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(8.79 KB 200x184 Brains fried.jpg)
Is this also banned? Anonymous 09/27/2021 (Mon) 23:41:46 Id:b17f2f No. 296 [Reply]
Hi, I was wondering if the G4 images from G5 movie are allowed, or banned as well. Pic related.
>>296 If it is identifiable as a G5 topic, it's banned from /fim/.

wtf mods??? Anonymous 09/16/2021 (Thu) 16:24:11 Id:919134 No. 260 [Reply]
i got my thread deleted twice why am i not allowed to discuss background mares on /fim/??
>>260 >Admits to ban evasion Dumbass, you know exactly what you are doing. Shim Sham is banned. Period.
(59.24 KB 1063x281 read nigger read.png)

(99.85 KB 1300x866 horse network.jpg)
Effectiveness of Advertising Anonymous 08/30/2021 (Mon) 23:19:31 Id:b486fd No. 229 [Reply]
Out of curiosity, is there any data available in regards to web referrals and direct links to here? I always make an effort to drop a mention of here on /mlp/ when an appropriate moment arises, but I'm also interested if links from other places are being fruitful at all or not. For example, on fimfic I include a link in the Author's Notes to a specific thread. I know some people from there have visited here since they comment on it, but I've been wondering just how many that number may be.
(50.83 KB 901x542 ad.PNG)
(48.12 KB 754x565 traffic.PNG)
>>229 Pic rel is likely the best I can offer as far as stats. I do think that mentioning the site were appropriate is probably the best form of "advertising" and is more likely to get people interested in the site vs a literal advertisement. >I always make an effort to drop a mention of here on /mlp/ when an appropriate moment arises It is appreciated, thank you for that and for the content that you create.

(464.51 KB 300x399 1621830756084.gif)
mare Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 21:56:16 Id:a23edb No. 46 [Reply] [Last]
people on 9gag are pretty upset at hiro new captcha, isnt it the perfect time for some advertising campaign?
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>>46 >people on 9gag are pretty upset at hiro new captcha Do you really want 9gag users here? Next you'll be suggesting we seek out new users at Le Plebbit or Tumblr.
>>150 >Le t. reddit
(3.20 MB 400x224 1609748742586.gif)
>>172 Gotta love it.
>>102 I don't mind doing a captcha, as long as it isn't super frustrating (the current 4chan captcha is often difficult to decipher, especially on phones. the previous one with image tiles is much easier to use).

(194.69 KB 1920x1260 1620903749095.png)
Can Discord links be bannable? Anonymous 06/30/2021 (Wed) 19:08:31 Id:323031 No. 8 [Reply] [Last]
Whether it's under off-topic, or with an explicit rule, can there be an explicit rule that discord links are bannable? This includes: - making a "thread server" for a general or long-lived thread, and putting an invite in the OP - posting invites to discord severs, in general - posting attachments from discord (yes I've seen people do this on /mlp/) The first one kills threads and breeds circlejerks. The latter two let the circlejerks fester by encouraging that kind of people to continue doing things their way.
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(519.21 KB 2000x1500 44865.png)
>>61 femdom and humiliation stuff with diapers is an old guilty pleasure of mine. but i get that it can be abit much for some. ill just wait and read the updated rules later.
>>57 >guess im never leaving /trash/ lol dont come back
>>59 /trash/ only bans loli. this site looks pretty fucking gay and hugboxy if you cant post something like the classic nyxfag deterrent being mauled by gilda. the fandom was at its peak when it was a self policing community
>>91 The site is focused on ponies and /fim/. We do not want /clop/ to become like /trash/, that is part of the reason it's set up like it is. >classic nyxfag deterrent being mauled by gilda I don't know what piece of art you're talking about, so I don't really know the level of gore involved. Main point of the rule is to prevent extreme levels of graphic blood and guts being splattered everywhere. A better writeup by a volunteer is available here: >>68.
>>91 I haven't seen that image posted in so long I don't think something like that would ever be a problem. If you must then just surely you could post the booru link like it is protocol on /mlp/?

