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(2.59 MB 2816x2112 fungeons_and_dragons.JPG)
/fun/geon fungeon_masta 04/07/2022 (Thu) 23:07:50 No. 8267
Welcome to the /fun/geon! This thread is to be used as a ZAP style pen and paper game taking place in the FIM universe; ZAP meaning it will have a comedic tone, fast pace, and lots of baddies to fight! It will be easy to participate in and more for the /fun/ of it than anything, so don't go making your character with a 40 page backstory; you will probably die to the AIDS status effect from a used needle on the floor or something. Have fun and ham it up!
Getting started, structure of game and character creation guide: Every day at 20:00 EST I will count the turn as over and calculate all of the moves the party makes. Spend the rest of the time to make your move, chat about the game, strategize, post art of what's going on, etc. You can always ask for descriptions but you are only guaranteed a response when I calculate the turn. When not in combat it's going to be more loose and not rely strictly on the turn structure; during these you can do stuff like interact with shops, ask questions, and decide where to go. Character creation: All stats are defaulted to 5, you are free to add or subtract points from them to tune your character. Each stat may be from 1 to 10. After this some stats are doubled depending on your race and will be written from 2 to 20. (TLDR minmax or die) Characters start at level 1 (unless joining later in, in which case your level will be the party's average level and I will help you set up the character) Stats: >Attack (used to calculate physical attack damage as well as success in general feets of strength) >Intelligence (used to calculate effectiveness of magic and quality of observations made by your character) >Defense (used to calculate hit points and resistance to poison) >Speed (used to calculate evasion as well as success in general feets of dexterity) >Your HP is half your defence plus 10 >Your max physical attack damage is half your attack >Your intelligence is your max magic attack damage >Your SP is 10 Races: Earth pony: >Double attack and defense >Access to the grapple and takedown moves (cost next turn's action) Unicorn: >Double intelligence >access to magic (costs SP) Pegasus: >Double speed >Two actions per turn (if speed is greater than 10) >Access to fly >Access to weather based attacks (uses multiple actions, costs SP)
>>8268 Special moves: Takedown: Immobilize an enemy at the cost of your next turn (enemy loses both turns you lose one). Does not work on significantly stronger enemies or flying enemies. Once you have an enemy immobilized you can roll against their attack every turn to keep them down or release them. >Level 1 takedown: counts as a half damage physical attack, damage rounds up As you reach higher levels you will unlock takedowns that do full damage and have other effects. Grapple: Similar to takedowns but use lasso and can capture groups of low level enemies and flying enemies. Does not deal damage unless you use a special lasso. >Depending on the lasso you use you can entangle higher level enemies and inflict status effects. Lassos have a strength value. You do not have to manually hold down enemies entangled by a lasso but if their attack or speed roll exceeds the strength value they break free, Lassos can be re-used unless they are destroyed. Magic: Costs special points (SP), most versatile of abilities. Unicorns learn spells at a certain rate. When you create your level 1 character you only have 4 spell slots; you will unlock more as you level up and gain access to more spells. Magic damage is dependent on your intelligence. Magic attacks can not be evaded by the speed stat. >Level 1 heal: Costs 2 SP, healing potential is half magic damage (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) >Level 1 cure: Costs 1 SP, cures poison >Level 1 scan: Costs 1 SP, detects elemental weaknesses, elemental resistances, level, HP, SP, and A.I.D.S. of target >Level 1 shield: Costs 3 SP, target will only take 50% magic damage for 10 turns >Level 1 fractional: Costs 3 SP, target loses 25% of their current health >Level 1 fire: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 lightning: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 poison: Costs 1 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for as many turns as the magic damage roll. Magic damage roll is reduced by the enemy's defense Weather attacks: Costs SP, use multiple actions actions. If for some stupid reason you make a pegasus that has 10 or less speed then congratulations! It will take you forever to use any of these. >Rain: Costs 5 SP and uses 4 actions (AKA 2 turns for a non-nigged build), lowers effectiveness of fire attacks by 50% for the rest of the battle >Power field: Costs 5 SP and uses 4 actions, raises effectiveness of lightning attacks by 50% for the rest of the battle >Cyclone: Costs 20 SP and uses 4 actions, combines rain and power field as well as blasting all enemies with a wind attack that does max damage equivalent to your speed stat. >Lightning: Costs 2 SP and uses 2 actions, does max damage equivalent to your speed stat. It's lightning elemental (duh)
>>8269 In combat, your valid actions will be to do a physical attack, defend (take 50% damage), use an item, or use any special move. If you for some reason fail to submit a move before I calculate the round you will default to defending (not counting when you have already set the round to be used for a weather attack or takedown/grapple). A long rest will replenish all HP and SP. If your HP is reduced to zero, you can be revived after the battle is finished but will remain unless until then. If your HP is reduced past negative 10, you die. Now for the last step in character creation, get some items! You start with 100 bits and can buy any of these items you like: >Small apple, heals 5 health, costs 20 bits >Small muffin, replenish 10 SP, costs 50 bits >Iron horseshoes, increases attack stat by 5, costs 50 bits >Rope lasso, allows for grapple move to be used on most enemies below level 10, strength value is 4, costs 30 bits >Barbed lasso, allows for grapple move to be used on most enemies below level 10, inflicts damage when enemies try to escape (half of their failure margin rounded up), strength value is 6, costs 60 bits Here is how your post should be formatted when you create your character: Name: Level: HP: SP: A: I: D: S: Spells: (unicorns only) >spell here >spell here >spell here >spell here Bits: Inventory: >Continue down as far a necessary, use multiples like x2 for items you have more than one of Keep your own up to date character stat sheet in a txt document and edit the stats as they change. I'm not going to repost the whole thing for every character every turn I'm just going to say stuff like how much damage you take. The period for character creation will end at 20:00 EST, 4/11/2022 when I will start the campaign.
This looks like fun. Quick sanity check before I make up a character: You need to subtract point(s) from your stat(s) before you can allocate them elsewhere, right? Also, can you buy the same starting items multiple times? Or only once?
>>8285 >You need to subtract point(s) from your stat(s) before you can allocate them elsewhere, right? Yes. For example if you wanted to max out attack you could take 4 points from intelligence and one point from speed and your A.I.D.S. would be: A: 10 I: 1 D: 5 S: 4 Race effects are applied after this balancing. >Also looks like I forgot to put a slot for race on the character sheet format, just write that under your name. >can you buy the same starting items multiple times? Yes, as long as you have enough bits. Feel free to add some character description, especially one that would offer opportunities to make situations more funny. I heard a rumor that entertaining players get lucky die rolls.
>>8288 It's good, but unless this is part of roleplaying his low intelligence you should get him something other than two iron horseshoes sets. It's a weapon and only one can be equipped at a time, so it's redundant unless you want to supply them to another party member.
>>8291 And you don't need to repost the whole thing to change your items, I can handle that on my end.
>>8291 >>8292 Didn't know if they'd stack or not ^:) Name: Cloudhead Race: Pegasus Level: 1 HP: 14 SP: 10 A: 1 I: 1 D: 8 S: 10 (20) Spells: N/A Bits: 10 Inventory: Iron Horseshoes, Small Apple x2 Some say he was dropped on his head as a foal, others believe he was involved in a freak accident... Whatever the case may be, Cloudhead is a fairly young, well-meaning pegasus stallion; a very stupid one at that. Much like other pegasi, Cloudhead desired nothing more than to be the bestest flier around. Because of his mental condition, Cloudhead's single-minded pursuit of speed and endurance through a rigorous regimen of daily flight and belly slapping has produced fine results indeed. Unfortunately for him, Cloudhead just seems too stupid to harness the full potential of his tard strength for much more besides simple tasks and flying. Beyond his abilities as a flier, and the ten minutes of fame he garnered after effortlessly winning an impromptu belly slapping contest at some backwater saltlick, Cloudhead is an otherwise unremarkable stallion sporting a pastel blue coat, light brown mane and yellow eyes.
Any plans to drop a link to this on the /mlp/ CYOA thread? Might pick up an interested anon or two.
>>8294 That could be good, could you post it? I don't know where that thread is I don't really use 4Chan.
Can I play too? Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 1 HP: 20 SP: 10 A:8+8 I:1 D:10+10 S:1 Bits: 0 Inventory: Iron horseshoes, small apple x2 Boulder is large, stout, but rather dim. He is so large, he almost killed his mother when he was born. At first father had hated him due to the fact that his wife took two months more than usual to recuperate and thus he had to work their rock farm with two pairs of hooves less. But when Boulder grew, his incredible size and strength helped a great deal, so the father mellowed a bit. Brothers and sisters loved him always, because he could do their share and also they could take a nap in his shadow during hot summer days. During his mandatory service he used to pull (and push) an assault ram.
>>8324 >Can I play too? Of course! We need a few more players, 2 is enough to run some small stuff and get started, but 3 or 4 would be ideal. I'm going to start the game tomorrow regardless; there is still some time before the first "dungeon" (if a crackhouse counts as a dungeon) and new players can join in as we get started in Ponyville.
>>8294 Here from the CYOA thread. >>8270 Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 1 HP: 15 SP: 10 A: 10 (20) I: 2 D: 5 (10) S: 3 Bits: 0 Inventory: Barbed Lasso, Small Apple x2 >Lanky as he may be, this is a silver, black-maned earth pony with some fight. >Cross is best described as a cocky bastard. >From the school yard, to the training yard, he's always considered himself the best at everything. >The one thing he's never been able to boast about is flight, a facet that—after several feather-filled incidents—cast him out of training for the Royal Guard. >To him, most pegasi have punchable muzzles, but he has one, too.
All right! Time to start the campaign (Posting a little early because happy hour can't wait). Because you are not in battle, there are no turn restrictions right now. You may interact with the game more than once per day, but it is not required so as always you only need to check once per day to know what is going on and not be in danger. >The three of you are relaxing at the Clover cafe. >It is a sunny afternoon with a nice breeze, a perfect temperature. >You watch the other ponies bustle about tending to their gardens and such, a pleasant scene. >Rainbow Dash is keeping the sky clear and doing some fancy tricks. >A grey pegasus mare with a yellow mane bumbles towards you. >"Hi Boulder! I brought you a letter!" >It's addressed to all of you, and it's from Manehattan.
(626.16 KB 5039x5000 gangsta_bunny.png)
>>8343 Fi fi fo fum you niggers are dum You messed with the wrong bunny. Some other dealer might have let a few no-name pussies like you go, but I won't let this slide. NOT ONE BIT. That package was MINE, and NOPONY intercepts my shipments. I will give you niggers three days to come to my crackhouse and fight me like the stallions you ARENT, and don't bother calling the cops, they are in on my little operation too. If you should puss out, I will have hitmen to hunt you down each and every day until they come back with your pitiful little ears on a necklace. Attached is a picture of moi. Hate Angel XOXO 466 Rhodes Way, Manehattan
(1.60 MB 4000x2500 junction.png)
>>8344 Now you have control; you can change screens by selecting which direction you want to go. I'm not going to be strict about where the party is at a given time because this is not a dungeon. For now you can respond to whichever screen you want to interact with and your position does not actually matter, this is how towns will generally work. Uncover each screen and interact with the ponies and items on them. If you want to do something not pre-set in just specify and I will improvise it within reason. In the future you will all have to choose to go the same direction to stick together. I don't know if you will find it easier to discuss that before moving or elect a party leader to choose the path, but you should be thinking about that now. >You are standing at the junction in front of the Clover cafe, Pinkie Pie looks addled by something and Rarity is carrying some bags.
>>8346 Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 1 HP: 20 SP: 10 A:8+8 I:1 D:10+10 S:1 Bits: 0 Inventory: Iron horseshoes, small apple x2 >Boulder stares at the letter for a good 3 minutes then asks Cloudhead: "Eh... Um... Um... What it says?"
>>8346 Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 1 HP: 15 SP: 10 A: 10 (20) I: 2 D: 5 (10) S: 3 Bits: 0 Inventory: Barbed Lasso, Small Apple x2 >>8347 >Cross answers Boulder. "Well, it's -some kind- of threat." >He also looks to Cloudhead, brows furrowed. "You rob somepony?"
Are we supposed to be reposting our stats every action? Name: Cloudhead Race: Pegasus Level: 1 HP: 14 SP: 10 A: 1+5 (6) I: 1 D: 8 S: 10 (20) Spells: N/A Bits: 10 Inventory: Iron Horseshoes, Small Apple x2 >>8353 "Nuh-uh! Stealing is bad!" Cloudhead adamantly denies while shaking his head. "Or... I don't think I did." He then remarks, raising a forehoof to his chin in though.
>>8355 >spoiler Probably not. Good time as any to use the 'name' field, s'pose. >Cross stares at Cloudhead. After a moment of patience, he shakes his head. "You figure that out. I have half a mind to give half my mind to this uh, bunny, either way." >Cross starts to saunter toward Pinkie, trotting with the exaggerated swagger of an earth pony. "Hey Pinkie Pie!"
>>8358 >spoiler Yeah name field is good, all that matters is that you are identifiable. I'd recommend just using a TXT document to track everypony's stats on your end like I do so it doesn't have to get reposted >Pinkie Pie notices Cross approaching, but she doesn't have her usual spark. She looks up feebly. "Hi Cross..."
>>8359 >Cross' ears twitch upward. He glances around before standing a short ways from her. "Not looking too hot there, Pinks. You alright?"
