hours, the ice was already melted in the smaller one. >...it isn't a very well insulated jug, though. >And as you take a swig to finish off the first jug, warm water reaches your palate. >How refreshing. >"I'll take that when you're done," Midnight announces at the same time a metal trim piece is tossed past you and into the back of the truck. "Nope, this one's dead," you reply while turning to your right and shaking the vessel upside down in demonstration. >"Are you part fucking camel or something?" Midnight asks, seemingly disturbed by your adamance of staying hydrated. "I don't think so - but I'm certainly putting out a fair bit of water." >You wipe the beads of sweat on your brow that endanger your eyes. >"So am I, but I'm not drinking like it's going out of style," she mutters, turning her attention to the next jug in line. >You planned ahead of time and already wound some steel wire around the handle and near the base for her to manipulate. >Midnight doesn't even bat an eye despite not having mentioned the modifications. >"Color me impressed. Good work planning ahead," she compliments before tipping it back and taking a drink. "Yeah well, I try taking care of my best girl." >The comment causes her to suddenly spit out the water in her mouth she hasn't yet swallowed. "That bad, huh?" >"Ought to be ashamed of yourself for that one," she chides. "Oh. I was talking about the water." >Midnight smirks as she thrusts the jug into your chest, which you quickly grab. >"Try not to drink it all. Save some for the fish," she teases, turning and heading back out into the yard. "What fish?" you holler after a moment, stretching an arm out and waving all along the landscape. >She turns around, continuing to walk but in reverse. >"Exactly. I'm so glad you put two and two together!" "What about the number twenty-two? I don't get it." >"Why don't you get something done? I'm going back to the B-bodies and pulling a striker plate and hood latch off of a Charger." "Have fun!" >Midnight resumes her forward-looking position and trots off down the lane, while you grab a few hand tools and set off the opposite way just a few cars down. >It's a hunt for a glovebox door from a Plymouth Volare. >You can't help but snicker to yourself with the idea of that part being the only thing not rotted out on the car. >It didn't help they were rather bland and forgettable econoboxes following the death of the muscle car era, but the build quality left something to be desired. >Ah well - every car has its fans.
>>8215 >To be fair, they also had to pick up where the Plymouth Duster and Dodge Dart left off. >And the kitbashed and short-lived Demon and Scamp. >Fairly big shoes to fill >But... >Maybe this customer is building a Volare Roadrunner. >Or a Petty Kit Car Volare. >Not breathtaking power, but they at least looked more interesting... >You finally arrive in front of the few F-body Chryslers you possess and wander around them for a view of the interior - specifically the dashboard. >Either model, be it Dodge or Plymouth, should be the same... >But the first one you come to - a Dodge Aspen wagon - has a tan interior. >No good - customer explicitly stated black. >The next Aspen coupe is missing a door, and while you tried to seal off the opening with a tarp, it's long gone, tattered by the wind and endless UV rays from the sun. >Not even worth looking inside - that interior will be absolutely shot having been exposed to the elements. >This is going well... >But third time's the charm as you come up to a proper Volare coupe and find what you're looking for through the dusty passenger-side glass. >You open up the passenger door, whose hinges groan with reluctance and fatigue. >A wave of eye-watering heat and the stink of stale air mixed with ancient upholstery hits you hard enough to make your breath catch in your throat. >That never gets any better. >Especially if a critter has managed to find a way inside and died. >Thankfully, that's a very rare experience. >You gingerly test the vinyl passenger seat with the back of your hand, expecting a sharp pain from the black material soaking in the heat and sun. >Well, it's not *scorching* hot... >Rather than pussyfoot around any longer, you plop down on the seat, the suspension of the car letting you know it isn't happy being disturbed and compressing under a newly introduced weight. >Something skitters around underneath the car, startled by your sudden presence. >Popping open the glovebox, you set to work pulling out all the screws in the hinge. >But you only get about two of the fasteners extracted before you hear a growl to your right. >You quickly snap your head in the direction to find a coyote wandering up toward the open passenger door. >Maybe that's what you heard? >But this is... not normal. >Not only the mere fact it's willing to approach you despite the size difference - the canine is aggressive as it bares its teeth and threatens a little louder this time. >Shit - maybe she's got pups underneath... >Or... >Its brown and gray fur is an absolute matted mess, even patchy and missing in some spots. >The way its jaw continues to tremble as if preparing to bite as it gets to the door... >And the strands of drool hanging from its jowls... "Eat Phillips head, cocksucker!" you shout, throwing your tool at the coyote, who is close enough that you easily conk it in the head despite your quick and frenzied toss.
>>8216 >It gives you time to slam the door with the coyote recoiling a bit in response, though you do still catch the animal with the edge of the swinging door. >Now... >Now what? >You hear the vicious and likely rabid animal scrabbling at the door and snarling before it stands on its hind legs and leans up against the glass to get a look-see at you. >Well, this isn't a Pinto, and that's not a Saint Bernard... >But you really aren't enjoying this impromptu homage to the horror genre. >Fuck. >You roll down the window a little bit, instinctively flinching every time the crazed creature lunges at the glass, quickly smearing it with saliva as it repeatedly fails at taking a chomp out of the barrier. "Make like a tree and fuck off already!" >No change. >Not that you expected it. "Hey Midnight!" you shout through the gap between glass and steel. "I need your help at the moment!" >You wait a few moments, trying to listen for a response above the continuing physical and verbal assault by the coyote. >Nothing that you can discern. >You sort of feel goofy shouting for assistance from Midnight, but what other option do you have? >Clearly no scare tactics are going to work on this thing - its mind is gone. >And your rifle is in the truck. >Well, you could try at least getting out of this sweltering oven. >Key word being 'try.' >Inching your way along the bench seat to the driver's side, the coyote is either content with attacking the glass it's become familiar with, or too stupid to reason that you have gotten further away. >Seeing an opportunity now, you quickly grab the door handle of the driver's door and fling it open, bolting out into the sand and up to the wagon parked right beside. >You leap up on the roof while right behind, you hear Cujo has been able to figure his way around the Volare to chase you down. >It continues to throw a snarling, spastic hissy fit in an attempt to get at you by throwing itself at the side of the vehicle. >How is this bastard not tired yet? "MIDNIGHT!" >A keen eye spots the coyote just as it leaps onto the hood of the wagon you're standing on. >Shitshitshit >Rather than run right away, you quickly turn and position yourself, waiting for the miserable bastard to scramble up the length of the hood and the windshield. >Once it reaches the roof, you pull your leg back and let loose a sharp kick to its head. >You feel the solid connection to its snout, accompanied by a yelp of pain as the animal flops back down to the hood. >Rather than waste any more time gawking, you leap from the roof back onto the scorching copper sand, surprising yourself by not missing a step or stumbling as you bolt for the safety of the Trailduster. >You don't have to look to hear the coyote growling and panting again as it continues the pursuit. >Its short legs will still probably beat you in a foot race.
>>8217 >As you try to figure out your next option, a dark streak suddenly appears in your periphery from the air, darting behind you almost as soon as you take notice. >Thefuckwasthat? >A sickening thump and a yelp of pain make your turn your head. >It's Midnight! >Her face is contorted into an imposing sneer as she hovers above the animal, her wings beating with a rhythm to keep her head and fore hooves upright, while her hind legs hang down, as if readying a kick if need be. >The coyote lays on its side, a small river of blood trickling out of its nose and into the dust while its mouth hangs open - its breathing rapid and shallow, accompanied by a faint whimper. >Midnight turns her attention to you for just a moment as you turn and take a few steps toward her, before her eyes dart back to your wounded pursuer. >"I thought you were fucking around the first time you yelled," she mutters somewhat reluctantly. "Yeah, I suppose I could have been a bit more direct..." >Midnight drops down to the ground, folding her wings back in as she eyes the coyote. "I'll get my gun and put it the damn thing out of its misery," you say, thumbing back to the truck. >"I finish what I start," Midnight replies, devoid of emotion. "What are y-" >Before you can finish, Midnight steps over the injured canine, raises a hoof, and stomps down hard on its neck. >There is an awful crunch that makes your stomach turn violently as the animal convulses for a moment, then ceases. "Jesus." >"What?" Midnight asks as she circles around the fresh corpse. "I could have drawn its life out more, waited for you to get your gun... I ended it now." "I guess that was just... I dunno, didn't know what to expect, I guess." >Fully satisfied the animal is gone, Midnight steps over to you. "You didn't get bit at all, did you?" you ask as the adrenaline in your veins dies down. >She shakes her head. >"I'm guessing you kicked it in the nose - that wasn't my doing," she replies. "I figure if the damn thing is that aggressive, there's probably something wrong with it. I aimed for the side. Right in the ribs." >That makes you exhale a breath you hadn't realized you were holding. >Midnight cocks her head, her eyes narrowed even as she smirks just a bit. >"Come on, you have to give me more credit than that, Anon. *You* didn't get bit, did you?" "No, I kicked the fucker with my shoe - that was the only contact I had with it." >"Must have been a weak kick..." "Haha. Fuck you," you retort. >"Just saying." >You run your hand through your hair as you gather your thoughts, while Midnight glances around the junkyard. >"Adapt and survive..." "Hm?" >"That was my mantra out here. When this was my life," Midnight says, a hint of sadness in her voice. "It was all about patience, assessing the situation, and playing it cautiously - until the time was right." "Where the hell was patience while tearing apart shit when we first met?" you chide. >She shrugs while walking back in the direction of her project. >"I don't have much patience for nuisances. Situations where life may depend upon my choice... that's a little different. But anyway I'm going back to my job." "Alright, thank you," you call after her, before adding a quick thought as the realization strikes you. "I actually got to see you fly today!" >She doesn't turn back around, but you hear Midnight chuckle as her wings snap open briefly in a proud display of plumage. >"Yeah, I still got it." -----
I love you guys, no homo
What's that deal with the red mare anyways? I have picked up that she sets things on fire, and I think she is from Blondie's story, but I haven't gotten around to reading that yet.
(521.18 KB 800x1200 Shine_never_lose.png)
>>8221 She never loses
>>8213 So I'm a bit out of the loop with the earlier bits of this story, but I'm curious how these ponies ended up coming into Anon's life.
>>8218 Midnight to the rescue. I wonder how many coyotes he had to deal with in the past? Thanks for the update.
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>>8221 She is: a petty criminal, doesn't take kindly to losing in fighting games, an (obviously) sexy Evil-aligned sorceress in D&D, gutter filly, sister, best friend, and a nerd that isn't afraid to prop herself up as opposition for others. She's the biggest loser of the group but is also willing to go the furthest. >>8223 To be fair it was just Jacky at the start. She wasn't supposed to reunite with the other two. >>8224 Coyotes and /boot/ mares don't mix.
>>8186 Absolutely adorable Does captain bootmare have a name?
>>8223 >So I'm a bit out of the loop VERY out of the loop id say. If you're gunna read jacky I think at least how they got there is mandatory. Lucky for you it's in the first few parts >>8226 >Coyotes and /boot/ mares don't mix. Apul?
>>8228 >spoiler 2 Apul, and also Shine, who roasted one. Prism also got a kick in on a coyote if I'm not mistaken.
>>8213 >The pie you bought is still in the freezer >Of course it is >You were silly to think that you could just show up with a snack and hope it would help smooth things over >Of course, you weren't so immature as to think that would make everything better >But you couldn't not try it, right? >It would almost be a sin to just let things play out as they have >Jacky has been diving hardcore into movies >Even if it's raining outside, Prism would rather stay out on the patio during most of the day >This has only left you and Shine as the only two with somewhat clear heads >This stress >This inalienable sense of friction in the air >It's enough to make your hair go grey >To make things even more concerning, Jack decided to spend the night sleeping in the bathroom >You have no clue why >You have no answer to why she would want to lay on towels and the little square segment of rug you have set up in there >Between that, the tension, and the looming deadline of yet another harmony element quest, it's enough to get twitchy over >"You should really get some sleep, Anon." "Easy to say while you're in here and playing something." >"I'm just making sure you aren't left alone for too long." >How charitable >"I mean it though. You look wrecked." >Your answer is a yawn "Whatever, man." >You lay down on your left side >Due to how you're positions, your feet are left to dangle off of the edge of the mattress "Any updates?" >"Prism told me to buzz off earlier today when I asked if she wanted to come back inside." "Direct quote?" >"Yup." >Nice >She has always been the enigma that kept you at arm's length >But now? >Is there any recovering from that? >You never once considered that she might actually have had a relationship >Or whatever counted as one >Whatever made her look back at those times with any form of positive recollection >Has she always remembered that? >"I'm not reading your mind but I can actively feel you causing prickles to go down my neck. If you tried mounting me I would have a panic attack." "Thanks for letting me know in case I needed a ride." >You close your eyes and extend your index and middle finger in a V >"What was that?" "It's a sign." >"A sign of what?" >You don't reply >You feel a murky sense of confusion slip into your head >Only when you feel a hoof pushing against your stomach do your eyes open again >"I said what was that sign?" "Oh." >You close your eyes once more "It's a sign. We did two. We're a third of the way there. And we're like this. If we really aren't good enough to get the elements, how screwed are we..." >The fatigue and despair in your voice is as real as it can be >What do you do if these goofy nights lead to irreconcilable situations? >What happens if everyone just floats apart? >The mere concept of it being applicable to even your little geek squad is almost too much to bare >"Hey... Anon." "Eh." >You so much want to just drift off to the abyss >Maybe then and there you may be able to find a plan >Or a scheme
>>8242 >"Hey Sparky." >"Jacky?" >"How's Anon doing?" >"Like a lost puppy." >"...I hope he doesn't think it's his fault." >"Oh, you know him. Always one to take responsibility for the problems of another." >What's this? >You can't open your eyes >You're still too tired >But you can hear Jack >That by itself was almost enough to cause you to wake up >"He was very tired. Surprised to see him react." >"Do you think he wants to talk to? Should we wake him up and ask him?" >"Oh God no. I take it you want a moment alone." >You feel something warm on your chest >A pair of horns >...horns? >Hooves >"Please. Just long enough where I can go to sleep too. The bathroom floor sucks to sleep." >That's it >You can feel someone climbing into bed, to right on top of your chest >You recall someone who had worked at a store but got eaten by a skinwalker >For some reason, the weight on your chest reminds you of that >"Hey Anon... I'm sorry you've been caught up in this..." >Your face twitches >It's the sound of an angel to you >There is no secret or proof that can be found online >Not that you have the mental mettle to even check >But you just know it's true >"I'm gonna make it better." "Blueberry lemonade." >Obviously, it is the only answer you could come up with >"Oh... yeah. Of course. But first, just... let me know you still love me." "Hail to the king." >You pucker your lips >Whatever kisses you sure tastes like Jack too >It ends far too quickly, even if it lasted a few minutes >"Let's go to sleep. When you get back from work I want to let you in on my secret for this." "Bitchin', Ponyboy is a code name." >That causes to a few giggles >From more than just one source >"He's really under now, isn't he?" >"I bet he's dreaming the best stuff.." >You can feel their words land on your face >Your eyes flutter open >Without proper cognition, you can tell that you're being looked at by two mares "Oh hey, don't live in the bathroom." >They close once more >"...you've kinda worried him. I hope you can start there." >"I will. I can't lose sight. Next weekend will be better." >"Will it?" >"Yeah. It has to." "Hass too..." >A giggle at your comment >That's good >It means your money can at least temporarily relax >"So sleepy... he usually can at least wake up enough to talk." "Can talk." >Another pair of giggles >"I guess he can talk. Glad to see you back in here." >"Yeah... thanks for letting Anon know what's going on." >Something is going on? >That's terrible >You're ready to fight for her >You just have to rest your eyes a little more before you go into battle for her direct wellbeing >"It'll be all better. Then we can have that pie and watch movies all night." >Just like the good ol' days >Nights too >You want to tell Jack that you appreciate her >That in your mind's eye, she's an alicorn princess with the most sweetest face >But you can't >You lack the words to explain such beauty >Hopefully you'll remember by morning time >You would never willingly forget such a sight
>>8243 >Something is off today >You can feel it >Jack is happy to see you and is more giggly than usual >Even Prism gave you a smile when you said "hey" >Shiner is also giving you a weird glance >You think nothing of it and retreat to your room >The fact that the two most social mares follow you isn't helping your growing sense of paranoia >You sit down >They join you and sit as well "..." >You scoot a bit to the side >Both of them, like a true pair, slide forward to close the difference "..." >You purse your lips and look at your monitor >"Look at us instead!" is on a word document "Ah crap." >You put your head in your hands >You just know it >Sparkler is pregnant and Jackrabbit is the father "Alright, out with it." >"You think I'm a princess!" >"Is sleep talking a stress thing? I haven't ever seen you do that before." "What?" >You lean away from them >Jack is in full beam mode, as happy as can be >Shine has a more sadistic smirk >Like she knows >And you find it difficult to avoid that she does, in fact, know a lot of things "No? Did one of you slip me something?" >Jack bounces off the bed and bellyflops onto your lap >"You wish, that was all you!" >She twists and spirals into herself until she ends up completely on her back >Her mane used to look rather fluffy and brushed for once but it immediately went back to the wild mare look "...you alright? You get that out of your system?" >"So can you tell me the origin of your code name... "Ponyboy"?" "...you what." >She giggles at your bewilderment >"As Princess of Your Heart, I demand you give me attention instead!" >Jack channels the element of a frou-frou regal accent blended with her Ma >As if to match the voice, she tilts her chin up and out >She even closes and crosses her hind legs, as if she only just now got points for modesty >You have no clue what to think of this but something deep inside of you says to bail and never return "If this is some sort of psychotic break either I'm having or all of you are collectively having, I'm going to kill myself and then all of you through my ghost powers." >See if you don't do just that >Jack gives up on the accent after another batch of giggling >"Anon? I have something to tell you." "Am I in a coma?" >"No, but you totally talk in your sleep. And you are actually rather receptive to questions." >This is it >You feel death staring you down >And her name is Jack >Except she's staring down at you from below "...you're lying." >"Two words. Blueberry lemonade." >You have no clue what that means but you were thirsty for that all day "T... that doesn't mean anything." >"Hail to the king?" >You didn't say that "...from Army of Darkness?" >"Yup. And you sounded just like Ash did too. You even did the Elvis lip thing." >If you had less of an empty stomach you might have ended up vomiting all over your princess "...you two will tell no one or I'll be dining on pony soup tonight."
>>8244 >You squint and point at both of the dorks >"Too late, we told Prism too. And then we have a big laugh at your expense." >Sparky spoke with glee >That sort of glee came from honesty and knowing that one is too well-defended to feel the consequences of it "...but why." >"Because I told Jacky you were making an idiot out of yourself and she went "awww oh no, not Anon! Quick gang, let's put aside our differences and SAVE him!"." >She puts her front hooves against her face and speaks a few tones too high "Say it ain't so, Jack." >You rub your forehead with your hands >You can't even look away from them >You look down and she's >Right >THERE >"We did have a little song and a dance that you missed out on, and we also built a camp site complete with a tent and fire pit so we could learn how to work together despite our differences." >That's >Impressive >An obvious lie but still impressive "May I see it?" >Jack taps the tip of her chin with her hoof >"Hmmm..." >Her face goes flat and expressionless >"No." "Well crap." >You want to push her off but you just can't bring yourself to even raise your hands to her >You know that if you do, you'll just be compelled to pet her or otherwise do non-fatal, affectionate actions "Can you at least tell me the real reason why all of you are happy?" >Jack inhales, stretches, and exhales >"Well... alright. But first." >She lifts her head up and smiles at Shine >"Can you get Ponyboy some of that lemonade? I need my lap throne." >"Pft. Yeah, sure. Remember to use the recorder on his phone next time." "Yeah, no, nope, there won't be a next time." >Your word has no effect on either of them >"Ahh... that was fun." >Jack taps her chest with her hoof >Against your better judgement, you oblige and start rubbing her chest >It does feel nice, you will admit "Come on. Did I seriously talk in my sleep?" >"Anon? You... totally spoke to us in your sleep. For like an hour." "Lies." >"Not at all. If we let you sleep for long enough, you would stop replying but you could still nod. If I kissed you or licked your face you'd be awake enough to say weird things." >This is by and far the more invasive thing they've ever do >Wait "...you licked my face?" >"We licked your face." >For some reason the thought makes you shiver "You're kidding." >"We had to see if you could tell the difference." >Oh >Oh no "D.. did I succeed?" >"Yes. Which is kinda weird because there was really no way you could have known. You were really out of it." >At least you have that going for you on an even unconscious level "I'm not going to probe into that line of questioning anymore. But I'm serious. What changed all of a sudden?" >"Sparky told us that you wouldn't stop talking about me when you went to the store and that you hit her in front of a store employee because you were so distraught." >That little... "Hey, she was asking for it."
>>8245 >"I know, she said so. So we decided to sit down and..." >For once, the joy starts to seep out of her until she's more relaxed >"...well, it isn't done. Dashie is still kinda mad at me. And I guess I'm still sorta mad at her. I guess the long and short of it is that I... said something I shouldn't have." >She wriggles on your lap >"And I guess it's true that I really am not one to talk." "I..." >You sigh >You remember well >This isn't your issue >This isn't your fight >But "I just want to help. I can't do nothing." >"I know... and really, that's one of the best things I can say about you. It's because of that, that we're all together." "Eh..." >You take your other hand and start to pat her chest like a bongo drum "...did you really like Shine lick my face?" >That is the only bit you truly are still astonished at >"I did. Once. She demanded a "finder's fee" for telling me about how wrecked you were at the store." >At least you were unconscious for that >Does that make it better or worse? "I'm surprised you actually allowed that." >"I'm surprised she almost chickened out." "Seriously?" >"Yeah. I was watching pretty close." "Sneaky... so no free reign." >"Not in a hundred years." "So you'd let her lick me after a hundred and one years?" >"Well you'll be a mummy then so... sure." "Really? I always thought I'd be cremated or something. Or turned into petrified wood." >"Humans can turn into wood?" "..." >The pursed lips and side nod you give her warrants a laugh "Hey, I didn't say anything." >"You were." >This really is a lot better "So are you really ok?" >"Of course I am. I mean... it hurt. It still does. But yeah. We ain't done yet but... she brought up a lot of good points." >Her eyes go to the ceiling >A small smile is all it takes to make her brighten the entire room >"She sheltered me from a lot of things. So... I just didn't notice stuff. And maybe if I knew then what I do now, I would have seen the bigger picture." "Sure. But you can't have that be held against you." >"I know. And she doesn't." >She sighs >That smile is still there >"She's not wrong... but neither am I." >Her eyes turn to you >"Is it weird if I say I'm excited?" "Very. Why would it be exciting for you?" >"Because it means we're being tested by the elements!" "Oh." >The elements of harmony... >She really is stuck on that, isn't she? "Element of honesty time." >"What's up?" "Why are you so fixated on this? You've never been this juiced up and eager with that." >"Because this is something we're doing as ourselves. And it means that when we succeed, it's real success. And not pretend." >That makes sense >You, of course, have your own opinion on things >But you're a human in a human world with a job >No matter how used to them you are and vice versa, that is still the biggest schism >"You look worried, you know." "Ah... sorry. I guess I'm still... I don't know. Surprised? Worried? I've never seen you and Pristine Chapel go at it like that."
>>8246 >"It... it was a secret. It wasn't a good one but it had to come out." >She wriggles on your lap again >"And look at us now. Pretty scandalous, right?" "Well... not entirely. But yeah. I don't know. It's just... yeah." >This isn't your problem >But you still can't not try >The two thoughts headbutt harder than you'd like >"Hey, let's focus on something better. I have a secret for this weekend." "Yeah? What's that?" >Shine is kinda taking a long time on that lemonade >"Element of Kindness. How about a picnic or something?" >Your initial thought of when you were all out on an event... >The less remembered about that, the better "Yeah?" >"Yeah! Like... let's do something like a little hiking trail or something nice. And then let's pack a super big lunch for everyone and we can sing and just kinda..." >She trails off, a blush rising on her face >"...I was kinda hoping you'd interrupt me or say it was a good idea so I didn't have to keep going." "O-oh. Yeah. Ah..." >That does sound good, doesn't it? "But what does that have to do with the element of kindness?" >"Well, see, I was thinking that too. And what I came up with is that we can be honest and trust each other to handle our secrets but... we're kinda being mean, aren't we? So why not balance that out? Ma would agree." >That is an interesting take on it >Kindness is required to temper honesty and to reinforce loyalty "...alright. Yeah, that sounds like a plan then." >You finally take your hands off of her and rub your eyes with your palms "Just... let's be careful with everyone getting mad and stuff. I didn't know what to do." >You lean back until you hit the wall "I don't know why it hit me so hard." >It really did feel like a two ton weight dropped on your head and your heart >"It means you care. You care a ton about me. You care a ton about Dashie too, even if I know you two ain't as close." "I guess." >"Yeah well I know, there's no guessing to it." >You can feel her crawling up your torso until her nose boops against yours >"It's gonna be alright. Right?" "Right." >She hugs onto you >Tight >Too tight >Remain stoic, Anon >She gives one last squeeze and relaxes >You sputter out a cough >"I was hoping you'd say "uncle" or something." "Ah..." >If she does that again, you may really lose a rib "Don't and say you did." >"Got it." >You wanted to at least play something but now that you're laying with her on you, you just want to relax >It really will be ok, won't it? >"Hey Anon?" "Yeah?" >"You were mumbling that I was your princess." "...yeah...?" >"You're my favorite subject." "Pah. Thanks, I think." >You've never even thought of her as a princess before >You better sleep tight with a blanket around your head this time >If they can unlock the secrets to a sleep talking Anonymous, your goose is cooked
(1.54 MB 1500x1500 DawnMornings.png)
(581.99 KB 1500x1500 Sonata.png)
I should probably post these here as well.
>>8251 I'm getting major Dante/Virgil vibes from them being side to side.
>>8247 Picnic sounds good. I wonder where the'll end up, somewhere scenic? >>8251 What flavor is the cupcake?
(2.20 MB 2816x2112 Buttershy.JPG)
>"Hi anon!... Oh, it's YOU. Bitch ass faggot nigger retard, you want to use the fridge? Why don't you fucking kill yourself."
>>8256 >mean fluttershy cussing me out MUH FETISH
>>8256 Did she take a bite out of your apple?
>>8259 No, I just staged that there to make the fridge look worse for the picture.
>>8254 Vanilla, Sonata prefers red velvet.
>>8256 >"Are surprise upsetting insults your fetish?" The /bootleg/-/flutterrape/ crossover we need but don't deserve.
>>8256 >"Kill me." "Later."
>>8247 >"Hey... psst. Wake up." >You don't want to >"Wake up Anon." >Why? >It's Saturday >One of your eyes open >It's Jack >The room is illuminated, as always, by the main computer screen >Rather than laying down, she's sitting in front of you "What is it? What's up?" >"We're talking over breakfast." "Who is "we"?" >"Sparky and Dash. They're gonna do breakfast and want me to stay in here with you." >That doesn't make any sense >Wasn't she hanging out with you last night? "Oh... alright. Cool." >You've been sleeping pretty hard for the last few days >You aren't... not concerned as much as you were earlier >But your worries are washed away by the reassurance you get by the three of them >Were you always some sort of uber softie? "What time is it?" >"It's early." >You yawn for long enough you think you actually went back to sleep for a microsecond "Why am I up then?" >"Because you woke me up." >...what? >How in the world did that happen? "How?" >"You were squeezing me. I ain't a princess yet, you know." "Did I call you that again?" >She nods and rubs her face against your forehead >"Yup. It took me some effort to break free." >You didn't do that >N way "Damn... I'm sorry, Jack. I didn't know." >You close your eyes again >"You don't need to apologize. Dash was up all night and Sparky woke up pretty easy." >Did you, in effect, wake up others too? "Oh no." >With your closed eyes and comfortable tone, it's the least amount of care you could ever display for another >You feel a kiss on your cheek >"We have a new harmony quest." "I know." >You know >And you're stressed as to what could happen next "Ok, good night." >"Wait, not yet!" >Her voice raises but it's still barely above lounge room volume "Nah. Nope. Sleepy sleepy, Jackenstein. C'mere." >You raise up your blanket >In no time at all you feel her swooce right in and press her back against your front "Thanks, princess." >You aren't exactly kidding when you say that >It's certainly not something you couldn't get used to calling her >"See? You did it again." "Nah. No I didn't." >"You totally did." >You can feel her nuzzle your forearm "Nope." >"Yup." "No way." >"You just did it." "Nope. It's your imagination." >"Nu-uh, I swear... my hat on it..." "You don't have a hat." >"Yeah I do, it's in the closet." "Nah man. I sold it." >"You sold it?" "Yeah. I sold it for oatmeal money. I got like about a three fiddy for it." >"...no you didn't..." "I completely did." >You and Jack spend time going back and forth >It continues until you're back to maybe being 30% awake >She apparently shares the same path, going limp except for her yacking jaw >You'd make fun of her more >But right now you just want to relax with her >Princess Lemon Pepper >That sounds so nice "Lempep." >You mumble out some word >Her only response is a mostly-sleeping grunt
>>8218 >You're almost done for the day - and almost finished off every last drop of water you brought along with you. > It's been a successful day, albeit eventful with Midnight saving your bacon. >You really don't know if you could have made it to the truck before the coyote had caught up with you and ripped your leg off. >Or more likely just bit you. >But that's still bad if rabies was involved. >Fortunately, the debate of what is the lesser of two evils is only hypothetical. >...It would be just getting bit though - assuming you were smart enough to go get a rabies shot right away. >Now, all that's left for the day is an upper A-arm suspension piece for a Triumph Spitfire. >...fuck. >That's in the section made up of all foreign makes. >An area you don't visit very often. >And one Midnight is aversive to, seeing the trauma of being dumped here along with a bunch of scrap bots. >All that shit has been buried in a pit, but that doesn't mean the sights and the emotions connected to them are buried. >You lightly step on the brake pedal, bringing the truck to a halt. >Despiter her looking as warm and weary as you feel, Midnight perks up at the unannounced stop. >"This doesn't look like my stop," she comments, turning to you. "What gives?" "I figured I should stop and mention what else we need to get today," you calmly reply, turning to her. "Need to get something from the import area." >Her curiosity and playfulness disappear in an instant as the last words leave your lips. >Instead, her face hardens, trying her damnedest to hide any sort of emotion. >To appear tough. >But you know better. >You can see the faint hint of dread that lies behind those steely eyes. "I'm not saying you can't handle it - and yes, that stuff is all gone and buried out of sight. But I'm putting it out there if you'd rather not - I can take care of it and you can head back to the shop." >"Yes, but what about next time?" "I... next time, what?" you ask, not quite understanding the question. >"The next time we need to go back in that corner. It may be somewhat of a rarity to pull parts from those cars - but sooner or later, we will." "You want to rip this off like a band-aid, now." >She shrugs. >"Staying away from it just makes it a problem, doesn't it? It might not even be that bad without the... reminders." "I'm only giving you the option - whatever you want to do, I'm good with," you reassure her, patting her on the withers. >"Then off we go," she replies quietly, turning to face straight ahead and urging you forward with a nod. >Your foot slides off of the brake and blips the gas pedal, setting off toward the far back corner of the yard. >"You really danced around that suggestion trying to hit all the bases, didn't you?" Midnight comments. >You shrug. "I was more concerned with trying to be neutral than catch your ire - didn't want to suggest you're a puss that can't handle this, but I also know you aren't an emotionless hardass."
>>8302 >"Except when it comes to coyotes," she adds with a snicker. >It makes you crack a grin as the neat rows of cars pass by on either side. "Yes, except in that instance." >Midnight emits an amused hum at your addendum. >For a little while, both of you listen to the truck as it traverses the path laid ahead of you, the muted sounds of the radio adding just a bit of audible ambiance. >"I appreciate you being... I guess thoughtful and yet at the same time, thinking I can deal with this." "Well, it's like you said - have to face it sooner or later. Who knows, maybe it won't bother you too much. But you shouldn't be ashamed." >"I know... but thanks." "No problemo." >As you turn off onto the final artery, the cars become more widely spaced. >You don't keep many foreign makes, considering they're hard to come by, and frankly aren't requested enough to make good money. >But there's still space out here... "You know what a Triumph Spitfire looks like, don't you? That's what we're after," you mention to Midnight. >"Mhm. Vaguely, but good enough to know it when I see it," she replies. "But if you had brought the laptop, we could look up exactly where it is." "If *I* had brought the laptop? I hardly get to use the thing anymore," you remind her. >"...shut up." "That's what I thought." >"I'm letting the next coyote make you a chew toy." >It isn't until you get near the end of the trail before Triumph models begin to show up. >Dolomites, TRs... >And finally, some Spitfires - right alongside the old dumping grounds. >The earth is still somewhat choppy and uneven with faint tractor tire marks that have yet to fully fade away even after almost two months. >You glance around at all the potential candidates for cannibalization of parts, spying a yellow one already raised up in the air with a front tire already taken off and the spindle already missing. "That one looks like our best bet. Just gotta get the bolts out of the frame and we're golden." >Midnight nods, though her vision does not stray away from the mound of dirt just ahead. >Rather than inquire where her mind lays, you pop open your door and climb out after killing the engine. >Those motions are enough to snap Midnight out of her stupor as she shakes her head and follows suit, joining you at the tailgate to pick out tools. "You good?" >"Yeah," she answers, pausing for a deep inhale. " I'm good." >You leave it at that while you walk out to the little sports car and focus on the task at hand. >At least the bolts don't look corroded... >But it still takes a lot of effort and a breaker bar to get the stubborn bastards loose of their resident nut. >All the while, Midnight's attention repeatedly shifts between you and the surrounding area with an expression of unease. "Bringing back some unpleasant memories, I'm guessing?" you finally speak up.
>>8303 >"I guess this place is just sort of burned into my memory - it's as I remember, sans junkpile," she comments quietly. "I suppose some of that is just from... the shock of it all." "Ending up here, you mean?" >"Everything," she answers, splaying her wings wide as an added gesture. "I'd never seen the outdoors until that moment in time. I knew the lab *wasn't* what those people were making it out to be. But I didn't know what was outside the walls..." "Scare you being surrounded by all these cars? At least until you knew what they were?" >Midnight scoffs at the suggestion, vehemently shaking her head. >"I knew what these were. Granted, I'd never seen or heard of automobiles, but - it's a lot like how I learned what anything else was - it was like a light switch. I just knew." "I knew you learned quick but really? That fast?" you ask while finally pulling the first bolt out. >"No, I mean how I knew what things are - the names of items I hadn't seen," she explains. "I think it has to do with the ponybot chips in my head." "Like built-in memory of stuff." >"Yes." >You keep working the next stubborn bolt out of its bushing while something else bubbles up in your mind. "I never did hear how you got out of there." >"Not much to say, really," Midnight dismisses. "Give someone enough time and the means to manipulate it, one can figure out how to fuck with a lock - even an electronic one. I don't think anyone knew what I could really do with my electromagnetic abilities - I certainly didn't. But I learned in privacy, didn't show my hand, so to speak." >You finally get the suspension part free and toss it out into the dirt for Midnight to see. >But her eyes look outward to the landscape, her mind focused on a past memory. >"I still can't help but wonder if someone actually took pity on me," she mumbles in a flat voice. "Pity?" >"Awfully odd for someone to drop a document in your room that details the termination of your project, among other coincidences." "Maybe the guy that headed your - er, case? Project?" >A bitter cackle greets your suggestion. >"Hardly! That miserable asshole wanted nothing to do with me!" Midnight spits. "He was 'stuck' with me for - well, I don't know how long. He was in it for the money and accolades, neither of which I seemed to have offered." >Midnight's posture noticeably sags, her shoulders suddenly too weak to keep her tall and proud. >"Everything done to me was an attempt to get out of the project. Considering there was no way I would *ever* be set for 'production' or sale, or whatever - successful experiments didn't mean anything. Just hope for promotion, recognition, a bonus." >A tear slowly trails down Midnight's cheek, while her face is scarred with a deep-seated hatred. >"He made sure to voice his displeasure of being stuck as the head of my project." "His loss, Midnight," you comment, leaning over to get an arm around her barrel and pull her up next to you.
>>8304 >She doesn't fight it, willingly yielding to the motion. >Whether it was that gesture or the words is trivial - the burden and the grudge that had taken hold of her seems to dissipate, the anger and the unhappiness fading away as she looks at you. >"Yeah, I think you have a point." "I know I have a point." >Midnight hums with approval, and you sit with her like that for a bit. >"I think I've held onto the past long enough," she says aloud, as if reassuring herself. >You keep quiet as she rises up and struts over to the uneven burial pit. >Meanwhile you wait a moment before getting up and joining her side. >"I'm leaving this shit here. All of that... sickness I feel," she says. That bitterness, hatred... it kept me pushing on and figuring things out, dealing with life out here and what I had to endure. It doesn't do me any good to hold onto now, does it?" "No, I don't think so. Not bad to remember your past but... it's the past. I think you want to move on." >"I do." >You watch as her hoof digs into the sand, plowing back a heap to leave a nice divot. "What's that?" >"Reassuring myself I'm burying this baggage," she exhales, before pushing the small mound back into the hole from whence it came. "I have a lot to be thankful for since the last time I was here." >With a nod of finality, she turns to you, her eyes lingering upon your face for a moment in silence. >Just since this discussion, she seems so much more... >Lighter. >Like her mind isn't fighting something back behind the curtain. >Theres a sense of serenity even you sort of feel after watching that little ceremonial gesture. >"Let's go home," Midnight says, flashing a heartfelt, relaxed smile. "Music to my ears, Middie." >You turn and head back to fetch the part and your tools - with Midnight matching your weary stride just off of your side up until climbing into your respective sides of the truck. >You're ready to unwind now as you crank the engine and get going, while Midnight turns up the radio. https://youtu.be/bCFkSAqqMLs >What a day. -----
>>8305 I finally caught up with Midnight just before reading this, so it's my first time reading it as it came out. I really appreciate this story, keep up the good work AutoPony!
>>8306 me too! I really appreciate this moony mare.
If I'm writing a green, should I be posting updates here, as well as on /mlp/? I assumed that everyone here would also be there, but perhaps that's not the case.
