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Advertising! Anonymous 06/30/2021 (Wed) 06:35:01 No. 43
What do you guys think some good ways to advertise this place is? >Buy advertising on 4chan An option, probably the most obvious. Not sure how much it runs but surely it can't be THAT outrageous. >Sharing images from the site (like one would do linking to a booru) Would make more sense once >>>/clop/ is open. >Having fun/Making stuff Always important to have fun. People see some fun happening and they might want in. Maybe make and do some cool stuff along the way. >Other ??? Obviously sheer quantity of traffic isn't the only metric to go by, but I think there is interest. We've got a whopping 6 posters on the board and 66 unique visitors in the last 24 hours Jury's still out on how many of those unique visitors are bots. And I've only posted the URL once in one thread so far. So let me know some thoughts.
>>43 >What do you guys think some good ways to advertise this place is? Would it be a good idea to siphon more people off of /mlp/ right now? Splintering is weakening. This place would be better as an emergency bunker in case of DEFCON 1 situation. And you don't advertise the location of your bunker to anyone.
>>44 >siphon more people off of /mlp/ right now? The hope is not to be necessarily a replacement, but somewhere you'd browse in addition to. The case for this is perhaps a bit more clear for >>>/clop/ as I don't believe there exists a pony only nsfw board. Still I feel that perhaps /fim/ can be it's own distinct place as well. If you have any ideas to lend in this "distinctness" that might be good. I've been a part of /mlp/ for a long time and I don't intend to leave any time soon. Mainly I just wanted a place to be able to post ponies without all the other bs. >This place would be better as an emergency bunker in case of DEFCON 1 situation. And you don't advertise the location of your bunker to anyone. Even in that scenario, the bunker does no good if no one knows about it. If shit really did hit the fan over there, there probably won't be an opportunity to spread the word.
>>47 And I should add, I'm fine with this place growing a bit on the slower side truth be told, it'd probably be for the best. But it's good to brainstorm some ideas for when we might want to reach out a little. Probably won't be going on any sort of aggressive advertising campaign anytime soon. But it would be good to get at least a little knowledge of it out there.
>>47 >>48 I'm mostly worry about malcontent dicksword retards or just general trolls who would go to /mlp/ to make threads like >'hurr durr, /mlp/ is for barbieniggers, true fimchads post at /nhnb/!' making the most zealous autists flock here and just circlejerk, starving eternally, as those types generally unable to produce any content. Simultaneously it would probably make mild and moderate users think of /nhnb/ as invaders and source of bullshit, and make them to fall prey for barbieshit and hasdroning, without zealots to defend /mlp/, thus sowing strife between the sites and splintering the FIM channer userbase.
>>50 After some thought, I need to add, that /clop/ probably would'be been an ideal thing to both make the place somewhat known and encouraging double participation. Anons would get something they can't get home and would get familiar with the place, would know where to run if missiles start flying.
>>50 >I'm mostly worry about malcontent dicksword retards or just general trolls who would go to /mlp/ to make threads like >'hurr durr, /mlp/ is for barbieniggers, true fimchads post at /nhnb/!' The same thought did cross my mind. I don't 'think' the troll effect will be that great. Because we have already seen it to a certain extent. >just make your own board >that other sunfag who attempted to make a site then abandoned it. I don't think it was very effective before. Of course if we do gain some traction there will likely be a bit more of it. I would hope that the jannies would take care of some of the worst of the trolling, but really who knows what's going through their minds these days. I think that as long as we keep the board here friendly towards /mlp/, the trolls will basically just be grasping at straws. And I see no reason why that should not be the case. >Simultaneously it would probably make mild and moderate users think of /nhnb/ as invaders and source of bullshit, and make them to fall prey for barbieshit and hasdroning, without zealots to defend /mlp/, thus sowing strife between the sites and splintering the FIM channer userbase. I think the best way to counter that would be to, again, ensure that we aren't the place trolls would accuse us of being. Here we probably have a bit better control over that. Both through moderation and the content that we ourselves contribute to the boards. Maybe even have some inter-board project somewhere down the line. Would certainly be interesting. >>51 /clop/ definitely has the distinctness part down. The original reason I added a /clop/ board was actually Anons talking about how they'd like a red /mlp/ again. /fim/ was the original inspiration for the site which is why I wanted to get it going first. Since things have been fairly tame so far (even if the site hasn't been spread much), might open up /clop/ soon(ish). I don't know. Probably would be a decent draw to the site. I guess I was trying to avoid lewds being the initial pitch for the site (also to avoid spreading posts out too far). As a side note, >>>/qa/ has been opened. Been posting some relevant tools and scripts for the site there.
>>53 >keep the board here friendly towards /mlp/ I'd say it will be a challenge. People have many legitimate grievances with /mlp/, mainly its moderation. They would want to vent here. And I imagine they generally won't be shy in their expressions. Malcontent elements would want to make use of that by subtly nudging the discussion towards the more explicit hate while staying technically within the rules. On the other hand if we start to gag people for discussing /mlp/ we can get ourselves a bad rep of being cucked. Where would we draw a line? What can we add to the rules to create a legal basis for moderation to prevent such occurencies? Also, perhaps it would be wise to move this thread to /qa/ instead?
>>60 >People have many legitimate grievances with /mlp/, mainly its moderation. The moderation, pretty much a given. But I think when most people say /mlp/, they are usually referring to the Anons who post there. >They would want to vent here. And I imagine they generally won't be shy in their expressions. >Malcontent elements would want to make use of that by subtly nudging the discussion towards the more explicit hate while staying technically within the rules. >On the other hand if we start to gag people for discussing /mlp/ we can get ourselves a bad rep of being cucked. >Where would we draw a line? Ah, but wouldn't that be getting off topic ^:) More seriously, some discussion I could probably let slide but if it begins to take over a thread it should be handled same as anything else that would bring a thread off topic. If it came to it we could always boot it to /qa/ or something as discussion of what perhaps not to do. >What can we add to the rules to create a legal basis for moderation to prevent such occurencies? As stated above, I think it's under the same umbrella as the off-topic rule. >Also, perhaps it would be wise to move this thread to /qa/ instead? I wanted the question regarding advertisement to posted here for increased visibility. Might be a few things like that in this early stage that would likely otherwise go to /qa/. Might move it in the future if things start to pick up.
