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(144.10 KB 1352x891 wild_wild_west.png)
/fun/geon 3 - da best in da west fungeon_masta 06/14/2022 (Tue) 05:33:16 No. 10635
Welcome to the /fun/geon! This thread is for a ZAP style pen and paper game taking place in the FIM universe; ZAP meaning it has a comedic tone, fast pace, and lots of baddies to fight! Feel free to make a character and join in, character creation is detailed in first thread: >>8267
>>10602 >One of the stallions brings over the paper to sign while the other speaks. "Well I'm glad you brought that up. You would mine gold for us until you have paid for the equipment, and then you would be free to mine as you wish. All you have to do is sign right here" >He points his forehoof to a spot on the paper while his partner offers a pen. >>10621 >They are confused by the remark but don't have anything to comment.
>>10637 >Cross' ears perk at the mention of the word 'gold'. "Ah, now I'm gettin' it." >He leans over to converse with Boulder. "That don't sound like too bad a catch, if you ask me." Nice map!
>>10642 "Muh Pa says gold belongs to Her. So they fucking lie. Also painted like ziggers."
>>10637 "Hmmmm..." >He muses, rubbing his chin with a forehoof "What's the catch?"
>>10647 "A catch?" >The stallions laugh. "There is no catch" >At least half the crowd loudly boos at that.
>>10648 "Wow, really?! Sign me up!" >Cloudhead quickly responds, though he thinks of something shortly after "But, um... When would I have to leave? Could it wait a day or two?" >He then asks while trying to read the piece of paper to glean any information
>>10652 >One of the stallions shakes his head. "We depart tomorrow. The choice is yours, seize the opportunity of a lifetime or..." >He chuckles. "Don't" >Cloudhead can't begin to comprehend most of the paper, but it looks like the equipment costs 400 bits whatever that number means. >The other stallion chips in. "Slots are going fast you know, hold out and there won't be any gold to mine"
>>10658 "Me don't like that."
>>10648 >Cross takes a moment, stepping away from the others, and into the crowd. >He tries to search for somepony he recognizes. "What's with the booing?"
>>10664 >Cross finds a familiar Pegasus by the name of Grape Soda. If you know what episode she is from without looking it you are not a neurotypical. "They came here before. They made bad cider and tried to kick out our friends at Sweet Apple acres!"
>>10658 >>10665 "U-Ummm... Somepony needed my help tomorrow; can't go. Sorry." >He says before slinking back towards Boulder, feeling a bit dismayed
>>10666 >>10661 >Sensing a negative consensus on this side of the crowd, the Stallions move away to find some other ponies to convince. "Your loss" >The rest of the crowd in that area moves on. >The party is left in the peripheral of the commotion. >Suddenly, they hear a squeaky voice. "There they are!" >It's Sweetie Belle. >She runs up with her friends in tow, catching her breath. "We're all in big trouble..." >Next applebloom speaks up with tears in her eyes: "We know what we did was wrong, and we're really sorry. We just really wanted to get our cutie marks" >Scootaloo chips in. "And we heard there is gold in the west, we're going to get gold mining cutie marks!" >Sweetie bell clarifies. "But we need chaperones to supervise us on the train and our sisters are mad at us..." >Scootaloo picks it back up. "And it's kind of your fault we are in trouble" >Sweetie Belle finishes. "Would you please come with us? We will pay for all of the tickets" >They look up at the party like dogs begging for food at the dinner table.
>>10667 >silently turns away and starts to walk towards Sweet Apple Acres
>>10668 >The CMC make an attempt to stall Boulder. >Unfortunately for them, he is more than capable of dragging three fillies through the dirt. "Don't tell on us!" >They plead latched onto Boulder's tail. >They are leaving a small trench in the ground where they are pulled.
>>10665 based >>10667 >>10670 >Cross shakes his head and walks alongside the new trench. "Ain't no point in runnin' off, that's just inviting more trouble. Sorry, fillies, but your fate is in Boulder's hooves, now." fucking love Boulder.
>>10670 >approaches Sweet Apple Acres "Nopony betrays family!"
>>10673 >>10674 >Applejack happily waves to the party as they enter Sweet Apple acres, but then she sees the CMC in tow. >She shakes her head. "Dang nabbit, what kind of trouble are they in now?"
>>10677 "Ma'am, these here fillies got in some shady whatnot with two stallions. Mare in crowd says it those stallions who were making bad cider and trying to kick yer family."
>>10680 >Applebloom gets mad at Boulder for misreading the situation. "WHAT? We weren't dealing with those creeps we were gonna pay for everything ourselves!" >Applejack looks at her skeptically. "Pay for what yerselves?" >Applebloom smiles awkwardly. "Umm... nothing"
>>10681 "They want to go dig gold in the... vest. With those two. That's travesty! Gold belongs to Her! To Her Divine Majesty alone! Muh Pa says so!"
