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(33.36 KB 891x656 prairie_west.png)
/fun/geon 4 loko fungeon_masta 12/11/2022 (Sun) 01:48:27 No. 13576
Feel free to make a character and join in, character creation is detailed in first thread: >>8267
>>13557 Thread pic is where Cloudhead is now. >The stallion keeps yelling as Cloudhead leaves. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" >At least he doesn't care enough to walk across town. Agreed. Things were getting good with 5 ponies in the party, but this show doesn't end soon. When I started this I wanted to be the OP that delivered and I don't intend to back down until we have run at least to the end of this segment and one more story line. Given the pace of things here and the scale of what I have planned that will be a while. >>13561 >Soon the zebra makes it's way into Ron's saltlick out of Boulder's view. >What do?
>>13577 >looks around for others
>>13578 >Spots Cloudhead past the Saltlicks. >Can still see Quill through the door of the Hot L.
>>13579 "Hey, wait for me!" >Slowly runs after Cloudhead
>>13580 >Catches up. Guys?
>>13580 >Ears perking up at the sound of approaching thunder, he stops to see his companion approaching "Is everypony else still checking out that weird place...? I didn't like it there." >He says, before proceeding to tell Boulder about his experience over on the other side of town "...Guess there's no right on wrong choice here, huh? Everypony seems pretty divided." >He concludes, pausing for a moment to scuff at the ground with a hoof "Anyway, while we wait, wanna go check the store out? They have used windows here!" >Points a forehoof "The sign says so!"
>>13594 >looks at used windows, fascinated "Lets. Maybe they know about fillies. Or heretecs."
>>13594 >Quill, having grown tired of the strange and unkempt hotel, decides to go out and rejoin the others. She spots them by the store and quickly canters over. "Sorry, just got a bit turned around." >She looks at the store herself, letting out an amused snort at the sign. "Oh brother... This town really keeps surprising. Well, if it's the towns general store they must get lotsa traffic, right? No harm in asking around inside."
>>13594 >>13595 >>13597 Too busy to do a pic lately but the show must go on; I'll try to respond faster. >Two stooges and a secretary walk into a store. >The curtains smell of mildew >From the floor erupt mountain ranges of splinters >Shards from the windows spread forth vigorously over the room... and under the used window section. >And wow, what a used window section it is! >Two bits for a whole window - that's a steal! >And that's not all either: Can opener - 5 bits Canned apples - 10 bits Canned muffin - 15 bits Hard tack - 2 bits Whiskey - 20 bits >A ruffled stallion with a brown coat and a black mane sits at the checkout counter, opposite to the side with the pony shaped hole in the wall.
>>13601 >looks at the wall and whistles "Heretecs did it?"
>>13601 >Quill scrunches up her nose, looking grossed out at the smell before she puts on the most forced smile of her life and trots over to the stallion behind the counter. "Hi there. Quite the, uh. Shop, you've got here. Never seen a store specializing in broken windows. Quite a niche market you've fond."
>>13604 >The stallion lets out a jolly laugh. "Those hain't no broken windows! they've still go plenty of good years on em'; they're just well loved is all" >He pans his eyes across the party. "What can I get ya'll?"
>>13606 "You seen 3 fillies and a heretec?"
>>13609 >The shopkeeper shakes his head. "Nope. I'd ask at Ron's if I were you"
>>13612 >scratches his nose against the counter "Shame."
>>13601 >Listening to the others talk, Cloudhead peruses through the wares of the fine establishment >As he does so, a certain something catches his eye... >The deal of the century! >A can opener for ONLY five bits? That's an intangible amount of tens less than the other place! >With haste and a spring in his step, he quickly selects two of them, bringing them up to the counter >Counting up a ten, Cloudhead engages in some conversation himself "Anything interesting happen around these parts lately?" Any descriptions on the items? I remember what Canned Muffins do, but what about the apples, hard tack and whiskey?
>>13621 >The shopkeeper rakes in the bits. "Nope, just the same old thing" This store is a little different
It's quiet... too quiet
>looks at the wall some more "You sure it not heretecs who did that?"
>>13635 >The shopkeeper turns his head and squints. "Huh. What's wrong with the wall? It looks like it's standing to me" >He continues carefully analyzing it, looking directly at the hole. "There's a new window. I wonder when that was installed"
>>13636 >goes to investigate hole >sniffs it from a distance, very carefully "Whatcha think, Cloud?"
>>13636 >Quill trots up to the hole herself. She looks at the size of it, trying to deduce how big the thing that made it must be. Mare sized, filly sized, or a little larger than both. "You, uh. I don't suppose you saw someone come through here in a hurry and not use the front door, didja? Cause I don't think this is a window." >She says, glancing back at the shopkeeper.
>>13642 >The hole is the size of a large stallion and looks fresh. >A trail of shoed hoofprints continues from the other side, but the pony they belong to is not in sight. >The shopkeeper garbles Quill's words from across the room. "Your in a hurry to buy a window? To your left, they're 2 bits. Ya'll blind or somethin'?"
>appears deeply in thought >then backpedals from the wall >chooses a spot to the side from the hole >paws the floor with his front hoof >rushes forward, fast like a tectonic plate and collides with the wall
>>13646 CRASH! >Boulder slams through the wall leaving a pony shaped hole in his wake. >Some splinters and nails stick to his side, 2 damage. >The shopkeeper is too busy writing something to notice.
>>13647 >looks at shopkeeper "Huh? Oh... Uh-huh." >repeats the wall bashing at the spot next to the previous one
>>13649 THUNK! >Boulder hits a vertical beam in the wall, which shifts to the side but does not fully break. >Crackling noise can be heard above. >A purple mare walks in through the first hole and begins examining the used window section. "I'm liking the new breathable marketplace feel" >The shopkeeper looks up from what he's doing to see the customer. "We try to keep our store up to date. Say, where'd that other window come from?"
>>13652 >walks out through the hole >looks at the beam critically "Me don't like this store. Ya better walk out, friends." >He tells To Cloudhead and Quill and squints at the wall, contemplating how to break the beam.
>>13654 >contemplating how to break the beam. This is going to be good
>>13652 >Quill rolls her eyes, ignoring the shopkeeper. >She trots towards the first hole, and walks through it as daintily and carefully as she can. Once she's through, she trots ahead a few steps and outstretches a hoof. "We should hold up and look around for any more paths of destruction we can follow. >Under her breath, she adds "Before we go making our own."
>>13658 >The conversation continues in the store. "Canned apples for 10 bits? That's a great deal!" >The shopkeeper responds to the mare: "You won't find a price like that in Appaloosa" Exiting the building is advisable Cloudhead
>When Cross returns from his sandy walk-about, and once more enters the Hot L, he's a little more than perturbed by the disappearance of... well, everypony. >He glances at Cotton. "If I take another slip, I don't know what I'll do." >He takes the keys again, then tries /for the last time/ to navigate into a downstair bedroom. Happy Hearth's Warming, anons. Sorry for taking off.
>>13675 >notices Cloudhed still transfixed by canned muffins >returns in the shop, grabs him by the tail and drags him out through the largest hole. "Sorry, Cloud. But me wanna try something".
>>13677 Happy Hearth's Warming to you too; looks like our gift is getting Cross back! Don't stress it anon. >Cotton looks up from her desk. "You'll manage. I think your friends went to the West side of town" >Cross steps on the nail board again. >Thankfully it was put back sharp side down. >The door remains knobless. >>13680 >Cloudhead offers little resistance to the living mountain and is now safely out of the building, although the mare gave a strange look at the scene.
>>13683 "They're not doing anything too dangerous, I'm sure." >Cross peers at the point of knoblessness. >He speaks through a mouthful of key. "Whrt?"
>>13698 >Through the hole Cross can see a dark room and... >A clown? >It's hard to make out but it sure looks like a clown. >Other than that it's dusty and there are some broken chairs. >Some beams of light shine through cracks in the walls.
>>13700 >Cross slips the keys to a hoof to call back to Cotton. "Hey, I think you got some kinda squatter or somethin'. Real clown lookin'."
>>13704 >Cotton gasps. "There shouldn't be any clowns in there!" >She rounds the corner into the hallway. >After a few seconds she arrives at the door, turning to give it a kick with her left hind leg. >The door jumps out of position and swings open. >Light shoots into the room through the frame. >Cotton turns to see the room and turns again to face Cross, now sporting a look of confusion. "There hain't noypony in there?" >Cross can see the ghostly figure of a clown. >It stares back begging him to come closer.
>meanwhile near the Used Windows store "Uh... Hmmmmm" >observes the beam >waits till the mare customer go out of the shop
>>13710 >Cross cocks a brow at her. "You full of pranks, Miss Cotton? The nail and board is one thing, but that is definitely a /clown/." >He takes one step into the room, a little apprehensive... because of his suspicion with the floor. "Hey, pal. How's it goin'?"
>>13712 >The mare purchases a can opener and canned apples then leaves. >The "beam" looks very weak from the first blow. It's not a beam, it's a post because it's vertical. I feel silly that I mixed it up but my excuse can be it's Boulder's low int observation. >>13713 I have been super busy lately. I want to get a visual thing for this and what Boulder is about to do, so it will take a few days for me to reply. I think it will be well worth it.
>>13719 >my excuse can be it's Boulder's low int observation based >so it will take a few days for me to reply. I think it will be well worth it. very based. thank you for all the effort you put in. (You) are the OP who delivers.
happy new year mares and stooges
(442.62 KB 640x480 silly3.mp4)
>>13713 >Cotton freezes in place, so does Cross. >silly3.mp4 >Silly disappears from the room. Happy new year! bouldersmash.mp4 is in production right now; expect it by the end of the day.
>walks backwards a bit >huffs "Now he not tell the wall is ok!" >rushes towards the "beam" like a siege tower
>>13735 >Cross blinks stars from his eyes. "...Be seein' ya, Silly." >He looks back at Cotton. "Uh, sorry. Didn't mean to accuse you of pranks or nothin'. We all got a little clown who keeps our lives on track, right?" >He coughs, then nods firmly at the darkness. "Anywho, this is a good place. Definitely useful, could see myself sleepin' here, actually. I'll be back 'round when I've got the bits spare. But in the meantime, you know any vets or soldier colts in town?" >Polishing the keys in his hoof against his chest, he doubles down on his grin. "I might not be in no more, but I'm always lookin' out for the Guard."
(1.89 MB 640x480 bouldersmash.mp4)
>>13737 It's here. Paint 3D + Windows Movie Maker = win. It's going to be hard to top this. >bouldersmash.mp4 >The building collapses on top of Boulder, knocking him out in an instant. >The used window salespony pops his head out of the top of the wreckage. >An orange unicorn stallion walks over the pile and looks at him. "I dig the new open air market feel" >The salespony frowns. "I can't find my crossword puzzle" >>13738 >Cotton returns a confused look but quickly perks up. "Yep, ol' cannon hooves. Lives just down the road on the east side of town; house with the weather vane. A friend of yours?"
>>13741 "Ouch"
>>13741 It's beautiful
>>13741 >Upon noticing the Canned Muffin conveniently tumbling towards his hooves, Cloudhead quickly scoops it up into his bag "Wow! Thanks Boulder!" >He says, taking in the destruction before him >After awhile, however, he begins to ponder if that was a wise decision or not when he doesn't see his companion "Um... You OK?" >Cloudhead then asks, before getting up and digging into the rubble F-Zero X music lmao. Kino. Sorry for the absence, last two weeks were crazy. Had no power or internet for 5 days because of winter storm, then I left to go somewhere else for the holidays. Back now and all is well.
>>13744 >Cloudhead manages to avoid the broken glass, nails, and splinters with his nimble movements. >After pulling a few boards and window frames aside he finds Boulder, who although unconscious thankfully doesn't appear to be grievously injured. >He is a rock after all. >There is still more building on top of him to remove.
>>13744 No problem; that's how it goes sometimes. Thankfully at the pace this is at you won't miss much when something like that happens.
>>13748 >Quill stares at the commotion with growing disbelief. >Looking at the nails, she doesn't want to risk touching it with her hooves. >She lights her horn, levitating some of the smaller boards and bits of rock off of Boulder "Gonna assume that was all exactly according to his intentions, and be very impressed when we confirm he's still alive." >>13741 It's absolute kino. Also sorry for going dark. Busy holidays moment, should be better going forward now
>>13741 "Any pony of the guard is a friend of mine." >He offers the keys back to Cotton. "'preciate the hospitality. Been a while since we've run into some good, honest ponies. Good mares, no less." >After smiling at Cotton for effect, he turns his eyes toward where Prickly ambled off. "I hate to leave her, but pass the word along that we've up and gone off to town, if you don't mind." >With all of that wrapped up, he heads outside to get a better view of the sounds he's been hearing. holy fucking kinoooooooo. Boulder is the real main character. >>13744 welcome back, always happy to see you I hope Prickly anon returns from the gray ship, soon
>>13751 >Between Quill and Cloudhead the debris are quickly cleared out of the way.
>>13754 >Cotton smiles back. "Will do. Take care!" >As Cross exits the Hot L at first he looks to the left, nothing out of the ordinary. >As his head turns right he sees the remains of the general store. >Next to those Cloudhead and Quill are looking at a grey lump its... >Boulder? >What the hay happened!
>>13756 >Cross gallops over to the carnage. "What the hay happened!"
>>13759 >Quill glances at Cross, a little smirk on her face. "Boulder here was just demonstrating the importance of structural joints in buildings. I guess you lot are some sort of travelling freelance demolition artists, huh?"
>>13763 >>13764 >He pauses, and listens. "Oh. Attacolt, Boulder!" >Cross turns back to Quill. "Boulder's definitely our artist. That's his finest work yet." >Satisfied that there's no danger, Cross looks around for any sign of the veteran's house. >He might struggle with his north and south, but he surely knows what a weather vane looks like.
>>13765 >There doesn't appear to be a house with a weather vane on this side of town. >It's starting to get dark so Cross can't quite tell if there is one back in the direction of the Hot L, but if there is one it has to be there.
>>13763 >Gently pokes Boulder with a forehoof "Are you able to get up?"
>>13791 You'll have to drag him to a bed or help him walk by supporting on two sides.
>>13766 >>13795 >Cross moves on over to Boulder, and kicks at some of the debris around them. "Tuckered yourself out, did you?"
