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(144.10 KB 1352x891 wild_wild_west.png)
/fun/geon 3 - da best in da west fungeon_masta 06/14/2022 (Tue) 05:33:16 No. 10635
Welcome to the /fun/geon! This thread is for a ZAP style pen and paper game taking place in the FIM universe; ZAP meaning it has a comedic tone, fast pace, and lots of baddies to fight! Feel free to make a character and join in, character creation is detailed in first thread: >>8267
>>10602 >One of the stallions brings over the paper to sign while the other speaks. "Well I'm glad you brought that up. You would mine gold for us until you have paid for the equipment, and then you would be free to mine as you wish. All you have to do is sign right here" >He points his forehoof to a spot on the paper while his partner offers a pen. >>10621 >They are confused by the remark but don't have anything to comment.
>>10637 >Cross' ears perk at the mention of the word 'gold'. "Ah, now I'm gettin' it." >He leans over to converse with Boulder. "That don't sound like too bad a catch, if you ask me." Nice map!
>>10642 "Muh Pa says gold belongs to Her. So they fucking lie. Also painted like ziggers."
>>10637 "Hmmmm..." >He muses, rubbing his chin with a forehoof "What's the catch?"
>>10647 "A catch?" >The stallions laugh. "There is no catch" >At least half the crowd loudly boos at that.
>>10648 "Wow, really?! Sign me up!" >Cloudhead quickly responds, though he thinks of something shortly after "But, um... When would I have to leave? Could it wait a day or two?" >He then asks while trying to read the piece of paper to glean any information
>>10652 >One of the stallions shakes his head. "We depart tomorrow. The choice is yours, seize the opportunity of a lifetime or..." >He chuckles. "Don't" >Cloudhead can't begin to comprehend most of the paper, but it looks like the equipment costs 400 bits whatever that number means. >The other stallion chips in. "Slots are going fast you know, hold out and there won't be any gold to mine"
>>10658 "Me don't like that."
>>10648 >Cross takes a moment, stepping away from the others, and into the crowd. >He tries to search for somepony he recognizes. "What's with the booing?"
>>10664 >Cross finds a familiar Pegasus by the name of Grape Soda. If you know what episode she is from without looking it you are not a neurotypical. "They came here before. They made bad cider and tried to kick out our friends at Sweet Apple acres!"
>>10658 >>10665 "U-Ummm... Somepony needed my help tomorrow; can't go. Sorry." >He says before slinking back towards Boulder, feeling a bit dismayed
>>10666 >>10661 >Sensing a negative consensus on this side of the crowd, the Stallions move away to find some other ponies to convince. "Your loss" >The rest of the crowd in that area moves on. >The party is left in the peripheral of the commotion. >Suddenly, they hear a squeaky voice. "There they are!" >It's Sweetie Belle. >She runs up with her friends in tow, catching her breath. "We're all in big trouble..." >Next applebloom speaks up with tears in her eyes: "We know what we did was wrong, and we're really sorry. We just really wanted to get our cutie marks" >Scootaloo chips in. "And we heard there is gold in the west, we're going to get gold mining cutie marks!" >Sweetie bell clarifies. "But we need chaperones to supervise us on the train and our sisters are mad at us..." >Scootaloo picks it back up. "And it's kind of your fault we are in trouble" >Sweetie Belle finishes. "Would you please come with us? We will pay for all of the tickets" >They look up at the party like dogs begging for food at the dinner table.
>>10667 >silently turns away and starts to walk towards Sweet Apple Acres
>>10668 >The CMC make an attempt to stall Boulder. >Unfortunately for them, he is more than capable of dragging three fillies through the dirt. "Don't tell on us!" >They plead latched onto Boulder's tail. >They are leaving a small trench in the ground where they are pulled.
>>10665 based >>10667 >>10670 >Cross shakes his head and walks alongside the new trench. "Ain't no point in runnin' off, that's just inviting more trouble. Sorry, fillies, but your fate is in Boulder's hooves, now." fucking love Boulder.
>>10670 >approaches Sweet Apple Acres "Nopony betrays family!"
>>10673 >>10674 >Applejack happily waves to the party as they enter Sweet Apple acres, but then she sees the CMC in tow. >She shakes her head. "Dang nabbit, what kind of trouble are they in now?"
>>10677 "Ma'am, these here fillies got in some shady whatnot with two stallions. Mare in crowd says it those stallions who were making bad cider and trying to kick yer family."
>>10680 >Applebloom gets mad at Boulder for misreading the situation. "WHAT? We weren't dealing with those creeps we were gonna pay for everything ourselves!" >Applejack looks at her skeptically. "Pay for what yerselves?" >Applebloom smiles awkwardly. "Umm... nothing"
>>10681 "They want to go dig gold in the... vest. With those two. That's travesty! Gold belongs to Her! To Her Divine Majesty alone! Muh Pa says so!"
>>10682 >Applejack sighs and droops her ears. "Ah'm sorry those fillies are makin so much trouble for you" >She looks to Cloudhead. "Go find Rainbow Dash; she can take care of Applebloom's friends" >Scootaloo looks to her friends. "So much for getting our cutie marks in gold mining" >Cloudhead finds Rainbow Dash relatively easily. >RD brings Sweetie Belle to her parents and Scootaloo to... the cloudominium? >Who knows where the chicken lives anyways. >They are all getting grounded. >The rest of the day is uneventful. >The next day the party helps cut apples. >Boulder and Cross are too slow to get much done, only making 10 bits each. >Cloudhead makes 220 bits for his fast work. >Over the next week the party lives comfortably and makes bits off of various odd jobs. >Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are back in Ponyville. Each of you use the roll function for two D 100s and add 100, that's how many bits your character made. Any time I make a leap like this you can contradict it if it's not what you wanted to do; I'm just trying to streamline the process right now so we can get into the action soon.
>>10683 >Over the course of the week, Cross tries his damnedest to keep his ears open for any news coming out of Manehattan. >spoiler I'm totally fine with our current rate of progress. I'm looking forward to the action, but I'll stick with whatever pace you anons feel comfortable with.
84, 34 = 118 (2d100)
>>10683 >pulls whatever he can and grazes
33, 93 + 100 = 226 (2d100+100)
>>10683 Hope I didn't upset GM too much with effectively ruining gold digging effort. Thought it was in-character for Boulder.
>>10691 I thought it was in character and funny so don't worry about it. There are multiple push and pull factors at play to send everypony west right now. Plus, historically how well did the gold rush work? Every choice has strings attached here, even the ones where you profit. >>10686 >Cross finds an issue of the Manehattan Times. >It's mostly just boring news and stuff about the economy. >It has some pictures at least. >Hold up... >Is that a picture of himself with Cloudhead and Boulder? >But they were never in the place this was taken. >He checks the article. "Local heroes save train" >It says that the party gave a public speech.
>>10683 That's a lot of bits
95, 59 = 154 (2d100)
>two D 100s and add 100 Have I misread that? Why nobody adds 100 to the roll?
>>10700 I thought it was pretty self-explanatory that you just add an extra 100 bits to whatever your two D100 roll. Don't need to incorporate that into the roll itself
It seems like a lot of bits but your going to be riding a lot of trains. >The party is back in front of the Clover Cafe. >Applejack runs up to them frantically. "Appleblooms run away!"
>>10693 >With his curiosity satisfied, the anomaly falls away from Cross' focus, but it lodges itself into his memories. >>10702 >Cross frowns with concern. "Really? What happened?"
>>10706 >Applejack shakes and lowers her head. "Ah don't know" >She looks at Canterlot. "Mighty bad timing too; ma best friends and ah are all supposed to go to some important royal thingy tomorrow" >She looks back at the party and lets out a deep sigh. "Ah really don't want to trouble ya'll anymore, an' ah don't have nothin material to give ya'll that would make it worth it"
>>10712 "I wouldn't even think to ask." >He furrows his brows. "You don't think this would be about that gold rush, would it?"
>>10712 >>10718 "How about we go on a little trip and take a look?" >Cloudhead suggests "We might find her there. And who knows? It might be fun to see what everypony is up to with all the excitement in the air."
>>10718 >Applejack shrugs. "Might be, ah don't know for sure. Try askin' the ticket pony if he saw em'" >>10720 "Ah sure hope so, we'll all wish you good luck"
>>10720 >>10727 "Sure, sure. Of course. Another trip to the station it is." >He rhythmically raps the table with a hoof. "Startin' to think these trains are just bad news. We oughta take 'em all apart."
(844.37 KB 2400x1500 junction.png)
>>10746 "Well thank you kindly" >Applejack looks down the road. "Ah'd better get goin' ah see Rainbow Dash over yonder" >She points her forehoof down the road as she speaks and canters off.
>>10749 "Well, s'pose we've got our next whiff of adventure, lads." >He stands from their table at the Clover Cafe. >Before heading Pinkie Pie's way, he waves at the cute mares on the left. "Hey, Pinks! How's it going?"
>>10760 >The mares are too distracted giggling about something to notice. >Pinkie Pie smiles. "Hi Cross! I'm going grrrrrrreat!"
>>10762 "Good, good, great... Listen, have you seen Applejack's sister around? She thinks she's gone runaway."
>>10766 >Pinkie Pie thinks for a moment. "Nopey dopey"
>>10771 "Well, thanks anyway." >Shuffling his hooves, he throws his head back toward Cloudhead and Boulder. "I'm gonna check out the station!" >Cross heads left toward the train station.
(40.60 KB 1318x977 train.png)
>>10773 >After a brief look around, he approaches vendor. "Hey. You wouldn't have had a filly come through this way, would you? Big 'ole red bow in her mane, hard to miss."
>>10775 >The ticket pony facehoofs. "Ugh, I thought that situation looked like trouble" "She got on a train to Dodge Junction with some other fillies and a strange looking stallion. I just wanted to wave them along fast because they wouldn't shut up about getting their cutie marks. Train left an hour ago"
>>10779 >Cross groans. "Dodge Junction. Well, that sounds great. I 'preciate the help. I'll be back soon enough." >He heads back for the Clover Cafe junction.
>>10793 "What did you find out?"
>>10800 >He grunts. "All three of the fillies went rogue. Dodge Junction." >He scuffs a hoof at the ground. "Ticket pony said somethin' about them and a 'strange looking' stallion, to boot."
>>10805 >His ears droop "Uh oh, that isn't good... Guess it's decided then, isn't it? We're going on an adventure." >He says, taking a moment to stretch "Got anything to do around here first? Or are we going to get moving right away?"
>>10815 "I don't know when the next train is coming. I'd think we'd have some time, though."
>grazes on the lawn near the fountain "Me wish something to pull." "Me wonder, if pulling train is hard?"
>>10854 >Tastes better than Manehattan grass.
>>10893 I'll be the first to admit that I've been slacking here: I won't bother with an excuse. We got a plan for what we're doing? Could always just high-tail it to Dodge. Mostly just been waiting for opportunities to move the whole party instead of splitting off to explore Ponyville separately—that's also an option, having the three stooges lurk around for at least a bit.
>>10894 I'm trying to hint onto the alternative transportation method with Boulder musings.
>>10893 Dunno what to do
>gets bored and go look where the other two went
(612.12 KB 1790x1000 residential.png)
>>10903 If other two is Cross and Cloudhead, they are with Boulder already. You can just long rest and use the train if you don't have anything else to do. >Amazingly Boulders friends are in his blind spot, and he just walks straight forwards not seeing them. >Twilight Sparkle picks up on his addled state. "Sir, you look lost. Are you OK?"
>>10913 "Uh. Me OK. The grass is just too good."
>>10914 >Twilight Sparkle tilts her head. "OK?" >She doesn't buy it. >Not one bit. >She inspects closer... >Her pupils shrink as she hones in on Boulders hooves. "Oh no!"
>>10915 >Confused and slightly curious, Cloudhead moves up to inspect Boulder's hooves as well "What's wrong?"
>>10917 >Twilight blushes and looks away feeling a little embarrassed about their first interaction. >After a moment to collect herself she turns to Cloudhead and talks like she would to a normal intelligence pony. "He needs his hooves trimmed; it's not healthy for them to grow like that"
>>10920 >Cross checks his own hooves. "Not healthy? Since when?"
>>10921 >Sparkle explains. "If your hooves get too long it is bad for balance; you don't want to be stumbling over yourself right? There can be other... complications too in cases of extreme neglect"
>>10922 "Well uh, I ain't ever had to deal with it, really." >He scuffs the ground for emphasis. "You'd figure trottin' would do most of the work. Besides, I'd wager 'trimming' takes a hefty bit."
>>10924 >Twilight nods. "Well of course trotting is normally enough, but if they get to long they need to be clipped. It shouldn't cost more than 30 bits."
>>10925 >slowly gallops on the paved spot around the fountain to wear his hooves "Just been a while away from rock farm." >notices Cross and Cloudhead "Oh. You here. You find out where are fillies go?"
>>10936 >Twilight Sparkle rolls her eyes at Boulder for going off without listening to her. "Suit yourself" >She turns and begins walking away, only to be struck by the noise of Boulder's hooves clopping on the concrete. >She looks back and sighs before shouting over to him in an irritated tone. "That's not good for your joints you know!" >She shakes her head and continues walking away.
>>10936 "No, I... I haven't." >He pauses. >>10937 "Thanks for the advice!" >Turning back around to face Boulder and Cloudhead, Cross frowns. "Tickets to Dodge, then? I ain't gettin' my hooves 'clipped' or trimmed."
>>10940 "If me pull train, can we dodge without money?"
>>10941 "Maybe you could ask somepony at the train station...? Sounds like an awful lot of work though."
>>10941 >Cross puts on a wry smile. "That ain't such a bad idea, Boulder." >>10942 >He scoffs. "'fraid of a little work? I'd pull with 'im, too. I might not have his stout, but I know how to work my hooves just as well."
>>10945 "N-No, it's just... I don't think I'd be much of a help with that kind of thing."
>>10950 >His smile morphs into a grin. "Hey, that's why you've got feathers, feathers, and we don't."
>>10951 "Well... Let's head over there and see if we can work something out." Long rest/skip forward time? Don't know what else we're going to do around Ponyville at this point in time
>>10966 "I'm sure we can." Sure. As much as I like poking around comfy crack-addict inhabited Ponyville, I'm sure you guys want to get back to the game.
>>10966 >>10969 >The party walks to the train station. >A conductor standing outside a train looks like somepony who they could ask.
>>10971 >Cross moves forward. "Howdy. You know if there's any demand for ponies to help pull trains?"
