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Short stories and greens Anonymous 07/01/2021 (Thu) 07:23:08 No. 96
Post em, but don't forget to give a short description to go with it. >Celestia's Visit https://poneb.in/S4zxGXXs Celestia and filly Twilight make a visit to old man Anon's cottage out in the everfree. A comfy story where Twilight's curiosity gets the better of her. >Dash's Feather https://u.smutty.horse/lzitaguhrjv.txt Rainbow cares for Anon but his cluelessness of Pegasus culture leads him into hot water. >Cuddle Therapy (Second pic in post) A cozy scene between an injured Anon and Nurse Redheart in the hospital.
>>96 >Love and Muffins https://ponepaste.org/85 Anon bakes Derpy some muffins and invites her on a date.
(1021.82 KB 1318x9221 Anon Celestia H&H.png)
>>98 That was nice, I liked it. Horse puns were pretty good too. >Hearts and Hooves Day (Pic rel) Anon finds his light at the end of the tunnel, just in a nick of time too.
(719.74 KB 1311x4289 Ponies Vacuum.png)
(446.12 KB 1312x3350 Ponies Vacuum 2.png)
(117.27 KB 1288x1292 Ponies Vacuum 3.png)
>Ponies and Vacuums A classic with Anon trolling the usual suspects with a vacuum cleaner.
(757.61 KB 1113x2048 Twilight Spiders.jpg)
>Twilight and the Spider Another classic greentext involving Twilight, Anon and some night time creepy crawlies.
>Insults are Magic https://poneb.in/MiSCHFiY I this green Anon learns what it means to take a joke too far.
(228.11 KB 1167x613 1.png)
(199.70 KB 1235x617 2.png)
(216.56 KB 1239x650 3.png)
>/sun/ has a new unnamed story about Celestia and cheeze pizza
(217.25 KB 1237x721 4.png)
>>863 >>864 I gave it a read through the other day. Super cute, glad this was created.
Here’s an excerpt from a lewd bonus chapter I wrote just as ponepaste went down. Couldn’t add it to my story in time. --- >Whimpering from the immense pressure building internally. Twilight looked up just in time to see Celestia lean down over her. Placing a hoof under her muzzle she quickly brought her white frame forwards. And in a swift motion Celestia had locked her lips around hers. Slipping her tongue in she passionately slurped inside of her mouth. Leaving no spot untouched she coiled and twisted her tongue wildly about. Licking behind her teeth and under her tongue. Drinking everything the purple mare had to offer like a water-starved animal. >And just when Twilight thought she couldn’t take anymore. Celestia suddenly pulled away from her with a wet pop. Both gasping for air as she parted. --- I’m not the greatest with kissing scenes, any tips on it? Or is it ok?
>>959 >twilestia based
>>964 Celestia being basically a mother to her only makes it hotter imo. How was the kissing scene tho? Not to boring? Anything to change up kek?
>>966 >Anything to change Nah, it was good. Descriptive and not too verbose.
>>967 Thank you nonny~
>>959 It's alright.
(1.69 MB 1920x1149 1599908.png)
Was directed to this thread. I'm not much a short story type, I prefer lengthy fics on fimfiction. But sifting through the garbage of the last couple years is tiresome. So if we could add to discussion the sharing of good fimfiction stories.
>>1448 The previous best night ever https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450793/the-previous-best-night-ever Offers a rather unexpected and interesting approach on Celestia and some other ponies. If you not the one to seethe at the mentions of Candyass I'd say read it.
>>1451 I like candyass.
>>96 I want cuddle therapy.
>>1451 Looks interesting, I'll give it a read after I'm done re-reading The Maretian. I did go over a spoiler in the comments, so now the story is reminding me of Lines and Webs. Very old fic of Celestia being a chessmaster with questionable motives.
Ponepaste is back!
>>96 If there was a short story someone would like to post but there isn't quite a thread with a theme for it, could it be posted here too? I've been hoping for a thread like that for a while, just a low-stress, chill place to post stuff if you want to. >>1785 Like fully back up? Or still in read-only mode?