>>8361 "No" >Pinkie takes a deep breath, still barely making eye contact. "A very important package for me went missing a few days ago, I won't have more until next week. Until then I'm... deflated" >She slumps down some more, she doesn't seem to want to continue talking about this. "Thank you for being concerned about me"
>Finally recognizes Pinkie "Oh. That's neighbors' filly. Hi, Pinkamena.
>>8363 >Pinkie lightens her tone as to not be rude and at least acknowledges the greeting. "Hi Boulder"
>>8365 >Blushes "Hi. How's Maudileena?"
>>8366 >Pinkie continues in a neutral tone: "She's fine. It's been nice talking to you two but I have to go make some cupcakes, bye" >there was no conviction in that statement, not that Boulder could pick up the difference. >Pinkie slowly walks off.
>>8369 "Sounds good... Take it easy, Pinks." >Cross looks around the junction again. He stands beside Boulder. "Yeah, I'm all for looking into this 'package' and 'crackhouse' business. How's about it, Boulder?"
>>8370 "Me don't know what this. Fancy words. But if you say so, let's do it."
>Cloudhead trots up to the other two, clearly excited about something "I remember! I remember! A week or so ago, somepony was upset and really needed help. He said he needed a box of super-extra-special sugar, about thiiiiis big..." >He approximates the size of the box using his forehooves "...delivered to a special friend, really quickly. So I helped him!" >He concludes with a big, genuine smile
>>8373 "...You wouldn't happen to know which way this friend is, would you?"
>>8374 "N-No... I was really hungry after all that flying. I left to go find something to eat after the nice mare paid me for helping with the special sugar."
Nothing I need to respond to at this exact moment; just wanted to say you are all doing good with the system we have.
>>8375 >Cross sighs. "That sounds your speed, feathers." >He shakes his head. "Anyways, Boulder and I just caught wind of more of that Manehattan package nonsense. I wouldn't doubt that the bunny has the connections to follow through on his threats. So, we're thinking of heading up that way." >Cross gives Cloudhead a little side-eye, and rolls his withers. "Bottom-line? That means you're in with us. Got enough bits left from that mare for tickets? It's a long trot to Manehattan."
>>8377 >Taking his bit pouch, he opens it and begins meticulously counting his small sum of bits. "One... Two... Three...F-Four...Eight...Nine...Ten? Ten! I have ten bits!" >A worried look quickly grows on his face? "Is that enough? I... I uh, I don't normally ride the trains."
>Keeps silent, alternating looks between Cloudhead and Marked Cross
>>8381 >Cross opens his mouth to speak. He ends up clamping it to grumble. "It's a start... 'sides, you can just... fly. Saves us a ticket." >>8382 "But we're gonna need more bits." >Cross' eye catches on Boulder, and an increasingly distant Rarity. "Hey, lovercolt... See that white unicorn over there? You know Rarity. Now, me and her aren't... friend-like. But you?" >He struggles to lay a foreleg over Boulder's withers, and instead rests a hoof against his shoulder. "She's got some bags, and she loves big 'ole knights. You could head on over there and see if she's feeling generous."
>>8383 "But me not knight. I just pulled ram." >Boulder looks in Rarity's general direction. "Need to pull her bags?"
>>8389 "Eh, close enough. Yeah, go get 'er."
>>8390 >Begins to run towards Rarity at 1.5 miles per hour, no less.
>>8391 >After a good while gets near Rarity "Um... Eh... Ahm... Hello. Are bags heavy?
>>8393 >Rarity smiles at Boulder. "Oh, hello there. My my my- what a HUNK of a stallion you are!" >She motions to some bags she is levitating beside her. "Why with all that muscle... Surely you wouldn't mind carrying these to my boutique, would you?" Don't muss up her hair Lennie
>The Three Stooges help Rarity with her bags
>>8395 kek >>8394 >Cross turns to Cloudhead. "You reckon he's got this? 'cause I'm thinking we split, see if we can scrounge up some bits." >He checks back on Boulder and Rarity. "Won't be too hard to find the big stud."
>>8394 "Uh... Uhm." >Carefully collects several bags with his teeth. "Where to?"
>>8402 >Rarity chuckles affectionately and grins. "Just follow me darling" >She begins walking.
>>8405 >Slowly walks after Rarity
(1.73 MB 4394x2500 boutique.png)
(1.42 MB 4000x2500 junction.png)
>>8407 >Rarity notices the pace, stops for a bit, and walks at a more appropriate speed once Boulder catches up. >After a few minutes they arrive at the Carousel Boutique. "Thank you so much for being a dear and helping me carry these fabrics" >>8397 For the rest of you, Rarity and Boulder went the way the up arrow is pointing. >There are no ponies left in front of the Clover cafe.
>>8409 >Blushes "Uh... Uhm."
>>8410 >Rarity tilts her head and leans in inquisitively. "Hmm?"
>>8411 "Um... Me should go? Nothing more to pull?"
>>8412 "Nothing more to pull" >Rarity pauses "You could stay for tea if you like"
>>8416 >Nods "Thanks. Me love tea."
>>8418 >Rarity leads Boulder to the kitchen, suddenly she is overtaken by shock as she gasps. "Sweetie Belle, what have you done!" >Sweetie Belle looks over to Rarity with a beaming smile. "I made muffins!" >The room is filled with black smoke, prompting coughing. >The whole room is a mess, globs of dough stuck to the counters, floor, walls, the... ceiling? yikes. >Rarity turns to boulder. "Oh, I am so sorry about this" >Sweetie Belle trots over levitating a black smoking thing. "Hi! Want a muffin?"
>>8419 >Chomps the muffin "Thanks" >Chews "Nice. Tastier than a rock."
>>8397 >>8409 >Nods his head enthusiastically "Okay, I'll try my best!" >He says before taking off to the left
(40.60 KB 1318x977 train.png)
>>8420 Due to your amazingly high defense, the horrible food takes no effect on your HP (This could have easily ended in Ponyville Urgent Care). >Rarity looks at Boulder concerned for a bit, but seeing that he is unphazed is relieved. "We simply can't have tea with the kitchen like this" >Sweetie Belle acts up. "But Rarity!" >Rarity simply gives her a stern look and then turns to look at Boulder. "I'm sorry darling, but tea is off. I must get this place cleaned" >>8421 >Cloudhead arrives at the train station. Ticket prices: Canterlot: 50 bits Dodge Junction: 100 bits Manehattan: 75 bits Philly Delphia: 100 bits
>>8422 "Is alright. Thanks for the muffin. >slowly turns around
>>8424 "Farewell" >Rarity drags Sweetie Belle away and disappears into another room.
>>8425 >Returns to the junction and looks around, to find other two stallions
(2.08 MB 4448x2500 residential.png)
>>8426 Note that you passed through this screen on the way to and from the boutique, now you are at the junction.
>>8426 >Cross looks Boulder over. "Well, that was quick. Cloudhead just took off." >A sly grin wriggles across his muzzle. "So, how'd it go? See anything interesting?"
>>8429 "A nice dark muffin." "Tasty too."
>>8430 >Cross' smile falls. "...Alrighty. Well, we've still got bits to make." >Cross heads to the right.
>>8431 >Follows Cross
(3.13 MB 8287x5437 farm.png)
>>8431 >Cross and boulder walk onto Sweet Apple Acres. >Applejack is moving some produce in front of the barn. "Howdy! You boys sure look like you'd be up for buckin' some apples"
(57.82 KB 846x602 200IQ.jpg)
>>8422 >Noticing the price board at the train station, Cloudhead begins to read aloud "Uhm, let's see... Canter, no... Dodge, no... Mane... Manehattan! Costs... Seven Five? Bits?" >He stares in confusion for a moment as the gears turn within his feeble Pegasus mind "Seven Five, that's-that's, uh... One, two, three..." >Adding up the bits one-by-one, he continues until an unexpected problem arrives "...Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen." "..." "n-n-nineteen...!" >Beads of sweat begin forming on his forehead "T... Two... T... Ten. Ten! Ten-Ten! Ten-Ten-One, Ten-Ten-Two, Ten-Ten-Three" >Crisis averted, he continues, eventually arriving at the correct conclusion of: "Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten-Five... Oh no!! We need to find a lot of bits!" >Knowing the full scope of the situation at hoof, Cloudhead departs from the train station with haste, much to the relief of everypony around >Back at the junction, he looks around for a moment, wondering where the other two have gone >In the end, he decides to go the way Boulder went with Rarity to see what's going on
>>8433 >Cross puffs up. "Buckin', movin', whatever else you can think of. We're the only two ponies you need."
>>8436 >Nods "Pulling too."
>>8435 Cloudhead is in a residential area, pic on: >>8427 >Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are out and about, the Carousel Boutique is at the end of the road. >>8436 >>8439 "Well I'll be! That's just dandy. I recon you boys have enough muscle to finish up buckin' the apples and gettin' them to the barn by sundown! It'd be worth 360 bits to me" >Applejack motions for you to follow and starts walking to the orchard.
>>8440 >looks at Cross
>>8440 >Upon noticing the fastest flier in Ponyville, Cloudhead happily trots up to the mare "Hi Rainbow Dash!" >He says with a friendly smile
>>8440 "Sounds more than fair." >>8441 >Cross nods his head Applejack's way, and starts walking.
>>8442 >Dash looks over to Cloudhead. "Sup Cloudhead? Just got done clearing the sky, sure is a nice day up there"
>>8444 >Cross and Boulder make their way into the orchard, Applejack sets them up with some solid manual labor. >They will have plenty of work bucking the apples and moving them into the barn for the rest of the afternoon.
>>8445 "Yep, sure is a great day! Say, um... Do you maybe need help with anything today? O-Or know somepony who does?" >He asks, clearly hopeful for the answer
>>8447 >Rainbow Dash puts her hoof up to her jaw in an exaggerated manner. "Hmmm... sorry, can't think of anypony right now. I was heading over to the cafe, all that flying made me hungry"
>>8448 "Oh, okay... Thanks anyway, have a nice lunch!" >He says before parting ways >Not long after, Cloudhead finds and approaches Twilight Sparkle, giving her the same greeting and asking the same questions
I'm enjoying the comfy vibes from this beginning. It's a wholesome sunny day in Ponyville.
>>8450 >inb4 brutal TPK
>>8449 >Twilight Sparkle is a little uncomfortable. She's used to talking to ponies outside of her IQ communication range, but ponies 12 standard deviations out of it? >She catches her bearings and speaks, slowing down and fully pronouncing every word so that Cloudhead can comprehend it. "Hello there. Applejack bucks apples. Applejack is helped by Big Mac. Big Mac is hurt. Big mac can not help Applejack today. Applejack needs help"
>>8451 I can feel it coming, especially since we're currently rolling as Dumb, Dumb and Dumber lol. >>8452 "You, uh... You don't need to say things quite like that for me." >Pinning his ears back, Cloudhead scuffs at the ground with one of his forehooves, feeling somewhat ashamed of his lacking intelligence "Thanks... I guess I'll go see if Applejack wants my help." >Before the unicorn mare can respond, he wastes no time moving on >Now feeling bothered by his encounter with Twilight, Cloudhead chooses to simply meander around Ponyville aimlessly for awhile, searching for any other opportunities to help
>>8453 >>8446 >Cross and Boulder buck apples while Cloudhead meanders around Ponyville for the rest of the afternoon. >Applejack gives 200 bits to Cross and 160 bits to Boulder. >The next train is tomorrow morning, and it's getting late. >The party reconvenes at the junction.
>>8453 Well, if we believe that we're The Three Stooges, I'm sure it'll be fiiine >>8454 "Hey, feathers, long time no see!" >Cross stretches, kicking a hindleg out. He grins. "Figured you'd find your way to us earlier, but it's no biggie. 'sides, picking and pulling apples wouldn't've been your speed." >Grunting, he straightens out. >His grin doubles. "So, you deliver any more 'packages' to nice mares, and get paid? Boulder and I swiped out pretty good at Sweet Apple Acres. Not so much in the mare department, but still..."
>>8456 "Oh, that's where you two were?" >He says, before letting out a small sigh "I wasn't able to find anypony around town who wanted my help... But I did see the price of tickets at the train station." "One ticket to Mane-Hattan, was... was... um... Seven-Five bits each! I hope you now have at least that many bits." >After a brief pause, his ears droop to the sides
>>8457 "A big seven-five, huh?" >Cross clicks his tongue disapprovingly. "Mean 'ole trains. Well, beats trotting." >He frowns. "And I was just pulling your yoke earlier, Cloudhead. I can cover the cost of a ticket for you." >Snorting, a smirk returns. He looks around in the late-hour light. "Least I can do for the only real-good pegasus I know."
>>8458 >His expression lightens up "Aw, thanks. Don't need to worry about me though, I don't mind flying the distance. Maybe you'll need those bits for something really important!"
>Begins to graze
>>8459 >He shrugs. "I'll hold you to it, then." >>8461 "...I'm thinking it's about time we call it quits for today."
>continues to graze
>>8462 >The party passes the night. If you had taken damage this would replenish HP and SP. >In the morning, you all arrive at the train station. >Note that the train to Manehattan will take the better part of a day and if Cloudhead flies it will cost him his SP. Not to mention you might want to stick together on the train because I'm using it to introduce some more game features for us to get used to >Some Ponyville residents are getting ready for the same train you are, including Rarity.