>>13796 "It was better, when I wore my armor."
>>13797 >Tries to help get Boulder up onto his hooves
>>13797 >>13804 >Cross flanks one side of Boulder. "Gonna need to find us some new kit one of these days."
>>13804 >>13807 >With the support of Cloudhead and Cross, Boulder is on his hooves
>>13807 >>13823 "What did you think of that strange place with the letters on the floor? Is it good enough for the night?" >He asks, making an effort to start shuffling away from the scene
>>13825 "Yeah, it's dark and dry. Real nice. Clown might be keeping us company, though." >He nods his head back toward the Hot L. "I got a place I can check out just a little ways past the place, I'm sure. Right now it's gettin' dark, so we might wanna give ol' boy here a good floor."
>>13826 >>13825 >The three are moving in the direction of the Hot L.
>>13827 >The stooges enter the Hot L. >Cotton's eyes dart to Boulder. "Oh no! What happened?" >She says as she trots over to lend a hoof.
>>13838 >in apolegetic tone "Me forgot to wear me armor."
>>13840 >Cotton leads the way, this time taking special care to kick obstructions out of the path. "We need to get you resting fast!" >She kicks the hall door causing it to swing open. >The party follows to the left and Cotton unlocks the door to a downstairs bedroom. >It smells moldy and the furnishing is ripped, but it's better than being in the street... maybe. >Depends how warm or cold the night is really. >Boulder feels much better being set on a bed. "Much better. Shall we get the rest of ya'll set up with some rooms?"
>>13840 >Cross gives Boulder a good pat on the withers. He smiles. "You're alright, Boulder." >>13844 "S'good room for him. Thanks again." >Cross looks at Cloudhead. "Whatcha say, feathers? We callin' it in, here? Don't know about the uh, the mares we've got with us." >He leans in. "That, and I'm bone dry on bits."
>>13844 >Quill follows the lot from a distance, not really much help in the strength department. >She takes her time meandering through town, watching the locals, before venturing over to the Hot L and waiting at the front desk for Cotton to return.
>>13848 >>13845 >Quill can hear Cross through the wall. >Cotton smiles. "Your welcome"
>>13845 "Where'd those two go, anyway?" >Cloudhead asks as he takes a moment to better examine the room, getting an idea of how many ponies can rest in it >However, his ears soon pin back at a thought "And, um... You saw that clown...? Again?"
>>13851 "Yeah. I think I'm startin' to kinda like 'im, actually." >He slows. "...Okay, maybe not. Still, for a dead stallion, he's been a helpful sort. Told us about the gator, now he's givin' us leads on fillies." >He rolls his withers. "As for the mares, I think they're around. Doin' mare things. Ain't that right, Miss Cotton?"
>>13851 >The beds, the floor, what's the difference? >It's all such a mess that it's only merit is being under a roof, and even then just barely. >>13852 >Cotton nods. "I should be up at the front"
>>13854 >Amid the awkward silence interrupted only by the sound of mouth breathing Cotton turns around and walks back to the front desk.
>>13861 >Noticing Quill she trots over. "Hi again. Looking for a room?"
>>13852 >>13854 "Huh, well... As long as he's being helpful, I guess the clown isn't so bad..." >He muses, finally deciding on a plan of action "Anyway, I guess here's as good of a place as any for the night..." QRD on the current situation? I'm trying to get things straight in my mind, but a lot of things were happening at the same time and now I'm confused Current bit count for everyone? Did this downstairs room get paid for, or does that still need to be done? Are there still things to be doing outside now that it's getting dark? The burden of being Mr Moneyhooves, gotta make sure everyone's financed properly lmao
>>13867 The party arrived at town. Quill joined. You went to the saltlick but didn't go in because of the door fee, so you went to the Hot L and talked with a zebra and met Cotton. Prickly and Cross had to take a break leaving Boulder, Cloudhead, and Quill. Cloudhead checked out the east side of town and tried to get a sense of which saltlick is better while the rest of the party was talking in the Hot L, but he couldn't get a clear consensus. After that the party went and demolished the general store, knocking out Boulder. Cross rejoined and saw Silly at the same time, and then met up with the party. You took Bouler back to the Hot L to rest and now it is getting dark. That's where your at now. The only transactions that have happened in town are paying Cotton for a secret and buying those can openers then getting a free canned muffin, so the room is not paid for yet. Current bit counts: Boulder - 129 bits Cloudhead - 321 bits Marked Cross - 10 bits Prickly Pear - 0 bits Quill Conspiracy - 70 bits
>>13862 >Quill gives a curt nod. "Mmhm, thank you. One for myself, certainly. How many beds to a room? I imagine we may need several."
>>13873 >Cotton nods. "Two beds in a downstairs room, one in an upstairs room"
>Cross gives Boulder one last check, then heads back to the front.
>>13879 >Follows along on his way back to the front desk >Upon noticing Quill conversing with the mare behind the counter, Cloudhead patiently takes his place in line behind her
>>13875 >>13885 >>13879 >Quill looks back at the others when they arrive. "So, there's two beds to a room downstairs... if we pool our bits together and get a few, that's ten bits from each of us." >Quill shrugs. "If we REALLY wanna save bits, we just get two downstairs and draw straws on who gets the floor. I sleep at my desk all the time, this wouldn't be much worse."
>>13894 >Cross sighs. "Look, I've got 10 bits. I'm at everypony's mercy, here."
>>13894 >Stares blankly at Quill for a time as his brain calculates out the extreme mathematics of the logistics issue at hoof >Eventually, his expression perks up as he arrives at a happy conclusion "We can make two downstairs work, I know just the way!" >He says in a chipper tone, then looking over at Cross >>13916 "Don't worry, I'll cover our room tonight." >Cloudhead then moves up to the desk alongside Quill, slowly counting out two sets of ten bits onto the counter Trust my 5 IQ plan kek
>>13925 >Cotton accepts the bits, sliding the key to the room with Boulder across the table. "Thank you" >She looks expectantly at Quill.
>>13926 >Quill shrugs, cracking a small smirk and plopping down twenty bits herself "There you go, miss."
>>13927 "And thank you as well, yours is the room to the right" >Cotton slides a set of keys to Quill.
>>13925 >Cross nods. "'preciate it, feathers." >He looks back to Cotton. After Quill receives her keys, he speaks. "So, do you know anything about uh, Cannon Hooves? Just want to know that I'm not steppin' on his hooves."
>>13936 >Cotton looks at Cross. "He won't cause you any trouble, he's just a little strange. Goes out on long walks every night. He's probably out there somewhere right now"
>>13942 >Cross looks between Cloudhead and Cotton. His head makes two quick swipes. "Then I think I might drop in before turnin' in. Prolly best if we don't all jump 'em, either." >As he turns to leave, he stops to look at Quill. "If you're stickin' around..." >He pauses, clucks his tongue against the back of his teeth, then shakes his head. "...I'unno, be nice to Cloudhead, here. He's a good colt. If he trusts you, I'll trust you." >Leaving his friends (and suspicions) behind, Cross leaves the Hot L.
>>13943 >Quill raises her eyebrow, a little surprised, but she shrugs and nods. "You won't have to worry about that. I'm plenty patient. And this seems like a much needed change of pace for me. I'll be nice, I promise." >As Cross leaves, she trots after him, giving his tail a little tug with her tail to stop him. "You're going out there alone? Think that's a good idea? Well, good luck, I guess. Give a holler if you get taken out by a wayward L or H or something." >She trots back to the others, fiddling with the key in her magic as she trots over to her room and unlocks it to peer inside.
>>13945 >Cross' muzzle reddens at the tail-twining. He turns for a brief moment. "U-uh, huh. Yeah."
>>13945 >As the door opens, some creepy crawler disappears into it's hole. >Putrid. >Quill spots several potential tripping hazards on the floor as well. >The beds are covered in mold. >>13962 >As Cross walks into the night he sees drunk ponies walking out of Ron's saltlick, plus the zebra from earlier. >There is the path to the side of town where the store got demolished and the path to the side of town he hasn't been to yet.
>>13970 >After a quick hum to debate the odds, he wagers that he'll see ol' cannon hooves on the quieter side. >He takes the path to the side of town he hasn't been.
>>13926 >Takes the key >>13945 >>13970 >Remembering what happened earlier, Cloudhead decides to follow behind Quill in order to check something >Once the door is opened, he approaches, full of apprehension >Both for what he may see, and for wondering how he's going to explain himself to the mare "U-Um... Hello again." >He introduces himself meekly "Are there any... any clowns in... there?" >He then asks, craning his head to try and peer inside
>>13973 >There's the house with the weather vein, and off to the left is a path into the prairie. >It's quiet at night say for the creaking of boards in the wind and has just as much broken glass as the other side of town.
>>13977 >Tries to gauge if anypony's home at the weather vane house.
>>13978 >As Cross nears a window, he feels shards of glass against his hooves. >Peering in he spots nopony home and no lights on. >Not that anypony here has lights. >As he turns away from the window a shadowy figure lurking behind startles him.
>>13979 >He waits for a moment, aloof and unsure.
>>13974 >Quill pushes the door open a bit wider so Cloudhead can see. "Heya. No clowns, besides maybe myself for paying for this room." >She then catches up with what she just said and turns around, raising an eyebrow. "Wait. Clowns?"
>>13980 >It doesn't move or speak, it resembles a pony.
>>13990 >He stares.
>>13991 >It remains still, but as Cross's vison focuses on it it's form becomes less and less clear. >The edges of the form seem to shake. >The silence is interrupted by a falling board followed by breaking glass somewhere in the distance.
>>13992 "I uh, Ol' Cannon Hooves?"
>>13993 >No response. >It looks like it might just be a plant or something.
>>13994 "Yeah... okay." >Cross heads for the path to the prairie.
>>13996 >The path is long and meandering. >The night is moderately dark, and Cross isn't always sure that he is walking on the path. >After a few minutes -might as well have been a few hours; or a few days!- he realizes that he has lost sight of the town. >The only visual to guide him is the silhouette of a mountain in the distance which has been to his... >He folds up one foreleg and then the other, one of them making a backwards "L" shape and the other an "L". >The silhouette of a mountain which has been to his left the entire time, more or less. >He hears some strange mumbling in the distance. Good on you for engaging as much as you can on my random day off, I'm starting to get in a rhythm which I haven't been able to lately.
>>13997 >Falling back onto his forelegs, Cross coughs. "Well, no time to get killed like the present." >He stalks forward, sticking to the path as much as he can while following the mumbling. It is coincidentally also my random day off. I miss Prickly.
>>13999 >The mumbling grows louder, but Cross can't make out more than a few words that don't seem to mean anything. >Suddenly- "Bucking commies!" >Followed by screaming and sobbing. >Cross continues forwards, the source of he noise now just ahead of him, but suddenly it goes silent. Me too. Prickly adds a certain energy to things.
>>14004 >He breaks into a gallop to cut the distance. >He's up and yelling, his ears folded back from the sheer fire in his throat. "Guard comin' through!"
>>14007 >A deep voice shouts from behind Cross sounding in a better mood than before. "Woah there! I'm back here"
>>14009 >Cross skids to a halt and does a double-take behind him. >He calls out blindly. "What?!"
>>14011 >It's hard to see clearly, but Cross can make out a dark colored figure with a lighter mane. "You were in the Guard? Cannon Hooves. What's your name and what brings you out here?"
>>14012 >Cross turns in place and lets Cannon Hooves approach if he wants to. "Marked Cross. Yeah, I /was/ in the Guard. Wanted to show the world I have what it takes to do a lot of good, and die tryin'. Workin' on the dyin' part, but the good's why I came lookin' for you." >He peers around before continuing. "I uh, heard you were around. I'm always lookin' out for the Guard, but now that I'm out looking at the world for myself, I'm feelin' a little lost." >Comfortably sure that none of his friends are around, Cross deflates. "Alright, more than a little. Look, me and some friends are lookin' for some fillies that ran off with some ponies nopony knows. There's all this stuff about unions, trains, and gold, but I just can't put things together. I'm a fighter, not a thinker. I'm here for some answers... and..." >He struggles to finish. "...some /help/." >A grimace wraps around his face. "So if'n it ain't too much off the pelt, I'd appreciate any answers you've got... for a guard like me, and my friends, too."
>>14013 >Cannon Hooves steps closer. "Well I can tell you for sure the unions aren't to be trusted, but I haven't heard of no fillies. I get that I'm your friend out here but why do you suppose I have any answers?" >Boulder can hear the rats shuffling out of the walls. >Unsure of his condition they approach cautiously. >Some of the rats begin gnawing at his hooves.
>>14018 "I'm not too sure. I guess I'm just lookin' for somepony who's got a bit more age on guard business."
>>14018 >notices rats "Go away, varmints!" >he budges, trying to stand and relocate. But to his shame, doing so he farts explosively, filling the environs with toxic fumes of half digested low-quality grass.
>>14019 >Cannon Hooves puts a hoof on Cross's shoulder. "I can try my best. Know anything about the fellas that took these here fillies?" >>14020 >The rats jump back at the outburst, but quickly realize that Boulder is no threat and continue their gnawing. >>13987 >Across the Hot L Quill and Cloudhead are still examining the other room but couldn't quite hear Boulder over the building sounds. >Maybe if he cried a little louder...
>>14021 ok >manages to sit on his rump >weakly stomps his front hoof >shouts as loud as he can "Cloud? Cross? Where are you, guys?!"
>>14022 >Cloudhead and Quill could hear that. >Boulder's hooves are shorter than they have been in weeks.
>>14023 >tries to get to the door "Help! This barn is full of varmints!"
>>14024 >Boulder manages to roll off of the bed, but getting across the splintered floor is too much of a challenge. >He is held back by snagging pieces of wood. >Cloudhead and Quill, alerted enough the second time, are alerted further. >On his way out of the bed Boulder manages to accidentally crush a few rats.
