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(682.13 KB 1302x1042 Book Buddies.png)
/bug/ -#2- The Changeling Thread Anonymous 09/26/2021 (Sun) 06:38:26 No. 3333
Home of all your chitinous needs and the center for all FiM changeling artwork, discussion, stories and more. For stories and other changeling related material, check out The Hive Directory: https://ponepaste.org/4223 >What is BuggyCYOA? BuggyCYOA is(thus far) a simple adventure involving an Anon who is trying to care for a changeling that he found starving in the Everfree Forest. Life may be simple now, but many secrets lurk in this world, and things may change at any moment... Get caught up at the BuggyCYOA Archive: https://ponepaste.org/4086 Or on fimfiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/499520/buggycyoa Previous thread: >>5 This threads question is... >How long does a changeling live?
>>3333 >How long does a changeling live? Maybe they are capable of living forever but require progressively more love to continue on as they get older. Nice quads
(900.36 KB 1824x1305 BuggyCYOA_pt192.jpg)
(520.28 KB 1280x1280 BuggyCYOA_AnonHouse_V3.png)
From 5 to 3333. We've come a long way, haven't we? >>3060 >>3061 >>3062 >>3067 >>3075 >>3089 >>3093 Cockafright https://ponepaste.org/4086#4046 "Hey..." You begin while reaching over to rest a hand on Notaulix's withers. "...I know it's scary to think about, but you should realize that now we're going out as a team, we have a major advantage against the cockatrice." You continue. "We do?" Notaulix questions as he looks back up at you in surprise and confusion. "What do you mean, Anon? What kind of advantage?" He then asks. "As far as its ability to petrify goes, it can only focus on one thing at a time, as far as I know." You begin to explain. "Let's consider the worst case scenario: If one of us did happen to become petrified, the other could run back to Ponyville and get help." You continue. "You should know from the book that this kind of petrification usually isn't a permanent thing; an exceptional magic user can often reverse it, among other ways. So, that isn't so bad, right?" You conclude. "I don't know, Anon... It would be better if nobody became petrified." Notaulix says, sounding very unconvinced. "Well, that's the idea." You agree with a chuckle. "If I easily avoided it twice, you can too." You add, hoping to encourage Notaulix. "What did you do when you encountered a cockatrice, Anon?" Notaulix asks you. "I looked away." You simply reply. Upon hearing your response, Notaulix simply stares up at you for several seconds with a blank look on his face, before tilting his head slightly to one side. "The moment I saw the cockatrice and recognized what it was, I turned my head away from it, and walked away. That's what I mean about having a plan in your mind before it happens. You want it to be a reflex." You elaborate. "Oh, that's all? Really? Doesn't the cockatrice want to chase you?" Notaulix asks. "Hasn't happened to me. Don't think it would, either. In my opinion, I think the whole petrification thing is just a defense mechanism for the cockatrice." You respond. "A defense... mechanism? What do you mean by that, Anon?" Notaulix asks. "Think about it logically; the petrification doesn't serve the cockatrice any good beyond disabling whatever it perceives as a threat. It can't eat the statues it makes, as far as I know." You explain. "I've never seen any damage done to the petrified critters that I've found, at least." You then add. "Hmm." Notaulix hums as he brings a forehoof up to his chin in thought, while his ears slowly begin to relax and raise up once more. "See? It doesn't seem as bad when you think things through, right?" "Yes, I guess you're right, Anon." Notaulix agrees. "There we go. Just continue to study these things and think about how you should react." You recommend to Notaulix. "And remember, I wouldn't be having you study up to begin with if I didn't think you couldn't handle yourself out there." You conclude with words of encouragement, while also reaching up and scratching behind Notaulix's ears, much to his joy. In no time at all, your changeling companion is back to his usual self, with perky, upright ears and a more relaxed demeanor. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix says once you conclude the ear scritches. "You're welcome, Notaulix." You say in response. What do you do next? 1: Talk about something else 2: Examine your new boots 3: Fold and put away your laundry 4: Start washing your underwear 5: Other
>>3336 >New thread >New update Hell yeah. Maybe ask him if there's anything he's excited look for out there. Something to look forward to instead of being scared of everything. Also should examine boots at some point.
(166.56 KB 700x583 1544219062594.png)
>>3336 Oh boy update. How I wish we could do every option. What time of day is it anyway? Time might affect things but discounting that, I'd say 2>3>4. Although, no big conversation to get in the way of that but we can also ask Notaulix if he's recovered from trying to use magic on the saddlebags, and about his love reserve. Hell I'd like to have a whole 'nother love-related conversation again but chores should probably come first here, not that I expect them to be very exciting.
>>3336 I'll let the dice make my decision this time
2 + 1 = 3 (1d3+1)
I'm going with #4 perhaps some saucy stuff could occur with such a thing
>>3336 First things first, wash the undies.
>>3336 4 is probably what we should do to give enough time for the laundry to dry. 2 is what I want to do.
(786.54 KB 1821x1089 BuggyCYOA_pt193.jpg)
>>3336 >>3338 >>3348 >>3409 >>3427 >>3435 Scrubbing Bubbles https://ponepaste.org/4086#4071 Look! An update that didn't take me a week or more! Following that, you share a moment of silence together, lost in your respective thoughts. Though as much as you find the moment relaxing, you know there are things that you should be doing. "Well..." You begin while giving both of your legs an audible slap. "...if that covers everything you wanted to talk about for now, I think it's about time I get up and take care of my chores for the day." You continue. "Okay Anon. Thank you for helping me." Notaulix says as he scoots back, leaving you plenty of room to get up. "Sure thing." You say as you rise up from the sofa. "Remember, just keep studying, and try to have a plan in mind for everything, one thing at a time." You recommend before walking over to the fireplace. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix responds while watching you put another piece of wood on the fire. "Do you need any help with your tasks?" He then asks you. Pausing for a moment, you consider his offer before responding. "Nah, it's just some laundry folding and other stuff. There's not much to help with, really. Thanks for the offer though." You reply with a smile of appreciation. "Okay." Notaulix simply says before getting snuggled into place under his blanket. Leaving Notaulix and the fireplace behind, you make a stop by the front door, in order to free your feet from the confines of their boots. Once your feet and free and comfortable, you walk down the hallway and enter your bedroom, where your first task in the form of a pile of clothes on your bed awaits. Folding all of your freshly cleaned clothes is a job that you take your time with, finding it somewhat relaxing on a day like today. Before too long, the messy pile is transformed into neatly folded stacks of shirts, pants and socks, which you then take the time to put away in a small dresser placed up against the far wall. Upon putting away the last of the folded clothing, you take a moment to gaze out at nature from one of the windows in your bedroom. With a sigh, you depart from your bedroom back out into the hallway, ready to tackle the one chore that you're really not looking forward to: Washing your underwear. Walking the short distance down the hallway, you enter the bathroom, leaving the door partially open behind you as you walk over to a vanity of sorts, which is built around the sink. Bending down, you open up one of the cabinets underneath. Reaching inside, you pull out a wooden bucket, which contains a small washboard and a bar of soap. Next, while waiting for the bucket to partially fill up with water, you grab hold of the woven basket that you use for your dirty clothes and deposit it by the shower. Once the bucket is filled to the appropriate level, you haul it over and place it in the shower. You then take the lid off of the basket and turn it upside down, dumping all the underwear contained within onto the floor. Finally, with everything in place, you roll up your sleeves, kneel down on the floor, and get to work. A far cry from the washing machines that you were once familiar with, you diligently go through the motions of soaking, soaping, scrubbing and rinsing, one at a time. While not an overly difficult job by any means, it's a monotonous one. Still, it needs to be done, even if there were other things you would rather be doing. Regardless, you carry on scrubbing away as the minutes go by... At some point after you've lost track of time, you look over your shoulder as you hear the sound of hoofsteps drawing near. "Anon?" You hear the voice of Notaulix call out from behind the door, shortly followed by the changeling poking his head inside. "Do you need a moment in here?" You ask Notaulix, pausing your work. "No, not yet... I was just wondering what you were doing, Anon. You've been in this room for a long time, and the noises being made are strange." Notaulix explains. "May I come in and watch what you're doing, Anon? I-If you don't mind!" He then adds.
Ask him if he really wants to watch and if so let him in
(2.59 MB 6620x3980 1630608499116.png)
>>3447 >feet and free I think that's only the second or third typo I've spotted myself. We can probably be blunt and outright state we're cleaning our underwear. If it didn't come up back when we were talking about why we have an extra bit of clothing specifically for our dangly bits (and I don't think it did) we can just note that area tends to be even more sensitive than the rest. I don't exactly see anything wrong with him sitting around watching us wash boxers and/or briefs, but I don't see a reason for him to do so either. Little awkward. On the other hand, we could use the opportunity to bring up something I've been wondering about: When the saddlebag strap needed to go under his dock, he seemed genuinely confused as to why he shouldn't let us touch back there. Similar candid-ness to him wanting us to look at his butt when he was a gryphon. Maybe ask him what he's used to or feels about, concerning that whole subject? Guessing the hive didn't exactly put much stock in personal privacy, and all of Equestria tends to be naked most of the time.
>>3449 That bug looks huge. Just how much does that unit weigh? On a side note, we need to purchase Notaulix some socks
>>3449 Why is bug big? Oh shi...
>>3447 Tell him that you're washing your clothes, he can come in but it really isn't that terribly exciting.
>>3452 Thigh high socks perhaps?
>>3447 >You've been in this room for a long time, and the noises being made are strange. Kek. Maybe Notaulix will like watching laundry being done. Keeping Anon company. >>3452 >That's what happens when you overfeed a Changeling love
(258.69 KB 799x902 1557952189171.png)
>>3467 Maybe a garter belt to go with
>bug is excited for updates
>>3495 Why do bugs have such great butts.
>>3536 They can change their form to anything they'd like, so why not make it a great one?
(174.46 KB 823x744 1545346102612.png)
>>3537 But their true forms have the best ones.
>>3541 What if it's actually a disguise?
(472.63 KB 3000x4500 1560309859337.png)
>>3542 I have trouble getting behind that headcanon just because it would be a terrible use of energy/magic to maintain a 'disguise' that does nothing for subterfuge or practicality.
I wonder how big or small Notaulix's butt is. and his other assets
>>3552 Bet he's a little twink
(202.15 KB 1628x1278 13034200236.jpg)
>>3552 >>3571 IIRC towards the beginning of the fic, Notaulix is described as being anorexic from starvation. Can't imagine he's put on very much weight yet.
(2.90 MB 1920x1920 1546450878042.png)
>>3581 Probably not, though QM also described him as being a teeny bit stockier than a regular bug (which is roughly mare-sized, so still smaller than a typical stallion). But yeah, probably pretty skinny.
(1.42 MB 1280x1010 art10221.jpg)
>>3612 Is that Chrysalis in a green Wonderbolts suit?
(780.54 KB 1500x2100 1152609.jpg)
>>3613 It's Chrysalis in what seems to be more of a green spy suit. Sort of like one Pinkie wore in season 3 premiere.
>>3614 Neat. What do you think she's spying on?
(1.25 MB 1280x989 art10391.jpg)
>>3615 I don't know. But here is a photo without suit.
