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(411.58 KB 2800x2800 1611759173979.png)
Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 06:11:37 No. 286
This is my wife, Twilight Sparkle! We love each other very much. Say something nice about her.
>>286 She is a very cute poner. Do you think she magically enhances her cuteness?
(225.82 KB 1000x1000 1571352005902.png)
>>286 She's cute.
>>287 >spoiler No, but she sure enhances my heart with her love.
(2.51 MB 434x435 1614734717485.gif)
>>321 I know, but I don't mind at all.
That is an amazingly cute gif. Just imagine getting a hug from such a cute purple poner. >I know, but I don't mind at all. Neither would I.
(1.07 MB 1324x2143 784880.png)
>>445 Imagine getting to use both of them as a blanket. Covered by warm, soft Twilights.
I want to hug Twilight Sparkle! I want to cuddle her and make her happy!
(1.06 MB 6000x5184 art1688.png)
>>1268 >I want to hug Twilight Sparkle! I want to cuddle her and make her happy!
(115.84 KB 848x750 1616922921503.PNG)
I want to rim her stink-hole.
>>1268 >>1271 A while back someone mentioned the idea of many of the ponies "hibernating" the winter together in group cuddle piles. The idea seemed cute. >>1375 This too.
(510.15 KB 651x700 art9866.png)
(496.22 KB 645x700 art9241.png)
>>1375 >"Anon, are you implying I don't maintain a regular and through hygienic bathing schedule?" >>1377 >A while back someone mentioned the idea of many of the ponies "hibernating" the winter together in group cuddle piles. The idea seemed cute. Honestly that's one of the cutest things I can imagine.
(1.99 MB 2448x1568 art1474.png)
Canterlot Plot
>>1519 She really was a Canterlot snob.
(1.12 MB 1920x1090 2212207.png)
>>286 Pretty face.
(3.43 MB 2377x1670 art1369.png)
(1.41 MB 480x320 pgif95.gif)
I never get tired of this gif.
>>286 she is a very cute pony
(981.29 KB 5000x7145 97633.png)
(157.62 KB 1400x1147 art1832.png)
>>1774 This image just makes me think of that thread of the guy who got stabbed after insulting a trixiefag I think
(488.92 KB 1920x1382 2377758.png)
>>1808 Death to those who insult Trixie.
>>1808 The only "trixiefag" who deserves insulting is seth.
(335.17 KB 876x1203 9030.jpg)
>>1814 I like the look of this, the art is wonderful. Could a translation be done of the text please?
>>1823 It's very poetic, with rhyming, and much old slavic vocabulary. And I'm not very good at translation.
>>1823 Looked it up on Derpibooru and found this. I'll green the parts that are close to the original. Translation by nemryn: >Behold the Nightmare, keen and shrewd >Trapped on the moon and thus subdued >She had a plan, she would break free And Night would fall eternally. >Behold young Twi, student supreme >With facts from books her mind did teem. She found a fact of much concern: The Nightmare would one day return! >Thus said the Princess of the Sun, A mentor still surpassed by none, "You have a quest! No time to read! To Ponyville your path must lead!"
>>1823 >>1825 Found a more accurate one on DeviantArt. Here is an evil Night Mare That was imprisoned on the crescent moon She thought up to escape And throw lightning at ponies Here's Twilight Sparkle from Canterlot Always happy at wisdom from books Drinking tea from a samovar and flipping through a book Read about the Mare, and got a terrible fright This is the beautiful Solar Princess, who is very nice to her student But doesn’t believe in books. And Twilight was sent from Canterlot.
>>1823 It's a parody of Church Slavonic, using archaic letters and sentences. I don't know early Modern English to imitate the feel, so have a simple, flavorless translation. Left to right, top to bottom: >And here is mischievous Night Mare >Who is imprisoned on the Moon >She is planning to flee [from there] >And throw lightings into pones >Here there is Star of Twilight (literally) from Horsecity >Always glad for the book wisdom >Drinks tea from the samovar (firewood powered huge kettle) and leafs through chronicles >She have read too much about the Mare and got very afraid >Here this is beautiful (literally, red) >Sun Princess >very kind >towards her student >Sign: Pony Village >[She]Doesn't have >Any trust in the cronicles >Decides to send the Star >Out of the Horsecity
(477.10 KB 1570x2148 twi clapping.gif)
>>1824 >>1825 >>1826 >>1827 Thanks to all of you, from each of those translations I think I get what is being put across.
>>1814 >Зр̑ка I'm honestly stumped as to this abbreviation >>1827 How did you get Star from that? Maybe I'm having a brainfart but I literally cannot parse that word. The declension into Зр̑ькꙋ, with the random soft sign in the middle, isn't helping.
(174.41 KB 800x757 1598631614189.jpg)
>>1829 зорька ?
>>1829 Dunno, in Ukrainian Зiрка means star, so I went with that.
>>1831 that's more like 'morning/evening glow'?
