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(331.51 KB 800x604 mylittlecrackhouse.png)
/fun/geon 2 - crackhouse edition fungeon_masta 05/07/2022 (Sat) 00:02:00 No. 9250
Welcome to the /fun/geon! This thread is for a ZAP style pen and paper game taking place in the FIM universe; ZAP meaning it has a comedic tone, fast pace, and lots of baddies to fight! After the first dungeon there will be an opportunity for up to two lurkers to join in, so feel free to make your character anytime before then. Character creation is detailed in the first thread: >>8267
(1.05 MB 1065x863 turn9.png)
>>9209 >>9216 >>9237 >Boulders strike deals 6 damage. >Cloudhead hits for 2 and 1 damage. >Cross is occupied securing the lasso for the next turn. >Corrupt cop struggles but takes no damage. >Both baseheads charge Cloudhead and miss.
>>9252 >loudly recites Equestrian anthem, well the parts he learned at least and punches addict 1
btw, are we archiving this cyoa somewhere?
>>9254 No, any reason to? Stuff doesn't fall off this site unless you deliberately make it.
>>9255 it has 12 or so pages of catalog, true, but it doesn't have archive
>>9253 kek >>9256 no idea how to make a scraper
>>9252 >Attacks Basehead 1 twice Double miss? Nice. I was hoping when I made the decision to go min/max pegasus that evasion wouldn't be useless and actually have a good chance of working at 20 speed. Or maybe I just got really lucky.
>>9239 >>9249 I wouldn't trust any kind of sexual contact in this setting, regardless of >rape or not. Feels almost guaranteed that everyone involved would just contract AIDS and die lol.
>>9260 And ESPECIALLY not in the Zonx of all places. Absolutely terrible idea.
(1.04 MB 1065x863 turn10.png)
>>9253 >>9259 >Cloudhead hits for 1 and 5 damage, the basehead already looks extremely weak. >Then boulder comes along. >♪ Equestria the ... >CRUNCH! >14 damage, scull fracture, dead on impact. >Cross is done tying up the cop. >The cop tries to break free but just bleeds, 3 damage. >The remaining basehead latches onto Cross by the jaw, flailing it's legs and getting a few clonks for 5 damage.
>>9264 >delivers a sharp kick to the ribs for the addict
Does Cross get to attack this turn? Are we allowed to discuss strategy? If Cross gets to attack, one of us should hit the Basehead which should guarantee a KO, while the other gets some damage in on the cop Actually, what's the mechanic for this anyway? If two or more attack the same target at once, and if one of their attacks is enough to KO, will the other automatically target a different enemy? Or do all the hits still go into one target for an "overkill"?
>>9266 >Does Cross get to attack this turn? Yes, he's done with his special move. >Are we allowed to discuss strategy? Of course! >what's the mechanic for this anyway? If you specify a target, overkill, otherwise whichever one is standing. When you attack you don't necessarily have to say which enemy you are attacking I can randomize that the same way I randomize enemy attacks. In this case you both said "basehead 1". Besides being inefficient overkill is funny because you will get a special description if you do it. CRUNCH!
>>9264 >Attacks last, striking twice >>9268 Understood, thanks. Hopefully specifying "attacking last" is a valid way to handle what I'm trying to do here.
>>9264 >Cross continues to attack the cop.
>>9265 >>9269 >>9271 >Boulders kick to the rib puts out the basehead immediately with 15 damage. >Cross and Cloudhead bash the entangled cop. 10, 2, and 3 damage total. >The cop struggles to break free only to cut themselves up more, losing consciousness from 2 damage. >Everypony gains 20 bits and 13 XP, Cross recovers his lasso. >The party stands at the precipice of Basehead alley. >Are you a bad enough dude to survive basehead alley?
>looks around the desolated urban shitscape "Ah hate ziggers and bunnies!"
>>9272 >Cross uses a small apple. "Motherbucker." >He rubs at his jaw, and looks over Boulder's work. "I think you killed 'im, Boulder. Probably doin' the guard a favor, really..." >Shaking himself out, he motions down Basehead Alley. "Let's keep it moving, yeah? Find the place, then bring Rares around."
>>9274 >huffs
>>9274 "Yep, let's go."
(1016.17 KB 1065x863 turn11.png)
>>9277 >>9276 >>9274 >True to the name, upon entering the alley the party is met with a hoard of crack addicts who jump out of the dumpsters. >It sounds like somepony is angry in the apartments above...
>>9279 >whacks addict 1
(438.83 KB 604x555 TheZonx.png)
>this whole scenario
>>9279 >Attacks Basehead 1 once, then Basehead 2
On a side note: Anyone else keeping track of potential side quest opportunities in their mind? I keep thinking about Gummy, wondering where he might be and what the potential reward for returning him to Pinkie.
>>9279 >Lunges after Basehead 2 >>9283 yup; I'm pretty much always flipping back
(1.02 MB 1065x863 turn12.png)
>>9287 >>9280 >>9282 >Boulder gets a decent blow dealing 9 damage before Cloudhead goes in for the finisher dealing 6 damage. >Cloudhead attacks basehead 2 for 3 damage. >Cross lunges in with an attack so powerful it would have been overkill, too bad he missed. >Basehead 2 perries Cross's attack and gets in a strong blow dealing 6 damage. >The other two baseheads dogpile Cloudhead who takes 10 damage. >Suddenly, a yell comes from above. "SHUP UP DOWN THERE!" >A pony in the apartments begins throwing objects into the alley indiscriminately. >A chair hits Boulder for 4 damage.
>>9291 >Reeling from the big hits, he takes flight and eats a Small Apple I refuse to get cucked out of precious battle XP Similarly, I'm really curious to see what happens on level up
>shakes away the shambles of the chair and punches addict 2
>>9291 >Bouncing off the riposte, Cross attacks Basehead 3.
(1.02 MB 1065x863 turn13.png)
>>9292 >>9294 >>9295 >Boulder gets another 9 damage hit in leaving basehead 2 extremely weak. >Cross slams basehead 3 for 15 damage, KO! >Basehead 2 uses the last of it's strength to latch onto Bouler and inflict 4 damage before a falling microwave hits. >CRUNCH! >It's not dead, but it won't be walking again in a loooooong time. 7 damage. Imagine if I rolled a CRT TV on the falling object table. >The last addict bites Cross for 4 damage.
>>9301 >looks at microwave "Hmmm." >kicks addict
>>9301 >Eats another Small Apple >Catching on to the fact that somepony is throwing dangerous things, he quickly flies up to attempt to intercept and knock away anything else that may be on the way (If that's considered a valid action, otherwise just attack) I love how "flying" is simply standing upside down stuck to the ceiling of the image. Goofy stuff like that gives me life
>>9301 >Cross attacks the last addict. the flavor text of being 'punchable' is becoming all too real
>>9302 >>9303 >>9305 >Boulder and Cross attack the last addict for 10 and 5 damage respectively, knocking them out. I actually fucking rolled it >A giant CRT TV falls from the apartments above, displacing a great amount of air making a whoosh. >Cloudhead is barely able to push it away before it slams into the ground. It was going for Boulder, but it does 15 damage so it would have actually killed Cross. >The party makes out from under the apartment with haste. >Everypony gains 22 bits and 13 XP. >Boulder levels up! >Boulder recovers all HP/SP and gains 1 max HP, SP, and Attack. >Boulder learns a new takedown: Funny bone, works on certain targets only, disables them for varying lengths of time, only takes one turn to use, and does half attack damage. >There are some dumpsters to the sides of the alley and the exit to the street ahead. Dumpsters are mechanically identical to chests. Sorry for lack of MS paints, I'm a bit busy.
>>9306 >Looks at the dumpster >sniffs "Smells like shit."
>>9306 >Cross uses an apple. "Nice move, feathers." >Grunting, he slumps against one of the dumpsters. "Starting to think we could use the extra ponypower with Rarity around." >>9316 >He lifts the lid of his dumpster carefully, just to make sure there aren't any more baseheads in hiding.
>>9319 >Cross finds 6 chunks of fried chicken (heals 5 HP but does 8 poison damage if eaten). Poison damage is reduced by what percent of 20 your defense stat is. In other words, only Boulder and Cross can heal from eating these. >There are still two dumpsters left unopened.
>>9325 >looks at what Cross found in the dumpster >groans "They killed the birdies? They killed the birdies! Me break their bones for that!"
>>9306 >>9319 >Stares at the wreckage of the tv for a moment as he catches his breath, thankful that he was able to push it away "That was close... I dunno guys; it's a lot rougher out here than I expected. Maybe we should head back to the grocery store and stock up? And, well... maybe go find the helpful mare too?" >He suggests to his companions >While he waits for a response, he gently hovers over to check a couple dumpsters himself Strat talk: We're kind of in a tough spot here. At the very least, I really need to get some more food items for myself. Consider that there's a non-0% chance that we'll have to deal with two random battles to get back to safety
>>9329 >gives Cloudhead one of his apples >it's slightly battered but still edible "Here. Together we break bones!"
Oh, and by the way, how do long rests work? Are they something that can be initiated anywhere? Or only in special circumstances like at a hotel, ending a dungeon or other special encounter, traveling etc.
>>9325 >Cross' muzzle scrunches at the chicken. He begrudgingly takes it. "I'm not eating that." >>9329 "Yeah, we need to come back around on this. Didn't expect -this- harsh of a welcome." >He shakes a hoof out. Yup, I'm 100% onboard with a tactical retreat to the grocer, and to pick up Rarity.
>>9329 >Cloudhead opens the remaining dumpsters. >In one of them there is a pair of spiked horseshoes which add 15 to attack. The catch is the dumpster is also full of used needles. Do you dare brave the dumpster? >In the other dumpster is a homeless pony with a cross as a cutie mark. "I am Jesus the beggar" "The clown and the ice cream in tha hood" "For thirty bits my wisdom"
>>9331 Special circumstances mostly, but if you want to take one and you are in a safe area and context like an afternoon in ponyville I will allow it.
>>9336 >15 attack bonus This is huge, or at least for the stage we're at. Practically feels like a guaranteed AIDs riddled deathtrap though... Now another question for DM, if possible to answer: So these dumpsters are chests; are they one time take-it-or-leave-it events when you open them? Or can you return later to attempt a strategy that you've cooked up for potentially dangerous "trapped chests" like this one?
(362.23 KB 897x799 R.png)
>>9338 The AIDS dumpster defies all external logic; you can attempt a "strategy" but it's just going to result in even more ponies getting AIDS via whatever reason I can invent in the moment. Think of this as a cursed item, you can be super powerful for a bit, but your cleverly named A.I.D.S. stats will decrease by 2 every day until your character dies. You can outpace the decay a bit by leveling up, but best case your character just atrophies longer and becomes useless. Although death might not be the worst fate... who knows what Angel will do if you lose ;) But then again maybe Angel is a total pussy. I'm sorry citizen, but that information is above your security clearance.
>>9336 >Staring at the strange pony for a moment, he feels somewhat weirded out "Uh... Not today." >He says before opening the lid on the next dumpster >What he saw, however, was something that in his mind he is deathly allergic to: Needles >Slamming the lid on that dumpster, he quickly hovers back over to his friends >>9330 "Thanks." >>9335 "Let's get out of here." >>9340 >The AIDS dumpster defies all external logic kek that's all we needed to know. I was thinking of being cheeky by either offering to pay the beggar to retrieve it, have Rarity levitate it out, or just take them for the greater good assuming that I could just hand them over to one of the uninfected characters to give them a huge boost However, knowing that context now, I can only assume that these "Spiked Horseshoes" are actually just normal horseshoes riddled with AIDs needles **Better safe than sorry*
(228.31 KB 1652x1520 Rarity.png)
>>9335 >>9345 >The party makes it safely back over the bridge. >Upon crossing, Rarity comes out of the store looking concerned. "There you are! You had me worried. What were you doing going in the Zonx without me? Don't go wandering into danger like that; a lady needs to have her int... I mean talk fashion in peace!"
>>9357 "Heckin' ziggers, ma'am! They kill birdies!"
>>9358 >By her expression Rarity clearly shares Boulder's lament. "Well, you are here now" >She sighs. "Before or little soiree with Angel I need some cigarettes. Would you be a dear and buy me some red Oldports? I simply cannot go without them!" >She asks boulder before rubbing her head on his neck.
>>9357 >>9361 "We wanted to try and find the bunnie's hideout, and make sure the way would be safe for you first, but... I guess we need everypony we can get out there. Sorry." >He explains to Rarity while rubbing a sore spot on one of his forelegs "Got pretty beat up out there... We'll go make a stop at the grocery store before we go back to where all the crazies are."
>>9357 "Played a bit with the welcoming committee." >He rubs his jaw. "S'best that we did, I'm thinkin'. Won't be as hard going in the second time around." >>9362 >Cross nods along with Cloudhead's explanation. "Feel free to tag along."
>>9362 >>9365 >Rarity is satisfied with that. >Everypony makes it to the store. Item list: >Snack cake, restores 5 HP - 10 bits >Sodapop, restores 10 HP - 30 bits >Cigarettes, restores 10 SP - 30 bits >Jumper cable, wakes up unconscious - 50 bits >Bubblegum, strongly adhesive - 20 bits Current balance: >Boulder has 144 bits >Cross has 79 bits >Cloudhead has 51 bits >Rarity rubs up to Boulder. "3 packs should do darling"
(51.32 KB 911x661 grocer.png)
>>9366 forgot image
>>9366 >Cross buys a Sodapop and 3 Snack cakes for a total of 60 bits. >He glances at the rest of the ponies. "Don't judge me." >He also gives Cloudhead 9 bits. "Count 'em in tens, feathers." >>9367 this is a good screen, OP
>>9366 "Ehm... Um... How many tens do I need to give him?"
>>9368 "More bits for me...? Thanks." >He says, accepting them with a surprised tone >Unsure of where exactly he's at financially, he dumps all of his bits out onto the counter before adding them up into groups of ten "Ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten... Wow!" >Glances back and forth between his neatly stacked piles of bits and the prices for various things >Shoving all the bits back into one pile, he pushes said pile towards the cashier as he buys six snack cakes >>9369 >Leans in to whisper to Boulder "You'd need, um... ah... Nine tens. And she wanted only those ones." >Points a forehoof at the Red Oldports "Pretty expensive, but... I think we need the help, don't you?" Is there a limit to how much stuff we can carry? Or do we have some of those convenient infinite bags of holding?
>begins to count bits "One... two... three..." >he stacks them on the counter >several times he he fucks up the stack and starts anew >one time the stacks crumbles and Boulder collects money from the floor >around half an hour passes "Eight... nine... ten..." >he then begins to count stacks themselves "One... two... three..." >Another five minutes pass "Here. Nine tens. I need cigarets."
>>9372 >The cashier chuckles to himself and collects the money. "Which ones?" I actually knew a chain smoker who only smoked red Newports. She would sometimes walk all the way to the gas station 2 miles away at night just for some. >>9371 Effectively infinite within reason. Obviously you can't fit a hundred snack cakes, but you can fit a few dozen. If it's something big like the TV or the "party" cannon you need to pull it instead of putting it in your bags.
I keep forgetting to mention it but when you eat the fried chicken items you actually just eat the breading. Horses can't eat meat. The breading does poison damage because of the oils from the meat and the oils from the dumpster it has absorbed. Feels like bad worldbuilding if I don't mention it, horses eating meat is just plain stupid.
>>9375 "Eh?"
>>9375 >>9379 >Steps in for the sake of simplicity "He wanted those red ones on the bottom, I think." >Once again, he points a forehoof towards the Red Oldports
>>9380 "Very well" >The cashier picks up three packs of red Oldports one by one with his mouth and pushes them over to Boulder. >Rarity is pleased upon seeing them and levitates them into her saddlebag. "Thank you darling; you don't know what it's like going without these" >Rarity's view pans over the rest of the party. "Shall we get going then?"
