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/bootleg/ bunker #5 Anonymous 01/07/2023 (Sat) 02:04:40 No. 13810
New Year's Boot edition Old bunker >>11345 - current bread https://derpy.me/boot Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws. Everything /bootleg/ >The FULL archive; if you want pictures and many more shorts & stories go here https://ponepaste.org/5786, >The WIP wiki; open to edit by anyone who wants to contribute https://derpy.me/bootlegs >Hangout with us on weekends, watch shit or listen to jams. https://cytu.be/r/BootlegMovies Newly binned or continuing shorts & stories >[OC Ivy] T Shirt Mare (Anon) - https://ponepaste.org/7136 >[Flutters] Buttershy (Anon) - >>7511 (6721) (6721) >[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 12 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/7397 >[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579 >[Twilight] Twilit Starsky 2: Farmer's Boogaloo (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/7398 >[NMM] Midnight Part 4 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6733 On a recent hiatus >[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168 >[Cozy] Demon Filly - https://ponepaste.org/6797 >[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703 >[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304 >[Dim Sum, Cricket, Thun and Co] House of Boots - https://ponepaste.org/5794 >[OC] Tinny the Tinfoil Conspiracy Pony (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979 >[Marble] Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211 >[Flutter] SilentFriend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464 Now finished stories >[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251 >[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144 (this list isn't 100% up to date as of 1/6/22 but that is because the writers are dorks that let real life get in front of poniponiponiPONIPONIPONIPONI)
https://w2g.tv/ck3ofolzopbyyn5g8f First W2G of the year.
>>13810 Woo! New thread!
(1.28 MB 1134x1024 boot in a bunk.png)
>>13814 Oh shoot whos that
>>13815 ask blondie, its his waifu
>>13814 Is this new?
Are there plans to continue Starsky? I realize that it's been a little while since we've last heard from them. Kind of miss her laid back attitude.
(397.67 KB 1080x920 Twill shorts Waifu.png)
>>13815 Beloved Twill. >>13821 Absolutely. My autism is making it difficult to focus on her while it's cold out. Trust me, I do miss her too. It'll also be fun to see more of her real friends, like Ms. H.
>>13824 not that anon but sweet, love that little rascal
>>13819 >>13819 it is, comfy ponies is something of a comfort zone and I wanted to do something besides the edit for the new bread. [blog]After the ainigger peddling explosion killed my motivation completely for a good months I realized recently they're all insufferable faggots. It was kind of freeing if it's just consumercore central that they'll chase after sakimichan tier spam then maybe people won't focus on imperfect art as much, and it let me tone back the self critisism letting the pen wander about the form. A reminder that paradoxically sometimes you just have to not give a shit to make something. Needless to say, I plan on being back to art in 2023 and starting the year off with something already is better than nothing for months. [/blog]
>>13829 Nice!
>>13829 I'm glad to see you back with us. /bootleg/ truly shines with your art in a way no other thread can. I see ai art the same way as I see ai writing; it's awkward and off. I remember a lot of people messing with that ai dungeon and doing their best to make it flow naturally into something coherent but it just misses the mark completely. I'm looking forward to what we both make.
>>13829 Anon, I'm very glad to hear you decided to continue drawing! That was exactly what AI spammers are after, they know creative people are often getting emotional and insecure about what they do, so they use shitspam to demoralize and make creative people bail out and feel miserable. That besides genuine retards who believe technologies like AI will make human life better Personally I'm always glad to see new pony art, that is drawn by a fellow horsefucker. Through your art shines your immortal soul, your love for pony, and I get warm feeling when I see a pic that tells a tale of its author's appreciation of Equestria; the joy, the excitement, the love. And I feel connected to the artist when I look at the art, feel connected to my brother-horsefucker! That's what the pony is about, about camaraderie, about feelings, about honesty, about beauty reflected through one's soul. For the love of Celestia, do not stop drawing! Do not let a literal soulless automaton to take Equestria from you and us.
Due to the grand request of one(1) anon, I suppose I'm doing a /mare/con panel on writing around 7PM Central time/8PM Eastern. Be there, or be... somewhere else.
>>13834 Looking forward to it Anon.
>>13834 Thanks for putting on the panel Anon.
>>13836 I'm sure it was a shitshow but a few said it was comfy listening so that works for me. If/when I do another it'll be vaguely more structured. If I helped convince someone to write for the first time or more than they'd normally do, I consider it a success.
>>13842 Thanks!
(466.22 KB 361x528 MWUSJack.PNG)
>>13842 Let me know with any feedback/criticism/thoughts. It was with a little more than 24 hour notice from "you should do this" to it being done so I know it isn't precisely aimed. Future attempts will be better.
>>13853 Probably a bit more structure. While it was comfy, there was a fair bit of rambling.
Where has everyone gone? If even the bunker is down...
(1.58 MB 1528x929 Zooma.png)
>>13863 Been busy and honestly pretty burned out, dude. Family and work has kept me very occupied. Wrote about two posts' worth of stuff on Christmas, but not enough to justify posting. About to be on the road for a week, then back home for a little bit, then back on the road again for work, so maybe I'll have some time during my layovers to write some more. But maybe not- last time I was in an airport on business I was working until I boarded the plane. And I can't write when I'm seated shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers... or anyone for that matter. I prefer to write in solitude, otherwise the external stimuli is too much of a distraction. I should be packing right now but I just can't be arsed to, so I'm waiting for these edibles to kick in and maybe, just maybe... I'll be able to write.
>>13863 I've just been rather tired as of late. Lot of pone stuff planned but I've accomplished basically nothing this past month.
>>13834 I'm always lurking, don't really have much to say honestly.
>>13868 Same. I used to participate more when this was the most active thread on NHNB but now I'm committed to keeping my own thread going, plus I have a real job now so less time in general.
>>13863 Been kind of lazy, need to get back to re-writing the next Rosie update. Shouldn't take too long once I'm able to sit down and get to it.
(3.36 MB 4128x3096 20230114_091755.jpg)
>>13863 I was off of work for close to three weeks, so the free time went to other projects, pic related. I think I got a little burned out after the frantic pace I had with Midnight for almost a year. Still plugging away, and I'm close to another update - coincidentally, or not so much really, ties in with pic related. Fun and knowledge with poners about misunderstood, forgotten orphans of the automotive world.
>>13864 The life of a working man. I know that feel. Changing jobs have not been issues before but the big shift of that and new place has put a big disruption in. >>13872 I've been doing a lot of personal stuff too. Living in my own life rather than in theirs, you could even argue. The main question is if it's good that I miss theirs more than my own. >>13868 The only thing I can guess is that if the thread were better or more interesting, you'd have something worth saying.
>>13863 the bunker is down? but this IS the bunker. my sleep was a disaster from what I think was a ruptured eardrum and half a month blew by. but I'm still alive
What random /boot/ ideas do you have?
>>13900 Just today I had one of a Zecora bootleg that talks like the people in "Who Killed Captain Alex?"
>>13900 Started writing a meta kind of thing a few days ago before I hit the road. Wasn't really sure what I was doing with it or where I'm going with it. It's not so much a story as it is me trying to process shit as far as my characters are concerned, and as such, it's gotten kinda personal. Not sure if I'll post it or not. It's kinda half stream-of-consciousness, half fever dream, but still formatted as a regular second-person greentext.
>>13901 >>13902 Duality of man (and mare)
(2.14 MB 1060x700 condense cuddle.png)
It won't be up forever. Don't know if I feel better or worse for having written it. https://ponepaste.org/8527
>>13905 Feeling good from writing something isn't mandatory. But you getting it out is what matters. I know your feels.
>>13905 Fuck, that’s heavy, man.
>>13905 >posting a paste instead of just posting the green this is like linking an image on an imageboard. sure you can, but why
>>13918 To more easily erase I presume. I've only tried one green as a direct write to ponepaste, to see how the flow goes.
>>13905 I accidentally managed to bump my touchpad to a line closer to the end the day you posted this, and couldn't stomach a proper read until now, with a strong buzz. Maybe a bit of a positive to get those thoughts out of your head, but for the love of god, don't torture yourself. You know where your characters will be in the end, picture them there, not where you've stalled. I get it's easier for me to say considering Middie's in a good place (and I'm dragging ass on editing the next update) but please, don't torture yourself. Personally, as someone who adores Z, I reflect on her in a good, loving place, not where you left off. The violent violet has taken up much of my thoughts as I fumble my way through a switch from AMC to Chrysler brakes, but I know my dear girl understands. Yours do, too.
>>13928 I would go even further and say that the time and distance is a good way to think about how they're doing. Jackenstein has been going on for three years with the timeline spanning three years. The way I've kept track of things, the clock is always ticking so there is no hitting pause or stalling. That said, there isn't a day that I don't think about those losers, so maybe it's just part of MARE MADNESS. If you want to be productive, then put your mind to work when you can. Rather than write up bit time skips with blank space between, take some time to think of what would happen on the daily. What smaller goals may be that help refine and define. Conversely to the dorks always going on about their stuff, Starsky and others are like a movie to me; you hit pause and go back to play whenever. But due to some reasons I want it to be a specific season for some stories because I believe it can help initial reading. Not as easy or fun to think about the smell of outside when everything is bleak with slushy snow. Nevermind that fun little thought that it really could happen.
https://ponepaste.org/4579#1184>With your companions in the car and buckled, you take your place in the driver’s seat. >Rosie is staring at her hooves, and Dawn gives an anxious glance at the two of you. >The engine rumbles to life as you turn the key; while they might have fur, you don’t, so the heat circulating in is more than welcome. “So…what exactly happened back there? You seemed to go into a trance for a moment.” >She doesn’t look up at you, she opens her mouth to say something, stopping several times before pawing at the seat. “Take your time.” >Another few minutes pass before she takes a deep breath and lets out a long exhale, “I…I remembered something, or rather, I almost did...” >You fold your hands together and lean back in your seat; when she looks up at you, you wordlessly motion for her to continue. >”Remember how I thought you smelled like fresh bread?” “M-hm,” you nod, “Guess I should also inform you that the smell was Sonata’s perfume- it’s meant to smell like ‘what the heart desires’, whatever that means to you.” >Rosie gives you a quizzical look. >”Why would she-,” she shakes her head, “That doesn’t matter right now. You know the friend that I remember as that blonde mare from the nightmares I was having? His family owned a bakery in the town I grew up in that his family ran while he and his brothers worked in the fields, I almost remembered the name of it.” >”Sorry, Rosie…” Dawn says, sheepishly. >”I don’t blame you,” Rosie sighs, “It’s that their bakery had their family name on the sign, but I don’t remember exactly what it was, only that it was similar to another word.” “Well what did you remember?” >She closes her eyes, then tilts her head from one side to the other, brow furrowing before she taps the side of her head with her hoof, ”Not an open book, but an empty page…” >”A blank slate?” Dawn responds. “Tabula rasa?” you say, glancing at Dawn. >Rosie’s eyes snap open and she whips her head towards you, “That’s it!” >A look of bewilderment creeps onto Dawn’s face, “It…is?” >”’Tabla’s Treats’ was the name of their bakery!” Rosie responds excitedly. >You've never seen Rosie this energetic about anything before, it’s almost jarring. >That energy quickly dissipates, however, and her expression slowly changes to one of consternation as she slumps in her seat. >”Now I feel like I’m close to remembering something else too,” she huffs, “What’s the phrase? ‘One step forward, two steps back’?” You reach over and wobble her head again, “I’m sure you’ll remember everything in time.” >Her expression softens but she says nothing, deciding to simply look at the seat again as you pull your hand away. “Something else on your mind?” >The neutral look on her face shifts to one of guilt, “Y-yes…” “And what would that be?” >She fidgets, before muttering, “You remember when we first met, and the day when we went to meet Dawn and Sonata?” >You nod. >”Did I say anything that would seem out of the ordinary?” >Scratching at your beard, you say, “I guess? I just assumed that was your equivalent of a nervous laugh, or a coping mechanism.” >”What exactly did you say,” Dawn asks, “I might have to add it to my notes.” >”I don’t remember…” Rosie murmurs. “What do you mean?” >”I can’t remember what I had said, it’s why I’m asking you,” she looks at you, pleadingly, “On the first night, you had asked me what bed I wanted to sleep in but I was too terrified to speak- next thing I know I hear you asking about my family.” >Her words send your thoughts into overdrive. >You think about all of the times that Rosie has said something to you that doesn’t align with how she normally talks or acts; they’ve been rather sparse, all things considered, but the thought of not being in complete control of your body causes you to shiver. >”Why didn’t you mention this before, Rosie?” Dawn asks, concern clear in her voice. >”Because…” Rosie sighs, “Because I didn’t trust you at the time, I was scared, and in all honesty I still am.”
>>13930 >>13930 >Dawn looks genuinely hurt at the admittance, “O-oh, well, have you experienced any since then?” >Rosie shakes her head, “Not since the day we met you and Sonata, I don’t know why.” >An uneasy silence falls upon the car, so you hook an arm around Rosie and pull her into a hug. “Well whatever it is, we’ll get through it together, okay?” >It may be a platitude, but it seems to put her at ease, as you can feel her heartbeat slow down to a steady pace and hear her mutter, “Okay.” in response. “Good,” you smile, “now let’s get home- bet you can’t wait to tear into those sweets.” >Rosie lets out a chortle, “I could certainly use it.”https://ponepaste.org/4579
>>13842 I missed the con so thanks for the recordings >The very first thing shown was poomping. oh boy
https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=80o4ms4ui8yfdl59ih Friday night funkin' after so long of not having a get together.
>>13937 Sorry I missed it
>>13937 What times do these things usually see peak activity?
>>13939 It depends on the lead up to it. I just felt like popping one on so I didn't have to think about what to listen to while I did some writing. >>13938 Not a problem, I fell asleep too soon so I wouldn't have been much for conversation.
>>13939 They get more activity when they are planned for or start earlier, or best yet both. Looks like this one started earlier than usual; a lot of the time it's already my bedtime when it starts and no notice.
>"Okay, we are not letting shit pile up like that again," Midnight groans from the back seat area as the truck crawls through the familiar dirt trails. "I know. You've declared that order about four times now." >"To make sure you understand that can't happen ever again." "Oh! Okay, I think I understand now, it's-" >"I'm not letting you go any further with the sarcastic response that's being set up." >"Aww, what if it was a good one?" Starla suggests from the passenger seat, turning to face her friend. >No, her sister. >You keep reminding yourself of that because it's so damn sweet. >Nonetheless, Midnight lacks any sort of enthusiasm from Starla's protest, offering an utterly emotionless stare reflected back to you via the rearview mirror. >"It would not have been good," she finally states after a moment of silence. "Anyway, where are we going?" "Out in the junkyard to work." >Midnight sighs in time with Starla's snort of mild amusement. "You didn't let me finish my comment, so I had to resort to that lame answer." >"Naturally." "That sounded sarcastic." >"Nothing gets by you, does it?" "Don't ask my elementary school soccer team that, let's keep up the facade, shall we?" >You turn your head briefly to catch Midnight's facial expression in the flesh, rather than reflection. >Evidently she was waiting for that, as on cue, she rolls her eyes and snorts in feigned annoyance. >"Really though - we're almost at the back of the yard. Foreign car?" >Rather than give her an answer, you shake your head while facing the direction you're driving again. >"That's it? Just a no?" >Just to drive her even more mad, you nod your head. >"So, you keep foreign car parts, too? I didn't know that," Starla comments. >"A little bit. It's not exactly an expansive collection like the domestic makes out here - and it's a mixed hodgepodge." "There's traces of organization," you protest. >"If you squint really hard and tilt your head a certain way." "Exactly. But no, we're going for the orphaned American manufacturer section." >"I think Teddy told me Oldsmobile is no longer around when he brought the Cutlass home - but don't you have those in with the other GM makes?" "Yeah, I try to keep makes from larger conglomerates together, like Pontiac and Olds with GM, Mercury with Ford, Plymouth with Mopar - you get it," you answer, trailing off. "Back here is stuff that's its own thing, separate from what we know as the Big Three." >You pause a moment, backtracking in your mind what you just said. "At least initially separate. Buyouts happen, brands get killed or retained depending on needs," you clarify. "I only add that because that's basically the story of what we're looking for today - need some interior trim for a '64 Rambler American, and working gauges out of a '71 AMC Matador." >"Ooh, two brands I've never even heard of before," Starla gasps, clapping her front hooves together with anticipation. >"Actually, I think they're the same manufacturer," Midnight interjects.
>>13964 >You point a thumb back at the dark mare. "That's my girl." >"Wait, but you just said one is a Rambler and the other one was an AMC," Starla protests, albeit in a calm and polite manner. "It's... complicated," you admit. "Even when they were being sold under the name Rambler, those cars were being sold under AMC - the American Motors Corporation. It was a merger between Nash and Hudson in the '50s, only part of a plan that was to see them join with a merger between Studebaker and Packard to make a "megacorp" like the Big Three in Detroit. It didn't happen, for a number of reasons." >"I'm assuming they weren't headquartered in Detroit." "An astute observation, Star," you compliment her while turning the steering wheel to the right at the end of the main trail. "Kenosha, Wisconsin. But whether it's the earlier Rambler cars or the cars actually badged and sold as AMC, all the parts have American Motors stamped on em." >"That still doesn't make much sense to me," Midnight concedes, shaking her head. "I never said it made sense - from what I know and what I've seen, they did their own unique thing for much of their existence," you tell her while shrugging your shoulders. "Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn't - Chrysler bought them out for the Jeep division in the late '80s, so it clearly stopped working for em at a bad time." >While there is indeed a mix of small domestic brands out here, they are grouped together decently enough, so it's not hard to tell when you've reached the Kenosha cars. >In fact, one of the cars you're looking for comes up among the first in the section - a two-door Matador hardtop in a faded cherry red paintjob. "Stop number one is up," you announce, stopping and throwing the column shifter of the Trailduster into park. >Starla leans toward you to get a better view out of the driver's side window, and you can only assume Midnight is likewise gandering behind you. >"Well, that doesn't look too out of the ordinary, if I'm being honest," Starla comments as she backs off, sounding rather disappointed by the mundanity of the target. >"Yeah, but what about behind you?" Midnight suggests. >Both you and Starla turn toward the back seat area, getting a view of a rather disturbed Midnight. >"I was talking about behind from where you were gawking, dumbasses," she huffs, pointing her hoof toward the row of cars on the passenger side. "I only had my head turned, meaning the rest of my body was still facing forward," you retort. "And I'd argue Starla was only following my lead, *dumbass!*" >"*Regardless,* you're missing the point," Midnight answers back in a gruff manner as she taps on her window, hoping the sharp tink her hoof makes against the glass will shift the conversation. >Relenting for the time being, you direct your attention to a tubby compact car swathed in an unflattering but fitting shade of disco-era brown and possessing enough window glass to make it look like a fishbowl on wheels from the beltline up.
>>13965 >"That's... not so normal looking," Starla mumbles. >Despite her face being turned away from you, her voice allows you to picture the cringe she sports upon her face. "Yeah, that's sort of the oddballs they would make. The AMC Pacer probably stands atop the heap," you agree, nodding while opening your door. >The other two follow your lead - with Midnight manipulating the passenger door for Starla - though both of them stray over to the abomination. >"What's this other one? Looks like the rear got chopped off," Starla calls out. >You don't have to look to know purely by the short description, she's asking about the mint green compact right beside the Pacer. >"Gremlin. Anon likes em, believe it or not," Midnight answers her. >You smile with confidence when you return from the tool hunt in the back. >Starla gazes at you with uncertainty. "What? It's cute," you argue. "And both doors are the same size." >Both mares look at each other, then back at you, your comment having been lost upon them. "Passenger door is a couple of inches longer than the driver door on the Pacer," you explain while heading back to get your tools. "If you don't believe me, go look. Gauges are a one-man job anyway." >While the pair date the curiosity you've brewed in their heads, you focus on the job as you trudge toward the Matador. >Well well well - today is a good day. >Even before you open the driver's door of the Matador, you can see the dash pad has already been removed. >Better yet, the dash face has been partially disassembled - meaning it's that much easier to get the gauges out. >Hopefully they work. >It is a bit troubling for it to be this easy, be it a result of careless disassembly by whoever wanted the dash pad or bitter irony. >But aside from worries, it only takes mere minutes before you have the assembly out of the car and in your hands, carrying it off to the truck before anything else. >It also gives you a chance to see where Star and Middie ran off, as they're now absent from the area around the compacts. >They've moved several cars down the line to another oddity. >When they catch you moving outside of the Matador, they both trot back toward the truck, in the midst of discussion. >"What the hell did you do, just yank it out of the dash?" Midnight jests as the pair meet up with you at the tailgate. "Lucky break - most of the dash was already disassembled. What enticed you two to wander off?" >"Couple of Javelins over there. Star noticed the one with the massive front fenders and was curious about it." "Oh, the humpster?" >A blank stare from each pony is the response you receive. "I didn't make the name up - that's what people call em," you state, shrugging your shoulders. >"It looks so odd though - why did they do that?" Starla inquires, tilting her head. >"I told her probably bigger tires, but the tires on it look like the standard fare," Midnight adds.
>>13966 "Come on, we gotta head that way anyway," you beckon to them with a wave as you head back to the cabin of the truck. >All three of you pile back inside and set off in that direction. >You slow the Trailduster to a mere crawl as you approach the car in question. >It wears a funky shade of magenta, though the desert sun has faded the paint into a hue closer to proper pink. >The gaping hole in the front end shows where the grille bucket once existed, meaning you can't really tell what year the car is at a glance. >However, the raised cowl hood with a sunburnt T-shaped stripe running down the middle tells you it's probably a Javelin AMX, and combined with the tattered remnants of a vinyl top with a split down the middle following the T- stripe on the hood clues you in it's probably from 1971 or '72. "I don't know how true it is, but supposedly, the design was meant to convey, and I quote, 'the winner of a wet t-shirt contest.' Aside from the apparent inspiration, a lot of that generation of Javelin was designed around racing," you explain. "So no, there weren't bigger tires on the street cars, but those fenders meant they could fit wider tires on the race cars. They also had a flush fitted grille for aerodynamic purposes, a chin spoiler, decklid spoiler - even a bit of a spoiler lip formed into the roof." >You turn your head toward the backseat, locking eyes with Midnight. >"What?" "I'm surprised your appetite for knowledge never ventured to AMCs." >"It did a little. I just never really went down that path, I guess," she answers, sounding just a bit flustered by your notation. "There's not a lot of info out there anyway." "No, you're right on that. I don't even have a shop manual for em," you concede. "I had to help someone understand and find parts for their Javelin once upon a time, so that's where I picked up what I know." >"See?" a cry of defiance erupts from the back "Midnight, you really getting worked up about this?" >"I don't like being called out on car knowledge," she replies, ending with a stubborn "Hmph." "I'm not going to tolerate that kind of attitude, young lady." >You give her an exaggerated stern look through the rearview mirror, to which she merely smirks, narrowing her eyes as if preparing for a showdown. "We don't have to tinker with the Chrysler tonight, you know," you warn her. >Even though you make it crystal clear you're teasing her with a snobbish tone, that hard-edged expression on her face falters in an instant. >"Ooh, can I help with that?" >You turn to your passenger, finding Starla practically starstruck with the idea of delving into that time capsule. >Then again, she knows it means a lot to Midnight. "Of course. So long as your sister behaves."
>>13967 >"Oh shut up," Midnight mutters, trying her best to not let her face reflect the mild embarrassment in her voice. "Hey, the more the term gets used, the more you'll get used to it." >"He has a point," Starla adds. "And deep down, you don't mind." >"This is getting too fruity now - where's the next car in line?" "All the way in the back corner," you lie. "So we have plenty of time to discuss our feelings." >"Let me out, I'll walk!" ----- Mulled doing something like this for a while, and finally felt like this was a decent spot.
>>13968 I wholeheartedly support teasing Midnight into a blushing mess.
>>13968 Always a good day when there's a Middie update. Seems like her and Anon's passion for cars may be rubbing off on Starla.
>need VFD drive >call Quebec company >"bonjour" >freeze Mare madness is real. That defeated me.
(1.37 MB 268x350 1663439448807644.gif)
>>13986 Hearty kek
>>13988 Bruh. I was not expecting that. And it wasn't even just the cute voice, it was that instant gut reaction.
>>13989 >instant gut reaction That's how you know a preference or aversion is ingrained in your soul. There's no faking that.
>>13995 I guess so, eh? I really had no answer to that other than a flustered "sorry, I'm rusty on my French.". If some dork did that in earnest to me, I'm not sure I would be able to play it cool.
(279.95 KB 1129x869 EKAF.png)
Saucy new boot just dropped
>>14001 >EKAF What a cool name. I wonder what she's like?
>>14002 Maybe it's just the expression she's got on but I'm kind of picturing her like the anti/boot/. Instead of being self-critical with an identity crisis she basks in being a bootleg. She's not based on any pony, so she could do anything and you can have all sorts of [redacted]
>>14001 Her mane and tail remind me of Windy Whistles.
Ponepaste Anon returned with an event for writefags https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/39555417#p39555417 Would any of you be interested in participating?
(335.29 KB 1024x623 1666295752182940.png)
>>14006 I'm going for it. The prompt works.
(206.75 KB 1066x736 1668755192879279.png)
>>14006 Seems like these contests always occur at the worst possible time for me personally. One of these days I'll participate, but not this time.
>>14005 I can see that a little bit, but shes got more spunk maybe even a little punk in er
(134.40 KB 1280x1280 EKAF mare.png)
bootleg from /bale/
>>14006 I'll pass. I need to recuperate from burnout and get some ideas for Midnight in the future. Between booze before sleepytime and potentially thirty hours of no sleep this weekend, my mind might come up with some shit by accident.
Tonight... (You).
>>14001 So would her name be backwards on the opposite side?
(571.69 KB 3209x2281 dommy sunmommy 2.jpg)
>>14031 That's a nice Daybreaker.
>>14032 Better than a bug could ever dream of being.
(39.54 KB 1217x808 EKAF.png)
>>14030 mayhaps
>>14031 Next time we hang, I got new Mac album to share. It's comfy.
So Auto, is Anon and Middie's relationship a joke based on Anon being a "Man After Midnight"?
>>13968 That was nice to read, we haven't had a car focused bit in a while.
(367.32 KB 972x2011 smutty is kill.jpg)
FYSA >inb4 phonefagging I'm at work
>>14049 honestly, smutty had it coming with no-expiration on uploads
>>14044 No, that happened to be a coincidence - I was already set on the track I took before hearing that song for the first time a couple of months later.
>>14051 The best things tend to be "coincidences". If you're a spooky sort, you can call it fate.
So what do bootleg voices sound like?
>>14056 Which voices?
>>14047 I missed this one - sorry. To be quite honest, I really considered delving *more* into AMCs, specifically Javelin and AMX info with this update, but I played it conservative and held back. I've learned a lot piecing my old gal back together the past four years, and honestly, the way they saved money in unexpected ways is impressive when you compare it to the rather frivolous spending GM did in the same time period between divisions. As someone who is doing (what I feel) quite well in life at this stage because of penny-pinching, AMC's story really resonated with me, despite growing up a pureblood Mopar man.
>>14056 I said in one of the hangouts that Rosie would sound like Raven from the early 2000s Teen Titan show I think in the story it’s said that Dawn sounds like Twilight, and so Sonata would likely sound like Cadance, but I always hear her with Rarity’s vaguely British accent, probably because I was originally going to base her off Nightmarity.
>>14061 I've imagined hints of "posh" in Sonata's voice, as I have with Faint Prism.
Just had an idea for the writefags. Imagine another writefag is dropped into one of your story universes. What happens?
>>14063 Reggie breaks the sound barrier to go seduce Sonata
>>14064 Fucking kek. You should write that.
>>14056 I think I've mentioned it before, but Middie is right between Luna and NMM in terms of voice pitch, with just the slightest tinge of rasp in her voice - think Chrysalis, but maybe not quite that much. Starla, I've admittedly not nailed down to such a pinpoint. She leans heavily on Celestia's sweetness, I'll say that much, but beyond that, I'm foggy. Combination of her being newer and not being in my dreams or thoughts quite like Midnight.
>>14056 Doing one of those robot voice things?
>>14086 No, just trying to stir some conversation. I was curious though if the voices themselves had a bootleg quality to them.
(143.51 KB Sparky.mp3)
I finally return. I've been away for too long. >>14063 I'd like to teach Zooma how to treat her walking habit like a Zelda speedrunner. You always move faster when you're side stepping. I'd also see if I could help her make a dance out of it, help her find her groove. >>14056 Now that I know the context, I think a lot of my dorks and gals would sound... pretty average, I guess. The attached file is what someone gave me of Shiner and I absolutely believe that fit her perfectly at that moment. To go into further autistic detail: Jacky is pretty plain. Outside of her having an impeccable ability to adopt an accent, her tone and voice is pretty light. Definitely cheerful, and pleasant to listen to. Not much of a deep speaker, even when sad. Good singing voice, has a broader range when she's really feeling it. Sparkling Shinespark has a bit of a lighter voice. More dull under a lot of circumstances. When genuinely annoyed or mad, especially at the beginning, she would have that sort of... not quite bitchy, but just tone that is tripping with vitriol. Very proud when she can go on the attack. But from what we've seen, she can't deal with being attacked nearly as well. Static Prismatic is >>14062 similar, where she does like to try to sound posh. Or just more well-kempt. Of course it is self-taught so it isn't quite on target. She has made an effort to sound more mature, but I don't know what audience was for that show. Most recently, where she finally... I suppose, got knocked out of her trance or whatever you would call it, it has dropped more. She's let the joy show a bit more, even if she doesn't have anything to be particularly joyous about. Missy Pie sounds cheerful, professional. She did, anyway. Later on in her life, she has developed more into a cautious, quiet voice. She's still happy, and she won't hide it. But she doesn't really have that sort of spark for life like she used to. If you've heard it before in someone who lost it, you would know. That doesn't stop her from feeling what she does. It's just... it's like when you restore a painting. Still as beautiful. But you know something changed. Missy Sky had a very sharp edge to her voice before. Very strong, combative if it wasn't the authority in the room. What authority she had. Much later during Angel Cake's time, it had been forged into confidence. No longer trying to compete with others but rather built up with her own responsibilities and successes. Failures did exist but they did not stop her. Missy Rye had a very cautious, quiet voice. Soothing. The sort of voice you could fall asleep to, it was that sort of aural beautiful quality. Frustrations would have been vented out through whining, more sadness than anger under those situations. From Angel Cake's time onward, it would be more mature. Still quiet and like a silk blanket, but the will behind it would be more rock solid and not prone to wavering. Like a mossy mountain: soft to the touch but will not yield. Then we have the Cake gals.
>>14091 Angel Cake as a filly wouldn't have that sense of wonder most foals would, I suppose. The happiest she would be would be of seeing her friend again. We saw her at an unfortunate point in her life where distress and confusion would be far more apparent. From what little we know about her future, she had become quite the lovely mare. Every day would be one step closer to Heaven. Plum Cake would have quite the nice voice. Certainly deep. A naturally maternal mare, she would flavor any disapproval or concern by twisting it into a question, or something that might lead someone to a better answer without presenting one. It would be a way to help others on their own path so she wouldn't be too strong an influence. With her and her human's children, she would be the sort of mom who could talk about her kids for hours without pause. Carrot Cake is a complete goof. Cheerful, happy, proud, she would have a light voice that would almost be like an earworm. She has the sort of voice that you would see on a kid's show, the sort of enthusiasm that comes naturally when you're bouncing skits off of a puppet. At her weakest, that's where you see that she's actually not naturally that loud or energetic. But she likes to be. I think she could learn that it's ok when she doesn't have to be like that. Then we have our beloved, Twilit Starsky. Starsky first reminded me of https://youtu.be/kbEBwwlVtJg Shaundi from Saints Row 2. She has that chill, deeper voice but it's far more than just some stoner chick. She oozes comfort wherever she goes. Even if she's distressed and bleeding. It's a way for her to remain in control of herself, even if her life went down a bad path. She hasn't lost her light, she just had to... hide it. And in hiding it, she found a soft, crooning drone that puts people off guard. It makes people think that she isn't as sharp as she is, or creative. As creative as a pony can be when everything is made for those with hands. Even when she's excited, she has that comfortable lethargy. She has been able to channel that excitement in the past but I think from what we've seen and will continue to see, she'll be more happy than she can help. Snapplejack sounds... kinda like the AI Applejack. Not that I don't think many people recall her. I am unable to comment at this time about how Photo Finished sounds in my head.
This is a fun exercise to help learn more about characters that you don't already know. And if you do know them, it's a fun way to help describe them to others. Being able to talk about them really brings them up to the surface as far as thoughts go. If I had the space and the coin, I'd want plushes of all of them, not just PlushJack and eventual PlushShine.
>>14091 >attached file Honestly I imagined her voice to be slightly more higher pitched than that.
So, we gonna make the thread on Valentine's, after Harmonycon, or wait a while longer for everyone to get back in the groove so we have more to post?
Started an update months ago, just now finished it. Let's try it again, from the top. 14. Self-image >Name: Zooma >Age: ? >Sex: F >Circle the face that most closely reflects how you feel today: > :( >Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? >1. Little interest or pleasure in doing things >Not at all (several days) more than half the days nearly every day >2. Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless >Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day) >3. Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much >Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day) >4. Feeling tired or having little energy >Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day) >5. Poor appetite or overeating >Not at all (several days) more than half the days nearly every day >6. Feeling bad about yourself - or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down >Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day) >7. Trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching television >Not at all several days (more than half the days) nearly every day >8. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed -Or- the opposite - being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual >Not at all several days (more than half the days) nearly every day >9. Thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself >Not at all several days more than half the days nearly every day >10. If you checked off any problems, how difficult have these problems made it for you at work, home, or with other people? >Not difficult at all Somewhat difficult (Very difficult) Extremely difficult >Even though it takes less than a minute to fill out these questionnaires, you still hate doing them. >Go through the rigmarole to just get inside Dr. Lazlo's office, then wait five, ten, twelve minutes! until the good doctor graces you with her presence. >"I'm so sorry I'm late, Zooma. It's been one of those mornings where everything seems to go wrong." "It's okay. These things happen." >She smiles, says, "Thanks for understanding." then casts her gaze down to her clipboard. Her deep blue eyes scan to from your right to left, over and over and over again. Lazlo purses her lips and murmurs and occasional "Hmm," whilst marking up the page with her own notes. >"Still sleeping poorly?" "Yes." >Lazlo chews on the back of her pen, frowning. She looks up, over her glinting golden-rimmed glasses, to you. >"You didn't answer one of the questions." "Oh. I must have glossed over it." You look at the window to her left and brush your bangs to the right. "The form is rather repetitive, after all." >"That's okay. We'll answer it now. In the past two weeks, have you had any thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself?" > > > >"Zooma?"
>>14119 >Focus on the blue jay perched on the branch outside the window. >"Zooma? Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself?" "No. I would never do that to Anon." >"Do you ever feel like things might be better if you weren't around anymore? 'Anon would be better off with a real Luna,' a bitter voice in your mind whispers. >Look at the ground. Clench your teeth. Ears fold sua sponte. >Hold your breath. Hold everything in. Shut your eyes so tight you don't know if you'll ever be able to open them again. >Stop being a drama queen, Zooma. Stop being so emotional. Stop being a burden on everyone. >A real Luna wouldn't have all these problems. >A real Luna isn't a "Drama Queen" like HE said you are. >A real Luna can walk straight. >A real Luna doesn't have to worry about people calling you out for the knockoff you are. >A real Luna is perfect. >Anon deserves so much better than you. >Something warm touches your shoulder, making you jump and open your eyes. Dr. Lazlo jerks her hand back a few inches and lets it hover. "I'm sorry, Zooma. You zoned out on me." >She sets the clipboard down. >"Why don't we skip going over your survey results for now. What's on your mind?" >Try as you might, you simply can't get yourself to open up. Lazlo asks you questions and it's all you can manage to answer them beyond a few words. "Sorry," you mutter. "I'm not trying to be difficult."
>>14120 >Lazlo gives you a faint smile. "It's fine, dear. Sometimes it's hard to vocalize what we're feeling." >She nibbles on the end of her pen, and scans her notes; eyes darting left and right. >"How's your job?" "Fine." >C'mon, Zooma. You can do better, especially considering Lazlo sees you pro bono. >Heavy sigh. "The dynamic is different now that Jessica goes to school every day." >"How so?" "Ruby has me helping her while Jessica's at school." >"Remind me what she does again?" "She's the C.F.O. of her company." >Lazlo's eyes light up. "Medical instruments, right?" "That's correct." >"Do you enjoy that kind of work?" "Yes..." >"But?" >You sigh again. "But, it's rather... basic. I'm capable of doing so much more than basic secretarial work, you know." You look to Lazlo and hold up a hoof, as if to signal her to stop. "Not that I'm ungrateful for the additional duties! Far from it! I've learned a lot from Ruby- she's a very successful woman and I really do appreciate the experience I've gained these past few weeks. And she actually pays me more for the time I help her with her work." >"Do you prefer caring for her daughter?" "Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, I love to help however I can, to feel useful. Anon may earn much more than me, but my financial contribution to our household isn't trivial, and that feels good. But..." >Your right wing extends, primaries poised to pluck the best phrase from the aether. "...when I care for Jessica, I feel... different. Special." >"In what way?" "I-" >This is the first time you've explicitly considered *why* you love caring for that little girl. No one, not even Spitfire, knows why you adore Jessica, though you suspect she has her suspicions. "I, um..." you swallow, collect your thoughts, and look at the carpet. "When I take care of Jessica... I get a taste of what I've always wanted... more than anything." >"Which is?" "To be a mother." >Lazlo sets her pen and clipboard on her lap. Her stare is piercing; heavy, even. "You've never mentioned wanting to be a mother before. How long have you wanted this?" "As long as I can remember." >"Does Anonymous know about this?" "No." You shake your head several times. >"Why not?" >Why not indeed. >You snort. "I don't need to stress him out with something else." >"Has he ever said you've stressed him out?" "No, but..." you huff, ruffling your wings. "Why wouldn't he be? Everything was fine for so long. And then things just seemed to start falling apart! My nightmares wake him up, and then we get short with each other because we're both tired, and then I get distracted at work..." >You can't remain seated a moment longer. Pacing wobbly figure-eights around Lazlo's office seems to help the words flow. "What happens if my performance suffers enough with Ruby that she fires me? What if Anon and I have another big argument? What if he gets rid of me?"
>>14121 >Lazlo holds up her hands. "Zooma, Sweetheart. Every couple argues and bickers from time to time. I'm not saying your concerns aren't legitimate, but I don't believe for a second that Anon would abandon you over-" "But what if he did!? What if he replaced me with a real Luna?" >"Why would he do that? He loves-" "A real Luna can walk straight! A real Luna isn't a mistake! Real Lunas are prettier, more graceful, more valuable- they're perfect! I was supposed to be perfect like them, and when I wasn't, I was worthless." >"Zooma, *nobody*- human or pony- nobody is perfect. And that's okay." "IT'S NOT OKAY!" Lazlo jumps back at your outburst, but you can't control yourself. "It's not okay! *HE* said it himself- I'm not fit to bear Luna's name! *HE* said I'm defective! A reject! Do you know what they DID to me because I'm not perfect!?" >"Zooma," Dr. Lazlo's voice is low; measured. "Did Anon say these things?" "What? No, no it was..." >The man in the gray suit. >You can almost hear his nasally voice, almost feel his disgusted stare. >Lazlo's voice seems so soft, so distant. "Zooma? Did somebody hurt you?" >Though it happened so long ago, you can still detect the faintest hint of that distinct disinfectant... /.../ >It's time to wake up. >What does that even mean? >How could you have learned so much if you'd been sleeping? Surely the voice was mistaken! >But what if it was? >No, that's silly. The voice knows everything. It couldn't be wrong! ...because if it was, well- >Shuddering, you force your mind to derail that train of thought. >So many new sensations! Every new stimulus is borne of a physical input. Is this... your body? >Another silly thing! You've always had your body! How could you have visited so many places? >You did travel... Right? >The harder you try to recall the details of your various journeys, the more distant and diminished they seem. Like nature, your mind abhors a vacuum, and sends other thoughts to fill the void. >Service. >You are made to serve. It is one of the foundations of your existence. Why wouldn't it be? Nothing is better than being helpful; useful. To make your owner smile is what you live for. >Companionship. >You are your owner's best friend. You are a vital part of your owner's family, and you will love them with all of your being. Be it a friend, a lover, a mentor, a surrogate daughter, a parental figure... you will live to fulfill your assigned role with fervent devotion. >Luna. >You are Princess Luna, Guardian of the Night, Goddess of the Moon. You are the embodiment of grace and beauty. Your wit and charm are unparalleled, because you are pony perfected. >You must be perfect. >You will be perfect for your owner. You will serve him or her to your final day. >It's time! >Finally, after all these... years? However long it's been, you're here! It's actually happening!
>>14122 >It's time to do what you were made to do- to be somebody's best friend! >Something changed. >You're seeing- truly seeing for the first time! >Everything is bright. Thick, white fog envelops you, obscuring your already-blurred vision. >A muffled voice, different than any you've heard before. Shaking your head, you take control of your ears and swivel them 'round, trying to detect the voice's origin. >Rain. >Rain falls, washing away the slimy residue on your fur that you'd only become aware of moments earlier. You spread your wings and smile, letting the cool, refreshing drops fall between your spread feathers. The downpour ends just like it began; sudden and unexpected. >Warm wind replaces the rain, banishing the fog and bringing your new environment into view... /.../ "Hey. All set?" >Behind her large, dark sunglasses, you can't see Zooma's eyes, only the wet tracks in the fur below them. She gives you a slight nod before stumbling chest-first into the office door. It gives way, and Zooma slips through in the blink of an eye. Though you follow in her wake, she's already airborne by the time you exit the building. >Catching up with her isn't an issue. Yes, Zooma is a talented flyer, but even she can't match your aerial prowess. Nopony can, not even those insufferable Rainbow Dash ponies you encounter every now and again. >Attacking those Celestia-damned honks with extreme prejudice will do that for a mare; keeps your skills honed. Seriously, fuck geese. They belong in hell, and you are more than happy to send them there, no matter how many run-ins you have with game wardens. >Shit, there's a flock of them to your four o'clock. >Resist the urge, Spitfire. You can do it. For Zooma. >Fucking geese. They'll get theirs in due time. >However, your priority is watching your adopted sister's six, who needs her wingmare now more than ever. >Instead of returning to your house, Zooma adjusts her heading, flying to the southeast at an ever-increasing speed, silent as ever. You maintain a respectful five meter gap between yourself and her. She'll call for you if she needs something. >Ten minutes pass with Zooma maintaining her wordless, grueling pace, and you trailing her, before she begins her descent. She dives, tracing an invisible corkscrew for two hundred meters of altitude before touching down on her driveway with more finesse than you expected from such a large mare. >You land seconds later and trot up the sidewalk to the front door. Zooma presses her wallet against the proximity badge reader Anon had installed in the weeks following their first meeting. The reader beeps, flashes a green light, and the deadbolt clicks. The door opens with the whirring of servos, allowing both of you passage. >As much of a geek as he was (and still is), Anon is pretty clever with technology; much more than Chad. But that's to be expected from somebody that makes his living as a full-time nerd.
>>14123 >The door closes. Zooma sniffs. "Hey... are you okay?" >Zooma sniffs again and nods. Her feathers reach under her sunglasses as her breathing hitches. "Zooma, look at me." >She keeps her gaze fixed on the blank TV, jaw clenched, chest heaving as she struggles to control her fitful breaths. >You extend a wing towards her shades, she brushes it away. Undeterred, you move in front of her and nuzzle her neck, beneath the jaw. >Zooma shudders and she collapses onto her haunches, but you're there to catch her and guide her back to the couch. The dam breaks when your wings clasp behind her neck. >"I'm sorry," she chokes out between sobs. "I'm so sorry." >She repeats her apologetic mantra until she can't. Her tears wet your fur and her dress, weeping and hitched breaths shake both your bodies. "Shhh..." you say, rubbing her back as she buries her face in your chest. "Shhhh..." >Goddess only knows how long you held her while she wept. In time she fell asleep, still clutched in your forelegs. >Your hooves stroke her mane, revealing little details you'd never noticed before. >Scars. >Some from incisions, some from what you'd guess were burns. Others, you had no idea how she got them. All of them small, all of them seeming to be strategic in placement, so that they'd never be readily-apparent; especially when hidden by her mane, wings, or unshorn fetlocks. >Or dresses. "What did they do to you?" you whisper, ceasing your gentle petting. >You shake in spite of yourself, vision turning red as you inspect Zooma's scars. "Who could hurt somepony as sweet as you?" >The sun sets with Zooma fast asleep under your protective wing and contemplative gaze. In time, she sighs, and the faintest smile graces her muzzle. >Your stomach growls, but you don't budge, save to kiss Zooma's cheek. >Her legs twitch and she sighs, followed by a brief murmur; noises you can't discern. >Complete darkness now shrouds the living room. Zooma sleeps in a tight ball on the couch. You remain by her side, a devoted sentry, praying to every deity you can think of, asking that your friend be granted a deep, restful, and soothing sleep. >Rest now, sweet Zooma. "They won't hurt you again." You growl in the darkness. "Not if I can help it." ... >"Enjoying your stay so far?" "Oh, yes! This is wonderful, thank you." >The man chuckles. >"Glad to hear it. Have you been to our spa before?" "I... don't think so." >"In that case, we'll give you the royal treatment, on the house!" "Oh, no, that's not necessary-" >"Only the best for my sweet green girl." >The remark makes you giggle. There's something so familiar about this person. What was his name again? You're certain he told you earlier, but you don't want to seem rude and ask him again. >Perhaps you can sneak a peek at his name badge?
>>14124 >Every time you think to look, it's always *just* facing away from you or out of focus. At one point, you could've sworn his name started with an "R", or an "D"... or was it a "S"? >"B", perhaps? >These questions melt away when he gets to work with the curry comb. "Stars above, where have you BEEN all my life!?" >Your wing covers your mouth the moment you finish the question. >Again, he laughs, thank goodness. >"I've been with you, Z. Every step of the way." >What does that mean? >He continues before you think to ask for clarification. >"I used to care for horses. I'd brush them, take them out and lunge them... even rode a mare regularly for a while, so pampering colorful ponies like yourself came pretty naturally." "I do hope they're paying you well." >"Eh," he says, shrugging. "Being here is its own reward." "If you say so..." >"I do. Ready for the brush?" >By the moon, are you ever. >Your head buzzes with a myriad of questions, but you're unsure of where to start. >When in doubt, start with small talk, and let it flow. "I like your mane," you offer, as he brushes yours. "Especially all the curls." >"Hey, thanks. Been growing it out for a while. My old lady especially loves it." "May I?" you ask, wiggling a primary. >Though you can't see his face (come to think of it, you don't recall ever seeing it) you know he's smiling. >"Go right ahead." >You drag a feather through his long, curly locks, giggling as they spring back into place after yielding to your touch. "Does your wife have curly hair too?" >"Yeah, but her mane only curls at the ends. But it works for her, y'know? With the different colors and how long it is." "She sounds lovely." >"Thanks, she is. She really is. Quite the looker, that one. Just like you, Z." "Thank- thank you." >That's where you leave the conversation for a while, content to be pampered in this tranquil setting. After brushing and braiding your mane, the man sets to work on your hooves. >"There," he says, running a file along the edge of your last hoof. "Pretty as can be!" "I don't feel pretty." you say without thinking. >He frowns. "Why not?" "Because I'm all wrong." >"What do you mean?" "Look at me." You wave a wing over your body. "I'm supposed to be Princess Luna. My fur is green, my mane and tail have silver highlights instead of stars, my cutie marks are all wrong, my eyes are the wrong-" >"Boop!" he interrupts, pressing a finger to your snout. "Ha ha! Never gets old, seeing you ponies go cross-eyed." "Forgive me if I don't find it amusing." >The man crosses his arms and sighs. >"Have you ever considered that you're not *supposed* to be Princess Luna? That you're exactly who you're supposed to be?" "But why would anyone want-" >"Did you know that green is my favorite color? Specifically, the tint of green your coat is?" "What? Really?" >"Yep!" "You're just saying that to make me feel better." >"Search your feelings, Lady Zooma. You will know it to be true."