>>13987 >He thinks about how to explain himself... >...only to end up looking down at the floor, scuffing at it with a hoof in embarrassment >How could anypony believe something as absurd as a ghost clown following them around? "U-Um, well... You see..." >He begins, with a long, drawn out pause "We visited Manehattan; not too long ago. We, uh... Kinda ended up in a bad part of town, where there was this-" >>14020 >Cloudhead's explanation is abruptly cut short as a nearby Rogue Gaseous Expulsion hits the resonant frequency of the entire building, giving him pause >Perked up and alert, he looks around in confusion "Huh?" >After hearing nothing else, he then attempts to continue his story with Quill "A-Anyway, so there was this clown, and-" >>14022 >>14024 >Clearly hearing that something is amiss, Cloudhead gallops over to the other room >Opening the door, he is taken aback both by the bizarre scene before him, and the noxious fumes "What the hay is happening in here?!" >He cries out before zipping in to bonk some rats
>>14029 sorry, I actually hoped the fumes would deter rats "I dont like this barn."
>>14029 >With Cloudhead on the scene the rats quickly scatter, but not before he squashes a good 12 of them. >Thankfully they weren't able to do much more than give Boulder his needed trim... although they did an awful rough job of it. >The floor is about as comfortable as the bed. >>14033 I was thinking of the rats as undead so they would actually heal from poison damage, but they are kind of sub-enemies because they are too weak to be a battle on their own. On their own... >Even with the rats gone something doesn't feel right.
>>14021 "I know there was red pegasus with an orange mane, and there were these expedition-raisin' stallions back in Ponyville that got the fillies all excited for the west..." >Cross fills him in with as much information as he can. >He's absolutely and totally trusting of this stallion he's chanced upon in a night of screams, apparitions, and scream-summoned clown apparitions. holy kek the Hot L shenanigans
>>14036 "Orange Blaze?" >Cannon Hooves steps back and is silent. >Just when Cross is about to say something, he speaks with pain in his voice. "He served with me in the Equestrian Armed Forces, I retired before him. Came here to visit yesterday"
>>14035 >the rats have a fart fetish
>>14035 >Quill follows Cloudhead in from a respectable distance, a hoof covering her snout. "Ahem. H-hey. You're up." >She's clearly trying not to gag as she lingers in the door way. "That's... a lot of dead rats." >Quill lights her horn as she trots in, using telekinesis to float the dead squashed rat bodies into one corner of the room. If the room has a carpet, she uses the carpet to cover them up. "Er, there. Good as new. Probably."
>>14041 >As Quill lifts a tattered rug to the corner it reveals that the rug was being used to hide an open hole in the floor.
>>14033 >>14035 >>14043 "I don't like this place either. Are you OK?" >He asks as he warily peers into the hole in the floor
>>14038 >At the mention of prior service, Cross shows his own bit of pain through a wince. "...Did he seem off? I don't imagine an EUP pony would just up and do something as bad as foalnappin'."
>>14045 >The hole goes into the crawl space under the Hot L. >There doesn't appear to be anything noteworthy down there. >>14046 >Cannon Hooves continues. "When he got back from service he found his wife with another stallion. She won't let him see his foals"
>>14048 >Cross shakes his head. "That's no way a guard oughta be treated after service." >He stops to run a hoof through his mane. "So, he might be a family pony done wrong—/really/ wrong—but what is he doing with these three Ponyville fillies? This ain't no place for just any old field trip." >He lowers his hoof. "I just wanna meet him, now. Honestly speakin', I wasn't too against takin' the fillies out west, granted they had the right ponies looking out for 'em. I just need to know what he's thinking."
>>14052 >Cannon Hooves looks up at the cloudy sky. "Sorry, but he didn't mention any fillies. He did say he was going to Jacobstown where they found gold but nothing else of interest to you" >He pauses, turns away, and begins disappearing into the night. "Good luck Marked Cross"
>>14054 "Yeah, I s'pose that's all I needed to know. Thanks a bunch. And thank you for your service, Cannon Hooves." >For a time, Cross looks up into the sky, too. His ears prick in listening. >Then, with a final scuff on the path, he aligns himself with the silhouette of the mountain in the distance, and turns to make his way back to town.
>>14055 >After walking for a few minutes the grass turns to sand, still no sign of the town.
>>14066 "Uh... was it always this sandy?"
for the record, I was playing Cross as the prideful 2 int retard he is (I didn't /want/ him to go alone), and I do still have the pink whistle in case it looks murdery
>>14068 "No" >As Cross continues into the desert he passes stones and cacti. >A ways in he comes across a railroad track. >still has the pink whistle No ghost trains out tonight, but if there were you could probably suplex them anyways. >Back at the Hot L a rumbling begins to emanate from the walls... >It couldn't be a ROUL, those don't exist. >Right?
>>14070 "Who said that?" >His ears are folded back in listening, until he comes to a stop right beside the tracks. >He huffs to himself. "Whatever, this mission's through. Just gotta get back to town..." >He looks up and down the rail both ways. >you could probably suplex them anyways kek, thank you for the reminder
>>14071 >There is no clear sign of the town in either direction. >Cross is pretty sure the track was going through grass back at Prairie Post. >It's been an hour or two by now.
>>14070 >his ears stand up at the rumbling "It ain't me doing."
>>14070 >Quill takes a wary step back from the walls. "Um.... no, I feel that too." >She bites her lip. Her horn lights. "Well whatever it is, we shouldn't be inside this rickety building."
>>14070 >>14073 >>14074 >Feeling a bit fearful, Cloudhead tucks his tail and wings close to his body as his eyes dart around the room >Whatever fresh gift from Tartarus is coming their way; he doesn't feel like sticking around to see what it may be "I don't want to be here anymore... We should really go find Cross." >He suggests before hurrying over to Boulder's side once more to help move him along
(455.47 KB 714x2247 Resonance_Frequency.jpg)
I'm so happy. I have something important to share! The line I made up at >>14029 about Boulder's trumpet reaching the resonant frequency of the building, was based off of an absolutely ancient 4chan story that has been buried in the depths of my mind for years I thought it was lost to time, but I actually managed to find it. Behold. >The sound gradually transitioned into a heavily modulated low-RPM tone, not unlike someone firing up a Harley. I managed to hit the resonance frequency of the stall, and it shook gently. That one line has been firmly engraved in my subconscious for nearly two decades now, and it still makes me kek. You too may now visualize in your minds eye Boulder blasting out Harley engine noise ...On a side note, I can't believe I've become such a boomer oldfag that I remember when those posts were still new and fresh
>>14072 >He brings his voice up boldly. "Hello? Any uh, any voices know the way to Prairie Post?" >>14076 holy shit ^:) kek
>>14076 Woah, downloaded! That's an impressively old gem; I'm glad you managed to dig it up. God save me the mental image will never go away even if I get dementia. >>14077 >Cross's voice echos off the rocks. >The wind whistles as a tumbleweed blows past him.
>>14075 "Agreed, Cloudhead." >Quill trots to the opposite of Boulder to help, too. She lights her horn to open the door for them. "I didn't think it was very bright of him to wander off on his own anyways..."
>>14075 >>14079 >Cloudhead and Quill help Boulder out of the room, down the hall, past Cotton... >She's asleep at her desk. >They aren't going to cover much ground with Bouler dragging. >Whatever is behind them is scratching rapidly. >Cotton mumbles in her sleep. "Quit down Rodney"
>>14080 >musters all his strength to both walk and call out "Miss! Miss!! Something is trying to level the barn, but it ain't me! Run!"
(520.42 KB 1064x863 turn43.png)
(821.06 KB 3050x4330 qu1l.png)
>>14081 >Miraculously Boulder manages to walk up to Cotton on his own strength before collapsing. >As this happens the biggest rat anypony in the party has seen runs around the corner of the hallway with a bunch of smaller rats at it's feet. >Cloudhead and Quill stand between this monster and the lobby. >In the lobby Cotton wakes up and runs to the corner to see the commotion. "Oh no why did you make him mad!" Finally! I have been slacking lately. Quill looked pretty goofy before I colored her. You'll also be happy to know I have a dungeon planned you will get to soon.
>>14078 >Cross takes a right, and starts walking. "This is going to take a while, isn't it?" >He laments. the giant rat who makes all of the rules go ponies go
>>14085 "Yes" >Cross walks. >And walks.. >And walks... >After at least 30 minutes the terrain becomes rougher and plateaus arise from the horizon. >This can't be the right way.
>>14083 "I-It's not our fault!" >He cries about before going in for a low altitude, fast bopping run on the small rats... Twice >The Big Cheese approaches Also Quill's expression accuRATely describes the situation kek
>>14083 "Yeah, you could have warned us about the ghastly pony-sized rat!" >Quill lights her horn, casting a fractional spell at Rodney the Rat. kino picture anon, I love the process art
(521.60 KB 1064x863 turn44.png)
>>14088 >>14090 >Cotton yells at Quill. "How dare you call him ghastly! Rodney is sweet and cuddly" >Cloudhead hits the rats for 6 and 2 damage. >Quill sucks away 6 HP from Rodney. >Cotton's face contorts to shocked sadness. "NO! How could you? Stop hurting them!" >Rodney gets a strong bite in on Quill for 9 damage and inflicts poison, which deals 1 damage this turn. >The rats hit both Cloudhead and Quill for 3 damage. Damn, unlucky rolls on your first turn Quill. It looks worse than it is though; you have enough information and tools for this to be easily in your favor if you use good strategy together.
>laments "If only I had my armor."
>>14087 "Shut it." >Cross turns around. He lets out a very unhappy snort and walks a little faster the way he just came.
>>14094 Strat talk time So hold on a moment. Since it was previously alluded to, are these rats actually undead or not? Because I just realized that if they are, I can heal Quill back up via items while she can just whip out the one shot nukes using the heal spell
>>14096 >Cross continues to follow the track. >Thankfully even in the dark it's easy to tell where it is. >The town comes into view. By the time Cross is at the town the fight has been over for a while, so the party can merge when that's done and time passes for everypony but Cross. >>14097 I wouldn't let something slip then change my mind. I won't hold your hoof in the next dungeon though; I'm considering this a warm up after not having battle for a while plus it's Quill's first.
>>14094 >Quickly stuffs two small apples into Quill's mouth >Doctors hate him! I think I have two small apples? Realizing I may have forgotten to update my inventory list at some point
>>14094 >>14103 "Ow..." >Quill grumbles out. She scowls at Cotton. "Well, if Rodney was such a sweetheart, he wouldn't be blocking the way! If he doesn't stop attacking us, we won't have a choice! And trust me, I've killed worse--" >Quill is then appled before she can finish. >Yummy "Thanks, Cloudhead... I can shield you or heal you back if you need." Sanity check, but Cloudhead has one more action as pegasus, yeah?
>>14106 He's using two 5 HP healing items which is two actions. Also remember that shield only protects against magic damage. >>14103 You have three, so after this turn you will have one.
>>14095 I /really/ regret just going on with the mission to leave town, kek
>>14107 Gotcha, thanks. I'll try to implement the strat in a way that doesn't seem metagamey >After she's recovered a bit from the bite, and recalling the poison damage she took, Quill lights her horn and casts a heal spell towards the mass of rats. >If she's right, they won't be a problem anymore >If she's wrong, at least Cotton won't be as upset at her
(462.28 KB 1064x863 turn45.png)
>>14103 >>14106 >>14113 >Quill heals 10 HP from Cloudhead's apples, but loses 1 HP to poison damage. >Quill's heal spell hits the crowd of rats. >20 rats scream in unison as they are fried out of being. >Cotton gasps. "Run away Rodney!" >Rodney snarls enraged. >He lunges for Cloudhead and scratches him for 3 damage.
>>14127 >The remaining rats are to weak to attack, they just tickle a little.
>>14127 >Makes use of the last two small rats as a launching pad to deliver Rodney a high speed snoot boop
>>14127 "Yeah, Rodney! Run away!" >Quill hollers out. She follows behind Cloudhead, and bucks directly at Rodney's face with her back hooves
>>14129 >>14137 I got home late and I need to get to bed now; I'll update this in the morning.
(436.72 KB 1064x863 turn46.png)
>>14129 >>14137 >Cloudhead hits the rats for 6 damage, leaving two holes in the floor where his hooves hit. >He leaps up but stumbles, only doing 1 damage to Rodney. >Quill goes in for the takedown... 1 damage! >Rodney retaliates scratching Cloudhead again for 3 damage. >Boulder watches Cotton frantically dig through her desk for a rancid hunk of cheese.
>>14143 >Takes a lunch break to eat his last Small Apple before bopping the giant rat once more
>>14143 >Quill illuminates her horn, prepping another heal spell, this time aiming it directly at Rodney as Cloudhead goes in for his attack boop.
(441.89 KB 1064x863 turn47.png)
>>14144 >>14147 >Cloudhead heals 5 HP and deals 2 damage. >Quill's heal spell comes out half-baked, doing 8 damage. >Rodney bites Quill for 1 damage but doesn't break the skin. >Cotton finds the cheese and rounds the corner, preparing to throw. "Rodney, catch!"
>>14148 >Alarmed by the arrival of backup, Cloudhead charges in once more with two blows, eager to be done with the abnormal rat before things get worse
>>14148 "Oh no you don't!" >Quill dives in and attempts intercept the cheese before it reaches Rodney
>>14150 >Cloudhead hits Rodney for 1 and 5 damage. >Quill blocks the cheese and it lands behind her relative to the big rat. >Rodney is seriously beat up; he can't continue to fight in this state. >He scurries away into the darkness. >Cloudhead and Quill each gain 15 XP. >Cotton trots over to them. "You didn't have to hurt them! Your not welcome here anymore" >She picks up the cheese with her mouth and canters after Rodney.
"Methinks we need to level the whole town. There only heretecs here. Me needs good meal and set-o-armor, and then me prolly can do that."
>>14153 >Quill scoffs. "You're telling me. She owes me twenty bits." >Rolling her eyes, she trots back to Boulder and helps him walk if he still needs it.
>>14152 "I really don't like it here anymore... Why can't everypony just be normal, like back at home?" >He grumbles >Knowing that they won't be spending the night here any longer, Cloudhead walks over to the front desk and sets the room key on the counter >After a moment of consideration, he decides to check behind the counter to see if there's anything interesting... >...or if he can help himself to a refund
Cross is going to be pretty cross when he finds out about what's happening here based as hell Cloudhead, though
>>14157 >Crumpled paper... >Torn paper... >Broken pencil... >Chewed gum... >Here's something! >Cloudhead finds Cotton's diary. >Maybe she wrote where she puts the bits in there somewhere. LOL you guys are assholes; I dare you to read it
>>14160 >Unravels the lump of paper to examine it
>>14160 Assholes? We?