>>9386 "Not looking forward to it, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
>>9386 >nods
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn14.png)
>>9387 >>9388 >The party plus Rarity makes their way down Park Street, across the bridge, and past the pawn shop. >On the street in front of Basehead alley, they encounter a pair of baseheads. >Rarity turns to the party and speaks. "I won't be of much use on the front line, but I know some spells that can help you. I'll defend myself and heal you unless you want me to use another spell. I can scan, put up a magic shield, and cast lightning bolts. Now buck those ugly zebras!"
>>9390 "Birdies! No forgive!" >whacks addict 1
>>9390 >Attacks Basehead 1 and 2 Rarity looks very pleased to have a few strapping young studs plow the way through the ghetto for her. And buy her expensive cigarettes
>>9390 >Cross snorts. "You got it!" >Attacks basehead 2
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn15.png)
>>9391 >>9392 >>9393 >Boulder misses, eliciting a laugh from the basehead he slowly attempted to attack. >Cloudhead bonks the first basehead for 2 damage and the second for 5 damage. >Cross's kick hits at an angle that does not transmit much force and only does 4 damage. >Rarity messes up her spell and only heals 1 HP for Cross. >The first basehead tries to counterattack Cloudhead but misses, giving Boulder the last laugh. >The other basehead, not keen on this, hits Boulder for 2 damage to shut him up. Rarity knows some of the spells listed on the character creation guide so here they are for convenience: >>8269
>>9394 >Dives in for another round of beating on Basehead 1 and 2
>>9394 >Tingling at the magic, he continues kicking at basehead 2.
>>9394 >kicks addict 1
(16.54 KB 955x664 parkst4.png)
(19.15 KB 955x664 baseheadalley.png)
>>9396 >>9400 >>9403 >Cloudhead hits the first addict for 6 damage and the second for 5, knocking them out. >Cross still takes a cautionary kick for 5 damage. >Boulder kicks the first addict for a solid 11 damage, snapping a rib or two. >Rarity defends. >Everypony gains 5 XP and 5 bits. Yes, Rarity is cucking you out of XP. >The party continues through Basehead Alley with no issue and makes it to where they left off, by the three dumpsters at the end of the alley. Made some Heartwarming™ MS Paints of the street you were on and the alley you are in.
>>9412 love your art, reminds me of those EGA DOS games I used to play as a child
>>9412 "Here we are again..." >Cloudhead comments, looking up warily at the apartments above for any falling TVs "...Don't like feeling in danger out here. I hope we find this bunny soon." >>9414 Same, it's comfy. Also something about these last two images just brought back some deep memories. Anyone here enough of a 30 year old boomer to remember that ancient CYOA flash game where you kept getting attacked by a manticore?
I will also say that I quite like the art, especially the colors >>9417 >Cross also keeps his eyes up. "You're telling me." >>9412 >He looks at Rarity. "You know anything else about uh, Angel?"
>>9419 >Rarity shrugs. "Just what I told you; he was Fluttershy's pet and his behavior got out of hoof" >>9417 >She shifts her focus to Cloudhead. "I second that notion darling. Let's give that bunny a piece of mind and get out of here before something dreadful happens"
Glad you anon are appreciating the art.
>>9412 >whistles
>>9421 "I hope that pony is OK... Were you friends with Fluttershy?" >He asks Rarity before jumping up with a flap of his wings and hovering >Once up in the air, he begins to slowly inch his way down the alley, anxious and expecting trouble; his head on a swivel
>Creeps up toward the edge of the alley and peers out.
(1.01 MB 1065x863 turn16.png)
>>9426 >Boulders whistling travels to the other side of the street and back echoing through the alley. >>9428 >Rarity answers Cloudhead pensively. "Yes, very good friends" >She exhales. "But no time to dwell on it now, worrying won't save Fluttershy" >>9429 >Everypony makes it to the street where two police and two crack addicts accost them, likely tipped off by Boulder's whistling. "There they are! Get them!"
>>9430 >loudly sings Our Proud Stars'n'Alicorns, or at least that's what he thinks the song supposed to be >smashes addict 1
>>9430 >He glares at the cops as he comes up. >Cross rears up on basehead 2 and brings his hooves down.
>>9430 >Growing weary of all the fighting and violence, Cloudhead wishes for nothing more than to return to where peace and quiet can be found >As such, he realizes that if he wants to return to that happy place, he needs to begin taking more heavy-hoofed measures... >With powerful flapping of his wings, he shoots skyward, quickly amassing an electrically charged cloud >Letting his intuition guide him, he delivers a sharp kick to the cloud, sending a bolt of lightning at one of the Corrupt Cops Let's see if this skill's worthwhile or not By the way, I found the old flash game CYOA I was thinking of earlier: Which Way Adventure
(1.01 MB 1065x863 turn17.png)
>>9433 >>9434 >>9436 >Boulder gets a solid 9 damage hit on the first basehead, who is visibly weakened. >Cross comes down on the second basehead for 18 damage instantly putting it out of commission. >Cloudhead sparks a moderate lightning bolt which comes down on the first corrupt cop for 12 damage. >Corrupt cop 1 uses crack on Rarity who takes 10 damage, violently convulsing on the ground from the crack overdose. >Corrupt cop 2 uses crack on basehead 1 who is energized by it, healing 10 HP in an instant. >The last basehead viciously lunges for Boulder getting in a 3 damage bite. We managed to make it a month without showing one of the mane 6 doing drugs on screen. >>9436 Checked out the flash game; that was pretty interesting. I bet there is some deeply hidden thing I missed.
>>9437 "Heckin' Ziggerlovers!" >kicks Cop 1 with all his strength
>>9437 >Kicks out another lightning bolt towards Corrupt Cop 2
>spend 90 bits to ensure that Rarity comes along with us >she gets dunked on in one hit DM also played the game, now we have to worry about manticores in the future too Fugg :DDd And yes, I remember there being lots of secrets in Which Way Adventure
couldn't have happened to a nicer pony >>9437 >Whirls around to buck Corrupt Cop 2.
(1.02 MB 1065x863 turn18.png)
>>9438 >>9441 >>9443 >Boulder's kick comes out weak. >Just kidding, he hits for 18 damage. >CRUNCH! >Corrupt cop 1 is dead, no question. Went flying back from the kick and hit her head on a pole. >Lightning raps the second cop for 15 damage before she is knocked out by Cross's 5 damage kick. >The last basehead tries to bite boulder but slips up and just sort of bumps into him for 1 damage.
Boulder is racking up a killcount, holy shit >>9446 >Cross grapples the last basehead with his lasso.
>>9447 >uses the opportunity to strike the grappled addict
>>9446 >Swoops in to deliver two hits FYI DM, I want to be in flying mode at the start of battles, at least for now Strat talk: The cops are clearly a bigger threat than the baseheads. I would suggest in another battle composition like this, that Cross attempt to use his lasso on one, then Boulder and I try and nuke the other one on the first turn. We could avoid a lot of unnecessary damage that way.
>>9449 Affirm. I'm thinking I might actually start doing takedowns rather than grapples. Takes better advantage of my attack, at least. Also, y'know, for the mares...
(32.69 KB 955x664 rhodesway1.png)
>>9447 >>9448 >>9449 >Bouler crushes the grappled addict with his immense mass and does 15 damage, knocking them out. >Cloudhead comes screeching to a halt on the pavement. >Everypony except Rarity gains 20 XP and 15 bits. >Boulder and Cross each find one crack cocaine. >Marked Cross levels up! >Marked Cross recovers all HP/SP and gains 1 max HP, SP, and Attack. >Marked Cross learns a new takedown: Funny bone, works on certain targets only, disables them for varying lengths of time, only takes one turn to use, and does half attack damage. >Cloudhead levels up! >Cloudhead recovers all HP/SP and gains 1 max HP, SP, and Speed. >The party has made it to Rhodes Way. The row houses ahead are adorned with garbage, and a strangely ominous ice cream cart is seemingly abandoned at the side of the road.
>>9453 >looks at Rarity "Is she OK?"
>>9454 >Rarity continues violently convulsing.
>>9454 >>9455 >Cross holds up his bit of crack cocaine. "It's crack." >He slowly lowers his hoof. "So, uh... I don't know if she's gonna get better if we wait."
>>9454 >>9455 >>9457 "I don't know either, but we gotta do something for her..." >He says, looking visibly distressed by the poor mares condition >Walking up to Rarity, he carefully stands over her and tries to stabilize her body with his hooves, so that she doesn't hurt herself from the convulsions
>>9459 >Cross looks around the street, then back at her. "What if we... shocked her? With the cables?" >His muzzle scrunches. "I'unno, she's -really- out of it so... I just figure... y'know."
I just thought of something really stupid for giggles, but I need to know: Is the jumper cable a one time use item? Kind of an expensive thing to needlessly use if it's a one shot deal
>>9461 It's a one use item, but if your use is funny enough who's to say the bits for another won't materialize via some convenient freak event?
>>9462 Well, it's up to Boulder, since he's the one who paid the bits for it in the first place
"We should help her."
>>9460 >>9466 "O-Okay, let's try it! Come over here and help hold her still, I'll figure out the cables."
>>9468 >blushes and holds Rarity's front hooves, pinning her legs down
>>9468 >The box the cables are attached to has instructions on it. "1. Attach the clips to both forelegs of the downed pony to form a complete circuit through the heart" "2. Pull the safety lever to the down position to disengage the button lock" "3. Push the red button to release the charge" >Along with the written instructions is a visual depiction of how the cables are supposed to be attached. >Cloudhead sees next to this a diagonal stick thing, a round red thing, and a smaller deeper red round thing. >The cables are clipped to the side of the box.
>Cross keeps his head on a swivel, keeping eyes on the street. "How's it lookin', feathers?"
>>9470 >Springing into action, Cloudhead takes the jumper cable set, turning it around to see its various parts >Noticing that it comes with instructions, he only gives them a cursory examination >Time is of the essence, after all >One at a time, he grabs hold of each clip with his mouth and carefully attaches them to Rarity's body; one on each foreleg that Boulder is holding >As soon as both are on, he wastes no time pressing the red button on the box >Though when nothing appears to be happening, he presses the button again... >...and again... >...and yet again... >Feeling panicked, he starts rapidly pressing the button to no avail >>9471 "I-It's not working!! I think it's broken!" >He cries out, dismayed by the turn of events >Taking hold of the box with his forehooves, he looks at the instructions once more, trying to quickly absorb the basic knowledge that the drawings offer, rather than what the words say >However, all the recent stress proves to be overloading his simple pegasus mind, so he learns nothing new >Instead, he begins to think inwardly... >Where are those strange feelings of energy located on his body? That must be the answer! >Though he is a stallion, and Rarity is a mare... Would it still be the same? >Turning his head, he catches a glance between Rarity's hind legs, where he finally discovers his answer... >Right there, nestled away, are two perfect points to attach the clips! >Yes, that must be where mares keep their energy as well! >With renewed effort, he lets the box tumble to the ground, hitting the safety lever in the process >Taking one of the clips into his mouth, he moves his head in towards Rarity's underbelly, only to stop short >At that moment, he remembers something his teacher taught the class one day... >...that everypony has private areas, and that they are not to be touched... >With that memory now at the forefront of his thoughts, Cloudhead feels himself flush hot in embarrassment >He knows he shouldn't, but... Rarity needs their help right now! >Moving his snoot in closer, he only hopes that she won't be upset with him... >After a moment of difficulty due to her convulsions, Cloudhead finally manages to attach both clips to Rarity's teats >Not wasting any more time, he sets the box back upright, and gives the red button a solid whap with a forehoof
tfw that took way more effort than I anticipated. Ended up writing a short green I didn't expect it to have instructions, my original thought was birb brain here being stupid, being largely unfamiliar with the finer points of the opposite gender's anatomy, thought that her teats looked like battery terminals
(121.32 KB 780x984 her face when.jpg)
>>9472 >"And that's how I met your mother!"
"Uh...Um... Is this rape?"
>>9472 ZAP! >The electricity surges through Rarity, causing a brief moment of even more intense convulsions before she lays still. >After a few moments, she regains the energy to move (she's stable at 1 HP) "What happened?" >Feeling strange she looks towards the source of irritation, spotting the alligator clips. >Her head shoots back as she gasps before yelling in a raspy voice. "What are those doing there!"
>>9477 "Me thinks it was rape." >takes out an apple out of his pouch and offers it to Rarity "Here, want?"
>>9477 "It worked!" >He exclaims triumphantly "One of the ponice ponies tossed some strange stuff that made you shake really badly on the ground." "We were really worried, so I tried using that thing. It didn't work at first, so I tried placing the clippy things somewhere else..." "...I'm, uh... sorry that I put those there without asking. But it worked! And now you're OK again!" >He explains to Rarity
>>9479 >disappointed "So, it wasn't rape?"
>>9480 "What do grapes have to do with anything?" >He pauses to think "...Do you have any grapes? I like grapes."
>>9477 >Cross startles at Rarity's voice, and turns around to see... >Rariteats. >He's left dumbstruck. >>9479 >He tries to hold down a snigger as Cloudhead explains, but he breaks out into a full laugh.
>>9479 >>9481 >Rarity blushes and looks away with her ears back. >She stands up as she uses her magic to unclip. >>9487 >She scowls at Cross for the distasteful laughter and takes a few moments to collect herself, turning to Cloudhead. >Her tone is subdued. "Well, thanks for helping me" >She understands that Cloudhead was truly ignorant and had good intentions, but that does not change the awkwardness of the situation which elicits a sigh. "Shall we get going then?" >Rarity casts heal on herself and regains 7 HP.
>>9478 >Rarity tries to ignore Boulder in this moment.
>>9489 >>9490 "O...Okay..." >Feeling more like he's done something bad, he starts gently flapping his wings once more to hover above the group, ready for whatever danger they may face next
(192.85 KB 747x981 2002753.jpg)
>tfw nobody thought it was funny >tfw didn't even produce a funny result, just made things shitty >tfw pointlessly wasted 50 shekels bits Guess I'll go kill myself or something now
(78.42 KB 131x149 217017.gif)
>>9495 >didn't even produce a funny result But I thought you wanted Rarabuse! Were you expecting her to be pleased or something? Also the kit worked despite going in the totally wrong area so you can't say it was a waste of bits.
>>9497 Abuse and >rape is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Am I misunderstanding things here? We got drug addict Pinkie as the source of her hyper personality right at the start of the adventure, so I assumed that each of the M6 probably has something questionable going on. The first impression I got of Rarity after getting off the train was that she's getting ahead in the business the "old fashioned" way. With that in mind, and how comedy is supposed to be a dominant quality here, I thought it would be a funny opportunity to poke fun at that in a tongue-and-cheek sort of way by giving her teats a zap, causing her to wake up with a long, drawn out moan(at the very least). Unless drug overdose is a special case, using it was still a waste. If Cross getting KO'd was an example to go by, Rarity would have presumably recovered on her own after waiting around for a bit.
(222.98 KB 1756x1756 Cloudhead.png)
Anyway, instead of killing myself I decided to do something more productive and finally get around to >>8514 Here's pic related; something much closer to what I had in my mind for Cloudhead. His cutie mark is a large poofy cloud with question marks. He's not always looking unhappy, but I set that image up with the battle screens in mind, since he doesn't enjoy the fighting.