(1.13 MB 1755x1659 BuggyCYOA_pt194.jpg)
>>3582 Did I? Do you happen to remember where that was mentioned? I'd have to double check my stuff to confirm if it was already established or not, but Notaulix is supposed to be a fairly big boy as far as changelings go, being slightly taller than the average stallion. Somewhere between average stallion and Big Mac, probably on the lower end of that scale. His size isn't that evident right now because of his severe malnutrition and weight loss though. We need to continue feeding him well so that he can bulk back up. ^:) >>3612 >>3623 I really like this. Full size Chryssi plushes make me think of the lucid dream I had involving her many years ago. >>3615 You >>3447 >>3448 >>3449 >>3462 >>3470 Tighty Whities https://ponepaste.org/4086#4098 I'm having a lot of fun with this update; it's a big one too. Hope you guys enjoy it. Are you bad enough dudes to delve into the DEEPEST LORE? "Well uh- I... I'm just washing some clothes." You blurt out. "Nothing interesting to watch, really." You add. Notaulix simply stares at you, gears clearly turning in his mind before tilting his head in confusion. "Didn't you just get your clothes washed in Ponyville, Anon?" Notaulix questions you. "I..." You pause for several drawn out seconds, suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed and stuck. "Well, yeah. I had everything done except for these." You say while gesturing at the bucket that you're working over. "Just, these uh... My underwear." You finally spit out. "What's an underwear, Anon?" Notaulix quickly asks with keen interest. Scolding yourself inwardly for not just closing the door before you got started, you can't help but let out a heavy sigh, which Notaulix picks up on. "I'm sorry, Anon! I-I can leave if you don't want me bothering you..." Notaulix meekly says, partially retreating back out of the doorway. And just like that, you immediately feel bad. Not wanting to put a sour note on the day, you begin to weigh your options. While you may be bothered by the forwardness and strange questions of the residents of this land, be it pony, changeling or any other race, regarding things that you consider to be private affairs, you know that it isn't their fault. Because in the end, you know that you are the strange one, not them. You're the exception to the norm, a mystery, an anomaly; one that shouldn't exist. And yet, here you are... After weighing your options, you conclude that one way or another, Notaulix was going to end up seeing your underwear, either now or when you would go to put them up to dry. Prompting the very questions that he is asking you now, no doubt. With that in mind, you decide to swallow your pride and simply get it over with. "Hey, I didn't mean anything like that. You can come in and watch if you want. I don't mind, really." You reassure Notaulix. "O-Okay." Notaulix says before pushing the bathroom door open further and taking tentative steps inside. Returning your attention to your work, you continue scrubbing away. Shortly after that, Notaulix appears at your side before sitting down next to you. "These are underwear?" Notaulix asks, pointing one of his forehooves at the undergarments in question. "Yep, they are." You respond. "What are they used for?" Notaulix then asks. "I wear them. They're a common, everyday piece of clothing for my kind." You answer. Upon hearing your answer, Notaulix alternates between looking at the underwear and eyeing you up and down. "They are? But Anon, where do they go? I have not seen you wear anything like these... Do they go on your head for a special occasion?" Notaulix eventually asks, clearly confused. 1/2
>>3653 2/2 You can't help but laugh and smile at Notaulix's silly question, which only furthers the changelings confusion. "They don't belong on the head!" You respond in an amused tone. "They go underneath the pants, here in this area." You say while vaguely gesturing at your pelvic area. "Really...?" Notaulix says, sounding somewhat unconvinced. "Look." You say as you take the current one that you're washing and hold it up. "See? The legs go through here, and this part here holds onto the waist." You explain before putting it back into the bucket. "Oh! Yes, I get it now!" Notaulix happily announces. However, his expression quickly returns to one of puzzlement. "But... What purpose do they serve, Anon? Why do you need to wear a piece of clothing under more clothing?" Notaulix questions you. "Well, they just..." You trail off as you catch yourself. The reality is that really just keep the goods thoroughly supported and chafe-free, but you really don't feel like outright saying that. After all, things are already awkward enough as-is. "...help keep me warm and comfortable. Do you remember when you asked me about clothes a few days ago? How we wear more or less depending on the temperature around us?" You continue. "I do remember! I think I understand now Anon, thank you." Notaulix says, the lightbulb finally going off in his head. "Even if I do understand, it is still very strange to me, Anon." He adds not long after. "Yeah... I guess I am kind of strange, huh?" You say to Notaulix with a smile, prompting him to smile in return. With that, you continue your task of washing for several minutes uninterrupted while Notaulix sits and observes, allowing you to get most of the underwear done before his next question arrives. "What is that tool you are using to clean the underwear, Anon?" Notaulix asks. "This is a small washboard." You say as you hold up the object in question. "You rub things made of cloth up against these ridges with soap and water to make them clean." You explain. "I see. And that basket? You store your clothing in there?" Notaulix asks, pointing a forehoof at the basket in question. "The ones that I've worn or gotten dirty, yes." You answer him. "Oh. Now I understand why your scent was so strongly attached to it, Anon." Notaulix comments. "What? Have you been over there smelling my dirty clothes basket?" You question Notaulix with furrowed brows as you turn your head to look at him, unsure of if you should be offended or weirded out right now. "I haven't laid a hoof on the basket, Anon! In fact, I have stayed away from it." Notaulix reassures you. "It is easy to smell whenever I walk into this room." He begins to explain. "Since it was strongly marked with your scent, I knew it belongs to you and is important. It would be very disrespectful to handle something marked without permission!" Notaulix concludes in a very matter-of-fact way. "Alright then..." You say, expression softening as you return your focus to your work. As you do so, you begin to ponder what Notaulix just told you. More specifically, this thought of something being "marked" by scent. When you think back on it, you remember Notaulix explaining to you that changelings supposedly have a very sharp sense of smell, but now you wonder just how extensive that sense is. "Anon? I almost forgot! If you just had the rest of your clothes washed in Ponyville, why did you not have these washed with them?" Notaulix asks you, interrupting your thoughts. "Uh, about that..." You pause as you consider how to answer your changeling friends question. How do you respond? 1: You prefer to do it yourself 2: You forgot to bring them with you 3: Dodge the question 4: Regale Notaulix with the tale of "The Incident" 5: Other
Also, are you guys doing alright? Feels a little quieter in here after the new thread was made.
>>3654 1 or 4 >>3655 Good. Thread's activity changes a lot since they're aren't a huge amount of people around, but the average speed seems a lot higher than some points during the first thread.
>>3655 The real life's been killing me, otherwise I'd probably be a bit more active in several threads.
(302.85 KB 1089x787 1602030083912.png)
>>3653 >Do you happen to remember where that was mentioned? Pretty sure you said it directly to me when I asked in a post over 5 months ago or so. Sadly it's a little hard to find it now. Anyway, damn what an update! As much as I'd love to candidly tell him about 'the incident', we ourselves have no idea how big a deal that was. I'm sure other Anons will jump straight for it though. Either way we can go with 4>1 or just 1 by itself as my vote. Would still like to bring up that topic from my last post though: We previously talked very very briefly about what nudity meant for a human, and Notaulix didn't seem terribly embarrassed about the idea of us eyeballing his rear end, so I'd really like to know what's 'intimate' for a changeling. There's honestly a lot I want to talk about our lovebug with but only so much time in a day. >>3655 It goes in spurts, in both this thread and last thread there would be multiple days of no posts, and then a dozen or dozens in the same day.
>>3654 Voting for 4 >>3655 Still good.
>>3552 A perfect size. Especially for eating.
(489.87 KB 2500x2500 1485004163270.png)
>>3664 Bug is for loving and headpats, not food.
>>3668 But ass eating is loving
>>3673 You got that right.
(198.48 KB 974x1005 1544912626113.jpg)
Bug wishes he could have a normal faggot relationship without a bunch of weird kinks. Just regular kinks.
>>3654 I find it kind of funny how sensitive Anon is about his undies. Voting 4 because I want to hear about "the incident" as well. Do you think Anon will come home one day to the sight of Notaulix in a pair of his tighty whities?
>>3680 I don't think my own pair would contain my throbbing poner if that happened.
>>3653 >>3654 >>3680 Also yeah it's pretty silly how embarrassed our Anon gets over some subjects. Maybe it's just me having so many doctor visits and such but when essentially talking to an alien about both societal norms and biology I'd probably go the whole scientific matter-of-fact way of talking about it. "Human genitalia is among the most sensitive parts of the body, and combined with prior talk on taboo and intimacy, is always the first thing covered up." and all that.
>>3654 I pick somewhere between 1 and 4. I'd really like to learn the story behind The Incident, but I doubt Anon's too keen to disclose it to Notaulix.
>>3685 I am going with this guys plan for #5 other
On one hand I feel bad for missing two updates, but on the other, it was a pretty fun read! As much as I want to know what was the incident about (though I now have an idea, with their ability to detect "scents" and whatnot), I think the best option is to tell him something on the lines of that it's a human tradition to wash your underwear yourself.
>>3680 >>3685 Uh oh. Is Anon acting irrationally, in your opinion? Do I need to rewrite that part? It's kind of a big deal to me. >>3756 Glad you're having fun Anon. I'm really curious, what do you think the incident was? Are you implying that another changeling was somehow involved? Anyway, with the current responses, I'm locking us into option 4. I was hoping you guys would go for it. I've been waiting for this since I dropped the hint way back This next update is going to be a bit special. Since it's going to be the retelling of a past event, it's going to be delivered in one shot; a big update that will also be the one to push BuggyCYOA past the 100k words milestone. Because of that, it's probably going to take me several days to write it all out. I'll try really hard to get it out as fast as I can. I hope that's okay.
(331.23 KB 900x900 1544264715236.png)
>>3784 >Uh oh. Is Anon acting irrationally, in your opinion? Do I need to rewrite that part? >It's kind of a big deal to me. He's acting consistently, which may be more important. It's just funny how flustered he gets about these subjects, since you'd think it's mostly the kind of thing fictional characters get all weird about. Then again, I vaguely recall that for quite a period, doctors in both the Americas and Europe put out a public statement saying some sexually-related disease or illness (or injury?) had a second less embarrassing cause just to get people to actually come in and get it treated. Wish I could find what it was again. Anyway, godspeed Anon, I'm already anticipating the next delivery of wordsmithing. And as for our red-cheeked player character, maybe it can just be his own bit of character development. He does seem to have his own mind separate from the ideas we force through him. It's part of why I'm curious how a romance would ever develop in the first place because we don't know what our own vessel thinks about the subject.
>>3785 Man I hate having to be an entity within another's mind
>>3785 What I mean by it being a big deal to me, is that I'm trying to be extremely careful to make Anon be as "normal" and level-headed as I can manage, within reason. We've all seen the portrayal of Anonymous as the goofy, over the top funny man who frequently acts in silly, unrealistic ways and always makes sure to to cum inside Rainbow Dash at the end of the day. In contrast, I've always viewed Anonymous as more of a blank slate to place yourself in the shoes of the character as they go through the story. He's you, the reader, or whatever you want to imagine him as, be it his name, ethnicity, skin/hair/eye color, etc. Because of that, I try to present Anon as if he could be just some guy off the street, who was living a relatively normal life with a sound mind, who ends up being thrust into a magical yet alien world, who tries his best to adapt. I want it to be as easy as possible for you to step into that mans shoes. Because of that, if Anon appears to behave really abnormally about something, that's not good in my mind. Personally, I don't know anyone who would be comfortable with having someone you've barely known for a week just sit and watch you wash your underwear of all things. I tried to express that feeling. I don't know; bit of a ramble and some insight into my thinking. Hope it makes sense.
(129.69 KB 650x620 1612407802939.png)
>>3791 Yeah, it makes sense. Funnily thinking about it again reminded me of ye olde classic scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ves37rxXwgI In retrospect yeah it's probably normal for him to be a little anxious around his new roommate, particularly if he's the kind of guy worry about stepping on toes with societal norms and hasn't opened up to any ponies yet. It's a nice little contrast to his partial semi-grizzled woodsman day life anyway. I suppose there's plenty of regular people who get antsy about doctors poking around their junk after all. I'm just the autistic outlier. And several of the other Anon's really want to tongue but hole. Not that I can't respect their desire to get the bug into our bed sooner rather than later.
>>3784 >Is Anon acting irrationally, in your opinion? Do I need to rewrite that part? It's perhaps a little odd but maybe not quite irrational. It's at least consistent with how he's been in the past, similarly caught up anywhere near Notaulix's rear end. >Because of that, it's probably going to take me several days to write it all out. I'll try really hard to get it out as fast as I can. I hope that's okay. Looking forward to it Anon.
>>3676 What's the list of regular ones?
>>3654 The Incident! Enlighten him!
(152.50 KB 1000x750 135742234021.png)
Happy October, /bug/
Do bugs celebrate holidays? Do they have their own sets of holidays different from ponies?
>>3834 Changeling gourd fest?
(2.32 MB 480x270 1520214637161.gif)
>>3834 Every day is Bug Day!
(8.23 KB 253x26 The Best Tag.jpg)
>>3834 Watermelon Harvest Festival
(1.56 MB 1800x1063 BuggyCYOA_pt195.jpg)
>>3653 >>3654 >>3658 >>3661 >>3663 >>3680 >>3691 Decision https://ponepaste.org/4086#4146 Just a little nothing update to set the stage for what's to come, plus I'm using it as a stopping point to put a new chapter up on fimfic while I write out the next update, which is going to be a chapters worth on its own.
(2.71 MB 2600x3200 1546677522623.png)
>>3844 Aha! The gravity he puts into the incident does make me wonder what the hell it is. Only guesses are either some kind of gross stain or the concept of underwear itself. Maybe ponies are the ones with a taboo about underwear? Either way it sounds like we'll be wondering for a few days. See you when we see you QMAnon!
(3.64 MB 1590x2119 189292781721.png)
New fimfic chapter is up, for those who enjoy reading formatted stuff. What do the rest of you Anons think the "incident" was? I'm really curious to know. >>3847 I really hope it lives up to the hype and is at least somewhat enjoyable to read. I'm a bit nervous about it since it's a little break from the norm thus far.
>>3848 >What do the rest of you Anons think the "incident" was? Everybody at the wash wanted to try on Anon's funny hats since he has so many of them. They even come with build in earwarmers.
>>3847 Ooooooohh >>3848 I haven't the foggiest, but I take it it's going to be due to some cultural misunderstanding of some sort?
>>3850 >Everypone at the laundromaut danced around with Anon's underwear on their heads. >Then found out they're normally worn over his junk. No way that ended well, particularly when you take into account that underwear for humans is also designed to catch any seepage. It'd be perfectly in line with the show though, considering they made a visual gag out of Pinkie wearing a diaper on her head.
(2.16 MB 1800x1125 152347283401.png)
Just was thinking about my own prompt while taking a break from writing when this appeared in my mind >>3333 >>3335 >Everypony thought the Changeling invasion of the Royal Wedding was one of purely selfish motivation >Power >Fame >Control >To completely dominate the land of Equestria >The truth was a much harsher reality >Queen Chrysalis was old >Very old >Unlike the Sisters of Sun and Moon, her life wasn't blessed to last indefinitely >As were the lives of the Great Hive Mothers before her >The older she grew, the more love she needed to sustain herself and her hive >The very essence of life to a Changeling >The very essence they had lacked in recent years >In truth, the Queen cared not that her time was drawing close >No, for she had lived a full life >She had taken lovers, reared many clutches, and lead each of her offspring to success >She had watched the races of the land settle towns, which grew into cities, which burned to ash in time >She had known pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, failure and success >And yet, even though she may have been satisfied in years, she did not wish to die yet >She could not >For the sake of her hive, her little nymphs, her precious ones >Queen Chrysalis knew that if she was successful, her life would be assured for at least as long as her spouse lived >Another clutch could be reared >Those little ones could also experience life and all the simple joys that it offered >For their sake, she tried >Though try as she might, she had failed >As was engraved in the record of history >In the wake of her failure, in some forsaken land, all she had left to experience was the cold ground beneath >The mighty Queen laid there, alone, awaiting death; her broken body watering the ground with her life essence >Yet, she was not, nor angry, nor fearful of what awaits her >No, for in fact, she was happy! >For she, Queen Chrysalis, had tried >She had done everything she could >For their sake >Because she loved them
>>3908 Interesting little short. Thanks for sharing Anon.
