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/fun/geon five fungeon_masta 05/11/2023 (Thu) 20:52:23 No. 14842
If you want to participate just ask and I will help set you up.
>>14834 >>14839 >Bonbon stops grooming but her neck remains crossed with Boulder's. >She laughs loudly. "You don't know (hic) half of it!" "My best friend goes missing in the woods" >Her eyes tear up. "I TOLD her not to go! She di- (hic) didn't listen!" >She tosses her head for emphasis. "We've been best friends since we were just little fillies" >The latter part of that sentence is broken up by sobbing which continues a little after. >Her eyes clear up and her face contorts to anger. "And then my (hic) loser coltfriend drags me to a party at four in the CELESTIADAMN MORNING!" >She snorts! >She sounds ready to rant about this for a long time. >>14840 >One... >Two... >Two? >There are only two windows? >But the bartender said there are three rooms! >That must mean that... One... One room is missing a window.
>>14840 "Shoot, yeah. More dead 'ere than a tar pit." >In the meantime, Cross keeps an eye out for Cloudhead. >>14843 >He squints up at the rooms. "Whatcha thinkin' there, feathers?"
>>14843 >Prickly turns to Quill, raises an eyebrow, and turns back to Bonbon try and extract some more info before her rant becomes aimless. "Missing in the woods? That's awful! What woods were they, sugar? What direction from here? And what about them fillies? >Says Prickly with a sympathetic tone. Prickly actually is sympathetic; it's terrible losing a best friend. Well done on the OP pic, FM!
>>14846 >Bonbon initially looks a little disappointed, but she cools down. "You're gonna help them (hic) find (hic) Lyra? She went East" >She sighs. "She's always been obsessive. She heard rumors about some creature in those woods" >... "(hic)" >If possible she starts grooming Boulder again. Unless he got mad about her profanity or something.
>>14847 >grooms "Here, here. Mb Her Majesty damned that morning so you understand he isn't a right colt for ye."
Someone mentioned archiving threads a while back. Now that this is 5 threads in and the old one is way at the bottom of the catalogue I'm thinking it would be smart to. I have the old threads saved as HTML files, but aren't there sites we can archive on we can all access? >>14846 It was exciting to get that picture and see someone else draw the characters. >>14848 >Bonbon chuckles. "Yeah" >She says between munches.
>>14849 >first spoiler This was linked before https://gitgud.io/mys_elf/nhnb-scraper
>>14845 "I thought I might be able to take a peek into that weird big number room, but it looks like somepony didn't want that to happen. Strange." >Cloudhead responds, contemplating the matter a little more before deciding he's seen enough back here "Well... Let's go see what else is going on around these parts." >He says before leading the way out of the alleyways and into more civilized streets >Or at least as civilized as they get way out here in the middle of nowhere >On a whim, the pegasus decides to follow along the tracks leading out of the mine, passing along the side of the apartment building I'm assuming this is where the upper right movement arrow goes
>>14858 >Cross is careful to watch out for any falling appliances as they pass the building. "The commotion s'probably all down in the mines, I reckon'."
>>14847 >Prickly pushes on with questions, hoping to get some info on the coltfriend and the fillies. "Well Miss Bonbon, we'll do what we can to find Lyra. But, we're also looking to find them fillies. Miss Devine over yonder says 'ya talked to 'em a little earlier." >Prickly pauses, waiting for Bonbon to answer. Supposing Bonbon does answer, Prickly's follow-on would be: "And if 'ya could direct us to 'yer coltfriend's whereabouts, I reckon we could rough him up a bit for 'ya. If'n you wanted that is. Or talk to 'em, whichever >She says soothingly, not sure how Bonbon will take it.
>>14863 >Bonbon picks up again. "Hmm? I sent them after Lyra" >She moves to start grooming again but is interupted by the seccond question, moving back. "I don't care. He's such a (hic) LOSER. Waking up in the morning having to be him(hic) himself is enough punishment" >She looks at Prickly without turning her head, waiting for the que that Prickly is done questioning with irritation on her face.
>>14870 >Satisfied with Bonbon's info, Prickly decides it's time to move on. "Thank'ye much Miss Bonbon! We'll keep an eye out for your friend. Hope everything works out for 'ya! Happy groom'in! >Turns to Quill. "'Ah reckon we got as good a lead as any on the fillies. With a touch o'luck we might happen upon Lyra, to boot! What'dya say we go find the boys and catch 'em up? I figure they're out looking for something interesting to do." >Casts a skeptical glance over to the grooming session. "Not sure if Boulder will wanna tag along or not. He seems busier than a moth in a mitten with Miss Bonbon." Kek! That reminded me of many a conversation I've had with drunk people.
>>14874 >Quill has been looking with a mix of amusement and intrigue at Prickly for much of the duration of her conversation with Bonbon "You're far better at drunken communication than I could ever hope to be." >A chuckle, and a nod. "Before they get into too much trouble, hrm?" >A little louder, towards Boulder. "You coming, Boulder?"
>nuzzles Bonbon's neck "We go, miss. We find your friend!"
>>14878 >Bonbon gives Boulder a final nuzzle. "Thanks" >She smiles. >>14874 >>14877 >The three inside exit the saltlick. >Cross and Cloudhead are still in the alley. Got back from my first day. I get home around 2:30 PM EST and go to bed at 8:30. Was a little later today because I stayed in town, but that's the window you can expect reponses in on most days. I'd better get a head start planning battles and making screens tonight so it doesn't get overwhelming lol.
>>14889 >Prickly looks around trying to find signs of where Cloudhead and Cross went to. I 'spose they couldn't have gotten far, could they?
>>14889 Did we end up not moving? >>14858 >>14859
>>14897 Sorry, I missed Cloudheads move. >>14858 correct >Couldhead follows the track which splits multiple times. >There are piles of different colored rocks next to platforms and outbuildings lining the tracks. >One of the tracks continues to the bigger tracks that the trains go on. >There are several security colts and a bunch of worker ponies moving the rocks. >A cart is rolling in. "Get out of the way!" >Somepony yells. >>14895 >Prickly spies Cross slowly trotting but can't see that he is following Cloudhead yet.
>>14898 >Prickly trots after Cross to catch up. "Cross! Cross! Guess what we found out! Where 'ya headed?
It occured to me that I diddn't format everything in the clearest way at first, so you might want to add the special moves you can do to your character sheets. It will help you keep track when you learn new ones. Some enemies you will be fighting have status immunities which will be listed if you use scan. The following will help you all strategise by knowing exactly what you can do. Remember that normal attack doesn't work on flying enemies unless you can fly. Linking top of thread for easy access: >>14842 Takedown: Immobilize an enemy at the cost of your next turn (enemy loses both turns you lose one). Does not work on significantly stronger enemies or flying enemies. Once you have an enemy immobilized you can roll against their attack every turn to keep them down or release them. >Level 1 takedown: counts as a half damage physical attack, damage rounds up As you reach higher levels you will unlock takedowns that do full damage and have other effects. >Funny bone, works on certain targets only, disables them for varying lengths of time, only takes one turn to use, and does half attack damage. Grapple: Similar to takedowns but use lasso and can capture groups of low level enemies and flying enemies. Does not deal damage unless you use a special lasso. >Depending on the lasso you use you can entangle higher level enemies and inflict status effects. Lassos have a strength value. You do not have to manually hold down enemies entangled by a lasso but if their attack or speed roll exceeds the strength value they break free, Lassos can be re-used unless they are destroyed. Magic: Costs special points (SP). Unicorns learn spells at a certain rate. When you create your level 1 character you only have 4 spell slots; you will unlock more as you level up and gain access to more spells. Magic damage is dependent on your intelligence. Magic attacks can not be evaded by the speed stat. >Level 1 heal: Costs 2 SP, healing potential is half magic damage (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) >Level 1 cure: Costs 1 SP, cures poison >Level 1 scan: Costs 1 SP, detects elemental weaknesses, elemental resistances, level, HP, SP, and A.I.D.S. of target >Level 1 shield: Costs 3 SP, target will only take 50% magic damage for 10 turns >Level 1 fractional: Costs 3 SP, target loses 25% of their current health >Level 1 fire: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 lightning: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 poison: Costs 1 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for as many turns as the magic damage roll. Magic damage roll is reduced by the enemy's defense Weather attacks: Costs SP, use multiple actions actions. If for some stupid reason you make a pegasus that has 10 or less speed then congratulations! It will take you forever to use any of these. >Rain: Costs 5 SP and uses 4 actions (AKA 2 turns for a non-nigged build), lowers effectiveness of fire attacks by 50% for the rest of the battle >Power field: Costs 5 SP and uses 4 actions, raises effectiveness of lightning attacks by 50% for the rest of the battle >Cyclone: Costs 20 SP and uses 4 actions, combines rain and power field as well as blasting all enemies with a wind attack that does max damage equivalent to your speed stat. >Lightning: Costs 2 SP and uses 2 actions, does max damage equivalent to your speed stat. It's lightning elemental (duh) Prayer: 20% chance of working on first prayer, for every one not answered it increaces by 20% Effects last whole battle. Boulder hasn't prayed outisde battle in at least a few in game hours...
>>14901 >Cross tears his eyes away from the apartment and right to Prickly. "Woah! Uh, plenty of good, I hope?"
>>14898 >Realizing that this is not the place to be, Cloudhead quickly turns tail to regroup with the others
>>14903 >>14911 >Prickly explains the situation to Cross and Cloudhead. "Hey there, y'all! Had a conversation...of sorts...with Miss Bonbon. She says her friend, Lyra or whatever, disappeared in some woods east of here...and the she sent those fillies after her. Seems mighty irresponsible to be sending some fillies all alone into some woods though." >Looks down the direction Cross and Cloudhead were going. "Where were y'all headed?"
>>14924 "Then again, she didn't really seem like the sort that's had her faculties about her lately." >Quill looks a bit sad at that, but shakes her head. "At least it doesn't seem like we missed them by too long. With some luck we can get to them before anything too dire happens."
>>14925 >>14924 "We ought to get on their trail quick, then. No sense mosin' around here and tryin' to get a way into the mines when they're out there." >>14924 "Feathers was lookin' for a party, then we just started off and wanderin'."
>>14924 "Um... What woods they did go?"
>>14927 >Pricky and Quill can see the treetops to the East from where they stand.
>>14926 >>14927 >>14934 >Prickly looks around to the east and sees the treetops of the forest. "There's the woods over yonder, Boulder. And 'ah reckon Cross is right. We ought'a be quick about taking a look." >Turns to Cross and Cloudhead with a bright expression. "A party 'eh. Sounds like fun! Maybe we can give 'er a whirl once we find those fillies, and maybe Lyra." >Prickly turns to trot toward the woods. "Y'all comin'? What kind of forest is it? Pine? Oak? Etc.?
>>14936 >The party trots for about a half hour untill they face the entrance to the woods. >The sequoias tower over them. >The understory is dark and trecherous. >A saddlbag is stranded on a branch with the initials "AB".
>>14936 "Yeah, o'course we're comin'." >>14937 "Well, what do we have here..." >Cross squints at the initials. "'AB' ring any bells?"
>>14936 >>14937 >Quill trots over to the saddlebag with her horn ignited >She levitates the saddlebag closer as she does. "Mm. Clue number one, it looks like." Is the saddlebag small, like it belonged to a filly? I know it's likely did but I don't wanna be too metagamey
>>14940 >The bag is attatched to another that pulls with it when it is lifted. >The bags are small but relatively heavy. >They are now before Quill's face.
>>14942 To save time I'll tell you what's in the bags right now: 5 jumper cables, 10 small apples (5 HP), 5 anitdotes (they cure poison), and 2 muffins (10 SP). You should divide these up whichever way is best. I have the dungeon all mapped out and all of the encounters ready, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you can handle them with the tools I have given you; It should take some creativity but is doable. The Zonx was sort of a tutorial for all of us and now it's time to run a real dungeon. Good luck my little anon!
>>14944 >Quill empties out the contents gently onto the forest floor. "Kay. Reluctant as I am to pilfer from what's likely the supplies of a group of fillies..." >She shrugs helplessly and sets out doing just that. "Enough apples for each of us to take two... A jumper cable and antidote each..." >She nods at the muffins. "And maybe we save the muffins in case we find anypony who isn't us who might need help? Does that make sense? Anypony got any other ideas?"
>>14945 >Addressing Quill "'Ah reckon that's a right and wise division there, Quill. With everything more evenly distributed it'll be easier to carry. Plus, not all the eggs will be in one basket; better n'case of emergency. >Turns to look at the forest and eyes it with awe. "Well, those ain't no saguaros, that's for sure! Awful dark in there; downright spooky. Terrible to think those fillies are in there somewhere." >Lights up her horn in preparation "We're probably gonna need a light to see." >>14937 Overgrown forest of giant sequoias? Nice! Mysterious vibes like from the earlier episodes with the Everfree Forest.
>>14947 "Good thing feathers' has got himself a shiny cap." >He raps a hoof against Cloudhead's mining helmet.
Looks like everypony is ready, somepony just has to take the first step. Everypony gained what Quill said from the saddle bag (two small apples plus a jumper cable and antidote) and Quill is holding onto the two muffins. Just a quick review for the new players: navigating dungeons works like towns in that you follow arrows, but the screens are all squares. Every time you step into a new square you get an encounter, and every time you step into a square you have been in there is a 25% chance of an encounter. I'm thinking it would be wise to extend the allowance for move submissions to two days because there are more moving parts now; of course it's optomal that everypony submits a move as soon as possible when there is a new battle screen. If you fail to submit a move within two days of a battle screen being posted I will default your move to defending (50% damage resistance) when I process the turn.
>>14951 "That's right!" >He responds, clearly pleased with his purchase >After giving his light a boop to turn it on, Cloudhead kicks off the ground and begins to hover over the group >Taking the initiative, he then begins to slowly move forward, wary of forest clowns and falling pinecones, among other dangers I really hope that dumb helmet actually proves to be useful for something lol. 200 bits could have bought a lot of useful stuff Bought it because I got spooked by the little bit of action confusion where I ended up in that other saltlick with no way to see. That's a quick way to an abrupt bad end. >>14952 Since it's that time again, I would like to start battles flying, for now.
>>14953 "Alright now, don't stray too far from our guiding light, 'ere." >Cross walks underneath Cloudhead. "Better not be any spooks, this time..."
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn52.png)
>>14953 >>14954 >The forest grows denser as the party winds down the path. >A noise from the shrubs! >Hostiles emerge... Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1tj2zJ2Wvg
Keebler cookie mare lol Gonna wait and see what the others do before I decide on an action
>>14963 >Prickly casts scan on the Keebler Mare. "Let’s see what your weakness is there, sugar!" Set hoof in a forest. Immediately attacked by fierce bunnies and a crazy mare who thinks she's an elf. I love it!
>>14962 >attempts takedown on keebler
>>14962 "Ack! We come in peace!" >she cries out in a shrill panic. >Quill decides to defend on her turn, waiting to see what comes of Prickly's scan before taking action with her own magic.
>>14962 "I just said no spooks!" >Cross groans. >He warily eyes the bunnies, mutters a quick prayer to the princess so that he won't stomp out a bunny, and charges in to join Boulder. >He attacks the Keebler.
>>14962 >Upon seeing the gang of bunnies arrive, Cloudhead's mind wanders back to the dark times in Manehattan >Shaking that aside, he focuses on the task at hoof... >Not wanting to hurt the bunnies unless he absolutely has to, he dives in to land a blow on the strange mare, before flapping to regain lost altitude It's a shame that we don't have any lassos, isn't it? Would probably work well on those bunnies
>>14969 I just regret taking the barbed lasso instead of a normal one
(1.26 MB 1065x974 turn53.png)
>>14969 >>14968 >>14966 >>14965 >>14964 >Cloudhead misses Keebler. >Prickly scans Keebler: KEEBLER: HP=25 SP=16 A=15 I=30 D=0 S=15 NO WEAKNESSES Although defense of 0 means no resistance to posion at all; you do have items that do a flat 10 poison damage which could be usefull in a pinch as they are 100% success rate. >Cross misses Keebler. >Boulder succesfully tackles Keebler for 6 damage. >Two bunnys attack Boulder for 9 and 10 damage respectively. >One bunny attacks Cross for 7 damage. >The last attacks Prickly for 10 damage. You got really bad rolls, but don't be too freaked out. That's pretty much the worst turn you can expect from encounters in these woods the way I balanced this. >Be FM >Wake up at 4:30 AM >Scrub scrub scrub >Get home and change tractor oil and filter to prepare for harvest >update /fun/ >Time for dinner and bed already The thug life chose me
>>14981 >The fire of vengeance within Prickly is kindled against the unpleasant bunnies, but that will need to wait since Boulder is in trouble. Prickly quickly readies to casts heal on Boulder. "Infernal bunnies. You'll get what's comin' to you by-and-by. >She mutters. Preparing for harvest. That sounds nice, FM. Working with natural things is better for the soul. Background in the fight scene is really nice, btw. Kek to Cloudhead being upside down!
>>14981 >With a heavy heart, Cloudhead accepts the unfortunate truth: >He absolutely has to >Bringing forth a charged cloud, he kicks out a lightning strike onto the bunnies below What would you be harvesting this time of year? Do you live in the southern hemisphere or something?
>>14981 "You little—" >Gritting his teeth, Cross pulls slightly back. "That's it. You asked for it!" >Cross retrieves his Barbed Lasso, then attempts to Grapple as many bunnies as he can. Sounds like a cozy schedule
>>14981 "Ouch." >continues to hold keebler
>>14987 That lasso got left behind in Dodge Junction, we forgot to try and recover it. See: >>12278 >>12283 That's why I was lamenting our lack of lassos lol. I noticed it when everyone's inventory was posted last thread
>>14989 I left that out of my own inventory notes, my mistake. Really need to do better keeping up with that. >>14987 >Only to come up empty-hooved. "Shit! Damn little... always with the bunnies!" >Cross expresses his anger by lashing out with a hoof at one of the bunnies.
>>14981 "Damn these little bastards..." >Quill grumbles under her breath. >Noticing Boulder is quite roughed up from the bunny attack, Quill casts a heal spell on him.
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn54.png)
>>14992 >>14985 >>14986 >>14988 >>14990 >Cloudhead's lightning slaps B1 for 17 damage knocking it out. >Prickly heals Boulder for 7 HP, and Quill heals him for 3. >Keebler wiggles loose. >As Cross rears up for a kick, bunny two holds up a white flag as it's eyes widen. >POW! >28 damage. >Bunny two is propelled far out of the battle while making a high pitched screech, crashing through a tree and leaving a bunny shapped hole. >B3 attacks Boulder for 5 damage, and B4 attacks Prickly for 11 knocking her out.
>>14995 >Well shoot. At least the heal spell got out though. Cursed bunnies.
