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(1.43 MB 3600x3200 Unwrap Your Present.jpg)
/bug/ -#3- The Changeling Thread Anonymous 12/25/2021 (Sat) 08:53:01 No. 6132
Home of all your chitinous needs and the center for all FiM changeling artwork, discussion, stories and more. Previous Thread: >>3333 Active Stories BuggyCYOA: A simple adventure involving an Anon who is trying to care for a changeling that he found starving in the Everfree Forest. Read at: https://ponepaste.org/4086 OR https://www.fimfiction.net/story/499520/buggycyoa (Recommended) Recent Short Greens Aftermath of Failure: >>3908 Expedited Shipping: >>4038 The Melon War of 805: >>5732 For older stories and other changeling related material, check out The Hive Directory: https://ponepaste.org/4223 This threads question is... >What do you gift your favorite changeling for Hearth's Warming Eve?
(166.97 KB 1000x1000 1342837427.png)
>Arrive at third consecutive bug thread >Approx. 16.5% of total posts on this board have been dedicated to bug Pretty cool, huh? Let's stay strong and keep on posting and loving those changelings, friends.
(216.63 KB 800x894 dotkwa_CuteDrone.png)
>>6132 >What do you gift your favorite changeling for Hearth's Warming Eve? Like a dozen books and a kiss on the cheek.
(2.35 MB 2000x2000 2316747.png)
>>6132 I'll eat three bars of chocolate and a plate of oysters and make the beautiful Queen fat.
(833.00 KB 800x800 134938482002.gif)
Bug rings the bell.
(132.89 KB 806x1216 Anon and the beetle.jpg)
(483.57 KB 1436x1872 HeftyBeetle.jpg)
So I've been spending some more time on pikabu.ru to see what other changeling related content they enjoy on there. As it turns out, several months ago the original BuggyCYOA fanart was shared on there too, with a link to the ponepaste to boot. The title of the post is, according to google translate, "Anon and the beetle", which brings up an interesting fact that I've discovered from all the changeling content I've been looking at on there. If the google translate is accurate, the Russian community likes to refer to changelings as beetles, in the same way that we frequently call them bugs. It's kind of endearing in a way. Anyway, here's some more abstract Russian humor in the comment section, which I found to be particularly funny this time around. The apparent confusion of that one guy thinking it was a grocery store checkout, combined with the mental image of Hivemart, where you can go and buy your own changeling, complete with scanning the barcode sticker on their butt with a loud beep had me laughing for a good long while. "you will erase the grater" and "What a gorgeous beetle he has. Hefty." are also gems.
>>6167 based russian beetle enjoyers the language specific terms and difference are fascinating. when more art is posted there someone should link back here
>>6167 Slight corrections: >I hope he didn't mistake the beetle for the cheese. >They are prepared in different ways. >That is, do not grate? >Yeah, you will grate the grater. >Is it cheese? >To check, you need to grate him everywhere. - >Oooh, ponepaste *dead from old school mixing* - >What a gorgeous beetle he has. Hefty. lol - Nothing wrong here though. >He can also hum! Note that "beetle" ("жук / zhuk") comes from "hum" ("жужжать / zhuzhzhat'") so the translation loses the pun in that part. The original misspelled "поролон / porolon" so the translator missed it. It means "foam rubber".
>>6174 >>Yeah, you will grate the grater. The meaning comes a bit distorted. It's, probably, more like >Yeah, you will grate off the grater. or something.
>>6171 That would be interesting to try. >>6174 >>6175 Thanks for the additional insight, especially on the pun. Here's a neat piece that I found on there.
>>6167 Notaulix is a good hivemart beetle.
(1.32 MB 1200x857 1633141962383.png)
>>6167 I always love interesting stuff with languages. I asked my russian friend and they said the word for beetle also gets used to mean 'bug' a lot so it's probably just a quirk of the language. They also have a lot of different terms to refer to MLP:FIM apparently.
>>6183 I want to create artwork of Hivemart now.
(166.52 KB 1400x1086 January-2022-Calendar.jpg)
Have you marked your calendar yet? The big day is arriving soon.
(932.33 KB 2480x3508 boog.jpg)
>What do you gift your favorite changeling for Hearth's Warming Eve? Cook his favorite food, get his favorite fruits, and buy something that will be useful on his everyday life.
(2.32 MB 3200x3200 1392348293747.png)
Nobody? You're going to make Notaulix sad. >>6187 >>6190 Very wholesome.
(842.66 KB 2995x2265 a9f0ff6cdf2716a59290083dc65fa0c2.png)
>>6187 >>6196 I haven't unwrapped my 2022 calendar yet. Rest assured I will be ready to bug. Although I've adopted an actual regular sleep schedule now so I'm gonna miss all the late night updates.
(43.59 KB 96x120 Chrysalis-Flying.gif)
(11.65 KB 96x76 Changeling-Flying.gif)
(13.87 KB 68x88 Changeling-Walking.gif)
>>6207 I'm glad at least one person is going to be ready to bug. I think I mentioned it in the past, but the pacing of this story is about to pick up by quite a bit. Now that we've reached that 100k word threshold, I consider things to finally be past the "introductory" stage of the story, as silly as that may sound. One thing I've mentioned before is occasional time skips. I previously said that the first ones would be optional, but during the course of writing the flashback chapter I made the decision to bring in the first time skip when the current day that we're on ends. It'll be a short jump; just one week ahead for this one. My reasoning here is that while we're one year and 100k words into this CYOA, we've barely covered a week of time that has passed since Anon rescued Notaulix from the Everfree. Now of course, there's nothing wrong with that per se, especially considering this is partially a Slice of Life story, but this is also about adventure and exploration, and I have so much content pre-prepared that is waiting to be discovered over the course of weeks, months and years of in-story time. In a nutshell, we need to get moving. I'm anticipating that unless you guys throw me some really weird curveballs through your actions, it will probably take around 330k total words to tell the story that I want to tell through BuggyCYOA. Still, that's just a wild estimate. Could be more, could be less. There's still going to be plenty of comfy slice of life, but with more emphasis on the faster paced action of Anon and Notaulix facing challenges and working together in the Everfree, in addition to reacting to important events. Speaking of important events, I'll remind you that the next Big Happening™ will be when the seasons change and winter falls over Equestria. Choose carefully ^:) I hope this all sounds agreeable. Let me know what you think about my plan, or if you have any non-spoilering questions.
>>6208 I'm ready for the return of bug. Interested to see what's happened to Anon and Notaulix while we were away.
>>6208 No matter what path we go down I'm still gonna try to kiss him.
(813.64 KB 800x800 1423908449101.jpg)
>>6210 Some things never change, do they?
(671.43 KB 900x1200 773861.png)
>>6211 My bug love will never dissipate.
(1.77 MB 1920x1080 1582346786973.jpg)
>>6212 I just like Chryssy
(329.02 KB 1500x902 1412896436813.jpg)
>>6213 Nothing wrong with that. Queen bug deserves love and kisses too.
(1.03 MB 1280x768 Bugmom bed time story.png)
>>6213 >>6214 She's the best actual changeling character, for sure. Just that the drone designs are my favourite thing to come from the show.
(1.86 MB 1348x2048 image.png)
>>6208 As I said before, I'm staying in this ride until I'm... done. Besides a occasional griffon thread, this CYOA was pretty much the only reason I ever visited /mlp/. The pacing, the characters, the comfy, it's all good stuff. And as I also said before, I don't mind the wait.
>>6220 >until I'm... done. That feels a bit ominous for some reason. I hope you continue to stick around to post bugs and ponies with us, even after BuggyCYOA reaches its conclusion, or if you lose interest in it.
Happy new year bugfags
(56.39 KB 1154x2000 image.png)
>>6285 Happy New Year!
(26.41 KB 899x73 SOON.jpg)
It's January 1st. Are you ready to bug?
>>6290 I'm always ready to bug.
(1.26 MB 896x496 1480463059759.gif)
>>6290 Darn, family dinner's gonna make me miss the update.
>>6290 YES
(2.42 MB 1856x9445 BuggyCYOA_pt196.jpg)
Time to bug! First, a little lighthearted look into the past... Parts 196 & 197: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4151 Really recommend reading this one on the fimfic page though. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/499520/22/buggycyoa/one-year-ago-the-clothesline-incident-part-196 "...I used to bring them along with all my other clothes to be washed, but I stopped doing that after something happened last summer." You say to Notaulix. "What happened, Anon? What could have made you stop?" Notaulix asks with newfound interest. "Well... It's a bit of a lenghty story. Do you really want to hear it?" You question Notaulix. "Yes Anon, I enjoy listening to your experiences!" Notaulix responds. You can't help but let out a chuckle before you continue. "Alright then, if you say so. Let's see, where to begin..." You say as you play through what transpired in your mind, looking for the ideal place to start. While you do so, Notaulix turns his body to face you and give you his full attention, seemingly eager to hear what you have to say. "...it started out as any other trip into Ponyville to have my stuff washed, really. I took the clothes basket, dumped it into my backpack, and then I was out on the road to Ponyville." You continue as you begin to recount your tale. * It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside and running errands, with Celestia's sun shining high and bright in the clear blue skies above, casting its warmth onto you down below. Yes, it was indeed an idyllic summer day in Equestria, one that was plenty warm, but not too hot. All things considered, it was the perfect kind of weather for you to be wearing the comfortable pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt that Rarity had generously made for you. You had hinted at desiring such things in the past, but the unicorn fashionista had chosen to surprise you with them as a gift, during Pinkie Pie's "Equestria's Super Duper Special Human Friend Anniversary Party". That party, which Pinkie somehow involved the whole town in, was celebrating the one year anniversary of the day that you had suddenly arrived in Equestria, which was just almost three weeks ago now. While the amount of attention focused on you that day was unexpected, it really made you feel like you had drawn closer to the townsponies.
>>6294 Ever since then, you were no longer treated with fear and suspicion, but instead being truly accepted as a resident of Ponyville; one who had the trust and respect of others. Because of that, many ponies had begun to open up to you after that party, eager to ask you a plethora of questions about humans, where you came from, yourself, and your budding efforts to explore the Everfree Forest. In truth, the sudden surge in in popularity was overwhelming to you. In the days and weeks since then, however, you've quickly found yourself growing more fond of the ponies and the new social aspect to your life that you sorely lacked. Even so, whenever you're on this old dirt road into town, you take the time to mentally prepare yourself to have an answer for any question, no matter how strange some of them may be. You wonder just how many more times this month you could possibly be asked about your clothes, and why you constantly wear such things. You're certain that all of Ponyville has asked you at least once by now. Ponies are a naturally curious race, to say the least. Though, you can't blame them, especially since you know that you are exceptionally strange and unusual to them. Which is really saying a lot, considering this entire world is filled with strange and unusual things, that are usually brimming with magic in one way or another to boot. Still, you can at least understand where most of the ponies questions are coming from. Here in Equestrian society, clothing is most frequently reserved for special events, with frequent wearing of it being synonymous with the nobility of Canterlot. As a matter of fact, one of the most common questions you were asked early on was if you were a noble from your land, perhaps a prince or even a king, considering all the clothes that you constantly wore. You denied any claims of nobility, of course; an answer that always seemed to bring relief to those who asked. Recently, the new trend to develop among the curious ponies was to inquire not just about your clothes, but what was underneath them. A reasonable curiosity, considering that you recently started to wear clothing more appropriate for the summer heat, which revealed more of your body than your long pants and sleeved shirts did. Unsurprisingly, to a pony, there are no issues with removing all articles of clothing on a whim. You've had to face the challenges in explaining why that is an issue for you, much to your embarrassment. Regardless, the curiosity persists, and is one thing in particular that you prepare for as you approach the outskirts of the friendly town of Ponyville.
>>6295 Looking out over the town, you begin to take in the usual sights and sounds of colorful ponies walking around the town, pegasi flying around in the sky, and their lively voices all filling the air. You can see a portion of the marketplace, already packed with vendors, full of fresh summer fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season, bringing thoughts of what you would like for dinner to mind. Browsing the market will have to wait until later though. Today is laundry day, and that means a visit to Ponyville's resident cleaning mare: Bubble Shine Ever since Rarity recommended her services, you've quickly come to depend on the friendly mare, who has already saved you hours upon hours of washing your clothing by hand. And beyond the time savings, Bubble Shine just simply manages to get your clothes cleaner and better smelling than you ever could; an added bonus indeed. Although you were hesitant at first to let someone handle your more personal articles of clothing, namely your underwear, Bubble Shine proved to be very professional regarding the matter, setting your mind at ease. Walking through Ponyville, you return the occasional wave or greeting from a passerby on your way to the cleaning mare's residence, which happens to nearly be on the other side of town. Ponyville is still a relatively small town though, so you find yourself approaching the door to Bubble Shine's home in a matter of minutes. Walking up to the door, you reach out and give it a few firm knocks before waiting for a response. After receiving no such response, you knock on the door once more, only to receive no answer once more. Knowing the likely possibility that the mare may be doing something else at the moment, you decide to quickly check one other place where you know she may be at, before giving up and checking back later. You proceed to walk around the outside of Bubble Shine's home, soon arriving out back where a small grassy area surrounded by a simple wooden fence is found.
>>6296 Stepping past the corner of the home and looking in to the fenced area, you see the familiar sight of several lines tightly tied between poles. Attached to the lines are many curtains, made of fine white lace, which blow gracefully in the summer breeze. There among the curtains, you happen to spot Bubble Shine. Not having noticed you yet, you stand and watch the mare as she moves along a line, using her magic to hang up more freshly washed curtains from a nearby basket, which she secures with wooden pins from a cloth sack held in her mouth. Soon enough, Bubble Shine does happen to notice you from the corner of her vision, eliciting a muffled cry of surprise through the bag of clothespins held by her mouth. Quickly, the mare sets the bag down and trots over to you with a happy expression on her face. "Mr. Anonymous, I didn't see you! How long have you been standing there? I do hope that I haven't been ignoring you for very long..." Bubble Shine asks as she looks up at you with an apologetic expression from the other side of the fence. "Not at all, I just got here only a moment ago." You reassure the mare. "I tried knocking at the front door, so I figured you might be back out here." You then explain. "Ah, I see. Are you here to have your clothing washed? It's about that time, if I recall." Bubble Shine asks you, now looking somewhat relieved. "That's right, I have a pretty full load for you today; if you aren't too busy, of course." You answer. "I see. Please, feel free to let yourself inside, the door is unlocked. You can find yourself a suitable basket to place everything you want washed into while I finish up out here." Bubble Shine says to you. "Great! I'll go ahead and do that then, thank you." You say in response. "You're most welcome, Mr. Anonymous. I'll be with you in a moment!" Bubble Shine says as she turns around to resume her work. With that, you do just as the mare instructed and return to the front of her home, where you find the front door to indeed be unlocked. Opening the door and stepping inside, you inhale deeply in order to take in the plethora of pleasing aromas that fill the mares home. It doesn't take long for you to find a large basket to dump all the clothes from your backpack into. Within a few minutes, you hear the sound of hoofsteps on the wooden floor. Turning to look in the direction of the sound, you watch as Bubble Shine emerges from the back of her home, along with the basket she was using, now empty, held within the azure glow of her magic.
>>6297 "Sorry to keep you waiting!" She announces as he trots up to you before setting her basket down on the floor. "No worries, I'm not in any rush today." You reassure the mare. "I'm glad to hear that. Now then, let's see what we have here today..." Bubble Shine says as she briefly inspects the pile of clothing you deposited. While the unicorn mare does so, you grab hold of your bit bag and open it up, in preparation to make your payment. "Is there a particular scent that you would like this time?" Bubble Shine asks you. "The usual is fine." You respond. "A creature of habit, aren't you?" Bubble Shine says with a giggle. "Well then! This'll be eight bits today, please." She then continues. "I guess so." You say with a smile as you pluck out the appropriate number of golden coins before handing them over. "Thank you." She says as her magic envelops the bits, which then levitate beside Bubble Shine as she takes them to be deposited somewhere behind the main counter. "Will you be picking these up later today, Mr. Anonymous? I believe these will be dry and ready in around four to five hours." Bubble Shine asks. "If that isn't too much of a rush for you, that would be great." You respond. "A rush? Nonsense! Most of the time involved is simply waiting for things to dry, after all. Why, as a matter of fact, once I get your clothes hung up to dry, I plan to go out and enjoy the beautiful day around Ponyville." She says to you in turn. "That's a good plan." You agree. "We'll probably run into each other later, since I've made my own plans to do things around town today." You add. "Wonderful." Bubble Shine giggles. "Don't let me keep you any longer then, Mr. Anonymous. Besides, I should get started on this right away." She says as she levitates the basket of clothes into the air with her magic. "Alrighty then, I'll leave you to it. Thanks again, Bubble Shine." You say to the mare with a friendly wave before making your way back over to the front door. "Bye! Thank you for your business!" Bubble Shine says, waving her own forehoof in return. With that, you depart from her residence back out onto the streets of Ponyville, where the hot summer air carrying the scents of the season greets you. From that point, the majority of your afternoon is spent going from one place to the next, crossing things off your list of goals for the day as you do so. You return to the marketplace, check in with one of your now-regular buyers of goods from the Everfree, and stop somewhere to enjoy a nice salad for lunch, among other things.
>>6298 Sure enough, you ended up conversing with a few ponies along the way. Some had questions to ask, though only one of them asked anything about your clothing this time, much to your surprise. In the end, you accomplished everything that you had set out to do for that day. After making a brief stop back at home to empty your backpack of your purchases at the market, you made your way back to Bubble Shine's for your clothes. And there they were. Clean, dry, and emanating the fresh, light pine scent that you had quickly grown to enjoy. After a moment of gathering it all into your backpack, you soon found yourself back on the road home. Once back home, with nothing better to do, you immediately went to work in your room, sorting and folding your clothes before putting them away. However, as you neared the end of the folding pile, something strange became apparent... You're missing something. You know for sure that among everything else, you had six pairs of underwear to be washed. Yet, here in front of you are only five. Feeling confused, you take a quick look at the floor around you, in case it happened to fall down during the sorting. When that reveals nothing, you turn to looking through your backpack once more. Despite your thorough searching efforts, you cannot find the missing pair of underwear, puzzling you. After pondering the issue for a moment, the simple conclusion that you reach is that it must have gotten left behind by accident, one way or another. A minor inconvenience, if you could even call it that. Regardless, you have no desire to make another trip to Ponyville today, as the day will be drawing to a close soon. it's nothing that can't wait until tomorrow, after all. From that point, you move forward with the remainder of your day. You put your neatly folded clothes away, make something for dinner, then relaxing by spending some time in your journal and other books before getting a good nights sleep. The following morning began as any other. You got up, had a light breakfast, and quickly got yourself ready to go outside and take advantage of another perfect summer day. Opting to leave the backpack behind as it served no real purpose for today, you went out into the cool morning air and made your return to Ponyville. Once back in town, you quickly made your way to Bubble Shine's front door, which you promptly knocked on. It didn't take long for the door the open, revealing the mare herself who now bore a surprised expression upon realizing who was at her door.
>>6299 "Mr... Anonymous? What a surprise! Please, come in." Bubble Shine greets you, stepping aside as she does so before gesturing you inside with a forehoof. "Good morning Bubble Shine. Thank you." You greet her in return before stepping inside. As soon as you enter the mares home, you scan the surroundings of the room, hoping to see your missing pair of underwear waiting for you. Noticing your behavior, Bubble Shine walks up to you after closing the door. "Is something wrong? It's unusual for you to be back so soon." Bubble Shine asks you. Failing to spot your missing undergarment in plain sight, you turn your attention to the friendly mare awaiting your answer. "Well, it's just... When I got back home and started folding my clothes, I happened to notice that I'm missing a pair of underwear." You explain. "I figured it must have just accidentally gotten left behind here. Have you seen it?" You then ask her. "Missing?" Bubble Shine repeats, confusion clearly in her voice and expression. "That's strange, I... I don't recall forgetting anything." She continues. "So you haven't seen it around, then." You say, now feeling slightly confused yourself. "I'm afraid not... I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Anonymous." Bubble Shine apologizes as her ears droop slightly to the side. "Hey now, there's no need to apologize for anything, it could have somehow fallen out of my backpack on the way home yesterday. I just thought I'd check here first." You reassure her. Upon saying that, a silence falls between you as Bubble Shine brings a forehoof to her chin, clearly thinking deeply on the matter. "Hmmm... If it may be around here, then why don't we take a moment and look together? Two pairs of eyes are better than one, after all." She suggests with a smile. "Sure, let's do that." You agree. What follows is a diligent search, starting first in the room you are in, then moving to the room towards the back of the house where all the washing and cleaning takes place. You look high and low, under baskets and tables, between washtubs, even under the rug. But despite your combined efforts, there is nothing to be found.
