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(63.27 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
QM##YhK1Fn 05/08/2022 (Sun) 22:10:11 No. 9307
>You push to throw the thick snow. >You thank your rubber hoof boots are insulated, else you're hooves would probably just drop off from frostbite. >You spot a red tent in the distance and you wade towards it. >A young mare pops her head out of the tent, and she smiles at you. >?: "Hello!" >The mare climbs out of her tent. >?: "You are a little early, the others are not here yet. So why don't you take off your bags give your back a rest. I don't need you worn out before we start climbing." >You wondered why your saddlebags are so heavy.
>>9307 >ask mare what's her name
(60.22 KB 640x480 2.jpg)
>>9308 >You ask the mare her name. >Tundra: "Tundra Hills, I'm the team leader for our expedition."
>>9311 >unhitch the saddlebags >ask which mountain are we going to climb
(61.58 KB 640x480 3.jpg)
>>9313 >You unhitch your saddlebags before sliding them off. >They hit the snow with a crunch and a clatter. >You ask Tundra about the expedition. >Tundra laughs. >Tundra: "Good one, the one you signed up for! We are going to be the first team to summit EverHoof!...You're not getting cold hooves on me now are you?"
>>9317 >ask Tundra if she's heard legends about snowponies >check if everything is alright with the saddlebags and open them
btw, what are the rules? should a participant get a name?
>>9320 It's a story-driven CYOA. No names are needed as you all control the same character. There will be a dice roll and stat system, it's very basic. I'll do a tutorial part when the story gets going.
>>9307 oh boy! i can't wait to roll nothing but 1s
>>9317 Oh yeah, that one. Right. When are we getting started, again?
Is that you, aftercase? What made you decide to start something in this little sleepy yet comfy place? On a similar note, do you know yet how dice rolls work on here?
>>9317 Do you know how many others are going to join us?
>>9327 Those are always the funniest adventures.
>>9318 Or yetis. I bet there are yetis up there.
>>9334 [spoiler]I lurked here from day one. I want to do a cyoa thats slower paced and this board is perfect for that. For anons who never came across my cyoa's before, I run narrative driven cyoas with 'lite' rpg elements. So buckle up, bless your dice, spoiler any meta, and dont pull any strings. [/spoiler]
(8.99 KB 100x82 aaaaaa.jpg)
>>9348 >strings
(82.62 KB 640x480 4.jpg)
>>9318 >Tundra: "Another two, one unicorn and a pegasus." >>9339 >Tundra sighs. >Tundra: "...No pony reads the plans mailed to them...We will be setting off when the others get here. Hopefully we will be at Base Camp One by nightfall." >>9318 >You open your saddlebags and check the gear as you talk to Tundra. >Tundra: "Snowponies? Don't tell me you are one of those 'believers'...Next you'll be telling me there is a muscular green furless ape who lives here too..." >The mare giggles. >Tundra: "So, its nice to see there is another..." [What race are you?] [Roll dice1d3] 1. Earthpony Pros: Hardier than the three races Can carry more, good for being a pack mule Thicker fur, Resistant to frostbite Cons: Prone to altitude sickness if they ascend too quickly. Heavier than other ponies, others may struggle to carry in emergencies. Due to bigger size, oxygen is required above 40 furlongs. 2. Pegasus Pros: Resistant to impact injuries Light bones, can be carried by others Can fly comfortably up to 20 furlongs high in cold weather, good for scouting Cons: Wings prone to frostbite after 35 furlongs High winds can easily blow a pegasus off a mountain Prone to freezing at night if conditions drop 3. Unicorn Pros: Magic spells and levitation of equipment Can light fires without matches Can magic fire emergency flare spells Cons: Mana recovery becomes harder the higher the unicorn goes. Can suffer brain freeze due to horn exposure. It's not the ice cream kind either, their brains literally freeze Unicorns have to ration their mana, if completely depleted with no recovery they may suffer from Mana Fatigue and exhaustion
>>9350 is that OK for me to roll? What about other anons? >"But snow apes are here! I've read about them in Equestria Daily. Why would EqD be lying?"
1 = 1 (1d3)
>>9351 Other anons have to accept your roll as now you are all playing as a single Earth pony. I know it sounds weird at first all playing one character, but still, follow along and watch what happens.
>>9351 You rolled. We have to live with it.Will these sunglasses be good enough to avoid snowblindness?
