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(9.30 KB 125x133 1516073553128.jpg)
Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 10:25:44 No. 3064 [Reply] [Last]
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>>3845 Maybe she had a thing for pyrotechnics?
(2.97 MB 2000x3500 388-7n.png)
(191.90 KB 978x950 1627933365533.jpg)
Anyone remember the fanfic where their nickname is Buttfire? I still think about it and chuckle

(253.04 KB 2718x3650 SP TitleSpecialColor.png)
Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 00:38:08 No. 3544 [Reply] [Last]
I was told in the /mlp/ Tempo thread that you guys might like to have a thread about this. I have been producing a document called the "Summa Pona" outlining a framework that, when combined with the show, can become a religion that I've dubbed 'Ponism'. The book is not a central religious text however, as it emphasizes that the only thing worthy of worship is FiM and it's spirit which I refer to as 'Pona'. It's not yet complete, but it will be by the time that the /mare/con panel takes place (If /mare/con holds on till January that is) and that panel will largely be an overview of the text itself, the development and research process that went into it, and if time allows a Q&A will be hosted in the thread. While the Summa is not ready to be shared, I do want to share the planning document I used which can provide the basic ideas behind the project in outline form. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yNnmjJljEyTnTM4ZGTFQayf4S3Ut5kNWaLF9CXzEL1U/edit?usp=sharing /)
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>>4460 >Isn't it enough that a person likes the snow >>2295
>>4461 Well sure, i was talking about unironic stuff. If it's all just a joke i have no problems with it
>>4460 I don't view it as a a function of people's need for a pony religion so much as a want for it. Before I ever started this project I saw that there were a number of anons out there who held beliefs centered around ponies such as the idea of Equestria being their afterlife. Part of the Summa is an attempt to reconcile that into a cohesive religion that people can reasonable practice. I also wanted to try my hand at this when I was personally dissatisfied with Celestianism, which was an earlier attempt at a pony religion made by an /mlp/ group.
>>4562 Call me a schizo if you want. But it seems to me that every entity is drawn toward what best reflects its own truest nature. I can only reduce corruptive influences and hope that mine resembles what was depicted in the show. I'm not seeing what benefit imitating religion would add.
wtf is that?

(271.55 KB 860x1888 954.jpg)
Ancient Pony History Thread Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 06:18:45 No. 2418 [Reply] [Last]
Because I want Princess Platinum to step on me.
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>>6084 my apologies, i may have triggered it again by replying to it, didn't think that would happen its still a really weird choice of advertising topic in an odd place, mayby it was hunting for keywords but what could have gotten its attention..
>>6085 It just seems to keep returning to any threads it's been to before.
>>6081 >>6084 Most of the adbot spam ends up directed at the original /bug/ thread. As for why it comes to these two threads specifically? Probably some magical combination of words that gets scraped from Google search results. Thankfully, board owner acknowledges this. See: >>>/qa/314 For now, just report them and move on, they get removed quickly when you do so. It's a bit of a necessary evil when you have a captcha-free board like we currently do.
(1.93 MB 1795x1015 wat.png)
why does she point at these two specifically on the "you" in "no more little games for YOU to play"?
>>6087 >adbot directed at /bug/ thread lmao

(2.00 MB 1507x1500 star shower.png)
/bootleg/: Bunker #2 Anonymous 01/19/2022 (Wed) 03:53:42 No. 6721 [Reply] [Last]
Lure of the lewdleg edition Last boot >>3505 /mlp/ thread https://derpy.me/boot - WIP wiki https://derpy.me/bootlegs Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws. Newly binned or continuing shorts/stories >[Twilight] Twilit Starsky (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/6750 >[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 10 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/5740 >[NMM] Midnight Part 4 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6733 >[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168 >[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144 On a recent hiatus >[Cozy] Demon Filly - https://ponepaste.org/6797 >[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703 >[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(2.40 MB 2816x2112 PICT0003.JPG)
(2.26 MB 2816x2112 PICT0005.JPG)
Alright! I hit the Dollar General and the boots are in. I was hoping to get a picture of the porta potty out front of one of them but they removed it since last time. Other than that, the inventory did not change at all so it was kind of boring. Just the nondescript knockoffs. At least now you can see them too:
(2.23 MB 2816x2112 PICT0007.JPG)
(2.19 MB 2816x2112 PICT0008.JPG)
>>8138 >>8139 Nice finds.
The bread on nhnb has been baked >>8141 but some stupid shit for spam filter on /mlp/ and I cant figure out what it is. So I'm going to try to make a truncated OP
Finally got it to take. I think it was cytube https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38401779