>>1866 It's back, with log in and all.
>>1866 >If there was a short story someone would like to post but there isn't quite a thread with a theme for it, could it be posted here too? I've been hoping for a thread like that for a while, just a low-stress, chill place to post stuff if you want to. Absolutely, I think that would be great.
>>1866 >If there was a short story someone would like to post but there isn't quite a thread with a theme for it You can also post it in tempo
>>864 Apparently it's now on ponepaste, neat. https://ponepaste.org/5526
>>1940 Neat indeed. That was a fun one.
>>3444 Does it take later canon into consideration, or does it chuck it into a disposal chute?
>>3455 So far it seems to not even acknowledge Canterlot Wedding yet.
Does anyone have any stories to recommend that really feel like they could literally be an actual episode of the show?
>>3812 Unironically, Winter Bells from Nyxverse. Beautiful slice of life story. Very cozy and comfy.
>>3813 I've already read the entire official nyxverse
I don't have greens, but I do have short fics. Here they are. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/148643/billy-mays-goes-to-equestria >Applejack is in a tight spot at the moment. Her sales have been declining recently, there are bills that need to be paid, and Granny still needs a hip replacement. >So, in the interest drumming up more business, Applejack hires a certain salesperson to win the hearts and minds of Ponyville. >This goes just as well as you'd expect it to. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/171600/the-lonely-sun >Celestia was betrayed by Discord many years ago, tricked into believing that Equis's doom was nigh. >The result was each and every sapient inhabitant on the planet moving to an uninhabited world, but Celestia being left behind as a consequence. >And yet as the years pass on by and nothing changes...something does. >Read on as the mare recalls what she can, whilst fighting her gradual slip into a false reality. >Where a young human is her son. >Where the impossibility is explained as a gift from The Great Mother herself. >Where memories fade and delusions take their place. >Or have they already? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/197210/switcheroo >From Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder ----- >K'larra was a deep cover changeling sent to spy on Ponyville in preparation for the invasion. Sazzix was a survivor of the invasion that slipped past the wards and posed as an ordinary pony. >They fell in love. >Then they figured out they were both changelings. >Then they got drunk. That's all for now. I have plenty more where that came from, but I'll be saving those for later. If anyone else has some stuff from the olden times, drop em here. On that note, does anyone know of any service to scrape one favorites and other bookshelves off of Fimfiction? I know archives already exist of the whole of Fimfiction, plus Fimfetch, but I want a personal archive of the stuff I favorited so I don't have to bother sorting through all the other stuff from the archive dump.
>>3444 Sounds cozy, can't wait 'til I have some time to read them. >>3934 An interesting mix of stories. >does anyone know of any service to scrape one favorites and other bookshelves off of Fimfiction? Are favorites and bookshelves publicly searchable? I've never made an account on FiMfic, but I have written a FiMfic scraper that I might be able to modify for such a thing if they are searchable.
>>3938 Most of them are not, but I can set them to public. That said, I rather have my own personal tool to scrape it if possible. I would use Fanficfare, but it isn't set to scrape Fimfiction libraries. At least, not that I know of. I think there are a couple other scrapers around, but they seem to be a hassle to set up. What I want is an easy to use command line or GUI scraper to get the properly formatted EPUBs off of Fimfiction, images, author notes, tags, and the like if at all possible. But for the time being, I'll just settle for a decent epub.
>>3994 Can you give me an example of a "public" bookshelf? The scraper I made just processes search results so if it can be found via search it should be able to work.
>Been re-reading stories I haven't read since they were released >Dykery annoys me far more than it did when I first read it >End up downvoting and stop reading Sad.
Sup nhnb, anyone have interest in Hassenfelds? I recently did some digging into the archives and found they did a piss poor job at archiving their greens and it was all 90% just letter RPing. Getting to the point, I can give links for Hassenfeld greens and I'd like to see a central hub for it on the modern ponepaste, but am too busy myself with /bootleg/. Would anyone be willing to step up for the bio-engineered ponies? Maybe even make a thread on /fim/ once there's an actual archive?