>>14995 >Quill charges down Keebler, aiming to deliver a firm attack-buck right at the unicorn
Oh boy! It's Strat Talk™ time again! The bunnies are a real pain in the ass. It's obvious that whenever they show up in groups from now on, we need to focus them down fast due to the raw damage potential. Keebler feeling a bit scary with the high INT Anyway, any of us going down, especially here at the start, is a big problem due to missing out on precious XP at the end of the battle. My thoughts: We know the Keebler has 19 HP left, bunnies have at maximum 17 HP each, likely less. Cross has the best chance to finish off the Keebler this turn, Boulder can likely one shot B3, which leaves Quill and myself... If we wanted to be ballsy, I could use jumper cables on Prickly, then Quill and I could both attack B4 and hope for lucky rolls and bunnies being very low HP each. Or if we want to play it safe, I could attack both the Keebler and B3, Quill can do as she pleases and we hope for a low damage roll from B4. The following turn one of us uses jumper cables on Prickly, everyone else stomps the last bunny, and we all get the XP. What do (You) think? >>14996 Oh. I didn't even consider that, but it makes sense; first cut of hay season around here is still probably a week or two away By the way, remind me: Can we rest outside of battles, or is that something only for specific locations/moments?
>>14999 Normally it is in a week or two here but it's been a dry season and the grass is as long as it's getting; already has seeds on it. You can't rest in a dungeon, but you can and should use healing items/spells to make sure everypony is combat ready after a battle. Also, I hate to break it to you but the mining equipment was just at that store to illustrate how overpriced and extortionate that town is. I wasn't expecting anypony to actually buy it. It will let you see in the dark at least but you already had unicorn friends. I was checking through your inventories. Cloudhead still has dehydrated ponies, and I always wonder when and how he will use them. Did Cross give Boulder one of the repo licences? I want to make sure I'm keeping track properly.
>>14995 "And stay gone, fur ball!" >Seeing the Keebler on all fours again, Cross yells and tries attacking again. "Up and at 'em!" >>14999 I think Quill should revive Prickly on this turn, just to guarantee Prickly gets the XP. I'll definitely have a swing at the Keebler. I think you should either drop a foodstuff on Boulder and attack the Keebler, or just take both swings at the Keebler with me. After this fight, I'm passing off the Crack I've got to you, since that's our guaranteed damage, and I'm better off trying to hit >>15001 Boulder should have one, yes >>14515
>>14999 >>15002 Had a retarded momento, and assumed I couldn't use the jumper cables whilst in combat for whatever reason. If that's not the case then I'll revive Prickly with them on my next turn
>>15004 He wants you to change your move for this turn, which you are allowed to do if I haven't submitted a battle screen yet. Not everypony has submitted a move so you still have time to use the jumper cables instead off attacking.
>>15005 I will indeed do that, then. >Quill fishes out the jumper cables from her bag. "Wasn't countin' on having to use these fellas quite yet..." >She brings them to Prickly and squints, hoping for the best. "Paging Miss Prickly..."
>>14995 "No you dont!" >jumps at keebler and attempts to pin her down.
>>14995 >Strikes Bunny 3 twice ??? >inb4 Prickly gets hit again
>>15008 >??? Dont want to take chances with keebler and her casting.
So, am I back on this turn, or do I need to wait for the turn to be over before I can take any action? Also, sorry for getting knocked out, everybody.
(1.25 MB 1065x974 turn55.png)
>>15011 You wait for the turn to be over, which it is now. >>15002 >>15006 >>15007 >>15008 >Cloudhead double bops B3 for 5 and 3 damage. >Boulder misses Keebler, who laughs at him. >As she is laughing Cross kicks her firmly for 15 damage. >Quill wakes Prickly up to being stable at 1 HP. You can be healed on the same turn you wake up for future reference. >B3 imediately scratches Prickly for 5 damage knocking her back out. >B4 bites Quill for 12 damage. >Keebler prepairs her fire spell against Bouler as she cackles. >At this moment Cross kicks her with her back turned causing her to lose focus. >Her fire spell does a pathetic 1 damage to Boulder who's mane merely singes at the tips. Your so lucky I rolled a 1
(26.42 KB 500x373 aj.jpg)
(106.55 KB 438x387 1621386120124.png)
(2.46 MB 1841x2000 1671199364476974.png)
>>15012 >Cross is just about ready to boast about his kick that broke the Keebler Mare's back, when he spots the commotion among the others. >His barrel hitches as he sees Miss Prickly stand, only to tumble. >The laughter... the damned cackling laughter. >The damned bunnies... >And the damned trouble they were going through to do the right thing, only to end up getting good ponies hurt. >With the thoughts of a certain clown in mind melding with the guardscolt inside him, Cross goes berserk. "I'll give you something to Crack up about!" >Cross proceeds to immediately leap onto the Keebler to slam a positively delectable piece of Crack Cocaine down her gullet. >>15012 >B3 imediately scratches Prickly for 5 damage knocking her back out. >You can be healed on the same turn you wake up for future reference. pics related Anyways, can we at least get a rundown on what exactly the stats for all of our items are, or do you expect us to inspect them somehow? Because I'm only assuming by your vague hint before that the crack is the flat 10 poison damage
>>15012 >B3 imediately scratches Prickly for 5 damage knocking her back out. Damn! Reminds me of some times I've played Final Fantasy VI. At this point probably better to just destroy the remaining enemies, rather than revive me.
>>15014 Sorry that it was unclear. I have been meaning to consolidate a list for my own use to be more organised, so I reccomend you save your own copy and add things when new items appear. These are all the combat usable items that have showed up so far. There are other items like the adhesive gum, spinny thing, and two headed bit that you can roleplay a feasible use of outside battle. I buffed lassos because with their original stats they were useless. You might find some as drops from random encounters. The way they work is that they have a set grapple strength that whatever they entangle rolls against, so if you got multiple enemies in one lasso their attack is cumulative and raises the chance of them both escaping. You will come across a multi lasso at some point which can grapple multiple enemies without their attack accumulating. The original description was confusing, but both grapple and tackle work on most enemies while a few are immune. Dehydrated ponies have varrying stats and work in different ways, so it's possible you will find ones hostile to you. The ones you have now are not hostile to you. >>14842 >Iron Horseshoes: +5 ATK >Gold Horseshoes: +10 ATK >Spiked Horseshoes: +15 ATK >Spreading Knife: +10 ATK against butter >Can opener: enables holder to use canned items >Small apple: heals 5 HP >Snack cake: heals 5 HP >Canned apple: heals 5 HP >Large apple: heals 10 HP >Sodapop: heals 10 HP >Muffin: recover 10 SP >Cigarettes: recover 10 SP >Canned muffin: recover 10 SP >Apple Pie: restore 10 HP and 10 SP >Jumper cables: Wakes up KO to 1 HP >Antidote: Cures poison >Crack: 10 poison damage >Throwing knife: uses speed for damage and costs one action (one use) >Fried chikn: heals 5 HP but does 8 poison damage Lassos are re-usable unless they break >Rope lasso: grapple strength 7 >Barbed lasso: grapple strength 10, inflicts bleed >Dehydrated pony: Add water for support >Pink Wistle: Calls Pinkie Pie for support
>>15012 >Doubles down on bringing about Bunny 3's demise with two more weeks hits Called it I'm kekking at Prickly's expression though so it was kinda worth it >>15014 If you go back to the previous threads, specifically #2 when we were deep in the hood, crack got used on Rarity which did the 10 poison damage Also, the fried chicken deals a tiny amount of poison damage unless target defense is high enough >>15019 lol I forgot about the butter bonus. But those gold horseshoes... How did we miss that? Were they a hidden secret item somewhere? Don't need to say where if they were, I'm just curious if we need to be more diligent in searching the environment Speaking of, are the spiked horseshoes still a "cursed" item? Also, I think I already asked, but regarding things like the throwing knives, is that one use and they somehow turn to dust, or is it one use per knife per battle, recovered afterwards?
>>15019 Okay, thank you very much: added to my notes. Sorry if I came off I just wanted to know where the numbers came from >>15020 Yeah, I've had the chickn down. . Didn't think to write down the crack damage. Probably should read through the threads once again >>15015 Anyways, are we going to try to revive Prickly? Granted that we have one more turn after this. I still don't want her to miss the XP
>>15021 I think Quill should heal herself, and then we hope some good hits actually land and nobody else goes down next turn
>>15012 "U wot?" >jumps as high as he can and propels himself at keebler intending to flatten her
(909.23 KB 280x158 on his way.gif)
>>15012 >Quill gawks as her efforts to revive Prickly are quite swiftly rendered pointless. >And then, her frustration gives way to pain when she's struck. "Ouch... Sorry Prickly..." >She lights her horn, and begins to cast a healing spell on herself.
(1.72 MB 500x324 bouldercrush.gif)
(1.28 MB 1065x974 turn56.png)
>>15020 Throwing knifes are gone perminantly when you use them; otherwise it would be broken overpowered for only 50 bits. Spiked horseshoes were only cursed in that context, but they are so powerful you won't see any more for a long time. The gold horseshoes are a random drop from one of the encounters in these woods. I won't say which one but you have seen it already ;) >>15014 >>15020 >>15036 >>15039 >Cloudhead gets two week hits on B3, 2 and 1 damage. >Quill heals herself for 4 HP. >Keebler spazzes out from the crack and Boulder is too late to change course in mid air. I'm thinking for physical attacks if the enemy goes down I could roll for a random other enemy to target that turn as a default, but for now for consistancy I'll just have Boulder go overkill. Enjoy the gif >B3 attacks attacks Quill for 5 damage and B4 attacks Cross for 9.
That gif is SOUL and exudes Paper Mario energy I also just noticed the watermark in the grass ^:) By the way, is it possible to use my weather abilities from the ground? I don't recall ever trying to do so So, Bunny 3 has taken 11 damage out of potentially 17. I'm assuming the bunnies are probably 15 HP. I think we're in a good position to end it this turn One course of action I see is I could jumper cable Prickly, then Quill and myself both give B3 a boop; it should get the job done unless we both get our worst possible rolls. Cross and Boulder could then stomp B4 for the win
>>15044 KEK, amazing battle animation delivery >>15045 I'm all for jumping Prickly and bunnystomping if every anon is
>>15044 >redirect incoming attacks to other enemies Isn't that how it usually works in most turn based RPG's?
>>15046 Would certainly appreciate the revival if all the teammates are ok with it. Feel bad about using up two cables though.
>>15044 >Quill scarfs down a small apple and prepares to shove one down Prickly's throat the next turn (in the event that she gets revived)
>>15044 "Attacolt, Boulder!" >Satisfied with their work, Cross decides to try kicking B4 in the woods.
>>15044 >trying to hold running tears carefully kicks B4
>>15044 >Strikes Bunny 3 twice Sorry, Pricklyanon. The chance of me hitting at least a 4 with one hit is too low; if both bunnies don't go down this turn someone else is almost guaranteed to get KO'd, and then yet another precious jumper cable gets wasted.
>>15056 Easy day. Gotta play the cards you're dealt.
Sorry for responding late; I have been extra busy lately and have not had a chance to update the thread. Expect the next battle screen by the end of tomorrow.
>>15066 No worries, we're patient around here ^:)
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn57.png)
>>15045 >is it possible to use my weather abilities from the ground? Yes they work the same whether you are on the ground or in the air. >>15048 Yes and I don't care either way how it is for this; I'm just trying to be consistant. I'll do auto retargetting from here on unless anyanon doesn't want it. If you wanted an extra goofy description or possibly animation you could still specify otherwise. >>15054 >>15053 >>15055 >>15056 >Cloudhead knocks B3 out with 5 damage, who now has stars over the head and wobbles. >The seccond hit knocks B3 over with 2 damage. >Boulder misses B4. >Cross hits B4 for 7 damage. >Quill recovers 5 HP. To be clear I will calculate all item use during the turn before the battle is over so the jumper cable trick will work.
>>15070 >Quill casts a heal spell on Cross
>>15070 "I ain't finished with you, little bunny!" >Cross is still out kicking for B4!
>>15070 >This is it >He can sense it >This arduous battle against a few tiny bunnies is finally drawing to a close >Pawing at the ground with a hoof, Cloudhead readies his decisive move >Dashing forward, Cloudhead leaps towards his target, and with a well-timed fart, propels himself into an attempted strike on the final bunny >Carrying the momentum on his landing, he curves around and gallops over to Prickly's side >Fishing his set of jumper cables out of his saddlebags, he plops the unit on the ground and gets to work >The recent experiences from the Zonx fresh in mind, he lowers his head towards Prickly's battery terminals with clip in mouth >However, recalling that very experience with Rarity gives him pause before committing >Cloudhead did a good job, everything worked out well; and yet... >Why does he feel uneasy? >The more he tries to reason in the moment, the more he sinks into the depths of his mind >Deep Waters >Fear of Mare grips his very being >Backing off, beads of sweat accumulate around his head as he struggles to find a way out of this situation >The power needs to be delivered to the terminals to get a mare back on hooves... Right? >After all, his Pops once told him that it's where the foals get the energy to grow big and strong! >There can't be any other way, r-right? >... >In the end, Cloudhead knows deep down that he'll never be able to think his way through this one in the heat of the moment >Letting go of his troubled thoughts, he falls back upon his trusted guide: His natural instincts and intuition as a pegasus >In that moment, in that very absence of thought, he notices a faint itch on one side of his scrotum >His ancestors are communicating! >Following that flow, he clips a terminal onto each of Prickly's forelegs >Returning to his normal senses once more, Cloudhead gives a silent prayer to Celestia for everything to work out, before whapping the button with a forehoof
>>15070 "Huh?" >tries to push B4 away with his hooves again
>>15072 >>15073 >>15075 >>15086 >Cloudhead strikes B4 for 5 and wakes Prickly up. >Quill heals Cross for 6 HP. >Cross misses. >Boulder holds a strong stance as he prepares to strike. Natural 24 >Time freezes for him. >A familier clown watches goading him to slip up...
>>15090 "Celestia is muh sheild! Me won't waver fer She stands rightwise of me!" >strikes B4
>>15090 >"I live, I die, I live again!" >Readies an apple to eat. "I'm'a just eat this here apple.
(12.41 KB 979x629 entrance.png)
>>15091 >Boulder pounds B4 into the ground like a post so that only it's ears stick up above the surface. >Everypony gains 14 XP and 3 bits. >Prickly finds gold horseshoes! >Prickly levels up; her HP and SP are fully restored. >No need to eat the apple unless she really wants to. >Her HP, SP, and INT all permanently increase by one. All the other stats are the same as the last battle screen except that Cross has 8 HP now and Quill has 6 SP.
>>15093 "Sad we not have more rape thingies."
>>15072 >Cross grunts. "Hey, thanks for that... feels better." >>15093 >Cross spits right between the ground's new ears. >He's about to speak when Boulder surprises him >>15094. "H-heh... yeah... We've got, what, at least 4 of 'em between us? I'm glad feathers figured a way to uh, de-rape 'em, but... anyways! Great work there, Boulder. I really need to work on where I'm aimin' my hooves. Speakin' of which..." >He tilts forward. "I say everypony have themselves a bit of a snack, and we keep on keepin' on." >With his yapping at a merciful end, Cross happily plops down with his back to a tree, and devours his last 2 apples. Are we going to heal as much as we can? >>15075 Cloudhead character development kino >>15091 Boulder is the best
>>15093 >Prickly puts away the apple and admires the golden horseshoes. "Wew, howdy! Fancy shmancy! I reckon those'll turn a head or two! Now 'ah just need a glittery dress! I understand the iron horseshoes, but what do the golden ones do? >While admiring the golden horseshoes Prickly goes wide-eyed and drops them at >>15094. She knows Boulder is a good-natured Celestia-fearing soul, so she gives him the benefit of the doubt that he means something else. But just in case... "Uh...well now, ya'll best be keeping yer rape-thingies to yourselves and away from Quill and I, ya' hear? Ain't want no trouble. >At Cross's remarks (>>15097) Prickly looks confused. But since Cross looks uncomfortable, Prickly resolves to ask about it another time. She addresses everypony in general. "Y-yeah, anyways! Glad to not be seeing stars anymore. Much obliged to 'ya all, and sorry for getting KO'd and not contributing much. I'll do better next time. >>15097 Seconding the good character development by Cloudhead. Was epic! >>15094 Kek at Boulder's simple nature. Comedy gold!
>Relieved that their troubles are over for at least the next two minutes, his breathing gradually slows to a normal pace >>15094 >>15097 >>15098 >Feeling like he's probably out of the loop, Cloudhead decides to chime in "Um... Maybe I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but... He's talking about those." >He says, pointing a forehoof at one of the spent jumper packs "They're confusing and kinda scary, but I don't see what's so bad about 'em. They get you back up on your hooves, after all... Somehow." >Stating that fact, Cloudhead then moves in to inspect the horseshoes Prickly dropped >Gazing upon their metallic form, his pegasi intuition can sense the power within them >Or maybe that's just his stomach feeling hungry >The world may never know "Wow, those sure are neat!" >... >"Can I try them on?" I'm glad you liked it. I got worried I made a high effort post and nobody cared lol >>15098 See the post FM made at >>15019 they're double the attack bonus of iron horseshoes While on the subject, I humbly suggest that I hold on to this first golden horseshoe drop. I could desperately use more attack power so that I don't have to crutch so hard on Lightning all the time. This is perfect timing to get this right at the start of the dungeon I wonder what the drop rate chance was... Either way, because of my pegasus ability to do multiple actions per turn, I gain the most benefit from attack power boosts. Even though it's only +5 over iron, because I can attack twice it nearly doubles my effective damage potential from 12 to 22 max. Whoever ends up using them can also pass their iron horseshoes along to Quill, which will be helpful. Overall we've gained a big damage buff from this battle.
>>15104 Yep, makes perfect sense. I'll pass 'em over. >Responding to Cloudhead's request Prickly figures the golden horseshoes would be a fine match for his coat color. "Sure, sugar! I figure you'd look pretty in 'em! Just let me use 'em in the event of a ball or gala. Promise?" >She adds with a cunning smile. "I'm certain you're gonna wreck many a'bunny with those!"
>>15106 "Okay! Promise!" >Cloudhead beams, quickly getting to work putting them on >After doing so, he trots around in circles a few times "Hey, these feel good! also..." >He exclaims, before coming to a stop by Quill and setting his old iron horseshoes on the ground "It looked like you didn't have any, so... You can use these; if you want." >He says with a pause, wondering what else he should say "They, um... help a lot when you need to get your hooves dirty." >Nodding for emphasis, Cloudhead concludes his thought as he steps away >Though, the pegasus only makes it a few steps before he encounters a new object of fascination >The Fungus "Wow, look at this mushroom! It kinda looks like me!" >He comments, examining it carefully
>>15106 >>15104 >>15093 "Phew, good work everypony. Thought we were in trouble for a second there!" >Quill brushes herself off and breathes out a relieved sigh. "Sorry I wasn't much help in the, er. Kicking things department. Unicorn hooves. Nice going bringin' things home, Boulder." >She chuckles as Cloudhead puts on the horseshoes, and turns back to face the road ahead, bracing for any more excitement.
>>15110 "Mushroom?" >Cross joins Cloudhead by the mushroom. >He pokes it. His brows furrow. "Mushroom."
