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Fuck Discord Anonymous 06/13/2022 (Mon) 00:26:00 No. 10572
Oh look, another art pack I could've joined if only I used Discord. Instead, Some Leech is always the only writer in these packs.
>>10572 It is unfortunate that so many art packs are through Discord. Discord is a terrible platform for many reasons, but even ignoring that, running your operation in such a way really limits your discoverability to artists as you yourself have said. My personal preference would be a public platform of some kind. Maximum discoverability and no Discord barrier of entry, though I do recognize that that would not be a real option for many artpacks (as they are for profit operations). And of course something like this is already spoiled for people like me by the inclusion of eqg and anthro. I suppose the only real solution for such problems is to try and start something yourself. Something like the Winter Wrap Pack on /mlp/, which ended up quite successful I think.
>>10574 I'm in total agreement. >I suppose the only real solution for such problems is to try and start something yourself. Something like the Winter Wrap Pack on /mlp/, which ended up quite successful I think. Yes, I'm the guy who started that pack, actually. I originally wrote this opening post for /mlp/, trying to start the discussion again, but I haven't been able to post there at all for weeks. I don't suppose anyone would want to discuss an NHNB art pack, would they?
>>10575 >Yes, I'm the guy who started that pack, actually. Very cool. >I don't suppose anyone would want to discuss an NHNB art pack, would they? If someone wants to organize it, sure. I may not be the best artist but I'd draw something for it.
>>10575 >I don't suppose anyone would want to discuss an NHNB art pack, would they? I'd pitch something in too, I'm not that good but we'd need all hands on deck to actually do anything like this on NHNB. In terms of actual artists Tiffortat does some good stuff on /bootleg/, and there is at least one anon that draws cute mares on the Aggie.
>>10575 Haven't been able to post there for weeks? Are you referring to an IP range ban? I can relate as I'm also being affected by one at this time.
>>10580 Yes and no. My usual browser was prohibited from posting, but it didn't tell me, instead throwing away the posts silently. I was shadowbanned in a sense, but could still post from a much less convenient browser, so I didn't post much. Lately, however, it did become an IP range ban, and I truly can't post at all.
>>10574 >>10575 >>10576 >>10578 This is a fun idea, but we could really use more content creators here before taking on something like that. Although on the same token, maybe making a small pack for fun with what we have is the way to attract more people?
>>10600 I'm in for a small pack for fun. What would the theme be?
>>10600 I'm concerned about how many artists we have too, but I think we should do it. It would be a fun boost in board activity to work on something together. >>10607 I don't think anyone has decided yet, so we are free to brainstorm ideas. How about a Summer Sun Celebration pack released on the Summer Solstice? It's coming up soon and ties in with the show in a meaningful way. It would be a Princess Celestia and generally sun themed pack; we could get some pictures on Canterlot in there too.
>>10609 Seconding Sun Pack!
>>10609 Sounds like an interesting idea. Might be good to come up with some ideas for that theme just to see where it goes ahead of time. What all did they do in the show to commemorate the day? Would we just do some general summer activities? Another idea I had that was similar was like some kind of pony carnival. I could see the pones having fun on the rides and with the fair food.
>>10607 I was already planning to write a story centered around Queen Chrysalis soon, and have been wanting to maybe save it for a Changeling art pack. I saw it mentioned that /bug/ has an outpost here, so that may help. >>10609 Isn't that in a week? I question whether I could finish something in time for it. It would be a massive rush.
>>10625 >/bug/ has an outpost here /bug/ had also the first non admin message ever on the whole board here!
>>10625 >It would be a massive rush. That's something to consider. I think the Carnival idea has a lot of potential; I can picture some really cute images in my mind. A Ferris wheel, merry go rounds, eating cotton candy, a hall of mirrors, and fireworks to name a few. I'm imagining a painting of a lit up Ferris wheel at night drawn with wide angle vertigo effect. The foreground is one cab with some neutral ponies in it that don't suck up too much focus. Behind it there is a cab with a couple kissing, and behind that Berryshine is hurling from riding drunk. On the right side of the painting there would be lots of lit up tents, rides, various ponies, and visual gags. The painting would be angled to show the right side more, and the left side would just be water with the moon's reflection on it.
>>10609 >>10620 I think it's far too late to go for a solstice/Summer Sun Celebration. By the time everything would get organized, you're looking at only a few days to actually create stuff. On the other hand, I quite like the idea of an end of summer carnival/county fair sort of thing. Something to aim for around the end of August/early September. That would provide plenty of time for organization and content creation. >>10625 Out of curiosity, where was /bug/ mentioned? It's great to see somebody new learned about it; almost all the /bug/ threads on /mlp/ from like the past year had a link to the corresponding thread on this site right in the OP. >>10627 /bug/ was a major early adopter of this place and had several firsts >First user post, thread and bumplocked thread >>5 >First dubs >>11 >10000 GET >>10000
>>10631 >Out of curiosity, where was /bug/ mentioned? >>3735
>>10631 Harvest themed artpack?
For note, we have at least two amateur anon interested in drawing so far. I wonder when NHNB will reach the critical mass to pull stuff like this off.
>>10751 I think I'm currently the most active anon in the aggie. Count me in if this happens. There are at least two other anons that show up occasionally but I can't speak for them.
>>10751 >>10752 What about five drawfags and any available writefag/soundfags/etc? I think that's a reasonably attainable goal. Going with the aforementioned themes of carnival/fair/harvest festival, it could allow somewhere between 2 and 3 months for everyone to make a piece or three. Ending up with at least a dozen pieces would be enough for a small free pack, wouldn't it?
>>10758 >Ending up with at least a dozen pieces would be enough for a small free pack, wouldn't it? I'd say so; we need two more artists then. What should we name the pack?
