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(257.12 KB 1920x1080 full.jpeg)
Crystal Ponies Anonymous 09/27/2021 (Mon) 15:59:55 No. 3428 [Reply] [Last]
How come no one ever talks about them? What is their day to day like? Where they all earth ponies before hand? Because I don't think there were any crystal unicorns or pegasi until the games episodes. Also, how transparent are they? Are they like a block of acrylic without any blemishes inside, making them perfectly clear, or can you see their organs and stuff?
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Some possible headcanons: Crystal Ponies have physical states that are governed by their emotional states. Their natural states are as liquid in the ground. They can emerge and form solid bodies dependent on these emotional states. When they are happy their bodies are soft. When they are aroused they melt back into the ground. When they are frightened they become brittle and tend to shatter. When they are mad they become hard like diamonds. and when they are sad they become light and ephemeral to the point that when they are despondent they fade away.
>>13110 >When they are aroused they melt back into the ground. Wouldn't that kind of get in the way of things? Or do they do their business underground?
>>13111 Well ok, you're correct of course. I've wondered about this myself. But this can be the 'TV - 7' version. Yeah, they melt back into the ground to conduct their business. For the TV version: When they fall in love their bodies give off a rosy glow. When they are sad they give off a dark blue glow. When they are despondent they turn black.
>>13110 >When they are aroused they melt back into the ground. See, I thought it would differ by gender. Females become soft (yet supple and durable), while males become hard as diamonds.
>>13119 Or maybe they're just like a mood ring instead?

(30.82 KB 560x373 laurenfaust_3174.jpg)
Lauren Faust thread Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 20:29:50 No. 2747 [Reply] [Last]
A woman who made at lest two generations of young men want to fuck horses
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>>5766 Maybe that wasn't her original plan. But when the Fausticorn was created Lauren's original intentions were hi-jacked and her intentions twisted to serve pony needs by her OC doppleganger.
>>7066 >Fausticorn is the physical manifestation of Faust's original hopes and dreams for the show
The best thing about the show is how genuine and pro-social it is while being respectful to the audience. The characters are very likeable and easy to feel empathy for and the humor is fast paced and in character. People disillusioned with the social interaction in their lives find it refreshing because it provides something they were not getting.
>>5766 Highly based.
(787.53 KB 2515x2385 1455799697318.png)

Short stories and greens Anonymous 07/01/2021 (Thu) 07:23:08 No. 96 [Reply] [Last]
Post em, but don't forget to give a short description to go with it. >Celestia's Visit https://poneb.in/S4zxGXXs Celestia and filly Twilight make a visit to old man Anon's cottage out in the everfree. A comfy story where Twilight's curiosity gets the better of her. >Dash's Feather https://u.smutty.horse/lzitaguhrjv.txt Rainbow cares for Anon but his cluelessness of Pegasus culture leads him into hot water. >Cuddle Therapy (Second pic in post) A cozy scene between an injured Anon and Nurse Redheart in the hospital.
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>>11795 >>11796 Guess it'll be my job to reupload them then. https://ponepaste.org/7767 https://ponepaste.org/7768 https://ponepaste.org/7769 https://ponepaste.org/7770 >>11792 Been away for a while doing shit, will update soon. Well, if this is about that in the first place.
>>11801 Thanks a lot anon!
(1.82 MB 1962x1524 Kirk.png)
>>11793 I made some updates to this one recently. Filled in some gaps in the story and posted the entire thing in ponepaste (previously, I only had part of the story posted). Hope you enjoy.
>>13026 Thank you, writefren! I loved the thread and the green very much.
>>13028 No problem! I enjoyed writing that one. It was a challenge to keep the thread going with the story and I was writing frantically everyday. I didn't really have a plan, I just wrote whatever came into my head. I'd like to do one with the original Star Trek series characters, but I have a couple of comfy projects I want to do first (trying to move away from doing lewd stories for the moment).