(248.99 KB 1280x1229 luna.png)
Global rules? Anonymous 07/03/2021 (Sat) 22:20:27 Id:ddf5ce No. 25 [Reply] [Last]
Why are the global rules so broad and stifling? Nothing about them seem welcoming or fresh. I mean they are the exact same one that many other rulecucking/unfunny/failing alts have used before. Yet yours are even worse. As I don’t even know how to interpret half of them. Like what the fuck does “12) Do not make off topic posts” even include here? Anime? Pepe? Nothing but more guesswork. Or “5) You will not make extremely low quality posts.” So where do you “draw the line” with this one? Seems very subjective and easily abusable by the staff. "2) You will not post banned content: Grotesque (guro)" The thing pone? More guesswork. "10) No advertising.” Kek then stop advertising on 4chan mby? etc etc etc I had a good chuckle reading your rules. Seems to me like you purposefully wrote most of them to be as vague/unclear as possible. Which is a massive fucking warning sign to anyone with half a brain. Site will be dead within a few months. Good luck to you.
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>>29 >rouge >>52 >rougue you're getting there!
>>52 >I guess you'll just have to wait until there's more of a history to go off of. True. For all the rules in the world, in the end, all that matters is how they are enforced. Still, with that said, I do like to see good rules from the "get go". Knowing how shit usually turns out otherwise kek. >The hope is that this place will be distinct enough for people to browse it in addition to other places. I like the strong culture stances such as "No Hooves". Things like that are unifying and good. Defo helps with building identity and personality. Keep that up for sure. >Apologies if I was a bit brief, I should be able to give some better responses tomorrow. Na, no worries. I've said my piece for now. I don't wanna come off as too antagonistic. I can only hope that I've manged to stir your brain alittle about the rules. Its your site so do whatever you want, just don't expect anons to stick around if you make them choke. Less censorship/restrictions = promotes engagement, fun and creativity. Anons go wild. More censorship/restrictions = kills joy but makes moding easier. Little traffic and engagement. Slow site. Pick your poison.
>>41 >When the fuck have you seen this? on 4cuck it happens quite often. whenever some brain damaged janny thinks you're the same person because you have the same opinions they slap blanket ban for 'ban evasion' then parrot their forced meme that only 2 people are the problem because everyone is an IP hopping samefag to them.
>>88 >t. an IP hopping samefag
>>88 Well, here we have the public mod log so hopefully that should dissuade any mod abuse. If there does happen to be some sort of issue I expect to get an email about it. Of course I would recommended attempting a ban appeal, write up what you think happened should there be some kind of mistake. So far the volunteers we've gotten so far seem decent and I hope they would respect the position well.

(111.98 KB 430x409 1625270770395.png)
Cloudflare Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 01:08:16 Id:38bbdb No. 36 [Reply]
Oh good, another dead imageboard, but this one uses Cloudflare. Why? There can't possibly be a need for that.
>>36 Gotta say I agree. Pretty sure less-botnet alternatives exist, don't they?

(198.55 KB 309x408 remove_creature.png)
A Suggestion Anonymous 06/30/2021 (Wed) 09:36:33 Id:889821 No. 6 [Reply]
Will we get a sticky here with our own IRC and '/qa/ for dummies' pic? Also, can we add wojacks/soyjacks to the bannable content?
>>6 >our own IRC Wasn't really planning on making an IRC. Wasn't really designed with privacy in mind In terms of IP and host name. Also, it's been a super long time since I've used it with any frequency. For appealing bans I figure most could just go through Lynxchan's built in appeal system. If they really need to appeal to a higher power, I guess they could just email me at the site's contact info. >'/qa/ for dummies' pic? Sure. Just need to figure out what all we'd want on it. >Also, can we add wojacks/soyjacks to the bannable content? Already covered by the off-topic rule.
>>6 Don't really think a '/qa/ for dummies' image is needed when the title and description of the board >/qa/ - Questions and Answers >Communication between site staff and (you) outlines it pretty clearly.