>>9499 Your right about Rarity getting ahead the "old fashioned" way. The purpose of that insight was to show that she is manipulative and only puts out what she needs to, buttering up any stallion to get favors like buying packs of cigarettes but saving the more persuasive technique for more important business. The joke was supposed to be that Boulder is getting used. That being said, she doesn't fancy getting hooked up to alligator clips next to a piss soaked garbage bag by an alley. She is a lady after all, she has standards. Also, as far as I am concerned it is in character for her to recognize this as an innocent mistake because she understands that the party is mentally handicapped. It's not like she is going to deeply hate Cloudhead for it she would rather just move on and forget it happened. This is important to know, the reason I let Cross wake up early on the train was because there was no more combat. There was just going to be a long rest anyways, so it felt lame to force him out of roleplay. In a dungeon it is required to use the jumper cables to wake party members or retreat and take a long rest (which is not an option now), so this was definitely not a waste of the cables. Sorry that it turned out shitty for you; I thought it was a funny way for your characters ignorance to make an awkward situation. Didn't think you wanted her to like it and I didn't think of it as rape either, just Cloudhead being too innocent. >>9500 Nice! I'll use that for the battle screens from here on out.
>>9490 >shrugs and hides the apple back into the pouch
>>9489 >After he comes down from his high, he takes a moment, and nods. "Yeah, yeah... sorry. Glad you're alright." >He takes another breath as he turns, barely holding his composure. >Cross moves to check on the ominous ice cream cart. >>9495 I found it funny, Anon. Good on you for taking initiative
>>9505 >As Cross approaches the cart, the jingle plays on it's own. >Cross finds a note written in strange iron-smelling red liquid on top of the cart. >Seems like some kind of riddle. "What do we all do for ice cream?"
>>9506 >Remains a healthy distance away from the cart, wary of any tricks or traps "Ice cream clown... is this the thing that beggar was rambling about?" >He comments
Oof, good to know that KO's are more serious than they first appeared to be. If you get more than one party member knocked out and you don't have the means to get them back up again, you're kind of SOL aren't you? Also don't worry about my jumper cable autism. It isn't all about what I want; I was just thinking of a probable outcome based on the information I had at that point
>>9510 Don't worry about it; even if it didn't go as you expected I know at least two of us thought it was funny. It wasn't out of character, though it did push the envelope. I laughed pretty damn hard at how utterly fucked the situation was.
>>9506 >>9509 >Cross snorts. "Oh, I know this one. Fold your ears." >He draws in a breath. >And belts out a scream.
>>9518 this is the canon sound
(1014.69 KB 1065x863 turn19.png)
>>9516 >A strange tone resonates with Cross's scream and diverges into it's own laugh. "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" >The voice speaks. "I scream, you scream. We ALL scream for ice cream!" >Silly the Clown pops out of the cart and screams in Cross's face before going back to a speaking tone. "Hee hee hee! Now it's your turn to scream again! Scream until you DIE!"
>>9523 >Cross wipes his face with a foreleg. "Now that's just not funny." >He goes for a funny bone takedown on Silly. >Works on certain targets only sure hope this applies. here
Bozo here is going to wipe us, isn't he? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNv2RHR62Rs >>9523 >Brings down a lightning bolt on the creepy clown
>>9523 "Sun for Sun Princess!" >kicks the clown very hard
>>9527 >>9525 >>9524 >Boulders kick is absorbed and does no damage, and Cloudhead's lightning? It's just a snack. >Cross skillfully whacks Silly in the funny bone. "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" >Silly can't stop laughing. "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" >Is he ever going to stop? "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!" "Hee hee hee hee hee hee... hee... heeeeeeeeee" >The clown collapses dead. >He laughed and laughed and never took time to breathe, eventually asphyxiating himself. >After he dies, an apparition raises out of his body sporting a painted on frown. "I am true Silly the Clown" "You kill my body but my soul stay" "I will haunt you forever" >The apparition vanishes into thin air. This ain't no joke, you guys are cursed now.
>>9528 K... Keep me posted
>>9528 >whispers a prayer to Celestia
>>9528 >Cross smiles crookedly. "...Now that's funny."
>>9528 "Well, that was... interesting. Let's get going I think I see the 'crack house' ahead" >Rarity motions down the road.
>Briefly lands to check if the strange ice cream cart had anything of value on it
>>9539 >Cloudhead doesn't find anything.
>>9542 >>9538 "Why is everything so weird here?" >He comments while rising back into the air above the group, before meandering down the direction Rarity pointed
>follows Rarity
>>9538 "Alrighty." >He gives the clown's body one last look before leaving as well.
(999.97 KB 1065x863 turn20.png)
>>9543 >>9545 >>9546 >The party stands on the street in front of the crack house marveling at it's putridness. >Two corrupt cops come out the front door, each with two baseheads on leashes foaming at the mouth. >Releasing the rabid ziggers, the cops call out. "Go get'em!"
>>9551 "I kick for Our Lady!" >kicks addict 1
beautiful imagery >>9551 >Attacks basehead 2
>>9551 >Swoops down and hits Baseheads 1 and 2
(1.00 MB 1065x863 turn21.png)
>>9553 >>9554 >>9555 >Bouler hits basehead 1 for 9 damage before Cloudhead kicks it for 2 damage. >It counterattacks Cloudhead by biting him, but only does 1 damage and does not break the skin. >Cloudhead whacks basehead 2 for 6 damage and Cross hits for 18 damage, severing it's spine somewhere. >One of the other baseheads attacks Rarity but misses, and the last is dodged by Cloudhead. >Rarity heals Boulder for 6 HP. Yeah, the speed stat isn't a joke. Looks like you might actually make it out without anypony getting rabies.
(41.62 KB 564x564 tfw.jpg)
>>9565 >they actually have rabies Damn man cool it with the sadism. We're barely out of the tutorial gates, and things are feeling less like a fun romp and more like a nightmare difficulty gauntlet run through the gates of hell, with all the permanent/hard to remove/likely lethal status effects we're being thrown into. AIDS, drug overdose, KO, curses, rabies... What's next? The reality of this Equestria is actually kind of horrifying. It's not IF you die, it's HOW you die.
>>9566 Agree with anon. Cool it down a bit with grimderp, master. It doesn't sound humorous anymore, just unnecessary edgy and not fun.
>>9566 I've never played in one of these before, but I have been feeling that pressure to min-max pretty hard. I came in expecting to do exactly that, but holy hell it's been rough. >>9569 And it's also unfortunate that we did sway the way of focusing on the RP element of the game, because otherwise I wouldn't be too bothered by the setting's curveballs, which are beginning to tend toward being actively draining when it comes to thinking about how to approach them in-character.
>>9569 >>9566 I did say that death would be common in the original post; I have up to this point been running the game using the Paranoia philosophy. If you haven't heard of Paranoia, it's a pen and paper roleplaying game set in the Alpha complex. In that place there is a computer that hates commies and runs everything pertaining to life. The world is a bureaucratic hell with arbitrary rules like having to wear clothes color coded to your security clearance to get into areas. The character system actually starts you out with a 6 pack of clones because of how many PC deaths there are. That being said, I don't think you want to play Paranoia based on this feedback. I can have some of the craziness of the world remain, it just has to be lighter in tone. Also RP focused because the combat isn't as fun. I have some stuff planned that falls under those lines already (I have thought out a lot of potential scenarios for where to take the campaign), which I can run going forward. Judging by your feedback the Russian Roulette scene is probably not a good idea; good thing you spoke up before entering the crackhouse that could have been ugly. >>9570 Do you want to stop using the combat system altogether? I can run scenarios that are completely roleplay if it's just not /fun/ for most of you. I have been trying to make it more interesting by making the dungeon have interactive bits and adding little secrets but if that hasn't worked I'll retire it after you fight Angel. I'd like to see what you all think.
>>9577 I'm having plenty of fun with the combat, exploration, etc... It's just all the random guaranteed death stuff seemingly everywhere that is getting tiresome. If you were able to run this on /mlp/ (if the roleplay rule was different), it would likely be perfectly fine. You'd have a high volume of people to fill the ranks as characters get randomly and rapidly offed. But consider for a moment that sort of thing being not the best choice for running here on NHNB. It's already a low volume of lurkers/posters here. What are we supposed to be doing when our characters die? Just samefag and keep creating fresh cannon fodder over and over? Something to consider, anyway. I do appreciate all the effort you're putting into this for our benefit.
>>9565 >kicks addict 1
>>9582 >keep creating fresh cannon fodder over and over? That's how I originally intended it. I also had the idea to make death less final by having apparitions of the characters haunt the party and talk to them, giving hints and interaction and keeping part of the character in the game. For example, the clown "curse" is actually that you can deliberately flub a high roll by messing up in a goofy way to please him (preferably with a running gag), and if you do this three times he will let you have a guaranteed perfect roll sometime later. When a PC dies a similar "curse" would be enacted with unique perks and conditions. My original idea was to make the game fast paced and more deaths compared to standard tabletop games to shake it up and let players be creative, not that we have to follow that idea, just for clarity. Also rabies isn't deadly as long as you go to the doctor within a few in game days, it's more of a flavor thing than a serious status effect.
>>9565 >Attacks Baseheads 3 and 4
>>9586 Appreciate what you are doing, really am, but can we, I dunno, shift the flavor a bit from stacking deadly diseases and related puns to something more Equestria-specific? Like magic? Clown curse looked cool for this exact reason. I'm not enough fan of Death Guard and Nurgle-related stuff, honestly. Sorry if that's wrong thing to ask, maybe I just walked into an adventure I wasn't ready for.
>>9577 >Do you want to stop using the combat system altogether? No, no, the combat's fun. The only standing issue I have with it is the fast-paced enemy scaling, which in itself is a result of the setup. You gave full disclosure on that, so it's not your fault I feel that way. Still, to build further on >>9582, with just three PCs at present, avoiding death right now is a total crapshoot; every encounter and event feels high-risk, low-reward. With how much real time it's taken us to get to this point, death would be a major setback, and barely sweetened by your aforementioned 'perks' >>9586. I've got no issue with making cannon fodder ponies, but I also don't want to feel like making the wrong move can lead to the downfall of everyone else in the party. There's certainly a lot of interesting potential in the game style as you've laid it out now, but until (not if) more Anons make an appearance and join the daily soiree, the value of death in this setting is going to be heavily diminished in my eyes. I can't help but continue to play this in a 'traditional' way. In that case, it'd really be a benefit to lighten up on the combat. Speaking of lightening up, the RP issue I have pertains to the way things have dramatically unfolded since arriving in Manehattan. Kind of in the same pot as >>9592. It was one thing when Pinkie Pie alluded to her drug use—it showed that there was more to this Equestria than meets the eye—but we've gone full-out into something else entirely. Even with how little a background I provided, it feels like I've made the wrong kind of character for this world. Anyways, you have my thanks again for running. The game is still fun, and I'm not hoping to dismiss everything you've worked on, master.
>>9565 >In an adrenaline-fueled fervor, he immediately attacks basehead 3
(1.01 MB 1065x863 turn22.png)
>>9585 >>9590 >>9594 >Cloudhead hits the third Basehead for 6 damage and the fourth for 2. >Boulder kicks number one for 5 damage, knocking them out. >Cross whacks number three, but he's a little tilted and doesn't transmit all the energy he could have, delivering 5 damage. >The remaining addicts pounce on Rarity for a total of 10 damage, but because Rarity is defending she only takes 5 damage. There is a pretty clear consensus here, so I'll lighten up the tone and try to make it feel more like being in an episode of the show, focusing on funny character interactions and exploration. The combat is actually balanced in your favor pretty heavily, so even though the scaling might look intimidating your actually statistically much more likely to survive than not after a fight, even if somepony is KO'd. You will gain resources instead of losing them overall. Plus, I heard a rumor totally unfun things have a strange way of not happening. I prepared a few sample "episodes" you could play after you finish "Angel": Rarity's EX cuck Spike is jealous that she is using Boulder instead of him, so he annoys the party and causes them trouble. Possible outcomes include diplomatically resolving the situation, accepting defeat and being burdened by Spike, and beating Spike up (Worst outcome because Rarity will be mad about it and stop paying attention to Boulder, so Spike really wins that one long term). The humor of this would be character driven and primarily involve Spike, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle. The party is tasked with repairing the printer in a office building, but the situation is not as it seems. The chapter would by a mystery story where the humor is derived from unraveling a strange conspiracy. The party gets into the Train station to go back to Ponyville, but on the way a pony convinces them to go west to mine for gold because they won't get an opportunity like this for the rest of their lives. When they get to a western town, they are encountered by strange phenomenon and creatures from the woods. This would be an adventure oriented episode with a dungeon.
>>9605 >punches addict 4
>>9605 >spoiler sounds good!
>>9605 >Attacks Baseheads 3 and 4 once more #3 sounds pretty interesting. That one gets my vote
>>9605 >He continues to ham on basehead 3 Alrighty. Again, wasn't trying to complain, just putting my worries up on the table as well
(150.72 KB 803x1024 large.png)
>>9611 >>9614 >>9615 >Cloudhead hits number 3 for 2 damage, knocking them out, and misses number 4. >Boulder and Cross both attack the last one for 7 and 4 damage respectively. >Everypony gains 12 bits and 10 XP. >The cops look like they want to start more trouble, but a meek voice calls out. "stop" >A familiar yellow pegasus shyly makes her way through the door. "Um.. Angel wants to see you. If you don't mind" >Rarity calls out. "Fluttershy! Don't let him bully you around like this, your a lady!" >Fluttershy just ignores her and looks away.
>>9620 >Stares at the new mare for a moment, before alternating looks between her and Rarity "That's her? Your friend?" >He asks, a perplexed expression on his face "D-Did she say something...? I thought I heard something."
>>9620 >Cross settles down, but scowls at the corrupt cops. He calls out a reply to Fluttershy. "Real nice welcome if all he wants is talk. -Real- nice." >He leans toward Rarity to whisper. "Can we trust 'er?"
>>9621 >>9624 >Rarity turns to Cloudhead and speaks hesitantly. "Yes, that's her. My friend" >She sighs, turning to Cross. "I really don't know"
>>9626 >He grunts, turning back to Fluttershy. "And what about your little friends, here? Calling 'em off, or what?"
>>9631 >Upon being directly addressed, Fluttershy turns away and whimpers. >The bunny of the hour emerges from the shadows behind her. >He climbs up and gives her a kick on the rump. "OW!" >Angel proceeds to point at the party and make irritated noises, then jumps up and down on Fluttershy's back a few times before flexing. >She is taken aback. "Oh my... Angel, do I have to say that?" >He pulls her hair fast and hard. "OW! Okay... Angel wants you to come upstairs and fight him" >The bunny gives her a stern look. "Us! fight us. Because um..." >Fluttershy closes her eyes. "if you don't listen you'll regret it!" >Angel knods.
>>9635 >asks Fluttershy "You know he kill birdies?"
>>9635 >As utterly inexperienced with interacting with mares as he may be, Cloudhead finds himself growing frustrated >Even he knows a mare shouldn't be treated like this "Guess we don't have much of a choice... That bunny needs to learn his place!"
>>9635 >>9637 >Cross nods. "Came all this way for a fight. You'll get one."
>>9636 >Fluttershy assertively snaps to Boulder aghast at his remark, giving him... the stare! "WHAT? How dare you accuse sweet little Angel of doing something like that! You should be ashamed." Battle screen and description of your walk through the crackhouse coming later tonight, going to watch a movie.