(930.25 KB 6109x7252 1980135039204.PNG)
Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 07:59:31 No. 1980 [Reply] [Last]
Derpy is a very underappreciated pony
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>>12944 I imagine it would look something like the US cheese vaults: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miFTqY9Y5rU
>>12984 Yes, I would envision something like that just on a grander scale. Even the US government should not be permitted to surpass the muffin vault in size, quantity, or sophistication.
>>12989 >sophistication If she has four silos, then she can have four kinds of muffin. What kinds of muffins are her favorites? >>12981 Modeling a muffin as a cube would account for air space gaps between muffins, and petrified muffins do not deform, so assuming the muffin size is correct the estimate is valid with I'd say an error range of 10 million muffins to be safe. (although it is noteworthy that muffins could be made in different sizes for different purposes, most likely sorted by silo) She is the Empress of Muffins indeed! >She is supremely magnanimous after all. Of course! Whenever there is a natural or un-natural disaster and ponies are hungry, she has the muffin reserves ready to be distributed to those in need. Her pragmatism is an inspiration to us all.
But why does she like the muffins?
>>13039 Probably because muffins are just about the pinnacle of baked goods. They can be made in a multitude of delicious flavors (blueberry, banana, cranberry, corn, etc.), they are highly transportable, long lasting, are packable and stackable, make great impromptu gifts, and bring warmth and gladness to the heart. In Equestria, they could also be infused with all manner of magical and healing properties. No other baked good can approach their simultaneous delightfulness and utility. Perhaps a better question would be why wouldn't Derpy like muffins. >>12991 >it is noteworthy that muffins could be made in different sizes for different purposes, most likely sorted by silo) Would Muffin Empress Derpy use different silos for different flavors of muffins as well, or would she uniformly distribute them as a 'not all eggs in one basket' strategy? Pic related: My favorite portrait of her Highness. May we all be worthy of her grace.

(216.26 KB 850x1024 de8.png)
Colgate/Minuette Thread 04/18/2022 (Mon) 21:32:35 No. 8574 [Reply] [Last]
Best crowd pony. Everyone, brush your teeth out of respect.
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(1.03 MB 1200x675 latest (4).png)
>>12982 Daisies, Honeysuckle, Anise, Licorice, Pine, and Dandelions, maybe? How often do ponies need to brush? I would think less often then humans since equine teeth continue to grow I think.
(273.70 KB 1300x751 R.jpg)
>>12992 Horse teeth don't continue to grow, horses just have very long teeth that slowly slide out of the gum over time. They are made to wear away because horses have to grind grass all day. When horses get old the teeth can completely wear away and then they can only eat mush (it makes snuzzles yucky). The reason humans have to brush is because we eat so much sugar and other processed carbohydrates which turn into sugar. Bacteria converts sugar into acid which dissolves teeth (not unlike the process where yeast make alcohol or rise bread). If we didn't eat processed food and lived shorter lives like our ancestors brushing would basically be unnecessary like it is for horses.
>>12995 Fascinating! I had always thought their teeth grow perpetually. Thanks for the correction biofag. Cheers!
>>12992 >How often do ponies need to brush? I would think less often then humans since equine teeth continue to grow I think. Would probably have to do with their diet. Sugarcube Corner is a thing so probably about as often as people do. Even if not strictly for health, I'd imagine it'd still be recommended to maintain fresh breath.
>>13011 >I had always thought their teeth grow perpetually Rodent teeth do >>13015 Yeah, that makes sense given the world they live in. Even stuff like bread is unnatural levels of carbohydrates for them. How many instances do we see them brushing in the show anyways?

(261.34 KB 3000x3000 mare13.png)
Linky is on a Journey across the interwebs Anonymous 01/07/2022 (Fri) 23:07:46 No. 6491 [Reply] [Last]
< i was told there would be other mares here where are the mares
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>>6510 Linky's mane and tail are like majestic clouds.
>>12979 Based 10 months old post replier
(315.81 KB 620x617 linky gives no fucks.png)
>>13010 That is one happy mare.
>>12980 Pony content is eternal, even it is an infinite month old post.

(49.44 KB 336x449 tw.png)
How to moan to pony? 08/18/2021 (Wed) 10:02:28 No. 1752 [Reply] [Last]
So I figured I'd try saying Twilight's name whilst fapping today. Moan her name out loudly and all that. And I just couldn't do it man. That shit killed me. Was waayyyyy too embarrassing. Anyone else encountered this problem before? Like how do you properly moan to ponies without dying inside? Can it be done?
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>>1770 >try anal with someone else before any of that O-stuff. I would still fuck them in the pussy tho, use their blood for anal lube as god intended. Then make them suck me off after. Women are trash so its whatevs. Equines on the other hand ya gotta treat with alot of care and respect.
(437.23 KB 1198x844 1613331319286.png)
>>1781 >Women are trash so its whatevs. Equines on the other hand ya gotta treat with alot of care and respect. That's the only correct attitude.
>>1781 So why would you cover your dick in trash blood and then trash shit? That's disgusting
>>1884 >That's disgusting Or mby you are just sensitive? Sex is messy. Get over it.
>>1767 >Embarrassment is just your subconscious mind protecting you from social stigma. Based psychological realist.