>>15075 Great character development for Cloudhead indead! He is growing to be a more honerable stallion. >>15097 >Cross recovers 10 HP. >>15109 >Cloudhead recieves the gold horseshoes from Prickly, and Quill recieves his iron horseshoes. Didn't check for a couple of days, but thankfully looks like you diddn't need me yet anyways. It was fun to read through and I have updated all the character sheets and stats on my end.
(1.44 MB 1024x768 Blue_milk_mushroom.png)
>>15114 >Now curious, Prickly trots over to Cross and Cloudhead. Her knowledge of fungi is not as extensive as cacti, but she makes an attempt at identification. "Hmmm...that little fella looks a bit like Lactarius Indigo, known 'round most parts as the indigo milky. Fella's got bluish milk that oozes out then turns green. You can eat 'em, but there's no way to know for sure what this one is. Might be something different, and maybe poisonous. >Prickly sighs. "If'n 'ah only had my boteny books 'ah could tell 'ya for certain. Reckon we could take it with us and identify it later."
>>15117 "Y'know what, I think I will!" >Cross scoops up the milky mushroom.
>Feeling content that their new mushroom friend has been acquired, Cloudhead begins making mental preparations as he looks down the trail "Well... Are we ready to get moving again?" >He asks while flapping his flappers to hover once more
>>15133 >Responds to Cloudhead with a smile "I'm ready! Let's go!"
>>15132 >Blue mushroom aquired. >>15133 >>15135 Waiting for Cross's take because he suggested using healing items before proceeding.
>>15136 Can Prickly and Quill use healing out of combat?
>>15139 Yes. They can use it as many times as they want and recover the SP with items. Currently on average 12 SP is worth 6 apples, but the healing per individual use varies as you are aware.
>>15142 >>15139 Good to know we can cast healing outside of combat. Did that all the time playing the now ancient Final Fantasy games. Now who needs healing? I'm ready to cast a few spells.
>>15144 I believe Boulder, Cross, and Quill all have 8 HP. Quill can cast healing on herself, which leaves Boulder and Cross. Since they're both kind of our front-line on most initial combat engagements, we should try and keep at least one of them but ideally both relatively topped up
>>15144 Cloudhead 14/17 Boulder 8/23 Cross 18/18 Quill 8/16 Prickly 17/17
>>15152 >Prickly Casts heal in Boulder. "There ya' go, Boulder." Casting once to see how much I'll get out of it. Hopefully enough. Then I'll follow up with more.
>>15155 >Heals Boudler for 3 HP. Next time you can specify how much HP you want to heal him to and how many spells you are willing to cast to do so. It will save time because I can roll them all at once.
>>15155 >Cross is immediately pleased. "That's kind of you, Miss Prickly!" >He gives Boulder a once over. "You're still pretty ragged there. You gonna be alright, Boulder?"
>>15157 >>15163 >Prickly casts again to heal Boulder to at least 18. "Hmmm. Not enough, huh? Let's fix you up a bit more."
>>15165 "Celestia bless you, Miss Pear!" >looks down the road "Me wonders where heretecs could've taken fillies and Miss Bonbon's friend?"
>>15165 >Heals Boulder for 3 and 4 HP putting him at 18. >Prickly has 3 SP left.
>>15166 >Addreses Boulder "Well. That oughta do ya' for the moment. And dont'cha worry none. We're gonna find them fillies!" >Looks to Quill "Quill could do with some healin' too. I ain't got much left though."
>prays "O, Mother Celestia! Help us find fillies. Send us sign where we look, we beg You!"
>>15188 We're just waiting on Quill, aren't we?
>>15185 >Quill shrugs. "I can handle it myself! We should save our magic between eachother in case we get into more trouble." >She casts a single heal spell on herself, and then trots on towards the path. "Well, gang? Onwards we go?" Sorry all. Been a weekend
>>15193 >Smiles and trots after Quill.
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn58.png)
>>15193 >Quill heals herself for 7 HP. >>15200 I miscalculated before. Prickly actually has 7 SP and not 3, sorry. >The party comes to a junction in the trail where they encounter more unagreeable forest residents. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w2YLdjxS_M Ugh you got the same fucking encounter again.
>>15204 "Oh come on!" >Quill casts scan on one of the bunnies, looking for a weakness that they might be able to exploit.
>>15204 >prays to Celestia "O Goddess, help us show em!"
>>15204 "More of you?!" >He scoffs, then grins. "Hey, Keebler! How about a kisser?" >Cross slugs a hoof at the Keebler.
>>15204 >Scowls in disgust at the bunnies. "Well, I ain't a meat eater, but 'ah figure somethin' in this here forest's gotta have a taste for BBQ bunny. >Prickly casts fire on one of the bunnies.
>>15204 >Uses Lightning on B4 or one that isn't being attacked by Prickly >same encounter Oh boy! I can't wait for some of that 40 damage per turn Bunny Fun™
(1.33 MB 1065x974 turn59.png)
>>15205 >>15207 >>15209 >>15211 >>15212 >Cloudhead snaps B4 for 14 damage. So close! >Quill scans B1: BABIBUNNY: HP-15/15 SP-5/5 A=12 I=5 D=0 S=25 Now you know why you keep missing them >Subsequently Prickly casts fire on the same bunny. >And inferno engulfs B1 for 20 damage; the bunny is turned completely black. >It blinks twice and blows away as a cloud of dust. >Cross misses Keebler. >No favor results from Boulders prayer, but he feels Celestia's warmth as it is recieved. >Maybe next time :) >Keebler casts fire on Prickly. >24 damage. Damn. At least she got to do something before she got knocked out this time. >B2 attacks Quill for 2 damage, and B3 attacks her for 8. >B4 bites Quill right on the neck for 12 damage.
(12.44 KB 275x183 download.jpeg)
>>15223 Damn Keebler. At least a bunny is gone though.
>>15223 "Stand still you— Miss Prickly!" >Cross sputters, only to turn his glare on the Keebler. "SUN DAMN YOU!" >Cross goes for a takedown on the Keebler. >Out to lunch at least she's eating well...
>>15223 "Aw heck!" >kicks Keebler in the chest with all the force
>>15223 >Uses Lightning on B3 Can we leave dungeons to restock and/or rest? At this rate there's no way we're doing this fighting groups that can take out potentially 3/4 of the parties entire cumulative HP pool every single turn without wiping
>>15246 Sorry for delay; I went to a wild party on super short notice and ended up staying until 4 AM. Just woke up and have to go to something for my cousin in 20 minutes so I don't feel like calculating the turn right now. In the meantime Quill can move. Resting is not a good idea because you are in hot pursuit. I balanced the dungeon so that you will find enough items in it as well as an in-dungeon shop. Even running back to town to restock would take an hour round trip. Play smart and economise. What is the cheapest source of healing and what is the most safe? Which pony has the best healing pottential in a turn?
>>15223 >Quill casts a shield spell around Cross as he goes in to attack Keebler. What's the range of the shield, by the way? Would Boulder fit within it too, since he's attacking from the same general area as Cross?
(1.23 MB 1065x974 turn60.png)
>>15232 >>15238 >>15246 >>15272 >Cross and Boulder miss. >Cloudhead zaps B3 for 12 damage. >Quill casts shield on Cross. It only applies to the target of the spell, and the effect is 50% magic damage resistance so it does nothing against physical attacks. >Keebler casts fire on Cloudhead for 14 damage knocking him out. >B2 jumps on Cross for 6 damage knocking him out. >B3 bumps Quill for 2 damage. >B4 bites Boulder for 11 damage. You have pretty much lost this one unless you get super lucky. You will lost 20 XP each and the local witch will drag you to her hut and heal you up if you are all knocked out.
>>15284 I will never eat another Keebler Elf cookie again!
>>15284 This is the moment Cross was buried in an unmarked grave
>>15284 >prays "Celestia have mercy!"
Ah, yes, the "we are going to fucking die" arc of the /fun/geon
>>15284 "Oh, it's ON you little fluffy shits!" >Quill charges a magic attack and fires it at the bunnies
>>15293 >>15301 >Boulder sees Celestia's light and hears her voice. >He is blessed with +20 speed. >Quill casts fire on B2 for 20 damage knocking it out. >Keebler fries Quill for 20 damage, and B3 punts Boulder for 12. >Everypony is knocked out and loses 20 XP. >Prickly De-levels. >They begin coming to conciousness and hear strange singing from another room. >The room they are in is small and the walls are covered in shelves with strange objects and bottles. >It looks like the light of a fire is shining through the one door.
>>15314 >Cross groans low. "Shittin' paw-having freaks..." >He shakes himself and looks around. He's pleased to see everypnoy accounted for. >His ears twitch in the direction of the singing. He groans again. "Take it we all had the same nightmare o' getting our flanks kicked by bunnies and pyro-maneiacs?" >He stands to take a closer look at the objects and bottles around them. "Don't tell me we're in some crazy's lair..." >>He is blessed with +20 speed >kek, wasn't fast enough... >>Prickly De-levels. aaaaaaaa
>>15314 >looks around "Oh, me Goddess! Was that a tad too fast?"
>>15314 >It was at that moment, Cloudhead realized: He's not having a good day >With a good deal of motivation, he rolls onto his belly to collect his senses, already noting a slight headache >Eventually, with a stiff neck and even stiffer morning wood, the pegasus rises up and opens the door to investigate
>>15323 >Rounding the open arch Cloudhead sees a larger dome shaped room with a hole in the ceiling. >In the center there is a cauldron with a fire lit under it. >Next to the cauldron is a hideous warted mare. "Double double toil and trouble, fire burn an cauldron bubble"
>>15323 >>15322 >>15314 >>15318 >Prickly groans and opens her eyes, only to have her field of view taken up by morning wood. "Woops! Well...uh...ok then. 'Ah ain't accustomed to seeing THAT in the mornin'!" >She says in embarrassed surprise while raising a hoof to shield her eyes and turning over to her other side to escape the vision. Then she catches a glimpse of the shelves and all the curiosities on them. Fascinated, she gets up to inspect them and talks out loud to nopony in particular. "Huh? Where are we? What happened? What's all this?" >She continues to inspect, noting that Boulder and Cross are awake. She clearly already ascertained that Cloudhead was "up" and about. "Quill? You awake?" We still have the golden horseshoes, right?
>>15327 "I can't make sense of these baubles, Miss Prickly." >He throws a glance at Quill, only to see Cloudhead at the now open door. >>15323 >>15325 >Cross comes over, and peeks in alongside his stiff-legged friend. "Whatcha— woah. Woah." >He recoils, barely managing to keep his voice down, then prods Cloudhead with a knowing grin. "That the mare that got you all hard-headed down there?" should still have the shoes
(80.64 KB 347x288 mfw.png)
>>15327 >>15328 "Huuuh?" >He drawls out, still shaking the sleepies from his mind >Getting the idea, he lowers his head to inspect the situation at hoof, staring carefully at an upside down view between his forelegs before raising it back up "I dunno why that happens... So, um..." >He pauses >Thankfully, the combination of the sight before the pegasus, along with the growing fear of the unknown surrounding them, makes things quickly return to where they belong >Steeling his nerves, Cloudhead moves ahead with uneasy steps towards the mare "...h-hello? What happened? Where are we?"
>>15327 >Lots of glass bottles and containers with loose herbs. >Looks like potion ingredients. >>15330 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBJzOxmqDzI >The hag looks up from her work and twists her head toward Cloudhead. "Why hello there dearie! Your awake already. You really should be more careful in these woods" >She says as she stirs.
>>15327 >>15328 >Quill groans loudly as she stirs. >She can swear she can still feel that infernal psychos inferno magic caking her coat. >She hears the familiar voices of Cloudhead, Prickly, and Cross, though, which at least calms her nerves a little bit. "Ow, ow, everything hurts..." >>15331 >Hearing a new voice, Quill glances in the direction of the hag as she stumbles her way up. "These woods? You... Do you live here?" >She looks at the hag incredulously. "You have my condolences."
>>15332 >Cross checks to see if he's lost anything.
>>15332 "Mhm" >She replies before looking up at Quill. "Say, could you fetch the bear root for me now? Can't do with these creaky old legs. In the green jar with the red lid over yonder" >She points a hoof at the shelf beind Quill. >>15334 >Everything is in place but his pride.
>>15340 >Quill nods. >She turns, scanning the shelf for several seconds and levitating over the matching jar as soon as she spots it. "Oh, certainly. We surely owe you one, after all."
>>15340 "Do you know anything about blue mushrooms?" >He asks, pausing to think before asking another question "And, uh... Golden apples?"
>>15343 >The witch picks a piece out of the jar with her teath and drops it in whatever she's cooking up. "Thank you dearie" >>15344 "Blue mushrooms I know. Golden apples? heard of em', but they are a different kind of magic than I know"
>>15340 >Cross winces as the memories leading to his lost pride swell up. >>15345 "Hey, uh, thanks for saving us. Where exactly are we, now? Deep in the forest?"
>>15345 >Prickly's ears perk up at the chance to learn about mushrooms. "Oooo, yes! Please tell us about blue mushrooms! And, uh, don't suppose 'ya got any books on forest mushrooms and herbs?
>>15346 >The witch replies to Cross: "I was coming back from town. Found you halfway to my hut at the split in the road. Loaded you on my cart and took the left trail. That's what I did." >>15347 >The witch laughs. "No books, oral tradition. Three kind of blue mushroom there are. Belted are deadly poisonous. Spikies taste bad. Plains knock you right out, but after a short while you come back full strength" >She stirs the cauldron and sips the ladle. "The medicine is ready. This'll get you right back up, and don't worry it's on the house." >She pauses. "But you might consider buying something for the road before you leave. You are traveling too light for these woods, and you shouldn't count on me stumbling upon you again."
>>15350 "Huh. You saw my mushroom, right?" >Cross flops his mushroom out for her to see. "What's this one, then? Can't see much about it 'cept the blue."
>>15352 >The witch nods. "That's a plain"
>>15369 "Huh, well I'll be! That's a keeper, then." >Cross passes the plain blue mushroom to Cloudhead. "Here, you oughta keep it, feathers. You found it, and I'll keep an eye out for more." >He turns back to the witch. "What kinda things you sellin', miss? You say we're packin' light, but what would you have for us?"
>>15372 "Well lets see..." >The witch walks to the side of the room where there is a cabinet and opens it. >She points to a red potion. "Those'll heal you as much as a small apple, I'd sell'em to you for 10 bits" >She points to a purple potion. "large apple, 25 bits" >She points to an antidote. "Cures poison, 10 bits" >She points to a green potion. "Same magic as a muffin, 30 bits" >She points to a strange charm. "Place that on somepony who is knocked out, It'll wake em' up"
>>15374 Haven't forgotten name field in a while lol.
>>15374 And forgot to post price of last item, damn. "40 bits"
>>15374 how many charms and red/purple pots do you think we need?
(1.36 KB 256x168 Potion-Shop.png)
>>15352 >Cross flops his mushroom out for her to see. Kek. Reading that at a glance, I mistook it to mean something entirely different. >>15374 >Prickly whistles happily! "Pretty good prices there, granny! Mighty gratefull to you for bringing us out'a danger." >>15387 Not sure how many red/purple. Maybe 10/10 if we can afford it? I think we should get a few charms and antidotes too. If there are poison mushrooms in the forest, there might be poison baddies too. >>15350 >Belted are deadly poisonous >Nice. Weaponization of mushrooms.
>>15374 >>15394 >Cross nods respectfully after Prickly. "What she said. I'll take a charm and one of them red pots, s'pose." >He fiddles around for 50 bits. >With that out of the way, he approaches the cauldron. >He gives it a tentative sniff. "Medicine, huh? Too kind." >He eyes the cauldron with the same look a colt might have in crossing their mother. >He leans over... >And dunks his muzzle right in. >>15394 Now would be a good time to reorganize and distribute our inventories, too
"Uh... Folks who know numbers, can you use my coins to buy anything we need for whole band?"
>>15374 "I'll get a purple potion, please and thank you..." >Quill fishes out the required bits from her saddlebags and presents them to the hag. "Can never be too careful, like you say."
I'll let you finish deciding what items to buy before I update your sheets.
>>15408 Question. Do we pool the money into one pot or is it divided among us according to how a division of the money after battles? I haven't bought anything since I figured I really haven't earned any of the money in battles yet. Just curious and didn't want to spend what wasn't mine.
>>15423 Boulder offered his bits so I'd say you can use his. Just make it clear where the bits came from so I can keep track. He has 42 bits.
>>15427 In that case, thanks Boulder. I'll pay you back...if I ever survive a battle that is. >Prickly eyes the witches wares. "Hmmm. I reckon I'll take one of those purple potions and an antidote, granny!" >Prickly hoofs over 35 bits.
>>15428 Does Cloudhead want to buy anything? He still has 24 bits. Sorry about not replying frequently enough the past few days.
>>15350 >Wandering over to the cauldron, Cloudhead stares at it with a very scrunched muzzle before reluctantly sipping up his share Was busy with prep for the 4th. Sorry And no, I'll pass on buying something right now
>>15408 I do appreciate that, since my own sheets get a bit fucked by the staggered updates
If nopony wants to do anything else here, somepony should take the initiative and hit the road.
>approaches cauldron >sniffs "Wat dis?"
>Feeling reenergized, Cloudhead rushes out of the building, ready to give the bunnies a much deserved thumping
>>15473 >Having enjoyed his schlorp of witch wine, he thanks her. >>15475 "S'alright, Boulder. Let's be on our way." >>15476 >He laughs as Cloudhead practically flies out, and chases after him. "Slow down there, feathers!"
>>15477 >sips "Hmmmm. Almost as good as Mom's rock soup!"
>>15478 "Now you're making me hungry!
>>15473 >>15476 >>15477 "Alright, gang. Let's try to be a bit more careful moving forwards. And hey, at least we, er. Know a bit more about what we're up against?" >Quill forces an enthusiastic smile and confident stride to her trot as she follows the others out of the hag's hut and into the forest once more. "Thanks again for everything, Miss!" >She calls back to the Hag as she leaves the hut behind.
>>15476 >Prickly trots after the others and calls back to the witch. "Thanks again, granny!"
(1.23 MB 1065x974 turn61.png)
>>15482 >>15483 >The witch smiles. "Your welcome dearies. Try to stay out of trouble now!" >>15476 >>15477 >>15482 >>15483 >On the road again, our heroes wind down the pathes of the dark forest. >Will they find the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or will their 'crusade' end in disaster? >Who will they encounter on their way? >Will they even... SHIT! More enemies already. Calculated everything on my end. Remember Cloudhead that Cross gave you the blue mushroom so you have it now. Notably Quill still has 78 bits. With the path cleared subsequent trips to the hut will be easier. Remember there is still a 1/4 chance of an encounter on squares you have already cleared though. Also the first turn is very important, so remember to pick out targets, utilise effects, and hit as hard as you can as a team. It's very dangerous if you cant incapacitate an enemy or two on the first turn
>>15485 >prays to Celestia "The Sun rises from Canterlot!"