>>10682 >Applejack sighs and droops her ears. "Ah'm sorry those fillies are makin so much trouble for you" >She looks to Cloudhead. "Go find Rainbow Dash; she can take care of Applebloom's friends" >Scootaloo looks to her friends. "So much for getting our cutie marks in gold mining" >Cloudhead finds Rainbow Dash relatively easily. >RD brings Sweetie Belle to her parents and Scootaloo to... the cloudominium? >Who knows where the chicken lives anyways. >They are all getting grounded. >The rest of the day is uneventful. >The next day the party helps cut apples. >Boulder and Cross are too slow to get much done, only making 10 bits each. >Cloudhead makes 220 bits for his fast work. >Over the next week the party lives comfortably and makes bits off of various odd jobs. >Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are back in Ponyville. Each of you use the roll function for two D 100s and add 100, that's how many bits your character made. Any time I make a leap like this you can contradict it if it's not what you wanted to do; I'm just trying to streamline the process right now so we can get into the action soon.
>>10683 >Over the course of the week, Cross tries his damnedest to keep his ears open for any news coming out of Manehattan. >spoiler I'm totally fine with our current rate of progress. I'm looking forward to the action, but I'll stick with whatever pace you anons feel comfortable with.
84, 34 = 118 (2d100)
>>10683 >pulls whatever he can and grazes
33, 93 + 100 = 226 (2d100+100)
>>10683 Hope I didn't upset GM too much with effectively ruining gold digging effort. Thought it was in-character for Boulder.
>>10691 I thought it was in character and funny so don't worry about it. There are multiple push and pull factors at play to send everypony west right now. Plus, historically how well did the gold rush work? Every choice has strings attached here, even the ones where you profit. >>10686 >Cross finds an issue of the Manehattan Times. >It's mostly just boring news and stuff about the economy. >It has some pictures at least. >Hold up... >Is that a picture of himself with Cloudhead and Boulder? >But they were never in the place this was taken. >He checks the article. "Local heroes save train" >It says that the party gave a public speech.
>>10683 That's a lot of bits
95, 59 = 154 (2d100)
>two D 100s and add 100 Have I misread that? Why nobody adds 100 to the roll?
>>10700 I thought it was pretty self-explanatory that you just add an extra 100 bits to whatever your two D100 roll. Don't need to incorporate that into the roll itself
It seems like a lot of bits but your going to be riding a lot of trains. >The party is back in front of the Clover Cafe. >Applejack runs up to them frantically. "Appleblooms run away!"
>>10693 >With his curiosity satisfied, the anomaly falls away from Cross' focus, but it lodges itself into his memories. >>10702 >Cross frowns with concern. "Really? What happened?"
>>10706 >Applejack shakes and lowers her head. "Ah don't know" >She looks at Canterlot. "Mighty bad timing too; ma best friends and ah are all supposed to go to some important royal thingy tomorrow" >She looks back at the party and lets out a deep sigh. "Ah really don't want to trouble ya'll anymore, an' ah don't have nothin material to give ya'll that would make it worth it"
>>10712 "I wouldn't even think to ask." >He furrows his brows. "You don't think this would be about that gold rush, would it?"
>>10712 >>10718 "How about we go on a little trip and take a look?" >Cloudhead suggests "We might find her there. And who knows? It might be fun to see what everypony is up to with all the excitement in the air."
>>10718 >Applejack shrugs. "Might be, ah don't know for sure. Try askin' the ticket pony if he saw em'" >>10720 "Ah sure hope so, we'll all wish you good luck"
>>10720 >>10727 "Sure, sure. Of course. Another trip to the station it is." >He rhythmically raps the table with a hoof. "Startin' to think these trains are just bad news. We oughta take 'em all apart."
(844.37 KB 2400x1500 junction.png)
>>10746 "Well thank you kindly" >Applejack looks down the road. "Ah'd better get goin' ah see Rainbow Dash over yonder" >She points her forehoof down the road as she speaks and canters off.
>>10749 "Well, s'pose we've got our next whiff of adventure, lads." >He stands from their table at the Clover Cafe. >Before heading Pinkie Pie's way, he waves at the cute mares on the left. "Hey, Pinks! How's it going?"
>>10760 >The mares are too distracted giggling about something to notice. >Pinkie Pie smiles. "Hi Cross! I'm going grrrrrrreat!"
>>10762 "Good, good, great... Listen, have you seen Applejack's sister around? She thinks she's gone runaway."
>>10766 >Pinkie Pie thinks for a moment. "Nopey dopey"
>>10771 "Well, thanks anyway." >Shuffling his hooves, he throws his head back toward Cloudhead and Boulder. "I'm gonna check out the station!" >Cross heads left toward the train station.