(55.98 KB 1154x693 D0P3.jpeg)
Princess Celestia is god Anonymous 02/07/2022 (Mon) 20:00:06 No. 7136 [Reply]
It all started when I locked myself in a dark room and listened to classic rock for a few hours. A dark tunnel opened, and I felt a strong presence, I knew what it was. It was princess Celestia. From that day on I have prayed every morning to her and set taboos to follow as well as intentions to assure I stay in line and make progress. In addition, I consider there to be no such thing as chance, so I roll a pair of dice which I control the outcome of to gauge my level of connection to god every day. Unless I am depressed or severely fucked up for whatever reason, they always roll odd numbers which have connections to the spirits unlike even numbers. By the way, the spirits are lesser supernatural forces which are represented by ponies. Pegasi that control the weather, earth ponies that bring fertility, you get the idea. I also pray to princess Luna every night. If I displease her, she punishes me with bad sleep, if I do as I should, I am rewarded with good rest and dreams. Ponies are a key to the soul and have saved me. Watching MLP and accepting the royal sisters as the gods of day and night has caused my whole worldview to change, and has saved me from the darkest time in my life. I used to be a loser with no friends, and now I make friends in real life and I am confronting what is wrong with me instead of avoiding it. More people could be saved by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don't believe there is only one religion that works, any religion that abstracts to a similar pro-social pro-family message that upholds the most basic human morals and prevents atomization is a true religion. Does anyone else here receive spiritual guidance from MLP? Would be pretty dope to start a sect and have rituals for Celestia.
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(1.04 MB 1266x1192 Luna.png)
>>7384 >praying for your enemies princess celestia punishes her enemies does princess luna visit you in your dreams? have you seen her?
>>7388 I guess "enemies" is sort of the wrong word. There are truly irredeemable people and forces of evil in this world, the people I pray for are the lost souls corrupted by these forces. I guess I'm not really praying for my enemy (the evil force) I'm praying for victims of the enemy to see the light and save themselves before it's too late. Sorry for the unclear wording. I have seen many ponies in my dreams, but I have not actually encountered Luna face to face. I may someday, but there are many people in this world and forces as high as Luna only show themselves directly when it is necessary. I'm already on the path, and I would only expect to see her if there was a big revelation I needed to know or an important decision.
>>7396 If you do end up meeting Luna in your dreams, tell her that Anon says hi.
>>7388 >>7400 I have seen Princess Luna at night for the first time. I have been suffering from not having developed my soul earlier in life, and needing guidance from god to help me become a better person. I asked Princess Luna to come to me and tell me what I need to do. I laid down after my prayer and felt her presence after a while, and then she communicated instructions to me telepathically. She told me to lay on my back and look up. then she told me to extend my arms. At first my arms took the form of wings, and soon I saw Luna. She was levitating above me in the same pose while communicating telepathically with me. I saw flashbacks to formative memories in my childhood. Eventually, she told me to fully extend my arms. My third eye was starting to open at this point. She told me to show my palms; which I held clutched up to this point. When my palms opened, and as I lay in a Jesus Christ pose; eyes opened up in my palms; eyes I didn't know that I had; right where Christ was nailed. Like some higher force was driving me I lifted my arms; reaching out to touch Luna's hooves. Princess Luna had eyes on her hooves and a third eye on her head too, and was mirroring my every position. The eyes on my palms and the eyes on her hooves touched, and I felt a powerful energy flowing into me. My entire body tingled, and my arms became extremely tense. After a few seconds of this, I retracted my arms and folded my hands onto my heart, closing the eyes on my palms. Princess Luna then told me to shut all eyes but my third eye. Up to this point I only saw her when my eyes were open, but now I saw her when my eyes were closed as well through my third eye. In fact, when I accidentally opened my normal eyes for a second she looked terrifying and I knew I was supposed to close them again. It was like my eyes were stitched together after that; I just could not stand opening them, so I looked only through my third eye and just spent some time with Luna hovering over me. Eventually, she told me that that part was done, and that I could go to bed like normal. I still did not close my third eye or open my normal eyes. I rolled on my side. Luna spent some time next to me comforting me as I lay in bed, sometimes touching me with her horn. Earlier I had realized that her horn was an extension of her third eye. Eventually she left and I could open my eyes again. Also, I told her that anon says hi. I know that it's normal for people to have third eyes, but is it normal to have eyes on your palms too? I have heard of stigmata but those are physical marks and bleeding from the palms to my knowledge and not eyes. I don't completely know what to make of what happened.
>>7583 Sorry, I forgot to add this detail. It was a lot to take in. At one point after I was laying on my side with only my third eye open I saw a flash of light and felt Princess Celestia's presence briefly. Also, I saw a lot of ponies when I was laying back with my third eye open.