(62.14 KB 640x480 5.jpg)
>>9351 >Tundra: "Earthpony, at least you can share the load if needs be...Say, who's your sponsor? Mine is Strong Withers Sports Wear Limited, I get to test their new range of climbing gear! How cool is that!" [Who is your sponsor?] [Roll dice1d5] [First post/roll accepted] 1. PonE-mart After a disastrous Black Friday and several team meetings later, management decided to embark you on an advertising mission to place their logo imprinted flag on top of Everhoof. Why? Mostly insurance fraud on employee assets -- "Good luck" - Shelf Stacker, HR Manager. 2. Quills and Sofas Megacorp Limitedâ„¢ With their overnight success of selling quills with free half-priced sofas with a six-month finance scheme with forty percent APR; the Quills and Sofa Corporation now own or have shares in 25% of Equestria companies. To mark their success they commissioned you to place a small platinum plaque on the highest rock on Everhoof.' '3. Our Expedition Association Everhoof is freepickings. The small town of "Our Town" have clubbed together to commission you to place their town flag on the summit and claim the Mountain for glorious Equalism. 4. Equestrian Expedition Commitee The flag of Harmony must be flown high for the world to see; In reality, it's to show off to the Crystal Empire that they cannot climb a little mountain in their own backyard. The Crown has commissioned you to place the Equestrian flag on the summit. 5. A true independent After an argument with Twilight Sparkle, she teleported your last hay tendie on top of Everhoof. Before you embarked, you faked an injury at work then sued them for the funds to retrieve what was stolen from you.
>20 replies and mare still unbooped.. Anons wtf?
>>9354 Sponsor? That was, uh... 5 GET MUST RETRIEVE THE TENDIE
3 = 3 (1d5)
Rolled the worst one instead. Oh well. >>9355 We gotta make the first boop count, save it for the right moment.
(82.93 KB 640x480 6.jpg)
>>9359 >>9360 >You tell her your sponsor. >Tundra notices you are not exactly thrilled about it. >Tundra: "Hey I understand, your doing it for the money. Equalists are weird but hey, we can plant all our flags on the summit." >Think of which, you fumble around in your pockets. >You are relieved once you found the flag folded in your pocket. >You don't want to lose that.
>>9364 >ask her how high is mt. Everhoof
>>9364 Anyway... How long have you been climbing mountains for? What's your highest peak up until this point?
>>9373 Yeah, is our expedition all veteran mountain climbers?
(61.92 KB 640x480 7.jpg)
>>9370 >Tundra: "It's around forty-four furlongs. Just a bit under I think..." >>9373 >>9407 >Tundra nods >Tundra: "We all are. Everhoof is the biggest open-air graveyard in the world. So many sadly died trying to reach the summit, so being a professional or veteran is a must...Oh for around ten years, started when I was a teenage filly. My highest peak is Canterlot, oh the city was beautiful to see at such a hight."
>>9413 >ask her where are the others?
(58.69 KB 640x480 8.jpg)
>>9415 >Tundra: "I have no clue...They should be here by now..." >Tundra looks around. >Tundra: "...Wait I see them, I'll pack up my tent when well do a meet and greet."
>>9418 >offer to help with the tent, or barring that, try and wave to the ponies
>>9420 Seconding
>>9420 agreed
And the only one of these that actually looked fun is dead. Goddamnit.
(235.38 KB 900x900 294318.png)
(30.11 KB 186x303 Tundra Cutedra.png)
Did this in the aggie in the meantime
>>9520 Very cute Anon. She looks cozy in that outfit.
(277.31 KB 362x360 479943.gif)
>>9520 >wrapped up warm mares
>>9512 What's that supposed to mean?
>>9520 I highly approve.
>>9512 >>9517 No, I'm still here. The last two days I've been working long hours. Got a little burned out. >>9520 Cute! Thanks Anon.
(57.37 KB 640x480 9.jpg)
>>9420 >>9423 >>9427 >Tundra: "I'll pack this up, it won't take me long. You can meet the others." >You turn and spot two ponies trotting together through the snow.
>>9573 A unicorn and another Earth. At least we will have a partner with us when we are humping a huge pack up the mountain. Let's talk to them and find out what their skills are.
>>9573 Wave a friendly hoof at them
(68.70 KB 640x480 10.jpg)
>>9574 >>9576 >You wave at the new two ponies. >They wave back then quickly trot over to you. >The mare speaks up. >Drift: "Hi I presume you're our team. I'm Drift and this is...Errr..." >The Stallion laughs. >Chuck: "You don't believe me don't you...It's Chuck." >Drift: "But I'm Cloud Drift, like normal names theres two or three words, you can't be just called Chuck. Is it Wood Chuck?" >Chuck: "No, just Chuck." >The mare giggles. >Drift: "Fine this is Chuck." >Chuck: "Nice to meet you." >He offers a hoofshake.