>>10972 >The conductor finishes checking a mare's ticket before looking at Cross. >He adjusts his glasses with a forehoof, looking at the other two stallions as well. "Say, aren't you the ponies who saved that Manehattan bound train?" >He focuses back on Cross. "We're always looking for ponies to fill that position. If you want to pull trains you should file that with the Train union"
>>10982 >Upon hearing mention of the Union, recent memories of the Engineers ramblings come to mind "Uhh..." >He breathes out, looking towards Cross with a somewhat concerned expression
>>10982 "Eh, we're just looking for a stint to get us to Dodge Junction. Figure we could work somethin' out for that?"
>>10989 >The conductor answers plainly. "If you work for the trains it has to be filed with the union"
>>10995 >He grunts an affirmative. "Well then, what -is- the union?"
>>10999 >The conductor explains. "The union was founded to prevent the exploitation of train workers; It is supposed to ensure that we are paid sufficiently and have safe working conditions. That is why it is illegal for a railroad company to employ you without union registration. When you register you become part of the union, so part of your salary goes to the protection of all workers"
Somebody ask something about if we can have a trolley, plz. I cannot do that in-character.
>>11000 >Cross nods slowly. "Uh, huh... Well, I'm not too big a sharer. Pass on that, then." >He glances around. "Any chance of snagging a hoofcart, then?"
>>11003 >The conductor concludes. "No chance. Trains run a tight schedule; last time some ponies ran one of those without organization from higher up it delayed 30 hours worth of throughput" >He turns to continue checking tickets, grumbling a last bit under his breath. "Would have persecuted them too if they didn't get a royal pardon"
>>11004 "Right, thanks anyway." >Cross steps away, and sighs. "Tickets, then? S'pose we can't wait too long to figure somethin' out."
>>11005 "Yep, got no other choice." >Goes to buy his ticket to Dodge Junction
>>11008 >It takes a long time to count that many tens of bits, but with the help of the nice ticket pony Cloudhead manages to understand the concept of a hundred; much to the dismay of those back in line. >It's just ten tens; it's nothing scary after all! >He receives his ticket and the ticket pony receives the bits. >The next pony in line rudely bumps Cloudhead out of the way as soon as she has the chance. "I want to renew my railroad savings card..."
>>11012 >Cross also steps into line for a ticket to Dodge.
>>11028 >gets in the line after Cross
>>11028 >>11034 >For another 20 minutes the mare in front haggles about her card. >Finally she is told off and the line can move. >Cross buys himself a ticket. >Time for Boulder to count his bits... >The line is delayed further. >Ultimately Boulder buys his ticket. >Only a few ponies had to miss the Canterlot train.
>>11037 >Cross makes an attempt to figure out the train times. really sorry about my absence yesterday and most of today.
>>11079 >It looks like Dodge Junction is early in the day.
>Waits around for the train >>11076 4th of july weekend
>>11128 >Cloudhead waits... >And waits... >And waits... >A train pulls in. >It's the wrong train. >It's getting late. >Celestia set down the sun.
>>11131 "Hail Her Divine Majesty!"
>>11131 >As the day ticks by to night, Cross' boredom is revealed. "I'm buckin' bored, lads." >Stretching, he stands. "I'm gonna go find some trouble." >He starts back toward Ponyville proper.
>>11131 >Makes his way back home to get some sleep >>11132 kek
>>11133 >Everypony is asleep so sadly there just aint' any trouble to get into sans burglary. >>11162 >The party rests. >In the morning they arrive at the train platform. >Soon after a train screeches into the station. "All aboard for Dodge Junction!"
>>11164 >enters the car >looks around "We need to beat up engineer again?"
>>11167 >The conductor punches Boulder's ticket. "Only if he gets out of line again"
>>11164 >Trots up and presents his ticket before taking a seat
>>11164 >A grumpy, groggy Cross makes his way onto the train behind them. "Here's to hopin' things are a lot more cut-and-dry out in Dodge."
>>11169 >>11174 >The conductor punches Cross and Cloudhead's tickets. >The car is not over-crowded this time; there is plenty of breathing room. >Chatter about the riches of the west fills the air.
>>11175 >Curious, Cloudhead swivels his ears around to eavesdrop on some conversation
>>11183 >Cloudhead overhears the nearest conversation... Mare: "Did ya hear? They say there's a big hairy monster up in the alpine woods" Stallion: "Nonsense! Some prospector just made that up to scare us away from their gold" Mare: "Believe what you want to believe; I sure as hay aint' gonna' take my chances up there" I'm going to have to step up my game. Doing a lot of projects lately, and I'm talking 0 to 11 in terms of workload (both blue collar stuff and creative endeavors, all rewarding work). It's all been good, for I have needed to get off my ass like this for a long time. I had better start preparing content before I fall behind, then it will be easy to run this next chapter. I'm looking forward to it bigtime.
>>11190 "Me sorry, but you know that gold belongs to Her Majesty? And only Her?"
>>11206 >The ponies roll their eyes.
>>11190 >>11206 >Smiling at Boulder's comment, Cloudhead shifts his position to a more comfortable one in preparation for the long train ride ahead >Afterwards, his mind quickly wanders to the subject of the big hairy monster, wondering what such a thing might look like Don't worry too much about pumping out more content, it's no good to get burnt out.
>>11175 >Sitting away from the other two, Cross tries to worm his way into some of the chat about the riches of the west. >His grumpy demeanor is quick to fade off. >>11190 Take your time, FM. Looking forward to more as well.
>>11239 >Cross tunes into a conversation. >A light purple mare is speaking. "I know! Those are so hard to get out" >Another light purple mare with a different mane nods. "I hope there is somepony who specializes in that up there... maybe they can give us hooficures too" >The whistle blows and the train starts rolling. >>11236 >>11239 Thanks
>>11247 >Propped up on his window seat, Cross lets the mares' conversation carry him on.
>>11270 >The first mare giggles and stamps her hooves as the train starts up. "Ooh I can't wait!" >Her friend questions. "Say, which hotel did you get us again?" >The first mare's eyes widen before she shrinks back. "Oh uh, about that... heh heh" >She forces a smile.
>>11279 how bad is it that i'm invested
>>11279 >He smiles and mutters under his breath in a light tone. "Been there, sister."
>>11279 >>11318 >The mares continue their conversation unaware of Boulder's muttering. "Wait, you don't mean to tell me you didn't get us a hotel!" "Well they were expensive and..." "I'll get you!" >She begins chasing the other mare around the train car.
>>11338 "Cute." I think we're good to roll on through to Dodge whenever.
>>11339 Yeah, I have just been particularly beat the past few days. I'll be busy with plenty of other stuff because it's summer, but I should be able to get back into making consistent content now that the hardest work of the year is done. In the meantime you are riding the Friendship Express. >The train ride goes on. >And on. >And on... >It's getting dark outside. >A train attendant walks into the car. "Dinner is ready!" >Ponies funnel through the door into the car ahead eager to get their food. >Everypony knows how this will go, for this situation is nothing new. >Some will make it through easy, some get pushed out of the way and make it in later, and some will just scuff the ground obnoxiously with their forehooves until they can be served. >Food has a way of doing that to ponies.
>>11360 >Coming up on Boulder and Cloudhead, Cross nods his head in the direction of the car ahead. "I'm hungry. You lads comin' with?" No problem. Thanks again for running.
>>11360 >>11362 >Upon hearing the call, Cloudhead quickly perks up and shuffles off of his seat "Oh boy! I wonder what's for dinner?" >He says, patiently taking his place at the back of the line
>>11360 "Me wonder if they have hay or rocks."
>>11366 >Cloudhead has no problems with the other hungry ponies. >The "line" is moving along swiftly enough despite being more of a disorderly clump around the door.
Each player come up with a pony that has a grudge with your character. Could be one that is jealous about something that happened in the past, one that lost in a competition, or even somepony who wants revenge for that time you borrowed a pencil and never gave it back. Whatever you think will produce the most hilarity.
>>11373 >Rigaponi Ravioli always wanted to be the cool colt at school. At first, Cross was only -occasionally- making him spill the spaghetti in front of the other foals with his snarky comments, but as the years went by, Cross started going out of his way to do so.
>>11385 Nice, these will all become relevant sometime after the train. >>11368 >The party makes it into the dining car and is seated at a table with an older stallion. >He is an earth pony with a brown coat and greyed mane. >Train attendants bring out tossed salad as an appetizer. >The stallion looks the party over before speaking. "So, what brings you colts West? You don't look like the rest of the ponies here" >He glances at another table, the occupants of which are clearly enthused about digging for gold, before looking back at the party for an answer.
>>11385 Butte Slate has a grudge on Boulder, because during an annual Foal Sculpture Festival Boulder had broken her rock with his butt.
>>11386 >Cross shrugs. "Chasing fillies." >He casually starts munching on the salad, apparently too hungry to add much else. >>11388 amazing
>>11388 Kek, that's definitely in character >>11394 "Chasing fillies" >The old stallion repeats to himself while shaking his head. >He munches some salad. "Now listen here: You don't want to mess with the kind of fillies that go West. What you need are some mares with solid heads on their shoulders, ones you can settle down with"
>>11395 >Cross halts in his munching. "Whrt?" >Sitting up, he swallows. "Oh, I meant filly fillies. Foals playing runaway." >He blinks. "But uh, a mare is fine, too."
>>11396 "Ah" >The stallion nods. "Matter of fact I got a similar reason to be on this train"
>>11397 "What's that?"
>>11402 >The old stallion finishes his salad. "My daughter. Ran off with some no-good stallion that promised her all the gold in Equestria"
>>11403 >stomps in anger "And me thought city is bad! Blas--" >pauses "Blas..." >pause "Blasphermy against Her Majesty everywhere!"
>>11405 >The old stallion nods in agreement. >Train attendants bring vegetables and soup to the table.
>>11373 Two years ago, a stout, hardworking earth pony by the name of Barrel Rack made a big mistake. He chose the wrong salt lick to visit on a fateful evening that a certain pegasus was passing through town Barrel Rack saw the comparatively scrawny looking Cloudhead as easy pickings to show everypony, and most importantly his mare, how much of a macho stud he is Of course, that could only mean one thing: A belly slap contest The challenge was made, and the stage was set. The two stallions had boldy positioned themselves on top of two opposing tables, staring each other down while their pride hung in the air for everypony to see. The contest commenced... ...However, being 20% faster in 10 slaps flat, Cloudhead's unexpected prowess shattered Barrel's perception of reality, the spray of his defeat spewing forth to the roar of the crowd It was inconceivable! An impossibility! Not only was he humiliated in front of everypony and his mare, but he also had to pay for that sky rats salt! The sting of that memory hasn't softened with time; if only he could get his hooves on that pegasus... >>11386 >>11406 >Letting the others speak, Cloudhead is quite content and happy to munch away at his meal
>>11403 >>11406 >Cross gives the attendants his thanks before frowning at the old stallion. "Sorry to hear it. Here's to hopin' it all goes well. For all of us." >>11412 holy kek, I've been waiting for this moment for months
>>11412 Perfect, I had the idea of Cloudhead running into the guy that lost the belly slapping contest for a while. This is going to be one hell of an encounter. >>11415 >The old stallion nods. "Thanks, good luck with those fillies" >He digs into his meal. I'll wrap this up and get the party to Dodge by tomorrow night. The train bit helped me ease back into the pace of things.
(27.10 KB 987x665 dodge_station.png)
>>11428 >The meal if finished and apple pie is put out for desert. >The old stallion was not very talkative but he gives the stooges a sincere gesture of good luck. >He holds a bit out to Marked Cross on his forehoof. "This bit helped me a lot when I was a younger stallion, only flips heads" >He smiles and lightly chuckles to himself. "I'm too old for these tricks now" >Before anypony can respond the stallion flips the bit right into Cross's saddlebag and walks off into the sleeping car without another word. >The next morning the train arrives at Dodge Junction, screeches to a halt, and the ponies disembark. >Some of them buy tickets and get right back on the train, and some walk into the town. >There is a map and ticket prices at the station: Map: >(see thread thumbnail) Local ticket prices: >Prairie Post - 20 bits >Dodge Gulch - 30 bits >Appaloosa - 20 bits >Steamboat landing - 20 bits >Jacobstown - 50 bits Long distance tickets (All cost 100 bits): >Canterlot line >Coltifornia >The frozen north >The lands with no name The local trains are very fast and run multiple times per day. >The station has an outhouse next to it (middle arrow) and another building (top arrow). >Through the station there is the central road of the town (bottom arrow). >The ponies finish their business so fast that the party is left standing alone in the course of a few minutes. >All that can be heard now is the blowing wind and whistle of the train departing. >The sun sits high in the sky.
too tired to show it, but I'm really fucking excited, bros. love the art >>11447 >Cross basks in the sunlight of the platform for a moment longer, muzzle tilted up toward Celestia's light. >A big smile creeps its way up, and he lets loose a brisk, breezy laugh. "Lads..." >He stretches, breathes in, and sighs heavily. "I'm gonna make some piss." >Cross heads over to the outhouse.
>>11448 >The outhouse is unoccupied. >Cross makes it in and begins his business.
The mild mild West
>>11452 >Patiently waiting for his turn, Cloudhead takes a moment to look around at his surroundings "Not much out here, is there?" >He comments, before looking into the windows of the pinkish colored building
>>11477 >Cloudhead spots a fair coated mare with a fancy red mane and cherries for a cutie mark doing paperwork at a desk.
>>11452 >Cross steps out of the outhouse, kicking up dust as the door shuts behind him. "Well. Time to see if those fillies are around." >>11477 >>11482 "Whatcha lookin' at?" >He squints at the building, then puts on a grin. "Good place as any to start." >Cross heads over to the side and tries the door.
(7.20 KB 603x362 office.png)
>>11486 >The front door is unlocked. >There is a closed door to the side of a short hallway. >The end of the hallway opens up into the room with the mare and her desk.
>>11491 >He politely raps on the wall of the hallway with a hoof. "Miss?"
Madame Jubilee
>>11494 >The mare looks up from her work. "Come on in. I'm Cherry Jubilee, boss of Cherry Hill Ranch"
>>11506 >He steps in just a few more steps. "Nice to meet ya, Miss Jubilee. I'm Marked Cross." >He tilts his head toward the open window. "Couple friends and I just rolled on through. We're looking for some fillies. Runaways. Coats of yellow, orange, white. Stallion with 'em, too. You wouldn't happen to have seen 'em, have you?"