>>15485 >Cross draws in a sharp breath. "HOLY SHIT, BEAR!" >Contrary to his volume, he actually seems excited. >Then, he sees the Keebler, and his eyes narrow, and lips curl with disdain. >With a great leap, he moves to Takedown the Keebler mare. If I miss one more time I'm going to gut myself. Also, some unimare please burn the flies alive
>>15485 >Prickly takes one look at the flies and her icky response is triggered. "Eeewww! Disgusting flies! It should be killed with fire!" >She whispers to herself. Prickly aims a fire spell at Super Fly #1.
Maybe Boulder and Cloudhead work the bear over while Quill and I take out the flies? Cloudhead's got the gold horseshoes. Might be handy here.
>>15485 >Attacks Super Fly twice Physically attacking flying enemies won't put me on the ground afterwards, right? Also, moving forward, we should really be piling on the key enemy(s) all at once now that the rules of overflow attacks has changed For example, Keeblers can apparently one shot any of us, it would be stupid of us to not all attack the Keebler on the first turn to make sure it goes down; any extra attacks won't be wasted as they will automatically go to a different enemy Hopefully Cross' takedown sticks
>>15502 >Physically attacking flying enemies won't put me on the ground afterwards, right? Correct
>>15485 "Not you again!" >Quill complains loudly when she sees the Keebler. >she scrunched up her nose in disgust and fires a fractional spell at the Super Bug
(1.22 MB 1065x974 turn62.png)
>>15487 >No magiks :( >At least she hears you. >>15489 >Cross misses. You jinxed yourself buddy; It felt bad to roll. Her evade isn't even that high. You got a 14 against her 15 evade. I almost wanted to fudge it and let you hit but we're not in the Zonx anymore. >>15490 >Prickly's spell singes super fly one's wing for 3 damage. >>15502 >Cloudhead hits super fly one for 3 and 6 damage. >>15505 >Quill drains 4 HP from super fly two. >Keebler burns Cross for 7 damage. I actually prayed for that to be a low roll. >Super fly one bites Quill for 2 and 1 damage. >Super fly two bites Prickly for 4 damage and Cross for 3. >The bear lumbers towards Cross and swings his mighty arm for 8 damage. >Knockout!
>>15515 I'm gutting myself
>>15515 "Why ye, bucker!" >slams bear in the gut with both hind hooves, with all the foce :/
>>15515 I'm thinking we should revive Cross. Probably best if I revive and Quill readies an apple, or better. We still have jumper cables, right? This way our strikers can continue to attack the baddies. After that, I'm gonna shift over to casting healing spells. Thoughts?
>>15529 Seconding this, Quill's gonna use that fancy potion she just bought from the Hag on Cross. Don't wanna use heal magic yet, wanna conserve SP
>>15515 >Prickly gasps, then readies jumper cables to revive Cross. "Come on Cross, we're gonna need you!"
>>15515 >Attacks Bear and Keebler Unless there's some exceptional luck, reviving isn't going to help. This is a DPS race
It honestly is probably a waste to revive me unless Cloudhead can do it with one of two actions
(1.20 MB 1065x974 turn63.png)
>>15535 >Cloudhead kicks the bear in the jaw for 8 damage, and the keebler on the nose for 6. >>15526 >It hits with full foce! >That's about it. >1 damage. >>15531 >>15534 >Prickly and Quill work to stabilize and heal Cross, leaving him at 11 HP. >The superflies attack Prickly a total of three times, for 3 4 and 2 damage consecutively. >The seccond fly bites Cloudhead for 6 damage. >Keebler burns Cross for 23 damage knocking him out again. >The bear throws all his weight down on Boulder for 16 damage.
>>15546 "H-hey thanks, mares—" >ZAP So very, very glad we are not playing at a point where we'd have to make new characters on death
>>15546 >kicks Bear in the balls Hey, GM, got a rough week at work? Got fed up with the campaign? A pity. Understandable, but a pity nevertheless.
(109.98 KB 805x992 salt.png)
>>15546 >Attacks Keebler twice >>15551 kek picrel
>>15546 >>15551 Dammit! >Prickly shoves a small apply in Boulder's mouth to heal him somewhat. "Now you knock that bear's marbles clean into orbit, ya' hear. I'll be praying to Celestia for your aim to be true." >She says with a wink.
>>15551 No, I have just not been on my A-game. Work is going smoothly; it's just that I have more commitments now than I have ever had before. It's no excuse because I still waste plenty of time playing video games, but I'm definitely feeling burnt out lately. I've gone through waves of this before and I know that the show must go on. As for the campaign I am still exited about it and already have stuff planned that will take us about another year or two to get to.
>>15546 >Quill casts a fractional spell on Keebler "Would you stop burning my friends for TWO seconds?!"
(1.19 MB 1065x974 turn64.png)
>>15560 >Quill drains 5 HP from keebler. >Keebler hisses. >>15552 >Cloudhead hits for 1 and 8 damage. >>15551 >Boulder strikes for 12 damage; not the strongest impact but in the right place. >The bear is in a lot of pain. >>15553 >Heals Boulder 5 HP. >Keebler prepares to attack Quill, but is knocked around by Cloudhead casting fire on Prickly instead. >For 29 damage. >:( >The super flies attack Boulder once for 1 damage and Quill for 2, 4, and 1 damage. >The bear, distracted by the agony inflicted on him by Boulder, misses Cloudhead. You actually got pretty lucky rolls. You're mostly awake and two of the enemies are super low HP and you could pick them off this turn. Straight up: your strategy so far is quite ungood. I think a certain clown friend might have to go on a rant after this battle.
>>15562 Welcome to the unconscious world, Miss Prickly!
>>15562 >Attacks Keebler twice I've been trying to drop the hints without being the backseat metagamer It's hard on me :(
>>15566 Then just be the backseat meta gamer! That shouldn't be my job lol. If you actually have to ask Silly for tactical advice he's going to take your XP and delevel you for humilation.
>>15562 "Ha, flying nuts!" >kicks distracted Bear
>>15566 I totally support you meta gaming
>>15562 Quill casts Shield on Cloudhead as he goes in for his attack
(1.18 MB 1065x974 turn65.png)
>>15581 I designed the combat system so you would have to metagame it and there would be powerful options. Your builds are all fine so it's just figuring out what the most useful roles for your characters are. Don't remember if I said this before, but I calculate magic before other moves and then go by speed for what order they happen in. >>15589 >Cloudhead is now shielded from magic damage. >>15566 >Hits once for 8 damage, knocking Keebler out. >Cloudhead attempts to strike super fly one but misses. >>15577 >Boulder hits for 5 damage. >The flies attack Quill twice for 5 damage knocking her out, Boulder for 1, and Cloudhead for 2. >The bear whacks Cloudhead for 5.
>>15590 >Eats a Snack Cake with one hoof while smacking Super Fly #1 with the other
>>15590 It really feels more like our team is down a pegasus. Two earths, two unicorns, one pega. Who has the most potential to spearhead a concentrated team effort? The pegasus with two moves.
>>15590 >sings "Ruleth Celestia!" >kicks Bear
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn66.png)
>>15592 Keebler fried you >>15562 >>15591 >Cloudhead recovers 5 HP and knocks out super fly 1 with a solid 9 damage kick! >>15597 >Boulder strikes the bear for 4 damage. >Super fly 2 attacks Cloudhead for 5 and 3 damage. >Bear attacks Boulder for 12, KO! You guys are lucky to be alive. I know it's cliche for me to say this but you still have an advantage and a good chance of winning if you do the right thing. Alright Mr. Meta gamer, you should know how much HP that fly has because Quill attacked it with a fractional spell. It's the only threat to you, but has a low damage output. You can infer that it has at LEAST 20 speed so it will be hard to hit. The bear can't do shit because you are flying. Here is your inventory: Gold Horseshoes, Train Crewpony, empty vial, bubblegum, snack cake x3, spreading knife, fidget spinner, apple pie, dehydrated thug, can opener x2, canned muffin, canned apple, mining helmet, small apple x2, antidote, Blue Mushroom You have several good options here as far as I see it. If Cloudhead makes it it will have the interersting side effect of concentrating the XP and instantly getting him to level 5. A little tidbit I will let you know is that level 5 allows him to learn one of two abilities that have to to with reviving KOd party memebers, so you would be able to save revive items after this battle. It would technically be possible to win the battle without Couldhead or any party members getting XP. Now make me proud!
(2.02 MB 4000x4000 CHAD THUNDERCOCK.png)
>>15598 >SKY CHAD hangs in there with 1 HP to secure the win >mfw Hopefully kek Anyway I need some information on a niche situation before I make my move. What happens if I queue up an action in such a way that I still have another action point the following turn? Example: Eat/use something, then use Lightning. Would the Lightning only pop off after I chose my next action the following turn? What's the order of events there?
>>15600 Use em' or lose em'. A turn is two actions for you, but time still passes if you don't use those actions so you can't save actions. If a move takes more actions than you have in a turn, you will simply be preparing the move as the turn transitions and finish it in as many actions as are left to complete it. If you have a leftover action after the move is over you can use it like normal. In that specific example you would use an item then be gathering clouds together for a lightning bolt when the turn ends. The next turn if you were not KOd during the last turn you would hit with the lighting bolt and be able to spend one action that turn. You have never used rain or power field yet, but if you chose to with both actions you would be prepairing on the first turn and next turn there would be either a 50% bonus to lightning damage or 50% reduction of fire damage that effects all attacks before anypony else moves, even before magic. Cloudhead would have no actions left that turn so it would feel like if you used lighting that turn in that he does one thing. Obviously not a good time to use that now, but I diddn't now if you knew that's how it's supposed to work. I didn't have this niche situation in mind when I said several good options, but I can think of one very good move and two very bad moves you might have though of.
>>15598 >Eats his Apple Pie before preparing to zap the annoying fly with a lightning bolt I wanted to save the pie for a boss fight, but it needs to be done Now watch me get fucked by the fly hitting double max
Also, I just realized I potentially missed a huge opportunity back at the Witch's hut. Feels bad
(1.13 MB 1065x974 turn67.png)
>>15605 >Cloudhead recovers 10 HP and 10 SP. >Super fly bites him. 4! 4! What a darned nuisance! >Bear scratches his balls. >Having enough of this BS Cloudhead brings lighting upon the super fly. >14 damage! Cloudhead has one action left Our hero
>>15606 >Brings forth the lightning until either the bear goes down, or he runs out of energy yay
This is now Cloudhead's game, kek
>>15607 >Cloudhead shocks bear for 13, a knockout hit! >He recieves 90 XP and 57 bits. He reaches level 5! >Cloudhead's max HP, SP and Speed all increase by 1! He is fully recovered. >In addition he can choose one of two new weather skills; Jumper bolt: Costs 10 SP and uses 2 actions, same effect as jumper cable item. >Cloudhead combines his knowledge of jumper cables with his ability to cast lighting; tuning in the precicion just right to wake up a KOd target. Jumper field: Costs 5 SP, one jumper cable item, and 2 actions. Wakes up all KOd party members at once. >Cloudhead combines his knowledge of jumper cables with his ability to energise the air. He creates a small and concentrated power field around his party for just long enough to wake them all up at once with one set of jumper cables.
(928.41 KB THANK.mp3)
Damn that's a lot of XP. Almost the entirety of the gains from the Zonx arc in one battle This outcome may have been the best possible one for us though, because both of these abilities are really strong and much needed for our current situation. It's a difficult choice Jumper Bolt would make it so that I could effectively buy revives for, on average, half the cost of Jumper Cables via Muffins. It would be very efficient if only one pony goes down during a battle However, Jumper Field is obviously king if multiple go down during a battle, on top of being a very reasonable SP cost I'm personally leaning towards the latter, as I think it'll be far more useful in the long run, but I have to ask FM this first: Does it work with other revive items? Or does it HAVE to be Jumper Cables? >>15609 ^:)
>>15615 It only works with jumper cables which are the normal revive item stores have. The witch it just different. I wouldn't let not currently having access to a store with jumper cables be the deciding factor of a choice like this in your situation; the party still has four of them and strange charms are cheaper than jumper cables. Both abilities are good.
>>15618 Good to know. Either way, I'm going with Jumper Field
>>15619 Waow! Congrats, feathers. I agree that jumper field is the better choice Boulder, Prickly, Quill, how are you feeling
(11.83 KB 979x629 pond.png)
>>15619 >Cloudhead learns Jumper Field! >He stands in front of the witch hut. You can use items that a downed party member has in their inventory. If you were in battle I'd say it takes an extra action but that doesn't matter now.
>>15630 >Looking around at his fallen companions, Cloudhead's ears droop low >However, he knows that help, or at least some form of it, is near >Through the sheer power of convenience and an elaborate system of clouds and pulleys, he attempts to drag the party back to the Witch's Hut >All 16¾ hoofsteps away >>15620 >no response Wouldn't be surprised nor blame them if they left after all of that BS lol Speaking of, in the event that people ever do leave, will encounter difficulty get adjusted accordingly?
>>15631 >Cross groans as he's dragged along the path. "Feathers, did I get that stupid bear?"
>>15631 >As Cloudhead and friends enter the hut they elicit an eye roll from the witch. "Already back" I think they would at least anounce it. I would either adjust the encounter difficulty or put you with a temporary party memeber like Rarity was in the Zonx to balance it out. I was expecting the party to get KOd once or twice before figuring out how to play well and made that clear so it shouldn't be shocking anypony.
>>15634 "What can we say? We really liked that brew..." I'm totally fine with the difficulty as is, I just don't want the others turned off
>>15635 "Well there's more than enough of it, but it won't do ya no good till' your up" >The witch replies.
>>15634 Can you please adjust Prayer? From a metagaming perspective it's pretty pointless to use an ability that more often than not just wastes a turn. Also, can't say I liked the previous encounter very much. Neither the flow of combat, nor some other aspects of it. But if Cross aren't complaining, I won't continue on the latter.
>>15620 >>15635 I'm still here (and I'm not turned off; just been a tough week at work). Getting wiped out a few times is normal for role playing games, annoying but normal. Can't count how many times I failed in FF games when going into a dungeon, or facing the dungeon boss. Usually, something like this happens. One or two party members survive each battle, you use up a lot of cure and life items, then the experience levels even out, etc. >>15632 >Prickly is awakened by Boulder's utterance. She looks up at the cloud-based pulley system. "Mmmmm! Nice mechanical advantage. Could use some alignment and friction reduction though." >Turns to look at Boulder "Did'ja get 'em?" >Notices she's being dragged. "Welp, let's see where this takes us. The cool dirt feels nice, not gonna lie." >Upon entering the hut she smells the brew. "Stew for dinner? Mmmmm!"
>>15633 "Sure did. Bear's gone now." >He responds in an encouraging way >>15636 >Pondering the issue at hoof, Cloudhead begins to think >He tries to, at least >What the pegasus fails to summarize in intellectual thought, he soon feels as instinct >Ancient natural pegasus magic >Focusing on that instinctual action, Cloudhead makes his move >Moving over to Cross' side, he opens up a saddlebag and rummages around "Umm, 'scuse me, but... Lemme borrow one of these for a moment, please." >He says, taking out a jumper pack, which is promptly set on the floor >The pegasus stares at it intently >A mighty stare! >Spreading his wings, a strange sensation begins to build deep within >Something different. Something new. Something other than the conclusion of a good slapping >Mane and tail float on end as static builds >The scent of ozone fills the room >Focusing this sensation, this energy, Cloudhead gives the jumper pack a mighty boop, not even bothering to hook it up to anypony in particular Jumper Field
>>15637 I'd still like to know what you didn't like about it for reference. As for prayer I added it for fun so it wasn't supposed to be a super game changing ability. I did consider having Boulder and Cross be separate subclasses of earth pony though so maybe Boulder would be more defence focuses and Cross more attack focused. The meta for prayer was supposed to be kind of cheesey; you use prayer at the end of battles until you have it saved to an 80% success rate and then use it it the start of a boss battle. I wasn't intending for you to use it at the start of normal encounters so you have been misusing it. I'm not super opposed to buffing the success rate, and I did already think of one ability that could change how it's played interestingly (hint: it has to do with the defensive subclass idea). At level 5 I will give you another way to boost your prayer success rate that has a tactical use. I will make the buff effect the whole team but only last 5 turns. >>15639 >ZAP! >Everypony is up on their hooves and ready to drink the soup.
I want to say that I am feeling very positive now. I decided it's time to quit video games for good so I have a lot more time on my hands; I can commit to this thread better and respond faster. I think you will love the new move Boulder; I am very exited for it as well as all the level 5 moves the party will get. You will have many more options and this dungeon is not that hard once you know how to play. Also thanks Boulder anon for calling out my bullshit it helped.
>>15639 >Quill is jerked back into consciousness by the sudden ZAP! of the revamped jumper pack. "--No officer, he was like that when I found hi--" >she blinks, and then looks around, realizing she's back in the with hut. "Oh. Oh, I'm alive...And we're back here..." >She rubs her head, groaning. "I hate bugs, ponies..." No I didn't leave, it's just been a really hectic end of the week for me and it's been sapping a lot out of me.
>>15640 >>15643 "Ugh. Me feels like I can eat 3 pots of rock soup. Everypony OK?" Glad to hear, GM. Video games become so shit recently I replay over old DOS games. Excited about your plans for the campaign. I would like to note that personally I mainly love roleplay, environment and player interaction in RPGs, the social stuff, so I'm sorry if sometimes I sound apprehensive toward the combat.
>>15640 >Feeling pleased yet more than a little surprised with himself at the result of his actions, Cloudhead walks over to the witch "I'll have, uh..." >Counting out several tens and a half ten, he hoofs over 75 bits "...three purple drinks, please." >After the transaction, he moves over to the cauldron and takes a little sip to top himself off >Following that, he pauses >Gears slowly turn in his little mind >A conclusion is reached >Rummaging through his saddlebags, he pulls out an empty vial, which he carefully fills up with the medicinal brew >Securing the stopper on top, he sets it back in his bags and steps away for everypony else to have room This is my epiphany that I mentioned at >>15605 Is this some emergent gameplay surrounding the dehydrated ponies? You can hang on to them for a special situation, but if you use them, you'll probably be left with the empty vial, which kind of feels like collecting bottles in Zelda games Feels stupid to only think of it just recently, but there's a lot of stuff you can fill an empty bottle with By the way team, I would recommend passing one or two of the remaining Jumpers over to me because of my new ability. I still think at least one other person should have a revive item at all times though Either way, unless we either get hit with something new or unexpected, I'm determined to not take another L in this dungeon. We can do it
>>15647 Kek >>15653 >3 purple potions recieved. "There ya go" >Empty vial has become vial of soup! >Can't be sure how much healing is in there but it's got to be at least a small apple worth. Taking full advantage of the free soup lol Cloudhead, this would be a good time for strat talk with your party seeing as there is not the pressure of actually being in combat.