(58.05 KB 314x303 bouldergrazes.png)
artist is greyscaleart on the boorus >>8465 >Cross prods Cloudhead. >His usual cockeyed demeanor is still present, but the tiniest margin of worry seeps into his voice. "You still sure about flying? I'm not worried that you won't make the trip, but now that we're -really- pursuing the 'threat', it might be best you stay for the ride." >He makes a half-hearted effort to check the Ponyville residents out.
>>8466 >Looks like about 20-30 ponies; mostly earth ponies; a few unicorns and pegasai.
>Opens his eyes, after a standing nap. >Yawns. >Approaches the other two stallions and stands by their side.
So far it's fun. Not sure about the intended levels of grimdark in the campaign, though.
>>8466 "Well... M-Maybe you're right. It could be bad if I was all tired out."
>>8471 what unspeakable horrors could possibly be out there? I'm looking forward to the first 'dungeon' >>8472 >Cross nods. "I'm all for getting out there, but I'm thinking we play it safe... for now." >Cross heads off to try and purchase two tickets to Manehattan.
>>8478 >Cross spends 150 bits. >Cross gains 2 tickets to Manehattan.
>Stands around
>>8481 >Cross offers a ticket to Cloudhead. >>8483 "Boulder? You gonna grab a ticket?"
>>8484 "Um... How me do it?"
>>8484 >Takes the ticket "Thanks." >>8485 "I think you just give the pony at the counter Seven-Five bits."
>>8486 >Approaches ticket-pony "Uhm... One... Two..." >Takes exactly seven bits out of his pouch. >Then another five. >Whispers "Good thing me can count to ten!" >Then tells ticket-pony: "Um... Cloudhead said I need to give you seven-five bits." "Here."
>>8487 >The ticket pony is a little taken aback, but clarifies respectfully. "No, not seven five, seventy five. That's seven tens and one five. You want to go to Manehattan?"
>>8488 >Stares at ticketpony "Eh? OK." >Deligently counts seven times ten and then five bits >It takes around 10 minutes "Phew. Good thing it no more than ten." "Here. Me want to go to Mane Hat"
>>8489 I forgot to use the name field past few times, oops >The ticket pony smiles and gives Boulder a ticket to Manehattan, taking the seven tens and five bits. >More ponies show up for a few minutes, and then the conductor steps out of the train. "All aboard Manehattan bound!"
>>8490 "That's us." >Cross looks Boulder and Cloudhead over. >He seems eager to board: he shuffles in place, eyes flicking between the conductor and the party. "Well, last chance. I'm ready to leave Ponyville if you two are."
"We're on an adventure!" >He happily announces as he walks up and presents his ticket
>>8492 >Follows Cloud and Cross
>>8494 >The conductor stops Boulder. "May I see your ticket?"
>>8496 "Here. That pony gave it to me." >gives ticket
>>8492 >Cross shows his ticket as well and waits for Boulder.
>>8492 >>8497 >>8498 >Your tickets are all punched, and you have boarded the train. >The car you are in is pretty crowded, and your not seated yet. >Rarity recognizes Boulder and signals for him to follow her to the back car.
>>8499 >Walks after Rarity, making the passengers part without even doing anything. "Need something to pull?"
>>8499 >Searches for somewhere to sit, preferably by a window he can look out of
>>8500 >Rarity chuckles. "Not now you adorable hunk, just surprised we are both Going to Manehattan today. What brings you and your friends to the city?" >>8501 >Cloudhead drafts Boulder through the crowd, a clear path was left behind him as he moved through for a few seconds before closing back up. >The back car only has 3 other ponies in it not counting Rarity and Boulder, so a window seat is easily found.
>>8502 >Answers Rarity "Um... Eh... Cloudhead read about some treat and he said we should do it. So we went to Mane Hat."
>>8503 >Rarity makes a concerned look. "Oh my, a threat? That sounds bad. Tell me you won't get hurt darling"
>>8504 >Puffs his chest. "Me pulled assault ram. Me sturdy."
>>8506 >Rarity still has some worry, but smiles a little at that. "Hmm... who sent this dreadful threat anyways?"
>>8507 "Me not know. Cloudhead read. Me don't know to read."
>>8507 >>8508 "It was a, um... A bunny! The name was..." >He chimes in, followed by a drawn out pause "...I can't remember. Does somepony still got the letter?"
>>8509 >Rarity frowns. "A bunny? It couldn't be Angel bunny could it?" >She says exasperated, making her voice come out raspy.
>Suddenly, a commotion sweeps the car: Cross squeezes his way in through the door. >He grunts as he pulls it shut. "You lot are just..." >He stops as his eyes land on Rarity. "...Hello, Rarity." >He averts his eyes, and makes his way to a seat near Cloudhead. "Nevermind."
(146.70 KB 1024x1167 cloudhead.png)
(195.25 KB 1469x2233 marked_cross.png)
(139.86 KB 2400x2900 boulder.png)
>A whistle blows and the train starts slowly accelerating. I recolored some ponies in MS paint to represent your characters on battle screens. It's my first pass, didn't have every detail. Tell me if you want anything changed like a cutie mark, color, or a source image you like more.
>>8512 Close enough, I'm not that picky. Maybe sometime later I'll do a crappy mock up of the way it is in my mind. >>8511 "Is something wrong?"
>>8512 Nice pic. About right. >benches wouldn't endure him, so Boulder just stands around.
(194.58 KB 1469x2233 marked_cross.png)
>>8512 I added a little to the mark, but aside from that, it'll work. >>8514 >Cross shakes his head. "Nah, you two left me to the crowd. It was nothing." >He waves a hoof. "By all means, continue with... whatever you were doing."
>>8516 >Rarity faces towards Cross looking distraught and takes a few steps. "Your friends told me a bunny threatened them" >She lets out a sigh. "Was it Angel bunny?"
>>8517 >Cross blinks. "Er... well, it -was- a bunny. Not much of an angel, though." >He shrugs. "Honestly, I don't remember. I just skimmed the letter and address. Seemed like the kind of pony to use a fake name to act tough, anyway." >He looks over at Boulder. "Hey, Boulder. You still got that letter?"
>>8518 "Huh?" >looks into his pouch and fishes out a crumpled piece of paper, smeared in apple juice.
>>8519 >Rarity winces at the paper's condition, but is convicted to read it. >She levitates it closer and uncrumples it. "Angel!" >She seems almost relieved to know for sure, which mellows her to a woeful tone. "That bunny... That's Fluttershy's bunny, or rather Fluttershy's owner" >Rarity's ears go back a little more. "Oh how she could never get a grip on Angel; she let him push her around poor dear. Fluttershy went missing some time ago, and I heard Pinkie Pie talking about her dealer. She said she was buying from Angel, and now she's in withdrawal" >Rarity neatly folds the letter and levitates it back into Boulder's bag. "If you are going to confront Angel, I am coming to. I simply must make sure Fluttershy is safe!"
>>8524 >Cross stares. >Really stares. "Uhhh..." >His mouth flops uselessly. His face twitches. He blinks. "...'kay."
>>8524 "Huh...? I don't understand. How was a little bunny able to do this? Aren't bunnies supposed to be nice?" >He tilts his head slightly to the side as he tries to comprehend the situation "Is he a really big, powerful bunny? A magical bunny? Or maybe..." >He trails off
>scratches his nose against the window sill
>Suddenly, pandemonium overtakes the train. >The car in front of you is overwhelmed by crowd crush. >The train hasn't stopped accelerating since the station, and it's already going faster than normal. >A brown stallion breaks through, battered by the commotion, to relay a message to your car. "The... the engineer... the engineer locked -cough- locked himself in... boiler overheating..." >He passes out on the floor.
>>8531 "Eh?"
>>8530 >>8532 kek >>8531 >Stares at the passed out pony, wide-eyed, trying to make sense of what he just heard "Oh no! This sounds really bad! W-What's the boiler? Where is it? What's going on?!" >Looks around to see if the windows can be opened, or for a door at the back "T-This is why I fly instead of taking the train!"
>>8533 >Cloudhead finds the door at the back which leads to a gap between the last passenger car and the caboose.
>Asks Marked Cross "What is happening?"
>>8531 >After careful consideration: "I think we're going to be late to Manehattan." >Cross stands. "Engineer would be... running the train. So, we need to get up front." >>8533 >After seeing the chaos in the car ahead, he looks back at Cloudhead and calls out. "You hear that, feathers? Get up front!" >>8535 "Nothing to worry about, just a runaway train. Happens all the time. 'cept, usually ponies pull 'em..." >He shrugs, and gestures with his head at the car ahead. "We need to get through that crowd and see what's what. Wanna plow some ponies with me?"
>>8536 >Nods >Begins to walk through the car towards the front of the train. >Regardless of the fact if other passengers want that or not.
>>8537 "Attacolt." >Stepping around the fallen stallion, Cross follows after Boulder, belting out and repeating a guttural yell. "CLEAR OUT! GUARD COMIN' THROUGH!"
>>8534 >>8536 "O-Okay!" >Attempts to open the door at the back (If successful...) >Takes off into the air between the train cars and attempts to catch up with the engine
>>8537 >>8538 First battle is initiated, I'll post a battle screen at 20:00 EST I'm finding that realistically I will almost always respond between 20 and 22 hours In the time before that Cloudhead can decide to join in or not, and he can join sometime during the battle if he's not there at the start. Remember, you have one combat move per day except for Cloudhead who has two. It's all processed at the end of the day so if you change your mind about your combat move it's not set in stone until 20:00 EST. >Rarity is in shock, but is trying to maintain a level head. >She looks at the stallion passed out on the floor. "Poor dear!" >She looks to Cloudhead who is still in the back. "Hurry up and stop the train! I'll attend to the wounded"
>>8539 >Cloudhead flies over and makes it two cars up. Battle is initiated now, after a turn he will be at the engine car.
>>8540 >battle is initiated Just to clarify: are we so far approaching enemy NPCs but with battle mode on, like in fallout?
>>8543 It's more like old Final Fantasy games just with ATB replaced with formal turns.
>>8540 So am I correct in reading Boulder and Cross' movement as combat moves?
>>8544 If I understand that right, and considering >>8270, we do not have combat move? So we have to stand where we are and take only battle actions for now?
>>8545 >>8547 If by that you mean that they aren't getting the first strike because they spent a move moving in than no, but Boulder pushing into the panicking crowd (a hostile environment that causes damage per turn) instigates combat so a battle has to start. He and Cross could still run away, but at this point it's clear the party is motivated to get to the front of the train. I need some time to actually set up the battle screen. For consistency, that gets updated at 20:00 EST, so until I post that your in limbo.
(463.15 KB 1065x863 turn0.png)
Allright, no reason I can't post a little early. The ponies in the crowd all have the same HP and Attack which is treated as a cumulative HP and attack. As you attack the crowd, less ponies will be on the screen and you will take less damage from them. And to fully answer your question >>8547, yes, the only actions you can take now are battle actions. I'd say it's still OK to have a little dialogue if you want, it's not like we post here at a rate where in-battle conversation would get unrealistic. >The cacophony of screaming and stomping is unbearable; ponies scramble about aimlessly with no mind for the consequence. >They won't respond to reason; Give em' the ol' hoof!
>>8550 >In spectacularly slow move smashes his shoulder into the crowd, like a crystal-powered icebreaker ^:) attack I guess
(1.12 MB 1650x2550 139540347027.jpg)
>The mudponies have to deal with the crowd while the SKY CHAD rushes for the boss ^:) Or whatever other horrors are waiting at the engine
>>8550 >Attack >Cross snaps a hoof out to stop a pony. Instead, he clonks them in the head. Since it's cumulative HP and ATK, how would using a lasso work? >>8552 >have to beat up cute Ponyville mares >sky rat doesn't picrelated
>>8553 >Spoiler 1 The lasso would effectively KO one pony worth of HP and attack, but it would be kind of pointless because they don't have much HP on their own and there are no support enemies in there. If you had a multi lasso you could get a bunch at once but those aren't available yet. Also it would be sadistic; your just knocking them out of your way not trying to make them bleed with barbed wire.
>>8554 >your just knocking them out of your way not trying to make them bleed with barbed wire kek, I know. it was never my intention to use the lasso, was just wondering. Also, good to know about the multi lasso.
(2.94 MB 329x329 13518430958335.gif)
Question since it may become relevant in a moment. For pegasi weather attacks, can they be used indoors, or is it outdoors only? Logic tells me the latter, but it's good to know for sure.
>>8558 The way a weather attack works is that the Pegasus corrals clouds directly over the fight, so if they could get enough clouds into an enclosed space it would have to work. Problem is they couldn't get them in in most cases. If they blew a big hole in the wall or something I would allow it. For the record, if they want to do anything show logic should allow that's not been formally written like making a single cloud rain or putting clouds low down to make it hard to see, I'd allow it.
(467.97 KB 1065x863 turn1.png)
>>8551 >>8553 Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djrl6fu8myo >Boulder slowly plows in, and only hits two ponies for 6 damage. >Cross, with his clonk, hit a bit harder than expected. The cute mare he hit went flying and slammed into two other ponies for 11 damage. >The crowd shifts around. >Boulder takes 2 damage from crowd crush. >Cross takes 1 damage from crowd crush. >Cloudhead makes it up one more car and now is between the engine and front car. >Cloudhead sees the heavy door to the engine and a complicated looking set of switches between the cars.