>>50 >tfw most zealous autist only here to circlejerk fug
>>43 Does anyone here remember the story of /pone/? That board is the prime case study to examine for anyone wanting to try and establish their own board this late in the game. In a nutshell, /pone/ was close to being the ideal FiM board to surpass /mlp/, even to the point of developing its own side culture in the form of redpone/redanon among other things, but there were two critical problems with it. 1: Moderation dwindled away 2: Had a reputation on /mlp/ for being a dead board The second point is the biggest one, and is highly relevant to the potential for success of this board. So, why was /pone/ considered dead? Because it only managed to ever attract a fraction of Anons from /mlp/, despite it being the perfect opportunity to do so. Why did that happen? You have to consider the period of time and the board history that was taking place. Bring yourself back for a moment to the height of the no-prompt era of /mlp/. Yes, that hellscape where no matter what time you opened the catalog on any given day, it was dominated by glimshit troll threads, who also spammed glimmer posts in every other thread. The board was rapidly being bled dry of its soul, and the remaining Anons were getting fed up to the breaking point and began making an effort to move elsewhere. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Anons had chosen /pone/ to move to, and began regularly advertising it in the few normal threads left. Sure enough, many anons started to move over, and all was well. Or at least until the effort was shut down by 4chan moderation. The moment Hiro's adbux were threatened, the nonexistent jannies and mods swung into action and began aggressively removing posts and warning/banning anons for discussion or links about moving to /pone/. With the ability to post about it suppressed, the awareness of the other board was diminished, and the flow of new people was cut off, leaving the anons who were already there to stagnate and dwindle away, quickly giving /pone/ its dead board reputation until the day that 8ch glowed brightly and got shut down. tl;dr: If /mlp/ completely shits the bed like it did during the no-prompt era, you can't rely on direct advertising there. So what can you do about it? Besides some of the other things already mentioned here, I suggest some methods that are more subtle and subversive; methods that the jannies/mods can't touch. 1: Create artwork that links back to here when uploaded on the boorus 2: Writefags can have a small one or two line advertisement and link at the top of their pastes These two are probably the lowest effort with the highest impact, as both can easily accumulate hundreds to thousands of views over time. And of course, the jannies/mods are powerless against it. I'm sure there's other good ways out there too, but I think it would a good starting point, especially if you want things to grow slowly at first.
>>68 You're missing one crucial difference between then and now. We can literally run ads on /mlp/ now. As in banner ad campaigns, which are not subject to moderation.
>>69 Forgot to add: but good analysis. Definitely things to keep in mind. Banner ads are just one more solution for this. Also, I'd be up for running ads, only I can't design anything for shit. If someone can make good creatives, I'd be happy to run them.
>>69 You're right, ads are definitely an option. I forgot those even exist since I run adblockers. Also >nice
>>68 Nice post. Good recommendations for means of advertisement. >began regularly advertising it in the few normal threads left I would advise against doing this. While 4chan has gotten less strict in regards to talking about other chans, I wouldn't push it. Banner ads were more what I was thinking (if we decide to do that).
>>74 I got here from a coded message in the mare thread, and decided to actually post here when it told me that recaptcha v2 isn't supported :) My suggestion is to leverage that change and advertise a little while you can.
>>233 >someone got my message feels good
>>238 How could I resist an acronym that I didn't recognize, I wasn't expecting it to be a whole new pony board; and I certainly wasn't expecting to have a good reason to leave right then and there.
>>43 The best option is to commission nhnb art Something like a comic series involving the Mane Six -shitpostan browsing the internets Maybe an ARG leading (You) to this board? A sticker competition, how many U.S Post stickers can you put up in your city. Remember: We don't have to convert people to FiM, just make this board attractive to our demographic. If there's good fic/art threads and community activity going on here people will notice
(8.26 KB 754x133 implying..PNG)
>>339 All very interesting suggestions, thanks! >The best option is to commission nhnb art Would be cool. I wonder how much people usually charge for commissions. >If there's good fic/art threads and community activity going on here people will notice I think there would be interest in this place, but you're definitely right that some sort of critical mass is required to get people to actually start posting.
>>341 That's lurkers to posters ratio is like 10:1
Contrary to the expectations, /clop/ didn't become the main attraction, it seems.
>>344 I really like the fact that you can post mares without any faggot le ebin baits in every thread
>>341 >how much do commissions cost Of course it'll depend on the artist, pencils would charge 20 bucks because his style doesn't really have as much effort put into it. A really good traditional artist will charge hundreds for a long or highly detailed piece. It would really depend on what the commish would be and who we pick. >what do we commish I think right now as Admin is figuring out the website we don't really have a site or community identity so there's not something WE can commish, if you get what I'm saying. I think the Admin should think about where this site is going and commish based off those dreams. I thought of something while making this post. Administration should change the name from no hooves no business, because a name like that makes it seem like the community revolves around excluding humanized, when it is really just promoting and creating a pony (only) community. At least I hope it is. Of course, keep the domain name, it's catchy.
>>371 $20 sounds about right. I don't think we would need something super detailed, since it'll mostly be displayed at lower resolutions for banners and ads a more simplistic style may be better suited. >I think the Admin should think about where this site is going and commish based off those dreams. As I've stated before, basically a home for FiM. If I do end up commissioning something it'll probably include cute mares trying to welcome you in. >Site name I don't really plan on changing it (not that I could really come up with anything much better). I don't think it necessarily has to have a meaning revolving around the exclusion of certain things. It just says the community is focused on hooved things. Which it is.
Any advice on commissioning?
>>344 because /trash/ already exists you arent giving people anything new with /clop/ /mlpol/ has had porn since the beginning as a main deterrent to shills
>>473 >arent giving people anything new with /clop/ I can't think of any other such place that's pony-only. /trash/ is filled with, well, trash. Kind of why I don't want to go there. But I think a lot of it, both /clop/ and otherwise is also due to this place having next to no visibility at the moment.
>>473 >/trash/ >wading through garbage for clop >/mlpol/ The advantage is we would actually have pony threads too and not just pony pictures attached to political debates
>>344 Perhaps some creative posters could change that. I believe in you, anon.
>>474 people stick to their own threads in /trash/ just like people stick to generals on /mlp/ the only difference is posting speed since it's a fast board. >>475 t. obviously never used /mlpol/ they have a permanent clop thread up at any given time
(857.77 KB 1456x180 adPlanFixed.gif)
(376.72 KB 728x90 adPlanSmallFixed.gif)
What do you guys think of this?
>>898 Very cool!
>>899 Glad you like it! Thinking that I should speed up her saying "I'm gonna go there now" at the end.
>>898 I wonder what (if any) the gif length limits are for 4chan ads
>>905 I don't think there is? https://4chan.org/advertise No mention of length, I guess so long as they don't find it too obnoxious. Was more concerned about the file size but I think it's alright. Could always cut it down if necessary.
