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(70.45 KB 237x231 marewoah.png)
Impending 2nd anniversary Anonymous 06/10/2023 (Sat) 18:38:04 No. 15158
The 2nd anniversary of NHNB is approaching, we should draw a mare for the occasion
(2.22 MB 4032x3016 3128345.png)
>>15158 Sprinkle Medely is CUTE
>>15158 Are you suggesting a colaborative drawing? I'm in.
>>15158 Sounds great, Anon! But maybe let's not make it as chaotic as Terri Softmare. I love her, but she's kinda all over the place.
>>15158 Which mare do we want to draw? An existing one or make a board mascot?
>>15169 I think we should make a board mascot. Should we choose a color scheme first (Are there any good websites for developing a color scheme?, or maybe a personality? I warn you all, my art skills are terrible. Bu, I like the idea, so I'll help any way I can.
>>15170 >Be NHNB mascot mare >Only lurk
>>15170 OP, here, Try this website and see if its helpful https://coolors.co/220c10-506c64-77cbb9-75b8c8-cdd3d5 i cant really help that much for around 5 more days. im bogged down with some irl stuff up the ass, but i hope this helps
>>15173 ok iv generated a colour palet, are you anons happy with the colour pallet of our mare? or should something be adjusted? https://coolors.co/1d1f21-136d47-1a2f26-282a2e-ffb300
>>15174 dunno about that golden
>>15177 could remove it entirely,but i think that spot should be reserved for the eye colour, was thinking her body wwould consist of the lighter dark grey with the darker eing the outline and the mane and tale being the lighter green with a darker outline of the same colour, question is what eye colour?
>>15178 Yellow is a good eye color because it goes with green well. It also happens to match the color of links here.
What kind of pony is the NHNB mare? Is she an earth pony, unicorn, pegasus, or alicorn?
>>15178 >>15182 I think this sounds about right. Matches the NHNB color scheme and how you describe the layout it seems to match the relative proportion of those colors. >>15183 I think an Earth Pony. I don't think they get enough attention. That's just me though.
>>15184 could do an earth pony, but eh we can always roll a dice if we somehow cant decide
>>15158 When is the anniversary actually?
(868.34 KB 3869x5000 272551.png)
(1014.26 KB 1050x1000 187615.gif)
(125.16 KB 600x600 234922.png)
>>15197 The 28th, see: >>10953 Isn't this thread redundant when there's already an anniversary thread? Why not plan there? On the topic ITT, I'm against rushing to make a board mascot. I feel something like that should have more time and care put into it. My suggestion for something simple and fun would be Milky in a celebratory pose holding up two big mugs of milk, with the caption "To Two More Years!" or something like that.
>>15198 I'm not a fan of milky. Maybe something with best pony.
>>15198 >Rushing I don't think we need to rush it to create a board mascot by the anniversary date. Just the process of creating a board mascot is celebration of the anniversary, however long it takes to complete (as long as the end result is good).
(233.52 KB 2316x2641 Sea Swirl.png)
(247.72 KB 2350x2675 Sea Sw1rl.png)
There is still enough time to think out and properly make a mascot mare if you ask me: we still have over 10 days, and there aren't many anon here so it should be pretty straight forward to get everyone who cares to agree on something. Made a mock up by using the color pallette. It's pretty dark and I think a mane and expression that fit the mood would be needed to make it work. Come on, all hooves on deck. Let's do this! I will cover any photo edit requests for planning and testing so if you have any ideas just bring them up.
>>15225 Could mix in the gold color? Might lighten her up.
(183.81 KB 2350x2675 shift.png)
(133.56 KB 2350x2675 mud.png)
(188.00 KB 2350x2675 hue.png)
>>15226 Not a fan of it. I think we should either design something with the colors of the site, or we should pick any colors we want that look good and figure that she doesn't need to be a literal ponification of the default GUI. I'd suggest a white and red pepermint stripes theme and a mane with multiple spirals that look like Rarity's tail. It would be ideal for her to be light colored so that she shows up better and stands out from the site.
(242.88 KB 1894x2578 Minuette.png)
Whipped up a quick edit as a proof of concept. Had to draw the mane myself. Thoughts?