>>10761 >we need two more artists then I love drawing despite lack of experience. I'd love to contribute to this art pack if possible, it sounds really fun! >>10631 >On the other hand, I quite like the idea of an end of summer carnival/county fair sort of thing. Something to aim for around the end of August/early September. I really like this idea. This anon's vision could potentially be relevant too, it sounds really awesome: >>10630
>>10758 I'm kind of writefag. Can probably produce something around 1k-1k200 words. I'd like to write something about a pic one of the drawfags would draw, though. There was an idea some long time ago in TEMPO to do a pack of interlinked art: pics about the music then a green about a pic, etc. It never went anywhere but I liked that idea.
>>10630 Cant help but want to add more ideas, but some may be more fitted towards a country fair. a (no magic) ring toss, pegasi flying around with coloured smoke (could be turned into a competition somehow), some unicorns could set up a face painting stall A carousel could work amazingly well if someone has a vision for it I am also quite fond of something involving flower ponies using late summer/early autumn bouquets as prizes
I don't really care for this current theme idea. I still like my proposition of a Changeling art pack, but I suppose no one else does. I wanted to suggest Groundhog Day, but I see that already happened. Someone suggest some other themes we could consider.
>>10776 Perhaps you could do like a changeling love-harvest festival? Perhaps changelings store their excess love as a type of honey and use the day to exchange their creations.
(183.83 KB 844x1024 large.png)
>>10776 In the name of getting anything done we need to settle on something, and the harvest fair/carnival theme currently has pretty wide support. >>10765 A carousel would be nice, it's always thematically interesting to have those in a pony world, pic related. Carnival games are going to be relevant; ponies playing stuff like ring toss for giant teddy bears. I feel like we should get a little creative with the games and think of ones the ponies would make for themselves in universe that fit their anatomy.
>>10781 I want to add to my response to >>10776, it would be interesting to have a changeling sabotage theme in some of the images. Changelings lurking in the background and causing trouble, sneaking up on ponies and draining them. It's not incompatible with the carnival theme at all and could add some deeper story to the pack without changing the focus. Imagine a Canterlot Wedding sort of scenario where the event is being hijacked very strategically behind the scenes.
>>10783 Thats sounds neat, but it would require a lot more planning and communication which is something to think about.
(210.05 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
>>10784 >it would require a lot more planning and communication Not really. Just have us drawfags say we will put a changeling in the shadows somewhere in at least half of the images, and have a writefag go into more depth about it. Wouldn't hurt to have a few changeling focused images as well; a draining behind a tent and a bunch of ponies trapped in green pods in a closed off tent. I was thinking we should all state which images we are going to draw in the first place regardless; even if we eventually change our minds on some of them it helps us be organized by having concrete goals to work to. For example, and I haven't decided yet, I might say something like: I will draw a ring toss, a Ferris wheel, and a view down a line of tents with a changeling somewhere. (The more descriptive we are of these images the better, but even this would be enough) If an anon didn't want to draw any ones with changelings and another wanted to have changelings in all of them, it would balance out. As long as about half or more images have changelings it shows that they are part of the narrative and really doesn't require much more planning.
>>10780 >>10783 >>10786 Not feeling it; seems like something better suited for Halloween. I'd like to work on something comfy and happy.
>>10795 I'm still down for just having a happy carnival. Unless some anon has a better idea or is contagiously passionate about something else that's the theme we should stick with. Back to >>10781 we should come up with some pony carnival games.
>>10797 same anon from >>10765 , I've spent a lot of the day thinking of more games. I will now list them. A rock candy eating contest, inspired by the episode "Maud Pie". Shoot the target, the gun can have some sort of handle on both sides so ponies can use their hooves to manoeuvre it. A competition where a group of ponies have to balance something (apples maybe) on their snouts. One of those strength games where you win a prize if you've hit Gorilla tier. I was thinking of how that would work and the only thing I came up with were weighted shoes the player wears and then stomps on the plate. It might be hard to pull off in a drawing but if anyone wants to animate, that would be cool. Ring toss is still not a bad idea because ponies could just use their teeth. I hope these help! If we suddenly change the theme, I don't mind thinking of new ideas for it.
>>10802 >I was thinking of how that would work and the only thing I came up with were weighted shoes the player wears and then stomps on the plate. Could have the pony buck a vertically mounted plate like in the show. Probably some other ideas that could be taken from Fall Weather Friends and RD/AJ's competition.
>>10802 >>10797 What about young pegasi foals trying to fly in formation with sparrows and other birds? If anything that would be cute. May the best pet win showed that birds can understand concept of organized competition.
Two more ambitious ideas for anons better at crafts than art: >A claymation Carousel PMV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3dtODdVG2A >An IRL carnival shooting game tent with a pony motif. We should also think about carnival food too. Popcorn, and in this case produce from the harvest being celebrated. Definitely candy apples.
>>10808 Grilled carrots, steamed mixed grains, melons
Sounds like we have lots of things so far. Shall the drawfags start deciding what they wanna do? I've counted five total and I think that is the minimum. I'm assuming none have backed out yet. I am set on doing a face-painting stand manned by unicorns. I wont choose any more yet in case I pick something someone else wants to do, but I'll probably do some kind of food stand too.
>>10808 Definitely pumpkins and gourds/squash. Another thing to remember, this is being released in September and is a harvest celebration so the theming for everything should be fall and not summer. Checked watermelon season and they can still be harvested in September so they count as an option. Trees should be orange, yellow, and red. >>10813 >Shall the drawfags start deciding what they wanna do? Sure, we have enough ideas in the air. For the sake of organization because this could get quite confusing otherwise we should use the name field like "drawfag 1" "drawfag 2" etc. I'm assigning the post this is responding to "drawfag 1" for posting first. I personally haven't decided what to draw/build yet, although I have a few ideas. I'll probably wait until a few others post.
(116.85 KB 482x446 RD1.png)
I have been thinking about how to build a model pony carousel that moves and I'm confident I can make one serviceable for this art pack with the materials I have on hand.
>>10813 I honestly don't think I can do anything with this premise. As a final suggestion for a different theme: Pony Anatomy Pack We could have an art pack focusing on horns, wings, snow pitties, hooves, or whatever other pretty pony parts get the blood flowing.