>>11509 "Nice to meet you. Sorry to hear about that, Can't say I've seen them" >Cherry Jubilee looks out the window and back to Cross. "You might check at the local saltlick. I'm sure you'll find somepony helpful there"
>>11513 "Alright. 'preciate it." >He pauses. "We uh, we do good work, if you ever need a couple extra hooves. Bad time for it, but we'll be around for a bit, I'm thinkin'."
>>11514 >Cherry Jubilee smiles. "Of course, we're always looking for hard workers out here. Have a nice day"
>>11534 "You too." >Cross leaves the building and joins back up with Cloudhead and Boulder. "No luck on the fillies. But I'm thinkin' we're off to the saltlick, unless you lads have seen anything else."
>>11536 "Sounds nice, I don't think there's much else to do around here, besides seeing what else is along the main drag." >He says, gesturing towards the road through town
>>11537 "Lets go ask in salt-place."
I'll start the next scene tomorrow evening. Something unexpected came up today.
(31.13 KB 993x675 saltlick.png)
>>11536 >>11537 >>11539 >The stooges head straight for the saltlick, barely glancing at the unremarkable town on the way. >They can make out that there is a store and some houses as well as a path to the cherry orchard.
started working 6PM-3AM CDT mon-sat (sometimes sunday) last night, sorry if this affects active hours >>11590 >Cross' eyes linger on the card game. >He makes his way over to the counter and barkeep. "Howdy." cute pons, FM
>>11620 >The bartender looks at Cross. "Howdy. Can I get you anything?" >He glances briefly to the menu on the wall and back to Cross. >Salt costs 10 bits >Cider costs 15 bits >Applejack costs 30 bits The distilled cider not the pony, and yes they knew what they were doing when they named her that. >Pretzels are complementary.
>>11622 >Cross licks his lips. "Cider." >He starts counting out bits. "And an answer to a question, if you don't mind."
>>11622 >stacks 10 bits onto the counter with an extremely proud expression on his face "Salt."
>>11624 >>11626 >The bartender serves Boulder and Cross, collecting Boulders bits. >He pushes the bowl of pretzels down the table and turns to Cross. >Cross is done counting his bits so the bartender collects those as well. "I don't have anything better to do, shoot"
>>11630 "You seen any fillies running around?" >He gives the same description as before.
>>11632 >The bartender shakes his head and looks down. "Sure I have" >He looks back up at the party. "Why, did they trash your place too?"
>>11644 >He snorts, and lifts his cider. "No. Would've been easier if they did that instead." >He takes a small pull, and savors the flavor. "They're from Ponyville. And they're supposed to be there. You know where they've gone?"
>>11645 >The bartender shakes his head. "I didn't ask, just kicked em' out. Stallion that was with them mingled a little with our patrons"
>>11590 >Watches the pony having a mental breakdown at the card table with interest
>>11649 "Figures." >He drinks again. "S'fine. Could you describe 'im? Looks? What he was like?"
>>11652 >Upon closer observation, the orange pony's cutie mark appears to be some cards. >2,3,4,5...7? >Those are the cards on his flank. >The mares aren't bothered by his meltdown. >Noticing that Cloudhead is paying attention, he desperately crawls towards him. "Please, buy me in 50 bits! I'll win all my bits back... I'll pay you 60!" >>11654 >The bartender begins tidying the table as he speaks. "Red pegasus, orange mane, short servicepony mane style. I thought he seemed a bit off but he wasn't causing any trouble"
>>11662 "Huh. Alright then, thanks." >Turning with his cider in hoof, he regards the desperate pony and card game with mute interest.
>>11662 "Uhm... Not today, sorry." >He says while backing away, feeling somewhat weirded out >Afterwards, Cloudhead takes a seat at the bar, next to the blue unicorn
>>11670 >Cross begins to feel the effects of the cider lightly setting in. >Boulder begins to feel that pleasant delirious stooper caused by dehydration. Assuming he has been consuming his salt this whole time. >>11692 >The pony on the floor continues his freakout. >The bartender approaches Cloudhead. "Sorry about the riffraff. Can I get you anything?"
>>11696 "Good salt. Almost as good like salt from auntie's Halite mine"
>>11696 "Nothing quite yet, thanks." >He answers, followed by staring at nothing in particular for a moment >Eventually, he turns to look back at the card game, then around the room, and finally examining all the doors up above
>>11738 >The card game continues minus one player. >The floor the doors are on connects to a staircase by the front door. >There is nothing too remarkable about the doors. >Ponies are entering the saltlick at a higher rate and a crowd is forming.
>>11747 >Nursing his cider slowly, Cross watches the crowd roll in.
>>11747 >Feeling antsy after the long train ride, Cloudhead begins to fidget >Not long after, he moves from his seat in order to make his way towards the exit "I need to stretch my wings... Gonna do a few laps around town and see if there's anything interesting here." >He says to his companions
>>11777 >By the time Cloudhead is walking to the door there are too many ponies crowded in front of it to get past. >A pretty fair coated mare enters the saltlick through the middle door on the top floor. >Her mane is golden, done up in a big beehive. >She has purple eyes and purple gemmed earrings to match. >The crowd begins cheering. >She walks along the railing glancing at various ponies. >Boulder noticed that she glanced at him extra long. >She begins walking down the stairs to the saltlick floor.
>>11777 "Alright, figure we'll be here a while." >He motions with his drink. "Stay safe, feathers." >>11778 >Cross gulps his cider and leans over to Boulder. "Awful pretty pony, that one."
>>11779 "Eh?"
>>11781 >>11779 >The mare walks across the room over to the bar table. >As she moves the crowd parts around her. >She stops in front of Boulder. "Wanna dance sugah?" >The cheering stops. >The only sounds left are some whispering and the pony who lost the poker game freaking out, who after a few seconds gets the message it's time to be quiet. >It's so quit that the most prominent noise in the room is the creaking of the building in the wind. >Cross and Boulder are feeling the effects of their intoxicants at a moderate level by now. >Cloudhead is about 10 hooves away from some ponies whispering about what's going on. >He can't quite make out what they are saying at that distance.
>>11782 >scratches his nose against the table "Um... Uh... Ma'am, me don't know how."
>>11783 >The mare giggles. "That won't be an issue. I'm Mrs. Rose, but you can just call me Goldie" >She motions to the stage. >A path clears straight to it through the crowd.
>>11782 "Who's this? Somepony important?" >He whispers somewhat loudly to the ponies around him
>>11787 >A bland mare whispers back to Cloudhead. "That's Mrs. Rose, she's the most popular singer in town" >A stallion adds in. "And Big Jim's wife"
>>11786 >stands up and clumsily walks after the mare "Me Boulder, ma'am." >>11788 Marsellus Wallace's Wife?
>>11790 >Goldie Rose and Boulder walk onto the stage. >Goldie glances at the piano player and nods. >She grins at Boulder. >The music starts slow. "One heart♪" "One heart♪" "Left all alone♪" "All alone in Dodge♪" >The piano player hits 3 notes, the last of which lingers in the air over the slow Rythm that was already playing. "One heart♪" "One heart♪" "Now could it be♪" "Could it be two hearts♪" >The piano player hits those three notes again. >Goldie looks to Boulder, her eyes speaking clearly that he must sing the next verse. Equestria logic, you have to sing. The structure of this first set of verses is as follows: Three syllables Same as first line 4 syllables repeat last 3 syllables from previous line, add two syllables Piano player plays three notes Repeat twice Just do whatever you think is the most in character/funny. As long as it fits the syllable structure it counts; even if it's all "um"s and "ah"s.
>>11799 lmao. This'll be good
>>11799 >Cross finishes his cider and puts 10 bits toward the bartender. >He whispers below the music. "Gimme a lick, boss." >In the meantime, he snags a pretzel to munch on while watching the pair on the stage. our finest poet, kek. Knock 'em dead, Boulder
>>11799 check the amount of syllables in your first lines.
>>11799 >>11806 Oops, sorry. Thanks for pointing that out. For the first two lines it's two syllables, not three. the rest of it is correct. The format should be: Two syllables Same as first line 4 syllables repeat last 3 syllables from previous line, add two syllables Piano player plays three notes Repeat twice That's just my brain at the end of the day.
>>11804 >The bartender pushes a saltlick over to Cross and collects the bits.
>>11799 >slowly and very carefully parnces on the spot. The stage dangerously creaks. Uh... Um... Erm... Eh. Me can't dance, eh... Can't dance... Uh... >orchestra tries to improvise Me... Uh... This is... Me really Really sorry
>>11809 >>11813 >Cross has to take a deep, deep breath, and go for his salt. >It's taking all his willpower to not react to Boulder's lovely song and dance.
>>11813 >Boulder awkwardly stumbles on his long hooves and faceplants. >The music stops. >Goldie's eyes widen and she trots over to see if Boulder is alright. "Oh my, you really can't dance..." >At this moment gasps are heard by the door and a path clears into the room. >Two muscular stallions enter the saltlick. >Wait a minute, no... >Is that a midget standing between them? >The midget stomps over to the stage. >Goldie screams. >A stallion bites his hooves with worry. "Th-th-that's Big Jim!" >"Big" Jim walks over to Boulder. "You! What do you think your doing?"
>>11825 >Cross' ears flick at the commotion. He ignores the midget 'Big Jim' and gives his stallion companions a once over.
>>11828 >The stallions are earth ponies and look identical. >They could definitely hold their own in a fight.
>>11825 >Confused by all the commotion, he flies up to the walkway above to get a better view
>>11832 "Sun's sake..." >Cross leaves his saltlick behind to slink along the edges of the crowd. >He doesn't stray far: stopping closer to Boulder than before, he stands his ground, swaying ever-so slightly.
>>11825 >gets up and dusts himself with his tail "Me? Me can't dance."
>>11834 >Cloudhead can see the stage where the action is taking place. >The rest of the room is filled by the crowd. >>11839 >Big Jim scowls at Boulder. "Don't play dumb with me"
>>11841 >surprised "But me no need to play."
>>11845 >"Big" Jim's ears pin back hard. "Oh, so your a smartass too!" >He begins stomping the stage with all his might, but the stage barely responds to the meager impacts. "Do you even know who your messing with!"
>>11853 "No?"
>>11854 >"Big" Jim starts huffing and puffing. >His body guards lift him to Boulder's eye level. "That does it, I'll beat you so hard you won't be able to move again! You'll regret coming into my town, messing with my business!" >Goldie screams. "No Jim, no!" >Jim points a forehoof at her instructing his left bodyguard to hit her. "Shut up bitch!" >The bodyguard does as instructed but in doing so stops holding up Jim who falls to the floor and loses balance. >Jim scrambles back up. "You'll regret messing with me, I mean it punk! Look at your stupid face, you think I'm funny don't you? You can laugh all you want in the morgue!"
>>11864 >Cross' boiling glare froths over as the situation escalates to violence. "Foal fucker!" >The taste of cider and salt is hot on his tongue. Cross' caution is out the window. >He steps out from the crowd. "Think you're hot shit, huh? Well guess what..." >He licks up the salt on his lips. "I don't give two bucks about who you are. That's my friend, not to mention one of Princess Celestia's finest—" >He nods his head toward Goldie Rose, though his eyes never leave the midget. "And you just stepped into -OUR- business." >He throws his head around at the crowd standing by. "ROYAL GUARD, CLEAR OUT!" >Not waiting for a response, he turns back to the bodyguards and Jim. "There are bunnies more stallion than you, you little huffy, no-balls, colt-hearted coward!"
(1.04 MB 1064x863 turn35.png)
>>11868 based >The crowd gives some fighting room. >Uproarious energy erupts through the saltlick and ponies start fighting just for the sake of fighting. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1dBpG7pQOA Bubbles over the head are the intoxicated status effect. +5 to attack with the drawback of +10 to enemy evade chance.
>>11880 I like the fidelity upgrade "Boulder, you buck'n, uh... make em hurt!" >Cross rumbles in for a takedown on Tough Guy A
>>11880 >kicks Big Jim always wanted to kick Big Jim
>>11880 >Attacks Tough Guy B twice >>11888 based
>>11888 punt him please, kek
(1.03 MB 1064x863 turn36.png)
>>11884 >>11888 >>11901 >Cloudhead swoops down from the balcony and kicks Tough Guy B twice, each kick dealing 6 damage. >Cross successfully takes down Tough Guy A and does 7 damage slamming him to the ground. >Boulder slowly charges in, and, still reeling from the last hits, Tough Guy B runs in front to stop "Big" Jim from being kicked. >He takes 22 damage. >Ouch. >The wind is knocked out of him, and some fluid too. >After Boulder is blocked, Jim takes a chance to whack him in the shin for 4 damage. >Tough Guy B uses the last of his strength to charge toward Cross for a takedown, freeing Tough Guy A and dealing 6 damage. >The fighting in another part of the room launches a lamp through the air which comes down on Boulder's head for 4 damage. I love the random bar fight occurrence table. >A stallion gets kicked hard on one end of the bar and slides all the way down, crashing into a table and shattering it to pieces.
>>11906 >punches Guy B real hard
>>11906 >Goes in for another round of attacks on Tough Guy B
(1.06 MB 1064x863 turn37.png)
>>11909 >>11911 >Cloudhead misses his first kick and hits the next for a weak 1 damage; just enough to knock out Tough Guy B. >Boulder comes in and 24 damage kicks Tough Guy B so hard he flies all the way across the room and out the saltlick doors. >He knocks down some random ponies on the way out the door. >bowling_pins.mp3 >Tough Guy A slams Boulder for 14 damage. >"Big" Jim yells profanely but does not get too close to the action. >Somepony throws a chair off of the second floor which hits him for 1 damage.
>>11921 >Cross yells profanely and -does- get close to the action >He goes in to smack the ever-loving shit out of Tough Guy A
>>11921 >Attacks Tough Guy A
(1.06 MB 1064x863 turn38.png)
>>11929 >>11938 >Cross drunkenly misses his target. >Cloudhead hits once for 1 damage and once for 3 damage. >Tough Guy A attacks Cloudhead but stumbles and only does 4 damage. >Jim continues taunting from afar. >Some of the fighting in the room spills over and a random stallion breaks out of the crowd, punches Cross for 2 damage, and dissolves back into the chaos before anypony can react.
>>11940 GM decided to repay us for all the shit and do a TPK,eh? ^:)
>>11943 that was a joke, btw
>>11940 >Frustrated with his weak hits, he strikes Tough Guy A twice more
>>11956 dude, you have magic, haven't you?