>>9583 >shake his hoof >say Hi to the cute mare >ask them which mountains have they been to already
>>9583 Well, my names Anon. Guess we're both a little strange, huh? >Said in a friendly way
>>9583 What's that in the sky?
(68.70 KB 640x480 10.jpg)
>>9588 >>9584 >You shake Chuck's hoof. >Drift: "Hi! Mountains? Oh, I've been hiking up and around Foal Mountains few a few weeks, I go there every year for training." >Chuck: "Smokey Mountain, summited it three times, Canterlot too, and a few others around Griffon Stone." >>9588 >Chuck Laughs. >Chuck: "Nice to meet you too Anon." >>9589 >Chuck watches a bird fly past. >Chuck: "That would be a bird."
>>9596 >ask who is their sponsor
>>9596 >Foal mountains QM has read IDW
>>9596 That's cool. I climbed Mt. Midoriyama once. >Chuck: "That would be a bird." Sweet. Bird watching rules.
>>9600 Or watched the show (DYEWTS?) Or looked at a map of Equestria
>>9596 Why is it circling?
>>9571 Glad to see you are doing fine. Shitposts aside don't rush yourself op, we can wait. >>9596 >horn caps kek
(67.66 KB 640x480 12.jpg)
>>9597 >You ask about their sponsors. >Chuck: "Private expedition, I'm a...little on the wealthy side..." >Drift: "Yet he wears the cheapest gear..." >Chuck: "Hey, if it works it works, and it's not the cheapest, I don't see the worth spending hundreds of bits because the equipment has a fancy logo on it." >Drift: "...Yeah, tell me that when your rope snaps" >Drift looks back to you. >Drift: "I'm sponsored by Geology Society, they want rock samples from up top."
>>9662 >"...Yeah, tell me that when your rope snaps" Let's not invite bad luck, right? At least neither of you are sponsored by the OEA... Anyways, the team leader's right over here.
>>9662 Rock samples? Do they think there's something extra special way up there?
>>9672 I would imagine that they want to know whether the volcanic rock at the top of the cinder cone is more basaltic or more granitic, since that will tell them what to expect from the next eruption. If the rock is basaltic, then the eruption will just result in a lazy lava flow like Kilauea. If it is significantly granitic, then the eruption will likely be of a pyroclastic nature like Krakatoa where the explosion gets measured in megatons. It would be a handy thing to know.
(73.65 KB 640x480 13.jpg)
>>9672 >Drift: "They just want to know how Everhoof formed. I presume the rock samples would give them the answer." >>9669 >Chuck laughs. >Chuck: "Ouch, but by the sounds of it at least you're not one of those Equalists nuts...Oh Hello there.." >Tundra trots over. >Tundra: "Hello, I take it everypony is here." >Everyone nods. >Tundra: "Good, I want to make it to base camp by nightfall, so if we may, I wish to start now." >Chuck: "Fine by me." >Drift: "Lead the way."
>>9745 >hitch your saddlebags to your tack once again
(19.65 KB 431x997 SmallGuyPants.jpg)
>>9745 Offer to carry some of the unicorn's and pegasus' gear for them. It will be good to allow them to keep their strength up for the trip. ...That is, assuming that we are a big guy. Come to think of it, we don't even know if we're a guy at all. Are we a mare or a stallion?
>>9791 Or a gelding.
>>9791 stallion, for 2 mares and 2 stallions; or mare, for Chuck and his entourage of mares
>>9792 I would rather have the = on my ass than that.
>>9798 More like Anonymare, and her buffet of choice dishes.
>>9791 >>9798 >>9812 Dice roll it, maybe? Up to QM.
1 stallion, 2 mare dice1d2
>>9881 Shit. How do dice work on this board?
>>9882 press extra in the quick reply window and enter diceXdY in the Email field
>>9886 Now I know. Of course, the OP may just come back and tell us at some point.
1 = 1 (1d2)
(8.35 KB 197x208 Cloud Drift.jpg)
>>9520 Did some Drift drawings too >>9975
OP here. I haven't abandoned. I got caught up in other things. I'll continue after my work shift. >>9976 Thanks, anon! I love them!
(78.13 KB 640x480 14.jpg)
Stallion >>9750 >You hitch on your saddlebags. >>9791 >Chuck: "I'm good. Thanks for the offer." >Tundra: "I'm good too." >Drift: "Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine." >Tundra: "Right, let's go. Base camp one is an easy hike. So follow me." >Chuck: "Lead the way." >Drift says nothing but smiles. >You follow the team.