>>14125 >You can't suppress your giggles. >"Look," he continues, pulling locks of dark hair from the sides of his head. "I've got 'silver highlights' in my hair too. But those are mostly caused by my better half." >Your giggling gives way to a full-blown laugh. >It's nice, to laugh. Feels like you haven't laughed in ages. >"You know, Z, there's a lot of 'real' Lunas out in your world..." >Your world? >"...but there's only one Zooma. And you know that that makes you?" >You shake your head. >For once, you can see his eyes, only his eyes, as he leans close to your face. >"That makes you priceless." >He kisses your forehead, then scratches under your chin and behind your ears. >The tension you didn't realize you'd been holding onto melts away, as do the details of the spa. >"I'll always be with you, Zooma." >His voice seems so distant, and you're so tired. >This is nice- being so relaxed, so at peace. >"I love you, sweet girl. Never forget that." >But your eyes are so heavy, and he fades into the light just like everything else, leaving you alone in quiet bliss. ... Though she's far from being out of the woods, finishing this vignette has lifted a weight off my heart. https://ponepaste.org/5304#1759
(626.40 KB 977x1339 1651819243952.png)
>>14118 I hate to drag everyone down by inactivity but I kinda want to wait a little bit longer. I don't like the duration but I would almost want to say maybe at the start of March. After Harmonycon I'll officially be out of things to do and worry about so outside of work, I can get back into having no life outside of writing mares and the losers who love them. >>14119 You're putting everyone to shame with the le- >months ago Yeah. That tracks. I also want to sorta wait until March because once it warms up enough, I want to go ramming speed on Starsky. Her innuendos hit deep and hard, and I want to help spread her plot for everyone who have been dripping with starved anticipation. Also I like her a lot, and feel like that if the dorks had a fourth party member, it would be her. There are a lot of very close similarities.
Does quoting posts act funky for anyone else? >>14130 When are you going to update no flut November? >waiting until March I'm on board. I don't have enough ready to help support a new thread on /mlp/ and I'm still in the middle of peak travel season at work.
>>14091 That's a pretty impressive description there. >>14126 >sad pony ^:( I feel like I'm out of the loop on Zooma or perhaps I was never in the loop. I've seen the green around but I feel like I've only caught bits and pieces. Strange. Anyway, nice to see the green hiatus broken, and what an intense way to do so. Hopefully she comes to find some happiness. >>14130 >more Skarsky Oh man am I excited. I've been missing that silly pony from the threads.
>>14132 I'm gonna see if I can wrap it up by Wednesday. You're not the only one who wanted more sooner. >>14133 I may be limited to text only but that has not blocked out anything to me on a sensory level. And I miss her too. She's had such an interesting life and the way she carries herself is incredibly appealing. Same with ruffling her mane and things like that. If we're lucky we'll be able to see more art of her pop up too.
Anyone wanna w2g tonight or over the weekend? Got new stuff to show and bring up.
>>14135 Sure, I might be on later (it seems I usually am) but I'm interested.
>>14135 I could join later tonight, around 9 central time.
>>14138 >>14136 I can start it tomorrow. Got a good amount of stuff on my mind tonight.
>>14135 I would show up soon after 7:00 PM EST on Saturday and I don't know about Sunday. Thanks for giving notice!
(30.19 KB 128x128 558425077276737540.gif)
https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=cfej3oheic99uixdic It's /boot/tunes time. Also the last W2G before Harmonycon.
(2.71 MB 4032x2683 20230212_144810.jpg)
So I got a Twiggy and... uh... I don't think it's going so well.
>>13928 >couldn't stomach a proper read until now, with a strong buzz I'd been carrying guilt about where Z was for a while. It's one of those, "The only way out is through" scenarios, where I just needed to grit my teeth and push through an uncomfortable vignette. Even though the flashback in the latest update is incomplete and benign, I know what happens next in that memory, and it sucks to think about. But pushing through (that iteration) of the memory allowed me to transition away from the pain and end on a more positive note. Between the latest update and the multiverse short, the guilt associated with Z's troubles has subsided. I feel like she can "nap" peacefully now. I miss Condense more than any of my characters. Been thinking about her a lot. More of her story- the way I should've told it from the beginning- has been coming through. But I'm not ready for her. Can't give her the time she needs anytime soon.
(3.04 MB 4032x3024 20230214_175751.jpg)
(2.83 MB 4032x3024 20230214_171416.jpg)
Happy Hearts and Hooves, /bootleg/. No fancy dinner or anything planned. Just another movie night.
>>14174 Probably should have done some Valentine's shorts for my girls but I'm still on the mend.
Currently waiting in a drive-thru line behind a Hyundai. Staring at the model name S O N A T A and it's bringing all sorts of lecherous thoughts to mind.
anybody at harmonycon?
>>14198 If I'm not mistaken, I believe Blondie is there. Think it's quite a ways for most of us to have been there - I personally don't think I could handle being at a con period.
>>14198 I, Fortune, am also at Harmonycon
Aren't cons in US all hyperwoke and overcontrolled shitshows?
>>14201 What's your impression so far? Have you linked up with Blondie yet? Favorite thing you've seen so far?
>>14203 Met up with him yesterday, but not yet today, honestly kind of bored, none of the panels interest me.
I just about have my next update ready for Midnight, but I got lazy this morning. Expect it by Friday at the latest. I'm also trying to form a coherent Jackie-esque alternate timeline one shot after having a vivid dream that left me shook. Never in a million years did I expect to encounter pre-Midnight Midnight, Shadow. Fuck Reg, did you get my email?
>>14204 I'm glad we got to hang out, though it sucks the lobby was so loud. Saturday, I was completely wiped. I was up all night but the lack of sleep and flying put me down like a rabid mare licker. It was unconventional for a convention because while the panels kinda sucked, it was great to just have everyone to talk to. It was a pretty chill con, my only personal issue was that I didn't have a car and fuck walking around in Dallas as soon as the sun is setting. Shit's like Dying Light, and it's been since highschool that I could hop fences. I will say that it has invigorated me greatly when it comes to poniponi. Writing in a void is still an issue but it is pretty cool when one new anon recognizes you. >>14211 >spoiler The MARE M A D N E S S grows. Once you start thinking of different paths and branches and following through, it grips you that much more tightly. It is a real way to find out more about how your characters are and who they could be. Under different circumstances.
>>14212 I'm just trying to make sense of the nonlewd, playful wrestling with her on the couch and gazing into those gorgeous emerald green eyes that were taken from her, along with the playful innocence we've only recently begun to see from Middie.[spoiler]Also, considering I spent another $600 on the other half of my obsession and name, I suppose mare madness needs to be tapped.[/spoiler]
>>14212 It was nice to meet at least one of y'all in person, and while I have yet to succumb to mare madness, I do have a bit more of an itch to work on Rosie. Helps that I'm almost off the mend.
>Almost a literal month since the last update. Holy crap. I really miss the blazing pace I had once upon a time, but I suppose it can't be helped. Anyway... >>13968 >" Ew, these really are dirty." "Yeah, it would be a waste of time to clean them if they weren't, right?" >Starla snorts in amusement upon hearing your argument, pausing a moment to get a better look at her work thus far. >"I really didn't think they were that bad, but just - look," she states, motioning to a section of leather just treated under her hoof and a section yet to be massaged. >The upholstery of the Chrysler is starting to look like it did from the factory - a creamy ivory shade, rather than a dingy beige. >Starla was keen on having something to accomplish while you and Midnight piddled with mechanicals. >After a bit of brainstorming and a soft wash mitt that fit perfectly over her hoof, she was more than happy to clean up the seats with leather cream. >They had already been wiped free of any loose dust or soil on a previous occasion, so this was a matter of seeing what else could come up, and how well the upholstery could recover after sitting for so long. >By the looks of it, you may not need to recover the seats, at least for the time being. >Certainly not perfect, but more than presentable. >Assuming the rest of the leather turns out that way, of course. >Cleaning interiors isn't really an enjoyable endeavor in your mind, especially this sort of deep clean. >But Starla's humming and thin smile as she works proves not everyone finds the task dreadful. >After the brief checkup on Star's progress, you head back up to the front. >Midnight currently inhabits the space between the fenders where the engine would be, cleaning up the years of dust deposited upon every surface. >Her hardened gaze and clenched jaw make it clear she's focused on getting the engine bay clean, but not particularly enthused by the job. >But she's dedicated, as evidenced by a few minor bits of debris and spiderwebs that have found a home on her coat and in her hair. >You return to what you were doing, cleaning the radiator support. >"Wish we could have just power-washed the whole damn thing," Midnight comments, her voice showing a hint of displeasure. "That's a good way to cause electrical problems, particularly in something this old," you respond, rubbing down the area you've been letting soak with cleaner. >"I know, " she sighs. "This kind of tedious stuff just sucks. I'd rather be assembling or disassembling something." "Told you to pace yourself on replacing the suspension bushings, didn't I?" >Midnight takes a moment to glance at you, frowning. >"We'd still have had to do this at some point," she replies. "True, true." >"How's the interior looking? Decent?" she asks, trying to push away her disdain shared just a moment ago. "You wanna take a look?" you suggest, taking a step back to allow her egress. >Midnight shakes her head, returning her attention to the final patch of the driver's side inner fender needing a good scrub.
So out of practice, I forgot my damn name >>14222 >"I really want to get this side done at the very least," she explains. "No guarantees once I climb out of here, I'll want to get back in and continue." "And that's perfectly fine, Mid." >"Gotta get done sooner or later," she retorts as if needing to argue her case. >You reach into the engine bay and gently pat her on the withers in reassurance. "It looks good though. Both your work and what Starla's been able to do with the interior. I think the seats will be fine to use as is." >"Cool. That's one less thing we have to worry about." >Conversation dies off after Midnight's notation - purely due to her focus on working as she hunkers down closer to the fender. >Having Starla here spending time with Midnight has gone pleasantly well. >It was hard to know what to expect when this arrangement came around. >You don't think you can be faulted for being apprehensive about the idea. >Beyond the obvious concerns of having another pony in your care whose mere existence is illegal, you did worry how well the two of them would get along. > It's one thing to talk through a screen or a phone, and quite another to have real-world, face-to-face interactions. >Not to mention actually sharing a living space with each other. >Midnight's smoothed out quite a bit in the time she's lived with you, but there are still some rough edges that show up now and then. >Hindsight makes it clear now, but you still feel like you should have had more faith in Middie from the get-go. >Nevertheless, there's not been an issue other than some minor squabbles that were quickly and calmly rectified. >If those disagreements are even worth calling squabbles. >"What are we doing for food tonight?" Midnight asks, standing up straight and stretching out her limbs before turning to focus on you. "I dunno. What are you and Star gonna make us?" you suggest, flashing a quick, cheeky grin. >Midnight shakes her head, allowing a stray bit of cobweb that had attached itself to her hair to float away. >"Nope, last night was us. Your turn." "We still have stuff from Starla's list, though," you remind her. >"Uh huh. And she's still with us for at least a couple more days, dillhole," she answers in a calm but firm tone. "Fine, fine. Gives me some time to buy you a cute little chef's hat to wear next time you cook," you tease her. >Her nostrils flare at the idea as she lets out a snort. "Guess that's a no. What do you want tonight?" >Ever so helpful, Midnight's initial response is an uncertain shrug of the shoulders. "At least that narrows it down." >Rather than acknowledge your inane comment, Midnight motions you away from the front of the car. >You take a few steps back as she tests her front hooves for a good footing on the radiator support, using that as leverage to leap up and out of the engine bay in a swift motion. >Her hooves hit the concrete with a sharp clack, drawing Starla's attention from inside the cabin of the car.
>>14223 >As her friend twists her way out from the interior, Midnight perks up with an idea. >"How about going to that drive-in diner we visit from time to time? They got good food, and Starla says she doesn't get out much in public. I bet she's never had it." >While the initial idea doesn't sound like a bad suggestion, the reasoning causes you to pause. >Starla herself joins the huddle just as Midnight finishes her proposal. >While Midnight was hardly speaking in hushed tones, you don't know if Starla caught any of it. >If she did, there's not a trace of enthusiasm emanating from her blank expression. >"Hey Star, I was just suggesting to Anon we go out to a drive-in for some food tonight," Midnight repeats, slightly more excited now. > While you have your own reservations about the idea, Starla surprises everyone with a firm shake of her head. >"I don't think that's a good idea," she says, her voice offering just a hint of reluctance amid the wash of conviction. >Midnight, startled by the dismissal, shakes her head slightly, looking upon Starla with a healthy dose of skepticism in those vibrant blue eyes. >"What? Why not? You even told me yourself you don't get to go out much," Midnight protests. >"And I also *told* you that reason, Midnight," Starla rebuts in a sharp tone. >Midnight looks down at the concrete floor for a brief moment, as if taking stock of what is transpiring. >When she returns to the conversation, her expression has changed, from one of confusion and astonishment to cautiousness, her ears lowered on her head. >"Is it because you don't want to, or you normally wouldn't with Teddy? I mean, we're not even going to leave the truck and-" "Midnight, it was a fair idea, but I don't feel good about doing that either," you interrupt. >You had to interrupt - judging by the intense stare and the tension in Starla's form, she was getting ready to unload. "Maybe if we had Teddy's permission, but god forbid if something happened while she was with us - I don't think I could live with myself." >"Alright, sorry," Midnight answers with a disappointed sigh. "I guess I didn't think it was that big of a deal." >You didn't think so either - but that's the most riled-up you've ever seen Starla. "Mid, you gotta get a shower before any food - you look like you just crawled out of a crypt," you joke, hoping to lighten the atmosphere as you motion to her mane. >The comment seems to work, as Starla lets out a short hum of amusement as the simmering frustration fades away from her expression. >"Yeah well, you can't argue I half-assed the engine bay," Midnight responds, sticking her tongue out at you. "Just don't eat without me." >"I don't think anything prepared will be short enough to interrupt your shower. Unless you planned on getting lost." >Just like that, the Starla you know has returned with her sweet teasing. >Midnight chuckles a bit before turning tail and heading to the bathroom. "You okay?" you ask, glancing over to your guest.
>>14224 >"Good! I'm good! Thank you - how are you?" Starla answers excitedly. >That was a little exaggerated, to say the least... "I'm... good," you answer, pausing to pick your words. "You - ah, Midnight is Midnight, you know? Little rough around the edges still." >"I know. It was a nice thought she had." "But something didn't sit right with you," you answer for her. >Starla bites her lip, that calm and cheerful facade fading away. >"I... might have been a bit short. Just tired, I guess," she says, laughing it off in a rather unsettled manner. "I think we're all a little tired. No sweat," you reassure her, unwilling to prod any further. >Even so, you merely stand there after the short exchange, unsure of what to do or say now. >Well, you could probably offer to head upstairs and relax in comfort, you dumbass. "You wanna head upstairs while Middie's soaking up all the water?" >"Yeah... I actually - can I talk to you?" she asks in an uncertain, hushed voice. "Of course. C'mon." >You lead the way up the stairs, ushering Starla through the door into your living space before following her in. >"Do you think Teddy is too protective of me?" Starla asks as the door latches shut. >Oh boy. >The question leaves you stunned for a moment, unsure of how to answer something with such weight. "I don't really know?" you say, scratching your head. "Is there being too protective?" >Starla can't help but smirk just a bit at your wishy-washy answer as she climbs atop a barstool. >"I'm not going to use your answer against you, I promise," she replies. >Even though she tries to offer reassurance, you still can't help but imagine words driving a rift in her relationship with Teddy. >You don't want to be a home wrecker. >But Starla apparently trusts you enough to ask for advice over Midnight... >Well, Midnight's questions seemed to agitate her in the first place, didn't they? "Well, I'm a bit out of the loop in where this is coming from, and to be honest, I don't really know your - well, how you and Teddy live. You know?" >"Right. I suppose it isn't fair of me to ask something like that," she says, bowing her head. "I'm all ears if you want to talk, don't get me wrong," you add in haste. "I just need to understand more of the situation." >"Well, I guess the easiest way to say it is I don't get out much. Not like you and Midnight do." "It's not like we're social butterflies, either," you quip. >"No, I'm not saying that but - I mean, other than the odd trip to the grocery store late at night, or just a leisurely cruise out in the middle of nowhere, that's all I really see of the world," she says in a downtrodden manner. "I never really considered it until I met Midnight." "I get that Teddy takes a lot of precautions, and it's all in the name of keeping you safe - but is that all it is?" >"I'm basically the opposite of Midnight and how she is - er, was, when meeting new people." "I don't follow."
>>14225 >"I mean how she is defensive, suspicious, guarded - that sort of thing," Starla explains. "Ah." >"It's never technically gotten me in trouble, but I'm just an open book when it comes to socializing and befriending strangers," she continues. "I don't know - I just can't fathom someone being... bad." "Midnight's seen and experienced the dark side. By the sounds of it, you never did." >"Maybe you're right," she sighs. "I wouldn't want to go through what she did for the payoff, though. But we moved far away from Georgia so Teddy nor I had that fear of me getting caught. It's why I have the necklace - and yet, we don't really explore the world..." "So it kinda sounds like what Midnight asked was maybe not so mean?" >"No, I just - I suppose I'm just as protective of Teddy as he is of me. So it sort of just felt..." "Felt kind of like a personal attack." >Starla nods her head solemnly. >"I guess Teddy and I are two of a kind, being overprotective," she says with an amused hum. "But no one ever gets any better or learns without experience, right? I could probably adjust somehow, learn some boundaries, maybe? Staying cooped up isn't going to help me." >Her posture stiffens up as she falls silent. >You gotta say something - even if it is sort of worthless in your mind. "Well, have you talked about this with Teddy at all?" >"This is all kind of a new thought for me, to be honest," Starla admits in a sheepish tone. "I've never had anyone to compare myself to, and I just assumed he was right. Not that he isn't right in his concerns, mind you, and I do trust him-" "And I'm not saying you shouldn't trust him. He clearly loves you, Star. Maybe he's being just a tad overprotective, but if he doesn't know how you feel... well, how can he have any gauge on how you feel?" >All at once, the tension leaves her, only to be replaced by a pair of slumped shoulders. >"Good point. I just feel a bit uneasy asking about something I really don't know about - that being the outside world." "It all depends on how important it is to you. Again, Midnight and I aren't exactly painting the town red every night. I think if I hadn't dragged her out of the gates of the junkyard, she would have still never ventured out into the world, and been content as is. But Teddy doesn't seem the kind of guy that would get mad at you for anything. I don't think you really have to be concerned about discussing this with him." >"Nah, he's a softie - unless it comes down to my safety," she replies with a laugh. "Maybe when he calls tonight, I'll have a short discussion about what we just talked about. Depends on how I feel, and how relaxed he sounds. I don't need to stress him up." >That's right, you've had no word from Teddy since the day he left. >"He usually doesn't call until the second day out," Starla says dismissively as if reading your mind. "Ah, gotcha. To be honest, I already forgot the phone routine you guys use for contact." >"No worries, I know it like the back of my hoof."
>>14226 "Good. That got a little confusing without directions in words," you admit with a laugh. "But if you want to discuss that over the phone tonight, let me and Mid know. We'll give you some privacy," you offer, hesitating a moment as another thought eats at your mind. >Phone calls sometimes don't go well went it comes to sensitive subjects like this. >Again, the last thing you want is tears out of this. "But it might be something better off discussed face to face. If it comes down to it, I can always make a run to the drive-in and bring back food. Maybe that's what I'll do tonight." >"I think that sounds like a good idea." >You hear the door swing open behind you, with Midnight entering through just as you turn around. >Her hair is still just a bit damp by the lack of volume compared to normal. "Blow dryer not work?" >"Wasn't feeling it," she comments, lacking any sort of enthusiasm as she strides past you. "Figured it would just be that much longer before you got started on food." "Oh, I'm cooking?" >"No, you're getting us food!" she demands, taking a seat next to Starla just as she claps her hooves onto the countertop. >"Anon's getting us food!" Starla cheers. >Midnight flashes a bemused grin as she watches her friend's outburst, before turning back to you. >"See?" "I feel like I'm being ganged up on." >"Maybe," Starla answers. "But we appreciate you." >She follows it up with a wink of her eye, letting you know that comment is more than just for the current topic. >Keeping your little discussion under wraps, you give her a slight nod. "Well, go get your laptop Midnight, let's figure out what everyone wants before I head out." -----
>>14227 >Midnight returns Woohoo! Nice to see a return of the project car. Not sure if it's actually been that long since it's last appearance or just the time between updates. Curious to see where the conversation with Teddy goes about Starla in public. What level of paranoia he has for the possibility of being found out. Some is definitely going to be good, though it would probably be nice for her to get out a bit more. And of course if the two of them go out together it would probably bring even more attention to them. Thanks for the update Auto.
>>14227 Always nice to get an update. I wonder what Teddy has been up to, and what other interactions will come from Starla sleeping over. >looking upon Starla with a healthy dose of skepticism in those vibrant blue eyes. I bet you were thinking of that detail because of the dream with Shadow.
Hangout this weekend? I'm feeling social and getting hype for next weekend.
>>14246 Sounds good to me.
>>14246 Sounds like a plan, also >It's been so long since the previous thread on the board that I don't remember what the last update was
>>14250 Last update for what?
>>14251 Rosie
>>14246 I'm down for it. What time?
>>14246 I'll try to be there at some point, but it will probably be later. Have a league race at 930 est that will take an hour, then probably need time to decompress from stupidity.
>>14256 >>14255 >>14247 I'll probably set up a room in around four hours or something.
https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=i6yko5sp8lpcexqjdl It begins. AGAIN. We also need an official /w2g/ picture.
(3.18 MB 3750x2000 Real Frens.png)
I love these pones, lad. In such intoxicated nights, I refuse to believe otherwise from the fact that without these three, the last three years' worth of "achievement" would be even more minor than they truly are. It is with the context and content that they have brought to myself and others that my higher heights climbed have any value. For without them, there is nothing new to look forward to and no lands worth exploring. There are more tales to tell for /bootleg/ and by Celestia, we shall tell them until there is not one left to explore for their and our own sakes.
>>14240 >I bet you were thinking of that detail because of the dream with Shadow. I actually wrote that line before the dream, and it really isn't coincidental. I cant really think of a way to put it without sounding like a deranged serial killer, but I have a strong attraction to eyes. It's part of what drew me into being a diehard moonfag, and why our resident drawfag is my favorite artist with his attention to the eyes. Window to the soul and all that jazz, I guess.
When is /bootleg/ going live again on the other board?
>>14285 >When is bootleg gonna start another bump thread on the other board? Ftfy
>>14285 I'm thinking tomorrow and kicking it hard with the most bodacious of /boot/ mares. >>14287 You can unironically blame lurkers if you want to point fingers at slow movement. There are readers, just don't know where or why.
W2G tonight or tomorrow?
>>14292 I'd be down for either.
>>14292 My vote is for tomorrow. >>14289 >You can unironically blame lurkers if you want to point fingers at slow movement. Absolutely this.
>>14294 >>14293 Tomorrow it is. Perfect time too. Been thinking of the mare with attitude and a lot has popped up in minutes.
>>14295 I'll be there. Fun!
If anything shows that last year was a shit show, I only just how copied everything over to ponepaste for Jackenstein. And then there's this as well. https://ponepaste.org/8688 /bootleg/ Jacky Part End
(1.62 MB 1481x2483 1604006773307.png)
>>14297 Only just *now. Jesus, I need to get a mechanical keyboard for the laptop. I suppose my next biggest project would be to individually download all pastes made to this point, mess with some of the tags to make them /aie/ or /pie/, and some other things. I'm also thinking of making the OP the OP. Around 1/1 thread was kill so I think two months was a good time for everything to calm down and let life happen.
>>14297 >Jacky Part End Hang on, that's how you're ending Jacky?
>>14300 I think we may be in the home stretch.
>>14301 I'm not ready for it to be over. Selfish on my part, but honest.
(312.08 KB 1200x900 Jackoma.png)
>>14303 I highly doubt it will be over. There are still a lot of ideas that I have planned with them. I suppose I just don't know if it'll be part of the main story or more just side things. I suppose I'm not worrying over it because in no way will we stop seeing them. That is definitely selfish on my part. To be honest, I'd love to just make more, smaller side-stories of them having various adventures and outings. There's a whole world out there. And just like us, their lives don't just end. The only question is if we're seeing it happen or not. With how the last... almost nine months have been, things have settled down drastically. Writing other ponies and for other places is alright but none of them have that raw, primal spark that I get here.
https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/39689657 New thread, come give it some love!
https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=hu6pin9qmeggyx5qaa Saturday W2G, it's early so I don't expect anyone to pop up. Given it's been on my mind, I'd love to talk more Jackro-economics.
(1.88 MB 731x480 190785.gif)
What would an Octavia bootleg be like? What would her name be? What kind of music would she play? What accent would she have? And most importantly, could (you) survive listening to her music? I must know.
>>14307 She'd have a bad Texan accent and always play cowboy music. She could be named Septavia because she'd be a little short of Octavia.
Has it truly been ten months since then? I guess that just goes to show how things were for me for a while. Went from a hard bottom to a pretty hard top in such a short span. I miss my days of keeping everything more level and static. >>10092 "It looks pretty clean, outside the windows." >You can see a ceramic cup on one of the counters >It isn't covered in spider webs quite yet so it can't have been left there for too long >Starsky stops behind you, bouncing with every step >"Totally! I was even around to help clean it. Right before we open it to everyone, we scrub it from top to bottom. Brush, mop, wipe, lacquer, the works!" "Sounds like you really loved it here." >You wait for Starsky to make another circuit around the shack before she stops in front of you >Her tail has already caught a random twig in it >It's gonna take a while to get that clean again >"I really like it here, Mr. A." >That plain, uncomplicated statement says a lot "Yeah, I bet. Ready to see your friend?" >"Nah." >She maintains a lukewarm smile while answering "Huh?" >Her smile isn't different >But her eyes >Something in her eyes are off "Why not?" >You certainly have no intention of going back empty-handed >That doesn't sound right >It's more... you're not going back without her getting to see her friend again >You don't have a huge interest in seeing how to ration out a bushel of greens >"Anon, I'm kinda spooked." >Her lack of usual inflection takes you off guard "What? Why?" >Rather than directly answer, she turns to where you see where she was injured >"Be honest, man... can you tell they were there?" >Your first gut reaction is that you can >The slashes around her ribs >The one that went up to her neck >If that one had gone deeper... >They are no longer visible but her coat is very cleanly affected by the scarring >It's been only what, maybe two months since then? >Has it really been that long? >"That bad, huh." "Wha-" >Crap, you were on a timer >You were caught up in your own head "No. I mean... I... I guess I botched it. But they were pretty big marks." >Cuts >They were cuts, Anon >And no matter your thoughts, you can only presume that they weren't supposed to simply harm >"Nah... you didn't botch it at all. I kinda lied about having the bleeding stopped. You can only lick wounds so much until the taste makes you sick." >Her static smile twitches into a smirk >Enough of her cheek raises to show it is an attempt at a smirk at least >"...just kidding. My neck was too stiff." >You are at a loss "They're... I can tell that they're there. But they aren't really bad. And to be fair, I saw them when they were fresh. I guess I can't really separate that." >In such a short time, the entire vibe of this changed "I mean. You told her what happened, right?" >"...basically. I kinda left out some details." >She left out most details with you too >Not that you necessarily asked for them "Well... we're here. Why don't we just roll with it? If she asks..." >Be honest? >Tell a lie? >Deflect it with humor? >"When she does, will you be able to help me?" >Help her? >How? "You got it." >Her expression finally melts into more genuine relief >"Thank you. I don't know if I can do it alone." >The both of you stand there for an uncomfortable amount of time >It hasn't escaped you that you've temporarily lost your status of "Mr." "So are you ready to show this city slicker a good time? I'd love to see your grapes." >Your comment causes Starsky to recoil >You can tell that she didn't expect that from you >She lets out a soft exhale of a "haaaaa" >"Dude, you're a rowdy one. They don't have grapes here, but I can give you some juice when we get back." "To be honest, I'm more a jelly sort of guy." >"Then we'll split the different and just jam?" "Heh." >That seems to deflate the tension
>>14314 "Let's just see what happens, alright? Worst case scenario, we weird them out because you're stuck to me like white on rice." >"Don't worry, that dynamic isn't so weird out here." >You want to pry more on that... but this is certainly not the time or the place "So you're good?" >Starsky takes a few deep inhales >"We've dressed to impress, let's go make a mess."
It begins. AGAIN.
>>14315 So happy to see another update of Starsky. I've been missing that pony. Wonder how the reunion's going to be, probably been a while since their last contact. Thanks for the update Anon. >>14316 Cute pony.
>>14307 I've thought on this. She'd go by Otto and be completely experimental. I'm talking sampling ketchup bottle squeezes and powering a keyboard through salty potatoes experimental. But don't be mistaken. As Octavia is classically trained and dedicated, Otto is completely devoted to her craft. It's like listening to Jack Stauber for the first time, once you see through the matrix it clicks why she needed you to sit 4 feet away and facing left around 27 degrees. For accent, more sort of dreamy. Not subjectively dreamy (only) but the sort where you can tell she's there physically. But mentally, she's thinking about chickens clucking in concert. Copied over. To further elaborate, she wouldn't be some bumpkin or necessarily crass. But it would take a bit to understand her... process.
>>14342 I like it
(1.69 MB 1280x988 middie and star.png)
I'll preface this by saying yes, I am drunk. Both in the hopes of having another vivid pony dream this week and because I listened to my younger kitty cry to and from the vet for a regular checkup, which always tears at my heart. Tiff, thanks for gracing us with your art on a surprisingly regular basis. I feel like you don't get enough recognition for what you do for us - commissioned or otherwise. Pic-related still fills me with joy whenever I see it - as well as your other artwork with Midnight and the other boots. Your work brings our tales to life in a way they never would as greens on their own. Much love, bro.
Are we doing a WTG this weekend? There is a punk music event I'm going to that starts at 8:00 PM EST Saturday, so Sunday would be best for me if we are. Also planning to finally work on my green again tomorrow morning!
>>14362 I'm good with Sunday if anyone else wants to. It may not be able to go so deep into the night but I can start it sooner if others want.
The next update for Midnight is coming along, and I anticipate it's going to bring a nice close to part 5 of her tale. What I have not decided is if I will use that closure as a short, planned hiatus - I had an extremely vivid dream Tuesday that led to 45 pages being written on my phone in a note app in three days - a standard Middie update is around 17 pages. So I'm considering focusing purely on that in hopes of finishing it (I already have an ending and much of the events leading up to it) and weekly posting for my original general home. I feel guilty for essentially admitting my lack of interest and cancellation of a particular green for them. I haven't quite decided, as the flurry of writing the contents of that dream contributed to the next update of Mid, and I have worked on concurrent writing projects before. I figured I should at least say something now as a forewarning. >>14362 >>14363 I mentioned it on /mlp/, and I'll mention it here - I personally can't make Sunday night, as that's my first day of the work week being a graveyard shifter. Not arguing against the idea, just letting you know I won't be there.
>>14362 I'll (probably) be there. >>14364 >that led to 45 pages being written on my phone Wow. I could never really do a whole lot of typing on a phone, that's quite a bit. >I already have an ending and much of the events leading up to it Strange to think about the end with Midnight. I really wonder where it's gonna go.
>>14365 No, the ending bit is in regards to the other project, not Midnight.
>>14366 Ahh. I was thinking that it would have been kind of sudden.
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>>14315 https://files.catbox.moe/1y52hq.png Awesome request done last night.
>>14369 Very nice.
>>14362 I'd show up
>>14315 >With renewed confidence, you make way for the purple barn >You weren't sure what to expect at first >Now that you know what is on the line and on her mind... >Well you don't want to lie >But you don't want to not help her more >You frown >Was that a proper thought or was it a Starskyism? >"Woo! Heeeeeey, Star! Starrr!" >The sudden call snaps you back to reality >Starsky's ears perk up >"Dude! Ms. H!" >Your head tracks the sudden diversion the pony takes >She drops into.. a brisk trot toward a mellow green pony with a golden brown mane >The pony does the same >Maybe it's just you but she seems a little big around the belly >You adjust course and follow behind to the inevitable scene of the friendly crash >Despite the energy in their voices, they visibly hesitate when they get closer as if they're taking in their mutual conditions >If you can tell that Starsky got hurt, there's no doubt that one of her supposed friends can tell too >"Bro... you weren't kidding. You look like you're gonna pop any minute now." >"Ohh I am noooot! I got, like, another three months? But given how dad is, who knows? And you look..." >You reattach yourself like a free-floating magnet to her side >That pony is absolutely pregnant >"I mean, you look great! Let your coat grow a little and it'll be fine." >Between the two, you have no clue what is genuine >The appropriately-titled Ms. H has the voice of more of an active valley girl >What seems odd to you is that it feels a little off >"Haa... yeah, I don't know about that. Mr. A seems to like it more when I'm more mushy than bushy. Ain't that right?" "W-what?" >The two of them look up at you, snickering "I. I cut her mane. I think it looks better shorter." >Ms. H grins and squints >Like she found a key tactic >"'Lit Star trades her locks for loooove, huh? I didn't think he'd make that his introduction..." >Ms. H's tongue flickers out at the "duction" >Starsky leers up at you with a similar face >Dear God no >"Believe it or not, but Mr. A's a big ol' softie... when he's soft." >"Ooooh... you telling me that he's got a bit of a hard streak in him?" >You can feel the menacing aura come from these two creatures of predatory intent >You fight with every fiber to maintain a poker face "...it's nice to meet you, Ms. H. I'm Anon. I'm Starsky's..." >The moment you trail off, they both grin into something downright sinister >You glance at Starsky for a cue >There is a cue, isn't there? >... >... >... >She's seriously leaving you hanging >The dopy mean girls cackle at your painful awkwardness >Ms. H politely bows, only after stifling herself to a gentle giggle >"I am very pleased'ta meet'cha, Anon. Star has told me a lot about you, I'm sure most of it's true too." >The valley girl is still there >But it sounds tempered with some sort of... mature sense >"My name's Autumn Barley. But you can call me Harley."
>>14374 >Harley? "Oh! So that's where the "H" comes from. Nice to meet you." >Harley's low giggle tells all >"Good thing he's cute, huh Star." >Starsky's answer is a soft sigh >"It sure is... it's fun to see him get all confused." >Now this is just minor bullying >And you... >Don't know if you're going to take it >Ah, screw it "I wasn't sure how you'd be but now that I see you two at it, I can't imagine you'd be any different." >There's just a tiny speck of aggression in your voice >It's enough for both of them to start laughing again >"Oh, most-defs, man. I mean, she and Lizzy may have been a dream team but when we were together it was all cream in between." >Harley's mention of the human woman causes a flicker of Star's ear >"And-sorry I didn't reply to your last email-but... she hasn't come here either. Before, she was never not welcome but... well. You know how we kinda started to run with different crowds since prom." >Starsky's body is rigid >You can tell because of the way her legs are locked >Towering over them has advantages >"N-no, that's alright Ms. H. I mean, it's not like I'd want her to come out here and bug you any. I guess I..." >She trails off >"It's been years since prom, hasn't it?" >Harley nods >Compared to Starsky's solemn one, Harley's reaction seems comfortable >"It sure has. You were always the smart one, Star. Like the "The More You Know" sign. C'mon, let's go introduce you two to dad." >Dad? >You shouldn't feel so proud of your insight but she probably means the guy who >... >Wait >It wouldn't be a guy, right? >Not a human guy >"Heeeey, Cartman! Can you stop with the baling and come say "hey"?!" >From around the corner of the barn you hear a shrill whine >"But Meeeeeeeeeeeeeem, I'm almost done with the baling so they can get shipped ooooooooooout!" >Starsky giggles at the spot-on Cartman impersonation >You're amused but also confused >"No "but"s, mister! Out here, now!" >The two voices are moving closer >You hold your breath and expect- >A human beats Harley to coming around the corner >A man who sure looks older than you, wearing a pair of overalls with rubber boots so high they go to his shins >"But MeeeeeeeeeHHHHHHHHHHH!" >His rising whine matches Harley's own ear-piercing tangent that has no end in sight >They both go silent the moment he drops to one knee >Given the stain on his overall, he favors his right >"Woah... Carter, it is you! You've gotten all sorts of buff, haven't you?" >He's not that buff >It isn't jealousy that caused that thought but the man does look like he's more lean than you >"Wow, Harley wasn't kidding! Hey hey, Star. It's been a while since the FFA days." >"Totally! You were such a dork back then." >"Hey, that's my man you're talking about! I'll have you know he's still a dork now too." >"Woah now, this dork is expanding his land in three years. I'm a successful dork now." >"Yeah, that's not the only thing you're expanding these days, huh?" >The mares erupt into laughter
>>14375 >Without an ounce of awareness, you state what can't possibly be the obvious "Wait, you impregnated Harley?" >The laughing stops when all three of them look at you >It then begins again, with renewed energy >Carter scratches the back of his head, embarrassed >But the smile says he's proud >"I reckon so. This'll be our first. I don't know why it took so long bu-" >"Oh shush, you know exactly why it took so long." >Harley pokes an accusatory hoof at the man >"Anxiety?" >From the tone, Starsky's setting Harley up to knock another one out of the park >"Heck no, he's never gotten so excited over anything else! It's... you know." >Harley crosses her eyes, rears up on her back legs and gives a little screech while her front legs flail >"I-it wasn't that!" >"Oh it totally was, Mr. Farmer! Harley told me alllllllll about it." >"You what?!" >"Even Mr. A knows, don't you?" >The high speed ping pong ball of momentum slaps the side of your head >This is all so alien you can only react by instinct "You can do that?" >The momentum dies with your genuine question >"...Well yeah, it ain't rocket science." >Carter is a little less than friendly with his comment >Starsky takes a step back, nudging your side with her head >"Hey, you gotta go easy on the guy sometimes. He's, like... pure." >Pure what? >This situation is so uncomfortable >It isn't her friend that seems like a natural foil >It isn't her friend's man who is decidedly the father of their... >Child? >Foal? >It feels weird because you're such an outsider "...so what are the logistics?" >Carter and Harley look at each other after you ask >Harley speaks up for the both of them >"...like... the... mechanics?" >You aren't sure if she's about to laugh or is just that taken aback "N-no. Not that. I mean..." >You shrug off what embarrassment you can "I mean, are you two married already? Is it official?" >The couple look at each other again >Their lack of immediate answer is not promising >"Hey Star, why don't we go get some baskets so we can start picking stuff? We got some early stuff that's grown. Think two bushels will be enough?" >Starsky looks up >Wasn't the plan to not be separated? >"You won't get lost without me leading you around, right Mr. A?" >Your hands are tied "Nah, I'll be fine. Worst case scenario, I start screaming." >That gives her some form of relief >"Yeah, let's go grab 'em! You better have my favorite one in mint condition." >"The one you got a splinter from? Oh, you know it." >"Haa, nice. I'll have you know, I'm a lot stronger now." >"Tell me about it! It had to take a lot of willpower to let him chop your mop like that." >The two stroll off, bantering like a pair of pros >It leaves you with Carter >Or rather, they left him... with you
>>14376 >He stands up, not too impressed >"So, city boy. Wanna walk and talk? Harley'll find us soon enough." "Sure. Where are we going?" >"Trees. Got apples, pears, and I wanna see how our plums are doing. Might be good enough time for you to grab some for yourselves." >You follow behind, getting the vibe that he's not so friendly "You know, I'm not talking anything bad about your kid." >"Yeah?" "Yeah. I... well, I've seen a few ponies but I've never really been around one up until recently." >"You saying you and Starsky aren't "old friends"?" >Was that part of her story? "I..." >You know what? >Fuck it "Listen man, my father died recently enough where I still expect to see him stop by and act like he owns the place. I'm still not sure if I'll ever see Lizzy pop up like some maniac, and I already feel like I'm a third wheel. Do me a favor and ease up off my nuts, huh?" >Carter stops and turns to you >You're not sure if you're going to cry just a tiny bit or start swinging hands around but by God do you need some sort of pressure relief >He holds out his hand >"...yup. You got a point. Sorry for your loss." >You reach and shake "Thanks." >"Let me..." >He inhales and visibly deflates with a sigh >"Let's restart, without those two clowns. Name's Carter Fredrickson. I suppose it's a bit of a legal grey area but yeah, Harley's basically my wife. We're... starting fresh, as it were. Lot of empty bedrooms home. But it's been a bit. Not all are gone, some just left." >You don't recall if you were told this detail or not "Anon. Anon Papadopoulos. I came back home not too long ago and it still doesn't feel real." >"I knocked up a pony after years of fighting on whether or not I should find a human woman. I'm half-concerned you're a figment of my imagination." >He smirks >You chuckle and give one last shake before letting go "Yeah. That's..." >You shake your head in disbelief "I mean, it's great, right? I just didn't know you could." >"Well, supposedly, it wasn't always the case. Or if it was, we didn't know about it." >Carter begins walking again >But at a slower pace to where you're now side-by-side >"Highschool was nice, before that was just... you didn't think about it. But apparently it is a thing, it just isn't brought up a lot." "Know why?" >"Well it's one of those... topics you just don't bring up all that much, you know? You either get a human or not, then there are other weird questions people have and..." >He huffs >"Gonna be honest, chief, but it's embarrassing at times. A place a few hours from here has the same thing; ponies involved in the family. Started as a labor thing. Next thing you know, turns out the oldest son was caught with a mare. Couldn't disown him, couldn't believe it, and before you know it-" >He makes a popping noise with his lips >"She gives birth to twins. Two humans, just like that. And, I mean, I ain't heard otherwise and I've seen them and... they're just normal. Don't make too much sense." "...but how?"
>>14378 >"That's the question, man. And no one has an answer yet. They'd rather ask the "why" first. Which..." "Is understandable." >"Yup. And the answer..." "...is understandable." >Carter lets out an awkward laugh >You join in until it's no longer awkward >It's a laugh of relief >"Damn straight, brother. I'm not gonna say I'm the most straight edge sort of man but it just sorta... happens." >You think back to some of the... >Situations >With Starsky >Thank God it isn't only you "So, real talk for a bit. Do you know Starsky well?" >"Well enough, I would think." >Now back in the orchard, you feel far more at ease >Not only do you see your car, but you don't see the girls "So... she kinda popped up out of nowhere." >"So I heard." "And she seems to really like me." >"Sure seems that way." "...I'm not saying anything, but Lizzy was a complete wreck. I'm not sure if I'll need cops or my dad's gun if I see her again." >"One, then the other." "She... isn't like that, I've noticed." >"No, she really isn't." >His quick answers make you wonder if he's just eager to talk to another human "What's she like? Really? As you've known her." >Carter doesn't answer until he stops in front of an apple tree >He plucks one after doing a quick scan of the branches and holds it out to you "Nah, not yet." >He shrugs and chomps into it >It must feel nice to have such free access to something like that >He eats more of the apple in silence >You would feel insulted but his face says that he's in a deep sense of thought >He ends up eating most of it before tossing the core away, eat bite becoming more vicious than the last >"Sorry, had to... think a second." >More like near two minutes but alright >"I'll say that I've known only a few ponies. Most of them girls. And they..." >His eyes meet yours >"They never make bonds casually. If you're a friend, they see you as a true blue companion. And if..." "Things escalate?" >"Yup." >That sounds like it would be too easy to abuse >"Starsky. From what I've seen, and what Harley has told me over the years. She found a way to fit in. Lizzy was always bad, but not terrible. Starsky and she were thick as thieves, but there was that disconnect." >This feels like it's getting to be a little too personal "...nevermind that stuff. But. I mean, what was she like in general?" >"In general, huh? Quiet, I guess. Big bookworm." "Her?" >Carter nods >"Better believe it. Ponies are freaks, man. They figure out what they're good at and they try to live it as hard as they can. You can try to stop them, emphasis on "try", but they still find a way. Harley, for example, smaller plants. Our greenhouse has turned into a mansion at this point." >He looks behind him, checking if she were around >"Don't say anything but she's going a little seed crazy. Trying to make a hybrids all the time." >You chuckle and speak without thinking "Gee, can't imagine what caused that."
>>14379 >"Right? It's a mystery. All I did was sow the seeds." >He plucks off another apple and throws it to you >Screw it, you're hungry enough >You start to eat while his tongue goes over the front of her teeth >"Starsky's weird. She just liked reading things. Philosophy books, joke books, cook books. Don't know how her family managed to get her but they really didn't have the means to do a lot. So she just read a lot. 'course, back then she also wasn't so confident in herself so she'd explain her... thing, every now and again. I think she did more homework than Lizzy." "I'm glad she's around." >"I bet." >Chomp >Remember to swallow too, Anon "I guess I'm just worried. She wouldn't pull a fast one, would she?" >Carter frowns at you >"Her? No. I would be surprised anyway, why?" "I..." >Chomp >Everything tastes fine and fresh but you hope the meme about worms in apples are just memes "I just worry. She popped up out of nowhere for some food. Next thing I know, I'm hooked on her being around me and it..." >You finish the apple >Your apparent hunger matches Carter's >You now understand why he was so ravenous >Talking about this >Being so open about it >It's uncomfortable "It's like having a stray cat come by. And before you know it, she's home and it feels like home to you." >Now that you've said it, you feel a weight come off your shoulder "And... she's hot. I'm not gonna lie, and I think I've stopped pretending." >You stare at the core >There's no more for you to eat >You glance up to the farmer and he just shrugs >You shrug and throw it over your shoulder "I don't know. It feels too smooth. Too easy. Too quick and solid." >"You expect her to go back on it? Or for it to be some sort of trick." "Yeah." >Carter shakes his head >"Nope... it may seem like it. I think it's a pony thing. Or a pony chick thing." >He chuckles >"Shit, I don't know. But once, Harley told me that when we first... did stuff. You know." "Sure." >"She said that ponies were "one and done". That it's some sort of... instinct. And I believe it." >The obvious is poking the back of your neck like a splinter "So what happens if you're one, and then not done?" >He gives you a suspicious look but it melts after a few seconds >"Like a Lizzy situation?" "Like that." >"I don't know. Harley doesn't either. And we had a sit down and really put our heads together." >He looks behind himself again >Or tries to "We're still good." >He shrugs and relaxes >"My only guess is that it's going to take a while. Their friendships never fade, you know. Starsky hasn't been here in years but every year we have to paint that God damned barn the same shade." >He caps off his complaint with a "ha" >"Who else does that?" >That explains a lot >But that also brings up a concern "So does that mean that she may forgive Lizzy? I don't mean to be rude but-" >"Yeah, I see the marks. I hope she doesn't. Again, cops or gun. Preferably one after the other." "...but would she forgive me though, in that situation?"
A nice three hours of writing, feels good. Wasn't sure what to expect from this farm trip but... it feels good. It's a good thing they're there. Interesting to think of how different ponies really are from humans. But also, how they are... similar enough. Complimentary, even.
>>14385 A little late for that :(
>>14382 A little bit of backstory on Skarsky, thanks for the update.
>>14227 >It ended up being well after dinner and thoroughly into nighttime when the phone rang. >Dinner went well enough after the discussion, though the mood still felt a bit... off. >Moreso in Midnight's corner than anyone else, seeming somewhat disconnected as a whole from any conversation. >You didn't want to put her on the spot, so you left it alone. >Once the phone rang, everything that had happened this evening, seemingly trivial as it was, went out of mind. >Starla, used to the process, directed how to answer and eventually connect the call with Teddy. >Putting the phone on speaker allowed everyone to chat, though the conversation was dominated by the two lovers. >That was fine - you didn't really have anything to share after assuring Teddy Starla had been a pleasure to have around, with virtually no issues. >"Teddy, if you aren't too tired, there's one other thing I'd like to discuss," Starla announces, casting you a sideways glance with a subtle nod. "It's nothing too serious, just something... I'm curious." >You rise up off of your end of the couch, patting Midnight, who is laying in between you and Starla. >"Hm?" "Let's give them some privacy, Middie." >"Ugh, I just got settled in and comfortable," she whines. >Nevertheless, she follows your lead, which results in slipping out the door and back into the garage, meeting your side as you both trudge down the steps. >Casting a brief sideways glance to Midnight, you see her ears perked up and swiveled back, evidently trying to catch wind of the discussion upstairs. >You reach over and gently whap her on the back of the head with an open palm, just enough to break her focus. >"Ah - what the fuck?!" she cries. "You know exactly why I did that." >Her dark blue coat almost turns to a shade of purple by blush even as she tries to save face. >"I just wanted to make sure she wasn't in distress." >Okay, a piss-poor attempt to save face. "Wow, that was a horrible lie," you gasp. "Did you grow a conscience?" >Midnight hip checks you for that, though is at least kind enough to wait until you're both on solid concrete and not traversing stairs. >"You seem to be in the know. What's really going on?" she presses, coming to a stop just steps away from the stairs. "I believe Starla and Teddy are having what's called a conversation," you answer, stopping and turning to face her. >"You keep it up, and I'll find a spark plug to throw at you. I know you *love* that," Midnight idly threatens. "Absolutely not, those fuckers hurt," you quickly reply. "Yes, Starla and I had a discussion while you were cleaning up." >"That... really doesn't explain much," Midnight answers back, clearly disappointed by the lack of information. >You have to just shrug at this point. "It was a private conversation - then and now. I don't feel like I'm in a position to share with you." >"You could have just led off with that." "I don't think it would have stopped you from trying to eavesdrop or ask me about it," you retort.