>>10836 Thats so cool! Looking forward to hearing more about it. >>10841 I'm still pretty open to different themes at this stage, especially if people dont resonate with this one. However, I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw from the project if the theme changed to pony anatomy.
>>10841 Sorry, but I like Summer fair\Harvest festival more
>>10841 Pony anatomy is hard to draw for me, I'm better at crafts and environments. I couldn't contribute anything to that at all. I also like the current theme.
>>10841 I don't mean to be a downer, but something like like a pack focused on anatomy would require a fair amount of skill to pull off decently.
>>10843 >>10855 >>10857 Well, could you think of another theme, then? I really want to participate, but I won't be able if we go with this carnival theme.
>>10859 Tell us what your strengths are and what you like to draw and we could probably go from there.
>>10859 >Well, could you think of another theme, then? Why? If you're so good at anatomy you want make that the main theme, you still can accentuate it in any drawing. If you think you can't do decent detailed backgrounds of other things like that you always can do detailed and anatomically perfect happy pony with a bunch of sketchy balloons in a whirl of golden blobs posing as autumn leaves. Or a perfectly detailed pony, with all her muscles accentuated, plucking orange flat triangles of carrot from a grey line of a garden bed.
>>10841 >>10859 To be fair, even if the final theme settles on carnival/fair/festival, you're not forced into drawing specific things. Going back to the example of the recent Winter Wrap Pack, there was a wide variety of settings within the theme. Something like a mare strolling through the forest while eating some deep fried hay on a stick would still be valid, I think.
>>10861 You know, even after all these years of making it, it's still a little embarrassing, so I'd rather not. >>10867 >Going back to the example of the recent Winter Wrap Pack, there was a wide variety of settings within the theme. Yeah, I was able to contribute to that pack in that way, but I genuinely struggle to see how I could contribute to a pack with this theme.
>>10874 What types of things would you be interested in?
>>10876 Just nevermind. I'll keep brainstorming for some way I can contribute with this theme.
(93.77 KB 734x414 YIPEE.png)
Okay, so then lets make it official. The theme is (September) carnival-fair-harvest-festival! It seems broad enough...
(26.76 KB 659x407 Carousel.png)
This is my idea for the carousel base. Each carousel pony will be on a different pole that can only move up and down relative to the carousel. The up and down motion will be controlled by the bumps in the groove the poles are set in. I also got the idea to put a music box in for some extra charm; I'm going to get one that takes punch out sheets and make it play Dixie's land.
I'll draw Caramel Apple selling caramel apples at the fair. Simple enough. Maybe I'll add details as I go, but this is the basic idea.
So... any updates on that?
(429.53 KB dixie.mp3)
I got a vintage music box because the sound quality is going to be better on that than a DIY China one; take a listen. Also got a jigsaw and hole cutter to make some gears and cut the round platform. I'm using 3/16 in thick plywood, dowels, and glue for most of this.
>>11071 Very cool, anon! Is that going to be something crafted?
>>11072 >Is that going to be something crafted? Yeah; I'll most likely paint some colorful pointy pony scene too but I'm not good at drawing characters. This is the best way I can contribute with my skillset.
>>11073 >This is the best way I can contribute with my skillset. Speaking of that topic here's a reminder that soundfags and writefags are welcome too. We need all hands on deck so if your at all interested give it a shot. We'd love to see a short story about something at the carnival; maybe it would even inspire a drawfag to make an image that goes with it.
>>11071 Agreeing with >>11072, it sounds amazing! >>11074 Yes! As well as the unicorn face painting stall, I've recently been wanting to draw something that involves Princess Celestia. I'm not sure what yet but I feel it would be pretty fun. Maybe a soundfag or writefag could make something regal-like and I could produce a drawing to go with it.
>>11122 >Maybe a soundfag or writefag could make something regal-like I'm also sunfag, so I'll try to write something. Should it be something generally autumn-themed or specifically featuring Celestia in a festival setting?
>>11126 To quote Princess Celestia: >"Fall is one of my favorite seasons"
>>11126 Whichever you find best to work with.
>>11071 >>11073 This sounds very cool. Looking forward to what you come up with.
>>11071 Sounds cool can't wait to see the results.
Finished the box and gears. It took a while to figure out the correct peg spacing, but everything else went easily. Beyond tweaking the gears to turn more smoothly what's left to do is to complete the carousel mechanism and add the paint/decoration. I am going to try using a rail instead of a groove for the bit that pushes the ponies up and down; I think it will help keep the ponies straight and be easier to construct (assuming my propane torch can get the wire hot enough).
(2.51 MB 2816x2112 PICT0026.JPG)
(2.52 MB 2816x2112 PICT0027.JPG)
>>11181 Got some pics; also tweaked the small gear so they run perfect now.
>>11188 Hey, y-you aren't drawfag. Y-you are a craftfag! That looks very impressive.
>>11188 Looking pretty good so far.
>>11188 Oh wow that looks pretty cool.
>>11074 Of course. I want to write for this, but I'm struggling to integrate this with what I usually write, pregnancy. Does anyone want to throw me an idea?
>>11203 A young and impulsive mare and a young and impulsive stallion meet at the fair and really hit it off; things happen so fast neither of them can put the brakes on it. Turns out that the impulsive 20 seconds that came and went like a speeding bullet of passion ended up being a lifetime commitment.
Would someone mind informing me how exactly this works? I want to do something but I've never been involved in an art pack before. Looking through the thread, there's a general theme, and that's about it. I know that with most packs that are either paid for or are raising money, there's usually some central person organizing and/or releasing the thing. But since this is presumably a free pack for fun, I'm guessing there's no need for that kind of organization. It raises some questions in my mind though: What about a name? Who would make the poster piece advertising the pack? And most importantly, how does it get released? Does everyone just upload their stuff on a specific day?