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn23.png)
>>9637 >>9638 >The party makes it's way through the crackhouse following Angel who is riding Fluttershy. >Rarity takes this chance to fully heal herself and smoke a pack of red Oldports. >The bottom level is the same kind of disgusting trash everypony has toiled through. >Dimly lit, trash bags, litter, 40 oz bottles in brown bags, and crack addicts convulsing on the floor. >Up the flight of stairs, the second level is more open and well lit. >Cops are overseeing workers next to large noisy machines that produce the noxious chemicals that started this whole nightmare. >Up the last flight of stairs, security guards flank a fancy door with gold trim. >Upon seeing Angel, they open it and salute, revealing an immaculate hallway of riches. >Angel looks at the party with a smug grin. >Once everypony has entered the room Angel goes off again, pointing at the party, making bunny noises, and stomping. >Fluttershy translates for him. "Angel is surprised you actually came here, he didn't think you umm... had the balls" >Rarity turns to the rest of the party. "Please, whatever you do don't knock out Fluttershy. Just because that horrid hare Angel is using her doesn't give us a license to get her hurt!" Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMRUxd3b2Vw
kek, Cloudhead on the ceiling >>9646 >Cross gives Fluttershy a hard look. "This is between us and him, alright? Take your friend's advice." >He attempts a funny bone takedown on Angel.
(613.34 KB 680x383 106588.gif)
>>9648 >Cloudhead on the ceiling It's more likely than you think
Weren't we originally supposed to clear through the crackhouse? >>9646 >Unsure of what the big deal about a small bunny could possibly be, he moves in to bonk said bunny twice >>9649 lmao I completely forgot about that moment. I guess there's an actual basis to be on the ceiling?
>>9646 >attempts Takedown on Fluttershy
>>9658 i can't wait to see the results of this
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn24.png)
>>9654 >Spoiler 1 Yes, very originally when I started the CYOA, but the Zonx turned out to be a big enough first dungeon on it's own and still even has a secret left to uncover in it the way it is. I felt like adding the crackhouse itself to the dungeon would just bloat it at this point. >>9648 >>9658 >Cloudhead bonks Angel for 5 and 1 damage. >Boulder charges toward Fluttershy. "EEEEEEEK!" >Thankfully it only does 3 damage and lightly bruises her. She is safely out of the battle as long as Boulder holds her down. >Cross attempts a funny bone takedown on Angel, whacking him for 10 damage, but it has no further effect. >Angel looks like he is going for Cross but at the last second he turns and double-bitchslaps Rarity for 4 and 1 damage. Because she is defending, she only takes 3 damage. Just some food for thought: you can use items on enemies regardless of if they heal, do damage, or whatever. You remember how the crack healed the baseheads but hurt Rarity; that has to do with the type of damage it inflicts. Not that it's worth healing Fluttershy now, she's fine, but I felt like making it clear for the future.
>>9663 ^:)
for the reference, Takedown makes the character to pass a turn and the target passes 2 turns instead, right? So Boulder can't do nothing right now and will need to reaffirm his grip on the next one?
>>9663 >>9664 >He whoops at Boulder's tackle. "Attacolt!" >Cross opts to bonk Angel.
>>9663 >Attacks Angel twice 1: Understandable. Do we get to continue wandering around the various areas after the Big Bad is defeated?(assuming we make it) 2:Good information to keep in mind Also, did something change with how flight works in battle for me? I notice that I'm not being put on the ground anymore after attacking twice. Which is good for me, but I'm just curious if that was intentional
(1.04 MB 1065x863 turn25.png)
>>9666 Correct >>9671 >Spoiler 1 Yes, you will be able to revisit all the areas in the game if they are not destroyed or sealed off somehow. Spoiler 3 No that's not intentional. I just forgot because there are so many variables to keep track of. Thanks for pointing it out. >>9668 >Cloudhead hits Angel for 2 and 3 damage. >Cross slips and barely hits Angel for a measly 2 damage. >Angel stomps on cross for 7 damage propelling himself at Cloudhead for a perfect 10 damage kick. Another important thing about fly: you can use items, even on teammates and enemies, without making yourself targetable to basic ground attacks. Also this may become relevant soon: Rarity can cast shield, lighting, and scan but one of you has to aske her to do it. Say for example Cross asked her to cast shield on Boulder. Wanted to make sure that was clear. It doesn't matter much which specific strategy you use but you are going to need one to win this fight so I'm making extra sure you know all these mechanics now.
>>9674 >Makes himself comfortable atop Fluttershy and presses her down "Lemme tell you about birdies..."
>>9674 >Feeling the pain, he quickly flies up to the ceiling "Owwowowow! What kind of bunny is that strong?!" >He complains before stuffing his muzzle with a snack cake Leaving usage of Rarity's abilities up to Cross's discretion. Getting shields up would be useful.
>>9679 >>9677 Somepony didn't read what shield does.
>>9683 Someone's being a faggot. I read what it does; Angel's physical damage output is manageable as-is, I don't trust this bunny to not have a trick up his figurative bunny sleeve, which shield could help against. Doesn't really matter though, Cross still has time to redo his action if he wants to use a different spell instead.
>>9674 >Wincing at the hit, Cross calls for Rarity to scan Angel. >He tries not to slip when kicking the bunny this time. >>9683 my mistake, I forgot there was a whole list of spells >>9684 either way, it's 3SP to defend against attacks that -might- happen. Also, I'm just thinking I need to take advantage of my attack as much as possible, because I don't want to waste turns healing since even on the train they were being undone. Not sitting pretty at 9hp, but that doesn't justify using my 10hp heal.
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn26.png)
>>9676 >>9677 >>9692 >Cloudhead recovers 5 HP. >Fluttershy whimpers. >Cross gets a solid 14 damage kick on Angel, sending him flying back to Boulder and Fluttershy. >Angel kicks Boulder for 3 damage and then bits him for 8 damage. >Rarity scans Angel. Angel: no elemental weakness or resistance, level ??, HP 43/80, SP 10/10, A 10, I 5, D 5, S 11.
I'm thinking some Rarity lightning action is up, but someone else can make the call >>9696 "I ain't done with you!" >Cross runs up for another attack on Angel.
>>9702 Yep, with some good luck we can get him down in 2 or 3 more turns It's too bad I can't use my own lightning in here, but that's the tradeoff of being a pegasus I suppose. Great ability outdoors, less so indoors >>9696 "Um, umm... R-Rar... Rare-rarara-Sparkles! Can you zap the bunny?!" >He hurriedly asks Rarity before kicking off the ceiling and swooping down in a neat arc, stuffing a snack cake into Cross and Boulder's muzzles along the way
>>9696 "Ouch." >continues to sit on Fluttershy and chews the snack cake delivered by Cloudhead
(1.04 MB 1065x863 turn27.png)
>>9702 >>9704 >>9707 >Cloudhead heals both Cross and Boulder for 5 HP with his elegant swoop. >Fluttershy doesn't move an inch. >Cross slams Angel for 16 damage. >Rarity, obliging Cloudhead's request, shoots a bolt of lightning from her horn which fries Angel for 13 damage. >Angel continues wailing on Boulder, hitting once for 6 damage, and amazingly misses the second time! >He's so embarrassed his shame is palpable, he looks on the verge of tears.
>>9710 "That zap looked like it hurt! Do it again!" >Dives in for two strikes on Angel Barring some supremely unlucky rolls, I guess this is it? Maybe use one of those crack items to give him a taste of his own medicine?
>>9710 >looks at the bunny with contempt "Anyway." >eats up small apple from his bag. "So, about the birdies..."
>>9711 >Maybe use one of those crack items better not
>>9713 >give Angel crack >Big Chungus.jpg kek, you're probably right
>>9712 If you eat the apple, you stop holding down Fluttershy because it costs an action. Double checking if you want to do that move.
>>9716 You're right. I miscalculated my actions. I'll repost.
>>9712 >>9716 >>9718 The actual action >looks at the bunny with contempt "Anyway. So, about the birdies..."
>>9719 Angel's down to only 14HP. With 3 ponies attacking at once you should be fine without healing >inb4 everyone rolls 1's By the way, unless you're on something like mobile and changing IPs a lot, you can go back and delete your old posts to clean things up, if you so desire Yellow arrow > Delete Post
(689.36 KB 640x480 silly1.mp4)
>Silly the Clown appears before Marked Cross and time freezes. He delivers this message (click video) If Marked Cross chooses to go with Silly's proposal, he will slip and Rarity will forget to attack because she is laughing to get back at him for laughing at her earlier in the jumper cable incident. After the fight you will get another charming haiku from Silly that will help you. If Marked Cross does not go with the proposal, you can give up on finding a certain green friend illuded to earlier. The way I hid him is excessively cryptic so I assure you you won't find him without the hint.
>>9721 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmYM-dgM9lo lmao I love it. DM you're based as fuck, especially making use of .mp4 like that. Things are getting really interesting. Looking forward to seeing what Cross chooses to do.
>>9721 >Once Silly is finished, Cross takes a long look at the battered bunny, and an even longer look at the evidence that -time- has stopped. >He sighs, and raises his hoof as if he were about to take a step. "Go bananas."
(1.02 MB 1065x863 turn28.png)
>>9711 >>9719 >>9724 >Cloudhead hits Angel twice for 4 damage. >Boulder's hold is good, not that Fluttershy could resist much. >Cross moves forward and slips. >Now this isn't just a regular ol' slip, no no no. >Full 450 degree rotation backwards; lands on his ass. >Damn it's humiliating. >Rarity laughs so hard she falls to the ground; feels good to get back. >In his moment of desperation, Angel spots Cross trying to get back up and uses a jiu-jitsu takedown on him, doing 9 damage and disabling Cross for the next turn.
>>9726 >Witnessing Cross's sudden spectacular tumble, something about it sends a terrible chill down Cloudhead's spine >Shaking it off, he refocuses on the task at hand "Rare, this isn't a good time to be laughin'! Zap the bunny again!" >He says before charging forward with two more strikes
>Cross wheezes as he falls again. "Little shit..."
(1.22 MB 640x480 silly2.mp4)
>>9728 >Cloudhead gets another two 4 damage strikes, leaving the blasted bunny unconscious. >Rarity opts not to waste her magic on a downed target. >Fluttershy cries out. "NO!" >She loses her will to fight. >Everypony gains 25 XP. >Boulder levels up! >Boulder recovers all HP/SP and gains 1 max HP, SP, and Attack. >Silly freezes time for the whole party and delivers his message. >After that, the guards at the door enter the room. "Damn, you really got him huh?" >They say, looking in awe at the downed bunny.
>>9730 >Cross manages to hobble upward. Despite the pain, he beams smugly at the unconscious bunny bastard. "Sure did. Piece of cake."
>>9730 >Rather than turn his attention to the guards, he stares at the space where Silly was with wide eyes, unsure of what even just happened "U-Um... Did any of you just... Was that...?" >He manages to fumble out, feeling rather frightened
>>9740 >He lets out a long, delirious laugh, and wobbles again. "First time?"
>sits on Fluttershy
>>9734 >The guards laugh. "Well, don't let us keep you" >Rarity goes up to them. "Say, you don't suppose I could purchase some of the real deal now do you?" >The guards shrug. "Can't see why not; let's go get some off the production floor before they cut it with lead acetate" >Rarity starts walking to the stairwell with the guards, head turned back to the party. "Figure out some way to bring Fluttershy along; I'll meet you out front"
>>9743 "Let's dismantle this here whole shithole."
>>9751 "How could we even do that? There's still lots of ponies here; we're really outnumbered." "Also..." >He begins, taking a moment to look at the downed bunny on the floor "...why does nopony seem to care that we just beat up their boss? Why are we even here?" >He questions the group, falling into silence as he begins to think >The tiny gears turn in his noggin, unable to reach any logical conclusion >However... "Wait a moment!" >He exclaims, ears perking up "That friendly stallion! Remember? There's a piece of paper that controls all of this!" "It was about that... about that deal with the unicorns, yeah! The-" >An abrupt thought crosses his mind "T-The unicorns..." >He continues, his enthusiasm quickly dying as he glances back to where Rarity just left "Um... Anyway, paper." >Looks around the fancy room to see if there's any other doors or places to check out
>sitting atop Fluttershy "Should me let her go?"
>>9751 >>9752 >Nursing a headache, Cross idly nods along. >Once Cloudhead steps away, he starts up. "Goin' with feathers on this one, Boulder. Best we look for that paper than brute our way through... not that we'd have any trouble with that, seeing how smooth it was with our bunny friend 'ere." >He pauses, then grumbles onward. "And I need a bit of a moment. We should be heading down another shithole soon enough. Might as well grab that gator. Reward for 'em was put up at the station, and I only know of one Sugar Cube Corner." >>9755 >Cross lays down beside Boulder and Fluttershy. "And as for her... I'unno, she didn't really help matters." >He snorts. "Kidding. Let her up. How're you feeling, filly?"
Anyone else getting the vibe that Angel isn't actually the one running the show around here?
>>9759 Yep
>>9757 >lets go of Fluttershy and steps back >stumbles over the bunny and kicks him as a result, catapulting the fucker into the wall "Oops."
(23.24 KB 827x588 office.png)
>>9752 >Cloudhead peeks through the door into Angel's office. >Damn that painting is ugly; somepony needs to redecorate in here. >There are some objects and lines of white powder on the desk. >>9757 >Fluttershy stumbles her way up and looks at Angel. "Poor thing" >She sighs and quietly addresses Cross without looking at him. "Your going to make me go back to Ponyville aren't you?"
>>9763 a shame you ignored Boulder's action
>>9764 It only just showed up when I posted.
>>9765 well, will you consider it? ^:)
>>9766 It fits in with what I already posted, but embellishing it can't hurt. >>9762 >Fluttershy whimpers as Angel slams into the wall where he is stuck for a few seconds. >Three of his teeth fall out and clink on the tile floor. >Absorbing the 5 damage, he peels slowly off the wall and slumps back to the ground, leaving a bunny shaped crack in the plaster.
>>9763 >Walks around to the other side of the desk, examining both the objects on said desk and anything that may be underneath it
>>9763 >>9768 >Cross cringes when Angel's body thumps against the wall. "Uh... that's between you and Rarity." >He points a hoof at Angel. >...Just in time for him to peel off the wall. "We were here for him." >He settles his hoof, frowning. "I'd reckon you 'oughta head back, though. Some other ponies in Ponyville have been suffering because of him. Ponies like Pinkie Pie." bless Boulder
(197.45 KB 1231x1024 large.png)
>>9769 >On the desk there is a spreading knife and a rolled up piece of paper next to the aforementioned powder. >There is also a strange thing that just doesn't seem to stop spinning after Cloudhead taps it. >Under the desk there is a feed pan labeled "Fluttershy" tucked away next to a bag of extremely low quality grain pellets. >"Millville" brand. >>9770 >Fluttershy is crying. "Why did you do this? Why did you hurt him?"
>>9771 >Finds himself completely captivated by the spinning thing... >..until he starts to hear crying, making him regain his focus >He goes around the room, checking the plant pots, the floor, walls, ceiling, etc >Upon reaching the painting, he tries moving it aside to see what may be behind it
>>9773 >Cloudhead finds a black square thing with a round thing protruding from the center behind the painting. >There are little numbers around the round thing.
>>9771 >He awkwardly looks between Boulder and Fluttershy. >He opens his mouth, only to snap it shut. >Recalibrating, he chews his inner cheek, and then tries again. "...Would you believe me if I said he wanted us to?"
>>9774 >Gives the round thing an experimental boop and pull
>>9775 >Fluttershy keeps sobbing and does not respond. >What could she even say? >Even if she knows in her mind that Angel brought his on himself, she does not feel it in her heart. >She wishes it could not be so. >She pleads Celestia, but Celestia only helps those who help themselves. >It was her fault things even got this far.. but it couldn't have been! >It must be somepony else's fault! >... >But she can no longer outright say that. >She would feel too foolish now. >All she can do is cry. >>9777 >The round thing wobbles a little but it doesn't budge when pulled.