>>11958 Can't be used indoors
>>11958 >>11960 He does have some other unique abilities he can use indoors, and if the wall fell down he could use weather attacks. (But I'd have to roll that on the random bar fight occurrence table because you didn't buy the cannon)
>>11940 >Despite the stupor, Cross tries to angle in on Tough Guy A's funny bone (takedown)
(1.05 MB 1064x863 turn39.png)
>>11956 >>11964 >Cloudhead hits twice, each time for 2 damage. >Cross bonks Tough Guy A's funny bone for 8 damage, but he doesn't even giggle the slightest bit! >Tough guy A kicks Cross for 8 damage. >Jim continues yelling. >Somepony swings on the chandelier until it falls down. >The candles light some wood from the broken tables on fire. This boosts fire attacks for a few turns, it's not going to burn the whole place down. Although it is a waste of cider...
>>11977 >Once more, Cross tries a full-on tackle takedown on Tough Guy A
>>11977 >Attacks Tough Guy A twice
>>11982 >>11985 >Cross knocks Tough Guy A over for 8 damage. >Cloudhead beats Tough Guy A as he is held down for 6 and 3 damage knocking him out. >"Big" Jim takes the opportunity to bail; being in a rush he drops a vial. "Dehydrated thug, just add water" >It's full of powder. >It even comes with a two year guaranteed shelf stability warranty. >What a score! >Cloudhead and Cross each gain 30 XP. >As Jim is galloping for the exit a hoof to the face flips him over and knocks him on his back. >It's Goldie Rose. >She has a black eye from the hit that incited all this, and she doesn't look happy. >She bites him by the ear and drags him upstairs. "NO! NOOOOO!" >He flails all his limbs but it's simply not enough. "You'll all regret this, I swear! You'll all pay!" >He disappears into a room and the door closes. WHACK! ... THUD! ... CLANG! >He's getting beaten senseless in there. >The stooges stand (and lay) in a mostly clear part of the room with access to the bar table. Where are those darn jumper cables when you need em'? >Between them and the exit a chaotic and nonsensical fight is raging. >Somepony gets thrown off of the walkway and crashes through both the railing and the floor. >The fight is now also a tripping hazard.
>>12006 >Cross pulls Boulder over to somewhere... out of the way. >He groans in pain. "Sweet Celestia..." what are we doing holy shit kek
>>12006 >>12008 >Tries to help Cross move the heavy load through the chaos dunno kek
>>12037 >>12008 >The party is nestled behind the bar. What can you do now that has a turn limitation in combat? Also, feel free to get creative. If you can convince me with something good enough you might be able to avoid the chaos altogether.
>>12042 >Cross nurses a coming headache with a hoof, glaring up at the railing. "Feathers, how are we gettin' outta this mess?" >After a moment, he tries to rouse Boulder, hoping that shaking him will jostle some of that brain back into action. kinda want to use my lasso for something, but it's barbed. i can work with those constraints, but i'll have to think on it. also, I nominate Cloudhead to grab the vial of thug
>>12052 >Boulder's eyes open slightly. To be fair for roleplay I'm not going to make KO prevent characters from talking out of combat. Not very fun to just sit there and not be able to say anything for days. Boulder does not have enough strength to fight or move much right now but he can talk. I'm going to say you can heal him but he still needs a jumper cable or long rest to be ready to fight. I have also toned down the violence; as you have seen overkill damage goes into extra cartoony action rather than morbidity now. On that note if the party did get knocked out I would in most context put a serious setback and stall/erase your progress rather than just killing everypony off.
>>12054 >whispers "Me needs to eat some rock soup. And then we level the place."
>>12056 >Cross does a doubletake. "Y-yeah, wanna agree but..." >He stares at Boulder. "I'm not feelin' so hot, you're not lookin' too hot, and uh..." >Cross' brain is thoroughly fluxed out. "Maybe we try and go upstairs and uh... look for a window? Not really feelin' like pushin' through the front doors, lads..."
>>12042 >Looks around for some of those complimentary pretzels or anything else that may have fallen down within reach >>12052 >>12054 >>12056 >>12082 "W-What if I try flying you both up there, one at a time?" >He suggests, sounding unsure of himself I'll take the bottle Also sorry that I haven't been active lately. Lot of work pressure
>>12088 >Cross looks at Boulder, then blinks at Cloudhead. "You sure you can carry 'im? I'm really not much but... Boulder's a big ole' stud, y'know?" >He thinks about it. "Not to say I'd be unwillin' to try." I'm working 8-10 hours most nights and I'm also doing the same this very Saturday, so I'm in the same boat; I feel bad about my lax posts, too.
>>12088 >>12090 Don't worry about it; we are all plenty busy. >Cloudhead has snatched up the vial; he is now searching for pretzels. >There is a mix of whole ones, broken ones, and soggy ones. >It's food all the same. In total 7 HP worth of pretzels.
>>12090 >>12093 >Springing into action, he scoops up the assorted pretzels with his wings, giving 4HP worth to Cross, and 3HP to Boulder >Next, peering over the edge of the bar, he looks up to the walkway to see if it's currently safe or not "Only one way to find out, huh? I don't have a better idea..."
>>12099 >There may be some riffraff on the walkway, but it's worlds better than the rest of the room... Not accounting for the falling hazard.
>>12099 >Cross scarfs down his given pretzels, and holds his hooves up with his drunken sway. "Take me before I... nope, already regret. Take me."
>>12108 >Taking in a deep breath, Cloudhead readies himself >Reaching out with his forelegs, he securely grabs hold of Cross by the barrel >Finally, his flappers engage, flapping with all their might to see if the task at hoof can be accomplished
>>12108 >>12120 >Cloudhead can barely lift Cross, even then having very little control. >Flap by flap they ascend gaining only seven sixteenths of an inch at a time. >A mug hits Cloudhead and they lose 7 inches of altitude before he picks back up. >After about a minute they stand firmly on the walkway. >Not only would Boulder unquestionably be too heavy to lift this way, but Cloudhead is too exhausted for more at this point. >Thankfully the commotion isn't happening around the bar table... for now. >A window gets smashed by some unidentified airborne object across the room. >All the stuff flying around is just white noise at this point.
>>12121 >Cross stands, peering down at Boulder. "Well, shit. H-hang tight, colt." >He looks at Cloudhead. "I didn't think we'd get this far, feathers. Keep an eye on 'im? Make sure nopony jumps us? Maybe we see if we've got a way out 'fore we worry 'bout gettin' him up." >He tries the nearby doors.
>>12125 >There are three doors on the back wall and three on the side wall. >The middle door on the back wall is locked, Cross can still hear "Big" Jim getting beaten in there. >The door to the right is unlocked, it's a typical hotel room, and yes that means it has windows. >Unfortunately it has no easy way to climb down outside. >There is a large bed, curtains, drawers, a night stand, lamps, and a bathroom with a clawfoot tub.
>>12129 >Cross yells back. "Feathers! We got an exit!" >He checks to see if the window can be opened.
>>12136 >The window swings open with ease.
>>12121 >>12125 >>12136 >>12138 >Gasping for air, he closes the door behind them and locks it, then wearily trots over to the window "Now what?" >Poking his head out, he tries to determine if there's a way for Cross to get down safely by himself, or if he needs to glide him down
>>12149 >Cross' face twitches. "I just uh, forgot you have wings. Lemme try somethin'." >Shaking his head, he sports his barbed lasso. With the safe side of it in his grip, he secures it to a leg of the bed. >He sets the safe end down by the window. "I'm fixin' to take a fall, 'cause I'm sure this won't reach all the way, but I'll be fine." >Groggy, he sways away from the window, and stands by the door to the room. "I need to drag Boulder up here, and you need to save your energy to try and let 'im down easy. Sound fair?"
>>12149 >Cloudhead sees no easy way down. >>12151 >The lasso will go down about half way to the ground when ready; enough for a safe drop.
>>12151 >Cloudhead brings a forehoof to his chin in thought "What if tried blowing out the wall near where he is from the outside?"
>>12203 "Uh... you can give it a try?" >He's not entirely convinced.
>>12203 Now your thinking; Boulder will be proud.
>>12204 >Taking a moment to catch his breath, Cloudhead readies himself "Well... Okay then!" >He says before jumping out the window and taking flight >Circling around to the side of the building the bar is located, he hovers in place to gather his thoughts >Remembering approximately where Boulder is, he rounds up some clouds, charges them up, and kicks out a lightning bolt aimed at the wall near ground level
>>12269 >Cloudhead sends forth a bolt which shatters a hole in the wall behind the bar. 16 damage >In addition to cracking out several boards Boulder notices that a barrel behind the bar is leaking. >Amongst the commotion few even notice or care.
(377.67 KB 564x320 image.png)
>>12273 >extends his neck to sniff the leak
>>12274 >Smells fruity and alcoholic; it's stronger than the cider Cross was drinking for sure.
>>12275 >remembers his basic training >snorts and tries to crawl away from the barrel as far as he can, looking around to find where the safest place to crawl to is
>>12276 >Boulder crawls a little further into the corner behind the bar. >He's out of the way of the action and as far away as he can reasonably be from the liquid that is flowing to the center of the room. >The barrel is on the far side of the hole in the wall relative to him.
>>12273 >Cross ducks his head out the window. "Sure sounded like it worked! I'm uh... goin'!" >Gripping his lasso, he climbs up on the windowsill backwards, which ends with him very ungracefully dipping out. >His neck's muscles bulge as he attempts to descend, holding onto the lasso for dear life.
>>12278 >It's not and elegant landing. >The sudden pull of the lasso midway down is going to hurt for a while; Cross is lucky to still have his front teeth. >Thankfully he is safely on the ground now unlike his lasso.
>>12283 >Stumbling over to the work Cloudhead's done to the wall, he gives it a closer look.
>>12273 >>12295 >Lands next to Cross to do the same
>>12295 >A few boards rest shattered around the hole. >Some of them are blackened. >Is it really a big enough hole for Bouler to fit through? >Cross can't quite tell. >It's big enough for him and Cloudhead for sure. >The commotion inside is creeping dangerously close to the bar table.
>>12302 >Gives some of the boards around the hole a good swift buck or two in an attempt to knock more of them out
>>12309 >Cross moves to assist in that endeavor. >In between bucks, he calls out, slowly piecing a sentence together. "Boulder! Are! You! In! There?"
>>12311 "Me here! Careful, XXX in barrel here too!"
>>12309 >>12311 >The brittle boards give way after a few bucks, and the less brittle ones bend and pull nails from the posts. >A few ponies in the saltlick are now paying attention to the wall getting kicked through and begin hopping over the bar for some trouble. >The hole is big enough for Boulder.
>>12314 >Wordlessly, Cross ducks in, and immediately goes to start dragging Boulder out. >He braces for the worst as he tries to move as quickly as possible.
>>12315 >Follows in to try and assist
(1.03 MB 1064x863 turn40.png)
>>12334 >Wobbly as ever, Cross takes one wide look at the mares and stallion, before ditching his plan to pull Boulder out. >He immediately tries a full takedown on Star Hunter. I would strategize, but I am drunk and wanting to get risky! Also, poor Boulder.
Gee I sure hope Clodhead can use weather magic through the hole in the wall
>>12338 Should have clarified these are cumulative HP and ATK pool enemies like the train, but you can do that. >>12340 He can, it's big enough for Boulder after all.
>>12334 >Dismayed by the situation, Cloudhead backs up enough to bring forth a cloud, launching a lightning bolt towards the oncoming rabble >>12340 >>12343 Thank goodness. I've been weighing my options of attacking twice and hoping to get lucky, or using a snack cake on myself and Cross while also getting lucky >inb4 still unlucky
>>12343 >first spoiler confirming that i do want to do that >>12352 I don't want to break our luck by saying anything more, so instead, I will just say that I really, really, /really/, hope you're lucky
(293.29 KB 2419x1512 387024.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1064x863 turn41.png)
>>12338 >>12352 >Cloudhead masterfully runs through the hole and takes off, gathering clouds like a speeding bullet. >He dives through the hole wings to his sides. >As soon as he spreads his wings the extra lift from being close to the ground rockets him to the ceiling. >He kicks the cloud to deliver hell from above... 1 damage It lightly tickles It wasn't even strong enough to light the liquor on fire >Boulder's tackle knocks out Star Hunter instantly with 6 damage. I think you guys jinxed it
>>12360 Forgot this part >The riffraff aimlessly hits Cloudhead for 5 damage, Boulder for 1 damage, and Cross for 4 damage.
>>12360 FUGG :DDDdd
>>12360 >Cross, standing shakily from the downed stallion, practically falls into the riffraff as he tries to latch on and takedown one. me and my big mouth >tfw 1 hp hugs
It occurred to me that Cloudhead shouldn't have taken damage because he should be in in fly mode right now. Let's just pretend he has 12 HP in the image and is on the ceiling, sorry about that.
>>12360 >>12361 >>12376 >Dives in to deliver an emergency Snack Cake to Cross's muzzle >Using his forward momentum, he then lashes out at one of the remaining ponies
(1.03 MB 1064x863 turn42.png)
>>12369 >>12412 >Cross can barely keep himself standing as he tackles minty fresh. >In fact, he can't, but a takedown is a takedown; he deals 1 damage. >Cloudhead hits for 3 damage, but most importantly he get's Cross some much needed carbs healing him for 5 HP. >The riffraff blunders into Cloudhead for 2 damage, Boulder for 3, and Cross for 1.
>>12424 >Tipped and tipsy, Cross continues to hold the minty fresh mare down, all while mushing up the snack cake. >He also gives her a snoof.
>>12424 >Attacks twice >>12425 based
>>12424 "Ouch."
>>12425 >Smells minty and fresh. >>12448 >Cloudhead hits for 6 and 3 damage, knocking Roseluck over the bar and causing Minty to dislodge and run away. >It's a clear shot to the exit.
>>12452 >Dives over to Boulder's side, where he attempts to help move him along
>>12457 >The stooges stumble out through the hole they had made through the wall; the ponies in the room are none the wiser. >Just as they make it through they can hear a whoosh and feel a blast of heat behind them.
>>12458 >Before Cross even has a chance to get his bearings, he frantically speeds up. "Sweet teats—move, move!" >He works to keep pushing Boulder away from the wall, despite his own less-than-pristine health.
>>12465 >Far enough from the fire, the party stands in the center of town. >The saltlick is obviously not somewhere anypony wants to go right now. >Other than that there is the general store, the train station, and a path to a farm.
>>12484 >Cross takes a quick look around to see if anypony was watching their escape, or if there's even anypony who's taken notice of the saltlick.
>>12490 >The town is dead quiet.
>>12496 >in weak voice "We should call firefighters."