(119.49 KB 1050x425 Views.jpg)
(105.69 KB 1047x528 ChapterViews.jpg)
(100.99 KB 353x687 Referrals.jpg)
So I was looking at my stats for BuggyCYOA on fimfic. It's really interesting to get a feel for how your story is being received. Especially in regards to how well the first chapter is able to "hook" the readers. You can see the huge drop in readers after the first few chapters, but it balances out to roughly a 1 in 4 reader retention rate. No idea if that would be considered good, bad or normal, but there it is. One anomaly that I notice is how later chapters have more views than previous ones. Do some people just decide to skip ahead chapters when reading stories? Seems really weird to me. Another anomaly that I notice is in the form of the referrals. Namely: >profile.cheezburger.com It made me laugh imagining someone having an account there of all places linking to this story somehow. In other news, what has happened in the past day or two? It's suddenly extremely dead on this board. We were consistently getting 30+ pph during the peak of the day for many days in a row, and now it's nothing. However, I've also noticed the same drop in activity on /mlp/. It's like the bulk of the initial G5 spammers got bored of spamming, and now nobody really wants to post besides bumping their thread off of page 10.
>>3922 >Do some people just decide to skip ahead chapters when reading stories? I think there's some people who just start reading the newest stuff. >It's suddenly extremely dead on this board. Activity can change on a dime here, some days it's just dead, it's probably gonna spike back up soon enough.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>3922 Yeah that is very normal as far as I know, fimfic browsers are a weird bunch. Lots of picking stories up mid-way for no reason, not returning to stuff even if they like it, etcetera. >In other news, what has happened in the past day or two? Just like the last four months, it comes and goes in waves. Every so often an actual topic of discussion comes up and it gets discussed and eventually ends and then nothing happens until the next one. Even the gayest cumslurping horndogs get tired of posting about bug assholes sometimes. That's how it be with low usercounts like we've got, and both /mlp/ and nhnb aren't exactly growing much (if at all). Hell, most bug-related discussion I have to bring up myself is just my weird headcanon and OCs and there's a finite amount of those and I'm autistic about bringing them up un-prompted, so I fall into the 'waiting for someone else to start something' camp. My new tablet is arriving tomorrow though, so small possibility of future draws?
Yeah from my experience forum activity can die on a dime i wouldn't worry about it to much people will return. Everyone craves our little bug boy.
>>3922 >You can see the huge drop in readers after the first few chapters, but it balances out to roughly a 1 in 4 reader retention rate. No idea if that would be considered good, bad or normal, but there it is. One anomaly that I notice is how later chapters have more views than previous ones. Do some people just decide to skip ahead chapters when reading stories? Seems really weird to me. It's fairly typical for stories to have a drop off in viewers after the first few ones. Some just want to check in a few to see if is to their tastes, then drop off afterwards. As for the latter, that can be explained as well, perhaps readers seeing if the latter stuff is up to snuff or not. I do this sometimes with stories to see how the writer is progressing, see if has anything I want or don't want, in which case I skip it. I wouldn't worry too much about it for the time being. Just is what it is.
>>3922 >In other news, what has happened in the past day or two? It's suddenly extremely dead on this board. It's highly variable. Maybe people's busy days just happened to coincide. >>3925 >finite amount of those Can always brainstorm together ^:) >Chryssy's day off Maybe she pretends to be one of the princesses for the day to have the royal guard give her the royal treatment. >What would changeling pranks be like >What superstitions do ponies have regarding the detection of Changelings? Which ones are right and which are bogus? >>3926 You'll always have me. >>3928 There's also the PonePaste version, some people could be switching between the versions.
(358.30 KB 1000x1000 120848210234.png)
How differently would BuggyCYOA have progressed up until this point if Notaulix was a female bug? Would there be little to no change, or would people be trying even harder to get the bug into bed?
>>3980 I don't know if Anon would be more or less embarrassed by a female changeling's rear.
>>3980 Good question, I was the first one to start pushing for the romance but I probably wouldn't have with a female bug, but I imagine there's still enough horny Anons around to have wanted it regardless.
>>3980 Probably the same but with more hornyness.
>>3925 What sort of tablet? I've played with the idea of getting one for digital art for a long time. Whenever I finish writing BuggyCYOA to its conclusion, inb4 never, it might be a good time for me to get one, just for a change of pace. I don't think I could handle writing out one large, long term story and immediately jump right into another. The burnout would be intense. >>3942 >Superstitions You know, I've never really thought much about this subject before, but it's a good one. I've usually thought of ponykinds general Bug Avoidance Program™ being more factually based rather than superstitious. Maybe the pony folk who live in the more remote and rural regions of Equestria have a thing or two? Hanging chimes with holes drilled in them around the home? Painting the mailbox yellow? Staring battles before you let strangers into your home? There's a lot of fun to be had on the subject. >>3980 The world will never know ^:) Unless...
>>4031 >I've played with the idea of getting one for digital art for a long time. I would say check for them at yard sales and pawn shops. I see them for sale often enough, got a reasonably nice Wacom for like $20.
(601.14 KB 1945x2416 1471734828989.png)
>>4031 I'm insane and am getting a 24 inch screen tablet to replace the old worn one I borrowed from a friend years ago. I don't know what experience you have drawing but you should honestly start with paper, that skill carries over to digital better than going digital to traditional. And of course always be drawing, no matter how shitty. Napkin doodle a day helps you a ton even if it doesn't seem like it. >>3942 I wish I had already thought of something concerning the superstitions stuff, since that'd likely lead to some nice writing ideas. Fly paper and bug spray is probably the easy go-to, I'll need to think of sillier and more elaborate ones.
Here's a late night quickie about pony-changeling superstition. May not be the best. >You were a delivery man for the Ponyville post office. >Lean, green, and Anonymous, the ponies there thought you were the perfect candidate to deliver a special package. >One going out to some village in the absolute middle of nowhere. >Hoofstop village, way out in one of the swamps that border the Everfree. >It was a long and arduous voyage but the thatch roofed huts were slowly coming into view. >As you walk you notice one of the inhabitants walking down the road coming towards you. >"Hello there!" >You shout and wave your hand in a friendly manner. >The pony notices you and drops the basket that she was carrying before dashing off back to the village. >"How odd, ponies here must not see outsiders all that often." >You continue on, grabbing the basket as you past it figuring you could be nice by helping return it. >Entering the village proper you are suprised to see not a trace of anypony. >"Hello! Is anypony there? I've got a package for the mayor. I also picked up this basket that one of you dropped." >With a large thud tribal drums began to beat from somewhere above you on the rooftops, causing you to drop the basket. >"Hello!?" >The drum beats continue. >You look around for anypony, the noise filling you with a sense of unease. >Soon strange figures started to emerge from between the huts. >Ponies unsteadily walking towards you on thier hind legs, arms outstretched in a T shape, they wore masks on their faces depicting unnaturally happy expressions. >"I've got a package here!" >You hold it above your head but the ponies pay it no mind as they continue to advance. >"I'm just the delivery man!" >You look around for any escape but they wholly surround you. >Getting closer you decide to make a run for it, try and break through the line. >At least that's what you intended to do, instead you slipped on a mud puddle and feel flat on your back. >The ponies descended upon you. >"Ahhhhhhhh!" >You shout as they pile on top of you completely blocking your vision. >Eventually you feel them pull off of you. >You cautiously open your eyes. >The ponies are now standing normally with masks down, starring at you intently. >One of them steps forward. "So you're not a Changeling after all." >"Huh?" "You past the test." >"Is that what all this" >You gesture with you hand >"was all about?" "Yes. If you were a changeling you would not have been able to keep your disguise in the face of so many hugs." >"Do you do that to all visitors?" "Only the ones who seem suspicious." >"And I'm suspicious?" "We've never seen someone like you before, you also gave miss Meadow quite the fright." >She motioned to a pony peeking out from behind the crowd. >The same one you saw on the path. >She waves sheepishly at you. >"I see." >"Well anyway, I've got this package for the mayor here. Is she around?" "Yes, that's me." >"Well here you go" >You hand her the box. >"Out of curiosity, what's in the boxto require such expedited shipping?" >The mayor begins opening it up there. "A mail order changeling revealer. Does exactly what you'd expect." >"So the hug ceremony not working out?" "Oh it does, but you can't be to sure out where we are." >She pulls an amulet looking thing out of the box. "Alright everypony, looks like it's just this button here to turn it on." "Are you all ready?" >The crowd eagerly nods. "Here we go." >She then presses the button. >In a great puff of green fire, everypony present turns into a changeling. >You feel like you could cut the tension in the air with a knife.
>>4038 Hah, cute and silly. Nice greentext Anon. >>3908 too, I forgot to comment (though I prefer my buggos happy).
(454.34 KB 1280x720 image.png)
>>3980 I don't think it couldn't work, but it surely would be a different story. Females have a different nature that of males, and it's very likely her role in the Den of Evil and her method of gathering love would be different. There would be some sort of sexual tension going from the moment Anon noticed she was a female bug. The threads would have a considerably larger number of followers because the romantic aspect of the story would be naturally more prevalescent, and the story would fit perfectly on the savior fantasy that is extremely popular on CYOAs and greens. However, this also means there would be a ton of coombrains raiding the threads demanding that every action of Anon and every update would be directed towards reaching the bug cloaca as fast and as often possible and that would suck.
(34.53 KB 409x242 100k.jpg)
>>4037 That's huge. Pretty cool stuff, I hope it works out well for you. >>4038 >Anon then realizes that he's still obligated to bring to attention the Bits On Delivery for the expedited shipping >>4043 This is exactly the reason why I made the decision for Anon to find a male changeling. Even so, I still underestimated the amount of people who want that bug butt. or bug dick? Bug balls? Of course, that doesn't mean that there won't necessarily be any female characters introduced down the road who there may or may not be the opportunity to romance. Just so you guys set your expectations correctly though, if romance actually does become a thing and begin to develop in the story, I'm not writing any coombait. I learned my lesson regarding that with SunnyCYOA It'll be real, slow burn romance. You better be ready for that saucy hoof holding and staring into each others eyes, closely followed by hugs. On a side note, one thing that was both funny and telling was when Gilda was introduced. There were one or two Anons who immediately wanted to put the moves on her. Anyone remember that? On another side note... >Den of Evil I'm curious; based on what you guys currently know, do you think that the changelings of this particular story are evil? Are they actually not? If so, why? Same goes for Notaulix, I suppose. Is he really a nice bug, or is he just taking advantage of Anon? And finally, take a look at pic related. We've made it, BuggyCYOA has surpassed 100k bugwords. Crazy stuff to me. I never would have dreamed 7 months ago that I would be writing so much again.
(169.34 KB 1300x1400 1607315948983.png)
>>4047 >I hope it works out well for you. Me too, starting with me hoping I measured my desk space correctly. >It'll be real, slow burn romance. As I've been saying from the very start when I started trying to steer it down that path, that shit's exactly what I want. That bug will be KISSED at the right time, romance takes effort. Course I don't know how adamant the extremely horny Anons will be about it, but no one's actually tried to slip anything into an actual prompt yet purely for us not quite being there. >Are changelings (and Notaulix) evil? Notaulix seems downright sheltered and childlike, which may be a facade, but I get the sense he genuinely doesn't know a lot of stuff. I would imagine changelings in this 'verse act mostly out of desperation (why take the chance of making friends when you can drain love by force?) under Chrysalis and have been at it so long they don't really know how not to be that, while probably painting all their enemies/prey as the bad guys to justify it. Their physiology is not parasitical in nature, more symbiotic-turned-parasite. It brings up the point though that our Anon should really start taking notes and learn as much about changelings as he can.
>>4047 Considering he was stuck in a deathtrap when we first encountered him, as well as the fact that he didn't tell us that keeping his transformation up and switching rapidly was making him tired, I don't think he actually knows enough to properly manipulate someone. In regards to being evil, don't know enough to draw a conclusion. Notaulix isn't however. Ponies are convinced they are enemies so anything that their books say about them has to be taken with a grain of salt. It's a psychology thing, in order to convince yourself that it's ok to harm a certain group without giving them a chance you have to dehumanize them.
>>4052 >Considering he was stuck in a deathtrap when we first encountered him, as well as the fact that he didn't tell us that keeping his transformation up and switching rapidly was making him tired, I don't think he actually knows enough to properly manipulate someone. Possibly. It all depends on what our quester/author's plans are going into the future. It may yet be that this is all cunning trap design to rend our defenses down by our own hand. It could also be that Noxy is genuine in what they are. In either case, it presents interesting intrigue for us to work with, and in turn for us to help assist in providing more material for the writer/creator of this quest to work with. After all, this stuff is somewhat of a cooperative effort after all. Perhaps even a green or two from our own hands can influence the outcomes of things, or perhaps not. Thus far, it seems Notuaulix is genuine, but seeing as they are changelings, who knows what precise interpretation of lore the author is willing to go with. Thus far, we have a biased account from the equines who have many good reasons to fear em, and only one sum total of a changeling. Not much of a sample size to be honest. In which case, we may have to confront Notaulix eventually with what we know, but how we do it may affect whether we can gauge the truth or not from him, not to mention affecting our relationship with him. Going on a bit of the meta, my current view is the author is of the mind to let us have our happy, naive, innocent bug to play around with. But if he is dastardly and cunning, we could find ourselves in for a rude awakening. In any case, I have a few ideas of my own on how the quest could unfold as a creative myself, but I'll hold them in reserve for the time being to see how it goes for just a bit further, and to see if our dear quester is receptive, if only in some non-canon prose or green. I.E: Role reversal via some ancient magic totem or some old spell circle design to swap species of two given individuals, and allowing us to get the uptake on our buggo boy. Or fumble around in a most helpless manner. In any case, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
(236.79 KB 915x933 watson.png)
>>4047 >Anyone remember that? "Why, being curious about the Everfree Forest can only mean she wants Anon's alien cock!" >do you think that the changelings of this particular story are evil? Not evil per se, but I suppose they're all taught that they NEED to deceive ponies to survive, because the ponies hate them and will hurt, imprison or even kill them if they find out their true selves, and that their queen would be mercilessly hunted if she was found. Of course, the reverse also applies: every other race is taught that they are vicious monsters born to kidnap, do God knows what with their victims and replace them. So I think they aren't trustworthy, but they have their reasons to be like that. I don't think Notaulix is trying to fool Anon, though, as Anon is an alien to the ponies, just like he would be. Unless it's fucking Sherlock (the shitty 2017 series) plot where Notaulix was just a bait and his allies were just waiting to free him if no one came to his aid, he's genuinely thankful for being saved and pretty naive himself. But as his speech at peetzer time showed, he doesn't think too high of the ponies. Maybe Anon should address that at some point... if I'm right, of course. And when Anon thinks he's ready.