>>8310 You can if you want, I don't really know about the difference between the number of eyes here and on /mlp/ though.
>>8310 I don't use 4Chan much because it's so fast paced. I like this board because I can follow every thread at once and there isn't a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Probably a good idea to post here, it's easy.
>>8310 That's what most of us do already. Wherever you write first, copypasta it over to the other side.
>>8305 Always happy to see more Middie.
>>8310 Doesn't hurt to do so.
Alright then. >Twigs and branches whip past your face >Everything stings, everything hurts. >Your breath comes in painful gasps >It feels like you've been running for days. >Glancing to your side, into the dark between the trees, you see them. >Moonlight shines off teeth and bark and hungry eyes. >Timberwolves. >You're going to die here, that's all that you can think of. >And you can hear the many wooden footfalls of death's minions behind you. >You can barely keep your eyes open, everything is exhaustion and pain. >But you see a flash of red ahead of you, and before you can process what it could be you're out of the woods, and onto a stage. >In front of you, the tall red curtain, below you polished wood. >You turn around, and are nearly blinded by the bright yellow spotlights. >In the shadows beyond, you can make out a massive auditorium, seats upon seats reaching back into the dark, with a balcony above with more seats still. >And in the middle of said balcony, you can just barely make out a figure sat in the middle of it. >"Just in the nick of time, so it seems!" The figure rises. "What?" You squint. >"Catch!" The figure tosses something to you, spinning and slowly gliding out of the darkness to rest at your feet. >You pick it up. It's a taxicab-yellow top hat, with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern around the base of it. >You look back up at the balcony, and you see no figure there. >A feminine voice in your ear says, "did you miss me?" "Aaa!" >You stumble forward, dropping the hat and nearly falling off the stage, but are pulled back at the last second by something yanking at the back of your shirt. >You spin around, and the pony now in front of you releases her mouth's grip to quirk an eyebrow at you and grin. >She's a small purple mare wearing that taxicab-patterned top hat, with a cerulean mane beneath it. >Her golden eyes sparkle in the stage lights, and a tuft of white hair peeks out from behind her ear. >"The only answer you need to the question in your head is this:" she jumps to the side, with a hoof held aloft. >"The prettiest mare I may not be, but don't always trust the things you see." >"I belong in this place, I belong within you." >"I'm a mix of the old, with something new." "...the fuck? Who are you?" >"Who's to say? Nothing's set in stone, as of yet." "Did you bring me here, out of the woods?" >"Hey, you were the one doing the running. I just had to pop up in the right place." >"and speaking of running, I think our time's run out." She looks at her bare foreleg as if she were checking a watch. "Don't want to be late for the rest of your life." >She does a pirouette and a small hop, and as she touches back upon the stage- >CRASH >You're awoken with a gasp, as the trash cans in the alley outside your window are knocked over once again. >You sigh, then look over from your mattress on the floor to peer out the window. >you see something struggling amidst the shadows and trash bags below, then wander away. The local racoons are probably at it again. >Though racoons, of course, don't usually gallop like that.
>>8319 >You yawn, stretch, and get out of bed. >Today's looking to be yet another grey, misty day. >after a quick breakfast of oatmeal, you put on your shoes, shrug on a light rain jacket and hike up the hill to the lighthouse. >You don't know why they built the keeper's cottage so far from the building itself, but oh well. >You're just glad to be alone out here. >trudging in and closing the heavy oak door behind you, you climb the stairs to the light itself. >Every day the same, gotta do the basic checks >glass unscratched >oil reserve full >lenses cleaned and clear. >it takes you just under half an hour to do what needs doing - there's a reason your pay is barely more than room and board. >you exit the tower, and take a moment to just stand and enjoy the wind. >Looking down the hill towards the rest of the island, it's a lonely sight. >You're not completely alone here - there's a village to the south, you know - but the closest human being is a full half-day's journey by truck. >However, if you expand your definition of "company" to more than just humans, you're not completely isolated >There's a number of wild horses in the region, and you occasionally get them wandering up your way >You try to keep your distance, since you don't have any experience with wild horses >but watching them gallop about is still nice >you give a sigh. No horses to be seen today, unfortunately. Herd must be off doing, well, whatever horses do. >Eating grass and whatnot, probably. >You descend down to the cottage again. >There's certainly still things that need to be done today. >Your garden is just starting to produce its first harvest, and you're looking forwards to enjoying the fruits (or in this case, vegetables) of your labor. >You need to weed the few potatoes you managed to get growing, and check if the carrots are ripe >You'd like to become a little more self-sufficient out here, if you can. >Rounding the corner of the cottage, however, you do a double take >There's a mare in your garden >She's white like seafoam, and a bit shorter than the usual horses you see around here - more pony than horse. >She's turned away from you, and seems to be investigating your carrot patch "hey! No! Shoo, you silly horse." >You open the gate to go rescue your precious carrots. >You don't know how she got in, either - normally the little fence you built is enough to keep most wildlife out. >She turns around, and her eyes light up >she gives a little nicker, and happily trots over to you >You look down at her, hands on your hips. "A garden is no place for a pony. Agh - don't step on those!" >She steps back - and off of one of your potatoes. "How did you get in here, anyway? If the bigger horses were never able to jump this fence, how did you manage to do it?" >She just blinks at you, horsily. >Look at you. >Talking to a horse. >you chuckle to yourself. >Maybe you've been out here by yourself for too long. >You open the gate and stand aside, and she trots out with no resistance. >You close it behind her, and go to check on the carrots she was investigating. >She'd already dug one up, somehow - but other than a few bite marks it seems fine. >And ripe, too! >Looks like you've got some carrot-picking to do today, after all. >You hear a whinny, and look over. >The mare's gotten up on her hind legs, leaning her forelegs on the fence and looking (hungrily?) at the carrot she "harvested." >You give a chuckle, and walk over to her. >Normally you would never go so close to these wild mares, but this one seems friendly enough. >You offer her the carrot, and she happily starts crunching away at it. >What you find very odd, though, is the situation - normally you never see one of these horses by themselves, when one is around there's always more. >Is she a lost filly? That would explain the size. >She doesn't seem gangly like a filly, though. Just a regular-proportioned horse, but smaller. >The mare trots off, carrot in mouth. "Have a good one, you silly little mare."
>>8306 >>8308 Happy to hear you guys enjoying it. Is there something in particular that draws you to this green, or is it a culmination of a bunch of items? Just curious.
>>8322 I first wanted to read it because I like old cars and want to get a project car once I have an outbuilding for it. In general the greentext style is just used well to convey the feelings of what is going on, and the characters both have relatable problems that they help each other work through. Midnight helps Anon become motivated and productive, and Anon helps Midnight have a healthier conception of herself so she can be happy. Both lessons I have to apply to some extent in real life. My favorite scene in terms of intensity was the one with the karen because the tension was so high. With the buildup up to that point there could be actual consequences like Midnight getting caught. I also felt sorry for the Twilight bot
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Apologies if this deviates from our beloved bootlegs but at the risk of giving Blondie an aneurysm i felt the need to share something i noticed for the sake of catmare appreciators in this thread. It appears that a single user has comissioned a big majority of roseluck art and its almost all of the catmare variety. https://derpibooru.org/search?q=uploader_id%3A228757&sf=score&sd=desc Just searching for roseluck by score also gives some pretty nice results too. Enjoy! third time's the charm i swear i am not ESL just retarded
One-shit? One-shit. >...I fell asleep. >When did I fall asleep? >Not that I should necessarily be complaining, considering how hard it is for me to get shuteye nowadays. >It's so damn hard to let my thoughts clear away and let my mind sit idle. >Ever since they did... whatever it was to my head. >Some sort of an implant. >I'm not really sure what it is. >All I know is sleep is difficult to achieve for more than a couple of hours at a time, and I feel an endless drive to keep occupied. >Read. >Observe. >Learn. >Whatever, I'm up now. >Obviously I didn't rest well, considering I have a mild throbbing pain in my head... >I open my eyes, preparing for the fluorescent assault of light from above. >Nothing. >...Did I open my eyes? >I pay more attention as I feel my eyelids squeeze shut, then slowly pry them open. >Black emptiness again. >...maybe they turned the lights off? >No. >I specifically asked them to keep my room lit at all times so I could read at night, when my mind won't let me rest. >And even when the lights were out, I could make out objects and shapes in the darkness. >So why can't I see? >My heart begins to race as I struggle for some sort of explanation. >Maybe a blindfold? >I don't feel anything on my head... >I raise my head slowly, then turn to the left... >Nothing. >The right... >No change. >Am... >Am I blind? >How? >What is happe- >"Sir, she's awake n-" >"I am standing right here, you think I don't notice the subject's fucking head moving around?" >Of course, it's *that* asshole. >The head of this whole project. >I don't need eyesight to know that beady-eyed, bald-headed jerk is right outside the viewing window of my room. >I don't know his real name. >He doesn't deserve one, other than insults. >The same that he offers to basically any of the scientists on the project under his direction. >He has to be the reason why I can't see right now. >The other voice... >I don't recognize it. >Probably another new assistant for dickhead extraordinaire to abuse until the fellow either transfers or quits. >But my emotions quickly seize control from the observant and calculating part of my mind. "What is going on?" >I try to sound calm and firm, but my voice is a bit... shaky. >"According to our newest and most brilliant scientist, you're awake," you hear, doubling as both a sarcastic response to you and a backhand of sarcasm for the new guy. "Why can I not see?" >"Probably aftereffects of the surgery - I'm sure the optic nerves need some time-" "What did you do to me?!" I shout, angry and fearful as any attempt at remaining calm evaporates. >"I was going to tell you until you interrupted me," he responds, calmly and overly polite. >I give him an ugly scowl but hold my tongue from lashing out any further. >"Better. Now as I was saying, it's probably going to take some time for your optic nerves to heal, the swelling to subside - I'm not exactly shocked to hear that your sight hasn't returned yet, but I'm sure it will in time."
>>8334 "That doesn't explain what you fucked with." >"Language, Princess." >He knows I've come to hate that fucking name. > It's become a running joke. >The way he says it- that drawn-out, sarcastic tone. >Trying to pretend like he actually sees you as something other than a test dummy. >No princess would be subjected to this kind of life. >A lab rat in a hundred-foot by hundred-foot steel and glass habitat. >"We replaced your eyes." >That simple statement sends chills through my whole body. >What the fuck?! "There was nothing wrong with my eyes, you fucking asshole!" >I hear his hand slap the glass window of the door, the loud, sharp sound making me jump. >"You keep speaking to me like that and I'll find something else to fuck with on you, you ungrateful shit!" head asshole extraordinaire shouts in anger. "Oh, crude language is only allowable when it's used by you toward your little fuckboy labcoats underneath you as well as me, huh?! And what do I have to be grateful for?!" >I'm done with this. >I can't just let this go. >This is too much. >My mind races with the consequences of what this newest surgery might present. >At least the second one didn't have any effects. >It didn't work at all. >'Needs further fine-tuning for the brain to manipulate it,' apparently. >But this is... >What if I never get my vision back? >The only thing that I feel like keeps me sane is reading and learning. >Without that... >What do I do? >What use do I have anymore to- >No. >Use to them is not a life worth living. >Maybe that would be the end of all of this. >Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. >"Sir, maybe we should just let her be. She's upset, and the stress is only going to-" >"Shut the hell up, newbie. You only work for me because the last dumbass assisting me quit. Keep your opinions to yourself, I don't want them." >"...Right. Sorry." >All I can do is listen. >And try to calm down. >Getting upset isn't going to help me. >"You are writing everything down in regards to the initial outcomes, yes?" >"Of course." >You hear Sergeant Dickhead clear his throat. >"I'm stuck on this stupid experimental project because the suits were more intrigued by what else I could do to you rather than the outcome of enhancing your intellect - I would love to be moving on and up to more important shit, but here I still am. So you should be grateful because you still have a purpose to be alive." "It's not a good one." >"No, probably not." >I don't know why I was expecting anything else, but his agreement with my bitter comment only makes my stomach sour further. >"Do you have any pain? Any sorts of shapes you can make out, or is it all just... black?" > It's the new puppet asking questions now. "No pain. No vision at all." >"And now we play the waiting game," you hear the head honcho sigh impatiently. "I'm sure I have more goddamn paperwork to waste my time with in the meantime. I love my fucking job." >You hear footsteps on the tile floor slowly fade off down the hall.
>>8335 >But it only sounds like one set... >"Are you all right?" >It's the new guy's voice, just outside the door. >Quiet, almost caring. >Sympathetic. >It happens from time to time with the new people. >Those ones usually don't last long. >Giving a damn about the subjects is sort of frowned upon. "I'm fucking wonderful. What would possibly be bothering me on a beautiful day like today?" >I don't skimp on the sarcasm. >I don't even really need to try to force it into my voice nowadays. >"Sorry." "Of course you are. Everyone is. Now leave me alone, I have important things to do, like lay here and stare into darkness with my lovely new prosthetics." >Nothing. >Theres no response. >But no footsteps, either. >You wait a few moments - but still, silence. >Is he just going to stand there, ogling you? >You aren't an exhibit. >"Hey, you aren't down here to play with yourself while staring at the test subjects, move your ass, rookie!" >Before you spit more poison into the interaction, Dickhead hollers from down the hall. >"You should improve in a day or two, things just need to heal and the inflammation has to subside. But I gotta go," the new hire quickly spouts. >"Have fun. I'll be here." >More bitter sarcasm for his trouble as his footsteps briskly echo down the hall. >He isn't going to last long down here in this pit of shit. --- https://ponepaste.org/7201
>>7834 >As you return to consciousness you notice that your head is propped up on something and feel someone stroking your mane. >Your eyes flutter open as you turn your gaze upwards. >Anon looks down at you and smiles, “Hey, little lady, how was your nap?” >Stretching your legs out with a groan, you reply, “It was the best sleep I have had since I arrived here.” >The smile on his face grows a little wider, “That’s great.” >He looks away from you to the space in front of him, you do so as well and see Dawn Glow standing there. >She adjusts her glasses with a hoof, “Now that Rosie’s awake, I can tell you what the temporary solution I mentioned earlier is.” >A vial of silvery-white fluid levitates out from her coat before suspending itself in front of Anon, who gingerly takes the presented item, “That is what Selene calls ‘liquid moonlight’, one dose and you’re guaranteed to have 8 hours of dreamless sleep.” >Anon grips below the lip of the vial with his index finger and thumb and starts to move the vial in small circles, causing the contents to swirl around inside. >Satisfied with whatever he was doing, he turns his attention back to Dawn, “Any side-effects to look out for?” >Dawn shakes her head in response, “Magdalene used it for almost a decade, and I’ve been using this version on and off for the past few years and we haven’t experienced any side-effects yet.” >He gives a slow nod as an answer, before slipping the vial into the breast pocket of his jacket, “Can’t say that entirely puts my mind at ease but we’ve really got no other options. So how many doses are in this then?” >“It should last you from tonight to next Friday night,” she giggles, “I intend to take full advantage of your offer, Mr. Chambers, so I’ll refill it when you come and pick me up.” >A soft chuckle comes from Anon as he looks at you, “Sound like a plan, Rosie?” You hadn’t been paying attention due to being distracted by Anon smelling of freshly baked bread for some inexplicable reason, so you respond with a simple, “M-hm.” >“That settles it then,” he says, rummaging through his jacket before taking out a pen, “Mind if I borrow your notepad real quick, Dawn?” >She turns and lightly grasps the edge of the notebook with her teeth before giving it to Anon. >Anon quickly writes something down before handing it back to her. >After Dawn puts the notepad back where it belongs, Anon says, “Well I said I’d give you that before we leave, and now that I have I guess that means it’s time for us to go.” >He pats the side of your barrel to let you know to get up, to which you oblige after reorienting yourself. >Before you pass Dawn she rests a hoof on your shoulder, “I know I came off as cold, but I want to let you know that I’ll be trying my hardest to get your nightmares solved as fast as possible.” >You open your mouth to ask how but she pulls you into a hug. >She’s warm, warmer than Anon even, and you feel any tension you had left in your muscles from sleep fade away. >After what feels like a minute she lets go of you and steps back, “Please take care, Rosie.” >Anon stands by the door and gives Dawn a nod and a small wave, “Stay safe.” >Dawn nods in response and Anon opens the door for you. >The chill of the night air greets you once you step out, nearly snuffing out whatever leftover warmth Dawn had left with you. >You let out an audible shiver and suddenly find yourself lifted into the air; the scent of fresh bread reaches your nose again as Anon holds you against his chest. As he starts making his way back to the car, you decide to lean your head against his shoulder before tilting it up to look at him, “Care to tell me why you smell like a bakery? Did you and Dawn Glow get something without saving some for me?” >“Huh,” he says, giving you a confused look, “If anything I’d say I smell like I was doused in vanilla. You sure you aren’t just hungry? Pretty sure you haven’t eaten anything since lunch.”
>>8340 “I am, but that is not what I am asking.” >“No, we didn’t eat without you- especially because eating would ruin my appetite for where we’re going for dinner.” “Where would that be?” >He opens the door to his car and sits down, placing you in the passenger seat and buckling you in before saying, “Waffle House.” “But would there not be people there?” >The engine roars to life as he scratches his beard, “At this hour it’d likely just be us and maybe three people on staff.” >His words do nothing to assuage your worries, but as he pulls out of the parking lot and back onto the highway you think that maybe this could be a good idea, if you are to live in this world you have to get used to talking to other people besides Anon. >The free food is nice too.https://ponepaste.org/4579
>>8320 >Anon isolated at a lighthouse, discovers the local mares are friendly This sounds like a very interesting setting. Curious to see where it goes.
>>8336 Glad Midnight managed to escape all that. She must have experienced some true horrors while she was in the lab.
>>8301 >The element of kindness >Between you and Jack putting your heads together, you came up with... >Nothing >Absolutely nothing came to mind foe the element of kindness >You can test and show loyalty >You can very obviously be honest >But what is it to be kind? >More so, what is it to be kind? >You want to, but you can't claim that it is kindness to want to push your face into Jack and Prism's problems >It isn't kindness to force everyone to hang out either >You considered it an abject lost and instead slept the weekend away >You don't know if it was stress, or allergies trying to froth up into illness, or just your body collecting on insomnia's tax >Jack slept with you a lot >Shiner would sometimes talk to-at-you about her strategies >Only once did Prism check up on you >It was an idle question of if you were doing well >And you were >It wasn't like you were banging your head against the wall over the harmony quest >Now it's Monday... >Work came and went >Your days there go by so quickly >Not only is your job mind numbing, but there are no more mysteries to solve about how to do something >It's routine >Only when you come home do you revive >Even if your failure to come up with something hangs off of your neck like a brick, you're happy to hear the dorks talking in the living room >Kicking off your boots and flinging your jacket to the ground, you decide to join them >It's far better than going to your room to sulk >They go quiet as soon as you're in eyesight >...well that can only be a good sign >"Welcome home, Anon. Sit with us for a bit." >Prism takes charge as the lead speaker and nods to a pile of fabrics "Well I was going to but now I'm worried. Did our pyromaniac set a bird on fire again?" >"W-what!? I've never done that, even once!" "Yeah-huh. You torched that thing like a Castlevania chicken, don't deny." >You sit and smile at the torrent of unicorn cursing >She probably hasn't done that >But it's just fun to tease >Not very kind of you >Jackinomics doesn't laugh any, which worries you >"Anon... we gotta talk about something." >By her tone, she isn't too fond of this either >Ah crap >It's going to be bad news, isn't it "...well. Since you put it that way, I can only be worried. What's up?" >Sparkler looks to Jack, the you >"I guess I'll start. It's about the harmony quests and how our last one went." >Of course it is >You chose the wrong game to play to begin with >How could a topic like that be played with so openly? >"G...geeze, don't look like I told you that you have cancer." >As much as you want to, you can't shake that weight off >Focus lost, she looks back at Jacky >A mutual look is shared between the two >At this point, you're prepared for the worst >Jack does her best to clear her throat >"I... think what she meant to say is that you kinda made us look a little deeper into ourselves than any of us were first expecting." >That isn't the bombshell >The worst has yet to be said >You're sure of it
>>8350 >"Jacky is right." >Prism takes off like she was anxiously waiting her turn >"Jacky initially came up with this, and we decided it would be fun. But it really has shown us just how... not-great we are. I did not know we had so many grievances, no matter how big or small they are. And through your careful planning, we've exposed everything to everyone." >She looks at her sisters >They nod >"And... none of us are truly strong enough to handle all of it. Not so quickly, and not by ourselves." >That's a way to cushion the blow, isn't it? >Jacky gives her best cheeky smile >"So, with that in mind, we decided what to do about the element of kindness!" >You have no clue how one thread connects to the other "...what? We didn't do anything, though. You and I spoke about some stuff but obviously we didn't do anything." >"Not true!" >Prism really seems to enjoy the initiative with this >Her almost formal tone makes you think that she spent days trying to sound impressive >"You see, we looked at ourselves and of the elements. And... while our problems are not yours, you have consistently shown loyalty, honesty, and certainly kindness toward us. Two of us are sitting here now because of your kindness." "Oh come off it, you know I couldn't ju-" >"No, how about you come off it Anon." >While she tried to sound proper before, Shine's classic irritation seeps through >"You keep deflecting stuff like you "had" to do it. And you didn't. No one else would. Accept the compliment or I'll buck you hard enough that you'll have to go back to middle school until they drop." "I..." >Did she just threaten to buck your lads? "...you said that really weird but I understood what you said completely." >That seems to be enough to make the girl proud >"Don't worry Anon, I've been teaching her the wrong things on how to buck so it would only last a few hours." >Jack leans toward you while speaking, much to the chagrin of her apparent pupil >"And if she ever did it, I told her I would bite off her horn, chew it in front of her like that gum with the silly commercials and then spit out the fragments like bullets." >That raises even more questions >What the hell have these ponies been talking about and how did they get so creatively violent? >...maybe it's the D&D "So. What is going on again?" >Prism sighs >At least she's amused by their antics >"Fillies being fillies, Anon. The main focus of the matter is that we decided on our own element of kindness quest... and that was to let you rest. While we always had an eye on you, we decided that you shouldn't have to shoulder this burden all on your own. Whether or not you agree, we all believe that it would be insulting for you to have to find a way to show us what it means to be kind via some... party game. When you effectively live by it." >You're speechless, frankly >You would never claim yourself to be some sort of paragon >Far from it, you just do what you think is right >Buying food and helping out isn't anything abnormal
>>8351 >You just want to >Wait >Wat one kindness cotton second "...did you just call me Fluttershy?" >Prism furrows her brow >Thinks on it >And nods with a content smile >"Yes. Yes I did. It suits you, doesn't it?" >"You are a big human but even without my magic, I could probably beat you up if you were a stallion." >"And you're yellow! Like me." "...yay." >You didn't expect to sound so defeated but it led to Jack giving her own cheer >"Anyway." >Shine picks up >"We let you relax for the weekend because you talking in your sleep and stuff... yeah, that's not what you normally do. And if anyone would know that, I would." >The death squint from Jack goes unnoticed >"And because we're all supposed to fit the tenants or... themes? Whatever, we decided on the next few elements and what they should be. This weekend, we're doing generosity and it is our quest. So we're going to do that and you're going to be ready, well-rested and not look so much like a disheveled hobo by then." "Bruh." >"...you could use a haircut, I will admit." >"Hey! He has a winter coat just like we do." "Too much honesty." >You're still a little... distracted? >Your mind is too busy to focus "So are you... did we fail kindness?" >The varying levels of concern the mares show you is >Concerning >"...we just explained it to you, Anonymous. We're considering it a success, and we are making sure that you don't have to do everything on your own." >The trying tone in Prism's voice reminds you of an annoyed school teacher "...oh. Well that's cool. Great work, gang." >The concern doesn't go away >"...Jacky?" >The wing ringleader looks to your favorite carrot top >"Bed?" >"Please. We'll get started on dinner later." >Jack beams and hops off of her makeshift seat >"Come on, Mr. Man, you need a stiff drink, a movie full of working stiffs with guns and other things that involve stiffness." >You think >You really do think >That maybe there's an innuendo in there >But you will admit, at least to yourself, that your head is such a mess that you can't argue with her >Maybe a drink will help >Or three >If what they said is true, then that's one more harmony quest down >You feel silly for taking it so seriously >Especially since Jack more or less brought up the entire idea on a whim >You still want to believe that this was a good idea "...can we watch John Wick again?" >"Yes but you'll have to eat all your dinner before we get to the sequels." "Come on man, the sequels are far better than the first!" >"Then you better eat every bit up!" >You have no clue why Jack is calling the shots but screw it >You're hungry anyway so joke's on her
>>8322 Firstly I love the characterization of Midnight. The banter between her and anon is cute, and I think she's hot af. I also really connected with Anon's situation of being stuck in a rut, and having a mare that shakes him out of that. That's the sort of story I really love.
>>8323 >>8368 I really appreciate the insight, guys. Thank you. I'm always curious in what strikes a chord when it comes to certain stories.
>>8352 >"Hey Anon." "Hey Shine." >"You almost died." "Only almost." >"But still almost." "You know I haven't died once since my new run started." >"Yeah but the enemies are starting to scale harder too. Your healing is maxed out but it really doesn't seem like it's getting any easier." "Eh. It'll be fine." >Things are starting to level out >You still don't feel all that comfortable about it, but the element of kindness has been checked off >Last night helped a lot >"...so tell me about work." "Eh? Work?" >"Yeah. What's it like, having a job?" "Why, you want to get gainfully employed?" >The unicorn scoffs >She's sitting like you, on her hind end and with her back to the wall >It's kinda funny because she her body scrunches into itself >"As if. I'll be happy to spend the rest of my days doing exactly what I already do." "Yeah... I bet. Well..." >The topics revolving around work >Income >It has always been a thing that just never sees much conversation "I guess it's alright. After a certain point in life, you kinda have to deal with that taking up a ton of your waking life. You could say it's soul crushing but I'm usually not paying attention to that so it isn't so bad." >"That sounds like a lot of crap." "Tell me about it." >"Alright." >That was a rhetorical statement >You get the feeling she knows that >"It sounds like crap and it sounds like something that would be especially weird for you." "Why? I still know how to talk to humans." >"I guess. How do you get by?" "You know?" >Only now do you realize that it's been two and a half years since Jack came into your life >It feels like it was only a month ago "I'm... not sure. I guess I just always had you dorks in mind." >She laughs >It sounds like a guffaw of astonishment >"Wow." "Right? I guess I am pretty lame, like you said before. I can't hide that." >She isn't laughing now >"You know I didn't mean it that way..." "Nah, you did. If I'm really offended, it's because I just don't like that it's true." >You can feel the awkward vibes from the sitting pony >"...so what do you think about then?" "What, when it comes to you?" >"Yeah. I mean... yeah. I think about you. Often." >She sounds more awkward now than when you brought up her true insults >"But... not because I have to. Like you do." "Well it's not like I have to, either. But I want to. I replay our last few matches and try to think of how I could have better countered you. I think of what you guys are up to. I wonder if I want to actually do something when I get home or if I just want to nap around and join the little mob of laziness. Since you and Prism take care of stuff like laundry and cooking, I really don't have to focus on absolutely everything. It really clears up the mind." >"Heh. You've mentioned how you like that before. Are you really that easily impressed?" "Well it isn't that it's easy or hard. It's just that it's done and I don't have to worry about it. I get to be focused until I stop focusing."
>>8384 >"I can see that. We kinda take care of things here so I guess we are doing our part. Whatever that means." "It means enough." >That seems to satisfy both of you >At least for a while >"You're almost dead." "Shut." >"You're panic-rolling." "You shush." >"Oh, nice save." "See? Told you." >"So... about work." >Again with the work topic? "You looking for a weekly allowance or something?" >"No, I... you saying I could have had an allowance this entire time?" >Crap "N... no." >"Cheapskate." "Hey!" >The open grin is too much for you to stay mad at >She really does look the most alive when she's teasing or poking at someone >That or when she's half a day into a game >"Outside of knowing that you're stiffing us on snack money..." "Yeah?" >No reply "Sparkler?" >"I don't really know how to say it." "Then just say it." >"It... isn't a bad thing that you focus on us." "Yeah?" >"And it is something that we do pay attention to, since some days you really just want to relax and sleep." "Yeah?" >"And that sometimes you come back with your hands cut up..." "...yeah?" >Shine blows air out of her mouth hard >"I don't know, I'm not good at this sort of thing." "Speaking like you're smart? Yeah, I could tell." >"Eat me." >She seems to really be thinking on this >"...nevermind." "You sure?' >"Yeah. Nevermind." >It really isn't often that she gives up like this >She almost never just lets a possible interrogation trail off "Alright then." >You keep playing as usual >Even if you feel fatigue rising >The next thing you notice, when you come to, you're laying on your side >You haven't given up >... >What were you giving up on?
>>8385 >You can hear singing >It isn't that loud >You don't hear any music to go with it >You blindly reach out but you can't feel anything >Wait >Nothing around you at all >You crouch down and >Yup >Yeah >You can't feel any floor either "Well crap, I guess this landing is gonna suck." >That realization leads to your eyes opening >You feel like the air got knocked out of you >Sleep paralysis? >...no >You can still move just fine >As much as you want to >It took a while to notice but while you can hear AVGN play, you can't see anything >Your face is mushed against something... warm >It's someone's chest >The scent is... >Yeah >You inhale once more to be sure >It's Jack >You shift your body just the slightest to feel someone against your back >You drag a hand back and the coat tells you that it's Shiner >Is that why you feel so warm? >You don't even have a blanket on but you feel like you've been swaddled in a fluffy quilt >Maybe Jack chest has that effect >You blindly feel around until you grab your phone >Your alarm won't go off for a while >You want to just turn it off and spend the rest of the day sleeping >But you can't >You set the phone down and rest your hand on your face-warming mare >As little a thing as it is, those harmony quests have really stirred things up >You already miss the far more... >Lazy days and nights >It's a pretty pathetic thing, to feel strain from doing so little >But that's not the right way to put it, is it? >Maybe it isn't strain at all, but the fear of what the further change will bring >Maybe you're just overthinking it >Soon enough you'll have to leave them for another day of white noise >It really is hardly worth thinking about, especially since you've learned everything quickly enough >You do have a few interesting stories and some good days, sure >But they really don't compare to just being around the dorks >Maybe you can get something rolling, like a Take Your Horse To Work day >...on second thought, maybe not >You can imagine Jack making googly eyes at revolvers and wanting to shoot something >Shine actually shooting someone >Prism? >You wish she could have joined the pile >She probably would just sit in the corner and quietly judge you >In your half-awake daze, inspiration strikes >What if... >Could you find work that would let them come with? >Obviously they aren't useless >Their skillset isn't quite like a human's but they still exist >It might be challenging, even if it's something they can naturally do >Could any of them handle even a part-time job? >Maybe you should bring that up later >Now isn't the time >Not when you can just enjoy the moment >Another shameless inhale kicks your mind into high gear >If Jack ends up getting a job, she'll need to take more baths >Prism is the most obvious but they all are a bit high strung when it comes to keeping clean >Maybe you need one of those tote bags to haul them around in >Or a chest rig >Another inhale >Longer than the other times >That's the good stuff
>>8386 >Lazy days and nights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqNUJCe0Drs Don't really have much to comment other than that sounds like a supremely comfy situation waking up covered in mares ^:) Kind of funny as it reminds me of the ducklings I saw in a store today who were doing much the same thing, basically sleeping in a pile.
Out of curiosity, has anyone done a Frankenstein-type pony? Was an idea the crossed my mind, Dr. Frankenstein Anon in Equestria.
>>8434 Frankenstein in what way? Like Rare with a mix of "parts"?
>>8434 Yeah, that was the idea with Buttershy. >>7511 (6721)
>>8437 Pretty much. Was imagining something like out of Young Frankenstein except in Ponyville. >>8438 Almost forgot about that one. It gave me a good chuckle.
To celebrate something, gonna set up a good ol' fashion W2G room either tonight or tomorrow. Drunk singing will probably be included sooner or later.
(376.27 KB 864x882 image.png)
>>8473 Neat.
>>8320 >Anon dreamed. >He was at the top of the hill, where the lighthouse was - but there was no lighthouse, only him. >And the horse, the mare he saw today - she rose out of the water to meet him. >But she was a unicorn. >Her mane was slick and heavy with seawater, and her white coat shone in the moonlight. >Indeed, the moon was particularly bright. >she rode up on the water, the tide taking her all the way to where he stood - and she kissed him on the lips, gently and gracefully. >When she opened her eyes, she had the same bright gaze she had in the garden, when stealing his carrots. >He woke up to a noise outside - the creaking of the garden gate. >The cottage was still dark, it was still the middle of the night, or perhaps early morning. >Sighing, he got out of bed. Must've not latched it properly after that last bit of weeding. >The wind was just going to pull it back and forth the rest of the night, if he didn't latch it properly now. >shrugging on a sweater and shuffling out the door, the source of the noise was revealed. >In the light of a bright waxing moon, was a certain little white mare sniffing about his garden. >Upon hearing the front door open, her ears flicked towards him, and with a flick of her tail and a slow half-turn in his direction, she raised her head to look back at him. >In the shadows cast by the moon, he swore she wore a knowing smile. >His heart fluttered, though he couldn't fathom why. >It's just a horse, Anon. >An overly friendly animal interested in your vegetables. >she gave a breathy little nicker, like a chuckle. >Suddenly, she didn't seem so much like a filly anymore. >Cunning eyes - and a subtle lick of the lips. >Anon shut the cottage door as fast as he could, locking it behind him. >His heart was still beating a mile a minute, his fingers were shaking, and his trousers were suddenly feeling a little tight. >'What the FUCK is going on here.' >'Am I still asleep?' >'Why am I afraid?' >His mouth felt dry. >He stumbled through the dark cottage over to his sink, and got a cup of water. >His hands were still shaking, and he felt out of breath, but at least his throat felt a little less parched now. >He heard an amused whinnying outside. >'Can't deal with this shit, right now.' >Anon crawled back into bed, and fell asleep to the sound of the crunching of carrots. https://ponepaste.org/7175 I am aroused and afraid, today this green feels out of my control
>>8473 Should I get some drinks of my own? I rarely drink, but doing so with other anons sounds like a fun time.
>>8476 Sure, the more the merrier. No reason to get blasted, of course stick within your own preferences.
(426.12 KB 468x439 Hi Anon send help.png)
>>8434 There's certainly some material for it
>>8175 A little hard to follow exactly, The "game delayers" bit kind of made me doubletake and think it was some kind of vidya. but cant quite tell if I just dont get some of the wording. But still made me chuckle looks like you're going for the ol niche for the mentally unstable boots.
https://w2g.tv/hzon5fwh2rviz2a937 I suppose the "official" time is in an hour but more or less just pre-gaming. Bring your best booze and snacks for best results.