>>8582 >Keeps advancing forward, through the crowd, pushing passengers away
>>8582 >complicated switches >1 int Uh oh >Stares for a moment in bewilderment at the selection of switches before checking for windows on the engine, along with any sign of the engineer
>>8582 >Recovering quickly, Cross tries to rush past Lily, only to slam into her.
tbh, it was more fun outside the battle mode so far
(481.49 KB 1065x863 turn2.png)
>>8584 >>8585 >Boulder and Cross advance forward effortlessly, each doing 5 damage. >They make it to the end of the car and into the next one before the crowd seals up again. >They can see Cloudhead and the engine just ahead, past the next crush of ponies. >>8585 >Cloudhead quickly finds a window on the side of the engine and sees the engineer shoveling coal aggressively while muttering to himself. >>8610 That's probably mainly because the game is slowed down drastically. I'm figuring out how to run this by testing the waters; the town went well and now I am testing the combat system. I think we would solve the biggest problem by abolishing the turn limit and making the turn end whenever everyone has submitted their move. I wasn't originally sure how much we would be checking this a day or how we would all interact with it. I don't think timing consistency really matters as much if it just means we don't get to interact as often. I will end the turn before everyone makes a move if they take more than a day, but given what I have seen so far that won't happen.
>>8611 are we still in combat? can we react to the surroundings in a regular way again?
>>8611 "Oh for the love of—MOVE!" >Cross barrels into the nearest pony. >spoiler Doing it on move submission sounds good to me. Not much room for interaction, you're right.
>>8613 For now, yes, you are still in combat. I will likely focus more on free-roaming roleplay in the future or find a way to make combat more dynamic and so it feels like the free-roaming roleplay. The turns will at least go quicker for now. As the beginning of the thread said, it's for /fun/, so my priority is that you all enjoy it as much as possible; I'd like any feedback or advice that helps to that end. After the train but before the first dungeon I would try running a more roleplay based dynamic combat if you would like that.
>>8611 Is this an open window, or closed glass?
>>8611 >Steadily moves forward, pushing with his shoulder when necessary
>>8616 Closed glass, don't need a spoiler for that kind of question. You would have to get a real lucky attack roll to break it.
>>8611 >>8618 >Smacks on the glass with his Iron Horseshoes in an effort to draw the attention of the engineer
Also, I don't know how exactly you're handling things, but in case you didn't already know, this site has roll functionality like /mlp/.
(486.58 KB 1065x863 turn3.png)
>>8617 >>8614 >Boulder has gotten into a groove pushing ponies aside and effortlessly plows through the crowd doing 16 damage. >Cross hits Berryshine so hard that she careens off of another mare and knocks Derpy clean out of the air doing 15 damage. >Suddenly, the train hits a bend and sends everypony flying to one side of the room. Before Cross and Boulder can re-orient themselves, the crowd has reformed around them. >Boulder takes 8 damage to crowd crush. >Cross takes 9 damage to crowd crush. >>8619 >The engineer notices Cloudhead and scowls at him before being thrown across the room by the bend in the track. >The engineer gets back up and keeps feeding the fire. >Cloudhead can feel the heat coming off the engine at this point. >>8620 A roll functionality? How does that work? Most rolls I'll still just do with my own dice unless you mind and you can (mostly) trust me on the results, but it would be useful having public die rolls too.
(95.06 KB 302x503 how2roll.jpg)
>>8623 "Hey!! What's going on!? Everypony is scared!" >He yells at the engineer >Feeling a mix of fear and frustration, he musters his strength and gives the glass window two more hard strikes Two actions per turn for me, right? You can roll dice by clicking on "Extra" and entering dicexdxx into the email field. The first X is the amount of dice to be thrown, and xx is the value of the dice. See pic related dice1d20 would roll one D20, for example. dice7d6 would roll seven D6, dice100d100 etc, you get the picture.
Also, shit's already looking really bad for us lmao >10hp >5hp >>8451 Prophecy being fulfilled
>>8623 >winces >Takes one of his apples from the bag and eats it restoring 5hp
>>8623 >Peeling back with a limp, Cross hugs a corner and stuffs an apple into his mouth. "Sreet C'restia..." >>8626 me and my pony's big mouth, kek
>>8633 btw, item usage takes an action, right?
(486.85 KB 1065x863 turn4.png)
>>8642 >>8633 >Boulder and Cross each recover 5 HP at the cost of one apple, but it's not enough to outpace the damage. >Boulder takes 6 damage to crowd crush. >Cross takes 8 damage from crowd crush. I'll give you a hint, remember that the enemies have cumulative attack and relatively low individual HP. If you do the right moves this turn you are still statistically more likely to survive this fight than not. You actually got pretty lucky rolls this turn considering what could have happened, and I don't want to have to make G.I. Rarity come in an save you because the ponyville mares were too heavy. >>8625 >Cloudhead strikes the window twice, the first hit is of moderate strength and the window does not budge. >The second hit is almost all the force he can put in, and the window seems about to give way if he hit just a tiny bit harder. You have a 1/6 chance of breaking it for every hit >The engineer is getting more agitated and shoveling coal in faster. >>8644 Yes, item use does take an action.
>>8645 >Cross puts all of his strength into a yell and hardy shove as he attempts to barrel straight through the ponies in the center aisle. >mares were too heavy this is exactly how i want my character to go out, though
>>8645 >irritated by the shoving retaliates with a full force blow
>>8646 >>8647 Good choice, now we just wait for Cloudhead's move. God this is a good turn.
>>8645 >Dismayed with the situation, he flies to the back of the engine where the door and switches are >Once there, he lands and examines the switches carefully, trying to discern if anything obvious may happen from operating them >>8646 >death by heavy mare snu-snu based
(433.83 KB 1065x863 turn5.png)
>>8646 >>8647 >Boulder slams through with great enough force to hit 4 ponies, doing 14 damage. >Cross does 5 damage but his charge is cut short by getting clonked by Derpy which does 2 damage and knocks him out. "Oops, my bad." >Boulder takes 1 damage. You need an item or long rest to be back in play if your HP goes to zero, and if it goes to -10 your dead. KO'd party members don't get XP or bits at the end of a battle. When boulder finishes the battle, he will automatically extract cross from the train car. >>8650 >Cloudhead superheats every braincell he has straining to figure out what he is looking at, well, that or it's just the engine making his head hot. >There is a long thing. >The long thing will not move when tugged on. You can keep messing with it and maybe you will figure it out
>>8653 >Pushes Derpy away with his overwhelming mass "Me sorry, but that wasn't awfully nice!"
(138.31 KB 465x278 2346414.gif)
>>8653 >snu-snu'd by Derpy >his face Fucking lol, he looks so happy about it.
>>8653 >Spends his time trying to decipher the great secrets of the mechanisms before him
>>8654 1 hp no roll needed lol >Boulder's push sends Derpy crashing back into a seat which gets demolished. >Boulder bites Cross's tail and drags him out of the car, almost not making it out fast enough before the gap in the crowd closes. >Boulder sees Cloudhead fiddling with a lever between the engine and the front car. >Behind Cloudhead is a door Boulder knows he could easily slam down. >Boulder gains 20 XP and found 50 bits of loose change. >>8658 >Cloudhead finds a round less long thing at the bottom of the long thing, the less long thing has a bendy wire thing on it. Now the battle is over and you are in free roleplay, no turn restrictions right now. I think that the combat mode was actually fun once it was at a good pace, and it adds a tactical element to the game. I was prepared to change the course of the adventure if you both got KO'd.
>>8659 >snorts, looking himself and Marked Cross over >notices the door behind Cloudhead >assault ram flashbacks.jpg >with a loud neigh slowly rushes past Cloudhead and slams the door
>>8659 >Continues messing with the confounded round thingies, long do-dads and wire clippies with intense focus >>8661 >slowly rushes past I'm loving all the funny mental imagery this has already produced thus far.
>>8653 >>8659 >tfw no XP >>8661 >Cross twitches.
>>8662 >Cloudhead taps the wire thing. >The wire thingy pops off of the less long round thing at the bottom of the long thing. >>8661 >Boulder slams the door, the locking bar snaps clean and the door falls. >The engineer jumps back in panic, burning himself a little on the furnace making him jump forward again. >He stares at the large silhouette of Boulder shivering in fear. "H-how the hay did y-y-you get in?"
>>8665 >Startled by the loud crash of the door breaking down, he whirls around to see what's going on, his concentration broken >Taking in the scene before him, he steps closer to confront the Engineer "What are you doing?! Please slow the train down! This isn't safe!" >He pleads with him, feeling the heat coming from the doorway
>Cross seems to be enjoying the floor.
>>8665 "I break door!" >answers honestly
>>8667 >>8674 >The engineer grimaces at Cloudhead. >Boulder's state of fact remark does not make him feel any more comfortable. "The t-t-train does not slow d-down. Whether th-the engine blows up first or the t-train derails..." >He pauses to collect himself. "Either way the commission is paying for it!"
>>8676 >asks Cloudhead "If me smash engineer hard enough train stops, right?"
>>8677 "I-I don't know about that, but we need to stop him from shoveling more of those burning rocks!" >At that moment, something clicks in Cloudhead's feeble pegasus mind >Train is powered by burning rocks >Burning rocks are fire >Fire... >Fire? >Water kills fire! >His ears perk up "Hey, I have an idea! But we need to deal with him first..." >Prepares himself mentally for a scuffle
>>8681 >>8677 >The engineer upon realizing he is going to be cut short makes a frantic last attempt to shovel some coal. >His lunge towards the pile, done in such desperation, lacks balance. >He's practically asking to get tackled.
>>8681 >>8683 >Nods. >Smashes engineer against the wall as hard as he can and pin him with all his weight
>>8685 >The engineer is immobile. >He's no match for Boulder's sheer mass, let alone his strength. >Pinned to the wall, all he can do is yell while Cloudhead does his thing. >He is no longer scared, only angry. "Let me go let me go! I'm going down with this train, I have to!" >Boulder can't even tell if he is trying to struggle out it's so feeble. "The union is going to kill me! They're trying to replace my seat on the board! They replaced the others! They all look the same but they are hollow! Let me go!"
>>8687 >Beats engineer up a bit to make him stop
>>8685 >Winces as he witnesses the heavy impact >>8687 >>8688 "K... Kill you? Hollow? That's- Aw, nevermind!" >He says before taking off high into the sky as fast as his wings will take him (Using Rain skill) >Once at altitude, he begins to wrangle together the clouds >Squishing them together, his innate pegasus intuition attempts to convert them into dense rain clouds to fly down and cram into the engine compartment
>>8688 >The engineer is still conscious, but does not have the energy to resist anymore. >>8690 >Cloudhead flies over the train matching it's speed, picking up every cloud within a reasonable margin of his path. >After collecting enough clouds, he condenses them all at once into a sizable blob of water. >Immediately he goes into a diagonal dive to keep the water from blowing apart in the air. >At the speed he is going, he cannot make it into the engine and has to pull up. >The water breaks apart a little but mostly lands past the door of the compartment. >A wave flows across the floor and enough water makes it through to drown the fire, which Cloudhead is relieved to see upon entering.
>>8695 realistically speaking, an overheated large boiler which got extinguished like that would've exploded like a fucking bomb
>>8696 good thing this is Equestria
>>8696 Not necessarily, many steam locomotives featured one form or another of emergency safety measures to dump water into the firebox in the event of an overheat situation Is it the ideal and safe way to deal with the problem? No, but it can be done
>>8695 >Asks Cloudhead "Do we need engineer anymore?"
>>8699 "I don't... I don't know. I hope the train starts slowing down now." >He begins as he tries to catch his breath "He wasn't going to help us... What about that stallion who ran back to where we were? Maybe he knows how the train works?" >Looks around at all the different levers and unfamiliar things involved in the operation of the train "M-Maybe I should fly back and see if he's awake? Don't know what might happen if we just start messing with things we don't understand."
>>8700 "Oh... Me thinks you should check Cross" >Continues to sit on top of the engineer
>>8701 "What happened to him? Is he okay?" >He asks as he walks over to the downed pony, giving a few gentle prods with a forehoof
>The train gradually begins slowing down on it's own. >Cross wakes up enough to talk, but is still too weak to fight or move.
>>8702 "Pretty gray mare knocked Cross out"
>>8704 >Tilting his head to the side in confusion, he alternates between looking at Cross and Boulder "Umm... Okay." >A moment passes as he ponders how that could have happened "A-At least it was a pretty mare. That's good, right?" >He says, flashing a smile "Anyway... I'm gonna check on that other stallion. I'll be right back!" >He says before flying back to the rear car where Rarity and the other ponies were
>>8705 >shrugs and continues to sit on top of the engineer
>>8705 >Cloudhead flies slowly beside the train until the end catches up with him, gracefully landing in between the back passenger car and caboose. >As he enters the car, Rarity looks at him expectantly with a twinge of worry. "Ooh what happened up there? Is everything alright?"
>>8706 >Unmoved, Cross groans from the floor, his eyes still shut. "W-we win?"
>>8708 "Yep"
>>8707 "Not really, no. One of us got hurt pretty bad. The pony running the train was acting crazy; said some really weird things. He was going to get everypony really hurt!" "We managed to stop him from making the train go any faster though... I think." >He says, looking around the car "Is that stallion who warned us still here? Is he okay? Does he know how the train works?" >He asks before looking back at Rarity "Are you okay?"
>>8709 >He whoops weakly. "Hurray... all me."