>>4057 It just felt like she wanted friendship and convinced herself Anon would be able to understand her. She wasn't wrong about that.
>>4039 >>4047 Glad you enjoyed my late night short. Maybe I should try something like that again when I'm less tired ^:)
>>4051 >Course I don't know how adamant the extremely horny Anons will be about it I can say I personally like slow romance.
(279.89 KB 800x700 1548353843026.png)
>>4077 Well clearly that settles it. Befriend bug, cuddle bug, kiss bug.
>>4097 Then eat the out the bugbutt
>>4098 As I've said many times: Later.
>>4098 Can't you do the other end instead? I guess at least it's not the god damn borderline scat discussion from weeks back.
>>4047 >bug romance I'll admit I'm always vouching for hugging the bug and giving him belly rubs when the opportunity appears. Not sexually, though. >changelings being evil I think they see everyone else as wither potential prey or potential threats, so the better word would be hostile. Unless Notaulix is faking it all (which is possible but I find it to be extremely unlikely), he's more like scared (a lot due to what he saw griffons doing with their eggs) and resentful towards the other races. However, as a drone, he doesn't seem to overthink things too much... I mean, he saw griffons stealing, smashing and potentially eating their eggs, yet he doesn't have any sort of mental block to transform into a griffon. >>4057 lol I love that pasta
>>4097 How warm are bugs while cuddling?
>>4204 Depends on how much love they are receiving.
>>4204 The perfect heat for cuddling.
>>4205 Would it be possible to reach a level hot enough where you could fry an egg on one?
>>4215 Just how much love are you feeding him? >a changeling could be an alternate source of heat for a nuclear power plant if given enough love.
>>4215 Internal body heat would be higher. So it might be better or quicker to have the food cook inside him.
>>4216 A lot. Changeling love magic makes it sound like you can easily create an almost infinite energy source.
>>4216 he'd be glowing with all that energy.
>>4215 Use their ass as your frying pan, between the cheeks would be good for toasting or hotdogs too, and their body as your heater
>>4215 >>4216 >>4218 >>4273 >tfw no changeling gf to cook you salamander style crotch ramen You guys are fortunate that I'm simultaneously preoccupied with writing a story and artistically inept, otherwise I would be drawing the dumbest stuff for my own amusement. Speaking of the story, is anyone interested in doing a proof read of the next chapter on fimfic when it's ready? I want to make sure it's good before it goes public.
>>4273 Ah yes, the perfect toaster, changeling cheeks.
>>4286 I don't think I'd consider myself qualified enough to know whether it's good or not, other than checking for typo's.
(451.56 KB 1280x853 1544505910627.png)
>>4286 Hell, I do editing for other nerds on fimfic, though it's also D&D night and I don't know how fast you want it done.
>>4286 >You guys are fortunate that I'm simultaneously preoccupied with writing a story and artistically inept, otherwise I would be drawing the dumbest stuff for my own amusement. Damn. Though if you could, describe it in detail.
>>4286 >otherwise I would be drawing the dumbest stuff for my own amusement. what about writing dumb stuff for your own amusement
Why are happy bugs so adorable.
>>4292 they were created to be
>>4273 Guess you could say changelings have hot asses.
(286.79 KB 2287x1106 1447500736173.jpg)
>>4289 Chapter is still a ways off from being complete, I was just curious if anyone was even interested. As seems to be the usual case for me lately, the days that I thought were going to be more relaxed and full of time for me to write ended up being constantly busy for one reason or another. >>4290 Words wouldn't convey it properly. It's the kind of autism that can only be expressed through imagery. Should I just force myself to do a speedpaint? "Paint" being a very relative term here, as in ten minutes with a mouse in MS-Paint sort of quality. >>4291 Ain't nobody got time for writing dumb stuff, I need to use my precious writing time for BuggyCYOA to keep you guys and all the other readers happy.
>>4305 >Should I just force myself to do a speedpaint? You should definitely give it a try. MS Paint pics always have a special feel to them.
(154.77 KB 800x600 1545174464048.png)
>>4305 >As seems to be the usual case for me lately, the days that I thought were going to be more relaxed and full of time for me to write ended up being constantly busy for one reason or another. That is a shame. Tends to be that way with me as well. I did speed something out of that aforementioned tablet at least, though it's not pone (or much of anything really). As for the proofreading, should I message you on fimfic or something?
>>4305 >Should I just force myself to do a speedpaint? "Paint" being a very relative term here, as in ten minutes with a mouse in MS-Paint sort of quality. Go for it if you'd like
>>4052 You're not thinking big enough. How do humans think about carrots? Do they hate them in order to justify destroying their entire body by eating them? No, they don't care, because all most people care about is that eating plants is normal and there's no point bringing morals into it either way. What if changelings felt the same way about ponies? They thought of other races not as fellow sapients or subhuman-equivalents, but as smart plants. Sure, you can like them as people, but if you get so attached that you can't take advantage of them, you'll starve to death and so will everyone else who agress with you, and the next generation won't have that problem. Then you don't need to hate ponies to eat them to death, just not specifically like them. It doesn't seem like it's going that way (which I think makes sense), but strictly speaking ponies don't even need to hate changelings. Again, do people specifically hate wolves or bears when they kill humans? No, because there's no point in expecting large carnivores to occasionally try and eat people-meat. Just like there's no reason to expect changelings to not try and eat pony-love. Sure, you might not like them, and you might go to great lengths to keep them out, but it's not malice, just apathy.
>>4321 Sounds like a decent explanation for possible changeling behavior.
(192.01 KB 401x2181 1611196315447.jpg)
>>4321 There is that angle, and hell it comes up a lot in fiction, though to further your eating-plants analogy it's more like they haven't developed farming and agriculture. You could wade through the woods picking berries to eat or you could just plant your own berry bushes and keep them alive and healthy for better berries.
>>4307 >>4316 I'm gonna do it. It's going to be spectacularly bad. >>4321 >>4333 I do love discussion points such as these. I can't really contribute much with my perspective, since I'm trying to avoid giving you guys any spoilers or any misconstrued ideas about what's going on in the world of BuggyCYOA. Still, it's enjoyable to read through stuff like this. The changeling race feels like a nearly bottomless well of creativity that can be tapped into, doesn't it?
>>4273 >tfw when you will never wake up only to have your bugbro ask you to stay in bed, as he goes to the kitchen to make breakfast for you, watching out your door from the bedroom, as eggs sizzle on his rear with cheeks gripping the toast as he goes around the house, waiting until he finally walks back into the room as he finishes cooking, presenting his polished black butt with fried eggs on his cheeks, and toast between them for breakfast in bed.
>>4334 >I'm gonna do it. It's going to be spectacularly bad. Godspeed
>>4334 >I'm gonna do it. Good luck Anon.
>>4334 >The changeling race feels like a nearly bottomless well of creativity that can be tapped into, doesn't it? Only being given bits and pieces of information on changelings really helped with that creativity, since the author has to fill in those blanks, and each author might make something slightly different from the other.
(552.59 KB 2000x1000 Changeling Cooking.jpg)
Masterpiece. I present to you: Happy Notaulix snuggles on top of you* on the couch as he cooks a hot dog while some of the juices run down between his hind legs and eventually drip off of his sheath. - 1132 Solar Era(Colorized) *Note: Anon is not present because this was already enough of a trainwreck and I didn't want to even attempt to draw a human figure I hate to admit that I spent like an hour and a half on this, with most of that time spent trying to cope over being unable to make smooth lines with a mouse, and trying to figure out how to do certain things. No bully, I genuinely made an effort at what I think is baby's first digital art. Can't remember ever seriously trying to draw something like this in the past. Anyway, now you know why it's a good thing that I have no art skills, for this is what the depths of my mind contain.
(115.70 KB 1152x1021 1905094.png)
>>4340 The ass end isn't that bad I'm more concerned what's going on with the mouth. Looks like something you'd see through a telescope.
>>4340 Pretty splendid for something drawn with a mouse
(125.25 KB 800x765 10387414042048.png)
>>4341 >>4342 Faggots, I said no bully. That's the last time I draw for you; I'm sticking to writing. The mouth is fucked because I drew that side first and wanted to do a simple gradient inside, but couldn't figure out how to do it the way I wanted to at first so I tried making one manually, which was a mess. I could have gone back and changed it, but I didn't want to spend any more time on something that was just supposed to be a funny shitpost.
>>4345 I jest, it just seemed an appropriate response to a most cursed shitpost. I can't draw for shit with a mouse. Keep up them napkin doodles.
>>4345 >something that was just supposed to be a funny shitpost. It was plenty fun we were just having a bit of fun ourselves ^:)
>>4340 Perfect
>>4340 >Changeling butts get very hot when they receive lots of love, allowing you to use them to cook. >Anon forgets this while hotdogging Notaulix and burns his dick.
>>4345 > That's the last time I draw for you; I'm sticking to writing but I like both
>>4349 Thanks for the mental scarring
(543.51 KB 2000x1000 Changeling Cooking_V2.jpg)
Alright, knowing I could easily improve this has been bugging me, so I went back and fixed the nightmare fuel. Now the bug is just sticking his tongue out at (You), and significantly more cute(hopefully). I'm not actually upset over anything, by the way. I'm just playing around with this. >>4349 I was inspired by >>4273 and the associated discussion. My interpretation is the changeling can focus the "love heating" anywhere on its body, but you have to get creative with the anatomy available to best cook certain things. In the case of the hotdog, I could only see a few plausible options... 1: In the mouth 2: Stuck into leg holes 3: Stuck on horn 4: Between the cheeks 5: Up the ponut 6: Up the sheath I thought about doing hotdog up the ponut, but I decided against that since it would be a bit over the top and too lewd. Meanwhile I have hotdog juice running down the sheath Imagine the possibilities that a female changeling would present though! With that extra slot, you could do all kinds of serious cooking. Have bug lay on side, then push piece of bread into bug pussy, sausage links into ponut, and crack an egg onto the flank. You'd have a complete breakfast of toast, sausage and egg ready by the time you're through with a quick snuggle, topped off with a fresh glass of bug milk to get your day started right.
>>4349 So how would you cool him down if the action started getting too hot?
>>4353 Buckets of ice
>>4352 >You'd have a complete breakfast of toast, sausage and egg ready by the time you're through with a quick snuggle, topped off with a fresh glass of bug milk to get your day started right. Sounds lovely
>>4352 >I thought about doing hotdog up the ponut, but I decided against that since it would be a bit over the top and too lewd. Darn Though that gives me a thought, a ponut would probably be great for baking since it keeps all the heat in like an oven.
>>4353 I'd say ice cream but that'd get real messy Though messy might be good
>>4352 Nice >bug milk Now what would that taste like?
>>4340 >>4352 that's hot literally
>>4356 Imagine trying to bake a cake in there
(114.72 KB 660x465 Bug Teats.jpg)
>>4358 Changeling milk and sperm is special in that each bug produces its own unique flavor, usually resembling a fruit or nut of some variety. Rumor has it that the Queen's own milk is like sweet honeydew and is as rich as heavy cream.
>>4352 He better be carefull with the amount of sausages he puts in if he uses his ponut, he might not be able to hold all that juice in.
>>4363 Nice
>>4364 >Notaulix decides to fry several sausage links in his ponut, deciding to put more than usual for a bigger breakfast >He realizes a bit too late that he put too many in to fry as his ponut slowly fills with juice, though brushing it off and continuing to cuddle/cook >Though soon after, he bolts up off the couch feeling his ponut quickly starting to give >Struggling trying to not spill hot oil and sausages as his ponut is on the verge of giving, spurting and leaking juices occasionally as he tries his best to keep the hole shut the best he can
>>4368 >spill hot oil Anon's gonna have am awkward time explaining how his house got burned down.
>>4369 >House burns down because your changeling bro accidently spills butt sausage oil Yeah that'd be something Hope he has enough control to not spill too much at once that'd cause a fire
>>4363 Can these flavors be affected by what they eat?
(742.23 KB 900x846 1558743569855.png)
>>4368 >>4369 >Anon has to explain to his insurance agent what he meant by "Anal Discharge" being the cause of the fire
>>4363 You could sell it as an expensive delicacy
>>4360 How'd that work? Just pour cake batter in? Definitely be an odd shaped cake, and anon might have to hold his ponut shut if it ends up rising too much.
>>4368 The idea of anon blankly looking at Notaulix as he shuffles around desperately trying to stop oil from spurting out of his butt is a bit funny.
>>4376 >>4377 Sounds like he could use some sort of stopper. Almost like a plug of sorts.
We're on to something here bros, this is the fastest any /bug/ thread has moved in a long time
>>4379 Whenever discussion veers into bugbutts the thread ends up going lightspeed compared to normal.
>>4378 What could sufficiently keep it shut without being pushed out or melted? Possibly some type of heat cork plus tape could work. Though pressure build up might just make him go off a bit like a champagne bottle.
>>4381 Maybe something expandable? Pear of anguish style?
>>4381 >Though pressure build up might just make him go off a bit like a champagne bottle. Yeah, plugging might be a problem, not sure how much stuff would build up in an oven that has no way of ventilating anything out.
>>4382 that'd probably stay in, though I wonder what it's limit would be, cause whatever's in there is always going to be trying to force its way out
>>4384 It'd be like a pressure cooker, just needs a release valve. Just be wary if he starts to swell too much.
>>4381 >>4382 >>4383 >>4384 >>4385 I think this is the wrong train of thought to be pursuing here. It's a funny mental image, but building up any kind of pressure through steam or whatnot and then blocking it would be a really bad idea. That pressure is going to go through the path of least resistance, likely resulting in the poor bug rupturing something internally and probably dying as a result. If sustained even heat is required, you would think putting a pot of whatever on bugs rump and boiling that externally would be the way to go.
