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(2.94 MB 4647x3200 forest_small.jpg)
Six FM 10/24/2023 (Tue) 01:33:28 No. 16667
But still five ponies. If (you) want to be #6 just say so.
>>16667 What are they doing out there in the woods? Is that where they live?
>>16665 >The hag hoofs Quill a charm. Sorry for taking a while; I have been very busy lately. How is everypony feeling about how the game is going now?
>>16667 previous /fun/geon threads >>8267 >>9250 >>10635 >>13576 >>14842 >>16668 >What are they doing out there in the woods? Currently, the quest is to find some fillies (the CMC). And I can feel they're getting close. The witch's hut in the background is where they were recovering after getting thoroughly thrashed over and over in the woods. >Is that where they live? The three stooges are from Ponyville, and the two mares joined along the way. It started with getting accused of messing with Angel bunny's drug empire, having a hell of a time in Manehattan, returning to Ponyville and setting off the beginning the CMC chase, then traveling out west and running into all the spooks and kooks, pony and otherwise. It's been a bit of a journey.
>>16669 >Sorry for taking a while We're all taking our time, FM. No rush. >How is everypony feeling about how the game is going now? I'm totally invested in the story. It doesn't seem deep on the surface, but we've been at this for so long now that I'm practically jumping on every opportunity to keep the story rolling. The thing I miss most from the earlier threads are the little join-ups we'd have from ponies like Rarity and Fluttershy. It's a bit of a slog right now but I'm happy with the combat as it is, we're all just taking our time. I can't wait to wrap up this part of the adventure, though.
>Takes Quill up on the offer. "If'n you don't mind there Quill, I'd like another purple potion."
>>16667 Beautiful! I love it!
>>16673 >Does Quill mind? Forgot to say, love the new artwork! It's a whole scene with enjoyable detail.
violate quill's rights, Prickly, take those bits by force
>>16673 >Quill nods, giving Prickly a smile. "Course. Miss, Uh. Witch? Can I grab a purple potion for my friend here, too?"
>>16685 "Mhm"
>>16645 >After meditating on the exquisite flavors and earthy undertones of the magical perpetual pot of soup, Cloudhead decides that it's time to buy something >Walking over to the witch, he hoofs over four tens for a strange charm >Afterwards, he positions himself by the entrance, waiting for the others to follow Changed my mind lol ^:) >>16669 I'm having plenty of fun, but I'm wary of the future. To start with, I'm just going to say it: Permanent XP loss on death fucking sucks in the context of this game. The amount you lose really isn't that much, but because of how slow we can be the amount that you do lose is equivalent to losing a month+ of progress. While our luck has since then turned around(for now), I was sweating bullets and getting ready to activate the ejection seat when we had our first wipe and saw that Prickly deleveled. From the start of this forest, we've had really thin margins for success on most encounters. I can easily see a death spiral developing at any moment where if our luck is extra bad and our bits run out, we'll be wiping more than winning, which means losing levels and abilities, which means being less effective in combat, which means wiping even more, which means losing more stats, which means being less effective in combat, which means... etc. You get the point. And on the topic of those thin margins for success, I think we've been crutching hard on the golden horseshoes. Was that first drop at the start of this dungeon a scripted thing, or did we just luck out on that? I think that if we didn't have them, the balance would be tilted just enough where we'd be suffering hard right now without the extra damage per turn.
>>16685 >Prickly smiles "Thanks there, Quill!" >Prickly likewise proceeds to the entrance.
>>16687 >Cross also heads over to the entrance.
>>16687 >Has a strange charm and 10 10 10 10 less bits. Glad you are enjoying it. For one thing if that spiral happened you would lose the quest and have to start another one. You would not be stuck if it was unwinable. For another it is very unlikely you will reach that spiral. I realised that I balanced the economy poorly so I compensated by putting enough supplies to get forward on your path. The golden horseshoes were just luck, and part of crutching on them was that your buddies wasted a lot of their turns. Also something I wanted to mention: think about how valuble a 10 HP healing item is to a 5 or 7 HP ally. Bad luck could take them down anyways, but on average enemies don't hit that much. You can use two items a turn. >>16687 >>16688 >>16691 >All filled up and ready for trouble the famous gang marches on. >When they make it to the spot they turned back Quill and Prickly have an uneasy feeling. Unless they are happy with 3 SP >>16672 I'm sorry that this is a slog for you. Maybe a bit of a spoiler but the seccond you beat the boss things are going to get fast and wacky :P I bet you will enjoy it. I'd like to see more players thoughts. You are just started with this dungeon but I don't think you will have to turn back again.
>>16693 3 SP. Damn, I thought the soup restores SP. Guess, I'll need to use the green potion. No choice really. Is there any spell later in the game that would allow you to steal SP from enemies, etc.? >Drinks green potion. Yeah, it's a slog right now. But, no worries. In role playing games, you sometimes just get stuck in a dungeon for a while. Just the leveling up will eventually make things easier.
Et tu Quill? Moving the party forward after work tomorrow if no response.
>>16700 Moving forward is fair. If Quill doesn't roger up by then, Prickly will assist with getting her SP squared.
>>16700 >Quill likewise chugs back a green potion, sighing in relief. Sorry anons. I'm moving at the moment, and it's really quite draining
>>16702 Moving, eh. Yeah, that's definitely an annoying process. I mess the days when I could throw everything I owned in the back of a pick-up truck and scoot.
>Prickly takes a step out of the door. "Y'all ready? Let's go show this 'ere forest who's boss!" >Points a hoof at everypony. "That's right! We're the boss!"
(1.17 MB 1065x974 turn84.png)
>>16695 >>16702 >SP full. Didn't update yesterday because I had no time for it after work; aunt from the old country don't got much time left. >>16716 >Prickly takes a step out of the imaginary door. >Everypony continues down the path straight fowrward to the part of the woods they haven't been. >It goes about how you would expect... Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAgnJDJN4VA
>>16716 >He enthusiastically chippers along. "We're the boss!" >>16717 >Cross immediately sprints past the others to Takedown the first Keebler.