(231.81 KB 900x645 spike.png)
Spike appretiation thread Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 20:42:59 No. 8109 [Reply] [Last]
I dont get why so many anons hate the lil guy he is IMO the best character in all MLP. >good heart >comic relief however also main character along with twilight and mane 6 >good development overall >saved crystal empire 2 times >is a pony lover fag like us >Avoided war with dragon kind vs ponies by becoming dragon lord >saved ponies from a reckoning of Changelings by making friend with one of them while literally no one else was willing to >Only character in the show wich displays and has the aspects of the 6 elements in him, including generosity and bla bla Do i need to say more?
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>>11776 How's he a faggot if he has a hardon for Rarara?
>>11785 Because that's lampshading selfcest (Cathy Wiseluck voiced G3 Rarity).
(1.45 MB 1464x974 rarity.Ppng.PNG)
(451.12 KB 1566x1146 Rarity1stRelease.jpg)
>>11798 Yeah, the only thing that G3 Rarity had in common with G4 Rarity was the name and a passion for clothes and makeup, although how makeup works on horses I am not sure. I love Faust's explanation of the origin of G4 Rarity, but this is a Spike thread. G4 Spike is more or less a direct transplant from G1 Spike with little to no influence from G3 Spike.
I didn't like him because to me he came off as an emotional wimp/weakling, like a mama's boy. Everyone entitled to their opinion though.

(733.33 KB 1280x720 1537364717212.png)
The single sexiest thing to come out of FiM Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 18:33:23 No. 2957 [Reply] [Last]
Her potential was so wasted.
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(92.31 KB 863x1024 Glimglam-smirks.jpg)
>>11501 >best mage in Equestria In terms of sheer volume of magic, she's been bested.
>>11502 >donutsteel OC appears yeah, sure
>>11500 >>11501 That notion necessitates that you don't make a distinction between which IDW comics are canon and which are not canon. The joke that Sweetie Belle removed teeth is from the first comic arc and does not assassinate Twilight and is not season 10. Comics like the one about how Shining Armor and Princess Cadence met are very enjoyable and fit in well with the world so I consider them canon. Comics that reference late season stuff? Not canon. >>11503 based
>>11501 Then your "canon" stopped in Season 4 when Twilight's character arc was over and it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere else. Of course, that amounts to nothing but a statement regarding the percieved quality of the narrative. >>11505 Yeah, the Cook and Price comics were good. Even they couldn't patch over the Season 3 plot holes, though.
(2.51 MB 2200x1300 1650519743209 (1).png)
An episode with Good Twilight vs. Evil Twilight, like in the Samurai Jack episode in which he needs to fight the physical manifestation of his anger/frustration, would have been wonderful. Only, it should not just have fighting. It could include the two strategizing against each other, executing schemes to trap each other, etc. Oh well, I can let it exist in my imagination at least.

(2.68 MB 3603x4663 1922282.jpg)
Princess Luna thread Anonymous 12/15/2021 (Wed) 12:46:30 No. 5939 [Reply] [Last]
Let us bask in her gentle moonlight.
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(167.38 KB 680x383 a9f.png)
>>7273 "Holy crap, it's Princess Luna from My Little Pony!"
(696.04 KB 1200x800 696443.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1480x1280 1652135246335.png)
I love moon horse! I want to stay up late at night and do astronomy with her. I imagine she must have her own personal observatory staffed by astronomer ponies.
(101.98 KB 1330x861 3945.jpeg)
>>12955 I too love moonhorse. I think that she, as the mistress of the night sky, knows every star so she needs observatory not for herself but to teach willing ponies about the treasures of her night.
>>12965 I think both ideas are wonderful. 1. Luna has immense knowledge of the heavens and uses an observatory to teach ponys. 2. Luna is immensely curious about the heavens and builds an observatory to study it and commission research. Either way, I like the association of Luna not only with the moon, but with stars too. I imagine her offices in Canterlot full of star charts, and other astronomical instruments as well.