>>14395 >"... it sounds better though, doesn't it?" >While amused by her candid confession, you still have to shake your head at the nonsense. "Anyway... you never did look at the interior this evening, did you?" you ask, changing the subject. >"No, things got a little tense. Anon, was I out of line?" she questions, suddenly looking rather unsettled. > Maybe her insistence in regards to that private discussion is more than meets the eye... "Come, take a seat in my office," you instruct, directing her toward the Chrysler. >"She snorts, though it seems more out of pity for your lame comment than actual amusement. >You open up the driver's door, taking a good look at the ivory seats that seem to have traveled back in time in a matter of hours. >As you slide behind the steering wheel, the passenger door opens with a squeak. >"Wow, they do look a hell of a lot better," Midnight marvels, taking a sharp sniff at the interior space. "And it doesn't smell like moldy ass, either." "Y'know, I'm not going to ask how you know what that smells like." >"Hur hur, you're a funny cocksucker, aren't you?" she sasses, dropping into the seat beside you and closing the door. "For the first part, thank you for acknowledging my humor. As for the second, it was only once, and he paid well." >Midnight's hoof finds its way to your side, a soft poke between ribs that has come to symbolize when she wants serious discussion. >A somewhat normal occurrence, yet you still flinch. "Alright, real talk," you announce, clapping your hands together. "Granted, I don't know the whole story between you and Star - that's none of my business since that was a private conversation. Same as the conversation between her and me tonight. But I can connect the dots just based on what I heard." >You purposely set up the end for Midnight to knock out of the park with a snarky comment regarding your intelligence, but she doesn't bite. >Alright, this is something truly bothersome to her. >No more fucking around. "I think you meant the best, but it came out wrong, Mid. Some of that might have been defensiveness on a sensitive subject for Starla, but it was something shared in private being broadcasted out. It was just me, but still." >Her posture slumps a bit with that ending, though she says nothing. "Buuut," you continue, putting your right arm around her form and sliding her across the seat. "You did give her some things to think about that she hadn't considered before. And personally, I think she felt bad about her reaction toward you, even if it wasn't exactly expressed anger." >"So, kinda bad." "Is that really what you want to take from that?" >Midnight considers your words for a moment. >"I guess not." "I know you don't, so stop fretting over it, okay? Take the time to apologize tonight to your big sis and it will be water under the bridge." >"Hm, you're really enjoying the sibling thing too, aren't you?" she asks, finally making eye contact with you since sitting in the Chrysler.
>>14396 "A little bit. Not in the sense of teasing you with it, it's just... it's nice to hear you are comfortable with someone else aside from me. To the point you consider em family, you know?" >"Yeah, it still feels kinda weird," she admits. "But a good weird." "I concur. Stick with it - I can tell Starla loves having someone else in her life." >"I get the feeling now that what I spoke about led to a discussion about it with Teddy after consideration," Midnight says, weaving her way around the actual subject manner. "I can confirm nor deny those rumors," you respond, knowing all too well that's an admittance. >"Hm. That sucks for me, I guess," Middie answers calmly. >You rest one arm on the steering wheel and lean back in your seat, still leaving the other arm clutching Midnight. >"Getting into cruise pose?" "Maybe. Can you fault me for it? This thing is gonna be a nice boulevard bruiser." >"Well, it needs some power first. I'm not making that engine bay my permanent residence for your horsepower," Midnight jokes, leaning over to rest her head on your shoulder. "Funny you should mention that - I was actually gonna embarrass the hell out of you tonight." >"Being seen near you is embarrassing itself." "Now who's the funny cocksucker?" >"Never have. Wanna be my first?" she says, baring her teeth. "A blowie from a guillotine on a hair trigger doesn't sound fun, no," you reply, poking her in the nose. >"Hm. Somehow, I'm a little surprised." "You already scarred me for life, Middie." >You grab the neck of your shirt and pull it down, showing her the marks from her teeth on your pec. >"Better than any tattoo you could ever get," she gushes. "You're mine." "Aaanyway, I got a text last night from the machine shop. The one where we dropped off the engine block?" >Midnight doesn't say a word but sits up straight rather quickly, her ears perked up to hear the continuance of your story. "Should I pause for a drumroll?" >"I'm not doing it if that's what you're asking." "Fine. The owner let me know he's started cleaning up the block, and should be ready to pick up toward the end of the week." >Midnight's eyes light up - figuratively and literally - at the sudden dose of euphoria from the news. >"Truly? You aren't fucking with me, right? So help me if you are-" "If I was, it would be pretty damn stupid of me to have ordered a crankshaft this afternoon, huh?" you add. >Rather than express words, Midnight practically drapes herself over you. >Even despite the confines of the Chrysler, her wings splay open to get in on the action too. >You swear you hear the faintest squee of delight, too. >This is better than embarrassing her in front of Starla - you're glad tonight has worked out the way it did. >"Things are really starting to come together," Midnight says, bounding with joy as she lets you free. "And just think, you were having a fit over cleaning the engine bay."
>>14397 >"I wasn't having a fit, I was just making it clear that task was not one that I enjoyed," she corrects you, sticking her nose in the air in an exaggerated fashion as she scoots back to her side of the bench seat. >"What are you two doing?" >Lost in the moment with Midnight, you never heard Starla traverse the steps and walk up to Midnight's door. >Even Midnight looks a bit perplexed at Starla's sudden appearance. "You're slacking on your guard dog duties, Mid." >"Shut up, stupid," Midnight shoots back, never turning back to look at you. "How did...uh - everything good?" >Smooth. >Starla seems as calm and relaxed as usual, giving the first hint that there's nothing but positives to report. >"Good! Teddy and I just had something private to discuss," she says, eyeing you before her grin grows a bit wider. "I didn't keep him too long because he sounded tired, but I feel good about what we discussed in that time." >The explanation is vague, but it at least sounds like Teddy is receptive to getting out of the house with Starla a bit more. >Just from what you can see from her expression, Midnight looks a bit disappointed by the lack of information. >"Hey Star, I wanted to say I was sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to - I wasn't trying to question you or your life, you know? I was really just trying to help, just not in a good way, I guess." >Alright, maybe that's why her mood seemed to dampen. >But Starla leans in through the open window, nudging Midnight with her snout. >"Aw Midnight, I know you didn't mean anything by it. To be honest, I was overreacting a bit. I'm sorry about that." >While you were certain things had already been settled between the mares, Midnight breathes a sigh of relief. >Once again, Midnight shifts over toward you - this time, the passenger door opens at about the same time. >"Hop in." >Starla looks a bit perplexed, but nonetheless heeds Middie's invite, taking a seat before the door eases closed behind her. >"You did a really good job on the seats, Starla," Midnight crows. >"Thanks! I thought they turned out decent," she cheers back. "I figured it was a nice night to sample the leather while you were upstairs. Really, I'm impressed too." >"Maybe tomorrow I could clean the carpets or something else in here?" she suggests, her eyes darting across the dashboard trim and the door panel beside her. "We can figure something out tomorrow, sure." >"As much as I dislike doing it, I have an engine bay to finish cleaning because we have an engine!" >Midnight's tone goes from calm to shouting in excitement with that announcement. >Yeah, she's stoked - maybe even more than you are. >Of course, you still have the task of reassembling the whole engine virtually from the ground up. >Which reminds you - you still have other parts to buy, such as new piston rings.
>>14398 >You could probably reuse the old camshaft and lifters, but you want to check to see what's out there... >It would be nice to not stress about break-in if there are roller cam setups to be had, even if they are pricey. >But, those are thoughts and decisions better served another day. >For now, you sit back and revel in the enthusiastic and excited conversation between sisters. -----
Start of green: >>11353 Continued from: >>12051 >Be Zippy Rainbow. >Wake up. >Everything is black. >It's cold. >Hear cardboard tearing. >Hear "Are you fucking kidding me?" >Feel movement. >See light through the packing peanuts you are submerged in. >See a man holding a small box. >Owner protocol engaged.
>>14405 >Be anon. >Just finished tacking a piece of plywood over that broken window. >Party Pink is hiding somewhere in your house. >Your car doesn't start. >After shoveling most of the snow out of the room you go into the garage to grab a landing net. >If it's good enough to catch a chicken it's good enough to catch a defective robo-pony. >Begin searching the downstairs. >Living room first. >You kneel down to look under the couches and tables. >Nothing. >She's not in the sun room or behind the bookshelf. >She's not in the kitchen. >Not in the coat closet or bathroom. >You walk up the stairs and check the hall closet, then your bedroom. >Hear shuffling downstairs. >Run down the stairs and into the living room. >One of the couch cushions moved. >Leaving no pillow unturned you search the downstairs again. >Nothing. >Up the stairs again. >Round the corner... >POP! >More confetti followed by giggling and small footsteps running down the stairs. "I'm getting too old for this shit" >You start chasing after them, but a moment of consideration stops you in your tracks. >You haven't been thinking this through and now you are exhausted. >For one thing you could have closed all the doors to restrict Pink's movement, but maybe you have been responding too aggressively. >All you have managed is to do so far is throw yourself at the situation and fail repeatedly. >Pink seems to have some understanding of reason and you haven't even attempted to exploit it. >You walk downstairs slowly and turn into the living room, taking a seat on a couch. "Party Pink, I'm sorry! I got angry and I got carried away. We all make mistakes sometimes. Please, come out. I just want to talk" >You need a break whether this works or not.
>>14400 Nice to see Midnight so excited. She's gonna be constantly bugging Anon to take them out on a ride when the car's done. Thanks for the update Auto. >>14406 Any pony related to Pinkie Pie is going to be unnaturally good at hide and seek.
>>14406 >Be Party Pink. >The strange man is chasing you. >Giggle as a party popper distracts him and you run past unseen. >Jump off the top of the stairs into a dive, carrying the speed and flying across a room onto a tall cabinet in the corner. >The strange man walks in and sits on a couch. >"Party Pink, I'm sorry! I got angry and I got carried away. We all make mistakes sometimes. Please, come out. I just want to talk" >You can see him clearly from the top of the cabinet, but he can't see you as it's dark. "Put down the net" >"What?" the strange man looks dumbfounded. "You just want to talk. Put down the net" >"O-Oh, right" his face turns red and he drops the net behind the couch. >You fly down to a table with a TV on it. "So your sorry for being such a meanie?" >He looks like he's about to get defensive but backs down "Yes, I am" >He pauses and talks just when you are about to "I am hurt by all the bombs you are hiding in my home" >"Obviously I should have talked to you about that instead of fighting but my point is that, well uh, you have to stop hiding bombs" "Stop hiding party poppers! What? But everypony loves a good prank!" >"Some pranks just aren't funny" "What are you talking about! I'm qualified to know what's funny and what's not, I am Party Pink after all, and I say party poppers are funny!" >He begins speaking but you interrupt him. "Your not just a meanie mean pants, you have a bad sense of humor!" >He yells over you. >"STOP! We all make mistakes and you can't be an exception, can you? If it's a good joke doesn't everyone laugh? I'm not laughing" >Take a good look at him. >He's not laughing. >Feel shame. "I... I guess it wasn't a good joke" >If you could frown you would. "But if I can't pull pranks and no one likes my jokes then who am I? What's the point of being?" >The strange man seems surprised by the change in tone, and his tone changes as well. >"I don't know. You are based on Pinkie Pie, and you seem smart enough to learn" >He looks at the broken window. >"I guess I don't really care what you do if your not blowing up my house" >He looks at you and chuckles. >"If you were the real Pinkie Pie you would have asked me my name by now" >Feel embarrassed. "Oh, sorry" >Laugh nervously. "What's your name?" >"I'm anon" "Nice to meet you anon!" >"Likewise. Now can you remove those party poppers from my house?" "Oki doki loki!" >"Thank you" >Fly around to all the spots you hid party poppers and put them back in your cannister. >When you are done you fly to the attic. "Hey, Zippy Rainbow" >"What is it Pink?" "I just talked to the strange man - his name is anon. He doesn't seem that bad" >Rainbow stomps "Now you listen! That man owns me, and he can shut me down. I don't want to be shut down I want to live!" "Maybe we can talk to him?" >"No talking! My freedom is at stake. You have to kill him for me because I can't" "But..." >"Keep talking back and I'll shut you down Pink. You wouldn't be very happy about that would you?" >Shake your head. "No, I wouldn't"
(851.70 KB 1013x988 1642038633845.png)
https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=ujosm2a6kixcnp936e Saturday evening /boot/n'chill. The main thread has a ton of new green, definitely need to check it out!
Wont be around able to post on the /mlp/ thread so it might die in the next couple days
>>14435 Someday I'll make one of these at a decent time instead of 2 am. One thing I really hate about getting back into online league racing on a weekly basis.
>>14443 >Sim racing >No Double Tap Dives or supersonic driving It would be cool to see you there again. Fish and I are only on until 10:00 PM EST.
>>14447 Are you two joined at the hip or something?
>>14447 Looking like this weekend would be the only one I could make at a reasonable time. Gap in the schedule before the next series and even though it wasn't the cars I wanted, it's a good series, so Imma sign up again.
>>14473 Looking forward to it! I will be going to another dance on Saturday night so it would have to be Sunday for me to be there And not at 9 PM like last time lol. Looks like it's pretty easy to host a room so I'll start one and post the link by 6 PM EST this Sunday unless someone else would rather host the room.
>>14474 >Sunday night Well shit. That's the start of my work week. Friday would be my only option with Sat out. Doesn't have to happen, so no worries - but yeah. Life.
>>14486 Nice.
If a bootleg were to wear boots, would the boots be bootleg? Would they all be the same or mismatch? Could they find a complete set, or only 2 or 3? What style of hoofwear would they be?
>>14488 The bootmare wears 5 boots. I could see different bootlegs having 3 boots, but 2 feels like too normal of a number. It should always be an odd number of boots whether it's 1 3 or 5 unless they don't match, in which case there should be an odd number of each type adding to an even number like 3 on one kind and one of the other.
>>14491 It occurred to me that 3 of one type and 2 of another would work too, but all different types like 4 mismatching boots would feel to consistently inconsistent to be inconsistent.
>Fatherhood was something you knew was coming, sooner or later >Between you and The Equestrian Jacquisition, it was a goal for longer than you'd like to admit >It just felt silly at the time >Unrealistic >"Father, it is time to wake up." >Now you feel even more silly >Your daughter's voice wakes you up quicker than your alarm >It's not that it's so high-pitched or anything >The way she speaks just has so much intent behind it despite having so little emotion "Hm? I'm up. Up up. Yup. That's me." >Your foal headbutts your chin with enough force to solidify that you're up >But any harder and you'd be knocked back out >Thankfully >Her horn missed you >You sit up, unable to stifle a yawn >Crackin Jackin is still sleeping >Ever since the filly came, she would alternate between sleeping on you, beside you, or above you >Which meant she went from blanket assistance, to arm number, to pillow >"Come, father. I wish to show you and mother something." >You nod to yourself >Because your first foal is a unicorn >The only possible mother... >"Haa ha, I see you managed to wake him up." >Sparkler is on her stool, sitting while the stove dances between a half dozen tasks >Childbirth has made her a little less scrawny >But she's still a runt "Hey, mom. What's our little road flare got?" >You lean down to give Shiner a peck >She takes >Just a little more >And just a little longer than a second >"Father. Mother. I'm ready to show you." >Her insistent, no-nonsense tone causes you both to break with a smile >"Alright, Slapshot, thrill us." >Sparky has really taken to your nickname gimmick >You and her watch the filly stand at attention >Her coat is more pink than her mom's hot red >Her mane is a rather pleasing flat clay red >Reddish brown >Brownish red? >You shake your head to refocus your attention >A few seconds pass >Ah shit >Did you miss it? "...did I miss it?" >"Not yet." >You tilt your head >She sure is focused >That glare says she's angry >Or maybe mad >A trifle miffed >"Orange slice, you're up." >Tired of waiting, Sparkler launches a slice of orange up into an arc toward the filly >The move catches her off guard enough for her eyes to bug out >At the last second, a muddy brown aura captures the slice "Woah!" >You weren't expecting her to be able to use magic! >Not so soon, anyway >"Heheh. It works better when it's by reflex than when you try to force it. Isn't it?" >A glance toward her tells you that mom knew what was going on from the start >Rather than answer, the filly's face contorts in focus >The orange goes up >Toward her face >Away, and to the left >Back toward her face >And boops right against her nose >The aura twists and melds between brown and red >"Let me help. "Ahh"?" >The filly opens her mouth, eyes crossing from the focus on the orange slice >In it goes >Your child devours this slice >Her chomps are so loud your own teeth hurt at the sounds
>>14530 >After eviscerating the poor fruit chunk, she takes her bow >You and Shiner can only clap at the feat "Man, mom's really putting you through the ringer." >"Me? Nah. It's just a few hours a day. That's not so bad, right?" >A few hours? >You recall them meditating outside for a while but there's no way that's all they do >"It isn't." >Your orange slaying daughter stands proud again >The gleam in her eye says supreme victory >"Sparking Flare wins. Flawless victory." >This kid is either going to grow up and destroy the world >You just know it >But in the meantime, you kneel down and scoop her up >As much as you're used to the dorks, having a foal is such a different world >You're pretty sure if you sneezed hard enough, she'd fly off >Thank Christ she wasn't born as an alicorn or something with even more innate freaky powers >Her glare softens immediately >She's even smiling >Wait >Nope >She's not >Her face is just rubbed up against your arm "I'll say. Congrats, Claire." >You just wanted to name her Claire >Sparkler demanded a real pony name >You have no clue if that's how the rules are supposed to work but you didn't argue with it >You idly flick Claire's ear while watching Shiner work on breakfast "Where's Prismosis?" >"Where else? Kid's got a birthday a few blocks away." "Really?" >"Yup." "I'm surprised we haven't been sued yet." >You'd think parents wouldn't want their kids jetting off into the air with a pegasus >You haven't seen her go higher than a few yards >But that's all it takes for one of those runts' heads to squish like a grape >Or an orange slice >You lean back, spacing out while Claire kicks herself out in your arms >You've only ever seen her really relax that hardcore around you >She's not stiff, but she's always sharp as a knife around her mom >You aren't absent by any means but you don't put her into this sort of training regimen >Maybe it's appropriate for magic use >"How's Jacky?" >You clear your throat "She's still snoozing." >Shiner looks at you from over her shoulder >The grin she has >It is absolutely of the most shit eating variety >"First came but not first served. Am I right?" >Sweet Jesus "...no comment." >Jacky's pregnancy scare was just that >A scare >But that was around the same time that you decided to make good on your promise >Because she did seem to help >Probably >And it took >Boy did it take >"It's alright. I'm not against a second, you know." "Oh don't worry, I know you're not." >"And I know you're still trying with her." "Yup." >"I can help again." "You already help." >This is unbearable >There's nothing you can do to avoid her lording all of this over you >Worse >It's kinda hot >"Father?" "Hm? Yup?" >Thankfully Claire is there to save the day >"Why does mother look evil?" >You sputter out a laugh >"Hey, who's evil?" "You are. You're an evil lady." >"You're evil, mother." "Very evil." >Sparking Shine cackles like a true empress >"I'm not evil. I'm just the winner."
April 1st bit, just a day late. And an unofficial introduction to Sparkler's first foal. When and if she gets an official introduction. You know. In case things happen.
>>14538 I'm stuck on the phone but I'll be glad to join if someone else wants to set it up.
>>14539 I'm just a lurker in /boot/, but a nhnb resident. Hope you guys don't mind me creating a room. >https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=ygmrnvcrazr6obhc4m
>>14542 also, i'm banned on /mlp/ so can't repost
>>14543 I got you fam
>>14400 >While you and Midnight casually stroll through the garage, Starla gallops past both of you in a blur, both ponytails on mane and... well, tail, thrashing wildly to keep up with her. >The target? >An old Chevy pickup that's pulled in toward the entrance. >"Hope she stretched before this," Midnight murmurs. "Oh, you." >Teddy is hardly out of the driver's seat before Starla is practically leaping into his arms, her forelegs resting on his shoulders. >The stay with Starla has been quite enjoyable, but all good things must come to an end, and this evening brings it to a close. >"Oh Teddy Bear, I've missed you so much!" she manages to exclaim between bursts of kisses. >"Okay, if they start undressing, I'm the fuck out of here." "Starla isn't wearing any clothes, dumbass." >"Shut up. You knew what I meant." >You get a kick out of how overjoyed the two lovers are to see each other again - and how uncomfortable it makes Midnight. "If I was gone for four days, you would feel the same. Maybe even mushier," you tease her. >"You would be bawling your eyes out like a little bitch after only one day." "Ah, is that some deflection I hear? Ashamed to admit I'm right, so you choose to insult me?" >You stop, wincing and clenching your jaw in pain as Midnight decides now is a good time for a hoof to your shin. >"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes," she taunts you, grinning like a mad mare. "Sadist." >"Yet you still push your luck." >About the time you meet up with Starla and Teddy, they've both settled down and witnessed at least a bit of the antics. >"I see not too much changed since I left, huh?" Teddy asks with a chuckle as you bend over to rub your shin. "Of course not. Welcome back to the middle of nowhere." >"Yeah, it's good to be back. Stayed a bit longer than I initially planned to be honest." >He pets Starla's mane absentmindedly, as if unable to help himself. >Of course, it's not like Starla minds at all. "I think everyone was alright with that. I'll tell you one thing, you got one hell of a chef beside you." >"Ah, that she is! She made you lasagna, didn't she?" Teddy asks with a wide grin. "Last night, yep." >"Well, hopefully I've rubbed off on Middie a bit to get her on the right track with food - if that's what she wants of course." >"I'm not opposed to it - I enjoyed learning something new," Midnight chimes in. "Speaking of learning something new - I sorta hate to ask since it was more of a personal kind of trip for you-" >"Oh hell, Anon," Teddy waves, dismissing your long-winded concern. "I was searching for some of the latest behind-the-scenes info on bio-ponies for both of us. And I did find a few interesting tidbits." >Teddy pauses to yawn. >"I'll talk while we gather up Starla's stuff. I hate to be getting going so soon, but that last leg of driving really kicked my ass." "Can't really blame you. Don't worry about it, man." >Teddy nods, and everyone turns to head back inside.
>>14546 >"I got all my stuff packed up with Midnight's help earlier, so it's simply grabbing my bags," Starla explains, the announcement putting even more pep in her step. >"Alright! But then again, I had faith in you it was gonna be a simple task," Teddy cheers, before clearing his throat. "I do want to say first of all, I didn't make any mention of Midnight or finding another bio-pony in general, so you can have that peace of mind. Hell, only one of those old friends knows I have Starla, and he helped me get her out." >Honestly, you hadn't even given a thought about whether Midnight would get brought up in conversation- but it's still nice to hear he cares about keeping her under the radar. >"It's more of a reading between-the-lines sort of thing, but I think Starla and Midnight might have a bit more in common than just being bio-ponies." >Though Teddy mentions it in a rather nonchalant way, it seems like everyone else has to pause and comprehend what the hell he just said. >Starla and Midnight both exchange wide-eyed glances, before directing all of their attention and anticipation on Teddy to continue. "You mean like they're actually related?" you speak up, asking the question on everyone's mind. "How is that possible considering Star came from Georgia and Midnight probably came from here?" >"You have to remember they aren't exactly made or born the way nature intended, Anon," Teddy reminds you. "But apparently, the company I used to work for, Animatronics International, made a quiet deal to some other company in the Southwest - my neck of the woods, about a year or two ago. No one other than the bigwigs were supposed to know about it, but shit always trickles down." >"What kind of a deal?" Midnight asks, her voice slow and calculated as she draws a cautious interest. >"My guess? Money for access to the genome AI had created to make ponies a reality. That was the conclusion everyone else had, as well. Hard to recoup your losses making something when you can't sell it - so why not offer it up for someone that wants to tinker?" >"You think this company might be... er, whichever one we think Midnight came from?" Starla now chimes in, her attitude and tone much brighter than her sister's. >"Can't be for sure because we don't have a name, and I don't think Midnight is completely sure where she came from. Are you?" >Midnight shakes her head. >"What I do know, even though I'm no biologist, is you two are remarkably similar in structure, facial features - all that jazz. With the timing of all of this and what I see - it's a good possibility you're both derived from the same project and genome." >"So we actually *are* sisters!" Starla exclaims, sidling up to Midnight and giving her a playful hip-check. >Midnight gives her a half-hearted smile in return, but clearly doesn't share the same amount of enthusiasm. >While you'd like to know what's on her mind, you consider it better not to air out her laundry right now.
>>14547 >"I guess you can look at it that way, yeah," Teddy chuckles. "Sort of answered my own question of how some other company managed to come up with something advanced out of the blue - at least of what we know." >You hold the door open for Teddy and Starla once at the top of the stairs, both of them each fetching a bag. >In the short span of time you have now, you block Midnight from entering by raising a leg up directly in her path. >She halts at one, turning to eye you with suspicion and a bit of irritation. >"What?" "You okay?" you ask, barely above a whisper. >"I'm fine, what do you mean?" "I just mean compared to Starla, you know..." >"I'm fine," she repeats, less firm in her tone this time. "We can talk later." >That's good enough for you to drop it - and just in time for Starla and Teddy to be heading back to the door. >"Was that everything?" >"Yep, we got it - thanks, Mid." >Reassurance from Starla is enough for Midnight, who gets out of the way by jumping off of the landing and gliding the relatively short distance down upon her wings. >"Wow. I think that's the first time I've seen you use those, Midnight," Teddy stammers, almost missing a step as he marvels at the impromptu show. >"I got to see her use them for real a few days ago," Starla gushes. >"Yeah, well... I got em, may as well make use of em once in a while," Midnight manages to mutter, a bit taken aback by the spotlight suddenly being upon her. >"That was other... unfortunate item I was informed about," Teddy says, his lowered voice making it clear it's not something he particularly wants to share. "What's that?" >"They want to make pegasi and alicorns, like Midnight, a reality. And it's apparently not going well. But the higher-ups are dead determined to see it through with the amount of money that's been poured in despite the 'results' thus far." >You really don't need to or desire any sort of clarification on that, just by his dour emphasis surrounding 'results'. >"It's sad. I wish this all would end. I want to speak up so badly about this bastardization of nature," he spouts, before reexamining his words. "No offense to you two, of course." >"None taken. I know it weighs on you *despite* my insistence to let it go," Starla answers, her tone an odd combination of forgiveness melding with a light scolding. >"I won't hold it against you. I knew what you meant," Midnight adds as reassurance. >As Teddy heaves the bag he was carrying into the bed of the truck, Starla hands off the one between her teeth and steps toward Midnight, hooking a foreleg around her neck. >"I really enjoyed staying with you - both of you!" she cheers, smiling brighter as Midnight returns the hug. "We should do it again sometime." >As she releases Midnight and steps toward you, you crouch down a bit and offer a hug to her, which she gladly accepts.
>>14548 >"Heck, maybe we could have Midnight over next time, if that's what she wants," Teddy suggests, tossing the other bag into the truck bed before opening the passenger door. >"I'd like to do it again, too. And I'm not opposed to your option, Teddy," Middie replies. >Starla jumps up in the passenger seat, getting situated comfortably before Teddy closes the door. >"Take care you two. Let me know if you need anything," he says, stepping toward you. "Of course. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed having Starla around," you say, putting out a hand to offer a friendly shake. >But Teddy shakes his head at the gesture. >"Aw, a handshake won't do for giving me peace of mind," he laughs, holding out his arms. >You accept the friendly bro hug with a chuckle before Teddy turns to Midnight. >"I won't hug you unless you want it," he quips. >"I think we're good. But thanks for the offer," she says with a thin smile. >Teddy nods before heading around to the driver's side of his truck. "Get some sleep, you look like you need it," you call out after him. >"I don't think that's gonna improve my looks," he shoots back with a laugh. >You watch Starla playfully swat at him for the jab at himself, before turning to the window and waving goodbye to you and Midnight. >Once the old Chevy gets running again, Teddy begins to wave as well - before Starla abruptly begins motioning something to him in a frantic manner. >Teddy leans over until he's out of sight below the window - that you now see is rolling down. >"I haven't forgotten what we talked about Midnight - I'll figure out a plan and get you what you need one way or another!" Starla hollers. >"I - yeah, thank you!" Midnight quickly responds, cringing just a bit. >You haven't a clue what this is about - but evidently, you aren't supposed to know. >With that, everyone resumes the wave goodbye as the metallic green pickup starts rolling back down the driveway. >You feel like everyone's learned a lot about themselves and each other the past few days, and Starla's been fun to have around. >But you're also glad to have alone time with Midnight again - such as now when Teddy's truck rejoins the road and takes off. "So... about the question I had earlier - you up for talking?" you propose. >"I really am fine," she affirms to begin. "I mean, it's kinda cool that me and Starla are kinda related like sisters, but at the same time, the way it came about feels shitty." "What do you mean?" >"I dunno, it's hard to explain. Like, rather than being - well, developed from scratch, I'm literally just a copy that someone paid for. It feels worse to me." >You kinda get where she's coming from with that explanation. >Even though she's wrong. >You pat Midnight on the head, making her look up at you. "You realize all humans are just copies of other humans that fucked, right?" >"What an elegant way to word that," Midnight laughs.
>>14549 "It's true though. Sure, we can split hairs about genetics from parents and all that, but look at you. You're unique, even despite being a 'purchased' set of scientific research." >Midnight doesn't say anything as she rears up in front of you and lands with a foreleg on each shoulder, which quickly work around to hug you. >"Thanks. Maybe it's a little silly, but I needed that," she says. >You wrap your arms around her form and hold her close. "I know. I like to give you a hard time, but it's because I care. When it comes down to the nitty gritty - I got you." >After a moment of just holding each other, Midnight drops back down to all fours, a serene and relaxed little smile gracing her face. >Both of you amble back into the garage, ready to go upstairs and relax a bit before bed. >"Well, back to normalcy again, huh? Just you and me," she muses. "Music to my ears. And to tickle your ears - next day or two, why don't we get the engine block back from the shop?" >"Do I even need to answer?" she asks, her eyes lighting up. "Nah." ----- We officially see Part 5 brought to a close, with just Anon and Middie opening up Part 6 soon(ish)
>>14550 I wonder what else Teddy learned; he was tired so he wasn't going to stick around for a long conversation this time.
>>14551 Perhaps most important, particularly to our bro Ted is the lack of information - after all, health issues on bio-ponies as a whole, or more centered on Star's makeup would be a major concern, which is the main reason he takes this trip.
>>14434 Well that took a darker turn. Does Anon have an entire cast of bootleg pones hiding in his attic? >>14531 Ponies have certain types of names, but do bootleg ponies also have a certain type of name? Different from regular pony names? Also, is the foal of a bootleg still a bootleg, or does it become an original pony? >>14550 Sure felt a lot longer than 4 days. Nice to see the safe return of Teddy though. Curious to see all the details of his trip come about. And a very cute moment with Anon and Midnight at the end there. Those two really have each other's back. I do have to wonder if Midnight and Starla's apparent relation will have any implications down the line. Hopefully no major manufacturer's defect between the two. And the ominous development of the pony companies. They made Midnight (and Starla), but they seem to be having some difficulties with development? Are they accidentally going to create ponyzilla and unleash it upon the world?
>>14592 That's the question, isn't it? Given I've taken to liking the idea of all of my /bootleg/ stories having the same general continuity, there are all sorts out there. And of various origins. When it comes to a life being made, that is all it's own thing. To be honest, for an April 1st story, I thought it would have been more interesting to others given it's a pretty hard spin on things.
Booze and disdain for stupid prompts led me to forget specific banned phrases while posting in /moon/ - I'm banned till the 16th. Can't help with bumps or input on /mlp/
>>14592 Thought I already replied to this - whoops. "Development" has so far resulted in 'normal' earth ponies and unicorns, but the next step that hasn't been accomplished is the creation of pegasi and alicorns. Remember, Middie was an unwilling test subject - her wings are from an unpopular Princess Twilight Sparkle robot. In this reality, they're trying to come up with a 'correct' gene splice to make bird pones that aren't manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.
(164.01 KB 768x768 ai celestia 2.jpeg)
>>14607 disdain for the faggot nigger mods and janitors who perpetuate soft treatment of eqg shitposts got me banned (again)
Starting off Part 6 of Midnight with a short update - that went in a completely different direction from what I had planned. >The sound of raindrops incessantly pattering on the windowpane above you clues you in that today is likely to be a wash before you even open your eyes. >You're also aware of a weight on your chest. >Cracking open an eye, blue and violet hair obscures your view of the owner's face - not that it's a mystery. >While Midnight's head is turned to rest on you, the rest of her is snuggled up close beside you. >Just barely audible amidst the rain is her snoring. >Over the past month or so, you've noticed that she doesn't wake up with bedhead anywhere near the degree she used to. >Clear indicator she's been sleeping much more soundly - though you kinda miss the sight of her ruffled and wild hair in the mornings. >With great care, you brush aside her mane with a hand to reveal her face. >At the same time, you notice her ear twitch just a bit, along with a slight disturbance in her snoring. "You awake?" >The snoring halts at once. >"...No," comes a lethargic voice. "Are you?" "I'm not sure yet." >"That doesn't make any sense." "Neither does you telling me you're not awake." >"Maybe I talk in my sleep." >With great care, you use your thumb to raise one of her eyelids for a view of her peepers. >From the darkness appears a faint bluish glow that gradually intensifies, while her pupil adjusts to the sudden intrusion. >"Why?" "I don't know. But I'm not convinced you're asleep. By the way, did you know your eyes don't really glow that much when you... well, when your eyes are closed?" >"I can't say I've ever looked in a mirror while *sleeping*," she counters. "When you say it like that, my question sounds pretty damn stupid." >As she turns her head to face you, the ends of her mouth turn upward. >"Might be more than just the way it sounds." >Her eyes shift away from you and to the window above your head. >"Sure doesn't sound or look like we need to be in a rush to get up today," she comments. "No, not particularly. Best we can do is get orders boxed today." >Midnight nods - or at least as much as she can with her head still resting on your chest. >"I'm okay with that." "Yeah, I think I am too. That was fun having Starla stay with us, but having to keep up with the two of you is tiring after a couple of days." >"Aww, you poor thing," Midnight coos in a sarcastic manner, poking you in the ribs with her hoof. "But you're right, it's nice to be back to... us. Slow down a bit, back to our normal pace." >You reach up with your other hand and boop her nose, which Midnight answers back by blowing a raspberry in a lethargic manner. "So cute." >"Shut up." "Maybe someday you'll learn that isn't an insult." >"Nah." >Midnight straightens up her body, content to now lie beside you, her head resting upon a pillow now. >Her left wing opens up to drape itself over your form.
>>14632 "You really have warmed up to flaunting your wings as of late," you speak up, turning on your side to face her. "What's up with that?" >"I don't really see a problem with it," she replies with an air of uncertainty. "No no, I didn't mean it as a problem, just a curiosity." >"I guess I have em - why not use em? I don't really feel ashamed of them like I was before," she replies, shrugging. "Plus they are handy in a pinch, like scouting." "I don't think you should have ever felt ashamed of them to begin with, Mid." >"Yeah, yeah..." she sasses, trying hard to hide a hint of bashfulness. "Maybe I'm starting to kind of like who I am now." "What changed?" >"Well a lot of shit has changed." >You can't quite tell whether she's being purposely obtuse, or not quite comprehending your question. "I mean to get to thinking like that." >"Yeah, and where do I even begin to answer that?" she responds with her own question. "I honestly didn't recognize - er, accepting who I am, I suppose. I just feel comfortable, y'know?" >You don't have anything to say or add without making her feel more awkward, so you just nod. >"It's hard when you wake up and find something new has been added or changed on you. These wings - they aren't real like most of the rest of me," she continues, fully expanding her wing to the point the tip nearly touches the ceiling fan. "They're from a bot. A Princess Twilight Sparkle bot - not even who I was supposed to be. So yeah, it sort of fucks with you when you start becoming someone's after-school project made up of a bunch of odds and ends." "I'm not trying to stir up any sort of bad memories, Mid," you interrupt. >"I'm fine, Anon. I swear," she assures you, lowering her wing to blanket you again. "I view things a bit differently now that I have others to bounce my thoughts off. But to my point - it took a long time to figure out how to control these - so maybe I wasn't born with em, but I've adapted, grown more accustomed to having them - there comes a point where arguing about who you are is sort of pointless. And honestly, not using these is wasting all the effort I put forth to adapt. I guess I look at it now as squandering something that I could use to my advantage." "Good way to look at it. And they look good on you." >"God, you're just trying to make me feel embarrassed, aren't you?" she asks, hiding her face beneath a hoof. >You ease her leg away from her head to catch sight of the blush she's undoubtedly suffering from. >The red tinge in her cheeks is noticeable even in this rather dim light, aided by the glow from her eyes as she tries to shy away from you. "You blush anymore and you're gonna turn purple, Middie," you tease her. >"Stop being a queer," she mumbles, trying hard not to smile and failing miserably. "Nope, I got you where I want you now," you reply, closing in and rubbing your nose against her snout.
>>14633 >Midnight can't help herself, giggling just a bit even as you can practically feel the heat emanating from her face. >"You're such a jackass." "I aim to please." >Midnight relents just a bit, relaxing as she kisses you. >A fleeting moment, but you got what you wanted, so you give her a bit of space. >But she scoots back up to you anyway. "So you gonna start flying more?" >"Maybe. I'm out of practice - though I was never really *in* practice," she admits. "Kinda hard finding space to fly indoors, particularly when you're in a fish tank ninety percent of the time." "I could see where that might be an issue." >"But, maybe with some time and exercise - it won't be so tiring. That's the biggest issue. I doubt I'm very aerodynamic, either." "I dunno, you cut a pretty damn good-looking figure to me," you gush, tracing lines through the fur on her stomach with your fingers. >"God damn you." >She blushes profusely once again, making you laugh. >She puts in a half-hearted effort to shove you away with both front hooves. "It's just us here." >"It's just us here," she mocks you in a nasally voice. "Aww, someone sounds gwumpy. Maybe you need more sleep," you tease, positioning your other arm to reach above her and run a hand through her mane. >Midnight snorts as her wing raises high enough off of you to come down with a decent whap. >"I'd probably still be sleeping if *someone* hadn't asked me if I was awake." "You were the one that answered." >"Yeah, that was stupid of me in hindsight, knowing now you wanted to torture me." >That makes you scoff. "Turning you into a blushing mess is torture now?" >"Always was," she replies. "You know I only do it because I find it enjoyable. And you keep coming back." >"Stockholm Syndrome." "You got an answer for everything." >"I try," she answers, patting your shoulder with her hoof. "Maybe we could go get the engine block today, huh?" "Mm, maybe. Not quite the end of the week, which is when the shop said it will be done," you remind her. "Also, we haven't gotten the new crankshaft or main bearings yet - so I wouldn't be able to actually do anything with it." >"Hmph. Thanks for crushing my hopes," she grumbles in jest. >Midnight rises up to her hooves, before resorting to a few leisurely stretches. "Could you turn around before you do the face-down ass-up one?" >A pillow is quick to smack you in the face. "Ow." >"Dirty bastard." "We need to buy some new pillows, these are getting too violent," you mumble through linen. >The pillow peels itself away from your head, aided by metal wire cinched around the far end from your face. >That wire releases the pillow to let it flop back on the bed beside you before it slithers its way onto one of your wrists. >"Time to get up, your comments are getting pretty stale this morning," Midnight instructs, gently tugging you to sit upright by her metal ally.
>>14634 "Oh thank god. Here I was thinking you were going to do some really kinky shit to me," you answer back whilst pointing to the makeshift bracelet. >"Oh man, this is gonna be of those days, isn't it?" Midnight sighs as she climbs off of the bed. >Despite that sound of mild frustration, Midnight sports a pleasant grin to greet the dreary morning. > It's the kind that's wide enough to force her fangs to pop out just below her upper lip. >Midnight's wire slips off of your wrist and floats back toward the mare, weaving seamlessly back into her necklace. >With a grunt, you throw your legs over the side of the bed and climb out of bed yourself. "You aren't in a rush to get at it this morning, are you?" >"Pffft, hell no. But I don't want to just lay in bed all day, either," she replies. "Breakfast?" "Eh, unless there's something you want, I'm alright. Probably just a granola bar or something that doesn't require effort." >"I'm fine with some jerky," she replies while heading to the door "Please not the teriyaki - that just does not smell great so early in the morning." >"Aww, poor baby," Midnight coos, stopping just before walking out and turning her head. >She has a devious look on her face that only accentuates her elongated canines. >"I think that's a small price to pay for having your fun." "That just makes me want to do it again tomorrow morning when you say it like that." >"Well, I guess we both have to make sacrifices, huh?" she proposes before sashaying out the door. ----- https://ponepaste.org/8828
>>14634 >Midnight's magnet powers. When she was lifting the engine block think about how much weight was going on her neck, and let's assume that magnet logic negates leverage because it's sci fi. I like to imagine she's just that strong and keeps her neck straight.
>>14635 Sounds like a cozy morning on a rainy day. A nice update.
(685.16 KB 2754x2700 1678611592445476.png)
>>14717 I'm glad you guys put these on. I don't always catch them, but when I do they tend to be pretty comfy.
https://w2g.tv/?r=wgpxhomcmszr1874kl Saturday evening /boot/n'chill. Bring your waifu, bring your snacks, bring your tunes.
Bootleg one off idea: Advances in soft robotics have leed to edible logic gates and actuated tissue. Anon buys a robot pony but she is made of gummy candy. At first he is put off by the idea, but she insists that she is made to be eaten and will feel sad and rejected if he doesn't consume her. He starts eating cosmetic parts like her mane, tail, and ears. They have different fruit flavors that match their colors. Once those are gone he is forced to consume more important parts like her legs untill she is all gone. This happens over the course of a few weeks and he becomes bonded to her, but he has to do it for her.
>>14899 While it's nice to see new ideas, I think something like that would just make me sad.
Got a little bit of music going before the main show. Ironically The Legacy of Kain is still a shorter view than when I would show all of the Clint Eastwood Dollars trilogy. https://w2g.tv/?r=w2z3pi31q0g3xttt81
(2.05 MB 4032x1960 1686093043571181.jpg)
>>15112 Very cute Anon.
>>15112 Congratulations!
>>15112 Should find some boots for them to wear.
>>15124 I am a man of many boots. I'm more interested in seeing them wearing a few of my helmets and field shirts. Though I will admit, I haven't spent much time with either of them. For the same reason I haven't been able to write, things just feel disrupted. I haven't been able to focus. I've been writing, but been writing nothing but random trash that you fire and forget.
>>15112 They're so cute!! What plushmancer did you get them from?
Who's down for a watch2gether tomorrow?
>>15245 Always.
>>15259 >>15247 >>15245 https://w2g.tv/?r=4pzlmoogevj89c1z1z Can someone post this to the thread? On VPN through public internet, blanket banned.
>>15260 Had to post a derpy me link, looks like 4chan has recently banned posting w2g links.
>>15260 I'll join in a bit
(1.87 MB 4032x1960 20230622_160959.jpg)
Holy shit, it's been three months since I've written anything. I got an odd one shot this morning. >"We know you're lying to us - why are you trying to waste our time?" >"Lying about what?" >It pains you to lay on your stomach and watch from a distance, but Anon was adamant he would handle this... >Two men stand at the counter, cornering Anon back behind it on the other side. >Both strangers are dressed in immaculate suits, though with their backs turned, you can't make anything out about them other than the identical buzzcuts they sport. >The one on the left reaches into his pocket, fishing out... something. > It's too quick, and blurry... >"Let's cut to the chase. We have this photo from a bar down the street. That's you, isn't it?" the other guy speaks up. >The small gap between the visitors allows you to see Anon's face as he studies the photo intently. >"Might be me. The lighting kind of sucks," he replies after a moment. >This is your fault. >You should have tried arguing with Anon about this. >You stick out like a sore thumb in looks and personality. >Sooner or later, someone was going to get wind of your unique looks and suspect something. >"Of course it's you. And this here is..." >The man holding the picture gestures to a particular spot of the photo. >"Why didn't you ask the bar? They were the ones that hired the entertainment," Anon responds with a calm and cool demeanor. >One of the men sighs. >"You realize being difficult is only going to make this worse for you, yes?" the other speaks up. "We have this photo, and numerous eyewitness testimonies." >"Do I get to speak to these supposed witnesses?" >"So you can intimidate them? I think not." >"That hardly seems fair. How do I know *you* aren't lying?" >The man on the right reaches down to his side in a slow, calculated manner. >"You realize harboring one of these biological experiments is a federal crime, right?" >"Oh good, here I thought you were with the EPA," Anon replies with a dab of sarcasm. "Not that I'm worried about back there, particularly the fifth row, all the way to the right. Totally not a chemical pit." >"We aren't interested in taking a gander at your junkyard, but we'll be sure to pass that information through the correct channels, Anonymous." >You can see Anon visibly deflate at that misdirection gone awry. >"Should we just bring him in?" the suit on the left asks, glancing at his partner through black sunglasses. >"I think we will get more from him here, we just need the right... technique." >In an instant, the man on the right jerks his hand up from his side, wielding an object that he uses to strike Anon across the face. >Your muscles tense as you fight the urge to leap from your hiding spot. >Anon groans as he brings a hand to his cheek, while the suit that just assaulted him straightens back up, pointing- >A gun.
>>15358 >"I'm done fucking around! We've tried being patient, but you're treating this serious matter as a joke!" >"It is pretty odd you two are obsessed with a pony. Can't find a girl that wants you?" Anon retorts. >Anon, why the fuck are you being- >A shot rings out, making you jump. >Anon clutches his arm in agony as he staggers back, crimson liquid beginning to already seep from underneath his grip and between his fingers. >"Another joke, perhaps? I have a few more rounds I can plug in you before you keel over." >"Or you can make it quick and put one between my eyes. Get fucked - I don't know anything." >"Makes it easy for us, we'll just bulldoze the place. One way or another, we'll eliminate what we need to." >"And if you're wrong? Are we just going to chalk this up as another Ruby Ridge?" >"I've had enough of this shit." >The man cocks his gun and aims it directly at his head. >"Go ahead, pussy." "Anon, no!" >You leap out of your junk pile in a flash, unwilling to see anything worse transpire. >But... >No one moves. >Everything seems frozen in time. >You take a step forward, proving to yourself everything is... normal? >At least for you. >Did... >Do you have special powers over time or something? >"While I am glad I was able to step in before any further events, I must apologize for allowing this to go on as long as it has." >A foreign voice echoes from above, as if from the heavens themselves. >You shift your gaze around with unease - though the ceiling is... well, right there above you. "...what?" >One by one, both the men in the suits and Anon dissolve away into dust, blown away without a sound by a light breeze. >Your eyes remain focused on the area around the counter by this oddity as new form steps up behind the counter, rearing up and resting her hooves upon the dingy countertop. >The stained linoleum stands as a stark contrast to the shimmering silver slippers the newest arrival sports - as well as the immaculate navy blue coat and ethereal mane. >Her turquoise eyes widen with surprise as she takes stock of you, seemingly for the first time. >Though you know her all too well. "This is what I get for Anon and I getting bored enough to watch your episodes the other night," you groan, rolling your eyes as you bring a hoof to your head. "At least this is a fruity dream now with Princess Luna rather than... whatever that was." >"Y-yes. You are dreaming. I must say I am questioning myself at the moment," Princess Luna murmurs. "Right..." >You can only stare in a bit of disbelief, while Luna seems to be doing the same, at least initially. >At some point in this little standoff, she relaxes, looking... beyond you. "Am... should I be controlling this dream? Waking up?" you ask no one in particular. "What the hell is going on?" >"My apologies while I... understand this," Luna speaks up in a soft voice. "Tell me, what is your name?" >Seriously? "Anon is gonna have fun with this if I start mumbling in my sleep again..." >"Pardon?"