>>4007 I recall something about the hassenfelds but I don't think I ever lurked the threads. I suppose you could post what you've got either in here or /bootleg/ or something, see if Anons could collaboratively work on it.
>>4008 Weren't they like, robot ponies you could buy?
>>4009 the opposite, they're 100% biological companions and had some autistic canon about abuse that made 10000% sure never to retrace fluffy abuse
>>4009 Maybe? I think I could remember a couple of threads along that idea. Main ones that I recall were Anons theorizing about how future scifi biotechnology could bring their dreams to life. >>4010 So like the ponies that the bootleg pones are bootlegs of? Kind of interesting.
(2.66 MB 3000x2318 1548855738409.jpg)
>>4011 Biotech, robots, whatever. I demand my waifubot.
>>4012 >Equestrian leader Sign me up.
>>4008 >post it in here or bootleg bootleg has had some hassenfelds but its usually not in the same thread topic of getting a knockoff. hassenfeld ponies are generally marketed as close to possible as the ideal which is the polar opposite for what youd end up with in bootleg. Now if that was actually the case or just marketing salesspin is another story, but many people liked the pure escapism about them while others took it into darker phillosophical places about how its related to slavery since unlike fluffies they all had the intelligence of humans but were programmed to love and obey the one that buys them through imprinting
>>4011 You might be talking about the Celestia that was posted in /bootleg/ from years ago https://ponepaste.org/3548 There's also Ponka Po, which first lines mentioned genetic engineering https://ponepaste.org/5797 Rare is most likely one if you really understand the two threads https://ponepaste.org/4127 but these are all stuff already on ponepaste, bootlegs CAN be hassenfelds but maybe just being one doesnt count as a bootleg if that makes sense. the ones that aren't binned at all from years back in Hassenfeld threads or on pastebin the are what I'm talking about
>>4018 I was familiar with the Celestia and Rare ones, but always nice to see them again.
(93.71 KB 1889x428 1st hassenfeld gmo thread.png)
(280.37 KB 883x2644 the box tho.png)
(192.63 KB 799x1581 bad influence.png)
>>4023 Rare was popular enough to start /bootleg/ so not a surprise she really was special. Moving onto Hassenfeld specific greens they only archived TWO but made sure to save a shit ton of their letters and FAQ. And if you searched up Hassenfeld on boorus youd probably find less than a handfull. I bring you the first sign of life for the hassenfeld ponies. The very first green was a shitpost about the hassenfeld box, and after that was how anon is a terrible influence. one of the core concepts of hassenfelds is that they have rapid growth.
Whatcha readin', guys?
>>4630 Mainly BuggyCYOA and AutoPony's current bootleg Midnight green.
>>4007 I'm glad you're digging /bootleg/. >>4014 From what I've seen, there's a pretty broad gradient. Middie has a pretty different backstory from Jacky or Condense but they're all organic enough. >>4631 Auto's pretty great at his stuff.
(266.81 KB 1371x1677 story.png)
/sun/ got a very cute story
>>8367 I remember a short green about Celestia making pizza that was pretty cute. Maybe I'll see if I can find it, I probably have it saved somewhere.
>>8415 iirc that was by the same author
>My Little Pony: Reliving The Magic https://ponepaste.org/6182 https://ponepaste.org/6183 https://ponepaste.org/6184 https://ponepaste.org/6185 Anon is summoned at the beginning of Season 1 with full future knowledge of the show. Though, usually the episodes he gets involved in are turned on their heads and he ends up learning a similar lesson to the original or an entirely new one. As the original writer has all but abandoned it for now, I'm going to unofficially continue it and try to post monthly https://ponepaste.org/7068
>>9627 >I'm going to unofficially continue it and try to post monthly Super cool man.
>>9627 >I'm going to unofficially continue it and try to post monthly Incredibly based, good luck Anon