>>14161 >It's all tic-tac-toe. >>14162 Read the diary and find out. You were very rude to Rodney hurting his friends and he was justified in attacking you If your going to read it here's some advice to speed things up: it's above Cloudhead's reading level so Quill is the only one here that can read it We should get things moving so that Cross and Boulder can come back in play
>>14164 >Feeling disappointed over all the wasted bits, Cloudhead trudges over to Boulder's side to help move him along "Let's get out of here."
>>14164 >Quill pockets the diary herself and vows to save it for a boring train ride or slow night. >It's not her bits but at least it's something. >She then nods and trots back to Cloudhead and Boulder and opens the door outside with her magic. "Agreed. Let's go find Cross Hopefully he's been having a less exciting time than us."
>>14165 >>14168 >The three in the Hot L exit into the dark and chilly night. >The only place with a light on now is Ron's Superior Saltlick, and even then it's dim. >There is no clue as to where Cross went. >Quill can tell that it's not a good idea to go far out there; eyes can play tricks on you and it's easy to get lost. You can pass time to when Cross arrives or go in the Saltlick and then pass the time. Boulder will be able to move again with 5 HP in that time. I wonder how Prickly's bathroom break is doing.
Prickly has become an event in the world: she will be waiting that bathroom until somepony opens that door...
>>14171 >After a few hours milling around town in the dark the party can hear hoofsteps. >By now Boulder can walk by himself. >They find that the source of the hoofsteps is Cross!
>>14181 "Woah, hey... ponies!" >His voice is bedraggled, and his ears droop back with it. >Cross is thoroughly ragged: grains of orange cover every last hair on him, and the least grouped of them are the hoof-thick rings of sand stuck to his sweaty fetlocks. >Still a bit punch-drunk, he smiles through his wretched state. "Well, my little midnight run worked out. Ol' Cannon Hooves pointed us in the way of Jacobstown. There'll be gold for sure, and I have a good feelin' there'll be fillies." >He looks everypony up and down, and his smile falls. "You uh... out for your own adventure? There's nothin' but rails and tumbleweeds outta town."
>>14182 "You found where fiilies go? Thank Celestia!"
>>14182 "Cross. You're okay." >Quill gives Cross a greeting nod. "We had a bit of a confrontation at the Hotel. It had a major rodent problem, and so we, er. 'Decided' not to stay the night." >Quill makes little air quotes with her hooves at 'decided'.
>>14187 "Yup, just gotta split." >>14188 "Yeah, good to see everypony's in one piece." >Cross raises a brow as she continues. "...Feathers? What's she talkin' about?"
>>14189 "Bunch of weird small rats came outta nowhere and tried to eat Boulder while he was resting. We scared 'em off and got out of there, but then a really, really big rat came after us..." >He explains, raising his forehooves high and wide to visualize the sheer size of said rat "...beat that one back too. But the mare running that place got mad at us for defending ourselves for some reason, sooo... We lost our place for the night." "And now we're here." >He concludes in a matter-of-fact way, before letting out a weary sigh "I'm already missing Ponyville."
>>14194 >Cross shakes some his fatigue and nods along. Then, he turns to everypony. "Sooner we get those fillies, lads—and lady—the sooner we can get 'em back to Ponyville, and be on our merry adventurin' way." >He scuffs the ground beneath him. "Well, we're down a Hot L, and we ain't got a fancy hotel like the city." >Cross glances around the night, then looks back with a wry grin. "Saltlick?"
>>14195 >Quill nods. "I can go for some salt-licking. Not like we've got many other options left, right?"
>Meandering over to Ron's, he cautiously pokes his head through the entrance to see inside
>>14206 >There is a little room blocking entry to the rest of the saltlick. >A bouncer stands in front of the door. "You want in? 20 bits, n'less you have a group"
>>14207 "We do. All of us, we want in together. Please." >Quill confirms, motioning at the rest of the gathered party. "We REALLY need someplace to rest, you see."
>>14208 >The bouncer nods. "Alright, 40 bits will get you all in"
>>14209 >Cross offers up his last 10 bits. "Figures. Mom was right that I'd go dry on a saltlick."
>Hoofs over the rest of the bits for the three of them
(469.27 KB 1010x703 ron_saltlick.png)
>>14210 >>14214 >The bouncer accepts the bits, stepping to the side to let the party through. "Enjoy yourselves" >As soon as they walk in they are greeted by am aroma that prompts a gag reflex. >Cloudhead and Quill lack the constitution not to throw up, puking right in the door frame. "Hey watch it! Go in the other corner for that" >An irritated patron yells. >Where is the food? >Where are the drinks? >Looks like there is something to nibble on in the corner.
>>14216 >It was at that exact moment Cloudhead realized: He's had enough of this towns shit >How could such a quaint little railway town in the middle of nowhere, be seemingly worse than the depths of Manehattan? >Impossible! >And yet... Ancient pegasi instincts awaken an unfamiliar emotion in his feeble birb mind; a foolish one "HEY!" >He yells out, whirling back around to face the bouncer, wings spread "What the hay is this!? How could you charge anypony a single bit to enter this DUMP?! I want my bits back!" >He demands Of course the zebra went here. Of course.
>>14217 >looks uneasily at Cloudhead "Me not feel strong enough yet to level this barn too."
>>14216 >>14217 >Quill scrunches up her nose >She tries not to retch >She retches a lot >When she finishes retching, she trots over to the bouncer, too, glaring daggers. "Yeah, what exactly are you charging ponies for anyway? The black mold?"
>>14217 >>14221 >The Bouncer stifles a laugh, keeping as straight a face as he can. "Your picky ones aren't you? Our other patrons are satisfied" >He points a hoof at them. "Lead follow or get out of the way. No refunds"
>>14228 >finds unoccupied corner, lifts his tail and takes a dump on the floor >looks at bouncer expectingly "Is me doing it right?"
(449.38 KB 1500x1500 13532001371.jpg)
Wow, what a shitty situation!
(38.84 KB 200x195 1637592737430.gif)
>>14216 >Cross sits there for a long, long, LONG moment. >Finally, he lifts an ironclad hoof and raises it temptingly. "You've got a few seconds to explain this shitsty 'fore I get real nasty." >>14229 >Seeing Boulder's behavior, Cross almost starts to follow, but opts instead to level a glare on the bouncer like Quill.
>>14229 "That's the spirit!" >The Bouncer calls out. >>14231 "That's not a threat is it?" >He flashes a set of vials. "Maybe you should cool down a little, get some hay in your system" >The bouncer looks very strong even on his own.
>>14232 >Cross does a doubletake at Boulder and the bouncer. >He shakes his raised hoof from side to side. "Hay? No! You fuckin'... You some kind of blind shit? Why's this place chargin' bits?! What have you even got for drinks here, straight shots of piss?"
>>14234 >The bouncer returns a cold blank stare. "We don't have drinks"
How much HP Boulder has?
Also, FYI, Boulder bought 2 jumper cables
>>14238 Boulder has 5 HP. >>14239 Boulder only bought one jumper cable recently: >>12577 >>12601. I checked the old threads in Manehattan and Boulder only bought the jumper cable used on Rarity and a some packs of cigarettes for her there, so he only has one jumper cable now.
>>14237 >Cross stomps his hoof down, shaking his head with rapid onset disbelief. "No refunds my flank. This is a total shakedown." >He nods his head to Cloudhead. "He wants his bits back, and I want mine."
>sighs in a solemn manner >raises his eyes towards the decrepit dirty ceiling and the sunless sky beyond it "Mother Celestia, give me strength!" >He mutters then looks around for something flammable or a supporting post in the wall.
>Fuming, Cloudhead chooses to simply suck it up and leave the establishment... >...for now... >...and walk the short distance over to Bob's >Bracing himself for whatever else he may encounter in this manifestation of Tartarus mistakenly called a town, he peers into the darkness to try and see what it's like inside We should leave this one alone. If all five of us were present, healed up and had more healing items, we could probably be picking our fights, but chances are the dehydrated henchmen would screw us over if we tried right now. Live to fight another day. If we have unfinished business in Manehattan, then we can have some unfinished business here too. Would have been a funny time to have that party cannon lol Although at the rate we're being bled dry of bits over pointless shit, we're never going to be able to buy big ticket toys like that
>>14232 >>14245 >Quill maintains her glare for a few seconds longer. >Noticing Cloudhead backing down, she decides it might be best to as well. "You've made a dangerous enemy today. This isn't over." >She stalks out of the salt lick in pursuit of Cloudhead without breaking eye contact on the bouncer until she's outside.
>Having lost two ponies to the door, Cross stares down the bouncer with a peeled upper lip. >>14244 "Boulder, feathers and uh, Quill are outta here. Much as I hate to say it, it's time to go." >He backs up enough to wait for him in the doorway.
>>14249 >snorts with relief and walks to the door
>>14244 >There are surely vulnerable posts in this structure, but Boulder feels too weak for that now. >>14245 >Bob's saltlick is locked up tight. >Well, as tight as anything else in this town. >Cloudhead can not see inside. >>14242 >>14249 >>14248 >>14252 >The Bouncer grins and nods. "I'm glad that everything was to your satisfaction" >The rest of the night is chilly, but at least the air is nice and clean out there. >Nopony regains HP or SP. >The morning sun rises and soon the next train will be rolling in.
>>14253 >Sprawled out on his back, Cross basks in the morning sun. >His coat has been getting absolutely wrecked, and he's practically painted reddish-orange from head to croup. >He murmurs, before groaning low for everypony to hear. "...This place can... f'huck off.." Prickly? Prickly. I miss Prickly.
>As the group awkwardly stands around, Cross continues his shuffle into the earth. >It's all ochre.
>>14260 >Quill wakes up grouchy and sore all over >For a rich Canterlot snob, the night was practically torture >The first rays of light at dawn come as an immense relief. "Indeed. I assume we're catching the earliest train out of this sorry excuse for a town, yes?"
(144.10 KB 1352x891 wild_wild_west.png)
>>14260 When Prickly gets back I'll make it work. Tornado picks up the outhouse and it lands where the party is or something. >>14269 >There is a map and pricing at the train station. Local ticket prices: >Dodge Junction - 20 bits >Dodge Gulch - 40 bits >Steamboat landing - 20 bits >Jacobstown - 30 bits Long distance tickets (All cost 100 bits): >Canterlot line >Coltifornia >The frozen north >The lands with no name I feel like I have been lagging in general the past week; I hope I can restabilize this week.
I wasn't expecting to get thrown into the next day. I still had things to do. Regardless of that, I need to point out what the "5 IQ plan" was... In order to fit 3 into one room at the hotel, Cloudhead was going to haul a cloud down there to sleep on as his bed. Had some cloud-centric funnies planned to go with it. After getting thrown out, if there was no way to sneak into Bob's through various means, he still would have flown up to sleep on a cloud instead of just roughing it on the ground. Does that change anything?
>>14272 Sorry. Nothing important has happened yet, so we can roll it back to that night. I have been slow lately and wanted to speed things up which I did in a tactless manner. >Cloudhead inspects all around the saltlick, finding weak broken windows on the back. >Crashing through with minimum effort he is faced with another problem: >It's pitch black in there and he can't see anything.
>>14273 We don't need to go back; I'd rather just move on at this point I guess my main point of consideration was if cloud sleeping would count as being restful or not to regain HP/SP. Sort of a portable sleeping bag kind of perk for pegasi
>>14273 May as well just get on with it >>14277 If it works so well for Rainbow then it should work just as well for Cloudhead
>>14277 It makes sense to me, RD is always sleeping in clouds after all. >Cloudhead got better rest than his friends in a cloud and regains all HP and SP. >The cloud floats off a couple of miles but he doesn't have much trouble flying back, costing only 2 SP. For that matter the towns here are all close enough Cloudhead could fly between them. Saves the train ticket bits.
>Cross takes a good long look at the map. >He taps their next (presumably) location. "Jacobstown. Don't know what kind of name "Jacob" is, but it's at least bigger than here. More chance for ponies who make some sense." >He squints at the scribbles north of the town. "And maybe some bits to be found. Seems like it's got some mines..."
>>14282 "Didn't you said you got bearing on fillies?"
>>14284 "There's gold. The fillies want gold. They've gotta be there, and then we can finally get this wrapped up and over with."
>>14282 "At the very least it can't be any worse than this place." >Quill grumbles out, looking spitefully around at the decrepit town. "I vote we hop on the first train out of this dump. If that means Jacobstown, so be it."
>Hoofs over the bits for three tickets to Jacobstown, which he distributes among his companions "I'm gonna skip this train and just fly over there... Gives me a chance to stretch the wings and forget about this place."
>>14308 "You're very generous, Cloudhead. Thank you." >Quill takes her ticket gratefully. "Be safe, we'll hide you under the train seats if you change your mind along the way." >Quill makes her way onto the train, looking for a nice window seat.
>>14308 "I don't blame you at all, feathers." >He pats him on the withers, lingers for a moment, then settles back with the ticket. "Fly safe, Cloudhead." >Cross nods to Boulder and steps aboard the train.
"Me hope we wont need to beat engineer this time too."
>>14312 >>14309 >>14308 >>14313 >With everypony Except Prickly :( in place the train inches forward. >Cloudhead will have a scenic flight. >Quill finds that nice window seat. >She could just watch the view, but this would also be a great time to check out that diary...
>>14317 >Quill glances at the countryside for a few minutes >Then when she inevitably gets bored she indeed does fish out the ill-gotten diary from her saddlebags, and begins to read.
(603.55 KB 1700x2200 page_3.jpg)
(554.10 KB 1700x2200 page_8.jpg)
(485.83 KB 1700x2200 page_11.jpg)
>>14324 >It doesn't take Quill more than a few minutes to read through the entire diary. >Most of the entries are boring; it's a bland account of Cotton's day to day life with very little detail. >Only a few pages stick out.
i'm glad rodney wasn't killed
>>14334 >Quill frowns as she reads it, then she puts it away and vows to send it back as soon as she's at a post office. >She wonders if cheese would spoil in the time it took to send it back
>The train rolls into an area with plateaus and rough rocky terrain. >Cloudhead spots a single glowing tree ahead atop one of them as he soars above. >In the train two sketchy looking stallions dressed like detectives walk through the car from the back to the front, evoking a wave of chatter.