>>6300 "With all due respect..." Bubble Shine begins as she turns her attention to you. "...I don't believe that what you're looking for is here, sadly. We should have found it by now; there's no other place it would be if it was here." She continues. "I guess it's looking to be that way, isn't it?" You say with a bit of a sigh, pausing your search effort. If it isn't here, and it's not at my house, then where could it be? You think to yourself. You begin to think of everywhere in Ponyville that you could have somehow lost it at yesterday. Before you get too deep into such thoughts though, one more nearby location pops into your mind. "What about outside? Where you hang everything up to dry?" You ask. Your question gives the mare pause, prompting her to look at you with an expression laced with doubt. "I highly doubt that I would have left something out, but... There's no harm in taking a quick look. Let's go see." Bubble Shine says as she leads you out the back door. Following the mare outside, you find yourself standing in the enclosed space of green grass and clotheslines, surrounded by a wooden fence; the very one you were on the other side of yesterday. Giving the space a cursory glance, you see nothing besides the grass. clotheslines and fence. Letting out a sigh of frustration, the focus in your mind begins to shift. You realize that at this point, wherever the missing underwear is, it almost certainly isn't here. You try and recall the route that you took after leaving this place yesterday, thinking of all the possible places it could have somehow fallen from your backpack. And yet... A lingering thought gnaws at the back of your mind: How could it? Your backpack seals fairly well; it just seems so unlikely to you that this could happen. You don't have long to ponder such things, however, as the sound of a loud gasp brings you back to reality.
>>6301 Turning around, you see Bubble Shine standing by a small, now-open gate that you hadn't noticed before. Additionally, something small is being held by her telekinesis, though you cannot tell what from the distance you are at. "What is it? Did you find something?" You ask while approaching her. "No- I mean yes, but!" She begins to say, pausing briefly to collect herself. "Yes, I found one of my clothespins, but it was out here!" She continues. Sure enough, when you look at the small object held within her magical aura, you find it to be none other than a simple clothespin. "That's, uh. That's great?" You say in a somewhat halfhearted manner, unsure of what the big deal is. "You don't understand! When I walked over here, I noticed that the gate was unlocked!" Bubble Shine says, now turning around to face you. Looking more closely at the gate, you find it to be the sort that is secured with a simple latch, the kind that you lift to allow the gate to swing open. "Is that a bad thing?" You ask. "Well, no. It's just that- ...I almost never open this gate." Bubble Shine explains, looking somewhat perplexed. "So... What are you trying to say?" You inquire. "I-" The mare immediately pauses, before continuing several seconds later. "I don't know, Mr. Anonymous." She admits, turning her gaze downward to the ground. You can tell that something is on her mind, but you can't think of a good way to press the matter further without being overly pushy. Instead, you opt to step around Bubble Shine, moving past her and beyond the gate. Once outside, you look around only to see green grass, other nearby homes, and a patch of small trees and shrubbery a short distance away.
>>6302 Coming to the conclusion that your missing underwear isn't going to be found here, your thoughts shift once more to all the other places it could have gone. Could it have been the marketplace? By the train station? On the road by the flower shop? Has someone already found it, and possibly dropped it off at your home, maybe in the mailbox? Such thoughts go through your mind. Wherever it may be, you put a hold on further thought of the subject, as you notice Bubble Shine approaching from the corner of your eye. "Sadly, it looks like it isn't here." Bubble Shine says to you with an apologetic expression. "Might I suggest searching out the other places where you may have misplaced it?" She suggests. "Yeah, that's the best I can do at this point." You agree. "Mhm." She nods in agreement. "Well then! I certainly wouldn't mind helping you further, but; please excuse my rudeness; there are things that need my attention more this morning, unfortunately." The mare admits. "...Plus, there's somepony I would like to go and speak with." Bubble Shine quickly adds. "Oh, you're not being rude at all!" You say, waving a hand dismissively. "I've already taken up enough of your time today. Thank you for letting me take a look around here first." You thank her. "Thank you for being so understanding. I do hope you find your missing garment... I'll see you around, Mr. Anonymous!" Bubble Shine says. "You too!" You say in return before departing. Following your visit at Bubble Shine's you begin retracing your steps from yesterday, going from one place to another in pursuit of your missing underwear. One by one, you go to the marketplace, the train station, the road by the flower shop and everything in between. When that fails to produce any results, you resort to simply meandering around town, in hope of the off chance that you happen to stumble upon it, or perhaps a pony that found it first. But after about an hour of doing that, both your frustration and bewilderment grow to the point that you make the decision to return home and take a break.
>>6303 Upon arriving back at home, you eagerly check your mailbox, only to discover that much like everywhere else you've searched today, there is nothing to be found. Finally, on the inside of your home, you give every room one more thorough search. And it's at that point which you admit defeat. You have absolutely no idea where your missing pair of underwear has gone. Having reached that conclusion, you decide that it's time to get yourself a glass of something to drink, recline on the sofa, and take a moment to rest both your weary mind and feet. Some time later, around mid-day, you return to Ponyville to pick out something good to eat for dinner. However, it doesn't take you long to notice that things are amiss. You first noticed it as soon as you approached the outskirts of town, but everywhere you go, you see ponies going from one place to the next in groups of two or three. On the ground, they stop to look in bushes, under doormats and flowerpots and everything in between. In the sky, you can see pegasi combing through trees and examining the rooftops. Before you think to ask about what's going on, you suddenly hear the unmistakable voices of three young fillies behind you. "Look girls! It's Anon!" You hear Scootaloo say. "Anooon!" Apple Bloom calls out to you. Turning around, you find Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo all bounding towards you, full of their youthful energy as usual. Upon reaching you, the little trio run circles around you, laughing and giggling and carrying on until you kneel down, lowering yourself to their level. "How're the Crusaders doing today? And, uh... Do you know what's going on around here?" You ask them. "Of course we know! We're having fun!" Sweetie Belle answers. "Yeah!" Scootaloo agrees with enthusiasm. "Yep, and don't you worry about nothin' Anon! We'll find it in no time, because we're the..." Apple Bloom begins to say, before pausing to glance at Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle with a big smile. "...CUTIE MARK CRUSADER CLOTHING DETECTIVES!! Yaaaaaay!!!" They triumphantly yell in unison before galloping away as fast as their little hooves can take them.
>>6304 Meanwhile, time feels like it momentarily slows to a crawl as your mind processes what you just heard. Swiftly rising to your feet, you take off in search of the nearest pony to speak with. Within moments, you find your pony; an earth pony stallion that you recall seeing around town, though not one that you had spoken with before. Speaking with the stallion, whose name you learned to be Acre Plough, your greatest fear is realized when he explains to you what's happening: At least half of Ponyville is looking for your missing underwear. Horrified and embarrassed to the core, you inquire further, and learn that Twilight Sparkle was responsible for rallying everypony together for the impromptu search. When you ask where you might find Twilight, Acre Plough informs you that the last he knew, Twilight was working in none other than the area behind Bubble Shine's home. Taking this information in, the puzzle pieces begin to fit together in your mind... You remember Bubble Shine said that she wanted to go speak with someone. Was that someone Twilight? If so, why? What could have possibly been on Bubble Shine's mind that she felt the need to reach out to Twilight? You ask yourself such questions in your mind, though you know there's no answer to be found there. Focusing your attention back on the stallion, you thank him for the information, followed immediately by making a beeline for Bubble Shine's home in pursuit of answers. It doesn't take long for you to arrive at your destination, where you find nobody to be in or around the fenced in area where things are hung out to dry. Looking around, you happen to spot a familiar mare moving about in the nearby trees and bushes. After taking in a deep breath and exhaling loudly, you collect your thoughts and approach Twilight to confront her on the matter. As you draw near, you see a pair of light purple ears perk up and swivel in your direction, closely followed by Twilight lifting her head up from behind a bush and catching sight of you.
>>6305 "There you are, Anon! We need to talk." Twilight cheerfully says. "Yeah, we do." You respond with irritation laced in your voice. "Is... something wrong?" Twilight questions, noting your tone and unhappy expression. "Of course something's wrong! Half of Ponyville is out looking for my missing pair of underwear! What's going on here, Twilight? Is it true that you organized this?" You ask in response. "Why yes, I did. Let me explain to you, Anon! I wanted to speak with you about this earlier, but I wasn't able to quickly find you in time." She says. "Okay, well I'm here now. What is it?" You ask her after a brief pause goes by. "Well, um... Come closer first, please. We need to be quiet." She responds in a hushed tone while gesturing you closer with one of her forehooves. Furrowing your brows in confusion, you draw closer and kneel down, bringing you roughly to eye level with the purple unicorn. You stare at Twilight in a moment of silence, watching closely as she looks around while her ears swivel from one position to the next, clearly listening for anyone or anything that may be nearby. When she determines that the two of you are alone, you listen carefully as Twilight inches closer and begins to whisper. "Anon, I didn't tell everypony this, but if my findings are any evidence, then your underwear hasn't gone missing; it's been stolen. That's why I'm preparing-" Is all she manages to say before her words hit you like a ton of bricks. "Stolen?! What do you mean stmmphmmm!" You begin to cry out in response, only to be met with the tingling sensation of your jaw being magically held shut, accompanied by the glow of Twilight's horn. "Shhh! Anon, quiet! This is serious!" She hisses at you before releasing her magic. "Sorry..." You apologize in a quiet voice. "...but seriously, you need to tell me what's going on around here. Did Bubble Shine start this? And what makes you think my underwear was stolen?" You then ask. "Mhm, Bubble Shine told me about your visit morning. She had her suspicions and wanted to see if I knew any magic that could help find some sort of clue." Twilight begins to explain. "We spent a few more minutes looking around her home, just to be sure, but it wasn't until we tried searching over here that we found it..." She continues. "What was it?" You interject. "Another of Bubble Shine's clothespins, laying on the ground next to a fresh trail of hoofprints in the soft dirt, moving away from her home." She answers you. "Not just any hoofprints, either! Whoever it was, they were certainly rushing through here at a gallop." Twilight adds. You can't help but remain quiet as you ponder the things you just heard. The more you think about it, the more plausible it sounds that something more is at work here than simply a misplaced pair of underwear, as absurd as it sounds. Breathing in deeply, you let out a loud sigh and take a moment to rub your forehead. Afterwards, you return your focus to Twilight.
>>6306 "Alright, so let's say someone actually stole a pair of my underwear. What's happening now? Why did you involve half the town to look for something lost when you think it was stolen?" You question her. "Because I don't want to be right... It's awful to think of somepony stealing from another, let alone stealing something so personal and important to you." Twilight answers. "I really hope somepony finds it today. But if they don't, I think I'm going to write a letter to Princess Celestia for advice. She would know what to do." Twilight adds. "I see... Still, I wish you would have spoken with me before you got everyone involved. This is really embarrassing for me." You say. "O-Oh. I'm sorry Anon. Please don't be angry." Twilight says as her ears droop. "It's just... I... I didn't want to waste any time if there really is a thief. Everything I've read in my books about thieves say that it's easier to catch them the sooner you act." She explains. An awkward moment passes as you simply stare at each other, until Twilight looks away from you, scuffing one of her forehooves back and forth on the ground as she does so. Now that you know the situation though, while the embarrassment lingers, you can't find it within yourself to be upset with Twilight. You know that she's doing her best in her own way to help you, and you appreciate that. "I'm not angry with you or anyone, Twilight. Now that I know why it happened, I really appreciate all that you're doing for me on such a short notice." You say, making her ears perk back up in an instant. "Really?" She questions you with hopeful eyes. "Really. Just... Please talk to me first before doing something like this again, okay? Unless it's an emergency or something, of course." You respond. "Okay, I will." Twilight agrees with a warm smile. "So with that out of the way, what are you doing here now? And what about Bubble Shine?" You inquire. "Well, I'm searching the area to see if I could find any bits of fur, or maybe a strand of hair from a mane or tail. I asked Bubble Shine to do the same thing up ahead in the direction the hoofprints went." She explains. "Oh! And don't worry! Bubble Shine promised me that she wouldn't tell anypony else our suspicion." She quickly adds. "Makes sense. That could help you identify who did it, wouldn't it?" You comment. "Yes, that's right." Twilight agrees while nodding her head. "Is there anything I can do to help?" You ask. "Hmmmm... You can always look around your own home again if you haven't already. That's a place only you can really look through." Twilight suggests. "I can do that." You agree, even though you know that you've looked through every nook and cranny already. The fact of the matter is, you simply can't think of anything else to do. More than that, you'd also like some time just to be alone and to process what's going on.
>>6307 "Great! We have a plan then. How about I stop by later today to tell you about anything we find?" Twilight says. "Sure, that sounds fine." You agree. "Okay. I'll see you later then, Anon." Twilight concludes, giving you a friendly smile before turning around and resuming her work. As for yourself, you rise up and start to slowly meander your way back towards Ponyville. Going nowhere in particular, you begin to think... You still can hardly believe that this is even happening right now. A potential theft alone is disturbing enough, but why would they go through the trouble to steal a pair of your underwear of all things? One of the pleasant things that you quickly learned about this land, is how exceptionally rare crime is; a far cry from your old home. Where you came from, a petty theft like this would be regarded as a minor annoyance at worst, but such things are a big deal here in Equestria when they happen. Thinking about things from that angle, you can understand Twilight's reaction, as overzealous as it may have been. For all you know, it could easily have been years since something like this last happened. At least it was clean underwear they stole, you think to yourself. Moving through Ponyville, you feel a newfound sense of appreciation for all the ponies running around and participating in the search. Many of them don't even really know you, yet here they are, taking time out of their day to lend a helping hoof. The thought of that brings a smile to your face. You hope that you can do something helpful for all of them in return someday. Suddenly, a different thought shoots through your mind, one that makes you stop dead in your tracks.
>>6308 Thinking back to your conversation with Twilight mere moments ago, something she said had completely gone over your head. You were too distracted with the absurdity of the situation to really comprehend it at the time. Twilight said she was going to contact Princess Celestia if nothing turns up today. It doesn't take you more than a few seconds to understand what a terrible idea that is! Spinning around in place, you quickly take off running back the direction you came, in hopes that Twilight hasn't moved far. Thankfully, as you approach the small stand of trees and shrubbery behind Bubble Shine's house, you find the purple unicorn to still be there. Noticing you running towards her, Twilight quickly moves out into the open to meet you halfway. "Anon? Did somepony find something?" She asks you with anticipation in her eyes. "No, it's just-!" You stammer as you kneel down in front of her, taking a moment to catch your breath as you do so. "I appreciate everything you're doing for me, Twilight, but please, don't send a letter to the Princess about this. I really don't want that." You request, returning to a hushed voice for the sake of privacy. "B-But...! But why? Princess Celestia would surely know how to track down a thief! Don't you want them to be caught?" Twilight protests. "Of course I'd want a thief to be caught! But you need to consider a few things, Twilight." You begin. "First off, we don't know for sure if this was a theft or not. Don't get me wrong, the evidence is compelling, and I'm inclined to believe it, but there's always other possible answers" You say. "Second, I just really don't want more people getting involved. This is already embarrassing enough; I can't imagine what it would be like if word got out and the whole country knew." You explain to her. "And finally, it's just a single pair of underwear, I can always get more; it's really not that important. Can't we just let this one go?" You continue "So please, don't reach out to the Princess. It's not worth it. If something like this happens again, then requesting help might be the option to take." You conclude.
>>6309 "Anon..." She whines while scrunching her nose up at you, clearly unhappy. "Please, Twilight?" You plead. You watch as the nose scrunch Twilight was holding intensifies, with neither of you saying more for several seconds. Eventually though, the purple mare relents, relaxing her expression which then turns into a gentle smile. "Alright Anon, if that's what you really want, then... I won't write to the Princess, I promise; no, I pinkie promise. I don't want you to be unhappy or mad at me." Twilight says. "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Twilight recites while performing the appropriate gestures. As she finishes, you could have sworn that you noticed a blur of pink off in the corner of your vision. Though when you glanced in that direction, nothing was to be seen... "Thank you, I really, really appreciate you understanding." You say to her. Twilight's smile grows as she nods in approval. However, her expression soon changes to one of uncertainty as she raises a forehoof to her chin in thought. "We have a teeny, tiny problem to handle now." Twilight admits. "Like what?" You ask. "What am I supposed to say now? All the volunteer searchers are going to meet tomorrow morning, and everypony is going to be really disappointed if the search is called off if nothing was found." She explains. "Hmm..." You hum as you consider her predicament. "...tell you what, how about you and Bubble Shine continue your work here, and I'll head back home and check around the house one more time." You suggest. "During that time, I'll try and think of some solutions. You can stop by later today and we can discuss it more. How does that sound?" You add. "I like that plan! We'll do that." Twilight agrees. And sure enough, the two of you did indeed come up with a plan...
>>6310 The following morning in Ponyville was much like any other. Celestia's sun was high in the sky, birds were singing, and a pleasant breeze was blowing across the land. Except on this day, a large crowd of ponies of all sorts were gathered around the town hall, eager to receive new direction in an effort to lend a helping hoof to their resident human. They murmured and whispered to one another, mingling about as they awaited the arrival of Twilight Sparkle. Suddenly, the approaching sound of someone yelling could be heard, prompting all who had gathered to turn and see what the commotion was all about. And there you were, running towards the crowd with Twilight Sparkle by your side, with one arm raised above your head. "Hey! Everyone, look!" You yell out while proudly waving a pair of your underwear back and forth. "We did it everypony! Anon's missing underwear was found!" Twilight excitedly announces as you draw close to the crowd. And with that, the crowd immediately erupts into a roar of applause and cheers, accompanied by the stomping of hooves against the ground. This great rejoicing carries on for minutes, with all the ponies congratulating one another on their hard work, along with many coming up to ask the important question of where the underwear had gone missing. Things begin to inevitably quiet down, and soon enough all the ponies begin to disperse, heading off in all directions to resume their regular day-to-day routine. Before too long, all that were left standing around were yourself, Twilight, and a few other ponies who were talking with each other. Looking down at Twilight, she gives you a knowing wink, which you return before the two of you depart, eager to leave this crazy incident behind. And just like that, It was another beautiful, peaceful day in Ponyville. *
>>6311 "...and that's why I don't take my underwear to Bubble Shine anymore. Now you know... You don't need to be repeating this story though, alright?" You conclude as you flash a grin towards a particularly amused Notaulix. Your changeling friend found the entire incident fascinating, but he outright broke out in laughter when you explained how you and Twilight tricked everyone by waving around one of your other pairs of underwear. "How strange! Has anything else been stolen from you since that happened, Anon?" Notaulix asks you. "Nope. Nothing like that has ever happened since then, thankfully." You respond. "I'm glad. It's very strange and funny to me, but it doesn't change how stealing is very bad." He says in response. "Do you still believe that your underwear was stolen, Anon?" Notaulix then asks you, causing you to pause your work for a moment. "To be honest? I'm not really sure... I guess when it comes down to it, I don't want to believe that some pony had the desire to go through the effort and risk just to steal my underwear of all things. That's just plain weird." You answer him. "It's much better just to imagine that a bird or something grabbed hold and flew off with it or something." You conclude. "Yes, I agree. Thank you for telling me this story, Anon. I enjoyed it." Notaulix says. "You're welcome." You say as you resume what you were doing. The crackling of the fireplace is all you hear as you finish placing the last few clothespins. Meanwhile, Notaulix happily sits next you, soaking in the warmth from the fire as he watches you. With the last pin in place, you take a few steps back to admire your handiwork: A row of freshly washed underwear strung up along the fireplace mantle to dry. "Well, that's that. How about some lunch now?" You suggest. "Oh, yes please! May we please have some toast and jam, Anon? I would love more toast and jam!" Notaulix asks, looking up at you expectantly as he quickly rises onto all four hooves. You chuckle at your eager companions behavior. He certainly seems to love sweet things. "Of course we can. Come on, you can help me." You say as you begin walking over to the kitchen. "Thank you, Anon!" Notaulix says, his voice full of gratitude and happiness, along with wings that softly buzz in anticipation as he closely follows behind.
(724.81 KB 1761x471 BuggyCYOA_pt197.jpg)
>>6312 After enjoying a light lunch, you find yourself presently standing by the fireplace to enjoy its warmth. In the back of your mind, you continue to reminisce over your past experience. Turning around to warm the other side of your body, you stare at a very content Notaulix, who is currently lounging on the sofa with his eyes closed and a belly full of toast and jam. Looking over at the clock, you note that it's still somewhat early into the afternoon. There's plenty of time left in the day to do something. What do you do next?
(1.48 MB 2501x2900 1616537647114.png)
(520.28 KB 1280x1280 BuggyCYOA_AnonHouse_V3.png)
And there we go. How's that for a story dump, friends? BuggyCYOA is back on the road again. Let's have some fun and keep this little adventure moving forward.
(17.37 KB 393x501 Notaulix_Chopping_Carrots.gif)
Oh! And course, we've broken past that 100k word milestone. It's hard for me to believe I've written that much. A big thanks to all of you for making that possible.
>>6313 Give him head pats and belly rubs
>>6315 100k of blue balls
>>6317 How so?