>You never had it easy >Contrary to what most thought about you, growing up was absolute hell >Chasing some shady con artist and her dense little sister >Sleeping in mud >Dealing with the shame of arrests and being stuck in some pig sty of a pen for every mare and stallion to scoff and insult >Dealing with getting left behind every time you felt the least amount of comfort >Dealing with being so confused and clueless that you didn't even know how to use magic >Those were the days, weren't they? >You look down at the street from your office >All of them have families >Friends >Trustworthy ponies that live their lives to the fullest >You used to avoid these parts of towns and cities >They were rich >Too rich for you >You could never blend in, no matter how hard you tried >Even if you were offered something, you didn't know how to grab it with your magic >Like a nightmare come true, everyone would look at the filly who was gifted an ice cream and let it fall to the ground >It works better now >The last time you had an accident, it was covered up >But you had to change to another town >You've been here for... >How long has it been? >Three months by next week? >You're a respectable mare now >You focus on numbers, logistics >Due to your help, what used to be a little tinder box of a lumber company has grown >Swallowed up competition and spit out the redundant bones >You would never admit to it >You would never show >But part of you enjoyed seeing stallions and mares lamenting about how they could no longer feed their families >Why would you care? >You got by just fine >You did more than just get by >Years of crying, fighting, bleeding, stealing, lying >All of those things made you the mare that you are today >They even call you "Ms. Shine" now >No one would ever call you that without your position >Your power >That is all that matters now, isn't it? >Jacky and that "Dashie" of hers... >You haven't seen them in years >After that fight with that so-called gang of colts, you were left bleeding on the ground >That was when your magic first truly came to life >It hurt more than anything else in your life, to push your chest back out >But apparently you lived >They did too, you imagine >When you came to visit them a few days after, they were gone >The rags they had >The bottles of perfume >Even the food >All of it was still in that rat's nest of a tunnel >Of course, you ate all of the food >You sold the perfume >Or did your best to >There's someone always in greater need >So you exploited that >Without hesitation, you sold every dram of foul smelling floral liquid to anyone who would give you the time of day >You wouldn't have >But thankfully others did >Once you finally started to accumulate enough bits, you bought yourself a meal >A real meal >You couldn't finish it >No matter how ravenous you were, you left two thirds of it alone >You never did understand how and why you would so something so wasteful >They wouldn't come back fo ryou >They weren't your true friends >They were never your friends >But you were theirs >Why else would you have followed them for hundreds and thousands of miles? >Why else would you always include them in on your plans and schemes? >Sure, some went bad and you had to leave them behind >They weren't useless, they could handle themselves >And they didn't show hesitation when they were in the clear and you were in trouble >You look at your desk >Proper >Rich, dense wood >You had it built, custom-made >When you first got an office, it doubled as your home >You ate and slept in it >A hard wood floor was nothing compared to mud, stone and worse >Others took that a sign of endearment and dedication >Even where you work right now >You wouldn't hesitate to burn everything down if it suited you >Why would you care? >They paid you >You did things no one else could >That was as far as that relationship went
>>8521 >You work until the sun goes down >Letters and business offers >Warnings of audits if not-at-all-fake threats were ignored >A >A personal letter? >Who would give a letter to you? >The last time you had any form of social call or personal letter, it was a suitor >Your horn went out of whack and burned him when he said that he loved you >You hadn't even met him before, and after only a few hours of talking he went and said that >You were mortified but did your best to remain stoic >You thought for sure that you would be flayed and left for crows to pick at >...Instead, days later the fool's father approached you and apologized >He formally apologized for his son's behavior and offered you a job >The goal, he said, was apparently to have his son married off and to get a company asset, all at once >You still don't get it even today >The father has long since been in the ground and the son runs things now >He apparently never married but also never spoke to you >Not directly >Perhaps he knows what's good for him >You carefully open the letter >You often rip them apart out of poor control but others view it as anger or frustration >Compared to what you felt before, this is nothing >"Bonjour! >This is Madam Jelly Belly. It has come to my attention that you were once friends with a little filly who called herself "Jacky". Do you remember her? I sure hope so! >I am reaching out to you in hopes that you have knowledge on where she lives. Ever since she ran away, I have given every bit I could to help find her." >...of course >You haven't seen her for years and she's still somehow so much more important than you >You have the strong urge to stop reading and to just turn the letter to ashes >But >You continue to read >"Through my team's investigations, we have found out through numerous guard reports that you were a known associate of her. I hope this means you were a friend as well?" >As if >She wasn't your friend >Just as you apparently weren't hers >"If so, please write me back! I feel foolish for letting her run like that. If she is in trouble, or has found her family, or whatever the situation may be, allow me to help! I promise that I will do everything in my family's power to help. She doesn't need to keep running." "Fat chance, lady..." >The first words you've spoken all day >Bitter and quiet >"For your assistance, I have sent an unmarked but signed cheque. To show me your support, please write whatever number you wish and cash it. Upon cashing, I will be notified of your bank of choice and we can talk further. >May every day bring a new blessing! >~Jelly Belly" >You turn the letter over >Apparently it is a check >Signed and dated too >All that is left to fill in is the amount >What a silly mare >Doesn't she know that someone could openly rob her? >What does she have to gain, by risking so much? >If the thought were more humorous you might have smiled >Instead, the letter ignites in a white-hot blaze >You watch the fire dance and consume >The fire used to be a dark, bloody red >But it brightened up, the more you learned to control it >Then it turned to orange >Then yellow >Blue >Now, from blue to even white >You hardly recognize it anymore >When there are only remnants of ashes that remain, collected in a little red ball >It blinks away >Outside of the smell of burnt paper and the ambient heat that turned part of your desk black, no traces remain >Just like what happened to those two
>>8522 >You finish your day only when the sun goes down >Without moving from your spot, you directly affect the lives of dozens of ponies >Some are letters of resignation >Letters for assistance or for bonuses >Some that are almost legal threats about their businesses getting devoured >So much is affected >And you can't bring yourself to care >If they were smarter, they would surely be in your position >If they had friends, they would surely find other work, or have support >If they were willing to do what you did, they would surely not be so pathetic >But there they were >And here you are >"Miss Shine?" >The faintest smile you could have drops at the sound of some office filly tapping her hoof against your door "What." >You don't mean to be mean >You don't care if you are, granted >But the fear in her eyes when she looks at you >Part of you knows exactly what that is >You can't hate someone who is so clueless >You aren't a monster >The filly flinches at your cold reply >"O-oh, uh, I... ah..." >She looks down at the floor, disengaging from your empty stare >If you were still that little trash pony, would she still be so cowardly? >Probably not >The passing thought makes you blink "Speak." >The idle annoyance in your tone makes her jump high enough to nearly knock her head on the ceiling >"AH! I-I'm catering for today's dinner b-because my parents ahum... we r-run a cafe! Would you like some... food? Please?" >This is probably a ploy to get you on their good sides >Even here, you aren't a nobody >You glare at her >Rather, it's more like you stare right through her >Does she have friends? >How will she recount this situation with you? >Of all of the things she would says, she probably wouldn't dare badmouth you >Because she knows that with a signature and a quickly drafted declaration, you could kill her family >... >'s business >You blink a few times at that thought >It doesn't impress you >You really don't feel anything at all from it "Yes. Thank you. I think I have had them before. My usual." >Relieved that you have finally given her an answer, she salutes for a full second before fleeing at full speed >"Yes thank you I'll be baaaaaaa..." >It's obvious you've frightened her >You didn't mean to >In record time, the filly and two delivery mares stop by >Without moving, you watch the night sky take over while the meal is set up >It's a feast, frankly >More than enough to feed three >"T-thank you for choosing us Miss Shine! P-please come again!" >The filly and her two cohorts leave >Funny >You have more than enough money than you care to count >And yet they haven't charged you >You paid them exactly once >After that, they refused to take your money >They came up with excuse after excuse, until the father outright begged that you eat for free >The cafe was his grandmother's and he wished to see it flourish long enough for his daughter's foals to run it >The notion was hilarious to you >At the time, you didn't understand it >The mere concept >You laughed at him >You howled with manic jubilation at his request >Much to his horror >You could see it in his eyes >The look that he was going to die if you said "no" >You left, still cackling >You never did answer him >But apparently he took it as a good sign and always had some pony deliver food right to your office >Twice a day, without fail >Every breakfast was simple enough >Your stomach and body had grown enough that you no longer felt ill by eating an entire plate by yourself >And for dinner... >Three plates >Three separate orders >You don't remember what they used to like to eat anymore >You have memories >But they aren't clear "You two better be grateful." >You mumble to yourself >You eat in silence, watching the two other plates >This probably looks pathetic, but no one has ever said it >You would feel ashamed >But you really just can't feel anything at all
https://ponepaste.org/7219 IF Scenario I: Independent
(553.62 KB 1500x1500 Sonata2.png)
>>8251 Made a change to her mane.
>>8475 What a thing to wake up to though. This mare is giving me Lyra vibes with her garden thievery.
>>8305 >Movement upon your chest draws your consciousness awake and forces you to crack your eyes open. >It's still dark in your room. >Midnight lays right next to you in bed - though is trying valiantly to slip out from under your arm draped over her form. >Her faintly glowing eyes lock onto yours. >"I gotta use the bathroom, sorry," she announces in a hushed tone. "No worries," you sleepily mumble, lifting your arm off of her back to free her.. >Midnight gingerly picks herself up and slides off the bed, slinking out the door you can just barely make out in the dim light. >You turn to your back and idly stare up at the ceiling and wait, trying to listen for the sound of her hooves upon the stairs. >She can be uncannily silent when walking when the mood or situation strikes her - and that seems to be the case tonight. >The only sound you hear is the air conditioner humming quietly out in the living room, accompanied by a distant rumble of thunder outside. >It probably won't rain at all, but the sky wants to audibly broadcast the slight chance. >You're too lazy and uncaring to actually check the time. >It was understandably a short evening after the events of today - both of you were eager to find the comfort of sleep with each other. >... >How the hell did you get here? >Just months ago, Midnight intruded upon your bland existence. >She certainly wasn't happy about it, nor were you. >You felt just enough pity and saw use in her knowledge and abilities to allow her to stay here - though she made it clear it would have probably been a fight to get rid of her. >Both of you barely tolerated each other. >She was vehemently opposed to having anything to do with you - but was forced into it. >You found her arrogant and grating, hardly someone you would want to be around... >Though you have a hard time tolerating anyone. >Maybe stress made you that way. >Maybe you've always been like that, and buying this place was what really made that ugliness come out of you. >Now... >You two are a thing. >You enjoy each other's company. >You couldn't imagine not having her by your side. >Somehow, she's become somewhat of a cuddle slut at night - but you won't make mention of it, and she would deny it anyway. >Too much pride on the line there. >"You awake?" "No." >"Good." >You hear Midnight's movements in the dark just enough to brace yourself, as she takes a running leap and lands atop you. "Oof. You fatass." >The comment gets a snicker and a flash of teeth from her as she pats your chest with a hoof, rolling to the side. >"Pussy." >You resume your side laying position again and place your arm over her as she relaxes with an exhale. >"What's up with you?" "Hm?" >"Staring up at the ceiling, acting like there's a thought in your head." "Nope, just trying to keep the air in there." >"Haven't heard any whistling, so you're doing a fine job." >You exhale through your nose in amusement and crack a smile, but silence pervades the room again.
>>8595 >"What's really on your mind?" Midnight asks again after a short spell. "How the hell did we get here?" >A queer expression crosses Midnight's face as she tries to discern the admittedly vague question. >"Well, I'm not entirely sure of the processes it took for me, but I'm sure with you, your mommy and daddy loved each other very much, and one night they-" "Not what I meant, stop right there, you sick fuck." >"Exactly that. They had gross old people sex and made you." >You pull your arm off of Midnight and flick her nose. >She doesn't get to respond to that with words - as she sneezes almost instantly on you. >While it was nothing close to a shower, you still rub down the lower half of your face. "How pleasant." >"You started it," she lazily protests. "Anyway, what I meant to say is - how did we end up like this? Sharing a bed, some... intimate moments. You ever think about where we've come from until now?" >"Not... really," she replies hesitantly, wrinkling her nose. "Let's face it - you hated me. And I wasn't particularly thrilled with you being here. Both of us were kinda miserable to each other." >"You weren't *that* bad," Midnight chimes in. "After all, you did try to give me some sort of guidance when I was throwing hissy fits." "Yeah." >You really don't know why you had the patience to deal with her temperament. >Traditionally, you've kept a short leash on anyone that you've had work for you in the past. >Putting up with any sort of bullshit is unlike you. >"I certainly wasn't personable for a while. I suppose I was just pissed at everything." "You had your issues, it was kinda understandable once I pulled that out of you." >"Same with you," she answers, poking your chest with a hoof. "You didn't want to face the music when it came to this business going down the shitter." "So we're both kinda shitty." >"Well, you are - I'd say I was... rough around the edges." "There were no clear edges with you - it was all rough." >"Sit on a dick," she retorts, accompanied by a quick blep of her tongue. "Don't threaten me with a good time." >"I wouldn't doubt that having a serious undertone." >Both of you share an amused chuckle, before the bedroom goes quiet. "Anyway... here we are," you muse. >"Somehow putting up with each other," Midnight adds, scooting closer to you. "Somehow making this place successful." >"While working on our own project car on the side of pulling parts for other projects." >You wait a moment for what invariably will come next. >Not that you mind. >...but you really are tired and ready to go back to sleep. >"What's the next focus for the Chrysler?"
>>8596 >You sort of cock your head and give her a bemused grin in silence. >"Do you suddenly not understand English or something?" "You have a very odd definition of pillow talk, Middie." >She snorts, pushing against your chest lightly with a hoof. >"Shut the hell up, stupid." "Music to my ears. G'night!" you hurriedly reply, pulling her up tight to you and closing your eyes. >"...well played." >You crack an eye open as Midnight snuggles in with you. >You'll answer her question tomorrow. >You're suddenly too comfortable. ----- With that little moment, we close out part 4 and begin a new paste - because scrolling through all of this on my phone to transfer it makes me want to eat a frisbee.
>>8597 Woo! Another update.
This is the worst shit I have seen on Vsemayki so far. I know it's a computer that automatically puts designs on images so they didn't actually make a kid wear a suggestive Applejack swimsuit for the picture, but still. https://www.vsemayki.ru/product/kids_swimsuit/763906?color=white
(42.19 KB 679x563 71GKf03BfYL._AC_UX679_.jpg)
(30.76 KB 569x671 71hiQFlgqWL._AC_UX569_.jpg)
(32.13 KB 569x593 71hK-MTcvIL._AC_UX569_.jpg)
>>8612 kek This just reminded me that I found Auto's underwear the other day, forgot to post about it. Check it out!
(245.62 KB 800x1132 315294.jpg)
>>8621 Chinesium ripoff of pic related, by the way. It was being sold on Amazon.
>>8559 Nice! That's who she's based on, lol. She's a Lyra, but not quite.
>>8621 Lol. Honestly, that's too much horse for me. I like my pony to be very poniponi.
(369.18 KB 812x774 Cereal OD.png)
>New bootl-! oh this one's dead
>>8634 I require more defeated mares. Just done for the day.
>>8631 >he doesn't want to rock the Nightmare Moon undies By the way, what does Midnight sound like? NMM? Luna? Something else? Asking for reasons.
>>8634 is she drunk?
>>8637 I had a feeling.
>>8637 I would say leaning toward Nightmare Moon with that sort of "growl" in her voice - but the voices between NMM and Luna are very close. It sort of just ends up being a back and forth in my head when envisioning what I'm writing - NMM especially when she's feeling devious or teasing.
>>8612 Is there anybody at all who sees these before they are put up or is it purely automated? Ones like this really make me wonder.
(2.31 MB 1293x915 Help.png)
>>8635 A different kind of done.
>>8643 >Cereal mare's first encounter with something other than milk
>>8671 I like that she's been laying there for so long that things have started to pile onto her. Is she still laying there even today? Was a blanket draped on her for the night?
>>8671 What is mare eating?
>>8678 >Was a blanket draped on her for the night? fucking kek >>8693 Snatched cookie jar outa the kitchen. lil rosie is a cookiefiend that can not be stopped.
Just a headsup for those dualposting on /mlp/ the board is kind of unusable right now, so maybe not worth bump camping. Not only is there barbiefag threads being made every day that get bumped at page 10 every 4 hours, now ptfg niggers have joined in and doing the same, they've collectively maybe 20 threads and showed up at the same time so it's obvious they're from the same discord raid, same skirting spam rules as well clogging up the catalog.
>>8717 I'd be more surprised if /mlp/ *wasn't* full of shit. Once upon a time, it felt like home. Now I just stick to my generals - and even /moon/ has been sliding under the radar for me since that's mostly picture bumps anymore. There is one green being posted somewhat regularly, but I personally can't get into it.
>>8719 >I'd be more surprised if /mlp/ *wasn't* full of shit. Once upon a time, it felt like home. Now I just stick to my generals Yeah but its been especially bad the past few days. Shit stirring fags noticed that g5 isn't getting as much of a reaction out of people as they want, so they swapped to /tf/ about 10 threads made one after the other between barbie and anontf garbage shoving things off the catalog and the mods dont do shit about it. Going from page 1 to page 9 or 10 within an hour isn't really worth it, so I'll be fine using the bunker for bootleg for a few days maybe. >Spoiler What green?
>>8722 Yeah. I've said before, I really don't bother bumping the thread unless I got an incoming green for the morning. Whatever happens, so be it. As for the green - "Moonlight, Veiled" by horsa. Granted, I didn't start from the beginning, and he picked it back up after a long, long hiatus - but perusing what was being posted didn't feel like something that I wanted to read for reasons I'm going to leave ambiguous, since there's not actually anything wrong with it.
>>8717 That works for me. Due to things (and the massive wordcount that technically makes Part Eleven by and far the longest one going), I'm taking a break from Jacky and focusing on a /kinderquestria/ story instead. I think I'm going to go and do that before I go back to anything else.
(47.08 KB 605x273 1650191912414.png)
>>8717 What do you expect from the likes of these trannies.. On another note, i wonder if some of this is just trolling by other groups.
>>8727 I don't really get the logic of not just writing something happier if you're feeling the sting of what you write cutting too deep, for whatever reason you just put yourself in a box per general and rarely go outside that box you set up for yourself. But nobody can force you to stick around. It'll definitely be a lot more dead again without that activity, and so mainly just Auto carrying it while Fortune still tries to figure out the next scenes, and our new lyrafriend with whatever's going on with the lighthouse pillaging. Speaking of writefagging anyone know what Reggie is up to these days?
>>8781 But I am writing something happier. It's just not /bootleg/. I suppose I do put myself in a box because when I focus on writing a thing I just stick with it. I don't know how else I put myself in a box. From what you listed, there will still be things carrying on and it's not like I'm leaving. Plus Part Eleven is 50.2k words, I tend to take breaks between Parts. I never kept track but I think 46k words in a month is a record. Painful Magic was only 69k words but that was over six months and that time I was writing for three threads at once.
>>8597 >"C'mon, you miserable son of a bitch..." "Now surely I don't hear you over there hurling insults at a stubborn but inanimate bolt, do I? I seem to recall being ridiculed for doing that." >"Pound sand." >You can't help but snicker a bit as you set down the tool in your hand and head over to the car lift. >Midnight's focus is above her, working on a bolt tucked away in the undercarriage of the Chrysler. >She doesn't stray her eyes away from her work, but the twitch of her right ear to pick up the sounds of your movement assures you she is aware of your impending presence. "Something I can help with?" >"I don't think so. Trying to get this leaf spring bolt out to replace the bushing - and it just wants to be a pain in the ass all the way," she explains, tapping the end of a wrench against the head of the target bolt. "They usually are miserable to get out - even worse when they haven't ever been out in damn near seventy years," you chime in, grabbing the leaf spring close to the eyelet where the bushing rests and rocking it up and down. >The bolt moves ever so slightly in the hole back and forth. >You use your other hand to steady the end of it while pushing up on the leaf to relieve tension. "Try it now." >Midnight does as instructed, having a much easier time extracting the bolt with the ratchet. >"I should have known better than that," Midnight scolds herself with a slight shake of her head as the bolt comes free. >You ease off of the spring, allowing it to straighten out slowly. "How do you think I learned that, Midnight? It's easy to get tunnel vision," you console her, leaning down and smooching the top of her head. >Despite the toiling outside in the sun and the heat, you still get a whiff of lilacs from her shampoo underneath that working mare scent. >"Yeah, yeah. I know," she laments. "You did buy all the suspension bushings like you said you would, right?" "Yep, they're... in the trunk." >"Fuck." "It's not that big of a deal - at least they're with the car, rather than scattered around the shop." >Midnight sidesteps out from underneath the car, allowing you to lower the lift with the remote until you can reach the trunk and pop it open. >Despite the odds and ends stuffed in the cavernous space, it's easy to spot the unmarked cardboard box. "Come to think of it, you're being pretty damn smart going about replacing this stuff," you comment while grabbing the parcel and maneuvering it out from everything else around it. >"Because I'm doing it one at a time, rather than unbolting everything at once?" >Huh, so she's aware of that. >Evidently you make some sort of face as you plant the box down on the concrete, rising back up to close the trunklid. >"I listen from time to time - you mentioning focusing on one particular item and getting that done is better than total disassembly at once." >Now you're feeling lost. "When did I say that?"
>>8825 >"Hello? Pulling the engine out and leaving the transmission in place?" she chides, staring at you as if it were painfully obvious. "Hey, not all of us are part supercomputer." >"As if a few electronic gizmos make all the difference," she huffs in a jesting manner, turning her nose up at you. "I'm just glad I'm not part dumbass." "You live with someone part dumbass, and dumbassery is infectious." >"Hm. Maybe that's why I couldn't think of the best way to tackle that stubborn bolt. Thanks for the excuse." "Happy to help," you reply with a dorky grin and accompanying shrug. >"How goes your little art project?" Midnight inquires, glancing beyond you and to your impromptu workstation set up around the engine stand. >There is a hint of amusement in her voice if the wry grin wasn't enough to tip you off. >You fold your arms in response. "Now what's that supposed to mean?" >"Nothing of course," she sasses. "I just think it's cute with those paint pans set up around you and the cute little wheeled workbench you've got set up there." "I'll have you know it's a professionally unprofessional setup I have going, Middie." >"Of course. Thanks for the little visual asspat to make me feel better about myself, fruitcake," she teases further. >Asspat, huh? >While she begins to wander over to see what you really are doing with the engine, you uncross your arms and get a decent windup before slapping her on the aforementioned ass, making sure to grab a nice handful of cushion. >Midnight lets out a surprised squeal the instant you make contact. "No problem, Middie." >"You rat bastard!" >She whirls around quickly, rearing up on her hind legs to bring her forelegs down roughly upon your shoulders. >Her nostrils flare as she gets right in your face, glaring at you in anger. >Well, trying to glare in anger. >It doesn't work well when you can spot the hint of a grin forming on her lips. "What? I thought I missed something when you thanked me for an asspat," you innocently explain, trying your damnedest not to smirk. >"That wasn't a pat." "Sorry, retarded." >"I'll let you off with a warning this time." >She puckers up and plants a kiss on your lips - quick and fleeting, just to be a tease. "So, should I do that again and see what discipline I get?" >"I don't think you need to push your luck," she muses, slipping back down to the floor. "Come on, what do you really have going on over here?" >Putting your dirty thoughts aside and resisting the urge to have her lead the way, you head back over to the Chrysler's engine, in the midst of disassembly. >One head is almost completely disassembled now and close to being removed from the block. "Well, my little art station is set up to keep things organized and in the proper orientation and position," you say, pointing to one of the pans. >Midnight glances down at the murky liquid within it, the engine components resting at the bottom just barely visible. >"What are you doing with the pushrods?"
>>8826 >As she asks, one of the aforementioned parts lifts out of the depths, giving you a look at the progress the kerosene soak has done in cleaning them. >The shitty brown coloring is beginning to fade, bringing back the original metal finish to peek through what's left. "All those years of sitting in oil and then... well, just sitting - they get all gunked up with what ends up being like varnish. So I'm letting them soak and soften up that crap before properly cleaning them. Make sure to put that where you found it." >"Reusing them? I assume there's an order?" "I've always heard that when it comes to engine parts - put em back in the same place you found em if you're gonna replace them. Different wear patterns and such. Whether that's true or not... well, I'd rather not find out the hard way. Hence why I got magnets holding em down in the bottom, and why the pans are marked." >You point to the chicken scratch on the shiny aluminum end panels and sides, scrawled with a black marker. >"Beautiful handwriting as always." "I know, looks like I had a seizure while trying to color in the lines." >"What lines?" "Exactly." >Midnight shakes her head while looking over the other parts of the valvetrain. >"You know, that doesn't look as complicated out of the head assembly as it does within it. Or in diagrams," she comments, poking at one of the rocker arms. "Look can be deceiving - it's the same amount of rocker arms and pushrods as any other American V8 built back in the day before overhead camshafts - just an extra shaft splitting up the exhaust and intake rods. Just needs a different geometry between the two valves because of the hemi head shape." >"Yeah, I guess the different angles everything is at just makes it look cluttered and complex," she muses. "Have you found a crankshaft for it yet?" "Maybe," you answer cautiously. >"I'm pretty sure that's a yes or no question," Midnight shoots back with a bit of an edge in her voice. "Alright - yes, I know where I can get one. But we're in a hold pattern for now - I'm not buying one until I know for sure this block is sound." >"Wait, I thought you said it looked fine," she quickly protests. "*Looked* fine is not the same as actually being structurally sound - I'm going to take it to a machine shop to get inspected thoroughly. I'd rather not drop big money on a crank to find out I have nothing to put it in." >Your explanation only gets a pouting expression from Midnight, who is none too keen to hear of such hurdles. "Hold on, didn't you tell me not long ago that this motor not being any good wasn't the end of the world?" >"...no?" >She knows she's caught, but plays stupid nonetheless. >However, Midnight is up against the champ. "Oh, must have had that discussion with Starla, then," you reply, before picking up your wrench and resuming work. >"Shut up, you don't even talk to her." "Not that you know of." >"She would have told me, we talk about you two idiots we live with." >Now this is interesting...
>>8827 "Oh? And what do you two talk about?" >"Stuff." "Uh-huh. Does she... know about us?" >"No - I mean, it's sort of a private thing, you know?" >... "You know I'm talking about the standard relationship thing, right?" >"Of course, what else would I-" >Midnight's eyes go wide as she follows your train of thought. >"Why the hell would I talk about that?!" "I don't know, why would I have thought the dating thing would be so touchy to discuss?" you ask, shrugging your shoulders as you try to make sense of where this conversation has derailed. >"Are we actually... dating?" she asks, almost tiptoeing the question to you. "Kinda. I don't know what makes it official, but - we do a lot of stuff together, yeah? Like little fires at night out back?" >Midnight nods - albeit slowly, as if still uncertain. "You're thinking more like a night out on the town, huh?" >"I don't really know. I guess I hadn't really considered the idea," she admits, sounding shocked by her own thoughts as they're put into words. >It really sounds like a nice idea, assuming you could sit down in a decent restaurant together. "Maybe we will do that sometime, Midnight," you propose. "If you're up for it, of course." >She mulls the proposition with a fair amount of amusement, judging by the goofy little grin she's trying to hide. >"I might have to take you up on that," she finally announces. >That settles it then. >You're gonna make an official date night. >But for now... "So what kind of 'stuff' do you and Starla talk about?" you tease. >"You know... stuff," she rather gruffly stonewalls. "Is there some... girly stuff?" >You cup your hand over your mouth, pretending to giggle like some schoolgirl. >A blanket of black down smacks you in the face as Midnight's wing flares outward. >"Oh my god, you're a fucking moron," she bemoans, betraying just a hint of embarrassment in her voice. "I'm going back to my shit now." "You're no fun," you whine as she turns tail and heads back to the Chrysler. >"And you're too much fun - it evens out," she sasses back. ----- https://ponepaste.org/7264
(855.40 KB 280x280 Middies Ass.gif)
>>8828 Very nice. I guess Midnight will have to wait ti see what condition things are in. Thanks for another update.
What would you put for recommending to new or old readers >10 bootlegs that are comfy and light >10 bootlegs that are 'dark' or dramatic >10 bootlegs that are silly and fun
>>8914 30 bootlegs total? I'm surprised if we do have that much but I'm sure we do when it comes to characters. I'll work off of memory right now, others will be able to fill in the gaps. For comfy/light: Flutterlime, Patches, Thun, Apuljyak, Minky, Missy Pie, Cricket, that short Peetzer Pone thing is also pretty fun For dark/dramatic: Condense, Photo Finished, Angel Cake, Twilit Starsky, Twillght Sparkie, Rare A lot of the comfy/light ones fit in with the silly and fun so it's a bit of a blend there. Those are the ones that immediately come to mind. Due to Jacky having a lot of bright spots and more discouraging areas, I guess it can all everything depending on what is going on. The IF Scenario stories outside of Missy Pie tend to be a bit more on the dark feels side. Not so sure how great a read they would be on their own.
>>8930 There's a lot more than 30 actually even just counting greens not separate characters, but after posting it I realized thats kinda a big thing to ask. Basically just lookign for recommendations. with all the bootlegs in the archive that nobody uses... 30 DID seem like it was a trimming in comparison. Love me some peetzer, though I think Thun greens were part of kirkos string. Do you think Missie isnt dramatic and feelsy? Yes I kind of expected some redundancy with light vs silly but there's enough of a break with stuff that doesnt treat itself seriously like Buttershy or Peetzer ect compared to Minky ya know?
>>8931 Yeah, you're not wrong. Since I'm more awake, I can see how the number is pretty high. Thinking of my own boots, there's: Jack, Shine, Prism, Missy Pie/Rye/Sky/Chai, Angel/Plum/Berry/Carrot Cake, FlutterLime, Snapplejack (IF E), Photo Finished, Starsky That is... what, 15 right there? Not even counting Hanz, who might fit at 16. /bootleg/ Anon might technically count as 17 even. It really is a stunner to think about it, isn't it? As far as light VS silly, I'm probably too biased to give reliable answers.
(301.74 KB 1092x554 image.png)
(244.54 KB 1024x1195 1644800302356.png)
>>8781 >Speaking of writefagging anyone know what Reggie is up to these days? The usual work and family obligations, dealing with plumbing nightmares in my house, getting over being really fucking sick for a solid week, and this next weekend, traveling. I shelved all my projects so I could focus on a different story I started back in August. I did however write a short for /moon/ before I got sick the other week, and I've been messing around with several Zooma plot ideas. I don't have anything to show for it yet, just bits and pieces of what will eventually become four or so new vignettes for her story. TL;DR- real life has been kicking my ass lately.
>>9032 >real life has been kicking my ass lately This is what sucks hard about writing. When you're in your groove and everything is stable, you can't stop won't stop. But when there's a big change, or even just repeated stuff going on, it's really hard to focus. After Monday I'm gonna try to go as hard as I possibly can for the rest of the week. If I don't get distracted by vidya and old anime.
"Hey hey, good morning Princess." >Every day feels like the same "How're you feeling today? Wanna do breakfast or lunch to start the day?" >Silly question but it's a good way to see her mood for the day "Oh man, really? I never noticed that! Good eye." >She always knows "You're the best, you know that?" >She really is "We really had fun today, didn't we? I'm gonna put on some music and get some shut eye. I'll see you in the morning, ok?" >It feels great to know you make her smile "Huh? Well yeah, of course you can sleep in here too. I'll make sure I put something on that we both like. Good night, Princess." >It isn't that you wish this day would never end... >You just wish >That you could have a tomorrow >After ninety days "Hey hey, good morning Princess." >You're getting used to the swing of things now "How're you feeling today? Wanna do lunch or dessert to start the day?" >You still get to see her smile every day, which is great "Oh man, really? I never noticed that! Good eye." >Always sharp as a tack "You're the best, you know that?" >Always has the best smile and giggle "We really had fun today, didn't we? I'm gonna put on some music and get some shut eye. I'll see you in the morning, ok?" >The smile you give her is genuine "Huh? Well sure, of course you can sleep in here with me. I'll make sure I find something good that we both like. Have a good night, Princess." >But it's starting to make you feel a little lonely >After nine hundred days "Hey hey, good morning Princess." >The pay is good "How're we feeling today? Wanna do early dinner or go for some snacks?" >It sure is lonely though "Oh man, really? I never noticed that! Good catch." >It isn't really "work", per say "You're the best, you know that?" >But not everyone could stay with this as long as you have "We had fun today, huh... I'm gonna get some good music going and get some rest. I'll see you in the morning, alright?" >At least you haven't had to pay for anything since you started "Hm? Well sure, you can sleep on my bed. I'll put on something extra chill for you then. Yeah. Have a good rest, Princess." >You know you're doing a very valuable job >Because of you, a lot of people can have their very own friend >You're just a number but that's ok >To her, you're important >That's ok >Isn't it? >After nine hundred and thirty five days >You wake up, as usual >You get to set your own alarm and times, which is pretty nice >A good perk is that you have pretty much your own personal day, which can be as active or as lazy as you like >You can change things up every month if you like >The consistency is important, of course >You need to make sure all situations and fields are checked off "Hey hey, good morning Princess." >The pony that was set in your guest room wobbles out to you >She looks like she's seen a ghost >"Wh... where am I?" "...huh?" >The pony scoots back, away from you until her back is against the wall >"I've never seen you before. Where am I?" >...oh >It's one of those days...
>>9047 >Of course, sometimes you get a... >You won't call them "duds" >But they're not programmed right >Rather, they aren't programmed at all >It really isn't a bad thing >Not unless they're supposed to be a specific character >Then it's an issue "This may sound odd, but... well, here, I'm gonna steal a spot and sit on your bed real quick. Anyway..." >You don't explain things to her >Not completely, that would be silly >Instead, you tell her that you're an... >Admin >That she's recovering from a surgery and that you've been given a script to help her regain her memory >Sometimes, you change your obvious lie >Sometimes, she's some poor guy's wife >Sometimes, she's a surrogate mother >Sometimes, she's just your best friend >Sometimes, she has wings >Sometimes, she has a horn >Sometimes, she has both >Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes >Sometimes >She is just a scared pony that you try to calm down >Today... >It goes well >You try your best to get her to eat >And sometimes, you can even get her to warm up to you >The food you give her have a few tranquilizers put in >Whether or not she notices, she eats and thanks you for your honesty >They're slow-acting >To make sure she doesn't panic, of course >The rest of the day goes by as smoothly as you can expect >She's suspicious of everything you do but you just want to watch a movie with her >You haven't seen it in a few months, due to the scheduling you stuck with >By the end of it, she's drowsy and leaning against you >"...you did this, didn't you." "...I did." >Of course she knows that she shouldn't be tired right now >"Is... is this it? Is my life over now?" "...I'm sorry, Princess." >You call her that out of reflex >The name makes her whimper >She tries to sit up but instead she flops against you, her head landing on your lap >Out of reflex, you pet her mane >"Please don't let them take me away. I'm not going to wake up again, am I?" "It'll be ok. I promise." >"...do you really?" >She's desperate >Desperate to believe the lie >Desperate to believe that she will have a chance at life >Desperate to believe in you >You mean every word you say >It's as futile a wish as hers, that she'll be ok "I do. I promise I'll be with you every second." >And you mean it >And you are there >For every >Single >Second
>>9048 "Hey hey, good morning Princess." >After nine hundred and thirty six days "Are you feeling ok today? We can have whatever you like." >The guilt eats at you "Oh dang, really? I never noticed that! You really are great." >You do your best to keep smiling "You're the best, you know that?" >This Princess isn't the one from yesterday "We had fun today, huh..." >She looks like her "...huh? I'm crying?" >She sounds like her "N-no, I just... the music, I..." >She smiles just like her "I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." >You tell yourself you did everything you could "Forgive me, Princess. I tried to get them to make an exception." >And now you've ruined another one
11. What Goes Around... >The office is warm; earth tones bathed in curtain-dimmed sunlight. Inviting. Disarming, even. >"Please, take a seat." >You do as you're told. The couch? Futon thing? Chais lounge? Couch. It's a couch- and deep enough in the seat to accomodate your equine physiology. >Is this the right thing to do? Do you really need to be here? Anonymous made an empassioned case for it. >It's in your best interests; he swore it. >Besides, wouldn't it be cathartic to share old horrors that had, until recently, laid dormant in the quiet corners of the mind? >You'd never argued so much. >Sure, you'd had little spats here and there, as lovers do, but this is something else entirely. >He said you're becoming too aggressive, too... overbearing. Trying to control too much. Expecting too much of yourself. >You're scared. >Scared he might reject you. That life could never be the same should your relationship not survive these rough emotional seas. >He just wants you to open up, to share what wakes you both up several times each night; with your shrieking and flailing. >Surely he has a right to know, as your lover and best friend? >It's not that you disagree, you just can't bear to share with him what you've remembered. What's been unearthed from the sands of memory, laid bare once again by the winds of time. >"Miss Zooma?" >Your focus snaps to the middle-aged woman. Golden-rimmed round lenses twinkle in the muted sunlight, dulled along the sides by wisps of ashen hair. Lapis lazuli eyes glint behind glass shields, firm, yet comforting. As if they possessed some authority to influence in which manner your fate shall be resolved. >"Zooma? Are you with me, dear?" >You blink. "Yes. I'm sorry, I've been... lost in thought." >She nods. "I understand. I'm Doctor Lazlo." she says, holding out her right hand. "Zooma," you reply when her fingers wrap around your hoof. "Thank you for meeting with me." >Dr. Lazlo gives a light chuckle. "Don't thank me, honey! I outta be thanking you! You'll forgive me if I'm excited- in a professional sense, mind you- to have a sapient equine as a patient! Oh, the papers I-" >She cuts herself off, and hides a grimace. >"Forgive me," she says, with a wince. "It's fine. I understand." >And you do. >You understand all too well. >Just how far "professional curiosity" could drive someone. >She clears her throat. "So, Zooma- such a cute name, by the way! *Ahem!* Zooma, why are we here today? What would you like to get off your chest?" >Why are you here? >You're remembering. >Every night, you hear their voices. Every night, you see their faces. Every night, you see HIM. >"Zooma? What's troubling you, dear?" ... >"...time, 1024 hours. Subject: Luna Model Anomaly, code 'Green Twenty-Two'." >The white room. >Again. >This one always wears the same thing. Red Polo shirt, khaki slacks, white lab coat lacking any decoration. >You can never quite read his badge.
>>9055 >How it's able to obscure its secrets to your literate eyes, you can't even begin to imagine. >"Subject is an adult female, alicorn-type spliced as a standard Luna model. Anomalies immediately apparent-" >Your green fur. >Your backwards cutie mark, missing the ink blotches. >The silver streaks in your hair. >How your eyes were a mistake. Too light a tint of blue, lacking the kiss of green that makes for a captivating teal. >"...notwithstanding obvious cosmetic defects, physical condition is optimal. No deficiencies noted in strength, endurance, and motor coordination." >Obvious cosmetic defects. >Cosmetic defects. >Defects. >Defects. >Defects. >"...management has approved a study to discern the root cause of the imperfections..." >Imperfections. >Implying perfection was expected. >"...despite the ethical concerned raised." He lowers his voice. "Like it'll make a difference, with all we've already done." >Others come, they talk to you. >A man and two women, all with perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect saccharine smiles lit by brilliant pearly whites. >They ask you questions, sometimes they tell stories, or try to make you laugh with a corny joke. >Sometimes you'd actually have fun, and forget for a moment that they could ever make you feel barely-contained dread. >"How do you feel about being defective, Green Twenty-Two?" >That's how they'd kill the laughter; sharp, icy words that pierce your heart and freeze your veins. >"People won't pay for a defective pony. How does that make you feel?" "I-" the words get caught in your throat. >"Do you worry that nobody will ever want you?" >The room gets blurry and you shout for them to go away as you crouch to the ground, olive green hooves covering summer sky eyes. >"Subject has displayed personality anomalies as well..." >White room. Again. >This time the man has a coffee stain on his lab coat. It's so out of place on the otherwise flawlessly-consistent ensemble, it's practically offensive. >"...with a flair for the dramatic, a la standard Rarity model." >His eyes fall. A deep, hissing inhale through his teeth. >"...directed to test for sensory anomalies..." >He glances over his shoulder. HE is there. Short. Wide like a barrel. Always in the grey suit. HE nods. >"...beginning with establishing pain tolerance thresholds." his voice warbles on penultimate word. >Adhesive pads secure cold metal disks to your fur, squishing out a gel they place on those spots. >There's a humming, then... >PAIN. >The humming intensifies. Your body goes rigid in uncanny poses, wings displaying nearly-impossible geometry. >At first it's too much, too sudden. The pain is so overwhelming, you can't even scream, let alone breathe. >But then it comes in, fast and blistering hot. >And then you're able to scream. "STAH- HAWWP! PLEEEEZE!" >They don't relent for another five seconds, but it might as well have been five days.