>>14340 >Flies closer to the mysterious tree in order to investigate it
>>14340 >Cross remains in his seat. His eyes are closed, but his upright ears betray his listening.
>>14340 >Quill perks up, looking a little frightful at the 'detectives' waltzing through the train car. >She looks out the window but does her best to watch them through the reflection in the glass
>>14344 >Cloudhead lands on the plateau. >The tree has golden apples! >When he steps closer to it a golden shine shoots through the air in front of him; it must be a force field. >A quick tap with his hoof confirms that. >>14346 "What do you think they're doing?" >Somepony says. "I don't know" >Another replies. >>14347 >Quill watches the strange ponies walk through the door into the car ahead.
>>14349 >Quill clicks her tongue at Cross and nods her head in the direction of the departing ponies >She then gets up and, stealthily as she can, follows them towards the next car over, ears perked to try and eavesdrop more of their conversation
>>14350 >Cross groans firmly, flicks his eyes open, and just stands blearily. He manages his way to the next car, eyes more on the ground than anything else.
>>14349 >Feeling curious, Cloudhead rummages through his saddlebag and draws out his spinny thing >The Key >Seeking its wisdom, he spins it
>>14350 >>14351 >Following one car behind, Quill and Cross aren't noticed. >The mysterious ponies walk all the way to the engine and begin picking the lock on the door. >>14352 >Spin >Spin >Spin >Does it ever stop spinning? >It must be magical... >Wait, magic? >The force field must be magic too! >But... no horn. >It's been a solid two minutes and the spinney thing hasn't slowed down yet.
>>14354 >looking in the window "Me has a bad feeling about this."
BTW, everyone sans Cloud still has not replenished their HP
>>14354 >Placing The Key back in the safety of the saddlebag, Cloudhead takes to the sky once more >Looking back, he tries to keep a mental note of the general area of the strange tree
>>14356 >Cross has his face smushed up beside Boulder to peer in. "What the hay?"
>>14359 >>14356 >Quill lets out a sigh of relief. "Phew, they're just train robbers. And here I was worried." >She nudges her snout in their direction, and keeps her voice low as she talks to the others "We probably shouldn't get involved with them, weak as we are, but we can always try and scare them off. I dunno if I like the idea of riding a hijacked train."
>>14360 "We rode high jacked train once. Had to beat engineer."
>>14360 >Cross grunts. "I ain't doin' shit until I see somethin' violent happening. And at this rate, it's guaranteed."
>>14358 >It should be easy to find the tree again because it is close to the tracks. >>14360 >>14368 >The "train robbers" successfully pick the lock and open the door. >Stepping in the one on the right asserts loudly: "Turn the train around!" >The engineer panics. "But this train has to go to Jacobstown, there are passengers on board!" >The detective looking ponies back him into a corner. "Appaloosa. They dismount in Appaloosa" >Without a word the engineer caves and pulls a lever, slowing the train down with a noticeable jolt.
>>14370 >>14368 >Quill rolls her eye as she listens to the robbers. "Cloudhead's gonna think we ditched him if we don't show up at Jacobstown. And after he paid for our tickets, too..." >Pursuing her lips, she checks her saddlebags, and finds a small apple that I forgot I gave her when I made her >She offers it to Boulder. "Well, here, anyway. In case things do get ugly..."
>>14377 >chomp >chewing horse noices "Thanks, miss!"
>>14370 >Cross glances around. "Do they just expect a train full of ponies to /not/ be upset?" >He shudders at his memories of... crowd crush. >>14381 >He looks a little hurt at seeing Quill give Boulder the apple. "And I got some snack cakes, too." >He gives Boulder one of his two snack cakes. >>14377 "Well, what's your big idea? Are we making it ugly?"
>>14381 Current party HP and SP: Cross HP 13/17 SP 12/12 Boulder HP 10/22 SP 12/12 Quill HP 10/15 SP 5/12 Cloudhead HP 16/16 SP 10/12
>>14386 Boulder is 15/22 HP now
>>14388 is that including both the snack cake and apple, in the event that he chooses to eat the cake?
>>14386 >crunch >mores horse noices "Thanks, pal!"
I hope changelings won't sink Prickly's canoe
>>14386 >Quill gives a helpless shrug at Cross "I dunno. I mean, you're right... They're gonna upset a whole train full of ponies." >She jerks her head behind them "If there's enough of a panic, they'll have to go work crowd control. At least one of them. And I think we could probably take the other one ourselves. Especially if we have the engineer our side."
>>14401 >Cross takes in Quill's words with a hefted upper lip. "Well, I can hold or tie one of 'em down, at least." >>14390 "What we thinkin' here, Boulder? If you think you're ready, I'm ready."
>>14407 >prays to Celestia >nods
>>14407 "We can always try and spur up a passenger riot. That'd get the robbers' attention for sure. Then, we can take back the engine when it's not as guarded." >Quill seems like she's convincing herself about her plan as much as the others. "Or, we ride this thing to Appaloosa, and figure out another way to Jacobstown. Those are our options as far as I see 'em. Fighting outright is probably not a good idea with how beaten up we already are."
>Cloudhead notices that the train is slowing down.
(336.37 KB 1280x1390 2075764.jpg)
>>14412 >Noticing the anomaly, Cloudhead slows down to a hover and watches the train for a moment to see if it speeds back up again >When it doesn't, dismay yet again spreads throughout his pegabirb brain >One of the bits of wisdom that his ol' Pops instilled in him keeps being proven time and time again: >Trains are no good. Do not ride the train. Fly. >Readying himself for another pointless fight over Celestia-Knows-What, he makes a dive for the train >He aims to land on top of the car before the engine, in order to poke his head over the top to try and discern what's going on SKY CHAD rushing to the objective once more ^:) ...the tradeoff for being gimped most of the time indoors lol
>>14411 >>14414 >The train comes to a complete stop. >"I'll go hit the switch" >One of the "train robbers" says before turning around. >"Hey! What are these punks doing watching us?" >His partner turns around too. "Go back to your seats please. We will have this resolved soon and you can be on your merry way"
>plural punks Who? Was I spotted?
>>14415 "And if we don't? I'm quite certain you two aren't licensed to be driving this train." >Quill returns, glaring at them both. "Our tickets are for Jacobstown. I trust you have some sort of explanation for why we're changing course?"
>>14416 I wasn't thinking that hard about it, but since you are at an angle that would be blocked by the room they are in no. They see Quill, Cross, and Boulder. >>14417 >The repo colts flash their licenses. "The railroad company did not pay for this train, so we are taking it back to it's rightful owner. If those dildos have any sense they will pay to refund your tickets."
>>14418 >Quill blinks, dumbfounded >She looks back at Cross and Boulder, then at the repo ponies again. "I... see. You folks sure are proactive. Good luck then, with... This." >She takes a step back towards Cross and Boulder. "They're not train robbers. Maybe we can get out and try to wave down Cloudhead?"
>>14420 >For once, Cross seems remarkably calm in his tone. "No, stay right where you are. I just want to ask them a question." >>14418 >He smiles warmly. "Oh, so are you with the union?"
>>14421 "The union? Ha!" >The other one continues: "We're private contractors. That's better than being in any fucking union" "Look it's nice to chat and all but we need to move this train. Why don't you go tell the passengers it's all right or something capeesh?" >To that note the passengers are confused about what's going on and talking about it, but not panicking like last time.
>>14422 "Well hey, I'm really sorry, too. That's what the Guard would call 'not economically viable'." >With his eyes on the ceiling, he collects his thoughts. >Then, he comes back down, and gives a firm nod. "I think I'm just going to kick your shit in." >Cross gallops forward and throws his full weight into attempting a Takedown on one of the repo colts.
>>14424 >>14422 "B-but they had the right credentials!" >Quill complains, internally prepping for another confrontation
>>14425 So a defend action?
>>14426 Also Cloudhead starts flying because he is on the roof.
>>14426 Yeah she's holding back and defending herself. Ready to jump in with magic if she needs to.
>>14424 >>14427 >Following a facehoof upon witnessing the scene unfold before him, Cloudhead rises up and delivers a swift lightning bolt surprise to the other stallion Feels like a bad idea.
>>14429 sorry, I'm tired of playing what's felt like too safe and straight: feels like I drag the game down and keep things boring. let me know if you have any feedback about how I've played Cross, because I do want to change things up to be a little more stupid and Stooge-like
>>14427 Can Boulder get some sort of divine revelations from time to time for praying to Celestia? ^:)
>>14431 Sure lol
>>14436 Sorry for not responding, my schedule has been packed for the past few days and I'm serious about going to bed at 10:00 PM now. I'm not making exceptions to stay up finishing stuff anymore because that's a slippery slope. I have to cut some stuff up with a chainsaw then I can update this at noon before going to the next job. Also holy shit it feels like I'm carrying this board sometimes. Put down the load for a few days and no activity. I'd appreciate some random ponies and thoughts in other threads from time to time. In fact, I demand Octavia. Octavia is best pony. Post her for me. I'll get that battle screen for you in two hours.
>>14437 Oh yeah, and last chance to do something other than a defend action Boulder.
>prays to Celestia once more "Me will purg the unclean!"
>>14440 I'll give you a 20% chance of it working for the first prayer and you getting a random buff, and increase the chance by 20% for each prayer that is not answered. I guess this makes you a paladin kek. You lose this ability if you commit heresy of course, but that probably won't be an issue.
(385.98 KB 802x650 turn48.png)
>>14424 >Cross's takedown on repo 1 succeeds and deals 8 damage. >>14429 >Lightning cracks repo 2 for 9 damage. Cloudhead has burned 2 SP following the train so that's why he's at 6 now. >>14440 >No answer. The success rate resets to 20% when it's answered, and the increased success rate carries between battles. The buffs are pretty good and last for a whole battle so if you want to get meta gamey and save a higher success rate prayer for a boss fight you can. Outside of battle prayers work differently. You can pray routinely and I will give you advice if and when I feel like Celestia should answer. >>14425 >Repo 2 hits Quill for 2 damage, but since she is defending she only takes 1. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peHAnEmDLWc
>>14444 checked Bucks repo2 in the ribs as hard as he can
>>14444 >Quill snarls as she's hit. "Ow! I didn't even want to fight you, but now I'm gonna buck you up, you wannabe private dick!" >She flares her horn, casting a fractional spell at the repo pony who attacked her.
>>14444 >Cross shakes the repo colt a bit and continues to hold him down. "I hate shitty contractors more than I hate the shitty public!" checked, based prayers and music
(22.20 KB 260x342 clownr.png)
>>14453 >Everything gets darker for Cross. >He can see Silly standing over him goading him to screw up and let repo 1 go in a comical manner.
(1.62 MB 1568x1200 1645333798792.png)
>>14455 >Cross just shakes his head, wraps his hooves tight around repo 1, and continues holding him down.
>>14444 >Strikes Repo 2 twice
(351.30 KB 802x650 turn49.png)
>>14449 >Hits for 9 damage. >>14452 >Quill's fractional spell drains 6 HP. >Repo 2 delivers that uniquely amusing expression of pain of somepony getting drained for the first time. >>14453 >>14456 >Cross has no trouble as repo 1 flails feebly and talks big. "I kill any muthafucka that crosses me!" Nice Tavi, I like to imagine she had to take her bow off to swallow because it's on so tight. >>14457 >Hits for 4 and 1 damage.
>>14460 >Repo 2 uses steal on Cross and takes his jumper cables. They take random items, and it occurred to me that if he stole your pink whistle you would have to fight Pinkie Pie.
>>14460 can enemies under hold still be beaten by a party member who doesn't participate in holding?
>>14460 >jumps at repo2 and tries to pin him down
>>14460 >Attacks Repo 2 twice more They got a lot of HP, huh?
>>14461 >Cross doesn't even notice—he's too busy trying to continue holding repo 1. if one of them gets and blows that whistle, it would be hilarious, but that doesn't mean i support it kek
>>14460 >Quill charges for the lever for the train, hoping to get it moving again. >If the conductor is nearby she'd glare at him for being no help at all "I'm getting this train rolling... Then we can shove these jerks overboard!"
(392.90 KB 802x650 turn50.png)
>>14467 >Success! >6 damage. >>14476 >The engineer screams. "No! Don't mess with those, I'll move the train!" >He scrambles to the controls throwing a few different levers so that everything is done right. >The train begins to move. >>14469 >The movement of the train knocks Cloudhead off balance and causes him to miss his first kick and nick the second. >Only 1 damage. >>14471 >Cross is also thrown off balance and Repo 1 manages to break loose.
>>14478 >Cross opts to kick the snot out of repo 2 instead.
>>14478 >Strikes Repo 2 twice
>>14479 >>14482 Packed schedule today, I'll get this tomorrow morning.
>>14478 >Quill mare-stares at the conductor, resists the urge to face-hoof, and then prepares to defend herself from any incoming attacks her way.
Holy shit it was a wild night. My day started around 1:30 PM in this dingey ass apartment and I had to drive home. >>14479 >11 damage, KO! >Cross gets back his jumper cables. >>14482 >Cloudhead retargets to repo 1 and hits for 2 and 4 damage. >>14484 The mare stare. That's like, stronger than the care bear stare.
(321.43 KB 802x650 turn51.png)
>>14485 I made the battle screen but I forgot to post it, sorry
>>14490 >jumps and lands atop Repo Colt and tries to pin him down
>>14490 >>14485 >Cross kicks a lazy leg out at the repo colt in his latest and greatest attempt at a funny bone takedown.
>>14490 >Attacks twice
>>14493 >Despite being a weak takedown, Boulder is lucky enough to pin the repo colt down. >2 damage. >>14495 >Funny bone has no effect, 5 damage. >>14498 >Hit's for 3 and 2 damage. You have already won, continuing the fight won't be interesting. I should have given these guys 20 attack in retrospect. I'm looking forward to the upcoming dungeon where I'll experiment more with encounters. >The party beats on the last repo colt until he is KO'd. >Everypony gains 25 XP and 50 bits. Just occurred to me that Cloudhead and Quill should have leveled up last fight, oops. >Everypony levels up. >Everypony gains one max HP and SP. >Cross and Boulder gain one ATK. >Cloudhead gains one SPD. >Quill gains one INT. Quill will learn a new spell next level; I'm looking forward to which one she picks because they are all interesting.
>>14499 >Everypony's HP and SP are refilled.