(376.86 KB 728x90 adPlanV2small.gif)
(857.89 KB 1456x180 adPlanV2.gif)
>>898 Some minor updates. I made the end part a bit faster and I lengthened the durations of some texts for better readability. Is is better?
>>1068 I like it.
>>1068 Any thoughts on uploading this to the boorus?
>>1094 Why not?
>>1099 On the Ponybooru upload: ZizzyDizzyMC Administrator Site Developer "Yo anon, you think you can make this image fit within our advertising guidelines? I can slot this into our global ads no problem. Since we usually don't have too much to advertise besides a couple of the other projects I run that everyone already either knows about or uses anyway. https://ponybooru.org/pages/advertising Could probably just resize it using an online tool if you wanted."
(862.36 KB 1920x1080 1624633916239.png)
>>1099 I saw this and came here. You gonna shill it in the fan site alternative thread on /mlp/? https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37311680
>>1112 nvmd, I'm apparently extremely blind. Can't believe I've been following that thread but haven't seen a single nhbh post before, but it's there when I look for it now.
>>1113 Heh. I'm pretty sure it's a common phenomenon where you completely gloss over evidence of something until you explicitly learn about it and then immediately start recognising and picking up things that you'd looked at and completely missed in the past, but I forgot the name.
>>1111 Responded.
(87.33 KB 907x667 janny.png)
>>1111 >he does it for free
>>1124 The funniest thing is that there's almost 10k images tagged as Advertisement on there. Maybe something should be done about those first? Guy just comes off as butthurt for whatever reason.
(49.36 KB 1834x331 derpibooru.org .png)
>>1099 lmao at derpifags no, seriously, how this adorable gif could provoke so many downvotes from get go?
>>1138 Furry/Barbie fans have always hated mares.
>>1619 Feels weird man
>>1139 >>1619 The same barbiefag from /mlp/ is ranting on ponybooru. They can't fucking stand it. Hahaha
>>1638 It seems to be really easy bait to get replies and (You)s right now, so it might not even all be one guy.
Any more ideas for advertising?
>>2675 Airplane banners across the country
>>2678 Which country?
>>2675 Burn a picture of Luna's ass on the moon.
>>2680 Yes.
>>2681 Moon isn't big enough.
(29.56 KB 883x724 big think.png)
We really need to have some more serious discussion about this. I love this place and want to see it succeed, and I've been trying to do my part, but you can really tell that interest has been waning these past couple of weeks. Though to be fair, I've noticed the same decrease in activity on /mlp/ too. I think that we're about to arrive at the critical moment with the beginning of G5. No doubt, /mlp/ is going to be flooded with another wave of shitposting and spam, which could renew some anons desire to want to go to a place where they don't have to deal with that. However, there are a few problems that I've noticed when trying to mention this place. With each problem, I'll give my suggestion on what to do about it. 1: Unknown origin This is the biggest hurdle that I've encountered. The anons on /mlp/ have either already forgotten or have a misconceived idea of why and when this site was made, along with who operates it, and automatically dismiss the site because of it. It's unfortunately common to mention NHNB and have people trash it because they unironically think that derpibooru/discord trannies/etc are running this. Solution: Board owner should share updates and improvements to the site on the fansite alternative thread. This gives a good anchor presence on /mlp/ like what the altboorus have. 2: Ease of access and appearance For some reason, a lot of smoothbrains anons can't seem to figure out how this site works, and complain about it. It's usually either the default appearance, or being unable to locate the catalog. Solution: Change default theme to Yotsuba B, and bring people to the catalog by default when they navigate to a board. 3: Lack of presence Simply put, a lot of people simply don't know that this place even exists, and what the purpose of it is. This is a challenge in of itself. I've tried to do what I can, but just like how I warned would likely happen at >>68 posts mentioning NHNB are frequently deleted. Solution: More of the same mentioned in this post and previous ones in this thread, I guess. It's an uphill battle, for sure.
>>2793 We can definitely share some updates to the fan site alternative thread, just don't know how many more Anons there are to be reached in that thread as it's not the most active to begin with. It does seem like there's a number of lurkers but we do need some more content being created here to talk about I think. I myself have some things that I would like to do, but I often times am limited on time.
>>2793 >>2794 I definitely recommend the catalog change, plus perhaps changing the ad campaign to reflect that one can go to a board that is not going to be shitposted up with G5 spam.
>>2793 >Solution: Change default theme to Yotsuba B, and bring people to the catalog by default when they navigate to a board. A bit help would also be adding actual names to the buttons on the top right, besides the very cryptic and unintuitive icons that basically force you to click on them to find out what they do. mys_elf was saying something like "oh it might take too much space" but I think it's far more important for people to actually be able to figure out how the site works at a glance rather than "save space". (See for instance the lynxchan board for an example of actually clear buttons: https://smelle.xyz/lynx/ )
>>2793 >For some reason, a lot of smoothbrains anons can't seem to figure out how this site works, and complain about it. It's usually either the default appearance, or being unable to locate the catalog. It took me a short minute to read the pinned threads and figure out how the site works. If that's all it takes to filter out tards, should it really be changed? The relatively low post activity has a benefit. The quality over quantity nature of the current state of this board is nice. And its entirely possible for some to just come here to read about discussion of the show (which is a lot harder to come by without the vast sea of shitposts on the more popular chan). Would the potential of this site's quality be retained if everyone on /mlp/ knows about it? It would just become another target. Obviously a dead board would suck, though I'd only post if I have something worthwhile to contribute, personally.
>>2812 >If that's all it takes to filter out tards, should it really be changed? The issue is that alt-chans are always at a huge disadvantage. People need to be convinced to post here, because even if the premise sounds good, if there's 5 new posts per day across the entire website then new people will have zero reason to stick around - what's the point of a perfect imageboad with perfect rules if you'll get to talk with like 3 other anons who check in once a week each? And from thence, vicious cycle and death. Right now the board is still relatively new, so it has an excuse for being slow. "Stick around", we tell people, "we're ramping up and growing!" The hope is that they stick around for the promise that more people will join, generate activity in the meantime, and then when other people arrive it's easier to convince them to stay, and thence activity is born. But at these early stages, when the virtuous cycle hasn't properly kicked off yet, most people have very little reason to stick around. If someone opens the site and can't figure out how to view the catalog without clicking on every single button to see what it does, they may decide it's just another dead alt-chan that's just not worth their time - even if the premise is promising, it's currently still dead and it's unpleasant to use, too. That's their first impression, so they leave and don't come back. And the virtuous cycle of generating activity is harmed, while the vicious cycle of dwindling activity and death is accelerated. The same can be said about your arguments of "quality over quantity". It's very questionable whether a single digit post per day chan can be sustained. It is very likely the case that it's quantity or nothing. >Would the potential of this site's quality be retained if everyone on /mlp/ knows about it? It would just become another target. I believe the rules are in place to retain the primary purpose of this site. Even if every single person on /mlp/ was interested and tried to post here, by design a lot of them would get filtered out due to the rules, and - hopefully - only the good elements would remain (the discussions about ponies and fim, with minimal to no baiting and harmful disruption). If that doesn't happen, that will be a failure of the rules and the staff.