>>12499 "I think all that cider'll put it out, right?" I vote general store because I want the three stooges to go in battered to all hell
>Finally somewhere safe, Cloudhead breathes a deep sigh of relief, allowing his wings to hang limply at his sides "I don't like this town." >He comments while inspecting the surroundings >>12499 >>12507 "I'm sure somepony here is already on the job..." >Glancing over at the general store, he points a forehoof in its direction "How about we go over there?"
>>12507 >>12509 how much bits do we have anyway?
>>12509 >Cross laughs weakly. "Damn straight, feathers." >He follows his hoof to the store, and bobs his head. "Yeah, sure. Won't be spendin' bits at the saltlick anytime soon." >>12512 I may have been getting too into the characters, as I can't count. Bits-wise, what I've got noted: Cross 110; Cloudhead 67; Boulder 237
>>12512 Boulder has 179 bits, Cloudhead has 421, and Cross has 110. >>12509 >>12518 >As the party nears the front door a sketchy looking earth pony stallion walks out. >He has a red coat and a black mane, and his cutie mark appears to be a hammer and sickle. "Psst, hey kids! Want to join the shoplifters union?" >He picks a pamphlet out of his saddlebag with his mouth and places it in front of the party. "The shoplifters of Equestria unionized. Police can't legally arrest our members anymore unless they steal over 500 bits worth of merchandise in one month!"
>>12520 >still in weak voice "We need to beat him up and call guards. He's he-re-tec!"
>>12525 >The union promoter pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath, hardening his resolve and speaking sternly. "You mess with me and you mess with the union. We'll see you in court for union busting"
>>12533 >gathers all his beaten-up strength and weakly bellows "Guards! Guards!!! To me!!! Heretec here!!!"
>>12533 >>12539 >Cross stumbles over to stand beside Boulder. His salute is heavy-hoofed. "I already been court-martialed once, and I got through just fine!" >He grumbles, shifting his lousy-excuse of a salute into an even lazier wave. "Quit sol... uh, solickitin'! And get out the damn way, or the only thing bustin'll be your balls."
>>12520 >>12533 >Weirded out by the strange pony, he sidesteps the situation to hold open the shop door for his two companions
(18.99 KB 918x592 store.png)
>>12545 >>12568 Item list: >Small apple, restores 5 HP - 10 bits >Frosty flakes, restores 10 HP - 30 bits >Canned muffin, restores 10 SP - 30 bits >Can opener, opens cans - 999 bits >Jumper cable, wakes up unconscious - 50 bits >Iron horseshoes, increases attack stat by 5 - 50 bits >Rope lasso, allows for grapple move to be used on most enemies below level 10, strength value is 4 - 30 bits >Throwing knife, uses speed for damage and costs one action - 50 bits Current balance: >Boulder has 179 bits >Cross has 110 bits >Cloudhead has 421 bits
>>12545 >The union solicitor gets the message and wanders off to check out what is going on at the saltlick.
(36.24 KB 120x116 mfw frosty flakes.gif)
quality in the pic is through the roof, good shit >>12577 "HOWDY!" >Cross doesn't know he's yelling. >Immediately, the cables grab his attention. >He snatches one set of jumper cable, as well as a set of iron horseshoes, and takes them to the counter. >He's struggling to count his bits more than usual, but he's getting through. Nothing stopping me from having horseshoes too, is there?
>>12577 "Hey, that's a rape thingy! Cool." >spends at least 15 minutes counting bits and buying jumper cable
>>12582 >spoiler 2 Not at all. You can have them and get the attack bonus like any other pony. >>12584 >Cross takes 7 minutes to count his bits. >The store owner is visibly annoyed. >Once Cross has hoofed over 100 bits and made his purchase, Boulder spends 15 minutes counting 50 bits. >It's hard counting with that headache from earlier so it's actually 30 minutes. >The store owner mumbles to himself. "Something interesting going on at the saltlick and here I am with these bozos" >In the time it took just to count his bits Bouler is functional again (reset to 1 HP with no KO status). Looking forward to seeing what our utility bauble collector buys
>>12601 >sighs "Me hungry."
>>12577 >Perusing through the humble stores wares, Cloudhead initially finds little of interest >That is, until he notices the can opener... >The can opener itself appears completely ordinary and uninteresting >Rather, the price tag attached to it captivates the mind >Squinting in effort to make sense of things, his mind begins to calculate the sum >So many tens... Endless tens... An impossible amount! >Scrunching his muzzle in frustration, he turns to the shopkeeper "Um, excuse me..." >He begins, pointing a hoof at the item in question "Is... Is there a mistake on this tag? Nopony has that many bits!" Is the throwing knife a one use and its gone item, or is it an actual weapon like the horseshoes?
>>12614 >The shopkeeper rolls his eyes and walks over to the item in question. >He gives Cloudhead a peeved look. >He passively glances at the tag, looking back to Cloudhead expression unchanged. "Your right, that's the sale price from yesterday. It's supposed to be 1299 bits" Throwing knife is one use, but you can carry as many as you like.
>>12615 >Cloudhead stares at the can opener absentmindedly as yet another threshold of tens is added to the equation >Eventually, for his own health and safety, he simply decides to leave the matter alone "Umm... Guess it'll just be a couple apples for me, then..." >He says while forking over an entire ten for two apples >After the transaction, he looks over to his companions "You two ready to move on?"
>>12645 "Let's go find a grazing spot!"
>>12645 >The shopkeeper shakes his head. "Sir, the apples are ten bits each"
>>12645 >>12646 "I need... somewhere to roll." >He rubs his eyes with the back of his fetlock. "Someplace without sand would be... cool." >>12649 >Cross rolls his eyes and mutters something indecipherable like the tired drunk he's soon to become.
>>12649 >Does a double take at the price "Oh." >Produces ten more bits before handing them over "Sorry." >Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Cloudhead makes his way over to the door
(24.91 KB 900x655 cherry.png)
>>12653 >As the party leaves the store, the shop owner darts out like a bullet leaving the door locked and a "closed" sign in his wake. >He makes it into the saltlick just in time for the front wall to fall down. >>12646 >>12652 >The nearby orchard looks like the best bet. >It's the only grass in miles, so the party walks there. >Finally someplace peaceful and safe.
>>12654 "Thank Celestia!" >starts grazing
>>12654 >Cross starts munching. >...A few seconds later, he keels over, and doesn't get back up. fillies will be fine, i'm sure, i want a long rest, wake me if you've got a better plan
>>12656 >After several hours, Cross and friends finish their naps. >It is now late in the afternoon. >Everypony has full HP and SP.
>>12665 >After a big stretch, Cloudhead looks off towards the town, curious if the saltlick is still standing "Now what? Think another train is coming soon?"
>>12665 >>12674 >Cross, having spent his waking moments in silence, turns from his own stare into town. "Not thinkin' there's much for us here, 'cept maybe asking the ranch mare for work. Cherry Jubilee." >He idly pulls a hoof through his mane. "I'd try'n talk up the saltlick some more, but, well..." >He sighs. "Guess we'd better find ourselves a way to the gold rush."
>>12665 >continues to graze
>>12674 >The saltlick is still standing.
>>12675 "What do we do with heretecs?"
>>12725 >Cross narrows his eyes. "I'm thinkin' we get sure that the fillies are safe before that. Y'know?"
>>12730 "Ye, but what if heretecs will get to them first?"
>>12732 "We just won't let that happen, then." >He taps a hoof. "Plus, there's still that stallion with 'em. What if /he's/ one of them?"
>>12732 >>12733 "Either way, we need to get moving. Nopony is gonna have an answer until we get to where we're going." >Starts meandering his way towards the train station
(144.10 KB 1352x891 wild_wild_west.png)
>>12735 Local ticket prices: >Prairie Post - 20 bits >Dodge Gulch - 30 bits >Appaloosa - 20 bits >Steamboat landing - 20 bits >Jacobstown - 50 bits Long distance tickets (All cost 100 bits): >Canterlot line >Coltifornia >The frozen north >The lands with no name
>>12783 >Cross stares for a moment longer at the ticket prices, then turns. "You're right, feathers. But how about we head back to the saltlick, see if we can at least get somethin' more than a brawl outta it, then see about splittin' town?" >He glances at his other friend. "You got a read on where they might've gone, Boulder? Or at least where we stop next? I'm thinkin' all the 'tecs are out west. But I don't want to be stoppin' in every town, and stoppin' every 'tec. As much as I'd like to, that's a little more time than I think we oughta spend without finding those fillies."
>>12787 >looks up for a good 10 minutes, throwing quick glances at the sun behind a cloud. >his lips move silently >finally he smiles and returns his attention back to Cross "If we give bits to the guy with tickets that means them give him bits too. We ask him what tickets they got and get the same tickets!"
>>12794 >Cross looks away from Cloudhead, and listens carefully as Boulder speaks. "Boulder..." >He pauses. >A broad grin breaks across his muzzle. "That's some rock-solid thinkin'!" >Clasping a hoof on his friend's withers briefly, Cross then moves to the ticket booth. "Howdy. Seen any fillies come on through lately? Big 'ole red bow on one of 'em. We're needin' to find her so her sister'll quit worryin'. And so they don't run into trouble."
>>12817 >The ticket pony looks Cross over, concluding he is trustworthy. "It wasn't on my shift, but I got the word they were headed for Prairie Post" >He pauses. "They made some kind of scene at the saltlick. Maybe you could ask there if you want to know more"
Cross-anon here, my internet and power's been out for the last week, and worrying about that made me forget about everything. Really fucking sorry if that's held everyone up.
>>12818 "Prairie Post, huh? Alright, thank you kindly." >He nods. "And I s'pose we'll have to look into that scene some more. 'preciate the help." >Cross looks at Boulder and Cloudhead. "You two ready for the saltlick roundabout again?"
>>12899 "Ye, let's level the place!"
>>12899 >>12900 Sorry the thread is so slow; I'm spread thin here as always but it's not really an excuse. It doesn't take that much time to update, I just got out of the habit. >As the party walks through what was the wall of the saltlick, they catch the bartenders eyes. "YOU! What do you want?" >He says angerly as he sweeps the splintered wood into piles.
>>12963 GM's back! >makes redoubtable face "Where heretec took three fillies?"
>>12968 >Unphased by Boulders expression, the bartender returns a stare of pure contempt. >He does not waste his breath on a response. >He simply points a hoof back to the train station with authority.
>>12963 >Cross whistles as he takes in the place. >>12970 "Yeah... I guess we uh... deserve that." >He blinks. "Is that pretty mare still here?"
>>12985 >The barkeeper maintains his stance and expression.
>>12987 >Cross stares back, and slowly begins to side-trot toward the stairs.
>>13000 >The bartender sighs, shakes his head, and continues picking up the mess.
>>13007 >Cross perks up, ascends the stairs, and starts going door-to-door for the pretty mare.
>>13008 >Empty >Empty >Locked >Drunkard >Locked... >As Cross is walking to check the next door he hears a familiar female voice. "Who is it?"
>>13009 >He pauses, then pulls back, unsure if it's the mare he's thinking of. "Uh... pretty—Miss Rose?"
>>13017 "That's me sugah. Say, weren't you from that fight earlier? I never did get your name" >Cross can hear hoof steps approaching the door from the other side.
>>13022 "Yeah, uh... we were all a bit busy." >Cross glances back at a particular point in the air where a chandelier once swung. >He faces the door again, then moves back. "Marked Cross. I just had a question or two to ask."
>>13025 >Goldie opens the door, her black eye coming into view. "Well you were very brave back there" >She smiles "Ask away"
>>13027 >He winces. "Sorry about the eye. Well... we're looking for three fillies riding on with a stallion. Heard they caused a stir here. Wonderin' if you knew anything about 'em."
>>13029 >Goldie giggles. "Course I do, Frank absolutely went off about em'. Something about getting their cutie marks as bartenders? By the time I got there they were gone, but sweet Celestia did they make a mess! That's the most broken glass and cider I have ever seen on the floor. I feel sorry for that dad having to take care of those little monsters"
>>13030 >Cross smirks slightly, though it quickly falls. "Yeah, that's them. Although, that's definitely not their dad..."
>>13031 >Sensing the tone of that last part Goldie frowns. "Oh no, did they run away? I'm sorry I don't know where they were going"
>>13042 "S'alright, we're figuring it out. 'scuse me, one sec." >Cross trots over to the railing, and peers down. "Hey, Boulder, feathers, you got anything you want to ask Miss Rose?"
>>13044 >makes a half-bow "Hi, miss!"
>>13044 >Goldie looks relieved to hear that. >>13045 >She waves to Boulder and smiles. "Hi handsome!"
wish more anons joined in, saloon's as good a place as any to introduce new pones.
(173.06 KB 972x821 1643832398818.png)
>>13057 I'll join in. I've never done this before, so I have no idea what I'm doing though. Will need to read the thread to figure it out.
>>13058 Character creation and some useful info in this thread: https://nhnb.org/fim/res/8267.html
>>13058 I'd never done anything like this before, and the slow-paced nature of this has grown on me. It's honestly one of my favorite things of the year.
>>13058 Cool! Just make your character at level 1 like the guide says and I will take care of putting them at the party's average level. It's exiting to have a new player join.
>>13065 Sounds good! I'll read through the guide today and hopefully have something put together by tonight. Work gets in the way naturally.
>>13065 >>13062 Ok, I think I understand how to make a character and I have one in mind. I just have a few questions. 1. I understand that the sum of A.I.D.S must be ten and that I can distribute them accordingly. But, I how do I decide what my initial HP and SP are given that I start at level one. 2. During a turn is it possible to give an item to another player if they are in need? 3. How do I roll dice? 4 How are bits earned and how does your level increase? Thanks and sorry for my ignorance!
(54.01 KB 610x670 image.png)
>>13074 Not GM but: 1. As per guidelines: >Your HP is half your defence plus 10 Add points to defense, cut the resulting number in half and add 10 >Your SP is 10 Exactly ten 3.Pic related. Click extra in the reply window and enter diceXdY into email field. 4.As per guide: Now for the last step in character creation, get some items! You start with 100 bits and can buy any of these items you like: >Small apple, heals 5 health, costs 20 bits >Small muffin, replenish 10 SP, costs 50 bits >Iron horseshoes, increases attack stat by 5, costs 50 bits >Rope lasso, allows for grapple move to be used on most enemies below level 10, strength value is 4, costs 30 bits >Barbed lasso, allows for grapple move to be used on most enemies below level 10, inflicts damage when enemies try to escape (half of their failure margin rounded up), strength value is 6, costs 60 bits You can just have 100 bits at the start by not choosing any items if you want though. Bits can be during the game through quests, activities and looting wreck enemies
>>13079 GM approved >defence Damn that's a dumb misspelling I left in >>13074 >I understand that the sum of A.I.D.S must be ten No, the sum of aids (before class effects are added) should be 20 because each stat starts at 5 points and there are 4 stats. The ten comes from the maximum amount of points you can put in one stat, one being the minimum. Maybe you knew that but I wanted to be sure.