>looks around "Um... uh?"
>>14499 >Cross grunts, then beams at a certain pegasus. "Nice of you to join us, feathers... I'm thinkin' we need to meet like this more often!" >He glances briefly around the train car before patting down the repo colts, searching for anything more than bits. >Knowing about the pains of missing ID from his short-lived time in training, he takes their licenses. "These two are almost more clown than the clown riding my flank..." Surprisingly worth it! Damn any later consequences
>>14499 >Quill exhales heavily as they finally go down. "Well, er. Good job, everypony." >She glances at the conductor. "You're welcome, by the way. I take it we'll be going to Jacobstown after all."
(51.05 KB 1352x891 jacobstown.png)
>>14506 >Cross is now the proud possessor of two stolen IDs! >>14507 >The train continues to Jacobstown, stops, and lets our heroes off. >All the buildings here say "FLIM FLAM" on them before what they are. >There is a market, saltlick, apartments... with barred windows? >A mine and some ponies ahead.
(3.97 KB 86x107 image.png)
>>14510 >>14505 >Cross hoofs off one of the IDs to Boulder. "'ey... look, Boulder. We're licensed to kill!" >He taps the (assuming photographs) ID with a sneer and grin. "And if anypony asks about our looks, it's 'cause we used to be straight pathetic." >He stands, looking absolutely proud as he speaks boldly. "Now, let's repossess some fillies!"
>>14515 >looks intently at the ID "Um... Uh... Sun, Horseshoe, Up? Errr... what's-this-letter... Me knows some of those but, what they say together?" >he asks Quill
>>14516 "Let's see what we've got..." >Quill leans over to look at the ID over the Boulder shoulder. "It identifies er. The card owner...as a licensed repo pony." >She'd repeat the repo pony's name, too, if that was on the card. >She looks a little mortified at the idea of someone using a state-issued license for anything besides its intended purpose.
hey FM, did you ever get around to making the battle screen piece for Prickly? if you did, I'd like to see it... because reasons and I miss her
>>14517 "Whats repo pony?"
>>14519 >Quill forces a smile. >This is fine, this is just her life now. "It's, er. A pony who takes back stuff. Like, if you're borrowing something and you can't afford to keep borrowing it, then a repo pony comes and takes it away."
>>14517 >The name on the card is Otto. >>14518 No, but I will whip it up pretty quick. >>14515 'cause we used to be straight pathetic. kek
(73.49 KB 934x864 prickly.png)
>>14518 Done, I'm pretty happy with how she came out. Anyone want to do a stock vector edit? It's fun and pretty simple. I'd appreciate Stocktavia because of course I would. And don't even tell me the stock vectors are deformed and not cute.
>>14522 I love her, and I love them. I just don't know where to start with doing the vector edits
>>14523 Pick an image to use as a base and other images for elements you want to use. Paint 3D works fine. Fill bucket tool for colors, copy and paste and eraser for merging images to add elements, and the pixel pen for touching up details. There are also tools that let you draw perfectly curved lines. There is a good example of how this looks in progress here: >>14083 Of course there are the finer details you figure out like having to adjust the sensitivity of the fill bucket, but those are the basics.
>A purple mare approaches the party from behind. "Hello! You folks are new to town. Are you here to work in the mines?"
Cross-anon here, sorry about the coming delay. work's almost over.
>>14525 >looks at the purple mare "Erm... Eh... work in the yours?"
>>14528 >The mare is confused, tilting her head. "Oh, Heh. They are called mines but they are just big holes. You are big and strong. You dig big holes and we pay you" >She scans the group for the smartest one and awkwardly smiles at Quill wanting an explanation. "I'm Paperweight. What are your names?" >She pans her eyes across the group.
>>14529 >scratches his nose against his foreleg "Me dunno about dig. Me knows ram and smash."
>>14510 >>14529 "My name's Cloudhead... Nice to meet you." >He responds, sounding somewhat dejected "That's Boulder." >He adds before casually meandering over to the market's cork board to see what's posted on it Did Cross ever share the info about the name of the pegabirb we're after from Cannon Hooves?
(2.95 MB 1556x1080 board.png)
>>14537 >>14540 >Paperweight nods at Cloudhead before looking at Boulder. "Well Boulder, I'm sure you could pull just fine" >She gives a sweet smile.
>>14529 "I'm Quill Conspiracy. Pleased to meet you." >She gives an awkward little smile and wave. "You said mines... What do you mine for here?" Sorry for delay, work has been busy
>>14552 "Gold" >Paperweight responds. "If you want to help I can get you signed up"
>>14554 "Huh?" >takes a step forward "But you know that gold belongs to Her Majesty?" >squints "If you take it then you are... heretecs!"
>>14556 >>14554 "But... but in a way, aren't they helping Princess Celestia by getting it out of the mountain for her?" >Quill looks from Boulder to Paperweight, giving the latter a helpless look.
>>14558 >Paperweight nods at Quill and looks at Boulder. >>14556 "Why yes, of course it belongs to her majesty! We are just helping her acquire it" >She puts on a fake smile.
>>14560 "Muh Pa says only those who have Her blessing to do that can take gold! You have Her blessing upon you?"
>>14560 "Taking gold out... in return for what, exactly? Gold? Doesn't seem fair to the princess."
can I get Quill's vector, I have all the /fun/pones except Quill
(105.89 KB 1028x1169 quill.png)
>>14561 >>14562 "Umm, err..." >Paperweight begins slowly stepping backwards. "I don't know I just work here" >Another forced smile. >ZOOM! >She darts off like a bullet leaving behind a cloud of dust and zips into a building by the tracks, slamming the door behind. >>14563 Of course :)
>>14564 >Quill watches her go with a mix of amusement and disappointment. "Great, we scared off the first pony who's been nice to us since the Hot L." >Quill looks around at the town, trying to get a feel for the place by the expressions of the locals as she makes her way over to the market.
>>14540 >With all the starting commotion out of the way, Cross simmers down. "Right, well, there's a pegasus to keep an eye out for, since he's the last one seen with the fillies. Orange Blaze. Ex-military. If'n we see him, it'd better be with the girls." >>14566 >Cross rolls his eyes. "I ain't the one who got us kicked out by the nice pony, either." >As Quill moves, Cross goes with her. "Let's keep it all together. I don't think we're in for a cozy visit."
>>14566 >Some ponies look fresh and happy, some look rough and disgruntled. I'll make the market screen soon.
(16.60 KB 918x592 market.png)
>>14568 Items: >Small apple, restores 5 HP - 20 bits >Large apple, restores 10 HP - 60 bits >Canned apple, restores 5 HP - 10 bits >Candy, restores 10 SP - 60 bits >Jumper cable, wakes up unconscious - 100 bits >Pickaxe - 140 bits >Shovel - 140 bits >Mining helmet - 200 bits >Lantern - 100 bits Balance: >Boulder - 179 bits >Cloudhead - 231 bits >Marked Cross - 50 bits >Quill Conspiracy - 100 bits
>>14570 >Cross pokes at the lantern. "It gets dark, huh?" kino art, as always
>>14570 >Quill seems amazed as she enters to see an actual shop, selling actual items. >She trots up to the pony behind the counter and gives her a smile. "Hi there. Nice shop you've got here."
>>14570 "What's that?" >points at pickaxe with his muzzle
>>14572 "Yeah, thank you." >The mare behind the desk says flatly. >>14574 "That's a pickaxe. You use it to break rocks apart."
>>14575 >whispers "So large." >louder "We had things like that home to make rockponies, only small." >beams "With this we can make a large rockpony! How many tens of bits it cost?"
>>14576 "It costs ten-tens of bits, Boulder. A hundred, total." >Quill explains. >She look at the clerk. "Do ponies who work in the mine have to buy their own equipment here? Or is that provided?"
(680.06 KB 1920x1018 Capture.PNG)
>>14581 "I don't know I just work here" >The mare behind the desk sasses. >Quill can tell by the tone that the workers most definitely have to buy their own tools. Holy shit they fucked up microsoft edge, now the page is in this retarded looking rounded window inside of a white window. It just looks fucked up and pointless no matter what but especially on dark pages. I switched to chrome out of spite. They literally removed all of the edges from microsoft edge, so now it's lost it's edge. Brilliant.
>>14583 Wow, that really is a terrible design decision. I've pretty much accepted having to move away from Chromium based browsers.
>>14583 why are you using edge? for what purpose?
>>14586 It used to have an edge, so it used to be my main browser. Now it makes me want to puke.
>>14583 "Do ponies really just show up on the train and come here for tools?"
>>14591 "Are you going to buy something?" >The clerk asks.
>>14593 >Cross squints at the clerk.
>>14593 "I'll get a small apple." >Quill hoofs over twenty bits to the grouchy mare, forcing a smile.
>>14596 "Um... Cross, pal, can you count the bits for pickaxe for me? You do faster." >hoofs his bit satchel to Cross
>>14602 Not Marked Cross, but I think he awaits the clerk's reaction>>14596
>>14596 >>14598 >The clerk rolls her eyes at Cross as she rakes the bits into a box. >She looks at Quill. "Thank you for your purchase" >>14599 >She looks back at Cross, who now has Boulder's bits, and raises an eyebrow.
>>14606 >After having fallen into a total stupor, Cross blinks rapidly. >His mouth pops into an 'o' shape. >He hardens back into the squint for a flickering moment, then back out. "Uh, sorry. Did you... wait." >Suddenly aware of the bit pouch in his possession, he starts counting. "Right, sure. Pickaxe. What was it? Ten-tens, and a bit more..." >Cross gives the clerk 140 of Boulder's bits. "Here... sorry 'bout that." >>14599 >He turns the pouch back over to Boulder, and mutters low. "Next time I get marestruck, just do me a favor, and kick me."
>>14611 "Eh?"
>>14611 >The clerk collects the bits and bites a pickaxe, lifting it from behind the desk and placing it on top. >She pushes it over to Boulder. "There ya go big guy"
>>14616 >takes the pickaxe with his teeth. >wonders a bit about where to stick it in >decides to tuck it under his girth
>>14617 "I can't wait to see you crack somethin' open with that." >He looks around at everypony. "All set?"
>>14570 >Picks up the Mining Helmet and gives it a look-over, in an effort to determine how it works Does the helmet count as armor? Is wearable armor/damage reduction items even a thing here? I've always just assumed things like the horseshoes are an equipped weapon, so armor pieces would be a thing too. Maybe this was already addressed at some point and I forgot?
>>14621 It wasn't adressed, and I diddn't even think about it. I made up the combat system in like, an hour and I was only thinking how to make the different types of pony as minmax heavy and specialised as possible. My cousins are over now and it's midnight. If you guys want armor to be a thing I could add it, but the combat system is already pretty complicated and armor isn't as interesting as specialised abilities to me. It feels like just another stat to have to continueally upgrade that doesn't add depth with the way things are currently set up. >The helmet is hard, and the light on the front shines dimly when the button is clicked.
>>14624 >Enamored with the shiny dome, Cloudhead promptly plops the helmet onto his head, then picks up a can of apples >After taking slightly too long to count out all the bits, he hurries up to his companions side >>14619 "Ready!" >He says, clearly pleased with his purchase Nah, don't worry about changing things up
>>14625 >Quill is waiting for the rest of them at the entrance to the shop. "Hey, nice helmet, Cloudhead! Snazzy pickaxe, Boulder." >She heads back outside if everyone is done, looking around once more. "Did we wanna go check out that mine, maybe? It looks like the most notable thing in this town."
>>14627 "Well, why not? We sure have the troops for it." >He nods approvingly at Cloudhead's new dome.
>>14625 >looks at the shiny helmet with interest
>>14627 >>14629 >As the party approaches the entrance of the mine a rusty brown mare with a clipboard notices them. >She trots over. "You look new in town. You need a pass to get into the mine"
>>14636 >Cross flashes his repo colt ID rather smugly. "We're in the business of reposessin' out around the western rails, and there's more than just tracks... to track. We need to do some lookin' for ponies who've gone outta there way to go missin'." >He nods his head at Quill. "We've got the uh... credences."
>>14637 >The mare scrunches her nose at the sight of the ID. "Wow, you think I'm stupid don't you? For one thing that looks nothing like you and even if you are a repo colt you would need a warrant to search the mines; private property and all" >She gestures to some strong stallions by the mine entrance. "Stop fooling around and I won't question where you got that"
>>14638 "Sheesh, I was just try'na be polite. No need to make fun of my looks. I've changed!" >He grunts. "Okay, so what's a colt gotta do for a pass?"
>>14643 >The foremare rolls her eyes. "All workers have a pass to access the mine during working hours. I'm surprised that you didn't get the briefing yet. Didn't a nice purple mare greet you on your way into town?" >Seeing the look that is inevitably on Quill's face in this situation she sympathises. "I used to work for DSS too I'm with you sister" Department Social Services
>>14644 >Quill forces a smile like her life depends on it "Would there be a way we could get a tour? Y'know, outside of working hours? We're outta towners, you see. Since the mine seems to be the biggest thing here, it'd be a shame for us to leave without seeing it, y'know?"
>>14646 >The foremare takes a moment to think. "Only administrators and select staff are allowed in the mines outside working hours, to prevent theft. If you got an administrator to supervise you could go in." >She points a hoof at the building the purple mare ran into. "There is an office by the tracks, but I wouldn't count on it if I where you. Ponies normally have an important reason to go in"
>>14647 "Gotcha. Thanks for your help, miss." >Quill gives her a grateful nod, and then turns to the others. "Well, you all heard the mare. If we want into those mines, we're gonna have to come up with a damn good reason why."
>>14649 "We search for filly-thieving hetetecs?"
>>14649 >>14650 "Hay, it's the truth. And it's a good reason, innit?"
(1.17 MB 3855x2574 1.jpg)
I know it's been slow lately, but in the meantime, I've had this done
>>14652 that's great, anon! although Boulder is a bit too slender, but anyway I like the pic very much.
(137.27 KB 418x418 oooo.png)
>>14652 This is awesome, anon!
>>14650 >>14651 >Quill gives them both a nod. "That's right... C'mon, let's go pay that office a visit. I think I might have some ideas of my own to make them a bit more inclined to grant us a favour..." >If there's no further objections from the others or Cloudhead, Quill would lead the way towards the office that the foremare indicated.