>>15236 I'm sorry to be an idea-guy, but I think we should determine a basic concept of the board OC first. The mare is pretty, but what visible traits she possesses which distinctly marks her as NHNB personification? The palette alone?
(1.16 MB 1638x921 Capture.PNG)
>>15237 >I'm sorry Don't be sorry be assertive! >I think we should determine a basic concept of the board OC first. I agree. This is still early phase of design, so nothing is final. I'm just experementing and having fun with the colors and looks. We should definitely develop the concept but I haven't thought of anything meaningful to contribute in that regard. NHNB has pretty slow activity but the activity there is is nice. Maybe she is laid back and kind?
>>15239 NHNB's origin is a bunker option in case something happens to /mlp/. Maybe an octagonal bunker as a cutie mark?
>>15241 Could also do a fortress or castle? Have her live in a mini castle outside of town/ponyville? >>15237 I do agree with the laid back and kind suggestion. Should be able to fit in and be friends with the background ponies I think. >>15236 Very cute, though I do agree that there's not much that ties her to here. Other than being created here, which could be enough. I think in any case she does need a bit of personality built up for her.
I'm just gonna brainstorm ideas nhnb mare is afraid of fingers but has never actually seen them nhnb mare lives in a quiet hut away from town nhnb mare talks to herself a lot nhnb mare lives in constant caution of the glowies that follow her nhnb mare has horsie behavior nhnb mare stays quiet over long periods of time nhnb mare is lonely but she doesn't mind
>>15250 These are fun. I wonder what type of name would be good for nhnb mare? How many ponies visit her humble abode?
>>15250 I like them all >>15251 I think she should be named after some element of her character; like how Orange Swirl is a weather pegasus and Carrot Top is a gardener. A lot of ponies are named that way so it fits. What aspects of her personality and purpose are the most important?
>>15254 Quiet Keeper
>>15233 >>15225 >sobe mascot
>>15257 kek I can't unsee it now. I have a vivid memory as a kid in the late 90's trying free samples of sobe that the local grocery store was offering when it was brand new, in all its glass bottle glory.
>>15236 >Cute curly hair mare. I like her for NHNB, just as she is even. She's a redhead and therefore the "outsider" (even more so because of her curly mane). What if we tried NHNB green for her eyes? Maybe the combination of being the "redheaded outsider" and the NHNB green eyes would be the combination of visible traits (per this Anon >>15237) that connects her to NHNB. >>15243 Have her live in a mini castle outside of town/ponyville? Fucking love this idea! Maybe with a cute little moat and drawbridge as well? Except that the castle is exceptionally cute (like hearts on the shutters and pink trim, or some such). >>15254 >Name (>>15233: Peppermint stripes) + (>>15236: Curly red hair mare) + (>>15243: Lives in castle) = X. Hmmm...what about Peppermint Spires or Peppermint Parapet (as in the fortification of a castle)? >>15241 >Cutie mark Maybe crossed spears with peppermint shafts, potentially with a castle tower in front?
>>15243 >>15250 >castle outside of Ponyville not a very good idea, imo too much similarity with the crystal eyesore a quiet hut >>15250 is a much better idea
>>15281 >Hut better than a castle Ok, but can it have a moat and a drawbridge?
>>15289 It can have a moat and a palisade?
>>15292 >Palisade >Can be build such that it makes a good stockade >But still not as good as a courtain >Yet, a stockade may be good enough >On the other hand, willing to accept a moat in exchange Hmmm...ok, deal!
(229.92 KB 1912x2675 Minuettfe.png)
(209.65 KB 1993x2675 Minusette.png)
>>15276 Green eyes work very well, and here she is with the original colors for fun. I think she should have a stone brick house with some crenulations. Not a full sized castle, more like a fortified house that looks like a castle. It should be on a spot higher than the terrain around it but I think a moat is overkill. I think it should be located on rolling plains of farmland; it's purpose being a place to store crops to keep them safe. Sparse farmhouses and barns would be in the countryside around it. I'd call it a fort or a citadel.
>>15304 I just got another idea. She's the only one guarding the fort so she needs a pet to wake her up in night if there are intruders trying to take the crops. I think she should have a guard dog.