>>8710 "Yes, he's okay, and so am I" >Rarity motions to a brown Stallion resting on a bench. >She pauses to assess the information, looking away a bit and hoofing the floor before snapping back to Cloudhead. "At least now the train won't go any faster; perhaps the racket in those other cars will die down" >She pauses and droops her ears. "Oh what a dreadful mess... so many injured we can scarcely keep up. Some others are helping; we got a few ponies out of the car ahead, but I'm afraid it won't be enough." >She lifts her head up a bit. "Somepony must be in charge here; I trust you shall get to the bottom of it" >Rarity turns to tend to an injured pony.
>>8712 >Walks over to the brown stallion, unsure of if he's awake or not "Um... Hello?"
>>8715 >The stallion slowly opens his eyes as he grunts. >His breathing is labored and his voice is forced out. "What happened? The train... everypony panicked... is it okay now?"
>>8718 "I guess so... We managed to get in and stop the pony responsible. Something's wrong with him; he said weird things and didn't care if everypony got hurt." "The train is slowing down now, but... We're still moving." >Looks out the window for a moment "Do you know how the train works? Is there anypony else who does?"
>scratches his side >continues to hold the engineer
>>8720 "The conductor... locked out... told me everything" >The injured stallion weakly lifts his hoof pointing to the caboose. "But you can't get him -cough-, can't get him out of there. Go to the caboose; there should be surplus trainponys there conductor said"
>looks around "Me hungry. But anthracite is not tasty rock. Sad."
>>8731 >The engineer regains some fight and begins another futile attempt to scramble out.
>>8732 >slams engineer several times against the floor real hard and pins him "No, you not."
>>8728 "Okay, I'll go look there for help. Thanks." "Hope you feel better soon." >He says before making his way to the back of the car >Stepping outside, he approaches the caboose and attempts to open its door
>>8733 lol OK >Engineer is knocked out. >>8734 >Upon opening the door, Cloudhead sees a mostly open utility room. >On a shelf to the left is a set of three vials full of strange powder with a label on them. "Dehydrated train crew, just add water"
(129.42 KB 399x339 135800473281.png)
>>8733 >getting meta with those XP farming strats >>8735 >For a time, he simply stares at the vials, gears turning away in his mind trying to process what he's looking at >A sense of unease grows in the back of Cloudhead's mind the more he reads the label >Even so, he carefully takes the set of vials, placing them in his bag >They might be needed, after all >Afterwards, he takes a moment to search through the rest of the caboose
>>8737 >Cloudhead spies various tools; long things, oil things, etcetera. >A cold box in the corner contains two small apples. >Other than that there is nothing remarkable; just a table in the middle of the room and counterspace on the sides. >The chairs which are not attached to the floor got thrown to the side of the room when the train hit the curve and everything is generally a mess.
>>8738 >Thinking of his friends, he takes the two small apples, placing them in his bag >Afterwards, he exits the caboose and takes to the sky once more, returning to the front of the train (Assuming nothing crazy happens on the way there...) >Landing at the back of the engine, he glances at Cross before stepping inside to assess the situation "You good?" >He asks Boulder, before looking around to try and get sense of what levers and other things might be involved in the operation of the train
>>8739 "Me good. How Cross?"
>>8739 >Lots of long things, and lots of flat circular things; it's an incomprehensible scene. >There is still a good deal of standing water on the recessed floor.
been busy >>8739 >>8741 >Cross jostles at his name, and cracks his eyes open. "M'fine, just... gimme a second." >Sucking in a breath, he makes a great effort to sit up.
>>8748 >Cross used sit! It's super effective! Good boy, you get a biscuit!
>Cross looks woozy as he glances between Boulder and Cloudhead. He takes a long look at the whole scene before he speaks. "I take it we're good, now?" >>8750 does it come with a mare
>>8751 Only if your dogpilled
>>8752 what did he mean by this
>>8754 It's a reference to a laughably terrible incel "theory" that I'm pretty sure was just made as a troll. I know about it because sadly I had a friend who took incel stuff seriously.
>got enough of sitting on engineer "Do we need him anymore?"
Sorry for holding up the fun today Novella time >>8751 "Maybe... Something really weird is going on here." "I went back and talked to that stallion who made the big fuss. He didn't know how the train worked, but he told me to go to the... the ca- cabooble... ca... something and find ponies who knew there." "But all I found were these." >He says as he takes out the vials, turning them so he can read the label once more "It says these are... are, um... Dee-hyd...rated train crew, just add water." >He says, putting the vials back in his bag "Something about that sounds really, really bad. You just can't make ponies or... something; out of powder that you add water to." "And I know that for sure! My pops once told me that ponies grow up from foals, and foals only appear when a stallion and mare love each other very much! Mhm! They just do!" >Nods for emphasis "Got me thinkin' though. About the crazy things he was saying." >Looks at the engineer pinned under Boulder "Someponies looking to kill him? Replace him? Something about being hollow?" "Maybe those bottles are what made him act like this? I think we should try and talk to him... What do you two think?" "Oh! And, uh... Did you see a... a..." >Pauses to think real hard about the word "Con... Coom... Con-DUCK-tor? That stallion in the back said he was the one who told him about this one." >He concludes, pointing a forehoof back at the engineer
>>8757 "Me don't like this." >lazily kicks engineer in the ribs "You, get up!"
>>8758 >The engineer is knocked out. >Knocking him in doesn't seem to fix it right now.
>>8761 >grunts, disappointed
>>8761 >>8762 >Lets out a sigh "Guess I'll go look for that other pony who knows what's going on around here." >Turns to move, before quickly stopping, his ears perking up "Oh! I found these... Bet you two could use a little something." >Passes a Small Apple to both Boulder and Cross "'Specially you." >He comments to Cross >After doing so, he walks over to the door of the first train car >Wary of what he might find inside that got his buddies so beat up, he steps into the threshold of the door and looks inside
>>8763 >As Cloudhead opens the door, the noise increases. >As he steps into the car, he flies up instinctively to avoid a pony running into him. >It's a mess of screaming and hooves tapping the floor. >The conductor is undiscernible from the rest of the crowd.
>>8763 >Cross begrudgingly takes the apple. "I don't need this, but thanks." >He waves a hoof. "Go sort that out, feathers. I'm gonna keep Boulder company." >He looks pointedly at Boulder. "Let off him. Talking to him would be a good idea. Can't do that if he's dyin'."
>>8764 "HEY!! Everypony! The train pony, uh... got everything under control! Yeah! Should be safe now!" >He yells at the crowd "M-Maybe..." >He mutters under his breath What's the train situation anyway? Is it still gradually slowing down, or has it settled at a speed?
>>8766 The train is still gradually slowing and still going a bit too fast. >The crowd is for the most part unreceptive, but a few ponies start repeating that the situation is resolved. >After a minute or two enough ponies think things are OK that the crowd settles. >Cloudhead can see the conductor, roughed up but still conscious, to the side of the car.
>>8765 "Oh." >puts the apple into his pouch and moves off the engineer
shit, it's so much fun honestly! I wonder if Boulder is OK as I play him and doesn't drag the story down
>>8768 >Flies over to the Conductor "Hi there, are you the... um... COOM-DUCK-tor? Are you okay? Can you move? Could you come up front with me?" >He asks >>8770 This is quite fun. I wonder if we have any lurkers who are considering joining in later. As for Boulder, I think the way he is works well, and his reactions to life/situations are funny. For me, I've been wondering in the back of my mind if I'm portraying my Cloudhead as too smart. My intention was to min/max a pegasus build first, then make some story around it trying to explain why he's 1 INT. My thought process is that he isn't 1 INT in the full on retard/special needs way; he can comprehend the basics of most things and speech/reading just fine, but struggles greatly with deeper thinking, abstract concepts, big words, etc... Outside of anything involved with flying, of course. Or belly slapping.
By the way QM, quick question I've been curious about; assuming this is information that can be divulged About the value of INT and observation: Thinking back to when Cloudhead was messing around with the pins and wire thingies, would a high INT character immediately recognize something like that for what it is and how it works? Personally, my own intuition was telling me that was probably a locking pin system that was coupling the engine to the first train car. (Don't need to answer this.)
>>8770 It's a ZAP style game; any character that is funny can't possibly drag the story down unless they are actively trying to de-rail the campaign (no pun intended). Boulder gets those funny moments so I like the character. >>8771 >The conductor looks up weaky with relief. "Boy am I glad to see you! Can you help me walk there? I need support on my right side; just stand there for me." >He pushes himself off the wall and gestures to the space he needs Cloudhead to stand. I like that Cloudhead is low intelligence in a different way than Boulder, it lets him have more unique funny moments. The characters being stupid in their own ways makes the game a lot of fun to run. I like that Cross left a point in so he has 2 intelligence and can roleplay being the "smart" one of the group.
>>8773 "Okay!" >He says before landing and doing as requested, making sure to use his left wing to provide extra support
>>8772 All depends on your intelligence stat, how complicated a thing is, and context. For example the switch you brought up I decided would only take 5 int to fully understand because it's simple, and a 3 or 4 int character could figure it out pretty fast. >>8774 >Cloudhead stays at the conductor's side as he walks to the engine room. >Walking through this mess is quite sobering. >They make it to the engine; the conductor looks around to assess the damage. "Heh, you boys sure managed to get enough water in here" >He looks towards the engineer, drooping his ears, before shifting his focus to an array of levers. "Where is the rest of the crew?"
>>8775 "Crew? There were others?" >He asks, tilting his head to one side "But first, um... Do you know how the train works?"
>>8776 "I know the basics, but my job is to oversee safety and punch tickets" >The conductor looks back. "The maintenance crew should be in little tubes in the caboose; if we can get them up here and add water they should be able to run the train"
>>8777 >Stares at the conductor with a scrunched nose, dumbfounded by what he just so casually said "Uh..." >Looks over at Boulder and Cross to gauge their reaction
>>8777 >>8778 >Cross—having just roused himself again—bobs his head along. "Hrh... yeah. That sounds... perfect. S'what I was thinking. Do... that." >>8770 you're perfectly fine, Anon. Great, even. >>8773 >I like that Cross left a point in so he has 2 intelligence and can roleplay being the "smart" one of the group yup, that was exactly what I was going for.
>>8778 "Do we need engineer?"
>>8778 >The conductor tilts his head. "Is something wrong?"
>>8783 "I was hoping we could talk to him when he wakes up." >>8786 "N-No, I'll just... I'll go back and grab those thingies." >He says before stepping out and taking to the sky once more >Making his way to the rear car with haste, Cloudhead is anxious to consult somepony more intelligent than he is about the matter
>>8787 >Rarity takes notice immediately. "What has you out of sorts? The train has calmed down and I heard everything is under control"
>>8788 "Well, um... It's just..." >Cloudhead proceeds to reiterate to Rarity everything he has heard and experienced thus far >The Engineer's crazed ramblings of ponies wanting to kill him and replace others >'Hollow' ponies >The things the brown stallion said >The vials of dehydrated workponies >And what the Conductor had to say... "...I dunno, something about this just feels really wrong to me, you know? Have you ever heard of this?" >He concludes, pausing to take a deep breath "I know that I'm not the... best thinker out there, but I've been around Equestria, and I've never heard of something like this before." "Us ponies are supposed to grow up from foals, which just appear when a stallion and mare love each other very much... None of this powder and water business."
>>8789 >Rarity's concern grows with this account of the situation. "Well that sounds... that sounds dreadful!" >She takes a moment to think. "I do remember seeing something like that in the newspaper a while back; the Public Utility Commision now requires inactive workers to be transported in powdered form. Apparently it's cheaper than sending them in the flesh"
>>8790 "Oh." >Is all he says before staring down at the floor for a moment, ears pinned back "What do you think we should do now?" >He eventually asks Rarity
>>8791 "Add water, I suppose" >Rarity is no more certain than Cloudhead in tone. "Not really anything else to try is there?"
>>8792 "I guess so." >He says before departing from the train car once more >Outside he takes to the sky, only on this occasion taking the time to climb high in altitude to both give him time to think, and to try and see if their destination is in sight yet
>Cross smacks his lips. "Boulder... you sure he's still alive? The uh, engineer?"
>>8794 >Canterlot Castle is in view. >Other than that nothing but rolling hills enclosed in a wall of mountains; the peaceful valleys home to many plants, animals, and ponies. >Suspended in the air is a pastel blue pegasus with a light brown mane and yellow eyes. >His mind is in deep thought. >Small though said mind may be he is faced with a challenging situation, for below him is a speeding train with no master. >In this moment he is overtaken by the light, and a voice calls out to him. "Add the water Cloud! Add the water!"
>>8796 >carefully prods engineer "Dunno."
>>8799 >The engineer lets out a groan.
>>8800 >looks at Cross "Maybe"
>>8800 "Yeah, I feel the same way. All thanks to you, pal." >Cross coughs. >>8801 "He had anything to say?"
>Returning to the engine, Cloudhead steps inside "Ok, I think I found them." >He says while looking over at Boulder, Cross and the Engineer "Um... How about we move him out of here first? Bit cramped in here." "Somewhere safe to rest... Like the rear car?" >He suggests, pointing a forehoof at the Engineer
>>8804 >grabs engineer by the tail with his teeth and starts to drag him to the back of the train
>>8804 >Cross looks hesitant. "Everypony calm down out there? I'm not moving unless you can guarantee I'm -not- going to die."
>>8807 "I think so... It calmed down in the first car, at least."