(377.94 KB 796x726 2664619.png)
>>14652 Yay it's fun to see the characters drawn by someone else! I like that the pony types are symmetrical. I'll make it the thumbnail for the next thread. >>14655 >As the party enters the office Paperweight spots them from behind her desk. >She jumps in her chair at the sight of Boulder and Cross. >The room has an orange carpet and a chest of drawers on either side coming in through the door. >At the back of the room there is another door that must go upstairs. >The windows have a clear view of ponies exiting the train platform. Assuming no objections of course.
>>14656 >Cross huffs to the others. "Should I wait outside?"
>>14659 >Paperweight is sitting perfectly still like she just wants to disappear.
>>14660 >smiles, to brighten the situation "Um... Hello again, miss. Wanna talk about our Lady and Savior, Princess Celestia?"
>>14662 >Another wave of tension shoots through Paperweight and she moves shakly, trying to smile. "Oh" >The subject matter doesn't help given the context. "Yes, she's real... magnificent! Yes! And calm, and regal, and peaceful! and umm... peaceful! She doesn't like fighting" >She looks at the windows on both sides of the room and back to Boulder. "You admire her, don't you?"
>>14663 "She sure is all of that. Has big 'ole colts like Boulder fight for 'er when she needs to." Just realized Cross never gave her his name, oops
>>14663 >raised his eyebrow "Don't you admire her?"
>>14665 >Also raises his eyebrow
>>14665 >>14666 >Quill steps ahead of both of them. >forcedquillsmile.gif "Er, hi again, Miss Paperweight!" >She glances back at the other two. "They're...quite enthused about Celestia, as you can no doubt see. And I'm sure, like myself, you are too!" >Quill puffs her chest out a bit proudly. "Even if--like myself, you have a different way of showing it. I'm from Canterlot, you see. I work under some of the Princess's most trusted advisors. Where are you from, Miss Paperweight?"
>>14667 >Paperweight nods and is relieved to have an out. "Hoofington. I worked in the town hall, but I diddn't see myself going anywhere in a small town. I came West when I heard the buzz"
>>14669 >Quill nods along, as though she knows all too well. "Well, keep at it, sister. Gotta chase any opportunities you can find, right?" >genuinequillsmile.gif "Speaking of opportunities...We've all been doing some thinking since we last spoke to you, about the mine, and how we'd love to maybe get a chance to tour inside." >She nods to Boulder's pick and Cloudhead's helmet. "Regular mining enthusiasts, as you can see. Even I would hate to go back to Canterlot and not be able to tell all the noble friends I totally have about Jacobstown and the fine ponies there."
>>14672 Looks even better in the full render, I absolutely love it, anon!
>>14673 >Paperweight shakes her head. "I'm sorry, but the mine isn't a tourist attraction. Outsiders go down there sometimes but that's for safety inspections and the like. Well, except for one rich stallion who's daughter begged him to take her" >She mutters under her breath: "That little devil" >She pears out the window and back to Quill. "What are you even doing this far West if you don't want to mine gold?" >>14672 Woah, that looks great! Wallpaper set.
>>14675 "Fillies."
>>14677 >Paperweight tilts her head. "Huh?"
>>14675 >>14680 >Quill nods at Cross. "They're--er, we're looking for a group of lost fillies, or a pegasus pony who was seen with them last. Name... er, Orange Blaze?" >Quill looks to cross to make sure she's getting everything right. "I know it's, er. Unorthodox? But we really could use some help and you seem like a nice pony."
>>14683 >Paperweight's eyes raise. "Oh, that simplifies things! They went after some crazy researcher that went missing. Her friend is in the saltlick right now - Bonbon I think? She knows where they went" >She points a hoof out the window at the saltlick across the street. "They left town by hoof a few minutes before you got here"
>>14684 "Oh!" >Quill's face lights up. "That's wonderful news! Thank you so much, Miss!" >She turns to the others. "Saltlick across the street. We should hurry... The more time we waste, the further they'll get."
>>14684 >Cross grumbles. "I thought I made things pretty simple." >>14687 "Aye. That all we need from the cute missus, 'ere?"
>>14688 "Think so! Thanks again for your help! Have a nice day!" >Quill waves goodbye with a hoof, and then turns tail to leave in the direction of the salt lick. "Let's hope we have a better experience at this salt lick compared to the others..."
>>14694 "Me wonders if support can be breaken with pickaxe..."
Hi everybody! Back from sailing the seven seas in a warship. Mind if I rejoin? Still need to read back a little to get caughtup, of course.
>>14701 Welcome back! We were worried changelings got your canoe.
(568.17 KB 512x512 bate xcite.gif)
>>14701 yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes welcome back
(427.52 KB 235x274 oooooooooo.gif)
>>14701 Welcome back, prickly anon!
(25.86 KB 1014x697 saltlick.png)
>>14694 "Your welcome!" >Paperweight waves goodbye to Quill and the party. >>14701 Yes! We have all missed you. Things are getting good and 5 players is quite ideal for this type of game, I'm exited for the part coming up! I'm going to get experemental with enemy types and formations. When I saw that art done of all 5 I had a feeling it would sort of summon Prickly back. We diddn't make it too far without you so just think of some silly story about how you got split up from the party and took an earlier train to Jacobstown. No need to catch up first feel free to emerge in the saltlick any time - unless you are already in there before everypony else enters!
>>14706 I'm waiting for Prickly before my next move I'm very glad my summoning rite worked
>>14706 >Meanwhile, while the rest of the party was at the mine administration office, Prickly was enjoying a cup of hot non-alcoholic cider with nutmeg at the saltlick. >She had arrived on a earlier train, done a little searching for everpony else, and went to the saltlick for a break. Glad to be back! Chose to appear in the saltlick. Silly back story upon request when the party meets up.
>walking towards the saltlick "Hmmm, me wonders what's happened to that nice mare with spiky pear on her flank?" >blushes "Me sure hope toilet monsters didn't get her. Celestia knows what else could infest that damned barn."
>>14724 >>14716 >Quill chuckles at Boulder's remark. "That town was skeevy enough that toilet monsters don't seem of the table." >She walks into the saltlick and holds the door open for her friends with her telekinesis. "Hey wait... Isn't that her there?" >Quill blinks, amazed at the sheer coincidence, freezing up in the entrance. >She trots over. "Prickly? Where in Tartarus have you been?"
>>14706 >>14716 >Cross immediately does a double-take. "Well, I'll be! Nice to see you again, Miss Pear! Thought for sure we'd driven you off." >He saunters on over to the counter. "How'd you manage?"
>>14724 >>14725 >>14726 >Prickly adopts a big grin and trots over to meet the group. "Well howdy y'all! Reckoned I'd run in to 'ya sooner or later! Seems the former more than the later!" >Turns to Quill "Good to see 'ya Quill. T'ain't been to Tartarus...yet. But if'n my pops can't be found in all of Equestria, I'll be fixin' to overturn every stone down there." >Addresses Boulder "How you doing ol' lunkhead! I've missed 'ya!" >Addresses Cross and the rest of the group. "Sorry 'ah got separated from y'all. When 'ah got to the little mare's room back at the Hot L, 'ah couldn't help but notice, except that THERE commode needed a good'ol taste of the wrench. So, 'ah found a wrench and an extender, to apply more torque and all, and gave it a few good hoof-pounds." >Prickly adopts an excited face. "It must'a thrown a secret switch 'cuz faster than jackalopes ruttin' in a lightning storm, I was falling through a trap door! In a bit 'ah found myself in a labyrinth of sorts, with torches lining the passageways and mysterious markings all over...," >Prickly makes motions with her hooves to help explain the torches and markings. "...and soon 'ah was running over hell's half acre trying to find the way out. >Prickly adopts a quizzical look. "And all the while there was this infernal whispering. So I says, 'Y'all please speak up 'cuz 'ah can't hear a darn thing yer sayin''. So the whispering says back 'Who are you? What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here!'" >Prickly uses her deepest voice to mimic the whispery phantom. "Well, I didn't need no whispery phantasm to tell me that a labyrinth is no place for little 'ol me so I reply, 'Beggin' your pardon Mr. Phantasm, but I ain't down here on any account of my own. I accidentally fell through a toilet-activated trap door. Been trying to find the way out and would be much obliged if you could point me in the right direction.'" >Prickly takes on a bright expression as she begins to explain her interaction with the phantom. "'Oh, been meaning to fix that...' he says. Well, turns out the whispery phantom is a decent sort of fellow 'cuz he asks me a few more questions and we get to talkin' about cacti. Turns out he's is a major enthusiast! By and by he says,..." >Prickly goes back to mimicking the phantom in her deepest voice. "'You may go! Take the corridor on your left, then take two rights, a left, then right again. Come back if you find any Golden Powder Puff Cacti. I'd like one for my collection!" I thanked him kindly, promised I'd keep an eye peeled, and was on my way." >Prickly becomes quizzical again. "'Ah followed his directions and came to a room with big circular stone floor. 'Ah thought Mr. Phantasm must'a been foolin', until I stepped onto the circle. Then, butter my rump and call me a biscuit, the labyrinth turned upside down, inside out, and vanished away. ZIP! Just like that!" >She once again adopts an expression of surprise. Well, 'ah found myself out on a hill in the desert with the town a ways off. So, there was nothing for it but to walk back. Along the way, a few tumbleweeds passed by. 'Ah greeted 'em, seeing as how tumbleweeds are a suspicious sort that are prone to spread rumors about rude travelers. They're also quite gossipy, and they got on about some white stallion with a black mane out in the desert saying something about Jacobstown. I reckoned it must'a been Cross, so I high-tailed it back to town. 'Ah figured y'all intended to leave." >Prickly's eyes go wide. When 'ah got back to the Hot L, Cotton was awful mad; something about a frightful fight between her pet rat and y'all. But, I calmed her down. She said y'all already skedaddled. So, I hopped on the first train to Jacobstown in the morning, figuring that's where y'all must'a gone." >Prickly goes on conclusively "Seems to me that town's a wreak, but at least it's got a decent and well-mannered haunting, and a cozy little labyrinth." >Prickly turns to all of them in turn. "So what are we up to? Any leads on the fillies?"
>>14728 "Well now, that's the kind of story we like to hear! That'll fit right in with tales o' bunnies, clowns, and crackheads around. Talking tumbleweeds, eh? Glad to have ya around again." >He nods with a healthy amount of bounce. "We had a bit of a run-in with some ponies lookin' to take a whole train back east, but we stopped 'em and took ourselves to the end of the tracks. We just pulled through here, and allegedly—" >He tilts a head around. "—there's a missus here who knows ab it more about missin' fillies." cute mare's tales
>>14728 >listens carefully, with visible awe on his face
>>14728 >Quill listens intently with an incredulous look on her face. >When Prickly wraps up, she would nod. "Apparently they went out of town with some fella recently. We were told to ask a pony in here named Bonbon for more details."
(961.57 KB 245x150 davie.gif)
>>14728 Fun! It fits my world and explains the voices in a way I like.
>>14730 >>14735 >Prickly listens to the explanation and offers up a course of action. "Bonbon, huh? Well, she sounds mighty sweet!" >She laughs a little in spite of herself, then nods in the direction of the cream colored mare at the bar. "Judging by cutie mark, I figure she might be the belle over by the bar. Looks a bit tanked, though. I reckon she's had a bit too much of the Triple X. Probably won't get much more'n a mumble or two outta her, but we can have a crack at it." >Prickly turns to Quill with a mischievous smirk and a wink. "If'n that fails, I'd wager she's spilled her woes on over to that barkeep and we could get him to spill the beans. Bet he'd fork over the details to a pair of pretty mares speaking sweet nothings at the bar." >Prickly glances over to the purplish pony in the saltlick. "'Course, we could try that there purple'ly mare. She seems nice enough." >She leans in and whispers. "Seems a little dopey though, but maybe I'm mistaken. Anyhoo, she reminds me of a cheerful mare I once knew; almost the same cutie mark and coat color too. What'dya all think?" >>14736 What a great movie; one of my favorites (loved The Dark Crystal too). Conjures up some goofy images of David Bowie singing with ponies! >>14672 >>14652 Beautiful artwork, by the way! Love it! >>14522 Love the rendering of Prickly! Pretty much what I imagined.
>>14737 >Bonbon notices the attention from the party and mumbles something incoherently before words come out. "whAT Do yOu wANT?"
>>14749 >carefully approaches >extends his neck and sniffs Bonbon
>>14750 >Bonbon bends her neck around and begins sliding off the bar, but she catches herself on the other stool. >She crosses necks with Boulder and sniffs back. >After some escalating intensity she goes for a nip, which Boulder is too slow to avoid. >It's a solid bite on the crest of his neck and it hurts. behaving like real horses lol Also switched back to Microsoft Edge because they fixed it, probably in response to the exodus.
>>14751 >ears stand up >emits a deep low grunt of respect Shitsoft Edgy spikenooooooo.jpg
>>14752 >Bonbon squeals and pulls her head back before slowly approaching for another sniff.
>>14748 I haven't really had anything of value to add to the situation Especially not now lol >Flehmen Response Intensifies By the way, now that we're all back together, would DM mind giving us a dump of everyone's current stats, XP, bits and inventory just to make sure we're all on the same page?
>>14754 Sure, I'm heading out now but I will when I get back in a few hours.
>>14753 >respectfully sniffs back
>>14756 >Bonbon leans in close again but she loses her balance. >Her front end falls off the stool and onto the floor followed by her rear end falling off the other stool. >>14754 Current stat sheets for all: Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 4 HP: 23 SP: 13 A:19 (+5) I:1 D:20 S:1 Bits: 39 Inventory: Iron horseshoes, small apple, crack, jumper cable, pickaxe Name: Cloudhead Race: Pegasus Level: 4 HP: 17 SP: 13 A: 1 (+5) I: 1 D: 8 S: 23 Spells: N/A Bits: 21 Inventory: Iron Horseshoes, Train Crewpony, empty vial, bubblegum, snack cake x3, spreading knife, fidget spinner, apple pie, dehydrated thug, can opener x2, canned muffin, canned apple, mining helmet Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 4 HP: 18 SP: 13 A: 23 (+5) I: 2 D: 10 S: 3 Bits: 50 Inventory: fried chikn x5, sodapop, snack cake x2, crack x2, Pink Whistle, two headed bit, iron horseshoes, jumper cable, repo license x2 Name: Prickly Pear Type: Unicorn Level: 3 HP: 16 SP: 12 A: 1 (+5) I: 20 D: 8 S: 2 Spells: Heal, Fire, Lightning, Scan Bits: 0 Inventory: Small apple x2, Iron horseshoes Name: Quill Conspiracy Level: 4 HP:16 SP:13 A:3 I:23 D:6 S:1 Spells: >Level 1 heal >Level 1 shield >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional Bits: 100 Inventory: >Cotton's Diary XP: Boulder: 154 Marked Cross: 164 Cloudhead: 179 Prickly Pear: 136 Quill Conspiracy: 176 In the next dungeon I'm experimenting with enemy formations and you will be required to play strategically, taking full advantage of your characters special abilities. I'm not expecting you to adjust right away so don't worry about getting knocked out in the first battle or two.