>>15305 And her fort should have a bell to ring to rally the local farmers. It fits NHNB well because there aren't lots of us so the rural setting with low polulation density represents our board. A small amd comfy community of farmers. The whole story ties her to NHNB in a meaningful way.
>>15306 Also the community should be located on the edge of Equestria if not in the lands beyond Equestria to represent that NHNB is a hermit community. Rarely travelers come through bearing news and goods. Diddn't expect to have this creative burst, I hope ya'll like it because it sets the base for a whole mythology. Seems more interesting to have a board mythology than a glorified logo.
(3.19 MB 2407x1354 NHNB_pony_1.png)
>>15307 >>15306 >>15304 >>15305 How about this?
>>15310 Looks like Bliss.
>>15310 I think the castle should be in board colors. The same castle can also be her cutie mark
(116.18 KB 637x557 8chan.png)
(2.82 MB 3200x2216 1670614472581.png)
>>15236 >>15304 >>15310 Red mane version looks too much like 8chan's pone. Also, it's worth noting that NHNB has been represented as an island bunker fortress for quite some time now. See pic.
>>15310 Pretty much. >>15316 >Red mane version looks too much like 8chan's pone. That could be an issue. >NHNB has been represented as an island bunker fortress for quite some time now That's a meme map so I'd say we don't necessarily have to go with it, but a naval commander or pirate mare could be cool.
(233.61 KB 1912x2675 gold.png)
>Red mane version looks too much like 8chan's pone. Golden yellow complements green well too. Any more thoughts on the remote farmland idea? What are people leaning towards right now?
>>15324 >Gold complementing green I like it! Good compromise. >>15317 >>15324 >>15316 >Island bunker fortress >Naval Commander >Remote farmland What about all three? She could live on an island in the middle of a big lake beyond Ponyville. The island could be rolling hill farmland with a fortress on it. She could have a small armada of cute little war canoes (or sail boats) and sport a commanders cap. Only problem: who would man (or rather, mare) the armada?
(171.73 KB 674x1024 large.jpg)
(84.90 KB 648x339 Untitled.png)
>muh oc don't steal Might not be an issue. For one 8chan is dead and also that mascot has just as similar colors to roseluck in the first place. >>15326 I don't like the idea of her being close to Ponyville, especially if it requires us to stretch the geography of the area to accomidate her. It should feel like we are explanding on the world off Equestria and not imposing on it. I could see her being on an island but it would have to be a big island in the ocean not on a lake. I also think we should keep her simple and stick to one main focus. Either she's the protector of crops or she has a ship. My top pick would be my idea of farmland in the lands beyond Equestria, but if we went with the naval route a pirate mare could be cool.
Impending mean anything to you guys?
>>15341 Needs to be far enough away to be separate, but still close enough to be within the same realm of I think. Perhaps a bit further out than Zecora seemed in the early episodes? For designs, it's not the worst. I feel like the curls could use some adjustment. Maybe a tiny bit thicker curls? Almost feels a bit stringy. Not entirely sure. Perhaps a bit more green somehow? Also not really sure. >>15368 Time just seems to slip by me as of late.
>>15324 Guys, I really like the golden curley hair with green eyes version. Can we agree on her? I think we only need to come up with her name and cutimark. As to the bunker location, its surroundings, and etc., can be worked out later. Pleeeeease? I really like this mare. Anyway, we can further connect her to the board with her cutie mark.
>>15397 Octagonal bunker? Green fort?
>>15324 I kind of think the hair in her mane looks kind of scraggly and unkempt. Is there any way it could be perhaps smooth up until it hits her bangs, and then kind of curls in a bit, somewhat like Bon Bon/Twinkleshine's manes? I'm also not quite the fan of her being yet another white board oc, considering 8chan's and basically /mlpol/'s, but I dont have any better ideas either (except maybe if her fur color was the same color as the post text).
>>15378 >>15402 It's still just a mock up, and I really hope we don't use my "art" for the final product lol. I'll experement with some mane adjustments tomorrow. Bear in mind that I am a hack so it won't be perfect it's just meant to give us a taste before a real artist steps in. Or I am inevitably tasked with the final product and spend 40 hours combing over so it doesn't look like shit. >>15400 I'm going to try a green brick castle, I like that idea. Maybe a few other things too. >>15402 If we're gonna go dark we might as well make her a batpony lol. I'll try the post text color. >>15397 I have a slight preference for the red version, but they are both basically just as good for me. Let's see what other anon think. If no one else feels too strongly about it we'll go with gold.