>>10080 >sing >So stop all these arguments now >I've proven it all to myself >Is there anything better than mountains? >Only mountains yet to ascend. btw, is that our first time to Everhoof?
>>10082 >singing already I guess we're going to be that guy.
>>10082 kek, I'll second this.
>>10082 Do we know how to yodel? Because we're mountaineers.
>>10102 I don't want to cause an avalanche thank you very much.
>>10112 Avalanche? I'd be more worried about us getting murdered in our sleep.
>>10159 Uh oh, is Macbeth in this thread too?
>>10162 Are you trying to give us bad luck by mentioning The Scottish Play by name?
>>10174 bad luck? do you realise who runs this CYOA? just wait till we have to roll for survival..
>>10175 >just wait till we have to roll for survival.. I can't wait for us to fall into a deep chasm and had to be rescued by uncontacted yeti ponies.
I am picturing yeti ponies as big, hairy draft horses. That would be cool, honestly.
(2.09 MB 3282x2037 1634743786383.png)
>>10179 >>10184 So basically the abominable snowmares from the snowpony threads? >get rescued by giant fluffy mares >get hauled to giant snowmare cave high in the mountains >death by snu snu
>>10275 good/bad end?
>>10275 Or we will just get hung upside-down in a cave like Luke Skywalker.
(61.58 KB 640x480 15.jpg)
>>10082 >The teams start to hike through the snow. >The air is crisp and fresh in your lungs. >You start to sing. >Chuck: "Looks like we got ourselves a singer for the journey." >Tundra: "I'm glad he actually sings in tune..."
>>10339 Somepony has to keep the spirits high, right?
>>10339 <Think about a place that's hot as hell <About drier than the bottom of a dried up well <And I think you'll know what Texas means to me <Ain't got no money. Ain't got no job <The banks are all too poor to rob <And I'd like to say one thing before I leave ...You guys know this one?
(63.87 KB 321x430 cans.jpg)
(358.97 KB 1119x925 1867673.png)
>>10375 >>10393 Top kek.
>>10375 I think not
[spoiler]I came across this while catching up on Westworld. Bros... I don't think we're going to make it. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38237413/#38238049 [/spoiler]
>>11087 Westworld is back? Fuck I forgot about it, have not opened /mlp/ in a week or so..
>>11087 kek, that's a good catch. At least it went from scrapped to an actual CYOA. Don't lose hope, we're all gonna make it... eventually. Maybe
>>11087 I didn't want to bring it up, but yeah. Been thinking about this since the start.
>>11087 i believe...
(62.27 KB 640x480 16.jpg)
>>10343 >>10375 >Chuck laughs. >Chuck: "Can't say I have...Yeah I guess." >Chuck calls out to the two mares in front. >Chuck: "Hey, we got on trail entertainment..." >The two mares giggle. >Tundra: "Sing all you want." >You continue to hike towards base camp one.
>>11663 How's the weather around us?
>>11663 boop!
>>11928 Who?
>>11950 Self
>>11955 How lewd
>>11663 BREED MARES!
>>11955 >>11928 preferably without tripping
(54.04 KB 640x480 17.jpg)
>>11664 >Chuck: "Sunny. You could just look up you know..." >You continue walking for some time. >The two mare chat to each other as you make your way to base camp one. >Chuck: "I'm guessing it's not far now." >Tundra turns her head. >Tundra: "Just over this hill and we will be there." >Chuck: "Then the fun begins." >Tundra: "It'll be a hard climb, many ponies lost their lives attempting to climb this mountain." >Drift: "I'm sure not dying here. Any sign that things are going south I'm flying down." >Chuck: "You better make that decision before you hit the dead zone. No pegasus can fly at height." >Drift: "I know, but I'm not being careless on this one. No pony should." >Tundra: "Just slow and steady." >Drift: "Yeah, slow and steady." >Chuck sighs then whispers. >Chuck: "Until summit fever hits."
>>12557 >Drift: "Yeah, slow and steady." I like slow and steady. Slow and steady is good. Not dying is also nice. This conversation has me just a little worried about how Cloud Drift will perform under pressure. It will be good to not rely too heavily on her flying ability. Prepare contingencies. >Chuck: "Until summit fever hits." Well, at least we will have a legitimate condition to blame our poor behavior on.
>>12557 Nice view ^:)
>>12576 We're going to fall into a crevasse at some point, because we're too engrossed in enjoying the view to watch our step.
>>12557 Any of you got some specific points on the mountain you're worried about?
>>12644 Good question. Do we have choices as to which face we will be ascending?