(751.11 KB 1080x495 strat.png)
>Strategy talk I welcome it! I tried earlier to be the magical healer in the party, based on what I usually do with my characters in RPGs, but seems my level is not high enough as I always get knocked out. Same thing when I tried just being the magical attacker. My spells are hit or miss WRT strength. Also, my physical attack ability is essentially nil. So, for me it is a struggle to stay alive between turns. I'm at the point where I think I either need to alternate between attacking and healing myself, or else just defend most of the time until my level goes up. That being said, I do think that we need to focus on knocking out the harder enemies first in a focused attack. Or, our best strikers attack the single toughest enemy first, while the weaker of us (maybe Quill and I as a magical tag team) focus on a single weaker enemy (since the damage the we do to stronger enemies accounts for a small percentage of their HP). In any case, I think whenever we enter a battle, we should have a short strategy session before taking turns. Might be cumbersome at first, but as we get better at teamwork we'll need it less and less. I also, think that each of us should maintain an inventory list (I definitely need to improve on this). Or perhaps better, one us should be the items pony, another the equipment pony, another the money pony, another the archive pony, etc. (What I mean by archive pony is the one who tracks random interesting things and clues that should be revisited: like the tree Cloudhead saw when the others were on the train). I think if we distribute the functions of the team, everything will work more efficiently. I'm not married to any of these ideas. Just suggestions to stimulate the conversation. Thoughts?
We've all been having a week... I miss (You) when you're gone. Also oops, I got caught up in my shifts. >>15639 "Mm? Oh, sure, yeah..." >Cross is still smacking his lips at the thought of brew when Cloudhead kindly rouses him with his sudden boop magic. "Teats and fetlocks, feathers!" >He shakes out his legs one by one. "...Oh, real neat trick, though! 'scuse me, I'm gonna get some more of the good stuff..." >Cross eagerly schlorps himself another portion from the cauldron. >>15648 >He pulls away from the cauldron, and talks through a fetlock while he wipes his mouth. "Phew! Oh yeah, a bit of the wine and I'm all fine!" >>15653 >Cross puts on a serious look. "Feathers. You've really grown..." >Then, he beams. "You're a real big shower, yeah? All these neat tricks, that's what makes you the pony who wins the competitions that really matter." >He digs into his saddlebag and passes Cloudhead his remaining jumper. "S'all yours, feathers." >>15658 I think you and Quill, as unicorns, do serve a role in acting as support, especially with the scans, and other targeted SP attacks. I do agree on that point of evenly splitting our efforts between a weak and tough enemy. I support a strategy pre-round, albeit I have to note that I have the same intelligence as Cross. Wanna tackle big thing, always. I'm more than happy to act as a beast of burden for equipment and such. As a comment, I have been absolutely dreadful at maintaining an inventory throughout the last year(+!!) of play. >>15643 I'm excited, too, FM. I hope you're taking care of yourself, and continue to be positive!
>>15658 Strategy time before moves is a good idea; I'll let you guys work out exactly how you want to do that. I won't impose a time limit on it. I don't want to be too specific and take the strategising away from the rest of your party, but your analysis of your character's abilities and role is wrong. Flat out. Your stronger than that. Another thing on healing and I did say this earlier so I will say it again, healing spells as they are are cheaper than items on average but they are unreliable.
>27 hours :(
>>15648 >walks to the brew and takes a VERY generous sip >burps >looks around "The forest is damned, me tell ya. Poor Miss Bob Bon's friend." >looks at the witch, opens his mouth to ask something, stammers and clothes his mouth back. "Um... Someone knows what her coat or cutie mark?" >he asks others
>>15653 >>15660 >>15667 >Prickly watches, amused, as Cloudhead, Boulder, and Cross drink directly from the cauldron. "Manners, manners, fellas!" >She teases. Then, levitates a spoon from a drawer and drinks some soup. "Thanks again Granny!" >Looks around at the others and hands her jumper cable to Cloudhead. "So, I suppose third time's the charm, eh?"
>Cross holds a dozy-eyed expression as he pulls another schlorp from the cauldron. >>15667 >His eyes go wide. "Oh, hay. You're right, Boulder. We've got more than some fillies to be lookin' for. We've got a mare out here..." >>15670 "Gets the job done though, don't it, Miss Prickly?" >He rubs his muzzle with a hoof. "Ain't no rescuin' to do in here, 'cept for our hero. Speakin' of..." >He nods politely to the witch, and repeats Boulder's question. >Afterwards, he leaves the witch hut once again.
>>15671 >Prickly follows after cross.
so, nobody gonna ask the witch about Lyra?
>>15673 I don't expect an answer, but I asked. >He nods politely to the witch, and repeats Boulder's question.
>>15670 You used your jumper cable. >>15671 >The witch shakes her head. "Nope. didn't see er'. Other guy was looking for her too... orange pegasus fella?"
>>15672 "So, Miss Prickly..." >Cross squints down the path, but doesn't leave quite yet. "You havin' fun, yet?"
>>15677 >>15675 "Take care, Miss. Er, again." >Quill gives the witch a polite nod. >Then, she trots out in pursuit of the others as well
>>15677 >Prickly smiles in response. "Yeah, 'ah reckon so! Plus, we're doing good work. Finding fillies, unponynapping the ponynapped, and so on!" >Prickly finds and levitates a small flat stone, then tosses it across the pond (>>15630). She counts the skips. "One...two..three, four, five, six, seven! Now, that there's an auspicious number, even if it ain't my record!" >Turns to Cross. "We just had a few setbacks is all! We'll get it in the end! 'Ah gotta work on my magic somehow...How 'bout you? Having fun?" >Looks back. "Are the others comin'?
(1.37 MB 1065x974 turn68.png)
>>15680 >Ploink! >Ploink! >Ploink! >Ploink! >Ploink! >Ploink! >Ploink! >Donk. >The rock hits the bank on the other side of the pond. >A red mushroom jumps out at it, then faces the party and snarls. >Two of it's buddies are there accompanied by their own air force. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK4yM5csn_A It occured to me that it would be much more baller to post MP3s than a jewtube link, but I don't know how the board owner would feel about hosting copyrighted music.
>>15679 "Ready for another round, Miss Quill?" >>15680 "Nice toss!" >Cross smiles at Prickly. "Yeah, o'course! And those colts oughta, otherwise I'll—" >>15681 >He stares at the snarling mushroom. "Uh that ain't..." >Then the air force arrives. "... good. At least we've got our own backup." >He glances back at the hut. "BOULDER! CLOUDHEAD! PONIES IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!" >Strategy As we know from Quill's fractional, super flies have 16 HP. They're flying, and I don't have a lasso anymore, so Cloudhead and the mares will have to deal with it again. I think Boulder and I should definitely just go for flat attacks against a mushroom. There's also the option of takedowns (I still don't see a point to funny bone takedown because I can't tell what targets are actually viable). Additionally, a scan would help with the knowledge game, possibly from Prickly again.
(82.73 KB 220x220 cactuar-final-fantasy.gif)
>>15681 >Prickly face hooves. "Dang it! I had to skip rocks didn't I! Momma always warned me against idle games." >Strategy Beat me to the strategy talk, but I agree and was basically going to suggest the same. Casting scan on the shrooms. >Prickly casts scan on one of the shrooms. "Well, at least we ain't facing cactuars out on the dunes back home!"
>>15683 >>15684 >Quill attacks one of the superflies by firing a beam of magic at them We don't yet know if the mushrooms have any magic-based attacks. When we do (hopefully from Prickly's Scan), Quill can begin casting shields on anypony targeting them. She's not really effective on the attacking front, as we'll promptly see when FM rolls
>>15681 >snorts in disgust "Cleanse, purge, stomp!" >kicks mushroom 1
>>15681 Two questions. In a single turn can you attack multiple enemies with magic if you expend more SP? Also, will there be equipable items at some point, similar to golden horseshoes, that enhance magic abilities?
>>15687 Shit just realised you don't have any notmal magic attacks. No enemies are immune to fractional so it has it's uses, but you really need a normal magic attack like fire or lightning. Thankfully you will have options on your next level up. Why is Prickly using scan when she has attacks and you don't? That's just a waste of a turn I'll give you that tip for free. >>15689 can you attack multiple enemies with magic if you expend more SP? No but I would let you divide the damage of a normal spell like fire or heal on multiple targets. Not a special spell like shield or fractional though.
>>15689 will there be equipable items at some point, similar to golden horseshoes, that enhance magic abilities? I have considered it, but I thought of a more interesting way to balance unicorns I want to try first that builds off the primary benefit of magic - consistancy. Level 5 spells are on their way.
>>15688 >Cross calls out. "Don't let these things bite ya!" >He stomps Mushroom 1 with Boulder. >>15690 I honestly thought Quill had some PK fire in her >No but I would let you divide the damage of a normal spell like fire or heal on multiple targets Very, very useful for the mares!
Got stuck in a few days of high intensity busy work. Sorry Since my insights are being encouraged, I'll say this much right now: In this situation, without knowing what the angry shrooms do(probably poison), the optimal first turn is as follows >Boulder, Cross and Quill melee the shrooms >Prickly sends out a fire nuke on either a shroom or a fly With the new feature of >>15690 in mind, probably either single target shroom or two flies I would attack a fly twice I'll make my move and provide an explanation in the morning when I'm not dead tired
About time for some activity.
(61.92 KB 729x524 Blue_Pony.jpg)
>>15681 >Flying out a window of the Witch's Hut, Cloudhead engages in a fast boom and zoom on the enemy air support Guess no one is going to change their move Alright, here's the deal: The way FM set up this system means that DPT(damage per turn) is king. Under most circumstances, every turn that you spend not dealing some kind of damage is a turn you're losing This reality has especially manifested itself in this dungeon. Every enemy we've encountered thus far can max at least half our HP each attack. Some like the Keebler can one shot any of us every single turn You can't out heal this kind of damage. You can't defend against it. The only option is to attack and eliminate their numbers as fast as possible; that's how you prevent the party from taking damage in the first place. The best defense is a good offense, etc. It's like when Boulder was fucking around with Prayer instead of just attacking and eliminating the source of the oncoming damage. All that does is hurt the party as a whole Damage taken needs either SP to heal, or lots of bits to buy healing items. Revives are even more costly Elaborating on my previous post, the ideal time to use Scan would be when there's just one mushroom left. Not at the start of the battle when the lack of damage being contributed means that the party's going to have to take one, possibly two more unnecessary hits tl;dr just do enough damage so you don't get hit lol With that in mind, Quill really did gimp her build by not picking either Fire or Lightning as a starting spell. If she had that and we put out our full DPT at the start of every battle, we could be wrapping these battles up in 3 turns with average luck, 2 turns if we're lucky Likewise, if I could go back in time with my present knowledge, I would have taken the points I put into Defense and instead put them to Attack. I had it in my mind when I joined in at the beginning that level ups would give us a few skill points to allocate where we want, so I could continue slowly increasing both Attack and Defense. Instead, all you get is your racial affinity stat +1, the rest are seemingly locked in for good. In that situation, Attack is infinitely more important than Defense
>>15711 Given that Quill is attacking the flies with magic this turn, and in light of the strategy talk, can I change my move to attack the mushrooms with fire? It so, I'd like to.
(674.54 KB 1104x578 62258.gif)
>>15690 Actually, I just thought of an obvious solution that is very in-universe. What about just making the default attack of unicorns the ubiquitous pew pew horn laser that they all seem to have? For balance, give it a max that is either half or 3/4 of their INT value That way, every race has a unique advantage by default. Earths are tanky and physically strong, pegasi can fly and have multiple actions per turn, while unicorns could have a default attack that is weaker, yet guaranteed to hit and target both ground and air alike Just a suggestion
>>15712 Quill really did gimp her build by not picking either Fire or Lightning as a starting spell I agree, I'd built her to serve as support since I'd assumed the capabilities of the more combat oriented party members would be enough. Likewise, I thought she'd still be capable of magical attacks, just not ones that were specifically 'Fire' or 'Lightning'. More just a pew magic laser general damage spell. I'll be sure to take Fire on next Level, since not having a solid attack during situations like this has proven troublesome. Knowing what we know now, I'd like to change her move to a Fractional Cast at one of the Superflies, ifthatsokaywithyou.flut
Earth chads we can't stop winning
>>15713 Yes you can change your move. You can always change it before I calculate the turn, and I'm not calculating this turn until you guys agree that strategy talk is over.
>>15714 >>15716 I'll let you use a pew-pew laser spell. Add this to your notes: >Laser: Costs 2 SP, shoots two magic beams that deal 1D4+2 non-elemental damage each Remember that this gives you a gauranteed 6 damage and a max of 12, making it consistant. It could also be used on two targets in one turn if you wanted doing at least 3 and at most 6 to both of them. Sorry if I held up activity by not responding to that faster.
>>15721 That's default for unicorns now so both Quill and Prickly have it.
>>15718 I think strategy talk is over u less anyone else objects?
>>15725 Didn't you want to change your move though? I get that you said you wanted to in the black but for claritys sake you should say what move you want to do like normal next time if you change it. If I am correct, Quill uses laser on one of the super flys, and Prickly is attacking a mushroom with fire? Boulder and Cross are attacking the mushrooms and Cloudhead is attacking the flies. I think that's what everypony wants so I'll calculate the turn in a little bit.
>>15727 >Prickly sees Quill aiming at a superfly and decides to switch her spell to fire on one of the mushrooms.
(1.31 MB 1065x974 turn69.png)
>>15729 PEW PEW! >Quill blasts fly 1 for 3 and 5 damage. >Prickly burns mushroom 1 for 9 damage. >>15712 >Cloudhead hits fly 1 for 3 damage, then hits again with 9 damage knocking it to the ground hard. KO! >>15688 >24 Damage. SQUISH! >Boulder reduces mushroom 1 to disgusting fungal gunk. >>15692 >Seeing Boulder's stomp Cross knows he can do better. >He looks at Boulder smugly and stomps mushroom 2 for 24 damage! SQUISH! >Fly 1 attacks Boulder for 3 and misses Cloudhead. >Fly 2 attacks Prickly for 4 and 6 damage. >Mushroom 1 deeply bites Boulder for 12 damage, injecting it's venom into the bite. >Being as strong as they make earth ponies Boulder merely absorbs the venom with no effect.
>>15731 >Attacks a fly twice Now that's more like it ^:)
>>15731 "Purg unclean!" >flattens mushroom 3
>>15731 >He bounces up from his stomp and yells out to the mares. "Shoot 'em down!" >Cross attacks the last mushroom, uninterested in seeing anypony else bitten.
>>15731 "Somepony call an exterminator?!" >Quill hollers out excitedly as she lets loose with another magic beam aimed at one of the Super Flies.
>>15731 >Prickly readies to attack a super fly with her magic beam.
(1.30 MB 1065x974 turn70.png)
>>15737 >>15739 >3! >5! >4! >4! >Quill and prickly take out fly 2 with a barage of magic blasts. >>15732 >Misses twice. >>15735 >Stomps for 9 damage. >>15736 >Misses. >Fly 3 attacks Cross for 4 and Prickly for 2. >The mushroom bites Boulder for 10 knocking him out.
>>15749 >Prickly casts lightning on the fly.
>>15749 "Not the bites! Boulder, get up!" >Cross attacks the shroom again. I want to see Boulder eat the mushroom, not him be eaten...
>>15749 >Quill attacks the remaining Superfly
>>15754 I know what you mean (cast laser), but saying it that way makes it look like a physical attack. Looks like the party isn't going to try waking Boulder.
>>15755 Cloudhead has become the defacto reviver, no?
>>15749 >Buzzes up Boulder with a jumper cable before chasing after the last fly to deliver a boop >>15756 Not necessarily. The only scenarios where it makes sense for me to revive is if either two or more are down, or when the others can perform a more useful action rather than spending their turn to use a revive
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn71.png)
>>15750 >A powerful bolt from Prickly's horn fries the last fly for 19 damage. >>15754 >With her target down and not enough time to re-target, Quill doesn't cast her spell. >>15751 >Hits for 1 damage. >>15757 >Wakes up Boulder. >With the fly gone Cloudhead goes for the mushroom, hastly bumping it for 1 damage. >The mushroom bites Prickly for 7 knocking her out. Damn it felt bad rolling this turn. Prickly really needs the XP so it's worth waking her up. Also it's wasteful to use a jumper cable for a single revive when some of you have strange charms. Has anyone else in this thread ever eaten a fly ageric?
>>15774 >Watching his hooves bounce off the shroom tangents Cross into a brief stupor. "W-what the hay?" >The shroom biting Prickly down causes him to shake the stupor. >He attacks the shroom again. Does the item need to be in our respective inventories to use it? In this instance, can somepony else reach over and pull the charm out of Cross' bag?
>>15774 Kek. Sure your dice aren't loaded FM? LOL! I do seem to recall the strange charms. Perhaps using the lightning was overkill, but I figured I ought to assume a bad roll and pick an attack that would probably knock out at least one enemy. >>15778 I think we should adopt the rule that all items are usable by all party members during a battle, except equipped items.
>>15780 I've got no problem at all with it, in fact I'd prefer it that way. I just want to know if it's mechanically sound.
>>15774 >stomps mushroom
>>15780 >I think we should adopt the rule that all items are usable by all party members during a battle, except equipped items. >>15785 >I've got no problem at all with it, in fact I'd prefer it that way. I just want to know if it's mechanically sound. Changing how thaw works would streamline item use and potentially spending bits, but it would also remove inventory management as a game mechanic thus removing a level of depth from the game. I have already establised that taking an item out of another pony's inventory costs an action seperate from that of using the item. I don't have strong feelings about it but I lean a little towards keeping the way it is.
>>15774 >some of you have strange charms >strange charms >plural Since when? The only one I'm aware of is the one Cross bought I need to go back and double check this threads history to see if my inventories for everyone is accurate or not, to see how we're getting Prickly back up. I'll make my move tomorrow I'm also against uninvited cross-character item use
>>15788 You're right only Cross has one right now.
>>15774 "Damn it..." >Quill hisses as Prickly goes down. "And we were so close..." >She attacks the mushroom once again
>>15774 >>15778 >Seeing Quill and Boulder preparing an attack, Cross pulls back to tend to Prickly. >He retrieves the strange charm from his bag and gives it a sidelong glance. "Uh..." >He places his hoof and charm on Prickly's side. "Dear Princess Celestia... um. Would you kindly wake Miss Prickly? Amare." >He does another confused, but definitely full-hearted circle with the charm. "I sure hope this ain't gonna explode in my hoof..."
>>15774 >Attacks the remaining mushroom twice
>>15853 >The charm melts into Prickly and her eyes immediately flicker open. >>15836 >Quill blasts the mushroom once for 6 damage knocking it out, then again for 3 punting it into the bushes. >Everypony gains 18 XP. >The enemies drop 75 bits. >One of the super flies drops a barbed lasso. Gonna let you distribute the items and bits how you want as I think it will save time when you use the shops, but we are still using inventorys so you have to choose who gets what.
Besides the usual even distribution, I don't really care where the bits go. I vote for the lasso to go to Cross since that was kind of his thing to begin with
Name: Boulder Race: Earth Pony Level: 4 HP: 23 SP: 13 A:19 (+5) I:1 D:20 S:1 Bits: 7 Inventory: Iron horseshoes, small apple x3, crack, jumper cables x2, pickaxe, antidote, repo licence Boulder is large, stout, but rather dim. He is so large, he almost killed his mother when he was born. At first father had hated him due to the fact that his wife took two months more than usual to recuperate and thus he had to work their rock farm with two pairs of hooves less. But when Boulder grew, his incredible size and strength helped a great deal, so the father mellowed a bit. Brothers and sisters loved him always, because he could do their share and also they could take a nap in his shadow during hot summer days. During his mandatory service he used to pull (and push) an assault ram.