>>15400 >Octagonal bunker? Green fort? I like that idea. >>15405 >I have a slight preference for the red version... Is there anything that says we can't have two ponies as the NHNB mascots? Maybe the red hair and golden hair versions could be sisters who defend their bunker together.
>>15405 >I'm going to try a green brick castle, I like that idea. Should be smaller and fun. We could try a Minuette style mane which would give us two tones, but I'm not sure what those tones would be or if it'd even be better. The current's not too bad. >>15406 >Is there anything that says we can't have two ponies as the NHNB mascots? Maybe the red hair and golden hair versions could be sisters who defend their bunker together. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. >golden hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gibSb1_GGw
(239.72 KB 2272x2675 McMare.png)
I had no choice. I had to do it.
(202.28 KB 1912x2675 greygold.png)
(202.40 KB 1912x2675 greyred.png)
>>15406 >Is there anything that says we can't have two ponies as the NHNB mascots? Maybe the red hair and golden hair versions could be sisters who defend their bunker together. I like this idea and they should have different cutie marks too. Maybe we do this instead of the pet: one of the sisters gaurds during the day, and the other at night. I tried just changing the coat color and diddn't like the results, so I darkened the manes.
(203.23 KB 1912x2675 darkgold.png)
(207.74 KB 1912x2675 darkred.png)
>>15416 I'll experement with manes and cutie marks tomorrow but it's getting late.
>>15417 Oh, and one other note I personally prefer the dark coat and mane to the light coat and mane ones. It feels more earthy like a farmer
>>15414 Mighty kek!
>>15416 What if one light one dark?
>>15416 I love these two! >>15417 I love these two also! But seriously, I think you are right about the darker coat and mane. Like you said, they now need cutie marks. Also, they need cute, sisterly names. Tomorrow I'll try a few designs. I have very little artistic talent, but maybe it'll stimulate some better ideas. As one Anon suggested, we could go with a green fortress and octagon for one, maybe.
(8.20 KB 737x729 GreenCastle.png)
Green Castle if anyone wants to use it.
>>15429 I feel like it would go well on a flag, a crest, or emblem of some kind.
(1.78 MB 3840x2160 Potential_Cutie_Mark_ver1.png)
>>15431 How about like this? Probably need to change the flag colors.
(919.80 KB 2070x2072 Cutie_Mark_Idea.png)
Maybe something like this?
>>15432 This is really cool and exactly the type of thing I was thinking of. I don't know about as a cutie mark, but I could see it hanging on a tapestry at their castle. >>15433 The tomato is fun. But what do we think their special talents are? More than just guards? Are they guarding their vegetable garden?
I have been slacking the past few days. I'll try some different cutie marks and mane styles early tomorrow morning.
(223.76 KB 1912x2675 cas1.png)
(251.99 KB 1912x2675 cas2.png)
(246.09 KB 2070x2675 tom.png)
I like what the green adds, but the castle is too recognisable as the one from Mario and makes her look like a vidya pone. I also think the pixel art is too small, cutie marks have to sort of look like clipart and not have too much detail.
(223.72 KB 1912x2675 another castle.png)
(212.51 KB 1912x2675 pent.png)
I tired with a hand drawn castle and liked the rusults, but the pentagon has not enough detail for my liking.
(446.10 KB 3559x2675 minuettemane.png)
(313.06 KB 3559x2675 bonstyle.png)
Tried some other manes, and they aren't drawn to well but I think they are good enough for demonstration. The point of making it scragly was to continue the very curly hair look, so the other mane styles just look unnaturally smooth and clash with the curls too much. Remember that this is not a final product: I drew her mane in 20 minutes as a proof on concept. Any problems with the execution of the curly style can be fixed when we get a real arist so long as the fundementals are good.