>>9056 >Your skin is on fire. Muscles feel seared. Too afraid to blink, lest your eyelids fall off from being charred. >"Sir?" >He looks back to the man in he suit. >"You said it yourself that this one was a drama queen. She's got another shot in her." >A whine escapes you. >'I'm sorry,' he mouths to you before diverting his eyes to a control panel. >You hear yourself scream, but it doesn't feel like your screaming. And it's hard to look at the mirror on the far side of the room when your vision turns burning white. .. >"Can you walk? Of course you can. You're MY little sister, and we're tougher than the rest of those so-called 'perfect ponies'." >Twin goat horns, like long and twisted ivory towers, coax your neck higher, making you adopt a more proud posture, despite your terrible lingering pain. >She waits for a sign- something, anything. So you give her a reassuring smile, after a three-second delay. She's so strong. >You want to be strong like Star. She's your hero and the best sister you could ask for. >Well, all the other defects are your sisters too, but Nightmare Star had a special connection with you. >While the other defects' deficiencies were much less offensive than yours, they never let on that they knew you were something else entirely. >Whereas Nightmare Star's defects had been an error of the gene coder's program, and not something that developed in-synthesis, the origins your anomalies were still a mystery. >"Don't ever let them see them getting to you, okay?" >You nod. You want to believe it. .. >"State your name." >The white room again. >"State your name." he repeats, more force present in his voice. "L- Luna." >"That is incorrect. You are Green Twenty-Two." "No! I'm Luna!" >"Luna? Ha!" HE laughs in your peripheral vision. "Green fur? Backwards, incomplete cutie marks? The hair and eyes? You're not fit to bear the name 'Luna'!" >"Let's try again," the lab coat man says in a calmer voice. "What's your name?" "L-Lun..." >You want to believe it, but you know HE is right. >Nightmare Star wouldn't want you to falter now. You must be strong. For her. >But how can you be strong when you don't believe in yourself? "...G-Green... Twenty...Two." >Your face is like stone. >But this statue can't help the tears that roll down her cheeks. .. >Imperfections. >There's that word again. >His eyes are glazed over, yet his words are as thoughtful as ever. >It must be how he copes, to adopt the emotional detachment of a robot. >But does he have to talk like you're not even there? .. >Nightmare Star is having headaches. >She says it starts in the bases of her horns, then they radiate upwards with home horrible pressure, as if they might burst. She barely eats when she gets them. >You do what you can, to be strong like her, for her. >Your sisters and you sing soothing songs for her. Other times, you try to entertain her by having races around the indoor pasture.
>>9057 >Whether the route was a simple oval track or a winding, barrel-studded obstacle course made little difference- you always won. >Nopony could match your speed, agility, and grace, be it on the ground, or in your limited metal-capped airspace. >It feels good to win. It makes you feel like there's nothing wrong with you. If only for a minute or two. .. >"State your name." >The sessions in the white room always begin with that question now. >You haven't seen the three perfect faces in a while, but something tells you they're nearby, always just out of sight, ready to spring forth if forgotten entirely. "L-" the word catches in your throat again. >You want to say it, but you still know the truth of what you are. >But you don't want to give them the satisfaction. >"YOU are GREEN. TWENTY. TWO." HE barks in his gravely voice. "SAY IT!" "I refuse." you say, channeling the well-earned confidence of ten racing victories. >"Compliance cocktail. Now." HE snaps at the vacant-eyed lab coat man. >The medications are cold, chilling your insides as they rush through your veins. You taste metal, and everything fades away... .. >You almost didn't win today. >Of course it had to happen on the first day Nightmare Star was finally feeling better! >Was it not for a stumble unbecoming of your superior athleticism, you'd have won by a comfortable margin instead of by the skin of your teeth. Still, a win is a win! >Nightmare smiles at you after the race. >"We've been talking, the girls, and I," she says with a rare smile. She's so hauntingly beautiful when she smiles. "You know how they won't let you call yourself Luna?" >You flinch, and nod. >"Well, to hell with them. You're too good to be Luna anyway. You're our 'Zooma'! Let's hear it for our speedy sister, Zooma!" >All the reject girls cheer and chant your name. >The joy of winning races pales in comparison to the euphoria you're experiencing in this moment. .. >"Name." >You look at HIM. "Zooma," you boom, not caring to hide the pride in your voice. >"Green. Twenty-Two." HE growls. >But your conviction surpasses his own. Because for the first time, you believe in YOU. "Zooma!" is your defiant reply. >Then something you didn't expect happens. There's a flicker in his eyes. >"Oh?" HE says with a chuckle. "And tell me, how did our resident drama queen earn such a... unique, *hmm?* name?" "Because I'm *fast*". Pride is practically dripping off your voice. "Nopony can outrace me!" >"Interesssssting..." >There's movment in your periphery. >Cold rushes through you, bringing the metallic taste with it. .. >Today, the unthinkable happened. >You didn't win the race. >Not only that, you didn't even make the top ten. >Why did you stumble so much? >"Hey, Zooma." Nightmare trots up to you. "Enough sulking. They've opened up the extension with the new field. Come graze with us." >Sighing, you stand and make for your sister. >But you can't.
>>9058 >Instead of heading directly for your sister, you stumble to the right and fall over. >"Zooma?" >You rise on shaky legs and try to trot, only for you two zig-zag a few meters before falling again. "Star? What's happening to me!?" .. >The Perfect Faces are back. >Something's different about them, they're more perfect, more... terrifying. >"I can't imagine what you're going through, Zooma." The man says with his warm, velvety voice. >They all hug you and offer their condolences, but you don't believe them. What's worse, they don't hide the fact that they know that you don't buy into their act. Yet they act it all the same, so perfectly plastic. .. >"Who are YOU supposed to be?" a Diamond Tiara model asks you with obvious disgust in her voice. >Your first time with the "show accurate" models is not off to a great start. "I- I'm... Zooma." >"You sure about that?" a Silver Spoon asks you. "Cuz you look like a discount-brand Luna to me." >The remark cuts so deep you flinch. >"That is enough!" >Thank goodness for the Cheerilee model that just arrived. >The fillies run off. >"I'm sorry about those two," she sighs. "Those two were custom-made to be extra nasty." >Cheerilee pauses for a moment. "Please don't hold it against them." >You nod. >"What's your name, dear?" "Zooma." you say with a hint of more confidence. >"Nice to meet you, Zooma! First day in this part of the compound?" she asks whilst motioning you to walk with her. "Mmm-Hmm!" you reply with your tongue hanging out the side of your mouth, desperately trying to focus on a fence post some twenty meters away. >It's not enough. You meander to the right and bump into Cheerilee, then bounce left a few steps before tripping over your own hooves. "I'm so sorry," you say, meandering over to a recovering Cheerliee. "I've been having trouble walking lately." >Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon howl with laughter. .. >Deviations. Deficiencies. >Imperfections. >Always with those nasty words. >"What's your name?" >HE hasn't asked you that in a while. "Z-Zooma." You say to the ground. >"And why are you 'Zooma'?" "Because... because I'm..." >Fast. Well, you used to be. >"You're 'Zooma' instead of 'Luna' because you're imperfect. You are a mistake. A reject. A cheap imitation... A bootleg pony." >You try to tell yourself it isn't true. >It doesn't matter- you can already taste metal. /.../ >"Zooma? What's troubling you, dear?" >The room swims. ... https://ponepaste.org/5304#1302
>>9049 Is this supposed to be end of the line for boots? It is quite sad.
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>>9074 20/10 would smash
>>9060 More like a final QA check. None of the ponies mattered. Not even Princess. But that's how it is when there are thousands of them out there.
>>9032 Glad you're recovered enough to post again frend. What was the plumbing nightmare if you dont mind blogfagging a bit? >>9060 I think its in line with Midnight's verse, if not directly bio-boots that come out of factories are in for a rough time. You could even compare this Celestia with the other hasenfeld one and make a connection
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>>9076 >He only gives them a 20/10
(289.70 KB 340x590 Even more reasons.png)
Looks like we're in gloomleg again, time to fix that. >Rain was beating down. >As you ran for your door with large slapping steps, splashes flung up from the walkway with every step threatening to ruin your day, or at least your suit. >Right as you had parked and gotten out of your car the wind had yanked the umbrella clean out of your hands and stole it away into the night. >You frowned at the loss, but more so turn of the whether that had come and blindsided you and other drivers out of the blue. >It was time to batten down the hatches if you had any, but first you had to fight to get through the harsh weather for such a small distance. >Pushed to and fro in the wind and with nothing but left with only your own skin and a few layers of cloth against the elements. >But you made it and with great gusto you slammed the door shut beating back the wind, taking a brief minute to compose yourself from a hard day at work. >After a moment longer you took off your soaked jacket and shoes and placed it loosely on the coatrack to dry, breathing a sigh of relief. >Knowing that even if it were a hurricane you were safely secure in your small stony secluded haven down below, what might be like a cave entrance from above gave away to the spiral stairway into the den. >The entryway inside was warmly lit by candles and crystalline ceiling lights that hung from the ceiling, with pictures and flowers hung or strung along the white delicately decorated walls. >Combined dimness giving off a pleasant and relaxing warmth to the whole area. >Your own little secret paradise compared to what you just escaped from. >Still dripping wet you were greeted by a soft shadow cast on the far hallway wall just down the bend, the shadow of someone hard at work in the kitchen. >It called to you with sweet sincerity. >"Hello Anon! It's so great to have you back home again, I missed you." >Making your way to the doorway was the unmistakably familiar aroma of pasta, butter and cheese filling the air. >These days it's all you need to get through the day, no matter what you go through at work just to bask in that glow that it gave off. >Not the cheesiness but your angel in white. >Making your way around the corner you paused leisurely leaning against it, if only to take in the image your lovely wife >She was working away in the kitchen making one of her hundreds of macaroni and cheese recipes, again. >Your own little treasure cove. Simple but what a set for sore tired eyes it was, her ears swiveled and flicked balancing up on her hind hooves while leaning over the marbled countertop with practiced finesse. >She always welcomed you without missing a beat. >And you in turn would drape your hands over her smooth shoulders and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I missed you too."
>>8828 >A dark blue appendage slowly obscures your view of the laptop screen. >You ignore it and the owner as best you can, craning your neck to look over the obstacle. >Unfortunately, it flexes and wiggles around, taking up as much space as possible. "What?" >"Hoof rub." >You pull your eyes off of your work to glance at Midnight, who lies beside you. >On her back, her legs folded close to her body, aside from the one that is bothering you right now. >Her head is cocked to her left, to avoid sticking you in the hip with her horn. >Or avoid you just sitting on it. "You look retarded when you lay like that." >"Like attracts like, I guess." "It doesn't even look comfortable." >"I know - hence the hoof rub I've duly requested." >That- >That makes no sense. >Midnight picks up on your hesitation. >Or maybe the face you're making of pure skepticism. >"Stop thinking about it. You'll overtax your head." "How about a compromise?" >"Hm... I don't think so." >Despite the answer, you reach over with your right hand and stroke her chest. >The fine fur almost tickles the palm of your hand while absorbing the warmth she exudes. >"That...that's not... my hoof," she manages to blubber out as she basks in the attention. "Yeah, I don't know my anatomy, so that's the best I can do." >As your eyes go back to the laptop, you keep up your loving strokes upon Midnight's chest almost absentmindedly at this point. >Before long, you feel the couch underneath your ass and the mare underneath your hand shifting in unison. >You don't have to turn your head to find out what's going on - Midnight pushes her way onto your lap headfirst, forcing the laptop to be supported by your knees >You look down at her, while she looks back up at you without a care in the world, giving you an eager grin. "You are not a laptop." >"Wow, so you can tell the difference?" she chides. "You're needy." >"No, you've just convinced me that you have more uses. Now, continue, my slave." >You have to cock your head at that last comment and purse your lips. >"Don't look at me in that tone of voice." >You grab the laptop and gently place it over Midnight's snout, obscuring her whole head from your view. "That's my line, you can't use it," you lament. >"That's my laptop I'm letting you use," she responds in a nasally voice due to the device laid upon her. >Cutting her a break after a few moments of her purposely snuffled breaths, you remove the laptop from her head and place it back onto your knees. >"I knew you would see things my way," she gushes, looking quite pleased with herself. >Okay, this has been decidedly uncharacteristic of Midnight tonight. >It isn't bad. >But you gotta know. "You're acting awfully fucking weird tonight. What's up?" you inquire, continuing to massage her underside. >Midnight tries to shrug - it isn't obvious to the eye, but you feel her shoulders and back shift in such a way.
>>9085 >"You get to act like a buffoon all the time - I'm kinda bored, so I figured why not take a stab at it?" she suggests. "The massage is an added bonus - though I really would have preferred you focused on my hooves. I had to work my ass off to make up for you." >She isn't wrong there. >Almost half your day was spent underneath a Grand Prix pulling several stubborn suspension parts out of it. "Yeah, but we are a team, Middie. There is no 'I' in 'team'." >"There is a 'me' if you jumble up the letters," she counters with a devious grin, poking at your nose with one of her hooves. "Shaddup. You said you were trying to be stupid," you reply, booping her snoot. >"That really didn't take much thought to figure out, stupid." "But you did have to think about it." >"Well, I can't *not* think," she scoffs. "You're getting there." >"Come again?" she retorts, her brow raised with intrigue at your comment. "You always told me you couldn't relax and shut your mind up. You're doing a hell of a job of it right now." >"Shit changes, I guess. But I'm still sharp as a tack," she replies rather defensively as her gaze hardens. "Just making note of it." >"What about you actually giving a damn about work tonight, Anon? Explain that one to me," she demands, poking at your chest playfully. "I'm not working on anything." >"Looking at porn, then? 'Thirteen Man Slamathon'? 'Tranny Grannies in Crotchless Panties'?" "Ooh, that last one sounds like it might have a good storyline to it." >Midnight exhales through her nose, hitting you with a rush of warm air as her eyes do their best to dart to the white screen of the laptop, shifting back to you after a moment in silence. "What?" >"You're currently browsing the junkyard spreadsheet - specifically the section covering the full-size Pontiacs," she drolls monotonously. "You got that from a quick glance," you say aloud, not quite believing her. >But she is right. >"Bitch, please. I created the damn thing, I know my impeccable work." "At least you're modest about it." >Midnight sticks her tongue out, accompanying the gesture with a fitting "Nya!" >You quickly move your hand that had been stroking her chest to seize the tip of her tongue between your thumb and index finger. >Midnight's eyes widen at the surprise, but she doesn't otherwise react. >"Leh go oth ny hongue, athhoe," she manages to work out. "Is that supposed to be English?" you tease her. >"Yow ah thaggot." "Now say 'I rode in on a ship full of apples'." >Midnight finally starts to do something about these shenanigans, pulling her purplish-pink tongue and your digits toward her open mouth. >You let go just before she snaps her jaw shut, a look of accomplishment on her face shortly before disgust washes over her. >"Aw, ew, I got fucking hair in my mouth," she bitterly crows, gagging and sticking her tongue out as she tries to rid herself of it. "It's yours, so stop whining."
>>9086 >After a few moments of exaggerated retching, Midnight calms down, turning her head to look at the computer screen once again. >"What are you doing with that, anyway?" "Jotting down what's been taken off the car. I don't know why you nor I have thought of doing that, but it should save time in the long run." >"You know, I'm kind of ashamed that never occurred to me," she muses. "No one is perfect," you reply, reassuringly patting her chest. >"Yeah, but I'm pretty close," she adds with a haughty tone and complementary smirk. >You try to think of something witty to say as you look down at her. >But seeing her laying on your lap, her hair splayed out to show off the deep blue and violet strands of hair that frame her face... >That smile that lets just the slightest hint of her canines poke out from her lips... >Those otherworldly, lively blue eyes... >You have nothing to say. >Almost nothing to say. "You're pretty damn close, yeah." >Her brow furrows just a bit, taken aback by the comment. >"I'm... that was a joke, Anon. I'm not quite that self-centered," she admits quietly. "I know." >"But..." "You're so damned cute when you're all confused and flustered," you say, reaching up to her face and lightly pinching a cheek. >"I still don't do cute," she laments, pouting just a bit. "You're going it right now," you argue, pointing at her face. >"Cute is just a word that's too... blech." >You can't help but laugh as she makes a face of utter disgust once again as if the hair in her mouth from earlier has manifested once more. "Fine. Adorable." >"Yeck." "Beautiful." >"That works well enough. Or maybe 'ravishing," she suggests, her eyes lighting up upon utterance of that seemingly magic word. >You shake your head. >"What?" "Too long." >"It's the same amount of letters and syllables, shitstick." "Yeesh, alright. Nerd." >"Having some semblance of intelligence does not make me a nerd," she rebuts, brooding over the accusation. "But you're a cute nerd." >"I don't like you anymore." "Well shit. Guess no more chest rubs." >As you pull your hand away from Midnight's underside, her forehooves seize upon your arm, clamping down and dragging your hand back to her chest. >"No. Mine," she mutters like a spoiled child. "What, are you part cat now? I'm supposed to keep petting you until you suddenly decide to start biting the shit out of me?" >Midnight shifts just a bit in your lap, cocking her head and eyeing you inquisitively. >"...Mrow?" "...you are way too goddamn big to be a house cat. You might even outrank the panther category." >"Or maybe I'm just someone that demands to be lavished with attention. Heed my command, peasant." "Trying to take after the villain you're based upon now?" >"Hah!" Midnight belts out, her eyes going wide and maniacal as they begin to glow. "Nightmare Moon doesn't have shit on me. Look at everything I have! This kingdom and its riches! Someone to tend to my needs and pamper me! Completely unopposed! I should beat you for such a mindless comparison," she threatens in a playful growling voice. "I swear you've cheated and been drinking to act this stupid tonight," you comment while stroking her. >"I swear you went downstairs to take a leak about thirty minutes ago and left me unattended with a nearly empty bottle of rum in the fridge." >Well that certainly isn't specific at all... >She gives you a toothed grin when you eye her with a healthy amount of suspicion. >"It's not cheating if you never anticipated playing the game beforehand." "That was all you had?" >"Yeah...?" >You chuckle while you lean down and kiss the perplexed mare. "You poor fucking lightweight." -----
(1.50 MB 694x926 1624921621437.png)
>>9083 >Sometimes you hovered around her a little more and soak it in... sometimes like tonight. >Your hands flowed over her barrel, the soft white fur parting between your fingers like lush, short trimmed feilds caused her to stiffle a knowing giggle. >"A hard day honey?" >You wrapped your arms around your wife and gave her a squeeze in response. "How did you know?" >A question that you didn't need to ask, you knew the answer already. >You both did. >She could always tell how your day went based on how affectionate you would be. >Were you that predictable? You suppose yes, you're a bit boring. >But that's OK, because she understood you better than any other girl you've ever met. >Though tonight instead of finishing the routine you chose to collapse into a face-full of purple. >It elated a squeeky gasp out of the startled mare. "A-Anon, please honey you are so c-cold!" "But Marey, you are so warm" you retorted. >It was no lie, this feeling beat any towel or blanket. "And your mane feels so good" >"Honey, the food..." "It can wait." >You lifted your head a bit and lightly brushed her soft flowing mane aside and traced a couple kisses down the back of her neck making her change tone to a hum in delight. "Just a little bit?" >You could tell she didn't want to, the mare absolutely loved to cook. >She loved to cook yes, but you could always count on another fact. >As if on que she sighed exasperated, smiling defeated but thoroghly buttered up. >With a flick the stove burner was set to a simmer, and that was the only sign you needed. >"Just a little bit" >One hoofstep and two she moved twisting her hips before turning to you until you were face to face. >Soon she'd be in your arms properly, but she wasn't smiling anymore. >"Oh no..." "Oh no" >Gently you were surrounded by a faint tingle and glimmer, and tipped into her open hooves. >The horn shine faded away to a faint sparkle and she held you in for a warm hug. >All her protests were gone in a flash, replaced by love and compassion. >"Ah, not again Anon honey noooo" >She patted your back and nuzzled your neck, >And knowing the routine you've both been through more times than not, you almost spoke in unison. "I'm a wet noodle again." >"Anon is a wet noodle again..." >You let her indulge in her motherly smothering for a bit before shifting the mood. "Enough about that." >You tugged lightly on her hooves, encrouageing her away from the hot stove. "Please dear, I need my Marey time right now" >It only took a little encouragement to pry her away from the kitchen fully and to the nearby den, leading her away with one hoof >With the way you took the lead while she balanced on her hooves it looked like >You chuckled to yourself which caught her curiosity, tilting her head with a flicker of her long eyelashes >"What is it Anon, is something on my face?" >You smiled and held her close to your chest before relenting. "Oh nothing, just that it looks like I was about to dance with a Unicorn."
>>9087 >so busy I didn't even catch this update Midnight is so cute here, despite her claims otherwise. The junkyard is her kingdom and it seems like she's doing a fine job managing it.
>>9189 This is nice. And a good fit for the weather I'm set to be recieving soon. A nice little short that just eminates warmness.
>>9192 I have to get caught up on middie as well >>9194 Thats the idea, I get the draw now and then swing by to break up some of the somberness of bootlegs
>>9087 >"...Mrow?" Blondie! fix your namefagging.
>>9198 You can't stop me. NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME.
(223.65 KB 512x512 image.png)
>>9202 Look out, we've got a maniac on the loose! Do you think Screwloose is like an honorary boot? Do you think Equestria has thier own supply of bootleg pony toys?
(626.40 KB 977x1339 1651819243952.png)
>>9229 YOU CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP ME. Also I'm sure they do. While it may not be as socially acceptable since I'm sure they aren't expensive, bootleg Princess dolls and off-brand Canterlot-themed Chess sets are probably rampant in the bigger cities. Hard to know what Princess Celestia really looks like when you only see artistic representations. Also, also: MOAR STARSKY.
>>9246 Now I'm kind of thinking of a bootleg pony Indian in the Cupboard type situation. >MOAR STARSKY Starsky is good.
>>9087 "Are you going to make us stand out here all evening?" >"Shut up!" Midnight barks from within the shop. "Just a few seconds!" >It has legitimately been almost five minutes since Teddy and Starla arrived at your place, and all you can do is turn and shrug while the pair stand there, mildly amused by the exchange. >At least they find it entertaining. >It had been far too long since you all had gotten together - texts and video chats can only do so much. >But, this was merely a casual evening spent with friends around a firepit. >Other than Midnight's obsessive excitement with making a show of the Chrysler for your guests. >... you didn't have the heart to tell her you had already mentioned the car to Teddy. >Hell, you had assumed Midnight had already given the rundown to Starla. >Apparently not. >Not that you needed to forewarn him, but you idly passed along the notion of acting surprised when she showed off the new project. >"Aww, you gotta let Midnight have her moment, Anon," Teddy dismisses, waving away any tension with his hand. "It's funny seeing her so excited like this." >"I second that thought," Starla chimes in. >While you've only caught glimpses of her in video chat since the day you were introduced, this is the first time you've really seen her without braids - her strawberry blonde-esque hair tied back into a neat ponytail for the outdoor occasion. >It would have been cute seeing the two sporting matching hairstyles today, but Midnight merely let hers hang free aside from tidying it up with a brush. >Her focus was getting the Chrysler looking its best. >But not cleaning it. >Since the 'barn find' look had to be kept for this showing. >... you didn't ask, you just let Midnight be Midnight. >"Alright, you can come in," Midnight calls out, her voice echoing within as she likely stands near the lift the car is still situated upon. >Or probably still is. "I thought you were going to make it a grand show by having the bay door open?" you holler back. >"Fuuuck," Midnight grumbles after a moment's hesitation. "Well, that added suspense is ruined if they know about it." >You open the man door just enough to poke your head through. >Midnight stands in front of the Chrysler's nose, flanked by the engine that's been wheeled over on its stand. >She tenses up upon seeing you but relaxes upon realizing you aren't entering with your guests. >"What?" she asks with an air of innocence. "Did you know that a garage door can go up and down?" >"Uh, yeah. What kind of a question is that?" "One that should make you reconsider how opening up the door adds to the show - or knowing about it somehow detracts from it. They aren't retarded, Middie." >You don't get a worded reply - just a disapproving scowl. >And muted laughter behind you. >Without another word exchanged, Midnight pads closer to the entrance, pausing long enough to hit the button mounted on the wall to open the bay door.
>>9296 >As it noisily ascends at a leisurely pace, Midnight gallops back to the 300, frantically moving the engine over just a bit and standing in between the car and its heart. >You slip back outside and close the man door, turning to see both of your guests stepping over to the opening garage bay. "Remember, act surprised," you whisper. >"I don't even know what it is," Starla concedes. "So this really is something new for me." >"I can't say I've seen one in... ever." "Well, today's the day," you hawk while stepping onto the concrete floor once the door rises above your head. >Midnight poses with her chest thrust out in pride as everyone gathers around. >"Oh wow, I didn't expect to see something of this vintage," Teddy comments. >"How old is it? What is it?" Starla asks, her eyes darting from the car to everyone else, hoping for answers. "1957 Chrysler 300." >"C. 300C, Anon," Midnight corrects. "Yes, a 300C," you agree as you step next to Midnight, patting her on the head. "Thank you, A-hole." >"I'd hit you, but we have guests," Midnight replies, sticking her nose up to add to the snootiness in her voice. >"Hey, I'm not gonna tell anyone," Teddy chimes in with a laugh. "Gee, thanks for having my back," you jokingly bite back at him. >"For something so old, it looks - I think it's in better-looking condition than your car was, Teddy," Starla comments, straying away from his side to get a better look at the flanks of the car. >"Yeah, I didn't do so hot with my choice of purchase," he admits sheepishly. "That bad starting out, huh?" >Teddy shrugs. >"Heart got in the way of my head - already set my mind on buying the car before I realized how much was missing or needed work," he explains, albeit with a genuine smile at the end as his gaze falls to Starla. "But I suppose that makes getting it to how it looks today all the sweeter." >"I didn't mean for it to sound disapproving, dear," Starla speaks up as she rejoins his side. >"I know ya didn't, Star," he reassures her, petting her neck before shifting his attention to you. "But yeah, this looks like it's in really good shape. Where the hell did you find it?" >"He was running his cocksucker while driving and got us lost," Midnight interjects before you can utter any sort of response. >As you leer at her, she flashes a full-fanged smile in delight - particularly with the accompanying laughter of Teddy and Starla. "I'll add that we weren't lost - but someone was being quite the distraction, and I missed our turn," you slowly explain, sticking your tongue out at Midnight. >"I'd say that was a positive, considering we wouldn't have stumbled upon the car otherwise," Midnight affirms. "It was out front of an old house in the middle of nowhere - the old guy had a ton of stuff lying around." >"No shit?" "Yeah, the old man bought the car new - been sitting once something happened with the internals of the motor and never got to it. Family took priority."
>>9297 >"Well, you can't blame him for that," Starla proposes. "No, I'm in agreement with you there. He just never got around to looking into the matter - and he just realized now in his old age, he wasn't going to get around to it. That and it's been so long, everything has to be gone through..." >You can't help but trail off as you glance over at the car, taking a harder look at the fenders. >The weather-faded paint looks... dustier than it was. >To be fair, you really haven't taken the time to wash it down, but working on it, there should be handprints... >It looks unnatural in places. "Midnight." >"Hm?" "Did you seriously go and slather dust and dirt on the car?" >"Of course not!" she shouts, balking at the accusation. "I call bullshit because somehow, this doesn't look at all like either of us has pushed it around, leaned on the fenders to work on it... and it looks like there's sand literally piled up on top of the driver's side fender," you point out. >"It adds to the barn find look," she mutters her muzzle scrunching up as she does her best to hide embarrassment. "You're weird." >"Hey, shut up!" "Fine. But you're still weird." >"If it means anything, I think you... did a good job?" >All eyes fall to Starla - more out of amusement in her attempts to compliment Midnight's work than anything. >"Thank you," Midnight gushes, relieved to hear some support as she steps over toward Starla. "I'm glad *someone* here gets the artistic flair." "Artistic or autistic?" >Midnight's head snaps around to leer at you with narrowed eyes and a grumpy scowl. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice, young lady." >"Alright children, let's all play nice now," Teddy jokes, wandering over to take a better look at the partially disassembled engine. "Found anything wrong with the engine?" "Crankshaft is toast, I dunno about the block yet. Looks like something got in and scarred up one of the crank journals." >"Oof. Sort of sorry I asked," he replies, a sympathetic tone in his voice. >You have to just shrug and grin. "For under two grand, I can't complain. We'll get it going one way or another." >The comment instantly draws Teddy's focus upon you, his eyes wide with wonder. >"You're shitting me. Aren't these things rare as hell?" "That was all he wanted - didn't have any use for the money. Just wanted to see the car go to someone that would fix it up. And Midnight was absolutely smitten with this thing at first sight." >Satisfied with that answer and the clue as to who jumped at the chance for this car, Teddy spins around to look at Midnight. >The mention of her name attached to how the car has come into your possession makes her face light up even before the attention is lavished upon her. >"I didn't take you for a '50s rod kind of gal. Figure you'd want something imposing and fast," he quips with a laugh.
>>9298 >"Number one - what *isn't* imposing about this?" she answers calmly, fanning out a wing and motioning to the beltline of the car, tracing it in the air as she wanders toward the back fins. >"True, true," Teddy nods. >"And running sixteen seconds through the quarter-mile on skinny-ass bias-ply tires while hefting two tons of steel is pretty damned impressive." >You have to do a double-take with that mass of information. "Alright, nerd." >"Knowing the facts doesn't make me a nerd," she replies curtly, stomping a hoof. "I'm kidding. Relax," you ease up. >"Regardless of how it all came about, consider me impressed," Teddy interjects, giving the Chrysler another glance. >"I think you got Teddy a little jealous," Starla teases as she bumps into his side. >"Me? Nah," he says dismissively. "Maybe with them having a better piece to start with, but you know I love the Cutlass." >"I know you do. That's why you always lovingly swore at it when things weren't going right, huh?" >"I would never do such a thing," he gasps, staring at her in mock horror. >"Of course not," Starla gushes, pecking him on the cheek. >You look over to Midnight, who has wandered back to join the rest of your little group. >You pucker up your lips, leaning toward her teasingly. >The look of disgust and exaggerated dry heave says it all. >She'd rather keep up the facade tonight. >Probably no other revelations tonight for your friends. >No, it's not something that needs to be shared. >Certainly not the details. >But... >How is she going to actually go on a date in the public when she can't even be open with her confidant? >Old habits die hard, it seems. >Sucks there won't be any cuddles by the fire, though. >Speaking of which... "Well, who else is getting hungry? Probably ought to get the fire going if we're gonna do a cookout." >"Cookout, or a char-out?" Midnight comments. >Glancing back at her, you're greeted by a face dripping with smugness. "I'm making sure your food is extra charred tonight." -----
>>9299 As always, Auto, thanks for the update and thanks for your writing in general!
>>9299 Nice to meet up with Tedda and Starla again. Pretty funny how worked up Midnight got over the presentation of the car. Thanks for another update.
https://w2g.tv/ix2tify1xomu7pd8ar Listening to music for a bit and writing.
>>9644 Very cute.
(2.06 MB 1500x1200 1649450393694.png)
>>9080 >Glad you're recovered enough to post again frend. What was the plumbing nightmare if you dont mind blogfagging a bit? Thank you. I won't get into everything that was wrong, but suffice to say that it was a very expensive fix. But that's life- gotta take the good with the bad. Anyway, I'm finally done traveling for a while... I hope. I've been slowly getting back into the swing of writing. I would like to do another Zooma vignette soon, whatever "soon" looks like. Where I left things on the last update was rough, but that part of her background needed to be introduced. >>9083 >>9189 This was cute. Thanks for that.
>>9647 Nice looking forward to see where zoom goes even if it's not a straight shot. Do you still feel like you're not ready to go back to Condance?
>>9685 >Do you still feel like you're not ready to go back to Condance? Yeah. I realized that I rushed things in Condense and didn't fully understand the characters when I started writing it. Will be rewriting parts of it when I do take it off the shelf. I have way too many active projects to give Condense the attention it deserves, especially the way it became such a deeply personal story.
>Over a week since last Midnight update. Oof, that hurts. Sorry guys, work fucked me to a point that even thinking about the next scene was difficult and I'm fighting how to really make it flow in the way I want it. Mind you, not looking for pity - just wanted to pipe in that I'm still here. I think this is one of the longest breaks in action I've had since I started it in August. Crazy. >>9689 The last update or two really hit hard and felt much more tha just a story. No shame in collecting yourself and realizing things need to be sorted out. At least you were able to catch it early on. Looking forward to some olive-green moonhorse when you got it though. But no pressure.
>>9691 Take care of yourself Anon, i love the middie green. admittedly haven't been reading lately, been saving it up for a binge when i feel better
>>9691 That's alright, we'll be here when you're ready. I love what we've seen so far and I look forward to more in the future, whenever that may be.
(400.49 KB 892x595 Condense anesthesia scene.png)
>>9691 >The last update or two really hit hard and felt much more tha just a story Yeah. I got really fucking emotional writing most of that last Condense update. I didn't expect that scene to go the route it did, but I inadvertently tapped into something I thought I had buried away for good. Took me a while to realize what that story is to me personally and what the characters represent. After I had figured that out, I knew I needed to step away for a while. It was clear to me that I rushed the budding relationship between Anon and Condense, especially after I realized what Condense represents to Anon and to me. The overall plot I have in mind will be more or less the same. I'll return to Condense when I feel my writing ability has improved enough to do the story justice, which I hope will be after I finish that other project you've been helping me with. Hope work settles down for you. Until then, I'll be waiting patiently with the other Midnight fans.
moar jack or starsky when?
Figured out Sonata’s song: https://youtu.be/3GL59bTciMY
>>9796 I'm still in the process of writing back from that one scene currently Anon is driving to go pick up Dawn [spoiler] and the uninvited +1 [spoiler] and catches something interesting on the radio.
>>9797 I'm pumped for it. Hope you can find your flow this weekend.
>>9795 So he's a vorefag?
>>9808 I guess? There are so many fetishes out there that I can't even begin to understand.
>>9689 A tale as old as time, people wanna green but its for the audience who wants more green sooner than later and it gets rushed out
>>9817 >but its for the audience who wants more I really don't know if I've ever let that sway me. Or if I've noticed. >>9758 Sooner than you think but later than you hope. More than green is on the way.
(3.89 MB 6210x4799 celestia assembly drawing.jpg)
Having made hundreds of engineering drawings, this picture is very satisfying. Makes me think of the hassenfeld celestia story. Love me some sun pone
also, listening to music if anyone wants to join. https://w2g.tv/sqpxb636jhv536upb5
show me your waifu(s), /bootleg/
(244.70 KB 1006x1024 cadence smile.png)
(2.95 MB 2960x2160 gorgeous Luna.jpg)
(3.59 MB 1553x2500 tia red panties.png)
>>9879 Guess I'll start.
(506.76 KB 488x1024 spitfirebiggerwings.png)
>>9889 Weird, Spitfire didn't upload with the rest of the girls.
(43.34 KB 227x212 fire.png)
(835.38 KB 1236x943 Jackys french omlet.png)
(1.43 MB 1430x908 1643674477828.png)
(119.58 KB 1080x810 ajhatonyou.jpg)
(107.59 KB 1010x1130 Twilightmorning.jpg)
(2.11 MB 2465x3506 celestiaembrace.jpg)
(98.49 KB 500x500 image.png)
More Ivyverse on vsemayki.ru
I have passed the halfway point of my notebook; almost done with the drive to the factory, I think once I am I’ll go back and try to finish the restaurant visit so I can get an update out.
>>9942 cute bootmare
(131.68 KB 1317x753 sketch_of_jack.png)
It's happening.
(683.52 KB 749x503 holy moley.png)
(145.78 KB 896x1024 large.png)
>>9965 Jacky looks like Golden Harvest.
>>9973 kek
>>9974 >down to the eye color Dios mio
"Duh... duh duh, duh duh duh... no, that's the wrong tune..." "Duhhh, dun duh duh, duh duh? Dun duh duh duh duh duuuuhh..." >That's the way that sounds >Ever since she started singing you to sleep, you haven't been able to get it out of your head >Between that and... other things, the latest harmony quest has fallen a little to the wayside >And by "a little", you mean almost two months >All it took was one lazy Saturday >Lazier than Saturdays usually are, actually >Rather than wake up, you decided to just lay there and sleep >You recall Jack trying to wake you up >And failing >And then Shine trying to wake you up >And failing >And somewhere in between all of that you ate a few biscuits >They were good >But not good enough to keep you awake for long "Gah... that's not right either is it..." >"Talking to yourself in the dark again, I see. Do the voices speak back?" >Of course, it is the only other nocturnal beast in the apartment >Not counting Prism >You aren't sure when exactly her sleeping hours are "Yeah, they tell me red pony hide would look bad ass as a set of chaps." >"You want me wrapped around your waist that badly, huh." >Her tongue is as sharp as ever "Maybe. I could go further about a stretching joke but I think we're both too tired for that." >"Speak for yourself." "Ok. I could go further about a stretching joke but I am too tired for that." >"Better." "Thanks." >The room is pitch dark >It hasn't been this dark in a long time, due to one of the computers being on at almost all times >Movie nights have made a comeback, but you've avoided them because they're all chick flicks >And you love Jacqueline enough to sit through exactly two of those >And boy howdy, were those two long evenings >Shine's horn starts to glow >Just enough to make it out in the zombie-infested abyss >She sits on a pillow and faces you >"Does the light help?" "Tiny bit." >Do you look like the sort of guy who needs a pony night light? >... >Better to not want an answer to that >"How you doing?" "Ehh..." >"Articulate, aren't we." "Hey, lay off. It's almost three AM. I should be sleeping by now." >"And I should be doing suspect things while you're sleeping." >Ever since those girls' movie nights, she's been getting notably more... >Herself? >You try to look for an excuse but the fact of the matter is that she's been getting increasingly personal with her banter >It has led to Jack getting some good comebacks in so you suppose you don't care all that deeply "Guess that explains the magical residue, huh..." >You lean your back against the wall >You can't see it but you've actually cleaned your room up a good deal >You keep thinking of getting outfits for them to wear but the topic never comes up >And they never press it >And you don't even know where to find pony-sized outfits >At least the room is clean >Ish "I'm... I'm kinda stuck." >"Do I want to sarcastically ask if you're actually sitting on sticky sheets or is this a real thing?"