>>6318 Don't mind him, he's a fucking faggot
(1.67 MB 816x1200 image.png)
>>6313 Ah, how I missed this. I hope there is time to enjoy a few more of these... I'd just take the rest of the day for some chatting. Optional - sit before the fireplace and tell him you enjoyed giving him head and backscritches while he was in his Griffon form. Ask him if he could turn into Gerson again so you could do it once more! But regardless if he turns into Gerson or not, have him come closer and lay close to you so you can do it. After that, ask him about how he did end up trapped in the Everfree. Way back then, he told us that he was expelled from the Cursed Bowels of Equestria... then, when he ran out of love energy and he -couldn't transform anymore-, he fled to -hide from the ponies-, ended up at the Everfree and got entangled by the living vines. He got tense when you mentioned that to get to your home you'de have to cross the outskirts of Ponyville, and later said that he had never seen a pony up close, so, something doesn't add up and I'm curious to find out what. Don't be blunt about it, though. As you scritch him, start by saying that you're really happy with how well his recovery is going and that you were thinking about how you found him trapped and debilitated, and you've been wondering about how did he get there.
>>6313 I'm so happy to see BuggyCYOA back! I bet Lyra was the undie thief. I would possibly ask if Notaulix has any interesting stories to share of his own.
>>6319 No need to be hostile. I'm genuinely curious what aspect of the story that Anon thinks is blueballing. >>6320 >>6321 I'm glad that you're both excited for the return of this. I hope to keep the updates coming along more frequently in the range of every 1-3 days, rather than one, two or more weeks like I had been doing. What makes you think it was Lyra?
>>6322 >What makes you think it was Lyra? Do you know of any other human-enthusiasts in Ponyville?
I'd gift the changeling a book. The sappiest romance novel that Anon could get from Rarity, so the changeling could better understand love.
(8.55 KB 673x485 Notaulix_Reading_A_Book.gif)
>>6325 A fine choice.
(463.96 KB 1280x1652 1565598371885.jpg)
>>6313 I ended up pretty busy today and so have once again failed as the usual first responder, but I'm caught up now! When thinking over what the underwear incident was, I honestly didn't consider that he had any stolen. I imagine that might come up again at some point, maybe Notaulix will end up finding what happened to them. I'll go along with the patting our bug and asking for a story out of him, though maybe something happier for now. I don't see that he should transform unnecessarily though, since that drains magic.
>>6316 I second it
>>6330 I'm not that guy, but I for one would like to see this "eventually" turn into a romance. Just because something is a "gay shitfest" doesn't mean it can't be wholesome if done right. But it has to be done right and taken slowly if so. But really - if you've heard so many people advocate for the romance route, then I hate to tell ya bud but your probably in the minority thinking otherwise.
>>6378 I want to say most of the very early followers of BuggyCYOA were in the eventual romance boat but that is of course hard to gauge with Anons. There was always separate handfuls of both the sfw romance crowd and very horny ones though. I wonder where the horny ones went.
>>6379 Still here.
(16.68 KB 300x300 1707285.gif)
>>6381 Oh well I guess the fags are all here.
(729.21 KB 1448x1488 image.png)
What do you think Notaulix's favorite color is?
End goal is Banging the Bug. Or at least dating. Next time we cuddle on the couch, we need to give him a smooch on the head. Next time we read together, we need to pull him into our lap fully, with his back against our chest. We need to come to terms with being roomies with a cutie.
>>6388 Naked Chrysalis?
>>6389 She's just relaxing after a long day of taking care of the hive.
>>6383 I have a feeling most changelings will have a liking towards green or black.
>>6390 Red suits her
>>6391 Probably. If any prefers something else they'd likely stick out like a sore thumb. In a hoard of changelings that are green and black, there's that one guy with red instead of green.
(614.61 KB 5000x3320 1525291.png)
>>6393 This guy?
>>6394 That guy. He stands out in a crowd.
>>6396 I think Chrysalis is precious. I've read in the leaks writers had said she is supposed to be a monster, but she became one of the most attractive characters in the show.
(3.84 MB 638x600 shrunk.gif)
>>6397 She's cares for her hive. She may be a monster to the ponies, but I'm sure her changelings love her. >>6398 I'm sure Anon and Nota are just really good friends. Who knows, maybe they'll find a female changeling out in the Everfree on one of their adventures? Maybe Notaulix and her hit it off, Anon finds a marefriend and all live happily ever after?
>>6313 Is he actually asleep? If he isn't, maybe try suggesting reading together. I don't remember anything to do right now?
(3.73 MB 426x240 for_ants.gif)
Look at how happy she is to see you.
(797.10 KB 1350x2000 1411001282116.jpg)
Back to our regularly scheduled bug programming... >>6383 Why don't you try asking Notaulix that question sometime, when the moment is right? >>6388 >>6390 >>6397 >>6401 I'm curious what you Anons think about this subject: Who really is Chrysalis? What is she truly like? When it comes to how the Queen is portrayed, there's certainly two dominant camps of thought. She's either a... A truly evil, cunning being bent on dominating the land. She'll do anything to advance her goals, and the attempted invasion of Canterlot was merely a stepping stone on that path. OR A tragic villain; a mother. Decades, perhaps centuries of mistrust and strained relations left her with no other options. The attempted invasion of Canterlot was the breaking point, the culmination of her becoming the monster that everyone wanted her to be. She would ensure that her little ones would no longer starve, or die trying. Stuff like that, you get the idea. The question I'm posing is this: If Chrysalis and her hive were safe and secure, having a good relationship with Equestria and lacking nothing, what would she be like? What's her true personality? Would she be pleasant to be in the presence of as a guest she had never met before? What about if she was your friend, or even your wife? As usual, I can't exactly provide my own viewpoint, lest I potentially spoil things down the road of BuggyCYOA. >>6399 If anything, you guys seemed to be a fan of Notaulix(as Gerson) x Gilda. Who knows what'll happen down the road? ^:) >>6400 Notaulix isn't sleeping, he's just being a comfy post-lunch lazybug.
>>6402 Chryssy's portrayal in the No Nose series is probably my favorite depiction. A close second is the Changeling Space Program series.
>>6402 I think Chrysalis is a beloved leader of her subjects, and is largely made out to be the big bad because she is the leader of the enemy Changeling "nation" At least prior to the events of A Canterlot Wedding where she gave definite reason for the hate. I think within the hive and towards her own subject she's probably a little like Celestia. They are her children after all. Of course, even then I think she will maintain a little bit of an edge/harshness compared to Celestia.
>>6384 I never know who people are referring to as the Droneflaggot just because there's a lot more than one.
>>6402 First off, introductory Chrysalis and late season Chrysalis are effectively different characters. Introductory Chryssi sees ponies as lesser than changelings and legitimately cares for her underlings, while also being kind of dumb and extremely proud. It also seemed to imply Celestia and Chryssi knew each other at one point as something other than enemies. Late season Chrysalis is still proud and dumb but she now sees everything as lesser than her and has no particular attachment to anybody, seeing all the changelings as interchangeable and expendable cannon fodder.
>>6402 Because I also like Star Trek (and because alicorn magic was shown once to be dark magic), at some point I had an autistic headcanon that Chrysalis is an alternative Cadance. From the reality where she either loved unsuccessfully or had lost many loved ones due to some catastrophic event. Thus instead of spreading the love she ascended as a love hoarding alicorn. Unfortunately, anons tend to dislike Reflections very much and then we have pastel plastic dolls as well, so any mentions of anything along the lines of a Mirror Universe is usually shunned away.
>>6406 >Late season The difference in the quality of storytelling and characterization is striking when comparing literally any moment of the earlier and the later show. It's fucking sad.
>>6381 Skulking, waiting for the right moment to strike.
(144.45 KB 542x520 image.png)
>>6402 Her past was shown in the comics and she was just born evil from a carnivirous plant that ate bugs and came in contact with a magical water pond. Everything she does has only one purpose - "plant" herself and her drones in a place and devour or drain the life force of everything they can, and once everything is gone, they just move and find somewhere else to repeat the cycle. There was a crossover with Transformers where she allied herself with Megatron in hopes that the Decepticons would subdue everyone and she'd bask in their glory, and when the Autobots showed up to fight them, she said it was a win-win situation because either the Decepticons would win, or in the worst case scenario, their battle would raze the land and she would ravage it like a vulture feasting on a carcass. In a way, she's more primitive than some of her subjects because all she can think of is consuming everything. Notaulix's queen seems to be more level headed. It's that, or everything Notaulix has done is part of some sort of master keikaku* and he's been lying to Anon from the beginning for Celestia knows what nefarious purpose. And that's why I (>>6320) want to ask him about his origins... *Keikaku means plan
>>6410 The whole first paragraph demonstrates perfectly why comics are shit and are contradicting the whole prmise of changelings. In Canterlot wedding Chrysalis specifically states that she went to pony land because of abundance of love. >she said it was a win-win situation because either the Decepticons would win, or in the worst case scenario, their battle would raze the land and she would ravage it like a vulture feasting on a carcass. She couldn't have collected any love from the corpses and ruins.
(505.36 KB 628x580 image.png)
>>6411 In the comics the love collection thing is pretty much a flowery-way to talk about life draining. At some point they settle in a village of a race of kitten-like creatures that love everything, drain them to death and even kill some of them for fun.
>>6413 Yeah, I remember this travesty.
(347.81 KB 1276x717 S2E17 Book.jpg)
>>6406 >>6408 >Difference between early and late seasons Even though I'm stubborn oldfag who hasn't watched an episode past the S3 finale, I've had enough secondhand exposure to content on /mlp/ over the years to have a general knowledge and know how true that statement is. >>6410 >Comics Meh. Does anyone really take those seriously? Regardless of that, I'm not asking who Chrysalis is as she was portrayed through the official media, I'm asking what everyone's own interpretation of her is. Of course, if you view her the way she's officially presented, then that's fine too. Nothing wrong with that. Speaking of my oldfaggotry, one theory/origin story that I've always had a soft spot for over all these years, is the oldschool train of thought that Chrysalis was actually the alicorn princess from the book mentioned in S2E17, whose kingdom fell to ruin because of the effects of the love potion. Now, this isn't a backstory that I agree with or would use in my own settings, but it's a very compelling one. It was especially compelling when changelings were brand new on the scene. Come to think of it, I also vaguely recall anons speculating in the past that the princess mentioned there was Cadence's mother, which is another interesting concept. I also remember the brief period of time when the Cadence toy was leaked early and /mlp/ went crazy. A lot of people speculated that Cadence and the Crystal Empire were going to be an antagonistic force. **There were even a few short greens written off of that premise. Those were sure the wild west days.
(1.10 MB 3012x2739 art10578.png)
>>6418 >I'm asking what everyone's own interpretation of her is. I don't post in /bug/ often, but in my interpretation, Chrysalis is an insufferable cunt who genuinely cares about the well-being of her changelings. Anything that isn't a changeling she perceives as a resource or a threat and nothing more. I don't think she's explicitly evil, but she is by nature an enemy to everyone. A good relationship with Equestria would be unlikely. But I can also like other interpretations. Except the later canon. The decline of the show hit changelings particularly hard.
>>6420 >Chrysalis is an insufferable cunt who genuinely cares about the well-being of her changelings. I liken Chrysalis to The Crystalline Entity from Star Trek. Neither is evil, they are feeding, the difference is that Chrysalis' motives and emotions are translated by us as evil because she is anthropomorphized.
>>6386 >End goal is Banging the Bug. I mean, that entirely depends on the author. The story was marked as M before it was regraded to T, so there was clearly an intent for some hanky-panky, but we don't know if this will be the case now due to the regrade. I'd like Anon to hook up with Notaulix, not gonna lie, but as the author has said, they have final say. We're just here for the ride.
>>6418 Ah, I brought up the comics because Chrysalis look more prominent there than in the cartoon... Anyway, my interpretation of her is pretty much what >>6420 said, even ignoring the comics. She cares aboout her hive and that's about it. Everything she does is to acquire resources for herself and her subjects, and the only strong feelings she ever displayed were animosity and desire for vengeance.
(89.04 KB 1026x408 viewgraph.jpg)
>>6425 The original M rating was more of a safety blanket, mainly for the brief descriptions of genitalia that happened early on, since I didn't know how strict fimfic was on such things. Turns out, not very strict at all, and I was missing out on a massive potential audience by keeping it M. Doesn't mean the M rating won't return in the future, especially for reasons other than sexual ones. Look at pic related and the huge bump in daily views that happened early December. That was just some switching from M to T.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>6427 Funny, you'd think it was the other way around with how people jump on fapfics. But then there's not actually sex yet. I must have mixed up their rating system myself, since I was assuming they didn't take super kindly to changes like that mid-way. But then I've never uploaded a big story.
>>6428 Well, clarifying yet I know it's only a possibility rather than an inevitability. I do recall you okaying it early on though, if things went that way sensibly.
>>6428 That's just the thing though, it was M rated without a sex tag, or any other M-worthy tags for that matter; something which is incredibly rare. The fact of the matter is that the majority who switch on mature mode are doing so to bust a nut. They're looking for that sex tag. Meanwhile on the opposite end of the spectrum, the average person who just wants to read a comfy story isn't going to turn off the filter, because they don't care about reading such things that go with that rating. Being in that weird middle ground with the rating was doing nothing but severely limiting the audience.
>>6425 bug is for hug not for fug
>>6432 Truth. Bug buds. Not lovers. Thats gross.
I think the next thing we should do is sit with him on the couch, pull him into our lap, and talk to him. Three chapters ago, we thought we were getting embarrassed cuddling possibly because he's male. Maybe tell him that we really enjoy his company, but we've never really been all that close to another person before, and we're working through our own emotions. So if we act weird in the furture, it's nothing he did wrong, and all us owrking through our feelings. Figuring out how we feel. That gives us a bit of cover if we fuck up in the future and offend him some way, and will maybe get him to talk about his feelings! Maybe Love Bug loves us, and we can pursue him romantically!
>>6413 >Sweetie Belle (drunkenly): "Remember when you murdered cats?... Goodnight sweet cats." Chrysalis: "I never murdered cats!" <Applebloom (drunkenly): "When you live on a farm, sometimes you get a lot of cats, sometimes the cats got to go down." >Sweetie Belle: "Goodnight sweet cats!" "Chrysalis: "All you're doing is making this harder than it-" >Sweetie Belle: "*Grating impression of cat being strangled* When Chrysalis dies and she reaches the Eternal Plains, there will be thousands and thousands of cats." <Applebloom: "Cats don't have souls, that's not a problem." >"Sweetie Belle: "Yes they do, and they have worms coming out of their ears." >Applebloom: "That's dogs, and they-" >Sweetie Belle: "'Wwwwwelcome Chrysalis!'" Chrysalis: "I've never killed a cat!" Cutie Mark Crusader Hostage Negotiators was a mistake.
>>6433 But what about Romantic Bed Bug?????
>>6436 Non-romantic bed bug is fine too.
>>6464 >Non-romantic bed bug is fine too. Ah, you like your bed bug to be taken by force. I like the cut of your jib.
>>6479 Good luck towards your efforts.
(767.66 KB 1024x1720 1613855637832.png)
>>6479 head pats and hugs and belly rubs and reading was an unexpected wrench? You've been away too long! Jokes aside, good luck.
>>6481 Asking Notaulix the how and why of ending up in the Everfree that day is the wrench, for the reasons I mentioned above.
(669.09 KB 1000x2814 1469802384948.png)
>>6483 Not mentioning those was the joke. No one said it was funny.
>>6484 Imagine hugging both of them at the same time. Also she's what reformed changelings shoulda looked like if they needed to have a redesign.
(1.08 MB 1280x698 1510274886456.png)
>>6485 Moths might have also been neat, though yeah the ideal scenario would just be no redesign.
>>6485 One bug angrily flailing, and the other hugging back.
(1.05 MB 2480x3508 demonic griffon.jpg)
>>6479 >>6483 Haha, I knew it was that! Now in all seriousness, I'm sure that way back then, you had no reason to think of Griffons. After all, the story happens in Ponyville's outskirts, far away from Griffonstone or other Griffon settlements... maybe I was an ass for pushing it to interrogating Notaulix, but it's just that I was really curious about how you would work that. Maybe you could make it so that Notaulix didn't express himself properly back then; that he has seen ponies, but it was a very brief interaction while he was leaving the hive and he did the only thing he could - transform into Gerson. That interaction wasn't good, and whoever he met got suspicious of him, so when he felt he was running out of energy, he bolted away at the first opportunity. He was so confused, scared and starved by that point that the last thing on his mind was to analyze the ponies to learn how to turn into one. Also, I'm sure that I was the first, or at least one of the first users to start pushing for griffons. The Brazilian guy who suggested the name Galahad! I'm really happy you and the other followers liked the idea of a Griffon companion.
>>6524 I wonder if the lowest of the low-class drones are no more than a rudimentar extension of herself, with no conscience of their own...
>>6528 Brave New World class system?
(380.63 KB 1024x1024 image.png)
>>6529 I suppose that's how it works. You have Chrysalis who is the absolute top, then the Alphas being the Royal Guards, hive managers and top agents, the Betas, being love gatherers and internal workers, Gammas, menial workers with regular intelligence and potential to develop some expertise at a certain task (I believe Notaulix is here). Then there are the Deltas, mass produced soldiers with no individuality, and the Epsilons, mindless mass-produced drones who deal with the shit (literally) and dangerous maitenance jobs and "trial and error" stuff that have a considerable chance to cause death.
(31.70 KB 384x176 DiceSurprises.jpg)
>>6488 Based huebro. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and feedback. I quite enjoy Notaulix being a changeling that can (currently) only transform into a griffon. It's not the kind of thing you read that often. Fun fact: Between pat 122 and 123, there was a mystery dice roll, pic related. That roll was to introduce a predetermined character into the story, with their roll chance based on how much of a potential challenge/threat they are to interact with and potentially expose Notaulix. As you can probably guess, 2-6 was for Gilda. 1 was almost a worst case scenario and would have been a real shitstorm >>6524 This is really cute in its own way. >>6528 >>6529 >>6530 Interesting train of thought here.
(1.52 MB 1729x913 BuggyCYOA_pt198.jpg)
>>6313 >>6320 >>6321 >>6328 >>6434 >>6400 Part 198: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4625 Returning to your current source of amusement, your gaze falls back upon your changeling companion. You watch the steady rise and fall of his breathing, noting how deep and relaxed it is. At first, you think of nothing in particular. However, the longer you stare at Notaulix, the more a question that has lingered in your mind since the day you discovered him presents itself at the forefront of your thoughts. Specifically, you think back to that day nearly a week ago when you found him caught by the Tanglehoof vines. Notaulix had explained to you why he was there due to being outcast from his hive because of starvation issues, along with wanting to avoid coming into contact with the ponies, because he couldn't transform. However, you've wondered just exactly how he got there... On that particular day, you had made the decision to undertake an expedition deep into the heart of the Everfree; something that you don't often do for a variety of reasons. It's prime manticore territory above all else, but it's also the only practical place that you know of to harvest precious Cinder Balm, of which the looming first frosts of winter threaten to end the season of. When you found Notaulix, he seemed so weak and malnourished that a stiff breeze could topple him over. How could anyone in that condition expect to survive out there, let alone travel to that point from wherever he came from? And on that subject, where did Notaulix come from? You don't recall ever reading or hearing of a changeling hive existing in Equestria. Just how far did he have to travel in his condition? Days? Weeks? Many such questions are on your mind, but no matter how you try to reason on them yourself, you arrive at the same conclusion every time: The logistics just don't add up. Indeed, it seems almost impossible to you. That's why you've decided that now is as good of a time as any to get to the bottom of this mystery. Moving away from the comfort of the hot fire, you walk over to the sofa and sit down next to Notaulix, prompting him to open his eyes and scoot back slightly, giving you more room. Once you've collected your thoughts, you turn your head to look at Notaulix, who stares back at you with his curious blue eyes and ears perked up at attention.
>>6538 "Hey, do you mind if I ask you a few questions right now? There's something that has been on my mind." You say to Notaulix. "What do you want to know, Anon?" Notaulix asks. "It's about the day I found you out in the Everfree. I understand why you were out there, but... How exactly did you even get there? That's what I want to know." You respond. "Oh..." Notaulix begins, his ears drooping slightly and expression saddening as he thinks back to his recent near-death experience. "I... I walked there? I'm not sure what you mean, Anon." Notaulix says, seeking clarification. "You were all the way out near the center of the forest; I just can't understand why you would have gone out there, especially in the condition you were in." You explain. "Really? That's where I was? I wasn't even close to the edge of the forest yet?" Notaulix says, sounding surprised upon learning of this. "Huh? I mean yeah, that's where you were, but why were you even out that far? It would have been so much safer just to walk around the outskirts of the forest... What side did you enter the forest from, anyway?" You question him. "I... I don't know, Anon." Notaulix answers. You can't help but furrow your brows as you try to piece things together in your mind, now more confused than ever. "You don't know? Do you not know how to orientate yourself and tell direction?" You ask. "I do, Anon! I... I know how to follow the sun, moon and stars! All changelings do." He responds in a somewhat defensive manner. "Really? That's great to hear. Still, you must have some idea where you approached the Everfree Forest from, right?" You ask once more. You patiently wait for Notaulix to say something. Instead, you watch him begin to fidget around ever so slightly as his ears droop lower, as if agitated over something. Whatever that may be, you have no idea. Even so, you didn't plan on making your friend so uncomfortable with what you thought was a simple enough question. Because of that, you decide to adjust the topic slightly. "How about this? Here's an easy way we can determine what side you approached the Everfree from: Where exactly did you come from? Where about is this hive that you talk about located?" You gently ask. Despite your best intentions, Notaulix unexpectedly reacts by staring up at you wide-eyed for a moment, before quickly looking away. You begin to feel worried as you stare at Notaulix, who occasionally makes an attempt to look back at you, only to fail, followed closely by flattening his webbed mane against his neck as he finds himself unable to meet your gaze. "Notaulix? What's wrong?" You ask. "Please don't be mad at me, Anon..." Notaulix meekly requests as he stares out at the fireplace, his expression conveying a mixture of emotions. Fear? Shame? Sadness? It's difficult for you to tell. "But why would I be mad at you? There's nothing th-" Is what you begin to say in an effort to comfort and reassure Notaulix, until he suddenly interrupts you to reveal the source of these feelings. "I-I-I can't risk anything bad happening to my hive brothers, my hive sisters and my Queen, Anon. E-Even if I was exiled from them, I... still love them." Notaulix begins in a stuttery, uneasy manner. "So I can't... I can't tell you where my hive is located. Anon, I don't trust you enough to tell you such a precious secret." He finally admits. How do you react? 1: Understandingly 2: Hurtfully 3: Silently 4: Other
>>6539 It's perfectly understandable, really. When it comes to the safety of his people, it really isn't something he could reveal willy-nilly. And doing it just to sate your curiosity is definitely not a good enough reason.