>>11205 All we have so far is the theme, a harvest fair/carnival, and the month it will release, September. We haven't discussed the rest yet. It is free and for fun, and there is no central organizer as far as I know. If you want to participate just make some art that fits the theme by September and we will include it in the pack when it releases. >What about a name? Who would make the poster piece advertising the pack? And most importantly, how does it get released? That is definitely worth discussing. I feel like we should wait a bit and see how the pack naturally develops before giving it a name. As for the poster piece anyone could make that, one of us just has to comit before the pack releases. Again maybe we should wait and see which artist we would like for it the most after our first art submissions in this thread. As for how it gets released, someone will have to open up some kind of cloud sharing so I can send a video of the Carousel. They will accumulate all of the files, zip them up, and make a download link for the pack which we can share around. I'm not very knowledgeable on that kind of stuff but it's definitely important we have a plan for it.
>>11122 Would that be OK for inspiration? https://ponepaste.org/7602 A bit short though, sorry about that.
>>11210 Also, I wonder if someone would get a reference.
>>11204 I was going to tell you that's just impregnation, which is different, but you've successfully inspired me. I already had some ideas relating to the performers, and that idea you just mentioned really helps me tie things together. Furthermore, I just realized the ideal mare to use for the focus, not a random performer, but Trixie. So thanks, you've helped me rub my sticks together and get a spark; I'll try to turn it into a forest fire.
>>11210 I like that it's set when Twilight was a filly; it's always fun to see content that explores a different time in Equestria than what we usually see. >>11212 Glad to be of assistance. I don't know whether to be excited or scared.
>>11210 This is great, thanks. The length is nice because it will be easier to choose what part(s) of the story I'll draw. >>11209 We can bring this up again in mid or late July maybe. Thats when most people might finish something.
>>11211 What do you mean?
>>11240 The oneshot, it's an obscure reference. I wonder if someone would get what it's referencing.
>>11242 Unless the Bible is obscure now I don't get what it's referencing.
(103.18 KB 294x387 523092.png)
I've never participated in an art pack before. Am I supposed to post WIPs? When it's done, I just post it here? Or should I avoid spoilers? As an update, I haven't made that much progress, but I have a lot more spare time now so I expect to get a lot more done. I'm working on it right now and I have a good idea of how the pic will be composed. I'm adding Apple Bumpking to the mix. She'll be selling caramel apples with Caramel Apple, and it's going to be CUTE.
>>11303 This art pack is just for fun and a little short on artists, so I think posting updates is a good idea. It will bump the thread and encourage other anon to participate.
(355.66 KB 2920x2080 wip.jpg)
wip I'm here sketching and suddenly an important question enters my mind: how would ponies eat caramel apples? how would they hold it and eat it? as always, unicorns would have no problem, but earth ponies hold stuff with their mouths. They would hold the caramel apple with their mouth by the stick. What then? Is it a couple thing and they hold it for each other? That sounds adorable. Magnet magic hooves is the obvious answer but that's just boring
>>11416 They could probably hold a stick between two hooves while sitting down. Otherwise I suppose they could always stake the stick in the ground. Amazing sketch by the way, looks great.
>>11416 Looking very cute! >how would they hold it and eat it Maybe that's one of the ways they milk extra bits out of fair guests. They sell little caramel apple holders that clip to the forehoof.
>>11416 >Is it a couple thing and they hold it for each other? This needs to be the right answer.
>>11425 I have to see it now; that idea is too cute.
(399.01 KB 780x491 WIP.png)
I've started outlining and thinking about colours for background pones. The main tent is out of picture. I hope more drawfags/writefags/craftfags share their progress, however little.
>>11466 That looks nice.
>>11466 Some good stuff.
>>11466 Nice progress; I like that it shows a view of multiple things going on.
(385.72 KB 2920x2080 wip.jpg)
wip. look at those happy pones. I know I said "a couple thing" in my previous post but there's no shipping implication here. The berries are just good frens.
>>11510 That apple holding idea was excellent; it adds a unique pony touch to the image which is super cute. Seeing all this progress from the drawfags makes me want to work on the carousel soon. I'm still going to use drawfag 2 for my painting to avoid confusion.
>>11510 Based, amazing work Anon berries top qts.
(247.44 KB 1222x1222 Skewered Caramel Oat Apple.jpg)
>>11416 >>11466 >>11510 Very cute stuff anon. I'm late to the party here, but the way I would personally handle the skewering of apples, is to just use longer skewers and have them protrude an equal length on each side of the apple. This would allow for the most possible options for convenient carrying and eating by ponies. See the crappy example I whipped up. Also, instead of covering the caramel with just nuts, how about oats? It's been a real busy month for me, but I hope to have at least one finished piece for this ready by the beginning of August. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
A wonder, what kind of story would be acceptable for the pack? Should I include Anon in some role or focus only on ponies?
>>11557 I don't think anon in Equestria is thematically fitting for this. I personally see the theme as a show accurate pony carnival. Sure, we never saw this exact thing in the show, but it should feel like something that would fit in the world of the show. There are a lot of cute short stories to be made about ponies having fun at the carnival.
>>11562 fair enough
(109.91 KB 320x240 YEEEEAAAAAAAAHH.webm)
Did some work on the carousel today. I glued in the axle that stabilizes the carousel itself so it turns much more smoothly now. I also prepared the top and bottom discs of the carousel to glue to the cylindrical bit in the middle, which I cut out of cardboard. I decided that I am going to use bent sheet metal for pushing the poles up instead of wire and I will keep them straight with rectangular blocks set in holes on the top.
(375.24 KB 200x184 1641065857637.gif)
>>11574 Very nice to hear, anon! Will you also do paintjob on the carousel?
>>11597 Yes. I considered using printouts like wallpaper for some parts at first, but it's not much harder to use stencils which will make the whole thing more stylistically consistent. The hardest part now is thinking about how to do the ponies.
(295.30 KB 300x297 1648306944769.gif)
>>10572 Was lurking earlier and forgot to ask, what's the rundown on this pack? What's the due date and stuff? Fair/carnival theme is super cute.