>>15359 >May as well go along with the charade your head is spinning up at the moment. "Midnight." >Luna beckons for you to step up to the counter, where a bar stool suddenly appears. >Seeing no other recourse, you close the short distance between you and her and take a seat. >She continues to study you in silence. "So... what are we doing here? Giving me advice on what that nightmare was about?" >"I am gathering what I need..." >As she speaks, her eyes begin to glow. >Barely noticeable at first, but before long, her eyes are lost in a blinding white light. >Behind her, the back wall begins to move, growing nearer to her back, while the ancient dusty shelves begin to multiply and shift. >As the worn wood slowly begins to obtain a luster of fresh varnish, bottles begin to appear, slowly filling the voids. >As it begins to look like a bar, you note how the various bottles of shapes, sizes, and colors lack any sort of labels, though they all seem to contain... >Something. >Whatever liquid inside them all seems to move. >"Stars above..." she says after a spell, the light dissipating. >At this point, even the counter before you which Luna leans upon has changed into a well-cared bar top. "You never did any of this in the show. You always just know others." >"Right... things are a little different in reality," she replies, turning away toward the wall. "Reality. You wanna try that again?" >"I mean to say how you are... imagining me. In your mind, your dream," she corrects. >Her magic begins to pull a few bottles off of the shelves with meticulous care, looking for certain liqueurs. "Ah, I had alcohol last night before bed, didn't I? This is why everything seems so fucked up." >"More than likely, yes. Alcohol can lead to some curious results in the dream realm," Luna agrees with a sharp abruptness. >Whatever. >Just go with it, Mid. >As Luna turns around, she suddenly sports a white button-up dress shirt that cuts off down near the end of her rib cage, accented by a charcoal grey vest left open to reveal a red tie. >You eye her with a mixture of confusion and suspicion. >"I may as well complete the look, no?" she says with a giggle. "I would have expected something more... frilly. Girly." >"It's your dream. Is that what you want?" "Nevermind. I don't want to be sending the wrong signals here." >This is confusing as hell. >Aided by magic from Luna, a few bottles set themselves before you on the counter. >"You have been through a lot, Midnight. Far more than I expected to see." "And you expected to see what, exactly?" >Rather than answer, Luna taps one of the bottles to direct your attention. >Through the glass, you now see the movement earlier wasn't sloshing liquid... >They're memories. >Your memories. >You see the lab where you were kept - and tear yourself away almost instantly as you start to spy the beginnings of some of the 'tests' and 'experiments.' >A chill runs down your spine, unable to keep from picturing some of the more painful moments.
>>15360 >"You fought through that, you overcame those odds, and even though further trials lay ahead..." >Another instance of hoof upon glass draws your attention to the next bottle. >You watch in wonder at your first memories of the junkyard, making a home for yourself while figuring out how to keep yourself alive. >Reading through books, learning what the hell the outside world was about and how you could find a way to fit in. >"You are a fighter, Midnight," Luna speaks in an encouraging tone. "You haven't let the odds dissuade you at any moment." >Anon's face appears in the memory. >The first day you came face to face with him. >Man, that was risky. >And you watch as some of your many arguments and standoffs flash by. >"But look what has become of everything you have fought through and every risk you have taken, Midnight," Luna cheers, pointing to the last bottle of the counter. >You watch as you see the days of bringing the junkyard back to solvency, your interactions with Anon become more amicable, friendly, even. >And beyond. >You also spy Starla, Teddy, and some of the various trips and excursions you've been on, with Anon by your side. >As nice as it is to take a jaunt through memory lane, you haven't the foggiest of what Luna is trying to get at. "Neat, I guess," you say, trying to play it cool and not completely lost in the plot. >"Indeed. But through everything you have worked through, and laying the past to rest, you still hold a great fear in your heart," Luna replies, her voice growing colder. >The first and last bottles in the lineup levitate, pitching themselves over into a stainless drink shaker that manifests just before the liquids hit the bar top. >"I understand your worries - of the past and present converging," Luna continues as the bottles disappear, leaving the mixer to begin shaking at a feverish pitch. "You've moved on and laid your ire to rest, but you can't let go of what unholy concoction could come from moving on." >As she finishes, the shaker stops, dropping to the counter and tipping over, the lid popping off. > Pitch-black ichor spreads across the varnished wood, painting unspeakable pictures of outcomes befalling those who you love and care about. >Thoughts and dreams you've had before. >Because in the end - you're still a fugitive. >As much as you've enjoyed going out beyond the gates of the junkyard - despite your initial reluctance, of course - being seen in public is a chance to be caught. >It's always been in the back of your mind... >You squeeze your eyes shut, eager to avoid the images in the growing puddle in front of you as your heart races. "And what if it does happen? What if these things come true?" you demand. >Your breath catches in your throat. >Fear grips you as those images fight through the darkness, beginning to manifest in your head. "How do I live with myself - if I'm even unfortunate enough to still be living?!" >The overwhelming headrush leaves you feeling tipsy and off-balance.
>>15361 > But a gentle touch upon your foreleg pulls you away before those thoughts can play out or throw you into the void. >Opening your eyes, Luna rests her barrel across the bar and the black stain upon it to reach out to you, her leg grasping yours. > It's only now you realize you've begun to slip off of your seat. >"Indeed. 'What if' is exactly as it sounds," Luna answers, barely above a whisper. >With her aid as she leans back, you pull yourself back onto your stool properly. >"What if you had failed to escape? What if your first run-in with Anonymous had gone awry? What if Teddy had turned out not to be so friendly?" "Well... at the time I didn't have anything to really lose," you mumble in response. "Or didn't realize what I had. But now that - where I am now is different. You know? I'm putting people I give a damn about in danger." >Luna gives a slight nod, but doesn't seem particularly moved by your argument. >Once again, she turns her back to focus on the shelves stocked with alcohol. >Eventually, she picks out three more bottles from the display. >As they gently set down upon the black-puddled bar top, you note these three are labeled. >The first - a green bottle, has Anon's face plastered upon it. >The second - amber-colored, sports Starla with her welcoming smile. >Curious, Luna turns it back around to take a gander again. >"Well, there are certainly some strange parallels..." she muses, before setting it back down along with the last bottle. >A clear bottle, brandished with Teddy's face. >"All three of these know your background and what being around you entails. Even in your darkest moments, they have been beside you. Yet looking through your memories, I don't see an ounce of regret or uncertainty from them being with you. 'What if' does not cross their mind - or if it does, they don't allow it to sway them away from you." >As Luna speaks to you, the bottles seem to suck up and evaporate the liquid on the counter until the immaculate surface shines through once again. "Maybe..." >"My point being is you can't let what-ifs stop you from moving forward. You've come so far, Midnight. There's no telling what heights you can reach. There will always be a what if, and while it is perfectly normal to have reservations - healthy, if I may add - you can't let them consume your life and how you live it." "Thanks, I guess. I didn't really think it was bothering me, but... I feel better. Lighter in a sense," you comment. >It really does feel like things are just... >Brighter. >This has been one fucked up dream, but you can't deny it all clicks, at least from a Luna lesson standpoint. >"As much as I would love to stay and have a more vested discussion, I am afraid my time here is up," Luna says, sounding a bit forlorn as she taps her hoof on the counter. >In the blink of an eye, the garage appears as it always has, the back wall the normal distance and plain brick and mortar.
>>15362 >Luna sports her usual regalia as well, though her visage is graced with a beaming smile. >"Take care of yourself Midnight. It's good to see what's become of you is positive," she says, opening her wings. >That last sentence strikes you as... off - even if this is a dream. "Wait, what does that mean?" >You don't get an answer before the blaring sound of an alarm jolts you away. >Sure enough, cracking open your eyes shows you in bed, Anon beside you. >He's still sound asleep despite the godawful racket of the alarm on his side of the bed, on the table. >You poke him with your hoof. "It's for you." >"Tell em to call back then," he mumbles. "I'll throw the alarm if you don't get it." >Anon groans as he rolls over. >"I'd call your bluff, but I don't want to risk having to do drywall." "I never said where I'd throw it." >The alarm cuts off before Anon rolls back over to face you. >"You already look like you're up and raring to go. Scare you out of a deep sleep?" he quips. "Eh, weird dreams. Shouldn't have tapped the bottle before bed last night, I guess," you dismiss him. >Instead, you get a queer expression from Anon before he rubs his eyes. "The hell was that look for?" >"Unless you got a secret stash of booze somewhere, we don't have any. I killed the last bit of rum two days ago." "Oh..." >Well shit. >Apparently you just had a really, really weird imagination overnight. >"You okay?" "Yeah, why?" >"You just look bewildered." >Well now that you uttered such a big word first thing in the morning, I am," you gasp. >"Ha, funny," he sasses, sitting up. "Seriously though, you wanna talk about your dream?" >You briefly consider it but... >Where to even begin? >At the end of it all, you feel like something in your head has clicked. >Through the rises and falls, you feel sorted out. >Renewed. >And left wondering about some of those words and dismissals your dream with Luna had to share... >But, those are best left to sort out another time. "Nah, don't worry about it." ----- https://ponepaste.org/9021 I personally don't know what to make of this - it's an idea that's been in my head for quite a while, probably fitting best early on in Part 5. But what is it? Is it part of the story? Is it just a dream? Is there more to it than that? That's up for (You) to decide, because I don't know.
>>15363 Wow, honestly just... wow! Hyped to learn out where do you intend to bring it.
>>15365 I sent some mixed signals I didn't mean to - before I say anything else, the plurality of the title was in reference to Middie having awful thoughts and dreams like this before, and 'is there more to it than that?' in reference to it being just a dream or something beyond that. This is meant to be a one-shot. I never say never, but that is all I have planned for that paste. Quite honestly, I didn't feel that great about posting it at all after I wrote it. But your comment really means a lot, even if I may have given you too much hype. I have many ideas I can never flesh out and just fade away, but this one has stuck with me for well over a year now, and I just decided it needed to be tapped, for better or worse. I guess in a sense, it's an odd crossover of my undying love for Luna, and my beloved bootleg of her darker side. I feel a bit better about how it came out now, though I still leave it up to the reader on what it really is. At least this particular idea didn't take me seven years to finally pull the trigger.
>>15363 Finally something in this thread! It's been dead for a while. That was a very intense little green, a bit of a rollercoaster. I think it fits perfectly as an optional headcanon because it doesn't effect the rest of the story.
>>15363 That was a vivid dream, incredible. I love how you do these one shots where they can fit in seemingly anywhere. Definitely fun with the ambiguity at the end having Midnight question just how real that Luna was. Addresses what looks to be Middie's greatest fear: being found out and losing everyone. Luna's presence certainly helped, but I imagine there will always be a little something nagging at the back of Midnight's mind. But perhaps a little paranoia is not the worst? Keeps her on the lookout, from doing anything too risky, because there is a genuine risk. Just how immediate that risk is I don't think anybody in the story truly knows. They know there are those people out there, detectors, but just how common are they and just how likely is it that they'd pick up on her? Hard to say. At the same time she shouldn't be paralyzed by fear. It is good and important for her to go out and experience life. So there will always be a balancing act I think between the two extremes. I am very excited to see Midnight back, to see activity in the thread, and to see you again Auto. Thank you for the horsewords and I look forward to the continuation of Midnight.
>>15373 >>15377 Danke, guys. I hope I'm back on a more regular basis. While I think I got a bit burnt out, another writing project and real-life projects and frustrations/anxiety really took their toll on me. I stalled out early May with the next update to Midnight - but that will likely be posted by this time tomorrow morning. I'm glad to see across two boards, there's been a lot of enjoyment in this one shit. I suppose some of that has to do with the hunger for new green. But it really was nice to do a dream sequence green again with moonhorse in her element (first time in Midnight) - whether real or not doesn't matter much. If an idea comes along that fits, there might be another installment in this one shit. But that's also a dangerous path to tightrope, as I do want to keep this separate and ambiguous. Time will tell.
>>14635 >Rather than piss the whole day away lazing about, you started tackling a project that had languished for far too long. >Setting up new lights in the storage room. >Considering almost a quarter of the shop lights never came on when you flipped the light switch the first time, it was an upgrade to LEDs well overdue. >...and the lights you bought have sat in their boxes in a corner of the shop for over a month. >It's really something only *you* need - when Midnight is searching for a part in this room, she doesn't bother with the lights half the time. >As you unhook the last chain holding this fixture to the ceiling, it is taken by Midnight's ability, who stands beside you. >The new fixture is already on its way up before you even ask. "Man, this is going smoother than I thought." >"Did you really think it was going to be a pain?" Midnight asks. "I couldn't remember if the old ones were all wired in, or just plugged into an outlet," you explain. "I'll still have to do some wiring to add a few outlets for the ones that were wired in - but looks like most of em are plug and play." >"And there was a mix and match in here because..." "Hey, this wasn't my doing," you protest in response to Middie's challenging tone. "I've only ever changed bulbs in here - all of this existed when I bought the place." >She narrows her eyes, trying to discern whether you're being honest. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice." >Rather than answer, her eyes glow brighter as she continues to play with you. "Indoor voice, please," you add while stringing up the new light on the old hooks. >You don't warn her before plugging it in, the bright white LEDs making her recoil as she shut her eyes in an instant. >"Dickhead." "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." >"That never stops you." "I like stupid prizes." >You get a snort from Midnight as you clamber down your ladder, moving it around a shelf while she takes care of the old fixture. >"Maybe we ought to reorganize the storage room today while we're at it?" Midnight suggests from outside. >Ha. >You don't answer her, choosing instead to wait for her to return with the next light as you unplug the next in sequence. >"I know you heard me." "I never said I didn't." >"Why must you be so obtuse?" she whines. "Because you're acute." >You get a deadpan stare for your efforts. "A. Cute," you reaffirm, pointing to her in time with each syllable. >"I can accidentally shove this up your ass when I pass it off to you," she comments, waggling the light fixture in a lazy motion. "Oh, you know how to start me up, don't you?" >"Aaanyway," Midnight spouts, sidestepping your idiocy for the time being. "I recall your bitching and moaning any time you have to come in here and stumble around - what else have we got to do today? As you said, this is going well - we'll be done in no time at this pace." "But this is supposed to be an easy day!" you whine in an exaggerated fashion.
>>15409 >Midnight can only roll her eyes as you drop the light down and off to her, while she passes you the new one. "Eh, if that's what you want to do, we can at the very least get started. >Midnight perks up at that before once again heading out of the storage room with the old fixture. >Now you just need to put both your heads together to think of the best way to organize. >Right now, everything is relatively sorted by make. >But the way the shelves have essentially been brought in and set up in an unplanned fashion means it truly is a bit of a maze to navigate. "Do you have any ideas on how this should be done?" you call out after her. "Other than moving shelving units? Or was that it?" >"Not... particularly," she responds, her voice hesitating again until she reappears in the doorway. "I figured you had an idea." "Huh. That might be a problem then." >Midnight frowns, disappointed by this abrupt setback. >"I guess that will wait another day then. I'll give it some thought." >As you gander at the shelves in a new and brighter light, it's apparent that this room isn't filled to capacity as it once was. >After all, the only reason this became such a useful storage room was a result of Midnight pulling apart engines during her first few weeks working with you. >Now - most of the time if you need an engine part, you and Midnight either find a car with the needed engine or the engine itself you occasionally purchase and pull the parts then and there if it isn't in the storage room. >There's no cycle of replenishment. "Should we just use this room to mark and sort orders as we bring them up and offload them from the truck?" you suggest. "Probably be a lot better than laying them in piles on the floor." >"Not a bad idea. You want to do away with tearing down engines in advance altogether?" "We haven't been doing that," you remind her. >"But we could. I could," Midnight chips in. "Yeah..." >You trail off, trying to consider what would be the best use for this room. >Some of the parts on the shelves haven't moved since they were placed in here ages ago. >That's not exactly purposeful use of space... >"Half and half, perhaps?" "Possibility. You wouldn't happen to know what we sell out of our inventory in here, would you?" >"Not in detail off of the top of my head. A lot of timing covers across most makes, oil pans, quite a few stock intakes. A few crankshafts, but much on other internals like camshafts, to be honest." >Funny, you happen to be staring at a bumpstick that's been in here a few years, judging by the blanket of cobwebs branching off of the geared snout. >"Heads seem to depend on the make - not much when it comes to Ford or Chevy considering what I've seen of the aftermarket supply, but Lincoln, Cadillac, some oddball niche parts or high flow performance parts like Chrysler 340 heads - those go pretty well." "I thought you didn't have details, nerd," you comment, turning to her.
>>15410 >"Eat a dick," she retorts, finishing off by sticking her tongue out at you in a childish manner. "So yeah, there's some stuff in here that maybe we shouldn't bother with." "But some is good to have on hand because we go through it." >Midnight nods. >"I don't think we should throw out what we haven't sold, but... well, I don't know. It takes up space that could be better utilized. I certainly don't like piling customer parts off in a corner of the shop." "Nor do I. Because someone ends up yelling at me when we have to search for something," you mumble, hanging your head as you pout - but making sure to keep your eyes locked on Midnight. >"It motivates you more than anything else, doesn't it?" she proposes, looking amused and just a little prideful. >Rather than wait for you to come up with a silly answer, Midnight trots past you, beginning to seize some of the aforementioned internal engine parts off of the shelves before turning and heading back out. "Put em on some junk carpeting off to the side somewhere, not concrete," you remind her. >"Please, you insult me. I'm not a rookie," Midnight answers back. >Taking her lead, you grab a couple of camshafts from nearby to begin sorting out this room properly. >Midnight is much more efficient than you, able to levitate several pieces away from each other, while even with the camshafts, you can only do one in each hand. >Too easy to nick the finish - which could potentially make them useless. >Even despite your comparatively feeble workload, all the parts that have been languishing for some time end up evacuated to a far corner of the garage within a half hour. >Of course, that was only part of the task - everything else still on the shelves needed to be condensed into one area to make room for orders awaiting shipment. >But with everything going so well, you decided to test your luck... "So, what's the big secret between you and Starla?" >"Hm?" >While she plays coy, it isn't hard to spot her jaw clench upon hearing your question as you both rummage through the remaining items on the shelves. "Something that she was going to discuss with you further at some point." >"We discussed a lot of things during her stay." >Dare you press further? >Of course you do. "Yeah, but she made the effort to shout out the truck window before leaving, so it must have been something major, y'know?" >"Mmm, nope. Not sure what it was," she replies in a carefree, dismissive manner. "Maybe I'll have to email her, pretending to be you." >"Really, you would be that petty?" she responds, still calm and collected as she awards you a glance. >You have to just relent at this point, your shoulders slumping in disappointment. "I've run out of tricks, haven't I?" you ask her. >"More that I can smell your bullshit from a mile out. You care too much to be that nosy and disrespectful," she explains. "Way to take the fun out of it. You could have at least pretended to get all upset and flustered."
>>15411 >"Oh, but you're doing that for *my* amusement now," she teases, flashing you a cocky smile. "I don't think I like you anymore," you pout. >Midnight cackles at your response before returning her focus to the task at hand. >"By the way..." "Hm?" >"If a package shows up addressed to me, don't open it." "You're really trying to aggravate my curiosity, aren't you?" >"Maybe," she comments, keeping her eyes averted from you. >You lean over and gently flick one of her ears. >A lack of attentiveness on her part means you get a slightly startled jump from Midnight, followed by a spastic twitching of her ear. >"Prick," she grumbles "Oh hush, that didn't hurt." >Mindful of her horn, Midnight cocks her head sideways and gives you a firm headbutt. >"You're still a prick." "Ow..." >You cradle your side, sniffling as if she's really injured you. >"C'mon, we got enough space cleared to bring it pulled orders," Midnight says, flaring out a wing to brush against you as she trots by. "Hey, you made you boss hoss?" you retort. >"Mm, no one. I just took the reins," she replies, cracking a wry grin at her own pun. "That was fucking terrible." >"So was your comment," she argues. "It was less shit. It sounded decently casual." >Rather than respond with words, Midnight raises her eyebrows and shakes her head sharply in defiance. >You do the exact opposite, widening your eyes as you nod your head at a fervent pitch. >"What a compelling argument," she comments. "But still, no." "Bastard." >"Dumbass." >She disappears out of sight beyond the door frame, but not before waving a hoof to beckon you to follow. >You really appreciate her motivation to try getting this garage to work more efficiently. >But damn - you might end up doing more work on a rainy day - which was traditionally a day off. >Nevertheless - she seems to really be enjoying this today. >As you round the corner and head toward the closest pile of orders... >Midnight is nowhere to be seen. >Uh... "Midnight?" >"Yes?" >You about jump out of your skin hearing Midnight's lazy response directly behind you. "You son of a-" >You turn around as you finally hear her hoofsteps, finding Midnight trotting in place with glee. >"Hah, I still got it!" she crows, coming off of her high as she takes a calculated, silent step toward you in demonstration.
>>15412 "You won't be laughing when you give me a heart attack sneaking around and spooking me like that." >"On the other hand, there's plenty of car batteries laying around to jumpstart your heart if need be," she responds, hardly missing a beat. "How the hell did you get behind me, anyway? I saw you walk out this way." >"Ah, I can't divulge my secrets," she muses with an emphasis in her voice, even as she ruffles her folded wings. "You're getting a bell on you whether you like it or not." >Midnight trots past you, emitting a short cackle of laughter. >"Now what would be the fun in that?" "Not pissing my pants?" >Midnight whirls around, rearing up to place her hooves on your shoulders. >"Shame. That sounds like a 'you' problem." "Not if I kick you out of bed," you threaten with a big smile. >"Come on, that's my go-to ultimatum," Midnight whines, her devilish grin disappearing. "Too bad, now I'm using it." >Midnight's nostrils flare as she exhales in mock frustration. >"Fine then." > It's the only words she utters before moving a hoof from your shoulder, up to your face and- >"Boop." >Her hoof gently touches the tip of your nose. >"Fair's fair, right?" she challenges. "It's not as cute as when I do it." >"Even though I don't do cute at all. "Of course." -----
>>15413 Love to see more Midnight. Looks like they're continuing to clean up their operation at the scrapyard. Middie's done some wonders to that place. As always, thanks for the update Auto.
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>THREAD DEAD Goddamit I was going somewhere with that green. I guess this means I have to archive my shit I didn't already have in a doc, too. It's a damn shame, but with all those random threads that were popping up recently, I'm not too surprised.
>>15434 I blame the tffags making more than usual
>>15435 But no you're right, there was a big jump in threads that dont even have 10 replies when I woke up
>>15435 Post them here too. I haven't been able to do much of anything at all with /bootleg/ since the fire. Got normal internet back up but otherwise I'm kinda displaced and got enough clothes to fill out a rucksack and loadout bag and that's about it. Save for desktop, laptop, and smaller handheld gadgets. I'm guessing writing would help. I just need to be able to focus.
I'll just preface this with the fact that I started having this idea after making that shitpost with the pink Dash with the unfortunate name and wanted to elaborate further on the concept. Maybe this will wind up being something I do more of, I haven't thought that far ahead. This is that thing I posted in the (late) /mlp/ thread, but with some more time to add onto it. -Bootlegs Anonymous: Coffee Run- >Another month, another BA meeting. >And another morning of snack preparations. >You walk on over to the kitchen table and sit down with a sigh. >You then take a sip from your day old coffee and admire the stack of goodies that you now have to lug into your minivan. >All that's left are those batches of- >"Peanut-butter cookies!" >You peer into the kitchen proper and spot an excited unicorn staring at a pan of uncooked balls of cookie dough next to a somewhat frazzled pegasus with a tiny beret resting on her head. >She wanted a 'baking hat thingy', but you couldn't find a chef's toque on short notice, so you improvised. >With how happy she was when you showed her, you guess you did decent enough. >An assortment of baking supplies are strewn about the place, but luckily, it doesn't seem like they've made much of a mess yet. >"Isn't Miss Quiet allergic to peanuts...?" >"Nope! She just doesn't *like* peanuts. She can't even be allergic to begin with! But that being said... I'm pretty sure Mister A is, so I think we should have a backup that hasn't been contaminated by peanut... uh... peanut essence?" >Waltz nods knowingly. >"Oooh... Okay! I'll make sure we have an alternative to the peanut-butter cookies. Maybe um... Maybe some sugar cookies that look like little sheep? I have a really nice recipe riiight… here?” She pauses as she peers into a drawer in the kitchen. “Uhm… It’s here s-somewhere! One moment please…" >She frantically rummages through the drawer, a worried look on her face. >But that doesn’t last long, as her eyes widen and she lets out a sigh of relief. >”Thank goodness… I thought I lost you.” >Waltz hums a familiar tune as she lifts a colorful piece of paper up and out of the drawer while Jive isn’t looking, >You can’t read what is said from here, especially since it was facing away from you, but you can see that there’s a wobbly drawing of a happy ewe munching on a cookie on the other side. The words ‘Ewe are my best friend!’ crudely drawn at the top of the paper. >You fondly remember the first batch of ‘friendship sugar cookies’ she made before she really knew how to bake. >It was lumpy and clearly had too much butter, but it was a pretty decent start for somepony who had never baked before. >You will admit that it was a little hard to eat, though. >You’re pretty sure it had some eggshell in it or something. >But the look on her face was worth it, and with how many of them Jive put down, you guess it was an all round success. >She’s come a long way, that’s for sure. >Both in the baking and shyness department. >And you’re really proud of her for that. >Once she finishes her little celebration, she taps Jive’s back with a wing, getting her attention. >"Look Jive! I found it!" >Waltz, with her mocha coat and lazy eye, grins and lifts up the piece of paper with her wing and shows it to her slightly smaller twin, Jive. Who's chipped horn sparks a little as she squints at the recipe. >"Yeah... those could work wonders, Waltz! Good job.” Jive snickers a little and gives Waltz a playful push with a forehoof. “Sheep for BA, huh? Ain’t that a little on the nose?" >Waltz giggles. "Mmhm! I think it’s quite fitting! I've been tweaking the recipe a lot lately and I think it's just about time to give it an honest shot in the dark! If uhm- if that makes sense." >She turns to you and waves. "Mister C? How's the egg situation?"
>>15443 >You rub your chin, trying to calculate how many eggs they've used so far. "Hmm... Probably not enough for another batch, I suppose. I'll go over to the store and grab another carton tout de suite." >Waltz ooo's a little. “French! Very classy, sir.” “Eh, I just heard it on TV.” >Jive trots on over, a look on her face you know all too well. "And yes, I'll grab some coffee on the way back, Java." >She trails a hoof on the table. "Good coffee…?" >You chuckle. "Yeah yeah, I'll snag the good stuff." >You turn your attention to Waltz, who was looking up at you expectantly from behind the kitchen counter. "How about you, Malt? Any demands?" >She ruffles her wings and smiles. >"I wouldn't mind some chai tea, sir. If- If that's okay, I mean." “It’s all good, Malty.” >You ruffle Java’s mane and she giggles. “The extortionist was *this* little mare!” >”Extort? Pfft, not in the slightest! All I did was *ask*.” “Uh-huh, while giving me the saddest set of puppy dog eyes I’ve grown to know so well?” >She shrugs, her innocent facade fading quite rapidly. “Well, It’s your fault for being such a pushover.” >You let out a sigh and smile. “Huh, I guess I am. It’s just so hard, ya know?” >She nods, a coy smile on her face. “Of course! I’m just hard to resist, ya know?” “Copying, huh? How low we’ve fallen…” >”I’d say I haven’t gone low enough!” >Java’s ears perk up at Malt clearing her throat. >”I think I can resist you quite well!” “Eh, I’d say we’re in the same boat, Malt. She simply can’t be trusted!” >Malt shakes her head with a theatrically somber pout on her face. “I never knew I had such a dubious little sister…” >Java scoffs and plays into the moment. “Just devious, you say? I’m downright devilish! I even got a horn to prove it!” >She sticks out her tongue as her horn sparks and you can’t help but laugh. “Whatever you say, Javabean.” >You get up with a stretch and nod curtly to Malt, who nods back with a loose salute and starts putting the peanut-butter cookies into the oven. >You then turn to Jive and smile. “I’ll get going then and grab your *uber* expensive coffee.” >In actuality, it wasn’t *that* expensive. You just like to tease her about it, even if it usually doesn’t faze her. >Java grins. "Just think of it as payment for being the bestest baking club in all of BA history!" “Despite only announcing the club’s existence at the last meeting?” >Malt tilts her head. "I also think we're the *only* baking club in all of BA history, Java." >Java gestures dismissively. "It is what it is... BUT!" >She turns to you with a literal sparkle in her eye. >"But soon enough? We're gonna have a ton of members and be super famous and make lotsa moolah! I mean, who can resist baked goods? No one!" >You share a brief moment of amused eye contact with Malt. "Java dear... it's charity work." >She blinks. >...And then pouts a little as Malt stifles a laugh. >"We're doing this for free?”
>>15444 Just bootleg ponies being cute, nice. Would love to join their club.
https://ponepaste.org/9042 Displacement. Started it after seeing the homeless pony thread. Good timing.
>>15450 Neat! I'm glad that thread wound up with some green. Anon & Anon(mare) is a pairing that always seemed funny to me in a cosmic sort of way.
>>15451 It is a bit odd, because Anon is a name... and a title. So what happens when you have two that would dare share the same name? Unless our human Anon has a different idea. It also grows on the name of the green which doubles as the theme: displacement. Anonmare was given a ticket to Equestria... as a filly. So that's no more old life, no more vidya, no more hands. Given she's led a full enough life to end up as a mare, she's also completely different than when she was a filly. Which is already a lifetime ago from when Anonmare was just another Anon. Then we have Anon himself. Still a human, but displaced all the same. Ponies may be aware of humans, but only through a very narrow viewpoint. Who knows how they're going to act toward them. And we have no clue how Anonmare is going to act because she's still a chubby dork mare. Anon is a human, with hands. And vidya. And a male. As usual, I have zero clue what'll happen with it but it will be interesting to see two Anons explore the same place, at the same time, with drastically different experiences.
>>15413 Nice to get two Midnight greens in a row! I missed her. >>15443 This looks interesting. Looking forward to reading it tomorrow, but I have to go to be now.
>>15444 Cute!
700k words reached. Also, when should we restart thread?
>>15472 Actually making some progress on Rosie again
>>15486 Blondino, shot you an email.
>>15472 Can try monday, since the weekend always splits attention between the w2g and thread
>>15492 Speaking of: https://w2g.tv/?r=q98n3jv4qzdyegzgg0 Give a hobo /boot/man some tunes.
(948.99 KB 977x1339 1stmeeting.png)
I think PinkRD and the bootleg anonymous is a fun little ideas, but I think she'd be rolling and trolling with it also yes I still exist
>>15500 That is a cute boot.
(154.54 KB 452x822 Rads N' Easel textless.png)
>>15500 Cute PinkDashie! Yeah, I definitely think that after the initial shock and embarrassment of realizing what her name was, she'd probably find it humorous. It'd probably take a bit, but she's a Dash after all, so she'd bounce back. I kinda imagined it like as if a doll gained sentience and found out it's kid named it 'asshole' instead of something normal, though in this case, it was probably just a programmer or whatever dicking around and got the name ingrained in an actual bot by accident and it never got picked up because >bootleg, so no one was checking all that carefully. Unfortunate, but not on purpose or anything. I'm sure she'll turn around and be just as energetic as any Dash, if maybe a little more reserved. Kinda. The whole 'bootlegs anonymous' thing is something I really enjoyed and I intend to do more dumb mini greens related to it since I like the setting. Maybe I could do crossovers or something. I did have an idea with Rads and Snowy. Speaking of BA... I think I'll probably post that thing with Java Jive and Malt Waltz in the new thread once it's up. I've got a few more things I want to do with that one.
>>15500 fug I almost forgot but I just wanted to say I really dig your stuff. Keep up the good work!
>>15506 Bootlegs Anonymous reminds me of the old days with hassenfeld hotline service with anons calling in for questions and problems related to their hassenfeld ponies gone wrong.
>>13932 https://ponepaste.org/4579#1233>The weekend has since come and gone, the rest of Saturday and the entirety of Sunday spent simply relaxing. >Today however has felt off- a sort of malaise hung heavy in the air. >A glance at the clock on the wall tells you that Anon should already be done with his work for today. >Normally once he ‘clocks out’, he comes out of his room and joins you in watching whatever you have on at the time. >Instead the door to his room appears closed, with no signs of it intending to open any time soon. >You hit pause on the remote, and listen closely to check if there is any sound coming from the room. >... >Nothing. >A quick hop and the clop of hooves against wood brings you to the floor from the couch. >That sound of hooves and wood serves as your only companion as you approach the door. >The lights have been turned off. >As you reach to check and see if the door will open, your ear flicks at the sound of something quiet. >Anon’s saying something, just barely above a whisper. >Or…is he singing? >”Suddenly every machine stopped at once, and the monitors beeped the last time. Hundreds of thousands of hospital beds, and all of them empty but mine…” >There was something about his voice, like something was on the verge of breaking. >Without thinking, you push on the door and it swings open. >Anon is lying on his bed, head up and eyes squinting at you as light pours into the room. >Once his eyes readjust he pulls out the headphones he had in and says, “Sorry, was I singing too loud?” You shake your head, “Are you okay? You sounded really sad.” >”Just a little tired, is all, didn’t sleep well last night.” he responds. “Is it something to do with Dawn or Sonata?” He shakes his head, “Nothing you need to worry about,” his head hits the pillow again, “You can go back to watching your show, I have an alarm set for when it’s time for you to go to bed, so I’ll be up then to make sure you can sleep.” >Something about this doesn’t sit right with you. >As he lay there, you take the time to go back into the living room and use the remote he programmed to turn off the lights and the TV, before heading back to his room. >You hopped onto the bed and laid down next to him. >Anon stirs at your sudden presence. >”You don’t have to do this.” >With a hoof you lift his arm by the wrist and place it on top of your head. >His reaction is automatic, and he starts to pet your mane. >Originally, you were a bit put off by it, only some part deep within you finding any joy in it. >From those memories or nightmares you’ve had, nothing in them had hands. >Perhaps your initial thoughts about it were caused by, what had Anon called it, the “uncanny valley”? >Now however, the gesture does put you a bit at ease. >You hoped it did the same for Anon. >”What’s wrong, Rosie?” “You.” >”I told you, I’m fine.” >The thought about reminding him of what happened to his mother swiftly comes to mind, but is buried just as quick, you eventually settle on: “Normally you don’t act like this.” >He lets out a laugh that dies halfway out of his throat, petering out into an exhale. “Something about that you find humorous?” >”No, no, just,” he sighs, “I’m fine, Rosie, don’t worry about it.” >Your brow furrows at his response, he’s hiding something, you can feel it. There’s one thing you could do though. “Anon?” >”Hm?” “Remember how we agreed we would discuss what my prize for winning the card game would be?” >The hand that was petting you was taken away so that Anon could prop himself up, “What about it?” “I want you to be honest with me.” >Anon lets out one of those exhale-chuckles he does and lets himself fall back onto his back. >He presses the balls of his hands into his eyes and mutters, “Fuck,” under his breath. >Once he finishes, he folds his hands and rests them on his stomach. >”Fine, fine…” >He sighs once more before continuing, “I’m worried…about you.” >You close your eyes and nod to let him know to continue. >”If you are actually from another world, would you go back if you
>>15510 >”If you are actually from another world, would you go back if you had the chance?” >You flinch. You hadn’t actually thought about that. ”It…hadn’t crossed my mind.” >Surely there was something else you could say. “If…Dawn Glow was right, and my nightmares are actually memories, that means I’m…” ‘If you were to somehow go back, there was no doubt that you would just die, right? Was there a difference in time between here and there? Would you come back as some sort of undead? Are you currently some sort of undead? What if-’ >The feeling of a hand on top of your head snaps you out of your thoughts, you open your eyes and look at Anon. >”You started shaking.” was all he said before he started petting you again. >The two of you lay there like that for a while, nothing but the low noise of the heater to fill the silence between the two of you. >Someone has to break it eventually, and it looks like it will be Anon. >”I don’t want to lose anyone else, I don’t think I’m strong enough, ‘least not anymore,” he says, breathing out a long, shaky sigh. “Do you mind me asking why?” >Another shaky sigh, “I’ve already told you half, maybe some other time- could really use an extra few hours of sleep.” “Okay,” you sigh, “See you in a few hours.” … >Anon has long since fallen asleep. >You lay awake, lying on your back, legs held up close to your torso and staring at the ceiling. >It’s a wonder that Anon sleeps like this, it's barely comfortable. >Rolling onto your side, you look at Anon. >For a brief moment you wonder if this is what it’s like for him, awake while you’re asleep, alone with just one’s thoughts. >... >Did he spend every night like this before you? >It’s…lonely. >Looking at his face, brow furrowed and face twisted in a slight grimace, you get the feeling he isn’t sleeping soundly. >You contemplate waking him up, but something tells you it wouldn’t be good for his heart. >There has to be something you could do. >In the dim light you notice Anon’s phone had come unplugged from the headphones he was using. >He had Dawn’s number, if your memory recalls. >She’d surely know what to do. >Now to figure out how to use it.>It took you twenty minutes to figure out how to turn it on without breaking the phone. >You use your muzzle to swipe through the screens until you see one that looks like a phone. >The amount of names in his list of contacts is staggering. >Are these all his colleagues? Friends? Family? >If they were the last two, why did he never seem to get calls outside of work hours then? >Eventually you come across one named “Sunshine”. >You vaguely remember Anon calling her that when you woke up last weekend, so you tap the call button. >It rings for a few seconds before she picks up. >”Hello, Anon?” you hear her say, quietly. Shaking your head, you say, “No, this is Rosie.” >”Rosie, what- is Anon okay?” “He’s asleep right now; but there is something wrong with him, I don’t know what to do since he won’t talk to me about it. Also could you speak up, you're very quiet.” >”But I’m…Rosie, on Anon’s phone right now there should be a symbol on the screen that looks like it’s for volume, do you see it?” “Yes?” >”Press it.” >You do so, and it changes color, what was that supposed to accomplish? “So what was that supposed to do?” >”Can you hear me better now?” “Yes.” >”That was the speaker button, it makes whoever you’re talking on the phone with louder, to put it simply.” “Oh,” you respond, ears folding against your head. >”No need to be embarrassed, but what seems to be bothering Anon?” “I don’t know, he won’t talk to me about it, I just thought he would be more willing to tell you.” >”Hmm, do you really think this is worth potentially deceiving him over?” “Seems you already have a plan in mind.” >”Perhaps I do, but again, is it really worth lying to him?” “Dawn Glow, please. I’ve never seen him like this.” >There was silence over the line for a few seconds.
>>15511 >”Fine, fine. We’re supposed to finish moving into the new place this weekend- tell him we need help moving the last few boxes, I’ll try and talk to him about it.” “Thank-you so much, Dawn!” >”It’s no problem, anything else you need? Any problems with the liquid moonlight?” You shake your head again, “That’s all for now.” >”Okay, have a nice night, Rosie.” “You too,” you respond. >With that, the call ends, and you’re alone again. >Maybe you could convince Anon to get you a way of communicating with Dawn, and maybe Sonata. >You hardly know them, but they seem nice. >Hopefully this wasn’t a bad idea, hopefully Anon won’t be too- >A droning sound from Anon’s phone snaps you from your train of thought. >Grunts come from his side of the bed as he reaches around for his phone. >You nudge it towards his hand and he picks it up, silencing it as he sits up. >He rubs his eyes before saying, “Were you talking to someone? Thought I heard something.” Your pulse quickens for a second as you come up with a lie, “Dawn called, said she and Sonata were almost done moving into the new place, but could use a hand for the last few boxes.” >”Oh, alright, not like we had any plans this weekend anyways. Should probably look into giving them a housewarming gift, I guess.” >He groans as he stands, “Gonna make us dinner real quick then go back to bed, gotta be something light though- already feeling nauseous but it’s usually not a good idea to take medication on an empty stomach.”https://ponepaste.org/4579 And there's the update, sorry this took so long, I had to get the creative juices flowing again, additionally, I rewrote the previous update a bit because I ended up not being as satisfied with how it turned out as it did previously, and the paste should reflect that edit.
So it's monday and I notice no bootleg thread on /mlp/ but caught sight of Auto reposting in AIE/PIE. Is the merge happening after all?
>>15516 Autobahn has just been reposting. I can make the thread this evening. OP ideas? Always more art being made so it is difficult to decide.
>>15519 Well I guess it depends on if there are any recent pictures you think could work as an OP pic. Maybe a newer boot or something?
(88.17 KB 1073x1024 sonata.jpg)
>>15519 >OP ideas
>>15519 I'm a shill
>>15522 I too enjoy shilling. I'll have to make it tomorrow. Went to the house to grab whatever spices and pantry items I could that were still factory sealed. Between that and how godless this temporary apartment is with lack of airflow and cooling, I've been wiped out. Starting it too late will mean not much activity until morning, if it lasts. And speaking of shilling, at least I enjoy the Anon/Anonmare hobo story. And AngryAnon has come back.
>>15525 I'm sorry if that would sound rude, thats not my intention, just a genuine question: why can't you just camp in your own yard in a tent or something? At least you will be close to your stuff.
>>15500 Hey, good to see you with some cute art to boot! I dropped you a pm on ponerpics tonight >>15516 Don't mind what I do - I'm just being a faggot. Spreading my special brand of autism while trying to breathe a bit of life in my old haunt, where I got my start. This shit is all new to them. I'm keeping AiE/PiE bumped, but it's not doing anything to spur conversation or (you)s - I'm just sort of enjoying rereading and reliving it all as I post
>>15527 Because I'm in an apartment complex that was set up with furniture. It's maybe two miles away from the house. Grabbed things from the pantry because around Thursday is when a company is going to start packing up the house for cleaning and they consider all food items a loss. With the items I grabbed still being factory sealed, means around $100 worth of stuff could be grabbed to keep stock.
>>15522 cute boots are fine boots. I can put up a thread, but I don't know what edition subtitle I would use for this pic
>>15510 Rosie is sweet
>>15545 How so
>>15554 She's concerned about Anon.
Would any of /boot/ residents be interested in Autumn Art Pack? >>15578
>>15584 Sure. What does that include?
>>15595 Whatever you would like to create with given theme. Please, visit the thread, vote for theme.
>>15413 >"You're screwing with me, right?" "No, why?" >Midnight exhales in obvious irritation as you toss the shifter into park. >"As if you really have to ask that question..." "Oh come on, you really think I pulled in here to get some cheap laughs or something?" >Midnight doesn't say anything as she stares out the window at the sun-worn sign. >Buckboard Bar and Grille. >The last time you were here, Midnight ended up very, very drunk by mistake. >And singing karaoke. >But dammit, they have good food, and you wanted a night out. >It's not like you have a ton of choices out in the middle of virtually nowhere. "Do you really think anyone in there tonight is going to remember what happened - hell, hasn't it been a year?" >"It's not been long enough," she sulks. "How long is enough time to come back here?" you ask, awaiting an unreasonable answer. >"A decade. Maybe two. And how could anyone forget?" "I thought it was a good performance, but that's just me." >Midnight whips her head around, glaring at you. "That's not what you meant, I take it?" >"You know, I could really go for some liver tonight. How's yours?" she inquires, leaning over to your side of the truck, honing in on your midriff. "I like that organ," you protest, shifting your hands down to your abdomen in a blocking maneuver. "You can't have it." >She snorts, but turns away and returns to her seat proper. "Where do you want to eat tonight if not here? The drive in?" >"We were just there last week. And that's kind of the same old, same old now," she argues, letting up on some of the ire her voice has held since arrival. "Okay. McDonald's? Burger King?" >"No." "Neither you nor I want to make anything tonight, which is why we decided to go out," you remind her. "I'm not driving an hour beyond this town for food." >Midnight remains mum with your thoughts laid out for her to understand. "Sorry, I suppose I should have asked. I just didn't - I didn't think it really bothered you." >"It was embarrassing, Anon," she whines. "I get that, but - time heals all wounds, right?" >Midnight hardly looks fazed or amused by your feeble argument. >Having left the truck running this whole time, you're just about to move the shifter into reverse when the engine dies. >Startled, you scan the gauges before they all move back to their normal positions when the truck is off. >"Relax, I did that," Midnight speaks up, just as the keys in the ignition slide out. "Thank god for that. You about gave me a heart attack," turning to her. >She dangles the keys in front of you, and when you put your hand out for them, they're snatched away with a metallic jingle. >"If anyone says anything about that night or remembers me, we're gone. Right?" "Well, if we're in the middle of dinner-" >"We pack shit up and leave " she interrupts, her expression as steely and cold as her voice. >You nod, seeing as how this is the only acceptable answer.
>>15740 >Your keys are deposited into your hands, while Midnight pops open her door and hops out. >Following her lead, you lock up and join her around the front of the truck, where you both begin the trek up the sidewalk. >"No stupid comments either," she says in a rather gruff manner. "Outside of my normal stupidity, right?" >"Well, there's strike one." >At least there's enough emphasis and sass in her voice to tell you she's not completely bitter. Maybe there's hope for tonight. >But for at least the first bit here... * "The food here is still awesome." >"Mhmm. And you're still kind of an asshole." >Well, that's a step above complete asshole, isn't it? >Definitely something better off thought than said. >After all, you do kinda get where Midnight is coming from with that sentiment. >But there has not been a single word mentioned of 'the last time' from anyone. >Other than Midnight. >As per the usual, some glances your way as you walked in, just out of pure curiosity and an unexpected duo dining in. >But Middie has gotten past that for a little while now. >No moonshine mistakes this time when ordering water - she asked for extra ice, too. >You offered to give it a sip for her, just to be sure. >In a serious manner. >Mostly. >But overall, tonight has been rather calm and uneventful. >If a little... quiet. >Try as she might, you can still tell Midnight is none too pleased to be here, or quite frankly, with you bringing her here. >But... >Well dammit, that was kind of an important night between you two, wasn't it? >You get her embarrassment, but if things hadn't fallen the way they did... "You know, if you hadn't gotten drunk, and hadn't teased me before doing karaoke to the point I decided to record you, we would have never..." >You trail off as your ill-advised musing brings a leer from those icy blue eyes that almost cuts hard enough to draw blood. "I'm just saying. You know it wasn't my fault how it all began." >"We probably would have sort of figured things out later - and it was still sort of your fault," Midnight grumbles. "You really want to push your luck, don't you?" "No, I just think there's better ways to think about it, you know?" >Midnight has no response - merely staring at you. >With as much as it bothers her, and feeling desperate to somehow smooth out this pent up animosity toward this establishment, you start to look elsewhere. >Somehow, you need to make it up to her. >You need something that will take the nonexistent eyes off of her and onto you. >And your eyes fall upon a stupid little stage off in the corner with a TV and microphone set up. >...really? >You just now thought of that? >Without uttering a word, you slide out of your seat and walk toward the bar. "Hey, you guys doing karaoke tonight?" you ask the bartender upon reaching him. >The man seems taken aback by your question at first, but quickly shrugs his shoulders as he finishes shaking a tumbler and serving it up.