>>9780 >Intuitively realizing that such a thing is beyond him, he leaves the strange box alone >Turning around, Cloudhead starts walking out of the room to investigate what all the crying is about >Though, he doesn't make it far before coming to a halt near the side of the desk >Amid the rows of powder and paper, the spreading knife catches his eye >Come to think of it... It's quite small, isn't it? >Such a puny little knife... Such a wimpy knife >It's... Kind of funny to look at >A funny knife! >He reaches for it "Heh, heh... Hehehehe...!" >The moment the spreading knife drops into his bag, he quickly brings his forehoof to his mouth, falling silent >What was so funny about that...? >Feeling weirded out, Cloudhead quickly exits the office to rejoin his companions >Though as he draws close, he comes to an abrupt halt as he takes in the scene, noticing the heavy impact that Angel suffered against the wall "What's going on here?! What did you two do?" >He asks in an angry tone, putting two and two together as to why the mare likely started crying
>>9782 "Me stumbled."
>Fluttershy continues sobbing. >A puddle of tears has formed under her.
>>9784 "Just stumbled, huh?" >He grumbles, moving over to Fluttershy >>9785 "U-Um..." >He awkwardly reaches out and tries to pat the unhappy mare on the withers reassuringly "Do you know anything about the... the metal box thingy behind the painting?" >He asks her, followed by a pause as he continues the patting "We might be able to help your bunny if we could look inside the box."
>>9780 >>9785 >With the rising waterworks, Cross hesitates. >He sighs, and opts not to rise from his position on the increasingly-soaked floor. "I uh, I'm sorry." >>9787 >It takes him a moment to process Cloudhead's words. "A lockbox? That would probably have something to paint a pretty picture of why your bunny acted the way he did." >He pauses. "I shouldn't be the only one wantin' to know why we got threats in the mail."
>>9787 >>9788 >Fluttershy's sobbing mellows down as Cloudhead pats her. >It helps her recontextualize the situation. >After all, nopony here wanted to hurt her. >After a while like this she speaks. "I don't know. I don't know how to open the safe, and... I'm sorry I caused so much trouble. I want to go back to Ponyville now"
>>9790 >Cross stands. "Well, no use crying over spoiled milk. Think it'd be best if you stick with us for now." >He looks down at Angel. "I'd still like some answers from 'im, though."
>>9793 "So what are you suggesting? Take him with us? I don't think the bunny is going to be waking up anytime soon."
>>9800 >He shrugs. "Just an idea. It's her bunny. It's up to her what she wants with 'im."
>>9805 >Fluttershy takes another moment to look at the downed Angel. >Beyond sadness, she feels a tinge of anger. "Leave him there" >She looks away. "He used me all this time. I... I was too afraid to admit it. Too afraid to do anything different. I just want to go home" >She's still clearly shaken but she's not actively sobbing.
>>9807 >He wills a small smile for her. "Alright. And I'm honest when I say nopony here blames you in the slightest." >Cross turns his attention to Cloudhead. "See anything else, or are we good to go?"
>>9821 "Um... Yeah. Go ahead and start, I'll be right there." >He says before running back to the office >Once there, he quickly swipes the fascinating spinny thing into his bag >With the spinny thing secured, he returns to the group
"Where to next?"
>>9821 >Fluttershy smiles bittersweet. "Thank you" >>9825 >It's still spinning! >What a score. >Everypony starts walking to the stairwell.
"So... You two saw him? The clown?"
>>9829 "Yeah, even made a deal with him. Great guy." >Cross shakes his head at Cloudhead. "Ain't even gonna try to wrap my head around it. I've got a feelin' he's gonna be around for the long haul."
By the way DM, about that "spreading knife". I'm assuming that it's just a small butter knife or something. Does it happen to count as a weapon? Or is it just something random I decided to pick up that may or may not be able to be used creatively in the future?
(476.30 KB 1280x720 907572.png)
>>9831 It's just a butter knife (in the pony context only used for spreading non-dairy stuff like peanut butter and jelly hence the name "spreading knife"), I guess it counts as weapon if your fighting butter. +10 bonus against butter if equipped, might come in handy if I decide to give unicorns a butterification spell of something but for now it's just a knicknack.
Gonna assume everypony is heading outside. >Everypony makes it down the stairs, past the machines, past the dump, and out the front door. >On their way through ponies are looking in awe; must have heard what happened from those guards. >Rarity is waiting out front smoking a cigarette and chatting with the guards. "There you are! And you got Fluttershy" >Fluttershy walks forwards, but doesn't quite look strait at Rarity. "Umm... I'm sorry. For not listening to you" >Rarity smiles and gives her a hug. "Your here now darling, that's what counts. Anypony can get confused" >Rarity turns to the party. "Shall we get going then?" Reminder of current HP: Cloudhead 9, Bouler 22, Cross 5, Rarity 7.
>>9847 "Mind patching me and Cross up first? That bunny really beat us up." >He asks Rarity
>>9848 "Certainly!" >Rarity heals Cloudhead for 4, Cross for 6, and herself for 1. >She kills off the pack of cigarettes and regains max SP.
>>9849 "Thanks, I'll be good to go." >He stops. "...Is that healthy?"
>>9849 "Thank you. Let's get out of this bad place."
(1.01 MB 1065x863 turn29.png)
>>9850 >Rarity laughs. "Oh pish posh, really it's quite alright. Don't tell me you were born in Coltifornia!" >The party begins walking down the road with Fluttershy in tow. >They don't make it very far without trouble. >4 crack addicts ooze out of Basehead Alley. >Fluttershy cowers behind the party, go figure. At least she won't l33ch your XP.
>>9866 >Zaps Basehead 4 with Lightning
(72.74 KB 586x513 FUNgeon-manehattan-v1.png)
A little late, but to try and keep track of everything and tie up loose ends in this area, I went back through the previous progress and tried making a map Hopefully it's accurate
>>9866 "Startin' to think they can smell the stuff we're carryin'." >Tries a funny bone takedown on basehead 2. >>9868 looks good, Anon. I'll look back at it when I have some time
>>9866 >smashes addict 4
(1.01 MB 1065x863 turn30.png)
>>9867 >>9869 >>9872 >Cloudhead prepares his cloud as Boulder begins his charge. ZAP! >A powerful lighting bolt comes down on basehead 4 knocking them out instantly, 17 damage. >Boulder is startled by the fireworks in his face but has too much inertia to stop, tripping and doing an additional 9 damage to basehead 4. CRUNCH! >That's gotta hurt. >Cross hits basehead 2 in the funny bone for a meager 2 damage, but at least they are distracted by the strange sensation and don't get an attack in. >Basehead 1 leaps on Cross and latches onto his barrel, getting a few consecutive bites for 6 damage. >Basehead 3 rams Rarity for 2 damage, but she only takes 1 because she is defending. >>9868 Nice map! The only thing that is off is that the longer street screens with the pointy ponies are meant to represent two squares worth of distance, but that only mechanically matters in the part marked with question marks.
>>9876 >Shaking off the basehead, he stumbles back, and gags. "Rarity, can I get some of that healing? I'm gettin' literally chewed up!" >With a running start, he barrels toward basehead 1.
>>9876 >Zaps Basehead 3 with Lightning
>>9876 >pivots on the spot and kicks addict 1
does Rarity's marejuice restore SP?
(1.05 MB 1065x863 turn31.png)
>>9883 >>9878 >>9877 >Cloudhead moves his cloud over another target, striking it again to deliver another powerful bolt! This one does 18 damage; needless to say: KO. >Boulder kicks another basehead for 6 damage, pushing him over a few hooves. >Cross misses due to this sudden change of motion, screeching to a halt behind Boulder. >Rarity heals Cross for 6 HP. >The other two Baseheads, perhaps sensing her guard is down, go for Rarity. >One of them kicks for 3 damage, and she quickly evades the other. >>9884 A. Good luck finding a way to get it let along drink it without pissing her off. B. Ask yourself: "Is it worth (most likely) getting a humiliating but otherwise mostly harmless infection/parasite for this?"
>>9892 >Puffing along with renewed vigor, Cross swings his next sure-to-land kick at basehead 1. nta, but -does- it restore SP? now I'm curious.
>>9892 >Smacks the remaining two Baseheads >>9897 Asking the important questions
>>9897 Makes enough sense given that the points represent some kind of vigor, I'll say 20 SP. It's not exactly the kind of thing I intended to be an item. Asking if it restores SP is kind of like asking if you will find a 5 bits on the moon.
>>9892 >kicks addict 2
>>9899 20 SP makes it endgame, alright! >asking if you will find a 5 bits on the moon okay and on -that- regard—hear me out—moon mares would have purified marejuice, don't you think?
>>9897 >>9898 >>9901 >Cloudhead hits each basehead for 2 damage. >Boulder and Cross each land solid knockout hits, 15 and 14 respectively. >Rarity fully heals herself. >Everypony gains 10 XP and 13 bits. >Cloudhead levels up! >Cloudhead replenishes all HP and SP, and gains one max HP, SP, and speed! >Marked Cross levels up! >Marked Cross replenishes all HP and SP, and gains one max HP, SP, and attack! >Rarity levels up! >Rarity replenishes all HP and SP, and gains one max HP, SP, and intelligence! >Everypony makes it past the ice cream cart, past the dumpsters in the alley, past the pawn shop, and to the bridge safely. >>9902 You really want jumper cables 2.0 don't you?
>>9911 >Shaking himself Cross groans. "Thank Celestia. Never again." >He pauses, then turns to Cloudhead. >Cross gives him a snack cake. "For earlier." >He looks back at Fluttershy. "You alright?" >spoiler I don't know what you're talking about ^:)
>>9915 >Fluttershy breathes a sigh or relief. "I am, thank you. That neighborhood was just so..." >She shivers. "awful" >Rarity chimes in. "I'm sure we could all use some beauty sleep about now"
>>9915 "Thanks." >>9918 "Sleep... Bed... That sounds nice. Are both of you going to be fine by yourselves now that we're somewhere safe again?" >He asks the two mares What do you guys want to do now? Pursue Gummy right away, or take a moment to see the rest of the city first? Also, I bet the DM is getting real tired of our shit lol. First we moaned and bitched about the setting, now someone's thirsty for that cream soda We love you DM. Hope you're still personally having fun with this
>>9919 >Rarity looks a bit confused. "Well... yes. Your not coming with us?" Spoiler 2 You were all justified to give me feedback about the setting. It's just as fun for me to run the game in a lighter way, and it should be fun for all of us so how you feel matters. As for the "cream soda", I have mechanisms to deter this kind of stuff from going too far. Push the envelope a little too much and you will get a humiliating STI that effects how NPCs perceive you along with other annoying side effects; push it WAY too much and you get AIDS.
>>9919 I think we should make a camp
>>9923 >Cross grins, and trots in place. "We've got a bit more to do. Plus, I'm feelin' real fine... right now." >He slows. "But it depends. What are you thinkin'? Heading back on the quick?" >>9919 >>9927 Take a breather by revisiting that 'hotel'? Also, I don't think anyone -actually- wants the cream soda
>>9928 >the hotel >the three stooges get stuck in the revolving door >die of dehydration
>>9928 "Oh? Well come to the hotel when your done" >Rarity points a hoof at the tall building down the road. "Just tell them your with me and they'll let you in. We are going to be there the rest of the night."
>>9932 "The hotel...? D-Didn't the poster board say it costs lots and lots and lots of tens to stay there for the night?" >He ponders the situation for a moment, before the lightbulb turns on in his mind "Oh! Do we all throw our bits together to share a room? W-Would we still even have enough tens between the five of us?" >He then asks
>>9940 >Rarity laughs. "No darling, this is where it pays to have connections" >She pushes her mane with her hoof for emphasis. "I got us the penthouse"
>>9941 "Wow! That's so cool!" >He happily exclaims, feeling especially relieved that they don't have to worry about so many tens >Though the more he thinks about it, the more his head begins to tilt to the side "What's a penthouse?" >... "Actually... I'll just wait to learn what it is myself. That way it can be a surprise!" >He turns to Boulder and Cross "How about we go back to that park for a little bit? It was nice there."
By the way, do any of you happen to be based enough to know where my whole counting-by-tens thing comes from?
>>9932 >>9941 >Cross furrows his brows, but ultimately gives a little shrug. "Alrighty, sounds more than fair. Keep outta trouble, now." >>9943 "Park? Sure. Boulder?" >>9929 it'll happen, and it will be glorious >>9944 no, unfortunately.
(62.41 KB 1560x916 1650558730984.jpg)
>>9946 It's from a well known Jimmy Onishi skit from one of the no-laughing batsu games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axf8j5xIRZI Now you know just how exceedingly stupid Cloudhead sounds when he has to count up a big number ^:) Also for context in the video clip: The idea is that the people involved can't laugh at anything, or else they receive a batsu(penalty), which in this one involved getting hit on the ass with a bamboo sword
(19.56 KB 900x500 park1night.png)
>>9943 >>9946 >Everypony makes it a ways down the road before the stooges split off. "Meet you at the hotel" >Rarity says, continuing down the road with Fluttershy. >This part of the park is empty tonight. (Boulder can still choose which group he goes with) >>9952 kek
>>9955 "Me hungry." >starts grazing
>>9955 >He heads off a ways on his own, eventually lolling about by the pond. "What a day, lads." >He squints into the night. "So, about that clown... I really did make a deal with 'im. Slipping up for that 'secret' about the sewers. Neglected to mention that I was thinkin' the gator was the 'him' down there."
>>9956 >Joins in, munching down several mouthfuls of delicious grass >>9958 "That's kinda scary... I guess he really is sticking with us after what happened, huh?" >Cloudhead ponders over the subject for a moment "Soo... The alligator on the poster board at the station? He's the bouncy pink mares pet, right?" "We really should try and find him. I think if I had a pet of my own, I would be really sad if I lost it." >Looks around, noticing the path in the park they never took "How about we go see what's over the hill here, then head back one more time to try and find that alligator?" >He suggests, before meandering towards the path heading north
>>9958 >munches on grass "What gator? Is it another bad guy?"
>>9961 "Let's graze. Explore later."
>>9962 "Like Cloudhead said, reward was posted up in the station. Delivery to Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie's gator for sure." >>9961 >>9963 >Cross stands up. "Night's still young, Boulder. I'm goin' with feathers."
>>9964 >grazing stops "Pinkamena's? OK. Me wanna help her."
(15.73 KB 955x725 park2night.png)
>>9961 >>9964 >>9966 >Everypony makes it over the rise and sees a square with benches along the sides and another path to the road. >As is the other area, it is currently empty.
>>9971 >Looks around and takes a moment to enjoy the relatively quiet, peaceful scenery, reminding him of home "Well, should we get this over with? I think we all know where we gotta go now." >He states in a matter-of-fact way "Maybe we should start at that nice stallions store across the bridge, if it's still open? He might know the best way into these sewers." >He suggests to Boulder and Cross
>>9979 "Yeah... maybe even do a little boastin' about what we accomplished, eh?"
>>9990 "Maybe." >He smiles "Let's go."
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn32.png)
>>10008 >Everypony walks back through the park and over the bridge without Rarity to tell them otherwise. >On the street in front of the pawn shop, they encounter a corrupt cop.
Let's see if I interpreted Silly's hint correctly... Try using a takedown or lasso on the cop for this turn, I guess >>10009 >Looking around from his vantage point, Cloudhead can see it... >He can see the neighborhood >The graffiti >Could this be it? >Swooping down, he lands and attempts to open the suspicious metal circle in the road
>>10009 >Perplexed at the mare's lack of backup, he looks around, then shrugs. "This'll hurt less if you don't struggle." >Cross uses his barbed lasso on the corrupt cop.
Is Boulder anon kill?