>>16717 >Quill finds herself swept up in the other's enthusiasm... >...only to groan out as they're immediately jumped. "Here we go again." >Quill casts Lvl.1 Fractional on the other Keebler.
>>16717 "Moar heretecs!" >kicks Keebler 1 in the ribs.
>>16722 >Casts fire on the same Keebler as Quill attacked.
Cloudhead? >>16723 Keebler 1 is the one Cross is taking down, and the unicorns are attacking Keebler 2. Is that the one you want to target Boulder?
>>16733 On the other hoof, I probably should attack Keebler 2 too.
>>16717 >Sends a lightning bolt down on Keebler 2
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn85.png)
>>16722 >Quill drains 6 HP from K2. >>16727 >Prickly cleans up with 20 damage fire, knocking K2 out. >>16747 >Cloudhead loses his target and aborts. >>16721 >Cross slams K1 to the ground for 9 damage. >>16723 >Boulder spontaneously re-targets and without even meaning it gets a direct hit on the bears sack. >24 damage! >The mushroom attacks Boulder for 12 and the bear attacks Cross for 10.
>>16749 >Diving down in a calculated strike, Cloudhead bops both the bear and the mushroom on the head
>>16750 >Casts fire on keebler.
>>16749 >uses Cover on Cross
>>16749 >Cross throttles the ever-loving magic out of the Keebler (attacking and continuing his takedown).
>>16754 Are you guys battling the Keebler elves?
>>16755 >Fighting Keebler elves. If only. Then everything would be cupcakes and rainbows. No these are nasty little forest ponies. See hat wearing pony here >>16749.
>>16749 By the way, FM. The bear holding a teacup is a nice touch. Don't know if that had been mentioned yet.
>>16749 >Quill casts a magic attack at the Bear
>>16769 Sorry I am really busy. I just got home from work and I have to drive to a town an hour away immediately. I'll update when I get home even if I have to go to bed late.
(1.17 MB 1065x974 turn86.png)
All the words are melting in front of me when I try to read after that drive I had to jumpstart my car out there an hour away from home :/ Other recent activities include going up in a bucket loader with a chainsaw to cut an unsafe branch (on a tractor that needs to be towed by another tractor to roll the engine over so it starts) and cleaning chimneys. >>16757 It was the only image of Harry the bear without a background or other characters I could find lol I like the teacup too >>16765 Going to assume Default magic attack, don't want to hold things up anymore asking. >Quill hits the Bear with her lasers for 3 and 6. >>16751 >Prickly toasts the Keebler for 10. >>16750 >Cloudhead hits the bear for 1 and the mushroom for 7. >>16754 >Cross slams the Keebler for a mighty 1 damage. >She escapes. >The mushroom bites Cloudhead for 1. >The bear bats Prickly into a tree for 13.
>>16771 um...
>>16771 >Strategy Wow, rolls. Anyways, if Boulder's covering, then I should just keep attacking, unless Boulder wants to break his cover. Prickly needs a heal from either Cloudhead or Quill or both, imo
>>16774 >Strategy Probably best if I heal myself. That way Cloudhead can continue double attacks. Also, magic attack from Quill might be better, since she is a level ahead of me anyway.
>>16772 You covered, it's represented in the image. No way for the action to fail so I didn't feel like writing something for it.
>>16776 oh, sorry
>>16771 >continues covering Cross
>>16771 >Feeling that he's done enough Keebler hunting, and wanting some revenge for Prickly's batting, Cross attacks the Bear. That Keebler has got to be so low on HP
>>16771 Agreeing that Prickly should selfheal on her turn, that frees Quill and Cloudhead both to attack. Sorry for late reply, I have had virtually every appliance in my house fail in the past week and need repairing >Having grown quite tired of watching her fellow frens get burnt alive, Quill casts another magic beam attack at the Keebler.
>>16771 >Attacks the mushroom twice Was waiting on Quill and Prickly to make their moves so I could decide who to attack.
>Signs "Easy come, easy go." >Drinks down a purple potion. Opted for the potion to conserve SP for attacks.
(1.26 MB 1065x974 turn87.png)
>>16778 >>16787 >Prickly recovers 10 HP. >>16782 >Quill hits for 3 and 6 damage easily knocking the keebler out. >>16785 >Cloudhead hits the shroom for 1 and 1 damage :( >>16779 >Cross KOs the bear with 18 damage, enough to send it (former him) flying into the bushes. >The mushroom bites Quill for 12 damage, inflicting 8 turns of it's venom. >Quill takes 2 poison damage (7 turns left)
>>16789 >Nods to Quill. "Hey there Quill. You can take one of my antidotes if'n ya' want." >Turns to the mushroom. Casts fire on it.
>>16789 >Annoyed with his award-winning poor accuracy, Cloudhead rears up to bring his forehooves down on the evil mushroom... twice.
>>16789 "Cursed shrums!" >continues cover
>>16789 >Cross attacks the nasty shroom.
>>16789 >Quill gratefully accepts the antidote from Prickly, and gulps it down. "Hey, thanks, Prickly. I needed that."
Will update tomorrow
(1.26 MB 1065x974 turn88.png)
>>16806 >Quill takes one of Prickly's antidotes and is ready to use it next turn. >In the meantime she takes two poison damage. (6 turns left) It's funny because Quill had an antidote in her inventory already. >>16791 >1 damage :( >>16793 >MISS POW >6 damage. >>16804 >He misses. >The mushroom is about to bite Cross for 14 damage and inflict poison. >>16803 >Boulder takes the hit for Cross and takes 7 damage, the poison having no effect. Prayer: 70% Pretty dopey turn, at least nopony got hurt too bad.
>>16813 "Thanks, Boulder!" >Cross takes another swing at the mushroom. "Fuckin' hard to hit little shit, isn't he!" 'Dopey' is putting it lightly. What the fuck!!! I thought we were able to take from others' inventories and use in the same action?
>>16814 Decided on that in this post: >>15630
(2.74 MB 960x540 WEBM Related.webm)
>>16813 >Smacks the mushroom twice... again The fuck? Did this mushroom isekai in from the XCOM universe or something?