>>4381 yeah there's gotta be some type of opening so cooking inside is probably best without a plug
>>4386 Best to let him blow the steam out his ass as it sounds off like a constant high pitched whoopie cushion
>>4376 It would work exactly like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpoDNPnQW0s >"H-Hold out your plate, Anon! It's almost... HMMPH! It's almost ready!"
>>4372 It works that way in real life, I don't see why it wouldn't be the same for changelings. >>4375 This just gave me another idea for a drawing. I swear you guys are going to make sure I never get any writing done again and only draw things Speaking of, was the second version of my drawing an improvement or not?
>>4389 fucking made me spit water
>>4390 >was the second version of my drawing an improvement Yes
>>4389 Heh.
>>4386 No plug it is He's gonna have to try and control his ponut through that pressure in only letting steam out, and not accidently throwing everything out
>>4390 >Speaking of, was the second version of my drawing an improvement or not? Yeah, I'd say it was an improvement.
>>4388 Imagine hearing that across the house while in bed
>>4389 I'm ded
>>4352 Eating a full breakfast cooked to perfection off of, and out of a changeling sounds like a great breakfast in bed.
(1.90 MB 3000x2706 139834023492.png)
>>4389 I was thinking deeply about this thread while laying in bed last night, when I suddenly remembered this meme machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbSmtnXb-wg Realistic ponut cooking simulator. Your food even automatically expels itself, just like the real thing! >>4396 All I can think of are those tea kettles with the harmonica plugs in them. >>4403 Imagine being married to Queen bug and all the King sized breakfasts she could loving make for you with all the extra room she has, being a bigger changeling and all.
>>4404 >The queen cooking an entire feast on and in herself, with food stacked all the way from her horn to precariously between her butt, with all her holes, legs, ponut, and bug-gina, filled with different foods That's gonna be one breakfast
>>4404 >this meme machine Not too far off. Though a ponut will definitely be better.
>>4404 How large would a queen sized ponut or horsepussy cake be? Which of the two would be bigger? Assuming you filled her to the absolute limit with batter where she can barely open either hole without batter coming out.
>>4407 By sheer volume of cake? Ponut, easily. It would be like a giant snake. The only way the bugpussy could really compete is if you went down the really bizarre road of Chryssi somehow filled up and stretched out her uterus to cook and pop out a "cake egg" of sorts. But that's really getting into Magical Realm™ absurdity, in the same style as pressure cooker strength ponuts. I like the original simple idea of localized magical high body heat the most. You can actually imagine it being a thing, strange as it is.
>>4404 >Tea kettles with harmonica plugs Well now I want to try multiple different types of instruments on and in his butt while he's shooting steam to see what they sound like
>>4407 Ponut would be bigger and better
>>4410 A cake big enough to be fit for a king.
(644.87 KB 497x715 image.png)
Oh my Goodness what happened with the thread!?
>>4413 changeling butts and cooking
(2.55 MB 3507x2480 13238742347.png)
>>4413 Just a little brainstorming session. You're welcome to join in ^:)
>>4404 Imagine a cooking contest between the queen and a team of changelings for who can cook the most using their ponut as quick as possible.
>>4415 Would it be possible to make a normal shaped pizza using only a changeling? Seems like trying to make one in a ponut or bug pussy would be impossible. Sounds perfect for calzones though
>>4415 Is that an apple slice on there?
(178.86 KB 550x548 Peetzer Oven.jpg)
>>4416 >Shokugeki no Soma but it's changelings >>4417 Much like boiling a pot of water, you would need a pizza oven attachment for your bug, like pic related. >Have your bug lay on its side in a comfortable position >Place oven over bug and adjust height so that it makes good contact with the bugs side >Wait patiently as your bug heats the oven up to the desired temperature >Headpats, scritches and kisses are recommended during this time >Once at desired temperature, insert pizza into oven >Remove pizza when desired, let cool and enjoy >CAUTION: Oven will remain hot after your bug has finished heating it >Use hand protection when lifting oven off of your bug >>4418 Yes. Apple on pizza is all the rage in Equestria.
>>4420 Ah, a pizza oven attachment, that'd work, calzones not requiring any attachments seems like an advantage for quick cooking
>>4420 >Much like boiling a pot of water, you would need a pizza oven attachment for your bug. You could probably get away with using their ponut as a pot, assuming whatever your cooking can somewhat fit. Something like a tea, or soup shouldn't be much of a problem as long he doesn't accidently spill it from either being overfilled or unprepared when steam escapes out.
>>4363 If changelings have milk, what is changeling cheese like?
(84.92 KB 670x406 12938389143.png)
>>4424 It's full of holes
>>4425 as should be expected
>>4424 If their milk tastes fruity I'd assume their cheeses would also taste fruity.
>>4421 A freshly cooked calzone right out of a ponut would be pretty nice. And since a changeling can still do stuff while cooking, you could put it in right before you start a hiking trip and have a fresh one, or multiple ready to eat when you stop or take a break.
>>4429 Ponut cooking seems great for a picnic
>>4432 That and being able to grill on them also sounds great for cookouts.
(67.16 KB 847x1024 1409663861154.jpg)
>ITT we discover that changelings somehow make better kirins than kirins themselves
>>4434 Love energy is some strong stuff.
>>4434 there's gonna have to be a changeling vs kirin cookoff of course with several categories, like cooking speed, and how much one can cook at once.
>>4436 Definitely has to be one for how many sausages you can cook in your ponut without dropping any.
>>4434 Which can reach a higher max temp?
>>4436 Changelings would probably be better at baking.
>>4438 Krins use a lot of fire, so i'd assume them on average
>>4409 See how loud he can play the butt trumpet with some steam
>>4449 Wonder if any far away pony would hear that blaring horn .
>>4449 Might wanna be carefull, and hope he doesn't push to hard and make a boiling water spout with using a trumpet. And it'd probably be good to wear ear plugs.
Well, now that our initial fun and excitement over changeling cooking techniques has simmered down, let's go back to the subject of BuggyCYOA for a moment. I really had a lot of fun with that rapid bit of activity with you all. Reminded me of the old days. Regarding looking over a preview of the next update/chapter, anyone who is interested can message me on fimfic, or I could just link it here I guess. Right now, my main source of concern and writers block has been with the introduction of the chapter. This one is a little different from the norm because it's partially presented as a flashback, which makes me anxious because I know that flashbacks can be a quick way to make a story shitty if they're not handled well. I know exactly how I want the bulk of this to go, but the writing out the transition from present time to the beginning of flashback has proven difficult for me. That's why I would appreciate anyone who wants to take a look at it. All I'm really concerned with is if it reads smoothly enough to remain as enjoyable as the previous chapters. Basically, I want it to feel cohesive and build a little upon Anon's backstory in Equestria, and not just a jarring speedbump if that makes sense. How I'd like to do this is have the intro portion looked at, and if that proves good I'll finish the rest to have the full chapter up for preview before it goes live.
>>4463 >or I could just link it here I guess yeah that'd work
>>4463 I have enough faith in you that it won't be shit.
>>4463 It'll probably be fine, you haven't disappointed us yet.
>>4463 >I really had a lot of fun with that rapid bit of activity with you all. Reminded me of the old days. Same. Time will tell when the next bout of odd changeling related discussion like that comes up again.
I just realized the fimfic way might not work. In the FAQ, it only talks about letting people read unpublished stories, not chapters. See if it works anyway, I guess. If it doesn't I'll do something else. https://www.fimfiction.net/chapter/1549198 View pass: iwtcin
>>4474 It works. >iwtcin we all do
>>4474 Works, and I don't see any errors so far, nor anything offensive in the writing itself. Good to carry on, QM! Though I do remember fimfic having some rules about letting people read unpublished chapters that seemed particularly anal, but I forget the specifics.
>>4479 I want to watch chrysalis lay many eggs.
>>4476 Thanks for the feedback, it's encouraging. I'm going to leave the password alone for the rest of the day if anyone else wants to check it out. After that, it's back to waiting until I have the full thing ready.
>>4474 I got a 404 error on my end when I tried to access it. Did you take down the chapter?
>>4492 Not the QM, but I could still access it.
>>4492 You have to be logged into a fimfic account to read unpublished stuff.
Flashback? There's only one way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjG6LSlePts
>22 views >1 feedback Pretty annoying, but that's how it's going to be I guess. I've gone and disabled previewing. Stay tuned for the full chapter with more fun and excitement coming SOON™.
>>4515 I was meaning to give it a read but I've been incredibly busy over the past few days. I'm sure the new chapter will be great as always. Looking forward to it.
>>4515 As the 1 feedback, sometimes them's the breaks.
>>4515 There isn't that much to say to be honest. What you have is decent, but it is rather sparse. I usually wait till I have the full thing to give my opinion, just in case the author may address something down line that I might have critiqued beforehand. Apologies.
>>4526 It was sparse because I was only checking to see if how I was trying to handle the transition from present time to flashback was good, as mentioned at >>4463 If I included any more of what I've already written, it would spoil all the fun and surprise over what the incident was.
I wonder if Gilda is going to make a return at some point?
>>4538 i hope so
(224.91 KB 671x830 1402138133832.png)
>>4538 >>4541 >Gilda meets Gerson >She learns about how he explores the everfree with Anon >hfw Would griff+explorer be the magic combination to make Gerson the sexiest thing on four legs to her?
>>4545 I have the feeling Gilda would try to fuck any decent griffon she would meet
>>4547 >Gilda drops all the hints >Notaulix is clueless and has no idea what to do
>>4548 he's too pure
>>4538 I'm sure the writer didn't introduce her for a one-time gig. Especially since Gerson is a big and strong griffon that does something Gilda is interested in. >>4548 Considering he's a low-tier drone it's guaranteed he won't know what to do and if Anon doesn't help him he may reply a "wow, it takes courage to delve into the Evergreen" with something like "does this mean you want me to impregnate you?" >>4515 Shit, I wish I didn't skip this week on the thread. I'm sure it'll come out great, though, I've yet to be disappointed with a chapter.
(1.48 MB 2501x2900 1616546861805.png)
Notaulix is for Anon.
>>4561 I want to use his self heating butt as a comfy pillow.
>>4564 the perfect shape for sleeping on.
>"Y-You big, stupid, DWEEB! Do I have to spell it out for you? Ugh!" >Said a very flustered Gilda to a very confused Gerson >Which you have now heard after Notaulix got back home >"I just don't understand what went wrong, Anon." >"All I did was ask her why we couldn't just roll on the grass around us instead of looking for a pile of hay!" >"Why would anyone want to roll in hay anyway, Anon? Isn't that wasteful? Hay is for eating." >This bug...
>>4561 He's anon's cuddlebug.
>>4602 You could say he's a cuddleling
>>4602 Also his stove, toaster, and oven.
>>4603 He's an adorable cuddleling
Are you people going to drop the story if Anon and/or Notaulix either find their own romantic interests or never develop a romance between themselves?
>>4606 I think the author is just having fun with his audience. I just see them being good friends. If it does happen, I guess I'll see where it goes.
>>4606 Good. All the fags will finally fuck off.
(255.62 KB 700x700 1533589715138.png)
>>4606 How many times has that question been asked by now? As last time, I wouldn't drop the story over it but boy do I hope for bug to get the kissu.
>>4606 No. But I would want it.
>>4564 I keep on getting reminded about it as a toaster.
>>4643 I think changeling cooking techniques have been permanently embedded into our collective conscience.
>>4650 There should be an entire cookbook dedicated to the techniques.
>>4606 I'll be a bit disappointed, but as long as it makes sense (like Gilda and Gerson) and isn't some NTR shit, I'm okay with it.
>>4657 I mean right now even that doesn't make sense because they've yet to meet (and didn't Gilda leave town already?) but yeah as long as any development actually has effort put into it, it should be fine. But I'm still going for Anontaulix.
(235.38 KB 900x900 131287319234.png)
>tfw waiting for next update
>>4668 The next update will have only two lines: And then, Anon and Notaulix fucked. THE END.
>>4670 At least it's a happy ending
>>4670 But I need a scene for changeling cooking techniques
>>4683 As positively silly as that whole thing was, I hope it doesn't make it into the CYOA, be wholly against the tone.
>>4684 It could be a side shitpost
How is /bug/ today?
How do you suppose changelings tell each other apart? Hole placement? Subtle coloring differences? Or do they treat each other similar to Anons on the board where anyone could be anybody?
>>4714 Colours seem to be the most extreme method, since only a few actually have different ones. Ear shape and hole patterns would be the most obvious otherwise. It probably wouldn't be much of a problem for them to recognize specific leg hole patterns. Scent would also a thing, probably the biggest one if you consider they likely smell via their forked tongues (the few real animals that do have incredible senses of smell).
>>4714 I would assume the ways you listed and scent.
>>4714 >>4714 They probably have slightly different ear, horn and carapace shapes (and maybe carapace tints), but the most important factor would be the scent.
User was warned for this post
>>4716 What variety of colors do you think standard changelings would have? Would it just be mostly different shades of black?
>>4723 Well at least in the show the chitin did not change at all between the Queen, the drones, Thorax and Pharynx. They just had different shell and eye colours. I could definitely see a little bit of variance in the chitin if it were expanded on though. Mostly still shades of black though yeah, and it might be more an indicator of health or long-term genealogy than ways to tell individuals apart. One of my OCs having a different shade of chitin started as artist error on my own part and then just kind of stuck.
>>4723 Some bugs can see wavelengths of light outside the visible spectrum. Perhaps they could have some ultraviolet markings that only they can see.
(634.62 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
>>4726 Why are changeling snoots so boopable?
(1.87 MB 800x800 1959793.gif)
>>4729 The real question is why is there so little changeling snoot boopage?
>>4730 Some changelings are too bitey.
>>4721 >User was warned for this post wut
>>4736 Probably the pic they posted.