>>11656 >What's the due date and stuff? We haven't formally decided a day yet, but sometime in September. Preferably late September so we get two more months; that's not very long in NHNB time and it gives enough time for drawfags to do multiple pictures. Are you thinking of doing something for the pack? That would be great. We need all hooves on deck to pull this one off.
(73.51 KB 281x293 1650300027102.png)
>>11660 Yeah, I'm down for drawing.
I made a working outline of a short story. Will try to do something that would feel like an early show episode. Hope it would be at least semi-decent.
>>11689 Yay! >>11728 Sounds good.
How's everyone's projects going? Fleshed out the beginning: https://ponepaste.org/7754 Would appreciate any input if that's alright so far.
>>11874 Good. I almost have one WIP ready to show, which I'm hoping might be useful for others to draw inspiration from. My personal goal for this is to get at least three drawings done this month. Cute writing with some fun prose. Wanting to avoid the dreaded turnip cutie mark is funny. I think it's a fine start. One thing though, on line 24: >Apllebloom
>>11874 Stable; with a few dedicated sessions I could finish the carousel. I'll get it done by the end of the month no matter what. I have plenty of time for it I'm just tired because how much work I'm doing lately. The CMC are some of my favorite characters so I appreciate seeing a green about them at a carnival. Who knows what kind of trouble they will get into!
(507.07 KB 2920x2080 nhnb pack.jpg)
wip. I just realized since Caramel Apple's cutie mark won't be visible, it'll look like Carrot Top is selling apples. Oh well, I hope context and tags makes it clear. >>11545 >instead of covering the caramel with just nuts, how about oats? Gonna go with that. >>11874 >https://ponepaste.org/7754 I like it, looks like it's going to be a fun one.
>>11974 I love what you did very much, anon! Very cute!
>>11974 Pretty colorful mares! I like.
>>11974 Looking great. I really need to get to doing something.
>>10802 >Shoot the target, the gun can have some sort of handle on both sides so ponies can use their hooves to manoeuvre it. Ponies do toss spiders at nets for Nightmare Night
>>11974 Could add a sign with cutie marks to show who's running the stall.
Should we try to shill this artpack a bit among horsefucker non-discord artists?
>>11999 You can always ask them if they're interested in participating, I don't think it would hurt. As long as they're aware that it's just for the fun of it.
>>10572 >half b&thro >multiple pictures she isn't even pony in any way >very thinly veiled out of cycle Ponut Pack, basically Anon, you missed basically nothing here. on the plus side an art pack being developed here on NHNB is nice, keep it up lads
I did the part I was most apprehensive about, that being drilling the last holes in the base and top of the carousel. I don't have a drill press so there is only so precise I can get it and the parts I needed to drill took more time to make than the rest of the carousel; I didn't want to backset my progress. They don't line up 100% perfectly but they are close enough to do the job now. Right now the biggest immediate challenge is figuring what to do about the ponies. I don't have good art skills so making a bunch of cute mares to go around it is out of the question. I considered getting pony jewelry at antique shops for it but I can't find enough matching ones in one place. Might just end up printing them out from the show an sticking them to the poles.
>>12022 Good job, anon! >about the ponies Can you use figurines?
>>12028 >Can you use figurines? If I could find ones small enough yes. I have seen origami ponies that look good so I'll try to make some of those.
How would pone bumpercarts work? Would the fillies just ride mares?
(265.36 KB 1024x1728 carts.jpeg)
>>12104 Maybe they would ride small apple carts, dragons, or phoenix.
>>12111 or barrels with wheels, with pillows attached to them?
Guys, let's decide something about the date and other stuff. It's the second half of August already.
>>12141 I'm not feeling very confident in this project. There seems to be only 3 people who have shared any progress in the last month or so. Guessing that >>11999 didn't go very well.
>>12187 I'm kind of feeling about the same. The date has really snuck up on me. Next night I'm feeling motivated to draw I hope to get something out.
>>12187 I don't think amount of people really matters. The main thing is to have fun and make art featuring things with cute ponies. If we will produce something that people can look at and like, no matter the number of drawings or stories, maybe next time there well be more people who would want to join.
>>12141 >something about the date September 30th. The time will fly so let's start by giving us as much time as possible; that's an easy one. >other stuff I don't know much about file sharing, so some other anon will have to help us out with that. I'm going to work on sorting out some kinks with the gear box tonight. Adding the top of the carousel has it jammed and I need to figure out why. The good news is a piece of the same wood I was using for it is freed up, so if worst comes to worst I can rebuild the gears pretty fast. I also got some canvases for painting as a gift so I'll paint them next month.
(709.64 KB 2920x2080 lacking pumpkins.jpg)
wip. Almost there. Backgrounds are currently my worst enemy so i cheated by tracing a show screencap Gotta add pumpkins somewhere.
I got the carousel moving smoothly (within reason) again. I tried the oscillating pole system but it creates too much friction to work. The spinning platform is working and the music box I know will work so at this point I'm just going to go straight to decorating it and not bother with making the poles move; I am confident I can have that done by the end of the month that way. It will spin around smoothly long enough to record a video and that's all that really matters. >>12214 Nice! Looking forward to seeing that with fall colors in the background.
We haven't seen an update from drawfag 1 in a while, how is progress?
>>12216 Very cool, anon!
>>12214 Will there be pones on the ferris wheel?
(97.91 KB 255x309 derpy clones ferry wheel.png)
>>12233 There'll be /a/ pony, and Daisy.
(238.74 KB 367x596 1631999770615.gif)
>>12141 I have started my story; I've already finished the first sentence.
(49.89 KB 634x515 poni goes weeeeee.jpg)
>>12233 I tried drawing a pony there and realized how absolutely small I made the seats. Couldn't make a pony fit comfortably without messing with the perspective. Also >>12240 looks a lot less sterile and more in-universe than what I did. I want to do it like that. So I'm redoing the wheel. Few steps back but it's for the best. >>12217 Hope to hear from them. I also wonder if >>11689 is working on something.