>>8808 "Alright." >He heaves himself up, and winces. "Just one... dammit." >Sighing, he leans against a wall. "Feathers... I don't ask this lightly. But... a little help? Just get me outta here so you can do the thing."
>>8809 "Sure thing." >Steps up beside Cross, offering him support in the same manner that he helped the Conductor
>>8810 >Begrudgingly, Cross lets him lead. "...Thanks."
>drags engineer
>>8812 >Boulder is on his way to the rear car with the engineer, one more car to go. >Ponies are looking at him and the knocked out engineer in awe. >>8811 >Cloudhead has helped Cross to the passenger car behind the engine.
>>8813 >Cross snorts. "Here's fine. Put me down easy, head's killin' me..."
>>8814 "Here you go." >He says as he helps ease Cross down to a resting position "I hope we can enjoy some peace and quiet now... Gotta go back and talk to the coom-duck-tor now." >He says before venturing back to the engine >Once there, he stands some distance away from the Conductor, where he draws out two of the three vials from his bag "Soooo... Are these what you were talking about?"
>Cross looks around the car to check on the ponies.
>>8815 >The conductor is relieved to see the train crew. "Sure are! We got all the water we need right here; pour those out one by one and we're back in business" >>8813 >Boulder has made it to the back car, engineer in tow. >Rarity is tending to the wounded and has not noticed his entrance yet. >>8818 >After seeing how awful the car was first hoof it's really not that bad. >Sure it's full of more and less injured ponies, but it's no longer all out chaos. >Thankfully nopony got seriously injured. >The few that tried to push through got the worst of it and the rest of them just got a little roughed up.
>>8820 "If you don't mind me asking first; what even ARE these? Pretty sure us ponies aren't supposed to come out of a bottle."
>>8820 >drops the engineer "Uh, wat do?"
>>8822 >The conductor seems amused by the inquiry, like he wasn't expecting to hear it. "Back at dispatch they have a dehydrator ray that turns ponies into powder. It's cheaper to transport them in powdered form. I'm not the biggest fan of it but I'm just a worker; not really anything I can do" >The conductor leans in a little and whispers to Cloudhead. "If you ask me, I think the rich unicorns run the union from the shadows just to line their own pockets" >>8824 >Rarity notices Boulder's voice and quickly finishes helping a pony onto a bench before turning around. "There you are! Don't make a lady worry like that" >She begins trotting over to Boulder only to notice the engineer on the floor, recoiling in disgust at his condition. "Oh my, he needs help!" >She looks to Boulder. "Be a dear and put him on one of the benches for me"
>>8829 "Oh... okay." "I hope they're not still awake while in the bottle." >He says with a frown >Taking the two vials, he opens them and pours them into two separate piles on the wet floor >Once done, he takes a couple steps back to watch what will happen
>>8829 >tells Rarity "He wanted to hurt ponies!" >roughly drags the engineer onto the bench
(3.47 MB 640x480 dehydrated_thugs.mp4)
>>8833 >The conductor splashes some water over the dry piles which suddenly turn into two stallions. "What is the situation, conductor?" >They ask in unison. >The conductor explains that the engineer is caput and they are needed to run the train. >They promptly assume the role of operating the engine. OK, it's been funny watching you run around with those vials for a couple of days, but you really shouldn't question Batman logic. >>8834 >Rarity's ears drop. "So this was the pony in control of the train" "Still I can't bear seeing this suffering, a least he is safe here. We will make sure he doesn't cause any more trouble"
The situation on the train is resolved now, so whenever you want to take a long rest and cut to arriving in Manehattan you can.
>>8836 do we need camping supplies? ^:)
>>8837 No. The train has enough amenities and it only takes an afternoon.
>>8835 "Cross got beaten up pretty bad as well." >he tells Rarity
>>8835 >spoiler We have no way of knowing if something's supposed to be a simple gag or if it's actually important For all we know, our Gangsta Bunny is also the kingpin in the top secret illegal powdered pony trade or some shit like that On another note: So, are battle victories the only source of XP? Seems difficult to level up unless battles are going to be more frequent >>8835 >With the situation apparently under control, Cloudhead returns once more to the rear car >Physically tired and mentally exhausted, he's quick to flop himself onto an open bench to lie down and rest
>>8840 Spoiler It is a gag how I chose to present it, but everything from it holds true to the worldbuilding. You have one left over you can add water to anywhere you want and in the future you can buy more, or maybe even turn yourselves into powder (Don't know why you would want to, but the precedent is there). There is definitely more going on than you know now in this version of Equestria. Is it Angel? The unicorns? The jews? A self insert Mary Sue OC that shows up to get all the attention in the second half? Who knows! (well, other than me). As for XP for leveling it only comes from battles. The first battle was set it up so it would be basically unlosable so I could test the mechanics and system. Later battles will level you up faster and be more tactical. You will all likely gain a level or two in the first dungeon unless one of you gets killed. >>8839 >Rarity looks to Boulder. "That's your friend; where is the poor dear?"
>>8841 "Cloudhead helped him to car behind coal burner, me thinks."
>>8842 "I shall go check on him then" >Rarity makes for the front car.
>Cross gets a bad feeling. He fidgets nervously.
>>8844 >Rarity enters the car, looks around for a bit, and finds Cross. "Your friend said you were hurt, could I help?"
>>8845 >Cross frowns. "...I s'pose. Just a few bruises. But is everything alright back there?"
>>8846 >Rarity looks back, quivering a little at the thought. "Stable. Everything is stable"
>>8849 >Cross chuckles at that. "That's good. Hate to see ponies get hurt for nothin', really do, but it's over now, and that's what matters." >>8836 seems like Cloudhead's ready, and I'm ready to long rest. So, whenever Boulder's ready.
>takes a nap standing
>>8851 Spoiler I'll post the beginning of the Manehattan bit sometime tonight, still have to finish getting it ready.
>>8853 Looking forward to it. Thanks for running this for us.
(584.27 KB 2200x1700 station.png)
Welcome to Manehattan! (AKA MS.paintville. Couldn't find enough stock vectors so your in for some rough screens) >After the period of chaos, everypony is tired and enjoys the uneventful ride to Manehattan. All HP and SP recovered. >The party steps off the train and into a grand station bustling with ponies. >A large clock overlooks the station from above the main entrance; a bulletin board and train information to the sides. >Rarity gains the attention of the group. "I have yet some business to take care of, and I'm sure you would all like to see Manehattan a little; shall we split up and reconvene?"
kino art >>8862 >Cross shrugs noncommittally. "If the lads want to, I s'pose."
You say rough, I say SOUL >>8862 "That's fine." >He says while walking over to hydrate himself at the water fountain >Afterwards, he walks over to the bulletin board to inspect it
>>8862 >looks around "Uh. Mane Hat is big"
(1.60 MB 1198x799 board.png)
>>8866 Pic >>8868 >Notices Rarity has baggage.
>>8869 >approaches Rarity "Uhm... Got something to pull?"
>>8870 >Rarity smiles. "Silly me, I was going to hire some of those luggage ponies! Why would I need to do something like that with a fine hunk like you here?" >She uses her magic to move her luggage cart over to Boulder. "For the rest of you the place we are going is to the right just before the bridge. You really can't miss it"
>>8871 >hitches to the cart "Where to?"
>>8872 "Follow me darling" >Remembering last time, Rarity walks extra slow for Boulder.
>>8875 >walks after Rarity carefully pulling the cart, trying extra hard to not destroy it
>>8869 >>8866 >Checking the board himself, Cross snorts. >He taps the garish red-yellow poster. "I think the bunny cares about us." >>8871 >Cross' ears twitch, and he nods her way. "We hear you." >He turns to Cloudhead. "Well, feathers. It's a big city. You want to stick together?"
>>8869 >Tiesto lol >>8877 "Probably a good idea, all things considered... Where should we go?"
>>8878 "I'unno, guess we'll have to see." >He follows after Boulder and Rarity.
>>8880 >Follows along with Cross, eyeing his surroundings and tall buildings with suspicion "I don't like big cities..." >He comments "..too crowded."
>inb4 Boulder spends the entire adventure hauling Rarity's growing pile of stuff from one place to the next
>pulls the (subjectively) light as feather fully loaded cart >whistles "So much rock. So many good harvests."
(19.84 KB 750x500 square.png)
>>8876 >>8880 >You stand in a four way junction with a fountain in the center overlooked by tall buildings. >Rarity and Boulder are taking the path to the left. >A drunkard wanders the square. >A stallion is fixated on something in the fountain.
>>8890 >Cross stares the drunkard in the eye. Silently.
>>8891 >The drunkard doesn't move or even seem to acknowledge the reality of Cross's presence. >She reciprocates the stare whilst grinning about something in her own world.
>>8890 >sun >not Celestia's cutie mark one job
>>8892 >With a painful slowness, he prepares a hoof to boop the mare, raising it to her exposed snootle. I've KO'd once, I'm going for it
>>8894 >No response. >Wait... >The drunkard notices Cross's presence after a shockingly long pause. "HELLO!"
>>8896 >Cross' ears flick at the volume. He sets his hoof down, and his brows furrow. "You feelin' alright there, ma'am?"
>>8890 >>8896 >Weirded out by the mares actions, Cloudhead distances himself slightly >Noticing the nearby stallion also acting strangely, he then casually approaches the fountain >Peering over the edge, he tries to get a look at the subject of fascination...
>pulls the luggage cart
>>8897 >The mare shows no clear response and simply bumbles off, almost falling over multiple times. >>8898 >The stallion appears to be picking out bits from the fountain. >>8901 >Rarity turns her head a bit to make conversation. "Say, what do you do for work when your not being hunted by a mean little bunny?"
>>8902 >Tweaking worriedly with every near fall, Cross glances Cloudhead's way. >After a moment, he sighs, and assumes the role of a sentry, watching the drunkard from afar with a great deal of concern.
>>8902 "Um. Me raised rocks. Me crushed rocks." "Also," >puffs his chest "me pulled a lot!"
>>8903 >The drunkard keeps bumbling around and starts singing. >(In Equestria, whenever a pony starts singing music plays for them and often background ponies dance, Cross would never question this because it's just how things work) "In heaven there is no beer♪" "That's why we drink it here♪" "And when I'm gone my friends will be, drinking all the beer♪" >After the song she dramatically faceplants before struggling to stand back up. >>8905 >Rarity affectionally giggles at the last part. "I can see that"
>>8906 "Yeah. Me also pulled assault ram. And rammed with it!"
>>8908 >Rarity perks her ears up. "A hard worker and a servicepony? You really are a prime stallion! Good thing I have you to pull my baggage"
>>8910 "Uhm."
>>8902 >Bits? In a fountain? Cloudhead had never noticed such a thing before in all his life! >Then again, he's spent most of his time flying above all the fountains... >After considering the other stallions novel idea, he begins to pick out some bits for himself "Wow! Is this a magic fountain? It grows bits?" >He asks the stallion
>>8906 "Cloudhead, I'm gonna be a second!" >He shakes his head and trots his way over to the mare. >He speaks slowly, his voice warm and bright. "You are a very happy pony. Why don't we get you back up?"
>>8913 >The stallion looks over to him annoyed. "It's a wish fountain; ponies throw in bits and make wishes. Go find your own fountain" >>8915 >The drunkard stands easier with support. "THANK YOU!" >She moves past Cross and keeps aimlessly bumbling.
>pulls the cart and whistles
>>8916 "Stay safe!" >Cross ambles back over to the fountain. He watches the pair of stallions with some amusement.
(13.77 KB 761x550 boutique.png)
>>8917 >Rarity and Boulder finally make it to the thing at the place. >Rarity has boulder take the cart to a loading dock out back where employees take the packages in. >The inside has a dressing room, a door at the back, a counter of jewelry, and a sales pony. >Rarity looks to Boulder. "Thank you for pulling those dresses for me darling; I simply couldn't have those ruffians at the train terminal do it now could I?"
>>8920 >nods "Me too no like train ponies."
>>8920 I like your mspaint art
>>8921 "Well, it's been nice, but I have to see Hoity Toity and..." >Rarity pauses. "Talk about business! Yes, talk about business. Maybe you should get back to your friends? We are going to be a while"
>>8923 >nods and turns around to walk out of the room
(25.61 KB 950x650 parkst2.png)
>>8924 >Rarity waves goodbye and walks into the back of the store as Boulder walks out. >This puts him on a section of Park Street. >At one end is a bridge, and at the other end is the square in front of the station. >The boutique Rarity is at and Center Park are to the side.
>>8925 >decides that's a good time for some grazing and walks towards the park
tfw something happened and power was out for most of the day >>8906 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUZvHBI9MDU >>8916 >>8918 "O-Okay. Sorry..." >Looks around before turning his attention to Cross "Where did Boulder go? ...Want to just go look around?" >He asks, pointing a forehoof off in some random direction
>spoiler I've been in the same boat plenty: completely feel ya. >>8927 "He went to help Rarity with... Rarity things." >He follows Cloudhead's hoof. "Sure, why not." >>8890 >Cross starts walking to the right.
(18.64 KB 900x500 park1.png)
>>8926 >Boulder enters the park. >The grey Pegasus from the train is spending time by the pond.
(43.29 KB 950x650 parkst1.png)
>>8928 >Cross and Cloudhead walk onto a section of Park Street. >There is a shop and a building with a complicated door.
>>8932 >begins to graze >notices the familiar pegasus "Um. Hi."
>>8934 >The pegasus lifts her head from her graze and walks a little closer. "Hi" >She continues grazing.