>>10018 "First off? Ew. You know I wash these sheets religiously, and they're new." >"They're not new anymore." "Yeah, because you spilled a bag of popcorn less than three days after they were put on." >"...ok. No comment." "So n'yeah." >You think Shine has a sixth sense for sniffing out your bullshit >She could before, but it seems like she hones in on it now >Jack does too but you tend to goof around with her so much that those issues tend to be forgotten >That is not a bad thing >Prism will ask if you're doing fine but she doesn't press it >Which is fine, you've come to meet some mutual agreement about keeping things at arm's length >Even if a drunk night did lead to you hugging her >Worse, she hugged back >It makes for good joke material to the other two but you know that was just... >Not a slip up >Maybe a temporary gate opening? >"Hey, no going silent on me. Speak up already." "About what?" >"I know you are constantly distraught by the heaven that is living with three ponies and that you mentally flog yourself over how much love and attention we give you. But you gotta have something else going on upstairs this time." "You're half-right. I just think about flogging said ponies and applying ginger for more lively reactions and added flavor." >Shine's horn flickers bright for almost long enough to be a split-second >"...you're a cruel man, Anon." "Thank you." >They aren't the only one learning anatomy lessons >You let out a sigh that's too heavy given how comfy your daily life is "I still feel guilty about the harmony quest pausing. And ever since we spoke about jobs and all that, I..." >You shrug and throw up your hands >Not that anyone can see your gestures "It's a lot to take in." >"At least you didn't forget my unboxing day this year." "Hey, I didn't forget. You said you wanted a pony, I got us Prism." >"I said I wanted you to act like a pony, not to get her." "Neigh." >She doesn't like to call it her "birthday" >You can get that >Neither of you say anything for a while >If it wasn't for the dim glow of red, you could believe that she just wandered off >Or maybe slept >...nah >She wouldn't do that >You can almost feel her eyes on you >The focus >The intent "I didn't want to say anything but I think I might swap to something I can bring you girls on." >"For work?" "Yeah. I mean, if you want to." >You hate even contemplating this topic >Are they freeloaders? >Technically, yes >Can they work? >Technically, yes >Do you want them to? >Not really "I... I don't want to talk about that." >"Mr. Motormouth still doesn't want to talk about it? You really are all choked up over it, aren't you." "No." >You squint at her glow "Yes." >You say both words with the same level of defensive aggression >"Alright. But can I sidestep the police line and at least ask why?" "Because I don't want you, or Jack, or Prizza to worry about it." >"...Prizza?" "Yeah." >"How does that even fit?" "Because the "R" is silent."
>>10019 >"...huh. I guess that fits. You really aren't doing so hot if even your nicknaming is getting rusty." >Another sigh >You like that she doesn't give you much wiggle room "I guess. The other thing about the harmony quest stuff... I'm just worried, ok?" >"Anon, look at me." >You look around the darkness of the room and give the glow a hard squint "Do you know where we are?" >"Shut up, you know where I am." "Alright. Fine. I'm looking just below the red." >"Good boy." >Her dismissive yet amused tone has become more of a comfort than you'd like to admit >If Jack is who you can get all romantic and cuddly with, Shine is who you can fling shit the hardest at with no concern of the stench >"Now we had some rough times. I can admit that. But look around." "Dude, seriously?" >"Shut up, metaphorically speaking look at how we are." >She has a point >Much like before, it seems like you're the only one honestly concerned about someone crossing a line and things getting rocky >Or worse, breaking down >You can't help but feel like you've always had that concern around people >Your friends of back then >Your family >You huff hard to push those topics out of your head >"Yeah, exactly. This isn't like... other things. Prism gets mad but she doesn't say things like she used to. And trust me, she used to be very vocal. She's willing to get over herself and at least try to help, once she cools off. It's her way of burying the hatchet." >You haven't even seen her get that mad >Not lately, anyway >"And Jacky... good grief, I'm telling you I'm rolling my eyes hard because-ha ha dark room-because she is just so... freaking fairy tale princess sometimes." >That makes you smile >You can't avoid letting out a "heh" >"See? And I bet you embrace that silly crap too. But... well, it works. She has her one or three topics that she is kinda weird on but that's usually it." "Wait, which ones?" >"...you telling me there are more than three topics." "N-no." >You and Jack talk about so many things, both good and bad, to the extent that you can't think of only three things that she gets weird with >"...I'm just gonna pre-emptively go "ew" and move on from that." "Not all of them are gross!" >"Yeah, no. You sound guilty as all so again. Ew." >Whatever >It isn't like she's above going into "ew" territory >"I mean it though. I can feel like I'm going to blow a hole in the ground and she can still get me to smile. I don't know how she does it. It's like she has no shame." >You find yourself nodding >Yeah >She really is quite open with things, isn't she >"And then there's me and... well, I'm me. So of course I keep everyone together with my awesome personality, wit, creativity and understanding." "HA!" >Not even a second goes by and your gut instinct is to laugh "You play video games whenever you can, where is this "creativity" you speak of?" >"It's going to flood the inside of your head with wit. Besides, do you know how hard it is to find new ways to use magic?"
>>10020 "...uh... no? I don't." >You hear a stifled Shiner noise >Like she had a comeback prepared but she lost it >"...ok well, neither do I. It kinda just... happens. I don't even understand how I had issues anymore." >This time she sighs >"But that doesn't matter for this, the fact is that we're all tougher than we used to be. And let's face it, whatever issues we have really aren't so massive. Thankfully none of us really wish we were back in the stink of living like sewer rats. You keep that sort of thing in mind and it acts like a good bullshit-detecting compass." "So in this case does the compass point toward or away from the sewer rat lifestyle?" >"Whichever makes for the more clever analogy." "Gotcha." >You bring up a hand to cover your mouth while you yawn >Which is silly because it's not like you care for manners around your mares >Least of all Shiner Sixtyniner "You know I think this is at least the third night you've talked to me about that." >"I know. You still think it is an issue worth worrying over too. So I have to spend my precious time around you and remind you that you're just being nutty." "You're welcome, by the way. I'm a very interesting guy." >"Oh yeah, clearly." >It is almost comical just how thick she'll lay on the sarcasm >It is a good sign >It means that she isn't taking it all that seriously >You really shouldn't either >But >You will >You're ok with that being a flaw >That relief washes over you from left to right until you feel like forty pounds of Chill landed on your head and didn't even bother to bring Netflix "Jack is still talking about the quest at least." >"Yeah, and she has like a dozen ideas now. See what happens when you don't keep her on a tight leash?" "Consider yourself lucky I never trained her with commands." >"I'm... not going to joke about that." "Smart move." >You emit a loud yawn >Short but forceful enough to hurt your sternum >You hear a yawn, mimicked in force >"For your information, I'm only sounding tired because you're tired." "Yeah, then be prepared to act like you're sleeping soon." >You bring up a pair of pillows and set them on your lap >It has been so lukewarm to cool that you haven't felt the need to bundle up >The horn glow begins to fade >"Hey Anon." "Hey J-er-Shine." >"Wow, ok." "Sorry, I'm blaming fatigue." >"Whatever." >You feel a pillow get thrown at your side >Then you can hear movement >Feel weight at your side, near the pillow >Or on top of it >"Don't zone out so much. Ok? None of us worry but sometimes it's a little obvious that you aren't paying attention to things." "Is it that bad?" >"Bad enough that you don't even have witty remarks half the time? Yes. Jacky thinks you're in a crisis if I don't make fun of her." "Don't make fun of the poor girl." >"Until you get out of your funk? You literally don't even know when I'm doing it." "That's." >Another yawn >You even felt the side of your jaw pop "Mean." >"It's ok, I make her pancakes so I'm allowed to be mean." "Good point."
>You close your eyes >Knowing that you aren't alone in the abyss helps >You certainly aren't afraid of the dark >But >Sometimes, you wonder >You would rather not look too deeply, because of what might be looking back >"Your breathing is off. Calm your butt and just relax already. Save the panic attack for the daylight." >She sounds wiped, doesn't she "Wouldn't most people consider that weird?" >"I don't care if I incinerate a thousand people." "Now you just sound worse." >"You're welcome. Go to bed." >A soft scoff >It makes you feel better, knowing that you actually have someone watching out for you like that >It feels good to know you have someone that has your back >You let the unorthodox warm feeling melt into your core, like a dollop of butter melting on toast "Thanks, Spar." >Her only answer is a nuzzle against your leg >Your ability to form thoughts fad, like a bubble bath going down a drain >One straggler of a concern refuses to sink like the rest >Or maybe it is just idle musing >Where would you even be without these girls?
https://ponepaste.org/7397 Jacky Part Twelve. Much to the cheers and anticipations of no one. Been almost a month and a half, time to rev up the autism engine again.
>>10023 Nice to see more green.
>>10023 >Much to the cheers and anticipations of no one You don't speak for me, blayn-ko neen-yo. Glad to see you resume Jacky's story. Very interested to see where things go considering how far they've all come.
>"Alright, Mr. A. We got water?" "Check." >"Got grub?" "Check. And aren't we going to get grub?" >"Yeah but... cooked grub is better. Got gas?" "Yup, full tank." >"Haa... Mr. A's got gas." >You cap off the checklist with a mocking laugh >Today's the day >Finally >Starsky's leading you to that farm she mentioned a while back >For all the talk of gift baskets and helping out, it has amounted to her and you spending weeks just watching TV and "totally vegging out" >Her goofy vibes have been rubbing off on you >Enough that spending time in the living room no longer feels like a violation >You still default to the basement >But if she's in the living room, you'll stick to there >She is... >Better >You think >When it comes to random talking time, she has a thousand stories to tell about her good ol' days with Lizzy >A lot of them are at least retold through fond tones and smiles, even if most of the stories have a bittersweet element to them >She's very articulate when she wants to be >You didn't give her a lot of credit before but she... >She really is pretty keen >You couldn't really help it >She still acts like she's just a leaf on the wind but you know she has a pretty big rudder "Alright, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. You sure she won't mind us stopping by? It'll be late lunch time if we get there on schedule." >Starsky shakes her head >Now that she's gotten used to her shorter mane, she uses every occasion to whip it around >In effect, it has given her a sort of supermodel vibe at times >Her tail is still far too long, and still drags on the ground >She still has some sort of complex about you cutting it so instead you just set it up in a bun >For the most part, you don't get distracted by her motions or words anymore >For the most part >"Naaah, it's fine. Ms. H and I shoot each other emails like every day now. I think she would be pretty happy to see you." "That sounds promising." >With the address punched in, you set off on the first leg of your road trip >To be honest, you could use an outdoor trip >You've been hopping from job to job since you moved back home >It has all been a blur not worth remembering >"Mr. A, you're scowling. Not a fan of crows?" "Eh?" >You have no clue what she meant by that "No, uh. I just hope that I'll make an alright impression. You sure she's ok with just giving stuff away?" >The way Starsky is side-sitting in the chair, you can't escape her easy eyes >"Ha, that's funny. Did I ever tell you about my FFA days?" "Not beyond you were a show pony." >"Not true, dude! Lizz tried to make me a show pony." "Oh, right. Silly me." >"Totally, sill you. Anyway, so Ms. H actually had a farm. Or rather, she was part of a family that had a farm. And they're legit too, not just a few garden pots full of cherry tomatoes and thyme. You wanna know the first rule of farming, Mr. A?" "Iiiiiiii... don't know. Don't plant where you sleep?"
>>10031 >"Nah, man, learn to share! Whether it's tools or stuff, sometimes you have too much for yourself. So you share and make friends that way." "You lost me. You can have too many tools?" >"Well, you can have backup tools. Like, do you have just enough spoons for yourself or could you afford to let someone else use one?" >As unusual as her example is, you're learning to roll with her logic "Sure. But if I don't know you well, I won't give you a spoon?" >"Yeah, you get it! And how do you get to know me better so you'll give me a spoon?" "I... ask for a fork?" >Starsky lets out a mock gasp >"Mr. A! Asking for a fork from a girl you barely know... you're a fast mover." >You can't help but feel a little embarrassed "I... I didn't mean it like that. I'm talking cutlery." >Her chuckling lets you know that she's at least three steps ahead of you >"I am too." >You're lucky you have to keep your eyes on the road or you'd... >She ignores your underbreath grumbling >"But really, yeah. It's like that. You build up a neat network through stuff like that. And when it comes to big, strong tools and assisted forking..." >She lingers on the last syllables >Your lips widen into a grimace >You aren't taking the bait >"Remember Mr. A, pitchforks are essential tools." >Not taking it >"Thick poles on those forks too." >Nope >"Sometimes they require more than just two hands." >Oh how you wish you could give her just a single brake check and watch her fly out your windshield >"And you know hooves don't grab so well..." "The point, man!" >Your outburst reeks of desperation >You can't handle this sort of teasing >"Ha... my point is pretty obvious, dude. If you have a farm, there's totally no way you'll ever be able to eat everything you make. So you share and trade the excess for other things. Next thing you know, you got a whole lot of stuff going for you. And it means that you can give someone the most important thing, next to air and water. The cool thing? They got trees and bushes too so, like, they aren't even just normal vegetable farmers. They got fruits too." "...oh. Well I guess that is obvious." >"Seriously. Sometimes I wonder just how you tie your shoes." "Well we're going out and it isn't in town so I am wearing my boots. Those don't have laces." >"See! It's a completely legit thing to wonder." "Oh whatever, man." >This mare scrambles your head with such ease you're not sure how you deal with it >But she does make you smile >She actually makes you smile a lot >That sort of weaponized disarming silliness is formidable "So what's in the care package, anyway?" >"That's a secret. So much a secret that she didn't tell me anything about it either. But she said to bring back the basket once we're done. So get ready for more trips." "Not twice a week, I hope. We're burning almost a full tank on this round trip."
>>10032 >"Nahh, that would be weird. But like, once a month hopefully?" >Drive to a farm once a month for things? >Depending on how big the basket is, you could probably spread it out longer than that >As if she is picking up on your thoughts, she interjects >"I mean, I wanna see her at least once a month if that's ok with you?" "Huh? Oh, well..." >Let's be honest >You don't do anything but work anyway >You could stand to get some sun >And it would make her happy "Yeah. I'm not complaining, just keeping logistics in mind." >"Awesome! You're the best, Mr. A." "Yeah... nah... nah." >You shrug away the attempted compliment >You tend to feel the happiest when you aren't thinking >You've thought that lately, anyway, which can be a bit of a paradox >"I mean it. And hey, they might even be able to spare you some gas too! They got, like, a gas station only five miles away. Really convenient for getting stuff. Not so much when you gotta hoof it yourself." >That draws your attention "You've had to walk five miles for gas?" >"Me? Nah. But Ms. H did once. So I went with her to help out. They had a spare set of saddlebags so I ended up carrying a few gallons too. It was nice though." >Sounds to you like she had to walk five miles for gas >But you'll keep that to yourself >"It sounds like it's a long distance. Because it's like... five miles, twice. But it's not ten. Because you have the break between and then when you're loaded up that second five feels like ten. You know?" >You begin to nod "I have absolutely no clue." >"It's fun. We should do that one of these days." "Why not just drive the car to the gas station?" >"Because it's the journey, man, not the destination. That's the fun thing." >If she says so >After the first half hour, you're out of town proper >Industrial plants and fields take up most of the horizon >As well as the ever-expansive two-lane road >It looks pretty nice >For some reason the sparse number of cars sharing your direction makes you feel like you're in a convoy >Farmers probably have convoys >Hell, they probably have a really strong sense of community too >They probably know everyone in a twenty mile radius, at least on a surface level >Meanwhile you don't even recognize your own neighbors >They aren't the people you grew up with >You certainly haven't been social either >Only Starsky made an attempt to be around >And the reasoning for that... >"Mr. A, did I ever tell you that I kinda wished that I could be a farmer?" "I don't think so. Aren't you too tech-savvy to work out in the fields and all that?" >"Nah man, not like... a hard working farmer. But the sort who just has like... a greenhouse. Because if you wanna do food, just have like a barrel or two and grow potatoes." "You can grow potatoes in a barrel?" >"Bro, potato barrels are like the coolest things. But I don't mean those." "Alright, so what do you want to grow in a greenhouse?" >"Like... garden variety stuff."
>>10033 >One of these days this mare is going to give you mental whiplash so hard you'll see her point "O...k. Name a few things." >"Like spearmint, normal mint, lemongrass, ginger, garlic. Not... the important stuff. But the little things. Ever had a steak before with fresh herbs on it?" "I haven't. Not outside of that dry rub stuff and other mixes you've had." >"See? That's why I would do those. Those things smell nice too, you know? They're little things, but they matter. They're like... the details to the big picture. The happy little bushes that bring out the best in the mountain." "In the mountain or around the mountain?" >"Well in this case, they're bushes that the mountain eats." "But if the bushes are the herbs and the steak is the main course... then don't we eat the mountain?" >"That's silly, Mr. A. Mountains don't eat bushes." >This repeated moon logic makes you smirk "Alright wise guy, what do mountains eat then?" >"Cave explorers that get lost. Obviously, right?" >She never doesn't sound amused "Right... that's rather morbid, isn't it?" >"Well I mean it's not like it's plucking them out of their homes." "Yeah because that would be weird." >"Totally. And you know that weird is weird." "S'yeah... like, totally." >You start to adopt her inflections "Like... shut up, do you ever think of... like the trees that eat the nutrients from the mountain too?" >Starsky giggles >"Bro, I TOTALLY think that! And it's true, too! Because-and dig this-the minerals get eaten up by the trees... but then they die and the mountain claims it back. And then other trees slurp them back up. They're like... farmers. But without farmers." "Woooaaahhh... you like... blew my mind." >"Legit, Mr. A. It's kinda spooky to think of how well nature gets along without us." >You let out a loud, long sigh "Ahhhh Starsky. You're weird. Grab me a bag of those sausage sticks." >"The bad you drowned in red pepper flakes?" "You know it." >"Sure, lemme get them. And... uh. Head's up, they're all yours." >She crouches down and bites down onto one of the four bags of snack meats you grabbed >Maybe you got too much variety >But it was a good excuse to spend nearly twenty bucks per bag >She lifts up her head, corner of the bag hanging from her lips >You swipe it and finagle the ziplock seal until you get a stick pushed out and ready for chomping "Not a fan of hot stuff?" >"Nah, Mr. A. It ain't like that at all. I can handle some peppering." "What is it like then?" >The first stick goes by too fast, so you go for a second >"I just don't want you to see me panting and drooling before dinnertime." >You nearly choke on your chunk of flaky beef >That, in turn, leads to you swerving hard into the oncoming lane >Thankfully the only other person on the road is a half mile in front of you >You won't dare say it for fear of smart remark, but maybe you should muzzle her
https://ponepaste.org/7398 Twilit Starsky 2: Farmer's Boogaloo Because bodacious mares beam while bugging anons.
>>10037 Starsky had me cracking up several times. She's a gem.
>>10037 Thanks for posting, Blondie!
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She caught you 'mirin'. Thanks Modular.
>>10035 So happy to see more Starsky. Thank you.
>>10060 Nothing to thank me over. I'm glad to see her again too.
>>10051 fine looking shine
>>10052 https://w2g.tv/jdfgmmxkk1vswx6krt Tonight's room. These things only stay up for around 24 hours.
>>10035 >The vast majority of the time spent driving takes place on lonesome roads >You know you were in the country when it got to the point that there's maybe a mailbox every other mile >"Alright, we're getting pretty close. That tractor over there? The dude who owns it got super miffed one day because he broke a cheap wrench and a bit got stuck. So he said "consarn it rusty varmint!" and let it sit to rust." >She adopts a heavy southern twang for just those four words >You slow down enough for her to get up and point to it >Sure enough it looks like it has been sitting outside for decades >If not centuries "Why didn't he sell it?" >"Iunno. Wrench guys are kinda funny like that." "I guess so... how much further?" >"Like, another five minutes? Or miles. You'll recognize it because Ms. H got the barn painted purple." "That's... an odd color. Why purple?" >"Because you can see purple pretty easily if everything is covered in white snow." >Your first response is a heavy sigh "Alright, so why did she paint it purple instead of the normal color of red?" >"Oh!" >Starsky giggles and nods >"Because... like, I'm purple too." "See, that I get." >With that in mind, you creep back up to your normal speed >Purple barn... >This Ms. H figure must be a pretty valuable friend >More valuable than a druggie >Starsky hasn't been asking if you've seen her >You're sure she goes out for a walk at least once or twice a day >And if she saw her, she'd probably tell you >She seems the sort that's too open to hold secrets like that >Not that you were counting, but after five minutes of music, you see a purple building on the horizon >"Dude, check it out! Awesome!" >Starsky stands up and leans against the dashboard >"See, I told you! Aw, it looks even better now. Come on, Mr. A, pedal to the metal!" "Riiight... you got it." >You increase your speed from sixty to... sixty two >Cruise control is a glorious thing to have >Rather than a rocky path, you turn into a neatly flattened dirt... parking lot? >It doesn't look like a proper entryway to the farm but more the entrance to an orchard >"$15 per basket, visit the store to pay!" >So says an old wooden sign >The colors are vibrant but you can tell that they're starting to wear from the repeated years >"Aw sweet, the sign is still there too! Come on, Mr. A, let's check it out!" >You open the door just in time for Starsky to hop on your thighs and bounce off onto the dirt >And just like that the meticulously made bun of her tail comes undone >Oh well, at least her mane is managed >You get out and you can't help but notice that she's making a straight gallop over to a... >Shed? >It's too small to be a cabin >But too big to be a tool shed >The old style door and windows help keep to you vaguely confused about the purpose of the... >Let's call it a shack >"Aw man, I remember when I spent a fall helping out here! We were selling the apples, bags of pre-picked apples, apple butter, apple muffins, jams, jellies." >Starsky runs around the entire perimeter of the shabby structure >It looks like it could at least contain around a dozen people >You peek in through one of the windows and see a little counter area set up with a good dozen shelves >Definitely a basic storefront but the rustic appearance must be pretty neat for customers >And cheap to maintain
Wanted to write more but there's too much interference upstairs.
Decided to wrap up Buttershy because the thread has been slow. >>7525 >Be Flutterbutter. >Anon looks sad. >Buttershy asks. "What's wrong, Anon?" >Anon looks to you. "We can't live here much longer" >Fluttershy is increasingly concerned. "Where will we go?" >Anon walks to the window, lifting the shutter just a bit to see through. "Far from here" >He thinks momentarily, turning to address Buttershy. "Do you remember where you came from?" >Buttershy would shrug, but she is a head grafted to another body such that she cannot physically shrug. "Not much, just the primordial feedstock and the dissection lab" >Anon munches another piece of room mate jerky. "We have food for 30 days, and we can't fly or cross boarders" >He walks to the other side of the apartment, peering out over the marina. >You walk up to the window as well to take in the view. >There aren't many sailboats in this poor as shit city, but one is enough. >Fluttershy speaks. "Umm... Anon?" >Anon gives acknowledgment with a pet, she continues speaking. "Where are we going?" >Anon sighs and sits down. "To Afrika"
>>10095 >Be Anon. >Planning to sail to Afrika to escape the first world. >USD would be helpful. >TFW all your time spent planning how to rob a bank wasn't a waste. >Earlier you and Flutterbutter split up, she's taking care of the escape route. >Walk into the bank like a boss, don't even bother hiding your Harpers Ferry pistol. >All the bitches be like "NOOOOOO! DON'T SHOOT!" >You swag walk to the desk, holding the gun sideways. "Gimmie all yo money!" >cash_register.mp3 >Time to skedaddle. >Make it a few blocks. >Cop catches you jaywalking. >fuck "HEY YOU! YOU CAN'T CROSS THE STREET LIKE THAT!" >Be confused. "Umm... officer? I'm white" >The officer laughs. "That's why I'm going to kill you dumbass! We have to kill a certain number of white people to meet the anti-racism quota" >Holy shit he doesn't even know you robbed the bank. >Pull out your Harpers Ferry. >Aim the gun sideways like a gangsta. >Pull the trigga. >The powder falls out of the flash pan and onto the ground, causing the ignition to simply not happen. >fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck "NOW YO CRACKA ASS IS GONNA DIE!" >The cop tackles you to the ground and kneels on your neck. >You would say you can't breathe, but you actually can't. >As you run out of oxygen, you think of Afrika, and of your mare. >Wish you could be with her but... it's.. too.. late... now >... >Darkness
>>10092 Starsky is a fun pony.
>>10096 RIP Anon.
>>9942 Getting some hottopic vibes with these melty hearts and eyeshadow
>>10051 noise
>>10164 It has been compressed pretty hard for it to be posted here.
>>10165 Link to source image?
>>10166 https://u.smutty.horse/mhlnaifgxpr.gif Was given the gif directly so uploaded it to SmuttyHorse.
>>10167 Thanks.
>>10093 Was not expecting you to go back to Starsky after starting J12, really unusual posting style for you but I'm not complaining, shes got one dangerous tongue almost causing a car crash >>10051 animated thumbnails is pretty cool >>10096 It can't end like this, they barely got to know eachother
>>10212 >unusual This entire month has been unusual. It's going to level out soon enough but it's just making a lot of noise upstairs that I can't shake off. It's difficult to genuinely focus and just let things play out. I suppose a bit of good news is that it isn't all for bad reasons, there are some more good things coming soon that I'd like to show off beyond just the gif. I suppose that's also been a genuine distraction since I've never done the whole commission thing before. I've always been quite happy for people to just do art whenever they feel like it, if they do at all. Being asked for input and specifics is an experience, and I can't help but shake the vibe that I'm bothering people despite throwing change at them. I just need to get back to a more normal rhythm and have less pebbles thrown in my pond. I've kept writing through far worse, there isn't much of an excuse as to why this has been such an issue.
>>10216 Personally, I think a respite can do some good, so I certainly don't think you should feel any sort of shame. It can be frustrating, sure - I feel that a bit. But in some senses, I feel like things have gotten a bit clearer not having my nose to the grindstone as I had been for months. That being said - sorry to those waiting for the next update of Midnight. Been absolutely silent for a couple of weeks now, and that's just been due to life and a very sporadic writing schedule. Been so on and off that I'm not trusting my judgment on the next update, and currently having someone else take a gander when he has time. But in the meantime, I've started writing beyond that, so once I make any needed changes, I'll have it posted and be well on the way to the ensuing update past that.
>>9299 >"So all in all, you two are doing pretty good for yourselves now, huh?" "Honestly, probably the best financial spot since I've owned the junkyard." >You expect Midnight to chime in with something witty, but as you glance over to her on your left side, she's still finishing off her plate on the other side of the vinyl bench seat you two share. >Opposite you and over the crackling flames of the fire pit, Starla and Teddy have taken up a set of folding canvas chairs he had brought along. >After the pomp and circumstance Midnight set up, things had become more casual and mellow - though dinner was still quite an eye-opener. >It was a simple meal, making it easy to get around and carry out to the firepit. >Brats and potato chips - as well as a tossed salad, for Starla of course. >You felt stupid when Starla went for a bratwurst to go along with some greens. >Everyone got a laugh at your dumbfounded expression. >Teddy explained that the biological ponies that came from where he worked were created as omnivores, making it 'easier' to share a home with them, if it ever came to be acceptable to produce them. >But how hard would it be to just send em out to graze or have greens in the fridge...? >Ah well. >"So what are your plans for the old car you two purchased?" >You wait a moment before replying to Starla's question, giving Midnight the opportunity to answer it. >But she motions for you to answer it - having just finished off her steak in a final chomp. "Nothing too crazy, as much as someone here would like to make a strip terror out of it," you say, nodding off to your left. >Starla's face goes blank. >"A 'strip terror'?" "Sorry. Basically, a face car meant to go fast in a straight line." >"Ah, I understand now. So you're going to try keeping it close to how it came from the factory." "Yeah. We'll change a few things if need be." >"Like headers." >Of course Midnight would finish eating just to speak up for performance parts. >Starla's eyes shift over to Midnight, offering the same inquisitive expression you faced just a moment ago. >"Basically an improved exhaust system on the engine, using equal-length tubing for each combustion chamber to equalize pressure when they all dump into the exhaust pipe." "*cough* nerd *cough*" >For your efforts, you get a stern jab of a hoof to your ribs, making you jump just a bit at the intrusion. >"Wow, there really is a lot to think about when working on cars and stuff," Starla muses, pondering the explanation Midnight fed to her. "When do you think you'll have your project done?" >"That might be a better question for him," Midnight answers, poking you in the ribs again. "You do that again, and I'm taking that hoof away from you," you threaten in an exaggerated, stern voice. >"You amuse me with your silly threats," Midnight taunts in a drawn-out, silky tone. >"Aw, dinner and a show," Starla comments with a giggle, leaning over the arm of her chair to rest her head upon Teddy's shoulder.
>>10261 "Anyway... I don't really know how long it's going to take," you say, returning back to the initial conversation. "We have to go through everything as far as electrical and mechanical since the car sat for so long. On the plus side, I don't think we have to worry about anything structural or body-wise, aside from paint." >"And you still have to figure out the engine situation - whether the block is good, and where to find a crankshaft," Midnight reminds you. "I already know where to get a crank, just got to get the engine apart and to a shop." >"You never mentioned that to me," Midnight protests, sounding just a bit irritated with you. >You grin while reaching over and patting her on the head. "I like keeping surprises from you." >"I hate surprises," she grumbles back, ducking in a half-hearted attempt to avoid your affection. "Hence why I like keeping surprises." >You hear Starla giggling again as you finally make contact with Midnight's hair when she stops fidgeting around. >"I knew that rough and tumble mare had a softer side deep within," she comments. >"Only because killing him with witnesses would be a bad idea," Midnight retorts. >"Mhmm, sure." "Oh trust me, she's still got an edge when push comes to shove. Saved my ass from a coyote not long ago," you mention, wanting to give Midnight a little bit of credit. >"I'm - really?" Starla stumbles, blindsided by your words and serious tone. >"Wasn't the first coyote I killed. Probably won't be the last," Midnight adds. >"Damn. So you really got the bite to go with the looks," Teddy speaks up, though he doesn't seem quite as surprised. >"When it's the difference between life and death, you do what needs to be done," Midnight gloats. "But she does have a soft side, you are correct on that account, Starla," you add, instantly deflating Midnight's ego. >"You're a dick," she mutters. "You're sleeping alone on the couch tonight." >Midnight doesn't seem to grasp what she just said. >But Starla does, her eyes twinkling with that little nugget. >Oh dear. >"So you two normally sleep together on the couch?" she asks innocently. >"No, we sleep in - wait, what?!" >Midnight's head snaps around, horrified as all eyes are squarely upon her. >"Bed?" Starla sweetly asks, batting her eyes. >"Anon, you-" "You said it. Don't blame this on me," you protest as Midnight's whole body seems tense up, looking ready to pounce on you. >And not for snuggles. >But as your eyes dart to see Starla leaping out of her chair with a gleeful expression, Midnight's ears swivel in her direction, followed by her head. >"Midnight, no one here thinks any less of you. You know that, right?" Starla asks as she approaches. >"...fine. Yes, I'm - we - he and I are... yes, I share the bed with him," Midnight manages to piece together, utterly embarrassed as she hangs her head just a bit.
>>10262 >Teddy has been stoically quiet this whole time, his arms folded as he sits back and watches the exchange - though he has failed to hide the amused smile that has overtaken his face. >He glances at you, just long enough to give you a sage nod of approval. "There, was that so hard, Middie?" >"Shut up." >"Alright, calm down. I'll stop teasing you," Starla interjects, reaching up and patting Midnight on the shoulder. "I just have to do it because of how much you feel like you have to prove yourself, particularly to me. It's just funny, like some sort of sibling rivalry thing. The little sister I never had." >"You do strike me as an annoying, overly cheerful type like Celestia," Midnight sasses, unable to keep a straight face to make it seem serious. >The comment causes Starla to cock her head, amused with this snippet as well. >"Oh, you've watched the little girls' show we originated from?" >"He made me," Midnight quickly answers as her smirk vanishes, pointing a hoof at you. "Bullshit I did," you protest. "You suggested it." >"But *you* were the one to actually look it up on the computer, hook it up to the TV and play it." "Oh, and then I restrained you on the couch and made you watch it against your will, too?" >"At least you admit it." "C'mere, you broody pain in the ass." >You quickly lean over and throw an arm around Midnight's barrel, pulling her up next to you even as she squirms and struggles against you. >Weakly. >"I really don't like you," she huffs, averting her eyes as Starla has a giggle fit. >"Nevertheless, I'm glad you took some of my advice. Now it makes more sense why you've seemed so much more relaxed the last few times we've talked." >Advice? >She already knew? "Wait, so you already told Starla about us being a thing?" you blurt out to Midnight. >She cringes, before collecting herself and offering an uneasy grin. >"It might have been a short discussion at one point." "So why the hell are you so up in arms about mentioning sleeping in the same bed?" >"...well, that's a step further than I had mentioned to Starla," Midnight mumbles. "Midnight, you are something else, you know that?" >"What's that supposed to mean?" "It means you're something... special. That rhymes with 'suit'," you answer, grinning from ear to ear as her face hardens. >"Don't say it." >"Cute?" >You nod gleefully as all eyes dart to the riddle-solver, Starla. >As Midnight's eyes narrow to direct her ire at Starla, the mare trots back over to her chair and flops down, leaning into Teddy as he strokes her hair. >With a smile that exudes more than just content. >"You're trying to be trouble tonight, aren't you?" Teddy asks her, pausing his affections momentarily. >"Me? Never," she gasps in an exaggerated fashion. >"Uh-huh." >" Meh, it's Anon's fault, anyway," Midnight interrupts. >You look over at Midnight once again, whose face has lightened up into a wry smile. >"You heard me," she says.
>>10263 "It's my fault you've become relatively well-adjusted and can enjoy a nice evening around a firepit with friends?" >"I suppose I can't really argue with that." >"I suppose I should shoulder some of that blame, too," Starla adds, making her voice low and forlorn despite her bright expression. >"Yeah, sort of your fault, too. And Teddy's." >"Me?" Teddy asks, acting as if he's offended. >"You were the first besides Anon that I interacted with - and despite the rather... rough initial meeting, you gave me another chance," Midnight explains, before her hoof taps the crescent moon pendant around her neck. "And a bit more freedom." >"You've come a ways from what I've seen, Midnight. I've seen others I try to help keep latched onto their past and refuse to accept help or move on. I'm glad you found a way out, in more ways than one." >"Me too," Midnight replies, smirking as she leans on your shoulder. "Me too." -----
yay, Auto's back.
>>10264 Glad to see you writefagging again Auto Bookmarking middie for a quiet evening, she is worth it.
It's nice to see so much new green in the past week. It was starting to feel a bit dead in here. Big thanks to all the writefrens for their efforts
>>10227 I suppose. I'm just used to always writing something. I've made a habit of it over the last few years. I've already written whatever non-pone crap to flush out random ideas and all of that. I know what needs to be done, I just need to be able to focus. That lack of focus is what is bugging me. >>10270 If it helps, Tuesday is going to be big. Very big.
>>10216 >I've never done the whole commission thing before. I thought this was commissioned?
>>10287 It was but I didn't commission it.
>>10287 >Anon with a white question mark Huh, I don't recall ever seeing this before. Neat.
I hope you like your plush, anon.
>>10299 Cute!
>>10299 Jacky?
>>10299 >>10305 That's carrot tops kid
>>10309 also super cute, love the carrotbangs
>>10305 It is. I was going to wait until Tuesday but it seems our plushmancer beat me to it. If I can find the site I used to use to stream westerns to W2G again, Tuesday is gonna be a western night to celebrate her homecoming.
June snuck up pretty fast. should we make the bread on /mlp/ or stick it out here in the bunker for longer? Not much happened unlike the last time around, but /mlp/ has more eqgspam being bumped than usual.
>>10264 Glad to see more Midnight again. Thanks Auto.
>>10313 I'd say to wait a bit longer until we have more greens to show off. With the mare out of the box of Jackenstein joining us in 3d, I like to think that I might have fun with that when it comes to content.
>>10313 My computer’s fucked so I haven’t been able to transfer what I’ve written for Rosie from my notebook, at least I’m back to the restaurant scene so once I get that done there’s gonna be a big update; until then I’m gonna drop my PC off somewhere to get it checked since I’ve done just about all I can to fix it myself.
>>10317 >I like to think that I might have fun with that when it comes to content. Are we're going to get a My Little Jackie? >>10318 Damn that sucks, I haven't had my pc blow up on me in many years but I do reset it a lot, any clue on whats wrong?
>>10319 Probably something wrong with the RAM since when I can get the task manager open it says the memory is 100% when only .5MB is being used in total. Could also be that I’ve never defrag’d it since I was told it would reduce the lifespan of my computer- not knowing that that only applies to SSDs and not HDDs. Or it’s just age since I’ve had the thing for damn near a decade now.
>>10311 qtqt! I hope you have good time with her. Don't forget to share pics
>>10299 Damn. You got a website, plushmaker Anon?
>>10323 And what kind of fleshlight do you use for the SPH?
>>10323 And what kind of fleshlight do you use for the SPH?
>>10320 >RAM Unlikely. Faulty RAM leads mainly to BSODs and screen artifacts, or the PC outright refuses to load. >defrag’d Also unlikely, defrag is a meme. Never did it once even back when I used to have a system HDD. >damn near a decade It may be the windows installing some useless bullshit along with it's """updates""" and that thing is supposed to rely on a much more RAM than you have. A couple of times I saw Compability Telemetry service hoarding almost 70% out of 8GB RAM.
>>10323 https://www.deviantart.com/azgchip/art/Jackie-OC-Commission-918217063 He's also on the /merch/ thread. It was just on a whim that I decided "fuck it" and here we are now and here she's on her way. >>10321 Much like how Thunanon has taken pics of Thun, I too shall find excuses to show off Jackula. The question is how far can I take it. >>10324 Plushjack is not for lewd, just for hanging out, watching movies together and enjoying company. And for wearing hats.
>>10326 Took it to the shop and they said it was likely an issue with the HDD, said I should get it back in 2-3 days.
>>10320 RAM should be good for lifetime as long as you get one that works, which I always have bad luck with.
tell me about the greens you want to see more of, bootleg
Shot you an email, Reggie, it’s from a different account since I don’t have my PC right now and my phone defaults to the one I sent it from.
>>10317 The whole "we dont have any greens so don't make a new thread" seems like a totally foreign concept to me. There's countless examples of threads that are active without a steady flow of greens, bootleg is always the odd ball out.