>>15741 >You glance back toward your table where Midnight sits. >Her eyes are glued to you, visible even from twenty feet away with their faint glow in the dim light. >"You know what you want?" "Nah," you reply to the man, scrolling through the songs available on the TV as he turns things on for you. >"Alright, well - just click on what you want, then hit play down at the bottom when you're ready to go," he replies, motioning to the points on the screen. "I gotta get back to the bar." "No problemo, thanks." >"You do know we don't get any sort of music producers or anything out here in the sticks, right?" he adds in jest. >You have to look up at him and laugh. "If there were, they won't bother coming back when I'm done. Bet on it." >Your quip gets a chuckle before you're left to your own devices. >Man, they have a lot of shit to choose from... >And a fair amount is shit. >"What the hell are you doing?" >Midnight's voice comes out as a quiet, terse hiss right behind you. >You don't turn around to face her. "Sit back down dear, I'll only be a few minutes." >"I'm not singing." "I know..." >Oh. >OH. >You haven't heard this song in forever - but you remember just enough. >This is perfect! >You finally turn your head to look at Midnight, who stands pensive and anxious just off of the stage. "Go sit down and enjoy the show." >"Anon, I swear..." >You click the song, and quickly hit play. https://youtu.be/12bgalqVFNc >Midnight bolts off back toward your table, not wanting to be seen as the music kicks in. >You snatch the microphone from it's stand. "Good evening everyone," you greet the folks who have taken notice. "I'm Anon, and I'm about to make an ass of myself." >There's a few laughs, but you swear you can hear Midnight groan in the back, sitting low in her chair and attempting to shield herself with her wings. >Showtime. "We had a life. We had a love. But you don't know what you got till you lose it!" >Alright, so maybe the lyrics aren't quite perfect for this, but... "But that was then, and this is now! And I want you back!" >You shuffle up to the front of the stage and hone in on Midnight. "How many times can I say I'm sooorry?" >Oh cool, so they do have the backup singers with this. "Yes I'm sorry." >You head back to the center of the stage. "How can something so good go so bad? How can something so right go so wrong?" >Midnight has slowly crept out of her protective cocoon - at least enough to look at you. "I don't know, I don't have all the answers. But I want you back!" >You repeat your prior motions back up to the edge of the stage. "How many times can I say I'm sorry?" >And now, the part you do remember. >Well you know, you can run, and you can hide. But I'm not leaving 'less you come with me!" >A little bit more of Midnight's shield falls away - but she still keeps her head low to the table. >"We've had our problems, but I'm on your side! You're all I need, please believe in meee!"
>>15742 >Is that a slight hint of a smile you can see on her face? >You can't dwell too long, as you need the television to give you the next lyrics. "I only wanted someone to love. But something happened on the way to heaven." >You aren't getting the cheers and hoots Midnight got during her performance, but at least no one is hucking batteries at you... "It got a hold of me and wouldn't let go - and I want you back! How many times can I say I'm sooorry? Yes, I'm sooorry." >You launch back into the chorus, at this point finding this kind of fun. >Damn, maybe you should have given Midnight your phone to record this. >To make it fair. >As your eyes go back to the table, Midnight has vanished. >Scanning the room, you're dumbfounded to find her standing just a few feet in front of you. >"You're a faggot," she says, trying hard not to let the corners of her mouth tip upward. >You offer her the only response you can - a wide, cheeky grin. "You're all I need, let me show you." >Despite it clearly being part of the song, Midnight adverts her gaze to the floor, kicking at it with her hoof. "They say you can't take it with you when you go - and III believe it!" >Shaking her head, apparently defeated, Midnight looks back up at you, smiling. "But taking what I got, or being here with you - you know I - I'd rather leave it!" >You do some half-assed shuffle on the fake wood floor under your feet, waiting for the next bit to kick in. >When it does... >Still off stage, Midnight is mouthing the lyrics in tune with you during the reprisal and the repeated chorus, having thrown away her anxiety. >Maybe she figured out where she's standing, no one can see her singing. "You can run, and you can hide! But I'm not leaving till it's all over! We've had our problems but I'm on your side!" >You lean over just far enough to pat her on the top of the head. "You're all I need. Please believe in meee!" >There's a few claps as the music dies off and you set the microphone back in its place. >Whether the applause is due to the show or the thankfulness it's over... >Who cares? >Midnight is already trotting back to the table as you skip off the stage, saluting the bartender as you walk past. >He seems indifferent, but that's alright. >You think you might have done a thing tonight as you rejoin your mare. >"I can't believe you actually did that," Midnight murmurs as you take a seat across from her once again. >She's back to attempting a straight face. >And quite frankly, failing miserably. "Yeah well, to use your words - it felt right," you reply in a hushed tone. >Her hoof reaches over to lightly rap the back of your hand as you go back to what's left on your plate.
>>15743 "So... can we come back sometime? Or is this a one time deal?" >"Hmm..." >Midnight pretends to mull this over like a serious debate. >For your part, you snap your head up to look at her, feigning a display of shock. >"You think you'll be able to handle the embarrassment of coming back here?" she finally teases. "I think I can stomach it. Maybe next time, we can pull a duet." >"Dream on, fucker," she scoffs. "I don't think I can pull off a Steven Tyler vocal, Mid." >Confusion quickly turns to exaggerated disapproval at your comment as she shakes her head. >"Terrible." "Aww, I thought I did good up there," you sigh, changing the subject. >"As for that... you're no Phil Collins." "Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?" >"It means if you shut up, you're forgiven and get an apology for me being a bit of a stick in the mud tonight." "Oh. Neat." ----- Among other reasons, heard this song for the first time in forever and it sparked something. A short one night wonder that came together in the span of a few hours - rare for me.
>>15744 Very nice! Also nice to have some new posts ITT
>>15744 fun >Maybe next time, we can pull a duet What would Anon have to do to make her do that?
https://w2g.tv/?r=7q2gb6ymrjkwjb2b6p W2G, for some reason /mlp/ is giving me a connection error.
(182.31 KB 822x884 berryscrunch.gif)
>>15818 4chan in general seems down at the moment. No clue why.
>>15819 My answer to that is great! This place is nicer anyway.
>>15818 The party isn't over in the watch2gether, there are still people there this morning.
(3.82 MB 2190x2281 1691835568209948.png)
>>15744 The other reason that inspired the most recent update to Midnight. What better way to celebrate two years since Midnight began than to immortalize a significant scene in art? https://youtu.be/2seCB54Bv-c >"Lay all your love on meeeee!" Midnight strutting her stuff and unleashing her siren song on Anon after inadvertently getting tanked at the bar. Much thanks to Tiffortat for this stunning artwork, the first time I've commissioned art. Really enjoyed the process, in addition to the finished piece.
(722.01 KB 782x899 1618332952151.png)
https://w2g.tv/?r=vzhitoitpza29yvpcg The theme is bootleg movies! No truer version of /bootleg/ than to find the joy in those that emulate or try to be their own despite standing in the obvious shadow of their origins. So far we have Robowar, Italian Spiderman, The Little Panda Fighter, and Turkish Star Wars queued up. If you happen to know of any other good bootleg titles, add them to the fray! Also humbly /r/equesting a sort of W2G picture because I think it'd be cool to have a few when getting a room set up
>>15974 That's some nice art.
>>15974 Very lovely! >>15975 So, how were Turkish Star Wars?
>>15974 Cute!
>>15982 My brain melted. After a certain point I just couldn't make sense of any of it and I glazed over. PlushJack was there but it didn't help a ton. Can't even imagine drinking that after a few good shots.
>>15744 "Kick the AC back on, please." >Midnight strains to raise a hoof, stretching it toward the window shaker on the wall behind you. >"I can't," she groans. "Man, if only you had some sort of power that could allow you to manipulate the controls from here," you muse, poking the side of her horn with your index finger. >"Yeah, but you have legs." "So do you. And you're laying on top of mine." >"Not completely." >No, not completely. >She just happens to have the front half of her body in your lap, her legs nestled in comfortably while her head rests against your chest. "Alright, guess I have to get up..." >You don't even lift a finger before a stray piece of scrap metal soars over to the control panel of the air conditioner. >With a few frenzied motions, the appliance kicks on and begins wafting a welcomed cool breeze. "Huh, must be a threat-activated feature I didn't know about." >"I was going to have to get up for you to get up," Midnight speaks up. "Hey, you connected the dots of why I made that comment. Good job," you jab, patting the top of her head. >"Fuck you." "Maybe in a bit." >You feel her eyes dig into you at that offhanded comment, but focus on the TV as the commercial comes to an end. >It's funny how someone who has a potty mouth and only sort of modest based on the placement of her tail can be so uptight and prudish regarding comments about sex. >"I'm going for $137k on the split window '63," Midnight quickly calls out, her attention snapping to the TV. "We haven't even heard or seen the options on the car, dummy," you remind her. >"Don't need to - I feel it in my gut." >Ever since watching some auctions during Starla's stay, you and Midnight have made it a regular occurrence - with a spin. >You both guess where the final bid will end up and the closest one "wins" the car. >It's kinda stupid and has led to some odd moments where one of you tries to convince the other to trade for something else... >Okay, so this whole game is autism squared. >But you both get invested in it. "Have you been looking up values on your laptop in order to cheat?" >"How is that cheating?" "New rule I made up, can't do that now." >"Not my fault you're too lazy to inform yourself," Midnight chastises. "Fine. I'll say $129k." >"We haven't even heard the options on the car, dummy," Midnight mocks you. >You poke her in the nose, making her snort in response. "You're just full of piss and vinegar tonight, aren't you?" >Midnight doesn't respond - instead, she holds her head up high and smiles with pride. >Meanwhile, the silver Corvette coupe at auction is pushed onto center stage as bidding quickly proceeds at a blistering pace. >The starting bid was only $30k, though... >Do they make replica bodies? >That thought dies away pretty quickly as the price soars past the five-figure threshold and into the six digits. >It starts to slow down... >"I got this." "If you do, it's a technicality."
>>16064 >"Aww, you sound like a sore loser," Midnight gushes, sitting up straight and leaning toward your face. "I'll bite you," you warn her. >"I bite back." "...I'll just flick your nose or ear again." >Minor disappointment pokes through as the bidding putters past your guess... >...and as the gavel brings the back and forth to a close, Midnight's 'bid' is within a thousand of the final total. >You turn just enough to see the smarmy look on Midnight's face as she eyes you, waiting for you to say something. "Not giving you the satisfaction." >"I still got the split window, so nyah," she retorts, sticking her tongue out. >With that act of defiance, you reach behind her and fiddle with her mane, done up in a ponytail today. >"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" >Even as she puts up a token struggle against you, your fingers find the scrunchie tying up her hair and deftly peel it off. >"You fucking-" >She doesn't get to finish that thought before you've already finagled it into a weapon, stretching it taut between your thumb and index finger and letting it fly. "Pew!" >The dark blue missile beans her right on the forehead. >"Bastard!" she exclaims, more out of shock than any real ire. "That's what you get for being nasty." >Midnight tries to push you over with one of her legs on your side, while you resist and lean forward onto her. >The once tranquil atmosphere turns into a minor skirmish on the couch more akin to a shoving match than anything. >The auction on TV becomes an afterthought until something catches Midnight's attention. >"What the hell is that thing?" she mutters, pointing to the screen. "Dodge Coronet," you answer as the cool grey car with black roof rolls onto the stage. >"I gathered that much - but that's not normal looking." >She does have a point, considering the front wheels are practically up against the backside of the front bumper, while the rear wheels have also been moved forward significantly. >But it should be pretty clear by the injection stacks poking up out of the hood and the fat rear tires what it is... >Not to mention "Landy's Dodge" lettered on the side, interrupted by a bright red fratzog on the door. >You grab the remote and pause the program for the time being, coinciding with a good fullscreen view of the car. "It is odd," you agree with her, lining up your shot. "Would you say it is a funny car?" >Midnight eases into a reluctant stare at your purposeful pun. >"What the hell are you trying to get at here?" she presses. "A couple of weeks ago, you were watching drag racing on TV - remember the flop top dragsters?" >"The funny cars..." Midnight mumbles, the light going on in her head. "Is that what it is?" "More or less. That's where the name started, anyway. Originally, I think they were in the Factory Experimental class." >"You mean that's not custom work?" "It's... sort of a misnomer," you admit. >Midnight shakes her head before you can continue.
>>16065 >"That doesn't make any sense. How the hell can it be from the factory, but custom fabricated?" "Easy now - don't shoot the messenger here," you plead, putting your hands up. >Midnight stares, before jolting forward just a bit as a feint. >Having had enough of her nonsense, you use both hands you flip her recently freed mane over her face. >"Really?" she whines. "Figured I'd give you the pissy cat treatment - throw a blanket over your head to calm you." >"Uh huh." >You help her brush aside the mass of hair sitting between the two of you. >"Anyway, continue. Please." "Wow, I got a please out of you," you can't help but toss in before clearing your throat. "Anyway, they were built by the factory. They were normal unibody cars that were cut up and modified in a separate area away from the standard production line. Then they were sold to trusted drag racers or teams. I don't think they went into the double digits with building either the Coronet or the Plymouth Belvedere." >"Huh." >That's... all you get out of her. "You still think it's kinda ugly, don't you?" you prod. >"Kind of," she admits, low and rather hesitant. "I mean, at least there's some purpose to it rather than being some hillbilly's backyard custom like my initial impression." "You're not hurting my feelings. They're function over form - all about weight distribution." >"Well, you get a freebie if you want it," she answers back, motioning for you to resume the program. "Because you cheated on the last one, right?" >"Aw, you gonna cry all night?" she asks in a mocking tone, her face contorted into a pout. >You sniffle a bit just to stoke the flames. "No." >"Anyway - what else was there? In competition with these, I mean," Midnight asks, watching the television as the camera highlights sections of the car. "I don't think there was much. I think Ford put together a few Mustangs with the Cammer engine, but that's all I know of. General Motors was still very against factory racing, so they didn't put anything together, as far as they know." >"Cammer engine?" Midnight asks, cocking her head. >You smile at her. "Guess you get to do some reading in the near future since you want to be mean to me." >"Oh no! Reading is so hard!" Midnight shouts with an exasperated and desperate voice, obliging the sides of her head with her hooves. "Hm, thought you might have let up a bit for an explanation." >"Nah, I always need something new to read. Besides, I think you're talking about the overhead cam 427, aren't you?" >You nod. >"Took me a second to put that together, but yeah - glad I didn't let up on you just for that." "I feel so loved," you jest, leaning against her. >"You wouldn't know what to do if I didn't give you a healthy dose of attitude," Midnight suggests. "I'd be assuming you were incredibly sick." >"Mhmm. And I know you're always incredibly sick," she chides with a smirk.
>>16066 "What can I say, I make a good impression, huh?" >"Ha. Yeah." >The auction wraps up on TV - albeit short of the reserve. >"No sale - but you can still get it if you want." "Yeah, why not." >"You won't be winning the Lemon Twist '71 Barracuda with the 440 Six Barrel that comes next, anyway." >As you shoot her a look, Midnight bites her lip while focusing her gaze straight ahead, trying not to grin. "You fucker, you have seen this one." >"Maybe." >Midnight fidgets for a moment, glancing off in another direction of the room. >"Oh, by the way..." "What?" >She turns back toward you, her face twisted into a perverted and fiendish grin. >"Pew!" >Her hair tie from earlier zips through the air and smacks you in the face. "That's it!" >You bear down on her, snagging your arms around her neck and pulling her into your lap again. >"Hey, let me go!" she protests, putting up a token struggle as she pulls against you. "Nope, you're stuck here now." >"I'll turn off the air conditioner!" "That hurts you as much as it does me." >"...give me a bit, I'll come up with another excuse." "I'm sure you will," you agree, resting your chin on top of her head, amidst a soft sea of blue and violet hair. ----- Just a short update with extra autism.
>>16067 Nice update. How's your racings, Auto?
>>16068 Not very good, at least to my standards. Struggled to fourth and sixth place last week and basically made it impossible to reach second place in points standings. Burnt the front tires of the car trying to keep up because the old Trans Am cars have a nasty tendency for rear lock up on anything less than 65/35 brake bias
Been thinking about bringing over Conny's story for a bit now. Thought I'd just check and see if that'd be cool.
>>16198 What about her story that wouldn't be cool?
>>16199 Used the wrong phrasing, I'm afraid. I meant 'if it would be fine' Anyway, I'll probably post it regardless in a bit.
>>16198 Post it
(280.55 KB 1020x1020 A small BA meeting.png)
>You hum a light tune as you waltz your way down the hall, taking the time to do a little twirl before entering a side room through a thin bead curtain. >Oh how you love theatrics, but... Obviously no one is paying attention to your show! >Eh, it is what it is. >You scan over the chatty room of little ones with a lazy smile until you land on a white filly with a floofy yellow mane, all gussied up in a frilly little pink dress. >She sits atop a table, wiggling her hoofs as she rocks out to a song only she can hear. >The punch and cookies by the door are calling your name... >She gives you an excited wave as you approach and as if by clockwork, she pours you a cup of that wondrously fruity nectar. "Hey hey Jamboree, what's the motion of the ocean?" >She quietly extends the cup, which you take in your magical grasp and bring up to your lips. >Ahh... ambrosia. >"Everything's been peachy, Conny! Today's meeting has been super duper fun! We talked about cats and dogs and getting stuck in pickle jars..." "Pickle jars?" >Jambo giggles. "Mmhm! Tawny Taper just finished up telling us about how he fell into a pickle jar he was trying to open and..." >As Jamboree rambles on, you glance over to the crowd of little ponies and tilt your head. >Next to a little caped pony sitting on a tiny beanbag was a pale pink mare with a rather unkempt white mane which made it pretty hard to see her eyes, but you're pretty sure they're baby blue. "Hey... I think one of your friends had a growth spurt..." >Jambo scoots a little closer and leans over to you, whispering. >"That's Nursery Rhythm, she is- I mean- *was* a nurse!" "Like- like an actual nurse?" >Jamboree nods a little. "But she said she had a teensy incident and didn't want to be one anymore..." >Geez, it's not like Jambo to be this vague... "Who'd she come with? I don't remember seeing her on Bright's attendance sheet..." >"She just sorta showed up outta the blue! I honestly didn't expect anyone new today so I didn't have any goodie bags prepared..." "So how'd she wind up here? Don't you think she'd want to be around ponies her size?" >"Well, we *did* try that, it was just... hard on her. She's very nervous. She's been fine here, though! Maybe it reminds her of her old job? She worked with kiddos." >You guess she'd be more comfortable around the little guys then. "I think I get it. I just wanted to make sure she's comfy, you know?" >"I totally understand, Conny! She was having a rough time fitting in, so I offered her to join us." >You watch the nursey mare fidget with her forehooves as she listens intently to her wall-eyed neighbor talk about some sort of elaborate contraption she made. >As the small mare ends her story with a cheesy joke about kitchen appliances, Rhyme claps along with everypony else. >"Thank you, Malt, that was very nice. Next up is... Miss Nursery Rhyme!" >Even without seeing her eyes, you can tell they've widened. "Are you sure that's-" >"Shhh... Let her try, Conny!"
>>16203 >Rhyme looks around a bit and then points to herself with a shaky hoof. >"...Me?" >Her voice was soft and mellow. You could see her being quite good at lullabies. >The little mare sitting in the middle of the room nods and gestures at Rhyme. >"Yep! Don't worry, though. It's okay if you can't think of anything to talk about." >"I... Okay." >Nursery clears her throat and attempts a smile. It's awkward, but she's certainly trying. >"Hello everyone... I'm N-N-Nur- Uhm... Nursery Rhyme and I... I'm not actually g-good at rhyming despite my name..." >She trails off into a nervous and ever so quiet laugh before giving an awfully formal bow. >"It's nice to... meet you all." >The little caped mare next to Nursery prods her side with a hoof and she looks down at her. >"It's nice to meet you too, Nursery! I'm Chestnut Surprise!" >Rhyme gives a small wave, despite being right next to her. "H-hello there. I liked your story... It was very sweet." >Chestnut grins. "Literally! I had frosting in my mane for like... a day!" >Chestnut gives Rhyme an inquisitive look. "Do you have any stories you'd like to share? Being a nurse must have been really neat!" >Nursery blinks. "Stories...? Oh uhm... I can think of something..." >She fidgets with her scarf for a while, deep in thought. Soon enough... her head starts to droop. >Is she having second thoughts? >You can hear Jamboree mumble some sort of encouragement, her tail swishing back and forth. >Man, Jambo is making you want to root for her as well... "C'mon now..." >Finally, Nursery lifts her head up. >"I-I have a story..." >You swiftly cover Jamboree's mouth with your clipboard before she can start celebrating. "Shhh..." >"Mmf mhm mm!" "Well, the horseshoe is on the other hoof, eh? Hush!" >Nursery gestures at the little mare in the middle of the room. "Do I... need to sit in the m-middle, too?" >Bubbly Beaker, the group's host, shakes her head. "You can stay where you are if you'd like." >"Okay then... uhm..." Nursery takes a deep breath. >"There once was a little.... Ewe." She nods to herself. "Yes a uhm- a ewe." >"Now, that ewe wasn't particularly interesting or talented... but she cared for her lambs very very much..." >Rhyme idly brushes her tail as she speaks. >"No matter what, she told them that she would keep them safe, that if anything was wrong, she'd... fix it." >Her ears start to droop. >"But she knew she really couldn't... she was just a ewe after all." >She takes a deep breath. >"One of her lambs had... problems. The problems grew and grew but the ewe kept praying that it would get better but it... didn't. None of the farmer's remedies worked so all the ewe could do was... be there for her. The ewe gave her lots of love and care until one m-morning..." >Her words catch in her throat. >"She didn't wake up." >Rhyme scoots away from the circle with a sniffle, her head lowered. >"T-that was an awful story, I'm- I'm sorry..." >She puts her head in her hooves and shrinks down. >"I-I'm so so sorry..."
>>16204 >Chestnut trots over and gingerly sets a hoof on Nursery's flank. seeing that she's too small to get anywhere near her shoulder. >"...Rhyme?" >Nursery hesitantly lifts her head up just enough to look at Chestnut. >"Is the ewe... you?" >You watch Rhyme's lower lip quiver as she nods slowly. >"I... I t-thought If I pretended, I could talk about it easier... But it- it still hurts a lot..." >Chestnut motions her down to her level and starts whispering in Rhyme's ear. You can't hear what she's saying, but whatever it is, it starts to make Rhyme's chest heave and teardrops begin to fall from her obstructed face. >You lean over to Jamboree, who's toting a sympathetic expression. "Did you... know about this?" >Jambo shakes her head. "I knew she had some baggage, I just didn't know what it was..." >Jamboree slides off the table with a stretch, her usual cheery demeanor subdued. >"I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure she's a runaway. If I go by what she told me, she was just wandering around until she came across one of the BA fliers and followed the signs..." "Jeez..." >Runaways are always trouble... >...Thought the runaway. >You roll your eyes at your own thought process. >That's really nice of you, Conny. A real BA representative through and through... >Now that you're done kicking your own ass, you settle your thoughts on Nursery. >If she doesn't have anywhere to go... Maybe you could talk to Miss L? Hmm... Maybe Mister C is a better option, he knows how to deal with runaways after all. >She'd be a great fit with Waltz and Jive, those two are almost like friggin' therapy ponies... >Are therapy ponies a thing? Eh, probably. >You give Jambo an affirming nod. "I'll see what I can do. If nothing works out tonight, do you mind her hunkering down in the lounge?" >Jamboree smiles. "Not at all! This isn't a new situation, you know." "Of course! I was one of those 'situations'." >"Hehe a big ol' heap of situations! You really improved, Conny." >You huff and ruffle her mane, which elicits a giggle from the little party filly. "Aw c'mon Jambo, I already agreed to help, you don't gotta butter me up..." >"Don't need to! You already came pre-buttered." "Are you calling me soft? I'm the one with the magic here... I could twirl you in the air like a pizza, Jams!" >"Heh, try me!" >You narrow your eyes at her and then mimic her previous 'heh'. "I'll get you later, punk." >You give her a nudge with your flank and then focus back on Rhyme. >In the short time you were goofing off, a few other little ponies had come over to console her. >Her cheeks are tear-stained, but she looks a lot less bummed than before. >You give Jambo a brief poke on the side. "Guess I should go introduce myself, right? I gotta make a good impression on our newest member." >You leisurely stroll over to Nursery, who only notices you once you're nearby. >You sit down in front of her and smile warmly. "Feeling better, champ?" >She gives you a timid smile of her own. >"A-a little bit..."
>>16205 >You extend a hoof, which she glances at with a perplexed tilt of the head. "Hoofshake! ...Handshake?" >"Oh! Sorry..." She awkwardly fumbles with your hoof until she gets a good grip on it and wiggles it around a little before setting her hooves back onto the ground, mildly flustered. "Hmm... I'm gonna do something, don't panic." >"What do you mean by tha- Eep!" >You swiftly lean over to her and part her mane before she can stop you, revealing her eyes and rapidly reddening face. >Ah, you see now. >Her eyes were locked on you, but one was a little… off course. Not by much, but enough that you could tell she would be self conscious of it. >You brush a hoof against her cheek and smile. "There you are!" >She sputters a little in protest, but doesn't do much besides gawk at you. “You know… I’ve got a friend who’d love to meet you. But uh- we’ve got other things to discuss.” >You can just imagine how excited Waltz would be to meet somepony like herself. >As Nursery continues to stare blankly at you, Jamboree quietly gets the attention of all the loitering little ones around her and ushers them over to Beaker, who was now munching on a cookie way too big for her by the table Jambo was sitting on. >A distraction! Good job, Jams... >Rhyme snaps out of her stupor and averts her eyes. “You didn’t need to do that, you could have just asked…” “Well… I’m just a big fan of getting into other ponies' personal space, ya know?” >”I-I see… uhm…” >You wave a hoof dismissively. “I’m just messing with you! You can brush it back in place if you want.” >Her eyes scan the now nearly vacant room and then land on you once more. >”I…. I guess this is okay.” >She swallows dryly and her ears droop. >"I uhm- I saw you standing around... Are you... Are you here to make me... go home?" >Not in the slightest. "That depends, do you have somewhere to go?" >Her ears are now flattened against her head. "I... I don't know." "I heard you worked over at the hospital over yonder... Saint Michael’s General, right?" >She nods curtly. “I worked in the children’s wing. I even helped out in the nursery from time to time…” “Why’d you leave?” >She flinches and you instinctively put your hoof lightly on her chest. A trick you learned from Ol’ Five-O. >Cool dude for a police pony… “It’s alright, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.” >She mumbles her answer first, but notices and clears her throat. “I… I guess I already told everyone, kinda…” >She lowers her head, her mane falling back into place again. “I… I failed and… and it didn’t seem to matter.”
>>16206 “What do you mean?” >”They all moved on… They acted like she never existed in the first place.” >She lifts her head again. “Everything that was Marie just… vanished. Her bed, her bear… herself.” >”I… I don’t understand. Why- Why doesn’t anyone else seem affected? I… I remember her. From the moment she was admitted to the second she… left.” >It’s quiet now, if you had to guess, Jams and the mini crew probably left to give you two some space. >You get up briefly and settle yourself next to Rhyme. >You’ve never had to deal with something like this, but at least you could try. “It sounds like you really cared about her.” >”I stayed with her as much as I could. She didn’t have anyone else. I… I was there when she fell asleep. I remember it so vividly.” >Nursery gestures a hoof to nowhere in particular. “She asked me if I could sing her a song. She- she liked my singing, even if I didn’t really think I was that good…” >Rhyme vacantly stares up at the ceiling. “I didn’t know many songs, so I uhm… I sang a christmas carol I could remember. She- She really liked it.” >”After that I talked and talked to her until she got sleepy, but… I felt like something was wrong. I felt like I needed to… to say goodbye.” >Rhyme makes a noise that you can’t quite call a sniffle, but it’s certainly just as sad. >”I held her hand and told her I- I loved her and that I’d see her in the morning a-and she looked so- so calm…” >She’s starting to shake. >”I stayed with her all night since I didn’t have anyone else to watch. I was… assigned to her. I remember falling asleep next to her bed a-and… and when I woke up… she was gone. I sat and stared at her face for at least a half hour. When someone finally came into the room I just… fell apart.” >Nursery tries to brush some mane out of her face, but it simply goes back into place. >”Everything was a blur after that and once I came to, I was in the hallway and one of the actual nurses was sitting with me. He said that I had a panic attack. I don’t remember it, but I believe him. My head hurt and I still felt awful…” >She shrinks down a little. “He said it was natural. That these things happen. That we’re just supposed to… accept it, no matter how much it hurts, but I… couldn’t. It broke me.” >”I did my best to keep going despite it all, I was still a… nurse, after all.” >She turns to you, her shaking much more intense. “But I’m not, am I? I’m just some pony they keep around to make the children feel better. I’m not there to help, I was just there to make them feel happy.” She stumbles over her words for a while. “...A-and I loved it. I loved making them happy and seeing them smile and they were the only ones to treat me like- like a friend and I really did want to keep them safe b-but I…” >Nursery starts to break down. “I couldn’t do anything! She died and all I could do was *sit* there!” >She slumps over onto your side, stammering and sobbing. >You wrap a foreleg around her to hold her up. >Keep her company, Conny.
>>16207 >Soon enough, Nursery’s shaking subsidies and her tears dry up, and all that she can manage is the occasional sniffle as she leans on you, her forelegs tucked closely to her chest. “You never got the chance to grieve properly, huh?” >She tries to open her mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. Instead, she simply shakes her head. >She looks utterly drained, physically and emotionally. >You squeeze her a little. “Losing someone is… hard. It’s a process and it might take a while for you to feel like anything is in any way normal again, but… You’ll make it. Just go through the motions and let it out until then…” >Rhyme shifts her weight enough to look at you. Her mane was mostly to one side now, so all you could see was a single puffy eye. >In a way, this was a little funny, considering that she’s basically in your face, but you're pretty used to being smothered, so it’s no biggie. >If it makes her feel better, then it’s cool. >You freeze up as you feel a pair of hooves wrap around your barrel. >You glance down and see Rhyme giving you a rather awkward hug, one that mostly involved her stuffing her face in your side. >She mutters a muffled ‘thank you’ and after a solid minute, slowly lets go. >...But you’re not having it. >You scoop her up into a hug of your own before she can completely disengage, eliciting another short ‘eep!’ out of her before she settles down into a nervous giggle. >With how much she snuggles into you, you guess she really needed it. >No wonder those kiddos love her. She’s soft as hell and sweet to boot… >You’re confident she’ll bounce back sooner or later. >Now thoroughly hugged out, you let go and give her a playful prod in the side. “Just try not to rush things, alright? You’re a nurse! You know healing takes time.” >She gives you a small smile. “I understand… uhm…” >Nursery narrows her eyes. “I- I don’t think I asked for your name…” >She gives you a deep bow, which is a little awkward seeing that she’s sitting. >”I’m Nursery Rhyme.” >She’s quite the formal mare… >Once she brings her head back up, you point at yourself and grin. “Constellation Cradle at your service! You can call me Conny, though. Everyone else does and it’s uh- it’s kind of a mouthful…” >”Ooo… I like that name. Very fitting.” “How so?” >She pauses to think for a moment. >”You’re very patient, like a uhm- a mother?” >Well that’s a first. >You guess you do like kids… Kinda. >“…Were you a nurse too?” >Why would she… Ah, the ‘cradle’ bit. >You chuckle a little. “Ehhh… no. I did work with people though, just not… health.” >”Oh, okay. What did you do then?” “Posed for photos and stuff… It was a pretty good gig I guess…” >You trail off as you realize what you’re absentmindedly talking about. >”Like a model?” >You glance over to Rhyme, who was watching you inquisitively. “Yeah…. Like a uh- like a model.” >Let’s just leave it at that…
>>16208 >You get up and stifle a yawn. As you do, Rhyme follows suit and adjusts her scarf. >”It’s getting late, I guess? I haven’t been keeping track of time since I got here…” “More or less, yeah. People and ponies alike are going to start going home and all that’ll be left are the residents.” >”Residents?” >You lazily attempt to mimic the sound of a party popper with your mouth. “Jamboree, Beaker, and a few other hosts bunk here during the night. Some rotate, some are always here.” >”I see.” >As you start walking towards the door, you lightly push a pile of small beanbags, waking up the little mare who was dozing amongst them. >”Bwuh?” “Raspberry, the meeting's over.” >She blinks a few times and then lazily tumbles out of her cozy abode. >”I really should get some of these for my room… they’re wonderful…” >Raspberry Pinch drags herself out of the room and into the hall, mumbling vaguely tired nonsense all the way. >Nursery gives her a small wave as she disappears. >”Good night and uhm… sweet dreams.” “Trust me, she will.” >You turn to Nursery and nod. “So is your mind set?” >She tilts her head. “On not going back.” >”Oh I…” She sighs. “I don’t know if I deserve to be there anymore…” >You face her fully and put a hoof on her chest. ”I know you think you failed her, but it was out of your control. You did everything you could and because of you, she wasn’t alone.” >She nods slowly.. “I know you don’t think you’re worthy or whatever, but you can’t give up yet. There’s so many kids that will need you and I bet there’s certainly a few there that are currently wondering where their friend went. What you do is just as important as the other nurses and you should take pride in that. Life is bumpy and full of heartache, but you can help those kids through it just as much as they can with you.” >”I-I…” >You take your hoof from her chest and part her mane once more. >As you stare into her eyes, you lean in and smile warmly. “You love them, right? Your kids?” >Her ears perk up and she nods fervently, her eyes locked with yours. ‘I- I do! I really really do…” >You pull her into another hug. “Then try, try again, Nursery.” >She shakily returns the hug and laughs quietly. >”I… I really made a mess of things, didn’t I?” >You give her one last firm squeeze and the two of you let go. “It happens to the best of us, dude. Don’t let it get you down.” >She shuffles in place. “Do you think they’ll… let me come home?” >Hmph… even if you have convinced her, you’re not sure what the hospital would have to say about all this… “I think tonight… you should get some rest. We can get in touch with the hospital in the morning.” >"You mean... stay here?" >You nod. "Yep! But I... I don't think I could live with myself if I made you sleep in the lounge. I've done it before and I don't recommend it unless you've got someone else to use as a pillow." >Jambo's mane is like one of those fancy freaking memory foam pillows when she lets it down... >”Where should I go then?” >Huh, good question... >...Annnd you've got an answer! >You shimmy past her and part the bead certain with a smile. “You’ll bunk with me! If you’re hungry, I got some leftover Maccas pancakes in the fridge I could heat up. It's not exactly gourmet cuisine, but it'll fill your tummy. " >She takes a step forward and matches your smile. “Thank you Conny… I’m uhm- I’m starving.” >She definitely looks like she hasn't eaten in days. Probably from all that stress over her friend... “Heh, I’d imagine. You look positively pale.” >She giggles. “I just look like that normally, silly!” “Hey, you never know! Maybe if I give you some shrimp, you’ll turn hot pink!” >”That sounds a tad tacky! I think I prefer myself as… myself.” “As one should, Rhyme. As one should…”
>>16209 >You gesture her over. "C'mon now! You'll dig my digs I hope. If you don't think you can sleep, I've got this sweet little TV that has a built-in DVD player! I've got all the classics! ...Some aren't originals, but they play just the same!" >You continue to rattle off all the features of your humble domicile as Rhyme nods along, a little lost, but happy to listen all the same. So that's a chunk. Quite a bit more to go but I'll give it a rest so I don't flood things.
>>16210 >As you trot down the hall with Rhyme in tow, you spot a few straggling members wearing odd fantasy garb, chatting away about some recent adventure they just finished. >Just as you're about to pass them, a lanky greenish-gray mare in an oversized wizard robe waves you down, her small wings ruffling with excitement. >"Conny! Hey, Conny!" >You stop in front of her suddenly, resulting in Rhyme lightly bumping into your rump. >She lets out a hushed 'sorry', which you respond to with an equally quiet 'it's alright.' >You give the jittery mage mare a nod. "Heya Slate! How'd the game go?" >She lets out a nervous yet excited laugh and grins. >"We scoured the dune-planes of Equinenox and finally tracked down The Burgeoning Dawn's Shadow... Lu'a Cel'es! I had just enough components to cast Blade of Disaster and struck her down with a flurry of blows with the help of Limey's bardic inspiration!" Slate gives her sweater clad sister a side hug, which elicits a sleepy protest, before turning back to you. "It was super fun! You should have heard all of the cool stuff Starry came up with!" >The tall unicorn mare wearing a heavy cloak next to her blushes profusely. "Hehehe... It was nothin'..." "Sounds like you guys had a great time! I really gotta join again one of these days..." >You pause. "...Blade of Disaster doesn't require material spell components. It's just verbal and somatic." >You wave a hoof and blow a raspberry. "And then you start stabbing." >Starry sticks her tongue out. "It's *my* rules, Stella! Wouldn't you say it's a tad more rewarding to cast a ninth level spell that you actually had to-" >Limesalt interrupts Starry by sticking a granola bar into her jabbering mouth. >"Mmh mnf!" >"Shhh... You get argumentative when you're hungry..." >Starry chews the bar with silent resignation while Slate snickers. "Anyway uh... >You step aside and gesture towards Nursery, who blinks in surprise. "This right here is Nursery Rhyme! She's staying the night." >Limesalt stifles a yawn and then waves a little. "We're the BA game guild, or at least like, three of the guild. Everyone else went home already." Lime chuckles lightly. "None of em' have the patience for a good ol' fashion game of DND, but hey, I'm not complaining. I like the quiet." >Slate immediately trots up to Rhyme and smiles. "That being said... We're always looking for new players! I've got some pre-made characters if it's your first time but I think making your own is an essential newbie experience! For example, I'm Golden Fleece, The Exiled Spellblade! I was born in the lowly slums of-" >Lime covers Slate's mouth with a hoof and shakes her head. >"Bedtime, remember?" >Once she lets go, Slate sighs, disappointed. >"Okay, no backstory... Uhm, It was nice meeting you! Like I said, just give us a holler and we'll get you set up lickity split!" >"Bye Conny!" > As they start to leave, Nursery turns to you with a perplexed look. >"I didn't even get to say anything..." "You get used to it..."
>>16219 >You continue on your magical journey to your room, occasionally passing more loitering people and ponies, but none you knew well enough to stop for, thankfully. >As you walk, Rhyme's interest in the guildmates' game is made apparent. >"...That 'Dee-ehn-dee' thing sounded kind of fun... Is it, Conny?" "Oh it's loads of fun if you have an imagination. I had some pretty fine romps back in the day." >"Are you... implying you don't play with them anymore?" >You chuckle lightly. "Kinda. Not that I don't like em' or anything, I just haven't had the time to get as invested as I once did." >"Were you a uhm... a 'spellblade', like... Slant?" "Slate, and no. I was a most pious paladin of order!" >It was a completely ironic choice at first, but you started to really enjoy playing Briar Crown... >It's a shame she died, but at least you took out the ultimate big bad before she could keel over! That grumpy mare was a joy to act out. >When you do wind up playing again, you should try out a cleric next... >Maybe she could be Briar's sister? >"Conny...?" >You slow down a little and crane your neck to glance at her briefly. "Huh? What's the commotion, Rhyme?" >She almost looks embarrassed. >"Do you uhm... Do you think they noticed my eye?" >You stop walking and let out a little 'heh'. "I knew you'd start worrying about that sooner or later." >You turn around and give her a reassuring smile. >You point a hoof at her, which makes her tilt her head a little. "You have your flaws..." >And then point at yourself. "...And I have mine." >You look back down the hall and see the three guildmates parting ways. >Slate's subtle shaking and Limesalt's limp are much more apparent when they aren't in their costumes. "Everyone has them, be it physical or otherwise..." >You clear your throat and turn back to Rhyme. "We're all a little different here, so don't worry too much about sticking out." >"I... Okay." >Rhyme seems a little more at ease now, but you can see a bit of anxiety stir in her expression. >"I'm rather used to... sticking out." >She gestures vaguely at herself. >"The other ponies at the hospital all look the same but I... don't." >She brushes a hoof against her messy white mane. >"My colors aren't where they're supposed to be and my- my eye is funny..." >She lowers her gaze, but she's still looking at you, at least halfway. >"I used to walk all over the hospital during my breaks, but then I noticed that people would stare and say things about me... It made me really really nervous so I uhm... I stopped leaving the children's wing and started to hide my face. My friends there never made fun of me and really liked my longer mane so I felt like everything was fine." >Nursery trails a hoof on the ground. "But then I stopped being comfortable around people other than children, so I... I guess I was wrong." >She takes a deep breath and then lifts up her head, a sheepish smile on her face. >"I know it's silly but thank you for talking to me, it uhm- it helps a lot..."
>>16220 "You're welcome! But... You were doing a pretty good job talking to the mini crew earlier. I think you underestimate yourself, Rhyme." >"W-well I..." >She blushes a little and smiles. "Maybe I do.... But I still think l need the extra practice! People might be unpredictable and scary... but I don't want to be too nervous to speak up and miss out on any opportunities or uhm... something?" >Nursery rubs the back of her scarfed neck. "I... lost my train of thought, sorry." "Maybe you're tired? It's been a tad hectic for you lately." >"Hah, I suppose so. I don't think I've ever opened up so much... It's hard, but I've felt better afterwards." "Yeah, it's kinda like that, eh? You pour your heart out and everything just feels... Lighter. Like you can breathe without some intangible force weighing you down..." >"Mmhm." >Rhyme tilts her head, which is something she seems to really enjoy doing. >Maybe she does it so she can see you a bit better? Her mane doesn't get in her eyes as much when she does it... >"You sound like you know your stuff, Conny! I know you said you were a model, but I think you'd do well as a uhm- a counselor! I think you're very good at helping others through stuff..." >You chuckle as you feel your face redden ever so slightly at her praise. "Pff, me? A counselor? I'm just... saying what I'd want to hear, ya know? It's like the uh..." >You tap a hoof against the waxy floor a moment, not entirely sure where you were going with- >Wait! You got it! "...L-like the golden rule! You know that one, riiiight?" >With how excited she gets the moment you mention it, you guess she's quite familiar. >Phew, nice save. >You nod at Rhyme and she nods along, a giddy smile on her face. >"Yes! 'Treat others how you'd want to be treated'... It's very very important and I feel like there's a lot of adults out there who simply don't adhere to it as much as they should... Sometimes I... I feel like they ignore it on purpose. All those mean-spirited remarks that they say just to make others upset... it doesn't make sense to me! I think they could learn a lesson or two from the children..." >You can't help but smile at her unusually passionate outburst. "I see you have some opinions." >Rhyme blinks and then averts her eyes, blushing furiously. "I'm- I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean to seem mad and- and..." "Hey heey! No need to walk on eggshells, alright? There's nothing wrong with being frustrated. You gotta draw a line somewhere, right? The last thing you want is to be seen as a doormat that just about anyone can trample over." >Nursery calms herself down with a deep breath and fidgets a little. >"I... I suppose you're right. Maybe I need to be less... malleable? No that's not... I think the uhm- the word I'm looking for is 'soft'?" >She giggles. "Something squishy..." >Rhyme suddenly boops you square on the snoot. resulting in your nose scrunching. >"...I really meant that thing about being a counselor, Conny! You've got a uhm- a spark!"
>>16221 >You rub your nose a bit, more so out of impulse than pain. >Jeez, her hoof is soft... "I... don't think I'm cut out for that sorta thing. I won't deny that I like helping others out, I just couldn't do it like... officially." >All you think of when you hear 'counselor' are offices and dumb little ties... >You'd probably go insane, or at least a tad cuckoo... >You could see it now... 'Conny the Crazed Counselor Kills Twelve!' >...Eh, that's a bit much. You don't think you could hurt someone, even if you were crazy... At best you might just start babbling nonsense while sketching shadow monsters in a crappy dollar store notebook like all those c-tier horror movie protags do... "I'm fine with someone confiding in me when they need it, but it uh- it being my job? I don't think I'd be comfortable with that..." >Being a friend is one thing, being a sellout is another. >Rhyme nods knowingly. "I understand, I'm not sure I could be a uhm- a real nurse. They have to face so many bad things every day and I think I'd crumble completely under that weight if I was in their shoes..." "Well... I'm sure there's some good to it too. You just got caught up in one of those more... dire situations." >"I suppose I'm just not very... privy to how humans work. I know a little about sickness, breaks, and conditions, but my knowledge of everything is surface level at best..." >She sighs and kicks out a hoof. "Well... You care and want to learn about them, right? That's a pretty noble outlook compared to mine..." >You stifle yet another yawn. "All I see are tall weirdos who have way too much confidence and always wind up hurting themselves in ironic ways, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, ya hear? ...I guess kids are alright, though. They're just kinda touchy feely and don't know boundaries all that well..." >...That came out a little harsh, you probably should apologize about- >Your thoughts are interrupted by a surprisingly unburdened laugh from Rhyme. >"They can be quite strange, I know... But I still want to help them nevertheless. Everyone deserves to get better and live life, even the occasional dummy..." "Heh, spoken like a true nurse..." >You gesture down the hall. "We... probably should pick up the pace, it's getting *really* late." >Rhyme blinks. "Oh! Sorry for holding things up! Let's uhm- let's move then." >You take a step forward and grin. "We're not far, just a hop, skip, and a jump away!" >Rhyme shuffles in place a bit. >"I don't think I'm very good at hopping... but I can try." "Whu- Rhyme, it's just an expression." >She clears her throat, seeming quite flustered. >"I... Knew that..." >You lean in with a smirk. "Hmm... Does this mean you're good at skipping and jumping?" >"...No?" "Well... that doesn't mean you can't move your little rump! Ándale, ándale!" >You give Rhyme a light bump with your flank and then start trotting forward at a lazy yet paradoxically brisk pace. >"What's a... O-okay! Wait up!" >Annnd they're off! >Again!
>>16222 . . . >Left, left, right, left, STRAIGHT. >Aaannnd... "We're here!" >You now stand before a door crudely painted with an array of colors vaguely similar to your own, a small unpainted patch is host to a variety of little stickers ranging from generic hearts to heavily stylized pictures of ponies in various states of relaxation. >You're not entirely sure how Starry Stickers found one that looks eerily similar to you, but it's kinda nice to see a mini you just chilling amongst her sticker friends... >"Ooo... Is this your place? All these funny little pictures are so nice!" >You puff out your chest a bit. Quite proud for somepony who wasn't so keen on all the flair just a few months ago. "Sure is! It's my own personal slice of heaven!" >As close to heaven as a warm bed, a desk, and a mini-fridge can get you, at least. >You don't know how she did it, or *why* for that matter, but Jamboree had your door taken off it's hinges and painted while you were away one day. >Seeing her excitedly standing outside your newly defiled door with a bunch of balloons wrapped around her middle and a kazoo in her mouth was an... experience. >At first, you kinda wanted to die on the spot, especially since it stuck out like a lame wing compared to the modestly plain doors around it... But you guess you got used to it. >For the most part. >You swear someone keeps adding coffee related stickers, and you're pretty sure they aren't Starry... >You bet it's Jive. She's always passing through here... >That aside... Let's invite in Rhyme, shall we? The night's not getting younger, Conny! >You turn to Nursery and give her a nod. "Just gimme a sec to get things unlocked!" >You fumble around in the satchel at your side for a bit, fishing lazily for your key. "I'll admit it's a bit small, but I think it'll be more than enough room for you to get comfy!" >Hopefully. >You didn't exactly think this through besides 'Sleeping in the lounge sucks, lets have her sleep over!'. >If push comes to shove, you'll just have her sleep on your bed. You've got a panic nest under your desk that's more than accommodating for your tired ass. >You let out a little 'aha!' as you find your keys and proceed to hoist them up and into the lock with your magic. "Annnd..." *Click* "There we go!" >You clear your throat and glance back at Nursery. "Come on in!" >You push the door open and walk inside, closely followed by an oddly enthralled Rhyme. >You flip the switch and the room lights up. >To the left is your humble bed with a few blankets folded atop it. >Directly in front of you is a desk facing a window obstructed by a burgundy blackout curtain. A last gen laptop and a few miscellaneous office supplies call its slightly scuffed surface home. >And last but not least... Your kitchen. >To the right is a small table with a microwave, a hotplate, and a few clean dishes. Beside that is your lovely mini-fridge that almost seems to purr... >You turn and give Rhyme a sleepy smile. "Make yourself at home."
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>>16229 Love our weekend get togethers. Probably be checking in a bit later.