>>6539 I'd go with understandingly
(485.18 KB 1024x1024 image.png)
>>6538 Understandingly, of course. Tell him that you really appreciate how he chose be honest and don't talk about it instead of lying to you, and that you'll not ask about it anymore, and that the most important thing is that he's safe. He probably don't want to talk about the details because since your work involves tracking, he thinks that you might be able to figure out where he was coming from if he tells you about who or what did he come upon while leaving the Cenobite Colony he came from. With that I'll rule out the idea that he's been lying to Anon.
>>6539 Understandingly, and also pat the distraught buggo. Talking about petting: What would our beloved Queen prefer more: belly rubs, head pats, mane brushing, ear scritchies or possibly even *gasp* hoof-holding?
(279.89 KB 800x700 1548353843026.png)
>>6538 >>6539 >Right after I go to bed erytim I'll parrot the 1s, honesty is definitely something we value, and we can tell him as such while patting his head or scritching his ears or some other physical contact so he can feel our sincerity. I'd say holding his hoof but that may be too forward.
>>6545 >>6544 Part 200 is coming up and it would be nice if we got at least some hugs and scritches during it
>>6539 I'm going with 1, they did just meet a week ago after all. Maybe in time Notaulix will feel comfortable revealing it. Also maybe Notaulix could teach Anon a bit about celestial navigation. Might be kind of cool. I do wonder if Anon will get to meet the rest of the hive. Perhaps if he's prepared to give a large enough donation of love.
(773.23 KB 2000x1600 13238472348.png)
>>6544 Queenie has always struck me as the type to partake in hoof holding while staring into each others eyes in a quiet, private place, where she can drop the harsh demeanor for a moment. Also, I just realized after a quick look on the boorus that there appears to only to be two images of human-on-changeling hoof holding action, with one being pic related and safe, with the other being involved in filly porn. What kind of reality is this? How, after all these years, have seemingly only two images of this been produced? That's very disappointing. By the way, what did you all think of the flashback chapter? It feels like it fell kind of flat on the audience, which is admittedly kind of expected being a flashback, but still disappointing from the amount of time and struggle that went into writing it. Additionally, who noticed the element in the latest update that I alluded to back at >>5907 ?
(91.23 KB 687x675 1545175846583.png)
>>6556 Well for myself, there's not a whole lot to say on it. I liked it, and I like the laundry horse. The content of the underwear incident was definitely not something I had considered, and I'm sure it'll be brought up again at some point. Not much else to say, really. Doesn't change a whole lot of what we're currently doing, unless you wanna have Notaulix suddenly get it into his head to solve a year old mystery.
>>6556 I bet it was Twi, that quiet pervert. >>6544 Chrysalis is for bridal carry and smooching!
>>6556 >what did you all think of the flashback chapter? >It feels like it fell kind of flat on the audience I thought it was pretty good. It just wasn't all that stand out, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean it's just another good piece of the larger good story. It fit in well.
(665.55 KB 2000x1500 Pizza Wars.png)
Do you think Chrysalis likes pizza?
Are there any good fics about Chrysalis? Or with changeling worldbuilding, besides BuggyCYOA?
(2.55 MB 3507x2480 13238742347.png)
>>6564 Of course, she's an apple margherita sort of Queen herself. The easier question would be: Who doesn't like pizza?
>>6565 repostin >>2617
(1.00 MB 1280x989 1602383191832.gif)
I find myself thinking about Anon and Notaulix throughout the day, putting myself in Anon's shoes. How comfy would it be to live a day in Equestria with a friendly bugbro of your own? How would you even spend your time? Anyone else know this feel? On a side note, I think Anon should invest in a board game or two in the future. Would be good for those long winter days inside.
>>6573 That's a pretty good idea actually, some indoor entertainment would be ideal for Notaulix to ward off boredom without risking detection, plus make us closer.
>>6573 Are we gonna introduce him to horsey Monopoly?
>>6582 >Introducing Notaulix to The Destroyer of All That Is Family And Friends That's a recipe for disaster. Do you secretly hate our bug? In other news, instead of doing something truly productive with my free time today, like one of the things mentioned at >>6479 , I decided to do some more foreign fandom exploration after all the fun I had with the Russian side of the fandom. This time, I decided to try delving into the Chinese fandom. Here's some of my observations from my initial dive: 1: It's a lot harder to try and navigate Chinese websites with google translate compared to Russian ones. For someone like me who knows nothing about the language, you have to trial-and-error very specific search terms to find what you're looking for. 2: They love the Chrysalis/Flurry Heart stickbug video. 3: That Anon who has been working on the 3D changeling models has developed a following in the Chinese community. Many wish that his models were in a production run for figurines so they could buy them 4: I think I found a cool piece of art, pic related. May already be known, but I couldn't find it on any of the boorus or with any reverse image search that I used. Makes me wonder what other changeling fanworks are hidden away in the depths of their fansites.
>>6590 Monopoly can be good if you're playing with someone who is actually willing to do trades (very few people do). Maybe it would work out better in horse world. Always interesting to stumble across an "undiscovered" cache of pony. New stuff that you probably would have never came across before.
>>6590 >>6602 Clearly we need to get a more big brained game like Settlers of Catan. Get Notaulix a lego set and maybe he'll turn into an engineer.
>>6606 >Legos He'll build a mini hive out of them.
(142.87 KB 756x1326 1613972693310.jpg)
>>6606 >ywn sit around and play Catan with Notaulix, Gilda, Twilight and Spike while it's raining/snowing outside I didn't know I needed this and now I'm sad. >>6612 This makes a cute mental image. I can see Notaulix being very proud of his creation too.
(977.11 KB 1791x1161 BuggyCYOA_pt199.jpg)
>>6539 >>6540 >>6542 >>6543 >>6544 >>6545 >>6551 Part 199: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4661 At first, you find yourself being surprised by Notaulix's sudden emotional confession. You certainly weren't expecting this from what you thought was an innocent enough question. Though the more you think about it, the more you realize how you had failed to consider why he might not want to answer such a question. Because of that, you quickly begin to feel bad for causing Notaulix such anxiety. "Hey, that's okay. I wasn't thinking when I asked that question. I completely understand; you don't have to tell me sensitive information like that if you don't feel comfortable doing so." You say to Notaulix in a softer, reassuring tone. Despite your effort to brush off the incident and improve the soured mood that has fallen over the two of you, Notaulix continues to stare at the fireplace, presenting body language that is clearly unhappy. After enduring the uncomfortable silence for longer than you care for, you decide to switch tactics and employ an old tried-and-true method... Scooting closer, you reach out with your right hand to the area behind Notaulix's left ear, which you begin to gently scratch. Notaulix initially flinches at the contact, causing his ear to flick back against your hand. After that, it only takes a moment for the effect of your fingertips to be seen, as he ever so slightly begins to relax. "There's no need to get yourself so worked up. I'm not mad at you." You say in your continued attempt to be reassuring. You allow some time for your words to soak in as you continue to gently scritch behind Notaulix's ear. Your actions soon produce the desired result when Notaulix finally looks back up at you, albeit with sadness apparent in his blue eyes. "That isn't true." Notaulix flatly states. "Come on now, don't be so hard on yourself. Why would you think that?" You question him. "I can feel it. There is less love coming from you now, Anon." Notaulix responds, closely followed by returning his gaze to the fireplace. And just like that, your hand is left hovering in the air as you freeze up. The weight of Notaulix's words come crashing down on your mind as you try to comprehend them. How could this be? While it stings to have someone you care for tell you that they don't trust you enough for one thing or another, it isn't the kind of thing that would make you think less of someone, let alone Notaulix. After all, you know and understand that he was completely justified to not divulge the location of his hive. Combing carefully through your thoughts and emotions, you repeatedly reach the conclusion that your feelings and attitude towards Notaulix have not changed. And yet... Here he is, a changeling, a being that most definitely has a stronger grasp on the subject than any other race, telling you that something has changed. What do you do next?
I can't believe it's almost been a week since my last update. I'm really sorry about that, friends. From my perspective, it genuinely feels like it was 3 days ago. Have had the first beautifully sunny and dry days over here in like two months, so I've been involving myself in real life things outside, and because of that the days have just been flying by.
>>6640 Could it be possible the change happened on his side? He's still our bugfriend with a sweet tooth we found in a forest is he not? Or maybe we are running out of the of love, somehow?
>>6640 >telling you that something has changed Just has him thinking is all, the love output will recover once less distracted. A very interesting use of Changeling's ability to sense love. As to what to do, maybe try not to hassle him too much over it. Just reassure him that things haven't changed and that Notaulix will see that with time. Could always bring him something back from the marketplace tomorrow to brighten his mood. Or perhaps try and bake some homemade sweets with him? I'm sure he'd like some homemade apple pie.
>>6641 Crazy how time can fly at times. Blink and it seems like a week's gone by.
(707.13 KB 3508x2480 Oatbugs.jpg)
>>6640 Tell him that it's just that you got surprised with his answer and is still "digesting" it, but your opinion on him didn't change one bit. Now that's a very interesting information... if he, a mere stick gatherer, can detect a change of mood as subtle as this, imagine the love gatherers... it should be impossible to lie and fool one of them!
(204.61 KB 957x1250 TripleSevens_LingGettingBooped.png)
>>6640 Damned late night updates. I think what's likely happened is we've become momentarily guarded both at his sudden outburst and from not wanting to upset him further. He may be feeling subconscious guilt we have for ourselves as opposed to anything negative directed at him. If we really wanted, we could test this by having him hold our hoof while we think about... anything that makes us feel guilty, and see if he can tell who it's directed at, though that's sure to be an unpleasant experiment for both parties. In either case, hopefully we can reassure him and say he should only worry if he notices changes long-term, maybe ask if he can describe what he feels in detail, and follow up with if he wants to keep doing stuff today or if he wants some space. It's been so long I forget our immediate plans and time of day and weather, I need to go check back before the hiatus.
>>6652 >hold our hoof Freudian slip, I swear.
(51.64 KB 666x666 She's Watching You.png)
>>6653 >Anon is now a pony
>>6640 >>6652 Thinking more on it I'd really like to delve a little more into 'the love sense'. Can we maybe ask him precisely what he feels? Is there still love, just less? Can he tell where love or any other emotion is directed? If we're sad or angry at something else would it sting him the same as if it was at him directly? I'm really getting the feeling that, sheltered as he's been, he doesn't know fully how to interpret that sense much beyond basic levels and to feed on. Maybe not while he's upset like this but I'd say keep a note later to experiment with this idea. Just try to inflict some different emotions on ourselves and see how well he can interpret them.
(462.73 KB 1100x2100 15498234022.jpg)
>>6684 I vaguely recall that something along these lines has been asked already? Probably didn't have answers to everything, but it was a start for information on the subject. I'll look back through the past stuff and check later.
>>6640 I'm sorry, Notalix. I'll be back to normal soon, I promise
>>6686 I definitely remember their love detection sense being discussed before, including the ability to detect lies, but I don't remember what the writer stated about it.
>>6686 >>6689 I think it was brought up but not fully delved into. It'd be nice to run actual tests as opposed to just working on Notaulix's limited knowledge. Especially if we're still planning to keep a notebook on bug facts. I forget if we actually asked Notaulix if he's okay with us doing that. Probably not the best to bring it up right now though.
>>6690 Yeah, he's already feeling troubled with that, last thing we need is to make him even more uneasy. Trying to abruptly change to subject will sound suspicious for him, so I'd say Anon just tells him that the change of mood is just that his answer surprised him, then stay in silence petting him. After all, Anon is being honest, and the love "emission" should gradually increase.
>>6684 >>6686 >>6689 >>6690 I found the part I was thinking of, it was around halfway through the Sweetcorn Delight chapter: There are many questions floating around your mind regarding Notaulix and his hive that you would like to ask him, but you question yourself if certain subjects would be appropriate to ask about or not. Thinking back to your past conversations, a particular topic comes to the forefront of your mind. "Hey, I have a question about something." You say to Notaulix. "What is it, Anon?" Notaulix asks while setting his book down once more. "It's about love; or at least what love is to a changeling. How do you know when there's love for you to consume? Can you see it? Or hear it? Feel? Smell? Or..." You trail off, unsure of how to best articulate your question. Notaulix gives you a gentle smile before answering. "Love and its many forms is something that us changelings can sense when it's directed at us." He says. "Besides being a source to feed from, we are also able to use that sense to try and determine how someone currently feels." Notaulix explains. "Wait a moment... Are you saying that you can sense my other emotions too?" You ask, feeling slightly disturbed at the thought. "Only love." Notaulix plainly answers. "Huh? What do you mean, then? How can you tell how someone feels just by love alone?" You question the changeling. Notaulix pauses as he thinks about how to explain the subject better to you. "It's... Difficult to describe. This just comes naturally to us, we don't have to think about it." Notaulix says. "Oh, well... That's okay, I think I get the idea." You say to him. "No, no, I want to explain it to you, Anon!" Notaulix reassures you. "Maybe... Maybe imagine this? Imagine that you knew someone was your friend, but after you said or did something, you knew that they were less of a friend, even if that friend never said something, or showed any reaction." Notaulix explains. "Soooo... Feeling the strength and type of love change can tell us a lot about what someone is feeling. Does that make any sense, Anon? I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job explaining... I'm sorry." Notaulix says with a disappointed look. "I think you're doing just fine. I'll admit that it's a strange concept, one that's difficult for me to imagine, but I more or less get what you're saying." You say to encourage Notaulix. "Really? You do?" Notaulix asks while his expression perks up. "Sure I do. If nothing else, it's really quite impressive that you have such an ability." You respond. Notaulix's ears perk up as he smiles at your praise, while looking very proud of himself. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix happily says.
>>6692 Another interesting detail in that chapter, which happens immediately after the part above. Could this be significant in the future? Makes me want to go through and reread the story again. I wonder if we've forgotten any important information over the months? You nod your head a few times while pondering over what Notaulix just told you. Not long after, a new thought pops into your mind. "Hm... I have a new question now." You say. "What is it?" Notaulix asks you. "If you were to run into one of your own who is transformed, how are you able to identify them?" You ask in return. Upon hearing your question, a sort of blank expression grows on Notaulix's face, morphing into one of slight confusion as he cocks his head to the side. You patiently wait for what you thought would be a simple answer, but the seconds tick keep ticking on by as Notaulix considers your question. After several changes of head position, and a few flicks of his tail, Notaulix finally turns his attention back to you to deliver his answer. "I.... I don't know, Anon. I never thought about that before." Notaulix says, his ears drooping to the side as he does so. "You don't know? But... How do you not know something like that? Doesn't that cause problems when you live with a bunch of your own kind who can also transform?" You question Notaulix. "It was never a problem. Because transforming without a reason to do so was forbidden, my hive brothers and sisters were very rarely ever transformed." Notaulix responds. "Because of those efforts to conserve what little magic we had, it must have been considered unnecessary to teach such things to everyone. I'm sure those who traveled outside the hive in groups knew." Notaulix continues. "Yes... If all of us needed to know such a thing, our Queen would have taught us." Notaulix concludes. "Right, I didn't consider the restriction that you had back home... Sorry about that." You apologize. "It's okay, Anon." Notaulix reassures you. "Why do you ask such a question? Do you think there is a changeling living in this town?" Notaulix asks you. "No, I've never suspected that. Although I guess that doesn't rule out the possibility, does it?." You answer. "I don't know how, but if I ever think that there is one of my kind nearby, I will let you know." Notaulix says while giving you a reassuring smile. "Alright, I'll count on that." You say, giving Notaulix a smile in return.
(134.32 KB 1135x1405 bug in your mug.png)
>>6692 I wonder if their love sense is most similar to a sense of smell? They can tell stronger/weaker but they also have to make some guesses about the source.
(146.92 KB 463x463 henlo.png)
>>6692 >>6693 Ah right, just love. Determining other stuff based on the amount and... flavour, I'm guessing. Still, I wonder if he can differentiate a cause for increases and decreases in love output. >>6695 What a familiar looking bug.
>>6698 IIRC Notaulix explained the different types of love that are felt towards the beginning of the story. >I wonder if he can differentiate a cause for increases and decreases in love output Wasn't that basically just explained? >Do thing >Feel love decrease >Bad decision, made person unhappy vs >Say thing >Feel love increase >Good decision, made person happy
>>6712 Well yeah but that's kind of the barebones of it. You might not radiate love as much after stubbing your toe but it doesn't mean you love your wife or husband less.
Anyone else think about and wonder how Notaulix's inevitable first encounter with the ponies is going to go?
>>6737 We are all waiting. If I recall right, didn't he say even back at the hive he never got a chance to get close to ponies? I'm sure it'll be a surprise to him to discover just how nice the ponies are.
(396.62 KB 800x642 image.png)
>>6737 That's one of the things I'm really looking forward to read. I mentioned it before, but I think that just like the ponies teach their younglings that Changelings are creatures of evil, expelled by the darkest bowels of Equestria, hellbent on kidnapping and submitting their victims to unspeakable tortures, the Changelings teach their higher ranked bugs that ponies are prey, and their lesser ranked bugs that ponies are a threat.
>>6746 I miss Shout.
>>6739 >>6746 I mean, I think more about if Notaulix out and about as Gerson and all is going well, when a sudden sneeze causes him to have a major wardrobe malfunction, revealing himself to all in the middle of Ponyville. We have no idea how the ponies might react to something like that. The information in the old books made it seem like the reaction could be quite severe. >>6747 Didn't he go full furfag/pokefag?
>>6747 What happened with him? >>6748 It would definitely go south. First, they'd think Notaulix tricked Anon. Then, they'd think Anon betrayed them. And not any betrayal - you sneaked a pony predator into their city.
>>6748 >>6749 nta but sounds about right. I do think it's gonna be necessary to get a pony in on the Notaulix secret eventually though. Not right now obviously, but if he wants to live here permanently and comfortably we're gonna need to build some bridges.
(246.52 KB 851x478 image.png)
>>6750 When the time comes I'll vote for Celestia, and if she isn't a viable option, pic related.
>>6751 I'd actually vote Pronker Po. She is the only one that actually talked to a buggo during the invasion.
(965.94 KB 2873x2434 Jessy_Ponkling.png)
>>6752 I'd also go with that. No bias.
(251.53 KB 900x636 image.png)
>>6752 Ponka makes sense, too. She's always high on sugar, and at that state, everything is exciting. And when everything is exciting, nothing is, so telling (and showing) her that there's a buggo among us will sound as exciting as showing her a rock.
>>6751 I think Celestia would be a good option. She generally doesn't tend to overreact as much. She probably wouldn't do much directly, but could probably give some advice on how to proceed in Ponyville.
(1.53 MB 1920x2560 134034873038.jpg)
>>6751 >>6762 >Confiding in the princess who directed a reformation of the royal guard just to combat changelings Absolutely terrible idea. Although the issue with the information we've received from all of those old books read so far is that it's at least several decades old. We don't really know what the current situation is. Pinkie does sound like a potentially safe choice. Maybe sometime after Gerson has developed a good reputation around town? What about Rainbow Dash? Think she lives up to her element in this setting? Speaking of the setting, >>6752 remember, the whole wedding fiasco didn't happen.
>>6765 Do you think Pinkie can keep a secret though?
(411.16 KB 2433x2271 560180.png)
>>6768 If you make her aware of the importance, yes. This is also s1-2 Pinkie who actually had some brain cells.
>>6775 Alright, but I think we'll need a Pinkie Promise out of her first.
>>6765 It only increases the chance Pink will give him a chance. >>6768 S1 and 2 Pinkie absolutely could keep a secret.