>>10009 >attempts takedown on a corrupt cop while she struggles with lasso
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn33.png)
(792.15 KB 1140x983 gumget.png)
>>10010 >>10014 >>10039 Woah, referencing posts feels a lot different with the added significant figure. Here's to 90000 more! >Boulder and Cross BOTH go to restrain the corrupt cop. That can't be pleasant! >Cross secures the lasso as Boulder holds the cop down; Boulder's tackle did 3 damage and the cop's struggling did 2. >Meanwhile, Cloudhead belabouredly pulls the strange metal disk to the side. YIKES! >There's an alligator down there.
>>10045 >pins cop "Is that a gator?"
>>10045 >>10046 "Y-Yep, it is!" >Feeling somewhat cautious of the animal, Cloudhead takes a moment to rearrange his bag >After clearing out a pouch completely, he gingerly scoops up Gummy, placing him in said pouch >With that out of the way, he casually trots over to the cop and boops her snoot... >...followed by bonking her on the head Yeah, the 5 digit post count is cool. This place is slow, but it certainly isn't dead Also lol, >realistic gummy
(1.03 MB 1065x863 turn34.png)
>>10046 >>10048 >Boulder continues holding the cop down, and they take another 2 damage from the lasso. >Cloudhead hits the snoot for 3 damage inciting a wince before doling out a 2 damage whack strait down. >Cross is done securing the cop.
>>10053 >Head Bonk Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
(23.50 KB 955x664 parkst3.png)
>>10055 >Cloudhead hits once for 4 damage and again for 6 damage, knocking out the corrupt cop. >Cross retrieves his lasso. >Everypony gains 6 XP and 2 bits, Cross finds 1x crack. >The party stands before the pawn shop again.
>>10048 >>10053 >Cross laughs and mimes a boop. "Rough lover eh, feathers? Well, she got the what for, and we got the gets and gator." >He mulls over his last words. "I'm gettin' real tired, aren't I?" >>10057 "Think he's still open, lads? Hay if I know what to do with half the stuff we've found."
>>10061 "We should not sell Pinkamena's gator!"
(15.49 KB 769x514 pawnshop.png)
>>10061 >>10064 >The party tries the door, which is still unlocked. >The owner recognizes everypony immediately. "Hey there my friends, see Mr. Bunny yet?" Items for sale (discount already applied): >CRT TV - 24 bits >Electric guitar - 40 bits >Amplifier - 40 bits >Sterio system - 40 bits >"party" cannon - 80 bits >Explosive shells, compatible with cannon (two available) - 24 bits >Zyklon-B cannister (full)- 40 bits
Hey DM, real quick check. Are these stats/bits/xp/inventories accurate? Name: Cloudhead Race: Pegasus Level: 3 HP: 16 SP: 12 A: 1+5 I: 1 D: 8 S: 12 (24) Bits: 47 XP: 109 Inventory: Iron Horseshoes, Dehydrated Train Engineer x1, Bubblegum x1, Dehydrated Granny Smith x1, Snack Cake x3, Spreading Knife x1, Spinning Thing x1, Gummy x1 Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 3 HP: 22 SP: 12 A:10 (20)+5 I:1 D:10 (20) S:1 Bits: 101 XP: 129 Inventory: Iron horseshoes, small apple x2, Crack x1 Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 3 HP: 17 SP: 12 A: 12 (24) I: 2 D: 5 (10) S: 3 Bits: 57 XP: 109 Inventory: Barbed Lasso, Fried Chicken x6, Sodapop x1, Snack Cake x3, Crack x2
>>10065 "Yeah, gave him a right tossin', too. No dice on the special paper, though. But, I got a question for ya..." >He shows the owner some crack cocaine. "How safe even is this stuff? Seems to work real fine for ziggers, but anypony else..." >He shudders. "Figured you'd know something."
>>10069 Whoops, think I missed Cross passing a snack cake to Cloudhead So Snack Cake x4 for Cloudhead, Snack Cake x2 for Cross?
>>10064 "We won't, don't worry." >>10065 >>10072 "That was a really mean bunny... I hope we're done with him for good."
>>10069 >>10074 Boulder only has one small apple left and he has 103 bits, but the rest of the inventories and XP are correct counting the snack cake amendment (Cloudhead has 4, Cross has 2). The stats are not correct though because the race bonus is applied in character creation. The doubling does not take effect when you level up because your race already determines which stats level up and when. The correct base attack for Boulder and Cross (not counting weapons) is 18 and 22 respectively, and the correct speed for Cloudhead is 22. >>10072 >>10076 "Huh, you really got him then. Color me impressed!" >The shopkeeper goes to hoofbump Cross and then looks at the brownish white rock. "That's the crack those fiends run on alright. Can't say it's advised for ponies to consume. In that form only savages can metabolize it. I can't get you much for it; ziggers aren't exactly floating in bits" >He turns to Cloudhead. "Did he get away?"
>>10083 ten times ten and three? I thought I have only eight times ten and one
>>10083 >chimes in "Me stumbled and he flew away into the wall."
>>10083 "Dunno... We left him on the floor. It was weird though; nopony seemed to care that we beat up their boss." >He says, thinking back to the unusual scene "Either way, we taught that bunny a lesson. As long as he leaves us alone now, I'm happy."
>>10086 >>10091 >The shop owner laughs at Boulder's remark. >He takes a moment to think about Cloudhead's observation. "He wasn't really the boss then was he?" >He shakes his head. "Unicorns pulling it all by the strings. What else is new? At least the bunny won't be bothering you anymore"
>>10083 >Cross readily reciprocates the hoofbump. "Right, 'preciate it. And don't worry, I'm trying to do my part to -not- help their goings." >He frowns, then lays out the chicken. "Unless you want to vend snacks for 'em, too."
>>10099 >The shop keeper looks at the fried chicken with disgust. "Throw those out, save yourself the saddlebag"
>>10103 "'bout the same feeling I had." >He slides them away. "I won't toss 'em in here, for your sake."
>Looks around at some of the odds and ends, eventually stopping near the door where he waits for the other two
"We buy another rape device?"
>>10113 >Cross laughs. "Right, right. Well, unless you see some jumper cables here, I think that'll be it." >>10111 >He joins Cloudhead by the door.
Anyone else thinking about the penthouse? I'm wondering about the important things, like who's going to get stuck on the couch because there aren't enough bedrooms Also if we're going to hit that brutal TPK at the revolving doors trying to get in
>>10111 >>10114 >The shop owner bids the party farewell. >They make it out of the Zonx, thankfully without any more trouble, although as they cross the bridge they hear the whooping and wailing of crack addicts echoing somewhere deep in the night. >Bed is going to feel really good after all this.
>>10134 >Cross presses on, eyes locked on the tall building—the hotel—down the road.
>>10137 >As everypony nears the door, a sense of dread mounts. >A beast of incomprehensible nature that shatters one's fragile grasp of reality! >Could this door have been designed by Cthulhu himself to drive ponies mad? >And... and looking up the side of that tall, tall building; it's suffocating! >There must be tens of tens of floors! >But... calm down, take a deep breath. In, out. Good. >It can't really be 'that' bad, right? >Right?
>>10140 >Stands before the supposed entrance to the hotel, feeling very confused "Um... How are we supposed to get in? I-I've never seen a door quite like this before..." >Waves his forehooves around the door, trying to make something happen
>>10140 >looks around was there a pic of the hotel and surroundings?
>>10140 >>10141 >Cross gives the door a quick once over. He nods affirmatively. "Yup, that's a door. Watch and learn, lads." >He pushes on the door. And— "Huh." >He pushes again. "What the hay?" >He grunts as he -really- leans into it. "Door... stuck!" >>10144 from >>8933
>>10145 >As Cross leans on the door, a stallion begins pushing it from the other side causing him to slip. "Can't you kids look where your going?" >Cross is pushed around counterclockwise and when the door stops he is laying on the hotel side with his eyes spinning. >The stallion continues down the road passively. Not that we are using super formal turns here, but one of the others is going to have to move before he can stand up.
>>10146 >His birb brain thoroughly stimulated by the spinning action that just took place, Cloudhead attempts to follow the path that Cross took >Flapping his wings for extra strength, he pushes against the door
>>10147 >Cloudhead makes it through! >Wait... >Why is Boulder in front of him? >Oh no, was Boulder cloned? >Are there TWO Boulders? >Cross was pushed all the way around, this time forcefully enough to roll out of the doorframe into the hotel lobby. >He is sprawled out on the floor like one of those tiger mats, tongue hanging out and eyes still spinning.
>>10148 "Huh?!" >He exclaims, wings flared >Looks behind himself
>>10148 >looks at the pegasus shenanigans, puzzled >then looks at the door apprehensively "If door is it can be isn't!" >remembers his training, squints his eyes at the still revolving door >rushes forward like a mighty glacier >hits the door right into the axis with all his mass
>>10152 >The unstoppable force vs the immovable object
>>10152 >Boulder's inertia deflects to the left, and a snapping noise can be heard. >The door starts rotating the opposite way it has been up to this point and Boulder goes through. >Unfortunately he was not privy to the wet floor sign on the other side of the door, slipping 10 hooves forward towards a cleaning dolly with a mop sticking far out of it's center of gravity. >In this moment, Cross is regaining composure and standing up. >Boulder slams into the mop causing it to swing around and hit Cross, who stumbles back into the spinning door. >Cross gets hit by the door and spit out on the other side back on the street. >Boulder can faintly hear two identically dressed Stallions talking on the other side of the room. "Didn't the pretty mare say to expect these morons to show up?" >The other one acts shocked and speaks in a sarcastic caricature of Rarity's voice. "No darling, I said to expect three stallions that are 'charming but a little on the dull side'. How dare you be so insensitive!" >They both laugh.
>>10154 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3zvVGJrTP8 >In that moment, Cloudhead realized something >It was with him all this time >A similar object >The key >Cloudhead could never have imagined that the mean bunny would have left something so important laying out on a desk >Wasting no time while the strange door continues to spin, he rummages through his pack to pull out the strange spinning thing >Carefully holding the center of it by his wingtips, he gives it a nudge to start it spinning in the same direction as the door >Using all his brainpower available, he then fine tunes it by gently blowing against the spinning thing >It seemed impossible, but soon enough, the rotational speed of the spinning thing and the door begin to match >Beads of sweat drip off of his muzzle >His sheath tingles >When they finally appear to be in perfect harmony, Cloudhead seizes the moment >Timing his steps, he attempts to unlock the full potential of the key and calmly step through the spinning cycle of the door
>>10155 kek >The strange spinning thing tunes what is left of Cloudhead's mind into the reality of the situation. >Step by step, in perfect synchronization with the rotation, he walks through the door. >The tension feels like the whole building coming down on top of him, but he stays strong. >One... more... step... >Success! >Cloudhead stands inside the hotel and safely out of the doorframe.
>>10154 >>10156 >Outside, Cross stands woozily. >He makes a strange motion of sidestepping as he wobbles his way over to the revolving door. >Suddenly, he runs the last few steps, and leans hard into the door. >Trotting along with the door, he manages three cycles before finally stumbling out right behind Cloudhead. >His hooves skid and scuff against the hotel floor as he slides out of the frame. >He stands proudly for a moment, beaming. >Suddenly, he starts to teeter back and forth and— >...He's flat on his ass again. >He winces. "Easy." >>10155 incredible display
(24.82 KB 1116x700 foyer.png)
>>10160 >With everypony through the door, the two stallions on the other side of the room cease their laughing and go to greet the party. "Welcome to the Hill Hotel gentlecolts; we have been expecting you. Your room is on the top floor" "Take the elevator" >The other one chips in, pointing a hoof towards a small room flanked by potted plants. Some topical slapstick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-vGmbK9QE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgs_bGVtxAM
>>10169 "O-Okay... Thanks." >He stutters, still calming down from his encounter with the revolving door >Puts the spinny thing away and calmly walks towards the elevator I bet you didn't expect me to utilize a fidget spinner quite like that
>>10172 Yeah I didn't, and finding a humorous way to resolve the situation probably saved you a day of getting kicked around by the door. I love that you are collecting so much random shit; I am always wondering if, how, and when you will use everything. >Cloudhead walks into the elevator and looks around. >Facing the door, the wall on the right side in front of him has a strange panel on it. >It has lots of little white round things labeled with numbers. >1... 2... 3... 4... 5 >6... 7... 8... 9... 10 >11...12...13...14...15 >16...17...18...19... >Uh oh >They go down for um... >1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12...13...14...15...16...17...18...19...NO...um... >Ten ten rows of five? >That's a lot of little white round things! >There are also a few little red round things with pictographs on them, thank Celestia somepony here cares about making sense! >One of them has a pony speaking on it, another has a door opening, and the last has a fire. >Below them, there are a few more little white round things labeled B1, B2, and B3 next to a strange little silver round thing with a slot.
>>10169 "Thanks..." >>10176 >Sloughing his way over, Cross steps into the elevator, and gives the panel a look. >He rubs at his eyes with the back of a foreleg. "What are we looking at?" >He leans out of the elevator for a moment. "Boulder! You comin'?"
>>10176 >While they wait for Boulder, Cloudhead searches for the button with the biggest number and the most tens
(85.81 KB 300x222 image.png)
>>10177 >goes into elevator >looks at all the numbers >picrel
>>10177 >>10183 >>10186 >Cloudhead looks and looks and... >What's this? >It's... ten zero? >The number takes up more space, it is physically bigger. >But Cloudhead is smarter than that! He knows that it's just ten with an extra zero, and zero is a very very small number. >But wait, that doesn't make sense... >Ten should be one zero by that logic and... one zero is smaller than two! TEN IS SMALLER THAN TWO! >Every synapse in Cloudhead's mind fires, but instead of going in a direction they only scramble every witch way. >He begins questioning the foundations of his understanding of numbers, and furthermore the very foundations of reality! >He screams involuntarily, breaking into a full on panic attack pushing every numbered round white thing individually, each one lighting up. >The doors close, and everypony feels the elevator moving upwards for a vert short bit before they hear a ding and he doors open. >They are all too in shock to go through, and after a few seconds the doors close again and the process repeats, the doors opening to another identical looking hallway.
>>10190 >He looks around the elevator cabin while also holding close to a wall. >His face is contorted into some semblance of fear. "What in Tartarus did we just step into?"
>>10204 >The elevator keeps up the cycle of punctuated ascent, and the counter above the door keeps changing to bigger numbers. >The glowing white round things are going dim from left to right along the top of the panel.
>>10207 >Waits for the elevator to do its thing >... "I don't like trains, and I don't like whatever this is." >... "Gonna fly back down tomorrow." >... "I...I hope we aren't stuck here for too long. I really gotta pee."
>>10207 >Calming, down Cross resolves himself to watching the hallways go by. "Ponies out here really live like this?"
>>10226 >Up, stop. >Up, stop. >Up, stop. >So it was for several minutes. >A distant yell comes into range above. "Why the hay is the elevator taking so long!" >The yell is followed by hooves banging on metal, and it gets louder as the elevator goes up another floor.
>>10233 "Nope. Enough of this, I'm gonna go find some stairs." >He says while waiting to exit the elevator at the next stop
>>10233 >Cross laughs awkwardly as the banging continues. >>10234 "Yeah. Now stairs, stairs I can understand..."
"By the way, where is outhouse here?"
(9.84 KB 917x513 floor.png)
>>10234 >>10237 >>10238 >Everypony hastily makes it out of the elevator. >The doors close and it continues it's way up, accompanied by more yelling. "WHAT? Where is the prick who pressed all the buttons? I'll get you!" >The mare sounds a lot like the one from the park. >The hallway splits off in three directions. >Straight forwards leads to another T intersection, and left and right end in steel doors with little windows. >The hallways to the sides are lined with fancy numbered doors.
>>10238 "Maybe in one of the rooms? Don't think they'd make you go through -this- every time you want to piss." >>10240 >He grins as they stand outside the closed elevator. "Close miss with that Cherry mare." >Cross trots to the left end to check on the steel door. I want to boop the angry mare.