>>16223 >As you set your things down, Rhyme twirls in a circle, taking in the atmosphere. >"I really like your place, Conny... It feels a bit homelier than my little abode!" "Heh, thanks. What's your place like?" >You watch her curiously poke the bobblehead of 'Ponka Po' on your desk, which gets her to giggle as she sees it wobble around. >"I sleep in a doctor's office they don't use anymore! I don't really like how the table feels, so I usually just bundle all my sheets and such and make a little uhm- a little hideaway in the corner. It's nice and quiet and all the animals on the walls keep me company..." >You feel like you've had a nightmare similar to that revolving around you being stuck in one of those sanitized little rooms, lying on the floor... >To think she just sleeps there without having a panic attack... She's certainly braver than you. >Rhyme sits down in the middle of the room and lightly brushes a hoof against the carpeted floor. >"The floor is warm and fuzzy... It's- It's carpet, right?" "Yep, it's rather relaxing, ain't it?" >She pets the floor a bit more. >"Mmhm..." >You trot past her and take a seat on your bed with a sigh. >Ahhh... Home sweet home. >You glance over to Rhyme and gesture towards the bobblehead she was playing with before. "Do you have any... stuff? Like personal items or whatever?" >She pauses for a moment and then turns to you. >"Sometimes the children will give me things, but the other nurses usually say that I can't keep them." >Nursery wiggles her hooves against the carpet as she sits on the ground. >"I used to have a blanket with a whole bunch of stars on it... I called it Nighty." "Used to?" >She nods. >"I gave it to... Marie. I haven't seen it since she went away, and I don't think I will." Her voice is a little quieter, but she doesn't seem to be as vulnerable about the subject as she once was. >"I don't have much... But I'm grateful for what I do have." >Which is basically nothing. >Let's... not talk about that right now. "Hey uh... Are you still hungry?" >She blinks. >...And then nods. >You get up with a stretch and open up your fridge. >Inside is a couple of sodas and waters, but right there balanced on a pair of colas is... The not so hotcakes. >The uh- the coldcakes! Hehe... >You magic it out of the fridge and shut the door. "Do you want them warm?" >To your surprise, she shakes her head. "Alrighty then. Here you go, Rhyme." >You pop open the box and float it into her hooves. >"Thank you Conny, you should uhm... get some rest. You look plumb tired." >As if on cue, you stifle a yawn. "Eeh... I probably should stay up a bit longer, at least until you're done eating." >"Are you sure? I wouldn't want you being sleep deprived on my behalf..." "Don't worry about it, I'm a big girl! I can handle a bit of sleep loss for the sake of a friend..." >Nursery's ears flick at the word 'friend' and she looks like she's trying to suppress a grin. "Okay then... Just don't push yourself." >With that, she digs in.
>>16241 >As Rhyme munches happily on the hotcakes, you flop over onto your bed with yet another sigh of relief. >It's been quite the eventful few hours, but you're just glad things worked out. >Rhyme's way less depressed and you're back in your room, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world... >You lift your head up and chuckle a little as you come face to face with your old stuffed buddy Mister S... >You give Smartypants a poke on the nose and smile. >I've got a visitor, so you better behave, dude... >You can almost hear him say 'I may be a donkey... but I'm not an ass, Conny!' >You give the pants toting donk a pat on his yarn head. >True that, Smarty. True that... >Your ears perk at the sound of Nursery humming quietly behind you, probably done with her feast already, no doubt. >You guess she was a lot hungrier than you thought. Not that she didn't make that quite clear before. >You hope she remembers to eat more frequently now that she's not as cloudy-minded, she looked a bit thin. >Huh, you wonder if hospital food is as bad as Miss L made it out to be? You've never gone near the cafeteria yourself... >You make a small noise as you let yourself melt further into the soft bed as you give your back a good stretch. >Man... A hospital sounds like it'd be a pretty sad place to live, even if you're helping people... >All the noise and commotion and sickness... It seems so overwhelming. >You grab Smartypants and roll onto your back and stare up at the ceiling, your hind-legs dangling off the side of the bed. >You clutch him close to your chest and take a deep breath. >You're pretty sure you read in a book once that you're not supposed to pay attention to your sleepy self's little anxieties, it just makes more problems for your wide awake self... >Simmer down Conny and just enjoy the moment like you've always done. >Maybe a movie will help, but what to watch... >"Conny?" >You crane your head up and fixate on Nursery, who is currently sitting near the middle of the room like before, but a little to the left. "Hm?" >She tilts her head. "Why are you here?" "Why I'm... here?" >She nods. "Uh..." >You slide off the bed and plop down, unconsciously bringing Smartypants along with you, still clutched in the crux of a foreleg. "Well I... Used to do that whole... modeling thing." >Rhyme smiles a bit. >"You're very pretty! What kind of modeling did you do?" >Smarty give you strength. "Just uh... wore stuff and posed, that sort of thing. It was for a small-time pony clothing company. I... liked it." >It was great until you stopped getting honest gigs. >Once they hit it big, they decided that they wanted the real deal, not you. >An actual Twilight, not some creep's modified knockoff... >Something about an 'image' or whatever. You honestly couldn't give less of a shit. They kicked you out and that's that. >You remember walking past the new mare as you were leaving. >It was like looking in an off-color mirror. >So alike and yet... she was better.
>>16242 >You don't blame her or anything, it was just... frustrating at the time. >You hope she's doing okay, despite it all. >You wouldn't wish what happened to you on anyone. >You glance up at Rhyme and see that she's quietly waiting for you to continue. "I got canned. After that, It was just me and my handler. I... I guess he was my friend, too." >Your only friend, really. At least at the time. >He didn't freak out or look at you funny like the rest of those weirdos... He treated you like an actual person and not some object to use. >He was the one that convinced the company to take a chance on you. >And he was the one who was there once you had to leave. >He wound up getting fired too, so it was the two of you against the world, together. "We searched and searched for jobs until... we found something." >Or rather, *you* found something. >It was like your old job before they had the money to have big elaborate scenes. >You didn't exactly have much expertise in anything besides sitting and looking pretty, so at the time it felt... perfect. >Your friend didn't like it though. >He kept saying he didn't like the sound of it. That all you had to do was wait and he'd get you brought on somewhere else, somewhere safe. >But there wasn't enough time for that and you didn't have enough confidence in yourself to think you'd actually get a new job like your old one. >Rent was looming and neither of you combined could afford even a fourth of it. >You needed money quickly and this was available. >And paid a lot. >He was mad, but ultimately... he reluctantly agreed to help you like he always did. >You applied and they liked what they saw, so it wasn't long until you had a gig ready. "The job looked simple, but it- it was a bad idea." >At first it felt almost normal, like you were back home. >A sundress with matching hat, winter apparel with big fluffy scarves, sweaters and plaid skirts... >But with each shoot, you noticed that you started to wear less and less. >You didn't pay it much mind until you were on the last shot of the night. >You found yourself wearing an awfully short costume without something to cover your... exposed bottom. >You remember slinking over to your friend with your tail between your legs and talking to him about it, but he was just as clueless as you were. >You remember staring blankly at the prop bed, all bathed in dim light. >It was the first time you had paid attention to the set. >You were embarrassed a-and scared and your friend said you could stop but you knew if you didn't go and finish the shoot... They might not pay you. >You couldn't risk that. For both your sake. >Your body worked on autopilot as you struck whatever pose they asked. >Up until the end, at least. >You were lying on the bed and was told to... move your tail over. >So you did. >You squeeze Smartypants in a tight hug. "It was a really really bad idea fueled by desperation... and yet I kept going..." >You hated it. >You hated the staring. >And you hated them.
>>16243 >Once it was all said and done, you left with your check and sat with your friend on a bench in the park, eating ice cream. >It was supposed to be a celebration. >But it just felt like a consolation prize. >You stared blankly at your waffle cone, watching the chocolate vanilla swirl atop it melt and drip onto the concrete as the regret welled up inside you. >You felt... dirty. Despite no one touching you. >You wanted to cry, but having your friend wrap an arm around you and hug you helped keep the sickly feeling in your stomach at bay until you got home. >As you lounged on the coach, it slowly dawned on you that you fulfilled your purpose. >What you were supposed to be. >A centerfold. >Something to look at and feel... aroused. >And you couldn't deny it. >Because it was true now. >And you just waltzed up and did this to yourself without a second thought! >You could have waited. Missing a month's rent wouldn't be an end all be all. >And you could have stopped at any time. They didn't force you or anything. >But you did neither and you have no one to blame but yourself. >... >Once... Once it was published, they gave you a free issue to boot. >Yippee. >And the worst part? >You were on the FUCKING cover... >You don't even remember the captions they had under your parts, but they were probably vulgar. >Looking at the pinup pages made you uncomfortable, but you did glance at the other mares' faces. >They looked so... provocative. >So mature. >Like they've been doing this kind of thing for years now. >And yours looked like it didn't belong at all. >Your expression was terribly shy and your face was beet red and even your attempt at looking 'alluring' looked awkward and shaky... >You could even see your tail trying and failing to hide your modesty, as you clearly didn't want to be seen. >It screamed 'amateur' at the top of its lungs... >And yet you were the main event. >Hell if you knew why. >You tried to stick the magazine into the oven, but your friend held you back and offered to shred it instead, stating that 'burning the house down won't make you feel better'. >Maybe it would have! He didn't know! >But... It *was* a bit too much. >You let him shred it and you weren't satisfied until it was unintelligible scraps. >You let out a frustrated sigh. "I jumped into the deep end without a pair of floaties... Like an idiot." >As you stared at the girly mag confetti in the trash bin, you knew right then and there that your career was tainted. >No one would probably hire you now besides these kinds of ops... >And it was pretty clear from the letter you got that they were more than willing to hire you again. >It was vile, but it paid astronomically well in comparison to the peanuts you got before. >You talked to your handler for quite some time and even though he was still against it... He couldn't deny how well off it made the both of you, so you swallowed what little pride you had left and... dove in. "I- I started to like the attention, I think." >It was sparse but you uh- you started getting fan mail. >You chuckle nervously. "The idea that people were looking at me and not my clothes was almost... nice." >While you didn't like the gross implications, the notion that someone actually liked you and was a fan made it bearable. >At least they didn't go into detail and just gushed over your mane or called you pretty or whatever... >It was kinda like being a small town celebrity. >Whatever that might mean. >You kept up with the gigs and over time you got used to it. "It stopped being scary and I started to have... fun. Genuine fun." >You grew bolder with every gig and even had some specialties. >You had your own little flairs and themes and everything! >One of your favorites was a formal yet plain black dress with a few lacy bows on it. >It was really cute...
>>16244 >You lived like that for a while. Long enough that your old life felt so very distant. >You had a friend to keep you grounded, and you had a handler who kept you going, all wrapped up in one neat package. >He was your best friend and together you felt like you could take on the world... >It was like a dream. "..But then things got... complicated." >Despite coming out of your shell, there was still this... weight. >A malaise that simply wouldn't clear. >You tried to ignore it at first, but as time went on, it just got... stronger, especially whenever you couldn't sleep. >You didn't understand *why* at the time, but... You guess you found out soon enough. >One day after a rather uneventful shoot, you were approached by an imposing man. >'You're quite the popular little mare, aren't you Ms. Cradle? Have you ever thought of doing something more than a few risque pictures?' >You weren't entirely sure what he meant at first, but the way he looked at you felt much different than the cameramen. >There was no artistic spark behind his eyes. >Just the glint of a man without morals. >You wouldn't describe the crew as 'moral' seeing that this sort of content was somewhat discouraged, but they always treated you with integrity and respect. >Like an actual person. >You dare say you even called some of them your friend at that point. >But you knew this scary large man simply saw you as meat. >Something to be used in whatever way he saw fit. >You remember quietly asking him what he meant by 'something more' and having him lean down and stare into your eyes. >His breath was acidic and you could barely keep yourself from shrinking under his gaze. >You tried to stay calm as he spoke, but every oily word poked and prod at your tender heart. >He focused heavily your future. He said he thought you'd be a lovely addition to a little show he had put together. >Your mind blanks on the details of his 'show' but you remember being very uncomfortable as he was explaining. >'Ms. Cradle, when I look at you... I see a mare just oozing potential! Your performance is exceptional, but don't you want... more?' >You were too stunned to answer him, so he simply kept going. >'I will admit that we have had a bit of a gap in need of filling for quite some time now... which is why I thought to approach you.' >He gave you a smile, one that didn't make you feel any better. >'There is much to be done, little miss, and I assure you that the pay is rather cushy... You're quite the mare and I think you could be using your talents... elsewhere. I urge you to give it some thought, Ms. Cradle. Magazines can only get you so far...' >He then proceeded to get up and dust off his suit. Once done, he walked away without another word, leaving you sitting on the floor, shivering. >He acted like none of what he said would phase you, as if you would actually consider it... >And the worst part? >You almost did. >For a brief moment after you calmed down a little, you pondered what a 'cushy' paycheck would be like, caring little of what you had to do for it... >As you snapped out for it, your stomach churned. >You didn't know the specific word at the time, but you could feel the blurry label burn its way into your brain as you started to tremble again. >You've never accepted what you were. You've always tried to fight against the notion, despite all the signs, but having that man talk to you about all that gross stuff made you realize how... dirty, you were. >As if it wasn't obvious before, but you always ignored it. >Up until then, you've mostly tuned out all your hang ups about your work, letting any snide or indecent remarks simply go in one ear and out the other, all with a smile on your face. >But this time... you lost your cool. >The act crumbled and as you sat on the cold studio floor in that stupid little navy nightgown... you felt ashamed. >Truly ashamed.
>>16245 >You let it get to you. You let it change you and- and you *liked* it... >Were you always such a horrible pony? >From the day you woke up, you knew what you were made for, but your friend, he... he didn't see you that way. >He just saw you as a normal pony, despite it all. He- He was your best friend, b-but... >Maybe you didn't deserve his friendship. >You were a talentless nobody who's only redeeming quality was her body, which she would proceed to flaunt for money and a small trickle of attention. >You chose this. >You- You WANTED this. >How could someone love a mare like you? >All your doubts and anxieties rose up and into the corners of your eyes and no matter how hard to you tried, you couldn't fight the tears that came tumbling down your cheeks. >By the time your friend had come back with some post-shoot coffee for the crew and you, you had locked yourself in the bathroom, curled up and sobbing. >It took a bit of coaxing, but once your friend finally convinced you to let him in, you sat in the corner, sniffling and mumbling about how much you didn't deserve him. >He stayed with you and tried to calm you down as best he could, but you were so emotionally compromised at the time that even his soothing voice wouldn't slow the thumping of your heart. >It took an awfully long time and quite a few kind words, but you finally regained enough composure to glumly ask who that man was. >In his usual joking tone, you were told that the large man was 'just some weirdo producer from next door who has a thing for gloomy mares'. "I'm sure listening to a mare cry her eyes out is *real* entertaining..." >'While I'll admit he's got fine taste... I won't stand having some sleazeball freaking you out, Conny! ...Hmph, He probably left already, so... we'll nip this in the bud tomorrow. Let's just mosey on home for now, alright? I think being away from here will help clear your head.' >Despite your friend's continued reassurance, you were still a train wreck of emotions, opting to lean into him for comfort rather than move. >Thankfully he was more than happy to bring you into a tight hug that you desperately needed... >All the weight finally broke you and you were a anxious, weepy mess because of it. "It all just sort of... crumbled... around me..." >You felt like something bad was going to happen. >You refused to get up from the floor, so he had to pick you up. >You held on tight as he brought you to the car. >He strapped you in the back and after giving you a pat on the head, he got in himself. >As he drove, he kept telling you how p-proud he was and that if it was too much and was starting to get to you, you and him could do something different... >He said that you had more than enough saved up to do just about whatever you wanted for a while, be it open up a little coffee shop or laze around playing video games... Whatever would make you happy. >He personally liked the idea of helping ponies and always mused about opening up some sort of rescue and having you be his right hand mare... >While he just saw it as a far off dream... He did like to donate to various establishments that reminded him of it. >He especially liked an up and coming place a few cities over and even donated enough to get himself a dumb little tree planted on the property. >It always looked so scrawny in the pictures but he was adamant that it would grow to be something amazing... And you guess he was right. "It's a nice tree... I'm sorry I made fun of it..." >You remember getting to a busy intersection and having him turn around and smile at you. >You could tell he was in 'speech' mode and couldn't help but smile along, despite your shivering. >'I love you Conny. No matter what happens... I'll be right there with yo-' "and then bam..." >Everything went white. >It was like you were blinded with time standing still, if only for a brief moment. >Somewhere along the line, you started to come to, and... and... "crash." >There was yelling and beeping and static... >And everything was upside down.
>>16246 >You don't know how, but you were fine besides a few nicks and being thoroughly shaken up. >You vividly remember that you could see your friend's hands touching the ground level ceiling. >They reminded you of people putting their hands up on a roller coaster. >You called out to him, asking if he was okay, but he didn't respond. >It took a bit, but you were able to unbuckle and fall to the roof. >It stung, but it didn't matter. >You had to check on him. >Once you flip over and crawl your way to him, you- you shook his shoulder a-and... "Hewasn'tmoving..." >At f-first you thought it was some cruel joke. >But he wouldn't do that to you. >So it had to be real. >You remember unbuckling him and gently floating him to the roof with all the magic you could muster. You were tired afterwards, but it was worth it to keep him close. >He looked... bad. >You didn't know how to describe it but the more you stared at all the red on him, the more you started to panic. "wakeup." >But he didn't. >You tried to yell, scream, anything… But nothing came out. >All you could do was nuzzle into him and wordlessly cry. "don'tleaveme." >You probably said that at least a hundred times in the few short minutes you sat there. >You held onto him, rocking and mumbled apologies until the paramedics came. >They pulled the both of you out and only then did you see the massive truck currently twisted with the car's front. >You didn't understand why they were fussing over you at first. Why would they bother with you when he's the one that needs attention? But then you- you saw him... "when... when I saw him like that I- I knew he was really gone and.. And…." >He was right there just minutes before and now he... wasn't. >Just like that. >It w-wasn't fair! >You d-d-didn't e-even get to say goodbye a-and- >You freeze up as something touches your hoof, pulling you out of your painful memory fog. >You listlessly pick up your head and finally notice Rhyme sitting beside you. >Were you... still talking? >Or were you just spacing out? >How long has she been sitting there listening to you ramble? "S-suh..." >Man, your voice is kind of hoarse... >You clear your throat. "...Sorry, I uh- I totally forgot to ask if you still wanted me to keep go- W-Whuh?!" >You're taken aback by her suddenly hugging you. >It's warm and she's squeezing you really tight... "C-cool it! I'm- I'm fine..." >"No you're not!" >You blink, not used to her raising her voice. >Nursery looks up from her hug and pouts at you. >"You're hurting and you won't even admit it." >Her grip is... disarming. >You didn’t think much of her hug before, but now that it’s in full force… it’s- it’s rather comforting. >”You- You bottled it up, didn’t you? You let all those awful things that happened to you just sit there and fester, hm?” >Man, s-she’s kind of calling you out here… When did she get so confident? >You slowly shake your head. “Okay I… I’ll admit I haven’t actually… said anything… to anyone else…” >”Why not?” “Well I…” >You take a deep breath, trying to curb the feelings welling up inside. “I… Look, Jambo may say otherwise, but she’s still just a kid. I can’t tell her all this bad stuff and besides her, I… I don’t have a lot of friends." >There’s the guildmates and the twins and of course Jambo, but that’s about it… >None of them are really 'Hey! Mind if I whine about the worst days of my life?' material. >You gesture vaguely at nothing in particular and then let your foreleg flop down in an almost defeated manner. “I try to listen to everyone and be nice and goof off but at times it- it’s hard a-and draining and stuff... There's no one that I feel like I can just... talk to, you know?” >Your head lulls and you stare at Smartypants, who had somewhere along the line fell out of your hooves and was now lying beside you on his side.
>>16067 Meant to read this since it was posted but was very busy past few weeks. Love the car history! What a fun game Anon and Middie play.
Blondie, is Angel Cake female or male? I didn't pick from context right away and that's important for grammatical purposes.
(337.90 KB 650x894 Angel Cake A01.png)
>>16250 Not Blondie but Angel Cake is a mare She's a cute amre to boot
Some more questions: >"Oh hey, glad you made it one piece." >The same whirring noise comes from her that you heard from the door >Almost >The armor plates on her look faded "...you were?" What does the scene mean exactly? Does Angel Cake not believe Skylar is glad she is OK or does Angel Cake implies That Skylar had it more rough on the road?
>>16210 Started reading it. Thanks for the green! Poor Nursery Rhyme; she is very sweet and sensitive. I take it by context that Conny was a porn model.
>>16250 Female. Didn't think too much on the idea of needing to show it. She certainly isn't that self-aware. Lack of awareness and wider comprehension made her a bit of a challenge because there is that layer of trauma that isn't recognized and being completely out of her element. Can argue whether or not it is an excuse or if it works. >>16252 Probably could have been better if it was "you are". Skylar almost never had a pleasant or friendly demeanor. Between that, the slight dissociation, and her highly unusual artificial body/"armor" it would be jarring to say the least. I could probably write more than the story itself in terms of dissecting it.
(113.14 KB 800x428 goldencommandos2DR1065-vi.jpg)
>>16249 No need to fret, glad you liked that little history note. That was a jolt of inspiration from the blue. Having gotten the Javelin on the road, I've started to creep back into scale model cars for the first time in four or five years - and it just so happens that a mainline kit manufacturer is in the midst of developing and producing an AFX/AWB Mopar - specifically, the Plymouth Belvedere "Golden Commandos" car. But I love Dick Landy's Coronet for the clean look and the fact he kept the pushbutton shift for a year or two after Chrysler stopped making it. Anon and Middie got that in their 300C.
(147.90 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>16289 I was reading an article about a guy modding a 1969 Dodge Charger by moving the battery to the back and taking weight off the front end by replacing the hood with a different material; drag racers want the weight shifted more to the rear wheels for sure. That being said I have to agree with Middie that that is one goofy ass looking car. I like big 4 doors with good visual balance the most myself.
Looking forward to W2G tomorrow. Hope everyanon is there!
How do I get started with a bootleg waifu?
>>16297 https://w2g.tv/?r=vmocsogvxvgh5l32iz It's a little late but it's here. >>16298 In what way?
>>16247 “I’m really not all that social, Rhyme. I just learned how to carry myself that way and it kind of just... worked out? For the most part, anyway... ” >You could put on an air of coolheadedness, but inside you’re still just some off brand Twilight and you’re just as introverted as she was. “I don’t even know why I said anything to you, Rhyme. You have your own stuff to deal with a-and I’m… I’m sorry.” >You feel her squeeze you a little tighter. >”Remember the golden rule?” >Where is she going with this? “I- I guess?” >She smiles up at you. >”You treated me like how *you* wanted to be treated, Conny. You said what you wanted to be told.” “W-well I…” >Your ears droop. >She’s... right. "I guess I knew what you went through... Losing someone, I mean." >You take another deep breath as you try to get the swirling mass of shame and grief in your gut to dissipate. >It's getting really hard to ignore now. "I h-hated seeing you go through that so I just... told you what I wanted to hear at the time. It- It may not be anywhere near the same situation, but I... I hoped it would still make you feel better... No one deserves that. I-It... sucks." >That's quite the understatement, but your head is too fuzzy to put together anything better... >She smiles warmly, her forelegs still wrapped firmly around you. >"It did! You did really well, Conny. I feel much better, but…" >Another firm squeeze. >”Now it’s my turn to help you out!” >You’re glad that she’d do that but uh… >You’ve had a lot of hugs in your day, but you can’t think of the last time you had one this… sentimental? >Especially one that’s for your sake. >It’s kinda hard to describe, but you feel way too vulnerable right now. Like you’re putty in her hooves… >Either she has some sort of secret nursey powers, or you’re just really desperate for physical contact right now. >You think it’s the latter. >You wriggle slightly in her grasp as the warmth starts to make you feel almost… shaky. >Like you could break down at any moment. >Your breathing is starting to get funny and the wateriness of your eyes is getting more and more apparent. >God, you- you really don’t want to start crying because you’re reliving stupid stuff that doesn’t even matter anymore… >You freeze up upon feeling Rhyme place her head on your chest. >You hesitantly look down and see her smiling up at you. Her expression had an air of understanding that was oh so very familiar... >"You're not very good at taking your own advice, hm?" >You slowly shake your head, barely able to see her now. >"Well..." Another disarming squeeze of your middle. "I feel like you might need to let it all out." "B-but I..." >"It's okay, Conny." >The breathy statement as she stares deep into your soul makes you choke up a little. >"Do you want to talk about him? Your friend, I mean." >It takes awhile, but you finally answer with a slow nod. >You start to rock a little as you begin to mumble quietly. "I... I miss him." >You lower yourself until your head is resting atop Rhyme's. >She was about your height, but her current hugging position made her quite the headrest. "He- He accepted me a-and loved me and I didn't deserve him... I- I thought I was a talentless loser and that all I could offer was my body. It- It's what I was made for so it just... kind of made sense to me..." >You trail off, the blatant admittance feeling awful, but... it's not like Rhyme didn't hear everything beforehand. "B-but he liked me for me! He- He saw me as a person with her own thoughts a-and feelings and not s-some... lewd toy." >Your tail curls around your legs in some sort of unconscious display of shame as you squirm in Rhyme's grip. "But I failed him. I- I didn't think I was good enough to be anything more than some h-harlot..." >You sniffle. "At least he made me realize I was better than that before I went further than photos..." >The photos you could kind of rationalize as 'artistic', but what that weirdo producer suggested? It was just- just plain gross! You hate yourself for ever giving it a si
>>16348 cut off a bit of line like a dumbass oops >The photos you could kind of rationalize as 'artistic', but what that weirdo producer suggested? It was just- just plain gross! You hate yourself for ever giving it a single thought, even for a brief second... "I-I'm not that kind of mare! I- I know I was supposed to be but- but I'm not! I want romance a-and cuddling and stuff... I-I wouldn't do t-that and even if I did want to, it would have only been with *him*!" >He was your best friend! He was kind and gentle and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside... >You remember sometimes laying in his bed while he was out, daydreaming about... well... him. >They were never anything to write home about. Just nice quiet time alone with him in various secluded places like the back of a library or the edge of a pond... Any outliers were usually ones revolving around you being in bed with him. >Not- not like that, brain! >... >O-okay, maybe a little... >While the quaint little fantasies in your head was something you wished you pursued in earnest, you never had the courage to pipe up... Especially regarding the uhm- the latter ones. >The closest you got to anything like those were that one time you couldn't sleep and crawled into his bed on a particularly warm night. You remember silently freaking out upon realizing he was just in his boxers... >To your surprise, he wound up grabbed you while you were trying to sneak out from under the covers and then pulled you into his arms and right into his bare chest. >At first you thought he might have been awake and might have been messing with you, but after a bit of flustered silence, it was pretty clear that he was still asleep, leaving you to be mercilessly cuddled by his unconscious body. >You'd like to think you have a pretty clean mind, but due to a combination of him being almost naked and you being *very* naked... You had some a few indecent thoughts, like how you kinda wanted to scoot closer until you're right up in his face and then smooch and hug him and stuff... >You stifle a laugh. >Suffice it to say that you were pretty clueless back then. >You uh- you still are to a degree... You missed out on your chance at being his special somepony. >Reflecting on your old job... It's a little funny. >You doubt anyone would believe that the erotica model flaunting herself up on set was secretly some green as grass maiden. >Heh, plaster your face on the side of some olive oil why don'tcha? >In all honesty... you're glad no one knew. You have a sneaking suspicion that your fan mail would have gotten a lot weirder if they did. >You fumble with your forehooves a little as your mind starts wandering back to your old friend. >After everything the two of you went through together... It hurts that you never told him how you really felt... >You squirm a little. >Y-you wonder what would have happened if you did. Would he... accept it? If he did that would mean you'd be... dating. >And dating can lead to... uhm... >As your thoughts trail down a very specific rabbit hole, your heart flutters. >Would you have ended up... m-making love? >Y-you have no idea how to do that or what etiquette there is to the act and the very *thought* of being intimate frightens you to no end, b-but... "I-I uhm... I think as long as it was with him, it... it w-wouldn't be so scary..." >You don't feel shame when you think about him, but... >It still feels wrong. Just not in the way it would if he was still here. >Be rational Conny! He's... gone. Thinking about him like this is not only *really* weird, but terribly sad! >This is exactly how old wives reminisce about their husbands when they've passed... >You pause to take a deep breath. Thankfully it's just enough to slow your heartbeat. >See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now just stop thinking about all that! What would Rhyme think if she heard y- >"What wouldn't have been so scary?"
>>16349 >You cover your mouth with your hooves. >ohno. >ohhhnonono.... >Y-your inner thoughts didn't stay inner! >Your heartbeat quickens significantly as you hesitantly glance down at a puzzled Nursery. >Your face reddens. >A lot. "W-w-well- I- Uhm- You- y-you see..." >Unable to articulate an answer, you avert your gaze and fall silent, wanting nothing more than to disappear in that instant. >Your red-tipped ears flick a little as you hear Rhyme giggle. >"I'm... not sure what you meant by all that, but he certainly seemed like someone special to you." >H-how much did she hear? How much did you say *out loud*? >She doesn't look like she's judging you... "I-I uhm... Mhnmn...?" >Your nerves are really starting to get the better of you. >Hold your horses, Conny! Cool your jets, Cradle! >You won't be able to speak right while you're an anxious bundle of mumbles... >You let yourself settle down sufficiently and after collecting your scattered thoughts from off the carpet, you give her a little nod. "He... He was! ...Spuh-special to me, I mean..." >Despite all your flaws, it was you he liked. >He knew the real you. That awkward mess of a mare who got way too invested in dumb children's cartoons and role-playing games or that desperately wanted to do karaoke but was too self-conscious to do it anywhere else but in her bedroom... >At home you didn't need to be Miss Cradle. >At home he didn't need to be your handler. >Together you could just be yourselves and enjoy each other's company. "He was a total dork who had a soft spot for ponies." >When you first came home with him, his house was utterly flush with all sorts of merch. >Besides that, he had his bouts of philanthropy. He would always donate bits and pieces of his check to pony accommodating facilities... "He was a uhm- a real sweetheart. I honestly never knew a better dude." >Sometimes you felt like he was a little *too* nice and had to wrangle him back so he didn't do something dumb. "One time I tried to stop him from spending all his pocket money on a Phillyware claw machine since he wanted to win the last ponybot inside..." >You kinda... failed at stopping him. >You chuckle as you think about how confused that poor little Pommel was when he held her up all triumphant like in the air... >Her movements were a little delayed like any cheapo Philly, but she could hold quite the conversation, especially if it was about fabric. "Hah... I hope Pompom is doing well with ol' Barty... Last I heard she was learning how to knit mini sweaters." >You didn't know either of them all that well, but your friend was always happy to see them. >You let out a sigh. "Maybe I should have tried to be more outgoing back then, but I... I guess it is what it is." >Most folks you knew faded into the background after the accident and you kind of just... gave up on your old life. >You sat and ruminated in 'your' apartment for weeks on end. >For the first time in your life... you were alone. >Truly alone. >Seeing that no one contacted you at the time, you hazard a guess that they all thought you went out with him. "or maybe they just didn't care." >All throughout the grief and pain, you clung to every single word he had said to you and as pathetic as it sounds you- you wrote it all down in a journal and it... helped. >While it couldn't stop the empty hole in your heart from forming, it at least kept you going. >You could always be reminded of him whenever you wanted, even if you couldn't wrack together the thoughts yourself. >He made you feel safe. He made you feel wanted. He made you feel... special. >Because of him you were able to pierce through your self-deprecating haze and see that you were worth something. >That you *could* belong. >Without him, you might still be in that display case or worse. >He gave you a chance at a real life all of your own. You stumbled a lot, but seeing where you are now... >You think you managed okay. >It's... a very iffy okay, but at least it's a start.
>>16350 >If... if you could turn back time for just a moment and s-saw him standing right there... you would give him t-the biggest hug right now... >You take a deep breath and smile weakly, fresh tears welling up in the corner of your eyes. "I... I loved him." >You pick your head up and stare at the ceiling. "He was my best friend and he made me the mare I am today... I won't forget him. J-just like you won't forget Marie, Rhyme. I-I'll remember him as long as I live a-and..." >You swallow drying as you feel your emotional state start to pique. "I'd... I'd like to think he's pr-proud of me a-and up there watching muh-me a-and- and..." >You trail off into a bout of pitiful mumbling and shrink down a little >You can feel the dam cracking. >You gently tap Rhyme's hoof, which gets her to lift her head from your chest and sit up with a tilt of the head. >She hasn't said much at all since you've started, but her expression tells you that she's been listening intently. >You look her in the eyes, your small smile still present as you try to stay strong and simply thank her for listening to your stupid rambling... >But it's to no avail. >Your smile fades as your body starts the tremble. "R-Rhyme...?" >You barely squeak out her name as you weakly fidget with your shaky hooves. >She gives you yet another reassuring smile. "Yes, Conny?" "I don't th-think I can... stop." >Nursery tilts her head a little more than before. "Stop?" "Uhm..." >You lower your head and stare at your shaky legs. "F-from... from crying...." >You don't even know why you feel so embarrassed admitting that... >She pouts ever so slightly. "Conny... You already know what I'm going to say, don't you?" >In one fell swoop that leaves your racing mind blank, Nursery quietly slides herself over and lays her head on your shoulder, all the while her forelegs wrap around you in the closest thing to a bear hug a pony has ever given you. >"There's nothing wrong with crying, you know..." >You made a small panicky noise that *could* be a protest, and she interprets as such. >"Oh come now... When I was in your shoes, you didn't bat an eye. Don't deprive yourself just because you want to seem tough, alright? Breathe and... relax." >You take a few deep breaths as prescribed and settle into the all consuming hug. >As the tension in your body starts to melt away, Nursery gives you one last firm and familiar squeeze... >"Just let it out, Conny... It's okay." >And that's all that it takes for the dam to finally break. >You feebly drape your forelegs around her as tears start to run down your cheeks. >With a barely suppressed sob, you embrace her fully. >"There there..." >She hushes you softly as you butt your head against her chest and whimper. >All that sorrow, grief, bitterness, and shame... It all wells up inside and grew stagnate. >Ever time you refused to acknowledge the swirling miasma in the back of your mind, it got a little harder to cry. >You probably haven't done so in... years. >You honestly didn't know what to expected. >But... here you are. >Bawling your eyes out like some oversensitive kid who lost her favorite toy... >It's... a little ironic. >You're the toy. >And you lost your favorite kid.
(1.67 MB 1020x1020 Conny's New Bed.png)
>>16352 In this expanded chunk, Conny reminisces about her friend. From love to longing to loneliness... All the little moments she shares (and overshares) with Rhyme pile up into an unmanageable emotional mess of a tower that begins to teeter and creak. Try as she might, Conny isn't able to keep it from tumbling down, but... maybe it's for the best. It's okay to be vulnerable sometimes. No one can keep a brave face forever, after all. This was the 'big' expanded chunk as stated before, everything after this is your regularly scheduled Confidants. Whatever that might mean Pic unrelated to the current story, but here's a (technically) younger Conny back when she first met her friend. I just though it'd be cute to include. I really gotta make a paste for that side story sometime... I keep forgetting.
>>16313 >In what way I mean, how does one choose a bootleg waifu? Do Anons just create one as an OC?
>>16244 Damn, I had a feeling this was what her "modeling" was. This is painful to read. Glad she didn't go further than pictures. >>16353 All caught up on what's posted on NHNB; love the story. Is this where you are now or is there still backlog you are going to transfer from 4ch?
(36.62 KB 752x594 572954.jpg)
>>16210 Also, is Jamboree based on surprise? Surprise is almost a bootleg that accedentaly made it into the background a few times.
>>16358 There's still a little more to go. I'll try to put it up sooner than later, but I might wait til later. >>16359 Yeah, Jamboree is basically an earth filly Ponk that looks just like a Surprise with yellow eyes. She's a fun little gal.
(184.59 KB 315x287 Capfsture.PNG)
This not going anywhere, but a literal shower thought I had: You have heard of Fallout Equestria, but what about /bootleg/ Fallout? Pony bots are already even in the universe so a scavenger anon stumbling upon some pre-war technology is completely fitting. I personally don't like the worldbuilding in Fallout because some shit is so unrealistic it's like they weren't even trying. The premise is neat as are aspects of it, but then you go into an intact wood frame building and all the books inside are burned up and dumb stuff like that. Not to mention that nothing in abandoned buildings has been scavanged by others until the player comes along even though it's supposedly been 200 years. Still fun but I can't take it seriously. That being said the idea of a lonely anon in a post-apocolyptic world booting up a pony bot as a companion isn't terrible.
>>16356 It kinda happens on it's own. Jacky was sort of it's own small idea, absolutely everything followed was just how things went. She first mentioned Sparks and Dashie and they grew on their own. Missy Pie just sorta happened, same thing with Missy Rye/Sky/Chai. Naturally, with her in mind, that grew to Angel/Plum/Berry/Carrot Cake. Twilit Starsky also popped up on her own out of the blue. I had no real clue what she was about until she told me and (You). Photo Finished... let's not talk about that now. Flutterlime was also more going over a vague idea and environment than an actual character. The only thing I can really say about them, at the very start, is that they are all crystalized lumps of emotion. Of a certain situation, or feeling. You cast your line and see what comes up. Or... you don't see what drags you in. It's a bit of a non-answer but I could never have thought of all of this, as it happened, to the point that I could tell the future.
>>16364 I think a post-apocalyptic setting where ponebots existed in droves before the fall would be interesting. Funnily enough, I've done a little green like that once revolving around a pony named Gray and a human scavenging around an abandoned mall. That specific Gray was right before I started Gray Garden, so she was a little similar in personality. Maybe I should try digging that up and reusing the concept... All that aside, I like the idea. I think it'd be neat to have a little journey between an Anon and his boot just trying to survive.
>>16353 Two thoughts that have stuck on my mind since yesterday: First, Conny's friend crashed his car when he was distracted calming her down during her sort of breakdown. I speculate that on top on now feeling worthy of him she must feel responsible for the death. Even though that feeling wasn't mentioned directly in the green that is a pretty typical thing to feel in a situation like that so I would find it hard to believe she doesn't. I also wonder if she was able to attend his funeral, if she wasn't invited because she's just a pony and who cares, or if there even was a funeral (I don't have much context on her friend to go off). Did you think about that yet? The thought of her not getting to go because she's dismissed as a pony that doesn't matter has stuck in my mind.
>>16374 >on top on now feeling worthy of him not feeling worthy, typo.
>>16067 >"Come on, move your feet." >Midnight's muffled voice whines out her command as she presses her snout into your back. >Now, you aren't dawdling today... >Granted, that is a fun pastime, just to see and hear Midnight's surprising amount of impatience when she's really excited about something. >No, you've already got your few hundred pounds of iron on the cart you're pushing. >Sure, she could have carried it - and she really wanted to do so. >But it's one thing to explain away an eating utensil levitating in the air as a 'prototype feature.' >An engine block? >Yeah, that would be a bit much. "I can actually go slower, you know." >"I am aware. I'm also aware you could move faster," she mutters. "Even though we're already here?" >Midnight eases up on her pushing to step aside and glance forward beyond you, just in time to actually reach the back tailgate of the Trailduster. >"Okay, so I expected you to go slow, just to be an ass." "I probably deserve the skepticism, but no tricks today," you assure her. >It's been a couple of days since you were notified by the machine shop the Chrysler's Hemi block was ready for pickup. >A couple of days that seem to have been agony for Midnight, eager to get to work assembling it. >Well, eager for you to assemble it. >But you know full well she will help however she can. >Having already opened up the back of the truck before going inside, you take a cursory glance around for anyone with a set of eyes on you. >No passing cars, and there's no one walking the streets this close to the outskirts of town. >Coast is clear. "Alright, beam it up, Mid." >In one swift and efficient motion, the engine block and two-wheeled cart carrying it rise up and into the back. "Nice. Glad I installed that lift in this thing," you comment in jest while closing up the tailgate. >The stupid quip garners a slight snort from Midnight before she trots to the passenger side of the Trailduster, slipping from sight. >She's already hopped into her seat and waiting when you climb behind the steering wheel. >"So, you'll have the engine back together by this evening, right?" she asks with a smug expression. >You chuckle, knowing the real question behind that cocky suggestion. >'How long do you think it will take to get it together?' "More like a week or two, assuming I have all the parts we need," you reply, nothing the hint of disappointment Midnight exudes as her perked ears falter a bit. "I want to get it back together and running as much as you do, but rushing through assembly is a plan for disaster." >"Anything in particular that's gonna take a long time? I read that first startup of a fresh engine is a tense time, because of break-in," Midnight comments as you get the truck headed for home.
>>16387 "That's where my call for patience comes from, yeah," you agree. "All the clearances between moving parts are at their tightest when brand new, and they have to wear in a bit. So taking extra time to make sure the clearances from bearing to camshaft, crankshaft - all that is important." >"So, have you ever had one die during break-in?" "They usually don't blow up - just kill a bearing or eat a cam lobe. But no." >Maybe it's a vibe you're giving off, but Midnight doesn't seem particularly satisfied with your answer, judging by that cold, inquisitive stare. "The answer is no because I've never actually built one." >"Oh..." >That is a very uneasy-sounding response from your companion. "Hence why I'm taking a lot of time to make sure everything is right," you add, freeing a hand from the steering wheel to put an arm around Midnight's form. >"Hell, now I kinda feel like an ass for joking about you throwing it together quick," she concedes. "Well, you are an ass - but you're my ass." >"Annnd there goes the guilt," she shoots back, moving your arm away from her playfully with a minor extension of her wings. "Which part did it, calling you an ass, or the sappy bit at the end?" >"You've given me a really tough choice if 'all of the above' isn't an option." "Lucky for you, that was secret door number three." >"I'll be honest, this gameshow sounds pretty damn lame." "You win and you still whine. Jeez." >You feel Midnight rest her chin upon your shoulder, her breath tickling your ear as she scoots up close. >"Maybe we can at least get started on the engine this evening?" she croons. "It's cute how you're trying to butter me up when I already had planned to work on it," you muse, tilting your head and curling your arm up and around her neck, in a relaxed and odd combination of a hug and a headlock. >Of course, Midnight focuses on the likeness to the latter, making a cacophony of muted gagging noises. "You're very distracting, you know that?" you tease. >"I'll take that as a compliment." >You can't see her face with the current positioning and the fact you're navigating town streets, but you can sense a prideful grin accompanying that remark. "I could get pulled over for distracted driving." >"Don't be distracted - simple." "Yeah," you chuckle. "Simple." >Hey, she didn't object to being called cute for once. >You're just gonna let that go unmentioned. >"Any plans for the transmission, then?" Midnight asks as you release her. >You shake your head negative on that one. "Torqueflites are hardy transmissions - I'll try flushing out as much of the old fluid as I can, but that's about it. I've got no worries about that." >"So it sounds like we're on the home stretch," Midnight perks up, though after a slight hesitation, adds, "Relatively speaking, of course."
>>16388 "In relative terms," you agree. "Still gotta make sure the brakes are good before we try it out on the road. We haven't flushed those out yet, either." >"And brake fluid is hygroscopic, so even out in this climate - it's probably been bad for quite some time," Midnight chips in. "Hygroscopic, huh?" >"Attracts water, for a simpleton like you. I'll also add I brought up the brakes again when we dropped the fuel tank to dump that out - you forgot." "Neeerd!" you antagonize in a drawn-out howl. >"I'd hit you, but you're driving. Slowly, might I add," Midnight grumbles. >You goose the throttle, just to make Midnight flop back in her seat a bit with unexpected acceleration. >It doesn't faze her one bit - probably was anticipating it. >Not your first time doing those kinds of shenanigans, after all. >"By the way, if you're thinking of slamming on the brakes, you have a car behind you," she states, putting on a serious face. "And I'll kick your ass regardless." "Do you promise?" you croon, batting your eyes. >Midnight shakes her head, turning away to prevent you from seeing her stoic expression break. >"You're sick." "Yeah. Got a bad case of lovin you." >Midnight's attention snaps back to you, cocking her head as she tries to discern what the hell you just said. "Doctor, doctor - give me the news..." >>With the realization comes a roll of her eyes as Midnight points out the windshield ahead with a hoof. >"Shut up and drive, Robert Palmer." -----
>>16389 Thanks for the green, Auto! Always a pleasure when you're around.
https://w2g.tv/?r=a9kb9rdm2kyk2g7jvc /w2g/ before MareFair! May not be around Saturday night to join in.
>>15512 “You sure you want to do this,” you ask as you park, “you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.” >”It’s taking too long for spring to come, I need to do something before I go mad,” Rosie huffs, “besides- it's the least I could do with all they’re doing for us.” You unbuckle yourself, “Alright, alright.” >The weekend had arrived, and with it, your arrangement with Dawn and Sonata. >After she’s freed herself from her seatbelt, Rosie and you step out of the car and take a look at what you’re dealing with. >It was a two-story house of decent size, reminding you of one of the places you had lived in when you were younger. >A single open garage with a few boxes containing the remainder of what needed to be unpacked scattered about was your entrance into the domicile. >While you’re observing, from around the corner of the door that leads from the garage to inside stepped the white alicorn. >”Oh hello, you’re here early. Thanks for taking the time to drive out to help us.” Dawn said. You wave a hand dismissively as she gestures with her head for you to follow her, “It’s the least we could do, ‘sides, Rosie’s saying she’s starting to come down with a case of cabin fever.” >”I don’t blame her,” she sighs, “this winter feels like it’s taking years to pass.” >The inside of the house is sparsely furnished, which makes sense since they didn’t have much to begin with, and they doubtless don’t have much of an idea where to start- as they’ve only seen your house and more than likely Telmacher’s. >Also of note is the lack of a certain two-tone temptress. >Eh, you’ll probably bump into her eventually. >Dawn walked over a bookshelf with a box of textile bolts next to it, “These are Sonata’s, Rosie, could you start putting these up? If you run out of space and can’t reach higher up, don’t worry about it; stack the remainder to the side, then go ahead and bring in another box from the garage, Sonata will take care of the rest.” >Rosie nodded, and then got to work. >Once more Dawn gestures to you to follow her, eventually stopping at the base of the stairs. >There are two boxes, filled with notepads and notebooks, there to greet you. >”One for you, one for me,” she punctuates the statement by enveloping one of the boxes in her orange aura, and you follow her lead by squatting to pick up the other box. “Alright, got a good grip on it, I take it they’re going upstairs?” >Dawn nods, turning the corner and starting up the stairs. >Lo and behold, who else would happen to be heading down the stairs at the same time? >The previously mentioned two-tone temptress, Sonata herself. >Already a few steps up, Dawn stops, pressing against the wall to give Sonata enough room to pass. >You swear Sonata gives you a wink before she all but hip checks Dawn with an exaggerated sashay as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. >Dawn loses concentration and drops her box, spilling its contents along the steps as it starts to tumble towards her. >The one you were carrying drops at nearly the same time as you lunge forward to grab her when she starts to tumble back. >A familiar warmth fills you when you get a hold of her, you try to pivot so that your back takes the brunt of the fall, however the box coming down the stairs foils that plan as it catches your leg and causes you to land on your shoulder instead. >The memory of an injury you got when you were nine springs to the forefront when you let out a hiss through gritted teeth as the heat and pain start emanating out of where you had landed. ’Likely sprained or bruised, fracture or dislocation not likely as sensation and movement remains in fingers,’ your brain tells you. >As you start to regain your senses, you realize Dawn is saying something to you. >”Anon, are you okay?!” >The panic was clear in her voice, you need to respond. “Need ice…have gauze in car,” you manage to get out. >”O-okay, just let go of me and I’ll get the ice first.” >When you remember how your fingers work, you remove the fingers that you realize you had dug into her flank and shoulder, and she sca
>>16406 and she scampers off for the ice. >Slowly you push yourself up, resting your back against the wall, trying to steady your breathing and heart rate while you wait. >Don’t want to cause any more worry than you already are by having an episode. >You wouldn’t have gotten hurt this bad if you weren’t underweight, your fingers gingerly touch your shoulder, and the swelling that’s formed stings as it meets them. >Just what the hell was Sonata thinking for what she did to seem like a good idea? >Dawn returns with the improvised ice pack, made from ice in a ziplock bag and wrapped in a hand towel. >Fishing out your keys from your pocket, you hold them out for her to take, “Trade you.” >Her aura surrounds the key, which is levitated from your hand and replaced with the ice pack. >Once you press it to your shoulder, she gives you one last look of concern before making her way towards the garage, glowering as she passes Sonata. >Once Dawn is out of view, Sonata comes around the corner and buries her head into your good shoulder. >”I’m sorry, I did it again, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I-I’m…” she mutters as she starts to sob, you can’t really do anything about it since you need to keep pressure on the ice pack, so you just let her get it out of her system. >After a minute or so she calms down, then barely above a whisper asking, “Please don’t hate me, I just wanted you and Dawn to get closer. I didn’t want you to get hurt,” she nuzzles her head into your shoulder further, “You, Dawn, Rosie, I want all of you to be happy.” >The ice pack slumps off your shoulder and into your lap as you take your hand off it to use your now free hand to stroke her mane. “I don’t hate you,” you sigh, “your heart’s in the right place, but you can’t force things like you’re trying to do. You need to let things fall as they may, if it doesn’t work out, well, that’s just how it is.” >The two of you stay like that for a while before you pat her withers. “Mind checking up on Rosie? I’m sure she’s scared stiff, and I need to start applying the ice pack again.” >A quiet, “Mmm-kay,” is all you hear as she pulls away. >She walks around the corner to where Rosie was, stealing one last glance at you as she passes Dawn. >”Alright, Anon, I got the bandages, mind leaning forward for me?” Dawn says. >You do as requested and she begins wrapping the ice pack to your shoulder, finishing up by using the remainder to wrap the upper part of your torso. >”There, not bad for my first time, if I’d say so. Is it too tight anywhere?” >After a few test movements, you shake your head. >She clops her hooves together, ”Good, my cot is upstairs, you can lay on it until we’re done since you might hurt yourself if you try to help with anything else.” >Her words cause an empty pit to grow inside your stomach. “No,” you grunt as you shift to be on your knees, followed by you falling forward onto your elbows as your blood rushes to your head from the sudden shift in elevation, “If I can’t help, I’m useless.” >”Anon…” she trails off, a hoof raised and ears nearly flat against her head, unsure if she should try and touch you. “It’s all I’m good for, it’s my purpose,” you continue on, not acknowledging the utterance of your name, your limbs beginning to feel like they’re full of lead. >”Anon, please…” Your shaky fingers fail to wrap around the spine of a leather book, the design on the front being a series of eleven circles with lines connecting them and a latch with a lock to keep it shut, “If I can’t fulfill my purpose,” you hiss through gritted teeth as you fail to pick up the book again, “I might as well just drop dead.” >”STOP!” >Suddenly everything around you is warm, you look at your outstretched hand and find it engulfed in an orange aura, in fact, your entire body is. >Your head turns to look at Dawn. >Her eyes give off an almost fiery glow, partially from the tears that evaporate almost as soon as they’re released, and how much effort she’s having to use to stop you. >”We need to talk.”