>>16813 >Prickly Pear prays to Luna and Celestia, and casts emergency heal on Quill. "What, this mushroom is fire and hoof proof?
>>16815 Ahhh I misremembered, thanks!
>>16813 >Quill glugs down the antidote in a frenzy Need to update my inventory proper next time, it seems, because I could have sworn I didnt
>>16813 "Ouch" >continues cover
(17.12 KB 979x629 bend.png)
>>16821 >Poison cured >>16817 >Prickly heals Quill for 2 HP >>16816 >1 >5 >KO >Drops 46 bits. 4 days huh. That's a faster turn than usual.
>>16828 >>16828 >Probably gonna regret this... >Prickly eyes the flower, and little door. "Well, maybe there's a little pony in there that can give us some clues." >Knocks gently on the door with her hoof. >While waiting for an answer, she peaks around the tree.
"Argh. Me hungry. Anypony have anything to chomp? Dont think grass is good here."
>>16833 >There is a blue mushroom behind the tree, no belt or spikes. >A small voice comes out from under the tree. "Hello?"
>>16837 >Prickly plucks the mushroom and tosses it in with her other items. "Howdy! We were just coming down this 'ere path and saw your door. Figured we be neighborly and saw hello. Do happen to know which way some groves of berries are?" >While talking, Prickly levitates her two small apples out from her items and passes them over to Boulder.
>>16821 Here's your current inventory Quill: >Cotton's Diary, small apple, antidote, Iron Horseshoes, Green potion, strange charm >>16841 >Boulder recieves 2 small apples. "Just a minute" >A field mouse pops out of the hole dumbfounded by Prickly's size. "My your big! We don't get many visitors around here" >The mouse observes the stooges manner of walking and calls out to them from affar. "Don't step on my squash that is food for 6 months!" >They can hear it but it's quiet. >The mouse looks back at Prickly. "I'd invite you in for tea if you weren't so large..." >He says with a sigh and dejected expression before perking up. "Oh, I'm Charlie! What's your name?"
>freezes in place, looking around with worry, to not squish the squash "Thanks, Miss Prickly" >he catches apples with his mouth and chews, with horse noices
>>16828 >Cross scoops the bits into his bag. >>16843 "Well, I'll be! Actual decent company." >He lingers back to let Prickly have the lead. >>16845 "Thanks for all that back there, Boulder. You enjoy those apples, now."
was there XP from that fight?
>>16843 >Does a courtsey and points to the members of the party in turn. "Pleasure to meet 'ya, Charlie! I'm Prickly, this 'ere is Quill, that mountain of a pony there is Boulder, here's Cross, and that there is Cloudhead. Thank 'ya kindly for thinking of tea, but like you said we're a bit too big." >Prickly adopts a quizzical look. "Ain't it a bit of a dangerous dark forest for a mouse to live, what with vicious bears, keeblers, and poison mushrooms roaming about? We've been having a doosy of a time trying fighting those characters trying to find some lost fillies that came through here. Don't suppose you know anything about 'em?" >Smiles "Silly me, just full of questions like a little filly. Just got one more though. Do know where there are some groves of berries 'round abouts.
>>16847 Sorry I forgot Everypony gains 21 XP. Prickly reaches level 5! INT, HP, and SP increaced by 1 and recovered. >She has 6 spell points to spend. It costs one spell point to learn a new level 1 spell. >Level 1 heal: Costs 2 SP, healing potential is half magic damage (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) >Level 1 cure: Costs 1 SP, cures poison >Level 1 scan: Costs 1 SP, detects elemental weaknesses, elemental resistances, level, HP, SP, and A.I.D.S. of target >Level 1 shield: Costs 3 SP, target will only take 50% magic damage for 10 turns >Level 1 fractional: Costs 3 SP, target loses 25% of their current health >Level 1 fire: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 lightning: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 poison: Costs 1 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for as many turns as the magic damage roll. Magic damage roll is reduced by the enemy's defense It costs two spell points to learn a level 5 spell. >Level 5 heal: Costs 6 SP, guaranteed to heal for 25% of INT with pottential to heal an extra 75% of INT (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) ---!!!Requires level 1 heal to learn >Level 5 Drain: Costs 2 SP, deals double normal magic damage to target's SP. >Level 5 Leech: Costs 1 SP, steal as much SP as you can until target runs out or your SP is full. 25% chance of working against unwilling target, 100% chance of working on complicit target. >Level 5 blockade: Costs 9 SP, target will only take 50% physical damage for 10 turns ---!!!Requires level 1 shield to learn >Level 5 fractional: Costs 9 SP, target loses 50% of their current health ---!!!Requires level 1 fractional to learn >Level 5 fire: Costs 6 SP does standard magic damage plus half of INT, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability ---!!!Requires level 1 fire to learn >Level 5 lightning: Costs 6 SP does standard magic damage plus half of INT, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability ---!!!Requires level 1 lightning to learn >Level 5 poison: Costs 3 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for up to 1.5*INT reduced by the enemy's defense, target also takes up to 50% of INT damage when spell is cast. ---!!!Requires level 1 poison to learn You can learn a level 1 spell and learn the level 5 version on the same level up.
>>16860 >Charlie laughs. "I'm so small they don't care about me, and There are plenty of places to hide from trouble. I can't say I have ever been far from my burrow. Some fillies went the same way you are going, never seen the groves though" >He pauses. "Oh! I remember something. a unicorn came here once with a spell that made him smaller. Maybe you could copy it?"
>>16861 Lots of great options. Need to think a little about it.
>>16862 >Raises an eyebrow in interest. "Minaturization soell, eh? Say, that would be interesting. Don't suppose you recall the incantation that unicorn said, do 'ya?
>>16865 >Charlie shakes his head. "No. It was really complicated though, he had to cast two spells" >What was the first spell for? >The second must have shrank him.
>>16866 >Absentmindedly, Cross pitter-patters in a place. "Uh huh. Magic. Why's it take two spells to do one thing? Whatsa first spell s'posed to do?" >He glances at Prickly and Quill. "If'n I was to get on your bad side, what's the worst you'd do?" Yay, Prickly level!! Highly recommend level 5 leech. We can finally make use of our SP in the three stooges.