>>8935 >grazes "Uh... Sorry for the train."
>>8933 >Cross looks about, then shrugs. "Anything catch your eye, feathers?"
>>8936 >The pegasus looks at Boulder shocked and confused. "You bad pony up front? Coom-duck-tor said you blow up train!"
>>8938 >so shocked he stops grazing "No! Me pony who shoved you away. Bad pony was from coal burner car, me break door and beat him up!"
>>8939 >The pegasus looks extra perplexed for a moment and then brightens up. "Oh! That make sense. I didn't see pony who pushed me" >She goes to put her head down to eat the grass, but it snaps back up. "Wait, didn't I gave letter to you in Ponyville? Yes... Boulder! I never forget ponies I bring letters to!" >She smiles gleefully. "My friends call me Derpy"
>>8940 "Yes, me Boulder. Nice to meet you."
(80.40 KB 257x324 karen.png)
>>8941 >Suddenly, an angry mare interrupts Boulder and Derpy. "What the hell are you morons doing? Your ruining the grass! If you keep grazing here I'm going to call the groundskeeper"
>>8942 >stares at her "Wut?"
Testing the roll function. The next dungeon is coming up, so just to get things brewing in your heads I'll explain how it will work. On my end I have a map of the layout representing moves with squares and an encounter table. On your end you will just see the area you are in and movement options like a normal town. Every time you move into a new square on my map, you are guaranteed an encounter and will enter battle mode. Every time you move to a square you have already been in there is a random chance of an encounter, so if you are in the middle of the dungeon and running low on supplies it might be a good idea to go back and get some healing items in the town. The first dungeon will be pretty straight forward, but in the future you might want to plot your own map while going through. Just for fun there is a super rare encounter in the dungeon, 5% chance, gets you a little extra scene.
4 = 4 (1d5)
>>8943 >The mare recoils and lets out an exasperated gasp, widening her eyes before leaning back in with ferocity. "Are you disrespecting me?"
>>8945 "Eh?"
>>8944 Any chance we'll see some dice rolling opportunities in the future? Besides the usual uses, things like rolling a D10 or D20(as determined by luck or another factor) at the fountain to see how many bits you get, things like that. >>8933 >a complicated door >they both get stuck in it >>8937 "Not really... Let's go somewhere else." >He says before turning around and walking elsewhere (to the forward/northern path from the fountain)
>>8947 >>they both get stuck in it "No, you see, you just... wait." >Cross walks with him.
(32.65 KB 950x650 manest.png)
>>8947 >spoiler1 For most die rolls I am just going to use my physical dice for simplicities sake, but for special occasions there will be public die rolls. If you want to use the function for fun you can, but it's not going to be necessary or really make a difference. >>8948 >Cloudhead and Cross make their way onto Mane Street. >A menacing building stands on one side of the road, and a park to the other. >Some kind of argument is happening in the park. >>8946 >The mare continues her tirade. "My cousin is a lawyer! I will sue you if you keep threatening me!"
>>8947 Didn't completely answer your question, if you wanted to use the roll function yourself for something like finding bits in the fountain just bring it up. I have no objection to it.
>>8951 >Cross stretches, basking in the baking sun. "Weather's nice today." >His ears tweak at the distant yelling. He sighs. "Yeah, I'm already missing Ponyville." >He continues down the street to check out the front of the 'menacing' building.
I;m thinking about thos Beans Also been thinking about what happens when you try and rehydrate a dehydrated pony with a substance other than water
>>8953 >The front entrance is blocked and there is some kind of box with a button on the wall next to it. >Beyond the gate and wall, there is a tall skyscraper and pole with an Equestria flag. >The lower floors of the skyscraper have no windows.
>>8951 >looks at Derpy "What she wants? Here enough grass for everypony."
>>8956 >Derpy's ears droop and she speaks with worry. "I don't know" >The angry mare gets closer to Boulder and speaks sternly. "I'm talking to you" >Derpy is starting to cry.
>>8957 >stares back at angry mare "Wat you want?"
>>8955 >Cross smiles at the sight of the flag, but ultimately returns to Cloudhead.
>>8959 "...Maybe we should go see what's happening in the park?" >He suggests
>>8958 >The angry mare speaks extra slowly and clearly. "Get out of the park" >Before yelling out. "Is that simple enough for your little mind!"
>>8963 "Why?"
>>8960 >His ears swivel again at the latest unintelligible yell. "...Yeah, let's go see the fuss." >Cross heads down the closest path to the left, and into the park.
>>8966 >Cross and Cloudhead enter the park and quickly find an angry mare yelling at Boulder and a crying grey pegasus. >>8965 >The angry mare, seeing that this is going nowhere and mistaking Cross and Cloudhead for indifferent pedestrians, decides to escalate the situation. "HELP! I'm being raped! I'm being raped!"
this whole scenario, kek. based Boulder >>8967 >Cross peers at Boulder and Derpy. He does a double-take at both. >He awkwardly canters up. "Uh... everything alright?"
imagine if Cloudhead starts bellyslapping rn
>>8968 "This mare is greedy, yells and upsets Derpy."
>>8969 that would destroy me
>>8967 >Tilts his head in confusion at the mares outburst "What do you mean by, uh... rapped?" >Thinks about it briefly, before his ears perk up "Oh! You mean grapes, right? Why do you need help from grapes? Are you allergic to grapes?" >He asks her "I like grapes." >>8969 >>8972 I don't want us to end up in pony jail right at the start. Besides, it's better to save the big guns for a special occasion.
>>8969 I need to know, what exactly is bellyslapping? Hitting bellies really fast? Hitting the ground with the belly and bouncing back up while flying? >>8973 >The angry mare is so confused that she freezes up. >After regaining her limited bearing of the situation, she goes straight back into rage screaming louder in a desperate attempt to gain somepony's attention. "GANG RAPE! GANG RAPE!"
>>8975 >spoiler >he doesn't know >Cross looks at her, utterly bewildered. "Ma'am, calm down."
>>8975 >spoiler Anon, you're so innocent
>tries to calm Derpy "It's alright, she's just greedy pony." >continues to graze
>>8975 lol In a nutshell, belly slapping is a form of masturbation that stallions exhibit in real life, involving smacking or "slapping" their horsecock against their underbelly, often stimulating the sensitive head which results in them shooting their load Purely educational demonstration video of this phenomenon: https://u.smutty.horse/mcfqoivaktj.webm Now that you're armed with this vital information, go back and re-read Cloudhead's little introductory character creation story bit and have a hearty kek
>>8979 kek >>8976 >The angry mare focuses her attention to cross, immediately sensing his role in the group. "You... your the manager! Do you know how much trouble your little moron turdlings are causing me? Get them out of this park or I will get the police!" >>8978 >Derpy feels a little better with more ponies backing her up, but is still rightfully agitated.
The manager lmao >>8980 "W... W-What's a turdling? Are they related to changelings?" >He asks, sounding slightly worried
>>8984 >a turdling I too, am slightly worried.
>>8984 >The angered mare turns her head pins her ears and snarls at Cloudhead, but is intent on chastising Cross keeping her focus on him. "Get them out of this park, didn't you hear me?"
>>8980 >Cross narrows his eyes. "I'll leave that name-calling aside, since you don't realize that one of the ponies you're talking about is a veteran." >He nods his head Boulder's way. "A veteran who just helped stop a runaway train from Ponyville." >He keeps his distance from the mare, and gestures toward Derpy. "And you're making that mare right there cry." >His hoof clods against the earth. "So I gotta say, where's YOUR manager?"
>>9003 "Well..." >The angered mare realizes that the manager will hold his ground, time for plan C. >She b-lines for the road to find the nearest policepony. "HELP! HELP! A gang of ponies in the park tried to rape me!" >A dull stallion wearing a sunhat makes his way over to the party, taking a few bites of grass. "What's all the fuss about?"
>>9004 >Cross lightens up as the mare departs; his shoulders loosen on the stallion's approach. "Truth be told, I've got no idea. I heard yelling, and come to find a pony yelling at a crying mare, and my friend." >Subconsciously, his pony brain sends him down to munch his own mouthful of grass.
>>9006 >The stallion with the sunhat laughs. "So then you met her, comes to this park just to make trouble" >He gets another bite of grass. "Don't worry about it I'm the groundskeeper here. After the incident last month I got a restraining order against her; can't come in the park when I'm around"
>>9007 >Cross smiles tiredly. "Thanks. Are we going to have to deal with that kind of thing often in Manehattan? We just got here."
>>9013 "No, that's just one mean mare. Most of the ponies here are just absorbed in their own thing and won't give you any trouble, at least on this side of town. Cross that bridge and trouble is about all you will get" >The groundskeeper shifts his attention to Derpy, whom he gives an affirming pat. "Keep on grazing I don't mind" >Derpy smiles and continues to graze. >Her face is still wet from the crying but she feels better now.
>smiles at Derpy >continues to graze
>>9015 "Well, s'all good, now. I think we'll be movin' along soon. Appreciate the advice." >>9016 "So how'd it go with Rarity? Couldn't have caused as much of a fuss for her as you did here."
>>9024 "She said she'd be talking fashion with some stallion." >continues to graze
>>9026 "Huh... well, that sounds her speed." >Cross turns to address Derpy. "You know, I don't think I ever got your name. We just keep running into each other, so I feel it's only right." >He bows his head ever-so slightly. "Name's Cross."
>Stands around deep in thought, still contemplating what a turdling could possibly be
>>9027 >Derpy picks up her head from the grass and smiles. "I'm Ditzy Doo; my friends call me Derpy"
>>9031 "Well, Derpy, hopefully things don't turn so topsy-turvy from here on out." >He looks at the groundskeeper. "Is that mare going to actually come back with somepony?"
>>9034 >The groundskeeper doesn't respond, instead fixated on something behind Cross with a knowing grin. >Soon it becomes clear what he is looking at. "There they are! There's the rapists!" >The police pony by the angry mare's side does not seem to be taking her seriously. "Hey folks what seems to be the issue?" >The officer casually goes for a bite of grass before turning his attention to the groundskeeper. "Say, don't you have a restraining order against Cherry Berry?" >The groundkeeper laughs. "Sure do!" >The officer turns to Cherry. "I'm sorry ma'am, but you have to leave this park" >Cherry pins her ears, scowling at the party before begrudgingly exiting the park. "You haven't seen the last of me! I'll sue you all! My cousin is a lawyer!" >The officer continues grazing. "Nice grass today"
>grazes and grazes
>>9035 >Cross leans down to graze as well. "Yeah."
>Grazing Simulator 2022 >Eventually, Cloudhead concludes that learning about turdlings can wait for another day >In the resulting absence of thought, he remembers two of the notes on the billboard mentioning a specific shop >Racking his brain for the details regarding it, a name comes to mind >With that, he walks up to the groundskeeper and officer "Excuse me, but do you know where the... um... the... the pawn shop is? "Could you point a hoof in the direction to that, please?" >He asks them
>>9041 >The officer shakes his head and takes a more serious tone. "It's across the bridge in the bad part of town; I don't advise going there. Bobs Grocery is nearby if you want to check that out" >The officer raises a hoof towards the part of Park Street Cloudhead was already on.
>>9043 "O-Oh, really? Thanks for the warning. Say, do you know anything about..." >He pauses to think >As he does so, he remembers what the strange bunny's letter mentioned about the ponice, and so reconsiders what he was about to ask "...actually, nevermind. I just remembered! Heh heh." >Casually lowers his head to join in the grass munching >Downing a mouthful or two of fine grass, he turns his attention back to his companions "Do you two want to get going now? We got places to be, after all."
Speaking of Angel's letter to us, quick question: It said that we have three days until hitmen(hitponies? hitstuds?) start to come after us. Does that mean we have three in-universe days to explore the bad part of town and grind out some battles for bits and XP before we confront Angel? If that's true, we're still on day 1, right?
>>9045 The characters have no way of knowing; for all they know the letter took longer to ship than expected and the hitponies are already after them. Functionally it's not going to matter because I'm not actively simulating time for stuff like town, battles, and shops. If you roleplayed passing a night for some reason I do have a number in my head.
>>9044 >stops grazing for a moment "Where we need to go?"
>>9044 >He hums affirmatively. >>9061 >Cross lifts his head. "Well, we could all check out the grocer together, like he said."
>>9062 "Nice. Let's go."
>>9063 >Cross nods to both the officer, and the groundskeeper. "Thanks for your time." >He tilts his head Derpy's way. "And here's to hopin' we meet under better circumstances." >He checks with Cloudhead before fully leaving. "You coming with, feathers?"
>>9064 "Yep." >Starts moving in that direction
"Bye, Miss Derpy!"
(51.32 KB 911x661 grocer.png)
>>9066 >Derpy waves her hoof. "Bye Boulder!" >>9063 >>9064 >>9065 >The party makes it into Bob's Grocery. >It's a standard convenience store; thankfully unlike the building next to it it has a simple door. Item list: >Snack cake, restores 5 HP - 10 bits >Sodapop, restores 10 HP - 30 bits >Cigarettes, restores 10 SP - 30 bits >Jumper cable, wakes up unconscious - 50 bits >Bubblegum, strongly adhesive - 20 bits For convenience here's your current balance: >Boulder has 145 bits >Cross has 50 bits >Cloudhead has 10 bits You can share bits.
>>9068 >stares at the counter "Eh... Uh..."
>>9068 >Cross checks with Cloudhead. "You need anything?"