>post nhnb >Deleted so fast desu couldn't record it
>>2878 What did you post?
Any input from board owner on these matters? Should this thread be moved to /qa/?
>>3225 >Any input from board owner on these matters? I've been in and about the thread, I just prefer to post as a regular anon most the time. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know about? >Should this thread be moved to /qa/? I figured on the main board would bring more visibility to it.
(242.57 KB 760x836 What not to do.jpg)
Just saw this on /mlp/. Whoever did this, please don't do it again, this isn't a good way to advertise this place. All stuff like this does is give the NPCs who screech about muh discordtrannies/rewatch stream/rule 11/hugbox more of a voice than they already have. Although at the same time, it wouldn't surprise me if one of those exact people made that just to falseflag and try to get any mention of this place banned on /mlp/. This is exactly the kind of thing predicted at >>68
(303.86 KB 1000x792 1565909312483.gif)
>>3726 Just damn, the attitude towards /mlp/ is depressing as fuck. >>68
>>3726 >NPCs NPCs aren't those who screech, but those who believe them. Those who are screeching, though, are a dedicated group of subhumans bent on destroying the board. And I'm pretty sure they have jannies and at least one of the mods with them. Did you notice how EqG spam threads just vanished when G5 spam began?
>>3733 I have noticed that, yes. Doesn't surprise me, I would almost bet money that the same people who did the glimmerposting of old are the same ones around today who did EqG and now G5 spam. Some sort of intense Lee-tier autism at work. >>3728 Did you mean /mlp/ or this place? Either way, I'm not concerned about the future of this board yet. There's been enough of an influx in people recently that it's plenty comfy to post here. I'm sure more will come with time. More on the topic of this thread, I really like the more passive, lowkey form of advertisement that /bug/ and now /bootleg/ have adopted. Constant presence with a link to their NHNB counterpart in the OPs.
>>3735 /mlp/ Also glad the glimmerposting is mostly over, it hurt to watch that go on. t. waifus glim
>>3735 >I really like the more passive, lowkey form of advertisement that /bug/ and now /bootleg/ have adopted. Same. Truly the best form of advertisement is having content being produced here.
Any ideas for a cool ad?
>>4558 Something nuclear bunker-themed. Maybe in Duck and Cover style with a slogan "Know where to run when you hear the siren."
>>4566 I'll try to make something.
>>4566 What size should it be?
>>4568 728x90 for desktop and 300x250 for mobile.
>>4569 Sorry. This turned out to be beyond my abilities. I've been at this for about a hour, and I couldn't even make anything that could serve as a first draft.
(510.29 KB 945x945 image.png)
Could make an ad for >>>/clop/ ?
>>4968 I dunno if Hiroshima accepts horsepussy gifs for ads.
>>5014 Kek. I doubt it. But there could be some variation of the "hot mares in your area" meme.
>>5014 I haven't personally seen an ad on 4chan in years because of my adblockers, but aren't explicit ads allowed on the red board?
>>5020 I'm sure most sensible Anons block ads too, though I've heard of some making exceptions for the Christmas time pony ads. >aren't explicit ads allowed on the red board? I believe so, I think it's tied to the board rating.
Just putting some food for thought out there, but it might be a good idea to start thinking of good ways to advertise in one form or another for when the G5 show releases in a few months. Seeing out how much resentment /mlp/ already has for G5, I can't help but imagine there being at least a few disgruntled anons who might want to get away to some peace and quiet, for when the catalog is inevitably filled with a hundred G5 threads. Striking while the iron is hot and all that, so to speak.
>>5661 Would probably be good. Hopefully we'll have some more ads together by then.
Here's an idea: A tired pony sitting at a computer, scrolling through a catalog of sorts full of things labeled "not pony". Eventually the pony has had enough and plants her face into the keyboard. At this point the "narrator" can kick in to advertise the site, revitalizing the pony in the process.
(45.52 KB 196x214 TheBunker.jpg)
(2.56 MB 3200x2216 mlp_map-nhnb_added.png)
This is small beans, but I thought I'd share it here anyway. In the current "Lands of /mlp" thread where Anons are updating the map, I did my part and added in NHNB. I put a little thought into the design, as simple as it is. I made the door to the bunker have a question mark on it, not only to symbolize us Anons, but also to work as a question mark between the NH and NB on both sides. Sort of like: No Hooves? No Business. But that's just my autism for you, I guess.
>>5840 I like it. Well done. Probably better than what I would have come up with.
>>5840 Good.
Any ideas?
>>6250 I've been slowly working on a standard banner ad and a mobile ad to use on /mlp/. I'll post them both here for anyone to use when the G5 show release draws closer. The banner ad could probably used on the altboorus too.
>>6251 >Someone's already working on something This is great! Looking forward to see what you've got.
So I've been noticing a recent uptick in random people on /mlp/ complaining about EqG/G5/Anthro lately, which inevitably ends up getting NHNB mentioned, closely followed by the dedicated group of faggots who swoop in to spew their made up propaganda about why this place is bad. Because of this, I'm get the feeling like there's no better time than now to have those ads available. There's clearly an audience out there right now, albeit a small one. I'm going to push forward and try to have them done by this weekend. On a completely different note, I've had another idea lingering in the back of my mind for awhile... How do you guys feel about an NHNB scarf as a fun little memento? Like the good ol' 4cc one. If there's ever enough interest, I'd be willing to put down the time and money on designing and having a small batch of them produced. Board owner, would you approve of such a thing? Or do you not want something like that to be produced?
>>6447 I left /mlp/ forever, is it really that bad? As it was when I abandoned ship, the mod staff was busy sucking eqg dick
>>6447 >scarf I wouldn't mind something like that being done, would be pretty cool I think. Definitely make sure you've got enough people interested though.
>>6450 Cool, I'm glad you approve. I would only go through with it if there were at least 20+ Anons who would be willing to go in at cost, which would be around $25 per scarf(shipping included). Can't exactly have the luxury of scarfanon who had the audience to get them for dirt cheap by buying hundreds at a time, unfortunately. I guess at some point in the near-ish future I'll make a thread dedicated to the topic to start gathering interest.