>>10240 >Checks the other steel door on the right
>>10241 >>10242 >Each steel door leads to a stairwell that smells like urine.
>>10243 >sniff sniff "Hmmm..."
>>10243 >Trots over to where Cross is "Did you also find some stairs...?" >He asks, peering through the doorway "Guess so... And it smells just as bad, too. Well, let's hurry and get to the top!"
>>10243 >Cross starts up the stairwell.
>>10246 >Follows after him
>>10245 >>10246 >>10248 >The strong earth ponies are barely challenged by the staircase, although it is quite slow. >It's taking forever and the need to use the bathroom is getting bad. >Cloudhead could fly up to the top with ease leaving them many tens of floors below.
(182.90 KB 635x448 clean it up janny.jpg)
>>10249 >a few minutes later, at the bottom of the hotel...
>>10249 >He silently trudges on, only occasionally looking straight up. >>10251 kek
>>10249 "W-We have to be getting close to the top... Right?" >He says out loud, gauging the space available for him to fly in "Uh... I'll go try and see how many more floors there are to go. Be right back!" >He says before zipping off
>>10253 >Cloudhead makes it to the top in a few seconds, passing at least ten ten ten ten floors. >At the top there is an extra fancy door labeled "penthouse".
>>10255 >With this critical information obtained, Cloudhead zips back down to his companions "Hey, you're almost there! Just another, uh... Um..." >... "...about ten-ten? Or was it ten-ten-ten-five...?" >He ponders the subject for a moment, realizing he focused so hard and getting to the top quickly, that he neglected to carefully count floors on the way up "Eh, anyway! I found a door to the penthouse up there!" >He happily exclaims "Whatever a penthouse is." >With the information delivered, he resumes moving up the floors one-by-one with Boulder and Cross >After several more floors, however, he begins to grow antsy "Umm... Maybe I should go back up and make sure the door works? I didn't try opening the door." "Mind if I go do that?" >He asks tfw the hotel is a rougher place to survive than the Zonx
>>10256 >Cross nods, more determined on the climb than anything. "Yeah, yeah. No sweat, feathers. Go for it." >He throws his head Boulder's way. "How're you holdin' up?"
>>10265 "Uh."
>>10265 "Okay!" >He says before zipping back up and trying the door
>>10269 >The door seems to be locked, but Cloudhead can hear Rarity and Fluttershy's voices somewhere on the other side.
>>10272 >Knocks on the door with a forehoof
>>10273 >Rarity walks over to the source of noise. "Who's there?"
>>10274 "Oh, uh... M-Me, Cloudhead! Can you open the door, please?" >He responds with a sense of urgency
>>10276 >Rarity opens the door with her magic. >The room she is in looks very fancy. "There you are darling, where are your friends?" >The scent of the stairwell wafts into the room. "Ick! Get out of there this instant. Why didn't you take the elevator?"
>>10277 "They're on the way up, about... ten-ten-ten floors down the stairs." >He says while walking in "We got in the elevator, but... The numbers... The tens; there we so many. I kind of pushed all the buttons, and then we got stuck in it for a long time." >He admits "While going up, we could hear somepony who sounded angry banging on something up above, so we decided to get out and use the stairs instead... Um, by the way... Where's the bathroom?" >He then asks while looking around
(225.34 KB 1153x784 penthouse.png)
>>10278 >Rarity droops her ears a little as she closes the door with her magic. "Oh... well your here, that's what counts anyways" >She leads Cloudhead to a central room and points a forehoof down the hall with the elevator at the end. "Through the door to the right" >Cloudhead enters a large bedroom, turning again into a bathroom to the side. >He does his business as the others catch up. >Everypony convenes in the center room, which has a large window and some comfy seating. >Rarity kicks it off. "Well, this certainly has been an exiting soiree! What does everypony want to do now? We have Champagne in the cold box"
>69 nice Have Boulder and Cross caught up by now? Or is it still just birdbrain here? Also, the paintings are a nice touch. Were they made by that AI? Similar vibe >>10283 "Uh, well... I dunno what sham-pain is, but... Anything you want to do is fine with me, I guess. What do you want to do?" "To be honest, I'm just happy to finally be somewhere safe and quiet. I don't ever want to go back to that awful place across the bridge." >He adds, his head swiveling around to examine the room >However, a wriggling in Cloudhead's pack draws his attention back to another matter, causing his ears to perk up "Oh! You both know the bouncy pink mare in Ponyville, right? Look who we found!" >He says, before triumphantly pulling Gummy from his pack and gently setting the gator on the floor "This is her pet, right? R-Right...?" >He asks
>>10285 Boulder and Cross have caught up and the whole party is in the room. The paintings are AI generated; I was messing with that AI a lot yesterday and found ways to get interesting outputs. >Rarity raises her ears and smiles, leaning towards the gator and then looking to Cloudhead. "How very nice of you, Pinkie Pie will be simply delighted!"
>>10288 "Yup! Poor little guy was really lost out there. Do you know what he eats? I bet he's hungry." >He asks kek I can feel some variety of shenanigan approaching >Elevator finally reaches 100 >Karen Mare appears or >Cloudhead has little to no experience with alcohol >Too busy flying and sleeping to ever really try it >Finds out champagne tastes really good >Drinks too much >???
>>10288 "Outhouse, where is it?"
>>10283 "Uh, I'm not really sure. Champagne? S'pose it's up to you. But you let us c'mere so... your call." >Cross looks around briefly. "But this whole place is yours, huh?" >He goes over to look out the large window. >>10295 >Nods to Boulder. "Yeah, I'd like to know, too. Assumin' you have some kinda toilet up here." >>10292 champagne will end in bellyslapping
>>10295 >>10297 "Not entirely, but it's mine for the night" >Rarity points Boulder and Cross to the bathroom. >>10292 >She levitates gummy onto her back. "I'll get him a snack, and I'll get us all some much needed refreshments too!" >She walks off down the hall to the left and turns into another room. >Fluttershy says something faintly while not clearly addressing anypony. "We could watch a movie? It would be nice..."
>>10298 >goes first into the bathroom >goes out after a while >whispers to Cross "Um... very strange. The small john is tad too small so I used the large. The one with faucet. Why make john that cannot be used by a decent sized stud and why make a second one with a faucet?"
>>10298 >Moves a few steps closer to Fluttershy so that he can hear the quiet mare better, giving her his full attention "A movie...? Wow! I haven't had a chance to watch one in awhile." >He says, creating a brief pause "What kind of movies do you like?" >He then asks Fluttershy >>10300 Absolute Unit
>>10298 "A movie? Sure." >>10300 >Cross sneaks by him with a laugh. "I don't know, Boulder. City ponies."
>>10301 >Fluttershy sort of half looks at Cloudhead and there is an awkward pause. "There is one about a big fluffy bunny and... he's nice to everypony and he gives hugs" >She blushes and cringes away. "Please don't make fun of me" >She whimpers out.
>>10304 >Staring at yellowquiet for a moment, he tilts his head in confusion "Why would I make fun of you? Hugs are a good thing." >He says with a bit of enthusiasm "Sooo... Is there somewhere in this big fancy place to watch a movie? Can you show me?" >He asks
>stands in a corner and swishes his tail
Flutter's a cutie
(25.56 KB 1038x638 theatre.png)
>>10306 "Oh..." >Fluttershy returns to her normal stance and expression. "Over here" >She leads Cloudhead down a hallway and through a door. >One of the walls of the room is a strange color, and there are dark boxes in the corners. >There is a box containing a LOT of movies, so many it would be hard to count! >A few movies are scattered in front of the box. Daring Do and the Secret Scepter Gone with the Breeze The Maltese Pegasus Barney the Bunny Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell Robocolt
>>10316 >Looks around the room in wonder "So is this what a penthouse is? It's got everything!" >He says, slowly walking over to the movie box >Giving some of the titles in front a brief glance, most end up meaning little to nothing to Cloudhead >However, one in particular catches his attention... "Is... Is that a... Daring Do movie?! Hey, I know Daring Do! That's one of Rainbow Dash's favorite things!" >He exclaims with a big smile "I remember her talking about some of the books before. They sound pretty cool. Do you like Daring Do too?"
>>10322 >Fluttershy forces a smile. "Oh.. well um, I like that you like Daring Do" >>10307 >Rarity enters the center room carrying gummy and levitating a platter of tall bubbling glasses. >She looks around. "Where are Fluttershy and Cloudhead?"
>>10328 >Cross comes back in through the bedroom. >He blinks at the platter of precarious glasses in Rarity's magic. "Uh, you need a hoof? That's a lot to lift..."
>>10329 >Rarity smiles at Cross. "Thank you dear, but I have the drinks taken care of" >As she is talking Gummy crawls off of Rarity's back and gums Cross's front right hoof.
>>10333 >He chuckles, looking down and shaking his leg lightly. "Alright, a gator is fine, too." >As he attempts to slide Gummy elsewhere, he continues. "Boulder, you see where the feathers went?
>>10328 "Wow..." >He mouths to himself while examining the back of the Daring Do movie, before putting it back where he found it >After that, he looks around the room once more before settling his focus on Fluttershy >It doesn't take very long for him to realize a simple fact >Here he is, alone with a mare, who happens to be surprisingly cute >Being utterly inexperienced with being around mares, especially in situations such as this, Cloudhead begins overthinking things "U-Um... Soo..." >He stumbles out, now feeling awkward, his cheeks heating up
>>10337 >Fluttershy just stands still and keeps indirectly looking at Cloudhead.
>>10336 "Uh... They went there." >points down the hallway.
>>10342 >Rarity begins walking down the hallway. "Alright then, let's meet them there" >She enters the theatre room. "A movie is a great idea, what will we watch? The Maltese Pegasus? Oh yes! Gone with the Breeze! That would be simply divine" >She giggles and stamps her front hooves as she levitates the platter over to Cloudhead and Fluttershy. "Everypony gets one and then we have a toast"
>>10346 >Cross follows, and checks out the room. "Huh. So this is like one of those picture shows?"
>>10346 >>10347 >Upon noticing the other ponies entering the room, Cloudhead feels immediate relief wash over him >No longer is he stuck in an unfamiliar, somewhat frightening situation >Reaching out, he carefully takes hold of one of the glasses >Noting the effervescent quality of the liquid it contains, he gives it an experimental sniff "What's this? It smells kind of nice!" >He asks, before looking around expectantly for another tray "And, um... Where's the toast? Do we have any butter to go with it?"
>>10347 "That's precisely what it is" >>10355 >Rarity giggles. "That's Champagne darling, and a toast is just a fancy way of saying we will set a good intention before we drink" >Fluttershy grabs one of the glasses with her wing. "Thank you.. um, can we watch the one about the nice bunny?" >Rarity recoils back. "No no no! We simply cannot watch that dreadful movie again" >Fluttershy closes her eyes and cringes away. "But... you made me watch all those bad movies were ponies got hurt and it was scary and..." >She is shivering just thinking about it. >Rarity rolls her eyes. "Fluttershy dear! those are classics, really you can't let them work you up so much. Gone with the Breeze is hardly a scary movie" >Fluttershy does not agree, but she is too withdrawn now to verbally disagree. >Rarity levitates the platter over to Boulder and Cross. "I'm sorry about this; Fluttershy always wants to watch that bunny. You can take my word it's... not enjoyable to say the least" >She takes a deep breath and looks at the movie box. "What do you fine stallions want to watch anyways?"
>>10361 >Cross clutches the champagne glass with a foreleg, and gives it a tentative sniff. "I'unno, anything funny like the shows they put up in Ponyville? Could go with somethin' for laughs." >He pauses. "Whatd'ya think we should be toastin' to?"
>>10365 >tries to carefully pick up the glass >surprisingly, he succeeds "To Her Divine Majesty, Princess Celestia, of course! May She reign forever!"
>>10366 >Cross almost immediately straightens out. "Heh-hey! I'll drink to that!"
>>10361 "Oh. Any movie is fine with me, I guess." >>10366 "U-Uh, yeah!" >He agrees, still a bit confused by the concept
>>10366 >>10367 >>10371 >Rarity places down the platter and raises her glass. "To Princess Celestia, cheers!" >She levitates her glass to Boulder and Cross's glasses and clinks them. >Boulder's glass almost loses balance but he saves it. >She then levitates it over to clink Cloudhead and Fluttershy's glasses before back to herself for a sip. >Fluttershy is too worked up to pay attention.
>>10378 >He throws back the whole glass. >He beams smugly. >A coughing fit follows.
>>10383 >Rarity shoots Cross a disapproving glare.
>>10378 >>10383 >Gives Cross an odd look before taking an experimental sip from his glass >Almost immediately, his eyes light up "This tastes pretty good! And it's bubbly!" >He says, taking another sip "So how do we watch one of these movies now? Where should we sit?" >While waiting for the answer, Cloudhead takes a moment to stare in wonder at all the little bubbles forming in his glass >Though soon, his focus shifts back to Fluttershy, noting how stiff and bothered she seems to be >Feeling concerned, he tries walking up close to the mare to give a comforting pat on the withers, like back at the crackhouse "Are you OK?"
>>10385 >Fluttershy unravels and takes a deep breath. "I'm fine" >Rarity finishes a sip and addresses Cloudhead. "In a bit I'll set up the projector with a movie, and we sit on those couches" >She points a forehoof at the vintage red couches in the center of the room. >She turns to the rest of the party. "Have any of you watched Gone with the Breeze? Scarlett is to die for" The movie box contains ponified versions of lots of movies, so feel free to have your characters suggest ones that they like and look for them in the box. Just run it by in a spoiler first, most campy old movies and classic movies should fly.
>>10389 Have Airship, Will Travel ^:)
>>10400 Ponified version of "Have Rocket, Will Travel"? Sure, it's in the box.
>>10389 "Hmm... Nope, I haven't." >He says before moving over to the nearest couch, which he promptly makes himself comfortable on >Afterwards, he resumes watching the magical bubbles in his glass while the others get ready I have no preference on the movie, though I do have one thing to add Personally, I love acting out these comfy slice of life sort of moments, but I can feel it starting to burn at the back of my mind that we're drifting a bit from playing RPG and more just straight up roleplaying. We need to be careful with that balance and not overdo things, so that we can continue to play and enjoy this My recommendation is to get the movie going soon, then skip ahead to when it's over and instead to the time for any bedtime shenanigans(if there's going to be any), then move on to the next day and return to Ponyville to progress the story and RPG side of things That's my two bits, anyway
>>10402 That was basically my plan, fast forward through the movie and focus on describing a few important parts and funny reactions. >A bell rings through the Penthouse. "Sounds like the elevator has arrived, we won't be letting that one in in now will we?" >Rarity jests. >Everypony is starting to feel warm and fuzzy from their drinks. >Rarity has been keen on the situation and senses that nopony is too strongly opinionated about the movie except Fluttershy. >She begins setting up the movie she wants to watch. "Gone with the Breeze it is" >Fluttershy droops her ears, but doesn't have the will to protest any more.
>>10404 >He smiles toothily. "Almost want to let 'er in." >At the mention of the movie, Cross just shrugs, and bring himself and his emptied glass over to the unoccupied couch.
>>10406 >Boulder goes to the same couch as Cross as Rarity finishes setting up the movie. >After the movie is ready, Rarity goes to the couch Cloudhead is on which Fluttershy hides behind with Gummy. >The movie starts. >All of the mares are wearing fancy dresses, and all of the stallions are wearing suits. >There is a mare named Scarlett that talks like Rarity. >1 hour later. >Holy shit this movie is boring. >It's incomprehensible to the stooges how anypony can enjoy this. >Fluttershy watches most parts and hides away when it gets too intense for her. >It's actually more entertaining to watch Rarity's excessive reactions to the movie than the movie itself. >Another hour later. >Midway break. >MIDWAY break? >After another half hour of vacant space numbing boredom, the party starts to nod off and the room fades to black. >cartoonspring.mp3 >The party hears Pinkie Pie bouncing around the room, inciting them to wake up. "Oh hey, your awake! Your awake!" "Rarity says you found gummy" >She says as she leans in and blinks fast.
