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(399.15 KB 1280x1629 13234820423.jpg)
Spam-B-Gone Anonymous 12/23/2021 (Thu) 05:27:40 Id:fed218 No. 313 [Reply] [Last]
Just a quick thought regarding the regular spam/ad bots... Since they all seem to be Chinese, wouldn't it just be practical to rangeban that region for now? I kind of doubt that we have any genuine regular Chinese visitors that would be affected at the moment, considering how obscure this place still is. Of course, that's just me assuming these are actually coming from China. For all I know it could be US based spam, or India, or somewhere in Europe or any other place.
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>>433 What for?
>>434 spam
What's next, you will post actual Rule 0 to illustrate your point, you fucking moron?
>>432 >>433 Why would you want a delay if it's something to be removed? Anyway, you could probably look into https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChanAddon-AutoBan as a starting point. Be aware that this addon was designed for Lynxchan 2.0 so it may need some updating to work with newer versions.
>>438 ok thx nvm

(841.22 KB 640x360 17570.gif)
Quick question about rule #2 Anonymous 03/19/2022 (Sat) 00:58:42 Id:46c69f No. 387 [Reply]
Is watersports considered too extreme? Personally I see watersports as OK but scat and diapers are gross; just wanted to be sure if that's agreed.
>>387 Should probably be fine, just keep in mind board rules (mainly nsfw vs sfw images depending on whether your posting on /fim/ or /clop/).

Uncontrollable autism Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 20:08:20 Id:9549c6 No. 352 [Reply] [Last]
Wondering how this board would handle this kind of behavior of just unloading a stream of consciousness that nobody gives a shit about. For an example of what I'm talking about maybe some of you are familiar with a certain autistic retard known as Nigel on /mlpol/. Some unholy mixture of brit and low-functioning autism that thinks everyone must know what he's thinking at all time, never improves his behavior and gaslights with dismissive shit like how people ripping into him are just "haters" It's been said that his behavior has been well documented and even if he didn't use a flag ANY post by him is almost immediately recognized as Nigel because he is that much of an insufferable faggot. To be blunt, the vast majority of his posts are form of littering much a nigger dumping trash out the window on the street, but the mod team of /mlpol/ has decided to do nothing about him aside from small warnings and minor deletion of posts, despite this kind of pollution going on for years and many many complaints, no long term bans happen and no one gets time to breathe because he might use the entire site as a poo shits on the street, instead of where it belongs in the toilet. Now why am I bringing this up? /mlpol/ has a writingimprovement thread much like /mlp/ had a drawingimprovement thread but it's very obvious that everyone is incredibly put off by this autism and the quality of the thread, hell any thread he joins tanks since he made a stake in it. Just going by numbers here he makes up ONE THIRD of the posts in a 600post thread currently up with his dynamic IP and another third of the thread is probably just talking about how much of a faggot he is. Now to the point. While reading this dipshit's posts for years spew offtopic garbage like a sewage pipe on steroids nhnb didn't exist, but now that it does it made me think maybe people might have a better time away from it posting a writefag improvement thread on nhnb. However before I suggest people make the move I want to know what nhnb's stance would be. Would you let him shit up threads when he can't be contained only curtailed? https://mlpol.net/mlpol/299458 To get a glimpse, this is the writefag improvement thread and below are the IDs he used in the thread. Here's just a couple of his most recent posts but they generally all read like this, pushing what is 'on topic' to the point of breaking in half. --------- 35 f4e1903 1 15aea3f 1 fa03a49 6 184c306

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>358 If that """Nigel""" of yours, who is totally aren't you, would try this shit, people would tell him he's a retard and should stfu. If he won't, people most likely will report him. Then he most likely will get warned, and his bullshit deleted. If he won't get the hint, he probably will get banned for shitting the board, regardless of the fact if he's genuinely autistic or not. This is a pony imageboard, not EQD or an asylum. Nobody's obligated to babysit and nurse tards. Also, take your semi-coherent offboard offtopic bullshit, shove it up your arse and fuck off back wherever you came from.
>>356 >>358 As with anywhere, he would need to break the rules to have moderation action taken against him. That being said, I feel like he would probably run up against the rules for low quality posts and off topic posts in many of these examples given. In which case he would get his posts deleted and most likely a warn, progressing into a ban if he doesn't get the message.
>>359 He isn't the britard, that fagget remains the unmatched sperg >>358 >>356 >>352 Sup, sociopath&proud, well, isn't amazing what a google search can do to a bad-opsec plebeian?
>>360 Well I've given enough details and details for Nigel and the only thing would do from here is just see how it goes after talking. I was maybe going to let people know in the thread about trying it go on nhnb for a writefag center, but maybe that time has passed for now. Right now the thread on /mlppol/ is dead due to everyone vacating the autism fuming up the place, no surprise. >>366 No idea what the fuck are you talking about, barely worth a reply but here's a (You)
>>370 What did i do to you that made you mad at me?