>>4736 It was anthroshit.
(402.04 KB 3543x2362 1544226678359.jpg)
I can't believe BuggyCYOA is FUCKING dead.
>>4757 IIRC the writer is dealing with a few personal issues at the moment. While I look forward for the next chapters, I'm in no hurry. I'd rather have him deliver them in his own pace and if he's feeling okay than going full Ronnie Filyaw and break. He owes us nothing, after all.
If you care about bugs, post bugs and not what you have posted.
>>4757 I'm hoping that the next update is just building up and we'll get something big next time around.
(219.62 KB 1079x1122 image.png)
>>4765 No problems. Everyone needs a break at some point. Still looking forward to the next update, whenever that might be.
(135.24 KB 1342x1016 1247098.png)
>>4758 >>4765 I am mostly being a shid with those posts, as demonstrated by the comical use of FUCKING. I do the same thing to Kazerad over Prequel. Also did not actually realize EQG-related-but-actually-pony wasn't allowed, thanks for testing the waters Anon. Not that it's terribly relevant to me.
>>4767 What's the bug gonna do with that can?
>>4785 Judging from his bloodshot eyes, the question may be what has he already done.
>>4788 He's going to collapse after huffing too much raid.
>>4767 >>4785 >>4788 >>4791 >Ponies created experimental Bug-B-Gone gas in a effort to reveal disguised changelings >It doesn't seem to work as desired >Meanwhile... >Adventurous drones quickly discover that it gives them erections >Huffing an entire can makes them rock hard for hours
>>4792 >spray what you think is a pony >they get an immediate erection sounds like it works to me
>>4792 What happens if they spray it up their ass?
>>4792 so do female changelings just start leaking everywhere when they huff it?
>>4796 Yes. The whole world becomes like a giant slip and slide to them.
(2.01 MB 2000x1467 1392627040212.png)
>>4796 Photographic evidence of the first experiment
(404.94 KB 1600x1200 1544218742072.jpg)
>Post picture >Come back next day to discussion of changeling viagra and big bug boners. Yallstvedst gay. Never change.
>>4803 Would you rather we discuss something else?
>>4795 Instant orgasm
>>4803 big bug boners are best
(135.21 KB 449x368 1544218126552.png)
>>4804 I said nothing of the sort, I just found it funny. Don't let me keep you.
>>4796 >>4799 What is the lubricity of bugpussy fluids? Is it vastly superior to that of pony fluids? Do the Queen's fluids have any special properties? Could you change the oil in your car with it?
>>4811 >What is the lubricity of bugpussy fluids? Maybe like a slippery honey, maybe also an aphrodisiac. >Is it vastly superior to that of pony fluids? Yes >Do the Queen's fluids have any special properties? Way more of it, pretty much just an aphrodisiac in slime form. >Could you change the oil in your car with it? It'd probably lubricate good enough for it. Probably work better as gasoline cause a changeling could put some love energy into it, maybe it'd make it more pleasurable too.
>>4811 It's actually the opposite, it's like a glue that locks the victim's penis inside the Changeling cloaca. Once locked, neither bug nor the victim needs to move anymore as the powerful bug cloaca muscles will recreate a peristalsis-like movement and force the victim to ejaculate over and over and over again until all the Changeling eggs are fertilized or the victim dies of exhaustion. >>4765 Take your time my man, it's great to hear you're doing well!
>>4811 I'll admit I misread the original post at first, imagining them secreting lubricant across their entire body. Hence, the slip and slide comment.
>>4814 Sounds hot
>>4815 Watching a changeling huffing raid while constantly slipping would be hilarious.
>>4815 >he doesn't go down the slip n slide ass first
>>4814 >Changeling cloaca How good would a cloaca be when used as an oven compared to a ponut?
>>4814 Can I use the glue as a building material? What does it taste like?
>>4823 Possibly better heat retention. I like ponut more though.
>>4794 >you get >raped What's the next step of your masterplan?
>>4827 that's assuming you don't want the bugdick
>>4824 Yes. Probably green apple.
Do you think the bugs celebrate Halloween? Or leave the hive during it?
>>4863 They follow Fluttershy's example and stay home. One look into town reveals that all the ponies have been replaced by monsters, and the changelings don't want to get caught up in that.
>>4864 There's gotta be one that sneaks out from the hive to try and steal candy from under those monster's noses.
>>4863 >Nightmare Night is offensive to the changelings >The ponies dressing up as things they are not reminds them of themselves
>>4047 Just got up to date, love the story so far. Don't burn yourself out, really would like to see this go on. (pls don't lewd the cuddlebug)
>>4904 I'm glad you're enjoying it, Anon. What do you think about the events that have transpired up until this point? Got any theories on what may be coming down the road for Anon and Notaulix?
>>4904 but lewd cuddlebugs are cute
(169.34 KB 1300x1400 1607315948983.png)
Don't lewd cuddlebug. Do kiss though.
>>4913 The bug seems rather friendly.
>>4911 I may be a sucker for SoL content but I really like the developing friendship between Anon and Buggo, watching them learn about each other is just really wholesome. I also like the little details and world-building that give more depth to this story. As for the future, i hope they get to have at least some adventures out in Everfree (wonder what that castle is like). Also looking forward to Notaulix meeting other creatures (that should be fun)
>>4914 he wants hug
>>4937 better not leave him waiting
Post the background music that plays when you enter the hive and begin to descend into depths unknown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yohb3uhnmrs
>>4999 oh no
(459.43 KB 1024x1024 cooling off.png)
Sup? Sorry I haven't drawn anything for /bug/ in quite a while, my attention was diverted... elsewhere, and the couple previous attempts was met with either mediocre results or failures that didn't get any further than some very rough sketches. Pic is me practicing at drawing things 'looser'. As I've noticed a trend where anything I put multi-days of work into all turned out pretty terrible, likely because I get hyper focused on one detail or techniques or another, to the detriment of the overall composition. Whereas I had a much happier time knocking out something simpler and rougher if I start out with the expectation of spending no more than an afternoon on it.
>>5011 I like your pic rel, looks nice.
>>4979 >Hive is filled with eldritch horror. You are already dead. >>4995 >Hive is relatively safe with many things to explore and see, though some danger may be lurking. >>4999 >You are the eldritch horror, in their eyes. They are already dead. >>5003 >Hive is filled with joy to have their first visitor in years. A celebration is held, and everyone is happy. >>5007 >Hive is friendly and doesn't mind if you wander around, as long as you don't cause any trouble. I like this variety. You can come up with all kinds of settings. Or maybe that's just my autism kicking in >>5011 Really nice stuff, Anon. This sort of soft, gentle, almost watercolor vibe gives me feelings of an illustration from a children's story book. That's my initial impression, anyway.
>>5011 Ooh, nice
>>5011 it looks great, very soothing
(235.17 KB 1181x636 image.png)
So how fast do you think Queen Chrysalis could repopulate the changeling population? Could she just start another hive on her own?
>>5048 Maybe in a years time or so. I would think that making eggs would take a significant amount of love energy, and without it, she wouldn't be able to.
>>5048 That's an entire rabbit hole of discussion right there. Much like almost everything else involving the changeling race, there's a lot left to your own interpretation and ideas. Does she need to be inseminated to produce eggs, or can she magic them into existence through love energy like >>5068 mentioned? Can she do both? Is there a difference between a changeling produced through normal reproductive means versus magical energies? Then the next question is the quantity. A few eggs per batch? A dozen? A hundred? Several thousand? Over what period of time? Once you start establishing those rules, one could work out approximately how long it would take her to produce a significant population. That's also not taking into account if the drones and workers themselves can be producing eggs. On a side note, I encourage anyone who cares to report the latest bait post on the /mlp/ thread as trolling outside of /b/ Unironically one of the most fucked posts I've seen on /mlp/ in awhile. There's no way it's not just blatant (you) bait
>>5069 Are you talking about the 'how to cook a lobster but with the name changed' post or something else?
>>5070 What else would it be?
>>5069 This post has me wondering about how Changelings would start out a hive in regards to love energy. I assume they would need it to have viable eggs, but just starting out I don't think they would necessarily have access to ponies. So is there other places Changelings can get love energy? Can they extract it from the animals of the forest? If they can, I would assume it isn't as potent as pony love but perhaps it would be enough for them starting out.
(62.28 KB 627x560 134238429002.png)
>>5085 >Which Came First: The Changeling or The Egg?
(313.21 KB 1798x1367 image.png)
>>5085 I'd think that every once in a blue moon, a female Changeling with Queen genes (being much more powerful than a regular Changeling and having the potential to lay down countless eggs) would be born in a random hive, and once she hits a certain point in life, the Changeling rulebook determines that she must take a small contingent of drones and love gatherers, a few sentries, and leave to found her own hive that must be localized at a minimum distance from her old hive. If she succeeds, the crew and her new subjects are hers to keep. If she dies, any survivors are to be returned to the hive she came from. Different hives are seen as "rivals", but may join together against a common threat. >>5048 I think a Queen would have the potential to lay a huge amount of eggs within a year, but it takes a decent amount of love power her subjects bring to her and the spawns are mostly drones. I'd suppose a Queen could hold off the egg laying to a certain degree by taking less love and using her energy to other affairs, but as the Queen, she can't stop laying eggs entirely. They'll keep bulking up within her and she is forced to lay them sooner or later. She won't destroy them unless the hive is at a serious starvation state, so much that even forcing drones and low-rank love gatherers into exile won't be enough. >>5069 At least when it comes to this story, IIRC the writer mentioned that a impregnated Changeling will actually give birth to the species that impregnated her (I wonder if she can turn back into a changeling during the pregnancy...). Maybe the males are sterile... or if they can impregnate a female of another species, maybe the female will spawn a unholy abomination of a hybrid.
>>5095 what perchance might happen should a changed changling impregnate a changed changing i wonder?
>>5114 Something that would make God weep.
>>5095 The idea of how a new hive gets formed is interesting. Also >this story What story is being referred to here? >>5115 Not necessarily, it all goes back to the seemingly endless amount of theories that you can apply to how changelings work. Kind of in line with >>5114, I remember reading an ancient greentext from the brief period of time where we knew about the Crystal Empire and some of the detail surrounding it, like toy leaks etc, but the corresponding episodes involving it hadn't aired yet, so people were making wild ass guesstimation stories. My memories of this green are a bit hazy, but in a nutshell the crystal ponies were a race that went extinct long ago. In order to make peace with her over the wedding incident, Chrysalis made an offer to Cadence that she could repopulate the crystal pony race, in exchange for forgiveness and future cooperation between ponies and changelings. Being old enough to have lived during the time of the crystal ponies, Chrysalis knew how to transform into one, but she would also need a male of the same race to produce true crystal ponies. I don't really remember the specifics of how this issue was solved, but the way I remember it was she transformed Anon into a changeling king or something somehow, and shared the knowledge of how to transform into a crystal pony with him. Bug and Anon both transform into crystal mare and stallion respectively, and get to work. Sure enough in a few years they produced several crystal ponies, thus restarting their race and making Cadence happy. The End? I miss the golden years of pony bros. It was such a wild west of ideas back then So anyway, the point I'm getting at is if you were to follow that logic, two changelings transformed as a difference race would produce offspring of that race if they fugged. Of course, it could be just as likely that such a union would still produce a changeling, or a weird half breed, or something else.
Am looking for more changeling content like the residential CYOAm same cozy vibes pretty much (lewd not necessary). what would you recommend i take a look at?
(135.89 KB 643x934 130482374234.jpg)
>>5095 >last point I'm assuming you're talking about my writing here. From chapter 13 on fimfic, AKA Transformation Information Pt2, or line 2297 on ponepaste: "Oh, yes. Injuries stay with us. If I hurt my foreleg..." Notaulix pauses, lifting up his left foreleg for emphasis. "...my foreleg would still be hurt after I reverted to my natural form." He continues before lowering his foreleg. "Most things stay with us. Any injuries, what we eat, what we drink, and... Oh! I remember learning of one of my hive sisters; after many trips to a small settlement, she and a pony stallion fell in love and were married..." Notaulix begins to recount. "This meant she could live there as a pony mare for the rest of her life, and collect lots of love! Not long after the marriage, she became pregnant with her first foal." Notaulix continues. "Even if she returned to her natural form, she would still be carrying the foal." Notaulix concludes. "We were all so happy for Lunule... It has become rare for one of our own to find a mate among the other races." Notaulix says as his eyes relax and stare out into nothing, no doubt reminiscing of his old hive. So yes, you remember that part correctly. The female changeling mentioned here, Lunule, did indeed become pregnant with a pony foal. But, is that really the entire story? You guys have to figure that out yourselves ^:) I wish I could contribute more to this particular line of discussion, but I don't want to share my thoughts and ideas on the subject only to inadvertently spoil what may or may not be important or interesting elements in the CYOA down the road. It's there for you to discover. >inb4 then give us a damn update yes i know it's taking forever plz no bully >>5118 I wish I could help you out, Anon. This may seem odd, but the truth is I've read barely any changeling fics myself. Not even the well known/famous ones like The Changeling of the Guard. I've been hoping Anons would contribute some good stories for me to make a real recommended reading list out of, but it hasn't happened yet.
(1.34 MB 1000x1000 1556485949337.gif)
>>5095 >>5144 I'm still surprised you went that way with bug pregnancy. It raises a lot of questions about their physiology and shapeshifting powers. Did you know pregnancy was a method in which a real life spy was discovered? A woman who had been speaking flawless german for years couldn't help but swear in russian while giving birth.
>>5144 >spoiler I'm just glad that you're still around. Am looking forward to the future of the CYOA and I know that you're working on getting things exactly how you'd want them.