>>6752 seconding ponker
(1.07 MB 1768x736 BuggyCYOA_pt200.jpg)
>>6640 >>6543 >>6545 Forgot to properly incorporate these two responses from last time, sorry >>6647 >>6650 >>6652 >>6684 >>6688 Part 200: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4680 Hooray! Onward to 300! Regardless of this fact, you're still determined to try and turn things around in a more positive light, even if only to cheer him up. "Well..." You begin while resuming the ear scritches. "...just exactly how much did my love reduce? I can't imagine it could have been that much." You question Notaulix. At first, your changeling friend doesn't respond. You leave the question hanging in the air as you redirect the attention of your hand to behind his other ear. Notaulix quickly reacts to this by tilting his head to the side, allowing you better access to all the right spots. Slowly, his webbed mane begins to creep back towards its normal posture. "Only a little." Notaulix finally admits after letting out a small sigh. "See? That isn't so bad, right? I'm sure that whatever caused this little drop is only temporarily; it'll be back to normal in no time." You say in response, while also moving your hand to rest on Notaulix's withers. "I really appreciate that you're being honest with me, Notaulix. You could have just made something up, but you didn't. I value that kind of honesty, especially if we're going to be working together." You continue. "Look, I won't ask about where you came from again, okay? It really isn't important for me to know." You conclude, giving Notaulix's withers a few reassuring pats for emphasis. "Okay Anon. Thank you." Notaulix says, now sounding a bit more relaxed. With that, you leave your hand gently resting in place as a calm silence settles over both of you, staring together at the flames dancing in the fireplace. What do you do next? 1: Leave Notaulix alone and go do something else - 1.1: Go outside - 1.2: Spend some time writing in your journal 2: Ask about something else 3: Other
(521.41 KB 696x579 SEfastpone_BugGettingSmooched.png)
>>6790 Boy howdy an update I'm here for. Our little lovebug really does seem sheltered, since he overreacts to a lot of things. So if I remember correctly, it's still morning and fairly misty outside following a light rain, and I believe we've eaten breakfast? Also, our shoes are waiting for us at the post office? We should probably go get those while Notaulix settles down, and then maybe make a determination if it's worth going foraging today or not. Maybe while we're in town we can also check the prices on some board games and do some miscellaneous thinking.
>>6790 Maybe spend a little bit of time with him before going to do something else. I would suggest writing in the journal, maybe see if he has anything to add, but that maybe come across wrong as if he were taking notes. I think I'll go with >>6793 as it sounds pretty reasonable. Hard to keep track of where we are after so long.
>>6793 >>6794 Brief status report: Misty overcast day, early afternoon. Day began with breakfast and experimenting with fitting all parts of the saddlebag to Notaulix and his griffon form, Notaulix exhausted his magic and wore himself out. Notaulix and Anon discussed aspects of the Everfree and close physical contact. Anon went to Ponyville and picked up his clothes from Bubble Shine and also received his new boots, new boots are still in their box by the front door. Anon washed his underwear by hand and shared the clothesline incident with Notaulix. Anon and Notaulix had lunch together. Something like that, I believe that's everything of importance anyway.
>>6793 here >>6797 I tried to look back but must have glossed over some stuff. Alright, so we have our boots. In that case it sounds a little late to go foraging unless it's only on the close edge of the Everfree so we may as well try our boots on and do some journal writing as >>6794 suggested. Maybe Notaulix has something he wants to talk about?
>>6790 the bug has been pet, i am content :) no imagination so seconding this >>6798
We could always get Notaulix started with his own journal? Maybe he might like that.
(1.74 KB 50x50 1544573399129.gif)
(13.87 KB 68x88 1558649233689.gif)
>>6802 That may actually be a fantastic idea, whether he wants it as a personal diary or to help us with the knowledge collection.
>>6802 >>6804 This might be a thing, assuming Notaulix knows how to write of course. For now, how about we leave our buggo alone in peace to calm down while we go check out those new boots?
>>6806 He can read, so I'd assume he's not illiterate. Unless he's been faking this whole time.
>>6790 I may be being paranoid, but I think we should avoid doing something Notaulix can get the wrong idea from. He just denied Anon a very important information... if Anon goes to his room and starts writing on his journal, he could think he's doing some sort of report of his failed attempt to find the Earth's Abyss location. If Anon goes out, he could think he's going to report this information personally to someone.
(702.26 KB 1761x1107 BuggyCYOA_pt201.jpg)
>>6790 >>6798 >>6799 >>6806 Part 201: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4691 After a few minutes of that, you decide that it's best for you to get up and go do something else, allowing Notaulix to have some time to himself. Giving your friend one more firm pat on the withers, you rise to your feet and walk over to put another piece of wood on the fire. While doing so, you weigh the options in your mind for what to do next. It doesn't take long for you to decide on checking out your much-anticipated new pair of boots. Temporarily leaving the warmth of the fire behind, you walk back to the front door where you last left the wooden box containing them. Picking up the box, you return to the living room and pull up one of the chairs closer to the fireplace. You then set the box down onto the chair, and get to work untying the string wrapped around it. You steal a glance at Notaulix as you work, noting that he appears to be uninterested in what you're doing, choosing instead to stare out into his own little world. Once you manage to work the knot loose and release the string, you put in a little extra effort to quickly wind the string up into a small bundle for later uses down the road. For now, you place the bundle of string in one of your pockets. Feeling your excitement begin to renew itself, you wiggle the simple wooden lid of the box until it pops free, breaking the wax seal of the Royal Guard in the process. Setting the lid aside, you peer into the box and get the first glimpse of your new footwear. Not wasting any time, you quickly grab hold of the boots and pull them out. As you do so, a small piece of paper falls down onto the floor, which you ignore for now. Carefully inspecting the new boots, you find yourself amazed by what you're holding. From top to bottom, toe box to heel, these are nearly an exact replica of your old boots when they were new. There are some subtle differences, such as slightly different colors from the materials used; and on further inspection, you notice some minor alteration in the construction compared to the originals. Still, the quality looks superb, and you can't help but be impressed with the job that Sturdy Stitch did for you, especially considering that footwear like this was something completely new to him. That old stallion isn't a head craftspony for the Royal Guard for nothing, you think to yourself. Eager to try them on, you set the box aside on the floor and sit down on the chair. After loosening the laces a little, you plop the new boots on the floor and work one foot in, followed by the next.
>>6891 Once your feet are inside, the laces get tightened and tied off. Finally, you stand up and take the first few tentative steps to see how things feel. Much to your delight, the fit and finish feels just right. As your steps turn into several laps around the house, you can't help but feel very pleased with what has been made for you. Even so, you can already feel it in your feet that these are going to need some time to break in. There's no way you're taking any long walks through the Everfree in these right away. Returning to your chair, you sit back down and take a moment to admire the new boots some more. Your attention soon shifts to the piece of paper that fell from the box, which you now notice has writing on it. Leaning over, you stretch out your arm to try and pick up the paper, though it ends up being just out of reach. Before you can get up to reach it, a green aura surrounds the paper, levitating it up to your hand. Grabbing hold of it, you look up at Notaulix and see him looking back at you, his ears and webbed mane now perked back up at attention. "Thanks." You say to Notaulix, earning a smile from him in return. Looking at the piece of paper, you discover it to be a simple note that reads... Dear Anonymous I want to thank you again for providing an old colt like me with such an interesting project. Sure beats mending a harness or fixing novice mistakes for the thousandth time! I expect a full written report within three months to know how these boots of yours work out for you. If there's any problems or improvements that could be made, I want to know about it. Be thorough. You may write directly to me with the following address: Central Royal Armory Barding Street Canterlot, Equestria Don't get yourself killed - Sturdy Stitch Grinning at the stallion's closing remark, you neatly fold up the piece of paper and tuck it away in a pocket. What do you do next? 1: Go grab the hydrating grease and do some maintenance on your old boots 2: Talk to Notaulix about something 3: Other 4: End current day
(122.16 KB 1852x1612 2094887.png)
>>6891 >>6893 I'm curious how much motor control Notaulix has over his frill. They never did anything with them in the show. I think we can probably combine 1 and 2. See if there's anything Notaulix wants to talk about while we tend our old boots. Oh, and ask if he can read and write (if we don't already know, I forget.) Maybe we can get him started with a journal sooner rather than later.
(67.16 KB 847x1024 1409663861154.jpg)
>>6894 >somebody finally noticed it >mfw This is the "thing" that I've tried to bring attention to back at >>6556 >>5907 >>5897 It was supposed to be highlighted much earlier in the story, but as you can see, changelings have a degree of control over their webbed mane. It's a way for them to express another level of body language, much like how equine ears can be so expressive, for example. As for all the details, that's up to you anons to discover at some point. I'm not going to spoil it. As far as my early chapter rewrites go, the fact that Notaulix has some degree of control over it is something Anon has noticed, but hasn't brought up in conversation yet. On a different note, has anybody done this before? I highly doubt that after all these years of changelings existing in the fandom that nobody has thought of this particular facet of changeling anatomy, but I can't help but wonder in the back of my mind, because I've certainly never seen or read it before. It's always just a static thing that is maybe flexible. Most people seem to go for hairlings instead of trying to do anything with their natural features.
>>6897 Well good thing I'm the one you were primarily discussing that with back then. I've been here since the beginning. Gonna kiss that bug. Sadly can't say it's come up in my own writing, but I'll probably fix that if I return to it.
>>6893 Probably do 1 and then 4. I think we've done a lot of talking with Notaulix today, time to see what tomorrow brings. Which, speaking of, do we have any current plans for tomorrow in the story?
>>6904 Probably another Everfree outing if the weather finally cooperates. We've gone out, what, twice?
>>6905 Probably should go out more, it is how we're supposed to make a living after all.
>>6893 1 & 3 Do maintenance on your old boots before storing it away for safe keeping. You never know you when you might need a spare. >>6905 >>6906 I agree we should prioritize getting back to work foraging the Everfree, but probably not before we have broken in the new boots, so I'm suggesting that we go out for a short stroll in the new boots for the afternoon. (If buggo hadn't collapsed due to magical exhaustion this morning I'd have suggested inviting him, but I doubt he could sustain a disguise under his current condition. We'll just have to make up for it with extra snuggled reading time tonight.)
>>6893 2: ask him if he can eat love when sleeping.
>>6904 It was mentioned near the beginning of this thread that a short time skip is happening once the current day ends.
>>6891 I'm going with 1 then 3. Work on your old boots then discuss your plans for tomorrow with Notaulix.
That's not Chrysalis and you know it
(182.71 KB 1766x1385 1593202173930.png)
Bros think we could do this with Notaulix?
>>6937 That's fucking rad
(859.35 KB 2522x4295 Bog Wheels.jpg)
>>6937 "And this is not even my final form!"
(43.06 KB 561x695 12310089738.png)
Where is everyone? Who's alive out there?
>>6964 Alive, for better and worse, and awaiting our Messiah to return with the Word of the Bug.
(42.28 KB 533x800 800px_COLOURBOX4192822.jpg)
>>6964 still here, still waiting for a good opportunity
(41.99 KB 368x258 130489302038.png)
>>6965 It's good to be alive. Sorry that you've been left waiting; more Notaulix is always on the way. There's some big things coming up, I'm excited to see how they get handled. >>6966 W-What are you going to do with that net, Anon?
(708.07 KB 1597x776 Worlds Number One Bug.jpg)
>google Notaulix >go to images >mfw Anyone else get this? Imagine all the confused entomologists out there.
>>6967 Celestia doesn't want you to know this but the bugs in the Everfree forest are free and you can take them home happy hunting
>>6969 nice
>>6967 >>6969 Gonna go catch me a horsebando
>>6968 Imagine converting entomologists into changeling enjoyers as well.
(605.36 KB 506x507 1546308067063.gif)
>>6968 Something something search results influenced by your browsing. I have no idea how that shit actually works.
>>6982 That would be based. Clearly the game plan is to go through a glossary of entomologist terms(a goldmine for changeling names), create a bunch of bug OCs with low effort artwork and post about them on here for a few months. There is no escape. >>6985 Search results are something that can be manipulated, especially for things that aren't searched for very often. I know 4chan has done this many times in the past, where something like this happens: >make thread >direct everyone to search for a certain word or term, then only click on certain links or images >anons mass search for this single thing and do as they're told >normies doing normal web browsing are suddenly confronted with something deeply offensive to them as top search result
>>6968 HUEfag here, it's the same for me...
(84.88 KB 997x684 layingeggs.png)
>>7004 Imagine the sound.
(1.28 MB 1761x1854 BuggyCYOA_pt202.jpg)
>>6891 >>6894 >>6904 >>6907 >>6917 Wake up bugfriends, it's time to start posting again. Part 202: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4729 Once you've had enough of sitting around idle for a moment, you decide that there's no time better than the present to start the break in process by wearing your new boots around the house. In the meantime, you go around your home and retrieve both the container of hydrating grease from your trip to Canterlot, and a simple brush made with pony hair; this one in particular being a color reminiscent of mint ice cream. With the addition of a suitable rag in hand, you retrieve your old boots and return to your spot by the fireplace. Wasting no time, you dive right into some long overdue maintenance. Starting with the mint green brush in one hand and the left boot in the other, you begin the meticulous process of brushing away all the dried on dirt and debris from the surface of the well-worn leather. The task isn't difficult by any means, but it's one that you choose to take your time with, finding it somewhat relaxing in its own way. After brushing away the majority of the dirt off the old boots, you take the hydrating grease and open it for the first time, revealing an amber colored substance inside. Taking your designated rag, you scoop out a small dollop of the grease and start applying it to the leather, scrubbing and working it in as you go. The results are immediately apparent. Slowly but surely, the dull, faded appearance of the footwear changes, becoming darker, lustrous and more supple. By the time you're done, the difference is night and day.
>>7020 It's not a perfect job by any means. You wish you had some sort of saddle soap to clean out some of the deeper staining. Making a mental note of it, you're curious to try and find some at a later date; surely it's available. Nevertheless, this is the best your boots have looked since you first arrived in Equestria, and in a way, that brings you a sense of comfort. Besides the clothes you had on your back and some keys in your pocket, these old boots are a precious relic to you from your old world, your old home, and your old life. They're all you have from that fateful day. Peering inside one of the boots, an old tag catches your attention, one embroidered with a familiar flag. Worn and faded, but undoubtedly recognizable. Gazing upon the sight of it, you can't help but lose yourself in thought as you begin to reminisce of the day you bought these brand new. More than that, though, the memories of the family and friends you left behind quickly become the dominant focus; memories that you've tried not to dwell on. What happened after you were swept up in that storm? Was there anyone else out there? If so, what happened to them? Did they end up in another world like you? Such questions filter into your mind, though you know there is no answer. More likely than not, there will never be one either. You've also wondered if a search effort was made to try and find you. Are they still looking, or have you been pronounced dead? Part of you hopes for the latter, for their sake. At least that would bring them some closure, you think to yourself. Still, the guilt of inadvertently having caused the ones you loved and cared for heartache and distress pains you. If nothing else, if you could have just one wish, you would wish for nothing more than to send a letter to mom, the old man and your brother, letting them know that you're alive and well; to not worry about you... ...and to say one more time that you love them. That final thought gives you pause, closely followed by the sensation of tears wanting to well up in your eyes. Before that can happen, you notice Notaulix walking up to you out of the corner of your eye, snapping you from your trance.
>>7021 Turning your head, you watch Notaulix come to a stop to next to you, looking up with concern in his eyes as he rests a forehoof on your knee. "Are you okay, Anon? You've been staring at those for a long time." Notaulix gently questions you. "Oh uh, uh... Yeah, I'm fine." You stammer. "Just feeling a little nostalgic is all. These boots haven't looked this good in a long time. See?" You respond. "Yes, they do look much better!" Notaulix enthusiastically agrees. "What is that strange stuff that I watched you use, Anon?" He then asks. Setting your boots down on the floor, you take the open container of grease and present it to Notaulix to see. "This? It's some sort of hydrating grease. The kind of material my boots are made from has oils in it that are lost over time, turning it hard and brittle." You answer. Notaulix looks at the amber colored substance with interest, before bringing his nose close to sniff at it. However, one whiff is all it takes for the changeling to quickly recoil from it, much to your amusement. "It has a strong scent!" Notaulix exclaims. "Yes it does." You agree with a chuckle. "Personally, I kind of like it." You add. "I see... What is it made from, Anon?" Notaulix asks. "Hmm. Honestly, I have no clue what's in this particular mixture. Whatever it is, it works." You answer him while sealing up the container. "It seems very useful. What other uses does it have?" Notaulix continues with his questions. "Other uses? I'm not really sure if there are any beyond the intended purpose." You reply. "Then it fulfills its purpose very well." Notaulix says, nodding his head for emphasis. "Sure does... Oh! You know, this can certainly be used on all the Glyph Skin components of that saddlebag of yours. It'll keep those bits in top condition." You say. "That's great, Anon! But... what's Glyph Skin?" Notaulix questions you, accompanied with a confused tilt of the head. "Guess I never explained that one to you, did I? It's the name of the magically resistive material that you had trouble with this morning. Same stuff that my new boots are made from." You explain. A pause develops in your conversation as Notaulix ponders your words. You take the opportunity to stand up, stretch, and stoke the fireplace with another piece of wood. "What else can you tell me about Glyph Skin, Anon? I would like to know more, please." Notaulix requests. "More? Well, I don't know that much myself, but I could tell you everything the old stallion I met at the armory in Canterlot told me. Would that do?" You ask Notaulix in response. "Yes, I would like that!" Notaulix eagerly answers. "Alright, how about you go make yourself comfortable on the couch again? I'll join you there in a moment." You suggest. "Okay! Thank you, Anon!" Notaulix agrees. After cleaning up and putting everything away, you settle down next to Notaulix and proceed to recount everything Sturdy Stitch had told you about Glyph Skins, in addition to Barkmat. While you admittedly were told far from everything there is to know about it, the cursory knowledge you pass on to Notaulix is enough to satisfy him for the time being. If anything, the resulting conversation worked wonders to lighten the mood between the two of you, paving the way for the rest of your day together to be relaxed and enjoyable. What do you do next? 1: End current day 2: Other
>>7022 Can't think of anything else. I guess we should call it a day then. I wonder if the hydrating grease works on Notaulix's chitin
>>7023 Imagine how slippery a greased Notaulix would be.
(682.13 KB 1302x1042 1631812906294.png)
>>7020 Always at bed time. I'll go along with ending the current day, not much else to do here. We can probably bring up the journal thing tomorrow over breakfast. I'm curious about this Anon's question >>6909
(49.97 KB 494x668 1409673913121.png)
>>7025 Reminded me of this oldie but goodie. Just add some shoe polish/leather grease to the scene.
>>7025 It would probably look a little something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG7ykqlQtBA
>>7020 Ask him if he sensed something off while Anon was looking at the boots a while ago.
>>7022 shine the bug shine the bug shine the bug
>>7026 here I feel I am being persuaded to shine the bug.
>>7034 Get the cool Get the cool bugshine
Bug before grease: vinyl/leather Bug after grease: latex
>>7022 I think it's about time to end the day.
(35.70 KB 850x567 Replace car with bug.jpg)
>>7023 >>7025 >>7027 >>7028 >>7030 >>7034 >>7036 >>7043 I wish I was an artist who could draw well so I could share the mental image in my mind of engaging in a relaxing polishing session with your favorite changeling, using a hand held buffing wheel like pic related.
(964.31 KB 1761x1344 BuggyCYOA_pt203.jpg)
>>7020 >>7023 >>7026 >>7044 Part 203: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4779 Afterwards, you left Notaulix to his own devices, taking some time to retreat to your room and work on your journal in private. By the time you were done, the two of you were eager to work together and prepare a simple vegetable soup. The warmth and comfort it provided was a welcome contrast to the cold, damp day outside. Following that, the remainder of the evening was spent in peace and quiet, ending with you and Notaulix taking your respective turns in the bathroom to clean up and get ready for bed. Once the sun set and you were sprawled out under the covers in the comfort of your bed, you reflected on the day. While it was a bit strange, it was a good day nonetheless. With your room dark under the cover of night, and the house silent, you close your eyes and await a good nights rest. Though as you were soon to find out, sleep is something that would have to wait... At some point early in the night, something catches your attention that rouses you from the edge of sleep. Listening carefully, you can hear the sound of hoofsteps outside of your bedroom door. It's obvious that they're being deliberately laid on the wooden floors with care, as if to not produce too much noise. Laying there in your bed, time passes as you listen to the steps recede, only to return to your door later. This continues for what you think is minutes, though that turns into feeling like hours as a sense of anxiety begins to build within you. Just what is Notaulix doing out there? You think to yourself. What do you do next? 1: Say something 2: Do something 3: Wait and listen 4: Other
New fimfic chapter is up for those who enjoy reading in that format. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/499520/23/buggycyoa/misty-autumn-evening-parts-197-203a
>>7047 >inb4 surprise bedbug sit up in bed wait till hooves return to door call out softly ask if anyone there/is that you notaulix/are you okay (whichever is more appropriate)
(82.31 KB 1280x835 1632031788321.jpg)
>>7047 If it's going on for that long we better see what's up. I vote for skipping the pretense and checking it out.
>>7047 Seconding this anon >>7052
>>7051 Seconding this. Sit up and when you hear him coming close to the door, tell him to come in. I think he wants to ask you something.