(1.16 MB 4820x5404 celly pain.png)
>>13066 >Work gets in the way naturally. I want to play with Anon
Joining the game (finally; been a rough week)! Name: Prickly Pear Type: Unicorn Level: 1 HP: 14 SP: 10 A: 1 (6) I: 9 (18) D: 8 S: 2 Spells: Heal, Fire, Lightning, Scan Bits: 10 Inventory: Small apple x2, Iron horseshoes Hailing from the eastern deserts of Equestria, Prickly Pear is a plucky, yet determined, unicorn with a lovely green coat, and golden yellow mane and tail. Corresponding to her cactus cutie mark, she is an expert cactus appreciator; her knowledge of cacti and succulents is unparalleled in all of Equestria. Following the mysterious disappearance of her father, a very successful cactus farmer and dealer, Prickly Pear decided to search Equestria for clues to find him. Her hobbies include making adorable potted desktop cactus bonsais, making cactus jam, origami, and reading.
>>13117 All right! Your XP is 136 Name: Prickly Pear Type: Unicorn Level: 3 HP: 16 SP: 12 A: 1 (+5) I: 20 D: 8 S: 2 Spells: Heal, Fire, Lightning, Scan Bits: 10 Inventory: Small apple x2, Iron horseshoes One other thing you should know, the specific times for updating turns in the original thread are outdated. We just do turns by when everypony has submitted their moves now. Feel free to make your entrance anytime you want.
>>13117 Oh, a new pony! And a mare to boot! A friendly advice, beware bellyslapping. ^:)
>>13117 Gosh she's cute: good stuff, Anon. On top of that, given the party's new highest int, I can /finally/ go full retard
>>13128 Reckoned y'all would need a magic user of the fairer sex. Bellyslapping 'eh. Sounds a bit too close to the teats. I'll be careful! >>13129 Yeah, I figure she looks something like pic related, except a unicorn and not a crystal pony. If I had any talent I'd draw her. Just imagine her cutie mark as a cactus covered in flowers.
>>13046 >Just then a green coated unicorn with golden yellow mane and tail trots in. Over she goes to the player-piano and drops in a few bits. >Old-times ragtime starts playing "Hey barkeepy, I'll have an apple cider. The best 'ya got!" she says with a smile >She surveys the wreckage of the room and nods with approvel. Pretty normal in the saltlicks of the eastern deserts where she's from. "'Ah! Just like home!" She says as she takes a seat at what's left of the bar. >She looks over and sees the adventurers. "Howdy gents!" she says raising a hoof. How's that?
>>13137 >turns his head "Hello, ma'am." Glad more anons join! Also, consider putting your charname in the name field when talking in character, it's easier that way
>>13137 >Perched up above, and leaned up against the second-floor railing, a light gray stallion waves. "Howdy yourself. You just missed all the fun. Ain't that right, Mrs. Rose?"
>>13128 Not to worry too much. I keep them in check >>13133 I can edit that for you pretty easily >>13137 Good, seconding Boulder anon >>13143 >Goldie nods "Howdy" >>13137 >The barkeeper grumbles as he turns around from his work before speaking. "We're closed ma'am, in case the missing wall wasn't indication enough"
>>13144 >Responding to the barkeep first, she looks over the scene again and scrunches her nose in confusion. "Closed? Just 'cuz yer missing a wall? Gives it character I'd say. A few curtains and it'll be fine and dandy! Yep! Sure as desert monsoons in summer, red curtains would match up just fine!" >Turning to Cross "Ain't sure what fun I missed, but looks like y'all had a rip-roaring time. Tarnation, I regret missing it!" >Back to the barkeep "Anywho, why don't you lay that sweeper down and sling us some suds? Judging by the damage, structural integrity is a mite lower than 40% anyway. T'ain't gonna be standing much longer. Enjoy it while it lasts s'all I can say." >>13144 Much obliged for the offer on the edit. That would be wonderful!
>>13144 >He gives Goldie Rose an appreciative smile. "Thank you for the help." >His eyes shift meaningfully to her door. He laughs low. "I'll let you get back to it." >>13147 "Hey, that's the spirit! Give that mare her drinks! If she's payin' for 'em, she oughta get 'em!"
>>13150 >Goldie smiles "Your welcome" >She stays standing outside the room. >>13150 >The bartender rolls his eyes. "No no no! your bits are no good here. Friends like you drink on the house" >He points a hoof at the corner. >The apple cider is spilled all over and seeped under the floor boards. >To make it worse the salt is all soggy because of the cider.
>>13151 >looks at bartender >then looks at the corner >slowly walks to the sidered salt pile. >sniffs it then licks it "Mmmmm."
>>13151 "What, you're tellin' me you ain't got nothin' in hidin'?" >Cross waves a hoof, then starts back down the stairs. "Not so sorry about the place if you can't even be bothered to pull a little somethin' out for the lady."
>>13154 >The bartender returns a firm stare. "I didn't ask you to be sorry. Your business here is done" >Goldie watches in amusement.
>>13163 >looks around "Not. The place still stands."
>>13163 >Nods to Cross then eyes the barkeep with a smug expression. "Don't bother fellas. This 'ere shanty of a saltlick ain't worth the effort. Lousy service, unpleasant owner, cider 'proly tastes like piss. What'dya say we take our bits elsewhere. Likely have some adventure along the way, I reckon. >Slams her hoof into what's left of the bar with finality and vigor.
>>13163 >Cross rolls his eyes. "Sure thing, boss." >>13166 >He laughs broadly. "Filly, you don't even know the half of it. If you want to side with us, it'll be your reckoning." >He nods his head in the direction of the barkeep, but keeps his gaze on Prickly. "No matter how right we strike it, somepony's always gotta fuss." Feathers? Cloudhead? Anon?
>>13173 Sorry. I got out of the habit of checking this site regularly because I thought the DM was kill I'll get caught up and start participating again soon. It's cool to see that somebody new decided to join in
>>13173 >>13190 I didn't think it was necessary for the barkeep to respond but this needs to move along >>13166 >The bartender breathes a sigh of relief.
>>13191 >Cross moves to stand near the door. He looks out into the town.
>>13191 >Prickly also moves to the door and trots on past into the open. "C'mon fellas, let's leave this pile of sticks to that miserable barkeep. Place is coming down anyway by my calculation. >Then to Cross, with a grin, as she passes by. "Gonna say bye to your li'l marefriend up there?
>>13197 >He looks back, then laughs. "Yeah, why not." >He throws out a flaunty salute. "Be safe, Miss Rose!" >And with a little click of his tongue, he gives the bartender one last look. "And clean up around 'ere, why don't you?" >He steps out after Prickly.
>>13198 >Goldie waves back. "Bye Mr. Cross!" >The barkeeper continues cleaning.
>Outside the saltlick, Cross extends a hoof to Prickly. "Marked Cross. Best of the best. You wouldn't believe how long it's been since we've seen a pony with a solid head above their withers."
>is here too >shyly stands around
>Extends her own hoof in return to Cross. "Prickly Pear, cactus extraordinaire. Thank'ya kindly Mr. Cross!" >Sees Boulder and extends a hoof as well. Then looks around the town. "So, you two from around these parts, or just passing through? Where 'ya headed?
>>13210 "Prickly Pear... pleasure. Nah, we're from Ponyville. Been makin' tracks lookin' for some fillies gone runaway." >He sighs. "I won't bother asking if you've seen 'em. Best guess I've got is we'll be headin' further west."
>A train screeches into the station and drops it's ramps. >The vibrations make what's left of the saltlick shake. "Last train to Prairie Post, all aboard that's comin' aboard!" >Some ponies are walking out and more are walking in.
>>13223 >To Cross and Boulder Well, 'ah ain't seen no fillies. But, I am headin' west. I'm searching for my pops and the clues lead me here so far. I reckon I ought to keep following 'em west. This 'ere train seems as good a sign as any of that.
>>13224 >Cross shrugs at Prickly. "Awful lot of trouble these days. If you've got the mind to stick around, then I think we can help each other. And hey, we're good with mares." >>13208 >He loops around and throws a hoof over Boulder's withers. "Ain't that right, Boulder?" >>13223 >He glances at the stopped train, then groans. "I'm gonna need feathers to spot me a ticket. Didn't think we'd be headed out so soon."
>>13226 >nods >then looks at Prickly's flank >his face becomes puzzled "Um... Why the rock is green and full of spikes?"
>Meanwhile... >Approaching fast from a distance, Cloudhead comes into view once again >Doing the sort of thing any sensible pegasus ought to be doing >Chasing a tumbleweed >Galloping along, flapping his flappers with gusto for extra emphasis >If only he knew the wind from his wings was blowing the tumbleweed away from his grasp >However, spotting the trio breaks his concentration and focus, diverting his path away from the mighty tumbleweed >Slowing to a trot, he approaches his companions before coming to a stop "There you are! I think I got lost..." >He admits, scuffing a forehoof on the ground >His attention quickly shifts to the new mare, followed by alternating a puzzled stare between her and his companions "Who's this?" kek I hadn't posted in so long and missed enough interactions that I had to try and dream up some in-character way to get back into the action
>>13232 >Cross takes a quick peek for himself. He shakes Boulder and laughs. "That's a pear!" >His laughter dies down as Cloudhead comes swooping in. He does a doubletake, his eyes widening with every step the pegasus takes. >He releases his hold on Boulder, and moves forward to meet Cloudhead. >>13241 "I—Sweet Celestia, feathers! I thought you were behind us the whole time!" >He shakes his head, then turns to Prickly. "This here's Cloudhead." >over a month since the last Cloudhead appearance holy shit, welcome back. Also, work is starting to slow down now, so I have the time to do my best at keeping things moving. Sorry about all the fluff over the last couple months, just trying to make posts without making every anon move
>>13241 Nice >>13247 >a pear lol
>>13232 >>13247 >To Cross and Boulder just before Cloudhead arrives. "Sillies! That's a cactus; it's got some flowers and prickly pears on it too, like my name . Ain't you never seen one before? They're all over where I'm from. >To Cloudhead "Pleasure to meet 'ya! So, you're all friends?
>>13249 >Cross' face contorts with confusion, but he makes no effort to try and process it further. "Uh, yes'm, thickest thieves around."
>>13251 "We're not thieves! Stealing is bad!" >He objects, closely followed by craning his head around to examine his body "...and I don't think we're thick? I-I don't eat THAT many hayburgers." >He muses, turning his attention back to the mare "But... We're friends, yes. Where did you bump into these two at? Do you need help with something?"
>>13266 >Responding to Cloudhead "Ran into 'em over at the rickety 'ol saltlick yonder. I think we were reckoning on boarding this train. Right fellas? But we ain't got tickets. How much do they cost anyways?
>>13267 >Cross has to think for a moment. "Uh... 20 bits. That's more than I've got spare." >>13266 >He snorts, then turns to Cloudhead. "I know you've got a heavy bit pouch, feathers. Y'mind filling the difference?" >He nods his head in Prickly's direction. "She's comin' with, too, if'n she needs some spare coin. Would 'preciate it."
>>13269 >To everypony in general "Well, 'ah got 10 bits to throw into the pile if that'll help."
>>13267 "Oh, okay. Um..." >>13269 >>13285 "Two tens, four ponies..." >He mumbles to himself as his 8-bit processor works overtime to calculate the sum >Eventually, his ears perk up as he reaches a conclusion "Okay! I'll get everyponies tickets this time around. Let's get moving." >He says, moving onward to buy the tickets
>>13297 "Thanks, feathers." >He turns to Boulder and Prickly. "Alright, let's get a move on." >He follows after Cloudhead.
>>13297 >Thankfully there isn't much of a line, just two ponies. >They buy their tickets. >The ticket seller looks at Cloudhead. "What can I do for you sir?"
>>13300 "Four tickets to, um..." >He pauses to collect his thoughts "...Prairie Post. Please." >Begins amassing eight groups of ten bits on the counter
>>13306 >Once Cloudhead is finished, the ticket pony uses magic to consolidate the bits in one big pile before levitating them into the booth. >Four tickets to Prairie Post are levitated back out in return. "Thank you, have a nice day"
>>13308 >Taking the tickets, he distributes them to his companions before making his way to the board the train, where he presents his own ticket
>>13308 >>13311 >To Cloudhead with a big smile. "Thank'ya kindly Mr. Cloudhead!" >To no pony in particular. "I ain't never been to Prairie Post before. Any 'o you been?"
>with a tad of worry "We need beat up the train engineer here too?"
>>13311 >He gives a gracious nod. "'preciate it, feathers." >He goes to board the train in the same way. >>13312 "Nah, I've never been this far west, either. Already done enough of it, but here's to hopin' the lunacy doesn't get any worse." >>13314 >Cross takes a moment to think that over. /Really/ think it over. "S'pose it wouldn't hurt to pay 'em a visit, would it?"
(25.82 KB 1015x656 prairie_center.png)
>>13311 >>13322 >The conductor punches the tickets and lets everypony on board. >The train begins rolling, and in a few minutes the sun begins to set. >In a short bit of time the train stops in Prairie Post. "Next stop Jacobstown!" >The party disembarks, passing the ticket booth, and stands in the center of town. This one was fun to draw, it's been a while.
>>13325 Love your art!
Hi there, new pony interested in joining the game, hopefully not doing so at a bad time. Name: Quill Conspiracy Level: 1 HP:13 SP:10 A:3 I:10 (20) D:6 S:1 Spells: (unicorns only) >Level 1 heal >Level 1 shield >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional Bits: 80 Inventory: >small apple Quill Conspiracy is a secretary for a modestly important Canterlot noble figure who she doesn't like to discuss. Tired of city life in Canterlot, and feeling as though she's spinning her wheels and not making any progress towards 'her greater plans', she longs for adventure and to see the world of Equestria at large. Her cutiemark is a quill and parchment, with many 'redacted' black bars on the parchment itself reflecting her secretive and somewhat conspiratory nature. She is to-the-point, blunt, practical, and organized.