>>6852 I don't know that I can really approve of having eqg imagery in an ad for this place even in a negative context. That and the general format I fear may act as a magnet to those looking to shitpost such topics. That being said, I do want to thank you for your effort. It is appreciated that you're trying something. I think in general for advertising I'd recommend trying to focus in on the good things and not the bad. Things like having a FiM board that stays true to it's topic. That we've got ponies here and we want to talk about them. Stuff like that. >formatting troubles For me personally, I've been using a combination of ffmpeg and gif.ski lately that has been producing some pretty incredible results. Doing something like that would allow you to just create a video and then convert it. ezgif as well also supports converting from video I believe. Of course, if you just want to submit a video and let us deal with the conversion, that's fine too. Just make sure it's (ideally) at a integer multiple of 728x90 (and that it will still be legible at such small size).
(183.38 KB 600x426 1384457159598.gif)
>>6852 I like it!
>>6853 How do you propose breaking through the rampant misinformation on /mlp/ without bluntly spelling it out for the anons on there, within a few seconds of attention span? Unsurprisingly, this site lives rent free in the dedicated /mlp/ offboarder squad at all times, making them froth at the mouth. They make use of nearly every opportunity where NHNB is mentioned to make up bullshit claims of what this place is. It's an uphill battle to make the purpose of this place known when there's a group of people trying to prevent that from happening.
>>6857 Bullshit can't be helped. There are people who willingly like barbie.
>>6852 On one hand I would rather we do not have G% and eqg on our ad. On the other hand, how else can we highlight the difference between here and /mlp/? Anons will ask a perfectly legitimate question: why should I migrate? What that other resource has to offer that /mlp/ cannot? Well, aside from moderation quality, but I'm afraid if we will outright tell that, """"they"""" simply won't accept the ad.
>>6852 the add is well done but my fear with this is you bring attention to 5 "groups" in order to advertise to a single one, it could result in more detractors coming to shit up the board than legitimately interested anons
>>6865 The mod team is pretty good, though.
>>6862 That's exactly the issue. When a portion of /mlp/ has the false perception from the trolls that this is just a ponychan clone ran by a secret Discord club hugbox that will ban you for not discussing only S1 and praising Faust three times a day, why would they bother taking a look when they think that none of their grievances are alleviated here? >>6865 To be fair, those groups are already well aware of this place. What's funny is that if you go looking on desuarchive, you'll find that they actually do a pretty good job of advertising this place in a backwards way. One of their common zingers is to tell anons who disagree with them to "go back to nhnb" in one way or another. AFAIK the only real butthurt we've attracted here was that one shimmerfag who tried to argue that his waifu isn't an EqG character, only to end up so assblasted that he went to his general to cry about it. They didn't care ^:) Anyway, when I'm done with work today I'll whip up a new version of the banner. I have an idea to lighten the presentation a little, but still get the key points across.
>banner is great >Lets make a weaker one Sigh
>>6868 I mean... There's nothing stopping you or anyone from using it, is there?
>>6857 >How do you propose breaking through the rampant misinformation As I said, focus on the good side of things rather than the bad. The fact that this board is actually dedicated to FiM without any of the other nonsense to bring things down. I do think we can get that point across without specifically mentioning (or showing) eqg. >>6862 >how else can we highlight the difference between here and /mlp/? We've got a comfy FiM focus. I suppose one could also advertise >>>/clop/. >>6865 This is my fear as well, in addition to just not wanting to put up an ad with eqg in it no matter the context.
(52.72 KB 179x228 image.png)
>>6870 >We've got a comfy FiM focus We can use a well known avatar of comfyness to get the point across
>>6862 >the difference between here and /mlp/ -A FiM focus -A very comfy atmosphere -We got >>>/clop/ -By FiMfags for FiMfags
this >>6870 anon said it best my fear is if you advertise based on the idea of x is bad, y is bad, z is bad, you pretty much invite trolling from those groups whilst only being of interest to the most butthurt of fim focused anons. essentially you get the worst of all mentioned factions. instead of phrasing it as "no x allowed here" say "FiM discussion board" this >>3044 add is a good example of what i mean
>>6870 Maybe not the answer you're looking for but old generals could be floated as something that could do well on nhnb if there's interest in a revival. Since it's an off-site home there doesn't need to be constant bumps and posts are more relaxed, so the main complaint about zombie generals applies less. A similar thing happened to anonfilly when it was banned and /mlpol/ picked them up. The only thing is there's no real way to alert the community of whatever general unless they make an effort to keep people in the loop like boot and bug.
>>6899 This is also good. Having a small, passive presence in the threads is always a bonus. I tried to do this for the last griffon thread on /mlp/ as it was nearing its bump limit, when they were arguing over if the threads should continue or not due to lack of activity. Unfortunately, by the time I got home from work that day, the thread had reached bump limit and was on page 9. I don't think very many people saw the recommendation.
>>6899 I like the sound of that. So long as it's just slow and not completely dead.
>>6955 I like it!
>>6955 A bit better. >Anyone got some ideas for catchy lines that fit in a single frame? We've got ponies? I'll have to think of some others
>>6978 four hooves good?
(193.03 KB 1209x644 4chan ads.jpg)
Here's what about one month of ads on /mlp/ looks like, for the curious. Pretty happy with it as a test run. If nothing else it helped to spread the awareness.
>>7508 I wasn't even aware of someone running an ad campaign for here on /mlp/. What did you use for the ad?
Anon who was working on ads and running the ad campaign for the last few months on /mlp/ here. (>>7508) Over those last few months I've been noticing a growing trend, but it's this last week or two that has really proven there's a coordinated effort to run /mlp/ into the ground. The level and sheer volume of trolling, shitposting and vitriol is reaching levels that I've never seen before. I know it's not just my observation either, since other anons there have been posting and making meta threads complaining about the same sudden change. As such, my views on advertising for this place has changed, and are now more in line with: >>44 >>3738 and >>6865 When I look at all the trolls and bullshit infesting the threads of /mlp/, I've asked myself: "Do I really want to be drawing the attention of these people?" And the answer is an obvious no. Because of that, as of today I've canceled the bidglass campaign, and I also went back through this thread and deleted my old posts with the 4chan ads I had made. Besides, after over 1 million ad impressions and a bit over 1100 unique clicks, it's clear that the campaign wasn't doing much on /mlp/ anyway. You can't force people to start visiting and posting here even if the grass is greener; I think a lot of anons just have a strong emotional attachment to posting only on /mlp/, which is understandable, especially if they've been doing so for years. I think the way forward is simple: Let this place exist the way it was intended to be: A bunker for pony when all else fails. It can exist on its own merit, slowly making its own fun content that may or may not attract new people. If someone is out there who really wants to visit and post here, they'll learn about it eventually. On the same token, I see nhnb frequently getting mentioned as the better board or a solution to the problem in threads where a lot of complaining or trolling is happening. I get the impression that it's falseflaggers making those posts, but if there's someone here genuinely doing that, please stop. You just look like a desperate shill.