>>7051 >>7054 Thirding on the off chance that something bad is behind the door. Gives us some distance.
>>7055 Fourthing.
(673.51 KB 4800x4800 13590370271.png)
Hi Anon!
(723.86 KB 1774x475 BuggyCYOA_204.jpg)
>>7047 >>7051 >>7054 >>7055 >>7058 4X COMBO!! Part 204: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4790 Sitting upright in the darkness, you reach over to the nightstand and activate a magic lantern, partially illuminating the room in its pale blue glow. After quickly sliding a shirt on and turning your attention to the bedroom door, you continue to sit in place and wait, listening carefully to hear if the sound of hooves draws close once more. And sure enough, when it does, you decide to take action. "Notaulix? Is that you out there?" You call out. Silence fills the house as a long, drawn out pause develops. Nothing is heard beyond the sound of your own breathing, until a definite click from the door handle is produced. Gradually, the door slowly swings open, until there is just enough room for Notaulix to poke his head inside from the darkness, whose faintly luminescent eyes gaze directly at your own. "D-Did I wake you up, Anon? I'm sorry." Notaulix meekly asks you, his expression conveying shame. "I wasn't asleep yet... What's going on? Is something wrong?" You ask him in return. "No, no, nothing is wrong, Anon; it's just... I-I was hoping- I couldn't- I..." Notaulix pauses after stumbling and fumbling over his choice of words. After taking a breath, he continues: "I couldn't sleep, my thoughts are just too troubled, Anon. I... I know this is a bad time, but may I enter and speak with you, please?" Notaulix requests. How do you respond? I hope you friends have been enjoying these slightly faster updates. I'm trying. Starting to feel a bit blackpilled when it appears that several regular posters here seemed to have disappeared, in addition to the discussion on /mlp about pausing bug threads there because of how its turned into a graveyard.
>>7081 Pat the side of the bed and invite him in, hell throw an arm around him when he sits if it helps. If he's losing sleep over it we may as well talk it out, whatever it is. >spoiler I've certainly been appreciating it. For the other part though I'm afraid I don't have much input.
>>7081 bedbug acquired seconding >>7085 and don't forget to hug the bug the thread on /mlp/ is sporadically active but not dead yet imo its got > 20 posts in the past few hours i will say the borderline scat fetishism made me take a break from lurking for a while and i can't have been the only one
(219.46 KB 916x564 Bedroom.jpg)
(147.04 KB 900x846 1482629794475.png)
>>7087 Yeah, as nice as it may have been to see the thread so active and on the hopeful side more people were in it for the silliness aspect than fetish stuff, I definitely wasn't into that myself.
>>7081 Invite the bug in
>>7081 Gently pick him up and set him on our bed
>>7093 *Side of our bed
>>7094 >not wanting a lapbug what are you, a faggot?
(380.37 KB 1500x1098 147920037133.jpg)
>>7093 I wonder how heavy Notaulix is? >>7095 Are you sure about that? He did specify our side of the bed
>>7081 "Of course, I have some time to talk" >>7085 I think inviting him into the bed is a bit forward, our chair should be fine.
>>7081 Welcome him in and ask what's on his mind. Can't help if we don't know what's wrong. >spoiler I'm appreciative for your updates at least. May not always be the quickest on the draw when it comes to responding, but it always makes me happy when I see there's an update here.
>>7098 You can sit on the side of the bed.
>>7098 I only meant for him to sit on the edge of the bed. "Invite him in" i.e. into the room.
(1.78 MB 4961x3508 1308347762330.jpg)
>>7089 >pic Do changelings and alcohol mix? How well are they able to metabolize alcohol? Is it safe for them? What would happen if we gave Notaulix a drink?
>>7108 Awfully familiar bugs there Anon. I know the way a friend handled it in a game was that changelings had a lot of control over their stomachs and could regurgitate stuff on demand if they wanted, so ingested poisons also had little effect on them.
(2.04 MB 7000x7775 image.png)
>>7081 Oooh, the next update(s) is going to be fun. Call him in, tell him it's not a bad time, make space for the bug in your deluxe bed, get him comfy, start the scritches and ask him about what is troubling his mind. >>7096 IIRC he was pretty light the first few times Anon picked him up, such as when rescuing him and later when he was helping preparing dinner. I suppose he's a bit heavier now.
>>7108 >your kudzu is escaping >>7112 the russki said it best
>>7081 I welcome him and then ask what he wants. He's my friend and roommate after all. But I feel something wrong here. His unwillingness to speak about his hive absolutely normal, all things considered, but together with his questions about Equestria's military developments (Glyph Skin) concerning me. Maybe it's just paranoia. By the way, thank you for your story and sorry if something grammatically wrong, I'm not a native speaker.
(261.62 KB 1280x853 Sea Grapes.jpg)
>>7113 >Runaway Kudzu lol. I think it's supposed to be Sea Grapes, which have long been a popular thing to eat in the coastal areas of east/southeast Asia. They grow in long, sprawling bunches like in that pic. An unusual choice to include in mlp artwork for sure. I wonder what the story behind that pic is? Why does the one buggo have spaghetti while the other ordered sea grapes?
(146.92 KB 463x463 henlo.png)
>>7138 Just so happens a friend made the picture for me. I never specifically asked for the sea grapes, she added them as a table decoration. The whole thing is that bf's bug (left) is a glutton while my bug (right) doesn't hardly eat, so a romantic dinner is just one watching the other chew. Got the idea from a scene in DS9. >"Why don't you join us for dinner tonight?" >"I don't wanna put you out." >"Oh no, please come, it'll take the pressure off me. All he does is sits there and counts how many times I chew."
(1.02 MB 1738x703 BuggyCYOA_pt205.jpg)
>>7081 >>7085 >>7087 >>7092 >>7098 >>7099 >>7112 >>7121 Part 205: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4801 "Yeah, of course. Come on in." You reply. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix says before opening the door wider and letting himself in. As Notaulix is walking up to your bed, you notice that his blanket is neatly folded and draped over his back, no doubt keeping him plenty warm. Coming to a stop at your bedside, instead of saying anything, simply remains silent for a moment as he stares up at you. Feeling confused, you stare back at him in return, waiting expectantly to hear about what is keeping him up this late. "So what's on your mind?" You ask Notaulix Your question causes him to briefly look away and break eye contact with you, his ears drooping as he does so. "I'm sorry, Anon. I just want to make sure that I express myself clearly; it makes me nervous." Notaulix responds, his eyes meeting your own once more. "Nervous?" You repeat with a measure of surprise in your voice. "Relax, there's no rush." You reassure him. "Okay." Notaulix says before taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out, a process he repeats a few times until he feels ready. "This is about what happened earlier today, when I felt your love reduce. I feel bad for how I reacted in the moment; I wanted to explain myself to you, Anon. Explain how I felt in that moment." Notaulix begins. "You have already done so much for me, Anon. You saved me from the vines, took me into your home where I can feel safe and secure, fed me delicious fruits and peetzer and cookies, and allowed me to work with you and be useful. But most importantly, you provided me with love and friendship, Anon, something so very precious to my kind." Notaulix says. "That love was something I never had before. It meant the difference between life and death, it meant I could continue to live. When I felt that new, precious love decrease, even a tiny bit, it was a... new experience for me." He explains. "I felt many emotions in that moment, but more than anything, I felt very insecure. I made myself afraid just thinking of that love continuing to fade until nothing would be left." Notaulix admits, letting a short pause hang in the air. "Those were very foolish thoughts... I can already feel that your love has almost returned to what it once was, just like you said it would." He continues. "I-I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say, Anon. These thoughts and feelings are very new to me; difficult to explain to one who isn't my hive brother or hive sister." Notaulix concludes. "Sooo... I'm sorry for how I reacted, and how that might have made you feel, Anon. I will try and do better the next time it happens." Notaulix apologizes, giving you a faint, hopeful smile. As for yourself, hearing such a sudden, heartfelt confession at this hour leaves you momentarily speechless. To you, that whole incident didn't seem like that big of a deal, but if everything Notaulix has told you about himself and his kind up until now is true, you feel like you're starting to grasp what love really means to a changeling. Admittedly, you recognize that it's something you'll likely never be able to fully understand; only a fellow changeling could. Regardless of that fact, the least you can do is try your best to empathize. How do you respond? Bit of an overwhelming response on this one! Sorry for the slower update, but this ended up being a bit difficult to write. In the back of my mind, something feels off about my writing in this one and I'm not confident in it. Do let me know if it's just paranoia, or if the writing is indeed weird and in need of a rewrite. Be honest.
>>7121 Your English is just fine. If anything, it's better than a lot of native speakers out there. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, friend. What country are you from? >>7139 Interesting to know the context behind that pic. Thanks for sharing.
>>7143 He's being a bit silly, isn't he?
>>7143 respond? no way that spaghetti is all mine. voting to invite buggo onto the bed for comfort though >spoiler i'm no critic but you're probably overthinking it, i didn't notice anything unusual
>>7143 Holy shit my heart. Give hug, tell him he doesn't need to feel bad for being scared.
(50.42 KB 1024x437 1610168396589.jpg)
>>7143 Always nice to wake up to these! Give that silly lovebug a side hug and tell him that while we're sure the flow of love is gonna go up and down at times, it'll take something really serious to make it truly fade. I so want to invite him into bed but I don't know if this is the time. I suppose just make sure he's gonna be alright for tonight.
>>7143 He's a hive worker, and as a hive worker he was taught that he must work hard to earn his part, and his part is usually not much more than what he needs to survive. You then save his life, bring him to your home, give him food that either he didn't even imagine to exist or was reserved for special occasions or the royalty (like chicken eggs), provide him with a shelter that is not only much more spacions than the hole he had to share with Twilight knows how many other workers, but he has fire, cushions and blankets all for himself, and even got to sleep in your deluxe bed, he's getting a flow of love that other workers would have to be selected and tested just to be allowed to have a chance to go out, disguise themselves and try to collect it by deceiving others - and he's getting it "for free". Then he goes and "disappoints" his supreme benefactor.
>>7144 I'm from Russian Federation. (Yes, this Is full name, but nobody except officials using it for some reason) And thanks again for your work. Good stories are generally rare in our days and there is practically nothing about changelings at all. By the way, if you know some nice Changeling/human stories give me advise, please.
>>7143 I let him sit next to me , put my hand on his shoulder and say that I understand his reaction. He was a hive worker all life, from the moment he was born, he was taught that he must serve and protect the Hive no matter the cost. It's not something you can just forget. And then I say something fun or stupid to lighten things up, some Earth anecdote or bug- related pun maybe.
(478.69 KB 1280x1600 142492834872.png)
>>7155 Very cool. What attracts you to this story? I still consider myself to be a shitty writer trying his best to make something halfway decent, so it's always humbling to me when I see people think otherwise. Also, by any chance, did you learn about this story from pikabu.ru? We just recently learned about how fan art of this story was being shared over in that community. See: >>5974 >>6167 As far as recommended stories go... I think I saw a small list posted somewhere recently, but I can't remember where off the top of my head. Maybe someone else can share a few. I would recommend you some myself, but unfortunately I hardly ever read any fics. Probably sounds bizarre considering that I'm here writing this story, but I have my reasons.
>>7143 Not really sure how to respond. I guess best thing to do would be to just further reassure him. >spoiler Seems alright.
>>7160 There is a lot of things that I find attractive in your story. I will try to write them in order of importance personally for me. 1. Simplicity. Primarily simplicity of main characters. We have just a guy and just a changeling low-qualified hive worker. Not a Marine special operation or Specnaz Alpha member and a Queen of the Hive. It's much more interesting to read about a person that you can associate yourself with, especially after tons of "Chosen World Saver" fics. Like, come on, i did far too much good paid dangerous work in my life, I know the routine. 2. You're from another country. When author is foreigner story gain one more interesting side. It's amazing feeling when you read and see the different look at everyday things. And even more cool when opinions matches. I can't describe it in words. 3. Loveline intrigue. Will they still friend or become something more? That's quite cute to imagine. I don't see your story on pikabu. I found it some times ago on Fimfiction when i tried find something good (and preferably with more than 20.000 words) to read. I wasn't disappointed. The next topic is more subjective, because you wouldn't be able to understand. You said that you're a "shitty writer". Not for me at least. And here a very interesting thing "Why?". I'm Russian. And if you try to write something in Russian language you really need a lot of talent, it's not enough just to use proper grammar, punctuation and have a normal plot. You really need to make it readable. I will give you an example: we have such interesting things called "причастный оборот (participle)" and "деепричастный оборот (adverbial participle)". I won't go too deep in Russian grammar, just say that only if you can correctly use them you will create a nice piece of reading material. And English language in the comparison to that chtonical horor for foreigner students is much more simpler. In English to create a good read you just need to have a plot and school level grammar (for me at least). So, for me your text feels like I'm reading a Shakespeare or Jack London. Besides, it's amazing that there's already fan art for your story. So, keep it up. I will wait for updates.)
>>7155 based russki coming all the way here for bugs. welcome to our little bug bunker, hope you like it here. have some fine changeling art ;)
>>7178 Thanks. Cozy place you have here i see ;) And with a lot of bugs too, must say.
>>7152 I wish I was that pegasus.
(1.38 MB 1853x894 BuggyCYOA_pt206.jpg)
>>7143 >>7151 >>7152 >>7157 >>7166 Part 206: https://ponepaste.org/4086#4822 Reaching down, you rest your hand on Notaulix's head and give it a gentle, reassuring massage that he quickly leans into. "Notaulix, I- Wow..." You pause to collect your thoughts. "...you've really had a lot on your mind, haven't you? I'm really sorry for causing you so much distress earlier." You apologize. "It wasn't your fault, Anon." Notaulix comments. "But it was my question that started this whole thing, right?" You say in response. Upon hearing this, Notaulix opens his mouth to speak, only to end up closing it and frowning instead. "Hey." You begin while shifting to scritches behind the ear. "Look, I admit that this whole idea of love being such a vital, tangible essence for you and your kind is hard for me to comprehend. I don't know if I'll ever be able to really understand it; don't know if anyone could without being a changeling, really." You admit. "What I do understand now, is that it's far more important to you on a deeper level than I first imagined. So from now on, I'll try harder to consider how you might really feel about things, okay?" You reassure him. "Thank you, Anon! I know how strange it must sound, but it makes me very happy to know you even want to try to understand how a changeling feels!" Notaulix cheerfully responds, his smile returning. "Well, I got plenty of time to try and figure things out, right?" You say, giving Notaulix one final pat on the head before withdrawing your hand and flashing a smile of your own. "That's very true." Notaulix agrees, nodding his head a few times for emphasis. Staring at each other in silence, you can practically feel the tension leave the room now that Notaulix poured his heart out to you. "Feeling better now? Think you'll be able to get some sleep?" You ask Notaulix. "Yes Anon, I feel much better now, thank you. I will surely be able to sleep soundly." Notaulix replies. "Good, good, I'm glad... Was that all? Got anything else on your mind while we're at it?" You then ask. Notaulix's ears and expression quickly perk up upon hearing your question, as if he just remembered something important. "Oh! Yes, there was! But..." Notaulix pauses, briefly bringing a forehoof to his chin in thought. "...it isn't very important. It can wait for another time if you would rather sleep now, Anon." Notaulix says in response. What do you do next? 1: Press the matter and see what else Notaulix has to say 2: Take Notaulix up on his offer and end your conversation for the night (ends day) 3: Other
>>7176 I really appreciate the in-depth explanation. It's fascinating for me to learn how friends in the foreign communities, especially ones where English may not have been their first/primary language, think and feel about the different aspects of my story. That kind of feedback is a rare treat, and provides a lot of insight. Thank you for that. Hopefully whatever I end up writing continues to be entertaining. ^:)
>>7208 1. No time like the present. Ask Notaulix what else is on his mind.
>>7208 1. I'll ask what he wanted. It's better to solve all issues one day than wait for another and potentially forget about it due to everyday routine. And we sholdn't forget that Notaulix sometimes too shy to speaking about even important (at least for him) things. >>7209 Glad to help, brother (I don't know how acceptable this appeal is in English-speaking countries). I tried to write something myself so I know how hard it is sometimes. I Will wait for further updates.
>>7208 pat bed next to you and invite buggo to tell you whats on his mind
(321.73 KB 1671x1751 2863505.png)
>>7208 Poke that future-bedbug for what else he's got.
>>7208 1. Press the matter.
(1.81 MB 3200x4000 1441076926006.jpg)
Hey friends, there's more hefty beetle on the way, but I've had something on my mind for awhile now that I want to discuss. Spending slightly over the last year working almost exclusively on BuggyCYOA has been a ton of fun, and far beyond anything I could have hoped for. But at the same time, that's over a year now that I've spent practically every day thinking about just one thing, and then living up to the burden of success and expectation to keep regularly producing something and sharing an experience that people enjoy. It's been really weighing on me heavily the past few months. I've been feeling a strong desire to explore other creative projects. For example, writing BuggyCYOA has really made me want to practice drawing and get good enough at it to produce presentable works. I want to be more like the other CYOA authors out there who are able to present accompanying artwork with the story. I want you guys to be able to see the world and the scenes that take place in it as they do in my mind's eye. Sadly, as I'm sure you all can understand, there are only so many hours in a day. If I really want to focus on something and do a good job of it, I just don't have the time/energy to work on both BuggyCYOA and other projects simultaneously. So what it comes down to is this: Would you guys forgive me if I take a formal break from writing sometime in the near future? You'd still be getting more Notaulix and regular posts from me, it would just be in the form of some fresh changeling artwork instead of story posts. After this current midnight confession with Notaulix is over, there's some really important events and decisions coming up that will more of less shape the direction of the endgame for BuggyCYOA. I'm thinking either right before or right after that would be a good time to pause things. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this, Anons. I hope I'm being reasonable enough.
>>7240 Fine by me. Hope you keep us up to date with what you're working on. Would like to see the progress you make.
>>7241 My idea would be to do daily changeling draws, mostly of Notaulix, posting them here and the /mlp/ draw thread for feedback. I want to see how much I can improve in my drawing skill in one month if I really work hard at it. If you happen to recall that horrendous abomination I drew during the blitz of activity here surrounding special cooking techniques, then you'll know that I'll be starting at a very basics. For the sake of learning it properly, I think I'll get myself a basic drawing tablet of some variety. Anyone have suggestions for that? I have no clue what's good and what isn't.
>>7242 >daily changeling draws That's the way to do it if you're looking to improve in a hurry. >Anyone have suggestions for that? I would say keep an eye out for used Wacom tablets. Yard sales or pawn shops, you can often find them pretty cheap. I think I paid $20 for my current one. Wacom's pretty much the standard but I know they can be a bit overpriced new. Otherwise I think XP-Pen is also supposed to be decent. One thing I will warn is that the coordination between using the tablet and watching the screen takes some time to get used to. Even now I still feel like I have trouble getting lines to go where I want them to. Looking forward to see what you do.
>>7240 I'm okay with this. I look forward to the fruits of your other creative pursuits. >>7242 >drawing tablet I have a Wacom Intuos Medium. One thing I'll add in addition to what the other anon already said is to consider getting one with a large enough active area (e.g. mine's 8.5 x 5.3 inches). A larger drawing area will allow you to make bigger hand movements, which is useful when you need to either do long continuous lines or work on finer details without needing to zoom in too much. For that reason I don't recommend getting their Small models as I imagine it'd be too limiting. Also, though my tablet has bluetooth support, using it wirelessly noticeably adds to the input latency, so I personally never use it that way and I recommend against picking any tablet for that feature alone.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>7242 I can certainly abide by XP-Pen, though you probably don't want a big ass screen tablet you don't use often enough like me. Remember this though: Skills gained through traditional art generally carry over to digital, but not vice versa. I'd do a fair amount of practice on paper before you commit to buying a tablet. Also, if you want to get into the habit of drawing regularly from the get-go, take up figure/gesture drawing. Extremely short little sketches just copying body forms, essentially. This is actually a really good site for that, you can set a two minute timer and go til your back hurts. https://line-of-action.com/ Humans though, if you wanna do the same thing with ponies you'll need a lot of reference material.
(396.04 KB 2775x3000 1817206021038.png)
What would you get Notaulix (or your bug) for Hearts and Hooves day? For me, it would be an apple pie for two and chocolate covered strawberries.
>>7265 Bug might enjoy some time away from town, all the love being shared might be overload for a Changeling.
>>7265 What do you think bugs would think of sweets?
>>7265 Late to the party but i would share peetzer with the bug in front of a fire
>>7290 What type of toppings do you think a bug would like on their pizza?
>>7292 Pineapple, watermelon, onion and extra green peppers are a hive favorite.
(1.38 MB 5315x5315 1613586631843.png)
I've been curious, have a gay poll. https://www.strawpoll.me/45967810 This thread and its progenitor on /mlp/ have for a while had a minor reputation for being gay for bug, but I have to imagine like in most cases the gays are a pretty stark minority (Honestly it doesn't even seem like a vocal minority, just a minority). I suppose this very unreliable census can double for BuggyCYOA participants since I imagine most Anons here are following that.