>>15460 >>15461 Honestly, between these two I like the the scragly hair version (fits nicely with NHNB somehow). And, I like the little round green castle cutie mark. Maybe >>15432 and >>15433 could be emblems on the banners that fly above the keep. >>15446 >Special talent suggestions 1. Experts in the military arts of defense and general badass'ery needed to protect against all the cunning wiles of anthro, EQG, creaturequestria, G% sparkle-dogs, etc. 2. Guardians of the most rare sources of snowpity. 3. Expertly talented in the art of booby-traps to keep out those that would violate the bunker/keep and contaminate the wellspring of snowpity. 4. Farming, preservation, and storage of crops for rainy days. 5. Great leaders. They preside over a small band of devoted monk Anon Holy Warriors who assist the in preserving Equestria's most cherished essence, each according to their separate talents. That's us. 6. Training guard/attack dogs. (>>15305) 7. Making beautiful arts and crafts and music. Signifying the peace of mind of having a place like NHNB. We're still keeping her yellow haired sister, right?
(709.68 KB 562x1000 com.png)
>>15466 >We're still keeping her yellow haired sister, right? Of course, just wasn't worth doing the different mane and cutie marks on both of them. It prooves the point with one. Also, I was playing an online game and ran into someone doing commissions. First time for this person drawing pony so I wasn't expecting quality, but it was cheep so for fun and to satisfy my curiousity I got one. Trade holds so I don't have the no-watermark version yet.
>>15466 >4. Farming, preservation, and storage of crops for rainy days. >5. Great leaders. They preside over a small band of devoted monk Anon Holy Warriors who assist the in preserving Equestria's most cherished essence, each according to their separate talents. That's us. >7. Making beautiful arts and crafts and music. Signifying the peace of mind of having a place like NHNB. These for sure. How about the one of the sisters has the castle and the other has a farming related cutie mark? I'd suggest a bundle of barley on the golden haired sister. Also I'm thinking that the setting would be the lands beyond equestria specifically in reference to the German comic where there are fields of magical barley that cure paralisis and only earth ponies live there cultivating them. It's a niche reference but I actually like the concept in the comic despite it's execution being quite vapid. >>14533 >>14534
Thread is kill :(
It seems like we have the idea down. We just need someone who is a skilled enough artist to draw a piece with them.
>>15559 Ok, I'll do it like always lol. I will take all the time I need to get this good. Let's talk about the composition of the picture; I'm thinking the two sisters walking on a trail on a sunny day talking to each other happily (possibly with a dog following them). The rolling fields of magic barley expand out into the distance, and atop the tallest one is their fort. I'd love to to it with real paint and make it like paintings from the early days of the fandom that show lots of background details. What do you guys think?
>>15644 Alternatively have one sister tend to the grains, while the other one draws something on the notice board, so the other one can appreciate after work. Sorry, anon, this is a small board.
>>15644 That sounds fucking solid, Anon! Maybe, add some trees in here and there and some banners on their fortress? I feel bad that I can't contribute artistically (all thumbs when it comes to drawing stuff). I'll try and write some poetry for them instead, like an epic story in poem form or something like that. Did we ever decide on names? And will they both have the same cutie mark (the little round green castle)?
It's gonna be a lot of work and take at least a few months. Realistically I will have it by the third anniversary lol. Saved these guides a while back and I will practice drawing ponies; got to start with the basics of form. I'm not even that good I'm just motivated but that counts more than anything. The biggest thing right now that would help motivate me is seeing participation in the upcoming art pack. No skill required. Draw something by the end of Octobre. I will use it as an opportunity to practice drawing ponies and I hope (you) do too.
Name suggestions for our new board's mares? Something having to do with protection, wholesomeness, crops, and cleverness in defense of all that is good and pony?
(2.87 MB 2248x4000 red.png)
It's here! >>15763 I suck at making names (and dialogue too). Ask someone less autistic. Also sorry for not practacing yet I hope to post something in the art pack thread this weekend. I'm spread thin, but I refuse to pussy out and take on less responsibilities.
>>15775 >practacing God I hate not having a spell checker built in to my browser. Too bad they fucked up edge. I USED TO LOVE YOU EDGE! WHY? I'm glad to have the unwatermarked version of the commission. It's quite amateur but it's cute and makes me feel motivated to git good and make my own.
>>15763 Queit Keeper for one of the sisters.