>>1832 Interesting. That is the cognate, but it seems the meaning has changed in Ukrainian.
>>1834 What's your language, anon? I faintly remember Serbian has a word зрак, ray or glow.
>>1835 Russian.
>>1836 Hmm, mine as well. Although due to a rather unfortunate events of the past I also know Ukrainian.
>>1831 As in заря? That'd make for Twilight Dawnlet. I found one slavonic dictionary and apparently "зеркъ" is an adjective which meant blue-eyed, but I wasn't able to find any other sources for this word, I've never heard it before, and it makes little sense both grammatically and by meaning. >>1832 You might be on the right track, given that afaik Ukrainian generally tends to be descended from a similar ancestor to Russian, and is closely related to old slavonic. It's possible there's a common root that did exist in slavonic but got lost in Russian, and I just haven't found it. >>1837 My condolences.
(3.20 MB 2000x1500 art1663.png)
(3.33 MB 2500x1407 art1813.png)
>>1837 If you don't mind me asking, political events or personal events?
>>1839 >Dawnlet Twi is Celestia's daughter confirmed! >>1840 >political events or personal events The first often seamlessly transitions into the second
>>1839 Often o in Common Slavic becomes i in Ukrainian. Ukrainian: зірка (star) Belarusian: зорка (star) Russian: зорька (dawn) In this case it is the Russian that preserves the original meaning. In Ukrainian/Belarusian it replaced this word: Ukrainian: звізда (star - archaic) Belarusian: звязда (star - archaic) Russian: звезда (star)
>>1844 >In this case it is the Russian that preserves the original meaning. That makes sense, thanks for these translations. Linguistics can be quite fascinating. But now the image doesn't make sense, unless the artist switched to non-russian/slavonic for one word, or genuinely tried to call her "Twilight Dawn".
>>1846 >>1848 As diminuitive of заря.
>>1849 As in old slavonic заря. See dictionary page I linked to above. (Sorry for line-by-line posts.)
>>1848 >>1849 >>1850 >заря, свет, луч >свет, луч Interesting, I wasn't aware of that archaic sense. That could actually be right. It's a slightly odd translation but honestly I can see where it comes from - "Twilight Ray", "Twilight Shine" so to speak. That's actually a really cute name. Now my only question is why does the first use omit the ь reeeee
(742.13 KB 863x1071 art1535.png)
(109.20 KB 1600x1280 art1572.jpeg)
(605.37 KB 1143x1056 art1429.png)
>>1869 That first one is exceptionally cute.
(263.89 KB 1000x1500 art1596.jpg)
(597.33 KB 1960x1680 2902506.png)
(2.16 MB 1920x1080 ooo pretty.webm)
(1.05 MB 4800x3001 1044.png)
(857.87 KB 760x998 462626.GIF)
(401.11 KB 1280x720 art1555.png)
(657.50 KB 994x1131 trotlight_sparkle.gif)
(1.15 MB 675x540 Twi_exuberant.horse.gif)
(2.27 MB 405x384 Twilight.comf.gif)
Does Twilight like it in the butt or in the mouth?
(3.53 MB 580x573 rutb.gif)
(2.05 MB 2000x1500 art1862.png)
(3.81 MB 4096x2731 art1426.jpg)
(514.25 KB 600x338 pgif89.gif)
>>2337 He really is like a little gecko or something.
(452.11 KB 800x968 art1843.png)
>>2376 He's more like a salamander.
>>2377 >a salamander Yeah I could see that. But more like the giant ones I get around where I live and not the regular tiny ones.
(304.40 KB 1200x820 noSpikes.jpg)
>>2378 For reference. Couldn't find any of my own pictures of them though.
(513.10 KB 2048x1536 Giant Salamander.jpeg)
>>2378 >>2379 I actually found one of my own.
(469.52 KB 1866x2598 art1340.jpg)
>>2379 >>2386 Interesting photos. I was actually more referring to how in the symbolism of pre-modern Europe, salamanders were often associated with fire.
(2.53 MB 1499x2500 art1618.png)
(655.07 KB 1600x900 1470238.png)
(596.52 KB 520x520 681992.gif)
(72.38 KB 480x270 730635.gif)
I love love love love love LOVE this mare! I'm going to love her forever and ever!
>>2963 Those are some sparkly eyes.
(2.19 MB 1280x735 1614733434067.gif)
>>2964 Aren't they so amazing and beautiful?
(119.54 KB 700x700 544576.png)
You know what I love, and miss? Twi-Daily. Whatever happened to Twi-Daily?
(193.24 KB 900x700 1276965.png)
(1.69 MB 360x240 1632176428361.gif)
(162.82 KB 436x436 Floofy_Twilight_Cute.png)
(275.48 KB 959x1024 happy_twi.png)
(267.21 KB 706x666 Happy_Twilight.png)
Twilight's are so happy to see (You) anon
>>3077 Twilight's what?