>>16868 >Quill gives Cross the most deadpan look of her life. "I'd like to speak to my lawyer before I answer that truthfully." >Her frown grows more thoughtful, though. "But speaking seriously, you've basically seen what's in my magical repertoire. I fear shrinking might be outside of my range of abilities." >She shrugs. "Perhaps the first spell was some sort of a shield? I know I'd like to take extra measures I didn't wind up getting smushed, if I were dead-set on shrinking myself down."
>>16868 >Leech Was also thinking this. Need a way to recover SP besides spending fortunes in bits for items. >>16861 >FM, I'll take the following: Level 5 Leech, Level 5 Fire, Level 1 Cure, and Level 1 Shield. Was thinking of taking Level 5 Heal, but it would use up about half my SP to cast. I feel like healing items seem to be available enough to cover our healing needs for now. On the other hoof, being able to cast a strong offensive spell against a powerfull enemy could prove more useful.
>>16876 Noted
>>16828 >Enamored with the happy-looking squash plant, Cloudhead decides to do his part >Tapping into his innate control over the weather, the pegasus brings forth a miniature rain cloud, which he positions over the base of the vine >Not long after, little drip drops of water fall from the cloud to where they are needed, the cloud itself dissipating away as quickly as it was formed >He puffs out his chest in pride >A job well done I was gone for thanksgiving lol
>>16868 "Well, 'ah don't rightly know Cross. It'd be hard for you to get on my bad side I think. >Adopts a comical smirk. "But, suppos'in 'ya did, I figure I'd shrink you - or rather, part of you - down a bit...but only temporarily." >>16866 >>16870 >Thinks for a moment after considering what Charlie and Quill say. >Turns to Quill first. "Ah figure you might be right about that there, Quill!" >Then addresses Charlie Well thank 'ya kindly, Charlie! Don't rightly know what those spells might be. We'd probably need to talk to that unicorn I reckon. Perhaps we'll find 'em by and by. Anyhoo, it was nice talking with 'ya! Good luck on your harvest! We better be on our way though." >Turns to the others. "Shall we get going?" >>16880 Kek. Nice work Cloudhead! At least you didn't pee it.
>>16880 >Cloudhead's kind deed went unnoticed by the mouse, who was too nestled in the roots of the tree to see it. >After helping he still feels appreciated in a deeper way. Cloudhead gets advantage on one roll of his choice. >>16895 >Charlie nods. "Safe travels for you and your friends Prickly" >He says before disappearing into his burrow. Current HP: Cloudhead 18 | Boulder 15 | MCross 9 | Quill 3 | Prickly 18
>>16895 >Cross blinks blankly at Prickly's comment. "Uh, alrighty. S'pose I oughta stay on the... nice prickly side of you, Miss Prickly." >He straightens back out. "I don't mind bein' part of any demonstrations, though, if'n it means keeping our heads up above all the little bastards we keep on running into." >He freezes, then glances at the burrow. "Uh, 'cept nice little critters like that Charlie. Only good smallies, I'm thinking." >>16880 >Cross smiles to the side. "That's it, feathers. You're the best pegasus I know. I mean, you're the only good one s'far as I'm concerned, but ya know..." >His words go a bit airy as he begins a seemingly endless ramble about 'other pegasi'. Hope ya had a good one! Prickly should immediately violate the three stooge consent forms and heal everypony
>>16900 Gonna heal everypony and then leech from stooges to replenish. May take a few iterations. >Casts heal on Boulder, Cross, and Quill. She waits to see the effect before carrying on with more healing. "Cheers, y'all!"
>>16910 You can shortcut this by specifying what percent of the max HP or specific number for each pony you want to stop healing at so we don't need as much back and forth. >Pricly heals Boulder to 18, Cross to 19, and Quill to 5. >She has 8 SP left.
>>16915 >Prickly heals Boulder to 24 and Quill to 17, then performs leech on the stooges to replenish SP to full. But, she leaves Cloudhead for last.
>>16915 >Cross stretches. "Wew! Thank ya kindly, Miss Prickly!"
>>16846 "No problem! Me protecc." >>16916 "Thanks, Miss Prickly! Strange, me feels like that time when Her Divine Majesty Princess Luna was in the keep and that nice bat guardsmare kissed me on me neck. Only now me aint kissing nobody."
>>16916 >It only takes one spell for Prickly to heal Boulder to 24. >It takes her two spells to heal Quill to 17. >Having only two SP left she casts leech on Boulder, taking 13 SP from him.
>>16916 "Phew. That feels a ton better. Thanks for the patch-up, Prickly. And for the magic donations from you three too. That should give us all a fightin' chance when we get jumped again soon"
>>16918 "I ain't too sure those were just kisses, Boulder..." >>16925 >Cross watches Prickly leech on Boulder. "Huh, magic hickeys! You unicorns have the strangest magics." >>16926 "I sure hope so. I'm thinkin' we're all good to go, now?"
>>16917 >>16918 >>16926 >Smiles, glad her friends are back up to health. "Easy day, y'all. Shall we get going?" >Starts walking down the path.
>>16953 >He nods, joining her. "Sure hope it stays that way."
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn89.png)
>>16953 >>16955 >Surprise! >It's the same formation. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo5-74dWGS0
>>16967 >It's Keebler hugging time! >Cross uses Takedown on Keebler 1.
>>16967 "Careful!" >kicks keebler 1
>>16967 >Prickly casts level 5 fire on the bear. Really, want to see what this spell can do in terms of damage. If good, I'll Leech next round perhaps.