(40.70 KB 185x200 1624487837475.png)
>Cross takes a look around, then ruffles Boulder's mane. "Let's try not to catch the eyes of any mares this time 'round." >After a moment, he does the same for himself. >He turns to Cloudhead. "And I shouldn't have to tell you, feathers, but keep it in your sheath. Y'never know." >He blinks and cocks his head back toward Prickly. "Uh... and... you..." >He stops. "Y'know what? I'm gonna do the smart thing and keep my mouth shut." >He looks excessively proud of himself. >>13325 >spoiler You've definitely still got it, FM >>13328 New mare! Very nice description. The adventure is really beginning, it seems!
>>13325 >Takes a look around with a smile and whistles. "Mmm. Nice town, pretty as a new bit! Real cozy!" >Responding to Cross, Prickly smiles and rolls her eyes in jest. Then says in friendly sarcasm. "Stallions! Always wanting to pitch a tent. Well, don't you worry none. I reckon 'ah ain't got nothing to unsheath anyhow! >To everypony "Where to first? 'Ah suppose somepony at the hotel might know something about your lost fillies...and maybe my pops.
>>13328 Very nice! It's exiting to get two new players in a row. I'll process your character stats in the morning; I ought to get some shuteye now.
>>13325 SOVL >>13329 "Huh...?" >>13336 "Wha? I don't think any of us brought a tent along..." >He muses, sounding confused >As the conversation flies over his head, something more important catches his attention "Oh no, look! Somepony got hurt!" >He announces, pointing a forehoof at the downed pony near The Hot L, which he quickly trots toward >>13337 leet GET
>>13328 Your XP is 136, your stats are as follows: Name: Quill Conspiracy Level: 3 HP:15 SP:12 A:3 I:22 D:6 S:1 Spells: >Level 1 heal >Level 1 shield >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional Bits: 80 Inventory: >small apple >>13338 >As Cloudhead nears the downed mare he notices something on the ground. >It's shiny! >Where did these bits materialize from?
>>13347 >Looking where Cloudhead was pointing and trotting over with him. "Tarnation! Looks like she's more hurt than if she was bushwhacked by a honey badger." >scrunches up her nose, cutely of course, and examines the scattered bits. "Who'ere 'dun it sure wasn't fixin' on thievery, on account they skedaddled without the loot!" >Turns to Cloudhead "Whadd'ya think Cloudhead? Can I use a heal spell on her, or is that just for battles?
>>13328 Welcome friend! Nice to have someone else join. I'm new to the game as well. Joined a little over two weeks ago.
>>13349 >Can I use a heal spell on her Yes
>>13338 >>13349 "Make sure she's alright." >Cross takes up a post nearby. He kicks at the fallen 'E'. "If I had to guess, seems like she had a bit of a spill." >He squints at the ponies working up on the non-superior saltlick. Particularly the one covered by... the lifting thing. "But somepony must've seen somethin'."
>>13358 >Nods to Cross and begins to examine the hurt mare. "I reckon if she's not too bad I can heal her with a magic spell."
"Me wonder if heretecs did this."
>>13360 >As Prickly moves closer the mare begins to open her eyes. >She picks up her head and shakes it, eyes closed, before opening them a little to look at Prickly. "What... happened? My head hurts" >Besides that, she doesn't look roughed up or anything.
>>13362 >Prickly finishes looking the mare over for ouchies and booboos, noting that she probably just hit her head. "Well, she doesn't seem too bad, just head ouchie maybe. I figure I can heal her up right quick. Here goes! >Casts heal spell on hurt mare. Am I doing the spell right? Do I need to roll dice or something? Please forgive the my ignorance on this.
>>13362 >>13363 >Quill Conspiracy had gotten off the train at the same time as the others, walking a few paces behind with her ears perked up to catch traces of their conversation. >It wasn't eavesdropping if she didn't get caught. >And being nosy wasnt a crime, or else she'd surely have been doing hard time. >When she notices the fallen pony she waits behind for the others to approach first, before trotting over herself when Prickly begins to help her. "A puzzling mystery, to be sure. I hope you lot are safe from any other alphabetic catastrophe, standing there." >She rolls her eyes and kicks idly at the fallen E as she approaches. "I may know some healing magic, too, if it's of any help. But if she just hit her head, it would probably be best if we moved her out of the road so she can rest someplace safer."
>>13363 >Do I need to roll dice or something? It's optional. If you don't I'll roll myself and if you do I'll use your number. >The healing spell is moderately strong, but doesn't do much seeing as the mare wasn't seriously hurt. >She stands up. "Thanks" >She looks down at the shiny bits on the ground, which she begins consolidating with a forehoof. >>13364 What color is Quill's coat and mane? And Glasses or no? I'll have to find something to represent her on the battle screen eventually.
>>13365 Quill has a light-grey (#787276) coat, and a dark red (#4E0707) coloured mane. She wears glasses and keeps her mane in a stereotypical 'secretary' sort of ponytail.
>>13364 >Cross blinks. His tongue feels numb as he speaks. "Alpha... cat trophy... sure?" >He shakes himself to clear his head. "I-I think we're fine. Matter of fact, I think she'll be... alright. 'scuse me." >>13361 >He leans over to Boulder and whispers. "I don't want to jump the bit, but she sounds like one." >>13363 >Popping up at the distraction, he enjoys the lightshow. "Looks like whatever you did worked, Prickly." >>13365 "You feelin' alright, ma'am?"
>>13367 >The mare finishes consolidating the bit's and sweeps them into her purse, which she picks up with her mouth and stashes away. "I can walk, it just aches a little. Thanks' for asking" >>13364 >Taking notice of Quill's hint, she looks at the missing "E" on the ground and up at the sign. >She pins her ears at it before looking back down at the ponies around. "I don't know about ya'll but I'm parched. Enjoy the evening" >She begins walking toward the superior saltlick.
>>13368 >To Quill, while moving out of the way of other potentially falling letter. Howdy stranger! Thanks for the tip, probably a good idea. Hey fellas, let's get out from under this 'ere sign. >Feeling suspicious, Prickly raises an eyebrow and looks up to the place from whence the 'E' likely fell trying to find a reason. But, she speaks to everypony present. "Mighty strange how she didn't seem to mind too much 'bout gettin' whacked on the noggin by a falling 'E'. Just up and changed the subject and left.
>>13369 >Quill nods to Prickly as he greets her. "Well met, friend. One wonders what awaits us inside the hotel, if the outside is in such disarray." >She watches the mare as she abruptly heads off, nodding at Prickly's remark. >The practical part of her knowing she should probably just book her room and forget about it, but life is too short to not be curious. "I do agree that it seems strange. I am of half a mind to follow her to this salt-lick myself. Besides, I've been on that train for what feels like a lifetime--something to drink would be quite welcomed."
>>13369 "Nowadays, I s'pose that's just how ponies are." >He glances at the fallen letter. He grunts. "Y'know, this ain't the first time this week that things've fallen on heads 'round us. I wouldn't be surprised if a pony did that to 'er." >>13370 "...Look, I uh, you seem... all there. So, if you're anything like Miss Prickly here, and you need company for whatever you're lookin' for out west, we're as good as it'll get." >He goes to reach a hoof out, but seems to think better of it. "Marked Cross." >He gestures at the sole pegasus and the mountain of an earth pony. "Cloudhead, and Boulder. Good hooves." >He pauses. "But if you ain't lookin' to come with, and you need help otherwise, we're two ex-guards strong, so..." >Those final words seem to catch on Cross' tongue, but he just shakes his head. >He starts moving to enter the saltlick. "Fillies... right. Celestia willing, we'll finally get on their trail."
(8.86 KB 258x223 ron_ronicker.png)
>>13372 >When Cross makes it to the entrance a garishly dressed stallion inside looks at him. "The name's Ron, I run this place. You want in you pay. 20 bits per head, 10 bits per head if your group is more than 4. You won't find a classier establishment in the west"
>>13372 >Quill nods to each pony as Cross introduces them in turn. "I'm Quill Conspiracy. And I do suppose some company is better than none at all, especially this far away from home. A mare can never be too safe." >>13375 >She follows behind Cross as he heads over to the saltlick, and then raises an eyebrow quizzically "We won't, will we? Not even at the place right next door?"
>>13375 >>13377 >He grunts in agreement. "Yeah, what makes this place 'class'?"
>>13384 >Ron laughs at that remark. "Do you even see the competition? That shithole next door? My saltlick has better food and drinks, better furnishing, and better customers! You would be a fool to go to Bob's. Besides, you can't even because it's undergoing renovation. The owner wants to put up a taller sign to compensate for his pathetic little spittoon. If you don't believe me go ask around town; I'll still be here"
>>13400 >Confers with her associates so that Ron doesn't hear. "'Ah ain't never heard of dish'in out'a fee to go in no saltlick before, 'cepting it has mares of a certain persuasion if 'ya catch my drift. But, seeing as how that strange mare might have a few clues, I reckon it might be worth it. What'dya think? >Looking at Quill and Cross, Prickly offers an alternate idea. Maybe we ought'a split up. A few into this 'ere saltlick and a few to scope out yonder hotel, or 'Hot L' as it calls itself now. Can save a few bits that way, maybe three to ye olde saltlick and two to the Hot L, or vice versy? How's does one acquire more bits in this game?
>>13401 >Joins Prickly in taking a little aside to talk in private. "I've been to nightclubs in Downtown Canterlot that have cheaper coverfees than this place. It must really be the best salt lick in the lands, or somepony is SERIOUSLY gouging prices." >She glances back in the direction of the HOT L, and then over at the other salt-lick still in reno. "We can certainly cover more ground if we split up. I do confess a certain curiosity in our local signage emergency down the road. Besides, we will need rooms here eventually, unless you lot were planning on sleeping in the streets."
>>13401 >How's does one acquire more bits in this game? You can find them in the world or after a battle
>>13372 >>13375 >>13377 >>13400 >>13401 >>13412 >After passively taking in the situation, Cloudhead draws a conclusion "Well... If the stallion himself says we should ask around, why not start with that?" >He says before walking in the direction of The Hot L >Halfway there, however, Cloudhead comes to an abrupt halt, turning his head towards the arcane symbol on the dusty ground >Taking the initiative, he quickly trots over to it "Somepony might be missing this..." >He muses before picking it up with his mouth and trotting back over towards ol' Hot'L Busy days sapping my attention. Sorry Also, I can already hear the Ed Edd n Eddy music playing in the background. Feeling big stooge energy at this location
>>13400 >He cocks a brow. "Alright, s'pose I'll take a look-see about." >>13401 "I'd agree on seeing what's around. Not so sure about splitting up, though." >>13412 >Cross' face briefly flashes with hurt, but he pushes out with a grin. "Ain't nothin' wrong with the streets. I sleep just fine at night." >He soldiers up. "Covering more ground... splittin' up makes more sense when you put it that way. But if'n you want to stick around, don't stray too far. We'll run over and help when you inevitably need it, anyhow." >>13415 >Cross joins Cloudhead in going over to the HOT L. You're fine. I've been getting dragged back into the work, too. kek, I can hear it now. Stooge time soon (tm)
>looks around for a place to graze
(31.06 KB 915x654 hotl.png)
>>13415 >>13416 >Cloudhead and Cross enter the Hot L. >>13417 >Boulder begins grazing in front of the saltlick, although the grass here is quite tough and unappetizing.
>>13418 >makes a sad face and decides to go after Cloudhead and Cross
>>13418 >stops on his tracks and makes a motion to turn his kicking hindquarters towards the abomination "Fukken ziggers!"
>>13418 >As Cloudhead walks in, the dilapidated interior of the building makes him feel uneasy >Ears drooping, he warily steps past the strange zebra on his way to the counter >Setting the wooden letter down on the counter, he turns his attention to the frazzled-looking mare "U-Um... I think this fell off of the building..." >He begins, noting the other fallen letters strewn around the room "...sooo, what is this place?" >He asks the mare
>>13418 Love the art
Conceptualize this playing in the background as Dum, Dumb n' Dumber wander around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj6xhOpyMUs
>>13418 Quill sticks around with Boulder at first, but when the majority of the party seem to be going towards the Hot L she follows. >When she enters, she hesitates in the doorway for a moment, raising an eyebrow. "...Huh. Well, at least the rooms are likely to be cheap." >She trots over to the mare behind the counter herself. "Hi there. What's your, uh. Vacancy situation?"
>>13420 >The zebra backs off and frowns. "Oh ah shist be th' happiest zigger an' you com'n scare ol' Mr. Blue Bird clean off ma shoulders!" >>13422 >The mare glances at the "E" and then at Cloudhead. >She shrugs. "It's a hotel" >>13429 >She shifts her attention to Quill, identifying her as the most intelligent of the group. "Your with these gentlecolts? We've got two double bedrooms downstairs and three single bedrooms upstairs. Downstairs rooms are 20 bits per night and upstairs rooms are 15 bits per night"
>>13418 "Well, this place is a—" >Cross stumbles upon seeing the zebra, then falls into a fighting stance. >He only loosens after hearing the zebra speak. >>13431 "You talk... that's better than usual. You one of those cracked out Manehattan ziggers, or what?" >He flashes a piece of fried chicken for the zebra to see. His muzzle scrunches as he holds it in his hoof. "And don't think I'm playin'." >He slightly waves it, obviously prodding for a reaction.
genuinely jumpscared by the zebra art, kek >>13427 perfect
>>13431 >Prickly watches the others go into the Hot L, shrugs and decides to follow. Before she goes, she addresses Ron. "Well now, I figure I oughta stick with my friends. Nice to meet 'ya though. Maybe we'll mosey on back latter to see your fine establishment. >Prickly enters the Hot L and notices the letters missing "Yep, that makes an 'E', 'C', 'I', 'S', and another 'I' fallen off so far. >She whimsically reads what's left over "'Heck 'n tars'. Don't mean a thing far as I can tell 'cepting the proprietor can't spell or do maintenance." >Glancing up at the broken ceiling she sees a shadow there and tries to make out who or what it is. "Got some rats it seems. Downright ramshackle." >Leaning over to Quill, she whispers. "Rats upstairs. Prol'y worse downstairs." >Notices the drama with the zebra going on and hears Cross. "Well now Cross, I reckon that there's a feral zebra judging by the nose bone and earrings. >Looks to the clerk "I'll bet you see some interesting characters come through here. Seen any fillies come through lately?"
>>13433 >The Zebra shakes his head. "No suh, nu-uh!" >He salivates at the fried chicken, showing his fangs with a grin as he leers in before looking up as Cross with puppy eyes. "For me masta?" >>13435 >The clerk looks at Prickly. "Can't say I have"
>>13435 "Zeeb's a zeeb." >>13436 >He's more than a little disgusted, but regardless, Cross gives the zebra one of his six chunks of fried chicken.