(16.81 KB 248x182 mlp.png)
In the recent event in /mlp/... Anonymous 02/22/2022 (Tue) 06:36:39 Id:dc5249 No. 361 [Reply]
...I need some answers. 1) What is policy about pride flags? About trannies? Is any critique about trannies deleted? 2) What is policy about Alicorn Twilight? Anonfilly? Diamond Dogs/Teenage Dragons/Parrots (2017 movie)/Abyssinians? Yaks/Nu-changelings/etc? G1, G2, G3, G5? Filly Funtasia? Them's Fightin' Herds? Now that /mlp/ has fallen to PC/LGBT agenda, I'm evaluating potential replacement for us, and if nhnb can be one, or it's just empty place where nothing can be discussed.
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>>367 Oh, i did saw an FimFic bread choke full of tranny shit recently, i pretty stick to a few generals so i didn't noticed it was becoming widespread
(66.29 KB 1039x534 image.png)
(200.15 KB 1758x385 image.png)
(179.64 KB 1460x380 image.png)
>>368 As of right now there's a fag thread up to farm (You)s by trannies who are just using it to post lgbt shit and barely anything else, it's as off-topic as long rants with /pol/ but the trannyjanny isn't deleting this blatant offtopic lgbt shit. The trannies are also shitting up a trixie thread every time with their forced transie meme like OP is talking about. It's literally the same people, raiding one thread or another and spamming the board which is very noticeable. Ukraine getting yeeted https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38262635/#38262635 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38256440/#38256440 Protected tranny thread. Pic is a response to one of the trannies, you cant call it degenerate or you get banned. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38252898/ Critisizing trannie trixie thread yeeted https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38249794/#38249794 Trixie thread no trans shit allowed, people raid it with trans shit. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38254662

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(115.09 KB 1110x251 image.png)
(84.16 KB 1199x279 image.png)
(70.21 KB 1423x202 image.png)
(62.58 KB 1844x225 image.png)
(36.62 KB 850x163 image.png)
In light of the tumor of /mlgbt/ finally being archived. It's very obvious that it's a discord coal-tranny /qa/ operation. It's no surprise that they picked G5 to shitpost a green and circlejerk with other discord niggers. This isn't the fault of g5 fags, it's coaltrannies using g5 as a fracture point, and doing it to put a wedge in and drive off g4fags. The next target is apparently Aryanne. Tourists who have no idea what they're talking about intend to "take aryanne back" because zigger stripped shitposting wasnt enough. This is specifically about replacing the old fandom culture with their new tumors, just as bad as barbiefags and why it needs to be made known. "This thread was never about politics" A blatant lie, it's entirely about the board culture and mutating it by pouring in outsiders that are incompatible with the old board culture.
>>380 Unfortunately, among the evident moderation bias, there is little we can do
(125.18 KB 1808x471 image.png)
(209.05 KB 1879x841 image.png)
(168.33 KB 1863x519 image.png)
>>381 If off-topic /pol/ shit gets deleted then so should /lgbt/ look at this shit. It's literally just /lgbt/ on /mlp/ with occasional pony pictures.

(184.04 KB 1010x309 OP.jpg)
Emergency bunker for foreign language communities? Anonymous 02/25/2022 (Fri) 18:14:24 Id:89c364 No. 371 [Reply]
Just saw this thread on /mlp/, looks like a brony community from China is being taken out for one reason or another. https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38267127 Some anons there have suggested this place being a potential spot to move to, along with some of the potential challenges that may bring. Could be either as simple as allowing foreign language threads and/or a general on the /fim/ board, or as elaborate as creating a foreign language board. Any thoughts on this?
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(124.38 KB 357x303 1645646386023.gif)
>>374 Yeah it's fine, I figured that people would prefer something smaller for an OP. Unrelated to nhnb, but this could be a good time to test drive this new archiver that /pol/ just made before Chinanons site implodes. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/362672169 >Link Deposit is a tool to organize links into deposits that have a permanent URL and anyone can view them. >It is a website, but behaves like an app on modern browsers, so people don't need to download from App Stores >It happens automatically as you load the page and it can't be removed by App Store guidelines. >Link Deposit supports scanning and generating QR codes, which can help facilitate sharing links. >Instead of saving pastebins in a text file each time you want to post some info on 4chan, you can make a deposit instead and share that permanent URL as text or in QR code format. Note this is NOT crypto related what so ever and has nothing to do with ChainLink just because it has 'Link' in the name.
>>371 While they are of course welcome to post here in English, posting other languages presents a rather large problem. That being that since I can't read it, I can't realistically moderate it (nor would staff). >a general on the /fim/ board While I probably wouldn't mind a thread about foreign communities, the thread itself would still need to be at least majority English. >>375 I'd say start submitting links to the wayback archive as well if you're looking to preserve. https://web.archive.org/save/ Also, is the site still accessible? I tried the link on /mlp/ and it doesn't seem to want to load for me.
(159.20 KB 1044x948 Screenshot_195.png)
(122.89 KB 1199x938 Screenshot_196.png)
>>376 Still accessible through a mirror, not the original. But I'm not sure if the link will paste right with chinese symbols in it. https://nimingban.org/f/%E7%BE%8E%E6%BC%AB Try this then follow the arrows for drop down choices till you get to their /co/ https://nimingban.org/ As for the language, both sides of the fandom know how to use googletranslate and there's browser extensions to autotranslate which /mlp/ and chinanons have used to communicate before. Though they suggest DeepL instead for a better translation
>>377 Seems I am unable to connect from my home ISP. I did manage to somewhat gain access to the site though. >As for the language, both sides of the fandom know how to use googletranslate and there's browser extensions to autotranslate which /mlp/ and chinanons have used to communicate before. Though they suggest DeepL instead for a better translation I'm still not wholly convinced of the effectiveness of autotranslate. There are also some other considerations as well, but let me think on it for a bit and ask other staff what they think.
Alright, after some discussion I think that we'll give it a try. We'll allow one /int/ thread on >>>/fim/ for languages other than English. Some things to note: >The OP should be in English >Most non-English posting should be contained within >We recommend including screenshots of links to non-English destinations >This is very much an experimental sort of thing >All rules are still expected to be followed