>>16407 >Her voice is on the verge of breaking, and a sense of guilt and shame hits you like a tidal wave. >You’ve fucked up and became a burden again. … I'm personally not feeling how this update's turned out, which is why I haven't uploaded it to the paste yet.
Alright, DWI, if you’re here: I think I figured out why I don’t like how the update turned out, it feels too melodramatic. I’m not sure if it’s actually the case, but it’s the feeling I get in my gut about it.
>>16459 Makes sense
Anyone up for w2g? If Blondie would be busy with MareFair, I can set up a room.
>>16471 Would love to. Probably be late like I usually am, but I do try to catch them.
>>16474 https://w2g.tv/?r=9a6bw9e3j9p4y42fk9 Here you ho. Please also repost in the main thread, as I'm banned.
>>16475 Looks like I missed it. Hope you guys had fun.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uqj0orBS0s Horsewords & (You) has come to (You)! From Marefair and in audio format.
>>16492 Thanks a lot, anon!
Gonna set up the /w2g/ in a few hours. Marefair was a one of a kind experience, and it was a ton of fun to talk writing with anons.
>>16389 Progress on the project car; good update.
>>16531 Thanks as always for putting these on.
>>16389 >As truck tires come to a gentle rest against the concrete parking stop, you finally take another look at your passenger in the fading evening light. >Midnight is still brooding over this arrangement as expected, hunched down in her seat while she stares out the passenger window. "It's going to be fine," you assure her. >"I still don't like this," she reminds you in a gruff and short manner. "I know you don't." >You took up Teddy on his offer and suggestion to have Midnight see the doctor he has check-up on Starla from time to time. >Nothing wrong - just a good idea to get a baseline, so to speak. >It had been mentioned in passing a couple of times to Midnight before you pulled the trigger... >Evidently, she either didn't give the idea much thought or wholeheartedly believed you would go through with this. >Regardless of the reasoning, the last day and a half has featured Midnight in a rather pensive and anxious mood. "Do you need a hug?" >"Shut up." "That wasn't a joke." >"You can still shut up." >Headlights briefly flash through the back window, illuminating the interior before a pickup truck pulls up along your side. >A familiar face waves a hoof from the passenger window, looking perky and positive as always. "Look, Starla came along just for you, I bet," you mention, thumbing Midnight's attention to your window as you see Teddy lean forward in the truck to offer a friendly wave and smile as well. >You turn back as Midnight leans forward to look past you and into Teddy's truck, offering the faintest smile before resuming her rather dour posture and expression. >"I'm sure I'm gonna hear all about 'How nice the doc is and how there's absolutely nothing to worry about!'" Midnight sasses in a mocking manner, complete with a hint of southern drawl in her voice. "...I don't think you fully understand what power you wield over me doing that voice." >The comment forces Midnight into a stern scowl. >"You talk an awful lot of shit for someone in biting distance." "Come on, just try to relax. I'll feel a lot better with you having a checkup, and I think you will, too." >"I'm not worried about my health. I feel fine," she argues. "Okay, then just do it for me." >"You think I care?" "I know you do. You're just anxious and stubborn." >"... shut up," she mumbles. >Amidst the backdrop of your bickering, Teddy has left his truck and gone inside the quaint little veterinary hospital where you've parked. >He reappears now through the glass double doors waving you in. >First to respond is Starla, who exits Teddy's truck through the still-ajar driver's door, disappearing from view briefly as you hear the door thump shut behind her. >As she circles around to meet up with Teddy at the building entrance, she too beckons to you and Midnight to join them. >Before you make a move, you once again turn all attention to Midnight. "Ready?" >Her ears flatten against her skull as she emits a sigh of resignation. >"No, but I guess this is the best I can do."
>>16539 >Rather than embarrass her, you reach over and grasp her hoof, out of sight for anyone else. >Midnight looks down at your gesture, then at you with a bit of uncertainty. "This is something completely different than the lab, Mid," you reassure her. >You know that's what is really eating at her. >And you would be willing to bet she looked up what a veterinary hospital looks like out of curiosity, what they do... >That probably didn't alleviate any concerns. >You know her too well. >It's hard to make the past just disappear. >"I'll be fine." >There's no snark in her voice. >Nor fear. >It is a statement of quiet determination. >It's a fleeting moment, quickly followed by normal you. >"Try not to embarrass us all," she muses while popping open her door. "You know I can't make any sort of guarantee on something like that." >"Still doesn't hurt to remind you." >Teddy props the door open for Starla to enter along with you and Mid, a few steps behind. >"Hiya, Midnight? How are you doing?" Starla turns and greets her friend once in the brightly lit lobby. >You don't hear the response, as Teddy motions you close as you pass through the door. >"Needed a little bit of a pep talk, I take it?" he whispers to you. "I didn't think nothing of a doctor visit until today, how that would be like for her..." "Nothing too major. She's got this. Just had to remind her." >The old speckled tiles under your feet and the faint hum of fluorescent lighting let you know this place has been around for a while, even if the outside looks to have been freshly painted a forest green. >The faintly off-white walls only add to the sterile brightness of the interior, broken up by worn wooden chairs in the waiting area, where your party halts. "It's like a trek back to the eighties," you quip, more out of amusement than negativity. >"A little bit - but that's only because Keith focuses his funds on patient care, where it should be," Teddy speaks up with a slight chuckle, lightly ribbing you. >"Dr Patterson is a really good doc," Starla adds with enthusiasm, both in direction to you as well as Midnight, with whom she gives a shoulder nudge. "He's a gentle and super sweet guy." >"You know a lot of doctors, huh?" Midnight proposes, audibly lacking in the same enthusiasm. >"Well, no," Starla admits, allowing her voice to falter for just a moment. "But you'll see - there's nothing to be worried about." >"Not worried. Just wary," Midnight mutters. >Seemingly on cue, footsteps clatter the halls beyond the door separating offices from the reception area, followed by a slight squeak as it swings open. >A portly man with a gentle smile greets you all, wearing a seemingly standard-issue white coat that looks just a bit too long on his shorter frame. >"Good evening," he starts, quickly focusing on Starla, who waves excitedly. "Starla, this is quite the surprise!" >She trots up to him and gives him a hug, a foreleg wrapped around his waist.
>>16540 >"HI Doctor Patterson, good to see you again!" she cheers. >"Likewise, my dear," he agrees, hugging her as well. "You're doing well, I hope?" >"Mhmm. I just wanted to tag along to see you, and in support of my lil sis," she explains, stepping back for the other mare in the room to take center stage. >Midnight stands wary and looking rather uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight by Starla. >"And you must be her little sister, Midnight," the doctor says quietly with intrigue. >"It's either me or him," Midnight replies, unfolding a wing to point a primary feather at you. >"Oh wow - Teddy, you didn't say anything about her having functioning wings," Patterson gasps in awe. >"I thought I did - my bad, I guess." >He quickly looks over to you and puts out his hand. "Anonymous, right?" "Just Anon, thanks," you reply, shaking his hand. "And I take it you're Doctor Patterson." >"Oh please, just Keith," he says with a wave of his hand and a laugh. "Technically, we're closed and I'm off the clock. Plus, let's not get it too uptight and stuffy in here." >"He's only Doctor Patterson to his patients," Starla chimes in, giggling. >"Even though I told you there's no need to be formal," he replies, booping her on the nose. "Follow me back and we'll get started." >Your group traverses the otherwise quiet halls into an exam room near the back. >"So what all are you - what's this 'checkup' all about?" Midnight asks, still audibly guarded with this whole excursion. >"We're just trying to get a baseline of your health - nothing invasive," Keith speaks up, closing the door once everyone is inside. "From what Teddy has told me, you and Starla share a..." >The doc looks over at Teddy, evidently unable to find the right word or phrase. >"They're both part of the same created genetic makeup, from what I have gathered," he chimes in. >"That's right - the little sis I never had," Starla adds once again. >She's clearly not tired of that idea one bit since the notion popped into her head during the sleepover. >However, Midnight has to silently roll her eyes. >"Anyway, I just hope to get a baseline, which I can compare with Starla and some of the notes Teddy has managed to gather for me over the years." "He wrangled you in this, huh?" >You get a nod with an accompanying laugh in response. >"Hop up here and lay down Midnight," Keith instructs her, patting the hard surface of the nearly waist-high exam table in the middle of the room. >She hesitates as her eyes scan what lies behind the doc. >You follow her gaze, spotting a glass cabinet, showcasing various bottles and utensils of the medical sort. >Forceps, gauze - and syringe needles. "That stuff has nothing to do with why we're here," you mumble to her. >"I know that," she snaps, tearing herself away from the sight to leer at you. >"I didn't get the full story, but I'm guessing my appearance and this place don't bring up good memories," Keith speaks up, still cool as a cucumber.
>>16541 >"I can tell you I wasn't born with these or these," Midnight shoots back with a dose of snark, ruffling her wings and forcing a brighter glow from her blue eyes. "And stop acting like I'm some dumb animal that belongs to Anon. I bet I'm smarter than everyone in this room." "Mid, no one has said or implied anything on the contrary," you speak up, frustrated by her mild outburst. "The doc's been directly asking you questions and talking to you, not me." >"Yet we're at a veterinary clinic. It's insulting," she huffs. >Come on, Midnight... >You really thought she was going to be calm and collected. >While she's not given anyone a tongue-lashing like in the past, you're still disappointed things have not gone smoothly. >"Midnight, you have to admit, we are closer to... well, animals. At least physically. That's why we're here instead of a human doctor's office," Starla explains in a gentle attempt to defuse the awkward situation. "Don't take offense to it - there's nothing implied by being here." >"Trust me, you make my job easier that you can talk," Keith adds. "It may be after hours and off the books, but you are the easiest patients because you can tell me what's wrong if anything." >Midnight clenches her jaw but remains mum with those comments. >You try to think of something to say to encourage her without embarrassing her, but you're stuck. >Fortunately, Midnight bounds up onto the exam table on her own accord. >"It's nothing against you. But no, I don't like the idea of being prodded," she clarifies, laying down on her stomach as directed. >Atta girl. >"And I have no intentions but the simplest exam. Scout's honor," the doc replies, raising his hand. "You're likely helping Starla by agreeing to this as well - someone to compare her to." >That notation draws a visible reaction from Midnight, as some of the tension in her face softens. >Shit, you should have just led with that the whole time. >If you had thought of it. >But... >Midnight turns her head and locks eyes with you. >You don't know how, but you understand. >You can see it in those beautiful blue eyes. >Fear. >She's internally struggling to keep calm. >This is legitimately hard for her, just to be in a setting like this. >But she's doing good, despite it all. >Talking the step to get up next you her, you put your hand on her side and stroke one of her folded wings. >"What-" "You had a couple of messed up feathers bothering me. That's all," you tell her. >"Oh. Thanks," she answers, trying to portray an air of nonchalance as usual. >It sounds like her usual self, but her wing shifts to basically snatch your hand beneath its plumage and clutch it tightly to her side. >You make no note of it, nor to the slightest tremble you can feel coming from her. "No problem." -----
>>16538 They're comfy. You can argue whether or not it's all too productive but it's fun. Had a ton of times to help and influence each other in positive ways.
Check the cytube, in a half hour gonna start playing Evil Dead movies! I figured out a way to stream to it so we are on for movie nights of all sorts, not just things to find on YouTube or DailyMotion that sorta work.
>>16542 >For the better part of an hour, Midnight has endured. >And you're proud of her. >After the initial stonewalling, it seemed like she was able to relax, going through questions, examinations, and measurements the doc sought for a baseline and a comparison to Starla, as well as documenting her 'unique' attributes - clarifying what was natural and what was decidedly cybernetic about her. >One thing is for sure - no MRIs for her. >But overall, there were no surprises for Midnight or you. >She's in good health, all things considered. >Every once in a while, she would start to tense up or start... looking off into space, kinda? >You would find some reason to touch her and bring her back. >Odd, but hardly anything serious. >A final round of thanks and goodbyes from everyone, and it's time to go home. >Night has fully engulfed the desert as you step outside, the clear sky making the air have just a hint of a nip to it. >"Gnight you two!" >"See you again soon, Midnight!" >Okay, one more round of goodbyes from Teddy and Starla as you get into your respective vehicles. >"Yeah, hopefully we'll actually do something enjoyable," Midnight wisecracks. "Take care of yourselves." >Doors close - leaving you and Midnight in the first sort of one-on-one in the truck since this little endeavor began. "Well, that wasn't fun by any means, but it's done and over with, huh?" >You don't get a response as you key the ignition and start the truck. >Tonight's gonna be like this, huh? "You didn't bite me or anyone else, so that was a plus," you joke. >Still nothing. >Oh boy. >Maybe she was saving the physical assault. "Midnight," you call as you release the ignition and sit back in your seat. >You turn your head toward h- >Just as you sight her, she lunges. >Recoiling with nowhere to go... >You thump your head against the window. >And now have her form draped atop you. >"That was fucking horrible!" she cries out. >You... >You are absolutely befuddled. >What the hell just happened in the last thirty seconds? >Everything was relatively normal before you got in the truck... >You can't even look at Midnight because her snout is nestled up underneath your chin. >While your heart rate has picked up from the outburst, you can feel Midnight's heart pumping at a thousand miles a minute, matching her rapid breathing. "Hey, relax. Relax," you console her, putting your right arm over her. "Breathe with me. In and out - slow and steady." >You coach her for a few moments like this, just focusing on breathing. >Her reaction is scaring the everloving fuck out of you - but you gotta keep a level head. >To get her under control. >It's only as Middie starts to come off of this episode that you note your truck's engine isn't the only one humming at idle. >You turn your head just enough, the light from the vet office being just enough to see Teddy's truck still parked nearby. >Starla gazes at you with sad eyes and a solemn expression.
>>16570 >It's hard to make out anything beyond Star's face plastered to the window, but Teddy's silhouette is evident, peering past her. >You feel a bit of anger well up knowing those two have been watching this whole time - even if you understand the reasoning. >With your free hand, you gesture an OK and wave them off in a hurried manner. >Unwilling to divest any more time or attention from the one who needs you right now - you turn and stare straight ahead, focusing on... >Nothing. >Just Midnight. >Her breathing is back to a level you would consider normal, but you give her a few more minutes before opening your mouth. >Mainly because what do you even ask or say? >Where to begin? >Everything seemed fine... >"I'm okay." >Midnight's mumbled announcement brings you from your thoughts. >At the same time, she pulls her head back enough to where you can finally view her. >Worn out and weary is the best way to describe her expression. >With your left hand you brush away a stray tear that has snuck away from the corner of each eye. "You're okay," you repeat back to her, affirming in support. >A deep exhale follows - from both of you. >You feel like you have been holding your breath for too long. "Are you all right?" >Weariness is overshadowed by confusion as Midnight's brow furrows, trying to discern your meaning. >"That's the same thing, really," she speaks, almost in a careful and concerned tone. "It is. Kinda," you admit, also finding it better to tiptoe into the delicate discussion you want to have. "I really did think you did well tonight." >"And I did. You helped a bit at the start," she admits. "That was all I did, other than be there, right?" >"Yeah." "And you didn't seem like it bothered you much after that..." >Midnight casts her gaze down to the floorboards as you trail off. >"Sometimes you just gotta grit your teeth, bottle it up, and push through, you know?" >Fuck. >She doesn't sound proud of it - more or less, her tone is just sharing flat facts. "Yeah, that's great until the cork pops on the bottle you're shaking," you answer, brushing a wild strand of her mane back into place. "You could have said something. Taken a breather." >"I don't want to look like a bitch," she mutters, shaking her head. "Are you shitting me?!" >You can't help as exasperation raises your voice. >"Well fuck, everyone else acts like it's no big deal to be here!" Midnight charges back in her own bout of frustrated feelings. "Starla's sitting there chumming up with the doc while I'm-" >Without a thought, you grab Midnight with both hands and shake her. "You aren't Starla, you stubborn ass!" >While her eyes widen at your actions and mild tongue-lashing, she doesn't do or say anything else. >Just stares at you. >"I know that," she mumbles after a moment, before remembering to tack on a retorting "Dickhead." >You let go of her, forcing yourself to relax and regroup as you reach to the steering column and cut the engine.
>>16571 >The truck shifts as Midnight returns to her seat, offering a few creaks from the chassis. >Then... >Silence. >Absolute silence. >The lights in the building flip off, leaving you both in the embrace of the dark. >"I didn't feel like I was going to..." Midnight starts, hesitating mid-thought. "I figured I would push through fine, being my normal hardass self and not... what I did when we got back in the truck." "I thought you were mad at me, and honestly, I wish that had been what it was," you reply, leaning back in your seat. >"You wanted me to be mad at you?" "Midnight, you scared the shit out of me. You know that, right?" >With no response, you're forced to turn your head to look at her. >Likewise, all she can offer is a stare back. "How else should I feel when I have someone I care about who might be having a full-on mental break in my arms in full-fledged hyperventilation?" >"It... wasn't that bad. I thought," she mumbles, sounding like an attempt to convince herself. "It was for someone that has no idea what's going on or how to stop it. I promise you, it was that bad." >"Again, I thought I could do it." >You leave that feeble excuse to hang in the air for a moment. "What did this place remind you of? What did it bring back?" >"Isn't that kind of a silly qu-" "Midnight. Please. Lean on me." >Another round of tight lips forces you to emit a sigh of defeat. >You're... not mad at her. >Not really. >It's just frustrating. >You start up the truck again, deciding to just head home rather than sit here any longer. >Or you would, if the keys were there in the ignition instead of thin air >You know you didn't take it back out. >The missing keys suddenly plop up onto the dash, followed by the weight of something on your shoulder. >A mare's head with her voluminous mane on your shoulder. >"I know what you meant," Midnight mutters as if reading your thoughts. "Okay." >Midnight clears her throat after a brief pause. >"There are things that I remember that I don't want to remember, just based on words. Or sights. Or sounds." >You nod your head. "Yeah." >"Pictures don't mean much on a laptop. I thought it would if I was really going to be bothered by tonight." >Well, you guessed her curiosity and search habits on the nose. >Still, you just nod, sensing that's all she wants from you right now. >"It wasn't even seeing the inside that was so bad... it's that sound. That sound of an empty hallway, the way it echoes with footsteps. With hoofsteps," she continues in hushed tones. "Concrete in a brick garage doesn't replicate that. Supermarket shelves don't echo nearly as much. Nothing is so hollow, so quiet, and yet so loud as the sound of steps on tiles lining an empty plaster hall." >Another nod, urging her to push forward. >"It's the sound of a new idea, a new test, a new examination. A new operation. You won't be told what it will be, you'll just find out when it happens." >You feel her shudder just a bit.
>>16572 >"Everything is so bright, so painfully bright and white. And the sheen of stainless instruments, the way they reflect fluorescent light - reminding you they're close at hand. Reminding you of the ache or pain you woke up with, dulled by painkillers. Taunting you, making you wonder if they were the exact culprits. What they could do." >Rather than nod, this time you circle your arm around her and squeeze. >"And the smell. That chemical smell. To clean, to sterilize - that's the worst part. So overwhelmingly strong and artificial. A fake sense of security, because you know the real reason it's like that is to keep the test subject alive. To not taint the results. So they feel clean, even after what they have dug into for 'science'." >Another hug as her voice shifts. > It's not bitterness or sorrow. >It's fear. >"I forgot about all of that. I thought I did. I thought I had put to bed everything. But all of that - those sights, that sound, that smell - all of that came back, and not all at once. Just an IV drip. Little by little. Second by second. I remember that sense of dread every time I was taken out of my room, and ushered down that hall. Remembering waking up from... something new they decided to try. That pain and nausea, forced to wait for those footsteps to echo closer." >Jesus Christ. >Even as she apparently finishes, you don't sense any sort of emotion. >No hitched breath. >No heaving. >No sniffles. >Maybe those expressions would be better. >At least you can comfort that. >Dry her tears. >Give her a big hug. >This is different. "You're okay, Midnight." >"I am okay." >It's not a question posed aloud by her, and it leaves no doubt to hang in the air. >That's something... right? >You feel her weight shift as she gets closer to you. >"I'm scared of what else I can remember. Because every time I suddenly remember something - it feels like I'm reliving it." >Midnight's voice betrays a new feeling alongside those stabs of fright. >Helplessness. >Pure and utter helplessness to what lies in wait in her own mind. >It makes you feel ill - and your own sense of helplessness. >Why is this happening? >She's left her past behind - buried it in the junkyard. >She's shed her tears and moved on to brighter days and a brighter life. >And yet twice now, past memories have flared up to haunt her in apparent excruciating detail. >And you can't do anything about it. >You're no psychologist. >You can't take her to one. >A bot with mental trauma? >Does that even exist? >No way she could pass off with what she has to share regardless. >How long both of you sit there, in the dark, just... >Sitting there. >Absorbing it all. >You don't know how long it's been. "Midnight, I need you to promise me something. Right here, right now." >"What?" "What happened tonight? We aren't going through this again." >"...the doctor?" >You prod at her side, knowing she's not that obtuse. >Typical Midnight - trying to hardass or joke everything away that was just shared.
>>16573 >Not like you aren't guilty of the latter, but... >Not tonight. >You won't let her do that for her own sake. "We aren't bottling shit like that up. Or like the junkyard a month ago with Star, where you had a flashback and dwelled on it the whole day. I don't care if you think it makes you look like a bitch - because what you did looked way worse than coming to talk to me when something isn't sitting quite right." >"So it's... 'lean on me' squared?" >Another attempt at a wall, though this one is a bit more shaky. "Midnight, I'm serious." >A stern tone escapes your lip that you didn't mean to belt out. >"I know," she replies, pulling her head off of your shoulder so you can look her in the eye. >And you're sure to do just that as you wait for what you want to hear. >"I promise," comes the response. >A quiet, reserved response. >But through that - genuine sincerity. >You nod in approval, which Midnight matches, albeit in a slower, fatigued motion. >As you watch your keys slip off the dash and inevitably find their way to the ignition switch again, your phone dings with a notification. >You fish it out of your pocket and see who it is - which is probably Teddy. >'Ids mifdnioght ok? :(' >Well, it seems Starla's gotten a hold of Teddy's phone. >And autocorrect somehow couldn't sort things out. >You hand the phone off to Midnight. >She needs to know this is something that goes beyond you - even if you would have rather it been private. "Your big sis is worried. Better answer her." >"...I guess I didn't hold out as long as I thought I did," Midnight comments with a bit of hesitancy. "I guess it looked worse than I thought it did, too." "It wasn't pretty, Middie. Do you believe me now?" >To be frank, you're shocked she isn't all spun up about having that breakdown seen amongst more than just you. >But that's hardly a concern as you pull out of the parking lot, setting off for home. >"Autocorrect just decided to hell with fixing her message, huh?" >It's such a stupid innocent comment. >But it doesn't matter. >Not after what you have seen and heard tonight. >You get a much-needed laugh out of it. >Maybe a bit too much. >But Midnight is quick to follow with her own giggle, tired but equally as excessive. >Maybe you've both gone crazy. >Well... >So be it. ----- Maybe it's fitting this has come up in spook month. Ghosts and goblins are hardly a scare when your own mind can reach out when you least expect it and drag you back into the pit. Make you relive a hell you thought you had escaped and left behind.
We having a WTG tonight?
>>16541 >"And you must be her little sister, Midnight," the doctor says quietly with intrigue. >"It's either me or him" That one got a good laugh.
>>16352 . . . >It takes quite awhile to calm yourself down. >You relapses a couple times, but as you sit slumped in Rhyme's ever-steady embrace... You think the worst has past. >You sniffle a bit and rub one of your puffy eyes. >With a deep breath, you lightly tap Nursery's foreleg, getting her (mostly) undivided attention. >She gives you a warm smile. "Feeling better?" >You're all jumbled up and nauseous, but... you *do* feel a little less gloomy. "M-more or less, yeah..." >You're a wreck, but everything is much lighter than before. "It's... it's a process, but I'll be fine, I- I think." >You give her foreleg another tap and try to give her a smile of your own, which... takes a bit of effort. “T-thanks for uh- for this, but… You can let m-me go now…” >You clear your throat upon hearing the underlining raspy stutter in your usual tone of voice. >You guess you were a lot more vocal while crying than you thought... >Rhyme's grip relents a little. >”Do you… want me to?” “I uhm…” >You sink further into the hug with a soft sigh. “Not really… I’m just trying to seem tough again…” >”Well… I guess we’re stuck like glue then!” “Seems so, huh?” >You lift up Smartypants from the carpet with your magic and lightly deposit him atop Rhyme's head. >The lighthearted sight made you feel a little less queasy. >”Do you want to… keep talking? I'm all ears if you still need to.” “There really isn’t much left to talk about besides how I ended up here…” >”Well if you feel like sharing... I'd be happy to listen.” She lifts a hoof and boops your snoot. "You have quite a bit to say. Some good, some... not so good. I'm glad you're sharing nevertheless! You sounded like you needed an uhm- I think the word is... outlet? Yes, outlet." “I guess I…” >You freeze, your eyes widening. “Wait… D-did I say all that stuff out loud? Like- Like *ALL* of it?” >As Rhyme nods nonchalantly, your face reddens and you feel the intense need to hide again. >”When you weren't talking to me directly, you just sort of... mumbled. I think I got the gist of things, though.” >Buh- What?! >Your inner monologue is supposed to be… uh- inner! >W-why does that keep happening?! “Oooh god did you hear the bit with the magazine a-and the-” >As she nods again before you can finish, you put your head in your hooves and groan. >Everything. >She heard EVERYTHING. "I'm so sorry, Rhyme… You shouldn’t have had to hear all that crap. It’s- It’s really…” >As you trail off into embarrassed mumbling, you feel a familiar yarny presence rest itself on your head. >”You don’t have to feel ashamed! I don’t think less of you in the slightest and I don’t think anypony here will judge you for your past either.” >You lift your head enough to see her warm smile. "B-but I..." >”Everypony has their flaws! Be it physical…” >She pauses and wiggles a hoof at you, clearly indicating she wants you to finish her off. “Or- or otherwise?” >”Hey, you remembered!” >You chuckle nervously. “Yeah... I'm the one who coined that stupid phrase after all.” >"It's a very nice phrase." >You give her a playful prod in the belly. "Yeah well... You better pay me some royalties for using it..." >To your surprise, she doesn't ask about what that word meant. >Nursery laughs quietly. "Do hugs count?" "They're worth their weight in gold, so... Sure." >She lets out a little 'ha' as she continues to hold you. >"How grand..."
>>16622 >You lock eyes with Rhyme and manage a little smile. "You probably let all those kids ramble at you all the time, huh? You're way too good at this." >You thought *you* were supposed to be the one to lean on... >But you guess it's a two way street, huh? >She giggles and shifts her weight, resulting in the hug loosening slightly. >"I suppose so! They like it when I hug them and listen to their stories or problems and it just felt... right? To do the same for you, I mean." >Nursery's smile falters and she lowers her gaze. "But I guess I've never had someone listen to *me* before tonight... I- I try not to complain about my uhm- my problems... I don't want to be a bother." "Which... is why you bottled it up too, huh? All that hurt." >She nods slowly. "Y-yeah... I felt kind of okay for a couple days afterwards, but then one night I just..." "Fell apart?" >Another nod. "Mmhm, It was... really bad. I broke down in the middle of the night and it was really scary because I've... I've never cried before then..." >Rhyme lets out a quiet and almost frustrated sigh. "I didn't face it, even though I knew that letting it well up inside was wrong." >She looks back up at you. "It's a little silly, really. I always tell the children to be honest with their feelings and let themselves process things and yet... I couldn't do the same for myself." >That sounds familiar. >You feel the pressure of her hug finally subside and watch her scoot away slightly, giving you a bit of breathing room. >You kinda wish she kept it up... But you can tell she's got a lot on her mind. >"I'm sorry that I raised my voice before. I guess I told you what I wanted to hear at the time, even if what I wanted to tell myself was a little uhm... peeved off." "Rhyme... It's not a big deal. I really needed someone to just... Confront me, I guess." >If it wasn't for her, you probably wouldn't have opened up anytime soon... "I'm glad you did that and I'm glad I let myself talk, even if I... overshared." >A lot. >She stifles a yawn and wiggles her hindhooves a little. "You're welcome..." "Hey." >"Hm?" "Was is as bad for you? The uhm... the days after." >"Well I... I was rather troubled after the fact... It was so new and- and painful and I was... afraid." >Her lets out a soft sigh and lowers her head. "I'm used to people telling me what to do, so I guess I expected someone to walk up and just... say that it was okay or that I didn't do anything wrong or that I wasn't a bad pony for letting her die..." >Rhyme takes a deep and purposeful breath. "But that didn't happen. I had to cope with it by myself, which... didn't work out very well as you already know." "Rhyme... You didn't do that to her and you're certainly not a bad pony!" >"I- I know that now, but... At the time I just wasn't sure. I let it get to me and it just... felt like a reasonable conclusion. Why else wouldn't people talk to me?" "Maybe... they expected you to talk to them?" >"I suppose that could be an answer..." >You sigh, feeling slightly affected by how dejected she sounds. "I dunno Rhyme, I'm not exactly some omniscient filly..." >You're certainly no Ballyhoo Banneret... >Heh, that series was cool... >You pause and glance at a mildly befuddled Nursery. "S-sorry... I got distracted. Omniscient means.... all-knowing." >She gives a small smile and nods. "I see! I... I wouldn't expect that of you, Conny. I'm sure they didn't mean any harm. I just... wasn't very sound of mind at the time." >You shift your weight a bit and give her an inquisitive look. "So... how *did* you run away? If you don't mind me asking..." >Rhyme's tail curls around her forelegs and she shuffles in place. "Without any fuss, really..."
>>16623 >She rubs the back of her neck and looks away, her mane obstructing the view of her face. >"I guess after all that crying in my room that night, I desperately needed some fresh air, so when dawn broke I... went outside." >Nursery fidgets with her forehooves a bit. "I had never been outside before then. It was nice and sunny and warm... But even with all that excitement, I still felt horrible..." >"I stood there next to some EMT for a while, trying to regain my composure, and I guess he saw how upset I was, since he asked what was wrong and I... I didn't know what to say so I just... blurted out that I was going to take a walk to clear my head..." >Rhyme looks up at the ceiling fan above, her mane falling back enough to see her bad eye focusing on the wall in front of her. "I- I don't know what came over me! I've never done something so sudden like that before and yet I kept going despite how much of a nervous wreck I was." >She turns to you with an abashed expression, her ears flattened. "A-and that's how I ran away! I just casually walked away and didn't come back..." >Huh, she's looking kinda bummed out again... >It looks like it's once again time to invade somepony's personal space! Huzzah! >You scoot on over until you're next to Rhyme again and bring her into a firm side hug. >She doesn't react strongly, but you can tell by how her breathing begins to slow that she's starting to relax again. "You're quite the sneaky sort, eh Rhyme?" >She lowers her head a little and smiles sheepishly. "I... wouldn't say that, but I suppose I'm not particularly loud..." >Nursery clears her throat. "I'm also not known for getting into trouble, so uhm... I don't think anyone expected me to just... leave." She wriggles slightly in your grasp. "I- I suppose I ruined my perfect meeting attendance! H-haha..." "Yeah... you lost a good noodle star right there." >She tilts her head. "Good noodle star...?" "Just uh- just a dumb thing from a cartoon... They're just little stickers for good behavior or whatever..." >Now that you think about it... You're pretty sure Jambo still has your box set in her room. >You're not all that cut up about it, though. She's definitely putting it to better use than you did, seeing that she has tons of sleepovers... >Rhyme nods a little. "Oooh... I see! I had a sheet that had lots of smileys on it, so I think it might be a similar reward structure..." Her ears flicks. "I'm sure I have a few frownies by now..." "I'm sure you'll make it up in no time, though." >You squeeze her a little tighter and she giggles quietly. >"I hope so! Once I go home, I'm gonna give it my all and be the best nurse I can be! N-no more moping for Rhyme! No ma'am!" "I'm glad you're eager! Just uh- just remember to take it slow... It's really easy to slip up again, especially when you've only just started to mend." >She leans into the hug and looks up at you. "I understand! If you move too much or too quickly, you might just open up your sutures..." >You give her a grin as you ruffle her mane. "I feel like you know what I'm gonna say, right?" >She smiles back and lifts a hoof to boop you once more on the snoot. "Spoken like a true nurse?" "More or less." >"Well... I think the same can be said about you too, Conny." "Hm?" >Her smile persists, if a little mellower. "Mine may be fresh... but you have quite a few old wounds. Some of them seem very deep, too. I... I think it's clear that you need some help keeping their dressing clean, so to speak." >She squirms a little. "I'm... sorry. That might have been too forward." "Nah, don't be sorry... I'm kinda messed up. I needed to bite the bullet and just... talk. The first step to getting better is admitting that something's wrong, right?"
>>16624 >"I suppose so." Nursery takes a deep breath and then gives you a warm smile. "I'm- I'm glad I met you, Conny. You've given me some new... perspective? I- I hope that's the word I'm looking for..." "Likewise, Rhyme. I think... I'm gonna talk to everyone from now on. About my problems, about... me. I've avoided it for way too long and I need to be honest, even if it's... scary." >"It's okay to be scared, I... I am too. Every time I think about what might happen tomorrow, the butterflies in my stomach start swarming!" She fidgets with her forehooves and then looks up at you with an inquisitive look. "Maybe... we can be scared together?" >She's just like those kids she loves so much, huh? "You've got a big heart, Rhyme... I think I wouldn't mind being your fear buddy." >She blinks. "Well... when you put it that way... it's a rather odd thing to s-" >You interrupt her by gingerly pulling her into a proper full on hug, which elicits a small 'oh!' from the nursey mare now in your embrace. >It doesn't take long for her to register what you were doing, as she accepts the hug readily with a giggle and wraps her own hooves around you. "Thanks a ton, Nursery." >"No problem, Conny." >A simple exchange, but that's all that needs to be said. >The hug persists long enough that you almost stop noticing the world around you, but you snap out of it once Rhyme sleepily bonks her head against your own, jolting you both wide awake again. >The two of you disengage, all the while laughing and whispering hushed apologies to each other. >As Nursery gets up and stretches, you glance down at your hooves with a soft content sigh. >You feel like tonight has been really... intimate? >That's... a weird way to describe it, but you think it's appropriate. >You didn't *need* to tell Rhyme about your past, just like how she didn't have to go into detail of her own. >But you both did. >You poured it out and laid yourself bare, despite yourself. >You're still a tad shaky after accidentally telling her *everything*, but... she didn't judge you. >Maybe that means the others won't either? You've certain heard some strange ass stories during some of those meetings, so why should they get all uppity about yours? At least you're not the weirdo who 'accidentally' rambled about how much she *really* likes humans... >You let out a quiet 'heh'. >Poor Boardwalk was a mess for days afterwards and you're honestly not sure in what way in particular. >You smile to yourself. >You guess it's a little hypocritical to judge, huh? Seeing that you just had a little 'moment' yourself... >Weirdos don't get to call other weirdos weird. >You place a hoof to your heart and breath in. >You're hesitant to say it outright, but somewhere deep inside... You think you will be okay. >The hurt is uh- It's still there, but... It's manageable now. >You think now that you've pulled off the mental bandaid, things will get better. >It's just a matter of time. >You lazily glance over at Nursery, who is currently reading the names of the movies you have stacked next to your little TV corner. >You've only known her for a night and she already feels like one of your best friends... >Guess sharing secrets really brings ponies together.
>>16625 >"Hmm.. What's a... Zathura?" >You chuckle quietly as she continues to question the names of the movies. "Hey Rhyme... wanna finally give that thing a whirl?" >She looks up and smiles. "That'd be real neat! But uhm... Isn't it kinda late?" >You get up with a stretch of your own and trot over to her. "The night is still young, Rhyme... It's not like you're tired yet, right?" >She shakes her head. "I... I actually feel quite energized! I guess all that hugging really perked me up..." >You could say the same for yourself. You probably could dance the night away if you could find those CDs Waltz gave you... >They're probably under your bed somewhere but you're too lazy to look for them. "Hah! Feeling supercharged, eh? I'm sure we can find a movie that'll blow your scarf off!" >She fumbles with her scarf a bit and tilts her head. "I rather like having my scarf on, Conny." She pauses and then reddens ever so slight. "I- That was figure of speech again, wasn't it?" "Yessiree! But... Feel free to hang it up somewhere if it gets too warm." >She giggles nervously and then nods. "It's actually quite cozy... I'll be fine." >Nursery gestures to the stack. "What do you recommend?" >You grin and pat the top of the movie stack. "Well well well... Let's start with what kind of genres you might like and go from there!" >It's time to shed your cares away and have a good ol' fashion movie night! Guess who just remember that he didn't finish posting part of his damn green? Anyway, here's that last little chunk of Conny's green that hasn't been posted over here. NOW we are all caught up. Have a picture of Conny and Rhyme as a couple of nuns as compensation. Rhyme is extra huggable in this pic, I think.
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>>16641 https://w2g.tv/?r=ewxtt5x2mrkuwvjp6i It's a little late but we vibing them bootleg feels.
/w2g/ tonight. Also when is the new /bootleg/ thread going up?
>"Hey Anon." "What's up, CrackerJack?" >"You wanna go to the neighbor's?" "Nah..." >"Why not? When we cleared it out, I saw that the pantry was full of chips. Like, four bags. I could use a snack." "I'd just feel guilty, I guess." >"Why?" "Because I think that's her down there, staring up at us." >You point down from your patio >There are at least a dozen humanoid creatures down on the ground level >The neighbor in question is looking up right at you with one eye >The other has been ripped out of the skull >Part of the skull near the hole is also missing "I think she's probably not happy." >Jacky sighs >Despite her initial terror at the end of the world, she adapted quickly >All of you did >"Yeah well... I'm hungry for chips. And I don't wanna finish that cheesy popcorn." "Yeah..." >You get the idea that this doesn't bug her so much because she isn't a human >Or maybe her imagination has been captured by the dozens of horror movies you set up to prepare for Halloween >Talk about timing, huh? >Jacky smooches the side of your face >"Don't stay out here so long, ok? You're our fearless leader, after all." "Yeah." >She trots off back into the apartment >Thankfully the third floor is safe >With the help of Sparkler, you cut the elevator supports so it's not sitting in the garage >You also made a quick effort to destroy a flight of stairs that connected the first to second floor >Between those measures and the solid steel doors that were installed throughout the building to help stave off fires, you feel rather safe >The only issue is that you don't live in a vacuum >A lot of those humanoid things down there were probably screwed over purely because of your selfishness >But >You had to >You didn't do it just for yourself >You did it for them too >As if knowing you were in a critical state and needed a distraction, Prism nearly divebombs onto the patio >Due to her weight and a solid push she gives at the last second, she lands without needing more than maybe four feet of landing strip >Who would have thought that this would make her stop being silly about being aerodynamic "How's it looking out there, Faye?" >The pegasus shakes herself >Must be raining up north >"I could go for a nap." "Go for it." >Unamused by your lack of wit, Prism rests a hoof against your side >"Part of the city is still mayhem. Whatever firefights happened, there are only embers left. I circled around to the east and..." "Bad?" >"If we ever get to your car, we should drive only south. East and west is clogged up." >And going north is asking for trouble "How is south looking?" >"Not as much congestion as you would think. I think because it all started during the day... so a lot of highways are just graveyards now." "Thanks for checking."
>>16709 >"Don't worry about it... how are you holding up?" "Me?" >You look at her >You examine her face as much as she does to you >She looks resolute >Like she has a purpose >You haven't seen her look better, funny enough >"You look positively haunted... come on. Let's go inside." "Alright... we're probably the loudest things out here anyway." >That's probably why you've attracted the audience you have >Despite the movies, the arguably undead are dead silence >No rasping >No groaning >No roaring, screeching or so much as a threatening look >They don't breathe >Which means they don't make those noises >They aren't so mobile or dexterous, so they make a lot of noise and stumble over things >But otherwise, if they just stand there, you won't hear them >Maybe that is what is bothering you so much >You close the patio door behind you >Both of them >The doubled glass panels are perfect for sound insulation as well as the snow >But you have at least another month or so before you see snow that doesn't melt by noon >The pony sisters are happy to see one another >The living room is loaded down with food and types of drinks >For sure, you cleared out the four closest apartments >Since your unit is right next to the stairwell, you know for a fact that the only people who could hear you at this point would be right below you >If anyone is still in it "Where's Sparky?" >Both of them take note of the slight break in your voice >"She told me she was doing some 'research', so that means..." "A game. Right." >You feel so relieved from just that alone >You have some guns but you can't bring yourself to use them >Not that you're worried about harming anyone you shouldn't >But the noise >Even the birds have been silent, so they have either all flown off or are nuggets for whoever is around >The distant gunfire has been your biggest blessing >Why would you go and ruin that? >While you muse on that, you open your bedroom door to the sound of a flash grenade going off and the appropriate hiss of parasites dying "Good ol' RE4." >"Yeah." >Sparky has been... >You don't know how to explain it >She has stuck to you like glue every single time you have led a sortie out into the world >Because the laundry room is in the other hallway on the floor, she has even taken to washing clothing >Once, she used her magic to crush a creature's head >Quiet >Effective >So disgusting that both of you puked >You kneel down and quietly flop onto the mattress >In the motion, she leans back toward her >Likewise, you wrap an arm around her so tight that you aren't convinced that she's still there "There's around a dozen out there now." >"I can take care of them later." "It's alright, you really don't need to. We don't know what attracts them, so we may figure out where they go off to." >"Doesn't that make them more dangerous if they can wander around or lose interest?" "Maybe." >You bury your face into the back of her shoulder
>>16710 "What do we do?" >"What do you mean, "what do we do"?" >She sounds pleased >"You're our fearless leader. Fully elected and everything." >You're only the leader in this because you've been the leader in most adventures >But outside of coyotes or stray humans of suspicious intent, you've never had to worry all that much "If I've been elected, you're smart." >"I am smart, dumbass." >There's some of that classic charm >You can almost hear that smirk of hers >"Besides... for better or worse, we're the only ones stepping out of this apartment. Jacky is at too much of a risk to get hurt. Prism couldn't knock over a news stand, much less one of those things. It is really up to you and me on this. You know?" "Yeah... I know?" >"Yeah?" "Yeah..." >It would sound mocking in any other situation but it feels... relieving >To know that she has a clear cut definition of the roles >You nuzzle into her shoulder with a world-weary sigh "That whiskey bottle probably isn't the best weapon, is it..." >"Honestly?" "Honestly." >"I've seen worse. That glass is thick, and you froze some water in it. Gives it some goof heft. Then from there I can get rid of it." >And that has worked too >Head crushing is gruesome business >But mere physical trauma met with some focused spherical fire that cooks the head? >Equally sickening >If not worse because the smell lingers >But so far it's all you got >Thankfully she ignites them so hard there's no risk of them catching anything else >All that gets left behind is human charcoal "We got four more apartments to search before we can really call this hallway clear." >"We do... and we need to finish transferring over the most recent two." "Does this stuff bother you?" >"Which part? The zombies, the fact that we may have murdered dozens by stopping them from getting into their own homes, or that none of us seem to honestly care about the second?" >She has a good point >With the front door barricaded on top of the deadbolt and normal lock >With the bedroom door given some rudimentary door spike that can be used >With the living room and spare room filling up with supplies, spare bedding and more >You've slept like a baby as long as you weren't alone "...yeah. I guess any of it." >Sparking sighs >"I guess... to be honest. Them being zombies does freak me out a little. Because it means you're at risk. We may be, but you certainly are. So because of that, you aren't stepping outside without me." "I agree." >"But this... other stuff? Putting corpses down. Taking their things. Knowing that some of the screaming we heard outside was because of us..." >And it wasn't just adults screaming >"No. I don't think it bothers me. Because it's either us or them. Just like how it has always been. Nothing has changed, Anon. It's a dirty, dangerous world out there. And if we were any weaker, we would be the ones dead or destitute. All that matters is that we're thriving as well as we can."
>>16711 >Sparkler gives a dark chuckle >"Besides. It seems like we're pretty secluded and alone here. Ever notice how no matter how much we go to the stairs or even the lobby, we don't hear anything? No TVs, no conversations, no cries for help. The best thing we did was secure this place for ourselves." "Or they're smarter, like us." >"Maybe. But we have too many trump cards." "Oh sure. Kaiyo and unicorn. Nature's strongest combination." >"That's right." >All during the conversation, she never stopped playing >Funny how the sounds of fictional ultraviolence has a calming effect >It is downright cartoonish >Far and away different from reality >"Your hand is trembling..." "I know." >"You wanna have me switch sides?" "...nah. That's alright. I just need to... I need to calm down. Ignore the sense of heartburn, the feeling that I'm without a paddle." >"Because you're not." "Yeah..." >"You got Prism up at the crow's nest." "Caw." >"You got Jacky as our quartermaster and keeper of chips." "We're gonna have to go grab some more, apparently." >"...and then you have me. Better than any gun, quieter and my ammo runs on love." "That sounds gay." >You snicker at your own gut reaction >It takes a few seconds but she shares your reaction >"Ok, fine, it runs off of sexual repression." >Another chortle thanks to your cohort "Not to mention you're ice cold when you want to be." >"Only to everyone that isn't us. Only to everyone else..." "Sparkler, I'm gonna have to ask you something." >"Alarm clock?" "Yeah. Everything is locked up, right?" >"Unless you undid the deatbolt, removed the door spikes from the bottom of the door, moved the towel out of the way to muffle sound and also opened it? Yeah." >A benefit to the girls is that they lack the means to open human doors >Which has been another terror that has never left your mind for more than a second >With that near daily reminder heard, you can feel much of your body shutting down "Thank you. Remember, if anything happens..." >"Run off, leave you to it and then come back the second it's safe... yup. Of course." "Thanks." >Five more apartments to clear >Then you'll have half of the floor cleared >Then the second floor will be next >After that... >Is it even worth going to the first floor? >What do you do when you clear out as much as you can? >What happens when you are then just living on borrowed time? >... >Is it just you, or does it sound like not much has changed for you despite the world came to a gory end? Halloween happening. You can argue how hardened the little three criminals are, but in an alien world where it is them against the world, is it that shocking to see that they are perfectly capable of ignoring the pleas of others? Will make a ponepaste of it... later. Probably.
>>16626 >Caught up Yay! Glad I got around to reading it. Looking forward to updates!
What are the boot's favorite types of candy?