>>12279 Keep on, we believe in you!
>>12217 >>12279 Sorry, had a hard time recently and made no progress since the last update. Fortunately, things have started to clear up and I can continue with my drawing. I hope to have an update by next week.
Any cool drawing ideas?
>>12303 earth pony fillies playing hide'n'seek in a huge haystack?
Sorry for no progress on the carousel; I need to prioritize sorting my shit out right now.
(686.42 KB 2000x1500 hayHideWip.jpg)
>>12318 It's alright, IRL must always take priority. Should probably post my own wip. Still needs some work, but hopefully within the week.
>september Should we panic?
>>12382 dunno, I completed most of the story, looks like craftanon and drawfag 3 also made a good deal
>>12382 I got some acrylic paints together today and I think my sleep is getting better. It's still a whole month, so if we really feel a push we can get a lot done. That being said it's time for that push.
>>12382 If people want to take part, now's the time to do it.
Just saw the post in /bootleg/. I'd be happy to join in if you'd have me. Haven't read through the thread yet but something something autumn themed?
>>12390 Autumn harvest, carnival, festival, funfair, autumn ponies with autumn flair etc. >>11210 and >>12214 are a good approximation. Craftfag 1 even builds an actual carousel.
>>12391 What's the word count minimum in mind? Normal writing or green?
>>12392 Anything goes I would suppose.
>>12392 Yeah, pretty much this >>12393
>>12393 >>12394 How about spooky stuff?
>>12396 Well, it isn't Halloween yet and at the start of the thread we kinda agreed to do wholesome stuff. But it depends what kind of spooky do you mean?
(67.57 KB 615x601 1518438821355.png)
>>12390 How can you stay inside a general for over 2 months in an imageboard of this speed? Come on man.
(415.68 KB 521x521 1661576979449470.gif)
>>12398 Not that Anon but rangebanning definitely ensures it's a possibility. Get yourself caught in one of those and this is the only site you'll be able to post on for months, years, hell maybe even forever. It's a scary thought, and I'm going through it right now.
>>12397 Nightmare Night spooky I suppose. PG-rated, nothing bad or violent. Just thought I'd ask. >>12398 I'm not getting you. Someone posted in the thread about the thing going on here. /bootleg/ hasn't been on /mlp/ for a few months because pretty much all of the writers and artists had other things in front of them and couldn't give any content. No point in keeping a thread bumped if no one has anything to say. And I think we're on thread #4 so it isn't like there's no activity. Posting here has a lot of benefits compared to /mlp/, even if it is slower.
>>12402 Um, NTA but I think he means staying in general here on nhnb.
>>12403 Easy, I write and don't have to worry about a thread dying if it doesn't get enough interaction.
>>12400 You will get over 4chan faster than you expect. At least I did.
(489.46 KB 6000x4965 1654976908368.png)
>>12405 It's the only place I can find decent pony content anymore.
>>12406 There wasn't any decent pony content there when I left it in 2015. It was all shitty generals and pointless bitching.
(16.86 KB 542x593 1660411688280315.png)
>>12408 Back in February before I got rangebanned, there was actually a neat little spike in greens and the generals were mostly good. I think it just depends on the month, really. The usual generals I go to and the greens they have are mostly why I still visit /mlp/
>>12398 To be fair in that anons defense, if you're only looking at threads from the catalog or side bar, and are not seeing the associated posts from the front page, this just looks like a shitty thread for anons to whinge about something they don't like in. There's zero indication that an art pack is being worked on here. If nothing else, I think that before we actually release this pack, a new thread dedicated to the topic should be made. We'd all like this to bring some positive attention to the site, but I think it should be pretty obvious that having our work link back to a thread originally meant to bitch about the service an undeniably large amount of people use, isn't exactly a good first impression. Even if Discord is shit and a blight on society. No argument there.
>>12402 >Nightmare Night spooky Probably fine
>>12410 >There's zero indication that an art pack is being worked on here. I was kind of hoping we'd get a cover image and make a new thread with that.
>>12410 This. Make a proper thread with a proper title for the artpack. I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet.
>>12438 >I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. Be the change you want to see in the world. It hasn't happened because the most of the organization talk and initial work have been done itt.
Any updates? Any ideas?
>>12478 >Any updates? Just me being lazy as usual I guess. Need to get back to work soon on this. >Any ideas? Bumpercarts? Any sort of fair ride. Farmer's market type stuff. Maybe Carrot top winning the award for largest carrot.
(2.01 MB 2920x2080 caramel apple stand.png)
I think this is pretty much done, though since there's time left I can still tweak it if necessary. What do you think? Is it autumn enough?
>>12485 Anon, this is amazing. I think it definitely feels like a fall carnival. Especially with the leaves turning brown in the background. Your pones are just so cute.
>>12485 I love it!
>>12485 Cute! I see Derpy and Dinky in that Ferris wheel cab.
>>12485 This is super nice! Will add some more background ponies? The area around tables and wheel feels a bit desolated.
(2.35 MB 2816x2112 PICT0014.JPG)
Thanks for accepting that I needed some time to get my shit together. I'm sorry I overpromised; from the start I have tried to make a push of initiative to inspire the other artists of this thread. I have finally overcome my biggest hurdle: figuring out how to make the ponies. I am also completely prepared to paint the carousel. This paper pony is my second try! I will make a printable version sized correctly that has eyes, a cutie mark, and colors already on it for efficiency and quality. These will be hot glued to striped paper drinking straws for the poles and the rest of the carousel will be painted mostly with solid colors (although I might do a stencil on the sides of the gearbox). I also plan on using a bit of cloth stretched over a wire frame to make the top of the carousel. We still have half a month to finish this art pack, so lets bang it out!
>>12485 >>12534 These are really great! Nice work. Unfortunately for me, disaster has struck. See: >>12535 For reference, my most recent post in here was >>11545 I had nearly finished pieces, but now it's gone. Even under the best circumstances and my lost data is recoverable, that could still take at least another week or two. By then, I'll have only a few days to wrap everything up. The outlook is pretty grim for me, but I'm committed to doing my best to make it all work out.