>>9215 I've definitely noticed a change in the past week or so. I wonder what sparked it? Regardless, thank you for what you've done in helping spread word of this place.
>>9215 Thank you for your effort Anon Maybe nhnb is better of spreading trough word of mouth..
>>9215 Judging by the janitorial activities on /mlp/ I'd say that mod team wants to completely change the audience of /mlp/, forcing out everyone who has even a modicum of respect to the classic board culture. Why are they doing it is up to debate.
>>10563 Classic board culture hasn't existed there in a very, very long time.
>>10566 >Classic board culture hasn't existed there in a very, very long time. I'll agree it's been on the decline for a long while. But the sudden decrease in it has been fairly recent I'd say.
>>10567 I would reckon classic board culture's date of death to have been in 2011 when LulzSec got v&, /pol/ got re-created, and the Google capcha first appeared, although it had already been terminally ill since 2009 and Chanology. I have not been back there in many years. Out of curiosity, what are they doing these days that is so different? Apart from actually paying for 4chan Gold, that is. Holy fuck.
>>10566 >>10567 >>10588 I always get frustrated when I see newfags on /mlp/ flagrantly exposing their newfaggotry under the guise of larping about "Muh BOARD CULTURE". You're all spot-on that /mlp/'s original board culture died a long, long time ago. All you have to do is spend a half hour or less on desuarchive combing through threads and posts of the golden era to see how radically different the thoughts and attitudes, likes and dislikes etc of anons were compared to now. As a forlorn soul who has been through it all, /mlp/ specifically has gone through the following ages, each with their own dominant board culture of the time. The Golden Era: The original, true spirit of /mlp/ that existed from the boards creation onward, until... Prompt Ban/Glimmertard Era: Arguably the single most damaging event to /mlp/, the effects of which are still being felt. During these years, creativity and content creation were stifled, the userbase was bled and drastically reduced, and a shift towards hating the long-established things and tropes that /mlp/ loved began to take root. Additionally, a dedicated troll presence was established. I would bet money that the exact same group of people who were responsible for filling the catalog with dozens of Glimmer threads, day in and day out for years, are the exact same ones responsible for EqG trolling and G5 spam. 2016 Election Tourism: Overlaps with the prompt ban era, but I think it's worth mentioning on its own. 2016 itself was a year that changed the internet as a whole, and it hasn't been the same since there. 4chan(and other imageboards) were particularly effected by this shift, no matter the board. Post-Prompt Ban Era: Too little, too late. There was a definite improvement in board quality, but by the time the ban lifted, /mlp/'s old board culture and userbase was already decimated. And finally, we arrive at the most recent development; arguably the worst and most damaging one since the prompt ban. Post-Town Hall Era: The sudden drop in quality >>10567 mentions is the direct result of this. Hell, it's why this site was even made. That shitty event of Twimods did nothing but expose the true intents of the 4chan moderation team to a wider audience, while also formally legalizing and giving a green light for trolls to do their business. Blatant EqG trolling skyrocketed from this point onward. That's my interpretation of things, anyway.
>>10599 You don't mark Lauren Faust's official visit as the beginning of a new era? Good. Too many thought that was some watershed event that led to Ponychan and others flooding the board. Total bullshit, that. ...Man, fuck this tiny file size limit.
>>10611 Nah. While it was a famous moment that lead to the infamous Scruffening, neither changed the existing board culture to the degree that the prompt ban did.
>>10699 LOL, Scruffy. I had forgotten about him. Do you think we overreacted? Nah.
>>10705 >How do you do, fellow channers!
>>10714 All the good posters left failchan a long time ago.
(3.48 MB 355x313 5278484.gif)
>>10599 there are things that shouldn't be ignored though, such as the fact that almost all of the "culture" was larped to begin with. what I mean by that is that all pre-existing memes were re-engineered to fit pony, almost all of them forcibly. How? the fact is that 90% of posts not counting bots are coming from larping cunts whose job is to be the ad-hoc "gatekeepers" of these fandoms. that's why theres so much in common with the furfagdom. there is a huge collaboration of "artists", "writers" and other degenerates who are the driving force behind this "cancel culture" of sorts. 4chin had been the target of a continuous stream of furfaggotry since 2005. it was actually the reason for 7chan, who declared an entire "independence" from 4chan. they were known as particularly anti-fur as well as anti-meme culture in general back in the day. when pony came along there was some confusion because it was around that time that huge amounts of furfaggotry was being pumped into /b/ by these agents, but pony was bannable there. interestingly this is around the time 7chan threw in the towel in the war against the furfags and created a haven for them. the point is that there are too many similarities for it all to be a coincidence. take the phrase "the ride never ends". this was a common phrase amongst /b/tards, sometimes uttered while under raid. the furfags began using the phrase in their forums being the unoriginal cunts that they are, and then it was simply a given by the time /mlp/ was a thing. or waifuism, for instance. obviously this originated with /a/nimetards, and was just sort of a given thing on the board, despite waifuism not really being a well-established idea for it to just become a thing organically on a newly-established board. the coincidences continue. you've probably noticed that every shitty fetish and sub-fetish has been crammed into art made of mlp. it also just so happens that most of the furry "artists" just so happened to be the ones doing this. theres also a preoccupation with injecting death and destruction into the fandom too. so we get shit like the fluffy pony degeneracy (which is fine on /b/, even though they remain shitter shattered and ban you if you were to post a regular pony) as well as more subtle stuff like that equestria at war mod, which is boring as fuck! it isn't even what it says it is because it is actually world war 2 with ponies, if it were an actual pony war game then it would be fought with magic, spears, gryphons and pegasi would fight in the sky, you know, not with planes. but it's all just an excuse to kill ponies with nukes, much like the fallout in equestria garbage. anything goes as long as it's against the integrity of the original show. so we come to equstria girls. the thing was literally made to destroy the fandom. making money of kids that were into barbie was just an excuse to make it. funny how if you look at it, it's all the furfags making art for that. and it is disproportionate. ask yourself how much demand could there actually be for that garbage, as well as the humanoid pony crap that's all over and you will be closer to solving the riddle. and if you can't be bothered, I'll spell it out for you; almost all "chan culture" has been infiltrated and astro-turfed for much longer than any of us suspected. any number of personas or pseudonyms, especially those that appear quickly can be assumed to be these useless idiots. "bronies", furries, lefties, trumpfags, kekfags, 9fag, gamergaters, the fags who took over ED and then probably made a fortune off ohinternet and knowyourmeme selling pepe t-shirts to retarded 10 year-old cunts to ruin the chans forever, not to mention /soc/, which was just bizarre when you consider the poularity of /b/ at that point, its antithesis. little controlled "scenes" is all the chans have become. "newfags" have always been assumed to simply be normgroids of sorts who somehow found their way onto the boards. they're actually all just shills and feds larping to break any organic posting. and /generals/ are the way they accomplish this
>>11222 >My best attempt to parse this text wall and reformat it in English, correct me if I'm wrong: The gist of it is that the chan culture is fundamentally inauthentic because it is based in copying a perceived "culture". The perceived "culture" is really just preconceptions gathered through third party sources rather than organic engagement with art. >Take for instance, Internet Historian mentions 4chan's involvement in something in one of his documentaries. >A few of his viewers think it is cool and decide to go to 4chan to get to feel like they are part of some elite cyber strike force. >They don't have a full knowledge of 4chan, rather all they know is gathered from a youtube video. >Any behavior of theirs is fundamentally inauthentic as it comes from a different site (youtube) and not 4chan itself. The same principle applies of course to other sites like groomcord, reddit, and other mainstream youtube channels.