>>7322 Strawpoll has been broken for a while now. Use poll.horse instead.
>>7323 Oh, had no idea. Then ignore that and use https://poll.horse/Uwn7qtRQ
(69.07 KB 770x738 image.png)
>>7324 for posterity
(637.24 KB 2902x2067 6358110.png)
Chrysalis a cute
Bug bug gimme dat hug
(428.31 KB 1000x1000 1610866376225.png)
>>7330 Did you follow me to a different site you motherfucker
>>7330 Based bug hugger
>>7324 Aw man, don't ask me to pick between Chrysalis and the drones! They are both cute in their own rights.
>>7333 Heh. I can understand, Chrysalis is definitely the best changeling character by a lot. Drones are my favourite designs in the show though.
(62.28 KB 769x744 image.png)
Oh, nice. Fags rigging already
>>7335 Why did you have to say that? It will actually get rigged now, just to spite you. Goddamit man.
>>7336 It was gonna get rigged from the start, when anon introduced gay/straight option
(319.28 KB 3000x3000 1629257175095.png)
>>7333 This. Where's the "both" option? Voted for straight Chryssie, but it applies to drones too. >>7335 >t. rigger
(501.04 KB 1754x1240 1552868917003.png)
[autism] Straight Chryssy appeals to me but that's just personal preference. The regular bugs on the other hand are much more interesting to think about, they really are the ultimate blank slate. When you can shift your form at will it seems absurd that much if any attention would be brought to sex/gender/whatever. Were a bug to be in a relationship with another bug/pone it could one day be female, one day be male, sexless, massive futa cock, a fucking dragon, you want it, it can be it. Such an arrangement would make concepts such as "gay", "straight", "gender" somewhat irrelevant in my opinion and possibly nonexistent in bug culture/life. If you had a bug, how would (You) view your relationship?, would you use their shapeshifting to spice things up? [/autism]
>>7331 Maybe...but i put the purv in purveyor of hugs
>>7354 I suppose I should have clarified it was for all the Anon's sexualities. i.e. if you don't mind a partner with a dick you are clearly not straight. My bad on not including a both option for anyone that just loves all things chitinous though.
(353.30 KB 984x1134 1645274380280.png)
Looks like I'm off to the hospital, so knowing my luck BuggyCYOA will update about ten minutes from now. I hope there's a lot of cute bugs when I get back!
(586.58 KB 1198x1024 image.png)
>>7362 Hopefully all is well.
>>7354 This is exactly the appeal of bug to me. The perfect lover in every conceivable shape and form. I imagine an utopia in which all of us has a bug to waifu (or husbando)and everyone is happy.
>>7363 I am back, but I'll be bugging one-handed for the near future.
>>7369 Did they take out your whole arm or just a hand? Why?
(45.05 KB 908x869 1643172453341.png)
>>7370 Cyst in my wrist. I'm already waiting to get it surgically removed, but it got painful and numb enough to the point of making that arm unusable for a few days. Not in constant agony anymore but it's only light activity with that arm for a while.
>>7372 That's no good. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for it to be fixed up.
(1.27 MB 3840x3840 1642206284715.png)
>>7385 I still got a ways to wait and even the surgery ain't without risk but it's good for the moment at least. >>7322 >>7325 So it'd be foolish to consider it all-encompassing because I doubt every Anon to ever grace the thread took part, and even out of those in you can never be sure they voted honestly/accurately (beyond there being no reason not to), but taking it at face value, I probably shouldn't be surprised, but I wasn't expecting these results. Non-straights are a minority, but not much of one at 40%. I guess the place really is pretty gay. People who like the female character being mostly straight and people who like the (predominantly) male group being mostly not should have been a given I suppose. Maybe we'll do this again in a year if we're all still here and see if it changes at all, although that time with an option for those who love all bug. I find it funny that despite /bug/ both being about the first and most active thread on the site as well as having the reputation for basically being the third gayest one, I'm told the porn board has little to no changeling content. Mind you, even on /mlp/ it was probably one the less lewd threads outside of a few short bursts.
>>7412 >Spoiler Regrettably, most of Chrysalis porn is anthro, so there is that.
>>7414 I wonder what it is about her that attracts so much anthro trash?
I want to hug Notaulix
>>7415 Most of them probably don't like the way she looks, so they replace most of her with generic human.
(1.43 MB 3000x3000 1543605299238.png)
>>7415 I could ask that question for pony in general. Pony anthro looks hideous, I can not possibly fathom why it's the most popular shit out there. Least I've got my bugs.
>>7424 It's popular because there are faggot wannabes who pretend they like My Little Pony because it's cool or "ironic" or some shit. They don't actually care for the show or the characters though, it's just about the image so they can look like a "degen" and fit in with TF2 faggots. Because they are just furfags and self-described "hentai enthusiasts" (AKA mommy complex and pedo losers) so to "fit in" with the My Little Pony aesthetic they just adapt the characters to be more like furries and anime, which are both trash.
(621.93 KB 2299x2015 1645725000642.png)
Quick bug update. So, the day after I posted >>7240 I made a visit to Costco, where I had the misfortune of having someone practically cough directly on me. I had a bad feeling about that, and sure enough, a few days later I developed a pounding headache, muscle soreness/fatigue and a mild fever. Headache alone is enough to bring my writing motivation to zero. I also missed several days of work because of this, so when I got all better I needed to play catch up with the hours, killing my free time. I'm all caught up and back to normal with the schedule now. Currently getting a little writing in before bed, will try and get the update out tomorrow. O-Or maybe the day after tomorrow. Hate to break it, but I'm kind of hooked on Elden Ring right now after it finally released. Really enjoying it so far. >tfw ponified Torrent So yeah, that's the current situation. Really sorry about this turning into a half-month update, but that's just the way things worked out unfortunately. Just letting you all know I'm not dead or something.
>>7456 I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad that you're feeling better. >having someone practically cough directly on me I wish it's legal to punch people like that in the face. Bet they'll quit doing that real quick.
>>7456 Been a very medical week for /bug/ huh? Elden Ring just had to come out on my Pathfinder day. Least I got started on some fictional cartography earlier!
>>7456 I'm always taken aback by how people can be that careless to just cough when they are close to people instead of at least facing away or getting some distance when they are about to. Sadly it's just another symptom of modern life; more people have no presence of mind and think they are the only real person in the world. I hope you feel better soon, drink plenty of water.
>be me last night >decide to hop on Elden Ring at 9PM >"I'll just play for an hour or two before I switch to writing for the next update." >have fun >get up for a piss break >feels like it's been maybe one hour >look at clock >it's almost 1AM fug :DDd I'm sorry friends, but the pull from Elden Ring is just way too strong right now. Update SOON™ On a side note, if any of you here also happen to be playing, be sure to go into the multiplayer menu and put in the group password "iwtcit" without the quotation marks. It highlights messages and summoning signs left by others using the same group password, among other useful things. I've encountered a few fellow horsefuckers in game already, it's great fun. >>7457 >>7463 I appreciate the concern. I'm back to being 100% again.
(901.91 KB 1024x1365 1516305410972-0.png)
>>7490 That's good to hear! And yeah I too was up like two hours past bedtime playing Elden Ring. Sunday is my busy day shid. Also I did use that password but I've yet to see any messages or bloodstains with it. It doesn't need to be in the same numbered box, does it?
>>7491 No, the box you put the passwords into don't matter. The messages and other things left by other players with the same password(s) change by getting a full circle of glowing runes around them and a bigger light effect. It's very easy to notice when you do come across one. What's a bit more subtle are the active player ghosts that come and go. They change from white to a sort of golden white, which is kind of hard to see sometimes. I've only encountered one of those.
>>7494 Yeah, I knew how they looked because my friends have been using our own and I did see those. No /mlp/ ones yet though.
(255.62 KB 700x700 1533589715138.png)
I need a bug to hug and kiss.
>>7520 Everyone does.
(209.63 KB 531x1187 image.png)
>>7490 You don't have to excuse yourself for enjoying something... the worst thing there is is to be unable to enjoy anything and live life just from one distraction to another. When days drags like molasses and the years pass like a blur. Glad to know you're back to health, by the way!
Hello guys. It was quite a lot of time since I wrote something here. And I want to say just one thing: Thank all of you. This is probably the only place devoid of negativity in recent days. Just cute bug horse and nice story. You probably can't understand how important it is. At least for me. Especially in time when you don't know what will happen next day, will you even be alive and if "yes" how will your life change. So... Thank you all again. Stay safe, love bugs, have a nice day and peaceful sky above your heads.
>>7543 Stay safe, anon
(175.69 KB 685x822 Changelingz.JPG)
I bet you guys would like the first arc of the mane series comics, the Return of Queen Chrysalis. Andy Price has a very expressive art style that works well with ponies.
>>7545 It's about the only one I've read, and yeah it was a promising start. Shame it was mostly downhill from there.
(293.56 KB 492x542 stare.png)
Hey /bug/ in these slower days i break my habit of lurking this thread to ask you all, how are you doing? Are you still there OP? how are your drawings turning out? How many are still lurking here with me? on another note i recently noticed that BGM has added chrissy to the pony zone saga and seeing as /bug/ is dead on /mlp/ i thought here was the most likely to appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJsDixuFIhE enjoy!
>>7630 I'm still lurking. You get this: https://poneb.in/2JxT1Apj
>>7630 Still here, still lurking. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to making something to post.
>>7630 I actually have this thread on my bookmarks and check it once a day.
(208.67 KB 2000x1250 1544686633233.png)
[spoiler]Try bug, but hole[/spoiler]
>>7715 The fucked up spoiler tags really adds to the authenticity.
>>7715 Bugs have a lot of holes though
>>7717 What if there's more hole than bug?
>>7715 Try tongue bug hole
(611.37 KB 1000x1800 1230727.png)
I can't believe Elden Ring killed /bug/ 2. Hell, shit's so popular it even gets basically offtopic /mlp/ threads. If only I had a bug, horse.
>>7907 >Hell, shit's so popular That's double sad, because Ring is a fucking pile of shit compared to Demon's or Dark Souls. I literally abandoned it and went back to Demon's Souls on my PS3.
I see stormy clouds ahead for Miyazaki and his creations...
(146.19 KB 534x427 image.png)
>>7907 Don't worry, he's just taking a break to play some Elden Ring and buy a pack of cigarettes.
(92.50 KB 363x515 1471477782186.png)
>>7982 In all fairness, I've been playing it too.
>>7983 Why bug worried?
(841.72 KB 1188x1518 153729028188.png)
Is this our absolute state right now? Was a single anon really responsible for propping up a general for the past year?
(5.00 KB 238x230 image.png)
>>8038 Well, while it's a general, the main focus of the thread was always the CYOA. People conditioned themselves to consider this thread the CYOA thread, and without it, they don't know what to do with it.
>>8053 >People conditioned themselves to consider this thread the CYOA thread Which was exactly the thing he didn't want to have happen. Funny how that works. So what are we going to do about this? Bugposting is in an even worse state on /mlp/ now that there's the dedicated autist(s) with a hateboner for the race who post about how they want to torture and kill them whenever a changeling thread briefly pops up. /mlp/ as a whole has turned into such a shithole lately. I'm not sure how it managed to nosedive even further, but it feels like the entire board culture there has had a major shift in the past month or two.
(742.23 KB 900x846 1558743569855.png)
>>8057 I was never the biggest fan of /mlp/ nor the fandom so of course I can't say much there. Probably doesn't help that contributors have always been few and far apart, and usually of the probably-depressed struggling-to-keep-going variety. Anyone's guess on what to do about it though, I feel like every discussion has been tried and you can't force participation. Combine that with the fact this place is very out of the way and likely not getting a whole lot of new anons regularly. Could always go full autist and discuss our headcanons on the specifics of shapeshifting.
>>8057 It's his fault his writing is so good. But yeah, we may have become a burden to him.
(2.27 MB 400x600 rain.gif)
Back to posting bugs i guess.. searched "changeling" by score on derpi and its 90% futa chrissy.. explain yourself bugfags
(331.23 KB 900x900 1544264715236.png)
>>8062 Bugfags are fucking gay.
>>8062 I've noticed for a long time that for whatever reason, Chrysalis attracted an abnormally high amount of SFM anthro trash art, the majority of which being futa. That's my observation, anyway. Never bothered to do the research and see if she really does have a higher than normal amount of that kind of art compared to other characters, since I filter all that out anyway.
>>8064 A shame as regular Chrissy needs nothing changed, she is already a perfect bug.
>>8063 This combined with ovipositor potential.
>>8068 I've always hated egg fetish personally but then I hate most fetishes.
(638.49 KB 639x1263 1435980814673.png)
Eager to turn over a new leaf, Queen Chrysalis has appointed you as the head of the brand-new Tourism Department. You are provided with ample resources and thirty changelings who are eager to follow your directions. What do you do to turn things around and start building a good reputation, generating enough positive interest to attract visitors to the hive? What sort of things will be available for said visitors to enjoy?
(85.61 KB 1050x875 Changeling Drum.jpg)
>>8087 Comfortable food and lodging and things to see aside, the main thing I'd focus on is performers, especially musicians. Lord knows Equestria is already a place of song, if they want ponies visiting I think they'd be best off turning the hive into one as well.
>>8087 I create deals with the Canterlot elite to cover up incidents for a share of profit and use them to market the changeling hive as a luxury experience. Normal ponies are fooled into going by being convinced it is for rich ponies and shows wealth to go; the catch is it's frequently discounted so regular income ponies can attend. Of course it's actual purpose is to drain middle class ponies, feeding the bug master race which ultimately after regaining enough strength will drain all of the others. Visitors will have amenities such as 4x8 cells, daily gruel, and the honor of being part of something greater.
>>8087 whorehouses, gambling, and beautiful scenery
>>8087 Unironically, the ultimate brothel. Wanna bang a celebrity? You can do that! Wanna bang someone else? Bring a photo! For the right price, you can bang ANYONE. >>8064 She's the most popular changeling so it's only natural.
>>8100 >Wanna bang a celebrity? I wanna bang Princess Platinum ngl
(894.56 KB 2300x1900 1429206969994.png)
I leave tonight for a couple weeks. I sure hope there'll be cute bugs when I get back!
(200.99 KB 1079x1122 1059559.jpg)
Huggable bugs
>>8229 they're made for hugs.
I want to pet Queen Chrysalis and smooch her right on her cute snootle!
(152.50 KB 1000x750 1478453984532.png)
>>8364 She does have a cute snoot. On a side note, she's not my waifu, but because of the nature of what love is to a changeling and how important it is to them, I've always imagined Chrysalis being a very loving and devoted wife. Even if you're in the camp of: >"lol bro actually she wouldn't REALLY love you, just pretend for the love xDd" Think about it logically, even at the most basic level in a situation like that, it's still simply in her best interests to make sure you're happy and feel like you're the #1 husband in the whole wide world, even if it's all a front for the benefits of herself and the hive.
(188.21 KB 600x600 1389477251214.png)
>tfw you're the last remaining bugfriend on the planet
(30.15 KB 319x299 235034.jpg)
(38.63 KB 375x300 11093.gif)
Chrissy is based.
(1.46 MB 4000x6000 135948530358.jpg)
(75.43 KB 350x300 144537845023.gif)
(840.60 KB 1241x1024 1398538593.png)
—―― ――― ――――― ――― ―――!
Anons, have anyone read Changeling Space Program and Maretian? What do you think about handling of changelings in those fics?
>>8639 There is only one reason a Changeling would hug you and I'm pretty sure you can figure it out; pic related.
(397.12 KB 4096x2622 1643197223169.jpg)
>>8640 I have not, though I know many have and that they're popular fics. Is there something particularly interesting about them in that setting? >>8641 That just means you need to be the one who bites first.
(261.76 KB 807x619 2326093.png)
>>8652 Cadence gets cucked by Chrissy, kek.
(432.02 KB 2383x1855 IWTCICD.png)
I'm back from vacation. How the lovebugs /bug/?
>>8672 Exceptionally dead until a couple days ago.
(1.22 MB 1024x1448 1614561101030.png)
>>8680 So no change then, what a shame. We'll just need to liven things up somehow.
>>8672 Did you have a good vacation?
(260.78 KB 800x600 1612036791994.png)
>>8686 Yes, there was much ice cream.
(1.60 MB 2560x3060 2687239.jpeg)
(934.26 KB 648x857 1619427.png)
(430.61 KB 1912x1136 2692394.jpeg)
>>8689 Ice cream vacation sounds nice. Anyway, today is a rather special day for us, for a decade has passed since the introduction of our beloved bugs. Where were you on 4/21/2012? I remember it vividly. I watched it together with some of my fellow oldfag writefags and other friends in the AiE Tinychat room, using its built in youtube player function. Old names like Shermanator, RT_Pony, Rope, Pike, Rune, Tsarroman, Forge, Unamazing, Testostepone and others. We all reacted together in the chat, enjoying the 10/10 kino episode. Immediately after that we got into a huge worldbuilding discussion, mostly involving the new changeling race and ideas for how to incorporate them into our greens. I have a lot of fond memories of that day, even if it was the beginning of the end for the show in hindsight. >tfw tens years have gone by and its still the one and only changeling episode I ever saw Thank goodness for that! Still one of the very best songs the show had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzsxfO7dBlA And who could forget this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP18Zi5OHcg
>>8691 >10 years Still hard to believe so much time has past. It certainly doesn't feel like it.
>>8691 God I don't even remember what I was doing that day, probably watching with MLPG. I was never in the AiE groups, but I do know Test.
(32.52 KB 600x800 2850384.png)
>>8672 Welcome back anon, its been quite here.
(142.42 KB 1024x1024 buglos.jpg)
>>8745 Quite bugly, I hope.
(383.66 KB 1200x1200 6406101.jpg)
(749.80 KB 8096x832 The Best Tag.jpg)
(370.34 KB 1496x2000 1546465667104.png)
>>8816 But why do bug love the watermelon? >inb4 black
>>8691 Got any good greens or fics from the period? I have a couple good ones ones for the latter, but I still like to see your recommendations for both either way.
(40.17 KB 569x474 71KoPUWqQrL._AC_UX569_.jpg)
(38.18 KB 569x671 71tw5XEKVgL._AC_UX569_.jpg)
(36.60 KB 569x593 71Z8SljsERL._AC_UX569_.jpg)
Found some more of the good stuff in the depths of Amazon.
>>8855 >Chryssi painted on your crotch imagine
>>8855 Actually seems like the original would be an interesting one.
>>8857 What? The artwork?
>>8858 Yeah, has like a starry night vibe to it.
(3.32 MB 4000x3077 101297.jpg)
>>8859 Here you go, pic related. Artist is vardastouch, it's an almost ten year old piece now. Stuff like the underwear I posted is just the Chinese stealing art they think looks good to make clothing. There's quite a bit of bootleg MLP fanart underwear/shorts out there. Or at least there was, anyway. I haven't found any of it available for sale anywhere anymore, which is kind of a shame because I'm curious what these actually looked like in real life. The real product is usually laughably bad quality.
>>8861 Thanks for locating it. It definitely has an interesting style to it. >Stuff like the underwear I posted is just the Chinese stealing art they think looks good to make clothing. There's quite a bit of bootleg MLP fanart underwear/shorts out there. I know. I've been observing some of Boot's finds as well. At times I really have to wonder if there was any human review at any part of the process.
>>8817 bugs love all fruit
Notaulix is a good bug
>>8888 (checked) Amen
>>8888 >quads of truth
So... the CYOA is officially dead?
(883.95 KB 1311x981 BugBox1.jpg)
What's in the box, /bug/?
>>8971 Yours sister's boyfriend?
>>8971 Is it lewd?
(830.90 KB 1307x981 BugBox2.jpg)
(694.18 KB 1312x981 BugBox3.jpg)
>>8981 No, though I suppose it has the potential to be.
>>8983 Oh noice, a tablet?
>>8983 If that is indeed a tablet I hope we get to see a demonstration.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>8961 >>8983 Oh hey nice, which one did you get? I picked up my tablet right after I got back from my trip, but then the day after I got horribly sick, and now that that's going away my horrible wrist problem is coming back. God hates fags.
We should do some /bug/ on the aggie.
>>8999 Yus
(957.97 KB 1308x978 BugBox4.jpg)
>>8985 >>8987 >>8991 >8961 isn't me, by the way Tada! The box is clearly a bit roughed up, but allow me to explain... Going back to my question and subsequent advice received a few months ago: >>7240 >>7242 >>7244 >>7251 >>7253 Since then, I've been keeping an eye on the thrift stores, craigslist, offerup, and ebay. There's been plenty of basic drawing tablets like various models of Wacom Intuos in the $10-30 range, but... I've just had a lingering feeling that I would hate using that style of tablet where you aren't looking directly at where you're drawing with the pen. Call it my autism-sense. That obviously only leaves me with three options: Bust out the pencil and paper, or either hope to encounter a lucky deal on a display tablet, or just shell out the money for a new one. Thing is, I'm too cheap to shell out that kind of money for something of which I have next to zero skill in, and I'm too stubborn to just use the pencil and paper like someone with good sense would. So I've watched, and I've waited; until a possible opportunity finally presented itself a few days ago. While looking through eBay, sorting by lowest price first, I stumbled upon this XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro, listed for as "broken/parts only" for $77, free shipping. I wouldn't have even considered it for obvious reasons, except I noticed an oddity with the listing. The sellers description described it as having a cracked screen, but looking at the photos of said screen, it just looked like an awfully applied screen protector, full of dust and bubbles. It came with all of its cables and accessories. When I looked up the cost of those things alone, I discovered it to be more than the $77 asking price. I reasoned to myself that if the tablet did turn out to be junk, I could probably still make my money back selling all the extras. So, I decided to gamble on that.