>>12536 I'm sorry to hear that anon; I hope they can recover your files for you.
I'm still doing painting, so I'll let NHNB pick the ponies. There are going to be 6 poles.
(105.39 KB 624x1024 LYRA.jpg)
(788.59 KB 1759x1610 my little hoarder.png)
>>12550 Painting is complete! >>12551 >>12554 >>12556 Nice ponies, 3 more to go.
(442.85 KB 1280x803 image.png)
(375.24 KB 200x184 1641065857637.gif)
(1.01 MB 723x694 2506982.gif)
>>12562 >>12566 >>12571 >>12574 Very well, when I have the chance I will use these ponies. What are we going to do for hosting the art pack? The video file of the carousel will be too big for NHNB.
>>12579 Smutty horse or Mega would probably be best.
I've just barely started my story. I've been unable to focus on it lately, and at this point I don't believe that I'll finish, but we'll see what happens.
>>12596 We believe in you, anon!
(2.36 MB 2816x2112 PICT0018.JPG)
(2.39 MB 2816x2112 PICT0019.JPG)
(14.45 KB 1000x1000 loyra.png)
Test of texture mapping so no horn; I can glue that on the final easily. Now I have to make 6 of these a lot smaller and not fuck up the folding. Fun! It's been interesting having to learn new crafts skills for this project. I have never built a gearbox before or done origami, and I have limited painting experience. It's nice finally being on home stretch with this after so much unfamiliarity. (It was still a million times easier than drawing anatomy)
I'd recommend origami if anyone else wants to try. Once you can figure out what folds you are supposed to make it isn't too hard. I wasn't able to figure it out from one folding diagram alone but with these two I was able to make sense of it.
>>12611 >>12612 Looking very cool.
>>12611 That's awesome, anon!
I was thinking of making a board announcement for the artpack, possibly even beforehand to see about raising awareness for it. Let me know what you anons think and if so, what post I should link.
>>12621 With the current arrangement the art pack will end in about 11 days. Still, it's not like there is anything stopping us from delaying the deadline a month or two; if we could really get a new wave of artists in the thread that would be worth it. If you were to link a post we could either make a new thread where it's clearer this is an art pack, or one of us can make a more comprehensive post explaining things in this thread. There is also the option of finishing this art pack and doing more work to prepare artists and get the word around next time.
>>12622 >Still, it's not like there is anything stopping us from delaying the deadline a month or two; if we could really get a new wave of artists in the thread that would be worth it. Definitely, I don't think it would be a bad idea if we were to attract some more people. Just want to be careful not to indefinitely extend I think. >If you were to link a post we could either make a new thread where it's clearer this is an art pack, or one of us can make a more comprehensive post explaining things in this thread. I'd probably think just make a detailed post in this thread since we're so far in already, save the new thread for when the pack is done. >There is also the option of finishing this art pack and doing more work to prepare artists and get the word around next time. And we can always discuss a next time once this is complete. I guess we'll just see what people think.
>>12622 If we would extend it to the end of October we will overlap with Halloween. Dunno if that's a good thing since our theme is quite distinctive from NMN.
(220.64 KB 598x695 wippe.png)
>>12622 May be ironic considering I'm saying this, but I don't think the deadline should be extended. We already extended it once, and we have more than one thing in the artpack. If the board owner wants to announce the artpack, it would be good for the artpacks to follow. I don't think very many people will suddenly want to contribute, and if they do, they can in the next one, which should be as soon as possible. Anyways, here is where I am at so far. I apologise for not sticking to my word, therefore, I will not predict when I will share progress again. However, I will say that it will be complete before the current deadline. >>12611 This looks wonderful! I love the painted carousel. Good luck making the small origami horses, excited to see mini Loyra.
>>12626 is that drunken Harry the Bear on the background?
>>12622 >or one of us can make a more comprehensive post explaining things in this thread What should said post include?
>>12485 Who's the other pony at the stand with Caramel Apple?
(513.31 KB 1212x1470 6255350.png)
>>12630 Apple Bumpkin, a qt
>>12626 >I don't think the deadline should be extended There is something simple about finishing what we started. We are all on track to finish at least one contribution, so at this point extending the deadline might as well just be starting another art pack. On top of that new artists will have had no say on the theme and are less likely to participate. I'd say all of us artists should finish what we are making and we should skip announcing this art pack. >>12629 If we opt to finish this pack we won't be announcing it for artists making such a post unnecessary. Consider it a warm up; we didn't manage things as well as we could have and we will (hopefully) learn for next time.
(2.54 MB 2816x2112 PICT0020.JPG)
(2.30 MB 2816x2112 PICT0022.JPG)
(2.36 MB 2816x2112 PICT0023.JPG)
THEY'RE SO SMALL! And about that gearbox... It's Teflon time. >>12626 Cute facepaint! You could add some fall color trees on those hills.
(535.98 KB 1280x720 2654781.png)
>>12636 Origami pones!
>>12636 Blurry. Maybe try manual focus?
>>12639 I will next time, thanks Also the lighting was dim so that's a factor. And don't worry I have a webcam I can set up for the final video with better picture quality.
>>12599 Yeah, there's absolutely no way I'm getting this done in time. Personally, I was against this theme, so that really didn't help. I'm also the OP, so I feel a little bad about starting something I couldn't finish, but it can't be helped. I write something for Nightmare Night every year, however, so maybe I'll get something done for that and could contribute to any pack then.
>>12661 Hopefully we'll still see it completed even if it isn't in time for the pack? Assuming it's already partially done.
(126.09 KB 695x531 moremares.png)
I'm adding more mares with the time left, but also life is getting really busy so it probably won't be a lot more.
>>12668 Yay, more mares! Thanks, anon!
>>12668 You have such a cute art style, I love it.