Name: Marked Cross Race: Earth Pony Level: 4 HP: 18 SP: 13 A: 23 (+5) I: 2 D: 10 S: 3 Bits: 3 Inventory: Iron Horseshoes Fried Chicken Chunk x5, Snack cake, Crack Cocaine, Pink whistle, repo colt ID, antidote, Red potion >Lanky as he may be, this is a silver, black-maned earth pony with some fight. >Cross is best described as a cocky bastard. >From the school yard, to the training yard, he's always considered himself the best at everything. >The one thing he's never been able to boast about is flight, a facet that—after several feather-filled incidents—cast him out of training for the Royal Guard. >To him, most pegasi have punchable muzzles, but he has one, too. sanity check
>>15862 >Cross gasps like a colt on Hearth's Warming Eve. "No way!" >He ignores the bits, and immediately bolts for the lasso. "Ooo..." >He holds it tenderly— "Shit!" >He winces, and pulls away from the barb. "Ow."
Name: Quill Conspiracy Race: Unicorn Level: 4 HP:16 SP:14 A:3 I:23 D:6 S:1 Spells: >Level 1 heal >Level 1 shield >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional Bits: 105 Inventory: >Cotton's Diary, two small apples, one antidote one purple large apple potion >Quill is a former secretary for a modestly important Canterlot noble, who she contradicts the details of every time she's asked. Tired of city life in Canterlot, and feeling as though she's spinning her wheels and not making any progress towards 'her greater plans', she longs for adventure and to see the world of Equestria at large. Her cutiemark is a quill and parchment, with many 'redacted' black bars on the parchment itself. She is to-the-point, blunt, and practical. insanity confirmation
(90.59 KB 417x500 patch.png)
>>15862 >Prickly jumps up. "I live! I die! I live again!" I'm just happy to get the exp and a few bits honestly. Should have probably cast heal on my last turn.
>>15862 >>15872 "Phew. Good work everypony." >Quill partions off the bits evenly, particularly for the less mathematically inclined of the party, and then puts her share in her saddlebag. "Hey, cool whip, Cross! That will send them running for certain!"
>>15871 This is what Cross's inventory is on my end: Inventory: fried chikn x5, sodapop, snack cake x2, crack x2, Pink Whistle, two headed bit, iron horseshoes, repo licence, antidote, red potion Mine includes one more snack cake and crack than what you documented plus a soda. I don't know who's right but that's what it is. Also I'm adding that barbed lasso now. >>15873 Quill's inventory on my end: >Cotton's Diary, small apple, antidote, Iron Horseshoes I know for sure she used that purple potion. >>15878 >Everypony gets 15 bits.
>>15880 I put all the bits on one document to make it easier for me to update, also makes it easy to copy paste here. Here is everypony's current balance: Bits: Boulder: 22 Marked Cross: 18 Cloudhead: 21 Prickly Pear: 18 Quill Conspiracy: 93 XP: Boulder: 166 Marked Cross: 176 Cloudhead: 281 Prickly Pear: 148 Quill Conspiracy: 188
(11.83 KB 979x629 pond.png)
>>15881 Also you are still at the pond.
>>15882 >looks in the pond
(11.88 KB 480x360 pond.jpg)
>>15884 "O steel wagenburg of pond, where miss Bon Bon's friend and fiilies go?"
>>15882 Does the charm wake you up and refill HP, or just wake you up to a very low HP value. Trying to know if I need to heal myself before we continue.
>>15889 Same as jumper cable, you have 1 HP right now. >>15888 >Boulder must be tripping on the shrooms that bit him. >Others can't see the wagon but Boulder can, and it talks back to him in an omnipotent voice. "They went to the cliff"
>>15876 >As he stows his new barbed lasso, he gaves a shy shake toward Prickly. "Ope, sorry 'bout that, Miss Prickly. Good to see that melty charm did the trick. Might wanna heal or eat somethin', though. You and Boulder both..." >>15888 >>15910 >Cross is stony faced. "Any leads, Boulder?"
>>15920 >Prickly smiles at Cross. "Sorry 'bout what, sugar? We survived this time! >Prickly takes out and munches her second small apple.
>>15921 >>15888 >Prickly trots on over and looks in the water with Boulder. Not seeing anything, she inquires. "You all right there big guy? Whatcha looking at?" Maybe 'ya wanna bite to eat and heal up?"
>>15922 >>15920 "Fillies went to the cliff. Wagenburg of the pond told so." >his stomach rumbles "Hmmmm." >takes out all his small apples and eats them
>>15923 >Prickly looks at Boulder with a confused expression. Then she looks at the pond with the same expression. Then she looks at Cross and shrugs. She turns back to Boulder. "Well Boulder, extend a hearty thanks to Wagenburg on my account. In any case, we better get going." [spioler]FM what were the heal values for Boulder and I? Are we good?[/spoiler]
>>15921 >>15923 >>15930 >Prickly is at 6 HP. >Boulder is at 16 HP. Waiting for Cloudhead's opinion.
>>15931 Dammit. I forgot that the small apple is only 5. >Prickly additionally casts heal on herself.
>>15932 >Heals 3 HP.
>>15923 >>15930 >Cross grins toward Prickly. "Boulder's good at this kinda thing. I'm sure the Wagenburg knows well, and that the princess'll be with us." >He turns to Cloudhead and Quill. "Y'all good to go?" >>15932 "I'm sure some sugar would do you some good, Miss Prickly." >Cross offers her one of his snack cakes.
>>15960 >Quill gives Cross a curt nod and smile. "Ready and willing! Let's see what's waiting us next, hrm?"
>>15960 >Prickly, feeling defeated and frustrated with her spell not producing much, smiles at Cross takes the snack cake. "Thanks Cross! I really appreciate that." >She starts munching. "Mmmmm. Where'dya get these?" >She walks along with the others once they start moving down the path.
>>15966 "Manehattan! If you haven't been, uh... keep not bein' there." >He heaves a great sigh of relief as they move past the pond. "Bitin' mushrooms, super flies, and wiley firey keeblies ain't so bad compared to crackhouse bunnies, chicken-chasing zebras, and killer clowns."
Still waiting for Cloudhead Heads up I won't be able to update the thread this weekend because I'm going to a music festival. Also now that summer is over we are done cleaning rooms at my job, so I have been assigned a building which I am custodian of and I work the full 5 days a week now.
>>15960 >Nodding in agreement, Cloudhead flaps his flappers to hover over the group once more, already beginning to feel weary of the forest >>15970 I don't really have anything to contribute; just been waiting on the others to heal up before the next encounter
Cross here, will try to be around this week, but my grandma passed and I'm now 700+ miles away from home
>>15981 Sorry to hear that, Anon. I extend my condolences. I remember when my grandparents passed away. It hit hard, especially the passing of my grandfather, who I greatly respected. Cheers to your grandmother.
(1.29 MB 1065x974 turn72.png)
>>15981 I'm sorry for your loss. >>15965 >>15966 >>15971 >As the party moves along the path they hear the buzzing of another fly. >They see two mushrooms gathered around the one Quill knocked out. >The mushrooms look at the party and flash their fangs. I munched an amanita flavoconia I found in the woods yesterday. There is basically no research on them or their effects, and all acounts are conflicting. Some sources say they are posionous some say they aren't, some say they don't have any effects some say they contain the same phychoactive chemicals that amanita muscaria do, it's impossible to find information on this shit. Well FUCK THAT SHIT! I just eat them and do my own research. >A keebler joins them. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC1AvkzjZr8
(291.85 KB 612x408 Lightning.png)
>>15986 >Strategy I figure we take out Keebler first. Then Quill and I take on the fly, while the strikers squish the shroom. Any thoughts? >Prickly sneers hatred at the Keebler, readies to striker her with lightning. "Well, here we go again 'ah reckon!" If Keebler is tackled, can I still attack it with spells?
>>15981 Very sorry to hear that, Anon. Stay strong. My sincere condolences >>15987 I think me and Cross should beat up keebler. The one thng I'm not sure about is if we need to tackle it. How many HP does fly have? Can Cloud down it with weather magic, so you and Quill can roast mushrooms?
>>15988 >Strategy Based on Quill's fractional spell and other attacks on them, I think each fly has north of 9 HP. Last battle, I hit a fly with lightning for 19 damage. So, perhaps I could re-direct my spell to the fly and knock it out (fingers crossed) in one shot. I just worry about the strength of Keebler; it can knock some of us out in one turn so I was thinking it is better to gang up on it severely to knock it out in one turn. If I change my attack to the fly, I think it might still be better for everyone else to attack the Keebler. I think we should avoid trying to tackle it until we gain more levels because it seems to frequently fail. Maybe Cloud could divide his attack between Keebler and the fly as a backup in case my spell doesn't do too well. FM, if multiple party members attack one opponent but that opponent is knocked out before everyone's attacks are finished, will the remaining attacks automatically be re-directed toward other enemies (as in a typical role playing video game). Or, are their actions nullified such that they effectively lose a turn?
>>15989 This has come up before. I decided that magic and items are calculated first then other attacks. Magic and special moves can not re-target in the turn, but normal physical attacks can. If Prickly and Quill took out the keebler in one turn then all the others would attack a random target if they also targeted the keebler that turn.
>>15986 "I am NOT losing to one of you again!" >Quill snarls, pointing her horn and attacking the Keebler
>>15986 >kicks Keebler with all his might >>16003 dunno about this, really. Maybe magic users would be better roasting mushrooms or a fly?
>>15987 >If Keebler is tackled, can I still attack it with spells? Missed that for some reason. Yes, attacks including magic work like normal on tackled opponents except that they can't evade attacks. I may have had a tackled opponent dodge in the past for some stupid reason but they shouldn't be able to. >>16003 To be clear every time you say attack I'm going to assume you mean the default magic attack like the context here suggests unless you specify a physical attack by saying kick or something.
>>16004 I agree about the distribution of attacks. Since everyone else is attacking Keebler, I am going shift my spell to the fly. If keebler is killed before Quill's pew pew attack, it should shift to another enemy, while my spell would simply be nullified. >Sure that they others have got the keebler covered, Prickly refocuses her spell on the fly.
>>15986 >Zaps Keebler with lightning Clearly none of you have played XCOM lol
>>15986 "Get 'er!" >Cross attacks the Keebler. really sorry about that, I'm back
(1.31 MB 1065x974 turn73.png)
>>16003 PEW PEW! >Quill blasts for 3 and 6. >>16009 >Prickly zaps the fly for 6 damage. >>16011 >Cloudhead's lighting strikes for 14; the thunder echos through the woods. >>16004 >Doesn't hit with all his might, but 6 is enough for a clean knock out. >>16022 >Cross attacks mushroom 1 for 1 damage. >Mushroom 1 bites him back for 12, inflicing 7 turns of poison. >Mushroom 2 bites him for 2 knocking him out. On the bright side M2 wasted it's move. Poison does 2 damage at the end of each turn and would have finished him off anyways. >The fly attacks pricky twice, hitting once for 5 damage and missing.
>>16024 >tilt kekked, at least the wicked keebler is joining me in sleep
>>16024 >Prickly blasts the fly with magic from her horn. "Pew, pew!" Hopefully this will finish off the fly. At least we got the keebler.
>>16024 >Quill shoots a pew pew magic attack at Mushroom 1
>>16024 >stomps mushroom 1
>>16024 >Attacks Mushroom 2 twice In my mind I thought I already replied to this lol
>>16031 >>16036 the pew pew mares deal massive damage
220, 878 = 1098 (2d1000)
(1.26 MB 1065x974 turn74.png)
>>16031 >Prickly hits for 4 and 6 knocking the fly out of the air. >>16031 >Quill hits mushroom one for 4 and 6. >>16040 >Cloudhead misses mushroom 2 then hits for 5 damage. >>16039 SQUISH! >A 17 damage stomp from Boulder reduces the mushroom to mush without room. >Mushroom two bites Boulder for 7 damage; it's venom has no effect.
>>16044 >Prickly shoots magic beams at the last mushroom "Too bad we can't just eat 'em."
>>16047 Prickly is out of SP
>>16044 "Ah hate em! This forest needs a clea-, cleas-, cleasinging!" >stomps mushroom
>>16050 >Suddenly realizing she's out of magic, Prickly aims a kick at the last mushroom.
>>16044 >Attacks mushroom twice
>>16044 >In an effort to save her dwindling SP in case of emaregency, Quill charges at the mushroom with a dramatic cry and bucks it with all her might
(15.41 KB 979x629 bank.png)
>>16060 >Cloudhead hits once for 5 than for 9, defeating the remaining mushroom. >The enemies drop 44 bits. >Everypony except Cross gains 19 XP. Prickly is level 4 again! >Max HP,SP, and INT all increase by 1. >Her HP and SP are replenished. Cloudhead reaches level 6! >Max HP and SP increase by 1. In addition he gains one point that can be put in any stat but will count as two points if put in speed. >His HP and SP are replenished. Quill reaches level 5! >Her max HP, SP, and INT increace by 1. >Her SP and SP are replenished. >She has 6 spell points to spend. It costs one spell point to learn a new level 1 spell. >Level 1 heal: Costs 2 SP, healing potential is half magic damage (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) >Level 1 cure: Costs 1 SP, cures poison >Level 1 scan: Costs 1 SP, detects elemental weaknesses, elemental resistances, level, HP, SP, and A.I.D.S. of target >Level 1 shield: Costs 3 SP, target will only take 50% magic damage for 10 turns >Level 1 fractional: Costs 3 SP, target loses 25% of their current health >Level 1 fire: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 lightning: Costs 2 SP does standard magic damage, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability >Level 1 poison: Costs 1 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for as many turns as the magic damage roll. Magic damage roll is reduced by the enemy's defense It costs two spell points to learn a level 5 spell. >Level 5 heal: Costs 6 SP, guaranteed to heal for 25% of INT with pottential to heal an extra 75% of INT (damages undead with 3x effectiveness) ---!!!Requires level 1 heal to learn >Level 5 Drain: Costs 2 SP, deals double normal magic damage to target's SP. >Level 5 Leech: Costs 1 SP, steal as much SP as you can until target runs out or your SP is full. 25% chance of working against unwilling target, 100% chance of working on complicit target. >Level 5 blockade: Costs 9 SP, target will only take 50% physical damage for 10 turns ---!!!Requires level 1 shield to learn >Level 5 fractional: Costs 9 SP, target loses 50% of their current health ---!!!Requires level 1 fractional to learn >Level 5 fire: Costs 6 SP does standard magic damage plus half of INT, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability ---!!!Requires level 1 fire to learn >Level 5 lightning: Costs 6 SP does standard magic damage plus half of INT, effected by elemental resistance and vulnerability ---!!!Requires level 1 lightning to learn >Level 5 poison: Costs 3 SP, target takes 2 damage per turn for up to 1.5*INT reduced by the enemy's defense, target also takes up to 50% of INT damage when spell is cast. ---!!!Requires level 1 poison to learn You can learn a level 1 spell and learn the level 5 version on the same level up.
>Cross twitches on the ground.
>>16069 >Prickly hums a sweet victory tune. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s7azNTvTVQ4&pp=ygUhZmluYWwgZmFudGFzeSB2aSB2aWN0b3J5IGZhbmZhcmUg >She notices Cross is still down. "Gasp! Looks like Cross needs a little revivin'!"
>He's so not awake...
>>16069 >>16073 >Landing by his side, Cloudhead gives Cross a concerned poke with a forehoof I'll take the 2 speed We still have one jumper cable, right?
>>16092 >We still have one jumper cable, right? Boulder has two and you have one
>>16096 Is it possible to get an updated overall inventory? I'm going to start keeping track as well.
>>16069 >Quill takes Level 1 Lightning >Quill takes Level 1 Poison >Quill levels her fractional to Level 5 >Quill takes Level 5 Blockade Name: Quill Conspiracy Level: 5 HP:17 SP:15 A:3 I:24 D:6 S:1 Spells: >Level 1 heal/ Level 5 Heal >Level 1 shield/ Level 5 Blockade >Level 1 scan >Level 1 fractional/ Level 5 fractional >Level 1 Lightning >Level 1 Poison Please lemme know if I derped anything up FM, sorry it took me so long to do this.
>>16092 >Despite all his rage, he is still just a colt on the floor.
>>16102 Either way we've got to use up a jumper cable, right? Might as well. >Prickly bites her lower lip with worry at Cross's state. She grabs a jumper cable and plugs it into Cross. "This oughtta get ya' going!"
>>16103 Does an owner of a jumper cable let her use it? >>16100 Looks good to me if those are the spells you want. Blockade is going to stack very well with Boulder's level 5 ability. Leech is worth thinking about if you haven't because of economy (letting you use Cross and Boulder who don't use SP as batteries), but the spells you picked are good.
>>16102 >The floor is soft like a nice bed.
>Crickets are chirping in the brush.
>>16103 >lets Prickly use his jumper cable "Rape again, cool."
>>16110 >Upon hearing Boulder's expression, Prickly perks up, her eyes widen, and she instinctively clears her baffles before finishing with setting up the jumper cable. With a happy flourish, she activates it. "Come on back to us, Cross!"
(109.81 KB 240x240 tesla_coil.gif)
>While the jumper cable does its work on Cross, Prickly examines the outcropping of rock in the path. "Hmm. Sedimentary, decayed, crumbly matrix of clayish minerals. Medium rounded clasts...probably from an ancient river bed. Clasts seem to be andesite and quartz." >Prickly adopts a confused face. "Now don't that beat all! A strange mixture for certain!" Did I find anything interesting? Thought I'd take a look just in case. >Prickly looks back at Cross. "Ah' reckon the voltage on this 'ere cable is a tad low." >Fiddles with the jumper cable to get it to work.
>>16124 >Dirt >It's extra dirty I got ants in my pants for stuff really far down the line in this campaign and here we are stuck at a corner for a week :(
I hope other anons will return
>>16124 "GUH!" >Standing shakily like a newborn foal, he looks around. "Had one heck of a long dream." >He blinks, shakes his frazzled mane, then sits down. "Thanks, ponies. I think I'm just gonna have a munchie... now." >He gobbles down a snack cake, and even chases it with a soda. >He places the empty bottle back in his bag.
>>16127 >Prickly is relieved and pats Cross on his back. "Welcome back, Cross!" >Looks around at the others "Ready ya'll? Let's get going!" >Prickly nods her head down the path and starts walking.
>>16128 "Mm. Thanks, Miss Prickly." >He follows her, shaking his coat as he goes. "Hate those clamps. Should've seen how Cloudhead fixed a mare with a pair of 'em."
>>16130 >Trotting along, Cloudhead ponders the recent memory "Did... Did I do something wrong?" >He meekly asks, feeling unsure of himself
>>16135 "Nope! S'just a whole 'nother orchard when you're the pony getting shocked." >A proud grin streaks across him. "But what went down with Miss Rariteats is still one of the funniest things I've seen."