>>16967 >Brings down the lightning on Keebler 2
>>16967 >Quill casts Lightning on Keebler 2
(1.13 MB 1065x974 turn90.png)
>>16975 >>16980 >Cloudhead's bolt strikes for 18 and Quills for 22, knocking the keebler out. >>16971 >Prickly fries the bear for 21 damage. >>16968 >>16970 >Cross slams her to the ground for 11 damage, and Boulder comes in with the down pound of 12. >The Keebler is very low. >The mushroom attacks Prickly for 8, and the beat attacks her for 10. >Exactly 18. KO :(
>>16989 >Cross keeps the keebler down, and tries to knock the last wind out of her. Every damn time
>>16989 "Oh no!" >kicks keebler 1
>>16989 >Attacks the evil mushroom twice
>>16989 "HA! Take that!" >Quill hollers triumphantly as the Keebler goes down >She fires another bolt at the bear this time
(1.13 MB 1065x974 turn91.png)
>>17003 >Quill zaps the bear for 4. >>16994 >>16997 >Cross hits her for 1 damage, and she breaks away. >Boulder misses. >She is an elbow bump away. >>17002 >Cloudhead hits the mushroom for 9 and 1 damage. >The mushroom bites Quill for 2, and it injects venom but so little that Quill can process it. >The bear whacks Quill for 11.
>>17011 >Cross moves on to attack the nasty mushroom.
>>17011 >Uses the Keebler as a launching pad to hit the mushroom
>>17011 >steps in and covers Quill "Bears are abominations before Her face!"
guys, do not let keebler to act
>>17018 Cloudhead's going after keebler and mushroom
>>17011 >Quill casts fractional on the remaining Keebler
>>17030 imo, the bear would've been a better target
Was a busy day and didn't get around to rolling. >>17030 I don't even know what to think. Does 0.25 damage round down to zero or is there a minimum damage of one? I never considered this kind of situation. Oh, and don't think fractional is shit if you don't use it on the boss of this area the fight is impossible.
>>17033 Make it a minimum of 1!
>>17033 I guess my tired holiday stress brain was assuming Fractional dealt a fraction of damage of the enemies total health pool at full, not at its remainder. Oopsies
>>17033 Just make it redirect to the bear lol. Pretend Cloudhead bumped into the Keebler before the spell could be cast.
(16.92 KB 979x629 fork2.png)
>>17030 >1 damage, KO. >>17016 >Redirects as Keebler goes down, hits mushroom. >7, mushroom goes down. >Hits bear for 5. >>17014 >28! >Bear is KO. >Enemies drop 66 bits. >Everypony except Prickly recieves 26 XP. Cloudhead reaches level 7! >Max HP and SP increase by 1. In addition he gains one point that can be put in any stat but will count as two points if put in speed. >His HP and SP are replenished. 2 levels ahead of everypony else Extremely based As a little hearthswarming gift for all of us I decided to shorten the dungeon by removing three redundant tiles that were just sraight hallways. This puts you two normal encounter tiles away from the boss with both berry groves just off the trail instead of one being down its own path.
>>17048 >Cross prods Prickly gently. "Alright there, Miss Prickly. It's time to get up... We oughta be keepin' you safer than we have." >three redundant tiles that were just sraight hallways what the fuck, lol. thanks
>>17048 One level closer to being able to use Cyclone... By the way, remind me what my current speed stat is? I feel like I forgot to update my sheet last level. Actually while we're at it, how about a dump of everyone's current stats/inventory just to make sure we're all still on track? It's been awhile since the last time and a lot has happened.
>>17048 >lowers his head and sniffs Prickly "Ugh, that was rough one. Bear bastard!" >looks around then focuses on the object on the ground "Wat dis?"
Happy Hearth's Warming, /fun/geon!
>>17050 Name: Cloudhead Race: Pegasus Level: 7 HP: 20 SP: 16 A: 1 (+10) I: 1 D: 8 S: 26 Spells: N/A Bits: See other document Inventory: Gold Horseshoes, Train Crewpony, Vial of soup, bubblegum, snack cake x3, spreading knife, fidget spinner, dehydrated thug, can opener x2, canned muffin, canned apple, mining helmet, small apple x2, antidote, Blue Mushroom, purple potion x3, strange charm
Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 5 HP: 24 SP: 14 A:20 (+5) I:1 D:20 S:1 Bits: See other document Inventory: Iron horseshoes, crack, pickaxe, antidote, repo licence Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 5 HP: 19 SP: 14 A: 24 (+5) I: 2 D: 10 S: 3 Bits: See other document Inventory: fried chikn x5, crack x2, Pink Whistle, two headed bit, iron horseshoes, repo licence, antidote, red potion, barbed lasso, belted mushroom X3 Name: Prickly Pear Type: Unicorn Level: 5 HP: 18 SP: 14 A: 1 (+5) I: 22 D: 8 S: 2 Spells: Level 1 Heal Level 1 Fire Level 1 Lightning Level 1 Scan Level 1 Cure Level 1 Shield Level 5 Leech Level 5 Fire Bits: See other document Inventory: Iron horseshoes, antidote x1, purple potion x2, green potion, blue mushroom Name: Quill Conspiracy Level: 5 HP:17 SP:14 A:3(+5) I:24 D:6 S:1 Spells: >Level 1 heal/ Level 5 Heal >Level 1 shield/ Level 5 Blockade >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional/ Level 5 fractional >Level 1 Lightning >Level 1 Poison Bits: See other document Inventory: >Cotton's Diary, small apple, antidote, Iron Horseshoes, Green potion, strange charm Bits: Boulder: 15 Marked Cross: 57 Cloudhead: 10 Prickly Pear: 1 Quill Conspiracy: 0 XP: Boulder: 297 Marked Cross: 258 Cloudhead: 412 Prickly Pear: 218 Quill Conspiracy: 284 Better late than never, and judging by how low activity is this week that isn't a problem for anyone. >>17051 >It looks like a set of saddle bags with Rarity's diamond on it.
>>17048 >>17050 "Looks like someponies saddlebag..." >Cloudhead comments as he walks up to the saddlebags, before carefully opening the flaps and rummaging through the contents Thanks. I'll take the 2 speed, as per usual.
>>17065 Noted >5 Jumper cables >A flask of applejack! >2 large apples >A Rarity doll
>>17065 "Bit familiar..." >>17066 >Cross peeks with Cloudhead. "Eh... wait, is that Rares?" >Any interest is immediately lost: his eyes light up at the cables. "Cables!" >He immediately runs one set of jumpers over to Prickly. >There's an awkward moment as he stands over Prickly with the cables in hoof. >He opts against any feather-patented strategies, and hooks the clips to Prickly's forelegs. >He skims the instructions on the familiar box once, then twice. >Cross releases the safety, and presses the unlocked red button.