>>12668 I have used elements from your pic in the story. I hope that's OK.
>>12672 That's more than OK, having things in the artpack reference each other is a pretty cool idea.
The carousel is now fully functional; It turns and plays Dixie. The only thing left for me to do is cover the top of the spinning wheel and shoot the video. I'm ready when someone sets up the file host.
>>12682 Hype!
(975.13 KB 1628x1080 2025024.png)
Bros, we're gonna make it.
>>10574 >It is unfortunate that so many art packs are through Discord. Discord is a terrible platform for many reasons, but even ignoring that, running your operation in such a way really limits your discoverability to artists as you yourself have said. This might come off as shitcord shilling unless I keep it brief but I dont really agree. Theres way too much oversaturation in the art market, and what you actually want are to cultivate a community of repeat customers. having a semi private environment that regularly releases content but lots of people have installed is good for that. I wish there was a globohomo free alternative though
(2.03 MB 2920x2080 caramel apple stand.png)
Unless I find something terribly wrong and easily fixable in the next few days, this should be the final version. >>12682 Sounds fun, can't wait to see it!
I have finished the story. Should I make a simple txt file or use calibre to make it into something device-readable? Should I also post the story ITT alongside the file? Can I offer you guys to pre-read it on ponepaste before releasing to make sure everything is OK and serviceable enough? And how we will display everything anyway? Will we make an archive with all the stuff?
>>12695 Also, can I also include my small vignette about Celestia >>11210 into the pile?
>>12695 I think probably 2 versions, a simple .txt and then a .pdf if you have fancy formatting. Otherwise just the .txt is probably fine. >Should I also post the story ITT alongside the file? I think that would be fine, no different than the images. We should also probably think of what we want to use for a cover.
(481.02 KB 2000x1500 hiding in plain sight.png)
This took far longer than it should.
Another thought: The next release thread should probably be both for the release and the planning/execution of the next pack rather than being another separate thread. We should also probably think about what the next OP should be.
>>12694 Really cute and lively!
So what's about the cover? Just use a generic image of autumn landscape, or someone will draw something?
>>12704 Since the idea from the start was a small pack for fun, I vote for a low-effort yet soulful cover. A generic autumn landscape with vector ponies slapped on top.
>>12704 Probably pick a submission to turn it into a cover. Unless someone want to draw a dedicated one.
(318.62 KB 900x600 loweffort.jpg)
>>12707 This is actually pretty cozy.
>>12707 SOVL
(157.50 KB 440x363 autmn.png)
>>12707 That looks great, very cute! I hope you can modify it though because I changed that area slightly. I'll try to upload what I've done soon. I'm having a problem where when I export the image, the colours change and look too saturated.
(1.60 MB 2880x1568 autimn fair10.png)
>>12710 Picture attached is the whole thing - I am unsure if I can resolve the issue. >>12700 This is so sweet, I love it.
>>12694 >>12700 >>12707 >>12712 Very good! It's exciting to see all of these done.
>>12707 >not fall fun festival you fucked up.
Would it be a good idea to say a couple of words about the artpack in TEMPO thread on /mlp/? Is anyone going to post it there? I'm rangebanned.
Who's gonna make the release thread?
(913.55 KB 874x582 loweffort2.png)
>>12716 We should discuss what we want the OP to be. I think it should be both an announcement of this art pack and a discussion thread for the next one. >>12715 There's one day left, might as well see if anybody wants to squeeze in any last minute submissions. I'll think about maybe making a thread there as well. After all, it is just a free art pack. I think that would be fair game. Since no one else has done it yet, I've made a megadrop to "officially" collect things. You don't need an account to use it. Release folder is separate as I guess you can't share a megadrop folder. Megadrop: https://mega.nz/megadrop/HG02t9n8nLU Release Link: https://mega.nz/folder/NaUVCARY#CB06QrvbHXn3RwJC-kBu6Q Let me know if there needs to be any changes (filenames, etc). I guess I will close the Megadrop at end of day tomorrow. I can also make the next thread if wanted.
(318.50 KB 900x600 Cover.jpg)
The Autumn Fun Festival Pack is complete! In this pack pack we see the ponies enjoying the autumn season the best way they know how, with a festival! We've got ponies enjoying fair food, riding carnival rides, being carnival rides, getting their faces painted, and overall having a good time. Submissions include images, stories, and even a craft. The pack is free for all Anons, get it here: https://mega.nz/folder/NaUVCARY#CB06QrvbHXn3RwJC-kBu6Q >What's next? Planning the next art pack. Contribute ideas and help plan in this thread.
>>12720 I think that's alright.
>>12718 I uploaded txt files, but they didn't show up in the folder
>>12723 It's a limitation of Mega, I have to manually copy them over. Should be there now.
(15.02 KB 100x100 numget.png)
>>12719 >Watch out everyone 5 drawings incoming Haha...
>>12727 So, that will be 5 drawings of pony more in the world. Don't get what that anon is on about.
>>12727 >>12728 It's funny because there are less than 5 drawings.
The video has been uploaded!
>>12731 So cool. I think it came out great.
>>12731 I loved it, anon! Thank you!
>>12731 CUTE >>12729 Gotta be proud of our small pack.
>>12731 You did great! I dunno why, but this being an actual physical thing warms my heart. All this effort, those origami ponies, the actual music box! I hope you will make many more amazing pone creations in the future.
So deadline's tonight at midnight?
My data recovery was successful! See: >>12747 Sadly, it's too late for me to contribute in time for this. Sorry friends. That being said, I'm still going to finish my pieces. When they're ready, I'll post them all here for your enjoyment, even if they won't count for the pack anymore. For everyone else, great work! The pics are cute, the writings enjoyable to read, and the music box is peak SOUL. I'd say this was successful for a somewhat impromptu first attempt for our little community here.
(2.95 MB 350x383 wah.gif)
It's time! So uh, what happens now?
>>12750 Got an hour and a half for me, then I'll make the new thread and do the things.
IT'S OUT! >>12752