>>11222 we need to have a less generous character limit
>>11226 no we don't
>>11222 Is this copypasta or genuine schizoposting?
>>11285 I mean >all pre-existing memes were re-engineered to fit pony is actually quite true. Mr Bone's wild ride? Not pony origin. Don't feed the parasprites? "Don't feed the trolls" predates it. The countless songs associated with pony just because of a pony version/remix? Nothing to do with pony, and the reason why people called pony a "cancer".
(237.51 KB 1024x768 dectyping.jpg)
>>11301 You forgot "I watch it for the plot." Seriously, though, that's just what memes are--a theme applied to other shit found on the internet. How is that any kind of evidence of a grand conspiracy led by furfags of all people? Imagining that someone is trying to control you through the cartoons that you watch is peak schizo shit in the same tier as master-race frankenstein radio controls.
>>11301 >>11315 I think we are missing the big picture here. When memes get too large and beyond just being inside jokes they fail to preserve the original meaning. This effect is precisely why the internet sucks so much these days. Let me lay it out for you: The Garden of Eden: Humans are not biologically adapted to live in a social group larger than 100 people. Somewhere around there is an insurmountable limit to our ability to understand the system we are part of. Original sin: Society has grown past the scale that humans are capable of relating on. Due to our unique ability to use language, ideas on the mass scale can and must be transferred through memes. Evil: Memes serve the purpose of making it possible to have mass scale, but that is their biggest downfall. Memes can work for lots of people, but they will fail to be deeply profound and subjective. Adaptation: The structure of family and church preserves the biological need to be part of a small and intimate group. The existence of the larger group does not effect day to day life as much as the family and community group. This is why we haven't evolved to just be drones in some hive of the globalist agenda. New damage: The internet comes along. At first it is made up of small communities that shared a profound interest and shared in their subjective experiences. Soon this was perverted by content aggregation, and now we are in the current state of things. Hell: The current internet landscape. Any interest that isn't some super niche thing that very few people know about is flooded by groups that are too large to function on a healthy scale. They relate using memes because memes can show a general experience that many people can agree on as opposed to a genuine experience which may not fit the group perception. Memes have adapted and evolved the same way humans have, the world "memetic" literally means they are like viruses. I would go as far as to argue that they are satanic. Anyways, this thread is probably getting off topic at this point so I'll leave it at that. Anyone want to be brave and try to connect this back to how it relates to advertising NHNB?
How do we advertise? The same way every other internet forum advertises--by making good shit here. >>11317 If Julius Evola were to smoke a whole bowl by himself and, in his hazy stupor, decide to shitpost on an internet fourm about tiny horse women, I imagine this is what it would look like.
>>11331 >The same way every other internet forum advertises--by making good shit here. The art pack will give us some content in the name of NHNB even though it's mostly for fun. We also have /bootleg/ here creating greens, although if we don't interact with it enough we won't for long. Those threads plus the CYOAs account for the most activity right now, but I'm happy to say that in the time I have been here I have seen the smaller threads become more active. We should invest in what we have for now; make sure it's all the best it can be. Also be sure to participate in the smaller threads for novelty; it will keep the activity from being too centralized and allow us to develop our own unique board mythos. Fun little things like people's headcanons and observations on FIM make the board more than just a few threads that make content.
(456.30 KB 743x707 Screenshot (12703).png)
>>11301 the whole "reincarnated in equestria" meme has been forced countless times. it occurred in the final fantasy seven fandom, and also they tried it with avatar, claiming people wanted to kill themselves to be reincarnared in pandora or whatever. in other words, countless shitty clickbate articles to convince normies and force the meme. kind of like the whole "brony" thing. they created that straw man and knocked it down good. bronies are just PR goons like any other fandom. how do you know? well to begin with they are identical to every other type of comic-con goon. that's because they are every other comic-con goon. they are specifically the ones who "collect" the comics. they are comic book guy incarnate. they don't give a fuck about ponies and probably hurry back to their stinking dives and fap to fucking spider man. that's why they had to put capeshit into the show, too. ask yourself how in the same year chris chan was arresred for fucking his mother, he was able to get as close as he did to lauren faust to ask a completely asinine question that was pointless. it's because he's one of their shills. >>11315 you're probably a shill, but i'll bite. let me rephrase, you don't think there's anything amiss when it just so happens that at least 70 per cent of the pony art is done by furfags, is furfaggy, when you already know furfags and ponyfags don't get on. most ponyfags don't like their ponies being furfagged up, and most furfags seem to treat pony like it is part of their shitty fandom. i'm not buying it. pretty fucking obvious that these "artists" will draw what they are told to draw and when. because they get paid by corporat masoniggers. does that make sense? no? then tell me why they send cease and desists to stop fighting is magic, but they could care less about people making money off guro/scat/death etc. featuring their characters? it's all rigged, even fighting is magic. they got their product, didn't they? and we did not. I didn't say anything about cartoons controlling anyone, and interesting that you should mention that my friend, since all television programming is meant for that. but since you brought it up, i'll point out how friendship is magic itself is riddled with subversive scenes and other mind-control techniques. there's also a lot of symbolism in there that was isn't part of the main narrative. don't get me wrong, i love the show, to a point but even as far back as the early epiodes, subversion is evident. >>11317 I can tell that you think about these things. I admire that, but your view of memes seems oversimplified. you must understand the difference between forced and organic memes, right? because forced ones do not naturally occur, they aren't "remembered" on any social scale to begin with, they aren't technically real memes. sadly, the forced meme was the mechanism whereby they were able to take control of the chan culture to begin with. if it's simplification you want, let me sum it up in one statement; the "furry war(2007)", the scientology crap, the "exodus", the "kekfags", le 9fag army, the trumpshit, every shitty bit of concern trolling about covid or terrorists or whatever, all the /pol/ crap and /mlpol/, all the divisions and political crap over the last few years, all just engineered by their vast army of shills and bots. can't believe i'm even having to say this, i thought it was common knowledge that the cianiggers are all furry faggots. they all glow, all of them. I wouldn't know what to say about advertising, other than try on a pony board that isn't overrun with shills, good luck. this board is awfully convenient though, i must say, since the shills and bots on 4niggers have been reoriented towards pushing g5, which everyone hates. just like eqg, which everyone hates. a last word about these shills; you will notice they are always engaged in a long coversation that looks organic looking at it. but they simply don't disagree or fight enough, and you can tell that these people are almost certain to be at this agreed time and place, in other words, shill
How about getting yourself a dedicated thread, fags?