(653.96 KB 1310x983 BugBox5.jpg)
(518.71 KB 1309x980 BugBox6.jpg)
>>9008 >((They)) hate him for it! Man fixes cracked screen with this one easy trick!
(692.32 KB 1311x980 BugBox7.jpg)
>>9009 This time, the gamble appears to have paid off. Installed the driver, downloaded and opened Krita(seems to be highly recommended), and connected everything up. Everything seems to work just fine to me. The real screen protector has a few small scratches in it, but that doesn't really matter. Those strange curved lines are just a photo thing, you don't see those in person. So, yeah... How did I do for $77? Is the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro considered to be any good? It seems like it has good reviews on Amazon, but I don't trust Amazon reviews knowing how most of them are fake anyway. I guess the bottom line is: Is it good enough for some dumbass like me with practically zero drawing experience to learn and improve and draw bugs on?
>>9008 >spoiler oops dunno how I linked that post Anyway nice, I hope it works out for you! Just remember DO NOT EVER DROP THAT FUCKING PEN IT'S WHERE ALL THE TECH BITS ARE.
>>9010 Nice, ebay lurker finds functional tablet for cheap. Looking forward to bugs.
>>9010 >How did I do for $77? Is the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro I'd say you did pretty amazing. Here I thought I got a cheap display tablet, an Amazon warehouse 11" Gaomon for $125 (which I very much enjoy). The XP-Pen should be a much better tablet and you got it for much less. So I'd say you came out ahead. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.
(31.61 KB 512x512 1619828566633.jpg)
Who drew this? And where can I find them?
(592.05 KB 1280x1335 1546697536151.png)
>>9010 Now you just need to figure out whether you're more comfortable with krita, sai or CSP. Almost every artist I know went with CSP, that shit's loaded, but there's some parts of it I wish handled like sai2.
>>9008 >it just looked like an awfully applied screen protector LMAO >tilt support I jelly For 77 dollars that's quite the steal, I hope you have fun with it!
>>9009 >>9019 Reminds me like 20 years ago a friend got a 'broken' TV from a yard sale. >The volume was all the way down.
(461.98 KB 292x362 15783782467.gif)
>>9018 I'm more concerned with simply learning to draw properly before I start worrying about what to do the drawing in. Probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between them at the beginner level that I'm at. Anyway, I'm glad to see you all think that I got something good. I'm really looking forward to getting started, though it might be a couple days before I do that. I found that with the way I currently have things configured on my desk, there really wasn't a comfortable way to have the tablet set up in the spot I would want to be doing the drawing, so I'm going to do some rearranging of things to better support that first. While we're at it, let's talk about the state of my current and future projects. To answer >>8961 , no, BuggyCYOA isn't dead, just hibernating ^:) Although in reality, it's less of a hibernation and more of me trying to work my way out of a pickle. See, I've talked about this before, but when I started BuggyCYOA I expected it to be like all my other writefagging ventures of the past; possibly amusing some people for a week or two before being forgotten. I did not anticipate this particular story, after a decade of writefagging other things, to be the one that ended up resonating with many people and earning a measure of interest and popularity. I realized way back around the 40-50k word mark that whether I wanted it to be or not, BuggyCYOA seems to have turned into my magnum opus, and with that realization comes a lot of unexpected baggage to deal with. The burden of success is an immense pressure. Lots of people loved what they were reading, which in turn makes me want to work harder to try and provide the best that my ability can produce. But I couldn't help but think about how rough the early parts of the story are; a product of my short-term mindset that I had writing them, and how that could be a real thorn in my side if I want this to truly be as good as I can make it. That's what prompted me to want to go back and rewrite the early chapters, which is an endeavor I'm still working on. As one could expect though, it's proving to be really difficult to do that when there's already so much that has been written beyond those early chapters. It's like walking on eggshells trying to rewrite one thing while double and triple checking that you're not accidentally creating time paradoxes or contradictions down the road. But the way I look at it, is that it's better I do it now at 100k words rather than trying to do it at 200k or 300k. I'm repairing and strengthening the foundation of the building now before I try and add more to it above. Another of those improvements that I've been wanting to incorporate before moving forward is hopefully beginning right now... I've thought about how I've autistically included those image forms of each update with every post, and how after a year of doing that, I'm fairly confident that there's been exactly 0(zero) people who have mentioned that they appreciate that. So why include them? I can make the experience better. That's why when BuggyCYOA eventually continues, I'm hoping that I'm going to continue it as an art CYOA. I feel like even just simple drawings to go with each update would be a vast improvement over what I was previously doing. What do you friends think? Would you like that? 1/2 my novella post is running out of space
(28.11 KB 2020x1128 15327450202837.png)
>>9029 Another issue in the writing department is that I've also simply been busy with real life responsibilities, especially last month. After going for a few months without posting any updates, I've started to feel out of practice. That's why I have something new to announce, which I think you all may be interested in. As a bit of an exercise and a way to refresh my mind a bit, I'm planning on writing a series of 3000-8000 word short stories involving comfy moments of daily life from the point of view of various ponies. However, after giving it a bit of thought, I've decided that I also want to do one of these for Notaulix: A short one shot providing a little peek at his life in the hive prior to his banishment. Think of it as a sort of prequel to BuggyCYOA. Of course, I'd try and write in in a way to not spoil too much for the potential future progression of the CYOA. Just a look at the world through Notaulix's eyes and mind. Does that sound interesting at all? Or would it be a waste of time? So yeah, that about sums up what's going on at the moment. By the way, just thought I'd also mention that I appreciate how none of you have really been giving me a hard time about the CYOA being delayed, even though I've continued to regularly post here on NHNB over the months without saying much about it.
(1.87 MB 800x800 1959793.gif)
>>9029 >>9030 I mean it all sounds decent to me, go for it Mr Bugs >Activity in /bug/ is cyclical.
(415.56 KB 951x1030 1630812554753.png)
>>9029 > That's what prompted me to want to go back and rewrite the early chapters, which is an endeavor I'm still working on. As one could expect though, it's proving to be really difficult to do that when there's already so much that has been written beyond those early chapters. It's like walking on eggshells trying to rewrite one thing while double and triple checking that you're not accidentally creating time paradoxes or contradictions down the road. But the way I look at it, is that it's better I do it now at 100k words rather than trying to do it at 200k or 300k. I'm repairing and strengthening the foundation of the building now before I try and add more to it above. Be careful with that mindset mate. You are not wrong in your apprasial that strengthening the foundation can do a story good. But I have seen far too many reboots perish one way or the other to be anything but weary of such a move. As long as you can get it done in good time, I don't see the harm in it. But I caution you to know when to cut your losses and just move on to get the thing finished first. Sure, your beginning isn't perfect, but it is fine enough to hook more than its fair share of fish into reading it. Burnout is a slow, insidious killer. It is something that eats away at you bit by bit, until one day you find you just don't have either the creative juice or energy for a project anymore. My fear in your wish to strengthen the foundation is that you'll run into such an issue and kill the project when it has only just begun. It would not be the first time it has happened to a project I have followed, but it would be a shame to see one of the few good changeling fics that keeps true to the spirit of the first couple of seasons go down in flames. I'm have been scraping at the bottom of the barrel for stuff that *doesn't* include the shite that's being pedals in the fandom nowadays, and your fic is one of those golden few that has been elevated by the sheer dint that it ignores the stuff that happened in later seasons. This is not to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do, but it should serve as food for thought when considering your next options. Still, you seem dedicated enough, and hopefully we'll get more updates in the next few months, or at least next year if all goes well. Whatever happens, just keep up the good work Anon. We've been waiting for this long, and we can wait a little longer if that what it takes. Now if only I can get off my own arse to start writing some good bird lion stuff... --- >Another issue in the writing department is that I've also simply been busy with real life responsibilities, especially last month. IRL always takes priority. Don't worry about it mate.
(149.87 KB 1002x1024 1643708972032.jpg)
>>9054 Thanks for the kind words Anon, it's appreciated. Funny thing about burnout is that I've already gone through a session of that with this. If my memory serves me right, from updates 150 through 190ish were a complete and utter slog for me. At that point, I was more trying to force my way through updates out of feelings of obligation and responsibility because I didn't want to disappoint everyone who was invested in the story. I think the quality of my writing took a bit of a dip during that time, though not to the extent that I want to go back and change it. I've been over that now for months, thankfully. Additionally, part of the reason why I want to learn drawing and write some short stories before returning full speed to BuggyCYOA is to ensure that it doesn't happen again, or at least for the foreseeable future. It's something to keep things fresh for me, rather than plugging away at the same thing nearly every day for the last year. Also, I don't think this whole rewrite thing is quite as big of a deal as you make it out to be. In reality, it's only a few thousand words worth of stuff that I have to go through; not like I'm doing some 30k word overhaul. The biggest offender in my eyes was simply the introduction. Arguably one of the most important parts, it's just too rough and crude of a first impression. One fun fact is that the intro already had a minor rewrite once. When I went to try getting BuggyCYOA on fimfic, I updated it a little for there because I was worried that with the way it originally was, whoever was doing the manual approval(since it was my first fic on there) would deny it for being too greentext-like, which isn't allowed on there. Anyway, I've just been working on that at the pace my real life responsibilities dictate. Would you(or anyone here) be interested in seeing some side-by-side comparison snippets of the original, fimfic edit, and new rewrite for the intro of BuggyCYOA? Just the first hundred or so words of each. Also, regarding the next update, I actually finished that like two and a half months ago lol. It's just been sitting around, waiting for the right time when I start things up again. By the way, >bird lion stuff Not sure if you're an Anon that I've asked this before, or if you've commented on it before, but how do you feel about my portrayal of griffons in this story, at least up until this point? I've come to realize that my story kind of serves the odd double duty of appealing to both changeling and griffon fans. Notaulix only having the initial knowledge to transform into a griffon was my plan from the beginning, but the inclusion of Gilda into the mix was the result of one of those important hidden result dice rolls, as has been mentioned before. The opportunity to write Gilda and explore her character and more of the griffon race as a whole was an exciting one for me, yet stressful at the same time. Gilda and griffons as a whole don't get a lot written about them compared to ponies, so I felt a greater sense of expectation from readers, especially as someone who doesn't play by the rules of the show canon that many likely expect. In other news, I bought a sketchbook today. I decided that I'm going to practice the absolute basics on that for about a week, then I'm going to start using my newly acquired tablet to practice digitally and do daily draws on here, in addition to continued practice with the sketchpad.
(331.23 KB 900x900 1544264715236.png)
>>9082 Damn what a gay bug.
>>9082 Well, good to hear you managed to get over the worst of it then, and the rest of my fears being vindicated. As long as everything else goes well, I am hopeful to see more of this story to come yet. I did see the minor rewrite in Fimfiction, but the implication you made had me thinking it was going to be something far more extensive. And yes, keeping the original side by side would be nice to see, if only see how it compares with what came before. - I am indeed the Anon from the first thread that mentioned the stuff about the gryphons. (As well as the one that needs to get their ass back into gear writing that Gilda/Roseluck fic that's hanging in limbo at the moment. I have yet to receive any commentary, so... Something to that effect would be nice in confirming whether I should continue that or not.) Anyway, you are doing good. Never did like what they did with the Gryphonestone episode, so just keep on trucking with what you are doing. There's already plenty of canon fics for the gryphons at this point, so yours is a blast to the past for me in this regard. Whatever you make, I look forward to it seeing as you execute on it well. Though I am curious if Gilda will be making further appearances or not.
>>9108 Oh! You're the guy who was writing the interesting stories in the griffon thread? (>>3390) I wondered if that was you; the post style made me think. I quite liked what you were writing, but I didn't have much to say since griffons aren't a primary interest of mine. I don't know what kind of thoughtful feedback or critique to give besides "I like it" or an obvious grammar/spelling issue. Did you ever try posting what you got to one of the griffon threads on /mlp/? If not, there's one up right now, and they're always hungry for new green/stories. https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38478419 Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that there's just not very many people who visit here, let alone ones who are griffon fans. If you're going to put a lot of effort into something like that, it just makes sense to post it where your core audience is.
>>9113 Coincidentally, I was also the thread poster for the thread. And for good reason it seems, as you so say seeing as this board gets little traction but us bug fans. I did post the full of what I had there a while back, but I got no response to it. Granted, it was in the form of a link to ponepaste to make it easier to read, so perhaps I should get it out in the form of actual posts there. On another note, seeing as you are going to get into drawing practice, I do have a personal request if/when you get to it. Think you could draw Gilda in a Scottish highlander outfit and Roseluck in her gear? I'd like to see some art for it, if you wouldn't mind for practice. If not, that's fine. Mostly just a shot in the dark at this point. Tried the drawfag thread a couple of times, but no dice. As for the stuff I wrote, I am glad it was decent besides the quality of life touches that it needs. I am currently focusing my efforts to get some stuff out for a certain monster franchise out, but seeing as how that is on the lull, I think I'll pivot shift back to gryphons and roses, and see how that turns out. Wonder how a role reversal would go with a chosen one prophecy? Questions for later I suppose.
>>9114 >Draw request Sure, I can try drawing that for you, but keep in mind that it's probably going to be at least a few months before I attempt something like that. Remember that I'm starting at beginner level here, no real prior experience. I want to get some basic skills established first, lest I turn out another abomination like the one I did with mouse drawing >>4340 >>4352 Also, if anyone else has some draw requests, go ahead and start dropping them in here. Once I get my daily draws going, my plan was to draw mostly requests in order to force myself to tackle different drawing challenges.
(445.43 KB 920x831 1566327290148.png)
>>9126 >Requests I still need to do a priestly bug myself but I'd like to see how others tackle the idea. Also of course bugs getting their much needed love.
>>9127 Priestly bug? Elaborate.
(121.49 KB 657x556 76931.gif)
(161.80 KB 720x700 2675677.png)
>>9129 He brings the good word of Bug.
>>9130 Queen Christ-alis died for our sins.
(300.39 KB 800x1100 1258420.png)
If there's one thing i have always loved about queen buggo its her mouth.. those fangs are hot
(703.31 KB 1080x1080 1606874719655.png)
(781.36 KB 1080x1080 1607157079256.png)
>>9127 So while I was at work today, I kept contemplating the concept of "priestly bug". That train of thought was going nowhere even remotely interesting or original, until it happened; like a bolt of lightning, inspiration struck me. Suddenly my mind was filled with some Absolute Kinography, which put me in a real tough spot, because I was then desperately looking for opportune moments to whip out my phone and frantically jot down some notes of key concepts, specific prose moments, dialog and the characters that go with them. I didn't want to risk losing anything of what I was thinking of in that moment. Anyone else know this feel? This struggle? So there you go Anon, I hope you're happy. At some point in the future, you're not only going to get some low-quality art, but also a short story to go with it. A short story of my interpretation of what it means to be a changeling "priest". >>9108 Forgot to address this in my last reply to you, but yes, unless you guys do some really weird stuff to throw the likely direction of the story off the rails, Gilda is set to be a recurring character in BuggyCYOA. >>9134 I agree, pics related. I'm a big fan of art that goes the extra mile to provide detailed anatomy, including mouths(in a completely non-vore way). I hate the baggage that comes with trying to post or discuss that topic though, because at least on /mlp/, it was absolutely impossible to post a piece of art that featured an even slightly detailed mouth without at least a few idiots emerging from the woodwork to screech about vore. It almost always happened without fail, no matter what kind of thread it was. Some of the most intense NPC behavior I ever observed on the board.
>>9164 Thanks I could help bro. My own experience was that it was usually the vorefags who showed up whenever a mouth was posted, you and I must be in different threads.
(1.08 MB 1748x1181 777868.jpg)
It appears /yan/ has set up a bunker here. Do take a moment to check out this nice green and welcome them. https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38458236#p38466983
>>9248 Any and all bug green is precious these days. Thanks for the link.
(405.55 KB 918x1282 970050.png)
>>9134 tamed chrissy I wish this artist had done more sfw shit.
(85.98 KB 840x659 32953.jpg)
Why does it have to be this way? Why do simple shapes and objects seem to elude the tip of my drawing implement, even though I can perfectly visualize them in my mind? The Artists Struggle; The Eternal Struggle. The Eternal Bug For real though, it's frustrating. But I knew what I'm getting into, and that like learning anything worthwhile for the first time, the first week or three is going to suck. To start with, the general consensus that I've ascertained from various tutorials online is to just start repeating the core basics over and over. Learning the movements and fine control through connecting dots with straight lines, drawing basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, cylinders. Breaking down things into those basic shapes, etc... You get the idea. It's a struggle, but I feel like I'm on the verge of starting to get somewhere by taking that first real step. In a few more days, I'm going to start my daily draws on here, and I'm really going to try hard to make sure they get done every single day for a year. How much progress do you think I can make in those 365 days? Better be sure to keep those requests coming once I start.
(37.14 KB 128x128 bugdance.gif)
>>9288 Oh yes, learning to draw and even after learning, keeping it up, is a gigantic pain in the ass and nine outta ten artists can tell you how depressing it gets. If you really want to keep it up though, I suggest picking up gesture drawing, just an absolute fuckton of quick little figure doodles. I use this site for it myself: https://line-of-action.com/ You can set a two minute timer, put it next to your draw program screen and go to town. (It's kind of all humans so if you wanna do the same for ponies you'll have to do it the hard way but trust me, draw practice is draw practice). Honestly doing that for ten minutes before any other drawing that day is probably the quickest way to git gud.
>>9288 Looking forward to daily draws; it will be interesting to see how your skill will improve if you can keep it up.
>>9289 Thanks for the resource, I'll be sure to make use of that. >>9290 Hopefully I'll be able to meet your expectations. Translation: I hope you have very low expectations
>>9164 Can't wait for the Notaulix creampie.
>>9377 You mean when anon and bug work together in the kitchen, carefully following a dessert recipe for cream pie, right? I wonder what flavor of cream filling they would choose.
(521.41 KB 696x579 SEfastpone_BugGettingSmooched.png)
>>9377 If Anon doing unspeakable things to Notaulix is the only way that bug is getting smooched and kissed then I guess I'll take what I can get.
>>9389 Unspeakable things like hoof holding
(1.26 MB 896x496 1480463059759.gif)
>>9377 do not fug the bug!
(42.95 KB 382x279 1414708058583.gif)
>>9405 This. Notaulix is not for sexual. >/bug/ thread suddenly has a burst of activity when the subject of fugging the bug comes up >nothing has changed around here
>>9410 We got a lot of gay dronefags, horny or not.
(38.49 KB 205x240 bugbox.png)
>>9411 Perhaps the the fags and less-fags can come to an arrangement? >cuddle and hug the bug but do not fug. How does this sound?
(135.89 KB 643x934 916869.jpg)
>>9248 More bug goodnes from /yan/ https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38458236#p38576460 Be sure to donate some (You)s to the writefag, the more bug content the better.
(1.14 MB 1342x3520 varying degrees of want.png)
I found this and immediately thought of the thread
>>9445 I love the look of joy on the bugs face in the first panel. All changelings should be that happy.
(146.10 KB 1000x998 1521960774969.png)
>>9450 Bring joy to the bugs.
>>9535 bug is for hug. simple as.
I think it's about time to get this started. Daily Draw Day #1: Please provide a request, and I will do my best to provide a result by the end of the day with my absolute beginner skills. I'm saving the requests previously made for when I improve a bit Keep it safe, and preferably keep it simple while I'm just starting out here For the sake of clarity and potential ease of use of tracking features down the road, I'm going to start using this trip for "official" posts I make of my projects, like BuggyCYOA, daily draws, etc
>>9540 Hug a fucking bug. Compare to future bug hugs you may draw.
>>9541 >being forced to draw two characters in a complicated anatomical situation right from the start Thanks, I hate it. I'm giving it a shot anyway though, no backing down. Two minutes? You were quick on the draw, weren't you?
(411.16 KB 2433x2271 560180.png)
>>9547 Just happened to have the tab open when it refreshed.
(101.74 KB 2480x1754 Day1WIP.png)
Anon isn't feeling so good... Taking a break for dinner. Seriously hating life right now, since this is the first time I've ever tried drawing something like this. Why is it so hard to draw a man sitting on a couch? Adding the bug to hug is going to suck.
>>9540 >Please provide a request Anon sneaking up and scaring a changeling right as he's going to transform, causing him to transform into something comical.
(20.58 KB 1174x673 1236083202112.png)
(364.03 KB 1194x1639 193028372982.png)
(221.59 KB 1061x900 182237262902.jpg)
(44.90 KB 810x751 187299273634.gif)
NEW THREAD: >>9562