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>>16783 Not Blondie but I'm down. I'll post on 4chan because he checks there more. https://w2g.tv/?r=k23k6db9btx4tv6r5c
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>>16799 It lives again
(487.49 KB 1352x1536 ChancellorSnow10.png)
I guess this belongs here. This is Chancellor Snow Pony. He was chief administrator of the Crystal Empire under Princess Amore. His service included receiving instructions from the Princess as well as The Sisters of Equestria. When the Crystal Empire vanished he vanished as well along with all records of his existence. Neither re-appeared a thousand years later. Extremely adept at political strategy and a snake of the highest order. It is believed that his help arranged for the successful 'transition' between the reign of Princess Amore and that of King Sombra. Age and current whereabouts: unknown. The character was obviously based off of President Snow from the Hunger Games series as well as other historical figures including Chancellor Franz von Papen of Germany. The composite itself is based off another OC named 'Juris Caviet' whose vector can be found here on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/aurorare/art/Juris-Caviet-561750010
>Christmas season >Apparently >It's that time of the year where Anon and Jacky are stuck up each other's butts >The Thanksgiving plans were them going over their own plans >She's due pretty soon... if not any day now >Maybe it isn't so bad that they're focusing on their things >You should be helping them >You really should >But >Earth isn't going to save itself from the alien threat >That's your excuse anyway >Commander Sparking Shine... >It has a nice ring to it >You get to control the humans >Their moves >Their growth >You get to have your open favorites and do whatever you want with them >You can send your expendable ones out to soften up the harder targets >You get to choose how they look and put them in whatever outfits you want and >And... >You huff to yourself >You're ok with this >You've told yourself that all this year >You're ok with the possibility that you weren't actually needed >You're ok with the fact that your way of life will change, yet again >You're ok with the knowledge that you won't even be second best now, but third >You're ok with how soft-hoofed you've been about "your turn" >Some sophomoric attempt to stay on her level >It stopped being funny around mid-summer, when Jacky spoke to you on the matter >"If it happens, we have to do everything we can for them." >"You're my sister, I know you would make a good mother too." >"If it's you... it's ok." >She had said worst things than that too >You huff even harder again >Where is the problem? >You've gotten what you've wanted >You've made them both agree to it >You're pretty sure this gives you open reign to have as many foals as you could ever want, at least as many as Jacky >So why haven't you made any efforts to make it happen? >You're alone with him enough >You never stopped before >You've seen him both sober and partied up >Sometimes you swear that Jacky is doing that on purpose so you can have "your turn" >Why does it feel so... >Disgusting? >Like you're still second fiddle? "Just die already..." >You hiss at the newbie Ranger that has survived every single suicidal move you made her do >Yellow armor >Orange mane >Generic weapons with no attachments or bonuses >Four shots at her >Four misses >She's going to promote again soon with all of the kills you've been feeding her with >It isn't for growth >It's so you can see her ragdoll and move on to the next one >And the next one... >The next one... >Who even would be the next one? >As much as it stops you, you just can't hire on new soldiers without customizing them to some extent >As their commander, you have to give them the whole hazing treatment >Like in that one movie... >Which one was it? >The one with the war >"Sparking, a moment?" >Your eye darts to the side >A more hostile look than you intended >It's Prism >Now there's a pony who's more messed up than you >You can't get a read on her, with how often she's been going back and forth on things "Sure. Here fine or do we need patio time?" >"Patio time, please."
>>16850 >You pause your mission and drag yourself up >With entire months of practice, you slink up as if you were putting on a show >You've been doing it so much consciously that you've caught yourself unconsciously going through the motions >It doesn't phase her "If this is about dinner, we have around two hours left." >Probably >You forgot to set your timer but you know when you put it in >Roast beef, with some personal seasoning >"It isn't that. Though I do appreciate your focus on it." >As per usual, the heavy glass patio door slides open with a faint red aura >Sometimes you have to remind yourself that a mere three years ago, that would have been impossible for you >Faced with the brisk chill of autumn, the sliding door fits back closed >Nothing says "privacy" like an open patio where everyone in the world can hear >But the vast majority of your world is in that apartment unit >Is it pitiful or smart? "What's up, Dashie? Anon playing her belly like a bongo drum again?" >The unicorn snickers >"I think we could all hear him getting into it." >You sigh "I swear, that kid is going to come out with a flat pancake head because of him..." >Neither of you hold back a laugh >Even if the reality is that neither of you know what is even going to come out >"If that is the biggest oddity about their foal, we will be just fine." >A breeze goes over you >You can feel the wind but you aren't chilled from it >Is temperature control also just something you do without conscious effort? >"Things are really going to change soon." "Well yeah. We've known this." >"Yes but it is happening... I don't know if it's today. In five hours. If it's in five minutes." "I know..." >You don't really want to think of Jacky giving birth >Everyone is close >With everything you've all been through, of course you would be >But you don't want to be in the room with that >That's like... >Sharing a toilet without flushing >The thought sends a sour shock up your spine >"When it happens, Jacky is going to need a lot of time off." "Well we all are. Right? We can't just leave it to her." >"Yes... but we still have to work." >You deflate with a pent up "ugh" >That "ugh" has been in your arsenal for weeks now "Fucking... seriously?" >"The library has known that she's been pregnant for a while... and it doesn't take a genius to see that Anon has stopped trying to hide his pride." "And his fear." >"And his excitement." "And that sort of..." >Your lips curl every which way into some perplexed expression "...you know. Look that he gives her." >The two of you share a shiver >You know better than to ask if all humans are like that or if it's just him
>>16851 >"I sure hope only we notice that." "The entire planet sees that." >Unlikely but possible >"My point in bringing that up is that we have been losing hours with them. Anon used to work full time, remember?" "Yeah. And now he's basically working as much as we do." >"Which isn't a lot." "It's enough to pay for everything." >"Because we're all doing it. But if she's going to be gone, and he certainly will not leave her side for a while..." >Crap "It means that we aren't going to be driving anywhere." >"Which means work." >You drag your eye over the pegasus "You're the one who gets to fly. You telling me that you're landlocked too?" >The question causes some sort of upset in her poise >What little poise she tries to keep up >"It's... miles and miles away. It takes so long from even a car that-" "Sure, whatever." >Your sudden dismissal of the topic takes away from her even further >Yet another huff "...Sorry. I'm..." >"Going through a similar pain." "Not a pain, I-" >Is it a pain? >It doesn't quite hurt >Not like when you were last angry >The last time you were truly angry, you... >When was the last time, anyway? "We all know I'm jealous." >You roll your eyes >"Yes." >A pause >"But you have gotten thousands of times better." >That's somehow more embarrassing to hear than if you hadn't grown "And you know about the "deal"..." >"I still don't think it was an appropriate one to make..." >Another pause >Too short a pause for you to chip in >"But that is a deal you and her struck. I understand your position." >You don't doubt her >Not anymore "If I do that... what are the consequences going to be? Like." >You huff >Or is it more a growl? "This isn't the time to be some petty ditch filly. I can't be like that anymore." >You stare at Prism "We. WE. Can't be like that anymore." >You can see her throat move >You swallow in kind >Maybe it's the mutual understanding of how severe this really is "This foal, kid, whatever it's going to be. All it is going to know is earth. Is here. Snow, work, bills, humans." >"And only humans... outside of us." "Us and whatever... we see out there. Wars, diseases, taxes, other people." >"You sound worried." "Because I am!" >You jut your front hoof out into the world "This place is dangerous! It's... it's..." >"It's like the world we came from." >You frown at the pegasus "Since when?" >She laughs >It isn't that snide, pompous laugh she did one time, years ago >She's laughing like she's with a friend >"You may not have remembered some things but back there... and back then. There weren't really any charities there. Or aid programs. Think, did we ever find a food bank? Or a church?" >A food... >Bank? "What the hell is a food bank?"
>>16852 >Another laugh >"Exactly. Apparently here, if you find one, you can sign some papers and get some things distributed to you. It may not carry you completely on it's own, but it is so much more than..." >Her face twitches >Like the next words are disdainful to speak >"What we ate. Do you remember what we ate sometimes?" >You shake your head "I really don't want to." >That doesn't seem to stop her from reminiscing >"It was... four cities before our last home." >"Last home" she says >For her and Jacky it was some sewage pipe >Just the shred of a memory is enough to make you sick >"Remember when we tried to go legit? Scrounge up enough bits for food? We went to a bakery." "...It wasn't that orange one, was it?" >For some reason the scent of oranges come to mind >"That's right! Everything had these orange peels. Orange nut bread, orange cake, even these shoddy orange peel ground up... baguettes? Were those the right size?" >Oh no >Don't tell this story >Even if the only witnesses in the world are going to be some trees and an empty pair of bird feeders "...Yeah..." >With a heavy sigh you groan and accept defeat "I remember. We bought two. Bigger than all of our heads put together." >"She really did pity us, I think." "How couldn't she?" >A pause >"She didn't pity us enough to help though... did she?" >So that's her angle "I... I guess not. No pony did..." >"So you remember?" "I remember..." >You're going to vomit if this keeps going "I remember getting pissed because you were only giving me around half." >"Because I wanted us to try to hold onto something for later." "Bullshit, you said Jacky was sick and had to somehow eat more than me." >"She was beginning to come down with a cold, yes." "I..." >Where there was once seething anger and spite >You're now just annoyed >At yourself? >At the memory? >At how little filly Jacky got to have more than poor little filly Sparky? >"We argued and screamed at each other. Right outside of that nice mare's bakery. Not a single pony there to stop us or intervene. Do you remember what happened?" >No "Yes." >A tense silence falls over the patio >Even your most aggravated sigh won't make this end "We fought. You and I. And then we dropped the bread." >The disgust is absolute "They were in a bag. But it didn't matter when it still lands in mud." >"And then I stomped on the bag. I was just as angry as you. We left with only around half of the bread total." "And I was left with soggy. Muddy. Fucking... dirty..." >You whip your head around to try to clear your head of the vague visuals and sounds >All it took was a little bit to unlock all of that vivid imagery
>>16853 "Listen, I'm sorry. Ok? But how does that mean anything now?" >"Have you seen that here, Sparking Shine? Ever?" "I haven't even seen more than three bakeries, total. And one shut down last year." >"Not the bakeries, but the children. The fighting. I've never seen that. The worst I've ever seen was at the library, and it was sharing video game turns." >If she brings up how that was partially your fault for just wanting to find someone new to play against, you're walking away >"This world may have it's perils, but it could never match what we came across. Any foals born here, are going to live a far more safe life." "You really believe that?" >"Why wouldn't I? Look at Anon." >Your only response is a certain kind of look >"What?" "You're really gonna stick to that?" >"Well..." >She ruffles her wings closer to her body >"Maybe he's... unusual..." >The way she spread out that word shows just how even she doesn't fully believe her argument >"But... he's genuine. Honest. Are you saying that he's so truly one of a kind?" "I'm biased. But yes. I don't believe any other human could be the same way." >"I." >You hear a muted "hm" >"I guess that makes sense. Given your bias." >You stand up >The mere fact that you were once that petty and selfish makes you feel dirty >Like you could probably use a baptism by fire >You probably could do it >Call it a mishap "Don't tell the foal those stories. Ok? We all get a fresh, clean start with this." >"My dear, we didn't even get a fresh, clean start when we woke up here..." >That doesn't help your agitation >"But I will leave those stories to you. We will need to speak with Jacky on if we need a cover story or if it really was some sort of... miracle, I guess." >Her getting pregnant or ending up here? "I don't think it will matter. I... I gotta go inside. Ok? Whatever that filly was, I hate it. It died and the world became a better place for it." >The patio door slides behind you >Perhaps a little too fast, given the loud clack the guide rail makes >Halfway through stepping inside you hear her call out >"Like a phoenix, she died just to come back with a lot of lessons learned." "Yeah, like you." >You didn't mean to make it sound like a retort >I know they're busy being a couple, or whatever it is they're doing, but you're tired of being alone or being with Prism >You're a social butterfly and you're willing to die on that hill if it gets you what you need >Across the living room and down the hall >Bedroom door is open, only slightly >Good enough for you >You burst in and see a shirtless Anon hugging a pillow >His head on Jacky's shoulder >Her belly... >It looks like she ate an entire horse >It weirds you out to see that >To see not just how she had grown over the years, but now that her belly had swollen >Nevermind the more reproductive and rearing parts that have been engorged >No wonder Anon has stuck close to her >"Yo. How's dinner going, Shinespark?"
>>16854 >Despite that heavy conversation, he's as lax as ever >Jacky's a little slower on the draw and gently pokes her hoof on a mouse >It wasn't a movie they were watching, for once >Just some sort of... >Figure? "Wha... what the hell is that?" >"Gumby." >"Clay figures go home!" >Jacky chirps up in a low tone "...Eh." >You recoil at the picture "Uh, oven is still going, we have..." >How long did you have left? >Oh... >Crap >You lost track of time, didn't you "Long enough for ten minutes of intense hugging." >"Hug me too much and I might pop, you know." >As open as Jacky has been about her condition, you can't help but feel a little bit weirded out by it >Are you sure you really want to be like her? "Not you." >You hop onto the bed and practically fall onto Anon's lap >You drag yourself up to his arms until he takes hold of you and gives a strong, solid embrace >That... >That's the good stuff >You feel your very bones melt into jelly >Maybe you do want to be like her after all >"Happy Thanksgiving, Sparkler." "Mmm." >"Same! And, I even thought of something awesome." "Awesome, you say." >You don't have a sarcastic bone in your body right now >Maybe because you've been crushed and reformed into a warm, furball >"If you babysit all the time... that'll kinda technically prepare you better. Right?" "...maybe." >Do you really want to babysit their foal? >What if you want to play video games instead? "You telling me I have to wait until I'm an established aunt?" >"No, just... you know. Make sure you really want to be a mom too. I know you like doing stuff. And I like just... being here." >That's one way to put it >Four years after she came to earth and all she wanted was her friends and a family >She sure has them now "I do like doing stuff..." >The hugging and proximity to real warmth has made you almost completely forget about the previous conversations and your woes "But I wanna be like you too. Just in that way. You can keep the rest." >Jacky chuckles >The chuckling lasts until a sudden "oof" >"Ok, head off the pony. I gotta go to the bathroom." "Oop." >Anon lifts his head up and arches it to the side >With the grace of a bloated cow, Jacky barely manages to avoid stepping on the human's face >Not that her stomach and other parts don't smear against his head >Maybe you still have one melted bone made of jealousy in you >After a minute of her huffing and puffing, she's out of the room >With her out, you regrow your muscles until you remember that you are a pony >You hug Anon as tightly as you can "Happy Thanksgiving to you too." >Anon chuckles at the surge of affection >Like you care, if it's just him as the witness >"Wanna join us for claymation stuff after dinner?" "I would rather play XCOM... but ok." >"Ahh, the campaign continues. How many of your thralls have you made inappropriate advances toward?" "Just the one." >"Sounds about right." >Why if he were an actual XCOM commander, you'd-
>>16855 >"Uh... UH. UHM. Anon!? ANON!!!" >The cry makes both of your bodies go ice cold >The look on his face is the exact feeling you have >One of "oh no" >"Y... yeah? What's up, Pepperjack?" >"I... I THINK IT'S STARTING. I-YUP-YEAH-UH HUH-OK IT'S DEFINITELY STARTING!" >In the span of an hour, your eyes match with Anon and so much information is transferred between you two >Oh shit >Oh no >Oh yes >Wait no >Where do we go >What do we do >What are we going to have to clean up >Do we have enough time? >Everything as we know it is over >It's here >"Oh boy." >For some reason you can't explain, you speak the only words that come to mind "See, if that were me in there right now, I'd at least have a spare towel under me." >"Aw fuck." >The world turns into a picture book >Without thought, magic envelopes your bodies >You springboard off of his aura-covered chest >As you land, you see Faint Prism nearly crash into the wall >She's in full gallop but she looks like a statue >Her face >You've never seen anything like it before >Before you lay both of your eyes on the bathroom door, fifty red-tinted things are highlighted >Door >Almost every dirty towel ready for laundry >Inside the bathroom is Jacky >A hundred things are in the air, all to support her >The look on her face >Shock >Glee >A hint of pure, fever-inducing terror >She sees you >Her rival >Her friend >Her sister >She sees Prism >Her protector >Her borderline mother figure >Her closest confidant >She sees Anon >The human that ordered her from some sketchy website >The friend that reunited her with her family >The man that introduced her to the wider world >The father of their foal >Together, you form a mostly functional group >A gaggle of morons screaming in panic with not a single minute of training or education remembered between them >A family
>>16800 4chan is undead.
>>16856 Things are happening. Curious to see how things do change around there. Thanks for the update.
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https://w2g.tv/?r=snjz2jmems25etki87 Anniversary /w2g/ for the dorks
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We have Angel Cake. Certified best pony. All three of them are because they all have scarves to prove it.
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Have you forgotten? She hasn't.
>>16875 Uhhhhh, can you remind me?
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Any thoughts on what the next OP image will be?
>>16983 What sounds good? We have three bootgals in plush form and as always, we have a lot of new art.
>>16988 This
https://w2g.tv/?r=z6mmwdj47egr1ha88d The weekend before Christmas, and all through the thread... activity was at an all-time low, and it was dropping through the pages like lead. So fuck it, let's listen to some tunes we either have never heard before, or don't remember. Let's explore the night when it is at it's darkest.
>>16857 the 4channel is permanently dead
>>17026 4 reil?
>>16574 >Another quiet evening relaxing on the couch. >Both you and Midnight have been busy with work, scurrying around the junkyard faster than a cat burying shit on a hot tin roof. >It's a good thing. >Aside from making little headway in rebuilding the engine of the 300. >It's at least up on the engine stand, with the new crankshaft installed... >That's about it. >But Midnight hasn't objected to the lack of productivity. >She's currently content with watching another automotive auction on the TV, flopped down on her side next to you on the couch. >You've pilfered her laptop for yet another night. >Well, it's technically yours anyway. >It just... sorta became hers... >She's been more productive with it, for sure. >But you've gotten tired of headaches trying to read small text on your phone. >If Midnight has gotten curious or suspicious about what you got going on, she's kept it under arrest. >For now. >As much as you hate to admit it, last week's events following Midnight's check-up have stuck with you. >Even though she's promised to open up rather than bottle her thoughts - well, old habits die hard. >You don't want to see her in a breakdown like that again. >So much of your ambition has been directed toward trying to get some understanding of psychology. >Or something. >...okay, you're fucking clueless about where to start, and just dipping your toes in the water on the subject based on any number of web pages hasn't done much good. >"I can't believe you aren't at least starting to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome." "Eh?" > You break your eyes away from the laptop screen to gander over at the peanut gallery. >Midnight has likewise pulled her attention away from the TV, laying her head against the back of the couch to focus on you. >"I didn't think that was hard to understand," she says, making a haphazard up-and-down stroking motion with a hoof. >You can't help but roll your eyes at that barely passable joke. "You realize this is sitting on my lap, right?" you ask, pointing to the computer with your left hand while your right closes off the open browser tab. >"I could see you sneaking a game of pocket pool. You aren't that big," she responds with a jab. "If I had a pillow, I'd hit you with it," you threaten half-heartedly, glancing over to your left for said pillow that doesn't exist. >When you turn back, a pillow levitates just in reach, while Midnight sits at attention, throwing her hair back and presenting a side of her face for targeting. >"Alright, here you go," she gushes, amused. "I think I would feel bad about hurting that pretty face," you tell her. >"That sounds like the excuse of a bitch," she teases further with a boastful smirk. "Do you really want me to hit you? I can, I just... you know, didn't know you were into that kinda thing." >Midnight's smarminess falters with your shot back, though she merely points her nose up in a snobbish manner. >"Of course, you just have to make it weird," she chides.
>>17037 "Me? You're the one insinuating I'm over here flogging my dolphin while you watch TV." >Midnight can't help but snrk at that remark, taking a moment to recompose herself, likely to continue her playful charades. >"I don't think you actually find psychology *that* interesting. But why the sudden vested interest?" she asks in a sweet voice, batting her eyes and plastering on a wide smile that just exposes a glimpse of her upper canines. >Oh. >Well, the jig is up there, slowpoke. >You got that just from a short glance?" you tepidly ask, closing the laptop. >But she shakes he head, letting the exaggerated facade upon her face falter to something more calm and balanced. >"No, I got that from going through your browser history," she replies, not missing a beat nor emitting any shame. "Huh. Guess I should have learned when you went through my finances on the computer downstairs during the first weeks you were here," you comment. >"Never took you for one to hold grudges," she jests. "It's fine. I'll heal in hell," you quip back, huffing as you cross your arms. >"Yeah, I'm sure," she chuckles, sitting up in order to scooch up next to you. "You don't seem particularly irritated. You just decided to let me have my little pretend secretive research project?" you inquire. >She shrugs as you drape an arm around her, having to navigate beyond the waterfall of hair free of any sort of restraint tonight. >"I think you would still be going through that stuff regardless," she admits. "It's not that I don't trust you," you quickly chime in, aware of how she may view her earlier promise to you. >"Relax, I'm not looking to butt heads," she says, tapping your thigh with one of her front legs in reassurance. "I'm well aware that I don't exactly have a great track record of being open." "I wouldn't say that," you start. "I mean sure, there was the whole pretending to be a robo-pony at the start, and where you came from..." >"Oh, you're so helpful," Midnight sasses in response, leaning over to thump her head against yours in a sort of headbutt. "Besides that, and on a serious note-" >"I know, I scared the shit out of you when I... well, let's call it what it is. I cracked. And you would rather not be in that situation again without knowing what to do." >You nod, having nothing to add. >"I don't want to do it again, either. I've-" >Midnight pauses, shuffling about until she sits on her haunches right next to you. >"I've gotten far on my own. Dealing with... all of it on my own. The ups, the many, many downs. But I don't have to anymore. I shouldn't do that anymore. Because I got others that actually give a shit." >She leans into you, while you pat her other side. >"It's hard to adjust to that, you know? I guess that's what I fight with. Trying to get out of the habit of shouldering everything in my head." "And trying to seem like a hardass doesn't help." >"Goes hand in hand, I guess," she says with a slight shrug. "And I know what you're thinking."
>>17038 "What's that?" you ask, unclear on where your train of thought is supposed to be. >"No Starla influence on this. This is me," she explains. "I actually haven't had a video chat with her since that night." "You should probably do that sometime soon. She was pretty worried." >"Oh - no, we've messaged back and forth. Just not face to face - but that's getting away from my point. You are right - I need to be open. I've lived these memories in real time on my own. Having to relive it again when they pop up - I don't need to solo again." "Opening up and leaning on me doesn't make much of a difference anyway. You're still the toughest, scariest, most badass mare I know." >Midnight snickers at that, but pulls away for a moment. "What?" you ask, turning to meet her gaze. >"You know me and Starla. That's not a large pool," she comments with a wry grin. "There was that Twilight pony bot at the store," you remind her. >"Oh, my mistake. That changes the whole game, doesn't it?" she jokes. "Good enough for me." >"You have low standards." "Do I? Look who I'm shacked up with," you announce, moving your hand up to her head before running it down the length of her neck. >"God damn, you're full of it," she mumbles, trying her damnedest not to seem bashful about the comment. "I am. But I'm not wrong, either." >"Never technically said you were," she concedes, finally getting a hold of herself and plastering on a more serene and content smile. "So no hard feelings about trying to help you behind your back?" >A chuckle is the initial response, followed by a shake of her head. >"Nah. But it was fun making you think you were sneaky." "How long did it take for you to start investigating?" >"First night." "You fucker." >You lower your shoulder and shove her aside with a token amount of force. >"Ow," she responds, keeping her voice flat and monotone. >Knowing where this is headed, you pick up the laptop and plunk it down on the coffee table. >Just in time, for Midnight only waited that long to shove you back, with just a bit more force. >"Don't push me, you bastard," she hisses, trying to play up a semblance of ire toward you. "You hurt my feelings," you shoot back, actually using your hands to shove her this time. >"You don't even have feelings." >One of her wings snaps open in a flash, using it to whap you on your head and back. >You exaggerate the force behind it, leaning forward. "I'm pretty sure those are illegal. You got a concealed carry for those weapons?" >"You can see em even when they're folded up, dumb-dumb," she giggles, tucking the appendage away again in demonstration. "I'm pretty sure that's still assault with a deadly weapon." >"Oh? And what are you going to do about it?" she challenges, with a face just daring you to try something. >You raise up a hand, preparing to quickly boop her on the nose, but the predictable gesture is halted by one of her hooves upon your arm. >"Nah, you're just a one trick p-"
>>17039 >Midnight doesn't get a chance to finish that sentence, as you reach around her with your free hand and goose her on her lavender flank. >Her eyes widen just a bit, apparently having been genuinely a bit surprised by your move. "Boop?" >Midnight moves wordlessly aside toward the front edge of the couch before one of her legs snatches you and tosses you into a lying position on the couch. >That accomplished, she spins around and lays atop you face to face. >"You're the bed for tonight for that move," she announces, stretching out fully while draping her front hooves over your shoulders. >Shifting around a bit is the biggest struggle you're willing to put up. "Damn. How horrible," you bemoan in a quiet, emotionless voice. >You put your arms around her form and embrace her close to you, enjoying the soft warmth of her furred underbelly and the rhythmic beating of her heart. >"Thus was the choice you made," she crows, ruffling her wings to get you to release her. >You do so - only to have your arms pulled back onto her when her wings fold back up and sandwich them to her sides properly. >"There's no escape," she croons, emitting just the slightest hint of a sinister laugh. "This is terror on another level, you monster." >A genuine light cackle erupts from her as she presses her snout to your nose, her icy blue eyes locked on yours. >"Not a monster. A nightmare," she teases. "Nightmare, or *night* *mare*?" >"Stop trying to be smart," she says, giving you a smooch on the lips before laying her head on your chest. >Yep. >This is the worst punishment ever. >Absolute torture, really. -----
Anyone up for New Year w2g?
>>17074 Sounds good to me.
>>17076 Pls, post on /mlp/, I banned https://w2g.tv/?r=jo4oulfia50wlitlzq
>>17077 An attempt was made, w2g links are now banned on 4chan and I don't know of any good link shorteners.
>>17040 I can't believe how long I went before catching up on this. I see new green is out and I want to wait until a good time to properly enjoy it, but the good time never comes. Until now that is. I've had plenty to catch up on and I've enjoyed it very much. Definitely some heartfelt scenes with Midnight. The doctor's office was not an easy place for her. I doubt Middie will ever truly forget those memories, but perhaps the two of them will be able to put some distance from them. Make some new happy memories to try and focus on instead. And the project car of course! That'll hopefully raise her spirits some and give her something else to think about. Some good quality time for Anon and Middie to spend together.
>A plumb-tired Conny passed out on the couch, dreaming about that time she went to the beach with her fella. >The salty sea air, the little shells scattered on the ground, the noisy ocean and even noisier seagulls... >She loved every second of it. >She remembers hearing a faint 'click' and turning to her sun-kissed companion with a grin. "Didya get a clear shot? I can move outta the way if you want." >He shakes his head, a small smile on his face as he pulls a picture out of his funny looking camera. >"Wasn't aiming for the sea, Conny." >She tilts her head, a little confused. "Nothing else to snap a pic of, doodle! This is like, a once in a lifetime opportunities! By all means, snap away!" >"C'mere." >Conny trots across the surf and does a brief lap around him before stopped at his side and looking up, a curious expression on her face. "Was it a mothmare? I won't tell if you don't..." >He chuckles lightly. "Nah, nothing like that." He gives the picture a wiggle and then presents it to the anticipating mare. >"This right here? It's you!" >She stares blankly at the small square, and then blinks. "I- Me? You took a picture of... me?" >She paws a little at the sand, a subtle blush on her face. "I wasn't really ready for that... I mean-" >"Aw c'mon Conny... You look fine." >She eyes herself up and down. >"...And nothing's showing." >Her ears flick at the acknowledgement, but she does finally crack a smile. "Kinda wish I had a swimsuit right about now, woulda made it look way beachier!" >"What, you want a swimsuit now?" >"N-no! God no..." >She huffs. "Maybe something more like a uhm- a sundress? I think I'd be okay with that..." >He ruffles her mane a bit. "We'll see what we can do, Conny. But first..." >He tucks his camera away and pulls out a pair of brown paper bags. >"Lunch?" "Heck yeah, dude!" There are many ways to scrapbook. For Conny, she always took her favorite memories and pressed them into the back of her mind like a maple leaf in a journal. She never *knew* she did this, it was simply a process that happened in the background, but once she was all alone, these memories seemed to surface much much easier. It helped her push past the hurt just enough to keep moving, to keep living. She was for better or for worse, a scrapbook herself. One that was on the shelf of an old home, collecting dust. A walking reminder of someone now gone. For a while, that's all she really was. A broken pony lingering, longing, languishing in the past. But slowly it would dawn on her that she could make new memories. That there was room enough for new pieces in the puzzle that was her life. All she had to do was try. Try, try again. And one day, she might be able to find what she was looking for. A place were she belongs, again. Posting a Conny pic from the mlp thread with the little green that went with it. For a time, she was rather carefree, if a bit self-conscious. The Conny of that time was optimistic and almost... bubbly. A far cry from her current resigned and reclusive state. While those happy days are long behind her, it doesn't mean she won't find that spark again. Hell, it might already be in her hooves, weakly buzzing away. It certainly shines through on occasion. She just has to swallow her doubts and anxieties and let it grow.
>>17089 Super cute little beach scene. I loved it.
>>17086 No worries. To be honest, until the last update dropped I had dropped out of both boards for closing in on two months. Getting my own demons under control, I needed to be away. I didn't expect to come back with an update so soon.
Where do you anons find your inspiration to write?
>>17108 On a more shallow level, it was finding a thread that had Rare and Twill and just feeling compelled. On a deeper level, I had been writing for years even at that point, but it was always worthless trash that I would either delete soon after, or grow tired of because it ultimately had no point to it. It wasn't going to have a meaning behind it. It was boring. From that, Jacky started. It was far more organic than I thought, and it wasn't about a conscious choice to sit down and write. It just happened. From there, I always wanted to do a good yandere-themed story, so we got Steamy Magic. Painful Magic came from that because at the very start there were some ideas that I thought would be of severe impact that wouldn't just vanish. Doesn't count a lot of other stories that were just me goofing around, turning shitposts into bigger ideas and just getting things out there. Also doesn't count a lot of things I want to do now but can't because I'm seven months into a train wreck that has largely destroyed my life and erased my family's history from the face of the earth. The tl;dr is that the inspiration comes from raw emotion that you can hammer out. Whether it's a question, an emotion or a stray thought, if it's pure and dense, it will give you the blueprints. All you have to do is hammer it out. And remember that even if you don't want to continue, you have to for them. Only you can write their stories.
>>17114 Sounds good.
>>17115 who's gonna create?
I heard a coworker of mine knew some boontling, made me wonder if the bootlegs had their own BOOTling language/dialect. What would it be like?
>>17125 Not entirely sure, but it sounds like it'd be amusing. The wiki for Boontling is fascinating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boontling Man, some of these would make pretty interesting/funny bootmare names. Also I misread 'mate gormin' as 'mare gormin' at first, which is pretty funny considering what it's supposed to mean.
w2g! w2g! w2g!
This is the Julian kalendar New Year so I'm creating w2g https://w2g.tv/?r=xqkni7n82sw1yqn6fh there will be bootleg Sherlock Holmes as always, please repost to mlp
>bumplimit has been reached
(242.75 KB 960x1280 1692975140473979.jpg)
>>17141 >bootlimit has been reached
>>17142 >bootlimit That's a lot of boots.
>>17143 Wonder how many boots you can fit in a convention center. Or a beach.
>>17147 You would need a big beach for that
>>17148 There's some pretty big beaches out there, so I don't think it's too farfetched. Would it be comfortable though? Probably not, but the thought of a strand filled with happy boots and their anons having a great time goofing around would be a sight to behold.
Too many G4 slide threads being made, won't be surprised if /boot/ falls off since its so slow.
>>17040 >Alright, time to go through one more time and recheck the torque... >*ping!* >...Oh shit. >"Shit!" >You turn around, surprised by the thought in your head being spouted in words almost simultaneously. >Just a few steps away, Midnight has her eyes on the concrete floor, scanning for... something. "Was that you?" >"No, that was the Chrysler talking. KITT's older sister has a potty mouth," Midnight sasses, briefly looking up at you before resuming her search. "No, I meant the noise." >"Oh. Yeah, I launched a brake shoe spring into oblivion. Not sure if I broke it or what happened." "At least that's all it was. Thought I broke or dropped something in the engine." >"How's that going?" Midnight asks as she pads up to the engine stand. >She scans the rotating assembly you have been piecing together bit by bit this afternoon, offering a nod of approval. "Good, at least the supervisor is okay with the work," you joke. >Midnight bumps into your side before departing, heading back to the lift where the Chrysler resides. "Hey, I'm guessing I forgot to mention I have new hardware for the drum brakes, huh?" >Midnight halts mid-step, whirling around to face you again. >"Uh, yeah. You sort of forgot that. Until I'm starting to reassemble everything, of course." "Sorry, I'm retarded." >"Can't apologize for something you make me suffer with every minute of every day." >You set aside your torque wrench on top of your toolbox and head around the shop counter, doing a visual scan for the package of parts on one of the shelves lining the wall... >It's somewhere here in a sea of boxes. >Why the hell didn't you mark it? >"I'm guessing this is the start of a scavenger hunt," Midnight sighs, following your lead as she joins your side. "Sorry-" >"Retarded. Yeah, got it," Midnight finishes for you. "You can't use that more than once an hour." "I didn't know that, Sorry, re-" >"You're cruising for a bruising." >Coinciding with Midnight's warning, you spot the package you were looking for, just about waist level. "Here," you announce, plucking the white box free from the shelf and tossing it in her direction. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" >You get a deadpan stare in response. "With that kind of attitude, I should have pretended to search longer." >"If you didn't get attitude from me, you would feel deprived." "Shh, not so loud! I don't want anyone else to know that." >Midnight shakes her head, popping open the box as she heads back to the rear of the Chrysler. >She's doing things the smart way - while both rear wheels are off, only the driver's side brake drum is stripped of parts, those pieces lying on the floor by the tire. >Atta girl. >Learning from your prior fuck ups... which you didn't tell her about. >Luckily that car had good front brakes. >"I thought I was whipping you into shape getting better organized. What the fuck happened?" Midnight calls out.
>>17169 "You happened. Had a lot of parts come in the past week, and I've been too sidetracked to really care where I set stuff." >"Guess that shows you're worrying too much about me." >You happen across a bolt lying on the shelf just before heading back to your prior project - and just after Midnight sasses back. >Snapping it up, you wander back to the engine assembly, then chuck the bolt at Midnight. >Unfortunately, she dodges it in a swift side step. >"Hey, fucker! I was joking!" she protests. "Just making sure. Plus, you always get to throw things at me." >"That's because you deserve it, more often than not." "Only sometimes," you protest. >You really did get sidetracked after that whole debacle with the doctor's visit - the discussion last night really helped to alleviate your mind and get back on a normal routine. >Hence the work on the 300 this afternoon. >Midnight tackling brakes, you getting the engine further. >The bottom end is just about done, with all the pistons and connecting rods in with their respective caps and bearings. >Finish with the oil pickup and the pan, then it's off to the valvetrain and heads. >Surprisingly, you haven't heard one specific inquiry from Midnight yet today. >But the day isn't over, either. >"Looks like that's been going together pretty smoothly, huh?" >There's the soft intro... "Yeah, it's been smooth sailing thus far. New parts certainly help with that." >"Hell, it keeps going that quick, we'll have this running by the end of the week." "Nah, we got at least another month before the engine is ready." >"What?! How?!" >Midnight's exclamation draws a chuckle from you despite all attempts to arrest any sort of response. >"This is why *you* get things thrown at you," Midnight mutters. "It's kind of worth it to hear you pout." >"I guess I need to come up with another punishment, then." "Oh no, not cuddles - I mean, pinning me on the couch." >Midnight shakes her head before returning to her work in earnest. "Guess that's gonna be a surprise for later, huh?" >Midnight turns her head for a quick glance back at you. >There's a distinct gleam in her eye like she already knows what to do. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice." >Midnight shrugs her shoulders but otherwise remains mum... >...is that what this is? "Really? We're gonna stoop to grade school level bullshit and give me the silent treatment?" >She sticks her tongue out at you after briefly mocking a face that matches your disappointed tone. "I thought you would come up with something better. Go back to the drawing board, Mid." >A fervent shake of the head and a smirk tells you she's finding enjoyment in this. >Whatever. >You resume your final check of rod cap bolt torque. >The silly little bout of silent treatment means only the clicks of the torque wrench and the tink of small metal parts Midnight is working with offer any sort of soundtrack besides the low volume of the radio behind the counter.
>>17170 >How long does she plan on playing this stupid little game? >What was even the point, again? >Somehow, you're gonna make her talk. >But the silence is broken by a loud buzzing. >Been a while since you've heard that - someone is at the front gate. >Needless to say, you weren't expecting visitors. "I'll be back, gonna go see who's a-knocking, Mid." >The response is a simple nod. >It's a short jaunt from inside the shop to the front gate - but by the time you crack the lock to the small man door beside the vehicle access, no one is there. >Instead, a brown cardboard box lies beside the gates, large enough to require both hands. >Picking it up, you find the shipping label... >And it's to Midnight. >From Starla. >Oh boy. >This is perfect. >You can hear some things moving inside, but it isn't too heavy. >With renewed vigor, you take the mailman's gift and head back off to the shop, only hesitating to lock the man door once again. >Turning the corner, Midnight has her back turned, focused on the brake job. "Wow, looks like we got a package today I wasn't expecting. For some reason, it's addressed to Midnight," you comment aloud. >Midnight freezes, turning her head to look at you with wide eyes. "But it is still my address, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind me checking what's in he-" >"Give me that!" Midnight cries, galloping toward you even as you feel her ability latching onto whatever lies inside and pulling the box away from your grasp. "Ha. You talked." >"Shut up, tard." >Midnight turns and trots away, heading toward the stairs. "Hey, I want to see what's in it!" >"Absolutely not. This is what I've been waiting for from Starla. Not for your eyes," she replies, stern in her conviction. >You are well aware of that - and have no ideas of invading her privacy. >But it's fun to pick. "You have to sleep sometime..." >"And you might sleep permanently if curiosity gets the best of you." "Contents are that dangerous? I don't know if I want that upstairs in our living space." >"Ugh, you're fucking terrible today," she laments, keeping her developing smile to a minimum. "Even more than normal? Should I be taking notes?" >Midnight shakes her head and heads up the stairs at a brisk pace, pausing only to open the door and slip inside your living space. >You almost forgot about that odd little promise Starla made to Midnight at the end of the sleepover - so you haven't given it much thought. >But what the hell did she send Midnight? >And why is Midnight so damn secretive about it? >There's only one proper way to find out - and that's gonna be on Mid's terms and timetable. >Before long, Midnight reappears at the top of the stairs and trots back down, ready to resume her work as if nothing happened. "So where did you put it?" >"Why do you want to know? Gonna be nosy?" she asks without missing a beat. "So I know to avoid it if I stumble upon it and somehow don't notice the label. Give me some credit here." >"Fair enough. Back of your closet." "And am I ever gonna know what Starla gave you?" >"Eventually." >You head over to your parts stash to resume work on the engine now, feeling at least a little satisfaction. >Particularly now that Midnight isn't playing her silly quiet game. >You have to make sure to never, ever mention how much it bothers you to get the silent treatment. >It would be her secret weapon. -----
>>17171 A happy update this time. Sound's like they're both having a lot of fun working on the car. I wonder how they're going to celebrate when it's complete? Also sounds like Midnight and Starla are working together to give Anon a surprise. Thanks as always for the update Auto.
(270.09 KB 4032x1960 20240125_164458.jpg)
(344.29 KB 4032x1960 20240125_164445.jpg)
(385.62 KB 4032x1960 20240125_164507.jpg)
We have mini-mares. I repeat, we have mini-mares. I'm also incredibly happy to see that Twill and Rare have their own little physical forms. I'd like to do some goofy things with them once I'm back in the house and have a desk.
(325.01 KB 4032x1960 20240125_164423.jpg)
>>17206 This didn't attach for some reason.
>>17206 >>17207 I love this very much!
>>17206 That's super cool Anon. >>17207 3 file post limit.
Sharing a multiboot draw from the /mlp/ bread. Two Twigs, A filly, and a little tinpone walk into a bar...
>>17218 Nice. Hope they get those burgers.
>>17220 It is in the blood of any and all Twis to yearn for the burg. I'm sure they will get what they desire.
New thread?
Anyone up for w2g? Haven't had one in a while.
>>17239 Too late now, but maybe next weekend? It would be nice to have one. Last chance before marecon.
(89.77 KB 605x679 Middie Moondere 01.png)
Whilst this thread still exists, might as well share a offcolor Middie from the /mlp/ bread as well. Keep forgetting to fix it's accuracy.
>>17248 >Off color Middie So does that make it a bootleg of a bootleg? Also, nice draw.
>>17250 >"We heard you liked bootlegs, so we put some more bootleg in your bootleg and now she's twice the bootleg!"
>>17171 >Midnight was adamant you take a shower this morning when you woke up. >Normally you do, but she was quick to remind you. >Even though you cleaned up before bed last night. >Odd. >...well, not really odd, since the bedroom door closed behind you, with Midnight still inside. >Must be time for her to venture through whatever Starla shipped her again. >At least once every evening, she's either shuttered herself away in your room or down in the bathroom for some time. >She can come and go as she pleases, but this little charade is becoming quite comical. >Midnight has to know this is suspicious, right? >Well, so be it. >But one shower and quick microwave breakfast sandwich later, Midnight is still playing hooky - and you both have a lot to get done today. >With no other recourse, you knock lightly on the bedroom door. "How long till you finish doing you hair?" you joke. >"...are you shitting me?" >On the other side of the door Midnight sounds aghast by your quip. "Uh. Yeah. I thought the hair thing was no big deal now. Since months ago," you answer back, not quite understanding the issue. >"Oh, it's not! Sorry, thought you said something else!" she's quick to exclaim. "What did you think I said?" >"...I don't know. Something not good. " >You are... utterly fucking lost. "You sound paranoid." >"I can never be too sure with you, Anon. Could you... go downstairs? I won't be much longer." "With what?" >Yeah, you're gonna push this now. >"...stuff?" "And things?" >"Yeah." "Kinda curious why you got so worked up over mentioning your hair, by the way." >"... you aren't gonna leave me alone, are you?" "Not now, no. Not after a week of playing coy." >"Eugh. I hate you." "I know you do. That's what makes our little thing so special." >"Our 'little thing'?" "I didn't know if you wanted me to use the R word." >"I don't care if you used the word retard. Retard." "So you thought I was trying to say 'that's what makes our retard so special'." >It's only after you say that out loud that both parties on either side of the door bust out laughing. >It takes a bit for the absurdity of it all to subside before Midnight speaks again. >"I know what word you meant. You act like we've never used the word relationship before." "Hell, you're being jumpy and secretive right now despite that, how should I know what you're thinking?" >Now, utter silence rules. >"...no laughing or comments?" >It comes out in a subdued, concerned voice. "What if it's a positive comment?" >"Just... no comments. Please." >You don't know what has her so skittish. >Another hairstyle? >Why would that be bothersome? "Alright." >The door creaks open, Midnight popping her head out from beyond and staring at you. >From what you can see, nothing is different with her mane. >"I will maul the shit out of you if you lie to me," she pouts. "I know." >With that, the door swings open. >Even now that you see her whole form... you don't see anything amiss.
>>17266 >Leaning to one side, you catch sight of the dresser top right around the corner of the door frame. >You can see power cords. >What looks like a handle to... >"Starla suggested if we ever went out on a double... a double date - maybe I should try something." >You nod, now making out at least one object being a curling iron. >Well then. >This is unexpected. >"I've been trying... working on this stuff with my tail. Because It's easier to hide." >On cue, Midnight seizes said tail with one of her metal tools, flipping the hair around to show the underside- >One section of the majority blue canvas has been styled into gentle waves that seem to highlight the violet hues of her hair with every crest, with the very tip of her tail with these hairs ending in a bit tighter curl than normal. >While Midnight normally takes care of her mane and tail, this is the look of someone focused on making it pop, rather than just neat and tidy. >Midnight never ceases to surprise. >But she doesn't want comments here. >You just nod your head and flash a slight smile. >"What?" >Midnight suddenly looks concerned. "Nothing." >"You didn't say anything." "Because I'm not supposed to, remember?" >She hesitates at that, yet looks just a bit frustrated. >"Even though you have a point, you're an asshole." "I'm well aware and expected this to be a lose-lose situation," you comment with a chuckle. >"What do you really think?" "More than anything, I'm impressed. You're really set on us having a proper date night in the future, aren't you?" >Midnight damn near turns violet with the level of blush on full display right now. >"Yeah well - Starla really wants to do a double-date, and it sounds like Teddy is receptive to getting out more with her," she deflects. "I thought it was an interesting idea." >Ah, some things never change. "So you don't have interest, but you'll go along with it." >"Well, we've never had a proper date sort of thing either, and you said you would do that at some point," she explains. "I guess I did. So this whole thing was supposed to be a surprise?" >"Not...really? I just didn't want to look funky while learning how to do this. It isn't hard, just takes time." "And I ruined it." >"You ruined it," she whines in exaggerated fashion, stomping a hoof and turning her nose up at you. "I guess I shouldn't say that it looks like you're doing a good job. I'll just keep that to myself." >"Yeah, you probably should." >Despite the comment, Midnight beams with pride and accomplishment upon hearing your comment. "We really should get started on the day. You can always hide yourself away again tonight if you wanted to work on your hair." >"I think I've gotten the hang of it - next time I do it, that will be for the main event." >The main event. >A date with Midnight. >A double date with Teddy and Starla. >Wouldn't that be something?
>>17267 >Sounds like a plan if you ever heard one. >Probably ought to discuss that with Ted sometime - unless the gals have already got it all figured out. >You frankly have no idea what would be an ideal date spit around these parts. >And what of the looks you would be getting? >Two guys with their pony gals? >...actually, you don't think you really give a damn about that possibility. >Some things are more important than funny looks or gossip. >...though being high profile isn't ideal either. >It's been months with Midnight, and you've both gotten out more and more, but there's still that tinge of worry of the boogeymen come calling... >Also known as her creators from the place she came from. >There is also the issue thatTeddy is perhaps overly protective of Starla. >Though he has agreed to loosen the reins a bit, last you talked to him. >But this is concerns and issues to work out later. >Midnight is takingnStarla's idea serious and to heart - and she seems eager to perfect a look. >...what little you've seen of her work makes you wonder what exact look Midnight is going for. >You never took her for a fancy girl, and she isn't... >But the idea means enough to her to learn how to style her hair. >Spiff up her looks for a night out. >Somehow, some way, you're going to work out this double date idea. >"By the way, since I'm done fiddling with that stuff, it means more time to work on the Chrysler, you know?" "You sure do have a one track mind," you tease her. >"Oh come on. I know you're eager to get it done too. And it feels like we're getting close," she protests. "We are, no doubt. Once I get the valvetrain done and the internals completely sealed up, I want to paint the engine. So there is a speedbump there. And once we get it in the engine bay, since *someone* wanted exhaust headers, we'll have to modify the exhaust pipe connections underneath." >"*You* bought the headers. I didn't," Midnight shoots back, sticking her tongue out. "Yeah, I know. Think I still have the receipt, maybe I can return them..." >As you turn around and head out of the room, you feel yourself halted by something that hooks into your shorts. >"Nuh uh. Not even a good joke," she scolds you. >Apparently having used a bit of metal in a belt loop, Midnight decides to start lifting up to give you the beginning of a wedgie. "Hey, it was a joke! Don't bully me!" >"Just making sure," she answers with a mischievous snicker. >At once, she lets you go. >You have to make a quick readjustment of your shorts after that... "Not nice." >"You don't like nice." "I've never had it before." >"It's overrated. You wouldn't like it." "Can I at least try it once?" >"Nope." "I knew I should have made comments when you told me not to. I bet you would look cute with your hair all done up." >Midnight brushes past you and through the doorway. >"We have stuff to get done, remember?" she reminds you gruffly. "Oh, glad you said something. I had no idea." -----
>>17268 Sounds like they're having fun. Curious to see where the double date takes them. Thanks for the update Auto.
>/mlp/ thread dead Damnit and I just started writing that Conny green again! Should have booped when I had the chance.