>>17066 "Hmmm... Doll looks like that white mare, Miss Rarity. Strange." >takes the doll into his saddlebags >looks at the loot again, notices flask, examines it closely
>>17067 BZZT! >She's up. >>17068 >Get doll. >The flask... >They had these back at that saltlick where the fight happened. >Other than "Applejack" in big letters, the words on the bottle are too hard to read.
>>17069 >Rubs her head and gets up. "Well tarnation, this seems to be becoming standard operating pricedure. Dang bears! Dang evil shrooms!" What's my health at the moment?
And now a happy new year, anons!
>>17072 >Prickly levitates a purple potion out of her bag and gulps it down. Who's taking charge of the remaining 4 jumper cables and the 2 large apples? "Ooo! Applejack! Should come in handy as an antiseptic, cleaning agent, or marinade. Or, we could just drink it. >Looks at the doll with a raised eyebrow. "Who's this Miss Rarity, and what's y'all's history with her?"
>>17080 "Me take one rape cable so me can rape too" >takes one cable "Me thinks you shoud eat apples, Miss Prickly."
>>17080 >Cross takes another jumper cable. "Ponyville gal. Ran into her in Manehattan. Helped us through a bit o' trouble." >He glances at Cloudhead. "Gave her a bit of 'helpful' trouble, we did." >>17085 >Cross nods. "And you should definitely eat."
>>17080 "She's a... nice mare?" >Cloudhead adds while placing the remaining two jumper cables into his bags, his tone reflecting an uncertainty of that statement "More importantly, she's the older sister of one of the little fillies we're looking for." >Looking at the fork in their road, Cloudhead ponders where they should go next
>>17093 "Y'know, if'n they're sisters, then that might mean that this belongs to one o' the fillies." >Cross stacks the abandoned saddlebags on himself, and tucks the flask of Applejack away with Boulder. >He glances left and right. "Left?"
>>17085 >Gobbles one of the big apples and stuffs the other in her saddlebag. Together with the purple potion that should put me back to max HP, correct.
>>17094 "Yep. I do believe granny said to go left, then right, then straight on."
(827.22 KB 4609x3295 211831.png)
(8.79 KB 259x194 images.jpg)
(32.65 KB 950x650 manest.png)
I'm sorry to announce that I am leaving this community. I am grateful to the anons that participated in this CYOA for sticking with me so long. I didn't want to disapoint you. If you were to continue you would encounter big hand, the boss of the dungeon. Big Hand: HP=300 SP=10 A=20 I=100 D=20 S=10 --- XP value 100 (Specials: call and throw) Boss fight: Big hand has Lyra. If he chooses to attack a flying party memeber he throws her and can't get her back. Repo colts join the fight for their IDs 4 turns in, will leave without a fight if IDs are returned. Big Hand has a 50% chance to use call if he has 15 max damage or less allies. Call summons from this table: 0-19 = 3xBabibunny 20-39 = 2XBad Trip 40-59 = Keebler 60-79 = Bear 80-99 = 2xSuper Fly You would see Orange Blaze escaping down the cliff and to the prairie with the CMC and not be able to pursue, but Lyra would tell you that he is headed for the Steamboat landing. You would escape the forest with the help of Lyra's butterfication spell, some of the fags in flimflam town would complement Cloudhead's helemt, and the party would rush on the train to get to the landing. On the way they would encounter the ponies that have beef with them. Once you make it to the landing and on the boat you find Orange Blaze knocked out and have to find out with mystery but are interupted by everyone's favorite octopus Ultros, who retreats after taking a certain amount of damage and capsizes the boat. The party floats on a piece of the boat but is split up. I haden't decided exactly how yet but the CMC and Orange Blaze would all show up again and possibly be with some parts of the party. The place you wash up is extremely poor, the land Zebras come from, and you would need to but a bitcutter to make fractions of bits to pay for things because they are so much cheaper there. Encounters would drop small amounts like say 7 whole bits, 3 half bits, and 5 sixth bits (yes, I would force you to manage fractions of currency because that's my idea of fun). On the bridge back to Equestria you would encounter an assasin named Jackyl sent by Queen Chrysallis (this is his theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5OT_cAUauo) and be narrowly saved by Orange Blaze. I hadn't set anything in stone except the rest of the dungeon you are in so I would have embelished it of course. I had the idea early on of the orginal 3 attending their own fake funeral that Chysallis aranged but it was just the start of an idea I had since the begining of the CYOA. the grander story is that Queen Chrysallis is behind replacing the union representatives with changelings to take over Equestria, and ultimately you would have to fight your way into the union headquarters encountering things like agressive appliances (IE a coffee maker), janitor ponies that spray chemicals at you, and free floating sentient clouds or asbestos. I had a funny little side quest planned about convincing a pony that lives inside of a photo copier but escaped to go back to being in the box and printing things out on demand. I don't want you to think I am just burned out. I liked the time I spent on NHNB, but this chapter in my life has come to a close and I need to grow. (last pic is location of union HQ) Goodbye players of my CYOA and anons of the /bootleg/ thread!
>>17098 why? just... why?
>>17100 It's very personal.
>>17101 I would've lied if I said this hasn't worsened my day significantly. Oh well... thanks for the game, anon! I hope you will return some day. Can you perhaps share the system and things you have used to run this? In case someone will want to pick it up?