(32.73 KB 612x459 response.jpeg)
>>14754 Flehmen response. Had to look that one up. >>14757 >Prickly observes the antics between Bonbon and Boulder and concludes that maybe Boulder might be able to sniff some details out of the inebriated mare. While Quill and the others think over the idea of trying to get info from the barkeep, she decides to address the magenta mare with a friendly smile. "Howdy! Have we met before? 'Ah have a distinct recollection of meeting ya in other parts of the realm. Or, maybe it 'twas another mare having a similarly lovely coat and cutie mark. Anyhoo, my pals and I are out lookin' for a gaggle of fillies who up and run off. Don't suppose you've seen 'em?" >Also, Prickly takes a sip of her fragrant hot apple cider with nutmeg drink.
>>14759 >The mare tilts her head. "Don't believe so" >She nods. "They left a short while ago after talking to the cream colored mare" >She points at Bonbon and looks back at Prickly. "I'm Divine. What's your name?"
>>14762 >Smiles brightly "Pleased to meet you, Divine. Name's Prickly Pear. Folks just call me Prickly, though. Don't suppose you heard them fillies say where they were going, did ya?
>>14757 >snorts with concern >lowers his head to sniff fallen Bonbon and bumps her with his nose to check if she's OK
>>14764 "Prickly" >Diving nods. "Can't say I did catch where they went, sorry I can't be of more help" >>14765 >Bonbon wobbles to her hooves and crosses necks with Boulder again. >She begins grooming.
>>14766 >also scratches Bonbon's withers with his teeth
>>14754 That's fair, because I have no idea what to add either
>>14766 >Still addressing Devine "No worries, Devine. That's some useful info anyway." >Nods in in the direction of Bonbon. "Do you know her, by the way? Is she a regular here? Seems she's been trying to drown some feelings in Triple X."
>>14768 >Mutual grooming continues. >>14771 >Divine nods. "Yup. She's been here for a week, I have... loosely followed the drama" >She looks both ways and leans in. "Her best friend went missing and then that very night her coltfriend wakes her up at 4 AM" >She chuckles. "Turns out he dropped acid at 2 AM. Anyways he drags her out to this party, but because she wasn't really part of things everypony ignores her and refuses to share the coke" >She stifles a full belly laugh. "Also the whole time she had to watch a different couple making out, so needless to say she was pissed. She dumped that worthless coltfriend the next day, and she will pay somepony worth something 600 bits to find her best friend" >She smiles. "Really though she tells the story better than me - theatrics and all"
>>14773 >Quill's ears perk up "Sorry, was that six hundred bits? Celestia damn." >She clicks her tongue in amazement. "She's a regular then? Can always come back and get the story from her when she sobers up a bit."
>>14706 >After standing as stiff as a board for long enough, Cloudhead finally begins to relax >His mind accepts that this place isn't like the last one >It's safe >It's clean >The smell is fine? >It's a real saltlick! >Looking around and taking in more of the scene, he soon notices something strange... >Taking a moment to adjust the helmet on his head, he then trots up to the red pony at the bar
>>14774 "Mmmhmm" >Divine nods. >>14775 >The bartender faces Cloudhead. "Can I help you sir?" >>14768 >After a hearty session of mutual grooming Bonbon pulls back. "Your pretty (hic) neat" >She bumps Boulder's chest with a foreknee and giggles.
>>14773 >>14774 >>14777 >Still talking with Devine, now with wide eyes. "Well shoot, that's terrible what happened to her! Tough findin' a good coltfriend these days. >Nods to Quill. Yep, I agree. Bonbon's fairly well tanked. Best if we chat her up when she's sober. >Turns back to Devine. Thank 'ye kindly for all the help. Maybe we'll run in to 'ya later. Do you work for the mining company by the way?
>>14777 "Hi, um..." >He pauses to collect his thoughts "So I was admiring this nice saltlick, but I couldn't help but notice somethin' up above." >He begins, nodding his head upwards for emphasis "Wondered why that one door up there, the... t-the, uh..." >A blank expression appears >Muzzle scrunching closely follows >Taking lazy steps back, the pegasus cranes his head around until he can get a good look at the door in question once more "...Yes! The one with the... Two...wee!? Hm." >His pegabirb mind begins to unravel the mysteries! "Two... Two, and uh... Ten and...?" >His brow furrows "Ten... Ten...! Ten-Ten-Three!" >He nods with satisfaction, approaching the bar once more "Ten-Ten-Three." >He repeats in a matter-of-fact way "Why does only that door have a number on it? A Ten-Ten-Three?" "..." "Twenty-Three. That's a big number; is there something special behind it?" >He finally asks, full of sincerity, with a slight tilt of the head as he awaits the much anticipated answer The Birb Mind Returns Hope you're ready for it kek
>>14783 "Yup, almost everypony in town does" >Divine smiles. "Glad I could help" >>14786 >The bartender looks up for emphasis even though he can't see the door. "The two is because it's on the second floor, and the three is because it's the third bedroom"
>>14787 >Cloudhead ponders the answer carefully >... "Oh. Makes sense." >He nods in agreement, soon changing the subject "Hear of anything interesting happening on, um... Up here on the surface lately?"
>>14787 >Satisfied with the info Devine provided, and happy she made a new friend, Prickly turns to Quill and Cross. "'Ah seem to remember a poster for a missin' pony on that bulletin board outside'a the train station (>>14545). If'n memory serves, it directed anypony to talk to the barkeep at this 'ere saltlick if Bonbon was not here." >Casts an eye and raised eyebrow over to the drunken grooming shenanigans, while still addressing Cross and Quill. "Im'ma mosey on over and have some discussions with that there barkeep on account Bonbon ain't all here anyhow. Celestia help me, mama always warned against talking to red stallions!" >Turns to Devine to say goodbye. "Bye bye for now, sugar! What did you say you did for the mine company again?" >After Devine responds, Prickly turns to Quill. "You come'in?" >After addressing Quill, Prickly passes by Cross on her way to the bar. She whispers mischievously as she goes. "Maybe ya' ought'a remind Boulder to keep it sheathed. I figure he probably forgot!" >Pauses before continuing on. "On second thought, Bonbon might be willing divulge some info to a new coltfriend. Read it in a spy novel once."
>>14790 >From his not-so-rigid guard position by the door, Cross waves a hoof. "You mares—'n Boulder, too—have a way with words I don't. So, go right on ahead." >As she passes, he just laughs. "He's a fine example of a colt, I'll let 'im be. You might want to string your questions through him to her, though." Really happy to see everypony else going along
>>14790 >Quill nods to Prickly, and trots over to the barkeep as well >Along the way she casts a sideways glance and smirk at Boulder's antics >When she's at the bar she would give the tender a greeting nod, moseying on over next to Cloudhead and Prickly. "Hiya there. Lovely saltlick you've got here."
>>14777 "Um... Uh..."
>>14788 >The Bartender thinks. "Depends on what you find interesting" >>14792 >He looks at Quill "Howdy! Thanks, we have three grades of the signature brew and a large selection of spirits. I do believe you will find some exotic ones in there" >He looks at everypony and then addresses Cloudhead, Quill, and Prickly. "My name's Eighty Proof. How do you five know each other?" >>14790 "Accounting dear, bye bye!" >Devine answered. >>14797 >Bonbon smiles and goes back to grooming.
I have just confirmed my first full time job! Having the structure of doing that every day will help me be more motivated and organized; this game will benefit from that as well as any other creative endeavors of mine.
(515.93 KB 719x500 1654544455069.gif)
>>14801 Congratulations! Hope it's a job you'll enjoy. Gotta run a few errands, then I'll respond in the game later tonight.
>>14801 Grats! I actually started working at my own first full-time job near the start of the previous thread (which is why I'm usually quiet on weekends, since I'm always guaranteed to work Saturdays and Sundays...) Speaking of the previous thread, we're just about at the point to start a new one
>>14799 >Comes to the bar, sits at a barstool, and addresses the barkeep with a smile. "Why hello there, sugar! Oh, we all teamed up here and there on adventures that up and brought us into your fine saltlick, by and by. We aim to do some more adventur'in,...and have some fun. >She says with a wink Don't suppose a good stallion in the know, such as yourself, has a some info he'd be willing to share with little 'ol me and my lovely friend here? >nodding in the direction of Quill.
>>14807 >>14799 >Quill chuckles. "What Prickly here said. On my end, well. I was lookin' to get out of the hustle and bustle and stress of Canterlot bureaucracy, and by chance I stumbled on these fine folks." >she taps a hoof thoughtfully on the bar counter. "Anyways, pleased to meet you, Eighty Proof. I'm Quill. Still adjusting to your town here, but everypony seems quite nice."
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>>14801 Congratulations Anon!
>>14808 >Eighty Proof nods. "Nice to meet you Quill and Prickly" >>14807 >He looks firmly at Prickly. "Look filly, I see what your implicating but I don't know what they do in room 23" >He pauses for emphasis. "NOPONY knows what they do in room 23" >He leans closer and talks softly. "If'n somepony did they would disappear" >His voice raises back to normal volume. "So you should put the subject to rest" >He focuses on Cloudhead who has been awkwardly standing there. >His tone is welcoming and happy now. "What's your name fella?" >>14803 >>14806 >>14809 Thanks! It's a job I will enjoy: janitor. Just good solid manual labor that benefits from attention to detail and problem solving. The people I talked to were very nice as well.
>>14812 >Blinks a few times as his mind catches up "My name's Cloudhead. So, uh..." >Something else is on his mind, but he decides to let the mares talk instead >He knows it's for the best; they're a lot better at it than he is "...guess I better get to movin'. Be seeing you." >He says before turning around to move back for the entrance of the saltlick >However, he ends up staring at Boulder and the strange mare, making him feel uneasy >Subconsciously, he takes a wide berth around them, breaking his gaze only once arriving by Cross "Nice ponies here... I'm gonna go take a little look around outside." >Cloudhead says to Cross before stepping outside into the glorious freedom of the outdoors >Though with great freedom comes great responsibilities. Where will he go? >Eyes scanning the surroundings, his mind wanders back to the poster board >A party? While he's unsure of what a "Greek" might be, parties are always nice! >Most of the time >...Usually >It may not be the right time for the party, but the place must be set up for a lot of fun! >Curious as to what the party space looks like, Cloudhead decides to meander down the alley between the saltlick and the market Based. Any job you actually enjoy doing is a great one.
>With Boulder in the good company of mares, Cross is content to peel out the door with Cloudhead. "Attacolt." >>14814 >Cross trots with Cloudhead, more than happy to just be back on the trail with the pegasus. >He's left a little aloof as he follows Cloudhead into the alley. >His neck pivots around like a turret, though his withers remain loose. "Uh, what are we lookin' for, feathers?"
>>14815 "Just lookin' around." >He plainly responds "The board on the store back there mentioned a party over 'round out here. A Greek party?" >He elaborates as they wander down the alley "Said it was a party just for stallions and their spears; or something like that. Dunno what all that means though. It was at a really weird hour too, on.. some day. What day even is it? I've lost track..." >He muses "Huh. Anyway, there must be a fun place back here if they're holding a party. I want to see it."
>>14814 "Bye Cloudhead" >>14815 >>14816 >Cloudhead and Cross pass plenty of barrels and crates in the alley before rounding the corner. >The space behind the market is close to a wall of rock making it not much bigger than the alley. >It too is cluttered with crates and barrels.
>>14815 >>14816 blueoyster.mp3 plays in distance
>>14819 "It doesn't look very fun back here. How is anypony supposed to party in such a small spot?" >Cloudhead remarks before rummaging around some of the crates and barrels to check their contents, if possible >Maybe this is where they store the party favors?
>>14812 >Prickly is surprised by the unexpected info on room 23, but she doesn't show it. She files that info away for later. For the moment, she'll change the subject and try to get at the mystery of room 23 later when the team's together again. She giggles and continues on as if she misunderstood his meaning. "Well now, sugar. 'Ah figure it ain't none of our business what stallions and mares do behind closed doors up in that there rumpus room." >She leans in. "Actually we were wondering about that cream colored mare, Bonbon. We heard she's missing a friend and willing to pay handsome for her return. And something about a mysterious coltfriend that up and left her, and some fillies she talked to recently. Heard anything? >She says with an inviting smile and a few eye flutters.
>>14821 >Every crate or barrel Cloudhead tries is locked, but some are small enough that two ponies could lift them. >>14823 >Eighty Proof nods, but doesn't seem interested in Prickly's attempt to charm. "Heard everything. What do you want to know? If you want the whole story just ask her, she likes to ramble about it"
>>14825 >Prickly is internally relieved. This stallion is direct. Maybe mama was wrong about red stallions. "'Ah see you're a straight shooter sir! In that case I reckon I'll ask her directly." >Turns to Bonbon and Boulder, and hopes her question to Bonbon won't elicit a negative response. "'Scuse me miss Bonbon. If'n you don't mind, we all heard you had some interesting interaction with a gaggle of fillies, and that you had a coltfriend what runoff with 'em, or some such. We're all looking for those filles and we'd be mighty pleased to hear your side. I reckon our friend Boulder here would be interested too! >She says hopefully and with a nod to Boulder.
>>14834 >munching on Bonbon's withers "Eh? Ehhhhhh... Uh-huh!"
>>14825 "Guess we won't be missing out on much back here." >He comments while slowly wandering over to take a better look behind the saltlick >With the seemingly ominous Ten-Ten-Three room fresh in mind, he also checks if any windows are present above
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