(40.60 KB 1318x977 train.png)
>>10773 >After a brief look around, he approaches vendor. "Hey. You wouldn't have had a filly come through this way, would you? Big 'ole red bow in her mane, hard to miss."
>>10775 >The ticket pony facehoofs. "Ugh, I thought that situation looked like trouble" "She got on a train to Dodge Junction with some other fillies and a strange looking stallion. I just wanted to wave them along fast because they wouldn't shut up about getting their cutie marks. Train left an hour ago"
>>10779 >Cross groans. "Dodge Junction. Well, that sounds great. I 'preciate the help. I'll be back soon enough." >He heads back for the Clover Cafe junction.
>>10793 "What did you find out?"
>>10800 >He grunts. "All three of the fillies went rogue. Dodge Junction." >He scuffs a hoof at the ground. "Ticket pony said somethin' about them and a 'strange looking' stallion, to boot."
>>10805 >His ears droop "Uh oh, that isn't good... Guess it's decided then, isn't it? We're going on an adventure." >He says, taking a moment to stretch "Got anything to do around here first? Or are we going to get moving right away?"
>>10815 "I don't know when the next train is coming. I'd think we'd have some time, though."
>grazes on the lawn near the fountain "Me wish something to pull." "Me wonder, if pulling train is hard?"
>>10854 >Tastes better than Manehattan grass.
>>10893 I'll be the first to admit that I've been slacking here: I won't bother with an excuse. We got a plan for what we're doing? Could always just high-tail it to Dodge. Mostly just been waiting for opportunities to move the whole party instead of splitting off to explore Ponyville separately—that's also an option, having the three stooges lurk around for at least a bit.
>>10894 I'm trying to hint onto the alternative transportation method with Boulder musings.
>>10893 Dunno what to do
>gets bored and go look where the other two went
(612.12 KB 1790x1000 residential.png)
>>10903 If other two is Cross and Cloudhead, they are with Boulder already. You can just long rest and use the train if you don't have anything else to do. >Amazingly Boulders friends are in his blind spot, and he just walks straight forwards not seeing them. >Twilight Sparkle picks up on his addled state. "Sir, you look lost. Are you OK?"
>>10913 "Uh. Me OK. The grass is just too good."
>>10914 >Twilight Sparkle tilts her head. "OK?" >She doesn't buy it. >Not one bit. >She inspects closer... >Her pupils shrink as she hones in on Boulders hooves. "Oh no!"
>>10915 >Confused and slightly curious, Cloudhead moves up to inspect Boulder's hooves as well "What's wrong?"
>>10917 >Twilight blushes and looks away feeling a little embarrassed about their first interaction. >After a moment to collect herself she turns to Cloudhead and talks like she would to a normal intelligence pony. "He needs his hooves trimmed; it's not healthy for them to grow like that"
>>10920 >Cross checks his own hooves. "Not healthy? Since when?"
>>10921 >Sparkle explains. "If your hooves get too long it is bad for balance; you don't want to be stumbling over yourself right? There can be other... complications too in cases of extreme neglect"
>>10922 "Well uh, I ain't ever had to deal with it, really." >He scuffs the ground for emphasis. "You'd figure trottin' would do most of the work. Besides, I'd wager 'trimming' takes a hefty bit."
>>10924 >Twilight nods. "Well of course trotting is normally enough, but if they get to long they need to be clipped. It shouldn't cost more than 30 bits."
>>10925 >slowly gallops on the paved spot around the fountain to wear his hooves "Just been a while away from rock farm." >notices Cross and Cloudhead "Oh. You here. You find out where are fillies go?"
>>10936 >Twilight Sparkle rolls her eyes at Boulder for going off without listening to her. "Suit yourself" >She turns and begins walking away, only to be struck by the noise of Boulder's hooves clopping on the concrete. >She looks back and sighs before shouting over to him in an irritated tone. "That's not good for your joints you know!" >She shakes her head and continues walking away.
>>10936 "No, I... I haven't." >He pauses. >>10937 "Thanks for the advice!" >Turning back around to face Boulder and Cloudhead, Cross frowns. "Tickets to Dodge, then? I ain't gettin' my hooves 'clipped' or trimmed."
>>10940 "If me pull train, can we dodge without money?"
>>10941 "Maybe you could ask somepony at the train station...? Sounds like an awful lot of work though."
>>10941 >Cross puts on a wry smile. "That ain't such a bad idea, Boulder." >>10942 >He scoffs. "'fraid of a little work? I'd pull with 'im, too. I might not have his stout, but I know how to work my hooves just as well."
>>10945 "N-No, it's just... I don't think I'd be much of a help with that kind of thing."
>>10950 >His smile morphs into a grin. "Hey, that's why you've got feathers, feathers, and we don't."