>>10350 Because there's hardly any discussion otherwise, just mostly threadbump posts aside from the occasional random pic. Personally, I figure if a thread can't stand on it's own without constant bumping, there's no reason for it to waste space. Hence why I don't bump anymore unless I have green to post in the morning after work. If someone is really hankering to have a thread on /mlp/, go for it. I'm just not gonna help keep it alive in the overnight hours without a good reason, lol.
>>10350 What Auto said. /bootleg/ tends to have waves of activity but there isn't often a lot of discussion going on. If we go by the last two weeks of here and put it on /mlp/, the thread would've been archived at least a once every day. Ironic, I've seen a few anons make threads about Rare and other /bootleg/ things and outright ask about /bootleg/ greens... but for some reason they don't want to actually ask in that thread.
>>10299 >>10311 Das cute - a little part of me is jealous you got your bootleg made into a plush. But, I have a traditional moonhorse plush already, and at the moment, I'm pouring money into the brake system of my truck. I fucking swear, she's jealous of the Javelin.
(836.97 KB 1280x960 sad candy 2.png)
>>10299 >>10363 I'll be honest, seeing Jacky made into a plush kinda makes me want to commission homeboy to make Zooma, but there's no way I'd be able to explain/justify that to the old lady when she inevitably found her.
>>10363 >traditional moonhorse Oh, you think /bootleg/ is your ally. But you merely adopted the bootwaifu; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't have a true waifu until I was already a writefag, by then she was nothing to me but BLINDING. >>10388 Chipmin's a cool guy. I decided to go for it, and threw in extra at the end because if I didn't go for her, no one ever would. With this, she can have a greater still presence and mark on history beyond just text, and beyond just art. Plus you know that Carl Sagan quote.
>>10390 >Plus you know that Carl Sagan quote. Which quote? The one about stolen bikes? Wait, that was Black Science Man.
>>10353 >>10352 that just sounds like there's never going to be a time to make /mlp/s bootleg thread again and there's still more people who dont make the jump than the ones who are here.
>>10395 Have you seen how the thread goes through periods of activity?
(1.83 MB 1536x1319 6271281.png)
(1.69 MB 1280x988 6367287.png)
(335.94 KB 1003x841 Midnights smile.png)
>>10395 It is what it is. Having a thread just to have a thread personally doesn't make much sense to me. The only way I feel others will find bootleg is by stumbling upon an update excerpt while browsing. Seeing incessant bumping certainly wouldn't inspire confidence. Doesn't change what I do - I'm still writing regardless of what audience I have. Just been going through a rough patch through May. Hope to have the next update ready within a day or two - looking forward to what it's leading up to. >>10267 >>10268 >>10314 I'm sorry I don't reach out much to you guys when you comment - just don't really know how to respond, because thank you just really feels empty. I've always said I write for myself, but to see others enjoy what I put out there - it really means a lot. Glad Midnight has grabbed others the way she has me personally. And dammit Tiff, I can't thank you enough for the art you've done of her.
>>10334 While they were transferring the data the old hardrive failed, everything was lost...all of my art is gone...
>>10410 Is it known how the drive failed? Perhaps it could be possible to recover some of the data. Also, good a time as any to set up backups.
>>10411 They said there’s a slim chance for it to be recovered but I need to take it to a specialty shop and the quote for that service is a minimum of around $630 dollars.
>>10415 Grabbed my art from this thread, any chance you guys have my Shineposts saved? Or are they on the boot art thing?
>>10415 What I meant is whether it's more along the lines of something mechanically wrong with it, or if there's possibility of some recovery with software tools. If you still have the drive in hand and you have some way of connecting to it, you can try software tools like Recuva or unstoppable file copier if it still shows up on the computer. Otherwise if it's something wrong with the electronics you could see about sourcing an identical drive and swapping the boards.
>>10419 They didn't tell me, and I was too distracted from being told all my files are gone to ask what exactly went wrong with the drive, but I do have the drive still.
>>10420 If you still have the drive, plug it in and see what it does. No harm in checking since you aren't going to be bringing it to a specialist anyway. Of course you most likely will not be able to boot off of it, so plug it into a computer that's working.
>>10418 Which ones? I have all things Shine.
>>10422 All of them, *everything* I had that wasn't on Google Drive is gone. Never Lose, Never Scored, Seductive and Obviously Evil Dress, Jacky Plots A Course. I'm also missing the Zooma pic and I think a few others.
(227.45 KB 1000x800 1624694462231.png)
(521.18 KB 800x1200 1633911854828.png)
(1014.32 KB 1200x800 1641266932305.png)
>>10423 Don't worry, I got you fam.
>>10423 You posted a lot here over the last two threads. It isn't everything but it is something.
>>10424 You're a saint. >>10425 I think the only thing I'm missing now is the Obviously Evil Dress Shine.
(263.97 KB 800x800 1619909402800.png)
(3.53 MB 640x640 1619915834413.gif)
These should post. They didn't last time for some reason.
>>10427 Thanks, I had forgotten Angel Cake (alongside Tiff's version), Apogee, and Missie Pie but grabbed them out of the previous threads. Also I think the reason why is because you can only upload 3 images at a time. That should be all of them then.
>>10428 Has anyone heard/seen anything from Tiff lately?
>>10431 Didn't he pop into the w2g a week or so ago?
>>10264 >"C'mon, pick up your end, pussy." "I am. Not all of us have magic that lets us lift in any position or height." >"Well neither do I." >The smug look that Midnight sports really makes you want to drop your end of the couch and poke her in the nose. >But that wouldn't be very productive, and being at the bottom of the stairs means you could have furniture sliding your way. >That wouldn't be fun. "You have electromagnet shit. That's close enough." >"Geez, you have very low standards." "Yeah, I know - I live with you." >"Okay, you have low standards for everything else." >With the abrupt announcement of a broken spring trying to find a new home a couple of nights ago, today found you and Midnight evicting the old couch and bringing in a new one that was fortunately clearance priced. > It's a nice one at that - a lot wider from back to front with reclining features on either end and finished in dark grey leather. >...okay, so there were cheaper options, but dammit, it was still a great deal. >And the only one that wasn't fuck ugly in one way or another. >Seriously - flower print is still a thing? >Of course, the fun part is now beginning - carrying the new furniture upstairs and jamming it through the door. >It will be close, but it should fit. >Probably. "Lead the way, oh great one." >"That's more like it." "It was sarcasm." >Midnight just shakes her head with a grin as she starts heading up the stairs with the couch in tow with you bringing up the rear. >"What are we going to do if the couch won't fit through the door, anyway?" Midnight floats back to you. "You watched me measure it, dipstick." >"That didn't answer the question I asked," she sings back. "You're having too much fun being a pain in the ass, Middie," you lament. >"It's about time someone gave you a run for your money, Anon." "Well, you're getting there." >"Aww, thanks for the compliment." >Midnight is able to keep her head straight forward with her electromagnetic abilities seizing upon the internal frames and mechanisms of the recliner bits. >You would have had no problem allowing her to carry this upstairs - but even she has her limits. >Not by weight, but size. >You could tell admitting this was too unwieldy for her to balance had been difficult. >Considering she can pick up whole fucking engines - there really isn't anything to be ashamed of in your mind. >Nevertheless, you're at least glad you don't have to walk backward up the steps. >Things go rather smoothly once you find the first creaking wooden stair with a blind guess. >Almost to the top - then the real fun begins. "We're gonna take our time and not get frustrated figuring out how to fit this through the doorway, right?" >"Yeah, what would the alternative be?" "You throwing a hissy fit and putting it through the wall." >That explanation gets Midnight to turn her head and eye you. >"I don't think I would even be capable of that. And I haven't been that short-tempered in some time."
>>10436 "You're right - but maybe you're overdue," you suggest with a smarmy grin. >"One thing I *could* do is let go of this end and watch the couch bowl you over like a pin," she replies calmly, casting a sinister grin back at you, complete with fangs. "Well, that wouldn't be very fun. Probably be painful." >"Ah, but a sacrifice I may be willing to make." >The banter quickly dies as Midnight's hooves reach the top of the stairs and the threshold to your living space. >She scoots to the side of the door, her attention shifting between couch and entryway. >You're left to just hold up your end, waiting rather uncomfortably on the steps as your palms sweat from the plastic covering. >"Maybe clockwise about forty degrees?" she suggests after a moment of contemplation. >You blink at the rather explicit instructions. >"Failed geometry in school, huh?" "No, fuck you. Just surprised - your clockwise, or mine?" >It's Midnight's turn to just stare at you for a second. "You know, this way for me, that's clockwise," you explain while twisting your end in said direction. "That would be counterclockwise for you, right? Looking toward me?" >"Oh - duh," she blurts out as the reasoning dawns upon her. "My clockwise - tip the back to your left." >You do as instructed in time with the motion on the other end. >"Awight, weady to be patient and twy?" she asks in a mocking, childlike voice. "If it gets you to never do that again, yes." >The only reply is a snicker before Midnight eases her end forward toward the door. >You take another step up toward the landing... >*Thump* >"...twist it a little more," Midnight instructs, looking over what part of the couch is hitting. >You don't have a decent view from your angle, so all you can do is start spinning the couch. >"Right there." >Stopping, you wait for Midnight to nod before proceeding forward. >You can hear the plastic covering ruffle as it drags ever so slightly upon the door frame, but there's very little resistance to cause you concern. >You get up onto the landing and step beside Midnight and see her strained face before the realization hits you. >She's having to really exert herself in order for her magnetic abilities to go through the wall and reach this far, let alone carry the weight of the other end. "You forgot to go inside first, didn't you?" >"Shut up, I'm testing myself," she lies. "Seriously, you want to back out and try again?" you ask, concerned for her. >"I got it. We're almost there. Go." >Rather than question further, you pick up the pace and sneak in through the door, Midnight quickly making her way through behind you. >You hear her exhale as if she had been holding her breath before she leaps up onto the kitchen island counter and back down into the living room proper with a grace and agility more suited to a feline. "You're cleaning the counter before we eat this evening," you joke.
>>10437 >"I wasn't aware we served food directly onto the counter. Do away with the dishes sometime between this morning and now?" she retorts. "That's where the silverware sets, though." >"Cry about it." >The space between the island and the opposing wall is wider than the doorway, making it a breeze to get through. >While the job wasn't near as difficult as it could have been, you finally set the couch down in its spot with a satisfied grunt. >Standing back up straight with the edge of the plastic covering in your hands, a deft tug snaps it away from the leather and into a heap at your feet. >The smell of new furniture quickly permeates the air, an oddly relaxing scent. >You look down at the sumptuous cushions, before eyeing Midnight. >Judging by the glint in her eyes she has the same thought. "Mine!" you shout first, kicking off your shoes in the process. >"Fuck no, mine!" >Yet despite her protests, Midnight waits just long enough for you to begin your leap onto the couch to mirror your actions. >You both meet in the middle, barely avoiding a collision. >"Scoot over, dumbass," she mutters, giving you a light shove with her shoulder. "You scoot over, dumbass," you respond, accompanied by your own shove upon her barrel. >Midnight flares out a wing, hitting you in the face with the dark purple plumage and causing you to recoil a bit out of sheer reflex. >Of course, she all too eagerly seizes the real estate you've given up, scooting up to your side again. >You aren't giving up that easy. >Leaning over on her, you awkwardly bend and situate your body to a point you are eye to eye with her. >And start peppering her snout with kisses. >"Dammit, stop being a faggot! That's cheating!" she whines loudly, trying to back away from you. "Tough luck, loser," you sputter between assaults. >At some point during the squirming around on the new couch, you end up on your side nestled into the back of the couch. >Midnight lays on her stomach just in front of you, sprawled out with her head turned to face you. "There, was that so hard?" >"Yes, yes it was." >That's all the words exchanged between the two of you while allowing your pulses to settle down a bit. "Does this new couch mean I get my bed back?" you suggest. >A short trill of laughter greets the inquiry almost instantly. >"Hardly. You've opened a door that can never be closed, Anon." "Dammit." >You reach up with your hand and begin fiddling with her mane affectionately, garnering a hum of approval that you feel as she leans her body into you. >"Funny you should mention this being a good spot to sleep again..." Midnight muses, allowing the comment to drift off in a cryptic manner. "You want to invite some of your old coyote buddies to live with us." >"Real fucking comedian, aren't you?" "First thing that came to mind."
>>10438 >"Sure. Anyway, Starla happened to mention Teddy was going out of town for a couple of days, meet up with a couple of contacts from his old occupation. Really hush-hush shit, changes and rents a car between here and there before meeting up, pays cash for everything, takes an odd route to and from and anything else to keep his and Starla's whereabouts unknown." "Damn. I guess I can't blame him, but odd he would want to even meet up with people in the business," you comment, trying to fathom the spy-esque precautions. >"I guess most of the time, it's old friends that are kinda like Teddy, not keen on the whole situation. But he doesn't really like leaving Starla in the house alone, even though she can easily manage for up to a week or so, and has done just that previously." "So..." >You know where Midnight is leading, but you're going to force it out of her. >"So." >Midnight stops, merely staring at you in silence. "You've proven time and time again I can't beat you in a staring contest, Middie." >"Why do you have to be an asshole?" "I am merely laying here. What is it you want from me?" you ask, playing innocent. >"Can Starla stay with us a few days, to do Teddy a bit of a favor and so we can have a sleepover?" >A sleepover. >It sounds so childish when putting it that way. >Yet by all accounts - or at least what can be remembered - it doesn't sound like either of them really got to just be kids. >Starla isn't going to be as self-sufficient as Midnight, though - but you don't see that being too much of an issue. >But what do you do when it comes to work? >You suppose skipping a day or two of pulling parts won't kill you, but playing catchup afterward is going to suck. >However, the lack of an instantaneous answer gets Midnight to unleash her secret weapon. >Her lower lip curls outward as she pouts, giving you those sad eyes. "Cut that shit out," you demand, closing your eyes. >"I can just keep doing this. Sooner or later, you'll have to get up and open your eyes." "I hope your face gets stuck like that. You're evil." >Midnight lets out a sinister cackle at the accusation. >That was a little too good. >"In all reality - what's keeping you from saying yes?" "Dealing with another one of you." >"I'm asking a serious question here, jackhole." >You reluctantly open your eyes, finding Midnight has at least wiped the pout off of her face. "What's she gonna do when we're working? We still have a junkyard to run, you know." >Midnight's eyes narrow as her expression turns queer. >"She can walk, you know." "And you don't think spending all day watching us work will bore her?" >"No, I really don't think it will be an issue. But I can ask her - send a message yet today on the computer, how about that?" "That sounds like we're at a 'maybe' in the meantime." >Midnight squees at the proclamation, bouncing up and down in place as she starts unleashing her own battery of kisses upon your face. "Stop, you're such a faggot," you mockingly whine. >"It doesn't really work when you do it." "This is bullshit."
>>10432 I don't think so.
>>10439 >sleepover Ah fuck, I need to hurry up or you’ll post yours before I do
(82.51 KB 761x279 gallons of semen for free.png)
>>10395 Can't post on /mlp/ right now due to some new reddit tier moderation they just enacted. Any guesses what the 'banned text' is that autobans you?
>>10415 I've never done it myself but 600 smackers seems like highway fucking robbery for data recovery. How much did you lose that you can't replace, what other art or writing? Big important files? I hope it's not like what Patchesnon went through and kills all of your creative motivation
>>10453 >Any guesses what the 'banned text' is that autobans you? pony
>>10453 check desu for deleted threads and ghost posts
>>10456 A lot of the writing stuff I lost was from old computers, lost some scans of my physical art but since I still have the originals that’s not as bad, lost all of my reference images and forum weapons, indie dev games and the corresponding saves, my resume, and my “homework”. I’m still writing Rosie since I have the tiny notebook and the doc itself was on Google Docs so it was safe, management are being slave drivers so I’m not getting as much writing done as I’d like.
>>10461 Hopefully you can figure something out. Vidya save files and image references aren't so bad to lose out on. Stuff like that makes me glad that the only writing done is in post format. Can't lose it if you don't write it until it's time. Or you get a severe concussion with memory loss. Speaking of management and such, at least new work is going well. More or less seeing just how much carte blanche I'll have with decisions and things in the future.
>>10439 Thanks for another update Auto.
>>10458 oh boy that would be nightmarish
>>10453 >Any guesses what the 'banned text' is that autobans you? "barbieshit"? For real though, what is it?
>>10460 also, what are ghost posts? Yes I am newfag
>>10466 >>10467 It's barbienigger, the source of the current manufactured outrage on /mlp/. That being said, don't bother replying to that human trash, it's one of the offboarders who has been ban evading and spamming /mlp/ with troll posts/threads. Guess he got bored with that, so he decided to come moan and bitch about this site too. See: >>>/qa/415 Ghost posting is a form of posting that some chan archives like desuarchive allow. Basically allows you to post in threads on the archives that others can see and reply to. The trolls that plague /mlp/ love ghostposting. Every time some dumb drama happens or something like a pony thread gets deleted, they go straight to desu to gloat about it. See for yourself, if you want. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/ghost/only/ I will delete this post later. We don't need this bullshit over here.
>>10468 >manufactured outrage nigger are you serious.
Anyone have plans for this weekend? Blondie, are you gonna share more pictures of irl Jacky or what?
>>10494 Speaking of, aren't we going to have a Karaoke night sometime?
>>10495 I have been informed that I'm actually audible now that my hard drive has been replaced, so I should be able to join in this time.
>>10494 I will once I get her. The tl;dr is that there is a delay.
>>10494 >plans for this weekend Hopefully end this month-long saga with my truck and get front brakes again. And relax. >karaoke night I'm out of booze and probably don't need to be replenishing for at least a week. Not sure if I can do it without rum.
>>10496 Also depending on how much I can get done today I might finish with the restaurant section and can start transferring stuff to the full doc soon.
(202.03 KB 915x1024 1654900740279.png)
>>10507 My body is ready for more Sonata.
>>8341 >The two of you are bathed in the yellow glow of the Waffle House sign as you arrive. >As you go in and take a seat you look at the menu; various breakfast foods were displayed upon its surface. >Noticing you, a woman walks over to your table. >Her hair was poofy, the top portion of it white, while the rest that reached down to the small of her back was chestnut brown, “Well ain’t you the cutest thing ah’ve ever seen? What’s ya’ name, sugah?” she asks you, her accent was noticeable. >You look at Anon, and see him move his hands from the table to his lap as he shuffles in his seat. She looks at you expectantly, so you stammer out, “R-Rosie Rock, miss.” >You managed to respond at least, which elicits a smile from her, “Well ain’t that ah coincidence, my name’s Roseanne. Ah can tell you’re a little shy, just know you don’t need to fret over nothin’ because I’m gonna be taking care of the two of y’all tonight.” >She pulls a pen from behind her ear and a notepad from her apron, “Now what can ah get for the two of you?” >While you ponder what to get, Anon takes the opportunity to tell her his order, “I’ll have an All Star, bacon, eggs scrambled, and a sweet tea for a drink.” Roseanne nods, then turns to you again, you hadn’t decided on anything so you say, “I’ll uh, have the same, miss.” >She looks at Anon before saying, “Someone sure is hungry, you not feeding her, young man?” >As Anon stutters out a response Roseanne titters, “Jus’ messin’ with ya’ darlin’, we’ll get y'all's orders out real soon.” >With that she tucks the pen back behind her ear and walks away, leaving you and Anon to yourselves again.>Anon removes his hands from his lap and folds them on the table, “Something on your mind?” You look up at him and ask, “What happened between you and Dawn Glow while I was asleep? She seemed to be a different person compared to when I was awake previously.” >“Ah, that,” he says, beginning to drum his fingers against the back of his hand, “I made a fool out of myself by blaming her for something someone else did.” Cocking your head, you ask, “Why would you do that?” >He purses his lips before letting out a sharp exhale, “I spent a lot of time in the hospital when I was a kid. It made me want to be a doctor, to help people get better…” >He trails off as Roseanne puts your drinks on the table, “Two sweet tea for y’all,” she says before putting a better straw in yours. “Thank-you,” you say. >Anon replies similarly before continuing where he left off as she walks away, “So I dedicated everything to studying, read every medical textbook I could get my hands on, took every test I could take, volunteered whenever I could, took every scholarship I could qualify for…and by God, I did it.” >His voice was somber for those last few words, and he kept that tone as he continued, “I was visiting home before I started my residency, mom looked a bit pale so I suggested we visit her doctor to make sure everything was okay. She laughed and waved it off with a, ‘If I get a little cold I’ll just have my doctor son look after me.’ Not even an hour later she collapsed.” >A third of his drink disappears before he speaks again, “After she regained consciousness she broke down; told me that while I was away they had found tumors on her lungs. That she didn’t didn’t tell me because she knew how I’d react- that I’d drop everything and help take care of her, and that’s what I did. I stayed with her for the better part of two years before she passed. The whole time her doctors acted all cold and detached, like she was already dead, like trying to help her was a pointless endeavor,” he lets out an exhale that turns into a sigh, “Maybe it was just youthful optimism on my part or an idealized image of what the job is supposed to be, but their terrible bedside manner left me incensed. What happened between Dawn and I were knee-jerk reactions on my part, but we’ve made peace on the matter.”
>>10527 “O-oh, I see,” is all you manage to say before an awkward moment of silence falls between the two of you, broken by you saying, “D-did Dawn Glow say what she thought was the source of my nightmares?” >Running a hand through his hair, he looks down at the table and lets out a, “Fuck,” under his breath before looking back up at you. You shoot him a glare and respond, “I am not a little filly that you need to coddle, Anonymous.” >He sighs, reaching across the table and cupping your face with his hands, “That may be true but you ARE my responsibility, and I don’t want you to go on some self-destructive spiral over what may just be a theory,” his thumbs rub your cheeks before he returns them to their place on the table, “Dawn thinks that, well, you aren’t supposed to BE here. That…somehow you possessed the body of Candy Quartz, the pony that I was intended to get instead of you…and that your nightmares are either Candy Quartz trying to weaponize your memories against you or your unconscious mind trying to make sense of your death.” >Looking away he rubs the back of his neck and exhales, “Dawn has an idea on how to resolve all of this, but she’s still a ways off from even attempting it.” “Oh…” you say, looking down at your hooves. >The air between the two of you grew heavy as a maelstrom of thoughts began whirling through your head. ‘I am supposed to be dead, the only reason I am not is because I have all but stolen the life meant for some innocent girl. Does Anon hate me for this? If my problem is that I am not supposed to be alive, will Dawn Glow’s solution kill me again? Will I get to see mother and father again? Would Anon care that you are gone? Would he miss you?’ >Your ruminations are cut short by the feeling of a hand on top of your mane, “Relax, Rosie, I can practically hear your heart beating against your chest.” “Sorry…” you mutter. >“It ain’t nothing you need to apologize for, it’s a lot to drop on someone all at once.” he responds. >“Hope ah ain’t interruptin’ anything.” Roseanne remarks as she places your meals on the table. >Anon shakes his head, “Nah, just finishing up. Ready to eat, Rosie?” You nod and turn to Roseanne, “Thank-you, Miss Roseanne.” >She reaches down and ruffles your mane, “Don’t mention it, sugah.” >Leaving the two of you to your meal, you eat in silence. When it comes time to leave, Anon tips Roseanne well, and she hopes that the two of you come back soon. >However in spite of a belly full of food, you can’t help but feel a gnawing pit in your stomach. ... https://ponepaste.org/4579 Need to transfer over the next part and clean it up before posting it.
>>10528 Nice!
(1.54 MB 2600x1300 BootlegBanner.png)
While it's late, Jackenstein and the other dorks now have a second year anniversary. Here's hoping for a third and more.
(1.46 MB 2600x1300 Bootleg.png)
Without the bit of makeup. Dangerous mares are even more deadly when so little is added.
>>10022 >>10092 Tagging these for reference. For some reason I just can't focus.
>>10537 Prism's body language is exactly as I would imagine it.
>>10022 >Movie night >The first in... >How long? >Far too long >Just you and Jack >It isn't any of the classics >Neither the theatrical classics or personal favorites >But something new >Something... >Bad >"So how do the six fingers make them advanced aliens again?" "No, no, it's not that. It's that they all have dreadlocks." >"What about their fancy guns?" "Nope. It's all the locks." >You've gotten barely more than a half hour in >With her draped over your lap and using your forearm as a head rest, she has no option but to look at the monitor >"...is it just me or is everything slanted a little to the side?" "That's because the way you're laying, dear." >"...you sure?" "No. It's also on that way on purpose." >"..." "..." >There is a little bit of tension >Not a lot >But enough for your animal instincts to pick up on, like the faint smell of smoke on the wind >"This movie sucks." >Jacqueline's words come out as a dull surprise "Y... yeah, it does. When it came out, everyone hated it but supposedly it was a big deal because Travolta was a big name back then." >"The thespian?" "Yup." >"When you were still learning to PET MY MANE!" >Her outburst leads to her spearing a hoof up into the air >"I... was being trained... to conquer GALAXIES!" >You snort at her apt flamboyancy and go to stroke her mane with your free arm >Jacky sighs >"I'm glad you didn't show me this for my first movies. What made you wanna show me westerns, anyway?" >You get the feeling that this isn't going to focus on just movies "You know? I don't know. I haven't watched any in a long while. I think we moved away from movies." >"I guess so. I'm... kinda really not feeling this one. So I'm gonna keep talking." "I wouldn't stop you." >Jackovich kicks her hind legs out, inhaling before letting out a relaxed sigh >You've still never seen someone get so completely relaxed >Not around yourself, anyway >"...do you remember when we used to watch movies every night, Anon?" "Yeah. Of course I do." >You go from stroking her mane to petting her from shoulder to flank "Two and a half years, and yet it feels like last week that Angel Eyes spooked you." >Her body tenses up >"...hey, you telling me that wouldn't scare me? I had no clue what humans were like. And then I see one shoot another in the face-twice-with a pillow over his head!" >Your petting leads to her side relaxing >"And all the while, I got someone who gave me food, a home, found my friends and..." >This seems like it is going somewhere >Maybe this is why she hasn't been speaking to you all that much lately >Depending on where she's going >"...I miss those days." "Being alone all day until I come home?" >"W... well. No. Not that." >She brings her front legs up and begins to knead against your leg >You've found that it's her method of petting you >"But I miss having you to myself. Things were simpler. A lot simpler." >The tone in her voice >She doesn't sound sad >You don't remember what a sad Jack sounds like
>>10586 >"There were..." >The way she trails off >You know there is more to her thoughts than that >Specific examples? >Personal aspects that she isn't fond of? >"...just less to think about." "The good news is that you don't have to think more." >"But I gotta. When it came to you losing family. Us starting the quests. Our campaign. Our movie marathons. Trying out a ton of food..." "Do you wish you had less choice or memories?" >"...I don't know." >She stops the kneading and twists until she's laying on her back >Her eyes focus on you rather than the monitor >Her gaze is focused >More focused than you could see Shine give >The unicorn is one for scheming and looking for opportunity >But your Jack? >Her purpose is clear >>"Is that weird?" "Kinda. But I get you. I miss my earlier days too." >Whether this was her target or not, you shrug at the notion of sidestepping the conversation "I really miss them. They were a lot simpler back then. I had to worry about so little." >"That's how I feel." "What would you want to pull the clock on, then?" >"...I think Dashie and Sparky being here." >That's big >That's very big >"I should feel bad for saying that, but I don't. You know? Because it would mean that we would still find them, once again. And we had an easy time so we could just get them whenever we felt like it." "I don't know if that's how that works, Jay." >"I know... but I just wish we could do it all again." "Like a speed runner?" >Jack thinks it over... >And nods >"Kinda."
>>10589 Sounds like somepony is missing the magic of the early days. I get it, though. Life goes on, changes happen, you get into a routine and if you're lucky, things get "better" even if there's more moving pieces. Perfectly natural for Jacky to yearn for the simplicity of the old days. There's a certain charm to life when it's just you and your best gal looking out for each other day in and day out.
Quick question: if I say “So instead she’s lounging in your backseat, doing her best impression of a French woman.” does anyone get the reference?
>>10597 Draw me like one of your french girls kind of thing?
>>10603 Okay good
>>10597 Smelling like cheese and growing bushes under her arms?
>>10589 >"Get lost, we're having together time." >"Get lost, I have a superboss to kill." >"Get lost, I'm going to do unspeakable things." >"Get lost, I'm going to kill unspeakable things." >Five minutes of a constant back and forth >Five >Minutes >The gamer mare eventually won out, leading to you and Jacky taking a walk in the garage >At least it has turned into a win/win, because you still get to spend time with her >Things are not awkward >But they are... >Odd? >You get the feeling that something is off >The way she has been sticking to you like glue has helped both when it comes to your concerns and also when it comes to feeling relaxed >That gaze of hers, too >It almost feels like a light flipped in her head >It isn't just how she looks at you, of course >She speaks with more authority >She acts with pride >Of course, she was never shy but you can tell she isn't who she was >But she's still Jack-in-a-Pan >"I know it's been a bit but have you been thinking about the harmony quests?" "Of course. Sorry I was... unable to keep up with that." >"Nah, it's alright. Every one of us kinda wanted to take a break from it too. Being all serious and trying to play up being heroes and stuff like that... it's kinda silly, you know?" "Sorta. But it's still important to you, isn't it?" >"Sure is. That's why I'm ready the minute you are." "Antsy as all getout, eh?" >"You know it! I've already thought of everything. With my brains and your leadership, we can beat the tar outta any quest!" >You aren't sure which is more silly sounding, her brains or your... "Leadership?" >After walking a third circuit, you hold out your car beeper to unlock the doors >"Yeah. I don't know if you've noticed but... you kinda control the flow of things around the house. When you're kinda just doing things or not feeling so hot and social, we just do our own stuff. And it's nice." "It really is." >"And when you're more active and want to do stuff, we all kinda snap to attention and we do it." "Well-oiled machine, huh?" >"I guess so. I think it's funny. We never really used to fit that sort of thing." "Yeah, I recall. Could you imagine knocking over an entire city and making off with untold riches with me at the helm?" >You open the passenger door for your right hoof mare >With a short stretch of one of her hind legs, she leaps onto the seat >If you knew all of them back then >Knew her >...How much would have changed? >Would you be meeting her as you are now, or who you were before? >You certainly couldn't have made a difference if you met her before you did >And that's ok >It's a part of growth >Supposedly >You open the driver door and plop inside >Jack chomps onto a rag you tied to the door >With a quick yank, it is closed and secure >Deciding some privacy is better than none, you close your door as well >"Imagine us... robbing bakeries, delis, whatever farm we came across."
>>10616 "Heh. Eating as many fancy things as we liked. But I don't think I would want to be known as a continental crook." >"No?" "Nah. Too much notoriety means copycats sullying our good, bad names." >Her cheeky grin is exactly the sort of expression a master cannoli burglar would have >"Oh yeah, no doubt we had a ton of humans lurching around. Just throngs of Anons hitting on poor, innocent ponies." "Innocent? Psh. Lady, you were a stone cold killer. Don't lie." >"I'm not! You have no evidence anyway." "Oh yeah?" >You take out your phone >You hardly mess with it these days >Snap >Yup >That one is definitely going into your mare compilation >Perfect that it captures a modestly surprised face >"What was that for?" "For keeping." >You take another picture of her >Seeing that you have no intention of stopping, she slinks up against the seat and smiles >It's less than sultry >It is attractive >But it's not overt >It's more than cute "A picture's worth a thousand words, you know..." >You take another >One of her face zoomed in more >She giggles at your nod of approval >"Want a new wallpaper or something to show off?" "Kinda. I think I just want something to help with memories." >"Memories?" >Her ears perk up at what had to be an odd choice for words "Yeah. You know how once upon a time she took a picture of us?" >"Who, Spark?" "Yeah. Check this out." >You lean together, shoulder to shoulder, so you can show her that picture from... >How long ago was it? >Your hair was a little different >Kinda >Jacky's smile is big and goofy >Shiner's smirk is downright wholesome >"Wow... look at us." "Yeah. It feels like it just happened." >"You're right. I didn't think about that." >You chuckle and double tap the screen >You look like a freaking dork >You weren't at all expecting that to happen >Maybe that's why it stands out so much "What do you think?" >Rather than reply, she watches the picture >Is there something specific she's wanting to find? >"I kinda wish I could talk to my past self. Just to send her a little message." "Time travel, huh. What would you say to past you?" >Jack smiles >For a split second, you understand just how mature she looks >"That it'll be ok." >A lot of people would benefit from being told that by their future selves >You could have used that bit of advice "That would probably help. Were you worried?" >Jacqueline shakes her head >The way she exhales, she's comfortable >"I wasn't. But every little bit helps too, you know?" "Yeah... I get you." >This wasn't the sort of time together you were expecting but you really can't complain >You could never complain about the time you get to spend with your lame, awesome dork >"Hey, Anon. Turn the phone back on yourself. Let's take a few pictures of you." "Of me?" >"Yup. Non-negotiable." >You don't argue >Though it takes a little coordination, you tilt the camera the right way and make a variety of faces that are pleasing to her >These are for her >Just as the ones you took are for yourself
>>10618 "And now..." >"Together." >A picture is taken, of you and her >Shoulder to shoulder "Come 'ere." >You pull back and she hops onto your lap >Compared to how she used to be, she's picked up a fine amount of finesse >Rather, she has just refined her technique to the point you don't fear for stray hoof stomps >More pictures are taken >Each one with a different set of faces >A pair of crooks >Derp-eyed twins >Soylent consumers pointing at something from behind >A duo, both strong and confident >By the time picture time is taken, both you and her are giggly about the results "Ahhh... that's a great one. Shiner's gonna get a giggle out of that." >"Nah, no." "No?" >"No." "Ha. Just for us then?" >"Yeah." >Jackernaut inhales and puffs out her chest >"Warm like this car, I feel your heart beat so hard." >The ease at which she slips into her singing voice brings a chill up your spine >You can tell she knows what she's doing >"And it belongs to me. Only me." >Her words are so smooth they could be scalpels >"Only me." >She crooks her head back, an inch away from your face >"Not even you." >She starts the kiss >Boy, does she start it >But you will help her finish it
Yay! More green!
>Great start on next update, almost halfway of normal size update in less than two days >Brain-melting heatwave >Work stress >theregoesmydrive.jpg I'm sorry guys, I really miss being so productive, and I have sort of wrangled the ideas surrounding what's going to transpire. Fucking irritating to just get stalled out for lack of time and focus (mostly focus).
>>10692 If it helps, I don't think too many people are around to mind. Just gives us more time to prepare for the next thread.
>>10692 I've been meaning to continue transferring stuff from the notebook to continue Rosie but I've had mandatory overtime all week
>>10537 >>10538 These are both really good. They captured the energy of how I envision the girls, especially Prism. Didn't realize it was the same artist who did the outstanding twi milkers pics for the milf twilight thread a while back.
Good news: Plushjack is on the way for real this time. Bad news: I have the corona shit again and may die in time to use Plushjack as a pillow. Overall I can't complain with this.
>>10719 Oh these are him? Wild. >>10770 But you WILL have your Plushjack.
>>10774 Yeah. I saw the gilflight thread and had to bug him. Does pretty great stuff. And presuming Plushjack pops up tomorrow as planned, I want to do a W2G on Friday and watch some westerns. Just feels right. And there will be many pictures. With many hats.
>>10785 >gilflight thread What happened to the green that was being written in that thread? Did the writefag finish it?
>>10770 you're not gunna die unless you got vaxd like cattle
>>10788 I think so. I recall it having two pretty good scenes that stand out. >>10796 I'm not. I walked out of work when they tried mandating it and came back after upper management went back on it. To be honest, it really isn't that bad compared to the first time. The first time, I would have shot myself if I could have simply crawled around five yards. As of today? The worst part is my upper torso is sore from coughing/blowing my nose.
>>10796 >not gonna die unless you got vaxd That'd be a mercy killing. Couldn't be that fortunate. kidding, I'm not suicidal. Just frustrated with shit. Update to Midnight by the end of the week. Sure enough to post about it, and keeps pressure on me to actually get it done.
Plushjack is home. And I haven't felt this stupid happy in a very long time.
(102.01 KB 996x1080 1654900034777.jpg)
>>10817 I'm happy for you, dude. Now post pictures.
>>10817 Oh, will you eventually commission the other two dorks as well?
>>10820 I will be working on many pictures. Thread's got a new sheriff in town.
>>10821 For Shiner, definitely. For D-Bash, the only complication will be the wings. Cabby hat for a city Jack.
No commentary.
(3.71 MB 4032x3024 20220622_220135.jpg)
First night home. This is advanced /bootleg/.
>>10830 Comfy.
>>10439 >With a triumphant toss of the last bolt into a nearby can and removing the last cap, you finally have the junk crankshaft of the Chrysler's Hemi ready to come out. >Midnight tinkers with her own project merely a few feet away, lost in her own little world as you pull the part out of the engine block. "Here, catch!" >You give the hunk of useless iron in your hands a good heave toward Midnight after hesitating just long enough for her to process your words. >She turns her head sluggishly with passive interest when you speak - but her eyes widen upon seeing the dart heading for her direction. >"Anon, you fucking-" >The crankshaft halts in mid-air, still about a foot from reaching her. >"What is wrong with you?" she spouts in irritated disbelief, her brow creased with disapproval. "Just making sure you're paying attention," you reply with a shrug. >"I've always got an eye and an ear out, especially around you," Midnight retorts, shaking her head as the crankshaft resumes its journey toward her - albeit slowly and under her unseen control. "What would you have done if this had hit me, smartass?" "Made sure you were all right before laughing." >Midnight's face remains rather gruff - though there is a slight crack in that dour expression for a moment. >"How thoughtful of you." "Oh, you know I wouldn't dare hurt that pretty little face, Middie," you concede, reaching out toward her with your hands. >"Don't touch me, your hands are filthy," Midnight barks, the crankshaft twirling in the air until she has it readied like a club. >You look down at your hands, which are indeed covered with oil and grease. >"What if I hadn't even caught this? Then what?" Midnight asks as you turn back to you bench to grab a rag. "It's junk anyway - don't tell me you forgot," you scoff, wiping off your hands as best you can. >"I understand that - but you really want to mar up the concrete?" she answers, tapping a hoof upon the floor. >You shrug, nothing a dab of grease still clinging onto the pad of your right thumb. "It would just be another mark in the floor that tells a story," you suggest, turning toward her again as you flash her a smile. >Whether it be your movements or expression, Midnight is instantly suspicious of you as she backs up a step. >"What?" >You raise your hand and hold your thumb out toward her, grinning madly. "Simba," you croak in a thick accent. >"Stay away from me with that." "That's not what you said a couple of nights ago." >"That - oh, shut up!" she shouts in disgust, picking up on your pun before she can respond with something else. "Come here..." you coo, moving toward her, your greasy thumb held out toward her forehead at the ready. >"Nope, nope, fuck you. Don't make me hit you," she threatens, swinging the crankshaft in a careful, controlled arc as she backs up another step. >An electronic beep emanating from the counter across the shop draws both your attention as well as Midnight's.