>>17102 Again, I'm sorry it has to end like this so abruptly. Life is life. I can't say for sure if I will ever check in again or not but for now this place in not helping my mental health, and I won't be coming back to do more than see how some of my favorite anons are doing if I do. As for another anon continuing the thread they would be welcomed to if they so desire, although I doubt anyone would want to take such a responsibility. There isn't really anything behind the scenes other than my particular way of organising my file system (folders for artwork, stat sheets, encounter tables, etc), which isn't neccesary for running the game it's just how I do things. Keeping in the nature of how I improvised everything a new anon could do the same. You already know how stats work, you already know what abilities do (if you forgot it's all documented in the thread). The only hidden things are like, the encounter table of what dice rolls make what enemies apear and their stats, and I improvised all of that stuff on the spot. You can have the forest table to studdy: Babibunny: HP=15 SP=5 A=12 I=5 D=0 S=25 --- XP value 10 Bad Trip: HP=15 SP=10 A=15 I=50 D=20 S=10 --- XP value 15 (Status immunity: Poison| Special: attacks have 50% chance to inflict poison for 1 d20 turns-defence) Deciduous One: HP=35 SP=30 A=0 I=0 D=15 S=0 --- XP value 30 (Status immunity: Tackle | Weak against: fire | Special moves: Apple, leaf storm) Shedded: HP=35 SP=30 A=20 I=0 D=0 S=20 --- XP value 60 (Status immunity: Tackle | Weak against: fire) Keebler: HP=25 SP=16 A=15 I=30 D=0 S=15 --- XP value 30 (casts level 1 fire unless using cure on poisoned ally or out of SP) Bear: HP=35 SP=10 A=20 I=10 D=5 S=5 --- XP value 30 Super Fly: HP=15 SP=5 A=6 I=5 D=10 S=30 --- XP value 15 (Flying enemy | Uses two attacks per turn and stays flying) (Boss) Big Hand: HP=300 SP=10 A=20 I=100 D=20 S=10 --- XP value 100 (Specials: call and throw) Encounter table: 0-9 = 5xBabibunny + Deciduous One --- 10-70 bits (30% small apple, 10% large apple) 10-19 = 3xBabibunny + 2xBad Trip + Deciduous One --- 20-80 bits (30% small apple, 10% large apple) 20-29 = 2xBabibunny + 2xKeebler + Deciduous One --- 50-100 bits (30% small apple, 10% large apple) 30-39 = 2xSuper Fly + Bear + Keebler --- 30-70 bits (20% barbed lasso) 40-49 = 3xBad Trip + 3xSuper fly --- 20-80 bits (100% barbed lasso) 50-59 = 2xKeebler + Bad Trip + Bear --- 40-100 bits 60-69 = 2xBear + Super Fly + Deciduous One --- 40-60 bits (30% small apple, 10% large apple) 70-79 = 2xKeebler + 2xDeciduous One --- 60-120 bits (30% small apple, 10% large apple)x2 80-89 = 4xBabibunny + Keebler --- 10-40 bits (50% gold horseshoe [+10 ATK]) 90-99 = 2xBad Trip + Super Fly + Keebler --- 30-60 bits (20% barbed lasso) Special moves: Deciduous One uses two small apples per turn on lowest HP allies. When all allies are gone uses leaf storm which does 1 d6 damage to everypony and turns into shedded. Boss fight: Big hand has Lyra. If he chooses to attack a flying party memeber he throws her and can't get her back. Repo colts join the fight for their IDs 4 turns in, will leave without a fight if IDs are returned I like to use a d100 and multiply results as a decimal to the max of the roll unless I have a die that fits the exact number but does stuff like that actually matter? The new anon could just use the die roll feature on NHNB or a digital randomizer. As for the artwork it's a mix of MS paint scribbles and PNGs I got of derpobooru and other parts of the internet edited together. Just keep your assets in folders near each other so you can use them, and prepare parts you will re-use so that you don't have to remake them every time. But again, it's not really specific to thr CYOA it's just photoediting advice. I literally made up the combat system in 20 minutes. Oh, and past level 5 levels require 100 XP instead of 50. The scaling would change again at level 10. If a brave anon picks up the torch I would be honored.
The only behind the scenes stats I found in my records Prayer: 20% chance of working on first prayer, for every one not answered it increaces by 20% Princess Celestia grants on of these buffs on the roll of a D6: 1. ATK increase 5 2. Max HP increase 5 plus heal 5 HP 3. Regenerate 4 HP per turn 4. Speed increase 20 5. Advantage on all attack rolls 6. Advantage against all attack rolls Buffs whole team for 5 turns. And those can openers that Cloudhead bought for 1 bit each in Prairie post will break if he tries to use them, and the canned muffin is rotten and inedible. The canned apples are legit but he has no way to open them.
>>17098 Very sad to see you go Anon. Thank you for all you've given us.
(130.54 KB 756x1326 button.jpg)
>>17103 Big kick in the gut to hear this. I guess if it's for your mental health I can't say it's a bad decision, just... a gutting one for myself. I will still check in on this thread, in case you change your mind or another Anon (or this anon) gets inspired enough to take on the mantle. Either way. Thanks for everything up to here, best of luck
(1.15 MB 4179x2954 cfb27c358f13015e.jpg)
(1.17 MB 3855x2574 1.jpg)
>>17098 >>17101 >>17103 >>17104 Gosh. This really, really sucks. Thank you very much for running, and I hope things improve for (You). Don't be a stranger. >>17100 >>17102 >>17105 >>17106 Boulder, Cloudhead, Prickly, and Quill anons. Really glad to have done this with you. Thanks for playing. I'm definitely going to still be checking this thread. I have my doubts about any anon picking up the reins, but I'll stick around. I was really hoping this would last. Either way, it's been a pleasure to pony.
>>17103 >>17098 >>17101 Tough to hear this. Was looking forward to more adventuring. Nevertheless, I understand. You've got to take care of yourself. If that means you need to go in a different direction, then you should do what is needed. In any case, I've really enjoyed it, especially since it was my first time doing any CYOA stuff. Grateful for all of your hard work on this! Cloudhead, Boulder, Cross, and Quill, it was a pleasure to play this game with you! Hopefully, I'll see you around the board. As far as I can tell, this is still the most comfy, and calmest corner of the Fandom. So, I'll be around. I was thinking to take up the control of the game, but to be honest it'll take me a while to figure everything out since I've never done anything like this before. Also, I have atrocious artistic ability; so, not sure how I'll make the pictures, etc. We'll see. No promises, but I'll try. Might take several weeks to get on top of it.