(330.82 KB 616x308 sumcum.png)
Anonymous 02/08/2022 (Tue) 04:11:43 Id:02d3ca No. 348 [Reply]
Is pic related banned?
>>348 I don't see why it would be. After all, it has its roots deep in G4/FiM with Fighting is Magic and all that history. At the very least, none of the current rules mention it. Also, I could have sworn some anon has already posted TFH art in the months past and nobody raised a fuss. Can't remember what thread it may have been in though.
>>348 It's not banned, but I don't think threads about it would be on topic to FiM.

(73.12 KB 504x360 Brushie bat.png)
Saging Anonymous 11/08/2021 (Mon) 18:17:49 Id:d80928 No. 308 [Reply]
How do you sage on this image board? Can you sage at all? If you do does it always show that you saged? There's times when a discussion is going on but it's not relevant to the threads OP so I want to sage.
>>308 Type "sage" in the email field.
>>308 Saging is gay and so are you.

>>305 Looks like it was just a warn: https://nhnb.org/.global/logs/fim/2021-10-26.html The staff member just forgot to change the default ban text.
(34.89 KB 265x430 1401149321490.png)
>>306 So he posted anthro, what a fag. I tried searching the logs before making this thread but opened the ones on the footer which aren't very descriptive. https://nhnb.org/.global/logs/.global/2021-10-26.html The board specific ones are kind of hidden away, the icon doesn't even appear inside threads, only in the index and catalog.

(1.27 MB 1175x1851 2066640.png)
(468.14 KB 3120x1440 Screenshot_20210801-195031__01.jpg)
Am I allowed to love Starlight? Anonymous 08/13/2021 (Fri) 02:10:06 Id:2670ed No. 158 [Reply] [Last]
I'm a bit of an anachronistic sort. My favorite season is the first. My favorite episode is Cutie Mark Chronicles. My waifu is Glim Glam. I am not one of the spammy shiteaters. In fact 4cuck has me on a 60 day for trashing barbie. I love pony for horses and nothing else.
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>>164 To this day I’ve gotten permabanned three times on 4chan, twice was criticizing janitors and moderators or putting out information that calls them out. Another time was for posting pony on /v/ back in 2018. Mods are fags.
(188.28 KB 839x754 1602315468512.png)
>>186 >perma'ed for posting pony on /v/ That is such bullshit.
(678.01 KB 1024x1024 1429058331098.png)
>>164 The absolute state of /mlp/ The overprotection of barbieshit and garbage spam threads it's why the board quality lowered a lot lately.
>>302 >lately

Anonymous 08/13/2021 (Fri) 20:19:51 Id:97c89c No. 166 [Reply] [Last]
/mlp/‘s alt site thread was debating this so I thought I’d bring it straight to the jannies to finally answer. Clearly Sunset is banned even in her cameo from The Last Problem but are the Sirens from Shadow Play that the Pillars fight banned as well?
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The Shimmernigger literally cried to his general on 4chan over this argument. And they say EQG fans arent complete cancer.
>>255 Kek
>>255 They said they don't care though, because Shimfag is so much of a faggot even they cannot sand him.
I've said I don't personally mind pony Sunset, but I see the wisdom in a blanket ban as the barbiefags attempt a nose under the tent strategy.
Hoh missed this shitfest You made the right call board owner