>>16127 >Cross now has 16 HP. >>16128 >>16130 >>16135 Quill are you happy with the spells you chose? They look good to me but I want to be sure. If Boulder wants to heal he still can; might want to ask for help with that if so.
>>16098 Here you go Boulder: >Iron horseshoes, crack, jumper cables, pickaxe, antidote, repo licence Cloudhead: >Gold Horseshoes, Train Crewpony, Vial of soup, bubblegum, snack cake x3, spreading knife, fidget spinner, apple pie, dehydrated thug, can opener x2, canned muffin, canned apple, mining helmet, small apple x2, antidote, Blue Mushroom, purple potion x3, jumper cables Marked Cross: >fried chikn x5, crack x2, Pink Whistle, two headed bit, iron horseshoes, repo licence, antidote, red potion, barbed lasso Prickly Pear: >Small apple x2, Iron horseshoes, antidote x2, purple potion Quill Conspiracy: >Cotton's Diary, small apple, antidote, Iron Horseshoes
>>16138 Sorry, on vacation in NYC and havent been able to check in as often as Id like. Yes I am happy with the spells chosen. I'd like to take Leech eventually, but I'm okay waiting till another level for that
(1.29 MB 1065x974 turn75.png)
(2.26 MB swamp.mp3)
>>16128 >Our heroes finally build the resolve to continue past the dreaded corner, however only a few hundred hooves down the path stand two suspicious trees and their cronies. >Never trust a tree that loses it's leaves. Your at the spot you got knocked out now.
>Strategy New enemy: trees. Not sure what to expect; attacks with poison fruit, flinging fruit at us, whacking us with branches, confusing us with showers of leaves? Not sure. My guess is that they are probably weak vs. fire. What I would suggest that we either: 1) I scan or probe the tree with fire. Maybe Quill could attack with a fractional spell on one of the keeblers, while everyone else piles physical attacks on the same keebler. Goal: figure out weakness of the trees while prioritizing killing off the keeblers. Or... 2) We all attack one keebler, and then go after the other keebler. After that, go after the trees aggressively. The warning was to beware trees that lose their leaves. So, maybe these are two-stage enemies such that they metamorphose and become more powerful after they lose certain amount of HP (when, they lose their leaves). If so, it might be better to go after the keeblers only (maybe only do a scan of the trees), and save attacks on the trees until later when we can wipe them out rapidly before they have a chance to attack with their no-leaves form. Thoughts?
>>16143 "Aw, hay! They're not in the trees, they are the trees!" >>16145 >Strategy We already know the keeblers are a big threat, so I think it'd be worth dogpiling on them first until the trees shed their true leaves
>>16145 Yeah, we probably ought to focus keeblers
>>16154 >>16150 Fair enough. >Electric sparks begin to fly from Prickly's horn as she prepares to blast Keebler #1 with lightning.
>>16143 >kicks keebler 1
>>16143 >>16150 >Cross follows up by attacking Keebler 1
>>16143 >Quill casts Fractional at Keebler 1
>>16165 Level 1 or level 5 fractional?
>>16166 Level 1 Fractional for now, Quill will save her SP since this Keebler is probably gonna be pretty fucked by the round's end
>>16143 >Attacks Keebler 2 twice Not the most ideal attack choices. Unless there's some good roll luck I feel like two of us are going down next turn, depending on what the trees do
(1.27 MB 1065x974 turn76.png)
>>16165 >Quill drains 6 HP from Keebler 1. >>16157 >Prickly casts a weak bolt for 2 damage, tickling Keebler 1 and causing her to laugh. >>16161 >Cross body slams K1 for 12 knocking the wind out of her. >>16160 >Boulder lays the last blow for 6 damage, knocking K1 out. >>16178 >Cloudhead misses then hits K2 for 7. >One of the apple trees drops two small apples for K2 healing 5 HP each. >The other apple tree just stands there doing nothing. >The remaning Keebler casts fire on Prickly for 7.
>>16181 "Hey! Give us some apples and we won't buck you into oblivion!" >As the last Keebler finishes the spell, Cross tries to takedown and hold her for the others.
>>16181 >Charges in for another round of snoot bopping on the remaining Keebler So the trees are just healers? That's not so bad, though it could be very problematic in other fights Anyway, thank goodness the Keebler rolled low on that fire
>>16181 >Casts fire on the keebler.
>>16183 My guess is that the trees turn into something nasty if they lose some, but not all, of their HP. When the time comes I think we should all pile attacks on one at a time. Hopefully, they'll drop some apples when we defeat them.
>>16181 >kicks keebler 2
>>16181 >Quill casts a pew pew magic attack at Keebler 2
(1.31 MB 1065x974 turn77.png)
>>16184 >Prickly's horn glows bright hot. WHOOSH! >She engulfs the Keebler in an inferno for 20 damage. >>16192 Pew! >The first laser hits for 3 damage. >The Keebler is practically knocked out already. PEW! >A solid 5 damage laser knocks the Keebler back a good three hooves and onto the ground; KO. >>16183 >Cloudhead kicks One 1 once for 2 and again for 5 damage. >>16188 >Boulder kicks One 1 for 12 damage. >>16182 >Cross lines up a solid tackle that would have surely overpowered the dreaded elf mare, but it's too late. >She is knocked out of place by Quill's laser right as Cross is ramming into her. >Cross stumbles over his hooves barely getting back his balance. >One 1 stands there doing nothing. >One 2 helps it's buddy out with some apples. >One 1 recovers 10 HP.
>>16201 "Guh!" >He shakes out the forest dirt from his close save, then moves to buck One 1. "I warned ya!"
>>16201 >Hungry for some fresh apples, Cloudhead approaches and gives Tree #1 the ol' double buck
>>16201 "Well, maybe ain't no sense is torch'in 'em just yet. >Bucks Tree #1
>>16201 >Quill casts Level 1 heal on Boulder
>>16201 >decides to have a go at applebucking too >bucks tree 1
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn78.png)
>>16216 >Heals Boulder for 2 HP. >>16213 >Hits One 1 for 9 and 2. >>16212 >Hits for 1 damage. >>16214 >Hits for 1 damage. >>16217 >Hits for 5 damage. >One 2 heals One 1 for 10 HP again. Lol I think that was the worst turn you guys had in terms of rolls, good thing that doesn't matter right now. I have been thinking now that three of you have lightning power field is going to be viable for longer fights, especially with more defensive options for setup like Quill's new spell and the ability Boulder will get.
>>16225 >Cross just stops and looks between the others. "Uh. Awful hits aside, what do you reckon we just... pick their apples?"
>>16234 I suppose we could try, but I'm guessing it won't work.
>>16225 >>16235 >Cross reels back, then gives a mighty hollering laugh. "Baked apples it is!" >He opts to attack One 2.
>>16225 >Casts fire on Tree #1. "Hmm. Gonna have to torch 'em I guess!"
>>16238 FM, my intention is to cast the fire on the same tree Cross is attacking.
>>16225 >Feeling disappointed that no apples fell, Cloudhead gears up for another round of bucks on Tree #1
Boulder? Quill? I'm thinking about how to make a more integrated roleplay/dungeon for the next area. I feel like pure dungeon isn't as fun as a sweet spot between it and interacting would be. I'm still learning; it's only been a year and a half and this is my first time GMing anything. This game is quite slow paced but it works well that way I think. I wonder where this will be in another year or two.
>>16225 "Huh?" >kicks Tree 1 once more >>16216 "Thanks, Miss!" >>16263 [spoiler]>I'm thinking about how to make a more integrated roleplay/dungeon for the next area [/spoiler] Hype
>>16225 >Quill casts Lightning on Tree 1 Guess I may as well give the newest spell a shot
(1.39 MB 1065x974 turn79.png)
>>16238 >Prickly's fire is very effective on One 2, dealing 18 damage. >>16266 >Quill zaps One 1 for 7. >>16240 >Follows up on Quill with a 1 and 5 damage kick. >>16237 >Cross hits One 2 for 11. >>16264 >Boulder finishes off One 1 with a hearty 15 damage kick. >At the loss of it's comrade, One 2 sheds it's leaves which whirl sharply cutting all in their path. LEAF STORM >Cloudhead is hit for 2. >Boulder is hit for 4. >Cross is hit for 5. >Quill is hit for 4. >Prickly is hit for 1. >The tree's fibers separate, loosinging up the branches and allowing them to move as well as growing the tree in size. >It jumps out of the ground and runs at Cross very fast on it's roots, whacking him for 13 damage with one of it's branches. >Cross has fallen and his button is out of reach. Splitting your damage payed off, it would suck to fight shedded at full HP if you got bad rolls.
>>16268 "Holy Celestia, what a pile of manure!" >bucks the tree
>>16268 >As Cross drifts in and out of consciousness, his vision swims with that of clowns, giant rats, and trees running on their roots.
>>16268 >Emboldened by the sting of his papercuts, Cloudhead launches into the mean tree with renewed vigor >BUCK BUCK BUCK BUCK BUCK "Drop apples! Drop apples! Drop apples! Drop a-..."
>>16268 "Quick! Kill it!" >Casts fire on the abomination.
>>16268 "Ack! Talk about growing like a bad weed!" >She ignites her horn, casting a shooty laser beam attack at the treebomination
(1.02 MB 640x480 questions_three.mp4)
(15.24 KB 979x629 fork.png)
I knew it would only take one attack but I was bedridden sick the past few days and couldn't do all the shit I needed to. >>16287 >Prickly's horn lights up and she reduces the tree to a pile of clean white ash; 18 damage. >The enemies drop a total of 109 bits. >The trees both dropped a small apple. >Everypony except Cross gains 30 XP. >Boulder levels up! >His max HP and SP increase by 1 and both are fully recovered. >His attack increases by 1 as well. For levels after this you will get a point you can spend in other places like Cloudhead did. Think about what would happen if your defence was higher than 20 the way the poison system works. >Boulder learns a new move! Cover: Defend a party member from all attacks targeted towards them and gain 50% damage resistance. If enemies target protected party member than the user gains 30% to their prayer success rate, but if the user is targeted they only gain 10%. >>16279 >Cross isn't the only one who can see a clown. >In fact, for everypony there time slows to a stop as the woods grow darker. >questions_three.mp4 >When Silly is done speeking time passes again allowing our heroes to discuss how they might answer these questions, but he remains lurking in the shadows waiting for a response.
>>16303 >Prickly's mane stands on end, her tail goes bushy, and her eyes widen at the sight of the clown ghost. >Once he finishes speaking, Prickly is shaking. "Sure as a saguaro this 'ere forest forest is haunted! Why, there are probably spooks behind every tree and we didn't even notice! Ya'll, we're surrounded!" >She collects her wits, after she sees he's not attacking. "Seems like this 'ere ghost is polite. He ain't wrong though. We need some more supplies, if'in we're gonna go further that is." Clown ghost warns us that we need more supplies and offers to help if we answer three questions. At least, that's what I take away. Here's the three questions I think are being asked. 1. Why can't/didn't the black bishop cross the road? 2. How many times have each of you seen me? 3. Who is the mushroom party MC? Not sure if I got question three right, though. For #2, I think that Quill and I have seen him only this once. Not sure about everybody else. Just a stab at #1: Maybe it's referring to chess? Maybe the bishop didn't cross so he wouldn't get pawned? Or, didn't have anything to pawn? Something like that? A stab at #3: The mushroom party MC is a "Fun guy"? >Out of the corner of her eye Prickly sees the blue mushrooms. >'Hmmm. Poisonous belted mushrooms. I bet they'd be useful somehow' she thinks. >Her thoughts go back to the clown ghost. "We'd better give him an answer, 'fore he calls down the specters on us."
>>16303 "Me tell ye: forest is cursed! Here there be more heretecs than in that bucking town!" >new skill Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet Celestia! That sounds like lots of fun. >>16308 "Cross been talking about clowns often, me thinks. And he know how to numbers. We need to patch him up, maybe he can tell."
>>16308 >Quill blinks, ears flat on her head. >She seems relieved the others heard the voices, too, and they weren't only in her head this time. "...Well. That's new. I'm just glad I'm not completely losing my marbles, I have been hit around quite a bit today." >She nods at Boulder, and taps her horn. "First time I saw any ghost clown. But Cross has been talkin' about one a whole lot. If we give him a little jolt, I can patch him up" If we're going with a chess analogy, and assuming the 'road' is the board, the bishop can't fully cross the board from it's starting position since it can only move diagonally, right?
>>16328 >Chess Correct; from a bishop's starting position it cannot (assuming no other pieces in the way) move to the other side. It would require two moves minimum to do that. If it moved as far as it could from its starting position, the bishop would end up right in front of the opposing side line of pawns and would thus get taken. I came up with the chess idea because I thought the clown question was actually something like a "why did the chicken cross the road" joke. All I could find was that the bishop didn't cross the road so that he wouldn't get "pwned" (that is, so that a pawn wouldn't take him). Can't figure out the "black" part of it though." All I can figure for question #1 is "Fun guy". What is the mushroom party? Is it referring to Super Mario maybe? So, the MC is something like Toad? But ponies wouldn't know about Super Mario. Incidentally, here's one. Q: How much room does a mushroom need to party? A: As mush-room as possible!
>>16268 >Cross' hoof grasps out for an invisible object. >He groans in low-dosage agony. "Lemme... die." I have 2 int, smart mares, find answers...
>>16312 >Turns to Boulder. "Hey there, big guy. Hand me one of them jumper cables. We gotta electrify Cross back to his 'ol self again" >>16331 Sorry, Cross. I'll get you back, though.
>>16333 "Uh? Oh, yeah! Here."
>>16334 "Thanks, Boulder!" >Prickly connects the cables to Cross and gives it a little kick to get it going. "There, that 'otta do it!
>>16329 The "black" part is definitely important to the question; that's also the only question that's not related to this thread. That's all the hints I'm giving :P Make sure there is consensus before you jump ahead and give Silly answers. You only get one chance. >>16336 >Cross is awake!
>Cross blinks fully awake, but stays on the ground. "Thanks for the jump... s'pose." >He squints up at the others. "What'd I miss this time? We won, yeah?" Clown schizo sighting report: Cross - 6; Boulder and Cloudhead - 3; Quill and Prickly - 1
>>16312 >>16328 >>16338 >Question discussion Based on Cross's sighting report, I figure we have two questions down (unless anybody else can think of an answer to the mushroom party MC question). The black bishop question remains. I'll be honest I can't think of an answer. "He was following the chicken" maybe?. I'm just going off what I can find on joke forums.
>>16339 "Ha! Me telled you: Cross knows how to numbers!" since DM said bishop isnt thread related, we have either chess or african catholics. Dunno what to propose about african catholics, except some unfortunate cop jokes. Regarding shrooms, since we can assume that's thread related, maybe MC is Keebler? Or Cloud, as he has blue mushroom? Thoughts?
>>16340 >Cross manages to put it all together with just one look at the clown lurking in the shadows. >He recounts his count of the clown's continuing countenance. >Then, adopting his well-used grin, he turns back to Silly. "Chess has got that black and white. That bishop a matter of stripes?" >Question Discussion Not answering, but I would be remiss if I didn't say: the black bishop can't cross because the crosswalk is whites only.
>>16344 Bishop That's probably the right answer for the bishop question, and I think we should go with that. Though, I would like to point out that on the black side of the chessboard, there is a bishop that moves on white squares and one that moves on black squares. >Numbers I think this one's done. >>16340 >Mushroom Possibilities include Keebler, "Fun guy", and Cloudhead. I honestly lean toward "Fun guy" since I feel like two out of the three questions seem to be jokes. I think we only haven't heard from Cloudhead. >Prickly turns to Cloudhead. "Any ideas there, Cloudhead?"
>>16355 Cloud head empty...
>>16371 Well, at this point I think that we just go for it. 1. Because the crosswalk is whites only. 2. Cross - 6; Boulder and Cloudhead - 3; Quill and Prickly - 1 3. "Fun guy" or "Fungi" Cross. You wanna give the answers? If not, I can do it.
>>16355 >>16384 >Cross sucks in a breath and thinks it over. For a brief stint, he's as lost in thought as Cloudhead. "Think that's about all we've got, Miss Prickly. Could you put that all together for us?" You've got my vote to go for it
Cloudhead has got to be back to do the combat anyways, so if he is away a few days it doesn't make a difference when you submit the answers I think. That being said I'm not going to stop anypony from doing it.
Guys, come on
>>16390 >Prickly nods at Cross. Still shaking a little, she addresses the phantom. "Well hello there. Uh, 'ppreciate the offer for help and all. Here's our answers...hope ya like 'em. Ehem, the black bishop didnt' cross the road 'cuz the crosswalk's for whites only. Cross has seen 'ya 6 times, Boulder and Cloudhead three, and Quill and I once. That's a total of 10 times. And, well, the MC of the mushroom party is a fun guy. Get it? Like fungi?" >Prickly gives a little nervous laugh as she awaits his response.
>>16401 >Silly simply shakes his head and fades away. Correct answers: Because he jaywalks (bishops can only move diagonally) I didn't bother checking if the count was right. MC.Slammer (The mushroom party was advertised on the bulletin board in the manehattan train station, see first thread) >>8869
>Prickly Pear sighs and shakes her head. "Aw, nuts!...Well, gave it our best y'all." >She becomes pensive. "Anyhoo, what's a spooky clown down an a forest? Shouldn't he be at a circus or somethin'?"
>>16409 >As Silly disappears, Cross is left amused. "It was a good go at it." >Remembering his current state, he winces sharply, then groans. "Sweet Celestia, he could've left me a kiss on the fetlock or somethin'..." >>16410 "He's doin' more than he did in Manehattan, I reckon. Besides, he hasn't been quite as funny since then, he wouldn't make it in the circus. Seems a bit cheap, making us do all the laughs for 'im. Mostly me, though." >He shrugs. "Anyways, I don't know if you lot oughta keep wakin' me at this rate. Way we're going through foodstuffs, we're gonna be nothin' but twig by the time we get a bit further down the path. Then there's the matter of getting the fillies out of here..."
(1.15 MB 4179x2954 cfb27c358f13015e.jpg)
thoughts? changes?
>>16411 "So the fella is following you lot? And has been for sometime?" >Quill looks a bit...spooked, by that revelation >Her horn lights as she talks, casting a heal spell on Cross "Doubling back and resupplying means we may have to fight through this all again, though. Just with less bit, but more preparation."
>>16412 That's really good shit! Great little window into their personalities
(40.75 KB 466x521 71x8G6clZDL._AC_SX466_.jpg)
>>16412 Ooh I like! Jumper cables should have a bigger booster pack on them, something more like this pic. Other than that looks great! >>16413 >Quill's first spell heals Cross to 7 HP. Using that spell to heal costs less bits than healing items, so it's too bad you didn't invest in any SP recovery items. Looks like Cloudhead has a canned muffin. Also I forgot to take the apple pie he ate and jumper cables off of his item list so the last version of it I posted was wrong, sorry. On the way back to the shack from where you are you only need to move two squares, and each has a 1/4 chance of an encounter. Also nopony has picked the mushrooms or decided the distribution of items from the battle yet.