>>9070 "Um... If it isn't too much to ask for a few bits, I'd really like some bubblegum. Also..." >He points a forehoof at some jumper cables "Might want to buy one of those? Never know when you'll need something like that."
>>9068 >>9071 >He laughs. "Sure. You'll have to ask Boulder for the cables, though." >Cross purchases some bubblegum for Cloudhead.
>tfw our GM got busy with RL
>>9078 "Cables? Wat's cables?"
>>9089 I'm currently in the process of shifting my sleep schedule. I got it set up now so I get more work done in the day and more computer stuff done after dark. I still check in the morning and when I'm inside for a bit, but prime time is after dark. I get up around noon now and go to bed in the wee hours; I find that even if I go to bed sooner I just roll around until 3 or 4 and don't get enough sleep. My time zone is EST, and it gets dark around 20:00, so I'm probably going to respond most quickly between 20:00 and 2:00. Also there just haven't been as many parts where I had to do something as the GM in the past few days because grazing simulator 2022 and now a shop where it's mostly the party interacting with itself. Kind of redundant for me to say "You spent x bits and got x item" when you know that already.
>>9092 Oh, sorry. I thought the shop interactions will be resolved like ticket pony interactions.
>>9078 "Thanks. I'll pay you back soon." >>9090 "Wakes a pony up in a hurry, I guess. Up to you if you want to spend the bits on it."
>>9094 >takes his money pouch in his teeth and shows to Cloudhead "Can you take bits and buy that if we need it? Me isn't good with bits."
>>9095 "Oh, sure." >He says as he takes the money pouch >Proceeds to buy one set of jumper cables "...ten-ten-ten-ten-ten..." >He mutters to himself as he carefully counts out five sets of ten bits onto the counter >Once the transaction is complete, he passes the money pouch and newly purchased jumper cable back to Boulder "I think we'll be fine with this for now... Let's get moving." >He concludes, now walking out from the grocery store and on his way to the infamous bridge
>>9096 >Cross waits for Boulder before moseying along.
>>9096 >puts cable away and follows Cloudhead
>>9096 >talks to Cloudhead "You can count to ten too? That's cool. Your dad taught you?"
>>9098 >>9097 >>9096 >The party is walking down Park Street, pictured here: >>8925 >The bridge is ahead and Rarity is in the building on the right side.
>>9099 "I learned at school when I was a little colt... The nice teacher mare tried to help me learn more; but, well..." "Never really got the hang of it." >>9100 >Comes to a stop a short distance from the bridge "Say, uh... Speaking of nice mares, didn't... What was her name? R... Rar... Sprinkles?" "Didn't she say she wanted to come with us to help her friend? Hey Boulder, where'd the two of you go earlier, so we can find her?" >He asks, followed by a short pause "Although... It doesn't seem right to drag a nice mare like her through a bad place that we're unfamiliar with. Maybe we should go look for this bunnies hideout first, then find her? What do you two think?"
>>9101 "School? Wat's school?"
Quick autism questions about my battle capabilities since it's about to become relevant Regarding flight: Is this something that is automatically active at the start of a battle, if possible? Or do I have to manually specify that I want to be flying? Does alternating between ground and flight cost actions? Also, am I correct to assume that I'm immune to normal ground attacks while flying? As in, an enemy like an earth pony that doesn't have any special items or abilities like a lasso is basically SOL and can't do anything.
>>9103 Flying in battle can be set default active, and it does cost an action to switch. Using attack also counts as a switch action so after you use a physical attack you will be on the ground unless you specify flying back up. Flying makes you immune to ground attacks, but whenever you attack the enemies can counter attack that turn because you have to go near he ground to do it. I have a few /fun/ things planned in the dungeon, there is going to be an optional mini-boss that gets you a funny scene and mini story ark that was hinted to earlier. inb4 brutal TPG
>>9101 "Probably for the best we scout ahead. Don't need her causin' a fuss over nothing." >He shrugs. "We'll come back to grab her before we get dragged in, I'm sure."
>>9102 "A place ponies go to learn things." >>9105 "Right. Well... Let's do this." >He says, unease evident in his voice as he resumes walking towards the bridge
>walks after Cloudhead "But ponies learn at home. You lived at school?"
>>9115 "N-No... Nevermind. We got more important things to think about right now."
>>9128 "OK"
(958.77 KB 1065x863 turn6.png)
>>9115 >>9109 >>9105 >Crossing the bridge mounts a feeling of dread. >At first, you don't see anything over the rise, but then you get to the top and see the dilapidated buildings and empty dirt lots of the Zonx. >Upon crossing the bridge, a pair of crack addicts get in your way. Battle music (essential context): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyR09SP9qdA
>>9137 the Zonx lmao >Charges forward, attacking twice
>>9138 Your attacking Basehead 1 for the rest of the party to reference in case that effects their targeting, these enemies don't have cumulative stats like the train.
>>9137 >Punches addict 2 with all his strength "Ah hate ziggers!"
btw, about those iron horseshoes are they considered automatically equipped?
>>9141 Yeah, any weapon that just plain does more damage is. If it's some specialty thing like an elemental weapon you would have to specify you want it equipped before the battle.
holy kek >>9137 >Cross keeps up with Boulder, and delivers a swift kick to Basehead 2.
(984.22 KB 1065x863 turn7.png)
>>9138 >>9140 >>9143 >Boulder and Cross smash one of the baseheads for 7 and 10 damage respectively, putting them out immediately. >Cloudhead hits the other basehead twice for a total of 7 damage. >The remaining basehead lunges for boulder and lets out a visceral scream, biting him for 1 damage.
>>9145 >kicks addict 1
>>9145 Thank goodness the damage for a normal enemy attack seems much lower than the train mobs. We might actually have a chance at progressing in this world >Attacks twice again
(23.50 KB 955x664 parkst3.png)
>>9146 >>9147 Started calculating turn early because the enemy was low, would have waited for Cross if those attacks didn't finish off the enemy. >Boulder hits for 5 damage. >Cloudhead misses once and hits for 3 damage, finishing off the basehead. >Everypony gains 7 XP and 7 bits. >The party stands on the bad part of Park Street next to the pawn shop. There aren't encounters in in-dungeon shops but when you exit to the street there will be the same encounter chance as normal.
>>9149 >cleans his shoes against the pavement
Oh yeah, I was thinking it might be a good idea to designate somepony to pick the direction in the dungeon. You can work out who that should be if anypony. Seems like Cross makes sense as the "smart" on but Cloudhead has had the most initiative in movement so far so he makes sense too.
>>9149 >first spoiler sorry about that >Cross gives Boulder a quick once over, then glances at the downed baseheads. "What a warm welcome, lads. Let's find the place, then circle back for Rarity." >He focuses down the street. "In and out, real quick." >>9151 I'm not too picky about taking the lead—it's really just a character thing—so if I'm not here like I was earlier, I'd defer that right to Cloudhead. Don't want to bog down the pace.
>>9152 "Me not like this place."
>>9152 Don't be sorry, I was just trying to explain my reason for the turn ending before you made your move so it would be clear. Your doing great.
>>9153 "Me neither... Bunch of crazies here; wish we were back in Ponyville." >>9152 "I agree, the faster we're out of here, the better, but..." >He points a forehoof at the pawn shop "Look, it's that shop. It had TWO signs on the poster board! That must mean it's important, right?" >He pauses to glance at his surroundings "It wouldn't hurt to take a quick peek inside.. R-Right?" >He asks the other two
>>9152 Oh, and by initiative in movement I meant that in roleplay terms not as in player activity because Cross repeatedly asked Cloudhead to pick the direction in Manhattan.
>>9155 >looks at pawn shop "Me break door?"
>>9158 "That would get us into some big trouble, no doubt. Better to just try opening the door normally first, if we're going to go in."
>>9155 >>9159 "Considering our welcome, I'm thinkin' Boulder's onto something." >He throws a look over his withers. "Alright, let's make it quick." >He tries the door.
(15.49 KB 769x514 pawnshop.png)
>>9162 >The party enters a cluttered room of various questionable items. >A rough looking stallion is overlooking the hoard. "You looking to pawn or to buy?" Items for sale: >CRT TV - 30 bits >Electric guitar - 50 bits >Amplifier - 50 bits >Sterio system - 50 bits >"party" cannon - 100 bits >Explosive shells, compatible with cannon (two available) - 30 bits >Zyklon-B cannister (full)- 50 bits >Dehydrated pony (Granny Smith) - 10 bits Yes, you can pawn stuff, and yes, you can have a fight about the price and get kicked out like on Hardcore Pawn.
(167.07 KB 518x600 598.png)
>>9163 >Dehydrated Granny Smith >Pic related No item descriptions this time? Is that a quirk of pawn shopping? Stuff like the cannon, shells and dehydrated pony are pretty self-explanatory. But a big old TV? Is it a helmet? A throwing weapon? Healing device? Red herring to waste our bits? The world may never know...
>>9169 If you can figure out a use for the TV it could be a lot of things, a burden comes to mind, but it's the owners job to sell you on it not mine. >Is that a quirk of pawn shopping? Yes, and if you ask the owner what things do he might even give you the correct answer. We are going to hit the bump limit soon; opportunity is up if any anon wants to make an image for the new thread.
Falling Down vibes >Cloudhead I have to know, did he /keep/ a dehydrated pony? there were three vials, and he only used two...
>>9163 "Hey, it's another of these things..." >Cloudhead comments, noticing the small vial containing a dehydrated pony "Know anything about these? Where do they come from?" >He asks the stallion running the shop >>9173 I've been assuming that I got away with that trick, since the QM recognized that I only used two back then. These are like trading cards. Gotta try and get at least one of each pony ^:) Plus, you never know when they might turn out to be extremely useful Consider one theoretical use scenario I thought of: Our party encounters a roadblock of some sort. A gate, a door, or something. Could attempt to pour the dehydrated pony out onto the other side, then hydrate it somehow so they can unlock said obstruction or do some other useful act.
>>9174 >The stallion walks over and inspects the item in question. "Dehydrated pony, just add water. Can't say I know where they come from; they just show up sometimes. Some fillies came in here talking about cutie marks, said they needed money for something; that's how I got this one." >The stallion pauses and looks at Cloudhead, then the rest of the party seriously. "I like you guys; your not the local ziggers or greedy unicorns. It's 8 bits for you." Yeah, you have still in the inventory written on your character document "Train Engineer". You can do whatever you want with it, although drinking is not recommended.
>scratches his side against the counter
>>9175 "Fillies running around an area like this...?" >Lets out a sigh before counting eight bits and handing them over "I'll take it. By the way, do you also happen to know anything about an evil bunny around these parts?" >He asks the stallion
>>9177 >The stallion takes the bits, completing the transaction. >Dehydrated ponies, gotta catch em' all. "Angel?" >He laughs. "That bunny runs this town! He send you a love letter?"
>>9179 "It was a really mean letter. We got in trouble with him, somehow. Although..." >He trails off for a moment, ears drooping to the sides "...I think it might have been my fault. Still, we're on our way to try to meet this bunny and work something out, I guess." "I-Is he really that strong? How can a little bunny control things around here?" >He then asks
>>9180 >The stallion leans in and speaks more quietly. "If anypony asks you didn't hear it from me; he has some kind of deal with the unicorns. It's just a piece of paper but if gives him power over this whole district." >He goes back to a normal speaking tone. "He doesn't want to chitchat with you that's for sure. You can buy what you want here for 20% off; just remember to forget where you got it."
>>9182 "Wow, that's a pretty special piece of paper... Huh. Well, thanks for the information, and the discount." >Turns his attention to Boulder and Cross "You two interested in anything at the moment? Or is it time we move on now?"
>>9182 >>9184 >Cross, having stood by the front door the whole time, gives it all a quick once-over. "Eh, I'm alright for now, light on bits 'n all. But cool stuff."
>>9184 >The stallion gives Cloudhead a pat with his hoof. "It's my pleasure, us earth ponies and pegasi have to stick together"
>>9184 "Let's go."
>>9196 >Gives the stallion a small nod before walking towards the door to head back into the wild unknown >That jungle, known as the Zonx Going back to a previous topic, if one of you wants to do some leading around the overworld, go ahead. I don't want to be that guy who seems like he's trying to micromanage everyone.
>>9203 "No grass, bad." Well, Boulder can't really be a leaser.
(1.04 MB 1065x863 turn8.png)
>>9203 >The party makes it out to the street with no encounter. I'm going to assume you all want to keep going forwards to streamline this. Until the next split in the path or interactable object I'm just going to move you forward automatically unless you specify otherwise. >They turn to the right as they exit the shop and continue down the road. >They make it next to a putrid alley with some commotion coming from it, metallic scraping and banging, and soon the source of the noise makes itself clear. >It's another pair of baseheads, this time backed up by a... cop? Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8GbDYeKVZA
>>9207 "Moar ziggers?!" >smashes addict 1
>>9207 "That letter was true, huh? The ponice ARE involved!" >He exclaims before smacking Basehead 2 twice
>500 posts I'd say this was a pretty great first thread. Thanks for running this OP! Since things are slow and comfy here you can probably go for another dozen or two posts before making the next thread.
>>9207 >Seeing the corrupt cop makes something in Cross snap. "You knew what you were getting into!" >He uses his barbed lasso on the cop. >>9217 I've also been having a blast. Good stuff.
>>9237 gangrape?
>>9239 maybe if we survive the bunny
New thread: >>9250