>>15777 Name candidates thus far (these are mostly for the red head, and inspired by parts of their fortress): -Peppermint Spires -Peppermint Parapet -Quiet Keeper A few more farm-like ideas I came up with (I admit I am not that good at this): -Golden Fields -Fertile Fields -Fertile Ground -Silent Sentinel (to match Quiet Keeper) -Wavy Grains (like the lyrics "waves of grain") -Cherry Orchard (or, substitute in any red fruit. Pomegranate Orchard might be good on account that pomegranates have a thick, tough, outer layer that protects many sweet fruits inside.) -Tomato Patch -Strawberry Safety Maybe Anon, can say whether they like or dislike these (yes/no vote) and we can discard those that are mostly disliked. After a few iteration of proposing names and voting, we can come to two names we all mostly agree on. >>15775 I like it, Anon. Hope it helps motivate you as you said!
>>15798 I got the idea for another cutie mark. For the red head since her role is to be the night guard, how about a green crescent moon crossed with a sword? It conveys more specific meaning than just a green castle which may not even be what we want their fort to look like in the end - I like the idea of it being plain colored rustic materials like boulders cemented with mortar and thatched roof. For the names I like quiet keeper the most of what's there so far, but would like to see more candidates. Rose is nice but feels a little to basic. The others reference parts of larger castles but the fort these sisters have isn't that fancy. As for the name of the land they live in it shouldn't mention any crop other than barley because that is the primary one. That doesn't mean there are no other crops grown but that one is the main focus. I had an idea that the land they inhabit could be surrounded by a ring of impassable mountains that are so high even pegasus can not go over them. This ring of mountains is somewhere far away from where ponies usually are in the first place so it's a hidden land that nopony in Equestra knows about. As for how they get water without rainfall, there could be eternal sacred springs deep in the mountains or they could harvest ice from glaciers. We don't have to go with that but I thought it was an interesting idea. If that were the case a good name candidate would be "The Golden Valley". Even if there was a ring of mountains that were not that extreme it could have that name. "The Golden Lands" or as you said "Golden Fields" would work if there are no mountains around it, which would be better. The problem with the mountain idea is that it protects them completely from outsiders which kind of eliminates the point of there being a fort. It was fun to think about and write out but it's not a good idea after thinking it through. I'd say I like "The Golden Lands" most currently.
>>15775 I love this mare very much. The wobbly mane looks like Teto's hair (the pink vocaloid girl).
>>15775 She's very cute Anon, I bet she would be an extremely friendly pony.
>>15887 On seccond thought I like just: "The Golden Land" As opposed to lands plural. It makes it sound more important like it's a sacred place which it is.
>>15775 >StableFushit >practicing
OP here its been a long while since i checked here due to some irl bullshit, glad to see progress on NHNB mare has been made. i love what you have all done for her, the current design is rather cute and quite fitting for NHNB, and the names are all very fitting and pony like. if someone actually manages to draw her. even though thread is seemingly kill im glad to have seen it get this far... even if i was far too busy and not that helpful at all
>>15887 >>15905 I like "The Golden Land" on account it sounds sacred, as you mentioned. Not sure about a green crescent with a sword. That feels very islamic and I think we should avoid any symbols that could harken back to IRL human religions or politics. What about just a sword crossed with a tuft of barley?
>>16285 I'll paint her by the next anniversary as I said I would. I have been making slow progress but I am still practicing faces and after I can make them look OKish I will start practicing bodies and then poses too. I wish I could be more motivating but everywhere I go be it on this board or IRL I feel responsible for contributing the most I can. At some point there is only so much of me to go around so it takes time and that's all there is too it. >>16286 Maybe an arrow would be more fitting than a sword seeing as they are behind crenellations. Also an arrow looks kind of like barley with the feathers so it would be more symetrical.
>>16285 I'm gonna put together a green for our two beloved mares. Still owe a Winter unwrap green, so might be a bit before I get started. I think I've got a good concept though.
>>16319 Very cool, anon! Hype!
>>16319 Nice! No hurry, none of this is due until the next anniversary. Looking forward to it!
Sorry but the painting is off. I am this anon: >>17098
>>17099 Its fine anon, life happens/ dont worry about it (OP of this thread whos been to busy getting distracted by so much shit forgetting about this thread)
I missed the NHNB panel cause i sleeped kmsrn