>>10844 >"Oh, I wonder if that's finally Starla," Midnight comments, trying her hardest to contain her excitement and anticipation. >Since discussing the possibility of hosting a sleepover with Starla and reaching out to her via email, Midnight has ensured the laptop is never far from earshot after enabling audible notifications. >It goes without saying, a couple of spam messages have triggered false alarms in the day and a half since. >That has somewhat tempered the expectations she has hearing the device chime in now. >Midnight sets the crankshaft down on the table and trots to the other side of the shop, her hooves upon the solid floor echoing loudly. >You take the opportunity to follow her, trying to match her steps. >"Anon, I swear I will beat you senseless," she muses loudly, making it known that your efforts are in vain without even turning to face you. "What's the safe word, mistress?" >That comment gets her to turn and look at you, her muzzle scrunched up as she strains to keep a serious face. >"You are just awful today," she finally comments after a moment to compose herself. >Even so, the last couple of words are tainted by a hint of laughter. "Something in the water, I guess." >"But we drink the same water." "Then I don't know what to tell you." >Midnight lifts up the laptop screen as she circles around the counter, shaking her head at you. >But her eyes are focused, and giddiness soon takes hold as keystrokes and clicks bring up the email account. >"Finally!" "What's up?" >"Dunno yet." >... "Um, you gonna read the message at some point...?" >Midnight glances at you sideways, her lips pursed in mild irritation. >The laptop rotates slightly to obscure the screen from you, while the screen tilts forward, with no accompanying explanation from Middie. >But after a few more clicks from the mousepad, Midnight's expression lightens up significantly. >"Hi Star!" she cheers, her eyes fixated on the screen. >"Well that didn't take long to get an answer, did it?" comes Starla's voice from the speakers. >You start to creep around the counter to get a view before you're gripped by a death stare emanating from Midnight. "I didn't realize I was a secret you were keeping from Starla," you comment loudly, in the hope of the microphone picking up your voice. >"Hi Anon, how are you? It's not often I get to catch you in the video chats," Starla's voice answers back sweetly. "I'm being held hostage. Send help." >"Shut up, you dumbass," Midnight grumbles, picking a snapped bolt off of the counter and tossing it at you lightly. >You sidestep the halfhearted attempt to drive you away. "Now she's throwing things and being abusive." >You only hear a giggle fit from the other end while Midnight rolls her eyes and relents, the laptop turning so you can see. >Starla waves an off-color hoof upon seeing you, catching hold of her giggles for the time being. "Hi Starla. You've had Midnight all tied into knots the last day or two."
>>10845 >"Oh, that was never my intention - sorry, Midnight," Starla responds, her attention shifting to Middie. >"It wasn't *that* bad," Midnight replies, brushing aside the concern. "Anon likes to hype things up just to be embarrassing." "So jumping up every time the laptop made a noise was nothing. Interesting." >"Hush." >"I got your message the day you sent it - it's just that Teddy and I have been busy, and we've both been thinking it over. I know he worries about leaving me alone, even though I prove I'm more than capable time and time again. But I don't want to get in the way either, especially while you two are working..." >"It's not really anything intensive or time-sensitive, Starla. I only asked because it's... well, we still have to work. So it might be boring to just watch u-" >"Is that it?" Starla interrupts. " I think it would be interesting to see what you two do on a daily basis. And working around cars means a lot to you - I'd like to see for myself, if I could." >"Really? So that's a yes?" Midnight asks, trying hard to temper her excitement as her voice raises a bit. >"As long as it's fine with Anon..." Starla trails off, those magenta eyes falling upon you. "Man, I really got to think on that." >"You really want me to hit you, don't you?" Midnight blurts. "You have a touch that sends shivers down my spine when you beat me, Middie," you croon wistfully. >On the other side of the screen, Starla bursts into another fit of giggles, while Midnight's nostrils flare as she tries hard to look mad at you. "Sounds like we got plans for a sleepover, Starla. When is Teddy heading out on the road?" >"Oh, another week yet, I believe. So it's not really a rush - I don't need fancy accommodations or anything, anyway." "Still, I gotta get more food. Fido here eats basically nothing but meat." >"You know I'm sitting right here listening, right?" "Of course, Fido." >You feel Midnight's hoof roughly poke you in the ribs. >Meanwhile, Starla claps her hooves together excitedly. >"Midnight, I'm going to make a little list and email it to you later of suggestions to get at the grocery store. At least one of those days, I'd really like to cook for you two!" she quickly spouts. >"Alright..." Midnight replies, taken aback by the outburst. >Personally you find it endearing. >"By the way, why didn't you just email me a response back in the first place?" >"Well, I just wanted to tell you... face to face. I figured you would be happy about it." >"For sure! I'm glad we're having you over for a sleepover," Midnight lightens up. "Anon just likes being a dumbass. Sorry about him." >"I think he's entertaining!" "Thank you." >"Don't encourage him, Star. Please." >Starla stifles a bit of laughter at Midnight's plea. >"I'll let you two get back to your work. Judging by the grease and grime on Anon's shirt, you're in the thick of something." >"Yeah, more work on the Chrysler," Midnight pipes in. "Thanks Starla, talk to you soon."
>>10846 >"Buh bye Midnight, Anon," Starla replies with a nod and a smile toward each of you. "Take care of yourself and Ted." >Another nod from Starla, and the video chat closes down. >You look down at yourself, noting the filth you've managed to accumulate and wiping a dab of grease away with your thumb. >Meanwhile, Midnight lets out a content sigh. >"This is going to be fun," she says with a giant grin on her face as you look up. "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. And embarrassing you." >That grin fades just a bit with the last comment - even before you raise your hand up... >And dab a bit of black grease onto her forehead. "Simbaaa." >"Are you fucking serious?!" >You quickly turn and start hustling away from the counter, in time to watch a white and rust-speckled object go whizzing by your right arm and skip across the concrete. "Hey, spark plugs hurt a lot more than little bolts!" >"Good! I'll make sure I don't miss with the next one!" -----
More green!
Shine may have pioneered wearing a shirt but (Plush)Jack learns. And yes, I am having a bit of fun with this.
Anyone up for a western movie night?
>>10880 classics or """modern"""?
>>10881 Classics. Fistful of Dollars trilogy and more after for anyone still around/awake. First movie night with Plushjack and I have to abide by my autism.
>>10882 Sounds good.
>>10880 Sure, when do we start?
>>10885 Since I'm still quarantined due to the kung flu: DLC edition, I'm good for any time.
https://w2g.tv/16pqnsuf2e8wbh74t1 Room's ready, got some music before movies.
>>10895 How was The Big Gundown?
(3.87 MB 1230x1080 1602744106192.gif)
>>10904 It was all in Italian. I'll have to watch it on my own to see how it goes. Also: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38766789#p38767004 Photo Finish B. It's only going to get worse.
>>10905 >/AiE/ So I'm guessing /bootleg/ on /mlp/ is never gunna come back and people have accepted the merger after a good run
>>10928 No, fuck that. The bootleg waifus deserve their own thread, not renting out space in a general that's a pathetic husk of its old self.
>>10930 Then I don't understand the post. nobody in /aie/ will know photo finished and dropping some green already a good ways in is an odd choice without even crossposting it here
>>10930 Frankly, its old self was pretty shit, too.
>>10931 There are two versions of Photo Finished. One for /bootleg/, one for /pie/.
(3.50 MB 4032x3024 2895070.jpg)
>>10931 >nobody in /aie/ will know photo finished Barely anyone in /bootleg/ knows Finished either. Hell, outside of /bootleg/ I don't think anyone knows anything I've done. Good news is that it's only around 4k words before the split so it isn't all that much. >an odd choice It's an odd green. I know what I'm trying with it. Don't know who will read it, much less comment on it beyond an idle complaint about where it's posted. But that's alright. That sums up the vast majority of what I've done.
>>10847 More Midnight! Woohoo! Sounds like they've got some plans together. Curious to see where things go with Starla there for the day/night. What sort of activities they'll get up to. I know Anon and Middie talk about having to do the same old old routine, even with her there, but I have a feeling Midnight will be rather distracted from her work. Thanks for the update Auto, as I'm sure I've said before, been one of my absolute favorites as of late. Also, >6 days. I must really been distracted by the con.
Ay yo Reggie, I never got your email if you sent it
Anyone up for some tunes and/or movies tonight?
>>11006 I'll probably stop by, see what's up.
>>11006 Sure
>>11006 I would be
>>11013 >>11011 >>11007 You know, we haven't had a karaoke night in a while... https://w2g.tv/untaatjbfehyv1kngf
>>11015 Damn, I really missed out didn't I.
>>11018 Don't feel bad, I missed it too. I was absolutely whipped last night even after a short nap. Too much shit going on and not enough time, I'm afraid.
>>11021 That's sorta the same with the new work. Between that and a complete lack of interaction going on here, it has been difficult go want to stay on top of the thread. I don't mind that any/all motivation is intrinsic at this point but it also means that things are just slowing down. I don't like it but it's just how it is for now.
>>11021 >>11023 Last night I asked in the w2g if we should put the thread back up on 4chan once we hit the bump limit here but it looks like life's getting in the way of things again. >>10978 Sent the edits, Reggie.
>>10528 >Friday once again. >Rosie’s hardly spoken since your visit to Waffle House. >She assures you that she’s just thinking about what you told her. >You’ve been keeping an eye on her throughout the week for any side effects- Rosie’s a unique case so you decided to be cautious. >All you’ve noticed is that she’s starting to fill out. >... >That came out wrong. >She’s not getting fat, in fact she’s starting to develop some muscle. >From sitting on the couch watching TV and eating sweets… >You’ll have to ask Dawn about this. >Speaking of, soon you’ll be heading out to fulfill your end of the bargain with Dawn. After sliding on your jacket you look at Rosie, “You coming with?” >She shakes her head, “No thank-you, I want to finish this show.” “Okay then,” you sigh, closing the door behind you. >Getting on to the highway took longer than it usually does since work was being done on the road you usually take. >A mess of static and garbled words comes out of the radio as you try and find something to fill the silence. >“Welcome back to the Joe Show at 103.5 FM where this evening we have a very special guest, one who’s been capturing the hearts and minds of children for over 50 years, owner of Telmacher’s Toy’s, Mr. Abel Telmacher himself. How’s it going Mr. Telmacher?” says the host. >Your eyes widen slightly; you certainly weren’t expecting a local radio station to be interviewing your boss today- though given how old-school Mr. Telmacher is, it makes sense. >“It’s good to be here, Joe. I, uh, appreciate you inviting me on your show today.” >“It’s nice to have you on, man. First thing I wanted to ask you about; it’s something my daughter's been asking me to buy for her so I wanna know- what’s the deal with these ‘Pony Pals’ of yours?” >Mr. Telmacher chuckles, “That is the uh, million dollar question, isn’t it? I suppose I could give some background information…” >He clears his throat, “I made the first two Pony Pals for my grandson and granddaughter after their parents passed in a car accident… see, the four of them would watch the show…’Friendship is Magic’, I think it was, they would watch it together, and so I made the first two to try and remind them of happier days. That was…about 20 years ago and today they are happy and-and healthy adults!” >Joe says nothing, so Mr. Telmacher takes it as a sign to continue. >“A little over 10 years ago I found the opportunity to be able to bring the Pony Pals to the public- as you might remember, there was a new show that they called “A New Generation”, like Star Trek… it did not do too well, combined with-with the recession and further… mismanagement of some of their other properties they were forced to sell some of them to avoid going under. I offered them a very generous amount and got the-the rights to several of their properties. I could now officially bring the-the enrichment that my grandchildren received. The Pony Pals are not toys, they’re meant to be…life-long companions,” he stops talking, then lets out a soft chuckle, “Apologies for my rambling, you know how us old people get.” >Joe chuckles in kind, “Nah man, it’s cool. That’s wild though…actually that reminds me of something- James could you pull up that one story about the firefighter? You know which one I’m talking about.” >There’s a moment of silence before he speaks again, “That’s the one- ‘Firefighter Jay Stuart Dead at 25 After Rescuing Family Amid Pizzeria Blaze’, Jesus.” >Another bout of silence, “Look at this- ‘Funeral-goers Shocked as Stuart’s Equine Companion Breaks Into Hysterics’.” >A long sigh comes from Mr. Telmacher, “Oh, Sally Forth, the poor girl. Situations like hers are why we built Telmacher Ranch; we’re doing all we can to help her but,” he stops again, “Ah, I shouldn’t say any more, it would be rude. How about we talk about something else?” >“Sure, but first I’d like to talk about our sponsor-” >You turn your attention away from the radio and back to the road, and notice the factory coming into view. >As you approach you notice Dawn is already waiting outside.
>>11035 >She was wearing a cream-colored sweater with a leather briefcase sat beside her, she looked annoyed for some reason. Stepping out of your car, you say, “Thought you’d be happier to see me.” >She groans, “I would be, but something came up.” You cock an eyebrow, “What happened?” >As if on cue, Sonata bursts through the front door with a, “Dawn dear, I’m ready for our family weekend getaway!” >She was also wearing a sweater, though hers was velvet in color and more form-fitting, and a weekend bag slung across her shoulder. >Sonata looks at you and clicks her tongue, “You cut your hair, that’s a shame, I preferred your old look- made you look more like a stallion.” You have the feeling that she’s flirting with you again, time to shift subjects, “You were waiting right inside the door for me to show up, weren’t you?” >A laugh cuts through the air, “A lady needs to make an entrance- men are often oblivious, so subtlety will get you nowhere when you try to seduce them.” >That was definitely meant to be a jab at you. >She begins to saunter past you, a flick of her tail revealing that her sweater did nothing to protect her modesty, “Come now, I’d like to meet your little Rosie properly.” she says with a titter, before winking and letting her tail hang behind her. >Ears burning, you turn to Dawn, who’s muzzle was scrunched up. >When the two of you make eye contact she sighs, “Let’s just go.” >She walks towards your car, and you notice that her sweater goes past her haunches. >You get a vague feeling in your chest…is that…disappointment? You quickly shake your head then rub the bridge of your nose, “I’m not some sort of pervert…I’m not…” with that thought in the back of your mind you sigh and start to head back to your car, “If Griffin were here he’d have the smuggest grin right now.” >After unlocking the doors Sonata opens the passenger side and tries to get seated but ends up bonking her horn against the frame, letting out a, “Dammit,” as she does so. >She leans down and finagles her way inside before planting her hindquarters firmly in the seat with her legs over the dash. >Her expression twists into one of consternation as she starts to squirm in place. “Ain’t too comfortable is it,” you ask while rubbing your thumb against where her horn hit, luckily only the paint was scuffed, “I think you’d find that the backseat has a lot more room- besides, don’t need you flashing your business at anyone looking in their rearview whether you intended to or not.” >She pouts and you move out of the way so she can exit, holding open the rear door for her to crawl in. >Laying on her stomach, she lets her bag slide off her shoulders and onto the floor before chortling, she turns her head just enough to look you in the eye and ask, “So you were looking?” Feeling that soon to be familiar burning in your ears you slam the door on her, responding, “Hush, you.” >You turn to find that Dawn has already situated herself in the passenger seat, her suitcase lying flat against the floorboard. >She looked slightly less irritated than when you first showed up, but she kept her eyes facing forward. >Once you get back into your car you rub your hands together to try and heat them up before starting your car again. >“Griffin…he’s the one who…ordered Rosie for you, right?” Dawn says. “Huh? Oh, yeah, he is. Why do you ask?” you respond. >“Why would he be looking smug right now?” The word, “Fuck,” slips out as you leave the parking lot. >This is going to be a long drive home.https://ponepaste.org/4579#638
>>11036 I'm convinced Sonata and I were lovers in a past life. Great scene.
(198.83 KB 1280x720 festivus.png)
>>11023 >Between that and a complete lack of interaction going on here, it has been difficult go want to stay on top of the thread. I don't mind that any/all motivation is intrinsic at this point but it also means that things are just slowing down. I don't like it but it's just how it is for now. I've been watching this thread and the original on /mlp/ (when it was active) for a while and am concerned. Looks like it's time for a come-to-Jesus, for a lack of a better phrase. I will be the asshole that calls the lurkers out in the interest of reviving this thread- both here and on /mlp/. If this post offends you, you're probably part of the problem. You guys are going to lose your writers. Sooner or later, the lack of engagement with greens kills the motivation for every writefag. After all, why should they spend the time writing these greens if it seems like nobody even cares? Some of you "only read one story at a time" which is retarded if that story is an active work in progress. The bootleg waifu story genre has a rich catalog of greens (read the OP!) that cover a variety of settings, characters, and themes, and you're going to sit around and wait for an update, depriving yourself of other stories you might adore because, "lel, i am le autist"? Give me a fucking break! The ">lurk moar" mentality will not retain writers at this stage in the fandom. The numbers just aren't there anymore. If you want to keep the writers you have, you better start engaging with them and their stories. Shit, just talking about a green that you read for the first time, even if it was written years ago by a long-dead writefag is enough to breathe a little life into this thread. It really doesn't take much effort. >but I have nothing of value to contribute Bullshit. You're just lazy. >but the green I just read is on dead/on hiatus So? If a green you like hasn't been updated in a long time, ask about it! That might be enough to get the writefag in question off his ass. You won't know unless you ask. All the writefags ITT keep in touch with each other, even with some that haven't been around in a really long time. Word will get around if there is a demand for a green that's in stasis. >but I am esl Google Translate is a thing. It may not get things right all the time, but it'll get the job done well enough for native English speakers to understand you. Nobody will mock you for being esl. With the exception of this screed, we make a point not to bite in /bootleg/. >but I don't know what to say Fine, I will help you: >Comment on how a scene or interaction made you feel >Ask about why a character is acting a certain way, especially if it isn't readily apparent >Ask the writer what inspired a specific scene, interaction, line of dialogue, etc >Talk about what you would have done in a particular scene if you were in that position >draw pictures for your favorite bootleg green. It doesn't matter if you can draw well or not. The effort is what matters. >Write a little oneshot of one of the irl bootleg ponies that get posted here from time to time For those of you who have considered writing, give it a shot! Who knows, you just might create the next green that ends up in the "Best of the Boot" list. Again, if this post offended you, you'd better take a look in the mirror and figure out what's important to you. Will you be a silent consoomer that only posts to bitch about a lack of content, or will you retain the writefags you do have (and possibly attract more) by giving them a little bit of your time and effort? The choice is yours.
>>11039 It's painful how much on-point your post is, anon. I recognized myself immediately, kek Aside from what you have said, the other interesting thing to consider may be some little fun collaboration projects between the thread writefags themselves, from time to time. To write something with each other's characters, for example. Or to write something for each other trying to emulate the style of the other anon you're writing for. It may attract some of the lurkers to say something, or even to join the fun themselves.
>>11040 We actually started that in the /mlp/ bootleg. I'll repost it here in a few.
>>11040 >>11044 Going to try something different. Explanation to follow in subsequent post(s). Hope you guys give it a chance. Meta/leg/ "Ugh." >White halos obscure your vision whilst your head throbs in time with your rapid heartbeat. >For a while you're incapable of doing anything, save for lying on what feels to be a cold, unforgiving concrete floor. >Waves of nausea, courtesy of the quasi-migraine that keeps you prone, wash over you, threatening to make you hurl chow from hours ago. >Perhaps it's a function of the pain, but you're having trouble estimating the time you've spent on your side on this cold surface. >Rolling onto your belly, you press your forehead against the cold, smooth surface that has been your "bed" for God knows how long. >To your surprise, the contact helps attenuate your agony, though the speed at which it took effect is anyone's guess. >Whatever the case, you're finally feeling well enough to keep your eyes open and sit upright. >Well... this is unexpected. >A long, narrow hallway greets you, lit every ten meters or so by incandescent bulbs that hide behind tiny wire cages. >The entire hall is made of dull, gray concrete, like the floor upon which you continue to sit. "Hel- Hello?" you call out in a hoarse voice. >Aw, fuck! >Turns out the headache hasn't faded enough for you to speak without it feeling like you're being skullfucked by a sledgehammer. >After another few... minutes (hours?) you finally are able to stand on shaky legs. >The hallway extends behind you, though that section isn't lit the way the rest of the corridor is. >Peering into the inky darkness, your monkey brain tells you to turn around and move towards the lights. >So you do. >Rather, you tried to. >Dizziness set in after a few steps, forcing you to halt and lean against the cold, rough surface of the right wall. >It finally occurs to you that you have no clue to what this place is. >That you're not lacking for pain means you're not dreaming. >Rubbing your forehead with sweaty hands, you struggle to remember what happened prior to you waking. >You were listening to music >You were in your basement, listening to the radio. >Yes, that's right... Bent Tray was singing that >ywn song. >Oof, too relateable. >Hang on, something else is coming back. >Excitement- like Dr. Henry Jones, Sr., you were as giddy as a schoolboy. >geniusoftherestoration.avi >But what were you excited about? >The machine! >You had activated your machine! >Huh, it must've worked, in a sense, as you're certainly not in your basement-turned-workshop. >So where did it take you? >This certainly doesn't look like Equestria. >It figures that buying plans for a "portal machine" off some crackpot's website would lead to unforeseen consequences. >As the saying goes, "Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're fucking retarded." >At least the headache is fading fast. >Might as well take a look around. >With slow, unsteady steps you begin to walk down the corridor.
(119.01 KB 450x450 basicwhitegirl.jpg)
>>11045 >You walk for what seems like forever and a half, but the hallway continues ad infinitum, lit by the same sickly yellow bulbs, staggered on the left and right walls every ten meters. >The urge to look whence you came is countered by your monkey brain shrieking not to look into the darkness. >Curiosity wins out in the end, despite your instinct's internal shit flinging. >Instead of seeing an endlessly-lit hallway, the darkness is there, it's hazy boundary some five meters away. >This is 3spoopy5you, so you return to monke and perform and about face to continue down the lit portion of the hallway. >Problem is, the hallway is gone. >In its place stands a massive steel door, complete with the wheel-hatch locking mechanism thing you'd expect to find on a Cold War era fallout bunker. >... >Looking behind you sends a surge of adrenaline through your veins- the darkness is drawing closer. >Fuck it, looks like you're gonna fuck around and find out what's behind Door #1. >The wheel turns after a moment's hesitation, then gives a metallic squeal as you wrench on it with both arms to turn it counterclockwise. >You glance back to the darkness- it's still encroaching on your personal space. >With one final heave, the door unlocks, allowing you to push it forward. >The door swings with precious little resistance. >You scramble through the portal. >No sooner do you cross the threshold, the door slams itself shut, locks under the influence of an unseen force, then vanishes from existence. >You're in a large circular room with a high vaulted ceiling. >A far cry from the City 17-esque architecture you had previously seen, this room is warm, lit by natural light that pours through windows above. >From the center of the room hangs a crystal chandelier, suspended some seven meters overhead by a black chain. >Ten doors line the circular walls, spaced evenly about the circumference. >To your twelve o'clock, there's a sign whose style is reminiscent of those gay "Live, Laugh, Love" signs that's in the home of almost every basic white woman, only this one is a bit more ominous in spite of it's welcoming decor. >[Greetings, Traveler!] "The fuck?" you say, rubbing your eyes. >The sign changes. >[Welcome to Between] "Between? Between what? Where the hell am I?" >Again, the sign changes. >[Between is where you are, dipshit] >You don't know which is worse, the fact that this sign is insulting you, or that it's insulting you in that cheerful cursive script. >[A few tips:] >[You may visit any room as long as you wish, but NEVER leave a Between door open!] "Okay..." >[Other than that, try not to get killed! Remember, Karma is a bitch! What goes around comes around, so try and do some good out there, okay, Champ?"] "I'm Anon, not Champ, asshole." >[True, but you're not THEIR Anon(s).] "What?" >[You'll catch on. Good luck!] "Hey!" you bark at the sign. "The fuck am I supposed to make of all of that?" >The sign disappears. >What a dick.
>You pace two and fro, spanning the room's ten-meter diameter several times, every crossing taking you to a new door. "Never leave a Between door open, huh? Just where do these things lead to?" >Looking around, you take stock of the doors. >There's all similar, save for their varying locks, latches, materials, colors... >Seems like the only thing they have in common is that they're all doors. >Some are more distinct than others, like the white bedroom door with a green "Z" painted on it, or the door that looks like it belongs on the starship Enterprise. >The door nearest you is completely unremarkable; seemingly a plain house door. >This seems like as good a starting place as ever. "Here goes nothing," you say as your fingers grasp the cold brass knob. >A burst of air blows against you when you open the door. >You step inside, pulling the door closed behind you. >You're in the living room of a small apartment. >There's a TV and beanbag chairs, a modest kitchen, a sliding glass door that leads to a small balcony. >The fridge is dented and has a towel tied to the handle. >It's kinda messy, but the vibe is undeniably comfy. >A picture on the wall catches your eye. >You move towards it, but stop when you hear movement behind another door. >"Hello?" a woman's voice calls from behind the door. "Is somebody there?" >Silence is your watchword as you contemplate your options. >You can answer, and run the risk of getting shot (or at the very least, the cops called on you), or hold still and hope whomever's in the next room thinks she was just hearing things. >"Hello? Anyone? I need some help. I don't know where I am or how I got here!" >The worry in her voice leads you to believe she's telling the truth. "Uh, hi?" you call back. "I'm in the living room!" >"Oh, thank goodness!" she calls back. >You hear a muffled, uneven shuffling, then the door opens with a creak. >Holy shit! >It's a pony! >Did you make it to Equestria after all!? >The mare gasps upon seeing you. >She's tall and wears a blue dress. >Strange, she looks a lot like... "Uh, Princess Luna?" >The mare sighs and shakes her head. "Unfortunately not. My name is Zooma. Who are you?" "I'm uh... I'm Anonymous. Anon for short." >Zooma's large sky-blue eyes widen. >"Anonymous? Just like my Anon..." >The sign's words from earlier come to mind. >She turns to you, this Luna doppelganger and asks, "Mister Anonymous, do you have a phone I could use?" >Shit, you didn't even think to check your pockets! >It's just as well, as a quick pat-down of your pockets turns up nothing. "I don't. Sorry." >Zooma shakes her head. >"Don't be. Still, I need to figure out where I am and how to get home. Will you help me, Mister Anonymous?" >"Try to do some good out there," the sign had told you. "Sure," you say, turning around. "I just came from this weird-" >The door you entered the apartment through is gone. "-room." >Zooma tilts her head.
I read Flutterlime a while back and liked that it was about a small robotic toy instead of a full sized pony. The description of stacking up books to make steps was a memorable way to show the her scale to the rest of the world.
>>11048 "There was a door RIGHT THERE!" you shout, flinging an arm towards where you entered the apartment. >Zooma flinches at your shout and her wings shift, but she otherwise stands firm. >"I believe you, Anon," she answers in a calm voice. >The green mare takes a few uneven steps closer, as if following an invisible, curvy line. >"Look, there's a patio door. Let's take a look, shall we?" So here's the premise. It's like a CYOA, but there's not one writefag guiding it. It's a free-for-all of sorts. One Anon writes as long as he wants, then hands it off for somebody else to pick up. Just keep it moving and see what happens. We've already mixed two universes in this prompt, and I fully expect to see more before this is said and done. And now I hand this off for somebody, anybody else to add on to. Stay anonymous for this- no flags or namefagging please. Let us know when you've finished your piece and hand it off to somebody else. No idea if this will work, but I figure this would be an interesting way to mix things up in this thread and get more Anons involved. This^ was the initial run. Stand by for the rest.
>The glass sliding door glides open with the lightest effort upon the handle, letting your newest acquaintance out onto the patio before you follow in turn. >The sun hangs high in the sky, forcing you to squint just a bit until your eyes become acclimated to the light. >At least it's nice out... >Wherever this is. >It looks like an urban environment as you look out beyond the railing. >Yet the only sounds are that of a few birds, and the occasional light breeze passing by. >The streets are completely empty. "So, you live here?" >You feel retarded asking such an obvious question, but where the hell else do you start a conversation? >You literally waltzed into this place through a door that disappeared behind you. >Much to your surprise, Zooma shakes her head. >"No, I don't believe I've ever seen this place before," she answers, biting her lip as she looks over the cityscape. "The last thing I remember was getting started on laundry while I waited for An - well, *my* Anon to come home. Walked through the doorway to the bathroom and then..." >She trails off, merely looking around and back toward the open patio door to finish her statement. "So that's why you believe me - and didn't freak the hell out when a complete stranger walked right in." >"Indeed - I'm just as befuddled as you are." >Great, neither of you have a fucking clue where 'this' is. >But maybe she can at least shed some light on where she's from? "So, where are you originally from? Equestria sound familiar, or..." >You have to stop as incredulity spreads across the green mare's face, followed shortly thereafter by mild amusement. >"I didn't pop out of your television, I can assure you of that," she replies teasingly. >A part of you wants to get up and screech at her implication of Equestria being merely a fantasy land. >You are going to get there, goddammit! >But the logical part of your brain forces that outburst down. >"I assume like me, you're from Earth." >Wut. "No offense, but we don't have ponies on the Earth I'm from. Not show accurate ones, anyway." >The last comment draws a frown from Zooma - though she does her best to mask it. >Fuck. "I mean the ponies in the show as far as appearance, body shape - not the actual characters," you add quickly. >"Oh! Sorry, I didn't quite understand that I guess," she replies, passing off that uncertainty with an awkward laugh. >That's the second time you've made a comment about the show and gotten an emotional response from her. >That must be a touchy subject. "I know we just met and all but... I didn't mean to be offensive in any way referring to the show. I have a bad case of the stupid sometimes," you confess, scratching the back of your head.
>>11051 >"I - no, you don't have to apologize," she speaks up in protest, sounding rather concerned all of a sudden. "Obviously we're from two different worlds. I get that. I just sort of jumped to conclusions. That's my fault." >So you just met this pony from another dimension, and you're both already apologizing to each other five minutes in. >The sign told you to 'do some good' - and you're doing anything but. >...or maybe that's it? >Maybe this is some sort of test. >Like a pre-portal portal to weed out the dicks from getting into Equestria. >That makes sense. >Right?
>>11052 >Call it wishful thinking, but it's not like you've got any indicators to the contrary. >That there's also nothing to support your theory is beside the point, damn it. >"Anon?" >Luna, er, Zooma's voice recaptures your attention. >You hope you don't call her Luna by accident. >Even if you did happen to bungle her name aloud, could she really blame you when her voice is indistinguishable from Luna's? >Then there's the fact that she's built like Luna, except she's better-proportioned in the back than her show counterpart. >Man, "her" Anonymous is one lucky dude. >"Hello, Anon? Earth to Anon?" "Oh, shoot. My bad. What's up?" >"I'm going to have a look around, okay?" >You peer over the balcony railing- that's quite a drop. "Um, okay. How...?" >Zooma spreads her massive wings as much as she can in the cramped space. >"You didn't think these big things were just for decoration, did you?" "Well, I, uh... I didn't mean to im-imply that-" >Zooma covers her mouth with an olive wing as she giggles at your verbal stumbling. >Despite the heat rising to your face, you join this friendly mare in her laughter. >It helps take the edge off the anxiety that's got your stomach in knots. >"I'll be right back," Zooma says after your combined giggling tapers off. >Before you can respond, she leaps over the railing, making you gasp. >Well, would you look at that- she can fly after all! >Zooma glides away from the apartment building and even executes a tight loop before changing her heading. >She soars overhead and out of sight. >Perhaps you could take another look in the apartment? >It's not that you want to invade the rightful residents' privacy any more than you already have, but this is an extenuating circumstance. >Any additional information you can glean about your new environment could only help your cause. >On the other hand, the last thing you'd need is for these people to come home as you're snooping around their home- you're liable to get shot, or get the cops called on you at the very least. >Then there's the cryptic "do some good" advice that asshole sign gave you. >Would taking a quick look around the place violate that guidance, or is it excusable in some kind of moral grey area? >Whatever the case, Zooma's arrival spares you from making a decision. >She rears back in the air, her dress billowing in the wind driven from her mighty wings but a moment before she makes a rather skillful and controlled landing beside you. "Well? What can you tell me?" I believe that was as far as it got. It's fair game for anyone who wants to give it a go.
>>11049 Flutterlime was really cute. I don't remember if Blondie was going to write more of her or not. Super cozy green.
>>11045 >>11047 This two parts have a kinda Disco Elysium vibe to it.
>>11049 >>11054 Oh, I always afraid of stories like that. Seeing something precious and cute, but frail and little makes me extremely anxious. Like if I don't trust the author to protect the character/prevent any harm. Sorry, that sounds stupid probably.
>>11054 I wasn't. As per the norm, people seem to get more mad than glad at me when it comes to how much of what I write. I didn't really see the reason to get more into it because it's meant to just be a little cozy life. That Anon's life is the same every day. And now he has a little Lime to spend his days with. I think if I were to add more, it might take away. >>11056 I get your feeling on that. That sort of anxiety has shown itself in Angel Cake's Quest to the Nth degree, especially because the coziness is there but it's also... manufactured. >>11039 >going to lose writers I'll admit, my writing motivation has plummeted over the last month. Both due to work and just considerable lack of interaction, as I said before. At worst, I won't stop writing. But I would probably just forgo the threads completely and write directly to ponepaste. As far as I see it, if there's no interaction or commentary/thoughts then it doesn't really matter where I write because the same number of people will read. On the plus side, I'm still scheming up ways to do little photoshoots with PlushJack because it'll be fun. Getting her has been really great. I fear it will be a matter of time before I get PlushShine too.
>>11057 >photoshoots with PlushJack post pics
>>11058 Later. I'm still trying to find the right way to do them.
>>11055 >Disco Elysium Never played it. Is it any good? I started the Meta/leg/ green, btw. Would love to see somebody add on to it. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
>>11053 I could have sworn there was another part where she says that there's no one around, and there aren't any cars on the road either
>>11060 >Would love to see somebody add on to it. I'll consider that; next time I get a chance I'll check it out.
>>11060 >Is it any good Good is subjective, but still it's a very interesting point-and-click adventure with skill checks and a rather sophisticated writing. The main points are perhaps extensive internal monologues and remarks different player skills do all the time.
>>11053 Is this intended to be some place out of time, like in The Langoliers?
If a newfag would approach you and ask >what's /bootleg/? how would you explain it, not counting >lurk more >go back >fuck off tourist!
>>11075 I don't think anyone would default to those three answers. I can't speak for everyone but I can only hope that more people like the threads. /bootleg/, to me, is about imperfect pones that still sometimes manage to come out on top and have a happier life. Very rarely is it just given and accepted. Often there is strife, and a real effort to fight for a happier life. Sometimes there is success but other times there is failure. On the surface level, it's about obvious bootlegs and cheap imitations being adorable despite their faults. On a metal level, it's about heavy feels and the hope of a better life than one might feel they deserve.
>>11057 >I didn't really see the reason to get more into it because it's meant to just be a little cozy life. I liked the amount there was and it felt complete. No need to bloat something that gets the right feelings across already. >>11078 How eloquent.
>>11038 >Simpin' for Sonata
(10.45 KB 250x250 Skwisgaar_Skwigelf.jpg)
>>11081 I'm sure it would've sounded more elegant if I didn't go Skwisgaar for a few words there. But that's the way I see it. You go back to a lot of the old /bootleg/ greens and characters and there are definite hard feels and almost pity parties when it comes to how utterly doomed some were from the start. I'm hoping that with the last few years of green that we can see that you don't need to have a perma-doomed boot pone. I'm also kinda hoping that the few greens that don't include romantic connection show that there's more territory there than just waifubait. I'm as guilty as anyone since I even got a plush but it should be a goal to write more than just a waifu. Write an entire character, you know? And regarding Lime, that's a sort of life I wish I had. Everything's set in life, you know your path and while you can argue that it's stagnation... do you really need more if everything is settled and comfortable? I think that question has popped up a bit with Jacqueline and the pound clowns, and is being asked in a different language with Starsky. Both of which I miss writing severely, even if one of them has been a very comfortable pillow and movie watching buddy.
Which music gets you into /bootleg/ mood or reminds you of the thread topic when you listen to it?
>>11138 I have multiple playlists. Due to what's stirring around in my head, a few new songs have been coming into play. Along with mulling around the idea of making three more playlists.
>>11039 I agree that effort needs to be put in by all Anons for a real revival. I do try to do what I can. >>11053 Reminds me of the Monster Inc. doors. A very interesting concept. Like some hidden Anon behind the scenes, quietly meddling in different /boot/ stories.