(3.41 MB 6000x10800 13432870238.png)
>>5145 I hope it's a good kind of surprise. Like I alluded to in my previous post, I've been pretty isolated when it comes to fandom thoughts on changelings, so I have no idea if my interpretation of things is considered interesting or not. There's more to it though. >>5147 Thanks Anon, I'm looking forward to delivering the next update.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>5149 Mostly it's just a surprise surprise, I'm just waiting to see what (if anything) you do with the fact(s). I haven't really had any criticism of the story so far, just that a lot of the transformation details "isn't what I would do." but that's because as I've probably mentioned several times, I have a thing for limitations. It does make me think though, could it be possible Notaulix is not the most reliable source of information? He's already given us several "I don't know"'s, but perhaps he's also mistakenly told us things he only thinks he knows. Course, that's tricky to handle in either case. Either way I still look forward to unraveling all the unsolved mysteries in store.
(344.23 KB 1280x720 2743617.png)
How long until Anon starts waking up to this?
>>5217 Anon is very lucky
>>5217 >"Anon, it's 3 AM! It's time for our daily love extraction session!"
(185.28 KB 389x440 1960651.png)
(285.86 KB 1500x1800 1878484.jpeg)
(777.31 KB 1600x1200 2583028.png)
Changeling ears: are they supposed to be tubular, or fin-like?
>>5228 I've always hated when artists do tube ears, they look too much like Shrek.
(940.67 KB 2400x1573 art10702.jpg)
>>5232 Changeling is love. Changeling is life.
Anyone wants to talk about anal oviposition?
(153.41 KB 1036x1024 130348712773.jpg)
>>5234 No. Kindly fuck off.
(67.16 KB 847x1024 1409663861154.jpg)
Writing the conclusion to the new chapter as we speak. Once I get that done, I'll just need to spend a little time to look it over for mistakes, then format for fimfic. After that, I write the next action prompt, and your regularly scheduled dose of Notaulix will be back. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
>>5241 awesome, looking forwards to it Anon
>>5234 Do changelings perform it?
>>5234 iwqctoim >>5241 <3
(495.29 KB 1856x2160 2739902.jpg)
>>5238 Hear hear. >>5241 The anticipation grows!
>>5234 I'd watch a changeling anally lay an egg.
>>5250 Being able to control their inside body temperature with love energy would help with incubating eggs too.
(1.38 MB 1754x1240 corny title here.png)
Fresh art for our buggy. Glad to be able to finished the one in time, as I'll have to hit the road the day after tomorrow.
>>5280 Poor Notaulix, struggling in his great battle against the corncob. Love this piece of art, you even incorporated the layout of Anon's house into it. Great stuff!
>>5280 Very nice art Anon, love it
>>5280 This is amazing!
(311.53 KB 1360x933 bugliccboop.png)
>>5280 I already said adorable, but have another. Hopefully I can get my own bug done on time for a friend's birthday, not the CYOA. But yeah, nice lighting and texturework Anon!
Thank y'all for the kind words! >>5280 >you even incorporated the layout of Anon's house Hah! Somebody noticed!
(18.44 KB 559x744 1981235.png)
>>5291 You've come a long way since you started, considering you've only got what, 7 total pictures under your belt or something? Unless you've drawn things that aren't Notaulix. Hard to keep track of Anonymous artists. I'm probably not much better for only uploading to an extremely dead site.
>>5292 >come a long way And still a long way to go yet. A trend I noticed is that my painting consistently have this washed-out look, bad enough that almost all of them require a final pass in photoshop to punch up the contrast and saturation. It's a problem I was already aware of before starting the current painting, but still fell victim to. That and color variety is definitely something shall continue to focus on. >Unless you've drawn things that aren't Notaulix I've posted one or two times on /rgre/, /kinder/, and the draw thread each. Switching between the painterly style and rougher doodles, depending on which I think will be easier to draw for a given subject and how much effort I wanted to put it. Do you upload to any of the boorus?
>>5296 I feel ya there, I never refined my sketching process and every picture I do starts with hours of blood and tears. >spoiler Not really, but that's mostly me being lazy, though I do have a DNP on derpi. I guess I could go post everything sometime.
[spoiler]>>5291 Just realize I quoted my own post instead of >>5285, derp.[/spoiler]
(662.65 KB 750x862 2020 11 2 Spooky Bug Painting.png)
>>5296 Alright Anon, just for you I put most of it on ponybooru with source links to the gallery that has the rest. artist:bjsampson
>>5315 Thanks for uploading those, anon. Base a cute.
>>5318 Thanks I could help bro. Now get yourself an artist tag.
(145.05 KB 780x463 1483922037547.png)
>all these artistic anons who can competently draw good art >mfw my sole contribution and skill level is an mspaint abomination literally roasting a weenie between his asscheeks I better stick to writing, the world doesn't need me drawfagging
(61.82 KB 450x703 First Pone.jpg)
>>5321 Hey man, no matter how the end result comes out, every picture I ever do tends to start out looking WORSE than the first pony I ever did. I really need to get better at sketching.
>>5322 I often have a bit of the opposite problem, my sketch start out looking like they have some potential but then the end result is sort of mediocre. I ain't terrible but I ain't great either.
(842.66 KB 2995x2265 a9f0ff6cdf2716a59290083dc65fa0c2.png)
>>5323 Maybe you should do all my fuckin' sketches so I can paint your fuckin' clouds.
Can Ocellus be salvaged by mutating into adult Hive Queen and ungaying the nulings?
For any of you friends who may be curious, this is how I got the OP image for the new /mlp/ thread: >>5345 I had forgotten what a great tool upscaling is. On a side note, do you think my tiny edit was an improvement? I feel like it's bedroom eyes now instead of looking unhappy.
>>5321 But it's a great contribution.
>>5319 Oh alright. I'll do it next time I draw for /bug/.
(559.08 KB 714x1000 1476100076431.jpg)
>>5371 Also I doubt you'd want onto the dead ass site but pillowfort invitations are free, everyone gets three weekly.
>>5379 I actually already have an account. Not that I actually use it for anything.
(796.61 KB 1000x675 808874.png)
>>5382 Oh well alright then.
>>5379 That is a cool looking bug.
Are there any romantic bugbutt stories around there?
(43.06 KB 561x695 12310089738.png)
>>5394 Where is there?
(877.88 KB 1944x1111 1637618020055.jpg)
pretty bug
(764.05 KB 1656x1730 image.png)
Is your bug this cool?
(185.73 KB 1313x1189 1483420213318.jpg)
>>5469 Bug is very cool
>>5470 Bug is almost too cool. Also check out this neat Thing art that I found.
What would a changeling look like if you polished them? Would they shine? Would they look like polished leather?
(49.97 KB 494x668 1409673913121.png)
>>5496 That depends on which camp you're in, be it the chitinous changelings one, or skin/leatherlike changelings. Either way, both would achieve a similar result, though chitinous could potentially be really shiny; almost mirror like. Reminds me of good old pic related.
>>5497 comfy
>>5496 Close enough to a mirror.
(2.02 MB 2480x3508 13843240924385.png)
>Be writing the last few lines of the flashback >Be staring at it for 20 minutes and counting because the writer's block is fierce >mfw I'm trying bros. I know I said update today, but if I don't finish this off in the next hour or two I might wait until tomorrow to post.
>>5512 Always good to give yourself a bit of a break and review what your working on after you've finished. Looking forward to the return of Buggy.
>>5513 That's the problem. I've been giving myself a break for almost two months now. Something I've come to realize is that traditional writing is full of writers block for me these days. I have a much easier time getting my writing out doing things the CYOA style, with smaller updates and direction given from you guys.
>>5512 Relax. You're doing more than enough by writing while under a writer's block.
>>5517 I still feel bad for it though. I managed to be consistent and regular with the updates for months until I got somewhere around the 95k word count. Then it's like I suddenly hit a brick wall.
Is it bad to have fantasies involving Chrysalis and pegging?
>>5534 Since she can shape shift would it actually be pegging?
>>5535 Fucking thanks, anon. Now I need new pants.
>>5536 What happened to your pants? Did they spontaneously combust or something?
>>5537 My erect dick tore them apart.
(342.35 KB 791x809 1544322567592.png)
It seems the same erect dick tore this thread apart. So how would you subdue a bug?
>>5645 hug the bug
(50.92 KB 345x402 image.png)
>>5645 It's not just this thread, /mlp/ bug thread turned into a barren wasteland after the combination of pointless drama and milky raid that sent the thread off page 10. Makes me worried bros. Are us changeling enjoyers dying out? On the topic of your question, this is actually an interesting one, because a changeling seems like it would be difficult to subdue compared to a normal pony. The biggest issue is you have the alicorn-like combination of flight and magic to deal with, which complicates matters greatly. Ignoring those factors for a moment, you could get a changeling pinned on the ground fairly easily using standard equine wrestling techniques. But unlike ponies, changelings have fangs that they could still bite you with, not to mention to magic issue. So to really subdue a changeling by force, it seems reasonable that you would have to... 1: Pin bug to ground under your weight 2: Immobilize the head 3: Somehow nullify the ability to use magic Kind of a tall order, isn't it? Would be nice if one could just subdue them with a surprise genuine hug. Or a broom handle.
(136.50 KB 720x553 1547925110815.jpg)
>>5650 I always tune that crap out, and I think changelingfags were always something of a minority. Shame. Anyway interesting points, I always figured changelings (drones at least) were fairly weak in every department. Physically obviously we saw in the show, but considering even most unicorns don't use very advanced magic (really just the couple named ones bringing up the average), it's probably safe to say changelings don't either. They are probably especially vulnerable to hugs and broom handles. Bonus question: How do you detect a changeling? I personally love coming up with little things the buggos need to be aware of to reduce their chances of getting caught.
(156.63 KB 718x1024 large.png)
>>5645 >Implying Anon wouldn't make a love reflector out of aluminum foil and place himself at the focal point of it sending concentrated love rays directly at the changeling from great distances away
Also, anybody have some ideas for some short stories? (like maybe a couple posts worth)
>>5667 Anal oviposition? jk, how about Cheerelee wanting to go on vacation and paying a changelling to take her place? Optionally, the changelling gets hit on by a desperate colt who has a crush on his teacher?
>>5667 Bug evading discovery by pure accident
>>5667 new bugs bumbling around outside the hive discovering mundane things for the first time.
>>5730 >"Grandpa Tarsus, tell us a story!" >Shouted three very excited young changelings. >They surrounded the old bug as they pleaded, a look of hope in their eyes. "Alright, alright!" >They hollered in excitement. "I'll tell you a story, but under one condition: I don't want to hear any of you complain about doing your hive chores tomorrow, you hear?" >They shuffled about a bit before they reluctantly responded with: >"Yes grandpa." "Good. Because I have just the story for you youngins'. A tale that nearly put an end to our peaceful hive here, the Melon war of 805..." >The hive was just coming out of hibernation. >Previous years had not been so bountiful in the love harvest, so we took our stores and decided to wait it out until better conditions came about. >However when we finally reopened the entrance to our hive we were met with a surprise that none of us could expect. >Great vines enhanced by the magic of the Everfree stretching as far as the eye could see. >Attached to them were these diabolical green balls, striped to conceal themselves against the green of their surroundings. >At first we thought it was a mere oddity. >After all, it was just a plant right? >Oh how wrong we were. >No sooner had our scouts left the hive were they hopelessly entangled. >We sent in reinforcements to help free them from the vines. >Drawing upon our reserves of love they attempted to use magic to cut them free. >The going was slow. >The magic of the Everfree had given these plants a certain resistance to it. >As one of them were cutting, their magic beam passed over one of the green spheres. >It exploded violently sending pink chunks of slime in every direction. >This kicked them into a panicked frenzy working as fast as they could. >The rescued and rescuers quickly hurried back to the cave to regroup. >"We just about died out there!" >"I think I was going to make it!" >Were just some of the exclamations made. >Chaos ensued arguing about what should be done. >"Quiet!" >A voice shouted above the rest. >The crowd hushed as they looked to see the Changeling queen herself emerging from the inner hive. >"The scouts have informed me of the situation." >"We only have a limited amount of love available to us, so we must be precise in our actions if we are to make it out of this alive." >"Our top priority must be gaining access to a source of love." >"Therefore we will clear a path out of this mess." >"We will have two groups, one will cut a straight line path with magic and the other will clear the debris." >"Is that clear?" >The Changelings responded with a mighty >"Yes Mam!" >As the groups began to take form I ended up in one of the advance teams to go ahead of the rest. >Confident in our abilities we pushed forward into vines outside. >Things seemed to be going well, all considered. >The buzz of magical cutting beams only occasionally interrupted by an explosion. >Then "it" happened. >A particularly enourmous blast from behind us. >It set off a chain reaction, getting closer to the hive. >To our horror we realized that the evil vines had completely covered our hive as well. >Seeing where the explosions were going a retreat was called. >We ran as fast as we could under the heavy fire, but it wasn't fast enough. >Me and two others, Arolium and Tergum, had to pause momentarily due to explosions up ahead of us. >As the chain reaction reached those vines on top of the hive it knocked many of the green balls down. >So many that it completely blocked the entrance.