>>3092 can you not see the trio of twilight's anon or are you blinded by the amount of twilight?
(1.12 MB 1920x1080 art1725.png)
(854.65 KB 1200x1200 art1713.png)
(2.35 MB 3100x2250 LustList.png)
(374.66 KB 795x1587 Twi_love.png)
(91.48 KB 500x500 twipet.png)
(2.58 MB 3712x3076 art1363.jpg)
>>286 How is the Twi draw challenge going? I haven't been on /mlp/ since all the shit 3D dogposting
>>3650 The thread for it died, and an anon repaired some of the really messed up draws. https://u.smutty.horse/mdizrdjjhjy.png
>>3656 Saved Thanks anon
>>3656 Nice to see it saved. Was watching the thread for a while but unfortunately never got around to drawing a Twi for it.
(820.62 KB 1920x1080 art1656.png)
(3.42 MB 2200x1380 art1376.png)
(306.36 KB 1607x398 1597041.png)
>>4681 Kek.
(1.79 MB 1500x1500 art1437.png)
(278.72 KB 900x900 843279.png)
(3.21 MB 3178x2356 art1491.jpg)
>>5657 >Book she's reading in English >Stack of Russian texts behind her
>>5658 So? That's nothing strange. I can read both too.
>>5659 No, not that strange. Just had me wondering for a moment if someone had edited the main book to be in English but forgot the others. But then I noticed the other items in English on the table as well.
(1.92 MB 1920x1080 art1766.png)
(2.81 MB 2400x3000 r5i3.jpg)
>>5853 That's a good story.
(605.17 KB 1200x1400 art1570.jpg)
>>5658 Twilight knows a lot of languages.
(939.56 KB 640x360 help.gif)
Twiggles broke.
(51.13 KB 1280x720 futuresiteofcrystalcastle.jpg)
>>286 >Say something nice about her. well, she has, or at least had, a great library of books
(3.37 MB 2914x2298 image.png)
Gotta post this because that Twi is too cute.
(729.01 KB 1280x720 1096946.png)
(941.51 KB 500x495 86532.gif)
>>8883 >When she spots the hayburger
(1.80 MB 456x540 1610652702846.gif)
>>8885 >when you kill yourself
>>6680 me when my entire ip range is blocked on /mlp/ so I have to post here for the time being
>>8988 what did you do, anon?
>>8989 Nothing, some chucklefuck decided to spam the site using my ISP and got me and probably a few others blocked in the process. Hopefully the block will be gone by next week
>>8990 I hope you'll enjoy your stay here fren
>>8990 I know that feel, but i haven't gotten range b&... yet
>>8990 For what it's worth, you can appeal a rangeban through the feedback form though I don't think it's worth much. My mobile ISP had been banned from /mlp/ specifically for about 3 years before they just all of a sudden decided to remove the ban. Hopefully you'll get lucky though and it'll be over before too long.
>>8990 Also, we have cyoa running currently https://nhnb.org/fim/res/8267.html#8267
>>8994 Not him, but the only thing I ever got with an appeal is another warning or longer ban. Fuck tranny jannies
>>8996 Rangeban appeal is not like the regular appeal. I used to send them in monthly. Supposedly they're supposed to go to a level above the regular mods and jannies but who really knows.
>>8994 I've submitted one but I doubt it's going to reach whoever it needs to in a timely manner, if at all. Being forced to lurk blows
(361.48 KB 3640x2048 1650109967160.jpg)
(85.49 KB 860x337 twilightsleepy.png)
>>9000 Still range blocked, if this persists then this board is going to become my new home. In the meantime, have some twiggles
>>9042 Sorry to hear you're in that kind of situation Anon. That's no fun.
>>9000 I'm in the same boat, I had to move from cable internet to a 5g modem, and since it connects to a cell tower I have been rangebanned since then - 4 months ago. Alas.
>>9067 Describes my situation to a T as well, it's bullshit but I guess I understand it. Probably going to be essentially banned for the rest of the year
>>9042 >second pic Damn, looks more like she has a colic than is sleepy to me.
(349.54 KB 860x643 twilightcolic.png)
(211.91 KB 603x575 2856949.png)
>>286 I'm glad she loves you, Anon. Really. I'm so happy for you. If only she loved me
(525.17 KB 242x235 1253.gif)
(1.41 MB 594x540 7543.gif)
(1.58 MB 498x370 68300.gif)
What a coincidence. I'm also range banned and remembered this place.
(380.44 KB 800x450 2826304.png)
>>10738 Horrifying contribution. Is it possible that like me, your mental stability has deteriorated due to lack of being able to post ponies? I mean, there's a few threads here to do that, but we all know /fim/ moves at a snail's pace compared to /mlp/. Regardless, welcome to your new home for the rest of the year at minimum.
>>10741 No, I just like pregnancy and a lot of the Twilight images are unsuitable for one reason or another. This one is just large, but otherwise fine.