>>13437 >At first the zebra seems delighted but then gags, coughing the dumpster juice chicken out on the floor. "AAA! What you put'n dat chicken? Why you try'n t' pois'n me?"
>>13439 >Prickly responds to the Clerk mare, trying to loosen her up and shake out some info. "Well, if 'ya see three little fillies running around together, won't 'ya be kindly and let us know? We're awfully worried 'bout 'em. >Prickly continues speaking to the clerk. "If no fillies, have 'ya seen any suspicious-type characters? >Looking around at the delapidated state of things, she thinks to qualify her question. "...Or, more suspicious than the usual characters, anyhow; like that bone sniffing zebra critter for instance.
>>13439 >He shrugs. "Could be the grains of Tartarus for all I know. Hay, you'd be better off asking the ziggers it came from." >He pauses, then awkwardly scuffs a hoof against the floor. "Sorry. S'pose you're not so bad, seein' how you're willing to talk. But what're you doin' out here? Figured zeebs were the city type."
>>13442 >The mare thinks for a moment before looking back at Prickly. "Well... there was this one guy but I'm not supposed to talk about it" >She flips some bits on the table with a forehoof like tiddly winks as she says that. >>13443 "Ma tribe sent lil' ol' me up ere' to fin' gold" >The zebra responds.
>>13450 "...Y'find any?"
>>13450 >Continuing the conversation with the clerk mare. "Why not sugar?" >Leans in and whispers. "Truth is we 'spect them fillies was foalnapped, and we're trying to find the rascal or rascals what done it and save the fillies. Can 'ya spare a bit more info?" >Smiles at the clerk. "What's your name anyway, sugar?"
>>13452 >The zebra nods. "Nuh uh" >>13455 "Cotton Haze" >The mare responds. "and I'm afraid if that's what your after I can't help you dear; unless your hankering for unrelated gossip"
>>13456 >Continuing with Cotton Haze. Well, 'ah understand. Let us know if 'ya want to share any info later. >Smiling again and giggling a litte, Prickly decides to change the subject. She figures it's good to make friends wherever you go. "Gossip, huh. What've 'ya heard? Is it true that the Superior Saltlick here is the best? That fella, Ron, says so.
>>13461 >Cotton shakes her head. "No, Bob's is better. Bob built his saltlick first and Ron just figured he could lure in passerby with a bigger sign" >She thinks for a moment. "and there is this retired soldier who lives in town. He acts all strange; some nights he goes on walks who knows where for hours" >She pauses and leans in, talking quieter but in a more exited tone. "but if you want the juicy stuff I'll need some insurance - like I said I'm really not supposed to tell you" >She has warmed up and clearly wants to say whatever's on her mind; even to the point where it would feel a little bad to disappoint her. >A token amount of bits like say 10 would be appropriate. Interesting writing observations for high intelligence characters. I'm used to making the mundane seem bewildering.
>Prickly winks at Cotton Haze and smiles. But, she kicks herself internally for being broke at the moment. "'Ah take your meaning, sugar. Let me mosey on over to my cohorts a sec. Be back in a few!" >Prickly walks over to Cross and Quill and whispers. "I don't 'spose y'all could spot a mare 10 bits or so, could'ya? Yonder clerk mare's got some juicy info that could help us. She's a'willing to pass it on for gnat sized fee. I reckon it's worth it." >Alternatively, if Quill is still at the clerk's desk: Prickly winks at Cotton Haze and smiles. But, she kicks herself internally for being broke at the moment. "'Ah take your meaning, sugar!" >Prickly glances at Quill with a big pleading grin that says 'I'll pay 'ya back, promise.', and makes a gesture with her head to indicate she ought'a toss a few bits on the desk to get the juicy info. "What'dya say there Quill 'ol friend?"
>>13469 >Caught up in a contest of dumb-will, Prickly's request catches Cross off-guard. "Huh? Oh sure, sure." >He straight-up empties his pouch and last 10 bits for Prickly, then goes right back to staring down the zebra. >>13456 >He leans in. "What's your tribe need with gold, anyhow?"
>>13469 >Quill glances back at Prickly, reading her gesture, and then seeming to ponder it for a moment before floating out a little hooffull of 10 bits and putting it down on the counter. "You look like you have more to share, ma'am..." >She smirks, pushing the bits closer. "Bits for your thoughts? Can even use em to fix that sign outside, eh?" sorry for going quiet, life got a little busy for a few days
>>13469 >>13470 >>13471 On my documents Prickly has 10 bits because while it was offered, it was never explicitly stated that she gave Cloudhead the bits at the train station. Also confusing with the replies because now for both of them to have happened it looks like we have two parallel timelines where prickly is in different spots saying different things. For the sake of simplicity I'll count that the bits were given to Cloudhead at the train station and use Quill's reply because >>13469 clearly states that Quill's position determines what Prickly says. This means that Cross interacts with the zebra but does not give his bits to Prickly. It's also notable that Cross and Boulder are too far away to hear Cotton whispering. Holy shit that fried my brain. >>13470 >The zebra laughs. "Lots o' thangs! Gol' ear'angs, gol' necr'angs. E'rypony like dat gold!" >He opens his mouth with a toothy grin to show off his gold teeth. >>13471 >Cotton smiles before looking around the room cautiously. "Well come closer now" >She whispers to everypony near the table: "You didn't hear this from me, but the health and safety inspector from the union was here a few days ago. He came in and told the owner he could have this place condemned" >She jumps at the noise of something falling in another room, prompting her to look in that direction. >Satisfied that it's not prying eyes she looks back to the ponies around her desk and resumes. "So the owner paid him off. I saw the whole deal go down"
(394.51 KB 667x429 yeah.png)
>spoiler The stooge singularity is comnig >>13474 >Cross leans away from the zebra's grin. "So all that just to look... good? I didn't even know you zeebs cared about that kind of thing."
>>13474 >Prickly, in response to Cotton. "Ooo! That's plum scandalous! How much you figure he paid 'em off with? Why, I bet that money'd be better spent fixin' up this here Hot L." >Prickly leans in again and speaks in a hushed tone. "Say now, what'd that inspector fella look like?
>>13481 >The zebra nods. "Yessiree! All da fin' ladies in da vill'ge wear da pr'tyst beads too!" I read a funny Bantuland anecdote where a trader from Europe was sitting on a huge dead stock of one color of bead that wasn't selling, so he paid the nigger version or Rarity to wear that color of bead conspicuously so that it would be the next fashion sensation with the ladies. It worked and he sold them all. Apparently stuff like that happened a lot. >>13482 >Cotton grimaces at the volume of that fist part but relaxes when Prickly softens her tone. "5,000 bits. The inspector was light gray with a darker grey mane, I couldn't see his cutie mark under his coat. He acted like he was here for that money in the first place"
>>13483 >Cross suddenly dips from bewilderment and into overwhelming unease. "/Fine/ ladies? Wearing /beads/? W-what the hay? But... you're zebras." >For him, the rings around the zebra's ears seem to glimmer. >He yells over at Prickly. "What'd you call him? A 'feral'? What on earth kind of zeeb am I dealin' with here? This ain't no city zigger... this is... wrong." >As he steps even further away from the zebra, his eyes glint with an unparalleled sea of horrified awe.
>>13474 >Quill nods along, leaning forward to hear her as she whispers. "Well that explains why this place is still running. How'd it get this bad? For 5000 bits you could just pay somepony to fix the place up nice enough, right?"
>>13486 >The zebra tilts his head in confusion. >>13487 >Cotton shrugs. "That's just how things are around here. We're all used to it" Sorry for taking so long to reply. The past few days have been fucked up
>>13500 >Responding to Cross from across the room. "Yeah, 'feral'. He ain't no city zebra. He's straight outta the wilds; wild'uns always got them nose bones. Don't know about this'un, but 'feral' zebras I've met are sometimes decent, but strange. City life turns 'em bad, sure enough though. Dunno if this'un is corrupted that way or not." >Feeling that Cotton's knowledge is sufficiently probed for the time being, Prickly considers two possibilities: a) ask Cotton for a tour of the Hot L (maybe it'll turn over some stones). b) help Cross with zebra (maybe zebra willing to share useful info). In any case, she wants to stay on friendly terms with Cotton. She whispers so that only Cotton and Quill can hear, and speaks to Cotton. "Well, I reckon your right, Cotton. And, I figure that inspector ain't no inspector, but a snake in pony's clothing! Best stir clear of 'em and keep yer'self safe. >Then speaking in a normal tone: Meanwhiles, if t'ain't too much trouble, can we have a tour of 'yer Hot L rooms? 'Ah figure we might want one directly afer our friend's done with that zeeb." >She speaks softly to Quill. "Looks like our friend Cross might need some backup. What'dya think?"
I hope Boulder and Cloudhead aren't gone for too long, either >>13500 >>13504 >Cross listens to Prickly's explanation. "...Well, I ain't stickin' around to find out." >He apprehensively backs off, nudging Boulder on the way out. "This is more your speed, I'm thinkin'. I'm gonna go see what all the whisperin's about." >He steps over to the trio of mares at the counter. It's just enough time for him to get his guard back up. >He nods respectfully toward the clerk. "Sorry 'bout the noise. It's just... nevermind." >He next turns to Prickly and Quill. "You two seem to be gettin' along just fine. Mares and all, I s'pose." >He gives Quill a wary eye. "Unless you've got more history than you're lettin' on."
>looks at Cross, bewildered "We don't fight zigger?"
>Having heard enough, Cloudhead turns around from the counter and begins making his way to the entrance >He may not understand everything clearly, but he can certainly feel that trouble is ahoof... >>13508 "Not today, thankfully." >He says while passing by Boulder on the way out >Once back outside of the poorly maintained building, he breathes in fresh air and expels a sigh of relief >Pondering what to do next, Cloudhead decides to wander down the street to see what there is to see Moving to wherever the arrow pointing to the right on >>13325 goes to >>13507 I didn't go anywhere, but Prickly and Quill took over the conversation. My 2 IQ poner felt stuck with nothing to say
>>13504 >Cotton begins shuffling some items behind the desk. "Sorry, I have to be here if more customers come in" >She picks up 5 keys with her mouth and pushes them across the table. "You can check the rooms out on your own if you have to" >She can't hold back a laugh. "But really, after a few weeks you'll stop being so picky" >>13507 >The zebra begins walking out the door. "Dat sur' wa'scarry, I shist be on my way t' Ron's fo' dat wonderf'l cider!" >>13509 >The street looks like it's all pony's houses. >The buildings are all messed up like the Hot L. >There is a trail that goes off deep into the grassy field. >There are several ponies milling around.
(141.84 KB 969x646 iu-3.jpeg)
>>13510 >Prickly makes an announcement. "Excuse me y'all. 'Ah gotta visit the little mare's room for a'while.. Actually, I gotta go float around on a big gray war canoe for a while. Be back in an unspecified number of days. Been enjoyable so far!
>tfw the zebra can afford the entrance fee >>13508 >He shakes his head. "Not that one. Ain't no use in turning trouble." >>13510 >After Prickly leaves, Cross holds a hoof out over the keys. "Uh... y'mind if I look?" >>13512 Thanks for playing! hope to see you again soon
>>13512 It's been fun, and more is to come. Smooth sailing! >>13522 >Cotton nods. "Fine with me"
>>13523 >Finagling the keys with his mouth, Cross goes to check the downstair bedrooms.
>>13530 >Cross single mindedly moves towards the door. >He ignores the board with nails sticking out of it right in his path. >At first when he steps on a nail he does not completely notice; he just feels a strange tingling sensation he can't place in his hoof. >Then he takes another step. WOMP! >He slams into the floor, board stuck to his hoof by the imbedded nail. >4 damage. >Cotton rolls her eyes before rounding the corner to face Cross. "You have to walk around that silly!"
>>13510 >Tries approaching a few different ponies to ask them what the best saltlick in town is, or if anything interesting is going on
>>13531 >With his barrel pressed to the floor, he's a little more than flummoxed. >He spits the keys out of his mouth. "I meant to do that..." >He does his best to ignore the fresh splinters running up him. >Like a pony on skids, he ambles back up unsteadily. He tries to position his hooves for a good grip on the board, but it's too awkward. >Slowly, he looks at Cotton. "Uh... could'ya possibly lend a stallion a hoof?"
>>13531 >Quill hisses as Cross strikes the board. "This dump outta be condemned!" >She trots behind Cross with a bit more care, lighting her horn to try and stop him in place. "Stay still, you big lug. Lemme get that." >She bends down and helps Cross get the nail-board out of his hoof.
>>13534 >The first pony says Ron's saltlick is the best saltlick, the next says it's Bob's, then Ron's, then Ron's again! >But the last one is going on an ear blistering rant... "You blithering idiot! Bob's saltlick is the best saltlick PERIOD. I shouldn't even have to explain why Bob's is better but all you prospectors passing through think" >He says the next part sarcastically in an effeminate voice. "oh, ron's saltlick MUST be better because it has a bigger sign!" >He returns to his yelling. "Well IS it? Answer me punk!" >>13538 >Quill successfully pulls the nail board from Cross's hoof. We hit bump limit! We will keep using this thread for a day or two and I'll soon have a new one up.
>>13540 >A little wary, he shakes his hoof out. "Thanks for the hoof... Quill." >He gives Cotton a look. "Is there anything in those rooms that's gonna put a hole in me, too?"
>>13541 "Not last time I checked" >Cotton responds.
>>13546 >He squints. "Okaaay." >He picks up the keys again and—much more carefully—heads for a room.
>>13547 >Cross makes it to the hallway door safely, but no further. >The door knob is laying on the floor and whatever thing holds doors shut isn't releasing with a light push or a pull alone. >Quill notes that the latch could me manipulated with magic.
>>13550 >At the sight, Cross groans. >He takes a step back, then offers the keys to Quill. "Knock yourself out. I need to walk this hoof off." >He excuses himself as he slides past Cotton and Quill. He gives Boulder's withers a pat as he trots back out of the Hot'L. I have to back out for a while: two weeks, maybe three. Take it easy, anons. Happy new year if I don't see you then.
>>13553 It's been fun. Happy new year!
>>13540 >Dismayed with the inconclusive answers, Cloudhead decides to turn away from the ensuing argument and head back the way he came >This time, meandering along the main drag, he decides to check out the other side of town It's sad that we're suddenly down two, albeit temporarily
>still glares suspiciously at zebra
>>13557 >>13561 Sorry for being slow to respond. I'll push to get the new thread up tonight.