>>10429 >All of the sudden noise rouses Cloudhead from his slumber, making him raise his head groggily "Huh..." >He mutters, blinking a few times before focusing on Pinkie "Y-Yep... We sure found him." >Stretches out on the couch
>>10429 >smiles "Hi Pinkamena."
>>10442 "Hi Boulder!" >>10433 "That's great!" >After this Pinkie starts talking very fast and getting bouncy. "YouknowRaritysentmeatelegramyesterdayandohmygosh!ShesaidmyspecialpowderwasbackandthenGummywasbacktoo!Bestdayever!" >She smiles wide and then changes to her best attempt at an serious expression, talking in a comically serious voice. "Anyways, take this pink whistle. You can blow it if you need my help sometime and I will return the favor" Single use, Pink energy is VERY powerful. >Pinkie pulls the whistle out of thin air behind her and places it on the ground, pushing it over with her forehoof. >She springs back to her regular level energy level, pronking out of the room. "Come on, enjoy the party!" >As she opens the door, music from the central room floods in.
>>10444 >Hearing of a party, Cloudhead immediately perks up "A party?! Yay!" >Shaking the sleep away, he scrambles onto his hooves and makes his way out to the central room, eager for some fun
>>10444 >Cross, having been mostly still-asleep until this point, perks up, ears and all. "Pinkie Pie party?" >He stands, scoops up the whistle, and eagerly trots into the central room.
>>10444 "Party?" >walks to the room
>>10448 >>10449 >>10454 >Pinkie Pie and Rarity are standing next to several lines of white powder on the table. >Well, Rarity is standing. Pinkie Pie is being Pinkie Pie. >Fluttershy is hanging out in the corner of the room. >Rarity comments. "Your awake! Care to partake in the spoils?" >She points a forehoof at the white powder. >Pinkie Pie snorts a line. "That's how it's done. Woo woo!" >She starts bounding off the walls.
>>10457 >walks up to the table >curiously looks at the powder >cautiously sniffs >some powder gets into his nose >pauses >opens his mouth wide... >and produces a huge sneeze, sending all the powder up in one huge cloud
>>10457 >>10459 >At first, Cloudhead is enthusiastic as he enters the room >However, that enthusiasm quickly dies when he notices what's really going on >His expression morphs to one of irritation and anger, with his ears pinning back >Though as he watches Boulder move in and blow the powder away, a smirk grows on his muzzle "Let's get out of here." >He suggests to his companions before walking towards the stairs
>>10459 >Rarity is startled by the sneezeful antics. >>10463 >She locks onto Cloudhead and trots up to him. "Where are you going? Don't tell me your afraid to have a little cocaine darling" >Pinkie Pie supplements Rarity's statement, flying in from the left. "Yeah!" >She bounces of the wall and flies in from the right. "It's" >She runs up the wall and dives in from the top left. "Really" >She runs up the wall and dives in from the top right. "Great!" >She bounces off to another part of the room.
>>10470 "Just getting some fresh air. Thanks for letting us stay here for the night." >He responds while continuing on his way, clearly annoyed
>Pinkie Pie darts into the bathroom and throws a cherry bomb in the toilet. BOOM! >Porcelain shrapnel ravishes the room. >She zips back into the center room. >Rarity looks mortified and rushes off to assess the damage. >Pinkie Pie, on the contrary, looks thrilled. "Wee! that was fun! BOOM!" >She erupts into a giggling fit on the floor.
>>10457 >>10471 >Cross gives Cloudhead a glance, then sighs. >He turns to Rarity. "Kinda just, reelin' from yesterday, still. Guess this isn't the party I'm needin' right now. Thanks." >He trots after Cloudhead.
>>10471 >>10473 >Rarity is too distracted by Pinkie Pie's toilet bombing to stop the party from exfiltrating the penthouse. >Now it's back to the piss soaked stairwell. >As Cloudhead, Boulder, and Marked Cross make their way down the stairwell a song comes on super loud and echos through the tower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oM3VMhbxN8 >It is accompanied by the noise of Pinkie Pie trashing the penthouse.
>>10477 "Pinkamena shouldn't've left farm. City is bad."
>>10478 "I agree. Can't wait to get back to Ponyville... Is there anything either of you want to do while we're still here? Or are we heading straight for the train?"
>>10480 "Can we level the whole place first?"
>>10480 >>10481 >Cross nods. "This city's been Tartarus all the way through. Nopony'll miss it."
>>10481 >>10482 >Laughs at Boulder's question "I dunno about leveling everything, but... I would sure like to shut down that operation making all the icky powder for good." >He says, thinking over his own statement while descending a few flights of stairs "Hm... Maybe we could? Not now of course, we'd probably get our flanks handed to us; we all saw how many ponies were running the place. But we could get stronger first, maybe think up a plan, maybe find somepony who would want to help."
>>10483 "I'd like to find a good guard for that cause. I find it hard to believe that there's only a ponice force out 'ere."
>After a long descent, the party reaches the bottom of the stairwell. >There are two doors, one is locked and one reconnects with the foyer by going through a room with a desk. >As the party moves through ponies look at them strangely for using the stairs. >Back in the foyer, a workpony is fixing the door that caused so much trouble last night.
>>10487 >Approaches the door, seeking passage into the great outdoors
>>10488 >As the party approaches the door, the workpony stands up and looks at them. "Hey there fellas, watch your step through the door. Some dumbass tried to force their way through last night and broke the ratchet. It spins both ways right now"
>>10491 "Wow, really? Wonder who would do such a thing..." >He says, feigning ignorance >Knowing that the door is freely spinning, Cloudhead uses that knowledge and tries moving his way through it in a slow, careful manner
>>10491 >Cross manages to pass a word of thanks before slowly stepping through the door.
(584.27 KB 2200x1700 station.png)
>>10502 >>10503 >With a level head and a bit of luck, our heroes make it through. >After they make it to the other side, A stallion puts out his foreleg to the door which lightly taps him. >Somehow this breaks his bone? It doesn't completely make sense. >He screams, and yells out. "I'm going to sue this hotel to the ground!" >Before walking in on three legs. >Strange, but enough of this shitty city. >Everypony walks to the train station. >They didn't notice last time, but there seems to be a train line within the city that goes to some places like "pony island". Ticket prices: Philly Delphia - 75 bits Canterlot - 75 bits Ponyville - 50 bits
>>10508 >Looking at the prices, Cloudhead counts his tens up carefully, only to realize he's a bit short >However... "Hmm... Either of you care if I fly back to Ponyville? After everything we just went through, I'd love to get up and stretch my wings." >He asks Boulder and Cross
>>10509 "Sure, just don't get lost along the way." >>10508 >Cross purchases a train ticket to Ponyville for 50 bits.
>>10508 >spends 10 minutes buying ticket for five times ten bits
>>10512 >>10514 "Okay, I'll see you there! Don't get on a crazy train this time!" >He teases before departing from the train station >Back outside, Cloudhead spreads his wings and takes to the sky, soon finding his happy place high among the clouds
(1.33 MB 640x480 engineer.mp4)
>>10512 >>10514 >Cross and Boulder board the train and make their way to suitable benches. >Time freezes. >An apparition appears before them. >engineer.mp4 >Before they have time to process what they just saw, a country mare with a pickaxe cutie mark enters their train car. "They found gold in Coltifornia! We're all gonna be rich!"
>>10517 >Cross immediately glosses over the event, instead processing the mare's presence. "-We're- gonna be rich?" i love these mp4s like you wouldn't believe
>>10517 "Ah dun like this shit." >kicks the wall and a bit of window with all the force
>>10520 >He sighs, and lists toward his friend. "I don't either, Boulder. Not much of a choice, though."
>>10518 >The mare responds. "Yes we are! That is, if we go to Jamestown. It's in the mountains northwest of Dodge Junction" >The ponies in the train car get excited at the prospect of well, prospecting. >>10520 >Boulder's kick comes out a little weak and leaves a small dent. "I'm with you brother, I'm sick of being poor too!" >The excited ponies misread the kick as celebration and copy the behavior, making a mess of the walls and damaging some of the seating. "Woo hoo! We're gonna be rich!" >The train starts lurching forwards. You can long rest and go to Ponyville at any point now.
>>10522 >Unable to resist the herd instinct, Cross stomps his hoof into the wall as well. long rest for the earth colts
(1.59 MB 4000x2500 junction.png)
>>10523 >The train rolls on without incident. >The whole way, the atmosphere in the car is enchanted by legends of ponies striking it rich in the west. >For Cloudhead it's a pleasant but exhausting flight. >The train screeches to a halt in Ponyville. >Cross and Boulder disembark. >Things are back where they started, everypony in front of the Clover Cafe on a pleasant afternoon.
>>10525 >He's unbothered >Hydrated >Happy >In his lane >Focused >Flourishing >Besides being freed from the woes of the big city, one of the very first things Cloudhead did upon returning to Ponyville was find a nice scenic cloud to sprawl out on and unwind >At long last, he could finally get a good slap out in peace... >It had been nearly three whole days since he last seeded a cloud! Unthinkable! >And so there Cloudhead sits at the cafe with a faint smile, eyes closed and wings ever-so-slightly flared >Stress free and soaking in the warm sun and the fresh air, he indeed looks like one happy pegasus
>>10526 Hey, that's not a rain!
>>10525 "Wat now? Let's graze?"
>>10534 >Opens his eyes to look at Boulder "I'm not too hungry right now. Actually, I wanted to go visit the Apple Family Orchard today. Either of you want to come with me?" >He asks
>>10525 >Cross waves at the happy looking Sea Swirl. >>10539 "Sure, not like we've got much else to do." >He pauses. "Actually, some mare on the train got us all riled up over some gold in a place called Jamestown, a ways north of Dodge Junction." >He takes an even longer pause. "And uh, that clown ain't the only one hauntin' us it seems. Got paid a visit from that engineer, some kinda warning about, uh, nothin' good... we didn't kill 'im, did we?"
>>10539 >nods "Good. Maybe we find something to pull.
(3.13 MB 8287x5437 farm.png)
>>10542 >Sea Swirl waves back. >>10539 >>10543 >Applejack waves to the party. "Howdy there!"
>>10544 "Uh."
>>10542 >Gives Cross a surprised look, closely followed by his ears drooping "Oh no... He did say that someponies were going to kill him. We should've looked after him when we arrived at the station..." >He says, pausing to think about the matter "...Nothin' we can do about it now, I guess. Tell me about it more later, okay?" >>10544 "Hi!" >He greets the Apple mare in turn, happily trotting up to her "So um... I have a question, if you don't mind me asking. Do you know somepony by the name of Granny... Um... Granny..." >He trails off, trying to remember the latter half of the name
>>10547 >Applejack finishes Cloudhead's thought. "Smith. Granny Smith" >She frowns and droops her ears. "She went missing a while back"
>>10548 "Really? Well... We might have found her, actually." >He says with a smile "Got any water?"
>>10549 >Applejack widens one eye while scrunching the other in confusion. "Huh? Well sure we do. Just over yonder" >She points a forehoof at a bucket.
>>10550 "Come and see." >He says while walking over to the bucket >Once there, Cloudhead rummages through his bag until he pulls out the correct dehydrated pony vial, labeled as "Granny Smith" >Removing the stopper from the vial, he then carefully pours out the powder onto the ground >After putting the stopper back onto the now-empty container, he sets it back in his bag before grabbing hold of the bucket "I hope this is really her..." >He says before splashing some water onto the powder
>>10551 >Granny Smith instantly rehydrates when the water hits. >Applejack does a double take. "What in tarnation!" >Granny looks around. "What just happened now?"
>>10552 "Uh, well... When we were in the big city, we went to a pawn shop where I found this strange bottle. Dee-hydrated Granny Smith, just add water, it said." "I thought the name was familiar, like one of your family. So I bought it, and here we are!" >He explains, ending on a cheery note "The nice stallion running the store said that a few little fillies sold it to him... Either way, I'm happy we were able to find your Granny! Now you're all together again!"
>>10553 >Applejack follows along with the explanation. >At the last bit she makes a strange face. "A few fillies, eh?" >With perfect timing, high pitched giggling is heard somewhere deep in the orchard. >Applejack gives an evil eye in it's direction. "Ah'll be right back" >Applejack returns with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in tow. >Quickly they notice Granny Smith and make awkward forced smiles. "Oh... hi there Granny Smith. Nice to see you" >Applejack is not buying it. "Applebloom, explain yourself this instant!" >Sweetie Belle sighs. "That's how we didn't get our cutie marks as salesponies" >Scootaloo points at Sweetie Belle. "It was your dumb idea!" >Sweetie Belle points at Applebloom. "Yeah? Well uh... she went through with it!" >Applejack stomps the ground. "Into the barn. NOW" >Applebloom walks into the barn glum. >corporalpunishment.mp3 >Applejack walks out balancing a pie on her back and looks sternly at the rest of the CMC. "Now don't the rest of ya'll get yer hopes up, I'll be telling yer families about this too" >She sighs, and looks to the party. "Sorry for all this trouble, ah know it ain't much but we made some pies this morning" >She balances the pie and offers it to Cloudhead. The apple pie restores 10 HP and 10 SP when eaten, not as good for a throwing weapon as a cream pie though.
>>10559 >looks at Applejack >looks at Sweeble "Uh... Eh... Her sister stayed in the big city, methinks, to party with Pinkamena and with some strange white sand."
>>10559 >>10562 >Cross nods. "Yup, that's about right."
>>10559 >His eyes light up at the sight of the pie "Wow, thanks! It looks delicious!" >He says, taking the pie and carefully settling it in his bag "Say, do you need any help with something while we're here?"
>>10562 >Applejack rolls her eyes. "White sand? Shucks, Rarity is always into some silly fashion thing" >>10569 >Applejack turns to Cloudhead. "Your welcome! Now work, lets see..." >She takes a moment to think. "South Field ain't ripe yet, but we could use some help processing the apples we've picked so far. We'll need some time for Granny Smith to settle back in, but you could come tomorrow" >Granny Smith nods in agreement. "I can teach them a thing or two"
>>10577 "Tomorrow, huh? We'll keep that in mind. Take care!" >Cloudhead says before turning around and walking back towards Ponyville That was satisfying. A good deed was done, and I got a nice reward for my 10 bit investment
>>10577 "Alright. If you need anythin', we'll be in town." >Cross bows his head Granny's way. "Ma'am." >He turns back toward Ponyville as well.
>>10594 >>10587 >The Apple family waves goodbye. >As the party walks into Ponyville, they see two stallions in striped suits with bowties and funny hats. >Some of the ponies are booing while others take interest. "Yes, that's right! Just sign here and we will cover your train ride AND equipment cost" >They pull out a long piece of paper with lots of tiny shapes on it and some ponies begin lining up to sign their names.
>>10595 >looks at the stallions "Fukken ziggers!"
>>10596 >The stallions laugh. "No sir, we are unicorns. And we are offering you a great deal. How would you like to work at the Flim Flam Mines?" >Zecora looks at Boulder sternly. "May the spirits curse you, to drown in lake Bangweulu"
>>10595 >>10598 >Steps forward, feeling somewhat curious "What kind of work would we be doing? And what would we get out of it?"
>>10598 "Mines? Wrong place to look for ponies like that." >another curse
>>10621 kek I was thinking the same thing >inb4 the DM is actually Aftercase and we're playing in a spinoff of the Fatelocked universe Boulder's cursed to drown, therefore he shall
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