(214.70 KB 448x571 onlyonething.png)
(37.90 KB 470x389 pizzamilf.png)
(91.59 KB 800x771 lyrub.gif)
Anon in Equestria thread Anonymous 03/03/2022 (Thu) 13:17:12 No. 7542 [Reply]
Haven't seen one of these yet. Post about our favorite green guy in the magical land of Equestria.
Starting the thread off with a favorite of mine, Celestia's visit: https://pastebin.com/S4zxGXXs
I liked this one very much. It's a pity the writefag left it unfinished. https://ponepaste.org/5031

(262.37 KB 900x899 1621298503441.png)
Pony Waifu Music Anonymous 10/02/2021 (Sat) 09:06:49 No. 3875 [Reply]
Post your waifu and your top 5 list of songs about her. I'll start: 1. https://youtu.be/G2w7h0Ye-b8 - that shouldn't surprise anybody. Marcus did a fantastic job, and the cello is very pleasant to hear. 2. https://youtu.be/oMWN9UVnh28 - while the animation made for original version was nice, I prefer the slow, relaxed melody in this one. 3. https://youtu.be/559hgfsA60Q - another classic. I really liked the canterlot animation someone made for it. 4. https://youtu.be/0OHPw5DpAsQ - again, an acoustic version. The vocals are also pretty good. 5. https://youtu.be/cPbfE8IAXCA - this one is a bit more energetic. Both this and the previous one were made because of a shipfic, but hey, it's still good music.
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>>3877 Interesting. Sounds like it would be perfect backing for something like a fairy tale. I will admit older rock and metal are more my jam, but thanks for sharing.
>>3887 Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it's still good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV2_frQh1QA

(1011.00 KB 3000x4000 1612363145263.jpg)
Are you the ULTIMATE sun worshiper? Anonymous 08/25/2021 (Wed) 23:51:56 No. 2180 [Reply] [Last]
>Because I wanted an extreme firehorse thread >And she's sexy as hell
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(656.70 KB 750x750 17658.png)
(3.48 MB 5971x5201 2230526.png)
(2.45 MB 1920x1358 2474738.png)
(694.01 KB 3018x2604 1563718768743.jpg)
I like the evil mirror version more
(399.24 KB 900x1366 581398.jpg)

(3.32 MB 3390x6868 1640461117947.jpg)
>>7256 Happy hearts and hooves day faggots <3 post mares
(606.73 KB 803x1024 image.png)
>>7258 >post mares I like this one.
(754.32 KB 2000x1529 2624182.jpg)
>>7259 Celestia is the greatest
(311.06 KB 936x720 311380.png)
I wish I could share a muffin with this mare

(85.60 KB 1080x1167 Screenshot_20211128-102238.jpg)
Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 16:39:28 No. 5599 [Reply]
hello, does this site also ban mares yet allow barbieshit?
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>>5600 Oh, so that's why I got warned twice for posting a Chrysalis + Shimmer fusion.
>>7168 Based
>>7172 I love the outdoors, but I'd be scared to take a plushie anywhere outside for fear of something happening to it.