(1.74 MB 1831x1033 Screenshot (12303).png)
fine, then. I'll stay "on-topic". why is is this place dead as shit?
>>11541 So you could ask about that
>>11541 You won't like the answer but it's because of people like this >>10734 purity spiraling is the same reason that all other splinters died like /pone/ and it doesnt look like this place is doing any better in that regard.
>>11543 >purity spiraling Elaborate
>>11543 >the same reason that all other splinters died like /pone/ /pone/ died, because /pol/tard psychos started IRL shooting up randos and posting memes in their schizo manifestos. As for why the place is dead, it's because the show has been dead for years. It has exactly jack shit to do with "purity spiriling" and everything to do with a lack of anything new to write about. Gen 5 is there, but it's the living embodiment of "good for a kids' show." "Good for a kids' show" isn't good enough to actively discuss. We may as well post about Dora the Explorer.
(35.18 KB 1044x507 DismissableButtons.png)
>>11560 >/pone/ died Pone lives again as an undead lich. No, there are no posters right now and Jim screwed up image hosting (had screwed-up hosting forced upon him) but the board was brought back and can be posted to. I should know; I'm the current BO now, watching its wretched corpse refuse to decay
>>11565 I loved /pone/ once, not without cause. Please allow it to die so that I may mourn it. Why even keep it there among the pathetic remnants of Q? Better idea--would you be willing to migrate the board here? If any of the guys who used to make the good shit are still there, it would be cool to get them all here. This place has similar rules and a better pool of posters to draw from, and it isn't a bot-ridden FBI honeypot/Google datamine like /mlp/ is. It's relatively dead here as well, but what are you gonna do with no more show? I don't imagine that the local admins would object, would you guys?
>>11569 I wouldn't object. If we even got two or three good posters out of it it would be well worth it, so it can't hurt to try.
>>11569 >This place has similar rules I don't know why you think that. I tried posting and got slapped for talking about ponies >>11409 And you don't actually watch the show, just unicorn twilight >>11503 You're an even more tightly bound set of circlejerks than 8ch usually had to put up with. This board has nothing I want, so if you're happy here, then so. I'll be on 8ch, if any bronies want to talk about the show.
>>11577 Are you >>11565? >I tried posting and got slapped for talking about ponies Really? When? >You're an even more tightly bound set of circlejerks Somebody doesn't like your precious Glimmy and that's immediately >muh circlejerk Ok, gotcha
(104.06 KB 1000x750 artific-magic.jpg)
>>11578 >Are you >>11565? Yeah. >When ...there was a link...? >Ok, gotcha You don't like it there, I don't like it here. Whatev's, man.
>>11577 You probably got warned because you included an image of Izzy in your second post. G5 content is currently not allowed. https://nhnb.org/fim/rules.html
>>11579 >Yeah. Nope. You aren't >>11565. Nice attempt at gaslighting. Although failed. Why are you lying? What got you so railed up? A mere warning? A mere anon who isn't agree with your choice of waifu?
(366.33 KB 379x293 neuraliser.gif)
This thread stayed on topic and no one was butthurt. Anons respectfully discussed the advertising of nhnb.org. JFK was assassinated by Andrew Jackson.
>>11586 It's called a VPN you dickwad. I was even nice for a second and put your URL on my board -- though it's taken its sweet time showing up. >A mere warning? And the rest of it. This whole site is painful to read.
>>11588 >It's called a VPN Yeah, yeah. Turned on for one particular post, sure. Take valium, dude.
(366.75 KB 640x360 Glowniggers.webm)
>>11577 >I tried posting and got slapped for talking about ponies /pone/ is actually glimmerfagging? >And you don't actually watch the show, just unicorn twilight >just unicorn twilight Wait a minute! Nice try, /mlp/, but I see you glowing there! Now stand still so I can run you over. >I'll be on 8ch, if any bronies want to talk about the show. Liar. Fuck off.
(728.39 KB 1217x1024 mfw.png)
Thread needs a serious cleanup. Almost every post ITT over the past two weeks has been completely offtopic and has just devolved to shitflinging and schizoposting. This thread and board isn't meant for that. Post cute poners or something productive, otherwise just get lost.
(424.95 KB 1032x729 image.png)
So what type of horse stuff are you Anons working on?
>try to make a new thread on /mlp/ >must enable javascript >must enable cookies now >realize I also need to change my useragent >all of this just to get the fucking captcha >my IP range has been blocked due to abuse Who needs advertising when this is the competition?
>>12443 Not to mention if you fail the captcha here is doesn't delete your post.
>>12443 Unless you're paranoid as fuck you probably already have javascript and cookies enabled, but >IP Range has been blocked due to abuse doesn't exactly endear myself, nor the hundreds of other banned people sharing my cell tower to the rest of 4chan. This is the mods' mindset.
(170.67 KB 398x495 1582193075253.png)
>>12443 Come on, you know most people don't give a shit about all that.
>>12447 And this is what they get for it.
(1.54 MB 591x410 1656335705046.gif)
Recent arrival from from the Bootlegrewatch streams here. We could advertise in the main rewatch stream as well without much subtlety. Not sure if that's been done before but I am sure it has. Has anyone thought about advertising on alt-chans (not 4chan?). That's risky because we don't want to attract the wrong people obviously but maybe that would rekindle love for ponies in those who once had an interest or those who still have mild interest.
>>12572 You can mention it of course, if you want. But I think the outright shilling would be repulsive.
>>12605 Nah. Maybe the anniversary stream would be better