>>16413 >>16416 >As the healing spell washes over him, some of Cross' bones audibly creak. He puts on an uneasy smile for Quill. "Mm. Thanks, Quill." >He sighs, mulling over her words. "Well, if we're lucky, we can scrounge up some things along the way." >He moseys over and picks the trio of mushrooms. "Somepony remind me, what was the deal with these? Crunchy ones are... no, wait."
>>16417 >Turning to Cross "To me, those look like belted mushrooms; deadly poison. If they have spikes they just taste bad." FM, in the image I can't tell if that's just a fringe on the mushroom stalks, or spikes. Any clarification on the matter once Prickly takes a closer look? >She comes over to take a closer look and inspection. "I reckon that poison mushrooms ought'a have a use too. On the one hoof, we could weaponize 'em somehow. On the other hoof, sometimes the difference between poison and cure is a matter of dosage. If we had a lab and some chemistry books we could find out." >Prickly sighs "Sadly, laboratory glassware is scarce in a forest." >Prickly also eyes the loot from combat. "I reckon we divide the bits equally. Mind if 'ah grab one of them apples?" >Prickly picks up 21 bits, and holds up an apple, polishing it against her coat and waiting for any objections. >>16413 "If'n I'm being true, I'd say we double back to the hut for some potions. We're all a bit wiser and stronger now. Going back shouldn't be an issue. Longer, but safer." >Then she comments. "Maybe granny can tell us what we can do with poison mushrooms, maybe."
>>16419 It's a fringe on the stalks
huh? guys?
>>16417 >>16421 >Takes a closer look at the mushrooms. "Hmmm. Fringes, not spikes. 'Ah reckon that means they're belted; so, poison. >>16425 Hey all. Should we continue? I vote we go back to the hut and stock up a little more. Silly probably didn't warn us for nothing. I know it'll take a while , but maybe better that than ending up there anyway. But, I'm up for whatever everyone wants to do.
>>16426 "Almost hungry enough to take the chance anyways..." >He puts the 3 shrooms away. "And I'm thinkin' the same as you. Let's go back, pick up some more odds 'n ends, and maybe see how we can use the shrooms." We should just take the chance and double back. I'm still not sure if saving bits will benefit us in the long run, but it might be better to just buy as many supplies as we can. Also, with how important out-of-combat healing is, I'm probably going to put my bits toward keeping Quill and Prickly SP topped off.
>looks with dread at many tens of scattered around bits "Uh... Um..."
>>16428 >Prickly levitates 22 bits and passes them to Boulder. "There 'ya go, Boulder! Wanna visit the hut again?" >She distributes the rest to Quill, Cross, and Cloudhead. There's still an apple up for grabs since I took one already. Anybody else want to carry it? >>16412 This is amazing by the way! Cloudhead entranced by golden horseshoes, Quill in a book, Prickly examining something (a root? a mushroom? apple?), Boulder manning the cables, and Cross out cold. Perfect! "Quill? Cloudhead?"
>>16429 >Everypony recieves 22 bits except Quill, who recieves 21 bits. >Should have bought that bitcutter back at the flea market...
Sometimes, we just have slow weeks. I hope every anon is doing well.
"Me thinks we go back to hut, ask witch where is cliff."
>>16435 >>16429 >Quill tucks away her bits into her saddlebags, and nods to Prickly and Boulder. "Good idea. Saves trudging forwards blindly, that hasn't really gotten us into anything save trouble."
>>16454 >>16435 >>16427 >Prickly turns and starts trotting down the path back to the hut. Before doing so, she tosses the second apple over to Cross. She waits long enough for him to snarf it down. "Here 'ya go. You outta eat it probably. 'Ya know, just in case. Onward to the hut!" Prickly also eats an apple.
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn80.png)
>>16456 >The party walks around the curve and to the area with the pond, right in front of the witch hut. >There they meet their next run in with the locals.
>>16461 I figure we leave the tree for the end and burn it down at that point. The fly is incredibly annoying but we should probably all pile on the bears one by one. >Looks at the bears and groans. Then turns to Boulder. "Feel like sending more nuts into orbit, Boulder?" >Whispers under her breath. "Where do these bears keep a'coming from anyhow? What, is there a circus nearby or something?" >Prickly casts lightning on Bear #1.
>>16461 **GM, if i use Cover, can i use items or attack after that? Will the action disrupt effects of Cover? >>16465 Wonder who i should use new ability on? I can use it on Cross or on one of the magic users, since Cloud is airborne and bers cant hurt him.
>>16466 Cover works the same as defend so it costs you every turn it's in use. Since it's stackable with Quill's barrier Boulder could have 75% damage resistance and twice the chance to get hit using the ability.
>>16461 "I've just 'bout had it with bears today!" >Feeling the electricity building up at the tip of Prickly's horn, Cross opts to attack Bear 2. >>16456 Fuck, I would've eaten that apple if I'd checked yesterday.
>>16468 You did eat the apple though, your at 12 health. I'm concerned that Cloudhead hasn't said anything in a while.
>>16469 Ah, I see now. Woops And maybe he went to mare fair!
>>16476 >Mare Fair Good point. Hopefully yes, and hopefully he's having a good time. >>16466 Not sure to cover honestly. I feel like Cross might be better since we will absolutely need strikers to beat the bears. The tree is strong against physical attacks, it seems, but I think either I or Quill will survive to burn it at the end. Are you able to attack while covering?
>>16461 >Attacks the annoying buzzy fly twice I'm back now, sorry everyone. And no, I wasn't at mare fair >>16412 Loving the new art though!
>>16483 >Cloudhead awakes from his brain fog. Phew, just in the nick of time buddy!
>>16461 "Sorry, but this mare is not in the mood for a bear hug." >Quill, running pitifully low on SP, opts to charge Bear 2 and deliver a firm bucking attack instead.
>>16461 "Geld bear - save forest!" >kicks bear 2 in the balls
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn81.png)
>>16465 >Prickly's lightning hits B1 for 5 damage. >>16483 >Cloudhead hits for 6 and 11, knocking the fly out of the air. >It's all his airspace now! >>16468 >Not even bothering to look where he kicks, Cross strikes the second bears ball for 20 damage. >>16498 >Boulder aims his kick perfectly but there is nothing left. >1 damage to B2. >>16495 >Quill hits B2 for 6 damage. >The apple tree feeds B2 two apples which each heal him for 5 HP. >The bears slowly run up in sync and jump at the same time. >B1 slams Quill for 13, driving her into the ground like a post. >At the same time B2 slams Prickly into the ground with 18 damage. Not the moves I would have picked but okay :P
>>16506 Recommend everyone attack just one of the bears. Probably B2.
>>16506 "Agh! Not the mares, ya shits!" >Cross attacks Bear 2, although he's still a little rattled by his previous strike. >tfw this group of enemies has better team comp than we do >inb4 witch mare has no brew left for us maybe we should aim heals in anticipation of attacks... But hey, at least Cloudhead got a cloudkill!
>>16506 >Swoops in to strike Bear 2 twice >Try to inflict critical damage on B1 by going for the balls >Nothing happens >tfw B1 is female >Get crit countered for your hubris >Die
>>16506 "Stop hitting mares!" >kicks Bear 2
(1.19 MB 1065x974 turn82.png)
Sorry, forgot that two players would not submit a move. Would have responded two days ago if I remembered in the moment. >>16510 >Cloudhead strikes B2 for 8 and 10 damage, just barely knocking him unconcious. >Instead of having the sky to himself he now shares the ground. Damn, Cloudhead is cleaning up! >>16509 >Cross hits B1 for a whopping 25 damage. >>16517 >Boulder hits B1 for a measly 3 damage, leaving her just an elbow bump away from a knockout. >The apple tree feeds B1 two small apples healing 10 damage. >B1 jumps at Cloudhead but misses. high speed pays off Your going to need to decide your strategy for finishing this fight.
>>16526 Also, how soon will that art be finished? The thread is past bump limit and it might be perfect timing for the next thumbnail.
>>16526 >Strategy If the tree's the last one left, that's when it enrages? In that case, we'd be better off sending Boulder and Cross against it, and Cloudhead to try and finish the bear. >>16528 Might be a week or two, but I asked for an update!
I vote to just pile the tree in order to make sure it goes down. We're almost guaranteed to take less damage from having to take another bear hit than dealing with the AoE+hit combo of the tree transforming. Besides, if our rolls are good, someone's attack will get redirected to the bear anyway, possibly ending the battle right there.
>>16526 >Cross spins and attacks the One soon-to-be-gnarled tree. >>16533 >Strategy >Besides, if our rolls are good, someone's attack will get redirected to the bear anyway, possibly ending the battle right there. That's true, I keep forgetting to consider that! >>16528 koviry (artist) said she finished her other comms, so it could be within this week. The thread can definitely stand for a while, though.
>>16526 >Strikes out at the evil apple tree twice
>>16526 >bucks tree
(1.16 MB 1065x974 turn83.png)
>>16535 >Cloudhead hits the tree for 6 and 1. >>16534 >Cross hits the tree for 23. >>16536 >Boulder pulvarises what little is left of the wood fibres with a 20 damage buck. >The tree explodes into splinters which thankfully don't hurt anypony.
>>16544 >Cross swipes a bit of splinter off his face, then attacks the Bear.
(203.14 KB what.mp3)
>>16544 >Dashes in to topple the last bear standing with two quick bucks >the bear didn't attack >???
>>16544 >kicks bear
>>16549 >the bear didn't attack Oh sorry, I rolled for that but I forgot to type that part. It targeted you and missed again lol. >The bear missed Cloudhead. Again. >>16549 >Cloudhead retaliates with a 5 bonk and a 1 nudge. >>16548 >Cross doesn't need any of that. >He digs his front hooves into the ground and bucks a 27 finisher, knocking the bear clean out of the ring. >The locals were carrying 56 bits. >Cloudhead, Boulder, and Cross each gain 35 XP. Just to make sure my brain isn't exploding, how many bits do you all currently have? Cross reaches level 5! >His max HP and SP, and Attack all increase by 1 and are fully restored. >He gets better at the basic takedown as well as learning a new one: >Level 5 takedown: counts as a 75% damage physical attack. Can attack target for half damage while in action without canceling takedown. >Restrain: Does no damage, but gets advantage on all turns it is rolled for. Advantage meaning he gets two rolls and he gets the highest one for the check doubling his chance of success.
>>16555 >how many bits do you all currently have? me dont knows >now tht the bears defeated, runs to the mares sticking out of the dirt >sniffs them with concern >begins to use front hooves to dig "Me thinked and have an idea, what if we level the forest? No forest -- no bears!"
>>16555 >Cross takes a moment to get a hold of his second wind. >He gallops over to the rooted mares and joins Boulder's effort. "A damned good idea! Hang in there, mares..." >Restrain That's a cool ability, but knowing my luck I'd just roll snake eyes twice >Bit count Cloudhead has 43; Boulder has 44; Cross has 40; Quill has 114; Prickly has 39; we have 56 undistributed
>>16555 >Seeing his two earthly friends hoof-deep in their element, Cloudhead decides to make himself useful in his own way >Walking over to the pile of bits that somehow accumulated, he diligently divides out five sets of ten, plus one, providing 11 bits for everypony >After noticing that one bit is left over, however, he eventually decides to simply keep it for himself >>16558 I think that's right. I'm about to eat dinner now, but I'll go back through the thread later and see where my own count adds up. Also, level 5 takedown looks great.
>After a few moments of directed focus on Quill's predicament, Cross hoofs out a big stud of loose dirt and hunkers belly-down to the earth. "You awake in there, Miss Quill?" >>16563 >Also, level 5 takedown looks great. Yeah! Hoping to really get some use out of tactical hugs, now!
>>16563 That's fine, Cross's count matched up with mine exept that in mine Prickly has 1 more bit. I just wanted ti make sure I didn't forget to add them after the last battle or something.
Um... fillies? Are you OK? I hope Prickly Anon's canoe didn't go to the shores of Griffonstone
>>16568 Thankfully, no shores of Giffonstone for me. Luckily, I'm pretty safe from being sent to that accursed land in my present position, even if it starts to spiral out of control. Sorry about the absence, been a terrible week. >Prickly opens her eyes and sees Boulder digging at the ground around her. "Hey'ya big guy! I heard a taking dirt naps, but this here's ridiculous! Did we get 'em?
>>16564 >>16568 sorry anons. The past few days have been considerably unfun. >Quill sputters out a mouthful of dirt, stirred by the familiar voice, looking quite grouchy with her predicament. "I certainly don't feel it. Thank you for your assistance, Cross..."
>>16563 >Noting his new weight, Cross smiles for Cloudhead. "'preciate it, feathers!" >>16579 "Sure thing." >After pulling her out, Cross tentatively slides his neck under her, and in one smooth stretch, scoops her up onto his back. "Just hang in for a moment, now. I'm feelin' a little... careful for ya, s'pose." >He grumbles, and balances out. He sighs. "Alright, let's take it easy and get back to the witch. Then we'll take another go at this. We oughta take care o' ourselves a bit better." >>16575 "Nice to see you holdin' up well enough there, Miss Prickly. We need you gals fightin' fit, seeing how this forest 'n all its critters are treating us." >When everypony's ready, Cross continues down the southern fork toward the witch's hut.
>>16580 >In a short distance the party makes it into the hut. >The medicine is staying warm in it's cauldron. >The witch is nowhere to be seen in the main room. >Strangely there is now a small pedestal with a bell on top. "Ring for service"
>>16582 >Cross brings Quill close enough to the medicine cauldron that she can drink from his back.
>>16582 >Prickly takes a sip from the cauldron as well. Views the sign. "Hmmm. Well, 'ah reckon we're here to stock up, anyhow. >Rings the bell.
>>16582 >waits till mares drink and takes a huge sip as well
>>16584 >>16587 Their HP is fully recovered but they are still KO. >>16589 Recovered >>16587 >Rings the bell. Cloudhead feels a cold hoof on the back of his neck.
>>16590 >The abrupt sensation makes Cloudhead cringe, sending a chill running down his spine as his wings involuntarily unfurl, ready to fly away from danger >Feeling wary, he cranes his head back to see who's there
>>16597 >The witch stands behind him. "Took your fair time coming back dinchya'?" >She says sarcastically. Prices >>15374
>>16598 "O'course we did! How the hay do you keep safe 'round here?" >Cross rests Quill against the cauldron, and trots over to Cloudhead and the witch. "Reckon we'll least need a pair of those charms, the way the mares are lookin'." >He doles out 40 bits for 1 strange charm. >He then empties out his remaining 11 bits to Cloudhead. >>16597 "'ere, feathers. You've got a mind for knicker-nacks. Whatcha think we could make the best with?"
>>16598 >holds his money pouch out to Cross "Me has several tens of bits, three or four even. Me thinks we need to buy muffins for mares." >also, Boulder asks the Witch: "Grandma, you know any cliff here around? Wagenburg said fillies went there."
>>16603 >Stange charm get >>16604 >The witch nods. "Straight through the fork where I found ya', follow that and you get to a splitn' the road. Go left, then right, and keep on yer way" "If you go the other ways there be two groves close by. One of red berries and one of blue." >She pauses. "I suggest you gather some, but heed my warning. Each pony may only pick 9 berries. 9 total, no more. And never an even number! Dont go pickin' 6n' one grove an' 3n' the other!"
>>16598 >Got a few questions, FM What is the healing power of small vs. large apples? How much SP does a muffin restore? Thanks!
>>16614 >Small apple: heals 5 HP >Large apple: heals 10 HP >Muffin: recover 10 SP
>>16604 >Cross uses 40 of Boulder's bits to buy another strange charm. "'preciate it, Boulder. I don't think the missus has muffins, but we've got some of those green lookin' pots. They don't look too bad." >He melts both charms into Prickly and Quill. "How's that feelin', girls?" >>16608 >Cross cocks his head. "Each of us? So uh... Only nine for me, nine on him... him, her, and her? Why's that?"
>>16621 >Prickly wobbles to her hooves. "Thank ya' kindly, Cross! Feeling a little shake, but getting better fast!" Gotta think a little 'bout what to buy. Got 50 bits, I think, based on collecting 11 from last battle. Probably we need more charms. Probably a charm and a red potion, if we've already got green potions. How many of those have we got?
>>16621 >Quill lets out a hefty sigh of relief as she, too, staggers her way back up. "Blech. Feel like I just took a dirt nap I wasn't supposed to wake up from." >Flicking an ear, she analyzes the charm, and then looks around. "Mm. Hope these weren't expensive Cross. Thank you. For, uh, getting me this far. >She glances back at the witch with a sheepish expression. "I'll grab a few green.. er, muffin...potions. If I'm gonna be castin' this frequently, I think I'm gonna need them..." >She offers up sixty bits to the witch. "Can I get two, please?"
>>16631 The only green potions we have are the two that Quill just bought
(211.98 KB 340x270 potions.png)
>>16636 Much obliged for the info. Might as well go for broke. >Prickly fishes out her bits (the money kind, not the other kind) "Here, Granny! I'll take one of them green flavored potions, and, um..." >Prickly looks over the other options. I've got 20 bits left. Anypony willing to loan me a fiver for a purple potion?
>Now taking his turn, Cloudhead helps himself to a little sip o' soup >Meanwhile, for no particular reason, five bits mysteriously float out from his bit bag towards Prickly's hoof... I'm not buying anything this time around. Ready to move on whenever everyone else is.
>>16645 >Five bits mysteriously float to Prickly's hoof. "Well looky there! Much appreciated ethereal force, what materialized these 'ere bits. Maybe the ghosts in this forest ain't so bad after all!" >Turns back to the witch. "...and one of those fine purple flavored potions too."
>>16603 >Cross takes his 11 bits back. "Well, s'pose we should check on those groves 'fore we hit the cliffs." >He grumbles to the side. "There better not be more ugly company on the path we've already trot." Ready as well.
>>16621 >Prickly and Quill are back up and full HP. >>16635 >The witch hoofs over two green potions to Quill. "Yes'm" >>16639 >>16646 >The witch gives Prickly a green potion and purple potion for 55 bits. >>16647 Current balance: Boulder: 15 Marked Cross: 11 Cloudhead: 50 Prickly Pear: 1 Quill Conspiracy: 65 You still have over 100 bits collectively, you aren't going to take any wake up items for the road?
Pic is done. Will post when I can
>>16653 Can't wait!
>>16648 If there are more bits to spend I vote we buy more wake up charms and potions. The berries sounds good, but we don't know what to do with them yet or exactly where they are.
(2.94 MB 4647x3200 forest.jpg)
>>16655 Didn't really think about all of us collectively. We'll never afford a can opener at this rate... I'd suggest two strange charms; or a strange charm and two green potions. Also, I really wish we could reliably predict who might get OHKO, that way we could pre-med with the magic heal/healing items. Hard to choose when we need to deal good damage but also tank quite a bit
>>16648 >Quill nods gratefully to the Witch. "Thanks, miss. And... shoot, Mmmmaybe I'll grab another charm, too. Can't exactly revive myself with my bits in a pinch, right?" >She looks at the other ponies. "I've still got twenty five, if anypony else wants something?" >>16658 Aaaaaa it's so gorgeous! I love it, anon!
>>16667 New thread