>>17109 >As far as I can tell, this is still the most comfy, and calmest corner of the Fandom. Absolutely. I've been all over in the last decade and a half, but have continued to gravitate toward the boards because of just how cozy a retreat it can be. I have had my own personal problems and growth across the time spent here in /fun/geon (almost two years is a lot for me, right now), but at the end of the week, I always looked forward to seeing more progress in here, and that's why I'd like to retain it. Thank you very much again to all the anons here, because /fun/geon's been one of the best experiences I've had. I hope things work out and we can make something happen.
FM, if you're still here, would you be willing to share the files you have on this with us?
(41.46 KB 576x589 adios.jpg)
(134.84 KB Game Over.mp3)
>>17098 Well, that was an abrupt and unexpected end. No worries though, you did a wonderful job keeping things fun and progressing for almost two straight years. As a fellow CYOA runner, I tip my hat off to you, and wish you the best in life wherever you go from here. If you feel like answering any other questions, I have only two things that have stuck in the back of my mind... 1: What was the "rare" encounter in the Zonx supposed to be? 2: If it was actually intended to be possible to be opened, what was contained inside the wall safe in Angel's office? Or was it just another red herring? To the anons of Cross, Boulder, Prickly and Quill, it was fun playing along with you. I hope you all stick around, or at least check in on this site once every few weeks. Rumor has it that something hefty and huggable is returning for our enjoyment around June/July. Anyway, my only regrets here is that I never got to have a good belly slap moment for the memes and giggles lol, or explore Cloudhead's fear of mares. It was meant to be a more integral part of the character, but there were just never any appropriate moments for it. There were a few funny situations I had in mind as we went along, especially involving the golden apple tree, but those never materialized.
i miss them so much
(1.92 KB 110x100 178355.gif)
>>17225 me too, anon
>>17226 >>17225 I really want to continue this game and I was thinking of taking over as interim FM. Problem is twofold: 1) Never done this before. So, need time to figure put how to do it. 2) Don't have the time to dedicate to it while in the business of big gray war conoes. The fortunate thing is that upcoming a few months from now, I'll be shifting into a non-war canoe position (and that'll last for several years), with a highly stable schedule. So, maybe I'll be able to pick it when that happens. More to follow.
>>17237 >So, need time to figure put how to do it. I'm still here, and I'll root for ya. I've got so many fics, greens, and video projects that I wouldn't be able to handle this myself. >I'll be shifting into a non-war canoe position Oh, very cool! Grats!
>>17237 I wish you the best of luck Anon.
(585.53 KB 1915x1250 sunset.jpg)
someday, they'll get out...
>>17321 Some guy has been commissioning these the entire time. I dont think there was ever a "we" here, just OP ripping some art to springboard off https://www.deviantart.com/koviry/art/Five-commission-959593488 https://www.deviantart.com/koviry/art/Five-in-the-forest-990428720
>>17323 Ah, fuck, I wanted change the post a bit, but you've replied already. I'm talking about the CYOA party, as in "our party still gets new art". I think one of the players been comissioning it.
>>17323 >>17324 To clear things up a bit (though it's absolutely unnecessary) and since I kind of just started doing this on a whim, all 4 koviry pieces have been commissioned by me alone--a player--for /fun/geon.
>>17113 >1: What was the "rare" encounter in the Zonx supposed to be? Gummy who you would simply find and pick up, but I decided it would be more interesting to implement that with Silly. >2: If it was actually intended to be possible to be opened, what was contained inside the wall safe in Angel's office? Or was it just another red herring? Hadn't thought of it. If you thought of some way to open it I would have improvised what is inside like I improvised almost everything else. >>17303 I feel a pit in my stomach looking at this... Things did not end with happy circumstances. I miss you guys, and I feel like such a busta bailing on this community. NHNB and /bootleg/ was my only friend group and was so sad to leave behind. I still feel like I can't participate in the MLP fandom anymore, but now that the dust has had a chance to settle I want to explain it better. Expect to see me in the /bootleg/ Watch2Gether this weekend. Not sure what night I will be free but if there isn't one I will make one. If there was one and I wasn't there there will be two. If I don't line up with any anons from this thread I will be back next weekend. >>17111 >>17237 >would you be willing to share the files you have on this with us? Yes, but I don't know how to mess around with setting up a drive. If you set one up I will dump the files for you. Thank you for planning to attempt this; I hope it works out. >>17329 4 pieces? I only saw three. Thank you for commissioning the art it is beautiful! I wish that I could have kept running this longer; It felt so good to have my work honored that way :( Goodnight anon, I wish you all a pleasant week.
>>17450 Should just post here when you're ready to say what you'd like to say, FM. I'm flying out of country for the week, too, and have been (and will always be) busy. I would like to know how many anons still check in; I never stopped. For the record, I'm Cross anon. >4 pieces? I only saw three. I was thinking of another piece I was getting from her at the same time. It's just the 3 for /fun/geon. Sorry for this lackluster reply. Tired. And miss playing with the anons, here. Take care.
>>17451 >should just post here Don't take this as disrespect, but be there or be square. If you really care and can't line up with me this time I'll make sure you get your chance Cross anon.
>>17452 killing myself
Is it live or is it Memorex? Here's your chance to find out: >>17462 Hope to see a few anon there so I can send things off right
>>17463 Did it actually happen? I was at work, so I set up a computer to record the w2g while I was away (started the recording from work). I think I missed the first 20 or so min after the link was posted, but I didn't see any discussion happening. The most was wishing more Anons showed up, and also wondering who the lurker was (it was me).
>>17465 Yes. A short summary for those who have missed: FM went through a personal drama, which required most of his mental resources. Now he needs time to re-charge. Hopefully he will return to the community sometime.
Hope DM or PricklyAnon who wanted to restart the game will return
>>17575 I'm back. Been waiting for NHNB to come back online. Finished my move across the states. Then, just when I was going to get started on trying to learn the ins and outs of running the game NHNB goes down. Anyway, I'm going to dive into it now and learn as much as I can before restarting this thing. I have to warn you all though, I have never run anything like this. I've never even played D&D before. But, I'll do my best until someone better comes along. Cheers.
>>17581 Good luck Prickly Anon. It's good to hear from you again and to know there's still interest. I'm looking forward to this