>>5732 >"What are we going to do now!?" >Exclaimed Arolium. "Our only hope is that we can make it to the back door." >"Can we even make it that far through all of this?" said Tergum. "We can hope, it's the only thing we can do. Keep your magic usage to a minimum and try not to set any more of these things off." >And so off we headed carefully picking our way through the treacherous vines. >The distance was not far, but the going was slow. >Nonetheless our goal eventually came into sight. >We were were so close to salvation. >"AHHHHHHH!" Yelled Tergum. >Me and Arolium quickly turned around to see what was the matter. >Tergum had fallen over, and got his fangs stick in one of the green explosives. >We were all tense, one wrong move and it could have meant the end for our friend. >I took the initiative and carefully made my way over. "Now Tergum, I'm going to need you to stay very, very still. You got that?" >A nervous and muffled "Uhh-huh" was the response. >I gripped either side of the ball with my hooves and began to carefully wiggle it off of his fangs. >When it finally came free it slipped from my hooves and fell the rest of the short distance to the ground. >I thought for sure that we would be goners. >But by some luck it didn't go off, instead splitting open on the ground to reveal it's pink interior. >Looking back to Tergum I see him licking his fangs after having got them back. >I cry out "Tergum, no!" but it was too late. >A curious expression crossed his face and his eyes went wide. >I stood there fearing the worst. >A moment passed by before a jolt of movement shot through Tergum and he buried his face in the split open green ball. "What are you doing!?!?" >Tergum responded between bites. >"Not..poison..soooo..good!" >And went back to consuming the pink flesh. >I approached the the other half and give it a cautious look. >Glancing between my friend and it I decide to give a try. >I gave it a careful lick and an incredible flavor. "We must tell the rest of the hive about this!" >And so after having eaten our fill we gathered up several more melons before entering the hive's rear entrance. >The others didn't believe us at first, but eventually we convinced them to try the green balls. >One taste was all it took. >That year, we harvested more melons than you could ever imagine. >We even set up a stall selling them in the next time we infiltrated the nearby Ponyville, gathering much love from the endevour in the process. >We had enough love for the next 10 seasons. "And that's how watermelons came to be a staple of the hive." >"How could you not know about watermelons!" >Said one of the youngins. "We had never seen them before, they just appeared all of a sudden." >"How could you have survived before melons?!" >Said another. "They were dark times." >"Do they really explode if you shoot them with magic?" "Alright, that's enough questions from you lot. It's bedtime." >"But Grandpa!" >They say in unision. "Bed. But maybe if you're lucky - and you complete your chores - I'll tell you another tomorrow." >With the promise of more tomorrow, they were more or less satisfied and left you in peace. >You were about to head off as well but not before enjoying a melon first. >Your relationship with them had started out rough but oh how sweet it ended up.
(42.74 KB 382x279 1544232012924.gif)
>>5732 >>5733 Ha, silly story Anon.
(749.80 KB 8096x832 The Best Tag.jpg)
>>5651 >Changeling detection Buggos need to be careful about ponies smelling their breath, because it naturally as an unusually sweet aroma to it; almost chemically so, even when transformed. >>5667 Changeling's misadventures in looking to cook Drone's life as Royal Bathwater Warmer(I might do this one) Door-to-Door cuddle salesbuggo >>5732 >>5733 >pic related Fun little green. It's so rare to get any new green these days, so thanks for that Anon. Are you going to post this on the /mlp/ thread? It desperately could use a little life over there.
>>5738 >>5735 Glad you got a chuckle out of it. >>5738 >Are you going to post this on the /mlp/ thread? Sure, why not.
(180.59 KB 666x792 image.png)
Does your changeling remember to brush their teeth?
>>5733 >>5732 Alright, this one was really good! Especially >"How could you have survived before melons?!" >"They were dark times."
>>5740 >Brushing teeth while holding hoof I didn't know I needed this.
>>5740 cute fangs that get brushes
Could a changeling use their holes as musical instruments? Would they?
>>5812 Would you blow on thier holes to produce musical notes? Would you use them as an instrument in a marching band?
>>5814 do you really need to ask that?
(89.50 KB 900x624 1621361336487.png)
>Last update was 3 months ago. I know there's been a lot of writers block and irl bullshit since then, but after this much time, any new info? tfw have drawn a whopping 4 pictures this entire yeear
>>5812 >>5814 In theory, couldn't they transform one of their forelegs into a musical instrument? >>5844 Last I read he got mad at some people on either here or /mlp/ and needed a break from it all.
>>5855 >Last I read he got mad at some people on either here or /mlp/ and needed a break from it all. Is he the same guy doing MoonyCYOA?
>>5855 Where was that? Didn't see it talked about here at all.
>>5856 Yep, same ponepaste account. >>5857 In the /moon/ thread on /mlp/, like 10 days ago. I just looked and the fimfiction page got updated too, says hiatus until january.
>>5859 I wonder what the final straw was.
>>5860 Could always ask him on the moon thread or send a message on fimfiction. At least it sounds like it's coming back in the future, right?
(29.68 KB 1083x185 image.png)
>>5857 >>5859 Thanks, fucking homofags.
I blame the guy that just started reeing about furfags for absolutely no reason
(983.35 KB 4012x2768 132748274022.png)
Would you take care of the little bugs?
(215.33 KB 914x1024 1545857878959.png)
>>5888 Maybe. Also I realized that's about the second pink bug I've ever seen that doesn't have hair.
>>5889 It would be nice if there was a widely adopted tag on the boorus for changelings with their webbed mane/frills/sails/whatever you want to call them, wouldn't it?
(2.88 MB 2000x1432 1696642.png)
>>5891 God yes, let me see the proper bugs with frills. My bug OC folder is mostly mops as is. Special exception for bugs that wear wigs. And then there's weirdos like this one that appear to have nothing.
(54.59 KB 500x500 1378720120.png)
(148.57 KB 1795x2125 123847274043.jpg)
(810.13 KB 1722x1842 13328000378.png)
>>5889 >>5891 >>5895 I agree, I too prefer changelings to be portrayed the way they're supposed to be with the frills and all. Something that I recently realized was that after 100k words, I only referenced Notaulix's webbed mane once. This is a mistake on my part, because I originally had what I thought was a cool and fun idea involving changelings and their webbed manes, but I just somehow completely forgot about it up until this point. Kind of leaves me in a pickle. I want things to keep moving forward, but it would be kind of weird to start regularly mentioning a prominent feature of changeling anatomy 100k words in. I need to go back and add it in here and there. Although, I've been wanting to go back and rewrite the first chapter to make it less of a rough read for a long time, so maybe it's a good excuse to finally do that. Anyway, have some more purple/pink bugs that I found.
>>5897 Oh hey you're alive. Nice bugs. Could always just say Anon is fuckin' blind and never looked very closely at his frill.
(63.64 KB 1573x1000 134238402840.jpeg)
>>5906 Of course I'm still alive. I've still been posting here, I'm just trying to avoid the drama issue because I don't want to spread that here. Besides, almost all of my personal grievances are with the /mlp/ bug thread anyway. Regarding the subject of frills and their inclusion in the story... Yes, that would be the easy way out, but I don't want to do that. It's an addition that I was really excited to present early on, which is why it's bizarre to me that it managed to slip through the cracks in my mind until now. I had it right near the start of the master document that I made when doing all the worldbuilding for BuggyCYOA's world prior to starting it. As for what it is, well... I hesitate to say, in a very petty original character donutsteel sort of way. Even though it's a really minor thing, it's something that I don't recall ever once seeing or reading anyone else doing for changelings before. That being said, I'm sure it's been done before, but on the off chance that it hasn't, I kind of want to ensure the novelty factor of being the first one to do it, if that makes any sense. Anyway, some of you friends may have already read my response to a comment on the BuggyCYOA fimfic page, but the flashback chapter is already done; just waiting until the start of January to kick things off again. I hope you're all ready for it. These past 100k words have more or less been the introduction. The pace of the story is going to pick up, and things will hopefully become a bit more exciting. ^:) In the meantime, while also using the rest of this month to get some MoonyCYOA progress in, I'm going to try and get some rewriting in to clean up the introductory chapter of BuggyCYOA, and flesh out some details of changeling anatomy. You all love changeling anatomy, don't you? Also, have some more pink bug.
(131.78 KB 1062x769 1629693951795.png)
>>5907 I accept your pink bug and look forward to resuming the (possibly fruitless) effort to plant one on our adorable naive little bug roommate. Here's to frill designs.
>>5910 Plant what?
(1.88 MB 4389x2469 774788.jpg)
>>5911 A tree, obviously.
(344.23 KB 1280x720 2743617.png)
>>5911 A big fat smooch.
>>5914 >Give Notaulix a smooch >He doesn't understand the concept >Tries to return the gesture by pressing his snoot against you
(3.65 MB 1920x1080 3002463.webm)
Reposting quality bug from the /mlp/ thread.
OK, guys, that's not funny. What have you pissed off CYOAnon for?
(271.46 KB 2642x2798 6312836.jpg)
I luv QC
(347.43 KB 1600x1200 1513601922934.jpg)
(226.77 KB 798x904 pikabu bug.jpg)
(304.71 KB 1376x1208 RusComments.jpg)
Hey friends, something interesting happened. I signed onto my fimfic account as I usually do once every few days, to see if I've gotten any new messages regarding BuggyCYOA. While I was at it, I decided to take a look at BuggyCYOA's stats page, since I'm one of those nerds who enjoys keeping track of that kind of stuff. This time, under the list of referrals, I noticed a new site had popped up on the list; a russian one with several referrals: pikabu.ru I love learning about the foreign language pony communities, so I dove in with google translate to try and find the post where all the referrals to the BuggyCYOA fimfic page were coming from. Pics related are what I found, a post featuring the most recent artwork of Notaulix struggling to eat the corn. Google webpage translate didn't seem to work allow that sites comments to load, so I went ahead and did a manual google translate of the comment section for those who are curious. I also left the originals in case we happen to have a russian friend here who can verify and/or do a better job of translating. It's a really strange feeling, and humbling in a way, to think of people being both interested enough and willing to put up with google translate just to read your story. I wonder what any readers from there think of it? Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you guys. I think it's pretty cool in a way. And >>5280 Anon? Are you still around here? What do you think of your art getting thousands of views in the russian community?
>>5974 >>google translator in your teeth and go ahead >>*pat pat bald head* I will have the same one someday! ded >Are you still around here? Oh I'm mostly lurking nowadays. I found myself slipped into another slump and made literally zero progress with any drawings, so I've been binging on shitty greentexts and fanfics instead. >What do you think of your art getting thousands of views in the russian community? That's pretty neat.
>>5974 What a coincidence I just drew a horse for a russian bugfag. In any case I'm not surprised, it's no longer the most obscure thing and is a very cozy story. I briefly recall the guy who runs anonpone lamenting that BuggyCYOA is about the only CYOA not on the site because the formatting makes it impossible to automate.
>>5971 bugs get boops
(66.07 KB 1500x1175 133900317298.jpeg)
>>5978 I'm glad to know that you're still with us here, Anon. It's understandable to get in a slump. I know the feeling well, since I was in one for almost four months until just a few weeks ago. And doing something different, even if it's binging on fics, can help a lot. For me, working on MoonyCYOA again has really gotten the neurons activated, even if I haven't had as much time as I would like to be writing because of a heavy workload this month. >>5980 >spoiler Who? What? I'm not sure what you're speaking of, unfortunately.
(546.48 KB 1755x1755 1614753310737.jpg)
>>6003 https://www.anonpone.com/ Didn't know about the CYOA repository? Your stuff is unfortunately about the only things not on it because of the way your format it. He said he had a means of ripping text from images but you include part of the previous update in the current one so it would double up on everything. ...Or something like that, I wasn't paying much attention.
(930.66 KB 5000x4343 134823748274.png)
(81.79 KB 603x196 The Beginning.jpg)
(224.58 KB 1067x800 173229244024.png)
>>6008 Oh, that's a neat site. I can see why my unorthodox way of operating compared to basically every other CYOA made it incompatible though. It could probably work just fine now, since I got into the habit of including the actual text for each update in the posts, but then you have a huge backlog of previous posts made with the old way that would have to be incorporated somehow. Also, in other news, I just realized that we've had over a year of Notaulix now. BuggyCYOA had its one year anniversary almost a month ago. Where has the time gone? I could of sworn I started it in February. I wanted to make a little mini celebration for that milestone, but I guess I dropped the ball on that one, huh? So... Hooray? Happy late CYOA anniversary, friends. Thanks for giving this little idea of mine enough energy to last over a year, comprised of over 100k words and multiple pieces of artwork made for it. I wonder where we'll be in another year? Will the story have reached its conclusion? Tune in next week to find out more!
(3.42 MB 2480x3508 image.png)
>>6009 >a year of bug Woo! Happy anniversary.
(495.29 KB 1856x2160 2739902.jpg)
>>6009 Here's to another!
(87.26 KB 880x720 142347827492.png)
Do you comply?
(445.43 KB 920x831 1566327290148.png)
>>6057 You're god damn right I do.
(763.08 KB 1307x1043 1492276012721.png)
Anyone ever think about Notaulix's hive? It doesn't seem like it's doing too good from the information given so far. Will we ever get the summer vacation episode where Notaulix takes Anon to go see the hive? Maybe gather some sticks along the way?
>>6089 Changeling hives never seem to be doing too great.
>>6096 Literally only thing they need to do is to open a brothel
(75.58 KB 500x526 1545560968069.png)
(235.77 KB 1285x673 1479970(1).jpeg)
>>6098 false
(825.74 KB 1280x788 art10350.png)
>>6100 No wonder, Fleur is an awful prude
>>6058 But can I also use it as a pillow?
(309.83 KB 2604x1862 1624431957027.png)
>>6102 Pillow, blanket, comforter, husband, night stand. Changelings are amazingly versatile.
>>6102 Exchange your belly rubs for pillow usage.
>>6107 >night stand when I hear that I just end up thinking of a changeling with a lamp on his head.
(598.51 KB 1000x1000 1468784796864.png)
>>6109 Hell I'd buy it.
>>6107 You can replace all your furniture and kitchen appliances with changelings.
>>6099 I'd like to cuddle a bughorse that big.
>>6111 Imagine, an entire home made entirely out of Changelings.
>>6114 Dear god.
>>6114 A house made out of stacked up changelings would definitely be a sight.
>>6099 >pic Still the best piece of R63 Chrysalis artwork after all these years >>6114 >>6118 >Changelings turn themselves into giant legos
>>6118 Changelings everywhere. You get changelings sticking their heads out of your mirror cabinet. Probably some spot where there's an odd leg or body part sticking out from where one part of the roof meets another. And at least one wall that's mostly faces and or butts.
>>6119 >Changelings turn themselves into giant legos Any giant monster that tries to attack the hive is going to have to be weary of their step.
>>6120 >one wall that's mostly faces and or butts better be paying attention while the house is being built, lest you end up with a wall of changelings staring at you in the bathroom, or a living room and kitchen made of butts.
>We've hit bump limit >Again
NEW THREAD! >>6132