Shit, been two weeks and a /moon/ diversion since my last update. Better fix that. >>10847 >"You should have asked how long it would be until we know the condition of the block." "Patience is a virtue, Middie." >"I'm all out of virtue." "Won't argue with that." >Having finally stripped the Hemi down to the bare block, it was finally time to drop it off at the machine shop across town to get checked out and cleaned up. >Mission accomplished. >That was one of two errands to be run this morning, though. >The grocery store on the way back home was up next as you crank the wheel of the Trailduster and point the nose back onto the highway. >Time to prepare for the sleepover coming up within the week. "Do you have the list Starla sent you?" >"Nope, left it at home for the hell of it." "Alrighty, you're full of piss and vinegar this morning," you idly comment. >"Would you really have me any other way?" she coos, batting her eyes upon you glancing over. "Wow... that was nauseating to see." >Midnight drops the facade, opting instead to stick her tongue out at you in a childish manner. >Trying to keep an eye on the road, you quickly reach over and flip Midnight's mane over her face. >"Real mature." "Hello, Pot. I'm Kettle." >You get a snicker in return for that comment, followed shortly by a puff of air as Midnight lazily attempts to blow her mane from her face. >Glancing back over at your passenger only greets you with a mass of hair attached to the body of a pony. "How's the view?" >"Much better. I at least can't see you anymore, so the urge to barf has subsided." >You don't even attempt to hold in laughter before relenting and flipping her mane back. >"Oh wow, it's daylight again," she sasses, gazing around in mock wonder as you coast to a stoplight. "I take it you at least remember everything Starla requested, huh?" you ask, shifting back to a serious conversation. >"Yeah, I do. It really wasn't that much. We have a fair amount of what she listed off." "Alright, cool. If you forget something, that's on you though. I'm not taking a rolling pin to the head on your behalf." >"Do we even have a rolling pin?" "...well, no. But still." >"Good to know other cooking utensils are still on the table, though." "Yes, I'm sure Starla would be entertained by live domestic abuse, Middie." >"Never know," she bemusedly responds, accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders as she faces forward again. "Light's green, by the way." >Snapping back to reality and the road, you goose the throttle and briskly get across the intersection. "What are we going to do to entertain her, anyway?" you ask. > It's an honest question - and one you've been anxiously mulling for the last day or two. >Because the reality of it is, you don't really know Starla. >You've interacted with her twice - the first meeting and the get-together a couple of weeks ago. >Well, the last video chat, too. >But that's it. >It's otherwise been a two-mare affair between Midnight and Starla. >"She's not a foal, Anon. We don't need to 'entertain' her," Midnight answers, a slight bitterness in her voice.
>>11155 >It makes you look over at her, half expecting to see a smirk. >But Midnight's face is stone cold. "I... didn't mean it to be insulting at all, Mid. Sorry." >Frankly, you're flabbergasted by this sudden shift in mood. >Fortunately, Midnight's expression softens up after a few more moments of silently pressing you. >"You aren't completely with the idea of having Starla stay over, I take it?" "It isn't that. But I don't know her like you do. And it is someone else I have to look out for. She can't do the things you do." >"No, but she already manages on her own whenever Teddy goes out. And did you miss the whole part where she wants to make something for dinner at least one night while she's with us?" "In other words, I have my head up my own ass." >"That's no different from any other time though, doofus." "Alright, fair enough." >"Seriously though - she's looking forward to it, and I think you should too," Midnight reassures you, nuzzling your shoulder lightly. "And for some awful reason, she thinks your antics are funny." "Well, that part I can understand." >"I'm done being nice to you today," she taunts as you pull into the parking lot. "Man, we were doing so well, too." >You find a suitable spot and shut off the engine, turning to Midnight before either of you hop out of the truck. >"What?" she asks, quickly taking notice of the attention laid upon her. "Are you gonna behave?" >She shakes her head with a grin. >"Nope." "Good, me either." >"See, when you say that, I'm not sure whether you're joking or not," she answers back as you climb out and step onto the cracked blacktop. "That's even better. Means I'm keeping you on your toes." >Midnight joins your side after circling around the truck, eying you warily. "What?" >"I don't know if you've ever noticed - I don't have toes," she taunts with an exaggerated step to generate a loud clop from her hooves. "I'm not complimenting you for that - that was lazy." >"But it's true, stupid." "You're stupid." >"No you." >A few passing individuals glance your way while the two of you share idle half-assed jabs at each other, not that either you or Middie care. >But courtesy wins out once you enter the store, Midnight grabbing a cart and pushing it ahead of her. "Well, we don't really need a whole lot of crap aside from the all-important Starla list, so lead the way and we'll get the major stuff first," you say while joining her side. >"Okay, but I'm not fully sure where everything is going to be, so I kinda need your guidance." "Aww, you're actually willingly asking me for help. That's so sweet." >"Stuff it." "Not so sweet." >Midnight strays away from behind the cart to give you an affectionate bump. "So what all kind of trouble do you have planned to accomplish with Starla?" >"Not really much different from what we do as far as the evenings are concerned. Maybe play some cards, some TV, and show her stuff on the internet. And she has some ideas for stuff too - but that's as descriptive as she got."
>>11156 "I'm officially concerned now." >"You should be." >For now, Midnight seems to know what she's looking for, weaving in and out of aisles and tossing things into the cart. >You start to get an inkling of what Star has planned as tortillas, brown rice and beans start off the trip. >But there's other stuff too, such as pasta, tomato sauce, garlic... >Fuck, how much is she gonna cook? "This is all stuff she suggested?" you cautiously inquire. >"She really likes cooking. I mentioned I wouldn't mind her showing me a thing or two, and she started railing off more stuff after that," Midnight explains. >"You're gonna start cooking for me? Middie, that's ador-" >"Stop it, fruitcake." "Hmph. You're no fun." >Through the whole shopping excursion, you hardly have to direct Midnight toward a particular item. >There's a few amused and surprised glances from other shoppers as Midnight wordlessly chucks items into the cart, with you trailing behind her. >Midnight is on a mission though - if she notices the attention, she doesn't show it. >But, she has become much more adjusted to being out, so who knows. >The end result is a cart over half full of various ingredients and some snacks that aren't wholly centered around a pony with a carnivorous appetite. >"I think that's everything," Midnight sighs after a moment of running back through everything in her head with a bob of her head. "Forgot the kitchen sink, though." >"To reiterate your words from earlier, that was lazy. Apologize for that awful comment," Midnight demands. "You never did, why should I?" you ask, acting deeply offended. >"Eh, it was worth a shot to see if you would," she shrugs while heading for checkout. "Fair enough. But you should know me better than that." >It's still early enough that the store is relatively quiet, meaning there's no waiting for an open lane. >Midnight shoves the cart down the first checkout she finds. >A middle-aged brunette woman looking like she's sporting tanned leather for skin watches Midnight with suspicion - as well as you. "Morning," you greet her with a half-hearted wave. >You know that look she's giving you. >A look of veiled derision. >It's one you've most likely possessed. many a time seeing somebody walking around with a pony by their side. >Or in this case, helping out with groceries. >"Morning," she replies in a voice that makes a case for the pack-a-day Pall Mall smoker stereotype. "You find everything you need?" >"I hope so," Midnight replies as she starts to load things up onto the conveyor belt. >Both the response and her actions draw a look of surprise from the clerk as she starts to scan items. >Midnight is wholly oblivious to the attention, focused on emptying the cart. >But you can't help yourself. "You didn't think she was just eye candy, did you?" you joke. >"I - huh?" >That look of incredulity she gives you mid-scan on a can of tomato sauce is priceless. >"Don't mind him, miss. He's kind of a moron."
>>11157 >That look of shock is extended to Midnight now, whose head turns to quickly take a glance at you. >Just long enough to display mild amusement. >Clearly, she hadn't been unaware of the cold shoulder. >The clerk quickly resumes scanning as items pile up, though looking a bit frazzled. >Or embarrassed. >Hard to tell. >She doesn't say anything until totaling up your bill. >"$97.47, please." "Damn you're expensive. You brought money, didn't you?" you ask Midnight. >Having moved down the line and loading up the shopping cart with bagged groceries, she pauses a moment to stare at you. >"I did my part on this trip. Pay the lady, whiner." >You sigh, handing over a hundred-dollar bill to the lady, who still doesn't seem to know what to make of this scene. "Keep the change for putting up with us," you quietly mumble to the cashier. >"We really aren't supposed to do that." "I'm not gonna tell, nor will she," you reply, pointing a finger at Midnight. >"... have a good day. Thanks," the woman relents, cracking a hint of a smile as you walk away. >It isn't until you get out into the parking lot a ways before words are exchanged. >"That was incredibly bold of you." "I know, and you enjoyed seeing it," you gloat. >"I never said I didn't," Midnight hums. "I remember once upon a time when you thought of having ponies around akin to possessing the plague." "Something must have changed between then and now, not sure what it was." >With no answer to that, you're forced to glance at Midnight. >A heartfelt smile greets you along with those vibrant eyes. >"Yeah, I can't imagine what messed up your head." "Before you, or after you?" >You feel her wing gently work it's way around your form as you continue walking. >"You didn't have to do any of that, though." "No, but you were polite, and she just had that look of disapproval and wouldn't acknowledge you. You're more than some pet or a tool, and I told you I wasn't gonna behave," you reply. "Kudos to you for playing ignorant." >"Wasn't worth putting up a fuss. Feel like I'm finding my place, and stirring up shit for respect isn't worth it. I never really have, other than with you." "I feel privileged," you reply, patting her on the withers. >"You know you would miss it." "I never said I was joking." -----
/yandere/ came back to /mlp/ but the thread has already pretty slow going. /bootleg/ has more green, art and a new plush to goof off with but I'm doubtful there would be more interaction.
>>11170 Upper management made the stupid decision to make us in-office full time, so while I might get more writing for Rosie done I won’t be able to bump the thread for most of the day.
>>11158 I wonder sometimes just how far can they push the banter around others?
>>11158 Thanks for more green, Auto! Gotta love Midnight.
>>11138 Had to think about this one for awhile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krGOVc8zomI
>>11158 More Midnight! So many anon exited for the sleepover and here I am wondering what will happen on Teddy's trip
I think I just thunk. I hope this breakthrough means I'm done with the delays.
>>11158 Love to see more Midnight, thanks Auto.
>>10619 >Hours >Days >Entire weeks >That's all it took to set things into motion >It was so simple, all you had to do wa- >Clonk >Jacky's coconut of a head donks against yours >Whatever you were thinking, it was gone >Not the first time that happened >Both of you have been listening to the same song on repeat for the last few hours >The rhythm of it has led from everything to melodic head bobbing, to synchronized "doo"s and "da"s >For this last hour it has descended into wordless vocalizations >The lyrics have lost all meaning >You're sure you heard Prismantic calling for Jack earlier >Neither of you responded but you were prepared to call out that she was busy because you were Jacking it >Which was neither correct nor wrong at the moment >You hear some knocking on the door >Going from the ferocity of it, it has to be a unicorn >"Hey, it's pony protective services. It's dinner time and you've been blasting music all day." "Did you hear something?" >Jackenstein's answer is a vocalization that extends and escalates into a frenzied yawp of a yawn "Thought not." >"Ok, this is just-" >The entire bedroom door glows bright red, illuminating the dark room >You expect it to be torn off of the frame but it calmly opens >The magical mare huffs and stares at you laying flat on the bed with Jacky laying with the top of her head rubbing against yours >You'd like to see her laying on her back, but you're on your back too >Therefor >You can not see >"...is this a bad sign? Do we need an intervention?" "Nah, it's fine." >"Is it dinner time?" "Yeah, is it dinner time yet?" >It's an aural feast to hear how lax and lazy your mare is, compared to the barely contained irritation of the gamer mare >The gamemare, even >Your wit has sharpened this day >"One, yes. Two, what is going on? You two have been attached at the hip-" >"And the skull." >"And the sk-what? Ew." >She really seems wound up >"What is going on? Why have you been home all week and locked in your room?" "I quit." >You say what you've been hiding with such a casual tone you are almost as shocked as Shine >"...what?" "Yup. I did." >"He did." >Jack mirrors your aloof energy >Or lack thereof >Your eyes stay focused on the ceiling "I was talking to Jack about it and... well, it's for the best." >"The be-" >Shine interrupts herself with a sputtering that makes you wish you could see her >"The best?! How is that the best? What are you going to do now? What caused this?!" >You and Jack share a sigh >She takes the shared sigh as a sign >"Don't you... Jacky, what the hell did you do?!" >You're surprised she isn't reacting stronger >Maybe she's just in shock >You were a little in shock when you did it too >The last week and a half, specifically, the weight of your decision really stuck with you >Thankfully she's been with you for every minute >You needed it
>>11193 "She didn't do anything. We were talking about stuff and decided-" >"Decided that you're going to just quit working?! I don't even care about the money thing but you decided to make this decision without telling me? What the hell am I to you? You didn't even tell Prism, Jacky?" >"Nope. I decided that we should tell you two together." >That makes you smile >It's such a simple thing >It's that sort of simple thing that has kept you from freaking out more at the worst "Guess we should tell them now?" >"Might as well, we got three days left." >"What happens in three days, Jacky?" >With another shared sigh, your hand finds it's way to the closest keyboard's space bar >With the brain worm of a song paused, you finally feel like you're back in reality >You sit up and look at the plain white wall >You really gotta go through with spilling the beans >You've slept so much this last week, it has been impossible to keep track of time "Alright, I'm up." >You awkwardly stand up and step off of the mattress >You've only had it for a few years but it's already beaten up >It almost always has at least one pony on it, and a human >Maybe one day you should get a new one >You step past Shiner, listening to her follow you close >With a "hup", Jackula wiggles to her front and rushes to keep up >With shots poured for every pone and human, the group assembles officially >"Going off of the shouting, I'm guessing we will need the alcohol. So, Jacky talked you into quitting your work?" "Nope." >With a bitter grimace and a dark stare, Sparkler downs her shot in record time >"So you quit without her words." "Nope." >With a shallow swallow, you take your shot "So after talking for a bit, we decided that..." >It normally isn't so difficult to talk about these topics >Maybe it's because it doesn't effect just you >"We got new jobs! And by "we" I mean Anon, me, and you two too!" "...well, if you want, I mean." >You don't think you've ever seen Faint "D-bash" Prism make that sort of face >It's the sort of face that says "oh shit" on the level of the soul >Shine, in comparison, just looks like she needs another drink >"...oh." >"...crap." >This is part of what you wanted to avoid "I should probably explain." >"I should think so too! What compelled you to make this sort of decision without discussing it with us?" >Despite her broken composure, she is making a genuine effort to sound stalwart >The slightest tint of panic doesn't convince you of her will "Well, Jack and I went out a few times and we kept talking about how..." >You shrug "Nice. It is. To just hang out and stuff. And I mean not just here but out there. It's a lot more comfortable and I think enough of the neighbors are used to it that it no longer makes me feel weird." >"Helps that I told them to get over it." "That you did..." >You sigh with a stare that goes only straight ahead "With colorful language, you did..." >"It worked, right?" >Just remember, Anon, they won't always be your neighbors
>>11194 "Too well, I'm afraid. Anyway, you wanna explain the rest of it for me?" >Jack smiles >This is a new level of joy >"Anon's gonna be a library mechanic!" >You're lucky you resisted the urge to drink your shot while she was speaking "N...no, it's a technician." >"Aren't they the same thing?" "In this case? No." >"Oh." >You down your drink before you have the time to taste it "Keep going Jakatoa." >"Oh y-ok. Anon's gonna be a library technician! And weeeeeeeeeee're gonna help him! We're techs too!" >Bursting with joy, she hops up to her hind legs and poses in sheer triumph >Neither pegagus nor unicorn share her enthusiasm "Technically, the three of you are gonna act as receptionists and help desk. And sorta unofficial field trip wranglers." >Since the bottle is nearby, you pour another shot and down it >"Wrangling! Helping! Receptive to the core!" >Between the visible and audible shaking, Jacky is a pound of tannerite short of exploding into the lower atmosphere "The good news is that..." >You pour and down another shot >Nothing stirs confidence in others like needing alcohol before speaking "...that while I'm full time, you guys are all part time. Which means you can work as little as twenty hours a week, up to forty." >"And it pays a whole ton!" "Well, if all of us were to work full time hours for a month, it would eclipse my usual savings rate by... a factor of five almost?" >You fill-and take-another shot "And, of course, it doesn't need to be that way. I'm thinking if you can at least toss over a quarter-" >"Half!" "No, a quarter i-" >"HALF." >Bottle, reveal more of your secrets to Anonymous >This is so painfully awkward you don't know what to do "...Jack wants to give half of her pay to what we've been tossing around as a sort of... family coffers type situation. Something that is the usual of taking care of the monthly bills and all that." >Jack finally settles down enough >Enough to at least chug her shot without somehow swallowing the glass itself "And that by itself would help a whole ton. Say if it's only ten hours per pay period, that's still sixty a month." >"So you finally decided on it..." >Shine speaks up >Now that the mare is out of the bag, she seems less bothered by the situation >"Well... I guess I don't mind. I mean, we've all talked about wanting to help out before. Right?" >The one shot seemed to have enough of an effect on her >Only Prism is resisting the temptation of smooth brown fire water >"I guess I just wish that I could have been told sooner so I could prepare..." >She gives you a side glance >"Can I play games there?" "At the volume you do? No, not inside." >"Ugh..." >Prism clears her throat >More than enough to make it apparent she wants to be the talking one now >"You mentioned a thi..." >She trails off when met with a quick death squint from Jack >"...half... of our pay would go to help out with things. I trust that is food and other things. What... exactly are we supposed to do with the other half? Our own money...?" "Ahh..." >You scratch the back of your head "Whatever you want, I guess. You wanna order food, go for it. Wanna buy something nice for yourself? Make sure it's sent here or we know where to go. Save it up for a rainy day? It's yours." >Emboldened by the volume and strength of drink you've drank, you're comfortable in your own skin despite not yet being drunk "As Jack and I talked about it... you guys aren't pets or anything like that. You really aren't. And I've... maybe not treated you like animals, but I've kept things pretty dull and locked up. And that wasn't right of me." >"It wasn't right of you to protect us from a harsh, alien world?" >Her tone isn't aggressive, but it is argumentative "I don't know, man. I'm trying to figure this shit out as I'm going along." >Jacqueline clears her throat >Apparently that is the way of the day to make oneself heard
>>11195 >"Think about it this way. We all know how much Anon has spent to keep us fed and warm and strong and other things, right?" >The "other things" leads to a slightly bitter glare from Shine >Jacky flashes her a quick shit-eating grin and continues >"And whether or not I want to live in movies or Sparky wants to live in her video games and as fun as it really is... we kinda gotta help out, you know? I remember when Anon would come home from work and just... lay there. And I know it wasn't all just work that piled up on him but it certainly added weight! And then he went and bled his savings dry for all of us to be together and to even have easier cooking stuff and even more than that!" "You really don't need to keep bringing that up." >"But I want to! And it's true! We ain't gonna go away anytime soon. I ain't, least of all. An' with that being the case, we gotta buckle down and learn some real world skills! Pronto!" >Oh boy, she's channeling the power of Ma >And to think that you once wanted any other type of pony >"My own money means I can buy a VR headset..." "Bruh, I'll split the money with you and we'll get the hardware to handle it on the highest settings." >"Deal. See, Jacky? Problem solved." >"No, not problem solved. Not yet." >The Winged One is the only resistance to this >"So... how do we know for sure our money is ours...?" >Her deliberate wording wounds but makes sense "Well, I already thought of that. Checks can be direct deposited, right? I just set up three new accounts, and then we split the pay whichever way we will and then. Bam, proof and tracking. I won't touch anything that isn't the pooled account unless you ask me to." >"Two accounts." "Eh?" >"I told you, I just want my check to go into the main account." "But what about your half?" >"I'll make you work for it if you really want to spend it." >The sly grin she gives is downright villainous >She ripped out that entire chapter from Shiner's playbook >But >Why does it work so much better when done by a goodie two-hooves? "You're going to make me drink a whole lot more, you know that." >The room finally descends to something resembling a calm >You are glad that none of them asked you about your now-last job >To be fair, you personally won't be losing or gaining all that much more >Which is not a proud point you wish to make >"So... what does a tech do, exactly? Will we be able to see you or ask you for help if we need it? Are we going to be safe there?" "Me? I'm just gonna be a paper pusher, basically. Helping out higher ups. You guys are more going to act as welcomers. Putting away books, helping people find books. Movies too, mostly DVDs." >You know that there are going to be some pitfalls >... >Because of their lack of social and professional skills >You hate to even think it, but those two sides are lacking severely >Thankfully you were able to bullshit your way into them all getting hired at almost minimum wage >Of course, it isn't that low >With even the three of them combined, it leads up to a pretty penny's worth >You may have also stretched the truth on their singing and reading aloud skills, to make them more of an entertainment package "I... I kinda still feel bad about it, don't get me wrong. But between her and I, it just seems like that maybe... two years is long enough to get acclimated. And maybe it'll all help us out. It'll help make sure that the world doesn't seem so scary and full of... less than nice animals." >Are pets allowed at libraries? >The sudden passing image of Shine igniting an annoying kid or Prism bucking a service dog does not sit well in your gullet >"Don't worry, it'll be fine! It's part time, and Anon is the only one paying for benefits so we get all of our checks!" >Another thing you don't want to admit >They're getting paid under the table >No taxes >No benefits >Just straight pay >As long as that doesn't lead to issues, everything should be fine >Should be >Hopefully >You take a hard swig from the bottle directly >God help you if this doesn't work
Dorks joining the workforce and wider society. I'm not ready for this, how could they be?
>>11198 >joining society. Those poor bastards. They can have my place, if they really want it. I want out. Thanks for the update. Interesting to see how this goes. >>11176 >>11184 >>11191 Thanks. Hopefully the next update doesn't take me as long. Four day weekend and a flareup of automotive and powersport autism combined with a half-baked green made this one take longer than expected. >spoiler You might be disappointed, or you may be onto something. Hard to say.
(592.68 KB 1280x863 society.png)
>>11198 >>11199 >Society They never stood a chance
>>11062 I went back and looked at the last thread we had on /mlp/, couldn't find anything else. >>11063 Are you going to give it a go? >>11069 >Is this intended to be some place out of time? The room where Anon first encounters the sign is. >>11144 >the Monster Inc. doors My thought when I created the story is for the room with the doors to be the nexus to different bootleg story universes. Something is obviously wrong if Zooma is in the Jackyverse. Anon has his vague guidance from the sign, and I paired him off with Zooma first because I felt helping her would be the tutorial level. That is, since Zooma is fully self-sufficient (and not to mention, very patient and sweet) she'd kinda be the "training wheels" for Anon to get the swing of what he needs to do. My thought is things would progressively get harder/more complicated after he gets Zooma to her universe. I'd imagine some ponies are easier to cooperate with than others. What happens next is up to the next person to adds to the story. What will the snarky sign have to say to Anon next? When will Anon even see the sign again? Are there other ponies in the wrong universes? What tasks could Anon have to complete in the other universes? Who will he encounter?
>>11158 >"Wasn't worth putting up a fuss. Feel like I'm finding my place, and stirring up shit for respect isn't worth it. Midnight has really come a long way, and I'm glad to see it. >Starla cooking She's great. I'm really looking forward to her weekend visit; giddy for more Starla. >>11197 >>You are glad that none of them asked you about your now-last job I take it he didn't actually quit, but got fired or laid off? >As long as that doesn't lead to issues, everything should be fine >God help you if this doesn't work I'm very nervous. Sounds like Anon is gambling big time here. If it works, the payoff sounds great, but there seems to be too many lies of omission for me to feel confident in his plan.
>>11216 What are the odds that happened? Though I suppose you are the company you keep around and the dorks are... well, they have good intentions. Sometimes.
I know it's late, but whatever. I'll be up for a while. https://w2g.tv/6o4n4nwpundv0ew54e
>Finally >A long, painful week of work is over >Even better? >You have the weekend, and then all of next week is vacation >You are going to cuddle that mare of yours until she breaks in half and then splits into two separate little Jackies >Then you're going to cuddle the everloving shit out of them until they split into four >Physics and bones be damned, that is your goal >Hearing a distinct lack of vidya or music from your room, you gauge that everyone is in the living room while kicking off your boots >"Hey Anon, check this out!" >"Shhh, quiet." >"Come on, my legs are tired..." >"You think I'm not sore all over, and in the most annoying way?" >Yup >They're definitely definitely in the living room >Sounds like a new song and dance routine >You could go for that "Good thing I don't feel like going to my room, I guess I better go to the living room." >You speak as casually and as loudly as you can, much to the stifled joy of an earth pony >You round the kitchen corner to see both Shine and Jacky sitting ramrod stiff >Prism is laying near the furthest wall, her back to the pair and her eyes glued to a laptop screen "You aren't gonna watch?" >"I really don't want to." "That's rough. Alright, what's up?" >"Sit!" >They speak in perfect sync >You're a little blown away by that but alright >You sit down with your legs crossed "So what's up?" >"We know that you have all of next week off so we have prepared something for you." >Again, they speak in perfect unison >Even their tones are the same, though it makes them sound more neutral >Or is it focused? "You're gonna be mimes miming each other so it's like when you set up a mirror against itself?" >"Sorta." >Wow "...you're good. So are we now one voice away from a barbershop quartet?" >"Anon?" "...yes?" >"I love you." >Hearing that from Jack is always a thrill >But >Sparkler said it too >Is that part of the gimmick? >While you wonder whether or not it's ok to say that back to both of them, then stand up >With practiced motions, they spin around once to their right and shoot up to standing on their hinds legs >"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." >They point their front legs away from each other >Like a windmill, they rotate their legs toward each other while taking a few skittering steps on their hind hooves >You'll admit, the frontal view you're getting really isn't bad >"sion?!" >Their outside hind legs hike up, leading to >Oh damn >They're actually balancing themselves quite well >Their front legs dart away from each other >Rather than think that they would be looking at you, they seem to be staring dead ahead >"HA!" >Their final pose involves them angling themselves against each other >The top of their front hooves clap together >Clop "Wow. That's some good syncing." >Only now does it hit you "Wait, isn't this from Dr-" >In an instant, both ponies are enveloped in such a brilliant light that you can't help but recoil and cover your eyes >The heat, too >It's like a bonfire was started with jet fuel not five feet from your face
>>11227 >It takes some time for you to be able to even attempt to open your eyes but the heat left as soon as it came >As cool as you'd like to be, you can't be anything more than a flashbang victim groaning while curled up on the floor >"Oh crap, I'm sorry Anon! I didn't think it would put out that much!" >That sound >They're still speaking in unison "No. No, good trick. Glad to know I can get nuked from a dance." >You'd like to be angry but you could settle for being able to see again >You feel what can only be Jack's hoof petting your head while you lay there >She's gotten a lot better at not accidently boxing you >When you feel the sun leave your ocular cavities you manage to get a glimpse at the prime suspect >Wait >Suspect >Singular "Oh my God." >Not only is the carpet singed, but the mare sitting before you isn't Jacky >It isn't Sparking Shine either >It's a bright orange unicorn with an almost blood orange mane >And her eyes >Pitch black, with a faint purple and green gleam behind them >"Hey there good looking. What's cooking?" >You feel a sickly weight drop in your stomach >You bring yourself to sit up, unsure of what the hell just happened "Oh my God." >Did they >Did they just fuse together? >Is this some Dragon Ball shit or are we talking Megami Tensei rules >WHERE THERE ARE NO RULES >Mistaking your shock for glee, the unicorn giggles and ignites her horn >And it does ignite, like a flare >Bright red aura that flickers yellow fills the space above her head >Until it begins to lower and spread throughout her mane >The grin she gives is one of absolute superiority >She stiffens her body, flexing in some ways >Only now do you realize that she's a mix between Jack's rock solid body and Shine's scrawny form and almost shaggier fur >"You better get ready for the fight of your life, Anon. Because I'm not holding back anymore." >The voice >That voice >It isn't just like it's both of them talking at the same time >The inflection >The tone >It sounds like Shine if she were more fulfilled in her desires >Or Jackenstein if she had that more devil-may-care attitude >Wait >She's an actual Jackenstein now "Oh my God." >You sound far more manic the third time around >Enough that it breaks her out of her show "Oh God! Are you two dead?!" >"W-what?! No, we're not dead you weirdo! We're just fused." >In an attempt to regain her mojo, the fusion mare stands on her hooves and strikes a pose of bring her front down, her rear up, and raising one of her front hooves "I'm Lemon Burst!" "OH GOD YO-wait." >Granted, the pose has stirred up definitive reaction >But the name >You honestly forgot if Jacky ever told Shine that her name was Lemon Pepper >Whether or not it actually is, or ever was, you have no clue >But she said it was, so who are you to argue? "...you're serious, aren't you? How..." >You have so many questions and not enough brain cells to articulate them "How did you do this?" >Burst lays down on her side, provoking you to gawk at her body >And you do
>>11228 >"Practice. And remember when we were playing that fighting game and I kept picking those characters that were actually fused from two others?" "And that I still kicked your ass? Damn skippy, and this new form isn't going to stop me from winning." >Fusion Mare frowns and rolls her eyes >The gleam makes them an absolute black hole for your attention >But the same could be said of nearly everything else about her >Even the horn is a fair bit longer, with the spiral three times as tight >"Well I brought it up with Jacky and then we decided that if magic can make me turn fire to ice, and if my limit so far has been imagination... why not try to fuse? That way I can do absolutely everything." >Burst grins again >"Which means that I'm no longer held back by this human world. I can follow you everywhere and not just be a burden. I can use my magic for something truly befitting of my status. And I can finally do everything to you that I've always wanted to." >The words she speaks are so violently charged with so many emotions you're wondering just how excited she is to rip you a new one >Or rip a part of you off >Or rip the world to pieces with the newfound ability to open doors and use utensils without requiring oral manipulation >... >Should you be worried about this? "I have? Many questions." >"Fire away, stud." "How did you know that this would work?" >"I knew it had to." >Well that just beats all >You sigh after a second of trying-and failing-to form words "Well fucking great job at it! You almost blew both of yourselves to ashes!" >"It's fine! We watched the anime that game was based off of and there was no issues there. We just had to be unified in our spirit and our goal." "Do I need to ask what that is?" >Before she can answer, you follow up "Lemme rephrase: should I ask what that is?" >"Yes, and yes." >Lemon Burst's horn finally starts to subside >Only in that the physical horn itself is shimmering, leaving her mane to droop >It's a completely unorganized mess >While it's befitting of Jack, you have to remember that Sparking-for some reason-always preferred her hair in roughly the same style >You aren't sure why she prefers it but you admit that you can't see her having it any other way >"My goal is simple. It's to be better." >The emphasis on "better" makes it sound like the final authority on the matter >An all-encompassing idea that you can relate to "And judging by your gaze... I can tell that it is already working." >The way she lifts her higher hind leg away from the lower proves that... >Yup >Yes >Yeah huh >It's a better view >You inhale >Stare >Keep staring >... >... >... >Exhale "Maybe." >With a sniff you force all of your male brain to scramble into a flight or fight situation >You only choose flight for one reason; decency to third parties "PrIsM!" >You bark with a parched throat "Why did you let this happen?" >"They wouldn't listen to me and to be honest, I already know how Jacky sees you. I don't need to go deeper down that rabbit hole and I appreciate it if you leave me out of this situation." "Oh Christ." >Lemon Burst, picking up on your mixed dread and defeat, giggles again >"Wanna learn why I decided on Lemon BURST?" >This is going to hurt
(202.03 KB 915x1024 1654900740279.png)
>>11230 Oh my God, Shine is actually gonna score.
(1014.30 KB 1200x800 ShineNeverScored.png)
>>11232 >>11233 Is it her tho. Also I have no clue what led me to this but all it took was waking up and needing five minutes to actually get up to start. Apparently it is a thing someone has thought of.
>>11235 It's far from common, but I have seen fusions before, both in art and text. I can't find it, but I distinctly remember a DBZ parody comic short that had Moonbutt and Sunbutt merge. Goddamn what a mare. Funny enough, I had considered something once upon a time, albeit a crossover of something else, and likely far more autistic. I'll leave it at that. Still, that's kinda a double-edged sword, isn't it? Losing two cuties to make a mega-cute?
>>11249 That's the question, are they lost? I've been thinking about it and it seems like something they would both be ok with. Jack wins in all ways except being practical. Shine wins in all ways except "where it matters". They're both only really half a capable/important pony, or so they believe at certain times.
>Anon Y. Mous and the Boot Brigade hit the record shelves What's thier hit single?
>>11259 It's a Long Road Home.
(1.14 MB 917x635 hors sized.png)
>>11075 For me it used to be hard, but it's gotten easier to explain the more mature boots have become. It's really just the same vibe that people flock to Derpy, only extended to a much broader scope that's not just one misfortunately born pone. Being a fakie just comes naturally with being off, but the same drive to protect bubble butt and tell all sorts of wholesome stories is there with boots, which is probably one of the main reasons that anons were more adverse to lewdposting about bootlegs back in the day, but even derpy whos the icon of pure and protec more than flutterbutter has her lewd.
>>11036 >The first few minutes of the drive back are spent with you hemming and hawing while trying to find a response. You eventually lie and say, “I always told him that I wasn’t that into the show, but look at me now- I’m about to have three ponies in my home.” >Dawn gives a slow but skeptical nod, “But what about what you said before tha-” “A-anyways,” you cut her off, internally cursing their excellent hearing, “There’s something I need to ask you.” >“What would that be?” she replies, cocking her head. “I’ve been keeping an eye on Rosie to make sure there aren’t any side effects; while I trust your word that there aren’t any you can never be too cautious…” >You glance over at her and she nods, “Go on.” “She seems to be…bulking up recently.” you continue. >“It’s rude to talk about a woman’s weight, dear.” Sonata interjects, suppressing a giggle. “Hush, you. I mean that she’s developing a noticeable amount of muscle out of seemingly nowhere, and it concerns me.” >Dawn taps her chin with her hoof, “Well, she’s an earth pony, so she’s supposed to have muscle. Also, last I saw her she looked a little thin, as if she was underfed.” She gives you a look, to which you sigh and reply, “She only eats when I do; I tell her all she has to do is ask and I’ll whip something up real quick if she’s hungry, but she always insists on only eating during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been making bigger portions because I think she won’t ask for seconds.” >“I see.” she replies, “Has she been getting a lot of protein lately?” You nod, “A lot of eggs and bacon.” >“What’s likely happening is that now that her body is finally getting enough to keep up with her metabolism, the extra protein is being used to build muscle. You might want to increase her intake of sugars to balance it out.” Slowly nodding, you reply, “That reminds me, I was thinking of making something for dinner, a family recipe; there anything y’all can’t eat?” >She’s quick to respond, “Red meats, it won’t kill us but it’ll definitely make us sick; white meats and everything else should be fine.” >Sonata sticks her head out from the back seat, “You’re cooking for us? You certainly know how to treat a lady. “The two of you are my guests, it’s just courtesy.” >She slumps back and sighs, “My hopes of a romantic dinner dashed, just like that.” >Turning to look at her, Dawn says, “Laying it on a bit thick, don’t you think?” an edge of annoyance creeping into her voice. >“I said it earlier, dear, you need to be a little heavy-handed in manners such as these.” she responds. >Dawn groans and turns towards you, “See what inanity I wanted to get away from?” >Sonata reaches her forelegs over the passenger seat and across Dawn’s torso, pulling her into a sort of hug, “But we’re family, Dawn, you said it yourself. Would you really just leave your family all by herself?” >Dawn struggles in vain against Sonata’s embrace, “Despite how you act, you’re a grown mare, you can take care of yourself.” >In response Sonata pouts, and leans her head against Dawn’s, “Your words wound me, dear. If only there was a handsome young man to console me.” “Ain’t a young man anymore.” you reply dryly. >“Just handsome will do.” “I’m not worth it, remember?” you respond, tapping the side of your head for emphasis. >“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re deflecting.” “So what if I am?” >There’s silence from the back seat, and a sudden sense of dread creeps over you. >Something wet slides up your neck, causing you to jump in your seat and briefly lose control of the car. >After quickly grabbing the steering wheel and reorienting the car you touch the back of your neck. >It’s slick with saliva, she had licked you. >Dawn glares at her, eyes literally aglow with anger, “What the hell is with you today!? You could have gotten us all killed!” >Sonata simply shrugs in response, “He needs to loosen up, live a little.” >“By dying!?” >The two begin to argue as you wipe your soiled hand on your jeans.
>>11274 “Sonata,” you say, making eye contact with her through the rearview mirror, “If you can stay still and stay quiet for the rest of the drive, I won’t report you to HR. Deal?” >Her eyes widen a little at your ultimatum, but she gives a small nod of affirmation. “Good, I can roll with your flirting but I won’t tolerate you endangering all of our lives.” >She bristles at the implication that you understood that she was attempting to come on to you, the indignancy on her face clear as day as she opens her mouth to speak but you cut her off with a: “We had a deal, remember?” >All she does in response is huff and splay herself across the back seat. >Dawn’s eyes return to normal and she goes back to staring out the window after adjusting her glasses. >The rest of the ride is spent in silence.https://ponepaste.org/4579#703
(2.12 MB 1546x1374 image.png)
>Raraboot but her mane is always in the wind how does she do it?
>>11280 Become the eye of the storm, darling.
>>11275 Neat! More green is good.
>>11287 Anything in particular stick out to you?
>>11288 I wonder if white meat is a reference to that one webm?
>>11289 White meat are eggs, seafood, chicken, turkey and red meat is beef, pork, whatnot.
>>11291 >White meat are eggs, seafood, chicken exactly, that's why I've asked about that webm
>>11292 I don't know which webm you're talking about, though maybe we can continue this next thread
What're we using for next OP for here and the /mlp/ thread? Got a whole lot of new stuff from pictures to art and a gif.
>>11294 IDK, but I am writing some green to post when the new thread is up.
>>11294 Jacky IRL edition? >>11295 I'll be writing some more tomorrow, but today I've got meat to cook since our freezer fucked itself last night so we have to cook the meat today.
>>11295 The good news is that there is also going to be more DRAGON MARE Z.
>>11296 I could dig it. At least I think the plush is a huge deal, not just for my own comfort autism but because we have a plush outside of Thun.
>>11298 You should pose Jacky for a special pick for the thread header image. Get a little /bootleg/ sign next to her, or have her bake a cake that says /bootleg/ owns me.
>>11284 I just noticed, rareleg is an alicorn. What would princess rarity be like?
>>11299 I think I got something in mind.
(1.51 MB 4032x3024 bootbunker.jpg)
Movie mare.
>>11306 Nice
>>11307 I'll have to think more when it comes to something like a sign or cake. Cake might be complex but I'll think of stuff that would be fun to see. Open to more ideas.
>>11275 Poor Sonata. She's so desperate for love. Ironic, considering who she's modeled after. It'd be cool to see her have a serious one-on-one with Anon where she drops the act and is "real". I'd love to learn more about her and what made her the way she is.
>>11309 Maybe soon
Who's going to post Bunker 4? My green is ready.
>>11342 I got you fam.
>>11345 New bunk.